Select Page WEF (World Economic Forum) YGL (Young Global Leader) Grad, CNN “Medical Expert” Dr Leana Wen lying about the Boston Marathon Bombing to Crypto Jew Jake Tapper. Amazing coincidence, Mormon Missionary Mason Wells was at the Boston Marathon finish line, in Paris during the “Terror Drill” and at the exact gate in Brussels that was bombed. “Acting Director” Rene Fielding managed “Crisis Actors” in Sandy Hook and Boston. Mormon Robbie Parker interviewed by CNN Crypto Jew Wolf Blitzer smiling as he walks on stage, set up Go Fund Me before daughter Emily allegedly died at Sandy Hook.

Boston Marathon Bombing was a Stage Managed Drill for implementation of Martial Law.
Sandy Hook was a stage managed event designed to implement a Nationwide Gun Registry. The official story is as unbelievable as V-Tech, Aurora Colorado, Sandy Hook, 9/11/2001, TWA-800 and all 3 “SITE” produced, Stage managed “Beheading Videos”. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was photoshopped into pictures; Craft International (American Sniper Chris Kyle’s mercenaries) set and tested the explosives, designed more for shock value than injury. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, photographed climbing out of the boat he allegedly wrote his last words, in the dark, bleeding to death? Nonsense.
Mormon Missionary Mason Wells managed to be at the Boston Marathon Finish Line, Brussels Airport at the exact Terminal, Security Checkpoint and Time, and the Paris Cafe at the exact time a previously set up Terror Drill was taking place and the alleged bomb went off. What are the chances a 19 yr old world traveler could be that unlucky? Zero CNN Covid Vaccine pusher Dr Leana Wen was an ER Doctor at Mass General when Boston Marathon Crisis Actors showed up.

Drugged up Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has a public defender plead guilty for him and admitted he did it. Found guilty on 30 counts, sentencing begins on Earth Day. No mention of American Sniper Christ Kyle’s company Craft International being on scene for a scheduled DHS Backpack Nuc Drill training drill with radiation detectors. No mention of Crisis Actors like the supposedly deceased Sandy Hook school principal (the school was closed for 4 years before Sandy Hook) Dawn Hopsprung being spotted there.

10/31/14 2 FBI Agents involved with the arrest “Fell” from a helicopter.
2/20/14 “Acting Director” for the 500 Emergency Response and countless Victim Actors was Rene Fielding. Same Crisis Actors used at Sandy Hook were hired in Boston.
7/11/13 Dzokhar Tsarnaev trial begins in similar fashion to Aurora Colo shooter James Holmes. Neither are the people their friends remember because both are Scapegoats just like V Tech shooter Stephen Cho.
6/11/13 DHS admits Boston Bomb Drill was planned months in advance using Backpack bombs.
Dzokhar Tsarnaev left a note claiming responsibility for the Boston Marathon bombing in the boat he was hiding in. Thank God he had a pen and paper and could write the note in the dark under the boat cover! Reminds me of Rudy Guiliani’s body guard Bernie Kerik finding Mohammad Atta’s paper passport that floated out of the steel melting inferno in the South Tower. Hard to believe because it’s 100% BS.

The Boston Bombing and San Bernardino CA were False Flag Operations perpetrated by “Craft International” (American Sniper Chris Kyle’s Mercenary Group) designed to blame Russia, blame Muslim “Terrorists”, test “Martial Law”, destroy the 4th and 5th Amendments and usher in an era of Interfaith Religion. It was conducted during a DHS HSEEP (Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program) using “Crisis Actors” and a pre-planned FBI “Bomb Drill” using Craft International Contractors timed with the Birthday of Leonhard Euler and Kim Il Sung on the Assyrian New Year and America’s “Tax Day” April 15.

Income “Tax Day” was known in Rome as “Fordicidia”; in 2013 April 15 was celebrated in Boston with a “False Flag” event and demonstration of a Micro Nuclear Fusion device; make up your own mind on this ( Euler believed God could be proven to exist through the Natural Loge seen in Usury (Interest Rate Compounding) and Radiation Decay. Folks, things are going to get exponentially worse, both in Radiation and Monetary collapse from here on out. Time to get Jesus Christ on your side!

By April 25, John McCain’s and Chuck Hagel had basically declared War on Syria, the event covering some rather large news items. An Interfaith Service was held; CISPA was passed by the House; Gun Control was pushed forward (GE Financial Capital halted financing for Gun manufacturers and dealers), Chuck Hagel provided weapons and Green Lighted Israel’s attack on Iran and Comet ISON=SION became, due to reach its closest point to the Sun and maximum brightness on the Eve of Hannukah and Thanksgiving 2013.

Robigalia on April 25 was a pagan sacrifice day in Rome to prevent crop blight; John McCain used the day to announce “Bashar al-Assad has used Sarin Gas and therefore has crossed the “Red Line” set by the President”; this comes a day after John Kerry (Kohen) met with NATO in Brussels and was urged to draw up contingency plans in the event of a Chemical Weapons attack. In Abu Dhabi, Chuck Hagel jumped on board saying al-Assad has used Chemical Weapons; Britain used the day to accuse al-Assad of using Chemical Weapons and even Syrian Rebels aka al-Qaeda mercenaries say they have proof of Chemical Weapon use; Busy day eh? Oh, and Henry Kissinger is in Beijing; like his 1971 secret meeting, that is never good news. Seems like a more than obvious, planned declaration of War to me. George Bush Jr used the day to open his $500 Million Library (“Rarely is the question asked, is our children learning”- GWB) just in time for the 10th anniversary of his “Mission Accomplished” speech ending the Gulf War aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln on May Day 2003. Remember W’s rather flippant Press Corp Dinner Speech “Those WMD’s must be somewhere? Maybe over here?” Hey George, your buddy Saddam moved them to Syria, just ask James Clapper! Figuring this out yet? Lies mean nothing to these men because they don’t believe God when He says “All Liars shall have their place in the Lake of Fire”. I just can’t wait to see what sort of celebration comes on Lag Ba’Omer on April 28 celebrating the birth of esoteric Judaism and the Zohar or Beltane “Birth of Baal”; just makes one want to scream “Pan, Pan, Pan” eh? or “May Day, May Day, May Day” if you prefer.

Like the Boston Tea Party and American Revolution, the Boston Marathon Bombing was an Inside Job. Crisis Actors on scene; Boston Globe News Tweets of the Bomb Location and Time; National Guard, FBI, Blackwater or Craft International Security conducting a Bomb Drill carrying radiation detectors; Martial Law; Interfaith Church Services (with an Arab Spring activist no less); Missing 20,000 M-16’s in Kuwait; CISPA passes the House of Rep; Gun Control Executive Orders; Unscheduled Meetings between Obama and the Saudi Ambassador, and between John Kerry and the Saudi Foreign Minister; UAE (United Arab Emirates) Emirs meeting with Obama; the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi being offered a bypass of US Customs from a nation the US does not even serve; Michelle Obama visiting Abdul Raham in the hospital when he was still a suspect; US troop deployments to the Jordanian-Syria border awaiting orders to invade and the Sec of Defense Chuck Hagel meeting with Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE to provide $10 Billion in US Arms designed for an attack on Iran. Pretty busy week for the “Cult of Baal” aka “Yes We Can” crowd. Time to get Jesus on your side! “Yes We Can” means Thank You Satan!

Pre-scheduled “Terror Drills” occurred on 9/11/2001; 7/7/2005 “777” London Subway bombings 4/19/2005 OKC AP Murrah Bldg Bombing; Oslo attack by Anders Breivik (a patient/guest at Michelle and Marcus Bachman’s Lake Elmo retreat) killing 77; Aurora Colorado Theater Shooting (same Crisis Actor serves as James Holmes’ fake lawyer and grieving Sandy Hook parent); Taft High School shooting (occurred while Joe Biden was calling for Gun Control legislation); Sandy Hook Elementary “Stage Show” and the Boston Marathon. There is more in play here than coincidence.

Like 9/11, “Arab Terrorists” are taking the blame for Boston; and not just any terrorists mind you; a U-Tube Video posted with Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s name on it says he is trying to usher in the 12th Shia Imam “al-Mahdi” (Lucifer in case you don’t know) just like our favorite bogeyman and Iran hostage jailor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I can hear John McCain singing “Bomb, Bomb. Bomb Iran” from here. It’s almost comical how Michael Bloomberg is claiming Dzhokhar admitted he and his brother were planning another Terrorist Act in NYC; something involving 32Oz soft drinks I’m sure.

A city wide shut down and illegal house to house search initiated by a False Flag is Martial Law by another name. It is no different than Hitler burning the Reichstadt Building to blame Communists, Nero burning Rome to blame Christians or the Twin Towers being demolished to blame Israel. Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis told reporters he can be sure there are no more bombs because “The 2 suspects are Actors” Oops! Boston Police Officer Sean Collier, a Gym training partner of Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed and blame laid on Dzhokhar; I repeat, his gym partner! Russian mob swindler Ruslan Tsami, a Big Sky Energy Exec in Kazakhstan partnered with Halliburton executives declare the boys were up to no good too; they call him “Uncle Tsarni”. Probably just coincidence the Boston Bombing was coincident with the date the Halliburton installed Blowout Preventer Valves, all 12 of them, failed on Deep Water Horizon eh? Just ask Nicholas Cage, he predicted the Oil rig Fire in his movie Knowing exactly 1 year in advance. Think Halliburton is a recent evil? After the Depression, the world knew then as Brown Brothers Harriman; George Bush Jr’s grandfather Prescott Bush financed the Nazi War machine with that company. That was then, this is now, want to see a New World Order City like no other? Look at Astana, Kazakhstan. Genghis Kahn would be so proud!
The event was staged to cover up big news: CISPA (Cybernet Information Sharing and Protection Act) passed the House while the news was pre-occupied; the Senate will likely pass CISPA providing indemnity for Private Corporations, Employers, Internet Service providers, Chat Rooms, E-Mails, Credit Card purchases, Banking Data, Tweets, Cell Phone Calls and GPS Positions, Cloud Accounts etc to use Private Information against Citizens; this 1st and 4th Amendment attack on “Free Speech” and “Illegal Search/Seizure” doesn’t rate CNN air time? Obama, flanked by Knight of Malta Joe Biden and fake Jew Gabbie Giffords promises Gun Control without Congress legislation and this attack on the 2nd Amendment “Right to bear arms” largely goes un-noticed? News Agencies have already admitted no Assault Weapons were recovered from Sandy Hook, yet Joe Biden presses on with the lie; pictures of injured persons in Boston even show the same surrealism as the Sandy Hook Crisis Actors. Ex. Pictures of the man with his legs blown off were actually disabled double amputee War Vet Lt Nicholas Vogt; paid to be a Crisis Actor? A man seen dazed with pant legs ripped to shreds but no blood, no visible wounds?

The FBI met with Tamerlan Tsarnaev a year before (his Aunt says he has been in contact with them for 5 years) and he attended a “Jonestown Foundation” CIA workshop; his supposed mentor, Ruslan aka “Misha” is an American convert to Islam in Boston; where is he? Pictures are surfacing of Tamerlan in police custody, not dead; his aunt has even identified him. He drops out of Community College citing money reasons and is later shown driving a Mercedes? As for his brother Dzhokhar, Miranda Rights, Habeaus Corpus, Incarceration aside, he now has a Throat injury from shooting himself according to police, and is said unlikely to be able to talk? He is being treated by Israeli trauma doctors and GITMO interrogators are on the way; Sen John McCain and Lindsey Graham say he should be tried as an Enemy Combatant not entitled to Trial, and the death penalty is being sought; pretty scared of what he might say it seems. The black backpack carrying the bomb has a white Skull emblazoned on it exactly like dozens of others used in Boston by private security contractors; Dzhokhar is seen leaving with his light colored backpack still on his shoulder. Denying Miranda Rights and citing a “Public Safety Exemption” to Habeaus Corpus for a US Taxpayer is Chattel Slavery and Sen Lindsey Graham thinks is a good idea? NY Rep Peter King even says the US should increase surveillance on all Muslims; worked well on 9/11 so why not, eh Peter? The news doesn’t think this anymore newsworthy than Gabby Giffords attending the same Reform Synagogue (Synagogues are not Jewish; Synagogues of God were corrupted by King David’s day ref Ps 74:8) listening to the same Female Rabbi Jared Loughner did; or the fathers of Adam Lanza and James Holmes being involved with LIBOR interest rate fixing; so what is newsworthy?

Hitler’s Enabling Act was prepared before the Reichstadt Fire was used to blame Communists, much like the Patriot Act was written in advance of 9/11/2001 to blame Muslims and the fictitious Al Qaeda, so this type of Media Diversion is not new. Dozens of Craft International “Skull” Logos (SEALS and Blackwater aka Academi use this Logo as well) were seen on camera near the finish line; the Boston Globe Tweets reported a planned Controlled Demolition at 673 Boylston St the exact site and exact time of the explosion, and the backpack used to contain the Pressure Cooker bomb has the same Skull logo. 400 Mass National Guard troops were called up to assist law enforcement yet Governor Patrick and Mayor Menino say no Exercise or Bomb Drill was in progress? Why the blatant lies? “Craft” is the art of Man becoming a god; Crafty isn’t it? Craft means Power, Physical Strength, Might or Skill. The physical battle is expanding exponentially, but the spiritual battle was won when Jesus rejected Satan’s offer 2000 years ago it’s time to choose sides.

Masons planned the Boston Tea Party and American Revolution in the Green Dragon Tavern; the Green Dragon is Satan (Rev 12:9). The overall plan is to create “Chattel Slaves” of Americans and usher in Lucifer aka “Green Man” as revenge for Gen 9:25; Lev 25:44-46, which is why Monsanto (Crypto “Jews” ie Heathens using Jewish names were the first Black Slave owners in America; Xe VP Cofer Black is also an adviser for Drug money launderer, Crypto Jew Mitt Romney and Bain Capital) controls Food from seed to table and also owns the Private Security used at the Boston Marathon aka Blackwater “Total Intelligence Services” (“Xe”) and “Terrorism Research Center”. Romney fundraiser Henry Kissinger said “Control oil you control nations. control food you control people”. How is that Skull logo looking now?

Langue d’Oc means Language of Yes, Language of Birds, Language of Oil and Green Language; it is an ancient Gnostic language used in Witchcraft “Craft” and Augury which Obama referred to using the phrase “Yes We Can”. In reverse speech analysis “Yes We Can” means “Thank You Satan”
no I’m not joking, and all this was planned 700 years ago “In 700 years the Laurel will grow green again” Cathar Perfecti. Green is the Crown of Bacchus/Dionysus aka Templar “Green Man”. make light of this if you want, but Obama’s Democratic nomination acceptance in Denver was held on a Greek stage dedicated to Dionysus and Hillary’s final campaign appearance was in front of a US Flag with all 50 stars printed upside down to represent the Baphomet aka Goat of Mendes, America calls “Uncle Sam” (Sam refers to “Samaritan” Babylonians/Medeans/Canaanites pretending to be Christian or Jewish ie “Crypto”)
Within a few hours of the blast ex-AIPAC lobbyist Wolf Blitzer, 330 Prince Hall Mason Al Sharpton and Sodomite Chris Mathews tossed out blame to “Tax Protesters”; “Neo-Nazis”; “Domestic Terrorists”; “Anti-Government Groups” and “Patriots”. Why? Jesus told you “A man’s enemies shall be the men of his own household” Mat 10:36 and even stated what is going to happen at the start of the final 3 1/2 years “Great Tribulation” in Mat 24:9-11; Mk 13:9-13. Why Euler? Euler’s birthday April 15, 2013 marks the time when Evil will rise exponentially.
St Patrick’s Day is named for the Egyptian god Ptah Rek, the Hermetic god of Wisdom, Hermes Trismegistus/Toth/Mercury; the Serpent in the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. He is the author of the “Emerald (Green) Tablet of Toth-Hermes”. Patrick is not a real Catholic Saint, more like a Druid fraud. On St Patrick’s Day March 17 “Family Guy” aired an episode “Turban Cowboy” with Peter mowing down Boston Marathon runners in his car and driving across the finish line in a blood drenched car amid a field of dead bodies; it seems after converting to Islam when he makes a cell phone call explosions happen and people die. This is subtle, because Peter means “Small Stone”, the small stone the Roman Catholic Church was built upon; al-Qaeda also means “Foundation”. See how far in advance this blaming of Muslims starts? Enough to arrest the writers in my view but this is not new; Fox aired a mini-series “The Lone Gunman” showing a B-727 being remotely hijacked and flown into the Twin Towers just before 9/11/2001. Notice how the news is claiming Boston was the work of a “Lone Wolf Bombers” now? If so, why are they looking for a 12 person al-Qaeda “Sleeper Cell”?

For Hannukah 2011, Israel began distributing military training pamphlets to IDF troops picturing the Temple Mount without the Dome of the Rock Mosque; When will it be removed to make way for the 3rd Temple? One thing is certain, when it is attacked, War with Islam will begin. The Temple will be Interfaith Temple which is why Boston had an Interfaith Memorial Service. When? My guess at this point is Hanukkah 2013; got to prepare a place for “Green Man” to sit on “Satan’s Seat” aka “Throne of Pergamon” aka “Throne of Zeus” after all! Why Hannukah 2013? Comet Ison will come to within 700,000 miles of the Sun and become as bright as a Full Moon precisely when Hannukah 2013 starts at Sundown Nov 27, 2013. Ison means “Sons of Joseph”, take note Joseph/Ephraim is Judged at the Altar of the 3rd Temple while sons of Judah (followers of Jesus Christ) are Judged on the Porch (Eze 37:16). Did you know Ahmadinejad thinks he is an Israelite (Sabourjian)? Did you know Afghanistan’s CIA installed Heroin trafficker Hamid Karzai thinks he is an Israelite (Pashtun) son of Joseph? Did you know King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia thinks he is an Israelite descended from Mordechai? Folks, Stay on the Porch! This Temple is something you want no part of. Jesus Christ is on the Porch!

Hannukah is a celebration of Revolution and Shamash, the Assyrian Sun god aka Lucifer; the GOAT on the cover of this website! Why else would the Hannukah Menorah have Shamash in the Center? Remember Obama lighting the Hannukah Menorah in 2012 at the White House and the giant Hannukah Menorah in Washington DC? Here are pictures of ISON April 23, 2013 Just remember, God set Comet ISON=SION and all other Comets in motion at the Flood; ISON is God’s Timing! Comets are called Long Haired Stars, read Rev 8:10 before it arrives.

There is far more going on behind the scenes here; all of it was forewarned and God’s stamp is on all of it; not the least of which was a playoff battle for the “Green” Jacket between an Australian and Argentinian at the Masters. Au-Ag is a deadly man-made strain of Hepatitis B Virus; the Gold (Au) and Silver (Ag) markets were looted April 15 and an “AuAg” plaque sits under a rather grim scene at the Denver Airport. Here are the pictures.,d.cGE/
As of 4/26, requests for physical gold are undeliverable by a factor of 100 to 1; COMEX, the precious metals market is quickly headed for default meaning Gold and Silver contracts will be settled with Paper Fiat Currency. Why? The Alternative Messiah will control all Gold and Silver as Daniel prophesied in Dan 11:38
April 15 is the birthday of Leonhard Euler and American installed, Communist trained Korean dictator Kim Il Sung. The date is also the Roman “Fordicidia” when sacrifices to “Tellus” (Earth Mother, Magna Mater or Gaia) begin; it is also the Ides of April “Venus/Lucifer”; “Patriot’s Day”, “Tax Day” and “Israel Memorial Day”. Military and National Guard troops will soon be used to round up and detain and torture, indefinitely (NDAA 2013) without trial anyone deemed a “Homegrown Domestic Terrorist”. The days of the Civil War have returned. Why on Euler’s birthday?

Homegrown Domestic Terrorists such as Bible believing Christians, T-Party Patriots, Anonymous etc have a tendency to grow Exponentially. Their biggest weapon? Unfettered access to the Internet which is why traitors in Congress are voting to pass CISPA during the Inerfaith Service in Boston making Unconstitutional Search and Seizure, “Legal”.

April 12-21 is the Roman “Cerealia”, April 19th to May 1st completes the 13 days of pagan sacrifices to Moloch/Baal on Beltane. In 1945 Hitler faked his death to make way for Stalin’s May Day parades in Red Square giving birth to Communism and the death of 160+ Million people. Hitler and Stalin were initiates in the Brotherhood of Death. In 2011 Osama bin Laden (CIA asset Tim Osman) was allowed to fake his death in “Operation Geronimo” Why Geronimo? The Osama bin Laden myth was created by George Bush Sr; his father Prescott Bush created and financed the Hitler Nazi persona and was initiated to the Skull & Bones (Brotherhood of Death) by stealing Geronimo’s Skull and drinking blood from it. 2013 is shaping up to be the year Zionism is pit against Islam in WWIII as 330 Mason Albert Pike predicted: WWI to create Nazis, WWII to exchange Nazis for Communists and finally Zionism against Islam to present Lucifer to the world.

The end of April is a busy time for Pagans. Rosicrucian liar “Honest Abe” Lincoln called up 75,000 volunteers for the 1st Civil War April 15, 1861; his assassination (330 Mason John Wilkes Booth was the patsy) came on April 15, 1865. The RMS Titanic was scuttled for insurance money and to “Grease the Skids” for the Federal Reserve April 12, 1912 by 330 Mason JP Morgan. On April 15, 1986 Knight of Malta/Bohemian Grove/Freemason Ronald Reagan flew F-111’s through downtown Tripoli in a “False Flag” to pin blame on Muamar Qadaffi, an Arab Berber.

Patriot means “Of one’s fathers; Fatherland; Barbarians of common Patsis (Father)” Freemasons founded America and the 1st Revolution with the same slogan used in the French revolution “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”, the Evergreen Tree Flag followed the Coiled Serpent “Gadsden” Flag and Cap of Mithras (Minuteman Cap) because the common Father is Lucifer aka “Green Dragon”. Masons were planning the first shots on Lexington and Concord in the Green Dragon Tavern on the Ides of April 1775, seems 330 Mason/Knight of Malta John Kerry (Kohen) and Prince Hall Mason Barack Obama (Bari Malik Shabazz) may have done a little planning last week.

Strange Coincidences
The Gold Market sell-off leads to a run on physical Silver. The US fixates on the Aussie-Argentine (Au-Ag is Australian Antigen a deadly strain of Hepatitis Virus; the Au-Ag plaque sits in the Denver Airport below an Apocalyptic disease scene) battle at the Masters; Eisenhower was invited to join Augusta Country Club soon after he starved 1 million Germans in April 1945 as a reward; April is a month of sacrifice remember?

The Boston Marathon bombing occurs on Israel Holocaust Memorial Day which begins at Herod’s Wailing Wall. Jesus called Herod Antipas an “Old Fox”; Fox News then calls for the indiscriminate killing and increased surveillance of Muslims. Blame is initially given to Saudi Arabian student Abdulrahman Alharbi, and the event is called an al-Qaeda plot. Fake Mormon Glen Beck then comes up with “proof” Alharbi is really Hamza bin Laden and was issued a deportation order that Homeland Security later rescinded. Beck believes 19 Arab hijackers with ties to Al-Qaeda took down the world Trade Center; Beck is a Fox News shill and a LIAR reading the script given to him. The script says Blame Arabs and Blame Obama and Revolutionary Glen Beck will do just that. Think we have seen the last of Mormons Mitt Romney and Jon Hunstsman? Don’t bet on it! If this sounds a bit like Benghazi being blamed on Innocence of Muslims you are catching on to Mormon tactics; Mitt Romney was front and center in that charade.

Israeli Memorial Day began with the lowering of the Star of Molech Flag to 1/2 staff and finished at the Grave of Zionism, fake Jew founder Theodr Herzl. Obama’s “Symbolic” visit was here last month on the same day Iranians celebrated “Nowruz” (New Light) and Jesuit Pope Francis I was installed on the Chair of St Peter sitting above the Shahada “There is no God but Allah” and below Peacock Feathers of Melek-Taus, the Zoroastrian version of Moloch/Satan.

On April 9 UN Secretary General, Unification Church disciple of Sun Myung Moon and South Korean CIA asset Ban Ki-Moon met with Jesuit Pope Francis I at the Vatican heralding him as a “Global Spiritual Leader”. Leader? False Prophet leading the world into WWIII perhaps! Jesuit Sec of War Chuck Hagel went the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial on “Earth Day”, April 22 bearing $10 Billion in gifts; weapons such as V-22 Ospreys and re-fueling tankers; he is guaranteeing US backing for an Israeli attack on Iran (Persia). On April 16 Iran threatened Tel Aviv and a 7.8 Earthquake hit the Iran-Pakistan border; a sign from God? Not quite, just people who think they are gods.

On April 16, Obama received the Crown Prince Shiekh Mohammad of Abu Dhabi, the Ismaili controlling the International Arms Bazaar is lobbying for a US Customs pre-clearance facility NAFTA Superhighway vehicles with “Fast Pass” Customs should concern you; this treason must seem bizarre to open an Arab weapons pipeline into America especially since the weapons are made in the USA! This treasonous meeting closed to media was followed by John Kerry and Obama in closed door meetings with the Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister; Obama promised a “New Beginning for Islam” in Cairo and bowed to King Abdullah (Abd-Servant of Allah) of Saudi Arabia in 2009. How does that bow look now? The Emir of Qatar (Qatar uses the same Evergreen Tree flag the US first used) met Obama in the White House on April 23rd; King Abdullah II of Edom (Jordan) and Turkish Freemason President Recep Tayyip Erdogan meet with him in May; A star studded Gala of International Gun Runners using taxpayer financed weapons, and a taxpayer financed customs clearance facility to attack America from the inside. Nice timing with Saudi Arabian student Abdulrahman Alharbi (Glen Becks Hamzi bin Laden) being detained for running at a Marathon, then let go, and 2 Arabs being taken off an Airliner bound from Boston to Chicago for speaking Arabic. Feel like we are being led like Sheep to Slaughter? We are!

The CIA created “al-Qaeda” in 1966 using a speech by Arab Sufi Stanford University lecturer Ibn Sayyid Qutb. In Saudi Arabia the word is used to denote a “Foreign Toilet”. The US ships Chemical Weapons to Iraq during Reagan’s administration. These Chemical Weapons are used by “Chemical Ali” and transferred to Syria in 2002 as stated by Dir of Intel James Clapper. George Bush Jr makes his flippant speech saying he can’t find those “WMD’s”. That’s super funny George! The CIA claims al-Qaeda can make Ricin. A Ricin laced letter is sent to Obama and the Senate. A Pressure Cooker Bomb manual shows up on the al-Qaeda magazine “Inspire”? Adam Gadahn aka Adam Pearlman, a US traitor and Osama bin Laden photo op stand-in is also featured in the al-Qaeda magazine. Benghazi becomes the weapons hub and training facility for the Libyan “Rebels”. These “Rebel” Forces (key Star Wars music) becomes the Free Syrian Army. The Free Syrian Army claims Ricin has been used by Bashar al-Assad. Bashar al-Assad, an Alawite (Sunni Monotheist ie Luciferian) claims the Free Syrian Army also uses Chemical Weapons. Inspired Yet? Folks, the Free Syrian is al-Qaeda! As always, we Sheeple are being Conned by the CIA! Micah and Jesus Christ said “A man’s enemies are the me of his own house” Folks, I repeat Al Qaeda is an American CIA creation; we have far more to fear from Mormonism than Al-Qaeda!

Iran-Contra weapons were handled by Saudi Arabian arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi; he is a Mormon Church and Mitt Romney partner in Clear Channel Communications; home to talking heads like fake Catholic Sean Hannity, El Rushbo “I’m on loan from God”, Jesuit shill Alex Jones and Michael Medved etc. Operation Gun Runner sent thousands of weapons to the Sinaloa Drug Cartel in Mexico; Sinaloa is Mitt Romney’s family operation aided by the Mormon Church. Benghazi is the Central Bank finance and US weapons depot for Mercenary training; today mainly for Mali and Syria; Mitt Romney and Sheldon Adelson fnanced and used the movie Innocence of Muslims as a cover for the 9/11 murder of arms dealer Chris Stevens; the money comes from “Marvelous Investments” accounts in the Cayman Is of which 80% of the shares are owned by Mitt Romney and Bain Capital, managed by Orit Gadeish, daughter of an IDF General; his partners are John Kerry, George Bush Sr and Hillary Clinton which is why she conveniently got sick during the Benghazi investigations and why Gen David Petraeus was accused of an affair. Paula Broadwell’s book All In states the Luciferian philosophy just as George Bush Jr did “You are either with us, or with the Terrorists” Folks, Born Again Christians are their Terrorists!

US troops and Patriot Missiles are now being stationed on the Jordan-Syria border and Turkey-Syria border to guard al-Qaeda mercenaries. On April 21 a bombshell report that 20,000 US made M-16’s with ammunition were stolen from Kuwait and now a Customs pre-screening facility in Abu Dhabi right next door? Anything wrong with this picture? I’m surprised they just don’t blame Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden from the grave. If this methodology sounds eerily familiar, it should, they used this on 9/11/2001 complete with FEMA Terror Drill, Arab passports and Anthrax letters. Al Qaeda is an American CIA creation!! Jesus said “A man’s foes shall be they of his own household” Mat 10:36

NBC reported in March “no AR-15 was used at Sandy Hook”; this little tid bit, largely masked by coverage of Boston makes liars out of law enforcement, BATE, the Newtown Fire Department, Governor Malloy, Joe Biden, and Coroner H Wayne Carver; why don’t we hear about that? The final mile of the Boston Marathon was even dedicated to “Sandy Hook”; dedicated to Sandy Hoax more like.

Video evidence shows dozens of Private Military Contractors and/or Navy SEALS wearing Skull emblazoned black backpacks, black shirts and tan pants on the Marathon route; (SEALS use the Skull Logo, a Gnostic symbol of the Temple of Wisdom and Skyles the progenitor of the Scythians) of the sort that contain pressure cookers? The Boston Chief of Police stated there was “No intelligence of a Drill”; seriously, SEALS just showed up for fun! Don’t you think the news would find that worthy of broadcast?

Interfaith Service
On April 18, a Fertilizer Bomb of Missile cause a Fertilizer Plant Explosion in West TX. The anniversary of “Anti-government Patriot” Tim McVeigh being set up as the patsy for destroying the AP Murrah Bldg with a Fertilizer Bomb on April 19, 1995, 18 years ago. The news however is largely covering the Interfaith Service in Boston. Why? Jesus is the narrow path; Interfaith is the wide path that leads to Hell. The Interfaith Service featured a female Presbyterian USA minister praising “Light”, and the female Old South Church United Church of Christ minister unable to understand 1 Cor 14:34-35 “Let your women keep silence in churches”. These 2 denominations are in Communion over a change to the “Trinity” to “Mother, Child, Womb” (Nice try ladies!). A Greek Orthodox Bishop recalled the Battle of Marathon announcing the Greek victory over Mede-Persians (timely with the Iran War set to fulfill Dan 8); he also invoked the “Prince of Peace” (Is 9:6; Jesus was rejected as the Prince of Peace in favor of Lucifer). A Chassidic Rabbi followed whose Holy Book “Babylonian Talmud” says Jesus is boiling in Hell in His own excrement; He can’t understand Jesus said “Never call any man Rabbi” (Mat 23:8). Interfaith Council President and Islamic “Arab Spring” activist Nasser Weddady was next, he is well aware “Arab Spring” is an Ismaili and Edomite plan of the Muslim Brotherhood and Arab League. A Morning Star Baptist minister (Lucifer is the Morning Star “Venus” aka “Heylel” the Mormon version) followed. Franciscan, Archbishop, Father Sean O’Malley wearing the Red (Edomite) Kippah doesn’t understand Mat 23:29 “Call no man your father upon the earth; for one is your Father which is in heaven”, nor does he understand “Every man praying or prophesying, having his head covered, dishonoureth his head” (1 Cor 11:4;7). O’Malley invoked the patron saint of Nature and Animals Francis of Assisi after whom Jesuit Pope Francis I took his name. O’Malley also used the Hebrew phrase “Tikkun Olam” meaning “Repair the Earth” to a state of “Perfect Grace”; through Jesus Christ? Heaven’s no Lucifer! Franciscan is derived from “Free” and the double sided Francesca Throwing Axe; Franciscans and Dominicans joined Jesuits in prosecuting the Inquisition which is why Boston’s Franciscan Cardinal and Archibishop Sean Patrick O’Malley emphasized “Perfect Grace” just as Obama did in his speech. True “Bishops” teach Jesus is the only path to Heaven! Can you see why Paul emphasized “…the Most High dwelleth not in Temples made with hands” Acts 7:49; 17:24. Folks, Perfect Grace is possible only through Jesus Christ!

April=Aprilis=Month of Venus=Lucifer
The American Revolution, Ft Sumter and the Civil War (fired by Masonic Outlaw Robert James “James’ Gang”), Hitler’s Birthday, Hitler’s Warsaw Ghetto Holocaust, Waco Branch Davidian murders (330 Mason Bill Clinton, Sodomite Janet Reno, Rhodes Scholar Knight of Malta Gen Wes Clark nee Cohen), AP Murrah Bldg murders (Elohim City/BATFE, not the Patriot patsy Tim McVeigh), Columbine HS shooting (FEMA, NORTHCOM and the FBI were in place there as well) and Virginia Tech University (Stephen Cho’s pictures changed markedly much like James Holmes) all occurred during this time. Less known is Leonhard Euler’s birthday is April 15th

Leonhard Euler was Luciferian
Euler wrote “For the logarithm whose number is UNITY let e be written 2.718…hence God exists” UNITY is the work of Lucifer not God! Jesus separates Lambs from Goats; Lucifer is worshipped in the GOAT Idol “God Of All Things”. e is called Euler’s Number; Loge calculates Continually Exponentially Increasing Debt from Compounding Interest Rates Continually. Einstein said “Those who understand Interest Rate Compounding make Slaves out of those who do not”. Exponential Growth Rates of Debt is “Usury”. This is why Jesus overturned the tables of the Money Changers! Loge also calculates naturally occurring Atomic Decay “Radiation” Rates of Isotopes such as the MOX Fuel (Uranium/Plutonium) released at Fukushima on the 38th Parallel. Craft International Security was seen with Radiation Detectors at the Finish line of the Boston Marathon? My guess is world events may get exponentially worse from here; Paul warned “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived” 2 Tim 3:13 That’s the definition of Logevil Oh, there are 313 ! in the Authorized Bible for a reason!

The Boston Marathon Bombing is covered continuously by all news outlets while far bigger news happens.
A pre-scheduled Bomb Drill was in progress complete with National Guard, FBI, Private Security, Bomb sniffing Dogs and Boston Globe Tweets telling the bomb location and time of detonation. Wolf Blitzer didn’t tell you that?
Wealthy buyers snapped up every ounce of physical silver bullion on April 15; Brian Williams didn’t tell you about that? Quick history: FDR confiscates privately held Gold at $20/Oz and raises the price to $35/Oz in 1 year; in 1972 Nixon pays for the Vietnam War in Gold, is forced to remove the Gold Standard and Gold goes to $800/Oz in 8 years. A massive Gold sell off the day after the Au (Gold) Ag (Silver) Masters uses Gold profits to buy up all the Silver bullion. Big news we never heard of yesterday. Did you know Foreign Gold deposits were removed from vaults under WTC #4 & 5 before 9/11 and Foreign Governments want it back?

Obama met on April 16 with the United Arab Emirates Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi in Washington DC at the White House to bypass US Customs using military aircraft. Intelligence Dir James Clapper admitted the CIA knew Saddam Hussein’s WMD’s were flown to Syria in B-747’s and he didn’t bother to tell us about this meeting? Benghazi Arms are transferred through Saudi Arabia and the UAE to Turkey and into Syria and Mali. The Crown Prince is over the Emirs and is also vice commander of the UAE armed forces whose Special Forces Units are trained by Blackwater (Xe or Academi) founder, Knight of Malta, Eric Prince. Obama and the Ismaili Crown Prince intend to use tax dollars to build a Customs pre-screening facility in Abu Dhabi. Judy Woodruff didn’t tell you about that meeting?
Special Drawing Rights “A Quart of Wheat for a Penny”

Lifelong KGB operative Vladimir Putin is president of the G-20 during 2013; the World Bank and Bank of International Settlements are “Close to announcing Special Drawing Rights as a Global Currency! G-20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank governors met in Washington DC April 18-19 to finalize collapse of the $US and decide “Drawing Rights” based on our Debt. How much “Drawing Rights” do you suppose the US will receive from the International Bank of Settlements with a Worldwide Debt of $50 Trillion? Pretty obvious isn’t it? Why meet in Washington DC? Because Washington DC is Sovereign; it does not belong to the United States!
The US Congress resolved to liquidate the Bank of International Settlements in 1944 for “Laundering stolen Nazi Gold” (Prescott Bush even had his assets seized because of his role) calling it “The most secretive Supra-national club on earth”; these so-called “Gnomes of Zurich” are none other than the original “Money Changers” Jesus whipped and the banished Knights Templar; today’s “International Bankers” and ex-Goldman Sachs Banker, CFR Traitor Erin Burnett is “Out Front” and didn’t tell us about that?