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The universe was only 6000 years old until the age of scientific reasoning; scientists estimated it was 2 billion years old 70 years ago. Using “Luminosity”, distance to stars were measured out to 16 billion light-years. The Big Bang presupposes Stars are moving at incredibly fast velocities, their lifecycle ending in an explosion Supernova, or a gravitational collapse into a Black Hole depending on which godless scientist you listen to; both necessary to scientifically describe the creation of heavy elements.

Vast amounts of Time must be added for these elements to attract to each other to form planets, (round ones at that) and second generation stars which are mostly hydrogen, plus the time it takes for their light to arrive on earth. Why then is Background Radiation constant at 2.73K?. The universe is very homogenous and appears to have been made that way, not evolving out of a chaotic event, like the Big Bang.

Energy and Matter cannot be created out of nothing; no proof of the Force of Gravity exists, nor is a Graviton Particle or Gravity Strings necessary to explain our weight or planetary motion. There is no mechanism for creating any elements heavier than helium is known within stars. Einstein proposed a constant Speed of Light which underlies Age and Distance calculations; Einstein Lied.

Black Holes are necessary for scientists to explain galactic spiraling and have so much gravity, they suck in their own emitted light inside their “Event Horizon”. They are said to form when stars exhaust enough nuclear fuel to collapse. The only known source of light in the universe is nuclear fusion in stars, so if they collapse, isn’t that like getting a burned out, smashed light bulb without electricity to work? By definition, infinite gravity must smash all the atoms of hydrogen, so what would even create the light to begin with?

Einstein’s General and Special Relativity ideas are still theories, because light speed has not been experimentally observed to be constant. Einstein said light pretty much makes up its mind on arrival at a sensor, like an eye before acting like a particle or wave. Waves are a displacement of Matter and cannot propagate in the Vacuum of Space. By most measurements light speed appears to be decreasing, and rapidly at that. Black Holes are an attempt to explain distant starlight being “Red Shifted”. Something seems to be causing them to move away from earth at a few distinctly different speeds that are faster than the Big Bang model can account for, so pockets of large, invisible Gravity Wells were added to the system.

Light is emitted as distinct packets called “Quanta” of different colors. Longer wavelengths appear redder, and shorter waves, blue or purple. If distant starlight appears redder than normal, one surmises a faster velocity away from earth has effectively stretched them. This violates physics principles, so invisible Gravity was invented in the form of Black Holes to account for this effect.

What if Matter expanded, simply by its energetic vibrations? Gravity and Planetary Orbits can be explained by Expanding Matter. Gravity certainly cannot explain why the Atmosphere is not pulled toward the vacuum of Space; everyone who has a vacuum cleaner can see Matter is pulled vertically away from the mythical Force of Gravity!

Light is made of particles with mass, not Massless Photons and therefore has energy by virtue of its mass as indicated by E=MC2. A simple Radiometer proves Light travels through the glass, and vacuum to contact White (Reflective) and Black (Absorbing) vanes which spin toward the black sides.

The second Law of Thermodynamics says Energy must go down (Entropy goes up) with time, so if the velocity of light were to decrease, so would energy, and this too does not violate basic common sense or physics laws. This single concept of expanding matter would eliminate 3 unproven forces inside the atom (Strong Nuclear, Weak Interaction, and Gravity), and account for the atom’s inherent stability. Light contacting the Ionosphere as packets of Electrons also accounts for the Electro-magnetic charge differential between the Earth (Ground) and Ionosphere (+); the topic of another article on “Free Energy”. Expanding Matter also eliminates the need for any gravitational forces at all, accounts for observed galactic spiraling, different distinct colors of light, and explains the entire spectrum of radiation from Gamma Rays, X-Rays, Visible Light and falsely named Micro and Radio “Waves” as merely ejected packets of electrons. Further research can be done in Mark McCutcheon’s book The Final Theory, but let’s look at it with an open bible.

If the earth’s surface began accelerating outward at 32 ft/sec2 at the time of Creation, and since we still observe this same acceleration today, our size must really be enormous, but since the earth as well as ourselves is being measured with a yardstick which has grown by the same amount, we would have no change in our frame of reference. To someone outside the Universe however, the filling of space would look like spirals, and not just any spirals mind you, but spirals which conform to “phi” know as the “Golden Ratio”. All life as well as the universe adheres to this ratio, so doesn’t that alone rule out chance occurrence and the “Big Bang”? Let’s suppose the universe is about 6000 years old, the earth and stars are not flying apart, and look at light from the perspective of expanding matter. As the earth or a star gets larger, absolute acceleration and velocity of its surface increases just as a balloon being blown up at a constant rate of acceleration. This affects light produced on a star’s surface because it has mass, and also affects the apparent speed of light when observed from say the earth because its surface is also accelerating . As time goes on, light would be more affected, because it’s being emitted from a surface which is accelerating toward its light packets more than closer objects. Objects farthest away would appear in slow motion, because their light packets are closer together as they contact the earth which is also bigger, and therefore moving toward those packets faster. Einstein said light was the same for all observers, no matter their velocity, and used the Michelson-Morley experiment in 1887 to try and prove this idea plus the existence of an all pervasive “Aether” in space to carry the light waves. The experiment really didn’t prove either one because he assumed the earth is moving rapidly through space, whereas the bible says it is fixed. An “Aether” is necessary to transport a wave just as sound is carried in air, but what if light is not a wave at all? Packets of electrons ejected from expanding matter would do just fine without the “Aether”. Occultists since time began have called this “Aether” by names like solar and cosmic rays which carry deceased persons souls to the heavens, so this is not a new concept by any stretch. Let’s now see if light is affected by acceleration (changes in velocity).

Laser ring gyros are used in space and aircraft to measure acceleration. From this information, velocity and position changes can be calculated. They measure speed of light changes due to acceleration, so light obviously has mass and is affected just as we would expect. Light is not a mass less wave. Scientists are hampered by their belief in a ridiculously old universe, a constant speed of light, light being both a wave and particle at different times (wave/particle duality), and gravity which was first invented by a celibate grand master of the Prieure of Sion. Remember, according to the bible, the earth was created before the sun, so when did God invent gravity? One thing is certain; He didn’t tell us anything about it. If light speed is decreasing, the size of the universe gets a lot smaller. Perhaps trillions of times smaller than the 16 billion light-years+ now claimed. Einstein said the speed of light was the practical limit for any object which has mass, and not many years ago, computers had a theoretical speed limit bases on it. Electricity seems very capable of moving faster than light in conditions of super-conductivity where super cooling reduces sub-atomic resistance to electron flow (electricity). All these lies are placed one upon another by Godless scientists who will not give the bible story any credence or attempt to prove it wrong. Hey, I’m fine with their theories so long as they can offer proof rather than unsupported theory. Here are their unproven theories: Strong and weak nuclear force. Gravity. Constant speed of light. An all pervading “Aether” or medium for light to travel in. Space-time continuum or fabric. Infinitely long, massless force producing gravity strings in “String Theory”. Sorry guys, I’m allergic to b— s—!

Ockam’s Razor is a scientific axiom which says don’t add anything unnecessary to explain what you see. The bible says the earth is fixed, nothing about forces like gravity, nothing about galaxies flying away from each other, and infers an age of about 6000 years. From my vantage point, expanding matter, and decreasing light speed due to this expansion takes care of it. Scientists who generally reject silly notions like Creationism and Sin, say the Big Bang, Gravity, Black Holes, Relativity and 10’s of billions of years did all this with upward evolution thrown in of course. All of these unproven theories violate physics laws, thermodynamics laws, common sense and the Word of God. Take your pick, or come up with something else that makes sense. Better yet, why not begin talking to the guy who may indeed have made all of it in 6 days!

DNA of Light: 137

“As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world” Jn 9:5
“And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” Mat 3:17
“…he will thoroughly purge his floor, and will gather the wheat into his garner; but the chaff he will burn with fire unquenchable” Luke 3:17
“For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved” John 3:17

The God Particle was announced on July 4th 2012 with 99.99% certainty; having a Mass/Energy equivalent to 125GeV to 140GeV. Leon Lederman (mother Rosenberg) wrote the book The God Particle: If the Universe if the answer, what is the question? Universe comes form Unum “One” and Versus “To Turn”; the same meaning as E Pluribus Unum “Out of many One”. It’s just a guess, but the God Particle may be announced soon as having a Mass of 137GeV. Science claims the God Particle gives Mass to everything in the Universe, thus it is also called “TOE” (Theory of Everything). Mass and Energy are equivalent according to E=MC2 thus “Infinite Mass” is “Infinite Energy”. The Universe is said to be Infinite in size. Force= Mass X Acceleration (F=MA). Work is Force X Distance (W=FD); therefore the God Particle represents completion of the “Great Work”; the presentation of the “God of Forces” from Dan 11:38 I have 2 articles on the God Particle, this one is about the DNA of Light.

The series “Flash Forward” featured a 2 minute 17 sec time lapse caused by a Particle Accelerator experiment “But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it…” Gen 2:17 The series began 9/24 “…the high priest entered into the holy place every year with blood of others” Heb 9:24 The series Flash Forward is about Kabbalah; no it is not Jewish Mysticism; it is Gnosticism (Gnosis “Knowledge” + Sophia “Wisdom”).

There is nothing Jewish about Kabbalah.. Episode 2 featured an aging Nazi explaining Kabbalah is summed up in the number 137, the time in seconds of the worldwide “Black Out”. The book of Hebrews was written to people rejecting the New Covenant, made possible through the blood of Jesus Christ, preferring the blood of surrogate sacrifices. Kabbalah is the system which sprang from this rejection. The Nazi Swastika is in fact the oldest symbol of all, representing the broken Sun Wheel; repair of the Earth to pre-flood conditions is “Tikkun Olam” in Hebrew. This is the science of Kabbalah, Ka “Life Force” and of the Ka’aba “Enclosure”.

Gematria assigns numbers to Hebrew letters; Kabbalah is Kuf=100 Bet=2 Lamed=30 Hey=5. Added they are 137.

Physicist Richard Feynman put a sign in his office with just the number 137 on it to remind his colleagues how little they really knew about the field of “Electro-dynamics”. Werner Heisenberg said “Problems with Quantum Theory will only disappear when 137 is explained”. Edward Teller, father of the H-Bomb (“h” means God is with me in Hebrew Gematria) said he could develop the number 137 from Gravitation Theory. Albert Einstein said “We don’t understand 137, and until we do, we will understand nothing”. The CERN Particle Collider has a rather unusual logo with 3 interconnected 6’s. One of its goals is to produce the Graviton, a hypothesized infinitely large yet mass less particle needed to prove the Theory of Gravity. In Gematria, #137 is called Alpha; Jesus is also called Alpha.

Solar Radiation in the form of Gamma, X-Ray, UV, Visible Light, IR, Radio Waves and Coronal Mass Ejections of Alpha Particles (Helium Nucleii) contact the Magnetosphere and travel between the Earth’s Magnetic Poles. It is harnessed and re-broadcast by Radars for the purpose of Weather Modification, Volcanic Eruption, and Earthquake/Tectonic plate manipulation which was mentioned in the 2nd episode as a possible cause of the 137 second blackout. Interestingly, Russia cited Tectonic Plate movement causing an Electro-magnetic Storm which brought down AF-447; the 2nd episode showed airline CEO’s flying to restore public confidence in commercial aviation, reminiscent of the days following 9/11. I am only pointing this out because Kabbalah is the “Work on the Sacred Tree” taught by Solar Priests the same way for 4350 years. Theoretical Particle Physicists are in fact Solar Priests; the first being Kon-Torrs for “Priests of the Torroidal Enclosure. This Torroid (Doughnut shape) is the shape Solar Radiation makes when it contacts the Earth’s Magnetic Field. Today this is called the Magnetosphere or Van Allen Belts named after the person who discovered Man cannot survive in or outside of them. Jesus dictated Revelation to John in his exile on Patmos, about or perhaps exactly 66 years after the Crucifixion using the Holy Ghost. He uses the term Earth Dweller to describe people who worship Solar Priests and their Lies.

Kabbalah is called the “Work upon the Sacred Tree”; the Tree refers to the Crucifixion method of Nailing Jesus the Tree of Life to the Tree of Knowledge. Kabbalah means “To Receive”. “But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel. And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.” Acts 2:16-17 The rest of Acts 2 is Peter, who once denied Jesus speaking of the necessity to accept the sacrifice of Jesus and be baptized with the Holy Ghost; specifically Israel who had Crucified Jesus who was their Lord and Christ. “But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it…” Gen 2:17 Kabbalah is the tree of knowledge! “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches. To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.” Rev 2:17 In Exodus 2:17 Moses stands up in Midian and waters their flock; later Moses delivers Israel and the Law. Since the Crucifixion everyone under the Law is cursed. The Great and terrible day of the LORD Joel describes is after the 2nd Coming; after all men have either accepted or rejected the free gift of the Holy Ghost. People are either of God or Mammon. “And there was a strife between the herdmen of Abram’s cattle and the herdmen of Lot’s cattle: and the Canaanite and the Perizzite dwelled then in the land” Gen 13:7 Lot chose Canaanite ways which resulted in Ammonites, Moabites and Hittite intermarriage with Edom; precisely these groups escape Antichrist in Dan 11:41 with the Six Pointed Star of the Moabite god Chemosh flying over Israel. “And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb.” Rev 13:7-8 Kabbalah represents the Tree of Knowledge, “Earth Dwellers” have chosen over the Tree of Life.

Kabbalah is Chochma “Wisdom”=73 and Nevuah “Prophecy”=64, added are 137. Chabad (Chabad is derived from the 1st 3 levels in Kabbalah Chochma, Binah, Dat) Lubavitch are today’s Sanhedrin Priests, however as in the days when Jesus was on the earth they are not Jewish. The Synagogue of Satan Jesus described are Samaritans of mixed genealogy (ref 2 Kings 17:31) who revere Kabbalah, the Talmud and Zohar over Scripture. Wisdom + Prophecy yields the Utopia achieved after Moshiach (Messiah) is revealed. Obviously not Jesus as Kabbalah rejects Him. The Tzaddik are usurpers of the Melchisedek Priesthood. Jesus is Melchisedek as Hebrews 7 makes very clear; He authored the Covenant with Abram, received his Tithes and installed David King over Israel. Tzaddiq Baal Shem Tov prophesied Mosiach would be revealed in the year 5778 (2018 CE) Notice Baal is the Canaanite name for Lord or Master; the name translates to “Master of the Divine Name”. CE (Common Era) also denies Jesus; in all likelihood He was born in 6 BC which may make this date line up with Dec 21 2012 AD rather than 2018 CE. To be clear here AD means Anno Domini “Year of our Lord”; this is not Jesus referred to. I only consider the Date Dec 21, 2012 in the way it lines up with Deut 21:23 as a sign post; As Jesus was Crucified, the Earth will as well on that date by occult standards,

I don’t care to understand Kabbalah in the least so forgive me if this is confusing but Kabbalists seems to have deduced 5778 CE (2018-19) by raising Phi (1.618) “Golden Mean” to the 18th power=5778. This number is visible in human facial and body measurements as well as spirals in the cosmos, musical notes etc. Kabbalah is all about Gematria (numerology), so 76 X 76 (7+6=13, the number of rebellion, and 7X6=42, the number of months in the Great Tribulation) yields 5776 plus 1 for each factor=5778. 5776 divided by 42 then = 137. Just be glad you are not a Kabbalist; it’s very confusing. It is in fact the Science of Mammon. The LORD speaks to His followers through the Holy Ghost; false Spirits like the Angel of the Torah “Yofiel” whose name in gematria adds to 137 provide this type of knowledge.

Jesus is God in flesh for Born Again Christians; God is a Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost. For Gnostics, the Trinity if Father, Mother, Son.. Why? Father=58, Mother=79 ; Father + Mother= Divine Son=137. The Presbyterian Church USA actually changed the Trinity from Father, Son, Holy Ghost to Father, Mother, Son; this is the Kabalistic Trinity. In the Zohar, Father and Mother are said to be “2 companions that are never apart”. Throughout history, the occult have celebrated this as the Divine Union aka Sacred Marriage and the ritual usually involves incest in 1 form or another.

The 26 letters of the English alphabet is of Canaanite and Egyptian origin. G=7, O=15, D=4 added give 26. Kabbalists use the Tetragammaton YHVH: Yud=10, Hay=5, Vav=6 added give 26 as well. Niels Bohr, the father of Atomic Theory concluded the maximum number of dimensions within the Universe is 26. This theory is now manifesting itself as Superstring Theory where Gravity is affecting the Universe in infinitely long yet mass less particles vibrating in many dimensions to create matter. A fitting name for this infinitely large yet mass-less particle made up of mostly Dark Matter is of course the God Particle. Why dark? Dark Matter absorbs all light.

The God Particle Theory claims the Primordial Black Hole exploded the Universe into being with the God Particle the first material. The Higg’s Field “Gravity” switched on immediately after the God Particle aka Graviton was produced and gave Mass and Order to the Universe. Sure, an I’m Santa Claus.

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle basically states the more we measure and observe atomic particles the more we affect them. 1/137 is the probability an electron will absorb or emit a photon; it is dimension-less and referred to as “The Magic Number with no understanding of Man”. The number relates to electro-magnetism measured in electron charge. The number relates to Einstein’s Relativity in terms of the speed of light and relates to Quantum Mechanics in terms of Planck’s Constant. When Wolfgang Pauli fell ill and was put in the Rosekreutz Hospital in Zurich, in room 137, he predicted correctly he would die there. Christian Rosenkreutz is the famous mythical founder of the Rosucrucian Society in 1437; he also magically erected the North Georgia Guide Stones in 1979 calling for the elimination of 7 billion persons from earth. 137 is the number written by the Hand of God; therefore Kabbalists believe understanding it will put them in the position Moses was in on Mt Sinai when the 10 Commandments were delivered. 137 is the number associated with the GUT (Grand Unified Theory) or the TOE (Theory of Everything) which seeks to unify the “Forces” of nature.

137 is the 33rd Prime Number. Atomic Number is the number of protons in the nucleus. Matter with Atomic Number 137 is yet to be discovered or named, but in theory it will absorb 100% of light photons contacting it. Jesus was 33 at the Passover of His Crucifixion; if He can do it, Kabbalists can too is their theory. Masons reach Sovereignty at the 33rd level; for this reason, term Illuminati (Illumined Ones) has become fashionable; they become Illumined by absorbing Light. The famous alchemist Nicholas Flamel wrote “The father of matter is the Sun. The mother of matter is the Moon. His power remains perfect when transformed into material”.

Chlorophyll is the molecule in Plants which absorbs sunlight used to convert Carbon di-oxide and Water to Oxygen and Plant Matter. The Chlorophyll Molecule is made up of 33 Atoms. Chloro means Pale Green. Plants and Animals balance each other out in the Photo-synthesis Equation yet Global Climate Change is being blamed on Man. Man is an Omnivore so it is reasoned by Kabbalists the best way to increase Chlorophyll bearing Plants is to Kill them which releases their Carbon back to the Earth. This has the added benefit of eliminating the need of animals raised for food and thus eliminates their production of Carbon in exhalations and intestinal methane. Eliminating Man also saves Trees used for shelter; a Win-Win for the Earth. The so-called “Green Revolution” will however be used to justify the slaughter of 5 billion persons from Earth. The North Georgia Guide Stones have put this in writing in 8 languages. The bible states “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved…” Mat 24:22 One need only read about the Pale Horse, who brings Death and Hell to see these are one in the same. Satan’s desire to be as the Most High God has shall we say made him “Green with Envy”.

137 is Alpha; Alpha is Jesus Christ; Jesus is God in flesh; Jesus is the Word. Jesus was a Man; All Men have 26 Chromosomes; God is numerically 26.A person’s blood comes exclusively from their father; Jesus’ did as well “For with God nothing shall be impossible” Luke 1:37 Luke 1 describes how the aged Priest Zacharias and his wife conceived John the Baptist at the Summer Solstice and gave birth at Passover. Jesus was conceived in Elizabeth’s 6th month of pregnancy and John leaped in the womb. That day is what we call Christmas today, but back was then Sol Invictus Day “Dies Solis”. Mary was a virgin engaged to Joseph; she was immaculately conceived of God the FATHER on the Winter Solstice and born at Feast of Tabernacles. Easter is a 9 month Human Gestation Cycle ahead of Christmas. The presentation or revealing of Sol Invictus is coincident with Hanukah “Feast of Dedication”. Christmas means Sacrificial killing of Christ and distribution of His body. Divine Union rituals held in Groves at Winter Solstice involve exactly that; only it is usually a child or slave that is used. Green Booths called Sukkot were used by Israel at Feast of Tabernacles to commemorate God being with them in the wilderness; it is only fitting that God in Flesh be born on that same day.

Groves are where Evil is done in sight (flagrantly) of the LORD. Rabbis replace the Holy Ghost, the Babylonian Talmud replaces the Word and Kabbalah “Tree of Knowledge” replaces the “Tree of Life”. It is then fitting Rosh Hashanah “New Year” and Yom Kippur “Day of Atonement” have been placed at the time of year when Feast of Tabernacles would take center stage. For Kabbalists, the most suitable sacrifice of all was offered so these “Days of Awe” have effectively replaced Passover when God led Israel with pillars of Fire and Smoke, watering rocks and a parted Red Sea. Personally, I think the latter is more “Awe” inspiring than the former.

Passover and Easter have nothing to do with each other. In Kabbalah, Mother=79. She becomes the equal of her mate on the Spring Equinox. Eostre, Ostarra of the Zoroastrian “NoRuz” (New Light) for Ishtar’s Day occurs at the Spring Equinox where Day and Night are equal. Father=58. 79 + 58=137. Fertility reaches its zenith at the 28th day “Full Moon” and pregnancy is 100% assured at “First Light” on the first Sunday “Soleis Dies”. The Divine Child “137” absorbs all light; therefore he is called the “Dark Lord”. For this reason, Black Virgin with Divine Child Statues were distributed by Knight Templars throughout Europe. Notice how Christmas, Lent, Easter, Madonna and Child, Groves (Christmas Trees), ornaments (sacrifices), lights (cauldrons of olive oil lit at the Temple), the Cross (Tree) have all deceptively replaced institutions of Jesus Christ. Jesus tells us in Mathew 23 to never call any Man Rabbi. Jesus was Jewish by genealogy and by the Law; still think Rabbis are Jewish? Might want to re-think that?

The Kabbalist day of the revealing of Mosiach is 5778. Israel became a nation in 5708 (1948 AD). Kabbalah claims the Spirit of God manifests in 10 Sephirot; the number of God is 7 which gives the 70 years from Israel’s creation to the arrival of their Messiah. Be Careful here! Jesus was born 6 years before this on Feast of Tabernacles in 6 BC. Herod ordered the “Slaughter of Innocents” in the Spring of 4 BC, so if 2018 is the planned arrival of the “Dark Lord”, the calendar will read 12/21/2012, the Solar Solstice.

The Mark of the Beast (Rising Sun/Saturn) will be 666, but where does it come from? Time One source is the number 216 is 6 cubed (6X6X6=216). It is also the cubes of the 3-4-5 Mir or Pythagorean Triangle added =216. 216 is the number associated with “Sacred Architecture” and is also the number associated with the Earth’s Axis Precession . Every 2160 years, the Earth’s Axis points to a new Astrological House. 2160 years ago Antiochus Epiphanes sacrificed a pig on the altar of the 2nd Temple with the axis pointing to Pisces; today the Swine Flu Vaccine may accomplish the same thing with the axis pointing to Aquarius. In Kabbalah, he 11th House is Antichrist, known in mythology as Zeus or Jupiter the “King Star”. 216 X the number of a Man 666=144,000. It is no coincidence Jesus “Saves” 12,000 from each of 12 tribes=144,000 in Rev 7. For excited Mormons, they need to read Rev 7 until they realize the Tribe of Dan and Tribe of Ephraim to whom 99% of Mormons belong (in flawed theory) is absent from the list.

666 is the number of a Man Kabbalists refer to as “The One”. Ritual sites such as the Cheops Pyramid, Angkor Wat and Stonehenge were built to capture this “First Light” at specific times of the Solar Year but what about light absorption by the Initiate of such rituals? According to Kabbalah 5778 is 66.6 Jubilee (50 years) Years after Moses saw God face to face at Mt Sinai in 2448. The Red Sea Crossing was actually in 1492BC, and the 1492AD date Columbus “discovered” the New World he referred to as New Jerusalem is no coincidence. Columbus was “Crypto”; Kabbalist in private, Catholic in public. Jesus warned “Never call any man Rabbi” Mat 23:8 I would be careful trusting any Rabbi.

Dark Matter, Atomic Number 137, absorbs all Light because it’s made entirely of Bullshit.
Astro-physicists claim the Universe is 13.7 Billion Years old. They also claim the Speed of Light is constant, so with their so-called “Dark Matter” evenly distributed throughout the Universe it is 13.7 Billion Light-Years in diameter. The Egyptian “Shemsu Horus”, Persian “Magi” and Greek Astronomers used the term “Aether”; today it is called “Dark Matter”is theorized to have the magical number or protons “137”, making it 100% certain to absorb all the Photons of Light contained in it. Get enough of this Matter in one place and “Black Hole” will form with an infinite amount of “Gravity” which pulls in all “Light”, giving “Mass” to all “Matter” with an Atomic Mass Number of 137. Sounds like Alice in Wonderland because Dark matter is in fact called Alice Matter. Brilliant, pun intended isn’t it? Too bad it’s all quite literal “Sacred BS”.

The Egyptian Priests of On (Heliopolis) worshipped the Apis (Apis means Word in Egyptian as does Bee in Chaldee) Bull and called the Creator and literal ancestor of man “Atum” The Word Atom comes from Atum. Atoms (in flawed theory) are held together by 4 Forces: Gravity, Strong Nuclear, Weak Force and Electo-Magnetic Priests of On absorbed “First Light” in the East with a Pillar called the “Ben-ben” said to contain the “Life Force” of the gods. One glitch, only Enlightened Man can absorb light; the rest will die in the process; hence the term “Flash”. “Atumic Theory” is really “Atomic Theory”, and a Theory it is having absolutely no proof. Atom’s have mysterious forces called Strong Nuclear, Electro-Weak, Electro-Magnetism and Gravity making Matter indestructible according to Isaac Newton and Neils Bohr; the problem is nobody had identified the source of “Infiinte Energy” for these mysterious “Forces” until the “God Particle” was announced on Independence Day (July 4th) in Geneva, where Wolfgang Pauli died in Room #137 of the Rosekreutz Hospital. Folks, “God shall not be mocked”! Daniel said this about Antichrist “But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces…” Dan 11:38 Earlier I mentioned this man is referred to as “The One”; this is because he will magnify himself above all including God; 137 divided by 137 is of course 1; the ONE on the $US ONE Dollar Bill. Notice it floats above the Pyramid because the Ben-ben is in fact that Pyramidion “Capstone”. The God Particle is the Capstone of the Great Work and the DNA of Light is #137.

137 is called the DNA of Light; a “Chen” Prime number not divisible by anything but 1 and itself. It is also the 33rd Prime Number. Chen means “Grace”. Rest is Sabbath; the 7th day of Creation. Jesus Christ is the Holy Ghost, the Word and God the Father in flesh. This Trinity “Father, Son, Holy Ghost” is not divisible by anything Man made; it is only theoretically divisible by itself. This is origination of the Yin-Yang and the Zoroastrian belief in a final confrontation of Good vs Evil. Kabbalists believe their Trinity “Father, Mother, Son” will one day be successful, especially if it is made of “Dark Matter” with the Atomic Mass 137.

“He” means “God is with us” in Hebrew; “He” was here at the beginning as Alpha and will return as Omega, but first, there is a little matter of the Beast who makes war with the saints, kindreds, tongues and nations in Rev 13:7. That Beast is the Dragon who first told Eve she would not die but become as gods. Adam listened to Eve and in where else but Gen 3:17 we are told “Cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life”. My Presbyterian pastor once told me the bible was just a story book; Sure!

Physicists claim the Sun’s surface temperature is 5778K big surprise eh? Hydrogen fuses to form Helium “He” named after Helios, whose nucleus is Alpha particles; God’s name is “I Am He”. Can you see why Kabbalists believe by using Solar powered Electro-magnetic (EM) weapons they can defeat Jesus now? In their twisted world, like dissolves like. Ever heard the story Lucifer and Jesus were originally brothers in Heaven? This is where it comes from. Coronal Mass Ejections send these charged particles from the nucleus of the Sun to Earth at near light speed where the Magnetosphere guides them into the Earth at Polar Regions. Pause here to note Einstein calculated anything with Mass requires infinite energy to attain the speed of light with his famous but wrong E=MC2 equation.

The Earth’s core is magnetic; this interaction of the Earth and Sun is thus a Divine Union of sorts. An Alpha article has 2 protons but no electrons; the arbitrary symbol for positive is +. This symbol violates God’s 2nd commandment but nonetheless appears in most every “Christian” Church as well as most Egyptian hieroglyphics; the symbol is called the “Ankh” or “Solar Cross”. Laban, Aztec, Aztlan and Chlorox all mean “To make White”. Chloro is Pale Green and X is the symbol of Osiris, the Egyptian sun-god. To make White will be accomplished with Mass Sacrifice and this is how.

Reagan and Gorbachev famously ended the so called “Cold War”, but both men also attended annual Grove Rituals at Bohemian Grove where they burned fires dedicated to the Canaanite deity called Molech, a 40ft Owl which happens to be the symbol of Wisdom. Was or is there a threat 1000’s of Nuclear weapons will obliterate the Earth? Not if you are an Earth Dweller; that would be insane. Earth Dwellers live for and in the Torroidal Enclosure of the Earth’s Magnetic Field. Shortly after Nuclear Weapons were developed, stratospheric detonations designed to open holes in the Magnetosphere actually made matters worse by forming additional rings of radiation. Unlike NASA stories of Lunar and long range space exploration, Earth Dwellers know life cannot be sustained going through or outside of this protective “Enclosure” created by the Earth. This is the reason burial mounds are common throughout the world. Earth Dwellers are searching for a mass less, un-named particle that is not divisible by anything they can measure such as Phi (1.618 “Golden Mean”), Pi (3.14) or the natural logarithm e (2.7). The solution is in Revelation; they will hide inside the earth (ref Rev 6:15) and hide from the wrath of the Lamb (Rev 6:17).

Allodial Title is Real Property that can be defended; defense from the KING OF KINGS is a Fool’s Errand. Jesus is Shiloh “He whose it is” (Gen 49:10) Any person who does laundry will tell you like dissolves like. Alpha will be dissolved by + charged Alpha particles captured at the Poles and re-broadcast as Electro-magnetic waves. For 4350 years, Shaman have attempted to control or take credit for weather control, now they feel confident they have the ultimate weapon. The Greek symbol for Alpha is the same as the so-called Christian fish Symbol. The first 2 Commandments God gave to Moses face to face were “have no other gods before me” and “do not make any graven image or likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth”. That fish symbol is called the Labrys; it is a symbol of all 3. In the new movie “X Men”, Wolverine is Re-born in Water with Adamantium. Translated, “God hardened his heart”.

Hermes Trismegistus is said to have written the Emerald Tablet of Toth-Hermes; Rosicrucians regard him as the greatest Alchemist; Miriam the Prophetissa is his alchemical counterpart. Her famous saying is “One becomes two, 2 becomes 3 and out of the third comes The One as the fourth”. This is the biblical 4th Beast described in Daniel 7:7. Aleister Crowley wrote Liber Oz aka Liber 77 for this reason; The 4th Beast Frees Man from God. Flt #77 hit the Pentagon at the 77th Meridian; the Pentagon is lined up with Meridian Hill, the Supreme House of the Temple, Washington Monument for this reason. Oz is the Emerald “Lightning” City of the Pale (Green=Chloro) Horse.

Carl Jung said “Probabilities in quantum physics, laws of nature and patterns of the cosmos will be solved when we understand 137.”Space, Time and Causality plus Syncronicity equal Alchemy”. Paul Dirac said “Once Arthur Eddington solved the mystery of 136 the obsession of solving 137 took over his life”. Werner Heisenberg said “Cracking the mystery of calculating the masses of elementary particles is one of the key aims of the Grand Unified Theory”. Flash Forward ties together Alchemy, Theoretical Physics, Greek Philosophy, Rosicrucian Philosophy, Psychology, Kabbalah, Gematria, Sacred Architecture, Pythagorean and Gnostic dogma and I-Ching.

7 is Rest; if you want to enter God’s Rest, you need to ask Jesus for Grace; He alone is the elusive Chen Prime “137” standing at the door, but you have to open it. The number 7 appears 137 times in Revelation because Revelation was delivered by the mass less, charge-less, un-definable, Holy Ghost. Science claims they are 99.99% sure the God Particle exists. The great thing is that you are 100% guaranteed to absorb it if you ask Jesus Christ for it.


Day 1 “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light” Gen 1:3

Day 4 “And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven t divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years.” Gen 1:14

Light: Something that makes things visible; affords illumination; Electro-magnetic radiation which causes organs of sight to react; an illuminating agent; particular illumination in which objects take on a certain appearance; revealed to public notice or knowledge; to bring light; to be3 made visible.

“The best place to conceal something is out in the open”-Hitler.

The Word of God is out in the open and easy to read, yet why do people not believe what it says? “Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given…because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand…By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive…their eyes have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them…many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which ye see and have not seen them.” Jesus Christ in Mat 13.

Genesis 1:3 and Gen 1:14 speak of 2 distinct and separated kinds of “Light”; seeing and understanding the first “Light” is the goal of this article.

The Catholic Church taught and evidence suggests most people believed the universe was only about 6000 years old until the age of scientific reasoning blossomed under the enlightenment of the Italian “Black Nobility”. The “Age of Enlightenment” skyrocketed after Galileo discovered Jupiter’s moons and Newton proposed they were held in “Orbit” by the Force of Gravity. Scientists estimated the Universe was 2 billion years old just 70 years ago, but as stars were observed out to 13.7 billion light-years distance, that lie had to be modified. Fact: Stars fuse Hydrogen into Helium. A small amount of Mass is converted to energy which is “Radiated” in the form of Gamma, X-Ray, Ultra-violet “UV”, Visible Light, Infrared “IR”, Microwave and Radio Wave. The latter “Waves” are misleading as a Wave is a displacement of a Medium; for example, hearing is accomplished by pressure waves traveling in air, but hearing in this sense is not possible in Space. Helium fusing into heavier elements is theoretical and based on observation of Radiation from the Sun and Stars. The energy required to fuse Helium into Carbon or Oxygen is far greater than the energy required for Hydrogen to fuse into Helium, so production during the Big Bang is impossible. Thermodynamics Laws state Entropy goes up over time and overall energy goes down; the heavy element fusion reactions are out of sequence.

Radiation of all types is collected by “Observatories” sensitive to each specific type such as Gamma and X-Ray, Optical and Radio Telescopes. All atoms “Radiate” energy at different energy levels; Mass Spectrometers detect this, along with other sensing devices that are used to determine a Star’s chemical make-up. Keep in mind, they are all greatly affected by the speed of the energy “Light”. Red Shift is observed in Star Light and Stars called Red Giants are given credit for producing Carbon; their redness resembling “Soot”, but if the speed of light is slowing down rather than being constant as Einstein proposed, the redness can be explained by that slowing. This is probably the single biggest factor in proposing a very old Universe rather than a 6000 year old Universe as Scripture plainly states. Heavier elements are theorized to be produced in older large stars, collapsing stars, Supernova explosions, Quasars, Pulsars and/or Black Holes. Perhaps not coincidentally the Dog Star “Sirius” is now theorized to be a Carbon producing Star and it was the Egyptian Priests who taught Sirius was home to Trans-migrating Souls. Did they know Science would have a tough time explaining Carbon production?

Big Bang theory depends on Gravity; Creation of Matter out of Nothing and Forces without Power (Transfer of Energy) is a violation of Physics and Thermodynamics Laws.

Science has made it their Holy Grail to convince sheeple of a Big Bang beginning in order for the Sun and Stars to usurp God and Creation. The Theory goes like this: Stars exhaust their Hydrogen fuel and begin burning Helium fuel. Theorists claim they either explode into Supernovae, or collapse into points of Infinite Gravity called Black Holes depending on the amount of Gravity in them. Don’t you think one should prove the existence of Gravity first? Black Holes have Infinite Gravity, which is then overcome in a giant explosion similar to the original Big Bang. In theory this fuses heavier elements into the 116 or so varieties of Matter we see in the Universe. “Houston we have a problem!” At this stage, even in theory, the energy required to produce these elements is increasing as the energy available is decreasing according to basic Thermodynamic Laws of “Entropy”. An illustration is a Thermos; whatever is inside loses energy rather than gaining energy. Theoretical Nuclear Fusion reactions are Exothermic below Iron and Endothermic above Iron. They convert mass to energy and “Radiate” that “Exothermic” which can be detected, but above Iron, the reactions require more energy than they “Radiate”, so how in the world can any of this ever be observed, let alone be proven? I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but Endothermic Fusion is just plain stupid. For the heaviest elements, exotic “Nuclear Synthesis” theories have been proposed, but again, the energy requirement is increasing as energy available is decreasing, so it’s just Theory.

Big Bang Theory rests on Matter creation and the ejected Matter being attracted to itself by the Force of Gravity. Both are impossible assumptions. The elements then “Accrete “Attract or Grow” into Planets. Over tremendous lengths of time, these elements somehow form spherically shaped planets “Orbiting” (Planet means Wanderer) their respective Stars. Astronomers claim Planets suitable for life have been found; but just how does one observe a body that does not “Radiate” energy? The evidence is at best circumstantial, and again based on Gravity Theory. On Earth, a Magnetic Field, Atmosphere, Oceans and Life emerged with human beings acquiring Spirits and Souls. Magic isn’t it? Chaldean Magick to be more specific! To think, all this happened in an environment having nearly no molecular motion where background radiation is 2.73K or -4600 F. In addition to this unimaginable Cold, Space has no Pressure, very deadly Radiation and very little Light. “Matter can neither be created, nor destroyed”, so where did it come from? No proof of Gravity exists, nor is necessary to explain our weight or planetary motion, so why did Newton propose it? No proof of any elements heavier than helium has ever been observed within stars; the equations are based on Red Shift of Star Light and Theory. Questions: What is Light? How is it produced? How fast does it travel? Einstein said Light-speed is and has always remained constant; has this been proven? Finally, is the Light of Gen 1:3 anything like the “Lights” of Gen 1:14? If you have ever tried to explain what the Holy Ghost is to a person who denies God, you know what I mean. First, let’s (pardon the pun) “Look” at the “Lights” of Gen 1:14 that “Radiates” from the Sun and Stars.

Black Holes are necessary for Astronomers to explain galactic spiraling and Red Shift of Star light. Black Holes have so much Gravity, they suck in their own emitted light inside their “Event Horizon”. In order for Gravity to pull in Light, a Force must be generated and that requires Mass according to Newton’s equation F=MA. If light has Mass, a beam from a flashlight should act much like a thrown baseball. The curve is always parabolic “Elliptical”, not “Linear” and the apparent “Relative” velocity should slow exponentially, not remain constant. The only known source of light in the universe is nuclear fusion in stars, so if they collapse, isn’t that like getting a burned out, smashed light bulb without electricity to work? By definition, infinite gravity must smash all the atoms of hydrogen, so what would even create the light to begin with? Einstein observed the curving of light during a Solar Eclipse, but attributed the phenomenon to a Black Hole rather than simple Newtonian physics.

Radio and Optical Telescopes observe “Red Shift”. Is this an increase in the Wavelength of Light? Or is this an increase in the interval between packets “Quanta” of Light? If energy decreased over time, the latter would be expected. Does “Red Shift” mean Stars are traveling at different speeds or is the Light they produce simply traveling at different speeds? The “Emission Spectrum” of Stars is used to determine their chemical make-up; the claim is made that some Stars fuse Helium to form Lithium and even Carbon, but the Speed of Light affects the color of Light, so this may be explained by eliminating Einstein’s claim of a constant Light speed. Carbon is the Holy Grail of Astronomers who believe the Sun Creates the “Stuff” of Life; for believers in the Word of God, it is God Himself who produced Carbon. Einstein said Light Speed was constant, so the adjustment was accounted for in his Theories on Relativity. He married his relative, but he failed to prove Relativity; it’s a Theory and a relatively stupid one at that, relatively speaking! Waves travel by displacing a medium such as Water or Air. Space is a vacuum; the bible uses the word “Nothing” (Job 26:7) so it’s relatively stupid to call Light both a particle with mass as well as a mass less wave which cannot travel in a vacuum isn’t it? If you have a “Light Mill” or have seen a picture of a “Solar Sail” it is pretty obvious a mass less Wave cannot produce the Force observed to rotate the mill or push the spacecraft. A few years before Einstein, Michelson and Morley devised a simple experiment with 2 flashlights at 900 angles, aimed at a mirror reflecting the light through a prism to establish whether Space was a medium or whether the Earth was even in motion through it. The experiment concluded Space is not a medium and the Earth is not in motion. That information agrees with Scripture, but the Zionist Einstein ignored the simple evidence and designed a theory so complicated, nobody can explain it.

Speed of Light is slowing “Over the last 300 years, at least 164 separate experiments of the speed of light have been published” -Dr. Walt Brown “In the Beginning” p232. His book is available free online at Australian astronomer Barry Setterfield studied the results and concluded “the speed of light has apparently decreased so rapidly that experimental error cannot explain it”. M.E.J. Gheury de Bray published in the scientific journal Nature “If the velocity of light is constant, how is it that, invariably, new determinations give values which are lower than the last one obtained. There are 22 incidences favoring a decrease, and not 1 in favor of an increase in the speed of light”. V.S. Troitskii at the Radiophysical Research Institute in Gorky independently concluded “the speed of light was 10 billion times faster at time 0”. He also concluded the 2.73K background radiation and most “Red Shifts” are attributed to the decreasing speed of light. The measured age and size of the Universe is profoundly affected by the Speed of Light; perhaps by factors of billions. In 1960’s, the measured Speed of Light decay seemed to stop. Why? The method of measurement changed from Orbital to Atomic measurements and as will be seen, Atomic Clocks on Earth are subject to Acceleration whereas Orbital measurements are not.

At this point, there is experimental evidence to conclude Light generated from Stars like our Sun has Mass, its observable velocity is decreasing and this type of Light is biblically different from the Light God Created on Day 1.Einstein’s Relativity Postulates, state Light Speed is constant and independent of the velocity of its source. I believe he proposed them to cover for the original lie Newton proposed in Gravity Theory and here is the simple proof. The Earth’s surface is accelerating outward at 32 ft/s2; this is simple observable fact. Force=Mass times Acceleration (F=MA), so is this observed acceleration caused by the Force of Gravity? Is the Acceleration simply due to expanding matter? Or is it due to some other phenomenon? Atomic Time is measured using Cesium-133 vibrations and is slowing compared to Orbital Time which is usually measured by the Solar Year. Objects in space, whether they be Satellites, Planets or Stars have no acceleration; Space Shuttle astronauts float inside their ship rather than being thrown to the side as an amusement park ride would do. This Orbital measurement of Time is therefore not subject to acceleration whereas Atomic Time measured at the Earth’s surface is. This is similar to the decrease in of the velocity of Light in that Light like the Space Shuttle is accelerated to a particular velocity and then coasts. Another example is a baseball tossed vertically; as it leaves your hand, the Force on it becomes “0”; it follows a parabolic arc back to Earth with its apparent velocity slowing to “0”, reversing, and accelerating to maximum velocity at impact. Its velocity is never constant and if Light has Mass, it’s velocity should not be either.. For Light, this initial acceleration and velocity are far greater, but it still acts as an object with Mass should, which we observe as “Red Shift”. The apparent spiraling of Galaxies can be accounted for as simply a natural consequence of expansion of matter rather than the product of the unproven Force of Gravity. Light was Created on Day 1, Earth on Day 3 and the Sun and Stars on Day 4. Obviously the “Light” of Day 1 is not the “Lights” of Day 4 and if Gravity had been part of Creation, Earth would have been pulled into the Sun very shortly after.

Einstein’s General and Special Relativity ideas are only theories not facts. Light speed has not been experimentally observed to be constant, and from a biblical view, they are pretty silly. The crazy train must stop somewhere or his theories would lead to Warped Space-Time, Black Holes, Time Travel, Worm Holes, and Alternative Universes; we wouldn’t want that now would we? Star Light is simply radiation that the organs of sight in our eyes react to. Unlike Sound which travels as pressure waves through a medium such as Air or Water, Light needs no such medium. Scientific measurements show light speed is decreasing exponentially. Black Holes are an attempt to explain distant starlight being “Red Shifted”, but Gravity is a Force which has no observable energy source. The “Light” of Gen 1:3 cannot be the “Lights” of Gen 1:14, so what do Scientists claim is really “Light”?

Dark Matter is the theoretical material which absorbs all “Light”; hence it does not “Radiate” and cannot be detected. Vibrations of this material occur in multiple dimensions including “Time”; pretty handy if one needs to escape the Judgment of God eh? Super-String or Super-Symmetry Theory proposes to unify Gravity, Time and Light, but ts this the “Light” God said was “Good”? All Waves travel at some sort of velocity, so the aim of Science is to unify Light, Matter Creation and Gravity in some sort of “Standing Wave” called GUT for Grand Unified Theory.

Science claims there are 4 fundamental Forces inside the Atom: Strong Nuclear; Weak Interaction (Radiation); Electro-magnetism (Charge) and Gravity (God Particle). The energy source for these Forces is also Theory and has never been proven. All Atoms “Radiate” energy at various levels of temperature (energy). “Light” coming from the Sun and Stars reacts within our eyes to make things visible, but how does one describe the “Light” of Gen 1:3? For a Born Again Christian, the Holy Ghost is God and is as real as anything else, but explaining it to someone who has not been given the ability to perceive or understand it, the debate becomes “Mission Impossible”. Question: What does Science claim is this “Holy Ghost”?

Helium Nuclei “He+” are invisible to the human eye or ear, but are ejected from the Sun during Nuclear Fusion. The Greek “Helios” and Roman “Sol” is the mythical sun god, which generated the name Helium. Christmas is in fact the Pagan “Sol Invictus”, the birth of the invincible sun made possible through the sacrifice of Christ. The Holy Ghost was provided to Man after the sacrifice of Jesus; the acceptance of the Holy Ghost is a Marriage Covenant with the Sacrificial Lamb. The alternative to this is a Marriage or the Sun and Earth. Helium nuclei are positively “Charged” (Electric) particles which contact the negatively “Charged” Earth’s Magnetic Field. The Energy travels between the Poles and forms a Torroidal Chamber called the Magnetoosphere. The first Priests to recognize this and coduct the ritual of Sacred marriage were in fact called “Konn-Torrs” for Priests of the Torroid. There is no new thing under the Sun because this was 4200 years ago.

Egyptian Priests taught Sirius was a Carbon Star which generated the “Stuff” of life; Siriusly? The Star of Isis is the Arab Star al Qalb and Mormon Kolob. Don’t be a fool!