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Notre Dame Cathedral and Al Aqsa Mosque catch fire simultaneously on the anniversary of the day Jesus entered the East Gate of the Jerusalem Temple. The fire was set intentionally; Michelle Obama a Sodomites cross-dresser was on the Cruise of the Seine watching.

The day Jesus rode through the East Gate of the Temple Mount, to proclaim Himself God in Flesh and offer Himself as the Passover Lamb was 10 Nisan. Jesus offered Himself as payment for the Sins of everyone on Earth; April 15 was USA “Tax Day” (Tax means Burden; the US is in debt $23Trillion +$135Trillion in unfunded liabilities such as Social Security, Medicare, Gov’t backed pensions etc + $700Trillion in Derivatives betting; the entire world is in debt $77Trillion. An odd coincidence? Don’t bet on it. Heliofant (Child of the Sun) released the 2012 video My Pet Goat II depicting the Notre Dame Cathedral Spire collapsing behind the Antichrist (Solar Christ, Horus, Tammuz Solis Invictus etc) as the Crown of Thorns disappears from his head at exactly the 6 minute mark.

Inept Fire Fighting? Don’t bet on it. Paris Fire Brigade Chaplain Jean-Marc Fournier “Rescued” the Golden Reliquary shaped as the Cross of Lorraine “Double Cross” containing (Bullshit) Pieces of the True Cross and a Nail from the Fire, as well as the Monstrance proving the Eucharist of Christ is contained in the Solar Disc. He was also involved with the Bataclan Theater False Flag, as Eagles of Death Metal played San Berdoo Sunburn about St Bernard of Clairveaux, the founder of the Knights Templar whose last Grandmaster Jacques De Molay was executed next to the Notre Dame Cathedral 700 years ago; pretty coincidental the next False Flag was in Sane Bernadino CA eh?

Relic of the True Cross
Notre Dame de Paris, France

Video of the arsonist lighting the fire on the roof of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Notre Dame means “Our Lady”; Phoenicians called her Asherah “Our lady of the Sea”, in in Phrygia Cybele whose Skull Cap is worn by Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Zionist Clergy to replace the Temple Veil Jesus tore top to bottom at the Crucifixion; Paul warned men to pray with their heads uncovered; Nicolaitane Clergy do the opposite.
Notre Dame Cathedral was in need of repair; what better way to obtain funding than a self inflicted “Accident” by the French Government; over $1B Euros raised in the first few days with a worldwide fund raising program raising more every day.

Rabbi Shalom Avner says “Notre Dame fire is Divine retribution for Talmud burnings in 1242” Some 1200 copies of the Talmud (Divine Instruction) were burned by French priests on Notre Dame Square; the Talmud says God (Jesus) is the son of a whore writhing in Hell in His own excrement.
ISIS aka DAESH claims “Notre Dame Fire is a Good Day; Time to day goodbye to your pulpit of polytheism…a fitting reward for 800 years of pedophilia and the Crusades” Monothesism is the goal of Zionism and Islam. “…WWIII will pit forces of political Zionism agains Islam to the point of economic, physical and moral exhaustion in order to present the true doctrine of Lucifer” Jesuit handled Confederate Freemason Albert Pike.

Time to blame Muslims
Mar 17, 2019 St Patrick’s Day is Day #76. St Patrick=Ptah+Rek, the “Master Craftsman” is a mythical as St Denis, the beheaded bishop of Paris. Muslims were blamed for a fire at St Sulpice Cathedral, a cathedral built over Paris Zero Meridian designed so the Equinox Sun at mid-day used to fix the date of Easter contacts the altar. The sun begins in the Square at mid-day June 21 “St John’s Day” where John is Oannes, the Chaldean Beast rising from the Sea and reaches its zenith on the Gnomon Pillar at the 76 symbol of Capricorn the Saturnian Goat worshipped by the Knights Templar among other Gnostics.
On Mar 15 Muslims were blamed for a fire at the Basilica of St Denis. Denis is Dionysus “Green Man”; the first Jesuit blood Oaths to Satan were taken in the crypto of St Denis Aug 15, 1534 on the Feast Day of Lucifer Pseudo-Denis the Areopagite a Syrian Gnostic who united Neo-Platonism with Christianity resulting in Corpus Areopagiticum St Denis managed to carry and preach with his severed head to the peak of Mont Mars (Sacre-Coeur stands on the Mount of Mars, north of Paris, the ancient “High Place” and “Grove” of the Gauls) and to his resting place at Basilica of St Denis; it’s truly a miracle so many Christians fall for this type of Gnostic garbage! On Maundy Thursday, the day of the Last Supper according to the Palm Sunday-Easter Sunday calendar created by Constantine and his wife-mother Helena, lightning hit the Areopagus aka “Mars’ Hill” in Athens; What a coincidence! Ares and Mars are the Greek and Roman names of the Babylonian Nergal, Assyrian Anammelech (2 Ki 17:30) and Druid Hesus (Esus), the “UNKNOWN GOD” of the Areopagus Paul warns of in Acts 17. Anammelech is the Easter Rabbit; the name means “Anu is King”; Anu is Zeus; Jesuits are the “Militia of Zeus”. Make sense? Then stop with the Easter celebrations!
Here is a picture of the arsonist setting Notre Dame ablaze, he was not a Muslim migrant worker because work had not started on Notre Dame. Montmarte, the Areopagus of Paris is home to Sacre-Coeur “Sacred Heart”; you can see the Crown of Thorns and Sacred Bleeding Heart of the Antichrist in My Pet Goat II The Sacred Heart is of Babylonian origin; Heart=BEL in Chaldean, the symbol of the Black Madonna (Isis) and the re-born infant Horus aka “Solis Invicti”; Constantine’s IHS “In Hoc Signo Vinces” may ring a Bel.

This event was put out 7 yrs in advance, in My Pet Goat II to coincide with the planned return of the False Messiah. Pretty coincidental as George Bush morphs into Barack Obama because Michelle Obama just happened to be on a dinner cruise on the Sienne River near Notre Dame as the fire broke out. Writing on the Wall article compiles the plans going back to the Essenes Prince Melchisedek Scroll. Just remember, “No part prophecy of scripture is of any private interpretation” 2 Pet 1:20; God means exactly what He wrote: Dan 9:23-27 “70 Weeks” is not 69 weeks of years, followed by the Age of Grace followed by the 7 yr Tribulation; it is the final 490 Days of the Great Tribulation starting 51 days after the arrival of Satan, cast to Earth at Rev 9:11. Israel is ready with Project 911 on Site 911 in Beit Shemesh “House of the Sun”, a radiation hardened bunker awaiting the arrival of Satan.
Hanukkah 2019 starts Dec 22, 2019, 7 years before on Dec 21, 2012 was the Mayan Calendar date The Sun rose through the Ouroborus Serpent (Milky Way). The X Constantine the Great used to conquer Christians is formed by the Ecliptic and Zodiac; X=Greek Chi “Messiah”; the Sun rising through the X is the Chi-Rho used by Constantine with IHS “In Hoc Signo Vinces” (By this sign conquer); Constantine was Canaanite, descended from the Carthaginian Septimus Severus and Julia Domna; she from a family of Sarmation Priest-Kings, a worshipper of Elagabalus aka Solis Invictus his mother/wife Helena was a Druid princess worshipper of Esus the Druid Tree god to whom sacrifices were hung in trees. It was Costantine who fixed the date of Easter; Herod celebrated Easter by killing James and attempting to kill Peter; why would any Christian celebrate the Babylonian Ishtar aka Syrian Ashtoreth/Astarte? Helena that claimed some 300 years after the crucifixion to locate the marble steps from the Praetorium Jesus climbed to receive judgement, the Crown of Thorns, 3 Nails used in the Crucifixion and the fake Mt Sinai. Placing any faith in Constantine or Helena is a fool’s game.
Shas Party Rabbi Eliezer Berland stated on Mar 20, 2019 “Messiah will return straight after Seder Night 2019” The Rabbis Messiah is not Jesus Christ but Saturn, the 6th Planet. Coincidence or meticulous planning? Jesus or Antichrist? That one is easy; Antichrist. Here are a few more Signs of the times.
A Stone fell from the Western Wall the day after 9 Av 2018, the day marks the destruction of the 1st and 2nd Temples. A Mist engulfed the Dome of the Rock on the 8th day of the Feast of Tabernacles 2018, the day Jesus was Circumcised 8 days after His birth. On All Saints Day (Nov 1) a snake (Palestine Viper) chasing a pigeon, crawled out of the Western Wall and was proclaimed Israel’s National Snake. Jesus referred to the Pharisees as a “Generation of Vipers” illegally sitting Moses’ Seat. On Nov 5, 2018 Sink Holes opened at the Gate of Mercy. The East Gate, Gate of Mercy or Golden Gate, through which Messiah is expected to enter is the Gate Jesus entered 6 days before Passover to offer Himself; Money Changers were selling Sheep, Goats, Doves and Pigeons; sacrificial animals Jesus replaced with Himself as the New Covenant Passover Lamb. The Gunpowder Plot of Nov 5, 1605 was a Jesuit plan to prevent publication of the 7th prophesied purification of Scripture in Ps 12:6; Jesus is the Word made Flesh. So now what say you? Just a coincidence? The Shas Party controls Ulta-orthodox, Sephardic and Mizrahi communities; Rav Eliezer Berland said “Messiah is coming straight after Seder Night”; no folks, this Messiah is not Jesus Christ.

Crown of Thorns and a piece of the True Cross are allegedly kept at Notre Dame “Our Lady” in Paris (Par=House + Isis) They are fake relics. Notre Dame “Our Mother” refers to Cybele; the Cap of Cybele is the Yarmulke, Zuchetto or Kippah worn in open rejection of Jesus Christ or hidden under Roman Catholic and Orthodox clerical Miters of Dagan.

Emblem of the Society of Jesus

“And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven. Mat 23:10
“He who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword” Rev 13:10
“Above all else swear not” James 5:12
Chaplain Fr Jean-Marc Fournier is a French Military Chaplain who also serves as Fire Chaplain; he allegedly rescued the Crown of Thorns and Monstrance, the Vessel of the Consecrated Host of Solis Invicti. Born Again Christians are Vessels of the Consecrated Host; Catholic Priests holding the Sacred Host in a Solar Vessel “Monstrance”, Trans-substantiating it into the Communion Wine and Bread are Nicolaitanes, Conquering the Laity, completely missing the point of Communion.
Chaplain is derived from Cappellani, military “Clergymen”; the title refers to St Martin of Tours (Martinists orchestrated the French Revolution) the first martyr in Emperor Constantine’s army had a magical cloak which became a relic worshipped by Merovingian Kings who carried it into battle and required Oaths to be sworn on; now kept at the Cathedral of St Denis (Dionysus=Satan) Merovingians are the “Jesus Kids” whose myth began with the Holy Grail; nothing but nonsense; Merovee means “Sea Beast”.
Fournier also responded to the Eagles of Death Metal False Flag shooting at the Bataclan Theater; shots allegedly rang out as the song San Berdoo Sunburn was playing; San Bernardino is named after Bernard of Clairvaux, founder of the Knights Templar. Pont Neuf “New Bridge” on the north end of ile de la Cite is the execution site of the last Knight Templar Grand Master Jacques de Molay Mar 18, 1314 and the deportation site of 200K French citizens to Nazi concentration camps.

Constantine’s Druid mother Helena was no Saint, she was his mother and wife; the sacrificial arch of his Canaanite grandfather Septimus Severus was digitally recreated and placed at the Palace of Nations in time for Passover. Helena instituted Relic Worship by miraculously finding 3 Crosses (Jesus was hung on a Tree, not a Cross) and the Crown of Thorns digging under the Holy Sepulchre she located at a Grotto of Venus 300 years after the Crucifixion; obvious nonsense. Helena also claimed to have found the 3 Nails used in the Crucifixion (Talmudic Rabbis open Synagogues of Satan with the Sign of Shin, celebrating the 3 Nails) and Scala Sancta, the 28 steps Jesus climbed before being Crucified; once again, complete nonsense as the Praetorium was destroyed in 70 AD.
Scala Sancta just opened to the public at St John Lateran in Rome, the Jesuit HQ and “Mother of all Churches Worldwide”; Lateran means “Hidden Frogs”, the 3 unclean spirits of the Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 12;9; 16:13) Helena also discovered the real Mt Sinai was in Egypt rather than Arabia as Gal 4 plainly states.
Relic worship will not get you to Heaven and these are all provable fakes on par with the Shroud of Turin. Constantine fixed the date of Easter (Ishtar, Ashtoreth, Isis, Easter) on Sunday following the Full Moon after Spring Equinox, and Palm Sunday 7 days earlier; both are pagan Holy Days having nothing to do with Jesus Christ. Rabbis celebrate Passover on 15 Nisan to ensure the date has nothing to do with the bible.
Paris is a plan built in stone
Paris “House of Isis”: Arc de Triompfe (Arch of Triumph) stands on an 8 pt Star of Isis; the Arch replicates the Arch of Septimus Severus (7+Severe) and was recently digitally re-created and placed at the Palace of Nations for Passover Champs Elysee “Elysium” is the Field of the Blessed; Martyrs who die in Battle; Place de la Concorde (Place of Agreement) around the Obelisk which stood at the entrance of the Luxor Temple in Egypt stands in praise to the Rising Sun, originally supported on a pedestal of 4 Baboons said to guard the Egyptian “Lake of Fire” devouring the souls of the unrighteous; Pont Neuf (New Bridge), execution site of Knights Templar Grandmaster Jacques de Molay; Notre Dame Cathedral “Our Lady”; St Sulpice Cathedral, built over the site selected by Parisee (Worshippers of Isis) Celts for the Paris Zero Meridian over 2000 years ago; the Brass Line was installed in 1727 to mark the Equinoxes and Solstices used to calculate Easter. Brass represents the 3rd Kingdom of Brass Dan 2:39 the Edomite Dominion described in Dan 7:6 will quickly be followed by the 4th Kingdom of Iron in Dan 7:7 aka the Pale Horse “Death”, the Beast rising from the Sea.
St Sulpice Cathedral caught fire on Sunday Mar 17, 2019; pretty coincidental this is Day #76 eh? The 76 symbol is carved into the Obelisk at St Sulpice Cathedral marking the Sun’s entry to Capricorn, the Sea-goat aka Beast Rising from the Sea in Rev 13. 7+6=13 the number of Rebellion against God; 7X6=42, the number of months in the Great Tribulation. Capricorn begins Dec 22 coincident with the start of Hanukkah 2019 “Feast of Dedication”; the center candle of the Chabad Lubavitch Hanukkah Menorah replaces Jesus with the Babylonian sun god “Shamash”. The Brass Line in the St Sulpice Cathedral passes through the spot in southern France where Knights Templar and Gnostic Cathars were executed by fire at Montsegur; it’s time for revenge.

Temple Mount, Jerusalem

Al Aqsa Mosque on fire coincident with Notre Dame Fire on 10 Nisan, the day Jesus presented Himself as the Passover Lamb. Fire broke out in the Marwani Prayer Room; Marwan is a hard white stone used to make fire; al Marwan is the mount in Mecca where the Ramadan Hajj occurs; Imams teach Angel Gabriel delivered the Quran to Muhammad in a cave there. The Word of God and Quran differ as to the sacrifice Abram offered; according to the Quran, Abram to offer Ishmael, the son cast out of Abram’s house with Hagar at the Zamzam well in Mecca; the Word of God says Abram offered Isaac. Gal 4 explains the 2 Covenants, one of flesh in bondage to Jerusalem is through Ishmael, the other through Spirit is under Jerusalem and free of bondage in Heaven. “Nevertheless what saith the scripture? Cast out the bondwoman and her son: for the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of the freewoman” Gal 4:30.
Passover is 14 Nisan; Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday are pagan days having nothing to do with Jesus Christ.
Jesus arrived in Bethany and was anointed by Simon the leper 6 days before Passover. The next day He visited the Temple, presenting Himself as the Passover Lamb and returned to Bethany. The next day on the way from Bethany to Jerusalem, Jesus cursed the fig tree; in Jerusalem He turned over the Money Changer’s tables who had turned the House of God into a Den of Thieves, by selling sacrificial animals (He offered Himself to be the Passover Lamb) and doves (Doves represent the Holy Ghost) both offerings He made free. The next day on the way back to Jerusalem, the disciples saw the withered fig tree; at the temple, Jesus’ authority and wisdom were questioned by members of the Sanhedrin. That afternoon Jesus went to the Mount of Olives where He foretold that in two days he would be crucified at the Passover and that Judas would betray Him. Jesus and the disciples then had the Last Supper in the Cenacle (Note: The Cenacle and Temple Mount are today under Jesuit Control, a deal made by Israeli PM Shimon Peres; the Temple Mount will also soon be under Saudi Arabian control, removed from perpetual donation to the Jordanian Hashemite Waqf); the New Covenant in Jesus’ blood and broken body is instituted. Jesus and the Disciples arrive at the Garden of Gethsemane; Jesus is betrayed by Judas for 30 pieces of silver; Jesus is arrested and tried illegally by the Sanhedrin at night and sent on “Fool’s Errands” Annas to Herod Antipas to Pontius Pilate and back to Caiaphas. (Scala Sancta), the 28 (28 is the Saturn and Menstrual Cycle) steps Jesus allegedly climbed to await judgment were just refurbished and put on public display at St John Lateran in Rome, the Jesuit Mother of all Churches Worldwide. Pilate found no guilt; the Sanhedrin and Pharisees demand Crucifixion in accordance with Deut 21:23. He was Scourged and led to the Tree atop Golgotha and crucified between 2 Thieves; 6 uplifted arms around Jesus on one Tree formed the 7 Branch candlestick God instructed Moses to construct for the Tabernacle; His Spirit departed, He gave up the Holy Ghost and was laid in the Sepulchre 13 Nisan the Eve of Passover. Jesus’ body was in the tomb 3 1/2 days Passover 14 Nisan to Feast of First Fruits on 17 Nisan. Pharisees hired Roman guards to guard the entrance; the stone was found rolled back, the tomb empty before the false priests had offered the first Wave Sheaf on Feast of First Fruits.
There are 7 Holy Feasts of the LORD: Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, Pentecost, Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles. Of these, Tabernacles has 8 days because Jesus, the 8th and final Covenant between God and Man was born on Feast of Tabernacles and Circumcised on the 8th Day in accordance with the Law He delivered on Mt Sinai in Arabia. St Catharines’s Monastery in the southern Sinai peninsula, “Discovered” by Constantine’s Druid mother Helena is like everything else she “Discovered”, a Lie just like Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Christmas. There aren’t 3 1/2 days between Good Friday at Even and Easter Sunday at first light because they are made up pagan nonsense. The Easter Rabbit is Anammelech, the Babylonian Ishtar, and Assyrian fertility goddess worshipped as the Moon; the Arab moon god Muslims call “Allah”; innocent children were offered in flames (2 Ki 17:31) to Anammelech. Adrammelech is the Assyrian sun god “Shamash” fake Jews replace Jesus with on the Hanukkah Menorah. On Dec 26, 2019 the Sun and Moon align with a Solar Halo around the Moon at the mid-point of Hanukkah at sunrise over the Hashemite Kingdoms of Jordan (Idumea), the land of Edom, Moab and Ammon, the peoples who escape the hand of Antichrist during the Great Tribulation (Dan 11:38) and the Hashemite Kingdom of Sabah (Malaysia-Philippines). Time to Wake Up!

Palm Sunday
1 Billion people in 207 countries watched the 8th season premiere of Game of Thrones. Isis means “Throne”; the Throne of Pergamon aka Satan’s Seat will soon be placed in a rebuilt 3rd Temple in Jerusalem bringing an end to the 8th and final Covenant between God and Man. Jesus refers to Jerusalem as “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” in Rev 11:8KJV; Jerusalem is holding Mt Sinai in Saudi Arabia, in bondage (Gal 4) to the Old Covenant which is why Saudi Arabia will become Sharifs of the Temple Mount. Jesus is 8th and final Covenant between God and Man.
Easter Sunday and Palm Sunday have nothing to do with Jesus. Constantine proclaimed Easter (Ishtar/Isis) to be celebrated on the Sunday following the full moon following spring equinox; Jesus was Crucified on Passover Eve 13 Nisan and rose at first light on Feast of First Fruits 17 Nisan. Herod the Great ordered the “Slaughter of Innocents” and died around Easter 4 BC; Jesus was 1 1/2 in Egypt by then having been born on Feast of Tabernacles 6 BC. Herod Antipas celebrated Easter by killing James and attempting to kill Peter. The sacrificial Arch of Isis at the Temple of Molech in Palmyra “City of Palms” was digitally recreated and placed in the Palace of Nations ahead of Palm Sunday because like Jesus did, we will offer ourselves to be sacrificed or accept the rule of Antichrist. Palm branches symbolize Triumph and Victory; Donkeys symbolize Peace; Jesus came in Peace and was rejected, scourged and crucified; He will come riding a White War Horse next time. Antichrist will ride through the Golden Gate (East Gate=Rising Sun) in Peace which is why the Peace Sign is called the Broken Jew or Witch’s Foot used to Blaspheme Jesus Christ.
Palm means Phoenix, the symbol of the Phoenicians means Pa=House + Enoch the pre-flood patriarch taken to Heaven before death; America will be the Phoenix of the Golden Age, a 400 year old Jesuit plan detailed by Sir Tobie Mathew aka Sir Francis Bacon in New Atlantis: A Worke Unfinished . Palm Trees are the Assyrian Sacred Tree; Greeks personified Nike, the Roman goddess Victory with the Palm; Constantine placed the Palm on coins; Christians worshipping Easter/Ishtar was quite a Victory for Gnosticism. The Quran states Mary gave birth to Jesus under a Palm Tree (Sura 19:16-34), the Palm is the sacred Tree of Apollo “Destroyer” aka Apollyon of Rev 9:11.
Jews were taken into Babylonian captivity forced to pass through the Ishtar Gate, the 8th Gate on the north side of Babylon; the gate is now in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. Theraputes aka Order of Perfectibilists,Chaldean Gnostics who founded the United States had their cult center in Pergamon; Jesus warned this was the location of Satan’s Seat aka Throne of Zeus. Zeus/Jupiter/Horus is Marduk, the Dragon depicted on the Ishtar Gate which also depicts 337 Babylonian Snake Demons; in Hebrew numerology 337=Hell; this then was the Gate of Hell and source of BabylON, BabEl “Gate of Saturn/Hell”. JESUS is the Holy Ghost, the 8th and final Covenant between God and Man; it’s either a Baptism of the Holy Ghost or the Gate of Hell; Time (Chronos=Saturn) to choose!

70 Weeks
The interpretation of 69 Weeks of Years + Age of Grace + 7 yr New Dispensation for Israel theology is a Lie of Chaldean origin. The Star of Israel is the Chaldean STUR. Jesus hates Nicolaitane Doctrine, the Elevation of Clergy began with Constantine and Helena, a match made in Hell.
Helena located the 28 Steps Jesus climbed Scala Sancta which was just refurbished and installed at St John Lateran in Rome for Passover; John is Oannes, the Chaldean Beast Capricornus, rising from the Sea. She also found the Crown of Thorns, 3 Nails, True Cross, and Mt Sinai where the Aramaic (Syriac Peshitta) Bible was found containing the “70 Sevens” interpretation of Dan 9:23-27. Notre Dame “Our Lady” is the Phoenician/Canaanite Asherah, whose pillars flank the steps in every Masonic Lodge and adorned every “Grove” where “Evil was done in sight of the Lord”.
Dan 9:23-27 details 70 Weeks=490 Days to anoint the Most Holy (Jesus) and bring an end to sin (2nd Coming) That has to be the final 490 days of the 1260 day Great Tribulation. Rev 9:11 occurs 18 months (5 months for the 5th Trumpet + 1 Yr, 1 month, 1 day, 1 hour for the 6th Trumpet; the 7th I believe is the final day of Wrath (Rev 16); during the last 1260 days of 42 months it is obvious the 360 day calendar begins, to this is 541 days before the 2nd Coming.
As to the 2300 days in Dan 8; I don’t think it coincidence 1260 +1040=2300; the US tax form 1040 records the “Burden” of Americans, due on the Ides of April or Month of Venus which to Arabs is Uzza (Mighty One; Star of the Morning); Allah (Sun; The God) and Menat (Lord Moon) are considered daughters of Uzza; Allah has been worshipped 4000 years as the moon god “Sin”.
America is taken out as a false Babylon (Rev 18); the Roman Catholic Church is taken out as a false MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT… (Rev 17) and the false Messiah comes out of the Chaos (Ordo ab Chao=Order out of Chaos) to start the 1260 Day Great Tribulation. When? Passover. Why? Jesus returns to start the Millennium after Armageddon; the only requirement is an annual pilgrimage to Jerusalem where King David is King and Jesus Christ is Lord over the Earth on Feast of Tabernacles (Zech 14:18)
Constantine the Great’s father was called Constantine Chlorus “Pale Face”; with Helena a British Druid Princess they had a son Esus Constantine named after the bloodthirsty tree god Esus (Hesus); America’s Pastor and Knight of Malta Rick Warren invoked Esus at the inauguration of Barack Obama aka Bari Malik Shabazz Jr, a name meaning Boat/Barque + Molech + Scapegoat “Azazel”) of the Druids; sacrifices were hung from trees until their blood drained and their limbs fell off. They divorced so Constantine could marry his mother Helena; he was the grandson of Septimus Severus, a Phoenician Canaanite from Carthage. The Arch of Isis aka Arch of Septimus Severus was rebuilt in Rome; that is the replica of the Gate Israelites once passed through to Babylonian Captivity in Babylon, the northern Gates of 8 Gates is the one in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin next to the Throne of Pergamon aka Satan’s Seat or Throne of Zeus/Jupiter.
Now back to the Druid (Knowers of Trees) Cross. Trees were labeled Esus the Right Branch, identified with Mars/Ares, the UNKNOWN GOD of the Areopagus in Athens Paul referred to is the God of War
Teutates, the Left Branch identified with Mercury is the Toth-Hermes of Egypt; the Emerald Tablet has the lines “As Above; So Below”; Emerald City or Oz is seen in Liber Oz or Book 77 written by Aleister Crowley is the Thelemic Axion “Do what thou wilt”; this corresponds to Dan 7:7 4th Beast of Iron aka Pale Horse “Death” (Constantine Chlorus ring a Baal?) victims to Teutates were drowned in a barrel; you may recall the movie Interstellar, had a farmer (Cain=Farmer=Bauer=Rothschild=Red Shield=Esau) named Cooper meaning “Barrel Maker”.
Taranis is the Tree trunk or Pole identified with Dis Pater (Jupiter/Zeus/Horus/Tammuz) aka Tzaddiq (Righteous) or “King Star” to the Rabbis; sacrifices were burned. Arabs call him al Khidr “Green Man”, Osiris “Green One” in Egypt is celebrated on Dec 25 with the “Going forth of the Wadjet”; in Greece Dionysus; in Rome Bacchus Note the similarity to the Tree of Life, Jesus Christ, the Passover Lamb burned and consumed on Passover Seder.
Tax Day April 15 “Fordicidia” is the sacrifice of a pregnant cow and her unborn calf to the Earth “Tellus” (Gaia); Jesus begins referring to Earth Dwellers not in the Lamb’s Book of Life who worship Antichrist in Rev 13:8 (13/8=Phi “Golden Mean”)
Esus Constantine, the son and husband of Helena (Hellenism may ring a Baal) is the grandson of Septimus Severus (Severe + 7) refers to the Law; specifically Shariah Law and 7 Noahide Laws which both require one to reject Jesus Christ, the 8th and final Covenant between God and Man; the Arch of Septumus Severus was digitally recreated and placed in Washington DC last year and is now at the Palace of Nations for Passover 2019.
Caracalla is the son of Septumus Severus, his mother the Syrian princess Julia Domna, descended from a family of Sarmation “Priest-Kings”, the Sabian-Chaldean “Priests of Saturn” aka Melchisedekians or Sabian “Rba” are today’s Rabbis and Jesuit Priests. Julia and Caracalla give birth to Esus Constantinus, the father of Constantine Chorus; as mother/wife of Emperor Caracalla whose grant of citizenship to the entire Roman empire made possible the dynastic marriage of the British Druid Helena and Constantine Chlorus and through incest, Constantine the Great. His Sign X and IHS “In Hoc Signo Vinces” was used to coerce Christians to pick up the Sword in War; X is intersection of the Ecliptic and Zodiac, worshipped by Sabians and Chaldeans; on the Solar Solstice of 2012, the Sun rose through the X to form the Chi-Rho “Royal Christ”; the P (Rho) is the Eye of the Needle Qop in Hebrew, the East Gate, Gate of Mercy or Golden Gate through with Jesus presented Himself as the Passover Lamb and was rejected, is the Gate, Antichrist will enter peaceably, sit on Satan’s Seat, next to the Abomination of Desolation and require rejection of Jesus Christ or decapitation.
Constantine the Great (really his advisers) fixed the date of Easter and coerced Christians to worship the Assyrian Anamellech ( 2 Ki 17:30) the Babylonian Ishtar, Syrian Astarte or Phoenician Asherat “Our Lady of the Sea” or Notre Dame “Our Lady”; children were sacrificed Anamellech (Easter Rabbit/March Hare) and Adramellech (Sun=Shamash, the center candle of the Hanukkah Menorah) in Temples of Molech such as the Temple of Palmyra (Palm Sunday ring a Baal?) in Amurru (Serpent) the source name of the Americas (Amurucu).
300 years after the Crucifixion, Constantine and Helena found the Crown of Thorns, 3 Nails, True Cross and Mt Sinai, where the Syriac Peshitta (Aramaic Bible) was found with the re-write of Dan 9:23-27 “70 Sevens”; this deadly error in translation has been used to justify the 7 Yr Tribulation, pre-Tribulation Rapture, 7 yr Dispensation for Israel and the Mid-Week “Covenant with Many”.
70 Weeks means 490 Days; the 70th Week is 7 Days; the Covenant with Many at mid-week occurs 3 1/2 days before Jesus returns to destroy everything built by man and everyone not in the Wedding of the Lamb. For Sabians and Chaldeans who worship the Moon, Sun, Stars and Planets rather than the Creator, the 2 Witnesses are Saturn and Jupiter, the Black Sun, Primordial Sun and the Righteous Son who will make their appearance behind the Solar Halo of the Crowned Moon “Sin” on Dec 26, 2019, mid-week Hanukkah 2019 on St Stephen’s Day. Stephen means Crown/Martyr.