Select Page If you have not already seen this 8 minute animation film, watch it today. It is quite amazing in more ways than one. There are many themes interwoven into the film, but the main story is about the crumbling away of the hierarchi (Full Version)

The Timeline leading to America destroyed and declared the Scapegoat “Babylon” and Coronavirus Vaccine a Transformation, Mark of the Beast aka Great Reset to Zep Tepi the “First Time”. 9/11/2001 fall of the Twin Towers; the rise of CIA asset Osama bin Laden, the pre-planned Notre Dame Fire, revealing of Antichrist, Deal of the Century “Abraham Accords”, Brexit, start of the Great Tribulation and Destruction of the Al Aqsa Mosque is all encoded in the Heliofant (Solar Initiate) video.

Zep Tepi (1st Time) is the mirror of I Pet; Goat refers to rejection of Jesus Christ as “God Of All Things”; all Goats will be on His left and told “Depart from me I never knew you” Mat 7:23 George Soros aka Schwartz Gyorgy plays the role of the Crone, the recycling of Magic in the time of the MAGA “Trump” the Magician/Sorcerer. Amazon logo A to Z is Ayin Zayin (Beginning and End) seen in Aleister Crowley’s book Liber Oz: Book 77 a return to the first time Zep Tepi as a mirror image of the Age of Leo when the Universe was essentially Upside Down. Shamash the Babylonian god of Justice is the center candle of the Chabad Lubavitch Hanukkah Menorah for this reason. The Gnostic 120th Jubilee Is 2020; this is why the Maccabees instituted Hanukkah at the end of Aries beginning of Pisces, 2183 years ago; 1656 years Creation to Flood + 2160 years Aries to Pisces + 2183 years to 2020=5999 years. The return to Zep Tepi is symbolized by the Ouroborus Serpent eating its own tail in a 6000 yr/120 Jubilee “Time Warp” aka  “Operation Warp Speed” The dead fish in the vid represent the end of Pisces beginning of Aquarius. Capricornus (Sea Goat) begins Dec 21, 2020 with the Great Conjunction of Saturn (Osiris) and Jupiter (Horus) at 0 deg Aquarius, the first such event in human history.

      Zep =Time Zipper or DNA; Coronavirus Operation Warp Speed is Time-Space being Reset to Zep Tepi ie the Great Reset  In the movie Rocky Horror Picture Show; Betelgeuse did the Time Warp that’s Orion aka Osiris or Saturn whose son is Horus aka Sokar or Seker aka the New Aeon of Horus “Zep Tepi”
Star Trek was based on the Enterprise Warp Drive, its 5 year mission is Gen Wes Clark’s 7 nations destroyed in 5 years with Iran ie Aryan the last, the Mede-Persian Ram versus the Grecian Goat (Dan 7;8) Donald Trump will host a Hanukkah Party in the White House for Hanukkah 2020; he played the role of the Phoenix (House of Enoch) standing between the Egyptian and Arab dictators in 2017, danced the Ardah (Arab Sword Dance) and wore funeral attire to the Vatican; Pope Francis handed the MAGA “Sorcerer” a Lotus Flower representing Re-birth of Zep Tepi for this reason.

Al Aqsa Mosque 

3 B-2 Bombers destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque in I Pet Goat II. 3 B-2 “Spirit” bombers are stationed at Diego Garcia (Diego=James or Jacob “Supplanter”; Garcia= Spear or Rule), the island “discovered” by Jesuits in 1540 and ethnically cleansed in the 1970’s on orders of Jesuit Henry Kissinger.

On Jan 8, 2008 the Sanhedrin Temple Mount Rabbis presented George Bush with Megillat Bush declaring him “Gog, Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal”, a line from Eze 38:2; notice in a Conical Cap (Earth’s Axis Precession forms the Cone) morphs into Obama wearing the Mortar Board Graduation Cap meaning “As Above, So Below” ie the Circle of Heaven built on Earth by Masons. Later, an old Witch “Crone” appears in a Tower; Trump Tower to be precise as the Whirling Dervish (Esoteric Sufis) rises and the Solar Christ sails toward the Rising Sun.
Operation Garden Plot (Cain is the Gardener) converted 200+ Military Bases, Warehouses and Storage Facilities into Civilian Inmate Detention Facilities; obviously Martial Law has been instituted; notice the US Flag torn to pieces. The Devil manipulates George Bush Jr into dancing on the Black and White Masonic Floor in the Tampa School he visited during 9/11/2001; his Conical Cap represents Earth’s Axis Precession ie Time. Bush morphs into Obama (Obama means “He is with us” in Farsi; the Zoroastrian Messiah is Saturn) wearing the Mortar Board signaling “As Above. So Below”; Heaven built on Earth; Rabbis call this Tikkun Olam “Repair the Earth”; Obama steps on a Coin, the Coin is the British Crown (Coronavirus was announced Jan 1, 2020 means “Crowned Serpent:)  The map on the wall has pins at Deep Water Horizon, AP Murrah Bldg and Sandy Hook. The Chalk Board has a Hangman Game spelling LOVE backwards. The British Parliament received a card with the LOVE Symbol Prince used as his name; this is the symbol of the Church of Amor (Love) aka Cathars. Mormon Sandy Hook actor Emily Parker appears with an Apple (Aplu=Zeus; Apollyon in Rev 9:11) rolling it across the L and C ($50 features Hoover Dam collapsing; and $100 features New York City destroyed by attack and flood; later in the video Markets Plunge as the Deal of the Century is revealed) to be stopped by a Shoe. Shoes are the sign of Masonic Fidelity. The Apple Splits and Worms (Crimson Worm is a symbol of Jesus Christ emerge; the Worm represents the False Messiah, not Jesus Christ. Jerusalem is not the Apple of God’s Eye; Born Again Christians are. Jerusalem is “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” Rev 11:8KJV because for 2700 years, Israel has worshipped Saturn with the Six Pointed Star of Molech as Amos 5:2; 26 points out clearly. The Apple (Aplu=Zeus aka Apollyon “Destroyer” in Rev 9:11)) sprouts a Lotus Flower (symbol of Buddha and gift Donald Trump gave to Pope Francis at the Vatican all 4 Donald, Melania, Ivanka, Jared wearing Funeral Attire against the backdrop of Francis wearing White Obama The Twin Towers fall, Osama bin Laden (Lion of Ladon is the Ladon Dragon guarding the Apples of Hesperides), blamed for the event is seen wearing a CIA patch because he is CIA asset Tim Osman (Osman I was founded the Ottoman Empire; currently revived by dictator for life Erdogan). The 6 pointed Star of Molech is seen supporting the Statue of Liberty aka Asherah the “Torch of the Gods”; in real life the 8 pt Star of Isis (Black Virgin) supports the Statue of Liberty, Arc de Triompfe in Paris as well as the Al Aqsa Mosque. The false Christ is highlighted by the Sacred Heart (Heart=Baal); Snakes and the Devil in the child’s head represent the Strong Delusion (2 Thess 2:13); Tanks roll, a Holocaust of Fire and Shiva the Destroyer dances the Nataraja “Dance of Destruction” (CERN features this same thing; the site is an ancient Grove of Apollo/Apollyon). Fish die, a symbol of Rev 8:9 and one featured in the Netflix series Messiah which aired Jan 1, 2020 the same day the Froggy Google Doodle between the Vaccine Needle and Sword appeared watching Fireworks toward the Rising Sun. A Crone (Artemis is 5G and the Space Force), appears in a Tower (Trump Tower is a Shrine to Apollo) as the Whirling Dervish (esoteric Shia Sufis) rises toward the Moon (Arab moon god is “Sin”); An attack on Mecca; Shiva dances to the destruction of the old world (CERN has Shiva dancing the Nataraja in front; it was built over a Temple of Apollo); the False Christ rises and Red Kachina dances in the plaza (Prophecy Rock features this Hopi aka Aztec prophecy). Notre Dame Cathedral is destroyed and the Solar Christ sails toward the Rising Sun and Solar Eclipse of Dec 26, 2019 (St Stephen’s Day (Martyr/Crown). Its no coincidence the Messiah series about the Iranian Messiah al Mahdi aired coincident with the US-Iran Charade folks!

On Dec 10, 2019 the Solar Christ sails toward the setting sun positioned in Scorpio which seems to be aligned with the date Dec 10, 2019. At 2:20 Osama bin Laden (CIA asset Tim Osman) wearing a CIA patch invokes the False God, likely Saturn/Sol Invictus the god of Christmas/Hanukkah as an Annular Eclipse occurs with the Sun in Scorpio. On Dec 25-26, 2019 an annular Solar Eclipse at Sunrise begins over Arabia and Idumea.
Gennady Borisov of Crimea, allegedly discovered Comet Borisov which streaked from the Lions of Leo into the womb of Virgo 9 months before the symbolic birth of Jupiter on Sept 23, 2017; Borisov has done it again, “discovering” Borisov an Interstellar object due to arrive for the 1st time on Dec 10, 2019. On Dec 26, 2019 St Stephen’s Day (Stephen means Martyr or Crown), Day of the Wren (Sacrifice of the noblest of birds represents the Dying King sacrificed for the good of his land ie the Earth; Jesus is Shiloh, meaning “He whose it is” or “Master of the House” in Gen 49:10) or Boxing Day (Boxes are gifts left under the Tree, representing Saturn’s Cubes deceiving the entire world via the Magic Mushroom Amanita Muscaria. Pre-Tribulation Rapture and 7 Yr Tribulation are deceptions not found in Scripture and will be used to usher in the False Messiah likely 7 yrs after the release of I Pet Goat II.
On Jan 28, 2020 Deal of the Century was revealed, the Devil whispering “Peace” and “Brexit” into the boy whose head is filled with Snakes. Coronavirus appeared Jan 1, 2020 and is claimed to have begun by Snakes and is forcing Quarantine of large blocks of humanity as depicted at the start of the video. An attack on Mecca and Markets Plunging follows, likely initiating WWIII Zionism against Islam.
Donald Trump has a giant book about the Greatest of All Time Muhammad Ali in his Penthouse; this is the GOAT at the start of the video. Muhammad Ali took his name from Nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammad and Noble Drew Ali; Donald Trump has an oversized tribute book to Muhammad Ali in his 66th floor Shrine to Apollo “Destroyer” of Rev 9:11. NOI is a Canaanite (Horite)-Moorish religion based on the mythical Shabazz “Royal Falcon” aka “Horus”. Ali aka GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) hides the Satanic Scapegoat “Azazel” in new bible versions of Num 16:8-10, one of 99 names of Satan; Jesus is the only real Scapegoat. Moors decapitated 50,000 Christians at Fez Morocco in 700 AD; today’s Shriner (Noble Arabic Order of the Mystic Shrine) Freemasons celebrate the slaughter by wearing the Red Fez; many of whom lead Congregations of sincere Christians to the slaughter, like 33 deg Luciferian Mason Reverend Norman Vincent Peale, Donald Trump’s Satanic mentor. NOI is a 100 year old religion built on 66Trillion year old nonsense; jailed thief Stuart Little aka 33 deg Luciferian Freemason Malcom X (Milcom=Horus + X=Messiah; the UNKNOWN GOD (Acts 17) who adopted the NOI name Bari (Boat/Solar Barque) Malik (Milcom/Molech/Malak) Shabazz; likely Barack Obama is Bari Malik Shabazz Jr.
I, Pet Goat II tells the story of America as the Bar Coded, destroyed Scapegoat, making way for the New Age Messiah “Horus”. Bush Jr was reading the book America, upside down on 9/11/2001 because America is in distress from treason; the Twin Towers demolished, Deep Water Horizon oil disaster on Earth Day and Notre Dame fire are all coded in the video.
I, Pet Goat II was Released June 24, 2012 on “Feast of St John”‘ John is Oannes the Beast Rising from the Sea aka Antichrist seen at the end. 6 minutes into the 7:28 minute video, the Spire of Notre Dame Cathedral falls exactly as portrayed 7 years earlier; an odd coincidence matched by the fall of the Twin Towers, forecast ahead of time in movies and on the $20 Bill.
Worship of the “Rising Sun” in Eze 8 was the reason the Glory of the LORD aka Holy Ghost departed Solomon’s Temple; Jesus, the Holy Ghost in Flesh, entered the East Gate and was rejected, taking the exact same path to Heaven; worship of the Rising Sun will also be the reason the Holy Ghost will depart the Earth for the final time.
Osama bin Laden (Lion + Manger + Laden Dragon) aka CIA asset Tim Osman is seen summoning the Beast in front of an Annular Solar Eclipse; likely the Annular Eclipse of Dec 26, 2019. On 12/21/2012 the Sun rose through the Ouroborus (Milky Way), the Serpent eating its own tail; 7 years later at mid-week Hanukkah 2019, the Sun, Moon and Black Star Saturn will align, forming an Annular Eclipse over the Royal Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (HaShem is Antichrist) at Sunrise, tracking over the the Royal Hashemite Kingdom of Sabah and Sulu aka the Golden Horseshoe Caliphate (Malaysia-Philippines)
The theme of I, Pet Goat II is destroying the Scapegoat; the US Al Qaeda like ISIS are US CIA creations; the CIA Patch on Osama bin Laden parallels mythology; when one hand of the mythical Laden Dragon is cut off, 2 more take its place, and so it is with Al Qaeda, ISIS, DAESH, al Shabab. Al Qaeda means “Solid Foundation”; an invention of Stanford University Islamic Studies professor Ibn Sayyid Qutb in 1966 in San Francisco, the year the Church of Satan was founded in the Black House on California St. Hashemites consider themselves descendants of the Quyraish Tribe of Mecca from which Muhammad descended; the alternative priests to Moses and Aaron called Korahites (Lev 16; Num 26); the title Sayyid and Hashemite are thus the same; Qutb means “World Pillar/Tree”, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil Jesus was nailed to.
The Goat in prison with no gold (Obama’s Masonic foot covers the Gold Coin=no Gold at the WTC or Ft Knox; Obama is a 33 deg Prince Hall Freemason, thus the foot is the Sign of Masonic Fidelity) with the 666 patch ends with the New World Order Christ (Marduk) in the Solar Boat of Horus aka Marduk, Jupiter, Zeus, Osiris, Tammuz; the Rising Sun is “Solis Invicti” (Unconquered Sun)
I, Pet Goat II is typical of the Gnostic (eg Cathars and Knights Templar ie “Money Changers”) revenge and Scapegoating of the Roman Catholic Church and America as Rev 17 “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS ON THE EARTH” and the the United States as Rev 18 “Babylon”. This is Satan’s plan to falsify the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ
Jesus, the Scapegoat of Lev 16:8-10 was rejected; Azazel will take His place; America is to be the Scapegoat led to Slaughter. Jesus places Lambs at His right; Goats on His left; Goats will hear “Depart from me I never knew you”
“Pet Goat” refers to Satan’s Children; Heliofant means “Initiate of the Sun” Solis Invicti. Easter was fixed on Dies Solis (Sunday), following the Full Moon after Spring Equinox by Constantine the Great a descendant of Canaanite/Phoenicians from Carthage and his wife/mother Helena, a British Druid descended from Syrian Sarmation Priest-Kings who worship “Solis Invicti”. Christmas the Mass (Sacrifice and Consumption of the Host ie body of Jesus Christ) then is the re-birth of Solis Invicti; 2019 may prove unique and quite possibly Daniel’s 70th Week.
The Essene Cipher for Sophia or Logos “Wisdom” is Baphomet, represented as the Goat of Mendes. The Ark Of God is GOAT; the GOAT is God Of All Things spelled backwards. The GOAT is Satan recently put on display in OKC and Detroit near a statue of Jesus, crucified on a Park Bench. Detroit was chosen for the Crucified Idol of Jesus, blessed by Jesuit Pope Francis I because Area Code 313 matches the 313 ! in KJV Scripture; the last being the fall of “Babylon” in Rev 18:19. Shia Muslims ie Messianic Muslims await the return of al-Mahdi when there are 313 sincere Shias.
Heliofant means “Child of the Sun” Helios, Sol, Solis Invicti was released June 24, 2012 on “Feast of St John”. Knights of Malta are Knights of St John of Jerusalem; Trump is a Knight of St John; John is Oannes, the Chaldean Beast Rising from the Sea aka Capricornus; the Astrological Sign beginning Dec 22, 2019 is coincident with the start of Hanukkah “Feast of Dedication”; the Chabad Lubavitch Hanukkah Menorah replaces Jesus with Shamash (Sun) the Babylonian “Rising Sun”; Christmas is the annual “Dies Natalis Solis Invicti” (Nativity of the Un-conquered Sun).
Freemason is derived from “Phremas” Phre=Sun; Mas/Massen=Child, The video is 7 + minutes of Egyptian and Masonic symbolism mainly dealing with the Protestant Orange Order’s Royal Arch Purple degree, the redemption of esoteric Islam (Dervish Sufiism), WWIII, destruction of the Roman Catholic Church, Order out of Chaos and presentation and acceptance of Antichrist (Solar Christ).
The Goat with a 666 Bar Code on his forehead “Mark of the Beast” is in a shipping box inside a fenced enclosure in Winter. The Goat symbolizes Saturn during Saturnalia in December; the Yule Goat. Saturnalia begins at the end of Ophiucus “Serpent Holder”, the 13th Zodiac sign (Nov 29-Dec 18). On the $ONE the Eagle (Symbol of Esau) carries the Serpent (Lucifer) symbolized by the Apple in the Garden of Eden. In the Assyrian pantheon, Nisroch (2 Ki 18:19) is Saturn, represented by the Eagle.
Classroom The clock nearing Midnight or High Noon is a sign the days are close to creating “Order out of Chaos”. At High Noon, the Sun will contact the Gnomon Pillar in the St Sulpice Cathedral on the Brass Line (Daniel’s 3rd Beast) on 12/21 at the symbol of Capricorn

George “Gog” Bush Jr wears the Dunce Cap, points to the East Coast of the US and turns into Obama wearing the Graduation Cap What Bush represents is December, the Sea-goat Capricornus (Devil in Tarot) as a Gate to Obama (He is with us in Zoroastrian Persian). As Above; So Below is the opening lines in the Emerald Tablet of Toth (Mercury; Druid Teutates); building Heaven on Earth is represented by the Square Mortar Board on the Graduation Cap. The Conical Cap of Capricorn is seen later in the skirt worn by the “Whirling Dervish”, an esoteric sect of Islam promoted by Sufis.
The Apple is Aplu=Apollo=Apollyon/Abaddan “Destroyer” of Rev 9:11. Site 911 at Beit Shemesh “House of the Rising Sun” just west of Jerusalem is a radiation hardened bunker with the Mezuzah rejecting Jesus Christ on every door post; Satan is ejected from Heaven 541 days before the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ at the 1st Woe ! 5th Trumpet warning at Rev 9:11. The Apple rolls toward Obama from the school girl across the Masonic Checkerboard floor over an L and C L=50; X=100; 50 is the Jubilee; the 10th Jubilee was 2017-18; the False Messiah awaited by Rabbis returns after the 10th Jubilee, written in the Essene Prince Melchisedek Scroll over 2000 years ago. 100 represents the the 1917 British Mandate for Palestine and Trump’s (really his Chabad Lubavitch handlers) soon to be released “Deal of the Century”. On the US $50 Hoover Dam can be seen collapsing; on the $US 100, New York is hit by a Tsunami. As Barack Obama watches this, he sweats; Barack means Lightning (Lucifer); Obama means “He is with us” in Farsi. Barack is a 33 deg Prince Hall Freemason; Nation of Islam has nothing to do with Muslims, he is the son of Bari Malik Shabazz Sr aka 33 deg Prince Hall Freemason Malcolm X (Milcom/Molech=Lord + X=Messiah; Milcom seen in the Six Pointed Star of Saturn on Israel’s Flag) and Betty Shabazz; his NOI name Bari Malik Shabazz Jr means Boat/Barque + Molech + Royal Falcon “Horus”; this is the Antichrist seen throughout My Pet Goat II. Obama was the 44th US President, however Donald Trump is the 44th person selected President for the same reasons King Zedekiah was the 44th and final King of Israel (Grover Cleveland like King David served 2 non-consecutive terms) Important because Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix is 33 deg Freemason Aleister “Great Beast” Crowley’s book detailing the 400 Yr old plan written in New Atlantis: A Worke Unfinished by 33 deg Freemason Francis Bacon aka Jesuit stooge Sir Tobie Mathew, to sacrifice America as the Scapegoat for Rev 18 “Babylon”. The US is to become the Phoenix of the New Age, out of the ashes the Golden Age of Saturn will spring forth.
The Apple is Aplu, Shiva, Apollo/Apollyon “The Destroyer”; CERN’s Logo is 666, built over an ancient grotto of Apollo with Shiva dancing the Nataraja “Dance of Destruction” in front for a reason; Cernunnos is Daniel’s “Little Horn”. Donald Trump’s 66th floor Penthouse is a Shrine to Apollo. In Tarot, the Tower Card is the 16th Major Arcana symbolizing God’s destruction of the Tower of Babel. The message here? Donald Trump will likely usher in the Golden Age.
$50 Bill 50th “L” year Jubilee. 1966 Anno Satanae “Year One, Satan” and the founding of the Church of Satan in the US. In June 2016 a Goat was displayed on the Hoover Dam; on the $50, the Hoover Dam is seen destroyed; the Hoover Dam By-pass bridge was completed in the event a Terrorist Incident destroyed the Dam.
$100 Bill or C-Note shows New York City being destroyed by a Tidal Wave and or Missile. “When the lights go out in New York City for the last time, we will have the world”
“We are the riders of the Pale Horse Death, God creates, we decide who lives and who dies; we do this for the Earth”-Barbara Marx Hubbard
Shiva stands outside CERN which uses the 666 Logo and was purpose built over an ancient Temple of Apollo. The announcement of the God Particle on American Independence Day July 4, 2012 was also no coincidence; the “God of forces” is the god “Grand Architect” to whom Freemasons pay homage in ritual; they refer to him as “Light”. Just remember, the Light God Created on Day 1 has nothing to do with Sun, Moon or Star “Light”. It is the Holy Ghost.
Riding the Goat is similar to a Gang Initiation. In Masonry, the hierophant (Solar Adept) dressed as a Goat pushes the blindfolded nearly naked aspirant into a canvas blanket where he is tossed and beaten in the Northwest corner of the Temple. The goat symbolizes the Sun (Masonic Greater Light) rising in Capricorn on Dec 25, giving birth to the Heliofant (The Masonic Production Company Name) meaning “Initiate of the Sun”. The ceremony is ancient, a ritual blasphemy of the Holy Ghost called Hieros Gamos “Sacred Marriage”, usually involving the “Osculum Infanum” (Obscene Kiss); Kissing the Hierophant’s backside dressed as the Goat.
Jesus separates Goats from Lambs; Lambs on His right; Goats on His Left; the latter will be told “Depart from me, I never knew you”; by design, the Esoteric Masons, Islam, high level Jesuits and Mormons can never have a repentant relationship with Jesus Christ because they are assuming His role. Riding the Goat is the Solar Goat “Capricorn” of Christmas as well as the Scapegoat of Lev 16:8-10 who bears the Sins of the Congregation into the Wilderness. For a Born Again Christian, the Scapegoat is Jesus Christ, but for the Freemason, the Goat is Azazel, an infernal name of Satan in Anton LaVey’s “Satanic Bible” stemming from the Arabic word Azala meaning “Removed”. Azazel means “Remove by a series of acts” such as War, Disease, Birth Control or Euthanasia. Christmas is the annual death and resurrection of the Solar Messiah “Solis Invicti”.
Ishmael and Esau took Canaanite wives whose worship of the Canaanite deity Aziz became this Scapegoat. I cannot stress enough, Christmas means Sacrifice of Jesus Christ and consumption of the suitable Host (Body); if you want to understand this, stop setting up the annual Solar Grove and Lighting your home. Stop taking Communion from your Solar Priest and receive a true Spiritual Communion from Jesus Christ through the Holy Ghost.
The Royal Arch Degree aspirant symbolically takes 2 ½ steps forward in the “Advancement” and climbs 3 steps of “Jacob’s Ladder” aka Tower of Babel. 2 ½ refers to the Tribes of Reuben, Gad and ½ Tribe of Manasseh because Freemasonry is bloodline related; Reuben was Jacob’s first Born; so he compares to Adam’s first born Cain who killed his brother Abel and lied to God about it (Rejection of the Holy Ghost is Unforgiveable). Noah’s first born Japheth is currently dwelling in Shem’s tents as fake Jews “Ashkenazi”. Abraham’s first born Ishmael originated Esoteric and Messiah oriented Islam; Twelvers such as those in Iran expect “al-Mahdi” meaning “He who Rises”; Sufi Dervish Orders also come from Ishmael, led by “Qutb”, the real founder of Al Qaeda; notice, in the movie, Osama bin Laden wears a CIA patch; “al Qaeda” means “Solid Foundation” and “Qutb” means “World Tree/Pillar”. In Eastern religion, Buddha means the same thing; all representations of the Obelisk “Baal’s Shaft”. Ever wonder why US Presidents and the Roman Catholic Pope are inaugurated facing an Obelisk?
Isaac’s first born Esau (Edomites) achieve Dominion as the 3rd Beast Gen 27:39-41KJV Edomites the Rothschild “Red Shield” International Bankers whose name was Bauer meaning Farmer; Cain was the first Farmer; his offerings to God were not accepted because God owns the Earth; this is why God admonished Abraham’s sons not to take wives of the daughters of Canaan.
The Red Crescent and Red Sash is worn by the resurrected Sufi Dervish man. “Whirling Dervish” get their name from spinning around a central Axis “World Pole” aka “Obelisk”; this is obscenely presented as a naked man lying on his back holding an “Old Crone” Witch prisoner in his Baal’s Shaft. We see this shape in Islamic and Orthodox towers or in Disney movies all the time, but we just don’t pay attention. Notice the Red Crescent Moon next to Osama bin Laden (CIA asset Tim Osman) wearing a CIA patch; in fact that’s what he is/was; the Red Crescent physically represents Islam, but esoterically represents the Assyrian moon god “Sin”. Again, the 2 ½ tribes represent Israel; Reuben, the might, beginning of Jacob’s strength, dignity and power, however he is “unstable as water”; Masons are “Double Minded Men, unstable in all their ways”. Gad, shall overcome at the last, and will indeed when Jesus returns, but not before. Manasseh is the son of Joseph whose brother Ephraim made a treasonous pact with the Assyrians. Manasseh, is claimed by Arthur Koestler “13th Tribe” and Yair Daviday “Brit-Am-Israel” to be the British; this is Lie as is the Mormon teachings that they represent Ephraim, Dan and Manasseh. Manasseh produced Gideon, the warrior who refused the offer to be King. He made an Ephod of Gold from 700 slain Ishmaelites. The Gold Earring (Judges 8:24) can be seen in the left ear of the Dervish man. (Ref Gen 49:3;19;22) Recall the prophecy concerning Ishmael was his hand would be against every other man.
The 3 Steps represent Faith, Hope and Charity; the Chaplain reads 1 Cor 13:13. Chaplain means “Clergyman” and guardian of St Martin’s Cloak, the first so-called martyr in Constantine’s Army; there are no Born Again Christian Chaplains! Charity means “Love of God”. For the Mason this is Faith in the Grand Architect of the Universe (God Particle/ Dark Matter), Hope of Resurrection and Charity such as the Red Cross, Red Crescent, United Way, Shriner’s Hospitals etc.. One cannot absolve Sin as a Shriner by being a Shriner Clown! I’m not Jesting folks! Masons represent Jesus as the Court Jester. The 3 steps also represent the Occult Trinity: Father (Sun; Adramellech 2 Ki 17:30), Mother (Easter/Anammelech), Son “Children of the sun”. The 3 steps are Sun (Greater Light), Moon and Stars (Lesser Lights). The Mason seeks “Light”; notice the Light God created on Day 1 is not the same Lights He created 3 days later on Day 4; the First Light is the Holy Ghost. The twisted logic used by Masons is, Jesus was an Ascended Master and so can they be. Oops!
The Pass Grip is placing pressure on the 3rd knuckle; this can be seen among many world leaders including the Pope. The dominant among Master Masons will use the Lion’s Paw Grip; this can be seen with Reagan and Gorbachev during the so-called “Cold War”. They were both Bohemian Grove pals for Pete’s Sake!
The Sign is index and middle fingers up, 3rd and pinky finger down, thumb across the palm; Seen this sign of Benediction before? Kids are taught this to make a Rabbit; no harm here eh? The Easter Rabbit is Anamellech, the Assyrian Mother Goddess and consort of Adramellech, the Assyrian Sun God. In Hebrew, Shamash is equivalent with Adramellech; ever wonder why Talmudic Rabbis represent the Hanukkah Menorah with Shamash as the center candle? The shadow of the “Victory” hand sign makes the Easter Rabbit as well as the Sign of the Goat. Clever eh? Look closely and this sign will produce a larger than life nose. Jewish? Heaven’s no, God promised to smite people who hate Him to their face; this sign signifies those who hate God and whom God hates in return. Rom 9:13 tells us “God hates Esau”; check out Leon Trotsky or Bill Clinton to see this.
The Entrance Password is Shibboleth “Shib-Bo-Leth” because Ephraim was unable to pronounce the “h” after their treason with Assyria.
The Central Password is “The Ark of God”; the aspirant is not told until later this is GOAT spelled backwards
The Grand Password is “The Great Jehovah be our guide” This is not Jesus Christ meant here, but
The Goat: Capricorn, Witch’s Sabbat Goat, Azazel and Templar Baphomet, a word derived from the Moorish “Bufihmat” or Arab “Abufihamnet” meaning “Father or Source of Wisdom and Understanding”; that would be the Serpent in the Grove folks! With this background, look for the symbols presented.
The Goat is a prisoner in a FEMA Camp with the US Flag torn ie No Constitutional Rights (Operation Garden Plot has converted 800 BRAC closed Military Bases and Warehouse facilities to Detention Centers; 1000 MASH style Tent Hospitals and 1000 Oath Sworn doctors pledged to serve the Surgeon General) similar to a Russian Gulag with a 666 Bar Code over the Pineal Gland “3rd Eye”. Muslims were the 1st Scapegoat on 9/11/2001, a Self Immolating Blood Sacrifice mimicking Samson’s destruction of the Twin Pillars at the Philistine Temple of Dagan; 3000 years ago 3000 people died there as well. FEMA was in place on 9/10/2001 preparing for a “Terrorist Attack” in NYC. George Bush Sr first used “New World Order” in a UN speech on 9/11/1990. 2 rows of 3 Lights on the Guard Tower represent 33 Degree Sovereign Masonry and their motto “Order out of Chaos”; 33 Spinal Vertebra, the age of Jesus at His “Sacrifice” and “Ascension” and 33 atoms in Chlorophyll used in Plant Photosynthesis. As Plants turn Green, Enlightened Man uses “Light Synthesis” to attain “New Life”; Chlorophyll=Chloro=Pale Horse. In 1312-1313, the Council of Vienne confiscated Templar assets and turned them over to the equally corrupt Knights of Malta aka Hospitallers who remember the Cathar prediction “Every 700 years, the Laurel grows green again”; the Laurel being the crown of the Green Man Dionysus or Bacchus.
Bush Jr is a Luciferian puppet wearing a Dunce Cap aka “Cap of Mithra” (Mithras also Self Immolates), dancing in light forming an inverted 5 pt Star “Baphomet” on a Masonic Checkerboard Floor. The classroom is identical to 9/11/2001 when Bush read “My Pet Goat” and “America” upside down. Notice the Star of Isis inside the snowflake; just as no 2 Christians are alike, no 2 Masons are, but all Masons have Isis “Mother Goddess” at their center. The US map behind him has pins at NYC for 9/11; OKC for the AP Murrah Bldg sacrifice of America’s Choice Day Care Center and New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina. On 9/10/2001, FEMA spokesman Tom Kennedy told Dan Rather on the CBS Evening News they were preparing for a Terrorist Act in NYC and, number 2, for a Hurricane in New Orleans; Katrina has the same root as “Cathar” and hit at sunrise on the Feast of the Edomite beheading of John the Baptist (Aug 29).
Bush Jr in the Dunce Cap soon morphs into Obama (“He is with us” in Farsi) wearing a Tasseled Square Graduation cap. Squaring a Circle is impossible as is building Jacob’s Ladder to Heaven, but nonetheless, it is the Masonic goal. Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels said “With enough repetition, a Circle can be made a Square”. The point within a circle represented by the Cone Cap is the World Pillar scribing a circle called the Zodiac opposite the direction of rotation; Satanists call this Circumambulation “Wittershins”; the Mormon Temple was built in this fashion using Sun and Moon Stones; the point being there is no difference between Bush, Obama or Mormon Mitt Romney. Symbolically, the Circle of Heaven is built on Earth using the Square and Compass, to complete the Tower of Babel. Gate of Osiris “On” aka El, Allah, or Ilu; Mormo means Gates of Hell for this reason and 666 is the mark to get there.
The clock is near High Noon; School is in session; the Sun is at its Zenith above Capricorn (Goat) on 12/21 when the condemned are hanged; notice the Hangman game on the blackboard; the condemned has X over his eyes; he is Un-initiated and cannot see the truth of EVOLUTION or of X-Mass, the annual re-birth of X=Christ aka Osiris, Apollo, Helios. Osiris=On; the Un-initiated cannot see they are the Gate of On “Babylon”. “Cursed is anyone who hangs from a tree”; the hangman is thus “Cursed”, in the way Jesus was “Hung from a Tree” and made the “Curse”. (Rev Deut 21:23) The Alphabet chart is backwards aA bB cC because lower case are physical while uppercase are spiritual; the physical world must be conquered first. Example in scripture is GOD=JEHOVAH; Jesus=Jehovah. Union Square Park is HQ of the Tea Party Movement in NYC. Why? “T” means Tammuz; the entire movement is Masonic. A clock counts up and down to midnight next to the Hand of the God of Providence; the Masonic God venerated by Masons. The God of Providence slogan is “The ends justify the means”; one need only look at America’s founding and role in world affairs to see America’s GOD is not Jesus Christ. Facing this clock is the US Flag supported by the Fasces, a bundle of rods tied with Red Cord around an Axe Blade. The symbol is on all 50 State National Guard patches, on Abe Lincoln’s throne, the Upper Left panel of the Supreme Court Doors, over the Speaker’s Rostrum in Congress and above the Oval Office Doors. America is Fascist to its core, we just don’t want to believe it. By the way, it takes 7 left forks in Broadway from the Lincoln Center and Columbus statue to get to Union Square Park. Columbia is the Roman goddess of Freedom; his name was not Christopher Columbus; the name is Norse for Red Christ.
In the next scene a Blonde haired blue eyed girl (seen in Sandy Hoax as Mormon Emily Parker) drops an Apple (Apollo/Apollyon/Shiva “Destroyer”) onto a Masonic Checkerboard Floor (Black versus White=Dialectic: Thesis + Antithesis=Synthesis a new world under under Luciferian or mob rule aka “Beast”) which rolls over a L and C ($50 Bill destruction of Hoover Dam and $100 bill destruction of NYC) to Obama’s foot holding down a Gold Coin. The apple then splits in half and a Lotus Flower (Symbol of life in Buddhism, seen as the World Pillar) grows from the 2 parts. This girl is Emily Parker, a Mormon. Mormons use the phrase “White and Delightsome” and “Pey Heylel” in reference to worship of Lucifer “Light Bringer”. Notice how she is illuminated while the other 12 class members are dark and lifeless. At Sandy Hook, the ages of the supposed dead children were ages 6 and 7; added is 13, multiplied is 42. This in reference to the start of the 42 month Great Tribulation described in Rev 13 and Daniel’s 3rd Beast described in Dan 7:6. Emily was photo-shopped into her family picture and later appeared with Obama in Sandy Hook after her supposed death. C-7 is the fully automatic version of the AK-47 claimed to have been used to kill 26 at Sandy Hook; this was later proved to have been false. Avalon means “Place of Apples”; atop Glastonbury Tor near London is the Aquarian Cross; the Labrys (Eye of Ra=Birth Canal) is centered on the Cross (an apple forms this same symbol when split top to bottom); the Solar Christ in this video will also have an Eye of Ra on his forehead indicating this Christ is the “Enlightened or Initiated” Messiah. Apples, cut across form the Pentacle; vertically the Heart symbol used by Valentinian Gnostics, whose priests wore Goat Skins as Jacob once did to impersonate Esau. The annual unions of Valentine’s Day lasted a Year and a Day because they were “Hand Fast” weddings used in witchcraft. The apple rolls passed a 70 in the Floor (I have seen other people comment this is LO for “London Olympics”) to Obama stepping on a Gold Coin; an Islamic Dinar is my best guess having seen this video once because it is valued in terms of 70 Grains of Wheat; approximately a “Quart of Wheat” provided for a day’s wage after the Black rides. The KJV has this correct, new bibles do not; Jesus sent 70 ministers to Samaria in Luke 10, with the only physical guarantee of Salvation in scripture. Why? Samaritans are fake Jews of the most deceptive nature; they make up the Levitical Priesthood “Kohamin” of Israel today. It’s a 70 in the floor
The “God of forces” will have control over all supplies of Gold and Silver (Dan 11:38), only Edom, Moab and Ammon (Six Pointed Star is the Star of Molech and the Ammonite “Chiun”) will escape his hand; this is why the esoteric branch of Islam “Dervish” is seen rising in this video; they know full well, Allah is the Assyrian moon god “Sin” and Born Again Christians are decidedly considered the Un-initiated, destined to the same fate Jesus was. It was no coincidence the “God Particle” which produces the mythical “Force of Gravity” across the Universe was announced on American Independence Day 2012; a Gold confiscation already happened in 1933, the year Hitler signed the Reich Concordat with the Catholic Church. The Golden Age is analogous with the number 7, the number of perfection and , so I believe this is a 7. The apple splits, forming the Heart symbol which repeats in the Solar Christ’s Heart split top to bottom just as the Temple Veil was at the Crucifixion. The Yarmulke and Zucchetto is a “Cap of Cybele” worn by Priests to replace this Veil; they are unwilling to accept a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Usually it is worn hidden under a Mitre of Dagan (Papal or Bishop’s Mitre) or Fedora.
The Obelisk Tower is a man’s Penis; the Heart it is a Valentian Gnostic symbol of the Birth Canal having nothing to do with a person’s heart. The Crone inside represents the Harlot aka Whore of Babylon; the Roman Catholic Church is NOT the Whore of Babylon anymore than America is “Economic Babylon”
An “Exit Door” in the classroom indicates escape of the Matrix of lies. Who escapes? Edom, Moab and Ammon as Dann 11:41 states. Tor the Un-initiated, the “Rapture” was introduced by Royal Arch Masons in Scotland led by John Nelson Darby and 14 yr old Margaret MacDonald. A fake Rapture would certainly add “Chaos” would it not?
Psalm 23 “Thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…” is written in graffiti; Obama read this same scripture at Sandy Hook and who can forget the preacher reading from this scripture as the stern of the Titanic broke in 2 and sank into the Atlantic Ocean in the movie Titanic. The Elite will not walk through the Valley of Death they have created for the masses; Underground bunkers built during the so-called “Cold War” were built for this purpose. Ever heard “Revenge is a dish best served Cold”? The Exit Door at the left of the stage is thus the escape chute Scapegoats are trained to take as the Sheep head for the Shears. Gnostics use the term Shabboz Goy who lead the Goy (Nations) to slaughter; eg 330 Phre Mas-sen Billy Graham or the Dalai Lama. A fake “Rapture” amid the Chaos of a failed America is the likely meaning here.
The Twin Towers appear on land dissolved and flooded. The New Madrid Fault overlays a giant Salt Dome, currently forming Sink Holes filled with Oil, Methane, Butane and Water caused by the Deep Water Horizon oil rig, also featured on the Classroom Map.. Methane at 100,000PSI and Oil at 700PSI cannot be stopped by plugging a well. The Twin Towers represent the Sun and Moon; this can be seen at the Cathedral of St John the Divine in NYC atop the Crab of Cancer representing June 21-July 22. Again, 2013 seems to be the year.
A Masked Shaman appears to represent the Red Kachina who “Removes his mask before the un-initiated in the plaza” according to Prophecy Rock in AZ. The London Olympics Opening Ceremonies were held on Tisha b’ Av, the date the 1st and 2nd Temples were destroyed and the slaughter on Hwy 80 during the Iraq War among other notable events such as Columbus’ voyage to the New World. This is no coincidence and occurs the day after Bohemian Grove 2012 ends. Remember, Bohemian means “Land of the Boii”; call them Cretans, Hyksos, Philistines or Romani Gypsies if you like; Groves are where “Evil is done in sight of the LORD”, and they are the Master of Ceremonies. Note the Owl is drawn on the classroom blackboard above NY; the same Owl was then featured during the Sandy Hook coverage; the same Owl of Wisdom is worshipped as Molech at Bohemian Grove.
The American Flag is torn in 2, in this scene as well. America will be split in 2 vertically as the flag at the New Madrid Fault; FEMA and NOAA have planning maps detailing this. America will serve as the Scapegoat (not the actual Rev 18) for Rev 18 “Babylon” is the land that will be “Divided and sold for gain” by the “God of forces” in Dan 11:39. Why 2013? The assets of the Knights Templar were confiscated Mar 20, 1313 by the Catholic Church and their last Grand Master Jacques deMolay was executed by slow fire Mar 18, 1314. “Every 700 years the laurel grows green again”-Cathar prophecy. Cathar is derived from Catharsis “Discharge of pent up emotion”.
The Solar Christ wears a Black Halo; this is the Antichrist. He appears as the familiar, white, bearded Jesus except he has the Eye of Ra on his forehead, has an almond shaped head and appears as fire from the constellation Sirius, riding the Solar Barque of Horus. Note with the Head of Anubis at the front; Anubis is the Egyptian Judge of the Dead. The London Olympics begin on the 9th of Av and take place during the August annual flooding of the Nile; for some sort of New Age Baptism? His face is shaped like the Labrys, just as the Olympic Rings or false Christian “Fish” symbol. This symbol is actually the Golden Mean and symbol of the Phoenician “Fisher King” aka Baal. His heart is prominent; a symbol the Gnostic Christ/Messiah is meant here. He has Red Hair, as King David’s was; the British were originally founded by “Scotti”, a pagan tribe founded by a Scythian patriarch and Egyptian matriarch; Scythians were the Red haired, blue eyed, white skin “Black Sea Princes” who traveled in covered wagons much like the Mormon pioneers. This Solar Christ rides toward the Rising Sun, turning his back on the West “Amurru”, the source name of America is in fact the Edomite (Red) Serpent and Shepherd god. America’s Idols, the Statue of Freedom and Statue of Liberty are Masonic symbols, also facing East. Similar Idols of the Angel Moroni face East from every Mormon Temple as well as the Cathedral of St John the Divine in NYC, whose statue of St George (Green Man) slays the Dragon in Cancer (June 21-July 22). Leo follows, so Jesus being the “Lion of Judah” should ring a bell.
The Twin Towers fall and Osama bin Laden with a CIA patch appears to invoke the False God as an Annular Solar Eclipse occurs. The Twin Towers were revenge for the Twin Towers of the Philistine Temple of Dagan where the Ark of the Covenant (The Ark Of God=Upside Down 5pt Star “Baphomet”=the mirror image of GOAT ) was taken in Samson’s Day.
Oil drips streams into the Ocean, which is still happening in the Gulf of Mexico’s Deep Water Horizon disaster; recall, the movie Knowing predicted this exact event 1 year earlier, so it was intentionally caused to coincide with Earth Day for a reason.
The world is lined through on a girl’s cheek, meaning the old world must be destroyed to inaugurate the Golden Age
A Latino Boy is seen sinking with the Marxist symbols: Hammer and Sickle. It was said of Karl Marx aka Moses Mordechai that “He will surely kill God”. Cinco de Mayo is in fact a celebration of Karl Marx’ birth not the Battle of Puebla. Latins were one of 4 pagan tribes of Rome with Albans (Scotland is Alban), Sabines, Etruscans (Tuscany); the Edict of Milan was in 313AD; Constantine proclaimed religious freedom; watch out for Cardinal Ravasi, the head of the Equestrian Order of Constantine in Milan; he effectively combines the offices of Inquisition, Templars, Knights of Malta and the Vatican Library in one person; he is my best guess for Pope #112 “Peter the Roman” (ref Prophecy of St Malachy of Milan). If you don’t know about MEChA (Mestizo, Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan) or Voz de Aztlan (Justice Sotomayor is a member), you may want to see the map of America they encourage followers to take back. Aztec and Aztlan both mean “To make White” as does the Mormon term “White and Delightsome” as does Laban who separated his cattle from Jacob’s and became the father of Jacob’s first bride; remember Reuben? Ever wonder why America’s first flag had the same Evergreen Tree on it Lebanon’s flag does? Lebanon is Phoenicia folks? The Phoenix rises from its own self immolation by fire folks! Ever wonder why Mormons claim Cain’s Enoch was taken to Heaven before death? Phoenix means “House of Enoch”.
To sum this up, the evil sorcerer is “Draco”; with a “Reptilian Eye” (All Seeing Eye) he controls the unborn and the young in school through lies, deceit, the media (Media comes from Medean Magi=Medes, the Priests of Zoroaster in Persia), trickery, false flag events, bureaucratic “Red Tape” and his greatest weapon, the issuance of money etc. “Permit me to control a nation’s money supply and I care not who makes its laws” Mayer Amschel Bauer aka Rothschild “Red Shield”, whose street address was 666. this video is signaling Esau’s (Edom=Red) “Dominion” is near; ref Gen 27:39-41KJV and Dan 7:6..
The unborn is seen in an egg, wrapped by the serpent called the “Orphic Egg”. This represents the Birth of a new Race.
The Triangle points down on his chin, whereas the Triangle on the Jesus type messiah points up. The Downward Triangle is an Earth symbol. The combination of these is the Masonic Square and Compass and Six Pointed Star of Molech. They will meet in WWIII. The Dunce Cap is a Cone formed by the World Axis and constellation Draco around the Polaris “World Pillar”
In a boy’s eye is seen headlines “Market Collapse” and “War Coverage” as an Islam Temple is destroyed; this I believe would be the Al Aqsa Mosque (Mosque of Omar means Mosque of the Great Speaker) which will precede the Temple Mount Faithful and the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple. The meaning here is everyone on earth will likely see these events. CNN will broadcast live and Operation Blue Beam will use the Ionosphere as a Giant TV screen to Entertain the masses; ever heard “ION Television, Positively Entertaining”? That’s what the real “Star Wars” program was all about. Remember, the “Death Star”; that man-made satellite is about ready for the “Greatest Show on Earth”.
On 3/13/313 AD 313 followers of Muhammad fought in Islam’s first battle. In 313 AD, Constantine signed the Edict of Milan with Maxtentius and claimed to see the X (X-Greek Chi or Messiah) in the heavens with “In Hoc Signo Vinces” (By this sign Conquer). 3/13/13 happens to be 2 Nisan, the day Moses prepared the first “Red Heifer”. Important? When there are 313 sincere followers of Shia Islam, the occulted Imam “al-Mahdi” will be revealed. Does Pope Francis know this? Hell yes, the Shahada “There is no god but Allah” is under the Papal Cathedra (Teaching Seat) of St John Lateran. Lateran means “Hidden Frogs”, the 3 unclear spirits of Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet.
Jesus said the Man of Sin must be revealed; America will be the suitable Scapegoat, destroyed by Fire, out of whose ashes the 3rd Red Heifer will be used to install a Levitical Chief Priest wearing the Golden Ephod in the Temple of Antichrist on the exact spot where Jesus turned the Money Changer Tables over, was rejected and condemned by fake Priests Annas and Caiaphas and was Crucified by being “Hung on a Tree”.
Shiva Dances the Dance of Destruction. CERN scientists (Satanic Morons) will attempt to open a Stargate (Blasphemous Bull Shit) via Rainbow (Mirror) Matter on Sept 23, 2015, the 266th day of the Solar Year. Pope Francis is Pope #266 and the Final Pope according to the Prophecy of St Malachy (Molech); he will meet Barry Obama aka Bari Malik Shabazz (Barque of Molech and the Royal Falcon Horus; Shabazz means 1st Race of Cain) the Unconstitutional #44 President and last according to C Alan Martin’s 1971 vision. The Old Order is destroyed and a New World Order follows a false Christ into the Rising Sun; this is Horus in the Solar Barque
Got Jesus yet? Now is a superb time to do so! There are 313 ! in the KJV bible and Pope Francis was elected on 3/13/13 for a reason. The final ! in Rev 18 is the fall of Babylon; America a is the Scapegoat for Babylon just as the Roman Catholic Church is the Scapegoat for Rev 17 “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT…” Horus is synonymous for Satan Don’t wait until Sept 23, 2015 to get right with JESUS.
I Pet Goat II is a symbol of the Wilderness Goat “Azazel” and Sophia “Gnsotic Wisdom” not Jesus Christ!
“I Pet Goat II” The US and Roman Catholic Church are set to become “Wilderness” in order an Alternative Messiah “God Of All Things” can be revealed; these a falsification of Rev 17, 18 and 19 respectively. The Goat Idol “Baphomet” is Sophia, the culmination of 6000 years of Gnostic Widsom. Please take note, we are not there yet; we are nearing the start of Great Tribulation ie Rev 8.
Shepherds paint the legs of their Scapegoats Red so they can see them; Sheep however cannot see Red because they are color blind; they like most of us do not realize the Shears are dead ahead; Christians are accounted as sheep for the slaughter. The Goat is Azazel; the Wilderness Goat or Scapegoat is a false version of Jesus Christ. A false and opposite version in that Goat is derived from the Goth word for “She-Goat”; in the 1600’s the word Goat became a synonym for “Licentious Man” (Morally Unrestrained), which George Bush Jr and Barack Obama as featured in the video are. The children in the school are taught to repeat Plane, Must, Hit, Steel as the South Tower is actually being hit. Notice the Hangman and the Evolution on the blackboard; the Hanged Man becomes “Cursed” as Jesus wrote in Deut 21:23; He then offered Himself as the Scapegoat. Jesuits came up with our modern version of Evolution, but the Society of Jesus opposes Jesus in every sense; becoming Scapegoats. Only a Licentious Man like Knight of Malta George Bush Jr could have acted that way on 9/11. On the map, notice where the Thumbtacks are placed; are they historical or prophetical?
Oklahoma: The AP Murrah Bldg in Oklahoma City, where 200 children were murdered by the BATF and FBI in America’s Choice Day Care; the Scapegoat was Tim McVeigh. Or is this the Cushing Ok Oil terminal where America’s Oil is backing up and the last leg of the Koch Brothers Keystone XL Pipeline? Oklahoma means “Red People”; a reference to Edomites? Edom means Red.
The Gulf of Mexico near Deep Water Horizon; The movie Knowing predicted this intentionally caused “Earth Day” disaster a year in advance. Scapegoats were BP, TransOcean and Halliburton. Methane and Oil are still leaking into the Gulf and surrounding areas; it this predicting the near inevitable natural gas fires/explosions? Deep Water Horizon was an intentional act designed to destroy the environment at the one place on earth capable of doing so.
Manhattan: The Twin Towers are obvious, but Sandy Hook (Joker Card) was detailed in the map released in July 2012 promoting the movie Dark Knight Rises. Scapegoat was Adam Lanza “Red Spear”, perhaps not even a real person; Sandy Hook is perhaps the most daring public Charade ever attempted. Is this predicting yet another attack on NYC or a Wall St collapse?
New Orleans. This location seems to tie in the 2013 Superbowl The question is what? Heliofant (Helio=Sun; Phant=Make Known or Reveal) released the I Pet Goat II video long after George Bush Jr read My Pet Goat upside down in Tampa on 9/11/2001 or Hurricane Katrina hit as predicted by FEMA on 9/10/2001. Katrina is derived from Cathar; Catharsis means “Discharge of pent up emotion”. Pet Goats refer to Satan’s Initiates. FEMA, FAA and NORAD were conducting a previously scheduled Terrorist Drill on 9/11/2001 in NYC and Washington DC and admitted a Hurricane in New Orleans was their 2nd concern followed by an earthquake in Los Angeles. It may point to an event associated with the Feb 3 Super Bowl; perhaps an event on 3/20 (Ostara) as indicated in the cryptic Mercedes commercial or even 9/20 (Michaelmas)

George Bush Jr read My Pet Goat on 9/11; he morphs into Obama in I Pet Goat II; what is the Goat?
Goat: God of All Things and the Mirror Image The Ark of Got is Gnosticism. Sophia and Logos is Wisdom; the Goat of Mendes is Baphomet the Idol associated with Knights Templar. The Essene (Essen means Priest of Artemis/Cybele) Cipher of Logos is Baphomet. Babylon means Gate of Marduk; Marduk was represented as a Goat. Zeus means Day; he was suckled by Amalthea the She-goat. Goats were sacred to Artemis and Diana. The chariot of Bacchus was pulled by Goats. Goats were sacrificed to the Roman Faunus and Athena during the Festival of Munichia (Munich Gernamy takes its name here). The Nubian Ibex was used for form perhaps the world’s first Swastika. The US symbol Uncle Sam (Samaritan) is the Goat and Satan takes the form of Azazel the Wilderness Goat in Lev 16:8-10. Jesus is the Scapegoat founnd in the KJV, not Azazel!
Here is a link
to the Delta Airlines Tail with the Goat fashioned into it. The image is split and wrapped around the tail, so only the left side is visible here. Why? The Delta “Widjet” is a Triangle within a Triangle called a “Dragon’s Eye”. In the merger with Northwest Airlines, the Goat Tail was changed to the Red Widjet pointing Northwest/Northeast. This indicates the Solar Track at the Summer Solstice; June 24 is the Feast Day of St John, an occult combination of John the Baptist and John the Evangelist. Was John the Baptist really born on June 24? Of course not; he was conceived in June (Tammuz) and born on Passover, 6 months before Jesus, conceived Hannukah and born at Feast of Tabernacles.

I, Pet Goat II points in my opinion, to the Hieros Gamos “Sacred Marriage” of the Sun and Moon during Capricorn on Dec 26, 2019, mid-week during Hanukkah on St Stephen’s Day; Stephen means Crown and Martyr. The Solar Halo will form around the Moon “Sin” at Sunrise over the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; HaShem is Antichrist.
Time to get right with Jesus folks! Goats on Jesus’ left hand will told “Depart from me, I never knew you”. Sheep on Jesus’ right hand will be have Salvation. Which side are you on?