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Vines growing from the East retaining wall of the Temple Mount spell the letters of the Tetragammaton YHWH. The ineffable name of Yahweh YHWH, G-D or HaShem is used by Rabbis awaiting the False Messiah. YHWH was added to scripture by the Masoretes (5th-10th c ad); Yahweh, Yeshua is Saturn; Jesus entered the East Gate and was rejected as Messiah; He warned another would come in his own name and be accepted (Jn 5:43) Rabbis see the coming of their Messiah in signs:1. Euphrates drying up; Turkish Dams are ensuring that happens; Kamal Aroush (Kamala Harris) bombed Abu Kamal on the Euphrates on Purim 2021, the site is the Duro Europos Synagogue Purim Panel is the likely site Kings of the East will cross the Euphrates in Rev 16:13. 2. Passover Sacrifice re-enactment; Jesus was the original Passover Lamb sacrificed for the world’s Sins 3. Temple Mount Fire; Rabbis termed this Amalek’s final warning before Messiah arrives; Rabbis are Amalekites. 4. Amazon HQ designed as a Tower of Babel unveiled in Arlington VA across from the Capitol Mall. 5. Turkey (Togarmah) called on the world to evict Israel from Jerusalem in preparation for Gog and Magog War. The real Gog and Magog War is over 1000 years away at the end of the Millennial reign of Jesus Christ; Rabbi deny it however. 6. UN installs Aztec Jaguar-Eagle Idol at UN Plaza; Hopi believe Red Kachina will remove his mask in the plaza before the uninitiated. Guess who the Passover Lambs will be? “For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for slaughter” Ps 44:22; Rom 8:36 Passover 2022 is April 15 US Tax Day.

Ron Fouchier

“An airborne transmissible virus even moderately fatal will become a plague of unimaginable proportion” Ron Fouchier When asked why he would revive 1918 Spanish Flu Virus, Fouchier said “Because we can” BTW Spanish Flu was neither Flu nor Spanish, the plague resulted from Rockefeller Inst “Vaccines”. Fouchier wrote a scientific paper claiming SARS fulfilled Koch’s Postulates (Isolated sample, grown in a media, injected into healthy individual and recovered from diseased individual a second time). Dairymen have known about Cowpox for centuries; Jesuit Edward Jenner discovered injecting the pus causes an immune system response (Jesuits are so smart they have been ejected from most every nation on Earth) and the Vaccine was born. Similar type pus from Poultry workers and growing cultures in swine bellies apparently had the same result; imagine that? Swine and Avian Flu Vaccines anyone? Mixing in bat feces and infecting camels had similar results resulting in MERS. In 2012 Dr Mohamad Zaki in Jedda Saudi Arabia apparently isolated MERS and sent a sample to Fouchier; mutated H5N1 Avian Flu was apparently airborne transmissible now (Duh, Birds are Airborne!), a betacoronavirus dubbed hCOV KSA (Human Coronavirus Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Trump danced the Arab Sword Dance with King Salman and accepted the Saudi Medal of Freedom as did Vladimir Putin) Fouchier named the pathogen hCOV EMC Erasmus Medical Center after St Erasmus of Rotterdam. Allegedly Fouchier sent the pathogen to Canada’s Winnepeg National Microbiology Lab, a Level 4 facility managed by Frank Plummer who then transfers it to a Chinese researcher and on to Wuhan’s Inst of Virology, the world’s first 5G demonstration city. MH-17 likely remote flown without crew, was diverted over Ukraine and shot down; the plane carrying dozens of corpses which were loaded onto a Plague Train for Rotterdam. Whose corpses? 2 Trident Bio-weapon security guards die of simultaneous heart attacks guarding the Maersk Alabama (Capt Phillips boat; Tom Hanks is so clever; he even took a Corona Typewriter to Australia to write a letter during Coronavirus quarantine to Corona DeVries; thoughtful eh? ) A Saudi B-737 from Jedda sent the bio-cargo to Malaysia and aboard MH-370 which as luck would have it carried all 5 patent holders of Freescale Tech KL-03 RF Microchip now controlled by BlackStone Group for use in the IOT (Internet of Things). MH-370 was diverted from its flight to Shanghai over a Russian warning of Bio-hazard cargo, likely landing in Diego Garcia. On Dec 21, 2021 NIH Chief Francis Collins (Human Genome Project) was replaced by Dr Lawrence Tabak, a retired Dentist whose work centered on Salivary Glycoproteins (GP’s regulate cell communication and energy storage) just as Oral (Molnupiravir and Paxlovid), Nasal Spray and Inhaled Covid 19 treatments become available to deal with the rapid airborne spread of Omicron.

Heparin Nasal Spray

“Heparin binds to Omicron” Australia Health Dir Don Campbell Dec 28, 2021 beginning human trials early 2022. Covid 19 Experimental Gene Therapy causes Thrombi (Blood Clots) in the Circulatory System, affecting the Lungs and Heart. Heparin induced Thrombocytopenia Syndrome is deadly With most of the nation in Lockdown, University of Melbourne, Monash U and Oxford U finance at home human Nasal Spray trial. At first sign of symptoms, Australia Health Dept will have Heparin Nasal Spray delivered to your home (Detention Cell) in 24 hrs where families will be Lock Down and possibly under Marital Law; just spray blood thinner in your nose 3X daily. What could possibly go wrong? Heparin sulfate spray, a common blood thinner used to inhibit blood clots works on Omicron Variant because Ferritin and Dia-magnetic Graphene in Covid 19 injections disrupt the Zeta (Magnetic repelling force) of Hematin in RBC’s leading to Rouleaux blood flow and blood clots. Omicron allegedly began in fully vaccinated individuals and affects fully vaccinated most because their Immune Systems are fighting the Spike Protein (Pathogen) their cells are programmed to produce by the mRNA Gene Therapy. Omicron is allegedly extremely contagious and has the same symptoms as the common cold, meaning just about everyone will be clamoring for the Nasal Spray. Who in their right mind would put trust in Australian Health Ministers who have locked down more people than any other nation?


DARPA and Harvard Wyss Inst Biospleen: Harvard’s largest grant $125M in 2009 from Swiss Alemani ie Swabian (eg Klaus Schwab) billionaire Hansjorg Wyss founded/directed by fellow Ashkenazi (Germanic) Crypto Jew Donald Ingber; Wyss “White” from Germanic Wiz eg The Wiz a black musical version of Wizard of Oz. DARPA is basically the IOB (Internet of Bodies) made possible via 5G, AI and Coronavirus (Crowned White Horse Rev 6:2); DARPA’s goal is Trans-humanism. Biospleen uses magnetized nano-metal Opsonins added to blood which respond to magnetic fields; sounds like a great idea with protein (Pathogen ie Toxon Strongs #5115=Poison) coated Ferritin (4th Beast of Iron; 4th Horseman “Death”) and Graphene (Tikto Strongs #5088; root of Toxon # 5115) laced “Vaccines” (non-FDA approved Experimental Gene Therapy; COMIRNATY and all other Covid 19 therapies only have FDA EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) going global eh?



While Jesuit Biden and Hindu-Jew Harris (Canaanite Kamal Aroush) celebrate Kwanzaa, Khazars are preparing for the world’s final battle Gog and Magog 1000 years early Prometheus in Rockefeller Center is a bit different than Prometheus in Sochi Crimea In NYC the inscription “Prometheus, teacher in every art, brought the fire that hath proved to mortals a means to mighty ends.”  In Sochi “Flame” Prometheus has been a pilgrimage site for Chaldean Priest-Kings for 1000 years and can be seen breaking free of his chains and the Eagle pecking his liver; guess which nation the Eagle represents? Prometheus is Lucifer; the UN Planetary Initiative “No person shall enter the new age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation”. Lucifer promises Freedom from God; JESUS promises Heaven.  What comedic actor Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, Vladimir Putin and Biden-Harris have in common is they are all Chabad Lubavitch controlled with Rabbis following a script written over 2000 years ago.


Amenita Muscaria

James Webb Telescope

Black Sun

Star of the Magi: Wise Men ie Zoroastrian Magi came from the East, after seeing a Star in the East to Jerusalem (Mat 2:1) On Dec 25 the Rising Sun in the East tracks to the West with the Black Star rising in the East at night. 3 Wise Men as 3 Kings in Orion (Heaven’s Light) Belt? Egyptian Pyramids were built to align with Orion (Osiris), the Rising Sun (Saturn); they point to Sirius the Blazing Star al Qalb for Arabs and Kolob for Mormons.   Zoroaster means Undiluted Star aka Black Star. Saturn has 2 Mathematical Foci; one lies inside the boundary of the Visible Sun and the other called the Black Sun between Earth and Saturn in the constellation Capricorn the Saturn Goat. On Dec 25 the Visible Sun appears to Rise from Earth’s perspective at 3 deg Capricorn, and with it the Black Sun or Invisible Sun; hence Saturn is called the Rising Sun. In Mat 2:1-12 tell the story of Wise Men from the East following a Star in the East that went before them until they arrived in Jerusalem; Dec 25 is no more possible than Jan 6 “3 Kings Day” being the date the Magi arrived. Perhaps significant is the 666 days between Purim 3/11/20 and 3 Kings Day 2022. The Christ Child the Magi were searching for was the son of Saturn known by a dozen names. The Magi arrived in the spring of 4 bc; Jesus was by then a “Young Child” (Mat 2:8) in Egypt (Mat 2:13)


Christmas Miracle Budgeted for $500M,  33 deg Luciferian Freemason $10B James Webb Telescope launched Dec 25 with the Earth, Sun, Black Sun, Saturn all aligned in Capricorn. Arianne 5 Rocket: Arianne means “Very Holy” the French rendering of Ariadne the Cretan princess of the Labyrinth and wife of Dionysus, born Dec 25;  5=Victory=6=Nail powered by Vulcain Rocket Motor. In the Masonic quiz book “Who is Tubal-cain? Ans: Vulcan of the Canaanites”; Vulcain is no misspelling, it ties Canaan to Cain and Tubal-cain, the Cainite blacksmith of the Crucifixion Nails whose sister Namaah became Noah’s Wife and grandmother/mother of Canaan. 18 Hexagons form a Gold Hexagon: 18=6+6+6; Hex=Curse of Cain and Canaan; a logical candidate for the Mark of Cain and Mark of the Beast. The Webb Telescope is a Black Hole for money much like the Freemasonic Hoax called Apollo; Webb’s Mission Controller Ken Kleinchnect was the brother of Scottish Rite Sovereign Grand Master C Fred Kleincnecht just ask the 33 deg Mason Astronauts who never made it through the Van Allen Belts; the Webb Telescope replaces the Hubble Telescope, named after Jesuit (Georges LeMaitre) handled Edwin Hubble “Earth is in a fixed central position in the universe, but the idea is unwelcome and must be avoided at all cost”   Observing galaxies formed at the Jesuit invented Big Bang 13.8B years ago may cause theologians to re-write Genesis which is why God warns us not to listen to them.


Mac “Son” Donald “King of the World” Mariah Carey aka Queen of Christmas 2021 McDonalds Menu has COVID 19 Vaccinations. Why? The King of the World can only be accepted once the KING OF KINGS Jesus Christ has been rejected this Experimental Gene Therapy may do just that. “All I want for Christmas is you” Covid 19 Experimental mRNA Gene Therapy create what the US Supreme Court ruled in 2012, a “Trans-human product” having no rights under the law. So WHO wants you for Christmas? Saturn of course; altering God given DNA also removes your Birthright in Heaven. Its tough to count the number of Clan McDonald that are members of Bohemian Grove; Ray Kroc allegedly tithed to the Church of Satan and was also a member of Bohemian Grove. The Golden Arches resemble a W (W=23 Chap 23 to Revelation is already written by Wholistic World Vision it follows Jesus’ warning not to add or subtract anything from scripture) and women’s breasts upside down; an M right side up Wulf & Mueller are even readying Satan’s Seat for the move to Jerusalem The stylized M and OURS is an ancient symbol used by the Society of Ormus (Snake and Orme=Alchemical Gold); Knights Templars were aided by the original Clan MacDonald in Scotland 700 years ago which is likely why ORMUS became synonymous with wealth and luxury. Esau was prophesied to live off the fatness of the Earth (Gen 27:39-41KJV) the Edomite National God Qos means Bow=Poison (Strongs #5115 TOXON); he is depicted identically with the Greco-Egyptian god Serapis (Osiris/Saturn + Apis Bull) OURS means Bear in French; Arcturas the Bear Guard is King Arthur “Once and future King of the Druids” aka Branch of the Terrible Ones (Is 25:5) The etymology means Violent pressure (to get the shot), assault, shock, onset of war (of the unvaccinated) ORMUS was originally claimed to be a Seraphic Priest of Alexandria ie a Guardian of the Golden Age much as Seraphim guard the Throne of God (Eze 6)



Khazar Seal

Ukraine was the center of Khazaria; WWIII will begin in Ukraine. Khazars are converts to Judaism “Crypto Jews” who adopted the Phoenician/Canaanite Seal of Solomon aka Chaldean STUR of Saturn aka Molech, Milcom, Chiun, Sakkut, a likely candidate for the Mark of Cain and Mark of the Beast having 6 Triangles each having 3 60deg angles; originally a Shamanic symbol of the Black Sun which aligns with Earth and the Visible Sun on Dec 25. Khazars are Zionists; Messianic Jews awaiting Moshiach they call YHWH/Yahweh. Setting up WWIII are Crypto Jews, US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland and her husband Skull & Bones Robert Kagan, Kagan being a title of Khazar Nobility seen in Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan or Stalin’s Gulag architect Lazar Kaganovich. Khazars worship Sky Father and Earth Mother; their God Tengri is “Heavenly Father” a term also used by Mormons represented as the Six Pointed Star. Tengri is derived from T-angiri meaning Oath + God (Tanri); note scripture warns above all else to avoid swearing oaths  Mat 5:34; James 5:12. Tengri is equivalent with the Sky God Dyeus “Zeus”, the son of Saturn born Dec 25. Baal-Berith “Lord of the Covenant” is the Christmas/Hanukkah Tree. Earth Mother is Chumolongmo (Mt Everest) where Noah’s ark settled and the Cursed Canaan aka Sargon the Great was born of incest between Ham and his Cainite mother. Sargon III will be Antichrist.


Baal and Ashtaroth aka Christmas and Easter Worship of Baal and Ashtoreth is condemned in the bible more vehemently than anything else. Easter/Ashtoreth, the Phoenician/Canaanite aka Queen of Heaven conceives Baal 9 months before the Earth, Sun, and Black Sun align on Dec 25; the Covenant called Baal-Berith will end in the Jezreel Valley with the instant slaughter of everyone involved, 3 days after the murder of God’s 2 Witnesses Enoch and Elijah; revenge for the latter leading God’s slaughter of 450 of Baal’s prophets; everyone will be too busy giving gifts to each other to notice.

The Supreme Court will hear Mandatory Vaccine arguments forcing companies to vaccinate employees with one of 3 FDA approved COVID 19 Vaccines on Russian Orthodox Christmas Jan 7, 2022. Nat Fed of Independent Business V OSHA Supreme Court Hearing Jan 7, 2022 NFIB endorsed Neil Gorsuch (Yale Facism Forever Club) who nominated both Ohio 6th Circuit Judges who voted to affirm Mandatory Vaccination. Looks like the whole 5th Circuit block and 6th circuit reinstatement was pre-planned. Russia is putting 2 strategic regiments on combat alert by the end of 2021, closes northern sea routes; Ukraine to join NATO; opens bomb shelters in Kiev; group of Senators calls for Russia to be declared a Terrorist State. Why? Rabbis told them to do it. One eensie weensie problem everyone should be aware of THERE ARE NO FDA APPROVED VACCINES 


WHO Emergency Use Authorization for Serum Inst NOVAVAX Judging from the Logo, the Red Horse may be riding and these 25 Hindus running the Harris White House likely agree Cyrus (Koreish=Quyraish; Num 26:10) Poonawalla a Parsee Zoroastrian Billionaire owner of the largest Vax producer worldwide; WWIII will be Ahura Mazda V Ahriman aka Mede-Persian Ram V Grecian Goat (Dan 8) Guess why illegal US immigrants are not being vaccinated? NOVA “New Star” is Zoroaster “Undiluted Star” aka Black Star. Approval was granted on Dec 17 the first day of Saturnalia. Vax Mandate reinstated by 6th Circuit Appeals Court; Judge Jane Stranch Order of the Coif (British-Irish Barristers of the Kings Bench; Lord Mayor of City of London Corp has its first Irishman) and Judge Julia Smith Gibbons 2021 Devitt Award nominated by Supreme Court Fascism Forever Club Judge Neil Gorsuch; next up Supreme Court decision will allow OSHA Chief (San Francisco OSHA) Doug Parker to mandate Vaccinations to work; Rev 13:17 “…no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name” Frederich Nietzsche wrote Thus spoke Zarathustra (Zoroaster) about the Ubermensch (Antichrist) and Killing God with Gay Science. Looks like Poonawalla understands the concept. Serum “Watery animal fluid” is derived from Ser “To Flow” and Samsara “Endless cycles of death-re-rirth and Transmigration of Souls” Serum Inst was founded in 1966 “Year One Satan”. Ahriman appeared in the smoke of WTC #2 allegedly hit by UA #175; Liber 175: Book of Uniting is Aleister Crowley’s book on the ritual uniting of a person or nation to a particular deity; in this case Ahriman.

Ordo Saturni

Deadly Delta and Contagious Omicron combining over Saturnalia to form  a Monster Tidal Wave. “The world runs on symbols not words nor laws”-Confucius Confused? Get JESUS in your life.



Order out of Chaos

Hittite Sphinx Gate


Hittite Sun Goddess with child; Arinna “Queen of all lands” called “Mother”; eg Yarmulke “Cap of Cybele” the “Great Mother” worn by Popes, Cardinals, Orthodox and Lutheran clergy. Eve and Cain’s union was Cursed, as was Ham and his Cainite mother (likely Namaah) which carried this Curse to Canaan aka Sargon the Great born on Chumolongmo “Earth Mother” the local name of Mt Everest after the Flood. Canaan “Sargon the Great” and Namaah (Cult Prostitute in Ur) likely had sons to continue the legacy; first born was Sidon: Phoenicians are Canaanites who worship El, Elohim=Saturn, the source of Christmas and the Christ Child. On Dec 17 the start of Saturnalia, Biden referred to “President Harris”. Harris is Kamal Aroush Kamal means “Perfection”; Aroush means “Her Highness”; in Arabic “Angel of Paradise” that would be Satan is the Serpent; in Indian “Angel of Heaven”, that would be Lucifer/Satan; Arsh means Sky, that would be Zeus. Hurrians called her Hebat “Queen of Heaven and Earth”; in Chinese Aroush means Ariel “Lion of God”; in Zoroastrian and Mithraism Ariel is Arimanius aka Ahriman, the demon that appeared in the smoke of WTC #2 on 9/11/2001. Kamal Aroush is a Phoenician, Benghazi born Satanist (Senussi Army) cross-dresser and British citizen Phoenicians are Sidonians, sons of Canaan who kept charge of Satan’s Seat before it was moved to Pergamon Turkey In Pistis Sophia the Fires/Smoke of Ariel are Gehenna (Tophet in Carthage) 2nd born son Heth  are Hittites; symbol of the Mother Goddess and Child; Santa, the child born of the Rising Sun at Christmas and the Double Headed Eagle Jebusites: Jebus is Jerusalem Great City Jesus refers to as “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt”; Salem the Canaanite god of Peace; the 3rd Temple will contain the Abomination of Desolation and Satan’s Seat kept in Babylon, Crete, Tyre and Pergamon near Hattusa the seat of Hittite Royalty and the Sphinx Gate Amorites: Druid Amorica, Amuruccu/Amurru “Serpent” and source name of America; Code of Hammurabi aka Amraphel; Cathars “Church of Amor” whose last Perfecti was executed in 1321 predicted “In 700 years the laurel will grow green again”; China means Sina aka Sinite, Cathay=Land of Heth/Cath=Hittites Girgasite: Girga means George eg Georgia Guidestones and St George the patron saint of Russia, Britain, Georgia, Albania; St George kills the Devil at the St John divine Cathedral and United Nations Plaza; the US is the Devil folks! Hivite: Wicked; Hive/Bee means in service to the Queen Mother Arkite: Ark=Noah’s Ark; Chest; Ark of the Covenant. Sinite: Sina=Sin eg Wilderness of Sin in Arabia Arvadite: Free; Exiled eg exiled Sarmation Priest Kings of Crimea; Sargon III will be Antichrist (Kamal? too soon to tell) Zemarite and Hamathite: Hamath=Hattusa; Hamathites worship Ashima eg the Goat Idol “Baphomet”; Pan; Capricorn the Saturn Goat of Christmas. All Canaanites, most of whom replaced Israel (2 Ki 17:30). Idols of the Hittite Sun Goddess and child are nothing more than Isis “Throne” and Child “Horus” the Child born Dec 25.Hittite Sun Goddess with child; Horus was first known as KRST. Jesus has nothing to do with Christmas!

The Double Headed Eagle emblem is the Hittite Royal Insignia; Santa is also a Hittite God; ultimately from Hamath, the Syrian city named after Ham and his mother who gave birth to the Cursed Canaan and the Hittites who married into Ishmaelites and Edomites violating the Covenant with Abraham. “And the men of Hamath made Ashima” 2 Ki 17:30 Ashima means Limitless; Without Borders (eg Doctors without borders). The Goat Idol of Baphomet (Union of Spirit and Wisdom) worshipped by the Knights Templar was installed in Detroit whi. Ashima means “Evil; To be Evil; Crime; Offense” in Arabic and Aramaic and refers to Portion or Lot in Assyrian, eg Purim “Cast Lots for Marduk” eg Coronavirus was classified a pandemic by the WHO on Purim 2020. In Turkish Ashima is equivalent with Kismet, in Arabic Qisma: Fate; Destiny.

Rospotrebnadzor uses the same Hittite symbol which has been used by Crusaders, Byzantine, Holy Roman, Prussian, Hapsburg and Romanov Dynasties. Sovereign 33 deg Luciferian Freemasons and Universal Co-Masonry (Co-ed mix of Theosophy, Alchemy, Philosophy, Science and Egyptian ie Rite of Mizraim Masonry) use the Hittite Double Eagle to symbolize Order out of Chaos; the Red Cross a symbol of Edomite (Red) Dominion; recall Ishmael and Esau married Hittite wives violating the Covenant with Abraham and Isaac. The Rod of Aesculapius is the symbol of the Theraputae of Pergamon “God of Plagues” whose goal is installation of Satan’s Seat in the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem. Rospotrebnadzor is the Federal Service for Surveillance, Consumer rights and Human Wellbeing began by decree of the Council of Peoples Commissars 1922, a Bolshevik Institution overseeing 2218 Sanitary-Epidmiological Stations aka Gulags throughout the USSR responsible for the extermination of 200+ million people Rospotrebnadzor, once under the Ministry of Health, since 2004 reports directly to Chabad Lubavitch controlled dictator for life Vladimir Putin. Gamaleya Inst VECTOR Lab is shipping Billions of doses of Gam-Covid Vac aka Sputnik V Gene Therapy doses worldwide, financed by the Russian Direct Investment aka Sovereign Wealth Fund, shipped by Volga-Dnepr Group on Antinov-124 cargo aircraft worldwide with oversized UN Military Vehicles. DEUS MEUMQUE JUS “God and My Moral Rightness” Deus is Zeus (Dyeus); Shining; Deity. A phrase meaning Divine Right of Kings; Sovereignty from God; Divinity of One’s Self. JESUS returns wearing a sign KING OF KINGS LORD OF LORDS; if He is yours, let Him know now.


Black Sun


Saturn reached the heart of Capricorn Aug 4, 2021; the 216th day of the year; 6x6x6=216 The Cubes of 3-4-5 added=216 The 47th Problem of Euclid uses 3 squares of 3-4-5, represented in the Washington DC Federal Triangle. Dec 25, 2021 the Sun, Earth, Black Sun (Saturn’s Foci) and Saturn align in Capricorn. Comet Leonard, produced during the Flood is also making its first return during Saturnalia. Occult secret societies regard Libra the Scales of Justice as Saturn’s Secret Place. Capricorn is represented as a 76; 7+6=13 the number of Rebellion; 7X6=42 the number of months in the Great Tribulation, number of degrees Light refracts in a Rainbow. Daniel “God is my Judge” 7:6 describes the 3rd Beast which obtains Dominion. Masoretes conflated YHWH (Yahweh) with God (JEHOVAH) roughly 1000ad; the birth of Saturn becoming Christmas. Aaron ben Moses ben Asher wrote the prevalent Masoretic texts with YHWH replacing God; for this Jesus removed the “h” (god of with me) from Rev 7:6. If you want the “h” removed from your Name, keep celebrating Christmas.

Christus is Latin for “Annointed One” from Arab Masha; Hebrew Masiah “Annoint”. The Anointed One is YHWH aka Saturn. Mormo is “King of the Ghouls; God of the Graveyard and God of the living Dead”. Mormons regard God the Father as Elohim, plural for El the Canaanite creator El “Great One” with Yahweh, the revealed Sacred Name. Rabbi is derived from al Rab “Great One” the title of Chaldean and Sabean (Saba means Rising Sun) Priests “Rba”; this is why Jesus warned to never call anyone Rabbi (Mat 23:8). Masoretes (Scribes; Masorete means “Tradition”) introduced YHWH, the Rabbinical Tetragammaton, the ineffable name written as G-D. Saturn’s apparent elliptical orbit has 2 Foci, one inside the Sun, one outside between the apparent orbits of Jupiter and Saturn called the Black Sun or Black Star; this is the light source illuminating the Christus. On Dec 24 Earth, Sun and Black Sun align; worship of the Rising Sun caused the Glory of the LORD to depart Solomon’s Temple (Eze 8); rejection of Jesus as Messiah 640 years later caused the Glory of the LORD to depart by the exact same path. Worship of Christmas will soon cause the exact same removal of the Holy Ghost from New Covenant “Human” Temples. In the fall of 1321 the last Cathar Perfecti was executed predicting “In 700 years the laurel will grow green again” the Laurel Crown represents the Anointing of Bacchus/Dionysus/Osiris, all names of Saturn/El/Yahweh/YHWH.  Nostradamus “Last Pope will flee Rome in December when there are 2 Suns in the sky to usher in Judgment Day”; 2021? We’ll soon see but why wait; Jesus is knocking on your personal Prayer Closet waiting for you to open it. So what are the 2 Suns in December? The Black Sun and Visible Sun align on Dec 25. Spiritually, the Strong Delusion (2 Thess 2:11) is coming; it will likely come over the entire world at the same time. Give the gift of Salvation this Christmas; tear down the lights, burn the Tree and apologize to JESUS for being fooled!

Ordo Saturni

Moderna Chief Medical Officer warns Delta and Omicron Variants may combine to form a Monster Variant; (Monster “Malformed Animal/Human”); mRNA/MDNA Gene Therapy creates Monsters aka Beasts from Lethal Mutagenesis. Who wants this? Delta and Omicron combine to form Ordo Saturni the global Cult of Saturn. This timed with Russia putting in place protocols for “Urgent burial of corpses in peacetime and wartime”; remember, the US has had these type protocols in place since Obama and Surgeon General Vivek Murthy built 1000 MASH Tent Hospitals and staffed 800 Operation Garden Plot (Cain is the Gardner) Civilian Inmate Internment Camps; local protocols across Russia call for burying thousands in mass graves timed with Volga-Dnepr Group and global partners shipping billions of doses of Sputnik V (Sputnik=Fellow Traveler ie Cain + Victory) globally This timed with the FDA and US Post Offices illegally holding packages containing Ivermectin. All this timed with the annual start of Saturnalia 2021 on Dec 17 There is no Virus pandemic! Graphene laced injections are Foreign Parasites replacing your God given Nervous System with an artificial Trans-human nervous system controlled by the IOB (Internet of Bodies)


Dr Kary Mulis, Nobel Prize winning inventor of PCR warned HIV does not cause AIDS and suffered a heart attack Aug 2019; now we may know why. Merck and Ridgeback Pharmaceuticals Molnupiravir anti-viral for Flu and SARS CoV-2 including Omicron, a mutagenic DNA altering Red Pill inspired by Mjolnir “Thor’s Hammer”; the ultimate Cainite Weapon against humanity? Evidence says YES! Cain means Smith; Smith’s make Hammers. Lethal Mutagenesis: “Process of generating a genetic mutation; mutant genes, proteins (eg PRIONS) or organisms.” In this case the mutant organism is legally defined as Trans-human having no rights in Heaven or on Earth. Pfizer Paxlovid (Nirmatrelvir + Ritonavir) is also claimed highly effective against Omicron. Pfizer’s Greek Veterinarian Crypto Jew “Synagogue of Libertines” CEO Albert Bourla claims Paxlovid exhibited no Mutagenic properties; that maybe true in Animals but it was never tested on Humans. Merck’s recently replaced CEO Ken Frazier  2021 CEO of the Year, a member of the American Philosophical Society founded by Rosicrucian Freemason Ben Franklin (Astrologers Ben Franklin and Ebeneezer Sibly set America’s Natal Zodiac on July 4, 1776; Pluto returns Feb 20, 2022 for the Biden’s Ritual Sacrifice) and promoting Natural Philosophy (No love of God here!); members included Plagiarist Charles “Ape Man” Darwin, Tesla patent thief Thomas Edison and Plagiarist Germ Theory Liar Louis Pasteur; these men want to Imprison your Soul, and no this is not a joke! Pfizer and Merck pills were stockpiled in 95 nations ahead of the “Highly Contagious” Omicron Variant; 90% effective and people think they are FDA Approved; they are not; only EUA. FDA approval for a Mutagenic Pill targeting the Human Genome “Virus” may come before Christmas. Warned? “Humans are a Virus” Agent Smith (Cain=Smith) The Matrix Both are C30 protease inhibitors; C30 is found in Picornavirus (Picrona is an anagram for Poliovirus; Pico means “Small”=Omicron). Ritonavir is an anti-viral targeting HIV; HIV is not a “Virus” and does not cause AIDS; SARS is not a “Virus” and does not cause COVID 19. Flu cases went to near zero in 2020-21, replaced by “Covid 19” diagnosis. In 2012 the US Supreme Court decision declared altered DNA is no longer “Human” but “Trans-human”, entitled to no rights as a “Person”, but regarded as a “Product”, owned and patentable.   Merck, the opiate, cocaine, methamphetamine producer for the Nazi Empire uses the Hourglass logo, carried with the Sickle (Fauci=Sickle) by “Father Time” aka the Grim Reaper.  In the Matrix, Morpheus offered Neo the chance to follow the Rabbit (Adrenochrome) and take the Red Pill to see how deep the Rabbit Hole went or the Blue Pill and return to his manufactured reality;  Masons call initiates who stop at the Blue Lodge “Porch Brethren”; biblically, the Rabbit is Anammelech the goddess worshipped with Saturn (Adrammelech) Ref 2 Ki 17:30; her name means “Anu is King” referring to Saturn’s northern ecliptic path and axis (Foci) which like all planets lie within Draco “Dragon”, the Dragon, Serpent, Devil, Satan that has deceived the entire world Ref Rev 12:9; no bigger deception than Christmas either, the day Saturn’s Foci called the Black Sun aligns with the Earth and the Rising Sun.

Bing Dwen Dwen

Pandemic Babies “Pandas” born to vaccinated parents can exhibit dark eyes, premature aging ie crawling at 2 weeks, walking at 3 months

Adrenochrome Addicts


In Swahili Panda means “Crossroad, Split, Fork or Parting” Saturn’s “Secret Place” is Libra, the Scales of Justice; here is Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts carried by the Pale Horse; in Hindu astrology, Saturn has a variegated grey ie Ashen color rather than Black; Saturn is the Pale Horse “Death” opposed to Jesus the “Life”; one fork leads to Hell, the other to Heaven.

Dec 2021 Japan Earthquakes

Tectonic Plates

“Earthquakes in diverse places” Mat 24:7; Lk 21:11 Mk 13:8 Japan Earthquakes; Indonesia (90E Ridge) Earthquake, Juan De Fuca Earthquakes and Mid-Atlantic Ridge (scapegoat is La Palma Canary Is) all acting up Dec 2021. These locations are primary intersections of the Earth’s Tectonic Plates which split apart during the Flood. Beijing Olympics Feb 4-20, 2022 Motto: “Together for a shared future” A shared future for the One Belt; One Road Initiative aka Ancient Silk Road, which begins in Japan The pre-Flood world, referred to as Mu and Atlantis was connected by ancient trade routes much of which is now underwater. The worldwide Cult of Saturn is called the Cult of Fire and Ice, Brotherhood of Death, and Society 322 a Cainite Cult universally rejecting God in favor of Saturn. Mascot: Bing Dwen Dwen an ice covered Panda. Bing=Ice Dwen Dwen=Children. Passing children in fires of Molech is warned against repeatedly in scripture; children are frightened, producing more adrenochrome with is harvested by Black Eye Club aka Panda Club members resulting in eyes turning black; recall in The Matrix, Neo was initiated by following the White Rabbit ie Adrenochrome. 4 of Earth’s major Tectonic Plates converge over Japan “Land of the Rising Sun”: Pacific, North American, Eurasian, and Philippine Sea Plates.  Rising Sun refers to Saturn; specifically the date Dec 25 when Saturn is born, the visible Sun rising in alignment with the Black Sun, a mathematical point in space defining one of Saturn’s Elliptical Focii. “Earthquakes in diverse places” are warned in Mat 24:7; Mk 13:8; Lk 21:11 as the beginning of sorrows; this would be the 3 1/2 yr Great Tribulation.


Lo Saturnalia! Society of Gesu (Ge=Earth + Sus=Pig) aka Jesuit. Pig: Contemptible Person; at the start of Saturnalia (Dec 17) a young pig is sacrificed; the young pig is the US. Peppa “Jehovah Increases” her brother George “Earth”; (St George the patron saint of Russia, England, and Georgia was allegedly born in Beirut; Lebanon and the US using the same Evergreen Tree Flag of Christmas)  Jesuits “Society of Gesu” means “Society of Earth Pig”; 33 deg Luciferian Mason/Jesuit Francis Bacon “Free Pig” and Jesuit Adam Weishaupt essentially founding the United States whose role is to be the Scapegoat for Rev 18 “Babylon has fallen”. 3 6’s in Peppa’s tail and the Pig. Legs form an 11, the number associated with Antichrist. Arms and hands form a Peace Sign, the upside broken cross “Peace Sign” serves as the initiation symbol in witchcraft. Legion was a group of demons who asked Jesus to enter the Gedarene Swine herd before jumping off the cliff to the sea. Paulton’s Park is home to Peppa Pig World Theme Park, apparently Boris Johnson’s favorite place. Peppa “Jehovah Increases” also means “Angel of God” and has the same meaning as Joseph “To Increase”; George “Earth” also refers to St George killing the Dragon; the Josephic Messiah will be Antichrist and refers to the British Empire and City of London Corp laying claim to all physical assets on Earth. The Pig family eats bacon and thus are cannibals; the source is Kahn-Baals, Priests of Baal. On Dec 10 the US and Israel set a 1 week deadline for Iran talks to avert war; in Rome a young Pig is sacrificed at the start of Saturnalia Dec 17 “Lo Saturnalia” the official greeting at the Temple of Saturn, the storehouse of Roman wealth. Now who do you suppose is the Young Pig about to be sacrificed?

Society of Gesu (Ge=Earth + Sus=Pig) aka Jesuit. Pig: Contemptible Person. Peppa “Jehovah Increases”; George “Earth”; Jesuits “Society of Gesu” means “Society of Earth Pig”; Jesuit Francis Bacon “Free Pig” and Jesuit Adam Weishaupt essentially founding the United States. 3 6’s in Peppa’s tail and the Pig. Legs form an 11, the number associated with Antichrist. Arms and hands form a Peace Sign, the upside broken cross “Peace Sign” serves as the initiation symbol in witchcraft. Legion was a group of demons who asked Jesus to enter the Gedarene Swine herd before jumping off the cliff to the sea. Paulton’s Park is home to Peppa Pig World Theme Park, apparently Boris Johnson’s favorite place. Peppa “Jehovah Increases”; that would be the Wall St Debt based economy; also means “Angel of God” and has the same meaning as Joseph “To Increase”; Rabbis and Arabs await the Josephic Messiah. George “Earth” also refers to St George St George killing the Dragon stands next to the Aztec Eagle-Jaguar at the UN and at the St John Divine Cathedral; The Josephic Messiah will be Antichrist and refers to the British (B’Rith=Birthright Covenant; Reuben’s Birthright was given to Joseph 1 Chr 5:1) Empire and City of London Corp laying claim to all physical assets on Earth. The Pig family eats bacon and thus are cannibals; the source is Kahn-Baals, Priests of Baal. On Dec 10 the US and Israel set a 1 week deadline for Iran talks to avert war; in Rome a young Pig is sacrificed at the start of Saturnalia Dec 17 “Lo Saturnalia” the official greeting at the Temple of Saturn, the storehouse of Roman wealth. Now who do you suppose is the Young Pig about to be sacrificed?


Hopi descend from Anasazi “Ancient Ones”, in Navaho language “Enemy Ancestors” and Puebloans “Villagers” in Spanish; Polytheists with gods seen in rivers, mountains, sky, earth etc a similar type of “Enemy” seen in Egypt in the Hyksos (Foreign Shepherds) shortly before the Exodus. A Matriarchal Society, Hopi revere a deity called “The Grandmother”, regarding Mother Earth as a Living Entity; Chumolongmo “Earth Mother” is Mt Everest, the site of Noah’s Ark and origination of Canaan, a product of Ham (Black) and his Cainite mother (Noah’s wife) ultimately deriving from Eve and Cain. Hopi Shaman predicted inventions of White Brother: Carriage pulled by animals=Covered Wagons (Hyksos introduced war chariots to Egypt; Israel encountered the same war chariots after the Flood in war with the Hittites whose “God of the West” was Santa); Carriages running by themselves=Automobiles; roads in every direction with water in front=Asphalt aka Bitumen mortar used in the Tower of Babel Gen 11:3; Communication through a cobweb=telephone lines; Communication without wires=Radio/TV; Roads in the Sky=Commercial air travel; Gourds full of ashes=Nuclear weapons and finally Darkness. Red Shaman/Kachina wearing a Red Cap/Hat/Coat is expected to Purify humanity in the US predicted 400 years ago to be the Phoenix of the New Age; a Dark Winter? In 2021? The last Cathar Perfecti Guillaume Belibaste was executed in fall 1321 predicting “In 700 years, the laurel will grow green again”

Eagle landing

UN Peace and Security Guardian


St Lucia “Bride of Lucifer” Dec 13 Comet Leonard (Lion) makes 1st return since Noah’s Flood passing closest to Earth on St Lucia Day. Jesus the Lion of Judah rejected in favor of Shamash the Babylonian Sun Lion. Leonard will be visible between the Big Dipper (Ursa Major) the symbol of the Age of Aquarius and Arcturas the star associated with King Arthur the Druid “Once and Future King” and “Branch of the Terrible Ones” Is 25:5


Crowley’s Black Mass is Backwards both in movement (Whitttand speech conducted under an Inverted Cross, the symbol of Initiation into high level Witchcraft is the Broken Inverted Cross “Peace Sign” or “Broken Jew”. al Lah “The God” is derived from the Sabean/Arab Moon god “Sin”; the Moon a reflection or Reversal of the Sun. al Lah “Allah” had 3 daughters al-Lat, Manat, Uzza (Moon, Sun Venus) which form the female pagan trinity, opposite of the male Trinity  Father, Son, Holy Ghost. Jahweh/Yahweh, YHWH is not God nor does this name have anything to do with JESUS.

Prophecy Rock

Tezcatlipoca is the god of Providence; Puritans justified the wholesale slaughter of Native Americans to the god of Providence. Human sacrifices served to repay the Debt; foreign invaders in the Americas have racked up an impressive $700T Debt so a lot of heads will roll. Tescatlipoca is also the god of invisible Darkness and the Ruler of the North, represented as Ursa Major, aka Big Dipper circling the Dragon “Draco”. Sacrifices by Jaguar Priests were on a Cuauhxicalli (Eagle Bowl) decorated as Jaguar/Eagle like the UN Idol. Think Mayans, Aztecs and Incan populations have forgotten Smallpox? Puritan=Pure=Aztec What a coincidence in the 700th year after the last Cathar Perfecti was sacrificed!  In 2018 Jared Kushner (voted 8 years as a woman) was awarded the Order of Aztec Eagle Warrior; Rome wasn’t the only nation to put on gladiator events; often depicting previous wars, victims were given mock weapons and pit against professional, armed Jaguar and Eagle Warriors.      “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.” 1 Thess 5:3

2022 Chinese Year of the Tiger

2025 Chinese Year of the Green Wood Snake


Shiva “Destroyer” is Apollyon/Abaddan Rev 9:11. CERN uses the 666 logo; Shiva dances the Nataraja “Dance of Destruction” in front of CERN, built over an ancient Apolloceum “Temple of Apollo” 2022 is the Chinese Year of the Tiger. Feb 1 Imbolg “In the Belly” is Brigid’s Day, the daughter of Dagda the Druid Future King. Dag/Dagon is the Philistine god venerated at the Dag Hammarskjold Meditation Room at the UN and worn as Mitres by Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Lutheran Clergy as it was by Philistine Priests.  Project 911 on Site 911 “Best Shemesh” is the site Samson killed Philistines with Lehi “Jawbone of an Ass” and later pulled the Twin Pillars down, killing himself and 3000 Philistines at the Temple of Dagan; every Master Mason has gone through a similar Death-Re-birth Ritual. Nine Inch Nails predicted Year Zero in 2022 Omicron is the Abyss/Zero between the Pillars, called Room 101

Beijing Olympics Feb 4-20, 2022 Panda Masot Bing Dwen Dwen and 2022: Year of the Tiger The last thing a person sees before death is the Eye of the Tiger; Omicron=Eye. MH-370 Kuala Lumpur-Beijing with all 5 Motorola KL-03 RF Microchip patent holders allegedly die; patent transfers to BlackStone Group and Jacob Rothschild; KL-03 controls everything in the 5G RF controlled IOT (Internet Of Things) ie Banking, Power, Health Care, Commercial Trains, Trucks, Planes etc. 7-17 day incubation period for Smallpox ends with the Biden’s Ritual Feb 20, 2022. Ever wonder why TPOXX (SIGA Pharm) Tembexa (Chimerix Pharm) developed and the FDA approved drugs for a plague that had been eradicated for 42 years? Or why the UN would install an idol of the Aztec god of human sacrifice? Now remind me again what disease decimated the Americas?

“We can’t hide from human population…none of these things would be an issue if population was the size 500 years ago” Earth Charter signatory Jane Goodall at the WEF espousing the Earth’s 1st Commandment on the Rosicrucian inspired Georgia Guide Stones; when Columbus arrived in America, population was under 500M. The Hopi Condor and Eagle Prophecy is the guiding document “500 years after Columbus discovered America, and nearly wiped out the Condor people (Heart, Intuition, Mystical), a merging with the Eagle people (Brain, Rational , Material) will herald the New Age”  The Rio Earth Summit convened 500 Years after the Sephardic Satanist Columbus arrived in America calling for the elimination of all but 1 Billion people from Earth; Pope Francis was a CIA Operation Condor Asset; his Laudato Si Encyclical states “The triumph of science is realizing Earth can only support 1 Billion people”. Earth Charter 5 principles: Earth, Air, Fire Water and Spirit are Witchcraft.


Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin created the Russian Direct Investment Fund aka Russian Sovereign Wealth Fund in 2011. RDIF funds the Gamalaya Inst and its Sputnik V Omicron Variant “Vaccine”. RDIF CEO Kirill Dmitriev to produce and ship 3 Billion doses in 2022 starting Feb 20, 2022.  Dmitry “Devoted Lover of Demeter” aka “Mother Earth”; Medvedev “Bear”; Vladimir “Rule Over + Peace” (eg Vlad the Impaler) Putin “Way or Path” Kirill “Lord” eg Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill. Edgar Cayce used Scrying to predict “Russia will die and be reborn the savior of the world” Vilna Gaon predicted “When Russia invades Crimea the times of the Messiah have arrived”; this occurred in 2016; His Messiah is not Jesus but Messiah ben Joseph. Gamaleya Inst is named after Crimean (Odessa; home of exiled Sarmation Priest-Kings) born Virologist Nikolay Gamaleya. Nikolay means “Nicolaitane” (Nike=Victory + Laos/Laity=People); Jesus hates Esau and Nicolaitane Doctrine; Esau sold his Birthright (Rom 9:13; Mal 1:3; Heb 12:16) and Nicolaitanes conquer the Laity (People) by leading them to slaughter (Rev 2:6:15) in this case by Neuro-suppression of “God Genes”. RDIF is worldwide; the son of Demeter “Earth Mother” is Plutus “Wealth” On Feb 20, 2022 Pluto returns on its 246 year cycle to the position on July 4, 1776 Natal Zodiac. Demeter presides over the Cycle of Birth and Death. Demeter aka Black Demeter holds a sheaf of wheat; appearing as the constellation Virgo “Black Virgin” holding Spica (Sheaf of Wheat) next to Leo and Regulus; On Sept 23, 2017 Virgo clothed with the Sun, the moon at her feet, crowned with 12 stars symbolically gave birth to Jupiter; many interpreted this as fulfillment of Rev 12:1; Ivanka Trump played the role at the G-20 Summit in Japan as well. The Crown of Leo is the Ureaus Crown having the asterism “Sickle” (Fauci=Sickle)  Spica and Regulus are at 150 deg Ecliptic Longitude, marking the Age of Aquarius, symbolized by the Great Bear (Medvedev), guided by Arcturas “Branch of the Terrible ones” (Is 25:5) aka Arthur “Once and Future King” aka Sargon III, the final Sarmation Priest-King.

Black Star

The Sign

AT&T The Sign

Black Star


Limits to Growth

Population Forecasts

1957 Cartoon Omicron: The strangest story you have ever heard. Omicron from Venus, Nudnicron from Jupiter hide in Sputnik on Earth and are loaded into a Needle shaped Rocket; Omicron is the Nu Variant; Cron/Kron means Garland, Chaplet, Crown. Gamaleya Inst, named after Soviet Crimean born Nikolai Gamaleya in Moscow plans to ship 3 Billion doses of Omicron adjusted Sputnik V “Vaccines” beginning Feb 20, 2022. Sputnik means “Fellow Traveler” aka Nomad; David Bowie narrates Omicron: Nomad Soul video game 1999.  Externalization of the Hierarchy is a demon channeled book by the Theosophical Society published in 1957 predicting the Externalization of Satan’s Hierarchy will be revealed in 2025. The Club of Rome predicts a massive world population decline in the book Limits to Growth beginning 2022; predicts the same monstrous population decline with the US decreasing 66%.  In the cartoon, Earth is 6 months old making Earth 66 years old matching the 66 books of the Bible. We are approaching the Great Tribulation and arrival of the Rabbis Messiah ben Joseph Every nation on Earth is involved with the DNA altering, Neuro-modulating, Trans-humanist agenda This is why Jesus warned “Except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved” Mat 24:22

Coronavirus “Crowned Serpent Venom”; Bow=Poison=Venom; Omicron is the Crown/Halo/Wreath/Rainbow. With respect to the observer, a Rainbow forms a complete circle diffracting light 42deg matching the 42 months of Great Tribulation 6X7=42 the “Perfection of Man” is Trans-humanism; 6+7=13 the Rebellion of Man against God. The Edomite National God Qos=Bow=Arab god Quzah, Qaws “Nail, Pin, Hook, Lock” a device designed to Stop, Prevent or Lock Doors; Jesus stands at the door, but we must open it; Omicron the “O” is designed as a Soul Prison

Dec 4 Total Solar Eclipse Antarctica

South Pole Pyramid

Crates of Mallus

Why Antarctica? “Ashtaroth created Omicron as a Soul Prison” David Bowie narrating Omicron: Nomad Soul video game. In Omicron the 1963 movie an alien presence assumes the body of a dead host to learn the weaknesses of humans. Omicron Bio at Notre Dame U produces carbohydrates to determine DNA and RNA structures. Omicron Testing in Britain produces test equipment. Pirbright Inst has the Patent for Coronavirus and its Variants like Omicron #101,130,701 Terra Australis was the land which came to be called Antarctica; the Total Solar Eclipse Dec 4, 2021 is followed by Comet Leonard making its first return since the Flood Dec 12, 2021, visible between the Big Dipper and Arcturas is significant. Ancients believed the land south of the equator must balance land north of the equator. Arctic means Artos “Bear”; Arcturas “Bear Guard” refers to King Arthur “Once and future King” of the Celts/Druids; the Little Dipper is associated with the Age of Aquarius.
Ancients such as Konn-Torrs or Priests of the Torriod (Tor=Magnetic Field; the reason space exploration is a scam) aka Sarmation/Chaldean Priest-Kings, knew the Earth is a Magnet and built monuments on Magnetic Grid Lines long before Cathedrals were build over them; Earth must have 2 poles, thus Arctic opposed by Ant-arctic; the Antarctic became the real reason for WWII and building the Nazis. Crates of Mallus drew the first globe; Antarctica was termed Antioeci; a Stoic, grammarian and head of the Pergamon Library where Satan’s Seat was housed (Rev 2:13) WHO uses the Rod of Aesculapius (Healer/god of Plagues) from Pergamon; Crates “Wickerwork, lattice, hurdle, chariot, box” Omicron is literally a Crate for Wickermen to cremate body and soul50,000 Patents worldwide were stolen by FDR and handed over to Pirbright Inst who holds the patents for Coronavirus and its Variants like Omicron; this then is the real Holocaust  Final Solution. When coupled with stolen Tesla Patents using EM (Electro=Sun + Magnetic=Earth) Scalar Energy in the Arctic and Antarctic, and 5G, Graphene in Coronavirus Gene Therapy become the ultimate Soul Prison; a method to insulate the Soul from God (JESUS) and kill the body. 1000 MASH staffed by 1000 oath sworn doctors to Hindu Surgeon General Vivek Murthy (Sworn in on a Bhagavad Gita) are ready to incinerate bodies of people quarantined for refusing the Covid 19 treatment. Jesus advised “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. Mat 10:28 Rm 101 represents the Abyss/Nu/Omicron essentially the Sum of all Fears; 101 Pictures distributes the series Yellowstone about Whites V Natives (Ephraim V Manasseh according to 10 Tribe Brit-Am-Israel nonsense) amid total corruption on both sides; the Catholic Priest advises
“a cremated body cannot rise” That is not in Scripture! “And they have built the high places of Topheth, which is in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to burn their sons and their daughters in the fire” Jer 7:31 Welcome to the Omicron Tophet! Tophet means “Fireplace, Roaster, Hearth, Set on Fire” Canaanites have always tried to defeat God; they will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire; I suggest not joining them!

 Saturday (Saturn’s Day) Dec 4 Hanukkah Shabbat Day Solar Eclipse over Antarctica. Jesus was hung on a Tree amid 2 thieves forming the 7 branch candlestick God instructed Moses to construct; on Dec 4, 2021 the 7th day Shabbat candle on the Hanukkah Menorah will be lit. Jesus is rejected in favor of Shamash the Babylonian sun god of Divine Justice at Hanukkah; Project 911 on Site 911 at Best Shemesh “House of the Sun” is a radiation hardened bunker with the Mezuzah over every door rejecting Jesus as Lord.   The eclipse comes 6 years after Russia annexes Crimea Rabbi Elijah ben Solomon Zalman aka Vilna Gaon “When you hear Russians have captured Crimea, the times of Messiah have started”; Gamaleya Inst in Moscow plans to ship 3B Omicron-Coronavirus treatments by Feb 2022; 5 years after, Buzz Aldrin was evacuated from the South Pole to Christ Church  with assistant Christina Korp from the South Pole, seen by Dr David Bowie; David Bowie’s Black Star video features a similar Solar Eclipse; a bit strange eh? A Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses 2014-15 occurred on Feast of Passover and Tabernacles, with Solar Eclipses on God’s New Year and the Rabbinical New Year “Rosh Hashanah” 2015. 2 Weeks before Hajj 2015, bin Laden construction crane collapsed killing people in the Grand Mosque; a subsequent stampede at the Kaaba in Mecca reportedly killed 4000 people. Whatever the cause the Ark of Gabriel was blamed; Russian Orthodox patriarch Kiril then escorted the Ark via a Russian flotilla to Antarctica (I’m not endorsing any information on Gabriel’s Ark); Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill meet in Cuba Feb 2016 and world leaders/elite head for the South Pole in 2016 the same year the Great American Eclipse occurs the umbra passing over 7 towns named Bethlehem and the Christ Angle forms AT&T put our a pseudo-documentary in 2017 The Sign warning us to watch out for the Sept 23, 2017 planetary alignment of Rev 12:1; the trouble is the scripture has nothing to do with a Solar Eclipse, so what is all this pointing to?

175,000 Russian Troops prepare for Ukraine Invasion Putin is Chabad Lubavitch controlled by Rabbi Berel Lazar Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky is bankrolled by Jewish Banking Billionaire Ihor Kolomoyskyy; a Jewish comedian who wrote and starred in Servant of the People 2015-2019 before being selected to be Ukraine President. Why? Rabbi Elijah ben Solomon Zalman aka Vilna Gaon “When you hear Russians have captured Crimea, the times of Messiah have started” Crimea is the home of exiled Sarmation “Priest Kings”; Sargon III will be Antichrist. Edgar Cayce The Sleeping Prophet of the Sleeping Land (Tobolsk) channeled a demon who predicted “Russia will die and be re-born to become the hope of the world” Gamaleya Inst in Moscow expects to ship 3 Billion doses of Omicron (Soul Prison) adapted Vaccines by Feb 20, 2022. Why does Chabad Lubavitch (Hanukkah replaces Jesus with Shamash the Babylonian sun god) want Russia to invade Ukraine? In new bible versions Eze 38:2 has “Rus” added to the mix; study bible notes describe Moscow as Meshech (a descendant of Japheth, the eldest son of Noah Gen 10:2; 21KJV Ukraine is “Togarmah of the north quarters” Eze 38:6) In place to facilitate the biggest war in human history is fake Jew “Career Ambassador”, Yale “Grand Strategy Practitioner”, National Endowment for Democracy, Victoria Nuland working under fellow fake Jew, West Exec Capital partner Sec of State Anthony Blinken with 30+ more rabid Zionists in the Harris-Biden crime syndicate installed in the White House, State Dept, Pentagon, Treasury, CIA, Judicial Branch by Dominion Voting and the British Commonwealth The root of this unadulterated evil is Preterism a Jesuit invented doctrine designed to send followers to Hell by denying the Holy Ghost. Preterism teaches all prophecy has been fulfilled including the post Millennium battle of Gog and Magog (2 Giants Gog and Magog guard Guildhall in the City of London Corp) If there was ever a time to open the door to a one on one relationship with JESUS, now is the time!

Lord Mayor 2021

“Then shall stand up in his estate a raiser of taxes in the glory of the kingdom: but within few days he shall be destroyed, neither in anger, nor in battle” Dan 11:20 . Sheriff Vincent Keaveny the first Irish “Emerald Isle” Lord Mayor of the City of London Corp took. Vincent: Conquering; Overcome; Fight; Son of the Darkman of the Island. Keaveny: O’Geibheannaigh “Fettered”; son of St Caomhan associated with Universal Taxation “Poll Tax”. Caomh: Dear; Noble + Birth; Kevin=Kaiwan “Saturn”; Arab Kalil “Crown” and Calf “Marduk”;  equivalent with the Edomite Qos “Bow”=Poison, Assyrian Sakkut=Succoth; Ashtoreth “Star”; in the video game Omicron: Nomad Soul Ashtaroth creates Omicron as a Soul Prison. The City of London Corp lays claim to everything else on Earth including the US CORPORATION. All outside of the Elite are considered Veteran’s “Beasts of Burden”/Lower Animals not part of the Commonwealth.  Esau is “Fettered/Yoked” currently but is prophesied to break free (Gen 27:39-41KJV) and achieve “Dominion”. The City of London Corp is symbolically guarded by a Sheriff’s Booth (Tax Collector), Dragon (Devil, Satan, Serpent; Rev 12:9) and Knights Templar (Gnostic Military Bankers) before one may access the Crown Bar (Courts) or Guildhall guarded by the mythical British Giants Gog and Magog

Children of Men

2012 London Olympics

The 2012 London “Zion” Olympics announcement in 2005 came shortly after filming was wrapped up on Children of Men, a movie about 18 years of infertility and the last citizen dying at 18. 2012 + 18=2030 UN Agenda 2030 for example. The Olympic Ceremony featured a dead baby, the Phoenix rising from Coronavirus, Hospitals of Death, Boris Johnson and a very young Greta (“Pearl”; the Pearl of Great Price is JESUS) Thunberg, the Child Actor of Anthropogenic Global Climate Change, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and of course Satan. The movie featured Theo “God” protecting Kee (Kee=Celtic Sun god Hu/Hugh/Aodh) Hu Gadarn the Celtic god associated with the word “HuMan” aka “God Man”; Hu Gadarn “Mighty One” was equated by Druids with Esus; the pagan counterfeit of Jesus.  Hugh is associated with the “Heart, Spirit, Soul, Mind and Thought” in a word, “Dominion”. Kee is thus pregnant with the “Son of Fire” seen on Theo’s shirt. Theo can be seen wearing a London 2012 Olympic Shirt throughout the movie. Children of God were created in the image and likeness of God using God created DNA; Trans-HuManism creates a Child of Man with no rights in Heaven or on Earth. Experimental Coronavirus therapies cause infertility; the goal of UN Agenda 2030 is the same Lie the Serpent told Eve 20X30=6000 years ago.


“And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die” Gen 3:4 Xenobots: Self assembling, replicating, reproducing, living micro Robots made of Frog DNA. Xeno means “Foreign”; the robots self replicate and are allegedly in the Covid vaccine formula. Jesus singled out Frogs as being the Spirits of the Dragon, Antichrist and False Prophet Rev 16:13 and defined the dragon in Rev 12:9 as the Devil, Satan, serpent, the entity worshipped when the Holy Ghost is removed; Sar means Prince; worshipping Sargon III as “Legitimate King” can only be done once the KING OF KINGS has been removed. A bit coincidental that after testing billions of shapes for Xenobots, the one capable of reproduction looks like Pac-Man meaning “Gobbling something up”; In this case Human Souls by altering Human DNA and reproducing the Trans-human or Foreign DNA.