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The Ishtar Gate


Clan MacLeod
Clan Donald ‘Lord of the isles’


Akitu Festival

Trumps Tartan ‘Canaanite Cloth’ is the ‘Bull’; Aleph is the ‘Bull’ It forms 8 April. Marduk is the ‘Bull’ Akitu means “Festival”, on 4 Nisan Friday 12 April, 2024 The Canaanite god El is the ‘Bull’

Apr 6 ‘Tartan Day’Tartan was the Assyrian King Sargon II Military Commander; Tartan ‘Canaanite Cloth’, Cloth from Tyre’ Phoenicians are Canaanites. Tartan is known to have been worn in Scotland since at least the third century A.D. Picts (Painted or Tattooed ones) wore Kilts, and Tartan. The druids, the priests of the Picts. The Presbyterian Church Kirkin O’ Tartan’ celebrates this. Tartan means “Commander-in-chief.” Rab-saris That which stands highest in rank, next to the will (king), in the phases of man’s consciousness represented by Assyria and Babylon ‘chief eunuch‘ Donald, Lord of the Isles (Scottish Gaelic: Dómhnall; died 1423), was the son and successor of John of Islay, Lord of the Isles and chief of Clan Donald (World RulerDonald Drumpf’s ‘Drummer’ mother was Mary McLeod; Clan McLeod is symbolized by the Bull.

Aleph, the  ‘Bull Calf of the Sun’ forms over America on Apr 8, 2024. Apr 6 ‘Tartan Day’ The Presbyterian Church and Donald Drumpf celebrates Israel being taken over Militarally by Assyrians. The Assyrian New Year is Nisan 1 . Akitu means “Festival”, on 4 Nisan Friday 12 April, 2024 occurs. Easter is Sunday Mar 31, 2024  “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none” Gutle Schnapper Rothschild (1753-1849) wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild=Red Shield=Bauer=Farmer=Canaanite. WWIII is scheduled to last 13 Weeks/91 Days (Esau was 13 at Circumcision.) Jan 1 is the day Jesus was Circumcised based on Christmas. Jan 1-April 1 Amazingly it was made for a Leap Year. Marduk was later known as Bel, a name derived from the Semitic word baal, or “lord.” Šanta was a god worshiped from the eighteenth century BC by Luwians and Hittites. Šanta is represented as AMAR.UTU an epithet Marduk. Santa is Marduk!

The creation of the gate out of wood and clay glazed to look like lapis lazuli could possibly be a reference to the goddess Inanna, (Namaah) who became syncretized with the goddess Ishtar during the reign of Sargon of Akkad=Canaan! In the myth of Inanna’s descent to the underworld, Inanna is described as donning seven accoutrements of lapis lazuli symbolizing her divine power. After the glaze firing, the bricks were assembled, leaving narrow horizontal seams from one to six millimeters. The seams were then sealed with a naturally occurring black viscous substance called bitumen, like modern asphalt (slime) Gen 11:3 The gate was constructed using glazed brick with alternating rows of bas-reliefmušḫuššu (dragons), aurochs (bulls), and lions, symbolizing the gods Marduk, Adad, and Ishtar respectively.

BabEl “YHWH”, Babilu “Allah” are the same. Basilius, from Greek Basileios “kingly, royal,” from basileus “king,” especially the king of Persia, “prince”. Latin Babel, from Biblical Hebrew בָּבֶל‎ (bāḇel, “Babylon”), from Akkadian 𒆍𒀭𒊏𒆠 (Bābilim, “gate of God”). Babil “woman”. Akkadian/Assyirian bab-ilu “Gate of God” (from bab “gate” + ilu “god”). Babil. Saint Babylas was a patriarch of Antioch (237–253); The first “Christians” (“Warriors of the Cross”) came from Antioch; CHRISTIANS ARE NOT FOLLOWERS OF JESUS!  Babel (בבל), meaning “confusion”. Babel or Babylon = “confusion (by mixing)”. Babil Province, Arabic: محافظة بابل Muḥāfaẓa Bābil=Hillah, of Arabic and Hebrew origin! 33N44W “Ishtar Gate” at the Pergamon Museum Berlin; The façade of the Iraqi embassy in Beijing, China includes a replica of the Ishtar Gate. The façade of the Iraqi embassy in Amman, Jordan also evokes the Ishtar Gate.

Dec 24 is the birth of the Arab Moon god “Sin”. The Rabbit is the moon! Šanta was a god worshiped from the eighteenth century BC by Luwians and Hittites. Šanta is represented as AMAR.UTU an epithet Marduk. Santa is Marduk solar “calf of the sun“! God’s New Year 1 Nisan Akkadian (Nisanu) in the Babylonian and Hebrew calendars is the month of the barley ripening and first month of spring; Marduk, the Assyrian god is also an agriculture god; amazing coincidence, Not! Apr 8, 2024 the Solar Eclipse will complete an Aleph the solar “calf of the Sun”.  2 Nisan “Red Heifer” will likely prepared for the 3rd Temple; the Red Heifer has no blemish, and never worn a Yoke, and is 3 Yrs old; pretty good bet eh? Santa wears a Red Suit, is pulled by 8 Reindeer, Rudolph (noble wolf) has Red nose; Edom=Red. The date of the Akitu Festival 4 Nisan.

In Cabala, the number 13 is the meaning of the Snake, the dragon, Satan and the murderer.  Revelation 13 is reserved to the Antichrist and to the Beast. The sacred cord of Druids has 13 segments. Apollo-13 is the only Apollo not to land on the Moon; “With enough repetition people will believe a Circle can be Squared”- Joseph Goebbles Psalm 13 “The fool has said in his heart, There is no God”. Card deck includes 13 hearts, 13 spades, 13 squares, 13 clovers.

13th and final Crescent installed on the Grand Mosque. Jesus dies Marduk makes his Triumphant Return! Monday=Mōnandæg ‘day of the moon’=Sin! Akitu marks the rebirth of nature, the reestablishment of the kingship by divine authorityJupiter is associated with Marduk. The Prophet Joseph Smith was buried with a talisman of Jupiter “The law and prophets were until John” Lk 16:16 Mask in Hebrew “Mesecha” means “Screen, Hide, Disguise, Mock, Buffoon, Idol” In Ex 32:8 Israel hid from God after the Exodus and worshipped the Molten Calf, the same Apis Bull Egyptians worshipped as the incarnation of Osiris. On April Fools day Druids (Knowers of Trees) ride into congregations on hobby horses dressed as Old Testament Prophets and re-enact Jesus being sent on Fool’s Errands and finally ordered Crucified by an illegitimate nighttime Sanhedrin meeting. April 1 is the Assyrian New Year Akitu Festival of Marduk the Golden Calf  Purim (Pur=Cast Lots for Marduk). On Purim 3/11/20 the WHO “Classified” Coronavirus a Pandemic; The Monument in London designed  by Rosicrucian/ Freemason Sir Christopher Wren placed Coronavirus atop its 311 Steps; pretty coincidental eh?  3 World Wars were planned on the Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1871 on the 337th anniversary of the first Jesuit Oaths taken in the Crypt of the St Denis (Dionysus=Green Man) Cathedral in Paris “House of Isis” in 1534. Hardly coincidental, 337=Hell in Hebrew gematria; the Ishtar (Ashtoreth) Gate in Babylon features 337 Demons, hence it is called the Gateway to Hell. In Israel, Marduk “Assyrian Golden Calf of the Sun” and Shamash “Babylonian Sun Lion” are worshipped as they have been for 2700 years, the time Israel was captured, deported and replaced by the Assyrians with people from Babylon, Medea, Cuthah, Canaan (2 Ki 17:31)   Jesus was Crucified on Passover Eve Here are dates of Passover in 26-27 AD My best guess is 27AD which would be April 11 aka 411 Got the info? 6 the number of Man, God in Flesh rejected by Man. Why? Herod the Great died Spring ie Passover 4 BC after the slaughter of first born sons 2 and under in Judea; Jesus was 1 1/2 as a Young Child (Mat 2:8;9;13) in Egypt by then and was 33 1/2 at His Passover Crucifixion in 27AD. In 2021 Passover and Easter align on 4/4/21 Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix is Aleister “666” Crowley’s book detailing the New Aeon of Horus beginning with the Mass of the Phoenix. Mass means “Daily Sacrifice” (Dan 12:11) I am the Life, Babylonian, Phoenix and Blood equal 44. Not in a personal covenant with JESUS? Now is a good time to do so.

Marduk essentially replacing Jesus.  Rabbis spiritually descend from the Pharisees who in turn descend from Nabatean Arabs, Hasmoneans and Maccabees; Edomites “Inside the Gates” (Ref Obadiah) Mask, Hide and Conceal themselves among God’s people; for example Santa hides in a Red Edomite suit on Saturnalia and nobody notices. Jill Biden (nee Jacobs) descends from Sicilian Black Nobility (Giacoppo) and hid in a Red Coat on Inauguration Day Feast of Tabernacles, Jesus’ birthday has been changed to Sukkoth “Tabernacle of Saturn”; the 1957 published book Externalization of the Hierarchy is a demon (Djwhal Khul) channeled book by Theosophist Alice Bailey calls for the Aquarian Age to manifest in 2025 as the Great Assembly of the Hierarchy. Theosophy was the driving force behind the Nazi Party (SS=Schwarze Sonne the Hidden Black Sun is Saturn) do not underestimate this prediction; it coincides with a precipitous drop in world population in 2025 

Great Tribulation lasts 1260 days or 3 1/2 years of 360 day years may very well begin with the ultimate mockery of God, timed with drastic population drops planned in, Limits to Growth, Externalization of the Hierarchy. Kings did “right in sight of the LORD” by smashing Idols in the Groves

Assyrians worship Nisroch (2 Ki 19:37) aka American Eagle, the Assyrian name of Saturn whose worship is now centered in Israel under the Ensign of the Six Pointed Star. Nisroch is a winged deity hidden in the HHS (Health and Human Services) Logo and Operation Warp Speed Logo which itself is hidden in the Antakherana “Rainbow Bridge” The Edomite national god Qos means “Rainbow”; Bow means PoisonNisan is Assyrian/Akkadian for “Beginning”. Akitu means “Barley” The Festival of the Black Horse “A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.” Rev 6:6 Pretty coincidental Coronavirus is collapsing the world economy and Coronavirus Czar Mike Pence means “Penny” eh?  The Assyrian New Year Kha b’ Nisan celebrated on April Fool’s Day, the day mocks Jesus sent on “Fool’s Errands” from Caiaphas to Pilate to Herod to Annas and back to Pilate to be Crucified and nailed to the Tree by Pharisees whom Jesus said were “Illegally sitting in Moses’ Seat”; today Rabbis celebrate the Crucifixion with the Sign of Shin celebrating the 3 Nails used to fasten God to the Tree. Kha b’ Nisan and the Akitu Festival celebrates the triumphant return of Marduk “Calf of the Sun”, the son of Shamash, the Babylonian Sun Lion replacing Jesus Christ, the real Lion of Judah.
In 2019 6 April was 1 Nisan; the Assyrian Tartan Day and date Mormons claim Jesus was born; NOT! Tartan is the Assyrian Military Commander whose treasonous pact with Ephraim led to captivity, deportation and replacement of Israel that continues to this day. Assyria under the military commander Tartan making a traitorous pact with Ephraim and taking the northern 10 tribes of Israel captive; they were and still are replaced by the Canaanites, Medeans, Babylonians listed in 2 Ki 17:30. Tartan is also celebrated by the Presbyterian Church as “Kirkin O’ Tartan” (Church of Tartan). Tartan is “Phoenician Cloth”, a patterned Scottish Plaid used to identify “Clans”; the Scotti, descendants of Scythians and Egyptians who brought Witchcraft and the Celtic Cross to Ireland and Scotland. Nisan also means “Month of April”; hence the association with April Fool’s Day, the day Jesus is mocked as the April Fool. April comes from the Roman Aprilus “Month of Venus”; Venus is the Arab god/goddess al Uzza “Mighty One”; part of the Sun (Al Lat), Moon (Allah or Menat “Fate”), Venus Trinity.
Assyria takes its name from Shem’s 2nd son Assur who built Nineveh; the Assyrian Flag is the 4 Rivers of Eden, today seen in the Roman Catholic Monstrance, a Solar “Shamash” display of the Consecrated Host (Body of Jesus Christ). Sargon the Great, the first “Legitimate King” allegedly had a mother and sister who were Temple Prostitutes called “Changelings” (Nephilim Lie) in Ur (Babylon) and Harran, the sites where Chaldean paganism flourished. Sargon II and his military commander “Tartan” took Israel captive, replacing them with Babylonians, Cuthites, Medeans and Canaanites (2 Ki 17:30) seen in the Assyrian sun god Shamash in the Hanukkah Menorah and the Six Pointed Star of Saturn the ensign of Israel.
The God of Shem is Jesus whose covenant went physically through Arphaxad, son #3. Assyrians have been at war with followers of God since the Flood. The Akitu Festival in 2019 occurs on Tartan Day and is designed to humble the King, making him well aware he serves at the discretion of Marduk, the Assyrian Creator and Director of the Universe. CERN’s “God Particle” gives “Mass to Matter” (Creator) and Order to the Universe; hence Marduk. Jesus allowed Himself the ultimate degradation once; He won’t next time. Jesus is represented as the “Fool” in Tarot; the Zero Card has no place and yet may appear at the Beginning or Ending of the Deck. Freemasons joining the Jesters mock Jesus by wearing the Jester Hat of Le Mat “The Fool”. Like the Joker, or Crazy 8 the Fool in Tarot can become anything, so it becomes the most powerful card in Tarot. The movie “Now you see me 2” highlights this type of magick.
Traditionally, Akitu began on the New Moon following Spring Equinox; this is also God’s New Year on 1 Nisan. On the 4th day the Priest strips him of his Scepter and Crown, slaps him to humiliate, drags him by the ears to the Idol/Image of Bel aka Babylonian Sun Lion Shamash, and forces him to pray for forgiveness. Abomination of Desolation may ring a Bel, we will most likely get out chance to do this.

Santa is Marduk, the X  of Christmas; it’s almost comical France’s new president prefers to be called “Jupiter”. His American counterpart Donald Trump (Donald=Scottish “King” + Trump “Card that outranks all others”) has a similar affliction; Jesus is the “Trump of God”.

Quiz: Who is Zoroaster? Zero=Desert, Desolate, Naught; Zoro=Fox; Jesus called Herod Antipas “That Fox” for attempting to kill Him early; in English F=6 + O=15=6 + X=24=6. Aster=Ishtar/Anammellech, consort of Adrammellech “Marduk”. What is the King Star? Jupiter/Marduk. Make our Planet Great Again refers to making Marduk “King”. Christians are “Tricked” into celebrating Good Friday and Easter Sunday; even Assyrians get the timing right; the 4th Day would be equivalent with Wednesday (Woden’s or Odin’s Day, another fake God Nordics worship); Wednesday evening to Sunday morning and the 3 days (Passover 14 Nisan-First Fruits 17 Nisan) Jesus was in the Sepulchre is evident. The thing Assyrians miss is Marduk is not God.

The first 2 Temples were built on the Jebusite “Threshing Floor” where Chaff/Pulses (Pulse Nightclub shooting Hoax may ring a Bel) are removed from the Barley. The 3rd Temple will be as well with Marduk sitting on Satan’s Seat. ISIS destroyed the Temple of Bel at Amurru, Syria; the United States and Britain re-created and installed the Gates of ISIS in London and New York City where children were sacrificed in fires to Molech/Marduk. Marduk worship began with the Amorite King Hammurabi (cover of this website); America is Amorica the “Land of Amorites”. The Code of Hammurabi became the basis of the Magna Carta in London; pretty coincidental eh? Or Not!
April is derived from Aprilis “Month of Venus/Lucifer”. On April 1 “April Fool’s Day” Assyrians celebrate the captivity of Israel (Northern 10 Tribes) as Christians unkowingly celebrate the “April Fool” Jesus Christ; funny? or Blasphemous comtempt of God? Druids “Knowers of Trees” called “Old Fools” ride into Congregations on Hobby Horses dressed like Old Testament Prophets to celebrate Jesus being sent on “Fool’s Errands” from Sanhedrin Priests Annas to Pontius Pilate to Caiaphas, to Herod and back to Pilate. Hillarious isn’t it? Akitu “Barley” is similar to Feast of First Fruits. Jesus was Crucified on Passover Eve, laid in the Sepulchre on Feast of Unleavened Bread and rose on the 3rd Day on Feast of First Fruits, before the Pharisees who Crucified Him were offering the Wave Offering (Barley Offering). The rock sealing the Sepulchre was rolled back as were the Roman soldiers placed to guard it; only the Robe and separate Head Scarf remained; no folks, thes are not the Shroud of Turin.
Akitu celebrates the victory of the Babylonian god of creation Marduk aka Roman Jupiter, Akkadian Ea, or Egyptian Osiris over his evil twin Tiamat, Set. Think Lucifer and Jesus are twins? Guess again. Persian “Nowruz” (New Light) is a similar 12 day celebration of Light versus Dark celebrated on Spring Equinox, seen in the Zoroastrian final battle of Ahura Mazda (Children of Light/Zeus/Marduk) and Ahriman (Darkness, Tiamat/Set). America represents Ahriman according to Iranian Ayathollahs; ironically set up at the Green Revolution by the US.

In Hindu religion, Huli celebrates the Dark Lord Krishna. The colors of chalk (Limestone Chalk is made of pre-flood seashell) mix to form the body of Krishna whose name means “Black”. Lucifer means “Light Bearer” and is represented by these Rainbow colors. The Rainbow itself symbolizes the 42 month Great Tribulation in that the Refraction Angle is roughly 42 degrees.

The Idol of Marduk/Santa/Jupiter/Zeus was brought to Babylon through the Ishtar Gate, the god is said to have been present in the Idol (Abomination of Desolation may ring a Baal) having ritual intercourse with human women (Roman Vestal Virgins) on top of the Ziggurat of Babylon (Neo-Babylonian Tower of Babylon) to produce a semi-Divine Race (Nephilim of Gen 6 or “Holy Grail”). Sargon of Akkad ruled just after the Flood; his mother a “Changeling” (recall the movie Changeling with Angelina Jolie?) Temple Prostitute in Babylon. When Abram departed Ur of the Chaldees and the Tower of Babel (Gate of Marduk/Saturn/Osiris) 400 years later, Sargon’s daughter (offspring) were Temple Prostitutes in Harran (Gobleki Tepe); Priests of the Torriod (Magnetic Field) called “Konn-Torr” in Ur simply moved to Harran becoming Sabians of Harran or Planetary/Star Priests. In Egypt, the same thing happened when the Hyksos and Shemsu Hor “Priests of Horus” aka “Priests of On” (On=Jupiter/Osiris/Marduk) arrived. When Egypt caught on to their Bullshit (Apis Bull being God), they expelled them to Thera (Santorini) where God buried them in volcanic ash, freezing the archaelogical record; same thing happened when Mt Vesuvius erupted on Pompeii for the same reasons with the same result.

On Sept 23, 2017 Jupiter/Marduk was born from Virgo aka Ishtar the Temple Prostitute. On Akitu, the Red Dragon (Dark Matter Bridge according to Astro-physicists or Niburu/Marduk according to others) appeared between her legs. On the Sept 23rd Birthdate, Comet 67p will conjunct with the Moon at her feet. NASA allegedly has the spacecraft “Rosetta” on Comet 67p; the movie Armageddon may ring a Baal. Comet “Borisov” impregnated Virgo on Nov 17, 2016 the Coptic New Year; after a 9 month gestation, Jupiter exits the womb with Virgo crowned by Leo, Mars, Venus and Mercury, clothed by the Sun.

Jupiter/Marduk/Satan is the Planet of the Crossing “Nibiru” or Planet X. Jesus was rejected, celebrated as the nailed to a tree Time to choose, Marduk and celebrate Jesus as the April Fool or repent and establish a 1 on 1 with Alpha and Omega, I AM, Melchisedek (King of Jerusalem; Priest of the Most High, Shiloh (He whose it is), JEHOVAH (Ex 6:3), JAH (Ps 68:4), JESUS (Mat 1:25) Omega will be here at the end; Marduk will be in Hell.

Druid (Knowers of Trees) Priests called “Old Fools” mocked Jesus by riding Hobby Horses into Congregations dressed as Old Testament prophets; on Judgment Day, they will wish they hadn’t. Pulling Pranks on one another originated with Jesus being sent on “Fool’s Errands”; mock Jesus? “God shall not be mocked” Whatever a person sows he will reap.

Easter has nothing to do with the Resurrection of Jesus; the Edomite King Herod celebrated Easter by killing James and attempting to kill Paul (Acts 12:1-5KJV) Easter is Ishtar, Marduk was brought through “Ishtar’s Gate”. Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles 6 BC and Crucified on Passover Eve 27 AD. Jesus was 1 1/2 years old in Egypt when Nabattean Arab-Edomite King Herod ordered the Slaughter of Innocents during Easter 4 BC; he died and the temple bearing his name was destroyed precisely as Jesus said it would be leaving behind Cryptos (False Converts) like at the Wailing Wall wearing Yarmulkes “Cap of Cybele/Ishtar”. Want to get right with God? Stop celebrating the conception (Easter) and birth (Christmas) of Lucifer!

Jesus was Crucified on Passover Eve (13 Nisan), laid in the sepulchre at Even before Passover (14 Nisan) His body became the Feast of Unleavened Bread (15 Nisan) and rose the 3rd Day on Feast of First FruitsI (17 Nisan) It doesn’t take a math genius to see there are not 3 days from Good Friday at Even to Easter First Light. Edomite King Herod celebrated Easter (Acts 12:4 KJV), why on Earth are you? The Easter Rabbit is the Assyrian Idol of Anammellech (2 KI 17:30) her consort Adrammellech (Marduk/Merodach) is in the Chariot above.

Jesus was sent on “Fool’s Errands” from fake illigitimate retired High Priest Annas to Pontius Pilate to Annas’ son-in law Caiaphas, to Herod, and back to Pilate before the Crucifixion. In 2015, Passover and Easter aligned with a Lunar Eclipse over the Western World. West is the land of the Dead in Egyptian religion featured in the Carbon Fund Logo and Obama’s Masonically designed Setting Sun Logo; the 8th Tetrad in history. Why 8? 8 people were saved in the Ark and faith in JESUS is the 8th and final Covenant between Man and God.
The Holy Grail was found at San Isidro (Isidore of Seville) Basilica in Leon, Spain Sure! The cup used by Jesus Christ at the Last Supper to represent the Bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s Merovingian “Christ Kids” is indeed an “Isidro” meaning “Gift of Isis”. BS! Isis means Throne; specifically the Throne of Pergamum “Satan’s Seat”. St Isidore was famous for compiling “Etymologiae” a summa of Universal Knowledge which is why he is the Patron Saint of the Internet; with St Al of Gore of course. The Gate of Isis framed the entrance to the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria (Mormon Church began in Palmyra NY); in April an exact replica of the Arch of Isis at the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria was installed in Times Square NY and Trafalgar Sq London. Why? America is named after Amurru aka Palmyra.

CERN is a Cryptogram for Cernunnos “Horned One”; Gravity, Gravity Waves, Dark Matter, Worm Holes and Parallel Universes are Satanic Bull Shit. To go with this monumental BS is the Holy Grail of Science “Gravity Waves” “Discovered” during “Hilaria”, the 8 day festival beginning March 25 and ending April Fool’s Day 2015. Why not much news coverage? The world went on the largest Easter Egg Hunt aka Fool’s Errand in history searching for MH370 (cryptogram for Elohim aka Saturn). Gravity Waves, not God created Matter immediately after the Big Bang and Gravity is the “Force” that gives Mass to Matter; also BS. Using minute fluctuations in “Gravity”, NASA announced the Cassini space probe had found proof of an inhabitable ocean under 20 miles of ice on Saturn’s moon “Elceladus”; Saturn’s mythical yet Giant Trumpeter of Arms. Hilarious isn’t it? Cassini was Court Astrologer to King Louis XVI called the “Sun King” The Cult of Saturn has called its Anonymous Legion of followers to arms and Christians are busy with Lent, Hot Cross Buns and Easter Rabbit Egg Hunts. Feel like a Fool yet?

Hilaria, the celebration of the resurrection of Attis (Green man) occurs as the Sun leaves Pisces and enters Aries. Easter is Ishtar, Astarte or Ashtaroth, the Wife of Saturn also known as Cybele the consort of Attis,. Satan goes by these names, having originated in Galatia (Turkey) and carried to the Kingdom of Pergamum in Arcadia, Greece. This Edomite Kingdom was founded by Attalus II of Philadelphia, which Jesus warned was the “Synagogue of Satan” and “Those who say they are Jews but are not”. Funny isn’t it? The City of Brotherly Love is full of Edomites in Robes teaching Christians about Santa Claus and Easter Bunnies! Wonder why the plague killing 99% of humanity in the movie 12 Monkeys originated in Philadelphia?
Jesus 7 Church Warnings in Revelation 2-3, the last one “Laodicea” means “Luke Warm” and Jesus spues every “Luke Warm” Christian out of His mouth!. Satanists have some Gaul eh? Sardonic Laughter is a term for the facial contortions made in the throws of death, by sacrifices given in fire to Saturn/Molech. Funny? Hilarious? Jesus doesn’t think so.

March 29 is the Feast of Saturn (St Satur is St Dionysius, and St Bacchus aka “Green Man”) Saturn is rendered STUR in Chaldee; Gematically giving the Mark of the Beast 666. It is no coincidence in Prophecy Summit 2014 at Disneyworld is Saturn’s Day March 29, coincident with the release of the Holy Wood abomination Noah (Flood preparations date was Sept 22) and the “Huli Festival” Prophecy Summit Liars are convincing people the Nephilim are real, the Rapture of the Church and Return of Jesus Christ is Sept 23, 2017. No, folks, the return of Marduk is imminent.
The Six Pointed Star of Saturn, Milcom, Chiun, Chemosh is used on Hindu Monuments, Synagogues, the Mormon Tabernacle (of Molech), Muslim Mosques, Shinto Shrines, and Buddhist Temples as a rejection of God. The Yarmulke, worn by a variety of religions, notably at Herod’s Wailing Wall is in fact merely the Cap of Cybele, a symbol of rejection of Jesus Christ and the tearing of the Temple Veil.
The Cult of Saturn refers to Jesus as the “April Fool”, the “0” Fool Card in Tarot, “Huli Fool”, “April Fish”, “Gowk”, “Dunce” sent on Fool’s Errands from the Palace of Caiaphas to the Praetoreum of Pontius Pilate, to the House of Annas, to the Palace of Herod and back to Pilate before the Crucifixion. Anuit Coeptus, on the $US 1 Dollar Bill is a cryptogram for Annas and Caiaphas, the killers of God in Flesh; Hilarious isn’t it?
Hindoos have been making “Huli Fools” for over 3000 years to mark the defeat of evil by throwing colored powder in honor of the female demon “Holika” and the 8th Avatar of Vishnu is “Krishna”, meaning “Black or Night”; it’s called the “Feast of Colours” because Black is the result of mixing the colors of the Rainbow. LGBT Movement uses the Rainbow as do Masons after Ritually rejecting Jesus Christ at the Rainbow Arch Degrees

Druid Priests were called “Old Fools”, giving sermons mocking the Divinity of Jesus dressed as Old Testament Prophets and riding Hobby Horses into the Congregation. French “Poisson d’ Avil” mocked the Passion Week by sending Fools on ridiculous errands to mock Jesus being sent from Chief Priest Annas to Chief Priest Caiaphas, to the Roman Pontius Pilate, to the Edomite Herod and back to Pilate before being made the “Fool” and Crucified. Pretty funny eh? Scotland called it “Hunting the Cuckoo” (European Crow), a mockery of the Crow (Raven) Noah sent from the Ark. The Edomite “Purim” (God is not mentioned in the book of Esther; God did not ordain Purim, and Purim is not Jewish in any sense) and the Zoroastrian (0=Zoro=Seed; Ashta=Star, Venus or Woman) “Nowruz”, and “Huli” are similar to April Fool’s Day; Obama’s practical joke was sending Depleted Uranium munitions to “Protect Civilians” in Libya while on vacation. In 2014 April Fool’s errands were sending dozens of ships and planes on a “Wild Goose Chase” searching for parts of Malaysia #370.; all in good fun folks! Hilaria (Hillary) celebrated the Zoroastrian version of “Poisson d’ Avril” in France and Hindoos in Krishna Temples the world over tossed colored water and powdered chalk at each other; the “Black One” is “Krishna” aka “Dark Knight”; Science calls this “Dark Matter” or “Black Hole”, the ultimate form of “Gravity” aka “God Particles”. Just Hilarious isn’t it!

April 1 and Jan 1 “Feast of Circumcision” are 3 months apart as are Tabernacles (actual birth of Jesus Christ) and Christmas, (birth of Sol Invictus). The Roman Saturnalia aka Christmas begins on St Lucia Day “Bride of Light” lasting a week; the Pope (Father here refers to God the FATHER as well as the Roman Pontiff) was mocked as “Lord of Misrule”. When Jesuits took over Rome in the mid 1500’s New Year became Jan 1 named after the 2 faced god of beginnings “Janus”; the original Feast of Sub-Deacons became “Guild of Fools”, the original “All Fool’s Day”; pretty hilarious eh? George Bush Sr “Magog” hilariously allowed 150,000 Iraqi conscripts to accept a Truce on Purim in 1991 before burning them with fuel-air bombs and burying them along the Highway of Death; his son George “Gog” Bush hilariously launched the Shock and Awe (Shekinah) campaign using Depleted Uranium Core Tomahawk Cruise Missiles at Baghdad by accusing his business partner Saddam Hussein of involvement with Al Qaeda; if that’s not funny enough, 20 years after the first and 8 years after the 2nd, Obama hilariously sent Depleted Uranium bombs and missiles to “Protect Libyan Civilians”. J Robert Oppenheimer quoted the book attributed to Krishna “Bhagavad Gita” after witnessing the Trinity Atomic explosion of the bomb named “Gadget”; “I have become Death, the destroyer of world’s”. It was a Plutonium Bomb first used on people at Nagasaki called “Fat Man” and later used in Reactor #3 at Fukushima in Sendei Japan. Malaysian #370 is just another Huli Fool prank, albeit one that has garnered the attention of 4 plane loads of CDC Epidemiologists, sent to Diego Garcia; MH370 is an anagram for ELOHM; Elohim are offspring of Saturn/El=Jupiter/Marduk.