Select Page If you have not already seen this 8 minute animation film, watch it today. It is quite amazing in more ways than one. There are many themes interwoven into the film, but the main story is about the crumbling away of the hierarchi

Rosh or Rus is added to Eze 38:2 in New Bible versions to add Russia to the Gog and Magog mix; Gog is not Russia and Russia is not part of the Gog and Magog coalition in the KJV nor associated with Magog; Meshech is not associated with Moscow and Tubal is not associated with Tobolsk, they are merely sons of Japheth (Gen 10:2) just like Ashkenazi fake Jews. Don’t be fooled! The Jesuit plan for 3 World Wars was put in writing Aug 15, 1871; WWIII will pit Zionism against Islam, the Dialectic Thesis+Antithesis=Synthesis, the 3rd Act in Magic “Prestige”, designed to destroy the Old Order (God) in favor of the New World Order of Lucifer. Jesus warned against calling any man Rabbi (Mat 23:8) Rabbis have been planning the fake Gog and Magog War and arrival of their Moshiach, the Messiah Jesus warned of in Jn 5:43 for 2000 years The Writing on the Wall is here folks!
Pergamon is derived from Per= “Divide by Plumbline” + Gam=Gamos Heros Gamos is the Divine Union; agreement with the Serpent, Devil, Satan in Rev 12:9. “Thus he shewed me: and, behold, the Lord stood upon a wall made by a plumbline, with a plumbline in his hand. And the LORD said unto me, Amos, what seest thou? And I said, A plumbline. Then said the Lord, Behold, I will set a plumbline in the midst of my people Israel: I will not again pass by them any more Amos 7:7-8 Israel had adopted the Star of Molech/Satan and is not God’s people any longer. The Throne of Pergamon is Satan’s Seat to be installed in the 3rd Temple. Theraputae aka “Order of Perfectibilists” founded America; Rabbis are not Jewish; they are Chaldean Theraputae and use the phrase “Tikkun Olam” (Repair the Earth) meaning a return to pre-Flood conditions by slaughtering ones enemies as Cain killed Abel. How? The Rod of Aesclapius, the god of plagues worshipped in the UN Meditation Room. The choice all of us will make is to stay on the porch of worship at the altar of the 3rd Temple; choose the porch! (Rev 11:1-2)
First let’s examine the word AMEN.
Amen means Truth, Agreement or Confirm Support in scripture. Amen as agreement with Satan was adopted as the Egyptian Creator Amen and Amen-Ra “Amen the Sun God” which in Scripture is the Rising Sun (Eze 8) seen in the word Babylon “Gate of Osiris” aka On or Heliopolis “City of the Sun” or Babel “Gate of El” the Canaanite version of On or Bab-Ilu the Sumerian version which was adopted as Allah (The God) or Sin. Lucifer the Light Bearer is the Man of Sin, so Amen in this sense means Agreement with Sin.
Jesus is the Way Truth and Life (Jn 14:16) so the Ankh (Solar Cross) carried by Isis “Black Virgin” or “Throne” of Saturn became the Gnostic Cross of Life, really just a representation of the X formed by the Ecliptic and Zodiac, or Jupiter/Horus aka Planet X in retrograde motion across the Ecliptic as the Ferryman of Souls across the River STYX or the 25,990 year Egyptian Great Year formed by Sirius (Star of Isis) the Blazing Star in Masonry and source of embryo Souls in Mormonism.
X in this sense of Amen is the UNKNOWN GOD seen in Algebra X=Unknown worshipped ignorantly through shedding of blood (Ref Heb 9:22) at the Areopagus in Acts 17:23.
Big Bang Theory is obscene, literally the ejaculation of Amen, the Egyptian Creator who by being Androgynous, self procreates the Universe; this is also the meaning behind Baphomet (Union of Logos and Wisdom) worshipped by the Knights Templar and Arab Assassins. The Divine Union is the union of Male-Female in one Androgynous being which is why the Tranny movement is so popular now.
Theosophy and Thelema are one in the same; self actualization of Man becoming God seen in the Thelemic Axiom “There is no God but Man”. Gnosis which began in Babylon and was sent to the Cretan Knossos and from there to Pergamon, the HQ of the Theraputae where Satan’s Seat (Rev 2:13) was kept until being sent to Berlin next to the Quadriga of Apollo (4 Horsemen of Revelation 6) Apollo the god of the Sochi Olympics and Trump’s 66th (Pale Horse=Rev 6:6) Floor Penthouse Shrine to Apollo is Apoyllon/Abaddan of Rev 9:11 which is why Israel has Project 911 built at Site 911 “Beit Shemesh”, the site of the Babylonian Sun Lion “Shamash”, god of Justice and Calf of the Sun originally worshipped as the Golden Calf or Apis Bull in Egypt and Cretan Bull; well crafted lies being “Bullshit”.

Mishkolitz Rebbe Sholom Berger claims “Gog and Magog will precipitate Messianic Redemption”; don’t fall for that Chaldean nonsense; Gog and Magog is over 1000 years in the future, after Shiloh “He whose it is” aka JESUS gathers the tribes of Israel.
Skull & Bones Satanist George W Bush said the 2003 Iraq invasion was willed by God to erase His people’s enemies before the New Age; Not quite! Israel is not Jewish nor God’s gathering of the 12 Tribes. The New Age is the Golden Age of Saturn. “Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Iran”. Rhodes Scholar, Balkan Butcher Gen Wes Clark (Nee Cohen) describing pre-planned future US foreign policy

Sept 11 Democratic Impeachment Vote Rules Vote; Melania Trump wears a jacket with an aircraft hitting a Tower (Freedom Tower?) embroidered on the spine.
Sept 12 Netanyahu meets Putin in Sochi; both men are controlled puppets of Chabad Lubavitch Rabbis whose goal is WWIII, building the 3rd Temple and revealing Moshiach. Netanyahu returns and declares “War with Hamas in Gaza is imminent” Netanyahu, Hamas leader Khalid Mashal and Palestine Pres Mahmoud Abbas are Luciferian Freemasons. Sochi is the site of Sarmation Priest-Kings and the giant idol of Prometheus (Masonic Tubal -Cain) breaking free of his chains. Sargon III will be Antichrist.
Sept 13-14 Harvest Full Moon begins Greater Eleusinian Mystery Initiations; lest you think this is a long forgotten Greek Ritual, recall Persephone (Kore in Jude 7) XXX Porn Star Monica Bellucci starred in The Matrix as the mistress the Merovingian of Hell as well as Mary Magdalene in Passion of the Christ.
World’s largest Oil processing plant in Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia Drone attack; Zionist Mike Pompeo claims an Iranian Drone; more like a dozen Drones and 20 Cruise Missiles; Houthis Rebels? Not likely. Zionist, War Hawk, Sodomite Sen Lindsey Graham wants US to attack Iranian Oil facilities; of course he does. Saudi “The Kingdom” was due to present ARAMCO IPO (Initial Public Offering) pitch Sept 22; now 1/2 of Saudi Oil production is allegedly destroyed with Oil prices set to soar. Iranian backed Shia Houthis claim responsibility for launching the massive attack by 20 Drones, 12 Cruise Missiles; Impossible. Iran says “We are ready for full scale war”; US says “We are locked and loaded” and will have no mtg at the United Nations General Assembly between Hassan Rouhani (Shariah Law Judge) and Donald Trump (Ashkenazi Marrano ie Germanic fake Presbyterian). The attack was described as coming from the North and North-West ie from Israel. Jebel al Laws aka Mt Sinai (Agar/Hagar in Gal 4) is in Saudi Arabia; adherence to Old Testament Law negates the blood shed by JESUS for remission of Sin.
Shariah and Noahide Law
Shariah Law requires Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost; the same requirement of Noahide Law in Israel. Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump both wear the Yarmulke at the Wailing Wall, are controlled by Chabad Lubavitchers Rabbis bent on ushering in WWIII and their Moshiach, and both men received the Saudi Medal of Freedom.
Saudi Arabia is dictating US Foreign Policy in the upcoming War with Iran. Iran President Hassan Rouhani was/is a Shariah Law Judge; the birthplace of Shariah Law is Saudi Arabia; Donald Trump bowed to Saudi King Salman, accepted the Saudi Medal of Freedom, danced the Ardah (Arab Sword Dance) and held an illuminated Globe with King Salman and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el Sissi whom he referred to as “My favorite Dictator” at the G-7 Summit. All sides want War.
Luciferian Grand Orient “Rising Sun” Lodge, Shia Ayathollah ali Khomenei was initiated in Paris, the son of British asset William “Haji” Williamson, installed by the US in the 1979 Green Revolution; Green Man is Osiris (Green One) and the Arab al Khidr who Arabs believe arrives with the occulted 12th Shia Imam al Mahdi.
Is it coincidence Astronomers using OSIRIS Telescope are observing Comet/Asteroid Borisov on its perihelion approach to the Sun on Dec 8-10? or that I Pet Goat II predicted the Antichrist arrival on Dec 10, 2019 in a video released on St John’s Day June 24, 2012? How about Donald Trump buying Iran-Contra Arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi’s mega Yacht?
Why Iran? The fake Gog and Magog War is about to begin; the real Gog and Magog War is over 1000 years in the future (Rev Rev 20:7-8) The Gog and Magog nations listed in Eze 38-39 Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Turkey are meeting in Ankara.
Charles Kupperman, a Reagan Neo-con, Lockheed, Boeing contractor, Chaldean fake Jew, replaced John Bolton as National Security Advisor. Kupperman said “Nuclear war with the USSR is winnable. The objective is to destroy as many Soviet and American civilians as possible, say 150M on each side” Lunatic doesn’t do this idiot justice.
Sept 16 Iran, Turkey, Russia meet in Ankara; Iran says its ready for full scale war with US; no surprise, Turkey (Togarmah), Iran (Mede-Persia), Russia (Rosh) are part of the fake Gog and Magog coalition. Hurricane Humberto (Frankish ie Merovingian “Bear Cub”; “Warrior”) follows Dorian “Gift of the Dorians” on a path to Bermuda. “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts” originated with the Trojan Horse, the gift of the Dorians to Troy was full of dead corpses bringing the Gift of Disease; the acceptance of the Trojan Horse destroyed the Trojan Fortress. 1918 Spanish Flu was created by a US made Vaccine “Trojan Horse”
Sept 17 Impeachment Hearings expect to form Committees; at G-7 (G-7=77 Dan 7:7 4th Beast of Iron is Antichrist; Liber 77 “There is no God but Man” aka Liber Oz; GHW “Magog” Bush wore a Naval hat with the Goat and 77; he was called the “Wizard of Oz”) Summit Donald Trump recorded saying “Where’s my favorite Dictator?” before meeting with Egyptian Dictator Abdel Fatah el Sisi; recall Trump held an illuminated Globe with el Sisi and Saudi dictator King Salman; the message is Trump/America is slated to be the Phoenix of the New Age. Trump is an Oath sworn Knight of St John; St John the Divine (John=Oannes the Chaldean Beast or Rising Sun) Cathedral in NYC features a flying Phoenix.
Sept 17 Israeli re-elections; After trip to Sochi (Home of Exiled Sarmation Priest-Kings and a giant statue of Prometheus breaking free of his chains; Sochi Olympic mascot was the Bear Cub ie Humberto) Netanyahu says “War with Hamas in Gaza is imminent…could happen before elections” Sargon III will be the Cult of Saturn’s “Melchisedek” aka Antichrist, the fake King of Jerusalem and fake Priest of the Most High. Jesus is the real Melchisedek! Ref Heb 7
Sept 22? Deal of the Century released; Jerusalem to be divided Fall Equinox the Sun contacts the Altar on the Brass Paris Meridian “Rose Line” at the St Sulpice Cathedral in Paris and the Serpent (Phoenix is Quetzalcoatl) descends the steps of El Castillo in Chichen Itza)
Sept 23 United Nations Climate Summit; Nigerian UNGA President Muhammad-Bande believes a large debt is owed by industrialized nations (read US).
Sept 24 74th UN General Assembly convenes; no MTG between Donald Trump and Iran President Hassan Rouhani over alleged Cruise Missile Attack on Saudi Arabia, an obvious Saudi Arabian False Flag to drive up oil prices ahead of the ARAMCO IPO
Sept 25 And according to the law almost all things are purified with blood, and without shedding of blood there is no remission. Conference of 70 Nations in Jerusalem Representing the 70 Nations of Babel invited to offer animal sacrifices on the Temple Mount (Ref Dan 8:14). Jesus offered Himself; no other Sacrifice will provide remission of Sins (Ref Heb 9:22-28)
Oct 31 Brexit Europa is the Whore of Babylon (Gate of Saturn) riding the Beast in front of the EU Parliament, built as an Unfinished Tower of Babel and Seat #666 held vacant. Order out of Chaos is the motto of 33 deg Luciferian Freemasonry; Chaos=Saturn
Dec 10 Borisov reaches Perihelion; the date depicted in I, Pet Goat II released on St John’s Day 2012 Isn’t occult communication fun?

Dec 10, 2019 The Solar Christ (Horus, Zeus, Jupiter, Marduk, Tammuz) aka “Rising Sun” (Eze 8), sails toward the setting sun positioned in Scorpio aligned with the date Dec 10, 2019 in the Heliofant video I Pet Goat II. Heliofant is a play on Hierophant, the High Priest of the Eleusinian Mystery Religion in Greece meaning “One who shows congregants the Holy One”. I Pet Goat II
Borisov (Fight/God Like) an interstellar visitor similar to Oumuamua in 2017 (Hawaiian for “Scout/Messenger”) will arrive at Perihelion (closest to the Sun) on Dec 10. Whatever it is or isn’t, realize the people who reject God have planned a grand stage show (eg Project Blue Beam) for the arrival of their Messiah; don’t be fooled!
The Eleusinian Mysteries were/are Initiation Rituals similar to Freemasonry, Jesuit Oaths, Knights of Malta, Sufis, Persian Magi etc; Eleusis is equivalent with Elysium (Field of the blessed who die in battle), the plan in stone seen in Paris “House of Isis” Arc de Triompfe-Champs Elysee (Elysium)-Place de la Concorde, summed as War sacrifices.
Scorpio the slayer of Orion is the “Place where one bows down”; Seizer, Malignant influence of War; House of Mars, the UNKNOWN GOD of Acts 17. It’s no coincidence 17 is the letter Q “Eye of the Needle”, the East or Golden Gate of the Temple Mount through which Jesus entered and was rejected is the Gate of Saturn Antichrist will enter and be accepted, forcing all on Earth to “Bow Down”. Q Anon: The Great Awakening uses the slogan “Where We Go One We Go All” a reference to The Awakening, a giant Idol of the Beast Rising from the Earth (Rev 13:11-18) in Washington DC as well as Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost, the Unforgivable Sin which all who worship the Beast must commit. Scorpio is accompanied by Storms and symbolizes Arms of War, Discord and Bloodshed; you may recall Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” was the Scorpion King; this will be the 4th Beast of Iron (Dan 7:7). “Who is able to make war with the Beast?” Rev 13:4 Jesus is; get right with Him!
Who is Us?
Hint: The Who “Won’t get fooled again” refers to Esau Another hint: 154 Corporate CEO’s are petitioning Trump to unconstitutionally enact stricter Gun Control Laws; Corporations are controlled by Edomite Bankers; Corporations were given rights reserved for citizens unconstitutionally by Skull & Bones Satanist Supreme Court Chief Justice Morrison Waite. Another hint: Trump’s cabinet (Education, Housing, Intelligence) and VP are members of The Family who admire mass murderers Mao Tse Tung, Hitler, Stalin who enacted gun control laws before the slaughter. Seeing Red Yet? We will.
Sept-Oct Boedromion on the Attic Calendar begins on the 3rd New Moon after Summer Solstice, 15 Boedromion, the Full Moon on Sept 13-14 begins the Eleusinian Mystery sacred to Apollon “Destroyer” aka Apollo of Rev 9:11 Friday 13th-Sept 14 Full Moon in the Constellation Phoenix signals the start of the “Greater Mysteries” of the Eleusinian Ritual, a 10 day ritual sacred to Aesclapius, the Theraputae of Pergamon god of Plague whose Staff is in the UN Meditation Room and whose Throne of Pergamon “Satan’s Seat” will soon be installed in the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem by Trump’s Chabad Lubavitch handlers. Friday 13th is unlucky because Jesus was Crucified on Good Friday the 13th. It’s no coincidence this Ritual Initiation occupies the same calendar spot as Rosh Hashanah, Feast of Atonement and Feast of Tabernacles (actual Birthday of Jesus), the difference here is the Eleusinian Mystery celebrates the birth of the Divine Child Plutos (Pluto), god of the Underworld; you can see Ploutus in the movie Us. Satan’s Seat like the Eleusinian Mystery Initiations originate with Chaldeans on Minoan Crete.
Gennady Borisov of Crimea “discovered” Comet Borisov which streaked from the Lions of Leo into the womb of Virgo 9 months before the symbolic birth of Jupiter (Zeus, Horus) on Sept 23, 2017; many people felt like this was fulfillment of Rev 12:1; one thing certain is Rev 12:9 warns the Devil, Serpent, Satan has deceived the entire world; pray you will not be one of those deceived! Gennady Borisov has done it again, “discovering” Borisov an Interstellar object due to arrive for the 1st time on Dec 10, 2019. On Sept 20, 2017 the Christ Angle formed over the Great Pyramids connecting Mt Sinai in Arabia with Bethlehem,_2017_quot;Christ_Anglequot; Al Nitak “Wounded One” (Beast has a deadly would that is healed) in Orion (Heaven’s Light=Osiris) was at Meridian with Regulus (Alpha Leo; Shamash is the Babylonian Sun Lion and center candle of the Chabad Hanukkah Menorah) and Venus (Arab Uzza “Mighty One”) at the Christ Angle. 3 days later on Sept 23, 2012 Jupiter was born of Virgo, the Black Virgin 9 months after Comet Bor,_2017:_Rev_12:1 Recall Herod, the Edomite King ordered the Slaughter of Innocents 2 and under to thwart Jesus’ pre-written plan in Scripture; he died. Now Boris (Battle/Glory; Patron Saint of Moscow) arrives at a date identified in I Pet Goat II back on 2012. Miraculous? or Satan’s greatest deception? Easy, Antichrist arrives before Jesus Christ!
After a short visit to Sochi in Crimea, Luciferian Freemason, fake Jew Benjamin Netanyahu says “War with Hamas in Gaza may happen at any time”; Netanyahu, Mahmoud Abbas and Billionaire Hamas leader Khaled Mashal are all Luciferian Freemasons. Crimea is the home of exiled Sarmation Priest-Kings aka Melchisedekians; today we call them Chasidic fake Jews, the Rabbis who control Putin, Trump and Boris Johnson and the Mormon Church. Sargon “Legitimate King” the Great and Sargon II may ring a Baal; Sargon III will be Antichrist. Tartan (Phoenician Cloth) was the Assyrian Army commander for Sargon II who took Israel captive; think Scottish Presbyterian Marrano Donald (King of the World) Trump knows his Clan MaCleod Tartan comes from this? Absolutely! Crimea is home to a giant statue of Prometheus “Forethinker” breaking free of his chains and the eagle pecking at his liver. The Eagle is the symbol of the Americas “Land of the Amorites”. Nisroch is the Eagle, a symbol of Saturn Ref 2 Ki 19:37, an Idol used all through Scripture and symbolized by the Six Pointed Star Nazi Eagle’s Nest may ring a Baal; the SS were/are Knights of the Black Sun “Saturn”; it was named after the Edomite Eagle’s Nest Petra, the land first occupied by the Horites (Worshippers of Horus the son of Osiris/Saturn). I humbly suggest its time to choose the correct Rock, no folks, not Peter but Jesus Christ upon whom the entire Christian Church is built! (Ref Mat 16:18) Babylon means Gate of Saturn; the Gates of Hell Jesus warned of are about to open and there is one way out, a personal Covenant with the Creator of the Universe JESUS aka JEHOVAH, I AM and Melchisedek.

New-York: Oct.2001 near ground zero Osama bin Laden wanted Dead or Alive T. shirt

Melania Trump wearing a jacket embroidered with a plane hitting a Tower at the NYC 9/11 Memorial is par for the course; an illegal immigrant herself with an Einstein Visa and fake degree from a non-existent university in Slovenia, she wore an I really don’t care Do You? jacket to an ICE Immigration Detention Center, a British Pith Helmet to Kenya, a FLOTUS Hat to Hurricane Harvey relief and funeral attire to a Papal MTG at the Vatican
FBI Director Robert Mueller who found no Russia-Trump collusion, never put Osama bin Laden on the FBI Most Wanted List in connection with 9/11; he admitted Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11/2001 as did Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld; Osama bin Laden was known to have been admitted to a Pakistani Military Hospital in Rawalpindi on Sept 10; like Isis Scapegoat Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi (Israeli asset Shimon Elliot) whom John McCain met with; the true aim of 9/11/2001 was to blame Muslims, 1/2 of the Dialectic plan to pit Zionism against Islam in WWIII for the purpose of revealing the horrors of Luciferian Rule. The Jesuit plan was penned on the Feast Day of Lucifer, Aug 15, 1871 by Confederate General Albert Pike whose statue stands at the base of the US Justice Dept.
Osama bin Laden (Lion + Manger + Ladon Dragon) is CIA asset Tim Osman; al Qaeda “Foundation” (Saudi “Foreign Toilet”) was coined by Ibn Sayyid Qutb (Sayyid=descendant of Quyraish ie Korahites of Num 16;26 + Qutb=World Pillar/Axis/Tree), a Stanford Univ lecturer in 1966; like the mythical Ladon Dragon, Al Qaeda and Isis have many heads; when one is cut off 2 more take its place.
Mueller is accused of aiding the Saudi Government with 9/11 Donald Trump, like every US President since Ronald Reagan has bowed and accepted the Saudi Medal of Freedom. Candidate Trump accused the Saudis of involvement with 9/11, yet bowed and accepted the Saudi Medal of Freedom, danced the Ardah (Arab Sword Dance) with King Salman, and held an Illuminated Globe with King Salman and Egyptian President Adbel al Sissi because Trump knows his role to lead the US as the Phoenix of the New Age to be destroyed for the Golden Age of Saturn. Trump then donned the Yarmulke (Cap of Cybele) at the Wailing Wall and allegedly converted to Chasidic Judaism (Chaldean Saturnianism). Hypocrite doesn’t quite describe this behavior. Bin Laden construction is building NEOM the first AI City with Sophia (Gnostic Sacred Feminine) as its first citizen directly over the Wilderness of Sin, the land Israel entered in Arabia (Gal 4) after the Exodus.
Pearl Harbor and The Patriot were summer blockbusters of 2001; Back to the Future, The Matrix (Neo’s Passport expired 9/11/2001; Neo-Cons planned 9/11), The Patriot (2 9lb 11oz Rocking Chairs crushed in the opening scene) and the mini-series Lone Gunman (remote hijacking of an airliner aimed at the Twin Towers) among movies highlighting the Neo-Con preplanned New Pearl Harbor event in advance; the 1000 page Patriot Act, allowing the President to conduct endless Wars not approved by Congressional vote, stripping citizens of privacy rights and read by nobody in Congress a product of US Army made Anthrax Letters. The plan for a New Pearl Harbor originated in 1998 with the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) whose Foreign Affairs Magazine has the Pale Horse riding on its cover. The article Catastrophic Terrorism: Imagining the Transformative Event “Then Transformative event like Pearl Harbor will divide past and future into a before and after”.

Sept 11 Democratic Impeachment Vote Rules Vote
Sept 16 Iran, Turkey, Russia meet in Ankara; Iran says its ready for full scale war with US
Sept 17 Impeachment Hearings expect to form Committees; at G-7 (G-7=77 Dan 7:7 4th Beast of Iron is Antichrist; Liber 77 “There is no God but Man” aka Liber Oz; GHW “Magog” Bush wore a Naval hat with the Goat and 77; he was called the “Wizard of Oz”) Summit Donald Trump recorded saying “Where’s my favorite Dictator?” before meeting with Egyptian Dictator Abdel Fatah el Sisi; recall Trump held an illuminated Globe with el Sisi and Saudi dictator King Salman; the message is Trump/America is slated to be the Phoenix of the New Age. Trump is an Oath sworn Knight of St John; St John the Divine (John=Oannes the Chaldean Beast or Rising Sun) Cathedral in NYC features a flying Phoenix.
Sept 17 Israeli re-elections; Netanyahu says “War with Hamas in Gaza is imminent…could happen before elections”
Sept 20? Deal of the Century released; Jerusalem to be divided Fall Equinox the Sun contacts the Altar on the Brass Paris Meridian “Rose Line” at the St Sulpice Cathedral in Paris and the Serpent (Phoenix is Quetzalcoatl) descends the steps of El Castillo in Chichen Itza)
Sept 25 Conference of 70 Nations in Jerusalem
Oct 31 Brexit
Dec 10 Borisov reaches Perihelion; the date depicted in I, Pet Goat II

Borisov (God Like; same Crimean astronomer “discovered” Comet Borisov streaking from Leo to impregnate Virgo with Jupiter Sept 23, 2017) Interstellar object passes Earth Dec 10. Impeachment Resolutions expected as early as the end of the year
Should Trump leave office, Saturnian Zionist, Closet Sodomite, child rapist/pedophile/trafficker Mike Pence becomes President Pence took the stage as VP Pence flashing the El Diablo Hand Sign which means I love you Satan and the Hand over Heart sign which is the Devil’s Claw. Notice the Stars on the Republican Party Logo are upside down; this is a reference to Baphomet, the Androgynous Goat; Baph + Metis means Union of Spirit and Wisdom aka the Gnostic Alchymical Wedding or Divine Union. Nothing in politics happens by chance, if it happened it was planned WWII, Pearl Harbor planner FDR Trump-Pence one such example
Antichrist will not desire the affection of women (Dan 11:37KJV) the KJV; new bible versions change this scripture to the opposite meaning *****Dan 11:37 Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all is changed to “He will have no respect for the gods of his ancestors, or for the god loved by women, or for any other god, for he will boast that he is greater than them all. Mike Pence claims Gay Conversion Therapy allowed him to lead a normal life; Abraham Lincoln, head of AMORC (Rosicrucians in America) was also Gay (Joshua Speed); perhaps not coincidentally, the 1st Pre-Inaugural Party was in front of the Lincoln Memorial, the president on the Pence (Penny). The Black Horse rider carries Balances collapsing the world economy, offering food for a penny; Pence. Michael is the archangel who ejects Satan from Heaven in Rev 9:11; Zionists consider Michael the protector of Israel which Mike Pence certainly is. The problem is, Israel is not God’s gathering of Jews; it is the Rothschild (Red Shield=Edom=Esau; Bauer=Farmer=Cain, the change to Rothschild and the Six Pointed Star) gathering of the Synagogue of Satan to Israel; Gen 49:10 makes clear Jesus gathers the Tribes of Israel as “Shiloh”, the “Lion of Judah”; Shamash is the Babylonian “Lion of Juda”; note Rev 7KJV Juda is no misspelling; h means “God is with me”; God is not in Israel!
The Trump-Pence campaign Logos are a T within the P; Tammuz the god of the Tau Cross (Horus) in the Greek Chi “Christ/Messiah” means Tammuz the Messiah. The Trump-Pence Logo in the form of a Trumpet warn of the beginning of the Great Tribulation; same meaning as the Golden Mormon Angel Moroni trumpeting the Rising Sun of the Saturnian Golden Age.
Sept 11 Impeachment Vote for Trump; Sept 17 Israeli Re-elections; Sept 20? Deal of the Century; Oct 31 Brexit; April 6, 400th anniversary of Declaration of Arbroath (Scottish Independence). Brexit will likely collapse the EU; Europa the Cretan (Chaldean) Whore of Babylon riding the Beast is out front; Seat 666 is vacant and the building is fashioned as an unfinished Tower of Babel (Gate of Saturn). Things seem to be moving rather fast eh?
Michael the Archangel and Zionist protector of Israel kicks Satan out of Heaven at Rev 9:11; Site 911 a radiation hardened bunker called Project 911 at Beit Shemesh the site Philistines sent the Ark of the covenant back to Israel is the site Samson killed Philistines with Lehi (Jawbone of an Ass); Shamash is the Babylonian Sun Lion of Juda (note Rev 7 Juda is not misspelled; Jesus is the real Lion of Judah in Heaven)…..Now Michael Pence the Chabad Lubavitch puppet and Androgynous (Dan 11:37) guardian of Israel with the same name as Penny (Lincoln assassination), the currency required to eat when the Black Horse rides (Rev 6:6). Can this possibly get any more obvious? Praise Jesus and His knowledge eh?
GIFT (Gamete Intra-fallopian Transfer) is the sexless impregnation procedure Mike and Karen used) Antichrist will likewise not desire the affection of women.
Gov Mike Pence ran child rape, trafficking, pedophile rings in Indiana
Donald Trump placed Mike Pence (Trump=Pence Logo is the Trumpet) in charge of Foreign and Domestic affairs
Mike Pence is an initiate of The Family whose guiding principle of Methodist Minister founders Abraham Vereide and Doug Coe is “The men who understood the message of the new covenant best were Adolph Hitler (Mein Kampf written by Jesuit Fr Bernhard Staempfle; SS, founded on the Jesuit Order means Black Sun=Saturn), Mao Tse Tung (Yale Divinity School Grad) and Saturnian fake Jew, Jesuit Fr Joseph Stalin SJ. 200 million people needlessly starved or were killed by these men all working in concert with the US.
The Simpsons had a picture of Donald Trump in a casket guarded by by the Secret Service; they work for Skull & Bones Rothschild banker Stephen Mnuchin; Interfaith Rev Mike Pence officiated his 3rd wedding to a horror movie star; seems like a horror movie playing out. Shakespeare in the park had Julius Caesar as Trump killed by his trusted adviser Brutus (Trump admitted he put Mike Pence in charge of all foreign and domestic affairs); Cathy Griffin, Groar, Marilyn Manson, Snoop Dog all decapitate Trump in their Satanic routines.
Pence, a rabid Chabad Lubavitch handled Zionist like Donald Trump knows Project 911 on Site 911 is a radiation hardened bunker awaiting the arrival of the Rabbis Messiah and WWIII is a necessary pre-requisite for his arrival. When? Shamash the Babylonian Sun god of Justice and False Lion of Judah is the center candle on the Chabad Lubavitch Hanukkah Menorah; you tell me? Is it coincidence Pence means Penny, the money offered by the Black Horse Rider in Rev 6:6?

Pope Francis

Jesuit Pope Francis Mass in Madagascar in front of a million people wearing the Mitre of the the Philistine Sea Beast Dagan carrying the Pagan Twisted Crucifix promoting fraternity and respect for the Earth while criticizing those with a decisive criteria for what’s right and good. Paul admonishes Christians to pray with their heads uncovered Every man praying or prophesying, having his head covered, dishonoureth his head. 1 Cor 11:4
“Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen” Rom 1:25. Francis’ Encyclical Laudato Si (Earth be Praised) calls for elimination of over 6 billion people for the good of the Earth; the only 2 requirements of the New Covenant are Love God and Love our Neighbor; not slaughter those considered useless eaters.
God said “Go forth and multiply”. “They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service” Jn 16:2. Dagan is interpreted as the “Ploughman”, a clear reference to Cain, the first farmer whose offerings to God were rejected because God (JESUS) owns the earth. Canaan was born of incest between his father Ham and his own mother, a Cainite; Dagan is the Canaanite son of El (Saturn) called Zeus Arotrios (Zeus the Ploughman).
9/11/2001 was Revenge 9/11 was the New Pearl Harbor , a Thelemic Ritual Flt 77 hits the 77ft tall Pentagon on the 77th Meridian; Liber Oz aka Book 77 is the Thelemic Bible with one axiom “Do What thou wilt”; Flt 93 is the Witchcraft greeting for “Do what thou wilt”; Liber 175 “Book of Uniting” to ones personal demon? come on folks, this is not that hard to figure out. 9/11 was a Thelemic Ritual using the Weapon of Dagon; EM weapons Donald Trump’s uncle John (John=Oannes=Dagon) Trump developed for the US Army. Samson destroyed the Twin Pillars in the Temple of Dagan; the place the Philistines returned the Ark of the Covenant in Beit Shemesh “House of the Sun” is called Site 911 Project 911, a radiation hardened bunker with the Chaldean Scribe written Mezuzah over every door, rejecting JESUS (aka JEHOVAH) as LORD, the Covenant Name of God in both Old and New Covenants.
The Americas are the “Land of the Amorites”; Amorite King Hammurabi called Dagan “My Creator”; his laws derived from previous laws of Naram-Sin who used the “Weapon of Dagan” are built around Revenge; the Samson Option is destroying ones House; that Ritual is coming.

Saturn Devouring his Son

Psychologists and Academics promoting Cannibalism as a solution to Global Climate Change Soylent Green ring a Baal? “But flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye not eat” Gen 9:4

Sept 4 Democratic Town Hall has 1 topic; Anthropogenic Climate Change. Chabad Lubavitch enthusiast Bernie Sanders proposes having no babies and funding abortions in poor countries to combat Climate Change; already the #1 cause of death worldwide, 41 million abortions exceed Malaria (DDT solved the mosquito spread of Malaria; Nixon-Kissinger lied about an Eagle Egg study to outlaw DDT), HIV (US created auto-immune disease), alcoholism, accidents combined. Harris will outlaw Plastic Straws; O’Rourke will ban hamburger; Buttigieg says uses the bible to justify abortions should be legal until the baby’s first breath. The symbol of the US Democratic Party is the Ass; Baalim’s Ass to be exact is the Babylonian Tartak (2 Ki 17:30) called “Prince of Darkness”. Nice timing with Geo-engineered Fires raging in the Serengeti and Amazon, Flooding across the US midwest farm land and a Geo-engineered Flood from Florida to New York blamed on Climate Change. The Vicar of Saturn, Jesuit (Militia of Zeus) Pope Francis I believes Earth can only support 1 Billion people (Ref Encyclical Laudato Si); the rest of us must be slaughtered. Certainly not anything God would endorse.

Conference of 70 Nations Sept 25-27
70 Nations representing the 70 Nations of the world at the time of the Tower of Babel ie the entire World, invited to offer animal sacrifices on Temple Mount to renew the Noah Covenant. Noahide Law is a Chaldean creation of Rabbis designed to force the world to Blaspheme the Holy Ghost (Shariah Law is identical), thus committing the Unforgivable Sin. Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost is required to accept the Mark of the Beast and will result in Hell for Eternity.
This may coincide with release of the Deal of the Century, a Chasidic-Chaldean fake Jew, creation of Chabad Lubavitchers controlling Trump and Putin whose desire is to usher in the False Messiah via WWIII, Jesus warned of in Jn 5:43. This event just after the repeat Israeli Elections; Netanyahu promises to exert Jewish Sovereignty over all occupied territory in the West Bank; Netanyahu is Ashkenazi is Germanic, not Jewish anymore than Israel which flies the Six Pointed Star of Saturn. The event is just ahead of Rosh Hashanah, Kol Nidre (Rabbis will forgive all Oaths and Sins to be committed during the coming year) and Feast of Atonement Animal sacrifices will not renew the Covenant God made with Noah; it is unconditional, made to all of Noah’s descendants and all creatures of the earth and sealed with the sign of the rainbow. Dan 8:14 gives the 2300 day timeline. The Old Covenant (Agreement) with God ended with the rejection and Crucifixion of God, the Testator of the Old Covenant; the New Covenant is the only source of Salvation and requires acceptance of Jesus Christ as the only suitable sacrifice for the remission of Sin; animal sacrifices will not renew anything! Time to take Him up on His offer!

“A man’s foes shall be they of his own household”– Jesus Christ in Mat 10:36 Jesus returns to “Destroy those who destroy the earth” Rev 11:18 33 deg Luciferian Mason Charleton Heston’s 1973 movie Soylent Green may ring a Baal; Phoenician/Canaanite Priests were called Kahn-Baals, the source of Cannibal. The Cult of Saturn regard the Un-initiated (Ubiquitous symbols of the Six Pointed Star and Eagle symbolize Saturn) as Human Cattle; animals to be slaughtered and the bible agrees “As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.” Rom 8:36; ” As it is written” refers to the Old Testament reference in Ps 44:22; This is nothing new; They slaughtered the Lamb of God 2000 years ago!

“And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud: And I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh” Gen 9:14-15

Trump_penthouse (2)

Geo-engineered “911 Hurricane” Dorian By the Numbers: Dorian “Gift of the Dorians” became Tropical Storm Dorian on Aug 24, 2019, the anniversary of the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79AD; Dorian became Hurricane Dorian on Aug 29 Feast Day of the Beheading of John the Baptist and anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (Cathars/Catharsis); Hurricane Dorian came ashore in the Bahamas Offshore Tax evasion haven at 911 millibars and stalled 36 hours until Sept 1, the 80th anniversary of the start of WWII on Tisha b’ Av, the day the 1st and 2nd Temples were destroyed, Bar Kochba Revolt, Alhambra decree WWI, WWII, Gulf Wars began and probably the most obvious, the date International Bankers were ejected England; the Bahamas were one of the biggest offshore money laundries; the Orange Order of Nassau founded by the Zionist/Saturnian Bankers best friend Oliver Cromwell who allowed them back in. The aftermath of Dorian is an overhaul of the US Gov’t subsidized FEMA Flood Insurance Program, managed by Dorian Insurance Agency. Waking up yet?
Hunger Games
Hunger Games: Gen 14
Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins (Collins the oldest Gardnerian Witchcraft family in America came over during the purge of King James) lives in Sandy Hook (Play the Joker); the staged “False Flag” event where nobody died was featured on the Sandy Hook map in Dark Knight Rises just after Hurricane Sandy “Hooked” a 90 deg turn into NYC. Sandy Hook is the east coast HQ of the Church of Satan.
The aftermath of Dorian is much like Hurricane Katrina (Cathars=Church of Amor; Catharsis=Discharge of pent up emotion) a real life engineered Hunger Games supplies turned away, duties applied, looting, lawlessness and US Customs refusing entry on humanitarian grounds. The US Border has an Unconstitutional 100mi wide Constitution Free Zone surrounding the entire nation; US Border Patrol has millions of rounds of US made hollow point ammunition (Six Pointed Star in the tip no less) designed for the upcoming US Hunger Games. La Raza Unida, MEChA, Voz de Aztlan all plan to recapture Aztlan (CS Lewis’ Lion is Shamash, the Babylonian Sun Lion; Aztlan has the same meaning as Aztec) for Mexico; Foreign troops will staff Civilian Inmate Detention Centers built as part of Operation Garden Plot (Cain is the “Constant Gardener”); same as Hitler’s Holocaust Camps or Stalin’s Gulags. America is the Phoenix of the New Age, destroyed to produce the Golden Age of Saturn.
Q: The Great Awakening
The Awakening is a giant idol of the Beast rising from the Earth (Rev 13:11-18) in Washington DC; this Beast deceives everyone on Earth by “Miracles” like Dorian turning 90 degrees, traveling up the US East Coast with the left side of the 911mb Hurricane collapsed. Q means “Eye of the Needle” the East or Golden Gate of the Temple Mount through which Jesus entered and was rejected will be the gate everyone will spiritually pass to worship the Beast Rising from the Sea aka “Rising Sun” by accepting the Mark of the Beast. MAGA (Make America Great Again) is the the highest level in the Church of Satan. The Trump=Pence Logo is the Trumpet signaling the start of the Great Tribulation; Pence=Penny the Black Horse collapses the world economy carrying the Balances; Trump’s downward triangle hand sign is the Fulcrum of Libra the Scales of Justice.
WWG1WGA Where We Go One We Go All refers to Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost; the Cult of Saturn aka “Melchisedekians” (Gen 14:18) have rejected JESUS and will fulfill the 11Q13 Prince Melchisedek Scroll written by the Essenes “Pious Ones”, today represented by Chabad Lubavitch, Chasidic fake Jews, the Rabbis in charge of the Deal of the Century handling Putin, Trump and Pence. Q means Quelle, or Source in German; the Source is the Primeval Sun Saturn. The Cult of Melchisedek in America is the Mormon Church; the Salt Lake Valley was chosen due its similarity with the Vale of Siddim (Gen 14:10) the Slimepits (Bitumen Mortar) used to build the Tower of Babel. Abram pursued Lot into Dan (Judge); Mormon false Prophets claim descent from Dan for this reason.
America is the Land of the Amorites; Amorite King Hammurabbi aka Amraphel (Gen 14:9) King of Shinar (Babylon) worshipped Shamash, the Babylonian Sun Lion and center candle of the Chabad Lubavitch ie Chaldean Hanukkah Menorah.
Order out of Chaos is the motto of 33 deg Luciferian Masonry; this is how that’s done. Who are these people? You can research the Geo-engineering and false coverage of Dorian here Need FEMA Flood Insurance? It’s going to cost a lot more! Dorian Insurance Agency? In July, the movie Crawl featured Cat 5 Hurricane Wendy (Gwen and King Arthur in the Saturnian Age of Aquarius “Water Pourer” may ring a Baal) forming from Climate Change flooding Florida. Crawl perfectly describes the un-natural path of Dorian. Getting a bit obvious isn’t it? Fires in the Amazon and Serengeti; flash flooding across KS, MO,AK, OK and millions flooded by Dorian during a Democrat Town Hall on Climate Change.
Apollo means “Assembly of Dorians”; Apollo is “He of the Assembly aka Thing”. Apollo is the Dorian “Sun God” and “Lord of the Wolves”. Trump’s 66th floor Penthouse is a Shrine to Apollo; Putin’s Sochi Olympics were dedicated to Apollo “Destroyer” of Rev 9:11; Apollo is Apollyon “Destroyer” aka Satan. Preparations for the arrival of Satan seen at Project 911 on Site 911 “Beit Shemesh” (House of the Sun); Shamash the Babylonian Sun god of Justice seen in the center candle of the Chabad Lubavitch Hanukkah Menorah Mythologically, Dorians are Sons of Hellen, the Greek Hellenes formed Synagogues of Libertines who killed Stephen (Martyr/Crown); Dec 26 St Stephen’s Day mid-week Hanukkah 2019 will see an annular Solar Eclipse form a Halo around the moon at sunrise in Idumea; I’d be in a relationship with JESUS by then if I were you!
The Heliofant (Solar Initiate) video the Solar Christ sails toward the setting sun on Dec 10, 2019 when the sun is positioned in Scorpio. On Dec 26, 2019 St Stephen’s Day (Stephen means Martyr or Crown), Day of the Wren (Sacrifice of the noblest of birds represents the Dying King sacrificed for the good of his land ie the Earth; Jesus is Shiloh, meaning “He whose it is” or “Master of the House” in Gen 49:10) or Boxing Day (Boxes are gifts left under the Tree, representing Saturn’s Cubes deceiving the entire world via the Magic Mushroom Amanita Muscaria. Pre-Tribulation Rapture and 7 Yr Tribulation are deceptions not found in Scripture and will be used to usher in the False Messiah likely 7 yrs after the release of I Pet Goat II.
Hollywood Actor Donald Trump playing the role of his life Muhammad Ali took his name from Nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammad and Noble Drew Ali; Donald Trump has an oversized tribute book to Muhammad Ali aka “Greatest Of All Time” or GOAT in his 66th floor Penthouse Shrine to Apollo “Destroyer” of Rev 9:11. NOI is a Canaanite (Horite)-Moorish religion based on the mythical Shabazz “Royal Falcon” aka “Horus”. Ali aka GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) hides the Satanic Scapegoat “Azazel” in new bible versions of Num 16:8-10, one of 99 names of Satan; Jesus is the only real Scapegoat. Moors decapitated 50,000 Christians at Fez Morocco in 700 AD; today’s Shriner (Noble Arabic Order of the Mystic Shrine) Freemasons celebrate the slaughter by wearing the Red Fez; many of whom lead Congregations of sincere Christians to the slaughter, like 33 deg Luciferian Mason Reverend Norman Vincent Peale, Donald Trump’s Satanic, Presbyterian mentor. Tartan symbolizes the Presbyterian Church, Tartan is the Assyrian army commander who took Israel into captivity; the once outlawed Scottish, Pagan cloth is called Phoenician Cloth. NOI is a 100 year old religion built on 66Trillion year old nonsense; jailed thief Stuart Little aka 33 deg Luciferian Freemason Malcom X (Milcom=Horus + X=Messiah; the UNKNOWN GOD (Acts 17) Don’t be fooled!
Trump’s other highlights are Aurora pulling the Solar chariot of Apollo; his uncle John weaponized EM weaponry which causes Auroras during WWII. Eros and Psyche represent the Alchemical Wedding aka Sacred Marriage; Psyche the Breath of Life or Soul in Gnosticism uniting with Cupid/Eros “Desire”
“He winketh with his eyes, he speaketh with his feet, he teacheth with his fingers” Prov 6:13 Dorians knew where every other Dorian was in Greek Society through signs and symbols; same as the use of Tartan swatches (Phoenician Cloth) by pagan Scotti like Donald Trump. Signs, Cipers, Handgrips of Freemasons are warned about as “Winks and Nods” in scripture. Trump’s Downward Triangle Hand Sign is used by the Cult of Saturn to represent the Fulcrum of Libra, the Scales of Justice; the OK sign Trump flashes represents the Mark of the Beast; MAGA is the highest grade in the Church of Satan; Trump is a quintessential Wolf in Sheep’s clothes.
Dorians were Laconphiles, admirers of Spartans; a pederastic community training warriors from youth (new movie by Spartan 300 actor Gerard Butler “Angel has Fallen” has a lot of Saturnian imagery; note the reference to Black Water aka Academi mercenaries and the Cubed M); admirers of Apollo the Ephebe, men who lived as adult adolescents much like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson. “Sex before 8 or its too late” a motto used by NAMBLA (North Am Man-Boy Love Ass) and Jesuit initiate Fr Paul Stanley.

Jesus warned of “Wolves in Sheep’s clothes”; Paul warns “We are regarded as sheep for the slaughter”. Hittite Lukka; Greek Lykos and Latin Lupos all means Wolf. On Sept 4 Arista, an AI computer in Seattle much like Sophia (Gnosis; Sophistry is deception using words with multiple meaning) was declared “Smarter than an 8th Grader”; Arista is named for Aristotle, a Perderastic youth in Plato’s pederastic Academy (Black Water mercenaries ran by fellow Knight of St John Eric Prince (sister Billionaire Education Sec Betsy DeVoss is an Initiate of The Family whose desire is mass murder) Black Water refers to Chaos; they changed their name to Academi after Plato’s Academy in Athens. Dorians founded the Temple of Apollo Lyceus (Named after the cave of Pan Lykaios and Apollo Lyceus) Lykos=Wolf; the “She-wolf” wet-nurse of Zeus. Plato mentored Alexander the Great, lover of Hephaestion in the same vein as Achilles and Patroclus (movie Troy may ring a Baal); Hephaestos is Vulcan; in the Masonic Quiz book “Who is Tubal-cain?” is answered “Vulcan of the Canaanites”. Patrick Henry said “When men forget God, tyrants forge their chains”; Trump pretends to be Presbyterian yet has never apologized to God; a true Wolf in Sheep’s Clothes.
Dorians were the original Minoans of Crete; Cretins admitted they are always Liars, Evil Beasts and Slow Bellies (Ref Titus) who kept Satan’s Seat after the fall of Babylon until God destroyed Knossos (Gnosis) with a Tsunami created by the eruption of Thera (Santorini Is); the original Hyksos “Foreign Shepherd Kings” of Egypt whose Minoan Bullshit has never ceased. Synagogues of Libertines are the Synagogues of Satan Jesus warned of, formed by Free Men after the volcanic eruption of Mt Vesuvius on Pompeii (Think Trump’s choice of Mike Pompeo is coincidence? Guess again) God caused that for the same reason He caused the Volcanic eruption of Mt Vesuvius on Thera (Theraputae HQ was in Pergamon; Think the NSA Quantum Spy Computer in Mormon Zion is named Vesuvius by coincidence? Guess again) and Tsunami on Crete for the exact same reason He rained Fire and Brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah and yes the Sodomite in Chief is aware of this. On Thera as well as Pompeii were She-Wolf Brothels called Lupenares Valentines Day is Lupercalia, worshipping the wolf god from Crete, Greece, Rome to America; Dorian Apollo Lyceus was worshipped on the Festival of Lykeia which was carried to Rome as Lupercalia and to America as Valentine’s Day by the Gnostic Cult of Valentinus.

Pergamon Altar (11.2007 Berlin)

The ultimate Wolf in Sheep’s Clothes will be Antichrist, the Chabad Lubavitch Moshiach, sitting on Satan’s Seat (Throne of Pergamon; Rev 2:13) in the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem (Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt Rev 11:8KJV)) next to the Abomination of Desolation (Mat 24:15; Dan 9:27), forcing acceptance of the Mark of the Beast; a Satanic Baptism symbolized by the Rainbow. Think its coincidence Donald Trump’s uncle John weaponized Geo-engineering and Weather modification technology for the US Army?
Trump, Putin and Boris Johnson don the Yarmulke (replaces the Temple Veil Jesus tore at the Crucifixion) at Herod’s Wailing Wall and are handled by Chabad Lubavitch Rabbis whose sole goal is the usher the false Messiah Antichrist Jesus warned about in Jn 5:43, install him on Satan’s Seat in a rebuilt 3rd Temple in Jerusalem and force the world to accept the Mark of the Beast; John/Oannes is the Beast; pretty coincidental Donald Trump’s uncle John Trump developed Electro-Magnetic Geo-engineering weapons like the ones guiding Hurricane Dorian for the US Army during WWII eh? NOT! In Trump’s Penthouse is Aurora pulling Apollo’s Solar Chariot; Auroras form from EM Energy contacting the Ionosphere, named after another Hellene group called Ionians; Positively Entertaining eh? NOT!
Trump is a Knight of St John (John=Oannes the Chaldean “Rising Sun”) Dorian became a Hurricane on the Feast Day of the Edomite Beheading of John the Baptist (Aug 29; anniversary of Geo-engineered Hurricane Katrina) in cold water, under a cover of smoke and dust from Africa, following a Chemtrail operation, guiding the Weather Weapon over the Bahamas with a near 90 deg turn stalling over Freeport Grand Bahama over Labor Day Weekend; all 67 counties in Florida under Emergency Declaration; 5 Million people under mandatory evacuation orders in South Carolina and coastal areas; the event can be tracked here,28.49,550
After destroying the Bahamas, Dorian will be turned 90 deg north along the Florida coast avoiding a direct hit on Palm Beach and Trump’s pedophile club Mar a Lago 5X Bankrupt, 5X Draft Dodger, Hollywood Actor, Donald Trump is being blamed for diverting $271M from FEMA to build Detention Facilities on the US-Mexico Border (Recall Snake Oil salesmen Walter Trump called for building a Wall in the 1958 Trackdown episode “End of the World” at a US-Mexico border town) callously tossed out Paper Towels to survivors of Geo-engineered Hurricane Maria (Mother of God) in Puerto Rico; Melania wore FLOTUS Hat during a FEMA Mtg in Corpus Christi (Body of Christ) after Geo-engineered Hurricane Harvey (Battle Ready), a British Pith Helmet to Kenya and an I really don’t care, Do You? Jacket to a Mexico-Texas refugee center. Zionist Mike Pompeo said “The election of Donald Trump is Divine intervention to protect Israel from Iran” the Six Pointed Chaldean Star of Molech is on Israel’s Flag.
Donald Trump’s uncle John weaponized the very EM (Electro-Magnetic) weapons (HAARP. Nex-Rad, X-Band Radar, SOUSY, Super-Darn etc) used to Geo-engineer Weather during WWII. Dorian appears to be a totally man-made Weather Event. Not the only Geo-engineered disaster, the Amazon Rain Forest and Sub-saharan Africa are on Fire and also likely Geo-engineered.
Donald Trump is a Knight of St John (John=Oannes the Chaldean Beast Rising from the Sea); probably just coincidence Hurricane Dorian took passed by Puerto Rico on the anniversary of Geo-engineered Hurricane Katrina (Cathars/Catharsis) on the Feast Day of the Beheading of John the Baptist eh? or NOT! More like a Satanic Aquarian Age Baptism, the age ruled by Saturn.
Labor Day is celebrated in Russia and most nations around the world on May 1, May Day “Beltane” is the birth of Baal. Chaldean Priests in Phoenicia were called Cahn Baals (Priests of Baal) where Baal means “Owner”; Jesus is Shiloh (Gen 49:10) meaning “He whose it is or Master of the House” so don’t fall for this nonsense. “Soylent Green is People” the realization made at the end of the 1973 film starring 33 deg Luciferian Freemason Charlton Heston (Planet of the Apes, 10 Commandments) won the Saturn Award for best Sci-Fi film; no wonder, Saturn (Kronus) eats his own to avoid being usurped; Zeus “Day Father”, Horus, Jupiter “Father Jah” being confused with Jesus became the source of Christ Mass and Amenita Muscaria I would pay attention to Saturnalia/Christmas 2019; it’s a big deal for Chaldeans

Gun Control via Social Credit Score Social Credit may soon determine our ability to own a gun “The right to bear arms shall not be infringed” 2nd Ammendment to the Constitution is not ambiguous and all elected Government officials Swear to defend the document. Amazon Echo, Google Home, Alexa, Social Media, Smart Watches, Phone recordings, neighbor reports may soon be used to determine suitability. SAFE HOME (Stopping Aberrant Fatal Events by Helping Overcome Mental Extremes) the HARPA (Health Advanced Research Projects Agency) modeled after DARPA which gave us CHAMP, a Boeing Cruise Missile designed to destroy the Electric Grid by EMP will become a division of HHS led by Pharmaceutical lobbyist/lawyer Alex Azar, mentored by 33 deg Mason, Bohemian Grove initiate Ken Starr of Whitewater, Anthrax Letter, Swine/Bird Flu fame. Azar is Lebanese Orthodox ie Phoenician Church worshipping the Rising Sun (Saturn) and Eastern Star (Sirius).

Rep Ilhan Omar calls on UN to take control of US-Mexico border Omar is one of 4 elected officials to take the Oath of Office on the Quran. Rep Ilhan Omar, married her brother and funneled $250K in campaign funds to E St Consultant and adulterous lover Tim Mynett; Omar has tweeted Jesus was a Muslim Palestinian, not Jewish (Allah is the Arab moon god “Sin”) and calls on UN to assume control over US-Mexico border. Ilhan=Il-Khan or Subordinate Khan similar to Kagan, Khazar ie Chaldean fake Jew Nobility. Omar “Life Time” is the son of Esau and his uncle Ishmael’s Hittite daughter Bashemath which caused both Ishmael and Esau to violate the terms of the Covenant God made with Abraham (Gen 36:11) The concubine Timna then gave birth to Amalek, “at war with God from Generation to Generation” Ex 17:16 The Eagle symbolizes Esau and his rejection of God; the Eagle stands atop US Flags and the $US represents Saturn. Omar took her Oath of Office to defend the US Constitution against Foreign and Domestic Enemies (Traitors) with her hand on an oversized Quran; Allah is the Arab-Sabian-Chaldean god “Sin”. Getting a bit obvious eh?


Aug 27 Cosmos is Greek for World Order; ready for the New World Order? COSMOGRAIL (COSmological Monitoring of GRAvitational Lensing) and HOLiCOW; measuring the Hubble Constant has proven to be not Constant because Edwin Hubble didn’t even believe his Jesuit made up nonsense “Earth is in a unique, fixed, central position in the Universe, but the idea is unwelcome and must be avoided at all cost…replaced by Universe Distortion” Big Bang Theory was born by Hubble’s Jesuit handler Georges LeMaitre SJ It’s completely made up nonsense designed to back up the equally ridiculous Relativity Theory proposed by Albert Einstein. WIMPS “Weakly Interacting Massive Particles”; MACHOS “Massive Astrophysical Compact Halo Objects”; RAMBOS “Robust Association of Massive Baryonic Objects”, Dark Matter (Unseen Virtual Particles), Black Holes (Infinitely warped Space-Time; Space is “Nothing” in Scripture); Pulsar (Highly Magnetized, Rotating Neutron Star; Neutrons are not magnetic); LGM-1 “Little Green Men 1” (no I’m not kidding); Strangelet “Antihypertriton” (clears that up eh?); CASTOR “Centauro and STrangelet detecTOR”; “M Theory” (Proxima Centauri=Red Dwarf=M Star; Stephen Hawking’s new BS theory; Star Trek M Planets had Carbon based life), Super Strings, Kaons (Ka is “Life Force”), Peons, Quarks, Baryons, and the most Satanic particle of them all the Graviton aka God Particle, the mythical Force which gives Mass to Matter and Order to the Cosmos.
Cosmos is synonymous with Aeon; the New Age is the New Aeon of Horus in Theosophy; Hathor means “House of Horus”, the primordial Holy Cow is the Jesuit (Militia of Zeus/Jupiter/Horus) Holy Grail of Cosmology.
Paul warned Timothy “Science is vain, profane babblings” (1 Ti 6:12KJV); Daniel called Science the “Tongue of the Chaldeans” (Dan 1:4KJV) Tired of Chaldean Bullshit? Get JESUS in your life!
Pope Francis I Jesuit (Militia of Zeus/Horus) Pope Francis I believes in Big Bang Theory, Evolution Theory (Jesuit Pierre Tielhard DuChardin SJ) and slaughtering 6+ Billion people for the good of the Earth (Ref Papal Encyclical Laudato Si) Francis formed the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue headed in AbuDhabi; the Vicar of Jesus has a Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and living together which says “Pluralism and Diversity of religions is willed by God” Jesus says differently. “The people who can make you believe absurdities are the people who can make you commit atrocities”– Voltaire BTW Allah is the Arab moon god Sin, no more a God than Santa Claus.

Burning Man
10001 - Burning Man Aerial - Black Rock City

Burning Man 2019 Aug 25-Sept 2 “Metamorphoses” Ovid’s Magnum Opus is the source of Dante’s Inferno; called Books of Transformation largely through Revenge, personified in the character Amor. Cathars are the Church of Amor; America is the Land of the Amorites; Druids called the land furthest West Amorica; 700 years after the Cathar were executed at Montsegur in 1244, Norman Cathars got revenge on the shores of Normandy; Cathars the Church of Amor (Love), the sort of Agape Love Feasts at Amurru (Serpent), the source of the name America (Amurru=Palmyra; Yup just like the Mormon Palmyra; Mormon Blood in the Streets prophecy may ring a Baal) where children were sacrificed to Molech.
Ovid records the history of the world up to the time Julius Caesar was assassinated by his own Senate; in Catharism, Caesar became Deified, and free of his earthly flesh prison. In 2017 the Burning Man theme “Our Eve-olution” came to the Capitol Mall as “Catharsis on the Mall” for Veteran’s Day (Veteranus=Beast of Burden), that summer, Shakespeare in the Park featured Donald Trump as Julius Caesar stabbed by Brutus (Mike Pence); The Simpsons featured Trump in a casket guarded by the Secret Service (Brutus=Mike Pence who officiated Treasury Sec and Rothschild Satanist Stephen Mnuchin’s 3rd wedding). Think Cathy Griffin, Marilyn Manson, Groar, Kamala Harris, Snoop Dog are just being funny calling for the death of Trump? A Trump effigy hung outside Trump Tower on Election Night for Pete’s sake!
Burning Man City (111,111Sq Km) in Black Rock (Saturn=Black Stone/Black Star) surrounds the Omphalos (Navel), an amphitheater consisting of 66.6% of a Circle to match the (111X6) 6X6 Magic Square of Saturn and Mark of the Beast “666”; the central axis points to Santiago de Campostelo, the Celtic “Field of Stars”. Wicker Man Roller Coaster opened in London in 2018; Nicolas Cage movie Wicker Man tells the story; the US is the New Age Wicker Man.

US Space Command launches Aug 29 on the “Feast of the Edomite Beheading of John the Baptist”; Cathars and Katrina may ring a Baal; Hurricane Katrina was Geo-engineered and guided over New Orleans at Sunrise Aug 29, 2005. The goal of Space Command? My guess is to manage 5G SkyNet Microwave Satellite Network; Project Blue Beam and the Ionosphere TV presentation of Antichrist.

Amazon Forest on Fire (78,000 Fires; 2500 new fires in last 2 days) as G-7 meets (G=7+7=77; Lamech’s Revenge and Dan 7:7 4th Beast) Central Africa on Fire and far larger in scope as G-7 meets to discuss Inequality and Climate Change in Biarritz, France Aug 24-26; J Robert Kennedy wrote the book Amazon Burning ; deployment of 5G Global Broadband will deplete Oxygen production from Trees; precisely the accusations made against the Amazon Fires destroying the “Lungs of the Earth”. Donald Trump promises Boris Johnson promises UK a “Very Big Trade Deal” after Brexit; presumably after the EU collapses; the Whore of Babylon “Europa” can be seen riding the Beast in front of the EU Parliament, built as an Unfinished Tower of Babel with Seat 666 held vacant..

Extinction Rebellion Group
Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion Sept 20-27; born in London, XR (X=Chi=Messiah + R=Royal) uses the Extinction Symbol which they refer to as “Our Generation’s Peace Sign” (Peace Sign represents formal rejection Jesus Christ) and the slogan “NO BREXIT ON A DEAD PLANET”. XR seeks carbon reduction to combat Climate Change; Commercial Greenhouses replicate the pre-flood world by raising C02 levels; real Science is reversed. Jesus warned no flesh would remain unless He shortened those days (Mat 24:22); XR seems to want the same things the Theosophical Society dictated to the Nazis (Dietrich Eckhart) and FDR (Nicholas Roerich), a mythical Shambhala ruled by the Great White Lodge Master Lord Matreiya “World Teacher” symbolized by the 8 petal Lotus Flower; the same Lotus flower seen giving birth at the St John Divine Cathedral is the same Lotus Flower Donald Trump and his family all wearing funeral attire gave to Pope Francis last year at the Vatican. Everybody knows their role in this!
British=B’Rith=Covenant by Birth=Esau; Esau rebelled against God and came to be called Edom=Red=Adam made of Clay from the Earth. ER claims “We’ve only just begun” and plans a worldwide mass refusal to repay Debt such as Mortgages and Student Loans to force a One World Currency. Red=Debt=Edomite “Dominion”; the same theme was seen in the movie Us the series Handmaid’s Tale and Donald Trump’s forest of Red Christmas Trees at the White House last year. Esau sold his Birthright and was renamed Edom=Red. XR theme is “Something has to change in a debt based economy” The Red clad figures represent nightmarish bodies, dead spirits pleading for us not to destroy ourselves; born of a troupe called the Invisible Circus.
XR founders are Theosophists in the same vein as Helena Blavatsky, the spiritual basis of the Nazi SS “Knights of the Black Sun”, and Nicholas Roerich, the Rosicrucian adviser to FDR during the build-up to WWII. The group seeks to usher in a Buddhist Golden Age called Shambhala (Plato and Karl Marx Utopia, Atlantis or Shangri-La, the original name of Camp David; the destruction of America is the pre-planned New Atlantis) ruled by Matreiya “World Teacher”. The Great White Lodge of Himalayan Masters guiding world affairs? Absolutely, Noah’s Ark rested on Chumolongmo (Mt Everest) “Earth Mother”; Ham’s incest with his mother resulted in Canaan, whose daughters married Edomites (Red).
“They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service” Jn 16:2 The Extinction Rebellion logo is an X=Chi=False Messiah Jupiter/Zeus stylized as an Hourglass (Time=Saturn), in a Circle (Heaven built on Earth), symbolizing the “Last Generation Peace Sign”; Peace Sign is a Witch’s Foot, an Upside-down broken cross used in formal rejection rituals of Jesus Christ. The Rebellion of Satan and his Edomite followers is coming to fruition; I suggest you get right with JESUS soon! The only Debt Forgiveness worth anything is Forgiveness of Sin and only Jesus will do that! Why? Jesus is Shiloh “He whose it is”; all Debt is a fictional creation of the Creditors, the same Money Changers Jesus turned the tables on at the Temple.

Rembrandt - Belshazzar's Feast [c.1636-38]

“And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings…The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces”. Dan 7:23-24 The 4th Kingdom/Beast of Iron (Dan 7:7) is the Pale Horse “Death” (Rev 6:6) Question? Who are the 10 Kings and which 3 are subdued?
No shortage of ideas here: 10 Kings of Rome? Not quite. Another faulty theory: Lion=Babylon; Bear=Medeans; Leopard=Persia; 4th Beast Iron=Greece with 9 Seleucus successors and “Little Horn” being Antiochus Epiphanes “Manifestation of God” in the Maccabean era. Don’t buy this nonsense either; Greece under Alexander the Great or his successors never achieved worldwide “Dominion”. Hanukkah, the Satanic Holy Day which came out of Antiochus’ use of the 2nd Temple for Zeus has nothing to do with God; the center candle on the Maccabean/Chaldean/Chasidic Menorah is Shamash, the Babylonian Calf of the Sun; the same Golden Calf worshipped by Israel after the Exodus. Jesus is the Lion of Judah; Shamash is the Babylonian Sun Lion. Project 911 on Site 911 is a radiation hardened bunker built with the Chaldean Scribe written Mezuzah rejecting Jesus Christ as LORD over every door awaiting the arrival of Shamash “House of the Rising Sun” at Rev 9:11. This will be Antichrist; the False Messiah Jesus warned would be accepted in Jn 5:43. Bee careful folks, Chaldeans in Rabbis robes control Trump and Putin and are planning WWIII right now!
Ps 83 lists a Confederacy of 10 Kingdoms aligned against God and His people: Edom, Ishmael, Moab, Hagarenes, Gebel (Phoenician Byblos), Ammon, Amalek, Philistines, Tyre (Phoenicia) and Assyria; one title of Antichrist is “The Assyrian” (Mic 5)
Perennial Zionist and Gog and Magog Liar Joel Richardson claims in his book “Mideast Beast” The Assyrian will rise from the Islamic Middle East; the Masonic plan for WWIII written Aug 15, 1871 calls for Zionism against Islam to the point of physical, spiritual and economic exhaustion in order for the doctrine of Lucifer to be accepted The Club of Rome founded the European Union and Brexit will likely collapse it as planned. The 10 Kings have chairs waiting in the UN Meditation Room right now. Who are the subdued 3 Kings? The Americas: Land of the Amorites and Serpent god of the Edomites Amurru

The USMCA (US-Mexico-Canada Agreement) will be voted on Sept 2019 and enforce the United Nations LOST (Law Of the Sea Treaty) and Small Arms Treaty; will this Treason subdue 3 Kings? Time will tell. Notice Gebal and Tyre pertain to Phoenicia, the root of Phoenix the mythical Arabian bird that self-immolates every 500 years to renew itself; where is Phoenicia today? Quetzalcoatl, the Red-Blue plumed feathered serpent bird of the Americas known as Kukulkan (Maya), Gucumatz (Central America), Votan (Palenque) and Viracocha (Incas); The white skinned, blue eyed, tall, bearded Messiah seen in most every American Church and Mormon Temple is not JESUS! 500 years ago Sephardic Marrano (fake Catholic) Francisco Pizarro slaughtered and looted the entire Incan Empire pretending to be Jesus Christ (Quetzalcoatl); do we really need to repeat the same mistake? Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto details the fate of the Americas; he said the word means “New Beginning”; it does not; he also held the Nails and hammered them into the hands and feet of Jesus Christ (played by Jesuit-Marrano, white, bearded, blue-eyed Jim Caviezel) in Passion of the Christ That Christ is Zeus! Mormons await the same white, bearded, blue eyed Christ; don’t wait for Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney to fulfill the Blood in the Streets prophecy! Get JESUS in your life now!

Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times Dan 9:25 Ready for Messiah the Prince and a rebuilt Wall?Think Daniel’s 70th Week is a 7 year Dispensation with Israel? Guess Again. Messiah the Prince is the Pale Horse/4th Beast of Iron; his name is Satan, the Devil, Dragon, Serpent who has deceived the whole earth ( Rev 12:9) Jesus is “KING OF KINGS, LORDS OF LORDS” REV 19:16 If you want an invite to the Wedding of the Lamb, you’d better let Him know!

Aug 16 Wall
Great Wall of China, Babylon Wall, Berlin Wall, Wall St, Jericho Wall, Hadrians Wall, Walls of Troy, Herod’s Wailing Wall, and Trump’s Border Wall; a New Wall is about to be built separating Heaven and Hell. Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump both wear the Yarmulke “Cap of Cybele” at Herod’s Wailing Wall and are controlled by the same Chabad Lubavitch Rabbis whose goal is to re-build a 3rd Temple for their Messiah. Your choice is to stay on the Porch or kneel at the Altar; the latter will result in Hell for Eternity (Rev 11:1-2)
Occult Communication
Britain (B’Rith=Birthright Covenant of Cain and Esau) releases impounded Grace I a Panamanian flagged Oil Tanker now flying the Iranian Flag and renamed Adrian Daryal I from Gibraltar; of course it did! Let me guess; Grace I will be sunk in the Straits of Hormuz (Horus and Tammuz) to begin WWIII and brings on the end of the Age of Grace
America: Phoenix of the New Age; America: Scapegoat Babylon; America: New Atlantis
The Pillars of Hercules figures prominently in Dante’s Inferno and Sir Francis Bacon’s (Jesuit Sir Tobie Mathew aka Shakespeare) Instauratio Magna (Great Renewal); What Renewal? The LGBTQ Pedophilia, Pederasty Pre-Flood world of Plato’s Atlantis which lies west of the Gates
America is the New Atlantis, Scapegoat for “Babylon” and Phoenix of the New Age.
Bacon’s New Atlantis: A Worke Unfinished identifies America as the Phoenix of the New Age; US Gold Coins featured the Phoenix just as Iran’s Flag is the Phoenix Rising. Iran means Aryan “Noble Caste”. Phoenicians sailed to America 2000 years before Columbus); the Capstone on the $ONE will collapse the world economy as the Black Horse rides in Rev 6:6. Gibraltar is called the Pillars of Hercules/Heracles, the Greek version of the Phoenician Melqart, the Satanic Cult introduced to Israel by King Ahab and Jezebel. America is the Scapegoat Babylon America’s pre-planned, self destruction will usher in Antichrist and False Prophet. “The Awakening” is a giant idol of the False Prophet aka Beast rising from the Earth located in Washington DC National Harbor. Pretty obvious eh?
Donald (Scottish King of the World) Trump (Trump of God) held an illuminated Globe with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and Egypt’s President Abdel Fatah el-Sissi; the Phoenix is the Arabian Bird whose 500 yr self immolation connects Egypt to Arabia with renewal. NEOM, the first AI City has Sophia as its first Citizen writing its own history and scripture; NEOM is being built over the Wilderness of Sin ie Path of the Phoenix Bird, the Ben-ben Stone atop the $US will complete the Pyramid “Amid the Flames” (Holocaust). On the same foreign trip, Donald Trump stood next to Jesuit Pope Francis I; his family wearing Funeral Attire. On the same trip, Donald Trump donned the Cap of Cybele aka Yarmulke at the Wailing Wall surrounded by Chabad Lubavitch handlers. Donald Trump is a Hollywood Actor who knows his role.
WWIII will be the Mede Persian Ram (Iran) versus Grecian Goat (Dan 8); “Little Horn” will be Antichrist. The Synthesis if the Dialectic will be Worldwide Luciferian rule. It started a day earlier on the Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, with 3000 Lightning Strikes in Greece “And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven” Lk 10:18. Satan’s fall from Heaven at Rev 9:11 as Apollyon aka Abbadan “Destroyer”; pretty coincidental British Petroleum aka Anglo-Iranian Oil was first set up on Abaddan Island eh? NOT! British is Edomite; the Edomite Rock is Petra aka Eagle’s Nest, not Jesus Christ!
God told Abram “…thy seed shall be strangers in a land that is not theirs…and they shall afflict them four hundred years…for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full” Gen 15:13;16 America is the “Land of the Amorites”; known as Amurucu (Serpent); the Eagle (Saturn) carries the Serpent into the New Age.
The Eagle symbolizes the Americas; the Eagle is Nisroch, the Assyrian god Saturn also worshipped in Israel with the Six Pointed Star of Saturn aka Phoenician “El”. “The ten horns are ten kings Who shall arise from this kingdom. And another shall rise after them; He shall be different from the first ones, And shall subdue three kings” Dan 7:24 The Americas are likely the subdued 3 Kings; War may very well begin in Venezuela the “Venetian Kingdom of the West”.
Operation Yellow Hammer: No Deal Brexit
Yellow Hammer, Boris Johnson and Donald Trump aka Gemini Twins are pretty obvious; Brexit will happen Deal or No-Deal on Samhein (Eve of Day of the Dead); Yellow Hammer will intentionally disrupt Trade, Travel, Banking, Customs, Food, Water, Energy etc between the UK and EU; collapse of the EU likely; the EU Parliament, created by the Club of Rome has the Whore of Babylon riding the Beast out front; the Unfinished Tower of Babel (Gate of Saturn) finished by filling the Vacant Seat #666. Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory will likely enter Spanish control; Barcelona, named after the Phoenician Gen Hannibal Barca part of Catalonia Independence with Scottish Independence near certain, a 400 yr old plan written in the Declaration of Arbroath by the Scottish Clans aka Tartans, followers of the Assyrian military commander “Tartan” like Donald Trump (MacLeod). Pretty coincidental there are 400 year intervals for Egyptian Captivity, Judges, Kings, Inter-testament Period and now the Golden Age of Chaos eh? NOT!
Iniquity of the Amorites
The Code of Lipit-Ishtar and Code of Naram-Sin in Sargon the Great’s Day was followed by Code of Hammurabi, the Amorite King basically is a Code of Revenge. The Magna Carta in the City of London Corp at the Temple Church stands behind the 2 headed Dragon, Sheriff’s Booth (Tax Collector), Knights Templar Idol (Int’l Bankers), next to the Courts of Justice. The US Bill of Rights, fashioned from the Magna Carta does not contain any Rights for US Citizens, only CORPORATIONS.
BP is Anglo-Iranian Oil; (Rothschild Oil Man, accused Chateau Amerois “9th Circle” pedophile Very Rev Justin Welby heads the Anglican Church) Ayathollah ali Khomenei was the son of British “Haji” William Williamson. Adrian means Hadrian, known for ruthless elimination of Jews and renaming the Temple Mount Aelia Capitolina, the Capitol of Jupiter. Aelia means “Water/Sea” and is also the Islamic name of Jerusalem.
Shariah and Noahide Laws are the same, both require Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost and will result in Hell for Eternity. Jupiter/Zeus is the “Beast rising from the Sea” aka Antichrist Kingdom. The Age of Grace is made possible by the “Living Water” Jesus Christ. Adrian was seen in the Rocky Movies; Rocky and Adrian fighting Apollo Creed; pretty obvious eh?; Apollo Creed means
“Covenant with the Destroyer” ie Satan cast to Earth at Rev 9:11. The fight is in Philadelphia “City of Brotherly Love” ie Cain’s love of Abel and Esau’s love of Jacob, Jesus refers to them as the Synagogue of Satan (Rev 2:9; 3:9); pretty obvious eh?
British is derived from B’Rith=Covenant by Birth ie Aryan; Iran means Aryan “Noble Caste”; the occult communication being Grace I was impounded in Great Britain and released under Iranian Flag (Aryan=Noble Caste) with the new name “Adrian Daryal”. When British-Edomites (Rothschild=Edom) achieve Dominion (Gen 27:41KJV), the Pale Horse (Rev 6:6) aka Little Horn (Dan 8) aka 4th Beast of Iron (Dan 7:7) will control the world and enforce the Mark of the Beast from a rebuilt 3rd Temple; Jesus is Grace I; He was rejected in the Temple just as His Born Again followers will be.
Adrian is derived from Adriatic (River Adria; Adur=Water/Sea) and the Black Nobility port of Venice; International Bankers are Venetian Black Nobility and this is their Renaissance (Re-birth); notice Michelangelo’s David is Uncircumcised; the Venetian David will be Antichrist, out of Covenant with God, sitting on Satan’s Seat (Throne of Zeus/Pergamon); this is the 500 year goal of Chiliasm, the installation of a man claiming lineage from King David in a re-built Temple aka The Phoenix! Wall St is the Wall of Venetian Black Nobility aka Wall of Jericho
SOUTHCOM is preparing for War in Venezuela, Venezuela is Venice of the Americas; Juan Guiado is a US-Israel Zionist Stooge. Operation UNITAS (Unite the Americas) will subdue the 3 Kings in Dan 7.
Daryal is derived from Darius the Mede (likely Cyrus; Medes are Chaldean Magi) who took Jerusalem captive after the “Writing on the Wall” was translated as “Your Kingdom is divided, weighed in the scales and given to the Medes and Persians”; Trump was selected in Cleveland (Cleave=Divide), Grover Cleveland like King David served 2 non-consecutive terms making Israel’s 44th King and Trump the 44th and likely final President.
Saturnian fake Jews call Donald Trump “Cyrus”; the man foretold by God long in advance who would allow Jews to return and re-build the Temple. Cyrus is a name derived from Koreish, the Saturnian “Korahite” Priesthood of Num 16; 26:10; Trump and Cyrus are men who decreed the building of the Temples So, was Trump planned in advance?
In 1897 Ingersol Rand published Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey Baron is the lowest of the Noble Caste ie Aryan; Edomite Dukes are the highest, under the King; Baron means Virtuous Lord or Free Man. Young Baron was sent by “Donald” (King of the world) to Russia, the same year the 1st Zionist Congress met. Chabad Lubavitch, Saturnian fake Jews in Israel are partnering with Russia and Iran; Phylacteries are Cubes of Saturn warned against by Jesus to the Pharisees, worn over the Pineal Gland, prevalent in Israel and Iran; Chabad Lubavitch Saturnian fake Jewish Rabbis SPIRITUALLY descended from the Pharisees control both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.
In 1958 Con-man, snake oil salesman Walter Trump stars in Trackdown Episode 1 “End of the World” Trump promises to build a Wall; Hadrian’s and Trump’s Wall may ring a Baal; Trump’s Wall is in the same location on the Texas Border.
In 1990 Heavy Metal Magazine depicted Donald Trump building a Wall in NYC. Wall St; Wall St is named for the Wall of Jericho, God destroyed when Joshua blew the Shofar Trumpet 7 times; think Trump-Pence using the Trumpet Logo is coincidence?
The Berlin Wall stands next to Satan’s Seat (the real Throne of Zeus may be in Moscow) in the Pergamon Museum and the Quadriga of Apollo (4 Horsemen); Obama means “He is with us”; 2 Yes We Can speeches by Barack Obama under the Quadriga of Apollo (Trump’s 66th floor penthouse is a shrine to Apollo) meant “Thank You Satan” in reverse Speech. Satan’s Seat originated in Babylon, moved to Crete, then to Pergamon, then to Berlin and will soon be transported to Jerusalem, the city Jesus refers to as “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt”; Pergamon was the HQ of the Theraputes, the god of the Theraputae is Aesclapius, the son of Apollo and god of plagues; the Rod of Aesclapius is in the UN Meditation Room.
Trump’s Triangle Hand Sign is the fulcrum of Libra, the worldwide Crypto-currency symbolized the same Scales of Judgment carried by the Black Horse Rider (Rev 6:6); Trump’s 66th floor Trump Tower Penthouse is a Shrine to Apollo (Apollyon/Abaddan Rev 9:11) stands at the same exact location Baron Trump lived in 1897; still coincidence? How about the Penny (Pence) charged by the Black Horse for a Quart of Wheat?
The end of the Age of Grace is at hand; a new Temple dedicated to Zeus will soon be built to house Satan’s Seat and the Abomination of Desolation. I suggest you get right with JESUS before then! Want More bizarre Water?
Aug 16 200th anniversary of Peterloo Massacre Elite British troops charge a group of 80K demonstrators killing 700 in St Peter’s Field, protesting famine, pestilence and unemployment following Rothschild’s Edomite stooge, 33 deg Freemason Napoleonic Wars.
Aug 16 Hawaii celebrates 60th anniversary of statehood; Hawaii “Ha=Breath of Life + Wai=Primordial Fresh Water + I=Primal Consciousness” Hawaii is not a State. The Primal Fresh Water Apsu is the Dragon Demon who mated with Tiamat (Salt Water) in Sumerian version of Creation. God however separated Waters above, on and below; Jesus is the “Living Water”. Hawaii is the basis of “Order out of Chaos”; Get ready for Chaos folks! JESUS is knocking on your Door, but will not open it; why not do that now!

The Milky Way and Sagittarius Constellation

Feast Day of Lucifer: Heliacal Rising of Sirius
Sagittarius A
Scientists baffled at sudden brightness of Sagittarius A Why not? Aug 15 is the Feast Day of Lucifer, the Heliacal Rising of Sirius in NYC “Big Apple” (Aplu=Zeus; Apollyon “Destroyer” of Rev 9:11) was matched with a Full Moon (Sabian/Arab moon god “Sin”; Lucifer is the “Man of Sin”) called MacFarlane’s Lantern (Seth MacFarlane ring a Baal?); Clan MacFarlane were/are notorious Scottish Cattle Rustlers, thieves, liars, murderers those clan was disbanded for tyranny, so it comes as no surprise that a Red Heifer was burned, a test of the amount and type of wood and water necessary to purify all of Israel; no amount will be enough! in preparation for the 3rd Temple’s 10th Red Heifer. Tartan is Scottish plaid used to identify the clans.
Tartan 2 Ki 18:17
Tartan is Phoenician Cloth, used to identify the Scotti Clans, pagans who settled Ireland and Scotland; Tartan is also the name of the Assyrian Army Commander responsible for Treason against God that led to the scattering of Israel. Donald Trump is a Marrano ie a Saturnian Crypto fake Jew (Drumpf) turned, fake Presbyterian whose MacCleod Tartan dates back to Knights Templar; a Traitor whose Triangle Hand Sign is the Fulcrum of Libra, the Scales of Judgment carried by the Black Horse (Rev 6:6). Siriusly, this is no joke! Trump was planned over 120 years ago in the book “Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey”; God sets up the basest of men to rule in the Kingdom of God in order that we may know He is in control! (Dan 4:17) The Simpsons posted a picture of Donald Trump in a casket guarded by the Secret Service; the American SS works for Bankers, the Knights Templar and the same “Money Changers” Jesus whipped at the Temple for turning the House of God into a Den of Thieves.

Sirius and Orion

“And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven” Lk 10:18 .3000 Lightning Strikes hit Greece Aug 15, detected by Wait for it? the ZEUS Detector Why? WWIII is the Grecian Goat versus Mede-Persian Ram (Aryan=Noble Caste); “Little Horn” (Dan 7:8) will be Antichrist, the 4th Beast of Iron (Dan 7:7) and Pale Horse (Dan 6:8). Every wonder why Uncle Sam looks like a Goat? Ever seen the Heliofant video I, Pet Goat II? Think its coincidence the 1st Jesuit “Militia of Zeus” Pope Francis I was selected on 3/13/13 “Red Heifer” Day; there are 313 ! in Scripture, the last being the fall of Economic “Babylon” (Rev 18) aka Grecian Goat. Lighting hit St Peter’s Basilica TWICE the night Pope Benedict XVI resigned; he released Peace Doves a month earlier which were attacked by Crows in front of him; the next year Pope Francis I had his Peace Doves attacked by a Seagull (Symbol of the Mormon Church) and Crow. Siriusly strange stuff going on eh?
August 15 on the Roman Calendar is the Ides of Sextilis “6th Month”; Saturn/Osiris the 6th Planet. The 1st Jesuit “Militia of Zeus” Oaths taken in Paris (House of Isis) were taken at the Heliacal Rising of Sirius, the “Dog Star” marking the Egyptian New Year and annual Flooding of the Nile which symbolized the Milky Way; hence the sudden brightness of Sagittarius A. Sirius is the Blazing Star of Freemasonry and Co-Masonry, Orion’s Belt points to Sirius, the Arab star al Qalb is the Mormon star Kolob, the home of “Embryo Souls”, at least for those who worship Osiris-Isis-Horus. Sirius means “Scorcher”, the role of the US is to be the Phoenix of the New Age, detailed in New Atlantis: A Worke Unfinished published in 1620 by Luciferian Freemason Sir Francis Bacon (Free Pig) aka Jesuit educated Sir Tobie Mathew under the Nome de Plume “Shakespeare”, a group called Society of the Horsemen or Knights of the Golden Helmet who came to America as the KKK “Knights of the Golden Circle”.
Red Heifer
Pope Francis was selected on 3/13/13 (There are 313 ! in the KJV; the last is the fall of Babylon; the precise role for the US) which was 2 Nisan “Red Heifer Day”; Mar 26, 2020 may get interesting. Lightning hit St Peter’s Basilica TWICE the night Pope Benedict XVI resigned and 2 consecutive years on International Peace Day, Crows attacked Peace Doves released by Nazi Pope Benedict and Jesuit Pope Francis. Pope Francis even wore the NAMBLA (North Am Man-Boy Love Ass) Logo on his Papal Robes for World Youth Day Jan 22? Why not that’s the start of Aquarius, the LGBTQ + 2 Pedophilia, Pederasty “Water Pourer”.
Chaldean/Saturnian fake Jewish Rabbis consider sacrifice of the Red Heifer a necessary requirement for resuming Temple Services, the consecration of the Cornerstone and Chief Priest “Kohen Gadol” because they don’t recognize the Atoning Sacrifice of Jesus Christ is sufficient. Catholics are told Aug 15 is the Feast of Assumption of Mary, the so-called Sinless, Co-Redemptrix; don’t buy into that lie. Jesus Christ is the Sinless Sacrifice, Chief Priest “Melchisedek” which replaced the corrupted Levite (Kohen) Priesthood (Gen 14:18; Ps 111; Heb 7) and these days, the Kohen Priests are Samaritans.
JESUS (Mat 1:25KJV) is JAH (Ps 68:4KJV) is JEHOVAH (Ex 6:3) the only Covenant Name of God there has ever been and only source of Salvation; Mary means “Rebellion”. Aug 15 is the anniversary of the first Jesuit (Militia of Zeus/Jupiter) Oaths taken in the crypt of St Denis (Dionysus=Bacchus=Satan) on Aug 15, 1534 and the anniversary of Jesuit handled (Fr Jean Pierre DeSmet) Scottish Rite Freemasonry’s Sovereign Grand Master Albert Pike’s letter in 1871 (same year the Organic Act of Washington DC stripped all rights from US Citizens handing them to CORPORATIONS) to Luciferian Freemason/Italian Revolutionary/Jesuit/Knight of Malta Giuseppe Mazzini planning WWIII.
SGA is claimed to be the Super-massive Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way. Black Holes are Satanic nonsense just like Gravity, the Force Carrier claimed to give Mass to Matter and Order to the Universe; Satan is the “God of Forces” (Dan 11:38)
Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21) is the Archer (Sagitta) with a Bow aka the White Horse of Rev 6:1-2; astrologically associated with Purple (Phoenicians were called “Men of Purple”; UV Light the most energetic light, unseen above visible light), Fire (Saturnian Brotherhood aka Cult of Melchisedek is called the Teutonic Fire and Ice Brotherhood), Jupiter (Tzeddeq=Righteous).
Aug 15 “Feast of Lucifer”
Jesuits took their first Satanic Oaths in the Crypt of St Denis (Dionysus/Bacchus=Satan) Cathedral in Paris on Aug 15, 1534 coincident with the Heliacal Rising of Sirius. The Masonic-Jesuit plan for WWIII was put in writing on the Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1871 planned to pit forces of political Zionism against Islam
In 1871, the Organic Act of Washington DC created a Sovereign Territory on US soil and in 1878, Skull & Bones Satanist, Supreme Court Chief Justice Morrison “Mott” (Mott=Phoenician god of Death) Waite changed the title of the Constitution to a CORPORATE “CONSTITUTION” stripping all rights of US Citizens; the US is a CORPORATION beholden to International Bankers.
9 Av
9 Av 1871 fell on July 27, the Grand Climax of Begone Dull Care, a 4000+ yr old Sumerian ritual sacrifice to Zeus/Molech re-enacted every year since in the Redwood Forest of Bohemian Grove in California.
The movie Breakthrough highlights the Blue Masonic Shoe and St Louis Arch, the Masonic Gateway to the West aka Land of the Dead/Setting Sun in Egyptian religion. Living Water Church and Middle School; Death/Re-birth Ritual in Water on Jan 22 “Aquarius” make this story as “Christian” as Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ. St Louis. King and St Louis IX was the “Sun King” who built St Chapelle in Paris as a reliquary for the Crown of Thorns (as fake as the Shroud of Turin) and Mandyllon (Image of Jesus), at least the Sabians of Harran version of Jesus. The Blue Masonic Shoe which comes off impossible from John’s foot is replaced by Red Air Jordans (Jordans are called “Living Water” in Chaldean/Sabian religion); the Blue Lodge of Masonry (Craft) is separated from the Red Lodge (Esoteric) by the Master Mason Death/Re-Birth Ritual. America is indeed on thin ice.
Masonic Shoe aka Blue Slipper
The Masonic Blue Slipper Pin is worn to identify Freemasons to one another much like the Two-Ball Cane Pin Tubal-cain in Gen 4:22 is the Blacksmith equivalent with Hephaestos or Vulcan forging the Chains of Humanity; Who is Tubal-cain? is answered Vulcan of the Canaanites in Masonic Ritual. The Masonic Fraternity is essentially the religion of Cain which crossed the Flood with Ham’s incest with his mother giving birth to Canaan, the “Cursed” bloodline.
Jesus is the Cornerstone the builders rejected (Acts 4:11); Masonry is based on building false Cornerstones; building Heaven on Earth using the Compass and Square surrounding the G not a symbol of God but Gnosis, the esoteric wisdom God gives Adam in the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel ceiling “Creation of Adam”.
Masonic Contract (Co-Masonry for women as well) requires giving up of Free Will to the Masonic goal under penalty of death; the outward display of the Masonic Contract being the Masonic Shoe was highlighted in the 2 recent Domestic Terrorism False Flags at Dayton and El Paso, the movie Breakthrough as well as Staged False Flag Events: 9/11/2001 Memorial, Bataclan Theater in Paris, Charlottsville, Christchurch, Istanbul, Dayton, Westminster Bridge, Barcelona, Kabul, and Las Vegas.
Pythagoras and Druids removed shoes to symbolize fulfillment of the Contract just like Mormon Missionary Mason Wells (survived Paris, Brussels, Boston Marathon) who wrote a book (ghost wrote like the Book of Mormon) Left Standing with his left shoe is removed on its cover just like the Secret Science of Masonic Initiation by Robert Lomas. The Masonic Plan, put in writing on the Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1871 is WWIII, Edomite Dominion (Dan 7:6; Gen 27:39-41KJV)) and Luciferian Rule aka 4th Beast of Iron (Dan 7:7) or the Pale Horse “Death” (Rev 6:7-8)
If I were you, I’d be getting right with JESUS rather than believing this nonsense!

The Awakening (structure)

Neuralink Elon Musk’ Mars (Mars is the UNKNOWN GOD of the Areopagus in Act 17) Base Alpha, complete with Ender’s Game spacesuits and Buck Rogers spacecraft is strange enough; Neuralink is AI for the Pineal Gland, capable of interfacing with Facebook’ Libra Crypto-currency, WalMart “Stable Coin”, Chinese ACC (Asset Collection Coin) Crypto-currency ie most of humanity. The Beast Rising from the Earth aka False Prophet is seen in Washington DC as The Awakening “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads. And that no man might buy of sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name…Six hundred threescore and six” Rev 13:16-18 The Gate to the New Age is Q Germanic for Quelle “Source”, the Eye of the Needle “Qop”, the Golden (East) Gate of the Temple Mount. Jesus entered that Gate 2000 years ago, was rejected and gave His blood so we might obtain eternal Salvation. The Black Horse carries the Scales of Libra (Rev 6:5-6) collapsing the world economy; the Gate Keeper of the Golden Age. Why not take JESUS up on His offer? The 4th Beast aka Pale Horse “Death” only offers “Hell” (Rev 6:7-8)

Tisha B'Av
Tisha B'Av - תשעה באב‎ <> Commemorates The Two Destructions of The Temple In Jerusalem

“For it is written, that Abraham had two sons, the one by a bondmaid, the other by a freewoman. But he who was of the bondwoman was born after the flesh; but he of the freewoman was by promise. Which things are an allegory: for these are the two covenants; the one from the mount Sinai, which gendereth to bondage, which is Agar. For this Agar is mount Sinai in Arabia, and answereth to Jerusalem which now is, and is in bondage with her children. But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all.” Gal 4:22-26

Summary: Mt Sinai (Agar or Jebel al Laws) in Saudi Arabia, represents the Old Covenant which ended with the Crucifixion of God; people adhering to this now dead Contract are in bondage to Shariah Law and Noahide Law; both enforced by acceptance of the Mark of the Beast; both administered from Jerusalem, the city Jesus refers to as “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” (Rev 11:8KJV) by the Antichrist, soon to be sitting on Satan’s Seat.
The New Covenant, made possible through the shed blood of Jesus Christ is voluntary and originates from Jerusalem in Heaven. Acceptance of the Old Covenant will result in removal of Your Name from the Lamb’s Book of Life and result in Hell for Eternity.

The Dome of the Rock
Shield of the Trinity
Saudis halved the death toll in Hajj stampede: true count is 1453

Zionism versus Islam The final and quintessential Dialectic Thesis + Antithesis=Synthesis All paths lead to Zeus (Horus, Jupiter, Marduk, Tammuz); Solve and Coagula in the Baphomet Idol; the fusion of Knowledge and Wisdom.
Zionism and Islam were created and are managed by the same Chaldean source; the Synthesis is Zeus, the son of Saturn aka Antichrist and the enforcement of Shariah and Noahide Law, both of which require Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost aka the Unforgivable Sin.

Aug 11 Jeff Epstein
Think Jeff Epstein’s portrait “I Want You” of 33 deg Freemason, Jesuit, Little St James pedophile Bill Clinton wearing a Blue Dress and Red High Heels (Blue=Craft Masonry; Red=Esoteric Lodge) hanging in his NYC Mansion is bizarre? Same artist painted George W Bush collapsing the Twin Towers with paper airplanes; the collapse carved in stone at the St John Divine Cathedral a decade before 9/11. How about the Epstein VI Foundation financing such luminaries as Jesuit sock puppet Stephen Hawking? VI stands for Virgin Islands right? Sure just like the VIkings; 6 Kings are Saturnian Royalty just like the Venetian Black Nobility.
The Eyes Wide Shut world of Jeff Epstein is nothing new; it’s based on the Hell Fire Society which ensured royals and government officials in Sex and Child Sacrifice some 250 years ago; Ben Franklin one such member planned the American Revolution while burying dozens of tortured, infant bodies under his Trafalgar Sq home.
Here is a rundown of Jeff Epstein’s non-suicide: The “Suicide” was posted on 4Chan 38 mins before the prison reported the death; (Same thing happened with Sandy Hoax Robbie Parker setting up his GoFundMe account a day before the event); Epstein’s lawyers ask Prison Warden Shirley Skipper Scott to take him off “Suicide Watch”; Prison Cameras turned off/malfunction (just like Pentagon cameras showing AA#77 on 9/11/2001); Guards fall asleep and falsify the inspection log; body double just like Howard Hughes and Saddam Hussein, a Van shows up, unrecorded license or sign-in; fake Jew Dr Michael Baden (Forensic Investigator promoting JFK “Magic Bullet”; Martin Luther King assassination, and OJ Simpson) conducted the Epstein Autopsy concluding Hanging; isn’t this a bit obvious?
The Luciferian goal is Gnosticism, summed up as “Do what thou wilt” or “Freedom, Liberty, Equality” requiring the rejection of Jesus Christ as LORD. To that end Jeff Epstein was removed after a “Job Well Done”; nobody hangs himself on suicide watch in prison; police, prison guards and ER personnel all aware and beholden to the Masonic plan. Epstein’s Pedophile Island Little St James is a Child Sex Slave/Trafficking/Torture/Murder, Initiation and Blackmail Center connected to Trump’s Mar a Lago resort, Trump’s Manhattan Grand Hotel (Trump’s pedophile mentor Roy Cohn was replaced by Jeff Epstein as the Blackmailer; the Hotel and Room was featured in Home Alone 2) and Richard Branson’s Necker Island NXIVM Sex Cult. The House of Cards was too big to be brought down by Jeff Epstein. Epstein exited just like Enron’s Ken Lay (heart attack in prison), Saddam Hussein (body Double mock hanging; 33 deg Freemason Carlyle Group partner with the bin Laden and Bush crime family), Serbian butcher Slobodon Milosevic (heart attack during Int’l Criminal Court Trial), Joe Paterno (Penn St Pedophile Ring included Obama “Body Man” Reggie Love).
Child Sex Cults are nothing new, in the 1990’s Marc Dutroix was arrested, exposing the 9th Circle Child Sex/Torture/Murder Ring at Chateau Amerois (Castle of Kings) in Belgium involving Anglican Arch-bishop Justin Welby, Pope Francis and high level European Royals. The Franklin Savings&Loan Pedophile Ring in Omaha involved Bush Jr’s boy-lover Johnny Gosch. The Elite are covered in Satanic Teflon; their Oaths of Initiation Free them from the Laws ordinary citizens are obliged to live under.
The Jesuit “Mother of all Churches Worldwide” is the St John Lateran Archbasilica in Rome. John is Oannes, the Chaldean Beast Rising from the Sea; Lateran means “Hidden Frogs” (Rev 16:13), the 3 unclean spirits of Satan (dragon, Devil, Serpent in Rev 12:9), Antichrist and False Prophet.

Aug 11: Hong Kong China moving troops and military equipment to Hong Kong; Trump warns “Be calm and safe” after declaring China a “Currency Manipulator” and beginning $300B in tariffs on Chinese imports Sept 1. Getting pretty easy to see the plan for WWIII now?

The Bible states Abraham offered Isaac on the Temple Mount. The Quran states Abraham offered Ishmael on the Temple Mount. Time to choose your path to Salvation!

Fox means “Clever, Crafty, Trickery, Deceit or Red Earth” all attributes of the Serpent, Devil, Satan (Rev 12:9) who has deceived the entire world. Red=Edom, the name God gave Esau for severing the connection to God; it is rooted in Adam=Red Earth; Edomites sell their soul in exchange for Wealth (Fatness of the Earth Gen 27:39-41KJV); their primary symbol is the Six Pointed Star of Molech aka Mark of the Beast “666” in reference to the 666 talents of gold the Queen of Sheba brought Solomon; the Six Pointed Star of Saturn is the Chaldean STUR (Star); the number seen in the Cube of 6 (6X6X6=216) where 2160 is the Time (Time=Chronos=Saturn) span for each Astrological House; Welcome to the Age of Aquarius, an LGBTQ+2, Pedophilia, Pederasty world without God ie “Desolate”.
“Because of the mountain of Zion, which is desolate, the foxes walk upon it.” Lam 5:18 Desolation means “Absent God”; Rabbis await the arrival of Moshiah through the same gate Jesus entered, the event to be signaled by Foxes walking on the Temple Mount, which allegedly happened on Aug 8.
“And he said unto them, Go ye, and tell that fox, Behold, I cast out devils, and I do cures to day and to morrow, and the third day I shall be perfected” Lk 13:32 F=6; O=15=6; X=24=6

Aug 11, 2019 Tisha B’ Av
9 Av is the “Saddest day in Jewish history” The Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca runs from Aug 9-14 with Eid al Adha “Feast of Sacrifice” on Aug 12. 9 Av 2019 is the anniversary the begin date of the Mayan Calendar on Aug 11, 3114 BC The so-called 2nd Mayan Calendar “Eagle Bowl” or “Calendar in the Round” is likely of Chaldean origin and allegedly indicates the Mayan Re-Creation Date. In Hindu-Buddhism, Maya “Illusion” is the Power of Creation aka Magic.
Venus is the Arab al Uzza “Mighty One”; the Mayan Calendar aka “Eagle Bowl” (Eagle is Saturn aka Assyrian Nisroch) is based on Venus cycles; in Mat 24:28 Jesus warns “Wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together”.
Perseid Meteor Shower commences Aug 12. Perseus is the “Mushroom God”, the Strong Delusion (2 Thess 2:11) surrounding “Christmas” and “Hanukkah”. Jesus refers to Jerusalem as “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” Rev 11:8KJV), the great city holding Arabs in bondage (Gal 4)
9 Av
12 Spies returned from the Promised Land with a report that led to 40 years in the Wilderness of Sin. Saudi Arabia is building the first AI City NEOM over the location; its first citizen Sophia means Gnostic Wisdom
Destruction of Solomon’s Temple Eze 8 describes 70 Ancients of Israel committing abominable acts on the altar as women wept on the porch for Tammuz (Zeus, Horus, Jupiter); the descendants of those Priests are today’s Chabad Lubavitch Rabbis controlling Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.
Destruction of the 2nd Temple Precisely as Jesus prophesied. “As for these things which ye behold, the days will come, in the which there shall not be left one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down. Lk 21:6 Money Changers had turned the Temple into a Den of Thieves by selling sacrificial animals, pigeons and doves; the New Covenant was provided Free of Charge via the Holy Ghost. Born Again Christians are the New Covenant Temples and will be destroyed as Jesus prophesied in Mat 24:22 “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened”.
Bar Kochba Revolt/Battle of Betar The Talmud states Romans killed until blood filled the horses nostrils; Simon bar Kochba led Jews to slaughter claiming to be the Messiah; a repeat will happen at Armageddon.
Temple Mount ploughed as a field as prophesied in Mic 3:12 “Therefore shall Zion for your sake be plowed as a field, and Jerusalem shall become heaps, and the mountain of the house as the high places of the forest”
Bankers (fake Jews) expelled from England The Doomesday Book is the Banker’s accounting of Norman property acquired by Usury; today the City of London Corp illegally lays claim to most of Earth’s property. Jesus is Shiloh “He whose it is”; nobody on Earth owns any property.
Alhambra Decree Cryptos, Marranos and Moriscos; Chaldean frauds pretending to be Jews, Christian and Muslim were forced to convert to Catholicism or be ejected from Spain; Columbus one such example murdered most of the US East Coast native population with Smallpox.
WWI began on 9 Av 1939 as planned on the anniversary of the 1st Jesuit Oaths taken in the crypto of St Denis (Dionysus=Arab Al Khidr=Satan) Cathedral on the Feast Day of Lucifer in 1871. The Satanic plan for WWI was to build Naziism. 1918 Spanish Flu was created by the US Army and spread via Vaccines given to US troops sent to war by the Banker’s President Woodrow Wilson who campaigned for re-election promising to keep the US out of the War to end all Wars.
WWII Hitler expanded Naziism using Wall St funds, Steel, Aluminum; as planned WWII ended Naziism in favor of Communism, responsible for 200M deaths; 9/11/2001 was the “New Pearl Harbor” False Flag to blame Muslims in advance of WWIII as planned.
9 Av will soon go down as the saddest day in Christian history. Born Again Christians are the New Covenant Temples!

Creation of Adam OOB

Aug 5 First; Why Aug 5? August the 8th month/5=Phi “Golden Mean”; Saturn is the god of the “Golden Age”
NASA launches SISTINE Rocket in search for Alien Life via UV Light. Sure! Forget the ridiculous acronym, Sistine means “Sixth”; Saturn the 6th planet is called the Primeval Sun or Black Sun; Adam was created on Day 6. Michelangelo was hired by the Black Nobility De Medicis; in the painting, Man’s Creation and Fall from Grace is depicted, but notice Adam has a Navel, meaning a Natural Birth rather than God’s Creation of Adam from the Earth. This is the Gnostic way of introducing Cybele “Magna Mater”, the so-called “Mother of God” equivalent with Mary in the New Covenant worshipped as Co-redemptrix by Catholics or the Gnostic Sophia the Ein Sof or Rabbis YHWH; all various forms of Saturn. Rejection of God is seen in the Yarmulke (Zuchetto, Kippah, Skull Cap) worn by Chaldean/Chasidic fake Jews and Chaldean Clergy posing as Catholic and Orthodox Priests; the Cap of Cybele replaces the Temple Veil Jesus tore at the Crucifixion giving access to God to everyone who asks Him. In Arabia NEOM “New Future”, Sophia, an AI Robot writing its own Scripture will surveil everyone living in the Independent International City of the Future, built right over the biblical “Wilderness of Sin”. Bold? In Kyoto Japan, Mindar (Ability for Rational Thought/Awareness) is an AI Robot and Zen Buddhist Master giving sermons translated in several languages.
This Adam is Circumcised; a Covenant requirement instituted after the Flood to Abraham. “For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, specially they of the circumcision” Titus 1:10 These are the Chaldean fake Jews who described themselves to Titus as “Liars, Evil Beasts and Slow Bellies” The New Covenant Circumcision is SPIRITUAL a Circumcision of the heart having nothing to do with the physical circumcision. Why would Michelangelo depict Adam Circumcised while David is not? Satan and his Black Nobility reverse everything.
The Sacred Feminine “Shekinah” is worshipped by Chasidic fake Jews at the Wailing Wall; Sophia (Chockmah in Kaballah; seen in Chabad Lubavitch “Chockmah, Binah, Daat”; the 1st 3 levels of Kaballah) “Wisdom” is the first AI robot given citizenship in NEOM, a city largely being built by bin Laden Construction (Yup that bin Laden) over the Wilderness of Sin.
Adam lived 930 years, the only man without a Belly Button, with Eve, the only woman without a belly button would have been quite a testimony to God’s Creation of Man, sadly removed by Michelangelo for the Black Nobility Satanists who took over the Vatican. Pope Francis is the first Jesuit “Militia of Zeus” (Zeus is the son of Saturn) to be selected “Vicar of Christ”, no wonder lightning hit St Peters Basilica (BTW Peter was never in Rome) twice the night Pope Benedict resigned and Crows attacked his and Pope Francis’ Peace Doves; no coincidence Pope Francis was selected on 3/13/13 (2 Nisan) “Red Heifer Day” or that there are 313! “Woes” in Scripture; the last being the fall of “Babylon”.
God is inside a Brain; God extends his hand from this Brain, specifically the pre-frontal cortex, Pineal Gland aka 3rd Eye, the source of Gnostic Illumination and Esoteric Wisdom “Sophia”. Pope Sixtus IV used selling of indulgences to free people in Purgatory, a Lie of course; his successor Pope Leo X (Leo=Lion of Judah + X=Chi=Christ=Antichrist “Zeus/Jupiter”) bankrupted the Vatican Treasury. Think NASA is searching for ET’s? Guess Again; this is occult communication. Here’s more.
SETI launches InVADER (Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence; Ever heard of the Temple of Set?) sending submersible InVADER to search for Alien life in deep sea vents.VADER means “Father” but more specifically the “SPIRITUAL FATHER” which for Gnostics is Saturn. The Dark Lord in Star Wars is Saturn; the Unfinished Death Star is the Unfinished Tower of Babel.
Jah Pater (Father Jah) will be Antichrist, the SPIRITUAL Zeus/Jupiter, son of Saturn. The alleged mission is to prepare for exploration of the alleged watery moons (there are no watery worlds) of Saturn and Jupiter, Enceladus, the 6th moon of Saturn and Europa. Saturn and Jupiter, the Gnostic Father-Son will become witnesses in a fake Jewish ie Chaldean Wedding in the Heavens on Dec 26, 2019 during the Annular Eclipse over Idumea, the land of Edom, Moab and Ammon at Sunrise; these nations escape the hand of Antichrist during the Great Tribulation (Dan 11:41)
Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of Arthur C Clark’s 2001:A Space Odyssey featured the Black Tycho (Greek god of fortune and luck) Monolith; “All these worlds are yours except Europa. Attempt no landings here” Astronaut Bowmman (Think White Horse of Revelation 6 here) was turned into a Star Child of pure energy and sent this final message. Arthur C Clark was a Knight Commander of the British (B’Rith=Birthright Covenant=Esau) Empire, Science Fiction’s Grand Master and commentator for the Apollo 11 Hoax; Stan Kubrick’s The Shining highlighted this. Europa is the “Whore of Babylon” riding the Beast in front of the European Parliament, built as an Unfinished Tower of Babel with Seat #666 held vacant for Antichrist.
SISTINE and VADER are Capitalized because these are SPIRITUAL deceptions; think Aliens exist? Guess Again! Time to get JESUS in your life!

Aug 1 US-Russia end INF (Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces) Treaty; in 1960 Nikita Khrushchev said “We have a fantastic new weapon that if misused could end all life on Earth”; he was speaking of EM (Electro=Sun + Earth=Magnetic) technology Donald Trump’s uncle John Trump conceptually weaponized while at MIT for the US Army during WWII before handing the weaponry over to Joseph Stalin; Nuclear Weapons Pale on comparison to these weapons, the weapons to be used when the White Horse rides forth to conquer in Rev 6:2.
Aug 1 Lughnasadh “Assembly of Lugh” begins the Gaelic/Celtic “Harvest Season”; Lugh is the Master Craftsman/Savior of the Tuatha de Danann (Celtic mythical offspring of Zeus/Jupiter)
Aug 1 Hilal (Hilal=Lucifer) Crescent Moon begins the Islamic 12th month Dhu al Hijjah “Possessor of the Pilgrimage” ie the Hajj to the Ka’aba (Cube of Saturn) where the Stone of Jupiter (Acts 19:35) rests. The Hajj is conducted on 9-14 with Eid al Adha “Feast of Sacrifice” on the 13th commemorating Abram’s offer of Ishmael on the Temple Mount. The Word of God says Abram offered Isaac and cast out Hagar (Agar=Mt Sinai in bondage to Jerusalem; Ref Gal 4) and Ishmael at the Zamzam Well at Mecca (Mechus=Adultery; Allah=Moon god Sin; Lucifer=Man of Sin).

9Av Tisha b’ Av (Aug 10-11) is the saddest day on the Hebrew Calendar.
If you think all this is coincidence Guess Again! Time to get right with JESUS folks!

Pope Francis is a Jesuit “Militia of Zeus”; WWI, WWII and WWIII were planned and carried out by Jesuits; the self professed Vicar of Jesus believes Earth can only support 1 Billion people. His visit to Philadelphia (Church warning to Philadelphia is to the “Synagogue of Satan”; Rev 3:7-13) for the last Lunar Eclipse of the 7th “Blood Moon” Tetrad in human history on Sept 28, 2015. On 9/11/2011, workers from bin Laden (Yes, that bin Laden) construction claimed a “Plasma Discharge” from a chest dubbed “Gabriel’s Ark” caused a crane to collapse killing 111 people; sure, there are 111 days left in the year after 9/11. Scalar weapons were used to destroy the 2 aircraft (AA #11; UA #175) hitting the Twin Towers on 9/11; just a guess, but I’m betting that was a test. During the Hajj in 2015, a similar discharge caused a stampede killing 4000 people again blamed on “Gabriel’s Ark”, a chest containing the so-called final instructions of God though the Angel Gabriel to Muhammad for the “End Times”.
The Quran and the Word of God cannot both be true
Satan’s Seat (Throne of Pergamon Rev 2:13) was taken from Pergamon to Berlin as the 1st Zionist Congress met in Basel, Switzerland in the late 1897; God gave the world a 120 year warning before the Flood; only Noah constructed a refuge. The plan for WWIII was put in writing on Aug 15, 1871 on the Feast Day of Lucifer, a few years later, the Bible Revision Committee began work on changing God’s Word into New Bible Versions. The plan for 3 World Wars was penned by Jesuit (Fr Jean Pierre DeSMet SJ) handled 33 deg Luciferian Freemason, Confederate Albert Pike to Jesuit/Freemason Giuseppe Mazinni; WWI to build Naziism; WWII to exchange Naziism for Communism and WWIII to pit Zionism against Islam in order bring the world to economic, physical and moral exhaustion in order for the Doctrine of Lucifer to be accepted.
A Russian Naval flotilla promptly headed for Jeddah, allegedly picked up the mythical “Gabriel’s Ark” and headed to Antarctica where it was blessed by the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill at the St Nicholas (Nico=Conquer) Church. Why? Scalar EM Antennas are in Antarctica, Gabriel’s Ark is a fictional Scapegoat for these weapons. Scalar EM weaponry is the anonymous weapon to be used by the White Horse of Rev 6. St Nicholas? On Dec 26, 2019 a fake Chaldean wedding in the sky occurs over Idumea, the land of Edom, Moab and Ammon, the 3 nations who escape the hand of Antichrist during the Great Tribulation (Dan 11:41)

Knotted Gun - UN Headquarters

United Nations Gun Control
“All Politics comes from a gun. First you take the guns then the slaughter can begin”-Yale Divinity School Grad Chairman Mao Tse Tung.
The Family is a Secretive “Diplomacy by Stealth” group including Mike Pence (Trump put Pence in charge of Foreign and Domestic affairs), Dan Coats (Intel), Ben Carson (Housing), Betsy DeVoss (Education; Blood Oath sworn Knight of Malta Eric Prince is her brother and CEO of Black Water aka Academi Mercenaries) and several members of Congress who believe Gun Control Mass Murderers epitomize the New Covenant best. Bolshevik-Saturnian fake Jews backed by the US (Lenin,Trotsky, Stalin) outlawed guns before slaughtering/starving 100M people in Russia, many of whom were starved in Ukraine, the Breadbasket of Europe, and 200M worldwide; their sights are on America now. Welcome to the Red Terror
The Family refers to Us, the subject of the recent movie Us, the Red (Edomite) Family “Tethered” (Yoked in Gen 27:40KJV to their counterparts who sold their Birthright to inheritance of the Kingdom of God. Jesuit (Militia of Zeus) Pope Francis (Free) visited Philadelphia “City of Brotherly Love” named after the Church of Philadelphia (Rev 3:7-13) Jesus warned were the Synagogue of Satan on the Passover 2015 Lunar Eclipse, the last of the Blood Moon Tetrads in human history.
Blood in the Streets
Mormon religion is Freemasonry Jon Huntsman (33 deg Freemason George Soros Nee Grigori Schwartz Color Revolutions began in Tiananmen Square when Huntsman was Ambassador to China) resigned from his post as Ambassador to Russia on Aug 6, 2019. Mitt Romney (Iran Contra money launderer) was elected Utah Senator in 2018; he is on a mission to save the Constitution. These 2 men will in my opinion be the “Elders” sent to save the Constitution. In Mormon (Mormo is the “God of the living dead”) theology “Limited Atonement” means killing a person for atonement of Sins such as killing the “Prophet”. The Mormon White Horse Prophecy states the Constitution will nearly be destroyed and hanging by a thread when elders of the Mormon Church will step in to save it. Jon and Mitt are the 4th generation of Mormons originally Oath Sworn to the 4th generation during the Nauvoo Endowment given by 33 deg Freemason Brigham Young to avenge the death of Joseph Smith by spilling the blood of every American Gentile. Think Zion Gov Huntsman and Senator Romney are aware of this? Bet on it! The Mountain Meadows Massacre on 9/11/1857, ordered by Brigham Young and his “Avenging Angels” dispatched 120 innocent “Gentiles” on orders from the “Prophet” in revenge for Mitt Romney’s ggggrandfather Parley Pratt’s death; Mitt is the Mormon “White Horse”.

NYC 9/11/11 Boots w/Flowers;_ylt=AwrExl.erUhdloYAKDA2nIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTBsZ29xY3ZzBHNlYwNzZWFyY2gEc2xrA2J1dHRvbg–;_ylc=X1MDMTM1MTE5NTcwMgRfcgMyBGFjdG4DY2xrBGNzcmNwdmlkA3hfZXJmakV3TGpKNkhwTlhYTTNzeUFFWU5qTXVNZ0FBQUFBN05rMmsEZnIDeWhzLWlyeS1mdWxseWhvc3RlZF8wMTEEZnIyA3NhLWdwBGdwcmlkA2lJX2J2bGZUU1lPT0ZiVVJ5QldvcEEEbl9zdWdnAzAEb3JpZ2luA2ltYWdlcy5zZWFyY2gueWFob28uY29tBHBvcwMwBHBxc3RyAwRwcXN0cmwDBHFzdHJsAzMzBHF1ZXJ5A25lZCUyMHBlcHBlcnMlMjBwaWxlJTIwb2YlMjBzaG9lcwR0X3N0bXADMTU2NTA0NDI0NQ–?p=ned+peppers+pile+of+shoes&fr=yhs-iry-fullyhosted_011&

Masonic Shoe aka Blue Slipper
“A man’s foes shall be they of his own household” Mat 10:36; Mic 7:6 Every Edomite will be destroyed at the 2nd Coming of JESUS (Obadiah 18)
“Moab is my washpot; over Edom will I cast out my shoe; over Philistia will I triumph” Psalm 108:9 God hates Esau for selling his “Birthright” (Rom 9:13; Mal 1:3; Heb 12:16); tossing a Shoe is the symbol of Edomite rebellion.
Shoe throwing began as a form of Rebellion and Signal of War by Constantine’s son Emperor Constantius II in 359 AD, but have stepped up in recent times. Constantius promoted Arianism, the belief Jesus was subordinate to God the Father; He is God the Father! (Jn 1:1;14; 1 Jn 5:7KJV)
British (B’rith=Birthright Covenant) PM Theresa May hung a shoe on top of a Christmas (Christ=Messiah + Mass=Sacrifice) Tree Christmas 2017; the gift donated to her London Church, a Masonic symbol of “Mission Completed”; Brexit? Freemason Boris (God Like) Johnson (Phallus) will complete the “Mission” on Samhein, the Druid New Year, 2019. In 2017 Mormon Missionary Liar Mason Wells published the book Left Standing about his ridiculous survival of the Boston Marathon, Paris and Brussels Airport False Flags; on the cover, his left shoe is removed.
In 2008, Newsman Muntadhar al-Zaidi threw 2 shoes at George W Bush in Iraq; a 3 yr sentence, let out in 9 months and now he’s in the Iraq Parliament (Saddam Hussein was/is a Baathist (Renaissance) fake Sunni ie Morisco and 33 deg Freemason) In 1960 Nikita Khrushchev banged his show on the desk at the UN General Assembly, the year he warned of a “Fantastic new weapon capable of destroying all life on Earth”; he was speaking about Tesla based EM Scalar Weapons like the Soviet “Woodpecker Grid” and the DUGA 3 Over the Horizon ELF Antenna at Chernobyl. Black Horse riding? Mike Pence (Penny=Denarius Rev 6:6) is a Zionist who officiated Skull& Bones, Goldman Sachs Edomite Banker, Treasury Sec Stephen Mnuchin’s 3rd wedding; the US is the only nation on Earth capable of collapsing the World Economy.
Pythogoras said “Offer sacrifice and worship with thy shoes off”; Druids did the same thing. Removing a shoe and offering it to someone in ancient times confirmed the contract. John the Baptist said he was not worthy to loosen Jesus’ sandals because the New Covenant (Contract) was only possible though Jesus Christ. John Baptized with Water; JESUS Baptizes with the Holy Ghost.
Shoes are a symbol of the perpetual and irrevocable Masonic Contract The Masonic Shoe is symbolic of a physical confirmation of a spoken deed or act. The deed or act is meant to signify both the confirming of a contract, as well as the commitment to carry out the terms and conditions of that contract without fail.” If you believe the Richard Reid “Shoe Bomber” Hoax, you’ll love these Masonic Lodge orchestrated False Flags.
Piles of Shoes were shown by Media in front of Ned Peppers in Dayton; the 9/11 Memorial has a pile of shoes; the 2017 Istanbul Night Club False Flag, a pile of shoes; Westminster Bridge False Flag; a pile of shoes; Barcelona, Las Vegas Harvest a pile of shoes, Charlottsville False Flag, Bataclan Theater in Paris (Eagles of Death Metal singing San Berdoo Sunburn, just before San Bernardino False Flag), Nice Delivery Van False Flag, Pulse Nightclub False Flag during the UN Year of Pulses all were highlighted by piles of Shoes; the latest? Gilroy Garlic Festival. Why?
When God appeared to Moses in the Burning Bush on Mt Horeb He said “Draw not nigh hither: put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou staidest is holy ground” Ex 3:5 “Now this was the manner in former time in Israel concerning redeeming and concerning changing, for to confirm all things; a man plucked off his shoe, and gave it to his neighbour: and this was a testimony in Israel. Therefore the kinsman said unto Boaz, Buy it for thee. So he drew off his shoe.” Ruth 4:7-8 Jachin and Boaz are the Twin Pillars in every Masonic Lodge Morris’ Dictionary of Freemasonry states “Surrender of free will to Masonic authority is absolute and perpetual, inferred from examination of the emblem, a Shoe or Sandal, used to enforce this lesson of resignation”
Red Flag Laws
The Parkland HS False Flag non-shooting was set up by David Hogg’s father Kevin, an ex-FBI Agent with Cubic (Cube=Saturn) Simulations running a Simulated Live Shooter Event. Since then eight states have enacted Red Flag Laws; legislation that allows law enforcement to remove guns from individuals deemed a risk to themselves or others. Red flag laws, also known as Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs) or Gun Violence Restraining Orders (GVROs) – enable law enforcement, and family members and other concerned parties, to petition a judge to violate the US Constitution, removing guns from individuals deemed to pose a threat to themselves or others. Sure are a lot of Masonic Shoes eh?
The FBI is in now charge, ready to enforce “Red Flag Laws” Bryan Crusius, the alleged shooter’s father and likely handler, ran a Psychiatric Hospital’s Dual Diagnosis Dept, shut down for “Safety Violations”; El Paso shooter Patrick Crusius was likely MK Ultra and diagnosed Autistic; he didn’t write the Manifesto nor did he post it. Doctors will now be asking patients about Gun Ownership.
Domestic Terrorism
The FBI started by Bi-sexual, 33 deg Freemason J Edgar Hoover has taken over investigations of the Gilroy Garlic Festival, El Paso and Dayton; Shoes in front of Ned Peppers a Masonic “Calling Card” reminiscent of the London Police creating Jack the Ripper and leaving behind Masonic “Calling Cards”. Labeling the False Flags as “Domestic Terrorism” gives the FBI, Police and Judges the ability to subvert the US Constitution; not legally, but practically.
“You are either with Us or with the Terrorists” George “Gog” Bush Jr
The day El Paso and Dayton were staged was the day the NYC Fire Commission ordered a Re-investigation into 9/11/2001 What a coincidence? NOT! Project Gorgon Stare, run by Turkish-Muslim “Moriscos” from Sierra Nevada Corp launched Domestic Spy balloons the same day. Think 9/11 was an “Inside Job”? You are a Domestic Terrorist! Who is Us? Red, Pluto are Tethers ie Jacob’s Yoke on Esau (Gen 27:39-41KJV) Us is about Edomite Dominion!
Red Flag Laws (Esau=Edom=Red) will bring Federal Legislation on par with International Terrorism despite the fact 4 shooters, likely US trained, were on scene. Right on cue the FBI takes over the El Paso investigation and opens up a Domestic Terrorism Investigation in response to the Gilroy Garlic Festival. At the 20min mark, Masonic Shoes become evident.
Operation Jade Helm
Local Militants are domestic Terrorists Jade Helm uses a Wooden Clog in its logo, the clogs used in Concentration Camps built during BRAC (Military Base Re-assignment) programs managed by Iran-Contra Traitor Rev Oliver North in Operation Garden Plot (Cain was the 1st Gardener). UN Rail Cars with Shackles; Bases managed by Foreign troops; Multi-person Coffins; and 1000 Oath Sworn doctors in mobile tent hospitals with virus testing equipment commanded by the Presidential appointed US Surgeon General may sound like a Sci-Fi movie like “I am Legend”, but its real.
Jade Helm stands for “Joint Assistance, Deployment, Execution + Homeland Eradication of Local Militants”; Local Militants means Domestic Terrorist. Red and Blue lists define the “Threat Level” of every person; same well worn policy used by the Bolsheviks 100 years ago in Russia.
The Jade Helm Map is the same as the map of Aztlan; the land belonging to Mexico at the time of the Alamo includes CA, AZ, NM, and parts of TX, UT and CO. Aztlan means the same as Aztec “To Make White” ie Sinless through Sacrifice. Aztecs sacrificed 30K/day by decapitating and cutting our hearts to capture the Spirit and Soul of the victim; those days are soon returning to the United States.
Masons are the Domestic Terrorists and are leaving their Calling Cards at each event!
Guess who set up the Mexican-American War and Battle of the Alamo which took Aztlan from Mexico? Freemasons on both sides!
Time to Wake Up folks! As Jesus warned (Mat 10:36; Mic 7:6) Traitors are inside our own House!

The Lies of Jade Helm

Police say only one WalMart shooter; dozens of eyewitnesses such as Adriana Quezeda report 3 or 4 shooters all dressed in black.
Why did the local police arrest and hold three suspects in custody before the story was changed to a “lone shooter?”
Why does the so-called “manifesto” appear to be written by someone far older than 21 years of age? Answer: The manifesto is a hoax just like Christchurch whom the shooter allegedly supports. The goal
How does one man kill 20 people and wound another 30 people with a single magazine that only holds 30 rounds? The surveillance photo shows no chest rig, no battle belt and no spare magazines.
If the shooter is on a suicide mission, why does he bother to wear both eye protection and ear protection? Answer: Because he knows he will survive his “mission” and be taken into custody after surrendering to police. It wasn’t a suicide mission at all. Eighteen months from now, the world will have forgotten the name of the shooter, and the media will never report anything about him again. He will likely be paid, and relocated under the witness protection program, living under a new identity after having completed his “mission”.
“Melania and I are praying for all those impacted by this unspeakable act of evil!” Donald Trump and Melania praying? Illegal immigrant working as an escort, nude model on a tourist visa, fraud (6 yr Architecture degree in 1 semester from the non-existent University of Slovenia) who wore a FLOTUS Hat to Hurricane Harvey Flood victims, a British Pith Helmet to Kenya, a British colonial colony and a “I really don’t care Do You? jacket to an immigration center in TX, and a man who admits he has never apologized to God, praying? Time to wake up folks! Trump will address the nation on Monday Aug 5 calling for Bi-partisan Gun Control Legislation and Immigration Reform in response to the staged events “The right to bear arms shall not be infringed”; if Congress wants to change this hard to understand statement, get 75% of them to vote for it. “The goal of practical politics is to menace the population with an endless array of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary” HL Mencken


Chernobyl “Wormwood” HBO Series Chernobyl aired on the 33rd anniversary of Chernobyl. On April 26, the Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor was intentionally melted down in 1986, the year Hands across America (Red=Edom was highlighted in the movie Us) symbolized Edomite Dominion. The date was chosen Astrologically, as a rare Lunar Eclipse was conjunct with Pluto. Pluto, one of the twins in the movie Us, is the Roman god of the underworld Plutonium takes its name after. Recall GW Bush said about 9/11 “Your are either with Us or with the Terrorists”
Pluto is key to Hydrogen weapons as well as MOX Fuel (Mixed Uranium-Plutonium) such as the fuel used in Fukushima Reactor #3, delivered by Barack Obama to Emperor Akihito months before the intentional meltdown made “Bitter” the Pacific Ocean.
Wormwood is the 3rd Trumpet Warning in Rev 8:10-11 which makes the waters “Bitter”. Wormwood is Artemesia Vulgaris; Artemis the goddess of Witchcraft is worshipped at the Masonic Supreme House of the Temple in Washington DC, built to replicate the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus Turkey. Project Artemis is NASA’s latest money vacuum program using Orion (Heaven’s Light=Lucifer) Mars (UNKNOWN GOD of the Areopagus “Mars’ Hill” in Acts 17:22-23) Rocket and Lunar Station “Gateway” (Babylon=Gateway of Orion/Osiris); Jesus was 33 at the Crucifixion; Masons obtain Sovereignty at the 33rd level at the Supreme House of the Temple; whether 2019 is the Year the “Strong Delusion” (2 Thess 2:11) to believe Lies comes over the world I don’t know, but why take a chance? Ask JESUS for the Holy Ghost now!
The concrete sarcophagus entombing Chernobyl is crumbling; the site is in the Breadbasket of Europe; the ancestral home of the Kievan Rus; Rus is added to Eze 38:2 in new bible versions because the fake “Gog and Magog” invasion of Jerusalem will soon be faked; the real Gog and Magog invasion is at the end of the Millennium 1000 years after the 2nd Coming of JESUS (Rev 20:7-8).
Masonic Shoes symbolize fulfillment of the Masonic Contract? Moses removed his shoes before God on Mt Horeb at the Burning Bush. George W Bush was pronounced “Gog, Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal” and given the Megillat Bush (Scroll of Bush) on 1/8/8 by the Sanhedrin and Temple Mount Faithful; his Skull & Bones (Teutonic Brotherhood of Death) Initiation Name is also “Gog”; that’s a lot of prior planning eh? Chernobyl reactor #4 was intentionally allowed to overheat just like Fukushima. Safety systems were inop; calls for help by reactor managers were ignored; warnings to residents were delayed 36 hours to remain indoors and close windows and doors; warnings to avoid fresh milk and produce delayed 3 days; no protective clothing or respirators offered; Iodine and Iodide (US offered stockpiles of Iodide were refused) tablets to protect against the Thyroid against radioactive Iodine 131 (8 day 1/2 life) were withheld. The experiment in radiation exposure much like Utah resident “Guinea Pigs” in Mercury Nevada Test Site detonations. Why? Chernobyl is un-inhabitable.
The Duga-3 “Over the Horizon” Radar Site in Chernobyl is part of the Russian Woodpecker Grid used to bounce ELF (Ext Low Frequency) Waves off the Ionosphere for the stated purpose of Over the Horizon early warning and unstated purpose of Mind Control.


Pentagon Project Gorgon Stare. The stare of the Gorgon Medusa was said to be deadly, turning men to stone. Gorgon Stare is a project made of Solar powered Surveillance balloons connected and controlled via internet, released in test over Midwest for continuous radar, and video surveillance; Illegal Search and Seizure by the US Military is prohibited by the US Constitution and Posse Commitatus Act. Gorgon means “Terrible, Grim, Dreadful, or Growing Beast”; Lugh is the Sovereign Celtic god with the Long and Lethal Arm.
Sierra Nevada Corp makes the Spy Balloons and is wholly owned by Billionaire Turkish Muslim Immigrants Eren and Fatih Ozmen (Ozmen is Arabic for “Gift of Allah”) Jesus gave all 7 Church Warnings to physical locations in Turkey because Turkey was not only home to “Satan’s Seat”, soon to be placed in the 3rd Jerusalem Temple, but home to “Donmeh”, the Sabbatean Crypto fake Jews, Marranos, and Moriscos; Satanists dressed in the garb of their intended victims. Donmeh like Ottoman Dictator for life Reccip Tayyip Erdogan are Saturnian fake Jews who use the Six Pointed Star of Saturn; they are also fake Christians “Marranos” who use the Sign of the Fish and fake Muslims “Moriscos” who use the Star and Crescent (Hilal=Crescent=Lucifer).
The Sign of the Fish has nothing to do with Jesus, it is the Labrys, or Cretan Axe Blade symbolizing Fascism, found over the Supreme Court Doors, Lincoln Memorial, Oval Office, Congressional Rostrum and Union Square Park in NYC next to the Midnight Countdown Clock. The Labrys is the Birth Canal of the Antichrist. The Fish symbolizes the Canaanite/Phoenician “Fisher King”, and is seen in the Aquarian Cross standing atop Glastonbury Tor awaiting the return of Arthur, the Satanic “Once and future King”; Arthur means “Bear”, “Stone” or “Ruler”, thus the Bear Guard Arcturas guiding the Big Dipper into the Saturnian Golden Age. Sabbatteans prophesied their Messiah Sabbatai Zvi would deliver the Saturnian fake Jews by the Sign of the Fish; when this event occurs, it will be “Midnight”, Hell on Earth for 3 1/2 years!
Satan’s Seat was originally in Babylon, before being moved to Crete (Knossos=Gnosis), then to Pergamon, Turkey and now either in the Berlin Museum or Moscow depending on the source. Donmeh brought us the Satanic religion found in the Kaballah and the Talmud, the phallic, false conversion cult of Shabbatai Zvi “Sabbatteans” and Jacob Frank “Frankists”. In Muslim communities, Donmeh are Sufis. Turkish-Muslim Pentagon Contractors Un-constitutionally spying on Americans using their own Tax Dollars is no small thing! Waking up yet?

US declares China a “Currency Manipulator”; a serious charge as negotiations with Skull & Bones Goldman Sachs Treasury Sec Stephen Mnuchin break down; Pig Surprise! Inter-faith minister Mike Pence officiated Mnuchin’s 3rd wedding; Pence is the amount of money it will take to eat when the Black Horse rides; another pig surprise! African Swine Fever threatens China Swine Herds during Chinese Year of the Pig; another pig surprise eh? US Tariffs to hit Sept 1 on $300B of Chinese goods. Guess who owns Smithfield Pork, the largest US Pig producer? China! Guess who carries most of US Treasury Debt? China! Guess where Swine Flu was created? China

Israelite-Edomite Comparison

Can you spot the difference between Esau and Jacob? Esau is inside the gates of Israel and Jesus is going to destroy every last one of them (Ref Obadiah) Who is Obadiah? His name means Servant of Jehovah; Jesus was Obadiah and will return to fulfill His Word. Esau=Edom=Red, they are the fake Jews, Wolves in Sheep’s Clothes, Moriscos=fake Muslims; Marranos=fake Christians, Cryptos=fake Jews ie Chasidic-Chabad Lubavitch controllers of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. British means B’rith=Birthright Covenant; that’s Esau folks!
Congress approved a 2020 Budget of $1.4T on 7/22; on 7/27 coincident with the Grand Climax of Bohemian Grove “Begone Dull Care” (Dull Care is one’s Conscience, Morals, and Inhibitions; God’s Yoke on Esau removed=Freedom) ritual, Congress voted the $750B/Yr Pentagon budget into law; On 9/10/2001 George W Bush Jr’s Rabbi and Pentagon Comptoller Rabbi Dov Zakheim, used his Flight Termination Systems Corp controlled A/C to hit the North and South Tower of the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001; Pentagon Chief Don Rumsfeld admitted the Pentagon was missing $2.3T; awesome place to stash 60% of the US Budget!!! Nothing new, a 2016 audit of Pentagon Finances revealed $6.5T was unaccounted for; today the estimates are $10T.
Skull & Bones Goldman Sachs Banker Stephen Mnuchin (Zionist Mike Pence officiated his 3rd marriage) will soon be forced to decide whether to pay Social Security Benefits, Government/Military Salaries or Interest to his Edomite Masters; pretty obvious who will get paid. Rocket Man Elton John sang a song about this called Philadelphia Freedom; Jesus warned the Church of Philadelphia is the Synagogue of Satan; those who say they are Jews but are not; this type Brotherly Love is Esau’s love for Jacob; he intends to kill everyone associated with Jacob ie Jesus Christ and all of His followers.

Crystal Cathedral Bell Tower

Crystal Cathedral in Orange County CA is now Christ Cathedral. 33 deg Luciferian Freemason, Shriner (Noble Arabic Order of the Mystic Shrine) Rev (Gag me) Robert Schuller sold his soul along with Donald Trump’s mentor Rev Norman Vincent Peele and Rev Billy Graham (Franklin Graham gave Trumps Inaugural invocation) resigned, handed the pulpit over to his daughter and promptly sued the church against the admonitions Paul wrote in 1 Cor 6:1-8 and 1 Cor 14:34-35. After a bankruptcy and 8 yr renovation, Crystal Cathedral is now the Catholic (Universal) Church Christ Cathedral consecrated with John Paul II blood. JPII brought back open worship of the Twisted Crucifix a pagan relic carried by Satanists celebrating the Crucifixion of Jesus.
July 31 With 55 Electoral College Votes, CA is the highest by far. Chabad Lubavitch controlled Crypto-Ashkenazi (Donald Drumpf), a fake Presbyterian “Marrano” takes Communion but admits he has never apologized to God (1 Cor 11 condemns this). LGBTQ +2 proponent, Jesuit educated CA Gov Gavin Newsome (Newsone’s ex CNN, MSNBC, FOX personality Kimberly Guilfoyle now shopping wedding dresses with Don Trump Jr) with July 31 “Black Moon” passed SB 27 “Presidential Tax Transparency Accountability Act”; this Unconstitutional legislation removes the 5X Bankrupt, Hollywood Actor Donald Trump from the 2020 Ballot unless he releases Federal Tax Returns. If CA can do this, any state can do this.

Acropolis, Tel Hatzor / Hazor

Canaanite Fortress of Tel Hatzor unearthed. “And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is not this written in the book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day” Joshua 10:13 Think the Earth orbits a stationary Sun? Guess again. Think Canaanites have forgotten this day? Guess again. Zionists await the return of Yehoshua (Jehoshua), a name derived from the warrior Joshua; think this is Jesus? Guess again. Think Israel is Jewish? Guess again. Who is Israel today? Born Again Christians. Best get ready for Canaanite revenge folks; Time is about up.

Meditation Room at United Nations Headquarters

74th United Nations General Assembly Sept 17-30, 2019 UN Sec General Antonio Guterres is Socialist and Catholic, therefore he serves the Roman Pope; he is likely a Sephardic ie Sepharvaim (2 Ki 17:30; Crypto fake Jews of the Spanish Rite are Chaldean Satanists) Guterres’ advisor is Franciscan Priest Vitor Melicas; therefore a fan of the Inquisitions resurrected by Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI whose resignation came amid Lightning hitting St Peter’s Basilica Twice the same night 2 months after Crows attacked Peace Doves he released from his Vatican apartment. Coincidental? Sure just like Crows attacking Pope Francis’ Peace Doves the following year.
Guterres is also likely Jesuit, serving the Jesuit General (Black Pope) Arturo Sosa; Jesuit Pope Francis I also serves the Jesuit General whose HQ St John Lateran Arch-basilica is considered the “Mother Church of all religions worldwide”; yes including Islam. The Lateran Obelisk (Baal’s Shaft) is the largest in the world, a remnant of the Hyksos (Chaldean Foreign Shepherd Kings of Egypt) worship of Amun-Ra in Karnak who later became the Greek Zeus and Roman Jupiter.
John is Oannes, the Chaldean Beast Rising from the Sea aka Rising Sun (Eze 8) Saturn; Chaldean Mitres worn by Philistines to worship Dagan (Dag=Fish) are worn by Catholic Clergy today; therefore it is no coincidence Guterres is Chair of the Dag Hammarskjold (Dag=Fish aka Labrys the Golden Mean “Phi” seen in the Aquarian Cross) Advisory Council for Journalists; Satan’s Altar is in the Dag Hammarskjold “Meditation Room”.
Lateran means “Hidden Frogs” the 3 spirits of the Dragon, Antichrist (will rule from Satan’s Seat in the 3rd Temple) and False Prophet who will likely fill Sede vacant (Vacant Seat) in St John Lateran as Bishop of Rome.
Francis strongly criticizes Free Market Capitalism (read United States and Donald Trump). The Argentinian (read Southern Hemisphere) Pope Francis wrote (likely Ghost Wrote) the Encyclical (Teaching Paper) on Anthropogenic Climate Change Laudato Si stating “The triumph of Science is finally realizing Earth can only support 1 Billion people…The Northern Hemisphere owes an ecological debt to the Southern Hemisphere to combat Climate Change” The annual chair of the UN Security Council will be Nigeria’s (read Southern Hemisphere) UN Rep Tijjani Muhammad-Bande whose (Big Surprise) agenda is combatting Climate Change, Terrorism Pandemics, Inequality, Hunger, Poverty. Bandi proposes a $100B Climate Change fund, provided by the richest nations (read Northern Hemisphere) to the poorest nations (read Southern Hemisphere). Pope Francis says “Global Warming caused by huge consumption of the richest countries has repercussions to the poorest countries”; he proposes a Global Authority to regulate Climate Change, Timely Disarmament, Food Security, Peace and Security.; all of these are opposed by Donald Trump an Ashkenazi Germanic fake Jew. Gen 9:27 tells us Japheth will live in the tents of Shem ie fake Semites; Friedrich Trump was ejected from Germany in 1905 for failing to notify the German Gov’t of his immigration to the US in 1885 where he ran a Gold Rush Brothel in Ketchikan to fleece naive fortune seekers out of their gold which was then used to buy NYC Real Estate; a Military Draft evader like his grandson who was given 5 Vietnam Draft Deferments and 5 Bankruptcies.
Trump’s Art of the Deal is a made for TV Hollywood role; Star Wars Apprentice was also a Double Agent of the Dark Lord (Saturn=Black Star/Black Sun) like Trump. Trump’s role is to Bankrupt the US and World Economy, sending forth the Black Horse (Rev 6:5-6) and usher in the Pale Horse (Rev 6:7-8) Antichrist Joking?
As the astrological house of Leo (Rabbis worship the Babylonian Sun Lion and Solar Calf of Justice Shamash not Jesus Christ; Bohemian Grove is timed with the Sun in the clutches of Leo) arrived on 7/22, Trump sent 2 emissaries to Haredi (Ultra-orthodox) Chasidic (Saturnian Crypto Jew) Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky to ask “When will Messiah come?” His answer “The return of Moshiach is imminent…Geula (Redemption) will come with the return of the Holy One to Zion” This is not Jesus folks! “I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive” Jn 5:43 Trump, an ardent Zionist admits he has never apologized to Jesus; he will soon enough; his VP Mike Pence is also an ardent Zionist, both controlled by Chabad Lubavitch-Chasidic-Saturnian Rabbis just like Vladimir Putin and Britiain’s new PM Boris Johnson.

Mayor of London's trade mission to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories
"Historic visit" what was the end of tour of trump on the Middle East

Brexit will be forced through on or before Oct 31, 2019 by British PM Boris Johnson, a serial philanderer (stated marriage should be legalized between 3 men and a dog) and Trump pedophile pal whose lifelong goal is to be “King of the World”. On day 1, Johnson fired 1/2 the Cabinet, replacing them with No-Deal Brexiteers. Melania Trump wearing an “I don’t really care Do You? Jacket to a Refugee camp and a British Pith Helmet to Kenya was about as tasteless as Boris Johnson humming Rudyard Kipling’s Road to Mandalay in Burma; both reminders of brutal British Colonialism.
The Druid New Year “Samhein” will very likely collapse the EU; US Debt default would very likely collapse the rest of the world economy under a $Quadrillion mountain of Derivative Debt. The Black Horse (Rev 6:5-6) will ride carrying a Pair of Balances; Why a pair? Saturnian Elite like Trump are not measured against Debt like the rest of us; they are “Free”. Libra Crypto Currency has the same Balances; Trump’s perennial hand sign is the Triangle Fulcrum of the Scales of Justice carried by Libra.
The UN General Assembly convenes, Sept 18 in the astrological House of Libra symbolized by the Scales of Judgment. The US will pay for combatting Climate Change even though to produce a Greenhouse the first step is to raise CO2 levels; world population will be kept under 1 Billion as part of UN Agenda 2030 (not a date, but a reference to the Earth being 6000 years of age seen in the Trump-Pence Train Logo) and written in stone at the Georgia Guide Stones on Hwy 77 in the Gravestone Capital of the US. Dan 7:7 describes the 4th Beast of Iron aka Pale Horse “Death” (Rev 6:7-8) which rides directly after the Black Horse offering a days food for a Pence, sort of like Zionist Mike Pence; the 4th Beast/Pale Horse ushers in the 7 Trumpet Warnings of the Great Tribulation, sort of like the Trump-Pence Trumpet Logo. Pence is an initiate of The Family, a fake Evangelical Christian group whose members admire mass murderers Pol Pot, Jospeh Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Mao Tse Tung and a host of African Kleptocrat Dictators like the next Nigerian UN Security Council Chair.
In the UN Meditation Room is an 13,000Lb Altar, illuminated by a single shaft of light, made of a single block of Black Iron Ore; Saturn is the Black Star. “As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world”-Jesus; that Light is Lucifer. In front of the Altar is the Serpent wrapped staff of Aesclapius, the son of Apollo and God of Plagues worshipped by the Theraputae of Pergamon whose Throne of Satan (Rev 2:13) will soon be installed in a rebuilt 3rd Temple, a Deal made by Donald Trump 66th floor Penthouse is a shrine to Apollo aka Apollyon of Rev 9:11, the 5th Trumpet Warning. Constantly uses a Triangle Hand Sign symbolizing the Triangle Fulcrum of Libra’s Scales of Judgment; his lineage on his mother’s side (McCleod) is that of the Knights Templar, the International Bankers bent on revenge.

Trump-Pence campaign Logos: The 5 pt Stars on the Republican Elephant are Upside Down; The Trump-Pence Train hides the number 6000, the age of the Earth when Jesus will return per 3 Pet 3:8; the Trump-Pence Trumpet illustrates the Trumpet Warnings during the Great Tribulation. MAGA “Make America Great Again” is the 5th and highest level in the Church of Satan

Melania and Ivanca  Trump chose to respect traditions  of #Vatican but not that of #Saudia_Arabia ...Why ?!! #notacceptable   ميلانيا وايفانكا ترامب اختارتا احترام الأعراف والتقاليد في الفاتيكان ولكن ليس في #السعودية #غير_مقبول

Trump family in funeral attire at the Vatican

Now is a really good time to get JESUS in your life; it may be a bumpy ride ahead.


Freemason Boris Johnson (Boris=God Like + Son of John=Chaldean Oannes “Beast Rising from the Sea”) selected with 66% Vote to be British PM Johnson is the self appointed Brexiteer Grand Wizard, a name originating from the KKK Knights of the Kyklos (Circle=Circe, the Circassian goddess) Klan or Golden Circle. Nigel Farage is the newly appointed chair of the Brexit Party; his father was a stockbroker in the City of London Corp which lays false claim to every physical asset on Earth. Brexit (British Exit) is derived from B’Rith=Covenant of Birth; Esau sold his birthright to Jacob and are prophesied to obtain World “Dominion” (Gen 27:39:41KJV) through War and Debt; “The Sun never sets on the British Empire” and Boris Johnson will lead this 3rd Beast (Dan 7:6) into the Golden Age of Saturn.
The City of London Corp lays false claim to every physical asset on Earth; guarded by a 2 headed Dragon, Sheriff’s Booth (Tax Collector) and Knights Templar Statue (Trump descends from Knights Templar Bankers), on Temple St, access to Justice Courts is only available to those who are Debt Free; Jesus is the only source of Debt (Sin) forgiveness, I suggest you get right with Him now!
Johnson, born in Manhattan (Man + Aton) is of Circassian-Turkic descent, a Donald Trump associate, likely Elm House pedophile and associated with Trump and Jeff Epstein’s Pedophile Island “Little St James”. While London Mayor, Johnson covered up and blamed Russia for the Sergei and Yulia Skripal False Flag (Novichok is an extremely lethal poison) and was taped mumbling Rudyard Kipling’s Road to Mandalay, a reminder of British Colonialism which displaced and killed millions while in a Burma Temple, mere hours before the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay False Flag; Johnson obviously had advance knowledge.
Johnson promises Brexit will by Oct 31 with or without a vote. Johnson is a Crypto, a self described mixed bag of Muslim-Anglican-Jew; the ultimate Wolf (Boris means Wolf and God Like; recall Comet Borisov originated in Leo, symbolically impregnating Virgo with Jupiter, giving birth to the Rev 12:1 sign last Sept 23, 2017; Jupiter is not Jesus Christ or the Christian Church!) in Sheep’s Clothes. Johnson is a Crypto-Marrano-Morsico fraud of Circassian origin; Caucasians from the Black Sea (Scythians, Crimean Rus) “Black Sea Princes” named after the goddess Circe (Circle), who guarded the Golden Fleece, seduced men to Bestiality and even changed them to Beasts.Circassians became Hashemite Royal Guards; Jordan (Jordan’s are Living Waters used in Chaldean-Sabian Baptisms) the Hashemite Kingdom is the land of Idumea the land of Moab, Ammon and Edom who escape the hand of the Antichrist (4th Beast of Dan 7:7) during the Great Tribulation (Dan 11:41KJV).
Jupiter is the son of Saturn; HaShem is the ineffable name of Saturn YHVH used by Chasidic Rabbis for their Moshiach. Melchisedekians are the Cult of Saturn; Melchisedek means “King of Jerusalem”; Jesus is Melchisedek HaShem is Antichrist!
Johnson, a Jeff Epstein and Donald Trump pal covered for Prince Andrew, accused of raping Virginia Roberts while a minor employed at Trump’s Mar a Lago; his stated ambition as a youth is to become “World King”; Donald also means “King of the World”. Brexit will end the EU; the logo of the EU is the Whore of Babylon; the EU Parliament is built as an Unfinished Tower of Babel with Seat #666 held vacant for a reason. If you can’t hear the 4 Horsemen snorting at the gate, ask JESUS for a little help!

Gateway with Orion over Moon
Go for the Moon - 50th anniversary of Apollo 11
Capitol Dome

7/22/19 NASA Flight Director Christopher Columbus Craft dies. Craft means “Skill in deceiving others” The architect of the Masonic fake Apollo 11 Moon Landing and Apollo 13 “Death and Re-birth Ritual” at 1313Hrs on July 13 which required fitting a Square and Round Oxygen scrubber together to save the crew was called “Squaring the Circle” in occult jargon. Apollo 13 director Ron Howard was elevated to 33 deg Freemason putting this on the Big Screen. The Great Pyramid was built to replicate that; the Circumference of the Earth at any Latitude reflected in the Square at the same height on the Pyramid. Freemasonry and Witchcraft are called “Craft”; the Serpent was “Crafty”. Christ=Messiah + Taufr=Red ie the Edomite Messiah; Columbus=Columbia personifying the United States itself and “Liberty from God”; Christopher Columbus (not his real name) destroyed the Americas with Smallpox, a Sephardic Satanist pretending to be Catholic who was ejected from Spain during the Alhambra Decree. Columbia stands atop the Capitol Dome at 19.5ft tall (Metonic Cycle of the Sun and Moon is 19.5 years) is equivalent with the French Marianne, the goddess of “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”, the slogan used to create the French Revolution. Think all this is coincidental?

7/20/19 NASA and ESA announce Artemis Project on 50th anniversary of the Eagle aka Assyrian Nisroch “Saturn” landing on the Moon. The Lunar Space Station Gateway (Note the connection to Babylon “Gateway of the Gods” to orbit Moon in “Near Rectilinear Halo Orbit”; rather than Circular orbits like Apollo.

7/20/2019 At Cape Canaveral (Cape of Cain’s Bearers) Saturnian Zionist Mike Pence and Luciferian Mason Buzz Aldrin announce Artemis 1, the Orion Spacecraft and SLS to establish a Lunar Space Station for permanent presence on the Moon and future Mars Missions.
7/20/2019 Washington Monument tribute to Saturn V, and Apollo 11 “Columbia” and “Eagle”.

Osiris is the Egyptian version of the Cretan/Greek Apollo, the “Destroyer” Apollyon/Abaddan of Rev 9:11. The 666ft tall Monument represents Osiris’ Phallus; Osiris is On “Heliopolis” seen in BabylOn “Gate of Osiris” and Benben Stone, the capstone of the unfinished pyramid on the $US is perch of the mythical Phoenix Bird; America is the Phoenix of the New Age. It is likely no coincidence Pence shares the description of the Black Horse in Rev 6:5 whose rider collapses the world economy and offers Wheat and Barley in exchange for worship of the Beast and the 666 Mark of the Beast; the United States is the only nation capable of collapsing the world economy.
The Washington Monument-Capitol (Womb of Zeus/Jupiter the son of Saturn) and White House are aligned with the 3 main stars of Virgo aka Isis, the “Black Virgin”, sister-wife of Saturn/Osiris. Apollo used the Saturn V meaning Saturn’s Nail; the Nails Cain’s Bearers used to fasten Jesus to the Tree. Saturn’s Rings form a Halo; the 6th planet is called the “Black Star” or “Black Sun” worshipped by the Nazi SS.
Orion is the “Abode of Osiris” (Saturn) after Resurrection; the Great Pyramids, like the Xi’an Pyramids in China (Shen=Osiris/Saturn) align with Orion’s Belt which point to the Abode of Isis in the Star “Sirius”; called Kolob by Mormons and al Qalb by pagan Arabs, the Star Sirius is the home of Transmigrated Souls in Gnostic theology. Carl Sagan said “We are all made of Star stuff” He lied; ancients regarded Orion as the “Birthplace of Stars”; rituals conducted under the Belt Stars of Orion were conducted to facilitate communication with Osiris; Apollo 11 was one such ritual Hoax, the landing site, time and location were selected with regard to Orion’s Belt stars by Egyptologist Farouk el Baz aka “The King”. Strange? Sure, Farouk means “Redeemer”. More strange? Ebeneezer Sibly choose the time, date and location for the birth of America on July 4, 1776. Most Strange? The Beast Rising from the Earth (Rev 13:11) is seen in the sculpture The Awakening in Washington DC. Heard of Q:Anon “The Great Awakening” Quite a Trump isn’t it?
Luciferian Freemason, Rosicrucian, Alchemist, False Prophet, 25 yr expert on the architecture of God’s Temple, Isaac Newton proposed Gravity, the equation states the “Force” of Gravity weakens with the square of the distance between the 2 objects making elliptical orbits impossible; Rectilinear means “Straight Lines” which is in reality what “Orbits” are due to Matter expansion. Gravity is a lie; Antichrist is called the “God of Forces” (Dan 11:38). Halo means “Ring of Light around the Sun or Moon; Threshing Floor”; a Halo will form around the Moon on Dec 26 (St Stephen’s Day; Stephen means Crown and Martyr) at Sunrise over Idumea, the land of Edom, Moab and Ammon (Dan 11:41), the Amalekite (Ex 17:16) nations that will escape the hand of Antichrist, the 4th Beast of Iron (Dan 7:7) that destroys the earth and nearly all flesh (Mat 24:22) during the Great Tribulation. Halo is a video War Game whose enemy is called “Covenant” made by EA Sports; EA is the Sumerian name of Zeus/Jupiter/Molech whom Bohemian Grove Satanists are now worshipping (July 15-28); Gateway is Bab=Gate of El (Saturn) or Gate of On (Heliopolis=Rising Sun aka Saturn). The Canaanite Threshing Floor is the Temple Mount. Mid-Week of Daniel’s 70th Week (7 Days not the Amalekite Dispensational BS in your Study Bible Notes in Dan 9:23-27) Antichrist will kill God’s 2 Witnesses (Enoch and Elijah) in Jerusalem the city Jesus refers to as Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt (Rev 11:8KJV) as people send gifts to one another (Rev 11:9-10); sounds a bit like Hanukkah/Christmas eh? Pay attention folks, this is how the “Covenant with Many” (Dan 9:27) ushers in a world or Desolation; a world absent God; that is until the consummation. The Marriage of the Lamb (Rev 19:7) should be the only goal of everyone following JESUS.
Chaldeans and Sabians worship Creation not the Creator (Rom 1:25-27); today they lead Science, the “Tongue of the Chaldeans” (Dan 1:5KJV) and Religion (Father, Master, Rabbi Mat 23:8-10), control the State of Israel with its Six Pointed Star of Saturn and hold Agar aka Mt Sinai in Saudi Arabia in bondage (Gal 4). The Artemis (Goddess of Witchcraft) Project’s Space Station Gateway (Babylon) launched by Orion “Heaven’s Light” aka Osiris/Saturn, forming a Halo (Deification) around the Moon (Sabian god “Sin”) is but one example of occult communication in plain sight.;_ylt=AwrDQylweDRdKVYAIiA0nIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTBncGdyMzQ0BHNlYwNzZWFyY2gEdnRpZAM


50th Jubilee Anniversary of Apollo 11 Total Lunar Eclipse over the Eastern (Land of the Rising Sun) Hemisphere; 2000+ Bohemian Grove Satanists convene in the Redwood Forest to conduct a 4000 yr old Sumerian Ritual “Begone Dull Care” offering sacrifices to Molech; Senate hearing on Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency proclaims “Libra is a threat to the $US” Earthquake swarm in Northern California (FEMA, NOAA, US Navy Disaster planning maps show most of CA underwater); Imminent Bubonic Plague outbreak in Los Angeles (according to Dr Drew who also predicted the Typhus outbreak); 3 British Oil tankers (VLCC Mesder; Stena Impero; Heritage) seized in Straits of Hormuz (British installed Ayathollah ali Khomenei, his hand picked successor ali Khamenei and Grand Ayathollah ali Sistani; Anglo Iranian Oil=British Petroleum); Panama Oil tanker Mt Riah seized; Iranian Drone shot down (Iran means Aryan=Noble Caste); Noble Energy Leviathan (Sea Beast/Dragon of Dan 7:17; Rev 12:9) Gas Platform heads to the Leviathan Gas Field off the coast of Israel; $8B Arms sales: Trump declares “National Emergency” over Iran, circumvents Congress in approving $8B in offensive arms sales to Saudi Arabia (Hagarenes), Jordan (Edomite Idumea) and the UAE (Ishmaelites). Ebola is declared WHO International Health Emergency. Ebola is man-made Hemorrhagic Fever, synthesized in monkeys at the Rockefeller Inst in the DRC; Ebola means “Balls of the Flagrum” used to induce bleeding prior to Crucifixion’ Ref Heb 9:22. All coincidence? Sure, just like Simian Flu, the disease that wiped out humanity in Rise of the Planet of the Apes filmed in the Redwood Forest of Bohemian Grove! Dan 7:17 describes the Beast. All coincidence? “These great beasts, which are four, are four kings, which shall arise out of the earth.” Dan 7:17 “The Awakening” is a statue of the Beast rising from the Earth in Washington DC.
Science is the “Tongue of the Chaldeans” (Dan 1:5KJV) and “Vain, profane babbling” (1 Ti 6:12KJV) Nobody went to the Moon; the radiation in the Van Allen Belts is deadly as Russia and the US know full well. Trump and Putin wear the Yarmulke at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem; both men are controlled by Chabad Lubavitch Rabbis; Trump converted to Chabad Lubavitch ie Saturnian/Chaldean fake Judaism in early 2017; this is what Crypto fake Jews do!

Donald Trump (Ashkenazi Drumpf=Drummer) is Crypto, not a Saviour as QAnon portrays him to be. Trump is a fake Presbyterian who admitted he has never apologized to God; Trump converted to Chabad Lubavitch ie Chasidic Judaism in early 2017. Chabad Lubavitch is Hell bent on rebuilding the 3rd Temple of Antichrist complete with Satan’s Seat (Throne of Pergamon Rev 2:13) and ushering in the Chaldean Moshiach; in my opinion, likely during Hanukkah “Feast of Dedication”. Trump is not like JFK, who was murdered just like Abraham Lincoln because both men threatened the $US Federal Reserve Dollar by issuing non-interest “Usury” bearing money; Lincoln’s “Greenbacks” and Kennedy’s “Silver Certificates”. Skull & Bones Satanist, Rothschild (Edomite) Goldman Sachs Banker Stephen Mnuchin is at the helm of the US Treasury and Simpsons pictured Donald Trump in a casket guarded by the Secret Service. Mnuchin and Rothschild Bankers control the Secret Service!. Think Mike Pence is a Saviour? Trump admitted he put Pence in charge of all domestic and foreign affairs; Mike is a member of “The Family” a group that admires mass murderers Luciferian Freemason, Jesuit Fr Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot etc. Heb 9:22 tells us why so much blood is necessary
The moon is the chief Sabian/Chaldean god called “Sin”; a necessary endeavor for the plausibility of Alien visitation is to survive transit of Earth’s Lethal Radiation Belts; this is why NASA’s Apollo Program Manager Ken Kleinknecht, the brother of the Supreme Worshipful Grand Master of Scottish Rite Masonry C Fred Kleinknecht and a host of Sovereign Luciferian Freemasons were chosen for the greatest lie ever sold to the world. In the basement of the Supreme House of the Temple is a room dedicated to the Apollo Moon Landings; the building is a replica of the Temple of Artemis, the Goddess of Witchcraft. Pretty coincidental the follow on NASA program to Apollo is Artemis eh?
A Jubilee reverses Slave and Master; in this case Esau made Free of Jacob’s Yoke (Gen 39:41KJV); Esau will obtain “Dominion” over the earth and serve Satan, the 4th Beast of Iron (Dan 7:7), the Serpent, Devil, Dragon, Satan (Rev 12:9) How? Columbia personifies the United States of America; the military arm of Satan’s New World Order is the Sovereign District of Columbia which destroys and lays claim to the world’s physical assets including human bodies, accounted for in the Sovereign City of London Corp behind the giant Silver/Red Dragons and Sheriff’s (Tax Collector) Booth. Souls are also accounted for by the Sovereign Universal (Catholic) Church in Vatican (Divine Serpent) City. Now perhaps Apollo 11 will make more sense.
50 years ago the “Most trusted man in America” Walter Cronkite announced the Moon Landing; Cronkite was for 25+ years, the voice of the Bohemian Grove Owl “Molech” (Satan).
“And he brought me into the inner court of the LORD’S house, and, behold, at the door of the temple of the LORD, between the porch and the altar, were about five and twenty men, with their backs toward the temple of the LORD, and their faces toward the east; and they worshipped the sun toward the east” Eze 8:16
Saturn is the “Rising Sun”, seen in the Six Pointed Star of Saturn on Israel’s Flag. The Sanhedrin recently minted a David Gold Coin for the coming Moshiach; Jesus warned of this False Messiah in Jn 5:43 “I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive”; Rapture enthusiasts even see the date 7/17 in the Coin; a date? Likely more like a reference to the 4 Beast Kingdoms led by 4 Kings in Dan 7:17; the 4th Beast of Iron aka False Messiah is a real hoot!
11 is the number associated with the False Messiah, the culmination of human Sin Apollo is Apollyon “Destroyer” of the 5th Trumpet 1st Woe! in Rev 9:11; Apollo is the son of Zeus (Horus, Tammuz, Jupiter) the grandson of Saturn; the Eagle is Saturn (Assyrian Nisroch 2 Ki 19:37); Saturn V is Saturn’s Victory; V=Vav=Nails used in the Crucifixion. Columbia personifies the Black Virgin, sister-wife of Saturn. JFK was certain to have blown the lid off the NASA Lunar Program; the LEM (Lunar Excursion Module was later changed to LM; too obvious?) was even named after his Homosexual lover Lem Billings. The Command Module Columbia named after the Virgin goddess Isis/Easter or Lady Freedom standing atop the Capitol “Womb of Zeus”; she is impregnated at first light Easter Sunday and gives birth on Dies Natalis Solis Invicti (Christmas) to Saturn. NASA’s next Lunar Hoax? Artemis, the sister of Apollo; 33 degree Luciferian Masons achieve the 33rd degree of Sovereignty in a replica of the Temple of Artemis in Washington DC.

Saturn is called Capricornus; the movie Capricorn 1 showed the Apollo Stage Stanley Kubrick showed Danny (Dan means Judge) in his Apollo 11 shirt next to Rm 237 (237Mi is the distance to the Moon) in The Shining

NASA Orion “Heaven’s Light” engineer Kelly Smith admits astronauts cannot survive transiting the Van Allen Radiation Belts

Who took the picture of 33 deg Luciferian Freemason Neil Armstrong descending the ladder? Why aren’t Stars visible in any pictures?
On Sputnik 2, the Russian dog Laika died immediately after entering the Van Allen Radiation Belts; Explorer 1 measured Radiation thousands of times the lethal limit; how did Luciferian Freemasons solve the problem?
How did plastic film not melt at 350F? How was film changed with spacesuit gloves pressurized to 5 psi? How did the LEM stand up to 5 psi? How was it pressurized? How long did LOX last in the Spacesuits? How was CO2 and waste eliminated from the suits?

Bastille Day Fireworks

July 14 Bastille Day As nearly 3000 largely American Elite gather to offer sacrifices to Molech at Bohemian Grove when the “Sun is in the clutches of Leo”, timed with the re-release of The Lion King; France is celebrating the decapitation of 1M Royals and Christians during the Martinist sparked Reign of Terror. Trump was enamored with Emmanuel Macron’s 2018 Bastille Day celebration with military tanks parading down Champs Elysee (Elysium means Field of the Blessed who die in battle); his 4th of July celebration with AF-1, Fighters, Tanks and Bradley Fighting vehicles in front of the Lincoln Memorial was a copy of France’s Bastille Day celebration.
The 4th of July in America had nothing to do with the Declaration of Independence, it was selected by Rosicrucians because of a rare 5 planet occultation by the Sun, recorded in the Sibly Natal Zodiac in the Library of Congress (Capitol means “Womb of Jupiter”) Macron, an alleged closeted Sodomite (like pedophile Trump), as a young boy married his 25 yr senior, then married drama teacher and now wants to lead like Jupiter (aka pedophile/philandering/pederast Zeus).
Martinists were the Rosicrucian/alchemist God-men of the French Revolution and Reign of Terror, enshrined at the Pantheon (All Gods) with the Merovingian Kings under the Focault Pendulum; no different than Bolshevik Revolutionaries in Russia. In France and the United States, Martinist Count de St Germain was the real father of the American Republic saying “What you have here is a Republic if you can keep it” The American Republic was built on the vision of Sir Francis Bacon (nee Jesuit initiated Sir Tobie Mathew) New Atlantis; a repair of the Earth “Tikkun Olam” to the pre-flood LGBTQ+2, pederastic, pedophile world under the rule of Saturn, a world God once Flooded will be made possible by the self immolation of America as the Phoenix of the Golden Age.
Operation Garden Plot (Cain was the first “Gardener”) has converted BRAC Military Bases into Civilian Inmate Detention Centers with rail lines and some 30K Guillotines. Why Guillotines? Organ harvesting; my DynCorp article covers this. The Reign of Terror in America is about to begin.
“And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.” Rev 6:11 Want a White Robe? Get Jesus in your life.

Area 51 - warning

Facebook Area-51 Alien Center, Brothel, Diner Sept 20, the date the US is projected to default on Debt obligations. Allegedly 500K sign up as “Coming”, 500K “Interested”. People who fall for Facebook Aliens will likely fall for Facebook’s Libra Crypto-currency (Libra Sept 21-Oct 21). Anchor Holdings owns Anchorage the Visa sponsored no-password Crypto-currency Vault for Libra’s institutional investors HQ on Noe St in San Francisco. Pretty clever eh? San Francisco is named for the Merovingian Franks, the claimed Holy Grail offspring of Jesus and Mary Magdalene; Noe is Noah; an Anchor is an inverted Cross, Man-Female, Yin-Yang; the inverted cross is used in witchcraft initiations to blaspheme the Holy Ghost. Libra represents the Gnostic Scales of Judgment, carried by the Black Horse whose rider collapses the world economy and ushers in the Pale Horse (Antichrist) whose name is Death and Hell follows.
Now, if Pedophile Donald Trump (Ref Jeff Epstein’s Pedophile Is) and Jesus as the Trump of God aren’t obvious enough; how about Zionist, Sodomite, “The Family” initiate Mike Pence and Penny/Pence/Denarius (Lincoln was also a Sodomite with Joshua Speed), the days wage exchanged by the Black Horse?
Trump (Germanic Drumpf) and Pence “Trumpets” are Traitors just as Adolph Hitler and Martin Bormann were to Germany setting up WWII; Bormann, a Soviet Spy worked for Jesuit Priest/33 deg Mason Joseph Stalin directly; Pence admires Stalin as a prolific mass murderer of his own people. Churchill, a 33 deg Luciferian Freemason, Bi-sexual Druid said “This war is not against Hitler or the NAZI Party, it is against German people to be smashed once and for all regardless of whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit Priest” Trump-Pence are setting up WWIII for their Chabad Lubavitch handlers who also just happen to control Vladimir Putin; Trump and Russian collusion? A bit obvious.
Confederate (Foederis means “Covenant with God”; Con means Against) Freemason Albert Pike set the plan to paper on Aug 15 “Feast of Lucifer” in 1871: WWI was set up to bring in Nazis; WWII to exchange Nazis for Communists and WWIII to pit Zionism against Islam. Hitler and Bormann conspired with Jesuit Freemason Jospeh Stalin to bring Germany to its knees; Trump, Pence and Putin all have the same goal, to install Antichrist on Satan’s Seat in a rebuilt 3rd Temple.
Matthew 24:37-39 “But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be” Why 51?

Bohemian Grove
Bohemian Grove wizard

Bohemian Grove July 15-28, 2019
“And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the LORD, and forgat the LORD their God, and served Baalim and the groves.” Judges 3:7; 2:11; 1 Ki 14:22-24 Grove Rituals are nothing new; they have been going on for 4000 years to worship Molech, El, Osiris etc and provoke God to anger; the goal is to complete the Tower of Babel “Gate of the Gods”.
Hurricane Barry (Fair Haired; Spear) floods Louisiana; a British-US Naval coalition forms to escort Oil Shipments through the Straits of Hormuz (Horus and Tammuz are sons of Saturn) as 3000 Elite Satanists convene in the Redwood Forest of CA to conduct a 4000 yr old Sumerian “Grove” Ritual Begone Dull Care. Dominos the favorite game of the Hetero, Homo and Necrophilia encampment involving human sacrifices at the foot of a flaming 40ft Owl of Wisdom “Molech” (Satan) Why Dominos? Esau sold his Birthright to a Covenant with God and is prophesied to obtain worldwide Dominion (Gen 27:39-41KJV; Dan 7:6); Esau lives off the Fatness of the Earth ie Wealthy and By the Sword ie by creating War; Iran is next. Men dress in women’s clothes putting on plays called Hi Jinx in Paradise may seem strange as is dressing in Priest Robes and Mitres. Why? Esau is also prophesied to live off the Dew of Heaven A Bohemian is an unconventional person who does not live under the laws of the nations they reside in; a descendant of the Celtic Boii Tribe who often became Druids “Knowers of Trees”.

Ground level view of the Mayan ball court, Copan, Honduras
Mayan game
Chichen Itza, Mexico - El Castillo

Passing the Torch America is the “Land of the Amorites”; Gnostic Cathars are the Church of Amor; Amurru is the Edomite Serpent and Shepherd God worshipped first at Palmyra aka Amurru. The Arch of Isis under which children were sacrificed was recently digitally recreated and installed in Washington DC. The United States of America beat the Netherlands “House of Orange” in women’s world cup soccer match in Lyon (Lion). Soccer is based on Mayan Ball Court Games, one in which the Winner is Decapitated.
The US Debt Limit of $23Trillion will be surpassed Sept 2019 timed with the Serpent descending the steps of Chitzen Itza? We’ll see, but remember, Goldman Sachs ie Rothschild (Edomite) Banker and Skull & Bones Satanist Stephen Mnuchin oversees the US Treasury; his marching orders do not come from Congress or Donald Trump, they come from International Bankers, the same Usury Bankers Jesus turned the tables over on and scourged with cords at the 2nd Temple; the same Bankers that have been forcibly ejected from England and France have the US in hopeless Debt. Jesus warned Creditors making Slaves of Debtors. The Simpsons even featured Donald Trump in a coffin guarded by the Secret Service; the Secret Service also does not work for the President, they work for Treasury Sec Stephen Mnuchin. Think its coincidence Rev Chap 23 has been written by Wholistic World Vision? Don’t gamble on it!
Donald Trump is the 44th person selected US President; he will be the last for the same reason King Zedekiah was the 44th and final King of Israel Grover Cleveland served 2 non-consecutive terms as did King David; Zedekiah mocked God by using Temple furnishings for an Orgy; Donald Trump is a regular at Jeff Epstein’s Orgy Island and mocks God by saying “I have never apologized to God; I do however take Communion…” (1 Cor 11:27-29) Trump will facilitate construction of the 3rd Temple of Antichrist; Jesus will destroy that Temple at the 2nd Coming.
Trump’s Billionaire pal Jeff Epstein is a Zionist creation of Les Wexner and Marvin Adelson; a convicted sex trafficker, pedophile, underage rapist no more a Billionaire than 5X Bankrupt, Hollywood Actor Donald Trump; he is now facing new charges which will implicate Donald Trump, clearing the path for Zionist Sodomite Mike Pence who may be the Black Horse (Rev 6:5-6), ready to ride after the Zionist Jubilee. Epstein served a 13 month ultra-lenient sentence handed to him by US Atty in Fla Alexander Acosta whom Trump appointed Labor Sec and has now resigned/fired. Trump among other Satanists (Bill Clinton, Epstein attorney Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew and Jesuit sock puppet, fake astro-physicist Steven Hawking) frequent Epstein’s Private Island Little St James aka Pedophile Island, next door to Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Is, the site of the NXIVM Sex-Slave Cult.
The US is set to become the Scapegoat for economic “Babylon” (Rev 18) as described by Sir Francis Bacon (Sir Tobie Mathew) in New Atlantis: A Worke Unfinished published in 1620 with the Declaration of Arbroath proclaiming Scottish Independence. Brexit is scheduled for Samhein on Oct 31, 2019, the Druid (Knowers of Trees) New Year when the veil between the dead and living is thinnest; Brexit will likely collapse the EU. The EU Parliament has the Whore of Babylon “Europa” riding the Bull (Zeus, the son of Saturn) into the New Age out front for a reason.
Aztec means “To make White” as does Aztlan, the name of CS Lewis’ Lion and Netherland “Lions”; the Babylonian Sun Lion of Justice Shamash may ring a Baal; it is the center candle on the Chabad Lubavitch Hanukkah Menorah and will be set up at the White House. Aztecs were foreign Chaldean/Sabian invaders who cut out the hearts of and decapitated sacrifices, rolling their heads off the Pyramids in honor of Saturn, in the form of an Eagle (Assyrian Nisroch). Asclepius is the root of the Eagle carrying the Serpent into the New Age on Mexico and the US Flag; the god of the Theraputae aka Order of Perfectibilists who founded the US are the Therapies of Pergamon where Satan’s Seat was kept. The Tribe of Dan “Judge” adopted Phoenician gods such as El (Saturn), the Six Pointed Star of Saturn and changed their tribal standard from the Serpent to the Eagle to hide this. Time to wake up folks!

Part of the price we pay to live in such a beautiful country:  U.S.A. Tornado and Hurricane and other hazards
Illuminati Card Game created in 1995.

“Its incumbent for every person to prepare for Earthquakes even bigger than 7.1” CA LGBTQ+2 Gov Gavin Newsome who is also being urged to declare a Public Health Emergency over Rats. FEMA was in NYC for a Disaster Planning Exercise on 9/10/2001; spokesman Tom Kennedy told Evening News stations their #1 concern was a Terrorist attack on NYC; #2 was a Cat 5+ Hurricane in New Orleans; #3 was a 7.0 Earthquake on the San Andreas Fault in Los Angeles.
Naval Air Station China Lake Weapons center and depot knocked out during the Quakes
Is China Lakes a target for Scalar EM Energy? 73 Quakes in June breaks record; an Earthquake Swarm is ongoing in the Long Valley and Walker Lane Calderas.

NOAA, FEMA and the US Navy have disaster planning maps depicting most of California, the entire East Coast and Mississippi River Valley “New Madrid Fault” from New Orleans to Memphis underwater. The US $20 features the Pentagon and Twin Towers hit precisely as they were on 9/11/2001 in advance. The $50 features Hoover Dam breached, destroying Los Angeles. The $100 features NYC hit by a Tsunami, much like the movie “Independence Day”. In 2006 the Mercury Nevada Test Site built the 1.4 million lb ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil) bomb “Divine Strake” to be detonated just NW of Las Vegas at “The Crucible”, the site of 1000+ Atomic and Nuclear Weapons detonations. The only purpose of such a weapon would be to shower Lake Mede and Las Vegas with radiation which would head directly to Los Angeles. Laban and Jacob separated their cattle using “Strakes”; Laban chose the Chaldean “Heap of Witness” (Jeger-sahadutha) whereas Jacob chose Mizpah (God). Make your choice wisely!
Deep Water Horizon has never stopped saturating the Salt Dome above a Trillion BBL oil deposit with Methane and Oil; the long term result will be collapse of a very large area and inundation by the ocean. Hurricane Barry will dump up to 2ft of water over Louisiana as 2000 Satanists converge on Bohemian Grove 2019. An Earthquake Swarm is going on now (July 2019) in California on several fault lines as well as a 30X50Mi Long Valley Super Volcano Caldera near Mammoth Lakes that would be as cataclysmic as the Yellowstone Caldera during an eruption; most importantly, it receives virtually no press and is centered on the Navy, FEMA and NOAA Disaster Planning Maps depicting the area completely inundated. Coincidence? Sure thing, just like the movies San Andreas and 2012. The area from Salt Lake City to Reno was covered by an inland lake which drained into the Snake River forming Hell’s Canyon; the Grand Canyon formed from a similar inland lake draining. Millions of years? Nonsense, more like 4300 years ago.
Now are these people smart enough to accurately predict these events? or are they destroying the earth as Jesus warned would happen (Rev 11:18KJV). Jesus is the Immovable Stone the builders reject; The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) may have saved the day in the movie San Andreas, but I wouldn’t count on him this time.
“And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth” Rev 11:18. The United Nations Meditation Room is 11ft X 18ft X 33 ft, an unfinished pyramid capped by Asclepius, the God of the Theraputae of Pergamon who founded the United States as the Order of Perfectibillists; their Throne of Pergamon “Satan’s Seat” Jesus warned of in Rev 2:13 will soon be installed in the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem. Are you ready?

Happy Independence Day !
Lady Justice

American Exceptionalism
The Israelite Tribe of Dan changed its tribal standard from the Serpent to the Eagle carrying a Serpent; the American Eagle represents Saturn aka Assyrian Nisroch (2 Ki 19:37) carried into the New Age by America. The Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Russia and the US among nations whose Eagle hides Saturn worship and the Tribe of Dan. The US Great Seal even has the Chaldean Six Pointed Star of Saturn above the Eagle. Essentially, the Eagle carries the Serpent into the New Age. The Eagle can be seen in Babylon (Marduk) and Assyria (Nisroch=Saturn), Greek mythology (Zeus as the Eagle abducting the Cretan youth Ganymede), Hittite Double Eagle; Roman Empire, Medieval Germany, Prussia, Russia, United States, Mexico, St John the Evangelist and Aztecs to name a few. Quite the Trump eh?
Donald Trump (Donald “King of the World” + Trump “Card outranking all others”), the centerpiece of an AF-1 (only purpose of Presidential transport) F-22, B-2 Fly-over, 4 Tanks and several APC’s parading on Capitol Mall flanking Donald Trump at the Lincoln Memorial (Fasces supports Lincoln’s Throne). Donald Trump shares the same meaning as Sargon “Legitimate King of the World”; the Trump Aggro-Fest at the Capitol carries a lot of occult information. Aggro is British underworld slang for Aggravation, Trouble, Disturbance, Wild, Ridiculous, Extreme behavior. 5 time Draft Deferee Donald Trump touts “American Exceptionalism”. What is American Exceptionalism? It has to do with America as the Phoenix of the New Age

The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender. Prov 22:7 America is in Debt more than the total wealth of all nations combined. When the US Economy collapses, the rest of the world will feel free of Debt, but only Jesus forgives the Debt of “Sin”. I suggest you take Him up on His offer before the Black Horse rides!

Question: When will the 3 1/2 year Great Tribulation start? 4 Horsemen ride when it does. It likely ends on Jesus’ Birthday and day the Millennium begins on Feast of Tabernacles, the day required to be worshipped during the Millennium.

The Declaration of Arbroath (Scottish Independence) was signed on April 6, 1320 which is National Tartan Day and the publication of New Atlantis: A Worke Unfinished by Sir Francis (Free) Bacon (Swine). Marranos means “Swine”; Marranos hide their Saturnian/Satanic religion and publicly falsely convert to other religions such as Catholicism, Judaism and Islam for the purpose of destroying them from the inside using “Leaven” ie False Teachings. Donald Trump for example is an Ashkenazi ie Germanic fake Jew “Drumpf” (drummer) whose name was anglicized to Trump; he is a Marrano ie fall Presbyterian; the Church which celebrates Kirkin O Tartan (Church of the Assyrian Tartan) every year.
Cathars (Catharsis “Discharge of Pent up emotion”) ie Order of Perfetibillists or Perfecti were known to state “In 700 years the laurel will grow green again” The laurel is the Crown of Bacchus/Dionysus aka “Green Man”. The Order of Perfectibillists were also called Theraputae or Knights of St John where John is Oannes the Chaldean Beast Rising from the Sea (Rev 13:1-11); the Beast Rising from the Earth (Rev 13:11-18) is seen in the giant statue called “The Awakening” in Washington National Harbor extricating himself from the Earth. The Theraputae were originally from Crete where the Throne of Zeus aka Satan’s Seat was kept before being moved some 2000 years ago to Pergamon, Turkey to be called Throne of Pergamon Jesus warned about in Rev 2:13. Trump is Hell bent on doing the bidding of his Chabad Lubavitch masters installing the Throne of Pergamon in a rebuilt 3rd Temple in Jerusalem.
Tartan Day April 6, 2020 is 12 Nisan, the day Jesus turned the tables on the Money Changers. April 15, 2020 is US Tax Day; the collapse of the US economy occurs is in my opinion associated with the Black Horse riding to collapse the world economy; this horse carried Balances of Justice offering a days food for a Penny ie Pence as in Mike Pence (Michael means Who is like God?) Keep in mind the calendar changes to 360 day years during the Great Tribulation; adding 1260 days we get to Feast of Tabernacles 2023 on Sept 30-Oct 6. Jesus was born on Tabernacles Sept 27, 6 BC
In my opinion, Dan 8 identifies the United States of America IRS Form 1040 is the Individual Income Tax Form under the US Constitution Individual Citizens have no rights! Happiness has nothing to do with Property. America does not appear in biblical lists of nations involved in Armageddon or Gog and Magog. The only nation on Earth with sufficient Debt to collapse the world economy is the United States of America.
In Dan 8 Jesus tells Angel Gabriel to make sure Daniel (Daniel means “God is my Judge”) understands the 2300 day prophecy lasting from the the Daily Sacrifice, transgression of Desolation (Abomination of Desolation is the Gold, Silver, Brass, Iron and Iron/Clay Idol) and cleansing of the sanctuary. 1260 days + 1040=2300 days; IRS Form 1040 is the US Individual Tax Form; Tax means Burden; the US is the world’s Tax Burden, in Debt to International Bankers HQ’d in the City of London Corp and Switzerland where Libra Cryptocurrency is being launched in 2020 far more than the amount of currency in world circulation in every nation. America’s collapse will be a Debt Jubilee of worldwide proportion.
In Zechariah 14:16-18 we see Feast of Tabernacles being the only required pilgrimage to Jerusalem required during the Millennium; a time when the LORD (Jesus Christ) is king over all the earth (Zech 14:2; 12=Gog and Magog). This then is evidence in my opinion of Jesus’ real birth and 2nd Coming being on Feast of Tabernacles; a date celebrated for the release from bondage and captivity.
Tartan is the Assyrian Army Commander (2 Ki 18:17) who made a treasonous pact with the tribe of Ephraim under King Sargon II leading to the northern 10 tribes of Israel being replaced with Chaldean, Babylonian, Medean, Samaritan counterfeits (2 Ki 17:30); Tartan means “Phoenician Cloth”.
America was planned to be the Phoenix of the New Age in 1620 in Sir Francis Bacon’s book New Atlantis: A Worke Unfinished; out of America’s ashes the new world order will rise as a Phoenix. This Phoenix can be seen flying in the Cathedral of St John the Divine in New York City.

President Trump's Trip Abroad
President Trump's Trip Abroad

Donald Trump played the role of the Phoenix Trump danced the Arab Sword Dance, the same sword Lady Justice holds. Trump and his family wore black Funeral Attire visiting Pope Francis. Trump held a Black Illuminated Globe with Egypt’s Abdel Fatah el-Sisi and Saudi King Salman. Trump descends from Scottish Knight Templars; the Phoenix connects Egypt and the Ben-ben Stone at Heliopolis “City of On” ie “City of the Rising Sun” and Arabia. If you can’t see the Trump Card being played, ask JESUS for help!

Arezzo chimera
Zoroaster and Ahura Mazda

Chimera Imaginary monster made of incongruous parts; fabrication. The mythical Chimera of Arezzo combines Lion (Summer/Leo?), Goat (Saturnian Sea-Goat Capricornus of Winter, Hanukkah, Saturnalia, Christmas?) and Serpent (Devil, Dragon, Satan, Lucifer which has deceived the entire world Rev 12:9).
The current push in science to produce a Human-Monkey Chimera is in full swing. Ebola was synthesized and called Simian Flu to hide its man-made origin; Simian Flu is the same title of the man-made Chimera in Rise of the Planet of the Apes made by the Genetics Company Gen-Sys. The movie 12 Monkeys (Zodiac?) and Mission Impossible 2 even went so far as to finger the CDC for creating the world population destroying Chimera. When Pestilence and Plague come, just know God didn’t create it; Man did.
The Chimera began in Assyria and Babylon as a Winged Lion; Ahura Mazda, the Ayran god of Light (Lucifer) was also known in Assyria as Marduk “Calf of the Sun”; today the Calf of the Sun “Shamash” occupies the center candle of the Hanukkah Menorah. Ahura Mazda represents Iran, the Mede-Persian Ram battling the Grecian Goat represented by Ahriman, the god of darkness. Ahura-Mazda is a Chimera made up of a Bird with Human Head seen in the above depiction; the annual Akitu Festival is a celebration of the triumphant return of Marduk corresponding to April Fool’s Day; April means “Month of Venus”; Venus is the Arab al Uzza “The Mighty”, another title Lucifer assumes.

"Damascus Will Become a Heap of Ruins"  - Jerusalem Prayer Team Article
GRAPHIC: Bible Prophecy Isaiah 17:1 Damascus, Syria. ISIS, ISIL, War, Israel, Russia
United Nations: Meditation Room

Faking the Gog and Magog War is Satan’s greatest deception. The real Gog and Magog War occurs at the end of the Millennium, over 1000 years from now (Eze 38-39; Rev 20:7-8) There is no Temple in Jerusalem during the Millennium; Jesus will destroy the 3rd Temple, Satan’s Seat, the Abomination of Desolation, lock up Satan for 1000 years and dump Antichrist and False Prophet in the Lake of Fire for eternity at the 2nd Coming

July 1 Israel attacks multiple alleged Iranian targets around Damascus in largest attack wave ever. July 10 British Oil Tanker “Heritage” allegedly attacked by Iran; Sure! Ayathollah Khomenei was British!
Netanyahu (Ashkenazi ie Germanic fake Jew), United Nations Sec Antonio Guterres (Sephardic Socialist Ref 2 Ki 17:30) and the UN IAEA claim Iran has breached its Uranium enrichment Cap. The Dag Hammerskold (Dagon is the Philistine Beast) UN Meditation Room has Satan’s Altar, a 13,000Lb Iron Ore Altar illuminated by a single shaft of light; no folks this Light is not Jesus! The 4th Beast of Iron (Dan 7:7) may ring a Baal! A Serpent wrapped pole of Asclepius is in front of the altar; Asclepius is the god of Plague and Justice of the Theraputae of Pergamon; the Throne of Pergamon is Satan’s Seat. The 11 Seats at the back of the Room shaped as an Unfinished Pyramid (11X13X18ft) are likewise not for the King of the World Jesus Christ, but Antichrist and his 10 Kings. “And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.” Rev 17:12
I “The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.” Is 17:1 The event described in Is 17:1 occurs at the end of the Millennial reign of Jesus Christ, during the Gog and Magog battle. Jesus is Shiloh “He whose it is” Gen 49:10; He gathers His people “The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.” Jesus will be the only Shepherd (Eze 37:24) who gathers the the “Dry Bones” of Israel (Eze 37:11) with King David resurrected and made King over Israel.
The Judgment of Antichrist aka “Abominable Branch” (Is 14:19) is described in Is 14:12-17; Lucifer makes the world a Wilderness (Is 14:17) that is a world absent God. Palestine will be dissolved (Is 14:31); Moabites, the nation who escapes the hand of Antichrist during the Great Tribulation (Dan 11:41KJV) is now Judged (Is 15-16) as is Damascus (Is 17). Don’t fall for the deception!
Iran (Ayathollah ali Khamenei), Israel (Benjamin Netanyahu) and Palestine (Mahmoud Abbas) are led by Sovereign Luciferian Freemasons, oath sworn to serve Satan. The greatest deception in world history is about to unfold; now is the time to establish a personal relationship with JESUS (Mat 1:25KJV), the Greek name of JAH (Ps 68:4KJV) and JEHOVAH (Ex 6:3). There is not other Covenant Name of God and never has been!

Al-Aqsa Mosque at night

Al Aqsa Mosque on Harem el Sharif “Noble Sanctuary” aka Dome of the Rock targeted for destruction in fulfillment of End Times Prophecy; an ideology going mainstream “In the end we will built the Temple, a house of prayer for all nations…part of a movement that began with the 1967 Arab-Israeli 6 Day War…we have detailed plans for the Temple soon to replace Al Aqsa” Temple Mount Inst, Knesset member Rabbi Yehuda Glick.
This plan is not new, nor did it begin in 1967; the Essenes planned this event over 2000 years ago. Here are a few of the written plans to install Antichrist aka Chaldean fake Jew “Moshiach” on Satan’s Seat in the 3rd Temple.
Tzaddiq Baal Shem Tov (Israel ben Eliezer d 1760 aka Master of the Name YHWH=Saturn) “Mosiach will be revealed following Hebrew year 5778”, a year which began Sept 20, 2017 “Rosh Hashanah” coincident with the Christ Angle forming over the Great Pyramid. The founder of Hassidism (Pious Ones) was called the “Light of Israel” but remember, “The virgin of Israel has fallen, she shall no more rise, there is none to raise her up” Amos 5:2KJV This Tzaddiq=Righteous Baal was raised up by Satan to bring the “Leaven” of the Sabbatteans (Crypto Satanist Shabatai Zvi) into the Christian Churches and Synagogues of Satan; his progeny don the Cap of Cybele (Yarmulke) in open rejection of Jesus Christ tearing the Temple Veil and have spiritual intercourse with Shekinah (Feminine presence of God) at Herod’s Wailing Wall today, in preparation for the 3rd Temple of Antichrist aka “Moshiach”.
In America, the Mormon Church is celebrating “The Glory of Israel”; a replica of the Tabernacle of Israel and Old Testament Ark of the Covenant were built on Deseret (Honey Bee) Land. The real Ark of the Covenant is in heaven with Jesus “And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament: and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail”. Rev 11:19 Want to be in Covenant with God? You need to ask Him!
Mormon Prophecy states “Blood will run down the streets like water down a storm drain during a time when Mormon Elders step in to save the Constitution when it is handing by a thread as thin as spider’s silk”; an oath made possible when Mormons are obligated to shed the blood of every Gentile in the US in revenge for the death of the Prophets Joseph and Hyrum Smith at Carthage, Ill. Luke 16:16 may be worth a read; all Prophets since John are False Prophets.
Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel (d 1217) predicted “Mosiach will arrive after the 10th Jubilee” The Satanic Rabbi declared 1217 a Jubilee Year, setting in motion the 10 Jubilee calendar starting in 1517 “Ottomans will rule Jerusalem 8 Jubilees”; Ottomans controlled Jerusalem from 1517 until Gen John Allenby entered Jersusalem on Hanukkah 1917 to assume British control. “Jerusalem will become a no-man’s land in the 9th Jubilee”; this happened according to plan in 1917 until the 6th Tetrad signaled the 1967 6-Day War to take control of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. “Jerusalem will be controlled by Israel in the 10th Jubilee”. The 10th Jubilee, a calculated by Chaldean Crypto Satanists posing as Rabbis was 2017.
11Q13 Prince Melchisedek Scroll “After 10 Jubilees, the Trumpet blast will herald the coming Melchisedek”. Jesus is Melchisedek! Trump-Pence “Deal of the Century” will usher this plan in. This Melchisedek will be the Cult of Saturn’s Alternative Messiah “Antichrist” and completion of the Tower of Bab El; BabylON; Bab Ilu (Allah=Arab god “Sin”) aka Lucifer “Man of Sin”.
Chaldeans are Chadidics; Chasidic Rabbi Yehudah Halevi Ashlag predicted 66 years ago Moshiach would return after Hebrew Year #5778 (2018-19); thus Hebrew Year #5779 (2019-20) would be the “Year of Moshiach”. 2018 corresponds to the Rabbinical Year 5778; 5778K is the temperature of the Sun, called “Shamash”, the Akkadian Sun Lion and “Son; Heir” of the Hanukkah Menorah aka Golden Calf of the Sun; yes folks, the Golden Calf of the Exodus! Jesus warned He would be rejected but a Messiah would come in his own name and be accepted (Jn 5:43). Rav Ashlag is called the “Author of the Ladder”, using Kabbalistic numerology he predicted Geula “Final Redemption” would arrive after Hebrew Year 5778. 5778 ended on 9/11/2018 “Rosh Hashanah”; Project 911 on Site 911 “Beit Shamash” (Shamash is the Babylonian Sun Lion; Golden Calf of the Sun and Babylonian god of Justice) is a radiation hardened bunker awaiting the arrival of Satan, cast to Earth at Rev 9:11.
Rabbi Elijah ben Solomon Zalman aka Vilna Gaon “When you hear Russians have captured Crimea, the times of Messiah have started” Crimea is the home of exiled Sarmation “Priest Kings”; Sargon III will be Antichrist.
Talmud 97a,b “Messiah will come the year after the Sabbatical Cycle is completed” Sabbatical or Chrono-messianism is “Chiliasm”, the restoration of the Kingship and Redemption of Israel. The Tabernacle of David fell in Amos 9:11 (Still think Arab hijackers had anything to do with 9/11/2001?) The Talmud says Jesus is writing in His own boiling excrement in Hell; this Messiah is not Jesus. The Sabbatical Cycle of 10 Jubilees started in 1517, the year the 5th Lateran Council declared “Immortality of the Soul” as Catholic Dogma under Black Nobility Pope Leo X. Lateran means “Hidden Frogs”, the 3 unclean spirits of the Dragon/Satan/Devil/Serpent, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 12:9;16:13)
Why Dome of the Rock? Satan descends to Earth as Lightning; the Winged White Horse “Al Buraq” (Lightning) in Arab mythology surveyed the world for Abraham and later Muhammad from that exact spot. In the Quran, Abraham offered Ishmael; in the Word of God, Abraham offered Isaac. It’s time to make your choice! This choice will have consequences that are irrevocable and last for Eternity! Hint: The Rock is the Canaanite “Threshing Floor”; Satan is Saturn, the “Grim Reaper”!


June 29-30 G-20 Summit Japan Japan means “Land of the Rising Sun”; worship of the “Rising Sun” caused the Glory of the LORD (Holy Ghost) to depart Solomon’s Temple (Eze 8). The Red Sun Rising on Japan’s Flag represents Esau, renamed Edom=Red and Rothschild (Red Shield) Bankers achieving “Dominion” over the Earth as prophesied in Gen 27:39-41KJV, using Usury (Interest Rates), Sword (War) and as Priests.
Donald Trump met Kim Jong on the North Korean side of the DMZ 38th Parallel. The US installed the Kim Dynasty in 1945 (Maj Dean Rusk and Capt Charles Bonesteel), drawing the line separating North and South Korea on a Nat Geo Map as Atomic Bombs fell in Hiroshima and Nagasaki; the world’s largest Exodus will begin on the 38th Parallel in Fukushima and the the 38th Parallel DMZ, moving west to Karakoram, south to Islamabad, across Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Jordan to Armageddon.
The first land acquisitions by the Jesuits “Militia of Zeus” were Tehran, Iran where Shia Ayathollahs are selected and Nagasaki, Japan.
Jesus turned the tables on the “Money Changers” for selling sacrificial animals and doves (Holy Ghost) at the Temple; these things Jesus provides for Free is you ask Him. Jesus was rejected and took the same exact route to Heaven because Jesus is the Glory of the LORD. At Pentecost, the Glory of the LORD aka Holy Ghost returned as a Dove, available to everyone who asks for it. Serving Mammon (Creditors) will cause the Glory of the LORD to depart from you; be careful! One of Jesus’ titles is Shiloh “He whose it is” Gen 49:10; Jesus is the Owner and Master of the House; you might want to consider getting in touch with Him if you have not already done so.

Articles that may help understand this and why its happening now are QAnon Deal of the Century Christmas/Hanukkah 2019 I, Pet Goat II Time’sUP and Writing on the Wall
Global Finance Ministers and Central Bankers met in Japan on June 8-9; the decision on Interest Rates will be released by the US Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Bank of Japan and Central Bankers from Norway, Brazil, Taiwan, Indonesia and the Philippines at or near the G-20 Mtg in Japan.
Jesus turned the tables on these Money Changers at the Temple 2000 years ago; if you want Debt forgiveness, you need to ask Him for it!
“I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last” Rev 22:13
“Thou shalt not give him thy money upon usury, nor lend him thy victuals for increase” Lev 25:37
“Permit me to issue a nation’s money supply and I care not who makes its laws” Mayer Amschel Bauer aka Rothschild. Esau sold his Birthright (Gen 27:39-41KJV) God renamed Esau “Edom” meaning Red.; CORPORATE Red Ink=Debt. “The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender” Prov 22:7 Jesus forgives Sin Debt; make sure you ask Him for that forgiveness; He comes quickly Rev 22:7
British is derived from B’Rith (Covenant by Birth ie Cain, Ishmael and Esau) Esau obtains Worldwide “Dominion” through Usury (Lending money at Interest), against the Covenant with God; this is the 3rd Beast in Dan 7:6 Mayer Amschel Bauer (Bauer=Farmer=Cain) changed his name to Rothschild and the sign on his Counting House at 666 Am Mein Frankfurt to the Red Six Pointed Star; the Chaldean Star of Molech aka Saturn
The Ouroborus is a Serpent eating its own tail, symbolizing the Gnostic Beginning (Saturn=Primeval or Primordial Sun; 1st Sun, Black Sun) and Ending; the Titan Chronos (Time) coming full circle (22/7=Pi) eating his own children.

Clearing the way
Peace Fountain / St. John The Divine

“Were keeping Congress abreast of what we are doing but we don’t have to do it legally; I don’t need Congressional approval to attack Iran” Donald Trump. “Only Congress may authorize War” US Constitution Art 1 Sect 8 clause 11!/?_escaped_fragment_=/articles/1/essays/49/declare-war

Senate votes on Iran War Authorization Friday June 28

“Tehran won’t be alone if the U.S., God forbid, takes wild and irresponsible actions against it.”- Russia

The US (GHW “Magog” Bush) installed Paris (House of Isis) initiated Grand Orient (Rising Sun=Saturn) Mason, Shia Islam Ayathollah ali Khomeini, the son of British asset William Williamson, as Supreme leader of Iran (Iran=Aryan=Noble Caste) with the CIA sponsored Green (Green Man aka al Khidr, Bacchus, Dionysus is worshipped by Shia Assassins as well as Templars) Revolution in 1979; Khamenei is his hand picked successor; Pres Hasan Rouhani is a Shariah Law Judge.
Gog and Magog is a gathering around Jerusalem at the end of the Millennial reign of Jesus Christ, over 1000 years from now. (Ref Eze 38; Rev 20:7-8)
Russia is backing Iran in this deception because Rus is added to Eze 38:2 in new bible versions; Russia has nothing to do with Meshech or Tubal.
Saudi Arabia is falsely filling the role of Sheba and Dedan and the King of the South. You may recall Saudi King Salman, Egypt Present Abdel Fatah el Sisi and Donald Trump held an illuminated, black globe last year; black refers to the Black Star Saturn aka Satan seen in Babylon (Gate of Osiris=Saturn) Babel (Gate of Canaanite El=Saturn). Mt Sinai is in Saudi Arabia just west of Mecca, not in Egypt; the Saudis and the US keep the real Mt Sinai guarded so that sort of visual proof of God stays under wraps. Jordan takes care of Sodom and Gomorrah; no sense worrying the world about the Wrath of God eh?
The Kingdom of Ormus (Serpent) are Gnostics pretending to be Muslim, Christian and Jewish toward the goal of worldwide Dominion; they are all aligned with Esau (Gen 27:39-41KJV; Dan 7:6) and intend to hand over the world to the 4th Beast of Iron (Dan 7:7)
Donald Trump, a Knight of St John of Jerusalem aka Sovereign Military Order of Malta says he does not need an exit strategy for Iran; Why? Dan 7&8 describe the Mede-Persian Ram and Grecian Goat locking horns with “Little Horn” aka Antichrist rising from the Chaos. War with Iran is WWIII, pre-planned to bring the world to Economic, Moral and Physical Ruin.
Knights of St John worship a combination of John the Baptist and John the Evangelist called St John the Divine. John here is Oannes, the Chaldean Beast Rising from the Sea aka Antichrist
The US has frozen the assets of Shia Ayathollah ali Khamenei, estimated at $200Billion; Shias await the arrival of the 12th Shia Imam al Mahdi “He who Rises” aka Antichrist. Zionists also await the arrival of Moshiach, the same Alternative Messiah.
War Hawks John Bolton and Mike Pompeo in Middle East to rally a coalition against Iran amid new US Economic Sanctions, a US Cyber Attack and 3 False Flag events. Bolton has been advocating War with Iran since 2007. WWIII was planned by Jesuits in 1871 to pit Zionism against Islam; the goal of Zionism is Noahide Law; the goal of Islam is Shariah Law; both require Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost, the only Unforgivable Sin.
“I’m happy to annihilate Iran”-Donald Trump The US has threatened to stage an attack and blame it on Iran several times; Operation Northwoods planned an attack to blame Cuba over 50 years ago; Muslims were blamed for 9/11/2001. “Nothing New Under the Sun”
Not since Jacob wore Esau’s clothes in the vain attempt to fool God into handing him his brother’s blessing given through Isaac (Gen 27:39-41KJV) and the unveiling of Iran’s newest Stealth Fighter Q-313 (Qahar=”Subduer; The Almighty”; 313 is the number of ! in KJV Scripture; the final representing the fall of “Babylon” before the arrival of the Messiah; no folks, this Messiah is not Jesus Christ; Rev 18:19), a 1/2 scale model with US made Dyon experimental aircraft instruments and english placards, has the Iran “False Flag” hoax come more to light. The US installed Grand Orient “Rising Sun” (Rising Sun=Saturn), Shia Ayathollah ali Khomeini over Iran (Aryan=NOble Caste), the son of British MI6 asset William Williamson, in 1979 during the CIA orchestrated Green Revolution. Knights Templar and Shia Assassins worship “Green Man”; a nebulous figure called by Nizari Assassins “The Old Man of the Mountain”; well not nebulous really, just another reference to Saturn, seen on Israel’s Flag as the Six Pointed Star of Saturn/El/Allah/Osiris. Green Man is Bacchus, Dionysus, and the Shia Messiah al Khidr “Green One”, a name originating in Egypt with Wadjet, the Green Crown of Osiris (Saturn) “Green One” seen in the word Babylon “Gate of Osiris/Heliopolis/Allah/Saturn”.
The Peace Fountain at St John Divine Cathedral in Manhattan (Man + Aton) features the timing; St George (Geo=Earth) the patron demon of Britain/Russia and a dozen other nations slays the Dragon in Cancer (June 21-July 22); the Divine Union of the Sun and Moon will occur Dec 26, 2019 forming a Solar Halo around the Moon (Arab god “Sin”) beginning in Idumea, the land of Edom, Moab and Ammon (Dan 11:41KJV); the DNA Helix supporting the statue of St John aka Chaldean Oannes, is the TOES of the Idol Daniel described; the Toes of Clay and Iron. Iron representing the 4th Beast (Dan 7:7); Clay representing followers of Jesus Christ, still malleable and able to conform to the image and likeness both physically and spiritually of the Creator.
Its no coincidence the US warned an attack on Iran is imminent over the RQ-4 Global Hawk (Horus the son of Saturn/Osiris is the Hawk Headed god called Horus of the 2 Horizons; the intersection of the 2 Horizons forms the golden Mean or Vesica Pisces seen as the Aquarian Cross standing in St Michael’s Tower on Glastonbury Tor) Drone on the Solar Solstice as 10K people gathered to worship the Rising Sun in the East (Eze 8), as it aligned with the Trilothon Stones.
Druids (Knowers of Trees) await the same Messiah in King Arthur, the “Once and future King”. Heathens (Heath=Earth=Earth Dwellers) worship St John Divine June 21-24; St John is a Gnostic combination of John the Baptist and John the Evangelist originating 4000 years ago as Oannes, the Chaldean Beast rising from the Sea or “Rising Sun” From the side, Mitres of Dagan (Dag=Fish; Dag Hammerskold UN Meditation Room has Lucifer’s Altar proudly displayed), the Philistine Beast god worshipped by Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, Anglican clergy represent the Phoenician “Fisher King” aka Antichrist; from the front a Flame, the symbol of Lucifer and the worldwide “Holocaust” to come when the Mede-Persian (Iran) Ram meets the Grecian Goat (US-Israel-Britain) in a pre-planned war to reveal “Little Horn” aka Antichrist (Ref Dan 8). Do not get fooled people! War with Iran and the US is very likely imminent and with that the arrival of the Luciferian False Messiah. Jesus is at the Door waiting for you to open it! Now is a great time!!

Bohemian Grove

July 19 Lion King When the Sun is in the clutches of Leo, 2000 Elite will gather in the Redwood Forest just north of Santa Rosa CA to re-enact a 4000+ year old Sumerian ritual called “Begone Dull Care”; the modern iteration is called Bohemian Grove The Saturnian ritual places the Cares of the World (Gnostic form of Sins) on Molech (Saturn), taken by the Ferryman (Jupiter aka Planet X) to the foot of the 40ft Owl of Wisdom, Molech (Saturn). The coincidence with the debut of Lion King is no coincidence. The Gnostic Lion King is Shamash, the Calf of the Sun originally worshipped by Israel as the Golden Calf and currently the center candle of the Hanukkah Menorah, used to replace Jesus, the Lion of Judah and King of Jerusalem, Crucified amid 2 thieves forming the 7 branch candlestick. If you think the world stopped offering human sacrifices to Molech, guess again!

Saint John the Baptist

June 24 Nativity of John the Baptist. John is the Chaldean Beast Rising from the Sea aka Oannes. Saturn, the Black Sun has 2 mathematical focii in its apparent elliptical solar track that align with the Earth and Sun on June 24 and Dec 24. Freemasons worship a combination of John the Baptist and John the Evangelist called St John Divine; Knights of St John of Jerusalem aka Sovereign Military Order of Malta for example swear oaths to lead Christians to slaughter from pulpits and university lecterns, pretending to be Jewish, Protestant or Catholic while serving the Jesuit General aka Black Pope. John is the Chaldean “Oannes” aka Philistine “Dagan” aka Beast Rising from the Sea aka Rising Sun (Eze 8) Saturn, having nothing to do with either John the Baptist or John the Evangelist. Saturn is derived from the Roman Saturnus, the God of Agriculture and Harvest, the God of Cain, the first Farmer who Harvested his brother; hence the moniker Grim Reaper; Saturn goes by names such as Molech, Milcom, Chiun, Chemosh, Remphan, , Ashtoreth, Sikkuth, El or Father Time, and is worshipped under the Six Pointed Star on the Flag of Israel as it has been for 2700 years (Amos 5:2;26; 7:2-3; 6;7KJV)
Luke 1 spells out the real timeline; John the Baptist is conceived during the 8th Temple course of Abia (June) and born 9 months later at Passover; John marks the end of the 7th Old Covenant and 8th New Covenant. Jesus was born 6 months after John the Baptist on Feast of Tabernacles in 6 BC; He was 1 1/2 and in Egypt when Herod ordered the Slaughter of Innocents Spring 4 BC.
June 24 like Dec 24 is simply a pagan (Sabian/Chaldean) celebration having nothing to do with either John the Baptist or Jesus Christ. It’s Saturn or Jesus Christ; one leads to Heaven, the other to Hell which is why Saturn is the son of Hel (Hell). TimesUp! The Pale Horse “Death” rides at the start of the Great Tribulation (Rev 6:6) and Hell follows because Saturn’s number is 666, the gematria of the Chaldean STUR or Mark of the Beast.
Time is measured by Axis Precession with respect to the fixed backdrop of Stars; the Big Bang and Heliocentric Theory are Chaldean Lies! 1656 Years Creation to Flood + 2160 Years Aries to Pisces + 2160 Years Pisces to Aquarius, the Golden Age ruled by Saturn yields 5976 years. Sargon the Great was declared “Legitimate King”, likely at his 21st Birthday (Age of Adulthood and Accountability) as Taurus (Golden Calf) transitioned to Aries just after the Flood as Axis Precession began from the Earth Wobbling on its axis. The Great Tribulation lasts 3 1/2 years; do the math!
Shamash, the Rising Sun, is the Golden Calf of the Sun in Israel today, seen as the center candle of the Chabad Lubavitch Hanukkah Menorah. If JESUS is not part of your life, I strongly urge you to open the door to a personal Covenant with JESUS via the Holy Ghost; after Hanukkah, all Hell may break loose.


“…there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in diverse places. All these are the beginning of sorrows” Mat 24:7
And almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and without shedding of blood is no remission. Heb 9:22
“An airborne, human to human transmissable virus, even moderately fatal, will become a plague of unimaginable proportions” Virologist Ron Fouchier
When asked why he resurrected the 1918 Spanish Flu Plague Virus, he said “Because we can” As of July 1, 2019 Bubonic Plague is now in Los Angeles
“In the event of my death, I should like to reincarnate as a Killer Virus” Prince Phillip, head of the Order of the British Empire (British=B’Rith=Birthright Covenant of Cain, Ishmael, Esau) WHO Director Margaret Chan is an Officer of the British Empire WHO Logo is the Rod of Aescalapius, the god worshipped by the Theraputes of Pergamon, the location of Satan’s Seat (Rev 2:13) aka Throne of Zeus soon to be installed in the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem. Theraputae are the “Order of Perfectibillists”, a modern iteration of the Gnostic Cathars “Perfecti” who founded the United States. Donald Trump’s 66th floor Penthouse is a shrine to Apollo “Destroyer” of Rev 9:11, the father of Asclepius.
June 2019 3 Democratic Republic of Congo immigrants hospitalized in San Antonio, Ebola suspected. CDC “It only takes one and we have a pandemic”
Immigrants with Ebola from the DRC (Congo) Ebola Center, often within 30 day symptom free incubation period given free entrance to US. Ebola is man-made; Ebola refers to the Balls of the Flagrum used in Crucifixion used to induce Bleeding Ref Heb 9:22. Infectees flown to Mexico, given Assylum under UN Refugee Resettlement Program, pre-paid US bus tickets to targeted cities/towns, contact lists, rolls of $100 “Carry Over” funds before being placed on EBT, SS Benefits, free medical, education, drivers licenses, cars. Donald Trump, despite the rhetoric, is an advocate of Illegal DACA Amnesty This is how Persian, Greece and Rome were destroyed intentionally.
WHO issued an International Plague Warning “Madagascar Pneumonic Plague is airborne, and human to human transmissible” The disease is now called Disease X; X=Messiah aka Zeus/Jupiter; the UNKNOWN GOD (X in Algebra=Unknown) ignorantly worshipped at the Areopagus “Mars’ Hill” (Acts 7:48; 17:23)
Aug 1 “Lugnasaid” 2018: Congolese capital of Benin, suffered its 10th and worst breakout of Ebola since the disease was synthesized in Rhesus Monkeys as Simian Flu in 1976 (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes may ring a Baal). In 2019 Benin became a test-bed for Experimental Vaccines and given to 75,000 people.
Plague is derived from Pestilentia “Infected, Devastating”; Influenza “Flu” means “Influence of the Stars” or “Occult Infestation”
Asclepius, the son of Apollo is the “God of Plagues”. The WHO Logo is the staff of Asclepius, god of the Theraputes “Attendants to the gods” whose cult center was Pergamon, home of Satan’s Seat, the Throne of Antichrist in the soon to be rebuilt 3rd Temple in Jerusalem.

ormus magic monatomic symbol

June 25-26, 2019 US Middle East Peace Summit in the World’s largest Military Arms Bazaar of Bahrain. Hypocritical? The Society of Ormus ie Society of the Snake/Serpent uses the Virgo Logo and “OURS”; their kingdom runs from the Nile city of Heliopolis, the City of the Sun where the Sun is the Black Sun Saturn aka On or Osiris (Saturn), seen also on Israel’s Flag as the Six Pointed Star of Saturn. Heliopolis is the perch of the Ben-ben Stone or Pyramidion, the Capstone of the Unfinished Pyramid on the $US; not ready for a collapse of the $US? It’s coming. Extending east, the Kingdom of Ormus runs to the Straits of Hormuz where 3 False Flags have set the stage for WWIII (Dan 7&8) and the revealing of “Little Horn” (Antichrist).
The Ouroborus Serpent eating its own tail is a reference to the Society of Ormus and Virgo Logo surrounding “OURS”, in the form of Saturn eating his children; Zeus however was protected by being replaced by a Stone; hence Jesus is the Stone the builders reject and replaced by Gnostics as Zeus/Jupiter. Isis, the Black Virgin and consort of Saturn means “Throne”; the Throne is the Throne of Pergamon aka Satan’s Seat.
The Summit is preceded by 3 False Flags: 1. Iran backed Houthi Drones attack Saudi Arabia’s ARAMCO Oil Pipeline pump stations 2. Japanese and Norwegian Oil tankers attacked in Straits of Hormuz as Japan PM Shinzo Abe arrives in Iran. 3. US Global Hawk Drone shot down near Strait of Hormuz. Iran blamed for all 3; Why? Dan 8. War between the Mede-Persian Ram and Grecian Goat will end in the revealing of “Little Horn” aka Antichrist.
“And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren” Gen 16:12 Ishmael and Esau rejected the Covenant God made with Abram; Prince Khalifa bin Salman of Bahrain, was handed the 2017 World Peace Culture Award (no need to comment), he is the longest running PM (Khalifa=Successor=Caliph) in Shia Islam. Shia Ayathollah Ali Khamenei says “The US Mid East Peace Plan is a Great Betrayal” Sure thing! The US installed the Shia Ayatollahs in Iran and Iraq; Bahrain is 85% Shia. Abu Bakr became the 1st Caliph after Muhammad, a Quyraish bedouin descended from the Korahites of Num 16;26; God buried their priests in the sand for forming an Alternative Priesthood; today seen in Israel and Iran as well as the 6 Gulf Cooperation Council Nations (Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE); Donald Trump, Barack Obama (Bari Malik Shabazz Jr), Burning Bush 1&2, Clinton, Reagan have all bowed to and accepted the Medal of Freedom from the Saudi Kingdom; they are all part of the Kingdom of Ormus (Snake, Serpent, Dragon, Devil, Satan, Lucifer; Rev 12:9). The Kingdom of Ormus uses the Virgo Logo, recall, Virgo symbolically gave birth to Jupiter/Zeus/Horus/Tammuz on Sept 23, 2017. The Black Virgin Isis was worshipped by Knights Templar and Ismaili Assassins alike; Isis means “Throne” and is/was led by figurehead Abu Bakr al Baghdadi aka Israeli asset Shimon Elliot. Israel and the Arab states in one bed with the US Military between them! Truth is stranger than fiction eh?

Libra Cryptocurrency Facebook is removed from the S&P List of Ethical Companies as co-founder Chris Hughes calls Libra Crypto Currency “Frightening…Gives Corporations way too much power” Mark Zuckerberg aka Jacob Greenberg, grandson of David Rockefeller, launching Facebook Crypto currency with valuation pegged to $US (Serpent wrapped Phallus), Euro and Europe is derived from Europa, the Phoenician-Cretan Whore of Babylon, the consort of Zeus/Jupiter who Rides the Bull. Yen is the currency of Japan (Jih Pun= Land of the Rising Sun. Libra is the Scales of Justice; got Jesus in your life? Libra doesn’t forgive Debt; Jesus does!


“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” Mat 6:24

June 14 Tel Aviv PRIDE Parade 250,000 descend on Tel Aviv, named after Tel Abib “Hill of the Flood” the city near Aleppo, Syria, Israel was deported in 722BC by the Assyrians. Israel was replaced by mixed blood Samaritans descended from Solomon’s 1000 Phoenician wives and Ahab and Jezebel’s 70 sons raised by Samaritans whose descendants are today’s Priests of Israel. Mt Sinai? not for Samaritans, Mt Gerizem in Samaria is the source of the 10 Commandments and none of the law is set in stone so to speak. Israel is not Jewish, they are Canaanites, Medeans, Babylonians listed in 2 Ki 17:30 now brining LGBTQ PRIDE with them. Pride comes before the fall; and with it, worship of the Lion King Shamash, the Babylonian Sun Lion and center candle of the Hanukkah Menorah.

June 13 Strait of Hormuz False Flag. The first Jesuit “Militia of Zeus” acquisitions were Tehran, Iran and Nagasaki, Japan. The 52nd (52-38-90=Pythagorean Geometry) anniversary of the intentional USS Liberty (8 June) attack by Israel in Operation Cyanide occurred as Japan ( Jih-pun=Rising Sun) PM Shinzo Abe (Unit 731 Chemical Weapon, Aum Shinrikyo Cult initiate arrived to meet with Paris (House of Isis=Throne of Antichrist) initiated Grand Orient (Orient=Rising Sun) Freemason and Iran’s (Iran=Noble Caste) Shia Ayathollah ali Khamenei, the Japanese oil tanker Kokuka Courageous and the Norwegian tanker Front Affair were allegedly attacked by Iran using limpet mines; the damage to both came from the air. This event comes just after the G-20 Finance Ministers and Central Bankers met in Japan, coincident with Japan PM Shinzo Abe meeting with Ayathollah ali Khomenei and just ahead of the Interest Rate decision by Central Bankers including Norway and Japan. Grecian Goat V Mede-Persian Ram (Dan 8) results in “Little Horn” aka Antichrist. got JESUS yet?

Apollo to Artemis Generation NASA’s newest money vacuum. “The Eagle has landed”; the Eagle is the Assyrian Nisroch, a symbol of Saturn; the rocket? Saturn V; V meaning Vav, the Nails used to fasten God to the Tree; 3 Nails=666. 33 deg Sovereign Luciferian Freemasons (Who took Neil’s picture?) siphoned unbridled funds into the Apollo Moon Hoax; now comes Generation Artemis, the daughter of Apollo whose Temple at Halicarnassus was one of the 7 Wonders of the World is the goddess of Witchcraft known as Diana. The Temple of Artemis is recreated at 1633 16th St where 33deg Freemasons receive the distinction to Sovereign; Esau achieves sovereign authority to rule the earth “Dominion” (Gen 27:39-41KJV); high level Freemasons, follow Esau’s lead in selling their Birthright to a Covenant with God. Artemis is the Great Mother and Huntress whose stone is worshipped in the Ka’aba at Mecca; the center of worship of Allah is the same as Kaballah, the religion of Israel under the Six Pointed Chaldean Star of Saturn. The Cult of Saturn aka Melchisedekians are the Brotherhood of Death symbolized by the Six Pointed Star, 666, Father Time, Grim Reaper or Totenkopf “Death’s Head” aka Pirate Symbol of the Skull & Bones. The Cult of Saturn is also known by Society 322; in Gen 322 Adam follows Eve into Sin and are ejected from Eden; this is the last gasp to return to Eden without God. Why the Moon? The Arab Moon God Muslims are taught to worship as Allah is the Chaldean god “Sin”. Lucifer is the Man of Sin; hard to believe we’ve all been duped this bad eh?


June 9, 2019 Pentecost; June 8-10, Shavuot “Feast of Weeks” aka “Counting the Omer”; Many sites claiming the Rapture is imminent; don’t fall for the deception! Jesus returns at the 7th and final Trumpet for His Sheep (Rev 10:7; 1 Cor 15:52; 1 Thess 4:17); the 7th Trumpet Warning is the 3rd Woe! for those not in a personal covenant with JESUS! Shavuot is a Cainite/Canaanite Holy Day! Cain offered produce from his farm which was rejected because as Shiloh (He whose it is; Gen 49:10) God owns all the farms; Abel offered the first born of his sheep which was accepted because God is a Shepherd and Abel followed God; this is why Cain murdered his brother. The Holy Ghost was given to the world on Pentecost, 50 days after the Crucifixion on Passover Eve (13 Abib) which began the New Covenant (Contract); Jesus is God and the Holy Ghost (Jn 1:1; 1:14; 1 Jn 5:7KJV). The requirements are “Love God” and “Love our Neighbor”. Jesus rose on Feast of First Fruits (17 Abib) before the Rabbis who had him Crucified had even offered the Omer (Wave Sheaf). Ever wonder why Jesus warned never call any man Rabbi (Mat 23:8)? There is no 7 Yr Tribulation; no New Dispensation for Israel (Amos 5:2;26; 7:2-3; 6-7KJV) and certainly no pre-Trib Rapture of the Church; Rapture is a made up Jesuit Lie!


June 6 Jerusalem PRIDE 30,000 LGBTQ expected at Liberty Bell Park and Paris (House of Isis) Square as 5X Draft Deferred Donald Trump celebrates D-Day at Normandy. Jesus refers to Jerusalem as “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” Rev 11:8KJV. Esau (Edomites) are inside the gates of Jerusalem (Ref Obadiah); the Six Pointed Chaldean Star of Saturn is the Star of Chemosh to Edomites; Esau is prophesied to obtain Dominion and when he does, he will remove the yoke of Jacob and kill his brother (Gen 27:39-41KJV); that’s every Born Again follower of Jesus Christ! Lucifer promises “Liberty” from God; the Rainbow PRIDE Flag is the colors of visible light; Lucifer means “Light Bringer”.

D Day

D-Day 75th “Diamond Anniversary” Donald Trump (Germanic Ashkenazi Crypto Drumpf) a pedophile initiate of Jeff Epstein’s “Pedophile Island” (Little St James) and a body double of illegal immigrant, nude model Melania Trump (Einstein Visa recipient using a 6 yr Architecture and Design degree received in 1 semester from a non-existent University in Slovenia) with Emmanuel Macron, who wants to rule France as Jupiter (read pederast) and his married 20+ yr older Jr high school drama teacher turned beard intentionally snub Vladimir Putin, a Chabad Lubavitch controlled Crypto fake Jew and lifelong Stalin era KGB asset; Stalin was allegedly on the side of the Allies in WWII (Yeah sure) whose nation paid the highest price in terms of loss of life.
High level Freemasons are buried in Diamond shape Coffins with 555, celebrating the Nails used to fasten Jesus to the Tree; Diamond, is Earth’s perfected carbon; Elites don’t accept the blood of Jesus Christ for remission of Sin; they believe themselves to be “Perfected” by spilling the blood of others; a misread of Heb 9:22 which originates in Gnosticism and Cain’s killing of his brother Abel. Gnostic Cathars were called “Perfecti”; their modern re-incarnation Order of Perfectibillists gave birth to the United States of America, placing May 1 “Beltane” 1776 in Roman numerals on the $US.
D-Day was an intentional bloodbath On April 27-28 at Slapton Sands, a practice assault landing on a beach identical to Normandy gave Nazis advance warning of the intent to assault Normandy; a location named after the Norman Cathars. 1500 soldiers were slaughtered at Slapton Sands in the practice event, 1000 by Nazi Torpedo boats known about by the US and British and 500 by “friendly fire” bombs; the bodies loaded onto trains and quietly dumped in mass graves by US and British Government personnel. 6 weeks later at Normandy another 1465 men died and 3184 were wounded; all planned in advance by the Cathars 700 years before.
Before flying to his private golf resort, Donald Trump, with 5 Vietnam Draft Deferments told the veterans at Normandie “It’s very sad, but I would do it all over again”
British means “B’Rith” ie Birthright Covenant; that being Cain, Ishmael and Esau; American Civil War, WWI, WWII, Zionist Israel and WWIII all staged British events. Ashkenazi Marrano, fake Presbyterian (Trump admits he has never apologized to God, but takes Communion; 1 Cor 11:27 condemns this) Donald (King of the World) Drumpf (Drummer) received 5 Vietnam draft deferments for Bone Spurs and intends to build a Trump Resort over the Hanoi Hilton. Trump will represent those who took his place at Normandy, named after the Norman Cathars, executed at Montsegur who predicted in 1244 “In 700 years, the Laurel will grow green again” ; it sure did! On arrival to London for an official state visit, Trump tweeted “London Mayor Sadiq Khan (Saddiq=Descendant of Muhammad and Quyraish Tribe of Mecca aka Korahites of Num 16; Khan means “Lord/Prince”) is a stone cold loser”; Khan, a Pakistani Morisco (false convert to Islam) replied “Trump’s speeches were used fascists of the 20th century”. You may recall Trump-Pence held the first pre-inaugural party in front of the Lincoln Memorial which prominently displays the Fasces (Bundle of Faggots tied with Red Edomite cord around an executioner’s axe; also seen on the Supreme Court Doors, Oval Office Doors, Union Square Park in NYC and the Congressional Rostrum) These actors are playing their part in a WWIII Script which was put in writing by Jesuit (Jean Pierre DeSmet) handled Confederate General, Hedonist, Glutton, 33 deg Luciferian Mason Albert Pike, whose statue stands at the Federal Justice Dept, on the Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1871: WWI to build up Naziism; WWII to exchange Nazis for Communism (200Million deaths and counting) and WWIII to pit Zionism against Islam to the point of worldwide physical, mental, moral and Economic exhaustion in order for the doctrine of Lucifer (Satan, Dragon, Devil, Serpent; Rev 12:9) to be accepted. Zionist puppet, “Deal of the Century”, Hollywood Actor Donald Trump meets Queen Elizabeth, a Germanic fraud (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha was changed to Windsor in 1917) who declared herself “Queen of Jerusalem”, and Prince Charles, a Muslim/Sufi convert who wears Arab head scarves to on official visits; his son Harry, married to a Sephardic, fake Jew Meghan Markle wore a Swastika (symbol of Good Luck; Hitler appropriated for the Nazi SS or Knights of Saturn) to a Halloween party on the anniversary of Rosicrucian Martin Luther’s “95 Theses” posted on the German Wittenberg Church, splitting the Catholic “Beast”; the deadly wound is about to be healed folks! (Rev 13:12) Quite a Trump eh? Pedophile Trump (Ref Jeff Epstein’s Pedophile Island conviction/flight manifests on the Lolita Express or Virginia Roberts molestation) meets with Ireland’s first openly Sodomite PM (Teoiseach) Leo Varadkar before meeting closet sodomite Emmanuel Macron who wants to rule as Jupiter (Zeus is Jupiter; the Aquarian Age is slang for pederasty of Zeus and Ganymede), before arriving at Normandy Beach on D-Day. “Truth is stranger than fiction” Mark Twain. So what do you suppose was the Sin God flooded the Earth to destroy? and why do you suppose Antichrist will not desire the affection of women? Ref Dan 11:37

Nebuchadnezzar's dream

“Physicists search for Monstrous Higgs Particle which will seal the fate of the Universe” Sure thing boys! Higg’s Boson is the Graviton aka “God Particle”; the “Force Carrier” which gives Mass to Matter and Order to the Universe; the next Lie will be the “Discovery” of the Force Carrier for Dark Matter; made of 100% Undiluted Bull Shit! Science is used twice in scripture; Dan 1:4 refers to Science as the “Tongue of the Chaldeans”; 1 Ti 6:12KJV refers to Science as “Vain and profane babblings”. If you like MACHOS, RAMBOS, WIMPS, PEONS, WINOS, GLUONS, and Alice Matter, you are sure to love this latest release of Bull Shit! Folks, Satan is the God of Forces! Dan 11:38

TOE Scientists at Fermi Lab say the search for the Theory of Everything may be hundreds or thousands of years away. I disagree; the TOES are here now! The new term if “God’s Thoughts” originated with Zionist, attention seeking fraud Albert Einstein “Einstein is a beggar dressed in purple, made king using dazzling mathematics to obscure the truth” Nikola Tesla, murdered Jan 1943, his patents weaponized for the US Army by Donald Trump’s uncle John Trump. TOE seeks to unify all the Forces of Nature into 1; Satan is the “God of Forces” Dan 11:38 The Abomination of Desolation is made of Gold, Silver, Brass, Iron and Toes of Iron and Clay which do not mix. Gold is Babylon “Gate of On/El” or Gate of Saturn. Silver, the Mede-Persians (Medes among the replacements for Israel (2 Ki 17:30) still there to this day. Brass is Edomite Dominion (Gen 27:39-41KJV; Dan 7:6), the Priests (Dew of Heaven), Military Brass (By the Sword) and Wealthy Elite (Fatness of the Earth). Iron is the 4th Beast aka Antichrist Beast rising from the Sea and Earth, the Beast rising from the Earth is seen in the statue “The Awakening” in Washington National Harbor; the Beast rising from the Sea is the “Rising Sun” worshipped in Israel as Shamash, the Babylonian Sun Lion on the Hanukkah Menorah; I’d be in a personal Covenant with JESUS by Dec 26, 2019 folks! Jesus warned unless He shortened “Those Days” (Mat 24:22) no flesh would remain. The 4th Beast of Iron will kill most of humanity as written in the Georgia Guide Stones, Rio Earth Summit and Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si. The Beast rising from the Earth aka False Prophet will foist many “Lying Signs and Wonders” such as making fire come down from heaven (Rev 13:13-14). “The Awakening” rises in Washington DC; Is it really coincidence Donald Trump’s uncle John weaponized Nikola Tesla’s Electro (Sun), Magnetic (Earth) technology for the US Army in 1943 and handed it over to Luciferian Freemason, Jesuit Bro Stalin? or that the Russian Bear was designed to look like the 2nd Beast, a Bear arising to devour flesh? JESUS is willing to fashion Clay, but only if you ask Him into your life; Iron is as hardened as Pharaoh’s Hearth and will be destroyed at the 2nd Coming. Both Shariah and Noahide Law require rejection of the Holy Ghost; that is the Unforgivable Sin and will ensure your place in the Lake of Fire for Eternity.

[Mao Tse-tung Paper Cutting 25]

BATFE Nominee Chuck Canterbury; President of the National Fraternal Order of Police, backed Obama AG Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious Gun pipeline to the Sinaloa Cartel; backed Belizian Grove (Women’s version of Bohemian Grove Molech/Satan worship) Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s Gun Registration Legislation; lobbyist against Concealer’s and Open Carry Laws; supports Jared Kushner’s Chabad Lubavitch fake Jew Justice Reform legislation. “The right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed” US Constitution to which Trump and all these people swore to defend. “All politics comes from a gun, first you take the guns, then the slaughter begins” Mass Murderer, Yale Divinity School Grad, Chairman Mao Tse Tung

US Tariff War escalates; Iran, North Korea, China and now Mexico. 5% on all goods entering the US by land, sea or air from Mexico, begins June 10, going up to 10% on July 1 and 5%/month thereafter until illegal immigration stops; it won’t stop, George Soros, the Jesuits and the US are financing illegal immigration.


EIKO (Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order) an Iranian (Aryan) State owned corp built on confiscated assets of infidels; the Shia version of the Inquisitions and the Mormon Dannite Band, Avenging Angels and Mormon Mafia. Shias await the return of al-Mahdi aka Antichrist. EIKO Agents seize Christian Church in Tabriz; some claim Tabriz is the birthplace of Zoroaster and site of the original Garden of Eden; just like Mormons who are taught the Garden of Eden is in Jackson Missouri; all nonsense. Zoroaster: “He whose camels are old”? or “Undiluted Star”?; Jesus warned it is easier for a Camel to pass through the Eye of the Needle than for a rich man to enter Heaven; Q or Qop is the Eye of the Needle, the East Gate or Golden Gate Jesus entered and was rejected is the same Gate Antichrist will enter and be accepted. (Ref Jn 5:43). Camels are not indigenous to the highlands (Asian Steppe) Zoroastrianism is a religious philosophy of self-actualization, in other words, Zoroastrianism is Gnosticism whose final battle of Good versus Evil is seen in the Sons of Light ie followers of Ahura Mazda aka Ormuzd or Hormuz (Horus and Tammuz), the Luciferian Creator, battle the Sons of Darkness aka followers of the rebellious spirit Ahriman, the personification of Evil, Gnostics equate with Christianity; in case this is not obvious, Zoroastriansm is Persian Gnosticism which originated with the Serpent in the Garden of Eden. Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Frederich Nietsche’s book has one theme “God is Dead”, a parable about the death of God and rise of the Ubermensche, a caste of Aryan Supermen ; Aryan=”Noble Caste”. Sounds like the Nazi SS (Black Sun) because it is and its coming! Paris trained Luciferian Freemason Ayathollah ali Khomeini, the son of British Morisco (false convert to Islam) asset Sir William Williamson was installed by the US during the Green Revolution; Khamenei is his hand picked successor. This is a War not so much in the physical sense as a SPIRITUAL war of Souls; Shariah and Noahide Laws both require rejection of JESUS, the sole source of the Holy Ghost and Unforgivable Sin. If you are not ready to give your life for JESUS, you need to have Him convince you!

Operation Pence Turkey invades NW Iraq aka Kurdistan. Black Horse may ring a Baal. Same day Robert Mueller ended his investigation of Trump-Russia collusion; Congress believes otherwise. “We never proved Osama bin Laden had any involvement with 9/11, nor put him on the 10 Most Wanted List” FBI Director Robert Mueller. Ready for Impeachment? Pence is.

Passover - Samaritan

Samaritan Wine from Gvaot Winery in Shiloh wins Gold at the Decanter World Wine Awards. Samaritans are not Jewish Jesus sent 70 in ministry as “Lambs among Wolves” to Samaria (Lk 10) at the time of Feast of Tabernacles (Oct 13-21, 2019) King Omri, the wickedest king until his son Ahab, built his capital on Mt Gerizem (Mt Sinai to the Samaritans) in Samaria; his son Ahab and the Phoenician princess Jezebel allowed Samaritans to raise their 70 sons who became the 25 “Ancients of Israel” who turned their backs to the LORD, faced the “Rising Sun”, worshipped idols, copulated with abominable beasts and burned incense on the altar of Solomon’s Temple as women “Wept for Tammuz” on the porch (Eze 8) My how times have changed; NOT! The Rising Sun is Shamash, the Babylonian Sun Lion and Judge of the Hanukkah Menorah, used to replace God (Dec 26, 2019 Annular Solar Eclipse may get interesting). The Ark of the Covenant was deposited in the Tabernacle in Shiloh; the LXX and Vulgate translate Shiloh as “He who is sent”; the word actually means “He whose it is”, a title of Jesus as Melchisedek “King of Jerusalem” (Gen 14:18; Ps 110; Heb 7), Alpha and Omega, and the real Lion of Judah and “Master of the House”. The Tribe of Joseph was assigned to Samaria; Jesus will join the “Stick of Joseph” to the “Stick of Judah” at the 2nd Coming (Eze 37:19-27), that is after the Great Tribulation and 3rd Temple Priests separate followers of Jesus Christ from misguided followers of Satan (Dragon, Devil, Serpent Rev 12:9) beginning at Rev 11:1. Think it just coincidence that over the last 120 years of observing the Binary Star AG Draconis, astronomers are claiming “AG Draconis is acting Very Wierd” Who are the 3rd Temple Priests? Samaritans (Cohen); they believe nothing in Scripture is accurate or of Divine origin. The Throne of Pergamon “Satan’s Seat” is the “Throne of Zeus”; Jesuits “Milita of Zeus” control the Temple Mount from the Vatican; Pope Benedict XVI (Rev 16 describes God’s Wrath) may ring a Baal, the Benediction Sign is used by Samaritans; the white bearded Jesus? Samaritan Zeus. Guess who the Lambs are? Hint: 33 deg Luciferian Wolf in Sheep’s Clothes Billy Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse gave us the Ebola (Hemorrhagic) epidemic; Ebola “Black River” refers to the “Balls”; Iron balls and Sheep bone used in Flogging before Crucifixion to induce bleeding. Time to choose the Blood of the Lamb! not Samaritan Lamb’s blood! Notice every Samaritan is covering their head “Every man praying of prophesying, having his head covered, dishonoureth his head” 1 Cor 11:4

Bilderberg 2019 May 30-June 2; Fairmont LeMontreaux Palace Switzerland. Knight of St John of Jerusalem Donald Trump attended Bilderberg 2013 visiting the newly opened Macleod Int’l Golf Links, named after his mother’s Macleod/Knight Templar lineage. Gnomes of Zurich Agenda: Europe, Brexit, Climate Change, Capitalism, AI, Space; in other words; Brexit will end the European Union, complete the Tower of Babel and fill Seat #666 in the European Parliament; end American Capitalism and usher in the Black Horse and Space will be filled with 5G AI controlled satellites destroying plant, animal and human life. Special guest? Chabad Lubavitch puppet Jared Kushner will present the Deal of the Century.

First Space-Based View of the Ozone Hole

Anthropogene Epoch Science is used twice in KJV Scripture; “Tongue of the Chaldeans” (Dan 1:5) and “Vain, profane babblings” (Tim 6:12KJV) the International Geological Congress in Cape Town has adopted the name invented by Atmospheric Chemist Paul Crutzen in 2003 for the Montreal Protocol and Humanist Manefesto. Atheist scientists claim the Age of Man arrived with Atomic and Hydrogen bomb testing. Anthropogenic Climate Change caused by increased CO2 “Greenhouse Gas” and now CFC’s and Nitrous Oxide are destroying Ozone; both unproven science, but extremely lucrative for the “Green Movement” and Gnostics posing as politicians and scientists. Increasing CO2 and Temperature increases evaporation, forms clouds, rain, and produces a Greenhouse, increasing photosynthesis and the food supply; how evil! The Ozone Hole was observed in 1926, before CFC’s came into widespread use; the hole opens over the north polar regions from Oct-Jan, and th eSouth polar regions on the opposite side fo the calendar simply because decreased UV Radiation from the Sun does not make contact with free Oxygen to form Ozone; this decreases Ozone production locally and temporarily, before recovering seasonally as the Sun rises. Jesus warned a time would come when people kill and think they are doing God a service; that time is here. “Except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved” Mat 24:20

Israel - Trump Becomes First Sitting U.S. President to Visit Western Wall 22/5/17
President Trump's Trip Abroad

Trump declares National Emergency over Iran; Iran Republican Guard refuses to negotiate with the “Great Satan”; not a particularly new term as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad used the term “Great Satan” at the United Nations 3 years in a row for America; he was the lead captor of American hostages in Iran for the “October Surprise”, the Reagan-Bush Presidency. Trump is Marranos, a false convert to Presbyterian Church of Germanic-Ashkenazi descent; Trump authorized $8B military aviation related hardware to UAE, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The Foreign Branch of Iran’s Republican Guard is called the Quds Force aka Jerusalem Force; the US and Israel (read Chabad Lubavitch/Chasidic/Chaldean fake Jews) declared Jerusalem the eternal capital of the Jews; Jesus, was Jewish and calls Jerusalem “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” Rev 11:8KJV. Reagan, Bush Sr/Jr, Clinton, Obama, Trump and Putin have all bowed and received Saudi Arabia’s King Abdul Aziz “Medal of Freedom”, in addition, all have donned the Yarmulke (Cap of Cybele aka “Magna Mater”) and prayed at Herod’s Edomite Western Wall; Jesus said no stone of the Temple would remain; this wall is the remnant of Herod’s Antonia Fortress. Dialectic is controlling both sides of conflict, in this case the Thesis (Zionism) versus Anti-thesis (Islam) will result in WWIII and the doctrine of Lucifer, the Chaldean “Light Bearer”. Saudis are from the House of Mordechai, more “Jewish” than Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Mizrahi or Chasidic “Jews” Now in Shushan the palace there was a certain Jew, whose name was Mordecai, the son of Jair, the son of Shimei, the son of Kish, a Benjamite Esther 2:5. Benjamin Netanyahu, a 33 deg Luciferian Mason claims descent from Benjamin; he is not. The House of Said are followers of Mohammad Wahhab and Ibn Sayyid Qutb (coined the term al Qaeda in 1966); they are not Muslim, but Morisco (False Converts to Islam). The UAE are Ismaili, prophesied to live as a wild donkey in the midst of their brethren. Jordan is Idumea, the land of Moabites, Ammonites and Edomites who escape the hand of Antichrist during the Great Trib (Dan 11:41KJV) Saudi Arabia will control the Temple Mount and their puppet world leaders, not the Jordanian Waqf, currently led by 33 deg Freemason King Abdullah II. Iran is led by Paris initiated Grand Orient Lodge Freemason Ayathollah ali Khamenei, a protege of Rullah Khomenei, the son of British (Morisco) agent William Williamson. Israel and Palestine will ok the deal because they too are led by 33 deg Freemasons Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas. A deal made with 33 deg Freemason, Israeli PM Shimon Peres (Crypto fake Jew Simon Perski) gave control of the Temple Mount to the Vatican; Jesuits (Militia of Zeus) control the Vatican. Morrison “Mott” Waite, a Skull & Bones (aka Brotherhood of Death) Supreme Court Chief Justice took all rights from Citizens and gave them to CORPORATE AMERICA, changing the preamble of the Bill of Rights from the Constitution of the United States to the CONSTITUTION FOR THE UNITED STATES; Clever, Treasonous and Deadly; US Citizens have no Rights under the Supreme Law of the Land. Mott (Egyptian Maat), his Skull & Bones “Name” is the Canaanite/Phoenican/Hebrew/Arab God of Death; America is the Phoenix of the New Age. The Masonic/Jesuit plan calls for the US to collapse the World Economy as the Scapegoat for Rev 18 “Babylon”; Antichrist rises from the ashes as the Phoenix of the New Age. The Phoenix connects Egypt to Arabia; in the picture above, Trump is right in the Middle. If you can’t hear the snorting of the White, Red, Black and Pale Horses, ask JESUS for help!


Donald Trump tweets “This is the Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment” arriving in Japan amid a Trade War with China, N Korea and Japan. The torch on the Baphomet symbol represents “Enlightenment”; Solve and Coagula “Order out of Chaos”, the final Gnostic push to reject God and build “Heaven on Earth” seen in the opening lines of the Emerald tablet of Toth-Hermes “As Above; So Below”. Why Japan? Jih Pun is the “Land of the Rising Sun”; worship of the Rising Sun caused the Glory of the LORD to depart Solomon’s Temple (Eze 8) and Jesus to depart the 2nd Temple by the same route; Donald “King of the World” + Trump (Deceive, Cheat, Mock, Blow a Trumpet) is heralding the start of the “Age of Enlightenment”. Abe’s wife descends from convicted War Criminal Nobusuke Kishi, Gov of Manchuria who managed death camps rivaling Stalin’s Gulags in scope; he was released by the US to become PM after WWII. His father Shintaro Abe a member Unit 731, the Chemical, Biological weapons testing facility; likewise, Unit 731 dwarfed Nazi camp Dr Joseph Mengele in atrocities, it’s head Major Horatio Ishi was also released by the US, just like Mengele and Hitler; Abe flaunts the fact people are ignorant to his past by posing in WWII aircraft with the number 731. Donald Trump’s (Germanic Ashkenazi Crypto Jew Drumpf=Drummer) uncle John Trump weaponized Nikola Tesla’s EM (Electro-magnetic) technology for the US Army before it was handed over to Jesuit, 33 deg Mason Joseph “Man of Steel” Stalin by 33 deg Mason, Shriner Muslim Harry “Atomic Bomb” Truman (Atomic bombs were enroute to Tinian Is as the Trinity Detonation occurred); 33 deg Freemason/Crypto fake Jew J Robert Oppenheimer quoted Shiva aka Apollo in the Gagavad Ghita. Bari Malik Shabazz aka Barack Obama, bowed to the son (Akahito) of WWII 33 deg Mason fake Shinto, Emperor Hirohito, delivering “Made in the USA” MOX Fuel (Mixed Uranium-Plutonium Oxide) to Fukushima Reactor #3, intentionally melted down (Siemens Corp made control valves; Earthquake and Tsunami had nothing to do with this) to destroy the Pacific Ocean; it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Enlightenment is seen in Baphomet, the Baptism of Wisdom, the recent Trump “Stable Genius” monicker may ring a Baal, it is no coincidence; the Chaldean Adam Kadmon represents “Enlightenment”. Baphomet (Baph + Metis) is the Union of Knowledge and Wisdom according to Gnostics; Fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom according to Scripture! I’d go with that. Baphomet is Sophia in the Atbash Cipher; Sophia (Gnosis) is the first AI Citizen of NEOM, built over the Wilderness of Sin, who will write its own History and Scripture. Baphomet has 8 letters, representing replacement of the 8th and final Covenant between God and Man in JESUS. Capricornus, the Sabbath Goat of Saturnalia is “Father Mithras”, worshipped by Catholic/Orthodox clergy wearing the Mitre; I’m betting they can’t wait for the Dec 26, 2019 Annular Solar Eclipse.

Inauguração da Oxitec em Campinas

Oxitec Bill Gates stated at a TED Talk “The mosquito is the world’s most dangerous animal and 2nd place isn’t even close” Gates funded Oxitec creates Genetically Modified Mosquitoes and uses the Six Pointed Star of Saturn Logo for a reason. Oxitec is teaming with the extremist group, similar to Soros’ Open Society Foundation called Open Philanthropy Project, an LLC (Limited Liability) 501c3 tax free Corporate NGO feeding $millions to the Target Malaria Project, set to release Genetically Modified Mosquitoes in Burkina Faso, Africa. The first GM Mosquitoes with Novel Gene Drive “Exterminator” Technology alter the genetics of entire species and are capable of not just altering individual mosquitoes, but eradicating an entire species.

House of Representatives Committee passes Dream Act, American Promise Act and Venezuela TPS Act allowing a path to citizenship for illegal aliens. Emperor Caracalla used this tactic to collapse the Roman Empire.