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The mural dominating the UN Security Council Chamber is the Phoenix Rising in the center under a wedding ceremony to the serpent with the Pale Horse “Death” to the right.

Untitled (Mural for Peace), UNNY065G.02, 1952, Norway

Jan 2022: China closing ports to US shippers due to Supply Chain backlog at LA/Long Beach/NJ/NY Ports. North-South Trucking between Canada-US-Mexico blocked by unvaccinated truckers protesting Vaccine Mandate; 50% of US truckers are reportedly unvaccinated. International airlines cancelling US bound flights over unfounded 5G concerns (Radar Altimeters close to the 5G frequency band are shielded from RF, aim straight down and are only required on very low visibility approaches requiring autopilot coupled auto landing).  Russia closes embassy and consulate in Ukraine in preparation for war.

Keep quiet! The giant idol of Harpocrates (God of Secrets) is wearing a Top Knot “War Knot” looking at the Wall St and Prometheus/Lucifer. and the UN Aztec Peace and Security Guardian aka 3rd Beast (Leopard; Dan 7:6)  Russia invading Ukraine is assured, Prometheus breaks free of his chains in Crimea.

Trump and Schwab

The Statue of Liberty is Cybele, the Wall St (Named after the Canaanite Wall of Jericho) Bull will be sacrificed in the Taurobolium; the $700T US Debt relief will be celebrated as GESARA (Global Economic Security and Recovery Act); Gesar “King” will be Antichrist of the WEF (World Economic Forum) Great Reset

BATTLE for the SOUL of the NATION

Joe Biden

Jesuit Joe licking the boots of his Chabad Lubavitch Master


It’s pretty hard to say we weren’t warned the US role is to usher in the New Secular Order; a Beast Kingdom absent of God.

NAFTA Superhighway



The Phoenix Bird connects Egypt to Arabia, self immolating every 500 years; Trump became US President 500 years after Pizarro arrived in the Americas

The Awakening

The Beast rising from the Earth in Washington National Harbor

Limits to Growth

Lady Gaga

Food Supply, Energy, Population predicted to precipitously drop as Lady Gaga wears a Hunger Games Mockinjay at the Inauguration.

Funeral Attire

Trump Violin

“And they cast dust on their heads, and cried, weeping and wailing, saying, Alas, alas that great city, wherein were made rich all that had ships in the sea by reason of her costliness! for in one hour is she made desolate” Rev 18:19 The last of 313! is Rev 18:19; the 7th Trumpet Warning is a dire warning of God’s Wrath. Do not be fooled; the US is not Babylon; Gnosticism and Witchcraft is Babylon “Gate of the Gods”.

Jan 2022: China closing ports to shippers delivering to the US over cargo ship delays at LA/Long Beach/NY/NJ Ports. Canada Vaccine Mandate causing Unvaxxed Truckers protest blocking border crossings; over 50% of US truckers are not vaccinated. International Airlines cancelling US flights over 5G concerns; a made up crisis as Radar Altimeters are shielded from RF and only necessary in very low visibility autopilot coupled auto landings. predicts 70% US population decrease 2022-2025. Limits to Growth predicts similar decreases in Food Supply and Population.

Swine Flu Vaccination

Hypocrisy America’s Jesuit Covid Doctor calls for Universal Vaccination but can’t recall which arm was sore a day after his fake Vaccine.

First Gay President

Obama’s Foundation MBK “My Brother’s Keeper”; Cain “Am I my brother’s keeper?” If history records the deeds of Fukushima and Deep Water Horizon correctly, he will be regarded the most prolific mass murderer in human history.

Operation Garden Plot: US Army Civilian Internment Camp training manual

The US has 800 Civilian Inmate Detention Centers, staffed by the US Army and 1000 Oath Sworn Doctors under Hindu Surgeon General Vivek Murthy who took his Oath of Office on the Bagavad Gita.

Vivek Murthy

Deep Water Horizon: Gulf of Mexico methane blocking the Thermohaline Conveyor

The US intentionally scuttled Deep Water Horizon; oil and methane has been destroying the Thermohaline Conveyor in the Atlantic ever since. When the Salt Dome finally collapses, inundation of the New Madrid Fault area will occur, a plan FEMA, NOAA and the US Navy pre-planned.


Pacific Ocean Currents

The US sent MOX (Mixed Uranium-Plutonium Oxide Fuel) to Fukushima; the EM caused 9.0 Earthquake and Tsunami was the pretext to meltdown reactor #3; an ongoing Earth Destroying event

Biden’s Ritual: Graphene: Diamagnetic Monoatomic Hexagonal Fabric=Tikto “Simplest Fabric”=Toxon “Poison”=Bow=Qos “Edomite National God”=Rainbow Bridge “Antakerana” Pontifex “Bridge Builder”=Infrastructure. A Bridge to Hell is being built with Graphene and 5G STARLINK
Biden’s Ritual 2/22/22 2 is the number of the Son in the Trinity; 2/22 written on Cleopatra’s Needle one of 3 Obelisks built to the New World Order “New Aeon of Horus” Horus is the son of Osiris/Saturn Kamal means “Perfection” Biden out Kamal Aroush (Kamala Harris) the Phoenician-British Satanist ushers in the Holocaust of America aka “Phoenix of the New Age” Boule Society ULTIMATE GAME is Capturing Human Souls. This has been planned since the Phoenicians landed in America well over 2000 years ago

Taliban Unit Badri 313 hoisted the Shahada Islamic Flag over Kabul, Afghanistan Sept 2021; the US created the Islamic Shariah based Emirate of Afghanistan as well as the Shia dictatorship of Iran which teach “When there are 313 sincere followers of Shia Islam (Messianic Islam), al Mahdi will be revealed”. Khorasan (Land where the Sun rises) encompasses Afghanistan and most of the other “Stans” in the Asian Steppe; the Karakoram Hwy was made for this purpose after WWII.

The Catholic (Universal) Church is the pre-planned Scapegoat for REV 17 “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT”. The United States of America is the pre-planned Scapegoat for Rev 14:8;14; Rev 18 “Babylon is fallen”. Make no mistake! Witchcraft is the true SPIRITUAL “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT. MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS UPON THE EARTH” Physical “Babylon”  is the Gate of Saturn; Bab=Gate + On=Saturn; BabEl (Canaanite El) and BabIlu (Allah). Covid means “God’s Door”; the identification made in Feb 2020 with Kobe (God’s Door in Japanese; Japan= Land of the Rising Sun) Bryant aka Black Mamba the Tree Asp and Assassin. Cas Phi proteins used in Covid Vaccines are called “Slinky Assassins” and the “Trojan Horse” of CRISPR Gene editing. Like Vaccines, the Trojan Horse was full of Pathogens and willingly admitted inside the Gates.  

US National Debt $27T Cash + $170T Unfunded Liabilities + $700 Credit Derivatives World Debt: $253T

Crypto-currency is much like Crypto (Hidden) fake Jews known through history as Marrano, Conversos or Moriscos, Satanists who feign conversion to other religions; today’s Chabad Lubavitch/Orthodox Rabbis and Jesuits; the latter managing the Coronavirus Global PsyOp and eventually 7 Billion Vaccines and Mark of the Beast. In Rev 18:19 the last of 313 ! occurs; “Babylon” the “Great City”  falls and is made “Desolate” (Void) because of her “Costliness”; the US is costly beyond measure to the world; $27T cash Debt + $170T Unfunded Liabilities + $700+ T in Credit Derivatives “The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.” Prov 22:7 No other nation could possibly fool the world into believing “Babylon has fallen” but the United States and Wall St, named after the Wall of Jericho. In Rev 14:14-18 the “Golden Crown” worn by Jesus can be seen in Coronavirus “Crowned Serpent Venom” and “Sharp Sickle” seen in Jesuit snake oil salesman Anthony Fauci (Sickle). Ultimately the Sickle is an asterism in the Crown of Leo and Corona the 7 Stars above Serpens Caput “Serpent’s Head”.

LibraPhoenix and Amero (Serpent) have been touted as Worldwide Crypto Currencies, symbolic of America as the Phoenix of the New Age in Francis Bacon’s 1620 book New Atlantis: A Worke Unfinished; Atlantis is the mythical pre-Flood world ruled by Saturn. Libra is the Scales of Justice held by Lady Justice. The Phoenix was on American Gold Coins and Hollywood actor Donald Trump displays his role constantly; the downward triangle hand sign is the Fulcrum of LIbra holding a Globe between the Saudi King and Egyptian President as the Phoenix.

Amurru is the the source name of the Americas “Land of the Amorites” or “Land of the Serpents” . Amuruccu was the name of the Americas long before Sephardic Crypto fake Jew Columbus arrived; Amorica was the name Druids “Knowers of Trees” gave to the land of the West; Amar is the Canaanite god of the West, Amurru is the name of Palmyra in Amurru, Syria where human sacrifices were offered in fires to Molech; it was digitally recreated and installed in Washington DC for a reason!

Image result for picture of chinese Cryptocurrency Ac Chain

America: Scapegoat Babylon aka Amorite “Amurru”
Gate (Bab) of Marduk, El “Shining One”,  El Shaddai (Destroyer), Saturn (Chaldean STUR), Allah (Ilu), Osiris (On), Dionysus/Bacchus/al-Khidr “Green Man”, Lucifer, Poseidon, Elohim, Chiun, Chemosh, Milcom, Remphan, Milcom, Dagon, YWVH, Adonai, Yahweh, Molech, Melqart, Melek-Taus Aryan “Peacock Angel” 

   ACC (Asset Collection Blockchain) aka SDR (Special Drawing Right) Crypto Currency is designed to Digitize all tangible assets on Earth aka “Black Horse” Jesus turned the tables on the Money Changers, now they will Digitize His Creation making Slaves of everyone on Earth. Want to invest? You cannot be a US Citizen. The birthplace of Black Magick was Amurru, the land of the Amorites and Code of Hammurabi; Druids called it Amorica; Cathars called it the “Church of Amor” and today America. The Greatest Sacrifice to Molech in human history will be in America likely in the 2016 Jubilee Year. Amurru is the West, land of the Setting Sun is the land of the dead.

Facebook Cryptocurrency Libra on a White Background Surrounded by Altcoins

Libra Crypto Currency represents the Scales carried by the Black Horse (Rev 6:6) which collapses the World Economy and ushers in the choice between Death or the Mark of the Beast offered by the Pale Horse (Rev 6:8) The symbol of Aquarius used by Libra represents the Age of Aquarius, the Cup Bearer of Zeus aka Horus, Jupiter. Jesuit educated fake Jew, fake Protestant Donald Trump uses the Downward Triangle Hand sign, the fulcrum of Libra “Scales of Justice”  

Speaking in front of a Podium without the Presidential Seal on March 11 “Purim” 2020 (Pur means Cast lots for Markuk the Golden Calf) Donald Trump handed the Presidency over to FEMA in fulfillment of Project Rex 84; the same day Coronavirus was declared a Global Pandemic

     “The Supreme Court is wrong on the 2nd Amendment” Hillary Clinton May 18, 2016
    “Fuck the Constitution. I see absolutely no value in studying the outdated, antiquated, dead Constitution” Chicago 7th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals Judge, fake Jew Richard Posner who swore “I swear to administer Justice…under the Constitution…so help me God” This is why James said “Above all else brethren, Swear Not”

    Aug 1, “Lughnasadh”, 2015 HR #237 passed giving the Sec of State the ability to revoke Passports of US Citizens suspected of “Terrorism. The US is now officially a Debtor’s Prison.
 “July 16, 2015 “NATO aiding the Jade Helm 15, US invasion of the Sovereign Occupied Territory of Texas” You read that right.

On the Ides of March 2015, NASA warned California has 1 year water supply left; another lie. CA is experiencing a Geo-engineered, pre-planned control of the food supply; on April Fool’s Day Gov Jerry Brown announced 25% mandatory Water rationing’ with the exception of Oil, Fracking and  Corporate Farms which use 80% of CA water and export most of the food overseas. May 17 2015 Washington State declared a Statewide Drought emergency. 
   Remember the slaughter of birds in China infected with “Bird Flu”? Millions are being slaughtered in the US (MN, IN, MS IA, NB, SD all  Bird Flu States of Emergency) as of  April 2015 because of H5N2.  “Control oil you control nations. Control food you control people” Satanist Henry Kissinger
       Jesuit Pope Francis traveled to Philadelphia (Church of Philadelphia is the Synagogue of Satan Rev 3:7-13; Brotherly Love refers to Esau impersonating Jacob Ref Obadiah) over Feast of Tabernacles (Jesus’ real birthday) to meet with fake Jews, Protestant and Muslim religious leaders. The theme “Family Values” refers to Isaac’s family Esau and Jacob. Esau was prophesied to become Wealthy (Fatness of the Earth), Priests of many religions (Dew of Heaven) and to kill his brother once “Dominion” is achieved. In Sept 2015? The world will soon find out. Interfaith is the “Wide Path” that leads to destruction of the Soul. 
       Why destroy America now? Rabbis say its the 10th Jubilee, a plan originating with the Essenes 2100 years ago in 11Q13 Prince Melchisedek Scroll. The 7th Shemita (Ref Gen 41; Land goes fallow) ends on Rosh Hashanah, commensurate with Special Ops exercise Jade Helm (July 15-Sept 15, 2015); the 50th Jubilee Year from the founding of the Church of Satan in San Francisco 1966 during the 7th Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses on Passover/Tabernacles; the US Government, Nat Guard and Military used on US soil clandestinely against US citizens in the land called Aztlan (To Make White). Jade Helm  15 is the local version of what Special Ops does in foreign countries; and will coincide with passage of TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) On May 17, 2015 US Traitors Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell said “We will pass TPP later this week” Fast Track Authority passed the House and Senate June 23, 2015; TPP and TTIP (Trans-Atlantic Trade Investment Partnership) and CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing Act) stripping rights of citizens in favor foreign corporations. The $1.8T 2016 Spending Bill “OmniCISA” passed CISA without a wimper; Jan 3, 2016 is 90 days after the Oct 5 delivery to Congress, the mandatory passage date. 
    Fukushima and Deepwater Horizon were and still are (June 23, 2020) ongoing, engineered, Extinction Level Events. Radiation has effectively killed the Pacific Ocean food chain from bottom to top. The US sits on Trillions of Bbls of Oil in the ANWR, Bakken Formation and Gulf of Mexico with pipelines in place, potentially worth several hundred $Trillion; once America is destroyed our Creditors (China is by far the largest; China=Sina=Sin=Cathay=Heth=Hittites) will take over the assets.
     Z Mapp clinical trials begin Mar 1 in US at NIH Clinic, Bethesda MD. Ebola: Rise of the “Green Man” Bacchus, Dionysus, the Arab-Sufi al-Khidr. Green means “Gullible”. Green shirted Crisis Actors like Thomas Duncan, Nina Pham and Heather Green (Heath=Heathen=Green Earth Dweller) and Green Screen generated news is no proof of disease.  
    Ebola “Balls of the Flagrum” used prior to Crucifixion, is spread in Liberia by MSF (Medicine Sans Frontier) and Samaritan’s Purse  the project is color coded Green as is the UN because “Green Man” is Satan; the Rider of the Pale Horse “Death”. Coronavirus is the follow on to the Ebola PsyOp only on a Global Scale. Green Man operates from the Green UN Bldg under Agenda 21. Institut Pasteur readying a US Government mandated Measles/Ebola Vaccine for 2015 Measles is derived from Mesel “Leprosy”; Lev 13 describes Leprosy as an unclean disease requiring removal from the congregation. Ebola means “The Balls” used in a Roman Flagrum (Scourge) prior to Crucifixion.  

Coronavirus means “Crowned Serpent Venom”; Covid means “God’s Door” 19 refers to Rev 19 the return of Jesus, only this Messiah will be Antichrist. A 150 mile wide Constitution Free Zone surrounds the US with a Border Wall designed to keep prisoners in. America is about to be Exiled and falsely declared Rev 18 “Babylon the great has fallen” 
    Green is the color of Sayyid Turbans worn by descendants of Abraham, Ishmael,  Esau, and Quyraish Tribe of Mecca  (Mechus=Adultery). Green is the color of Hashemites of Trans-Jordan (created in WWI) and Rebel Priests of Korah/Core in Moses and Aaron’s day, from whom Muhammad later descended. They achieve “Dominion” (Gen 27:40 AV) and escape the hand of Antichrist/Green Man (Dan 11:41) America was set up to be the Scapegoat. 
   al-Qaeda (Foundation) was coined by Ibn Sayyid Qutb in 1966,  Sayyids ali-Khameini in Iran, ali-Sistani in Iraq’s Green Zone were set up by the US according to the plan written on the Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1871 (the same year the US ceased to be a Nation and became a CORPORATION), by Sodomite Mason Albert Pike. Isis is the Throne. Read Jude 7 before “Perishing in the Gainsaying of Core” This lasts for eternity.
     Cold War Hoax Stalin and Gorbachev were Masonic partners of Truman-Carter-Ford-Reagan; there never were any Star Wars Satellites because there never were an Nuclear ICBM’s. Cold War Nuclear Missile Silos being sold and converted to luxury Bug Out Shelters for the Elite; foreseen in Rev 6:15. FEMA and Wall St conducting an Influenza Pandemic Exercise Nov 13 and 20, 2014; Power, Phone, Internet shut down. Ferguson (St Louis) is the Masonic Gateway to the West “Amurru”; George Soros (Grigori=Watcher; Schwartz=Black) financed Ferguson with $33M. Jay Nixon declared a month long State of Emergency, called up Nat Guard with convoys of Tanks/APC’s for “Looting Detail” and a DHS drill with 100+ Vehicles. Jay Nixon is not controlling Ferguson, Luciferian Mason, Rev Al Sharpton reporting directly to Obama handler Valerie Jarrett are managing Ferguson. Happy Thanksgiving? The first Thanksgiving was made possible by a Jesuit created Smallpox Pandemic. Nothing has changed.
    Washington DC is not part of the United States; since the illegal Act of 1871, it is a CORPORATE 10 SQ Mile Sovereign Territory just like  the City of London Corporation aka Temple Crown and Vatican City.  The Crown Temple owns all property in the US (Crown Temple States) 
   The CDC is a for profit Disease Corporation working with the Military USAMRIID at Ft Detrick, International Drug Corporations like Merck, Tekmira, GSK, and NGO’s such as Gates Foundation, Doctors Without Borders and Samaritan’s Purse. Vaccine makers are exempted from legal claims under the Patriot Act, planned and written before 9/11/2001. The plan written by Satanist Henry Kissinger in NSM-200, adopted by Satanist Gerald Ford in 1975; a manufactured Pandemic, remedied by Vaccination. The UN assumed control over the US southern border on 7/23/14; The “Beast” Train brings “Refugees” directly to the southern border of America; Orange Air transports illegals to cities all over the US. Illegals given EBT Cards; when they fail and they will, watch out! Obama will sign an Executive Order by Christmas 2014 exempting 5 million illegals from deportation. Amnesty is being granted in country (El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala etc); Airport Security is allowing “Refugees” to board commercial planes with simply a “Notice to Appear”. 1 million additional “Guest Worker” Visas granted amid unprecedented layoffs. Protests at the border? Look up! America ceased to exist as a Sovereign Nation as the Sun entered Leo; precisely the theme of Bohemian Grove. Black Eagle Trust (Eagle is Zeus/Lucifer aka Dark Lord) holds 340 Million pounds of Nazi, Soviet and Japanese stolen Gold; illegal bonds written on the $multi-trillion gold stash quietly shifted the burden to US taxpayers via Gov’t Treasury Notes just after 9/11/2001. Import-Export Bank gives foreign investors backing of US Treasury. FISA Courts uphold Foreign surveillance and investment rights outside the US Government. The US has enough oil to run the world indefinitely in the Gulf of Mexico, Bakken and ANWR yet it remains locked up. Collapse of the $US is imminent by the hands of our own Government.
     Illegal immigrants recruited into Gangs like MS-13, given EBT Cards, declared “Refugees” and shipped to cities inside America where “Host Families” affiliated with the Catholic, Baptist, Mormon Church receive them will provide the excuse for Pandemic Martial Law under WHO Level 6 protocol (Mandatory Vaccination and/or Quarantine). America was designed to fail; illegitimate from inception to death; it’s Citizens are Chattel Slaves with no rights, held in collateral against International Loans with Passports tied to the Debt. America’s Borders (150 mile buffer zone) are Constitution Free Zones encompassing 200 million people; America is the world’s largest Debtor Prison. Civil Asset Forfeiture allows the US Gov’t to use State Police to confiscate personal assets/cash without any charges; property held for 50 days reverts to the State; Obama Atty Gen Loreta Lynch is the Queen of Asset Forfeiture at $1Billion in NYC alone. 
    Illegal Immigrants are recruited into gangs like MS-13 and 18th St by Voz de Aztlan and MEChA then transported by ICE (Orange Air/Busses) into America and given EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) Cards; this Treason was well planned. The IMF in our National Capitol (Christine LaGarde) uses Expropriation of Funds, in Gov’t Treasury Bonds such as retirement accounts, savings, Gov’t backed insurance, Social Security and PBGC (Pension Benefit Guarantee Corp) as collateral against Sovereign Debt; some $66Trillion as of July 4, 2014. People are a “Legal Fiction” incurred at Birth.  US Citizens do not own anything; the Constitution is set up to protect the US Corporation, not Citizens.
     ISDS (Investor-State Dispute Settlement)  TAP, TPP, TTIP and TISA allow foreign corporations and un-elected, private arbitrators to gather intelligence and control public services (Water, Energy, Sanitation, Education, Banking, Health Care, Transportation, Insurance, Social Security) and “Frack” Natural Gas from anywhere in the US using Diesel Fuel and sell it to Foreign Corporations.     US Import-Export Bank guarantees full faith and credit of the US Treasury to Foreign investors of public, taxpayer financed property and assets. Treason can’t get any worse than this. TPP will be forced on the US by the closing of West Coast US Ports.
       Diesel is America’s lifeblood. Diesel Fuel racking destroys underground water and is exempted from the EPA Clean Water Act. Diesel Fuel Fracking artificially inflates the price of Diesel Fuel, the Air, Land, Sea transportation lifeblood of America as well as destroying under and above ground Water Supplies and Food. 500,000 Fracking Sites in the US alone. Congress and Supreme Court (Enemies inside the gates) allow this to happen. Supreme Court (CTS V Waldburger June 2014) limits landowner ability to sue for underground water pollution from Fracking. Senate (Corker, Murphy) proposes Gas Tax tied to inflation. Market prices on Oil and Water will rise dramatically. 
    Your body? Not quite; People do not even own their own bodies.  Swiss Giant Novartis Cell Culture Flu Vaccines FDA approved and pandemic ready for 2014 with JBAIDS test equipment in all 50 states and 1000 Mobile Hospitals under the command of Hindu Surgeon General Vivek Murthy. There is no United States anymore; there is only a relationship with JESUS now.
    Gulf War I: GHW Bush (“Curious George” Scherff), illegitimate US President; April Glaspie/Saddam Hussein Lied. Gulf War II: GW Bush, illegitimate US President; 33 degree Mason Saddam Hussein; Yellow Cake Uranium, WMD Lies. Gulf War III: Barack Obama, Illegitimate US President, no War Powers Act Authority for war in Iraq. al-Qaeda, ISIS creations of US CIA. US is a Rogue Nation. 

    Operation Garden Plot: 800+ Civilian Inmate Detention Facilities complete with incineration facilities. 1000 “Commissioned” Doctors and Mobile Tent Hospitals with Bio-hazard capability. Coronavirus is being hyped to conform with WHO Level 6 Pandemic Protocol (Mandatory Vaccination/ Quarantine); “My Flu is Unstoppable”- Yoshihiro Kawoaka.  50 States National Guards given JBAIDS  test  equipment.  
 Amurru is one of 77 names of Satan and the source of America. God has one Name in the New Covenant JESUS. Babylon means “Gate of the gods”, all 77 or 99 (Islam has 99) of them, and “Gate of the Sun”. Bab-El, Bab-On, Bab-Ilu=Allah are all the same appellation of Lucifer. Mithraism is the Covenant with Lucifer required of the New Age. America is a Masonic creation that will soon become the world’s “Gehenna” or “Tophet”, used to Purify the Souls of Gnostics. Is it coincidence Barack Obama a closet gay man (ref Man’s Country, Down Low Club, Kal Penn, Reggie Love) as Vladimir Putin allegedly is (ref “Putin” biography by Stanislov Belkovsky), snubs the Russian Olympics and chose a near entirely Gay delegation to the Sochi Olympics? Sochi means “Flame”. 1000 years ago, Vladimir the Great, a Rus tribe pagan enacted “Rus Justice” Laws just as Vladimir Putin is today. Mithra means “Covenant or To Bind”; Marduk means “Son of pure origin”. Advent celebrates the arrival of Marduk” or “Mithras” “Solis Incvicti”. Not ready for the incarnation of Lucifer? Me either but we had better get ready! When?
   Barack Obama used the Prince Hall Mason designed Setting Sun amid Red and White Stripes as his logo; the Sochi Olympic logo is a Red, White and Blue Egg; Blue Egg is Neptune whose Trident is the Horned God and Triple Goddess and 3 Teeth of the Beast. St Louis Arch is the Gateway to the West ie Setting Sun. Folks, Time is likely quite short for establishing a relationship with Jesus Christ! 
    America will Inaugurate the New Age as a Phoenix rising from its own ashes. How? Intentional Power Grid destruction, Nuclear Plant melt downs similar to Fukushima and manufactured “Natural Disasters”: Earthquake-Tsunami in the Pacific Northwest, LA Earthquake, New Madrid Fault Earthquake, East Coast Super Tsunami.
    The lockdown of America (money and person) was made complete by Air. In 2006 a TATP (Tri-acetone Tri-peroxide) bomb being mixed in an aircraft lavatory prompted TSA restrictions on liquids; TATP explosives can only be made in a professional chem lab. “Shoe Bomber” Richard Reid attempted to light C-4 in a shoe, prompting the no-shoe policy; C-4 cannot be lit and exploded with a match. “Underwear Bomber” Farouk Abdulmutallib flew on a cash paid ticket from Nigeria to Yemen to Amsterdam to Detroit without a passport and attempted to light Nitro-penta in his underwear; same problem as C-4, this cannot be done. Muhammad’s uncle was Abdul Mutallib; traveling without a passport on a cash paid ticket was a dead giveaway. Printer Cartridge Bombs were discovered on a UPS aircraft in Yemen, prompting massive Drone strikes; UPS has never served Yemen. All False Flags designed to restrict American freedoms. al-Qaeda and ISIS are American CIA creations financed and armed by US Taxpayers. 
     Lent (Spring) was chosen for Fukushima because it begins 40 days “Weeping for Tammuz”; Tammuz means “Purify by Fire” Why? Cathars believe incarnation in matter is inherently evil; Catharsis means “Discharge of pent up emotion”. When? “In 700 years, the Laurel will grow green again” 700 years from “Licet Pridem” (Ilicit Confiscation) and the Council of Vienne in 1313 means 2013 is the year.
    America is named after Amar, the Canaanite god of the West; Ameru the New Age Serpent god; Amurru, the land of the West (blibilical Calneh); Amurru the Edomite Shepherd and Serpent god and Druid Amorica. America is not and never has been a Christian Nation! America is the the New Atlantis “Isle of Atlas” whose self-immolation by Fire will complete the Pyramid “Amid the Flames” to create the Rosicrucian “New World Order”. Lucifer will rise from America’s ashes as the Phoenix “House of Enoch”. 
    The idea of 3 World Wars was written by Jesuit Jean Pierre-De Smet, the hidden mentor behind Luciferian Masons Giuseppe Mazzini, Albert Pike and Brigham Young. Mormons believe Adam-ondi-Ahman “Land of God where Adam dwelt” is in Jackson MS; the Garden of Eden being along the Mississippi/Missouri Rivers and Noah’s Ark drifted from there to the Gulf of Mexico, and across the Atlantic to Mt Ararat. Rediculous in the extreme, but America is to be declared “Babylon” of Rev 18 in order a false Messiah can be presented. Mormons will re-establish the “Garden of Eden” in western Missouri; the White Horse Prophecy a falsification of the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ and a falsification of Dan 11:45. 
   Israel means “One who wrestles with God”; One does not “Wrestle with God” by adopting the Six Pointed Star of Moloch and Chiun (Amos 5:26), teaching the Babylonian Talmud, teaching Kaballah, falsely filling the Levitical Priesthood with men who are not sons of Aaron (Cohens are Samaritans), wearing the Yarmulke aka “Cap of Cybele” at Herod’s “Wailing Wall” or adding Holy Days such as Purim and Hanukkah.
   The US was created by Rosicrucians as the New Atlantis aka the Scapegoat “Babylon”, the Gate of On, El or Ilu (Marduk) of Rev 18 in order that the Alternative Messiah may be revealed, thus falsifying Rev 19:7. The actual time frame will be Rev 6:7.
 AMERICA is a CORPORATION not a Nation
A good primer on what the term “Corporate America” really means is at                         ! 
       The original “Constitution for the Unites States of America” changed to the  ” CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” 2/21/1871 when Congress made a Treasonous pact with International Bankers; Edomite Bankers. The US is a CORPORATION not a Nation. The GOVERNMENT only applies to the Sovereign “DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA”. Debt Collateral is guaranteed by the CAPITALIZED NAME used on Social Security Cards, ID’s, Licenses and Passports. This is a fictional legal entity “Nom Deguere”, a non-human, non-living entity defining a “Prisoner of War”. Congress is defined as a “Metting for War”, they do not work “For the People”. Flags with Gold Braid are Engisns of the Corporation. Judges are “Agents of the Corporation”; Attorney means “To Assgn”. Rights as a human being are “Assigned” to an “Attorney” working for the Corporation which grants “Priveleges” not “Rights”. There are no Rights including Habeaus Corpus. 
     The “CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” formally ended 2/21/1871 during the tenure of Skull & Bones Supreme Court Chief Justice Morrison “Mott” Waite when CORPORATIONS were declared “Citizens” with the same Rights. In August 1871 the plan for 3 World Wars was written by Confederate Mason Albert Pike whose statue graces the Justice Department in the District of Columbia.
    The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and the change to the “Trading with the Enemy Act” in 1917 from “Without” to “Within”; Citizens are the Enemies of the USA CORPORATION; with suspension of the Gold Standard and its Confiscation in 1933 “Citizens” became “Debt Prisoners”. A recent example of this occurred 1/7/2013 with Bank of America settling their Mortgage Fraud case for $10 Billion; the fraud is estimated to be $1.4 Trillion of toxic debt sold to Fannie Mae (Freddie Mac as well, managed by Bush Jr Yale Skull & Bones roomate Victor “Victoria” Ashe) which of course went bankrupt and saddled US Taxpayers with the burden. Citizens left Homeless and Bankrupt; Banks settle for a penny on the dollar; Nice eh? “Scapegoat” means laying of blame on another. Mortgage means “Death Pledge”; it is not meant to be, nor will ever be paid off because US Citizens have no rights to own property; “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” is not the same as “Property” which is why that too was changed. B of A was also involved in holding an estimated $5 Trillion account generated illegally during Iran-Contra; remember, Dual Citizen DOD Comptroller Dov Zakheim admitted on 9/10/2001 the DOD was missing $2.3 Trillion. In the wake of Sandy Hook, B of A is freezing Gun Makers Corporate accounts who sell unapproved assault weapons or parts on-line. B of A is essentially making their own Constitution violating laws without recourse from anyone!
FISA (US Foreign Intelligence Court) is a parallel “Foreign” Supreme Court with no oversight; 11 appointed Judges work directly for the FBI and NSA to oversee 504 Foreign Signals Intelligence programs in and out of the US PRISM being just 1. Lucifer needs Spys; God doesn’t!
             Satanic Trinity: Washington DC/Pentagon, Vatican City, City of London Corporation 

  • Fascism is the merging of Government and Corporate Power; the Fasces symbol is on the doors to the Supreme Court, Oval Office, Lincoln Memorial Chair, Library of Congress, National Guard Logos and Congress Rostrum because AMERICA is a fascist Dictatorship run by Foreigners. 
  • America was not founded on Christianity; America is a British Colony; America did not declare Independence from Britain; Britain is owned by the Vatican; the Pope (Black Pope) makes all Laws.
  • The IRS is not a Government Agency; it is a collection arm of the IMF, itself an agency of the UN
  • The US has no Treasury; it merely has a line of Credit with the IMF
  • The FBI, CIA, NASA, Secret Service, NSA, FCC et all have never been part of the US Government. The DOD is the War Department
  • Social Security numbers are issued by the Treasury Dept; SS Checks are issued by the UN; each person is born as a corporation with a share of IMF debt suing the “CAPITALIZED NAME”.
  • The US has no Judicial Courts or Judges; they are Administrators for UN Laws and IMF Debt; the most powerful Court in America is in Pennsylvania not the Supreme Court.
  • No one has ever been born Free; People are considered Human Capital; Nobody has ever owned Property; nobody is offered any rights under the Constitution because Slaves are not party to it and everyone is a Slave.
  • Everything in the US is for sale; there are no Private Property owners; there has never been a “Right” granted to own Property. Assets on CAFR (Black Books) accounts will be sold to satisfy the $60 Trillion Debt..

            “A man’s foes are the men of his own household” Jesus Christ
“Our disinformation campaign will be complete when everything Americans believe is false” CIA Director Bill Casey
Fukushima was intentionally built over a large underground river and destroyed intentionally; it is continually sending buoyant radioactive particles via the Jet Stream and Pacific Ocean currents to North Amerca; the equivalent of 100 Hiroshima detonations every hour for 2 1/2 years! Deep Water Horizon was planned in advance by BP, Halliburton and NALCO; it is contunually spewing Oil and Methane throughout the Gulf of Mexico; couple this with Natural Gas Fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing) and depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer from Ethanol production and the US will soon split down the middle when the massive Salt Dome collapses. FEMA, NOAA and DHS are planning for this. Hanford Nuclear Site has 177 leaking radioactive tanks with sludge capable of atomic fission, and exposed carcasses of 117 de-comissioned Nuclear Submarine Reactor Cores leaking radiation into the Pasco Aquifer and Columbia River. A 65ft crack in the Wampun Dam coupled with a very seismological active area is a ticking time bomb catastrophe for the Pacific Northwest. St Louis has nuclear waste next to a burning underground trash dump next to the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. Boone Dam TN developed a Sink Hole under the Dam, upstream from 3 TVA Nuclear Power Plants. WIPPsite near Carlsbad, NM is leaking Plutonium Radiation 1 million X as toxic as Uranium. Nov 2014 radiation spiked 70X. 592 oil/gas wells and active Hydraulic Fracturing cause pollute aquifers in drought stricken areas and earthquakes and push Brine Water into the storage caves ensuring corrosion. Energy Solutions intentionally changed to Wheat based Kitty Litter absorbent, chemists warned would become combustible which it did and the situation will worsen. Gov Susana Martinez was active Operation Gun Runner, a willful murderer and traitor. WIPP is an intentional plutonium disaster in the making Moab Utah (Moabites escape the hand of the Alternative Messiah in Dan 11:41; Purim is Lot’s Redemption) has a Yellow Cake Uranium processing plant that is leaking 28K gallons of “Hot Waste” per day into the Colorado River upstream of Lake Powell. Keystone XL passed Jan 29, 2015. Canadian Bitumen carried across the Ogallala Aquifer, Indian Treaty Lands and Farmlands (100+ leaks have occurred already) to be sold on foreign markets in the Gulf of Mexico; US assumes massive risk with no reward. “Approving Keystone XL is an act of war”- Sioux Tribe Chief Cyril Scott. Line 61 will carry 1.2M Bbls/day of Dilbit (Bitumen mixed with Carcinogenic Naptha) down Wisconsin to Chicago and Lake Michigan; Enbrigde has had hundreds of leaks already. A massive Salt Dome is being intentionally eroded from under the Louisiana Purchase land all across the Mississippi River Basin from Natural Gas Diesel Fuel FrackingAcid Pumping, Waste Injection Wells and overpumping the Ogallala Aquifer. Insane pumping Diesel Fuel into groundwater is a modern day “Poisoning of the Wells”; more insane is pumping Hydroflouric Acid to alter and liquefy the underground geology. Glyphosate (Round Up) is toxic to humans and honey bees in parts per trillion; Monsanto controls people through Food. Treason is the Government allowing this to happen. California and Mississippi River Valley land subsidence is planned; FEMA, US Navy and NOAA have planning maps to prove it. NexRad (Next Gen Doppler Radar) Radars in Canada and the US routinely create “Artificial Ionospheric Mirrors” in order to dam “Atmospheric Rivers” causing Artificial Floods and corresponding Droughts; Weather Derivatives create profits from manufactured “Disasters”. CHAMP is a Boeing made EMP Cruise Missile capable of destroying the Power Grid; it was tested in Utah and the FAA has approved the use of Domestic Drones. Boeing forced Airlines to purchase $50K Cockpit Doors because of 9/11 and $70K Fuel Boost Pumps (Airliners have 4-10 of these) because of TWA-800; Treason is part of Boeing culture. Traitor is too soft a word for these “Cretans”. 

7/16/15 NATO and US military forces invading the Sovereign Occupied Territory of Texas as part of Jade Helm 15. Texas opening a Cuban Embassy and processing Cuban Immigrants in Jade Helm closed WalMart Supercenter.
6/26/15 SCOTUS votes 14th Amendment (equal rights for Slaves) provides Consitutional right to Homosexual Marriage; Texas Atty General instructs Clerks to not issue Gay Marriage Licenses; Secession has begun.

6/23/15 Fast Track Authority for TPP passed the House and Senate; a Corporate Wet Dream and Nightmare for Citizens who have no Constitutional Rights..
6/14/15 Texas repatriates $1B UofT Gold Bullion from HSBC (World’s largest drug/weapon money laundry) Bank Vaults in NYC; sets up Bullion depository.  Law prohibits Federal confiscation.

5/17/15 “We will pass TPP”-
Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. HR2283 “Stop online ammunition sales act 2015” introduced. HR 2232 “Vaccinate all children act 2015” introduced. Important because the UN and WHO can then enforce these treasonous laws.

4/15/15 “Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act 2015” 
passed committee claiming Veto Proof victory for AIPAC and Congress over the Kerry-Obama Iran Nuc Deal. Fake Jew Netanyahu and bill sponsor AIPAC shill Bob Menendez ecstatic over the “Iran Project”. Skull & Bones, CFR, Brookings Inst Traitor and PNAC author Robert Kagan (Kiev Nazi Architect Victoria Nuland husband) “Which path to Persia?” should ring a Baal. War with Iran, Russia and China with help from Cuba and Venezuela is inevitable and all sides want War.

April Fool’s Day Iran nuclear deal reached by Jesuit John Kerry 
This is a Jesuit  April Fool’s prank there is no pretense of Peace.  Boehner in Israel with Netanyahu immediately rejected the offer. Obama “If Congress rejects this offer America will be blamed” America is the world’s Scapegoat. Right on cue, the Rimanov Rebbe (Menachem Mendel of Rimanov stated around the founding of America the Napoleonic Wars were “Gog and Magog” BS!) told Florida Jews “Leave America for Israel while you can,  before the Civil War”  

3/11/15 Sec of State Hillary Clinton and Atty General Eric Holder used private servers, aliases and private E-Mail accounts for official Government business; 
Operation Gun Runner, Benghazi, fake bin Laden raid, Libyan War planning with Sarkozy, Arming ISIS, Kiev gold heist, MH-17 shoot down, Clinton Foundation raking in $Millions from Foreign Governments all down the rabbit hole.

2/28/15 North Carolina State Ethics Committee  declares “Sex” is of no value;
 meaning that Corporate and Political Lobbyists may hire Prostitutes (same sex or otherwise; multiple or underage) and provide them to politicians who need not disclose the act as a “Gift”.  Think of the Black
Mail opportunities!

2/26/15 CIA and CPD operating Urban Prison as CIA Black Site Training Center in Chicago 
called “Homan Square”; a Constitution Free Zone courtesy of Chicago Homies, Israeli Dual Citizen Rahm Emanuel, Obama, Valerie Jarrat and Eric Holder.  

2/22/15 DHS calls Right Wing Constitutionalists greater threat to US security than ISIS; shutdown looming Feb 27 due ISIS funding. “A man’s foes shall be they of his own household” Mt 10:36

2/13/15 Week 2 of West Coast Ports shut-down @$2Billion/Day. 
 TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) will be forced on the US by the intentional closing of Pacific Ports. Meet the new boss; WalMart and Monsanto; US citizens have no rights. China and HSBC (Hong Kong Shanghai Bank) controls US ports and airports; 45% of the US economy depends on West Coast Ports. Amnesty for 11M illegals and the right for them to vote coming soon. US Sovereignty ended on the Ides of Februus.

1/26/15 CNN Editorial calls for North American Passport and Union. 
CNN Anderson Cooper caught lying about Sandy Hook; CNN founder and Georgia Guide Stones “RC Christian” Ted Turner calls for killing all but 500M people on Earth.

1/16/15 Line 61 approval without any Public input; 3X increase in capacity to 1.2M Bbls/Day of Carcinogenic Dilbit @ 1400psi 
down Wisconsin, across 260 Rivers to Chicago and Lake Michigan. Poisoning 25% of the World’s Fresh Water supply for no reason. Maccabees called Dilbit “Miraculously flammable liquid” It was used in the Tower of Babel and now in Scapegoat Babylon “America”. 116 Drilling Rigs idled in first 2 weeks of Jan 2015. Titanic is going down full of trapped Oil.

11/20/14 UN Arms Trade Treaty goes into effect on Dec 24, 2014. 
Appropriate because this is the Eve of the birth of Mithras aka Sol Invictus  The Sun exalted is also the theme of the St Louis Arch and the Obelisk at St Sulpice Cathedral in Paris. The Rose Line connects with Rennes le Chateau the Cathar Church in Langedoc “Language of Yes” or Oc=8=Sight (3rd Eye variety)

11/18/14 Missouri under month long State of Emergency
; Nat Guard on “Looting Detail” with massive vehicle convoy and military grade Weapons; DHS conducting Live Fire Drill with 100+ Vehicles; HWY Patrol under Unified Command, ahead of Grand Jury non-Indictment. RbG Black (RGB is the Color Wheel; Black absorbs Visible Light; Lucifer is “Light Bearer”) Rebels led by Zulu Gadaffi offering $5,000 bounty for information on Darren Wilson whereabouts, advising followers to “Light Fires” (without firewood), pack side arms and build homemade bombs on George Soros connected websites. Jay Nixon is not managing Ferguson, Luciferian Mason Rev Al Sharpton and Obama handler Valerie Jarrett are.

11/14/14 House passed Keystone XL pipeline bill;
 Senate passed Keystone Jan 29, 2015. Under the pipeline is the largest underground aquifer in America. “Approving Keystone XL is an act of War” Sioux Chief Cyril Scott

11/10/14 Ebola Pandemic Drill,  NYC 
Nov 13, 20, Dec 1-3 using Crisis Actors, Role Players playing on people’s media created fears of Ebola.

10/31/14 Boone Dam TN leaking from Sink Hole under the Dam; upstream from 3 TVA Nuc Power Plants.

10/21/14 US Government ordering 34 Million Blank Green Cards. 
Amnesty, EBT Cards and training to reclaim Aztlan. Freemason Traitors Santa Ana and Sam Houston set this up 160 years ago at the Alamo

8/21/14 “ISIS planning to use Ebola as a weapon” “ISIS is making bombs for US cities” “ISIS may show up a Mall with AK-47’s” “ISIS is already here” “ISIS is an imminent threat to all US interests” “US must attack ISIS in Syria” 
All spoken the same day by Terrorists inside the US Government.

8/13/14 Mike Brown shot in Ferguson
 Local Police ordered to stand down during looting State Police called in with US Military supplied Body Armor, AR-15’s, MRAPS, Tanks, Helicopters, Tear Gas and Sonic Cannons. Valerie Jarrett sing Al Sharpton as go between with Obama. On the scene: Black Panther leader Hashim Nzinga; Luciferian Masons Rev Al Sharpton and Rev Jesse Jackson; Sinaloa Gun Runner Eric Holder and his Community Relations Group (used similarly to stir tensions in the Trayvon Martin case), the FBI and Legendary Detective Bo Dietl?  This Stage Show is covering up WWIII. 

7/28/14 Eid al Fitr: The Obama’s celebrated Eid Mubarak (end of Ramadan) by praising Muslims for building the fabric of our nation and core of our democracy. Allah is the Assyrian moon god Sin The US was a Constitutional Republic, never a Democracy.
7/25/14 “Beast Train”
 bringing “Refugees” directly to US-Mexican Constitutional Free Zone under UN Control. Orange Air transports “Refugees” to States which supply EBT Cards and and Host Families. Germany, Switzerland and Turkey joining Russia and BRICS dumping the $US.

6/22/14 Crisis Actors wanted in Houston (July 4) and Atlanta (June 30) for “Mass Casualty Drills” (July 4). China and US in Pacific Rim Military Drill (June 28). TISA finalizing foreign ownership of pubic services in closed door meetings in Geneva (6/22). Novartis “Pandemic Ready” for CDC/WHO created Flu Epidemic this fall.

6/17/14 Nestle Corp draining Great Lakes at lowest water level since 1914. Pork prices climbing due 10% die off from PEDv (Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus) 
What? Giving China control of US Pigs and feeding pig blood to newly weened piglets is not a good idea? “Control Food…” eh Henry

6/15/14 500K Ac Organ Mountain-Desert Peaks Nat Monument completes a Constitution Free Zone around the entire US. DHS hired vendors to handle/transport 65K unaccompanied minors via Air and Land inside the US Drugs Cartels, Weapons, Troops now have free run over the US with TAP and TPP on both coasts giving Foreign Corporations legal Dominion over all assets. The US is over.

5/23/14 Nuc Waste Storage Sites
 using wheat based kitty litter (Grain Silo explosions are well known) as volatile as nitroglycerine; US has 77 of them in the same potential condition as the WIPP Site, leaking Plutonium radiation constantly; eg Hanford leaks into the Columbia River and one in St Louis into the Mississippi. PU is 1 Million X as toxic as U Radiation. 
California draining reservoirs with 40% US food supply in “Exceptional Drought” and Sierra Mountain snowpack at 4%; for the convenience of fish. BLM killing, starving and evicting cattle when Beef shortage is critical and prices are at record levels. 53Million gallon nuc waste site next to Lake Huron being built. The Great Lakes are the largest source of fresh water on earth. 
“A man’s enemies shall be the men of his own household” Jesus Christ

5/30/14 USMA Graduation Address, 
Obama signals end to Iraq and Afghanistan Wars; pledges $5B to fight “Terrorism” while arming, funding, training Al-Qaeda, ISIS at Benghazi and visiting some of the 100K troops guarding opium in Afghanistan.  

5/19/14 Art 5 Constitutional Convention
 called with Michigan becoming 34th state to declare Budget Deficits illegal. The entire US Constitutional and Bill of Rights laid open. Weaponized Ebola in Italy; Europe next, America after that. All 50 States Nat Guards issued Ebola test equipment. 1000 Commissioned Doctors in 1000 Tent Hospitals. Rights? What ever Rights you think you have Jesus purchased with His blood; why not thank Him?

5/16/14 American Spring begins May 16, 2014; The Zionist side of WWIII’s battle against Islam’s Arab Spring; thank you Grigori Scwartz (George Soros)
4/11/14 China asking North Korea to launch EMP Weapon against the US. 
North Korea can’t even get a missile to clear the Yellow Sea; the US has CHAMP (Boeing Counter electronics High Powered Microwave Project) and NERC (National Electric Reliability Corp) that will take out the US Power Grid. “A man’s enemies shall be the men of his own household” Jesus Christ
4/2/14 “Ukraine $15-18B bailout a threat to global economy” IMF Chief Christine Lagarde. What explicative will the IMF use to bailing out America’s $17.3T? or $50T unfunded liabilities or $1.6Q Derivatives Bubble? Silence. 

3/25/14 Hanford Nuclear storage site out of control; 11 workers sick with radiation poisoning.

3/22/14 Stingray 
is a portable suit case size device used by police that mimics cell phone towers to retrieve GPS positions of cell phones. Snoopy is a Drone that mimics previously used WiFi “Hot Spots” to steal information from Tablets, Cell Phones, personal Computers. Anonymous, Portable “All Seeing Eyes”; Masons must be ecstatic!

Citigroup, IMF, Israel Central Banker mentor of Ben Bernanke, Larry Summers, Mario ECB President Draghi Stan Fischer confirmation hearing to Vice FED. “Optimal Money Supply Rule” is his blueprint; sounds a lot like Nathan Rothschild “Permit me to control a nation’s money supply and I care not who makes its laws” because they are the same Edomite fake Jew Bankers (Janet Yellen is as well) Jesus turned the tables on. Edomites convert Gold, Silver and Precious stones into Fiat Currency, charge interest “Usury” to nations they control and hand over control of the real money to Lucifer (Dan 11:43) Happy Ptah-Rek Day!

2/19/14 A dozen Bankers commit suicide in 2014; CEO of American Title Services (nice sounding name but Americans have no real Title; It’s “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” folks, not Property; Traitor Thomas Jefferson knew the purpose of America quite well) Richard Tally put 7 nails in his head with a nail gun; about as believable as Vince Foster using 2 different handguns on his own head. Why? If Americans found out we have no real Title to property (land, financial asset), there would be rioting in the streets. Alodial Title is called Color of Title, it is no more valuable or tangible than Fiat Currency. Right on cue, California passed a bill declaring Crypto-currencies like BitCoin “Legal Tender”. A Texas Magistrate Judge also declared BitCoin “Legal Tender” last year. These will be among the first states to declare independence from the US; aiding this decision is the Federal Gov withholding Federal Water Rights from CA, currently in the grips of a Geo-engineered 500 yr Drought. These same conditions existed just ahead of the Civil War which is the end goal. 

1/24/14 FEMA, DHS, HHS: 40 million KI doses, 1000 Tent Hospitals, 1000 “Commissioned Doctors” under the Surgeon General, 200K Hospital Scrubs, Contractors supplying 40 yd Dumpsters within 48 hr notice for Bio-hazard clean-up. 

12/31/13 Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act 2013 (S1881) introduced by 26 senators.  
Sayanims (Shabboz Goy serving the Star of Molech as Double Agents) propose giving Israeli President,  330Luciferian Mason, Ashkenazi fake Jew, Netanyahu the executive decision on war with Iran; High Treason with the Synagogue of Satan. HHS ordered 14 Million 65mg Potassium Iodide tablets for delivery by Feb 1, 2014, in anticipation of a massive release of radioactive iodine; this would be for new “accidents” as Iodine decays in 90 days. Fukushima, Japan was hit by 9 earthquakes today. 2 new volcanic islands on the “Ring of Fire” just south of Japan have roared to life. Indonesia volcano forced evac of 90,000. Read Mat 24, Lk 21 and Mk 13. 
Bald Eagles represent the US, millions migrate in winter to the Great Salt Lake; now they are dying all over Utah and the west from radiation. Hiring neighborhood snitches for the CIA. 
US exports arms to Israel; Israel exports arms to China; Woe unto you Hypocrites! 

12/27/13 Sochi “Flame” Olympics Sodomite delegation named. 
Sodomite Barack Obama (ref Man’s Country, 33Prince Hall Freemason Jeremiah Wright’s Gay Matchmaking service “Down Low Club”, and Obama “Body Man” Reggie Love) snubs the Russian Olympics and sends Sodomite Janet Napolitano (Operation Gun Runner, Dame of Malta), Sodomite Billie Jean King (Presidential Medal of Freedom), Sodomite Caitlin Cahow, alleged Sodomite Brian Boitano, alleged Sodomite Rob Nabors (Obama senior adviser; previously adviser to Sodomite Rahm Emanuel) and Michael McFaul (Sodomite Bush Jr Russian adviser now Russian Ambassador) to Sochi Olympics in Russia amid new “anti-Sodomite propaganda” laws in Russia. Quite the snub eh? A biography of Vladimir Putin by Stanislov Velkovsky “Putin” alleges he is also a closeted homosexual. 
     Russia is derived from the Rus, a branch of Scythian Tauri who 1000 years ago published “Rus Justice” Laws under Vladimir the Great; like Vladimir Putin today, both believe a Water Baptism can turn a Satanist into a Christian; pretty coincidental eh? Russia arms Iran because the Scythian Rus became known as Sarmations, pagans from the Iranian highlands who adopted Zoroastrian religion. Karl Marx was the son of Slavik Rabbis; 80% of Stalin’s Bolsheviks were “Jewish”; Why? Rabbi is a Sarmation title meaning “Teacher”, not Jewish in the slightest. “Father” is also a title derived from “Pater”, the 7th level of Mithraism, not Christian in the slightest. You can bet an Orthodox Mitre (Mithra) Vladimir Putin knows all this too!
      Sochi Olympic Logos: Red, White and Blue (Witchcraft Colors) Egg, Flame Circle and 5pt Star. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by Fire. Catching Fire yet? We will, but just remember, Eze 38:1 KJV does not have “Rus or Rosh” because the Gog and Magog invasion is 1000 years after the 2nd Coming!
Vladimir means “Ruling Peace”; Barack means “Lightning” and Obama means “He is with us” in Zoroastrian. Lucifer brings Peace; Jesus brings a Sword! The Peace Sign is called the “Death Rune”

11/22/13 China’s Central Bank announced they will no longer purchase $US Treasuries; Oil to be priced in Yuan. We are about at the stage in Titanic where the keel breaks in half.

11/16/13 CDC and DHS are preparing for “Unprecedented Animal Slaughter” after Thanksgiving. 
Right on cue”Circovirus”, suddenly appears in man’s best friend, Dogs. Circovirus jumped species from Birds and Swine; the virus is known for its ability to wipe out a large hog farm in less than a week. Think occultists have forgotten about the Swine Herd the Demons called “Legion” entered at Jesus’ command? Guess again. Circo=Kyklos=Circle=Circe the “Goddess of Drugs and Magic”; Virus means “Venomous Substance”. Swine/Burd Flu Vaccine? Think Twice! “A man’s enemies shall be the men of his own household” Jesus Christ

11/10/13 Radioactive Plume from Fukushima 3-4 months away from arriving on the US West Coast- Inst for Energy and Environmental Research
TEPCO training Amateurs for SFP #4 Fuel Removal by hand.

11/4/13 ENDA (Employee Non-Discrimination Act) Vote Passed in Senate 
The Bill protects Cross Dressers, Transvestites, Homosexuals, Exhibitionists, Trans-Gender,  Voyeurs, Urophillia, Drag Queens/Kings. Naked Men in Female washrooms, showers and locker rooms? No problem. Gen 13:13 is in America Why? $13B Supercarrier Gerald Ford Christened 11/9. God will be blamed for America’s very sudden demise.

11/1/13 Google Barges began appearing in San Francisco; manufactured by Russian, Talmudic fake Jew Sergei Brin through his secret “Google X” division and a dummy corporation “By and Large” to bid on America’s assets during Foreclosure. Al Gore said Corporations need to rid themselves of “High Carbon Assets” (Employees); Sergei Brin and Bill Gates believe destroying “Animal Carcasses” is necessary to curb “Global Warming”. People who do not share their opinions are called “Human Cattle” and “Animals to be used as cannon fodder in our wars”-Henry Kissinger 

10/31/13 Richard Blum
, Concealed Weapon Carrier Sen Diane Feinstein’s husband given no-bid contract to appraise and sell US Post Offices to pay Debt. Nothing to see here folks.

10/30/13 San Diego Drug/Immigration Tunnel managed by the Sinaloa Drug Cartel “Discovered” The Sinaloa Drug Cartel are Mitt Romney’s Mexican relatives from US fugitive from justice Miles Park Romney; they were armed with 50Cal machine guns and Sniper Rifles, anti-aircraft rockets, AR-15 style automatic weapons, handguns, night vision equipment, body armor during “Operation Fast and Furious” by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano, Rick Perry, Susanna Martinez et all. BATF spokesman said today “Stricter gun measures are needed to curb the flow of weapons into Mexico” No shit Sherlock! 

  Oct 25 the CDC began hiring 1000 Commissioned Officers for its new H7N9 “Bird Flu” Pandemic response division. Commissioned? Absolutely, the head of the CDC is in reality, Surgeon General
The CDC and USDA are preparing for an “Unprecedented slaughter of animal carcasses” in response to an anticipated N7N9 “Bird Flu” Pandemic. Why Thanksgiving? Turkey comes from Turkomen aka Mohammadens (Followers of Mohammad) or Saracens, meaning (Empty of Sarah). Comet ISON reaches perihelion on Thanksgiving; its first return since the Flood.

10/19/13 Oxitec, a British Biotec firm funded by Bill Gates genetically modifies Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes to outcompete other male mosquitoes; the carriers of Yellow Fever and Dengue Fever; released in Grand Cayman 2 yrs ago and in Florida last year. Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes are now in Clovis, California. Clovis “Famous in Battle” was the Pagan Frankish “Merovingian King”, baptized a fake Christian; Bees (Chaldean “Word”) are the Merovingian symbol; Napoleon used 300 of Clovis’ Bees on his coronation robe.  ” A man’s enemies are the msn of his own house” Jesus Christ

10/18/13 Sodomite, Committee of 300 member Janet Napolitano leaving office on Rosh Hashanah; her replacement is Democratic fundraiser, Drone, GITMO torture, military LGBT Lawyer Jeh Johnson. Napolitano left an open letter to her successor stating “The US power grid will collapse from a Cyber Attack not if but when”. When that happens, the US becomes Fukushima X100. One of Boeing’s more powerful Drones is CHAMP, the EMP Drone that will make the US Power Grid a relic of the past. Couple this news with Paul Ryan and Patty Murray slashing Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP (Food Stamps) and the cancellation of EBT cards and Chaos is certain. 

8/15/13 US Army purchases 160K AK-47 Ammo Clips and 2 million rounds. 
 Russian troops will be under NORTHCOM in Colo Springs during Martial Law. Kalashnikov Rifles have been on both sides of more wars than any other rifle; Russia and the US arm both sides of Civil Wars abroad; Amerca’s 2nd Civil War is about to begin.8/7/13 Bitcoin declared “Legal Tender” by Texas Magistrate Judge Amos Mazzant on Laylat al Qadr “Night of Power”. Treason knows no bounds.

7/13/13 NY Police Commissioner Ray Kelly proposed to head DHS. 20 years ago as Police Commissioner Kelly blamed al-Qaeda for the FBI orchestrated 1993 WTC Bombing; this event closed the tunnels under WTC #4,5 for the Foreign Gold Heist shown by Bruce Willis in the 1995 movie Die Hard with a Vengeance. Both men were awarded the French Legion of Merit with Benghazi Gun Runner Gen David Petraeus. Kelly oversees the $3B NYPD Joint Ops Center using FBI, FEMA, BATFE to investigate False Flags such as the 7/7/2005 (777) London Subway bombings and 3/11/2004 (911 days after 9/11/2001) Madrid Subway bombings. NYPD Officers called “Mosque Crawlers” spy out Muslim “Terrorists” but can’t figure out how a B-767 landing Gear with a Cable around it ended up at the Ground Zero Mosque. Napoleon created the French Legion of Merit saying “I marvel at how easily loyalty is obtained by pinning a medal on a person’s chest”; that and a dozen honorary PhD’s did it for Kelly. As US Customs Commissioner on 9/11/2001; Kelly convinced the world 19 Arab hijackers boarded 4 US aircraft; funny thing, no Arab passengers were even listed on those aircraft, nor any evidence they even passed through airport Customs or security because their Arab Passports were left in their hotel rooms; well except for the one Bernard Kerik found in the melting rubble.
Under a declaration of Martial Law, Kelley would be put in control the US. Viva la France!

7/12/13 James Comey to replace FBI Director Robert Mueller “
We never proved Osama bin Laden had any involvement with 9/11″-Robert Mueller Comey was lead prosecutor blaming bin Laden for the Khobar Tower bombings. George Bush Jr appointed Comey as #2 under Water Boarding, GITMO, Extraordinary Rendition enthusiast Alberto Gonzales. Comey is a Lockheed-Martin Sr VP on HSBC Board of Directors, the world’s largest Drug Money Laundry. A Religion major from William & Mary in favor of Sodomite Marriage whose Thesis supported Israel Whore Jerry Fallwell and Reinhold Niebuhr, the primary religious influeince behind Luciferian Mason Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, Balkan butcher Madeline Albright and “Bomb Iran” John McCain. A match made in Hell 33Mason/Sodomite J Edgar Hoover would have bee