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Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook School

What if Coroner H Wayne Carver (d Dec 2019) was Jesuit CDC Dr Robert Redfield Sandy Hook “Heroes” not only won the CT Lottery in last 2 years, they also got paid their share of $26M Remington Settlement, did their “Crisis Actors” Gigs at a closed school; paying the role of Coroner, H Wayne Carver had the fire department remove the bodies and got promoted to Head of the CDC for COVID. It’s the East Coast HQ of the Church of Satan!

Sandy Hook means “Play the Joker or Trump Card”; for Gnostics, Jesus is the Joker. An FBI, CT Police Drill was being conducted the day of Sandy Hook; the alleged school filmed by news crews was however a closed Mental Institution. Hurricane Sandy was planned by FEMA on Disaster Planning Maps to travel up the coast of the US and “Hook” into NY Harbor. The East Coast HQ of the Church of Satan is in Sandy Hook. Dark Knight Rises featured a map with Sandy Hook and number of children, and teachers allegedly killed at Sandy Hook. Robbie Parker was caught on CNN cameras laughing before his CNN interview; 2 hrs earlier his daughter Emily was allegedly gunned down at Sandy Hook; 2 Hrs before the event he had the foresight to set up a GoFundMe Charity Account for his daughter. Coroner H Wayne Carver certified the dead bodies which were transferred to the Fire Station across the street and removed the next day from the alleged Crime Scene. How on earth is this legal?  Trump’s CDC Dir Robert Redfield announcing a deadly 2nd wave of Coronavirus would be quite a Trump Card eh?

How do you get the whole town of Sandy Hook to enact a hoax? Buy them off

Map of Sandy Hook in Dark Knight Rises (released July 16, 2012). Bane and Batman both “Initiates” of R’as Al Gul “Head of the Demon”, a play on Beta Perseus “Algol” (Demon Star) The 26 locations matching the number of alleged victims (Dec 14, 2012) dotted circles match the 6 faculty; squares and circles the number of children. Hurricane Sandy traveled up the East Coast and hooked directly into NY Harbor Oct 29, 2012. Tired of being treated like a Mushroom? Perseus is the Amenita Muscaria Mushroom god of Christmas/Saturnalia. Saturn and Jupiter will be at their closest conjunction in 400 years Dec 21, 2020

Sandy Hook (Play the Joker or Trump Card) Coroner H Wayne Carver (d Dec 2019) certifies 26 dead bodies (depicted in Dark Knight Rises, the movie screened during the Century (Deal of the Century) 16 Theater Aurora (Painting of Aurora pulling Apollo in Trump’s Penthouse; uncle Fred Trump weaponized EM weaponry for the US Military after Tesla was murdered Jan 1943; EM energy causes Auroras)  CO shooting; James Holmes playing the Joker), removes them from the crime scene to a Fire Station across the street and releases them for burial before any autopsies or investigation. CDC Dir Robert Redfield is now warning a deadly 2nd wave of Coronavirus is coming Fall of 2020 exactly 100 years after the deadly 2nd wave of Spanish Flu in time for Trump’s “Deal of the Century” See any resemblance?

Barron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey is about a child named Barron led by Donald escaping chaos in NYC after wealthy outsider becomes President dividing rich from poor; Barron lived at the same location Trump Tower would later be built. 7 left hand forks are required from Trump Tower at Columbus Circle to get to the Carbon Countdown Clock, set to countdown to 12/31/2020 and the final 7 years before Climate Armageddon. Donald’s uncle John Trump weaponized Tesla’s patented EM energy technology which uses the energy differential between the Earth and Ionosphere which causes Auroras; He fashions himself after the god Apollo “Destroyer” of Rev 9:11 whose chariot is led by Aurora. Apollo and Corona “Crown” had a child Aesculapius the god of Plague whose snake wrapped staff is the logo of the WHO, $US, Uniformed Medical Services and worldwide Emergency Medical Services.

2/15/15 Noah Pozner, Sandy Hoax “Victim” turns up in the Peshawar shooting by the Taliban; BBC admits the hoax, US Press? No Coverage. Alexis Israel (Sandy=Alexander “Defender of men” + Israel) turns up as Crisis Actor “Witness” in Aurora CO, at Sandy Hook as fake student Adam Lanza’s (Red Spear) classmate and in the first ISIS fake Beheading video as James Foley’s (Foley played the Joker in Colorado shooting) sister.
2/11/15 Brian Williams suspended for lying. CIA Asset Anderson Cooper lied about Sandy Hook; Green Screen allowed him to be there when ISIS “Beheadings” happened. Voice of Bohemian Grove Owl Walter Cronkite lied about the JFK assassination and Masonic fake Moon Landing. “Think of the press as an instrument dictators can use” Joseph Goebbels
1/26/15 $Trillion Lawsuits filed against Media (CNNABCNBCMSNBCBC), Newtown Bee, New York Times, Hartford Courant over Sandy Hoax
12/15/14 Sandy Hook families launch lawsuit against Bushmaster Firearms. No Bushmaster Firearm was ever recovered at Sandy Hook.
11/11/14 FBI reports Sandy Hook was a “Live Drill”; no people were injured; the event misreported by the media. A Hoax on par with the Apollo Moon Landing reported by the “Most trusted man in the world” Walter Cronkite, long time voice of the Owl “Molech” at Bohemian Grove. Sandy Hook means “Play the Joker”; the Joker is a Blasphemy of Jesus as the Trump of God; Trump is the Satanic version of the “Trump Card”; Jesus returns at the “Last Trump” (1 Cor 15:52; 1 Thess 4:17; Rev 10:7) to claim His own; the Satanic/Jesuit equivalent is the “Pre-Trib Rapture” Watch out!
Oct 30, 2014 Reuters ran a story giving credit and an award to Newton resident Rob Cox for managing Sandy Hook Hill Knowlton managed Gulf War I using fake stories about Babies in Incubators to justify the attack, it’s only fitting he is rewarded for lying.
7/23/14 This run down of photos is damming evidence of the Sandy Hoax
6/26/14 Jesuit, Boule Society Initiate Eric Holder DOJ gives Sandy Hook “Crisis Actors” (fake grieving families) another $7.1Million. The total payout is now $14.1M + $50M Jesuit Gov Dan Malloy set aside to demolish evidence.
4/11/14 26 Christmas Trees were at the Fire House before the Sandy Hook incident. Smoking Gun as big as the Dark Knight Rises map
02/21/14 Social Security Records show NO VICTIMS
12/15/13 Supposedly Dead Sandy Hook students displayed at 2013 Super Bowl,  now 11-13 yrs old. The implications: The Hoax was pre-planned 6 years in advance.
11/10/11 CT State Atty Stephen Sedensky urges CT Judges to withhold 911 Emergency Calls as Sandy Hook Elementary Demolition begins. Good plan Steve, wouldn’t want the truth to get out.
10/7/13 CT granted $50M in Federal Gov funds to rebuild Sandy Hook Elementary. The average elementary school costs $7M; Sandy Hook was and continues to be a giant Pay Day for Crisis Actors
8/2/13 Here is a good synopsis of Aurora and Sandy Hook
6/5/13 Gov Dan Malloy signs legislation sealing crime scene photos, transcripts, and video evidence from Sandy Hook. Why? The story has fallen completely apart and there is no evidence.
4/10/13 “We are at the critical moment for Gun Control” Barack Obama in CT.
Obama visiting Crisis Actor Nicole Hocklley and sitting with supposedly deceased daughter of Robbie Parker is strange; but everyone involved with Sandy Hook laughing is bizarre.
CT Gov Dan Malloy “NRA President Wayne LaPierre is a Clown in a Circus”. Staging an event with CT Police, FEMA and DHS using Crisis Actors is something you should discuss with Wayne in public. Load up a 120 lb kid with 600 rounds of .223 Ammo; show us the video of Adam Lanza entering the school and 3 men caught at the school and let the world decide whether Wayne or Dan is the Dog or Pony in this Circus show.

Sandy Hook: No Victims, No Assault Weapon, No Perpetrator These Assumptions were skillfully created through Chaldean Magick using Crisis Actors. Scrtipture admonishes us to “Prove all Things”; Sandy Hook is smokescreen covering LIBOR interest rate manipulations and Bain Capital aka “Sinaloa Drug Cartel” aka “Marvelous Investments” Money Laundering; together, these represent $Trillions in manufactured money, leveraged and converted to $100’s of Trillions in manufactured Debt. Creditors make Slaves of Debtors”. Benghazi, was and is the world’s largest Gun Running operation, 10X the Iran-Contra weapons for drugs operation.
“Nancy Lanza was a caring Kindergarten teacher” 15yr School nurse Sally Cox. One problem: Nancy has never worked at Sandy Hook.
According to the Social Security Administration, Adam Lanza died on 12/13/2012.
Obama posed for a picture with Emilie Parker on 12/16; Emilie is not a Sandy Hook student. I Pet Goat II features a cartoon version Emilie Parker.
Wrong Location The pictures shown by the media of Sandy Hook are not Sandy Hook Elementary; the Street Signs and backdrops are all fake. Sandy Hook, in my opinion exposes the same level of control over Education, Media, Religion, Courts etc as Julius Caesar wrote of in his Gallic Wars. The world has “Crossed the Rubicon” and most don’t even realize it.
SANDY HOOK means “Play the Joker Card” or “Trump Card”; more specifically, the Spiritual Joker or Trump Card. It also means “Commandeer a Sovereign Ship”. In this case, the United States and its Constitution. Sandy Hook and the Dark Knight Trilogy are elements of the same deception. On 7/20/12 as Dark Knight Rises opened in Aurora Colorado (Lucifer’s Red River) 2700 World, Government and Corporate leaders convened in Santa Rosa (Santa aka Saint is the Hittite god of the west) CA for the annual Bohemian Grove encampment. Sacrifices are made to a 40ft tall Owl of Wisdom called Molech amid the Redwoods along the Russian River. World leaders including Obama putting on plays dressed in women’s clothes called “Hi Jinx in Hades” punctuated by Necrophilia, Pedophilia, S&M, Bestiality and a perpetual game of Dominoes probably seems strange to most people as it should.

Bohemian Grove is derived from an ancient Rite of Melqart  (Marduk) in the E-Barra (Shining House or House of Shamash) sanctuary, today called “Begone Dull Care” or “Cremation of Dull Care” where Begone is another name of Barra, or Shamash. Strange names until one realizes the center candle of the Hanukkah Menorah is Shamash. Israel and the US are scheduled to complete “Project 911” on “Site 911” aka “Beit Shemesh” (Shamash) for Hanukkah 2014; over every door will be a written rejection of Jesus Christ called the “Mezuzah”. Wanna bet that will coincide with Rev 9:11? “Barra Anti Malldai” is the phrase barring Justice from the “Initiates” of Shamash in Babylon.

St Rosa is the patron saint of Latin America and the Philippines, both illegally controlled by Sephardics (Babylonian Sepharvaim). “Lord increase my sufferings and with them increase your love in my heart”- St Rosa (Isabel) of Lima; the Lord Jesus Christ? Heaven’s no, she is depicted wearing a Crown or Roses because she is part of the Rosicrucian “Order of Rose and Cross” deception. On Nov 27, Eric Holder funded “Project Longevity” providing funds for Active Shooter Drills with BATFE, FEMA and FBI agents working in concert with professional “Crisis Actors to provide realistic simulations such as the Drill in Bridgeport CT. There was also a lock-down event at St Rosa pre-school at 46 Church Hill Rd in Newtown CT on Dec 14, 2012. Footage of this was shown live by CNN as being from Sandy Hook Elementary, which is why there are no actual Victims or Crime Scene.

CIA Asset Anderson Cooper, besides being a Sodomite was trained by the CIA as an Intern; in other words, he is an “Initiate”. On the Gotham City Map, Strike Zone 4 appears to be the southeast part of Central Park; his family (Vanderbilt) brought Cleopatra’s Needle to NYC; having nothing to do with Cleopatra, the Obelisk was likely made shortly after the Exodus by Moses’ adoptive mother, the Pharoah Hatshepsut. St Rosa prayed for increased suffering; likely we haven’t seen anything yet.
In the China Sea, Japan and the Philippines (St Rosa is the patron saint of the Philippines) are bound by treaty to the US; China claims Sovereignty over the Diaoyus Islands as does Japan (called the Senkakus Is). Russia (note the connection to the Russian River near Santa Rosa) is bound by treaty to China. Refer back to St Rosa; patron Saint of the Philippines; this is how occult communication works. By the way, Teddy Roosevelt illegally annexed the Philippines by slaughtering 250K native Filippinos and the same can be said of Hawaii, Obama’s mythical birthplace.

Coronavirus is the Global Economic Wrecking Ball to bring in GESARA. Germany is repatriating Gold, allegedly held by the Federal Reserve (Knights Templar) who are repeating the same modus-operendi they used 700 years ago; make promises, offer IOU’s and torch the house. Is the Gold actually there? No, it was spirited out on 9/11/2001 while the “Stage Show” aka “Distraction” was going on above ground. Was it advertised? Yes, in the movie Die Hard with a Vengeance. Who took the Gold? Germans of course. Was it pre-planned? Of course, remember that ANFO filled Van the FBI had Ramzi Yousef drive under the North Tower in 1993? Could that have brought down the Tower? Absolutely not, it was just a Distraction used to seal the tunnels under the World Trade Center where Foreign Gold was deposited. Knights Templar used Lock Boxes and IOU’s 700 years ago; this is just a modern day version. Does angela Merkel know their Gold is not there? Absolutely, this is just a “Causus Belli” to invade America.
Bane, the “Necessary Evil” in Dark Knight Rises destroys Manhattan and the financial markets  just like Bain Capital and in Die Hard with a Vengeance, an unlikely shopkeeper named “Zeus” helps Bruce Willis’ character John McClane? In Live Free of Die Hard America is turned into “Chaos” and a “Fire Sale” ensues. Bane and “Fire Rises”; “Cremation of Dull Care”; The Red Phoenix Rising from Fire at the Olympic Closing Ceremony and Batman all should start to make sense. Recall, Bane and Batman do not get “Distracted” because they are “Initiates”. Focus your attention on Jesus Christ and you will not be “Distracted” during the upcoming 3rd Act of Chaldean Magick.
Prior Planning? You bet. “Nothing in Politics happens by chance; if it happens it was planned” FDR In 1999, Germany began training Luftwaffe Air Force pilots in Holomon AFB New Mexico; the same location Nazis. Angela Merkel is likely the daughter of Adolf Hitler developed the Atomic Bomb and Rocket Program; Nazi SS Major Werhner von Braun wrote The Mars Project, in he said “Mars will be led by a man named Elon.” It was  later used to fake the Apollo Moon Program with the help of Hollywood and Stanley Kubrick of course. China plans an assault from Vancouver BC (British Columbia and District of Columbia have similar meanings) and is presently converting over $1Trillion in Treasury Bills to American Land contained in Sovereign “Special Economic Zones” with the aid of treasonous State Governors.

In addition, Latin American “Agents Povacateurs” such as MEChA, LaRaza Unida and Voz de Aztlan already in place inside America and on the Supreme Court (Sonia Sotomayor) all under control of NORTHCOM in Colorado Springs. Neat trick eh?
The USS Enterprise Strike Group was turned around toward the Arabian Sea for attacks on Afghanistan after Capt Jim Winnefeld saw the South Tower get hit. My, that was fast work eh? Traitor Jim was rewarded with command of NORTHCOM and is now Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs fo Staff instigating conflicts in the China Sea, Korea, Mali, Syria, and Iran while planning for Martial Law in America. Hard to believe 1006 pages in the Patriot Act were written, read and signed into Law by Congress in 2 weeks eh? That’s because it was pre-written.
The Federal “Drill” in Newtown CT Vigilant Guardian Drill on 9/11/2001 simulated Commercial Airliners hijacked by terrorists and flown into prominent buildings. The movie Knowing with Knight of Malta Nic Cage  forecasted Deep Water Horizon, 1 year in advance. NATO and SOUTHCOM were conducting a Haitan Relief Drill as Port au Prince was hit with a 7.0 Earthquake. It’s out in the open, we just need to pay attention.

In Chaldean Magick, there are 3 stages to the Act: Pledge, Turn and Prestige. Magick is based on Sleight of Hand, and faulty assumptions. Sandy Hook is the Prestige; the symbolic Pledge (Batman Begins), Turn (Dark Knight), Sin Eating, descent into Hell and Re-birth as the Dark Knight Rises. You can see this in full view here Sandy Hook was featured in the Dark Knight Rises, Batman was a protege of Ra’s Al Goul aka Demon’s Head or Satan’s Head. The Head of Satan on earth is of course the Man of the Sin. Recall Heath Ledger was the Sin Eater in the movie The Order, the Joker, and the Hangman in the Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus; as the Hangman “Rising” from the ashes of a destroyed America. Ra’s Al Goul’s other protege is Bane, referring to Bain Capital and the Sinaloa “Federation” Drug Cartel. We even had a moment of “Peace” on May Day “Beltane” with the fake Osama bin Laden raid. Operation Gun Runner, LIBOR and Benghazi were all elements of this grand Stage Play and the Prestige has begun.

In the movie The Prestige the movie ends in Colorado (Red River) Springs with Nikola Tesla’s technology given to the Magician desperate to pull off the greatest act of Magick; Earthquakes, Weather, fake Visions will soon become the “Externalization of the Hierarchy” written of by Theosophical Society founder Helena Blavatsky ie the Unveiling of the Man of Sin and his Earthly Knighted Hierarchy.

Bushmaster .223 There was no Bushmaster .223 used in this charade! All major news outlets admit the Bushmaster .223 was in the trunk of a car. Not the first time we have been led to assume a lie; Dick Cheney, Robert Mueller and Don Rumsfeld all stated they have no proof Osama bin Laden was involved with 9/11/2001. So, the question is, what does Bushmaster 223 mean? Let’s start by seeing what Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda mean. Usama=Lion; bin=Manger or Crib; Laden=Ladon, the 100 headed beast guarding the Golden Apples of Hespirides (far West). al-qaeda means “Solid Foundation”; in Saudi Arabia, it means Foreign Toilet. Feeling a little sheepish? Me too, time to wake up.
223 is a mirror image of 322 referring to “Woman”, created from Man in Gen 2:23 to become his Master and leading Man into Sin in Gen 3:22; a reversal of biblical principles if you will. Bushmaster: God appeared to Moses as the Burning Bush; the opposite of this appears in the Dark Knight Rises with Bane “Fire Rises”. Likely, there is also a reference to Aleister Crowley, the illegitimate father of Barbara Bush. In Rev 2:23, we find God promising to kill the spiritual offspring of Jezebel (Phoenician princess) in the Church of Thyatira (Catholic or Universal Church). America is set to become a Scapegoat for Rev 18 “Babylon” and the Roman Catholic Church set to become the Scapegoat for Rev 17 “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT…” Why? The Dark Knight rises to assume the place of Jesus in Rev 19. The Apocrypha Book of Jubilees 2:23 makes reference to 22 things Created by God in 6 days, Adam being the 22nd means Red; Adam Lanza then means “Red Spear”. An elaborate deception unlike any other in history is unfolding in plain sight.
      No Bushmaster .223 rifle was recovered or even used at Sandy Hook; furthermore, there were likely no victims; merely an elaborate Stage Play. Even the name Adam Lanza is cryptic, meaning “Red Spear”; as will be seen, SANDY HOOK was CAPITALIZED, on the Gotham City map used in Dark Knight Rises referring to the SPIRITUAL rather than physical “Death” brought by the release of the “Pale Horse”. The Pale Horse, described in Rev 6:7-8 is followed by Rev 6:9 “I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held” That slaughter is about to commence and your personal testimony of Jesus Christ is all that stand between Heaven and an Eternity in Hell. In Rev 6:14 “And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together…” At that point, it will be too late; the Scroll containing the Book of Life will be rolled and Sealed by God. Folks, I am not trying to be alarmist, but all this is in plain sight; it is time to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour before its too late. He is not the Joker, He is not the Fool, He is not the Dark Knight and He is most certainly the Trump of God. Times are about to get rather interesting to say the least.
The UN Conference on the Global Arms Trade Treaty met in New York City July 2-27, 2012. Over the same period, 2700 world leaders were meeting at Bohemian Grove to plan WWIII and offer sacrifices to the 40ft Owl of Wisdom “Molech”. Putting on plays called “Hi Jinx in Hades” dressed in women’s clothes is a story you can read about in my article Bohemian Grove. in the “Secret Societies” section. To imagine what Bohemian Grove is like, imagine what Sodom and Gomorrah must have been like. Their favorite game? Dominoes; if you are getting the impression the world is set up as one gigantic Domino board, you are “Waking Up”; Dom means Mask and refers to Esau’s prophesied global “Dominion”.

After the trailer for Gangster Squad at the opening of Dark Knight Rises on 7/20/12 a man dressed as a Red Haired (Edom=Red) Joker opened fire in Aurora (Aus=To Shine=Lucifer) killing the exact number of people killed in Lil Wayne’s music video My Homies Still, also shot in a Theater. The Dark Knight Rises from a financial collapse initiated by Bane; that would be Bain (LIBOR, Sinaloa Cartel and Marvelous Investments) Capital. Strike Zone 1 is Sandy Hook; the other 4 Strike Zones represent Manhattan and the fall of Wall St.

“The UN will Conclude the work begun in July 2012” in NYC “Gotham City” 18-28 March 2013. Interesting time frame as 3/22 is the Zoroastrian Nowruz “New Light”. The Brotherhood of Death is “Society 322”. In Dark Knight Rises the Joker’s Calling Card is the Devil and one of the Red Circles near Strike Zone 5 identifies the location Heath Ledger (Played both the Joker and Hangman in Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus) died. Mt Parnassus, the location of Greek Mystery Religion Initiations is represented by the Hangman Tarot Card #12 which opened the movie; in other words, Heath was mocking God and died because of it. Need more reasons to get Jesus Christ in your life now? Read on.

1/19/13 A 3rd potential Sandy Hook gunman was captured in the woods, next to the school wearing a black T-shirt and Cammo pants carrying a gun. He was discovered to have been an off-duty SWAT policeman from Bridgeport and was released. Is it just coincidence FBI, FEMA and CT Emergency Services were conducting a “Drill” designed to provide aid to students affected by emergencies that day? Why else would an “off-duty” SWAT Policeman be carrying a gun dressed like Adam Lanza to an Elementary School? If Sandy Hook was indeed a real event, why would he run from the scene?
1/19/13 Pope Benedict XVI expressed his support for Obama’s proposed Un-constitutional Gun Laws. As a member of the Nazi party, and Head of the Office of Inquisition he knows first hand what happens when weapons are confiscated.
Barack Obama Gun Legislation 1/16 23 Executive Actions including
Prohibition of “Assault” weapons with more than 10 rounds such as the weapon used at Sandy Hook (No bushmaster .223 was used by Adam Lanza in Sandy Hook).
A Universal Data Base and Background Checks on all commercial and private firearm sales with input and incentives to provide that input from the Mental Health Community, Religious Organizations and State Agencies. Obamacare aka Universal Health Care is Unconstitutional, health professionals to inquire about firearms owned by patients. Essentially, Government, Medical and Clergy will gather “Snitch” and transmit intelligence on Citizens as Mat 24:10 states will happen at the start of Great Tribulation. Remember, the largest NSA Data Collection Facility will be operational soon in Salt Lake City aka “Zion”.
Training in “Active Shooter Drills” for Law Enforcement, School Resource Officers, School Officials and First Responders. Is it coincidence J Paul Vance has participated in many of these type drills using professional “Crisis Actors”; one such “Drill” was pre-scheduled in Bridgeport CT and an off-duty police participant in that Drill was caught at Sandy Hook. Worth noting is the word “Lieutenant” means “To take the place or speak for another”; Who might that be?
Discussions on Mental Health led by Margaret Sanger disciple and Abortion advocate Kathleen SebeliusPlanned Parenthood is an interesting name referring to arranged marriages ie planning ones own parents or Dynastic Lines for a future event. Culling of children is nothing new; it’s how the biblical “Giants” were created by the Amalekites and Avites etc. Anyone taking SSRI’s; Visiting a Mental Health Counseling or discussing mental health issues with Clergy could be disqualified from Gun ownership
       Sandy Hook Elementary was destroyed and is not a Crime Scene
A Bushmaster .223 was never recovered from Sandy Hook Elementary. An “Assault” Weapons ban hinges on this critical deception. Adam Lanza never had access to a Bushmaster .223.
Adam Lanza’s doctor Rima Laibow stated he was not on SSRI’s; to date 1/17/12 his toxicology results have not been released, nor has his body been produced. For that matter, the bodies of any “Victims”. Obama wants input from the Mental Health Community for a National Gun Ownership Data Base because Adam Lanza was allegedly on SSRI’s. What if there SSRI’s were not involved?
Was Sandy Hook even a crime scene? Or was Sandy Hook was an “Active Shooter Drill”? Lt J Paul Vance participated in many such drills including the one on Dec 14, 2012 with the BATFE, the FBI and CT Emergency Services using professional “Crisis Actors”. Not the first time such a “Drill” went “Live”.

On 9/11/2001 the FAA and NORAD were running “Vigilant Guardian”, a Drill dealing with remote control of hijacked airliners. FEMA even warned of this in a planning document with the Twin Towers in cross hairs and FOX even put out a mini-series “The Lone Gunman” just months before featuring a remotely flown airliner guided to the Twin Towers.
The Gotham City Map released in Dark Knight Rises identifies “Ground Zero” (World Trade Center was Ground Zero) as Strike Zone 5; Strike Zone 2 appears to be the entrance of New York Harbor which took a direct hit by Hurricane Sandy as it “Hooked”. Coincidence? NOAA published a Disaster Scenario pamphlet in 2007 with a Hurricane named Sandy taking the exact same path. Hurricane Sandy was in fact a guided weather event; one of 3 manufactured weather fronts forming a “Nor’Easter”. Is it coincidence Jesuit Michael Bloomberg stopped food bank donations ahead of this storm?
Operation Wide Receiver=Operation Gun Runner; the arming of the Sinaloa “Federation” Drug Cartel, a Mormon Church, Israeli and Lebanon (Hezbollah aka Nazi=Iran) assault on the US Citizens and the Constitution operating with full cooperation of the US Government with profits held off-shore in “Marvelous Investments” aka Bain Capital managed by Mitt Romney.
Obama, a Madrassa (Quran School) and CIA trained as a Taliban “Student” and later as a Mujaheddin “Warrior of Allah ie Sin” stated “Congress must get tougher on sellers who traffic guns to criminals” Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton financed and transported high power weapons to the Sinaloa Drug Cartel (Mitt Romney’s Mexican family branch) in Operation Gun Runner, a follow on to George Bush Jr Operation Wide Receiver, which, according to informants is a “Carte Blanche Agreement” to transport tons of drugs to Chicago through Ciudad Juarez and El Paso (Biggs AAF) and the I-35 Corridor (Alliance Airport) with the proceeds laundered through HSBC (Hong Kong, Shanghai Bank) and Bain Capital investment arm “Marvelous Investments”. I venture a guess most American Citizens would be shocked to find out B-747’s, Semi-Trailers and Rail Cars carry tons of Sinaloa Federation Cartel drugs into the Chicago while taxpayers finance their weapons with borrowed money.
Gov Andrew Cuomo presided over changes to NY Gun Laws prohibiting magazines larger than 7 rounds, background checks on all private party sales and stiffer penalties on gun related offenses. Andy says “After what happened at Sandy Hook, people do not need assault rifles to hunt deer” Major News and CT Police say only 4 pistols were recovered inside the school; the Bushmaster “Assault” Rifle was allegedly pulled from the trunk of a car that did not even belong to the Lanza family. Rushing things a bit aren’t we Andy? What does your News Anchor brother Chris have to say about this? Here is what Jesus has to say “All liars shall have their place in the Lake of Fire”.
A Petition at the White House website is asking for prosecution of individuals and websites demonstrating Sandy Hook is a “Hoax” and victims are “Actors”. Is the reason of such bungling of evidence and official stories an attack on the 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendments?
Superior Court Judge John Blawie sealed search warrant requests for Adam Lanza’s Black Honda License Plate 872 YEO and Nancy Lanza’s home for 90 days. The Black Honda belongs to Christopher Rodia, not Nancy or Adam Lanza. Sealing warrants during the investigation is fine; obstruction of Justice is not. The Dark Knight Rises Map


Gotham “Goth” means Savage Despoiler, Cruel or Barbarous; The Gotham City Map was released in a Dark Knight Rises movie promotion package 1 year to the day before Sandy Hook (12/13 is St Lucia Day “Bride of Light/Lucifer”) with a T-Shirt and Sandy Hook shown as Strike Zone 1. That same day, charred remains of children sacrificed at the Temple of the Feathered Serpent in Teotihuacan Mexico were “unearthed” and published. Sandy Hook Elementary was built on the same Great Circle, and designed to mirror image the Temple. Sandy Hook means to Commandeer a Sovereign Vessel at Sea or to Play the Joker Card meaning a Trump Card. The T-Shirt featured Bane and “Fire Rises”; Pyramid means “Amid the Flames”. Bane means Death, Misery, Affliction, Curse or To Poison. An Armistice (Temporary Cessation of Hostilities) was signed May 10, 1865, the anniversary of Columbus “Discovering” the Cayman Is where Bain Capital founder Mitt Romney controls 1000’s of Hedge Fund accounts totaling $Trillions through “Marvelous Investments” with Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and George Bush Sr. The Vatican keeps its Offshore Accounts in the Cayman Is (Previously called Institute for Works of Religion “IOR”) as well.

On 1/13 “Hilal” meaning “Crescent” became visible to begin the 1st Lunar month of the “Golden Age”; the stars aligned on 12/21/2012, and the Sun will align on Jan 20 “Inauguration of the Golden Age”. Mormon Melchisedek Priests chant “Pey Heylel” meaning “Marvelous Lucifer”; their religion is founded on Ishmaelis arriving to America whom God said would be a wild man against everyone and everyone against him. Why watch for Hilal? Under the Papal Chair of St Peter is the Shahada “There is not god but Allah”. Got Jesus in your life yet? Now is a good time.
 Vision Box Crisis Actors website states they “Train and supply actors for Schools, 1st Responders and Police to create realistic Drills, Full Scale Exercises and High Fidelity Simulations”. CT Emergency Services, BATFE and the FBI were conducting a Drill entitles “Providing for children affected by emergencies” on Dec 14th. Vision Box Actors Jennifer and Richard Greenberg-Sexten look like Nick and Laura Phelps and Laura Phelps looks a lot like Tamara Brady, the attorney for alleged Aurora shooter James Holmes; himself likely an actor replacing the real James Holmes. Jennifer’s uncle Michael Greenberg can be seen making the Il Cornuto Hand Sign in Victoria Soto’s picture and Kaitlin Roig looks like Jennifer Rincon, the Exec Dir of Vision Box Crisis Actors. Ultimately, you will need to judge this.
Joe Biden “There is only a short window of opportunity to change Gun Laws” Small Window Joe? The UN conference on the Arms Trade Treaty met in NYC “Gotham City” July 2-27, 2012 coincident with the Aurora shooting and Bohemian Grove 2012 (Anderson Cooper displayed an Owl drawing destined for Sandy Hook; the Owl is the Bohemian Grove mascot) no agreement was reached then; a final meeting in NYC is scheduled for March 18-28, 2013 (Nowruz “New Light” is 3/20) to “Conclude the work begun in July 2012” Joe met with gun and ammunition dealers and the NRA at the White House. Coincidentally a Shooter injures 2 at Taft High School in California. Taft is the name of Skull & Bones founder Alphonso Taft. “Bruce Wayne’s grandfather founded Skull & Bones” Quote from Episode #33 Batman Series 1966 “Year One Satan” Joe is a Knight of Malta; Stated goals: End Sovereignty, End Property Rights, End Gun Rights, Re-distribute Wealth. Only 1 Goal to go Traitor Joe!
Joe Biden assured Gov’s Malloy, Cuomo and others Obama will use Executive Orders if necessary to enforce Gun Control. Biden “The massacre of 26 at a CT school with a semi-automatic has mobilized the nation to act”. Gov Cuomo “One does not need 10 rounds to hunt deer” Fact: There was no Bushmaster .223 recovered from Sandy Hook; it was simply a ruse to confiscate listed under the broad category “Assault Weapons”, in compliance with the UN Arms Control Treaty. Fact: The 2nd Amendment is not about Deer Hunting; it’s about protecting Citizens from Government Tyranny. A sad fact: Citizens have no Rights under the Constitution; the Government sold those Rights to the Bankers to pay for the Civil War.

                                         Advance Knowledge
United Way of CT offered condolences to the victims of Sandy Hook before the event; soliciting donations on Dec 11, 2012. Fund Raising for Sandy Hook began Dec 10
Sandy Hook Elementary Victims Fund was set up Dec 13
Crisis Mgt Inst Guide “How to talk to children about the massacre” posted 7 hours before the alleged shootings.
Sen Diane Feinstein met with the BATFE to finalize gun control legislation Nov 2, 2012.
Eric Holder (Operation Gun Runner) met with CT Governor Dan Malloy Nov 27 to initiate “Project Longevity”, a Federal program bringing together Academics, Social Workers, CT Emergency Services, the FBI and the BATFE. FEMA and CT Emergency Services conducted several drills called “Providing for children affected by emergencies; one was in play during Sandy Hook.Vicky Soto’s “RIP Victoria Soto” Face book page was posted Dec 10, 2012.
Robbie Parker joined Facebook and posted the Emilie Parker page Dec 14, 2012. Emilie was then seen on Barack Obama’s lap Dec 16.
CT Dept of Emergency Services and FEMA conducted a pre-scheduled Drill “Providing for children affected by emergencies” Dec 14, 2012. Were Vision Box Crisis Actors involved? If not, why did CT Police keep 1st Responders out of Sandy Hook Elementary and send them to the Fire House across the street?
                                                    Strange Events
Emilie Parker’s Aunt Jill Cottle Garrett said in a KSL (Mormon Church owned station) interview “Emilie was such an inspiration to her older sisters” The family photo of the Parker family shows Emilie with 2 younger sisters. Emilie then appears to be on Barack Obama’s knee on Dec 16.
      Mayor Bloomberg hired Hollywood actors to make videos promoting gun control called “Demand a Plan” on Dec 17. Mike is a Knight of Malta sworn to end Gun Ownership.
The Gotham City Map in promo package for Dark Knight Rises was released by Dark Knight production director Nathan Crowley (Aleister Crowley’s nephew) on 12/14/2011. Dark Knight graphic artist Sonny Archuleta drew the map and was murdered by police in Denver Jan 6. Some Feast of Epiphany eh?
Dark Knight Rises Property or Prop Master Scott Getzinger, a Newtown resident, was involved in a car accident with what CT Medical Personal called “Non-threatening Injuries” on April 7, 2012; why then did he die in the hospital that day? Scott published Nathan Crowley’s map with Sandy Hook replacing South Hinckley on the prop; the change from the original map with Strike Zone 1. SANDY HOOK is capitalized as is NARROWS; this is not for dramatic effect or the normal way of writing the name of Cities. We (Born Again Christians) are fighting a SPIRITUAL Battle; the JOKER represents the SPIRITUAL enemy of GOD. A little too much info getting out?
      Crisis Actor Tamara Brady, the lawyer for the fake James Holmes (man likely to escape trial using “Diminished Capacity” is not college student James Holmes ) is a dead ringer for the on camera mother Laura Phelps, a Crisis Actor and alleged parent of 2 Sandy Hook students. Whoever she is, said her 1st grade son told her “Kids were lying on the ground, sleeping”; after 100’s of rounds fired with each victim taking between 3 and 11 rounds according to the Coroner? This is pretty ridiculous even for a professional Crisis Actor.
Enough “Smoking Guns”? There are plenty more. “The best place to keep a big secret is out in the open”
        Red Triangle on the Gotham City Map Why? First, I think there will be more events like Sandy Hook; connect in order, Strike Zones 1-5 and the same unconnected Pentagram Washington DC was designed to reflect will emerge with the Jefferson Memorial, Capitol, Lincoln Memorial and White House. The Jefferson Memorial then connects to the Supreme House of the Temple (Masons become Sovereign 330 in bi-annual rituals here) through the Washington Monument forming the Upside Down Cross used in Satanism
Red Triangle is Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles in 6 BC; the Magi (Chaldean-Medean Astrologers) likely used a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Pisces with Mars forming a Triangle in 6 BC to make the trek to Bethlehem. Is this what the map is indicating? You be the judge
       Sandy Hook means JOKER Card ie Trump Card as well as Usurping a Sovereign King or Ship’s Captain; it is used as a Blasphemy of Jesus Christ in Tarot called the “Hangman”. After playing the role of the “Joker”, Heath Ledger played the “Hangman” and died. The source is Deut 21:23 “for he that is hanged is accursed of God” “Cursed is everyone that hangeth from a Tree” Gal 3:13. “Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson need to realize “God shall not be mocked”
Aleister Crowley called himself “The Beast” or “666”; he bragged about having the “Degrees”  33 Deg  Scotch, 95 Deg Memphis and 90 Deg Mizraim Rite insignias and a constant shower of diplomas from Bucharest to Salt Lake City which would break and elephant’s back if he wore them” exactly 1 year before the Dec 14, 2012 Sandy Hook event. Hungary was a center of Kaballah, but why Salt Lake City? Mormon and Salt Lake native Robbie Parker joined Face book Dec 14, 2012 at 2 PM (5 hours after the alleged shooting) and created the “Emilie Parker Fund”. Soliciting money for a daughter killed the same day is strange. Robbie, smiling before his CNN interview is stranger. Emilie, not being listed as a Sandy Hook student is stranger still. Emilie sitting on Barack Obama’s lap for a photo op on Dec 16? Now that’s some bold faced fraud.
    Barry Obama Dec 13, 2012, Jesuit Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts scheduled a full Court hearing on a case brought by Atty Orly Taitz, her husband Yosef works for Novartis, the patent holder on Swine and Bird Flu Vaccines. Man-made Swine to Human to Human Flu was synthesized, genetically mapped and posted to the Internet by Dr Ron Fouchier in Rotterdam claims this is a mad-made Chimera.  Barack Obama aka Indonesian citizen Barry Soebarkah of not being eligible to obtain a US Passport, using a fraudulent CT Social Security Number, his inability to E-Verify for employment in the US and his fraudulent Selective Service application.“Truth is stranger than fiction because Fiction must stick to possibilities whereas Truth does not” Bohemian Grove founder, Mark Twain. Why on earth would Obama choose NOT TO BE SWORN-IN? Michelle Robinson IS A MAN, he wore a Black Widow Dress on Election Night. Gutsy move Barry
        Big Picture Slime aka Bitumen is used as mortar in the Tower of Babel “Gate of El”; acquired from “Slime Pits” in the Salt Valley (Salt Lake City, a similar Salt Valley “Slime Pit”). Bitumen will soon be pumped in the Keystone XL pipeline over America’s “Ogallala Aquifer”; they have had 11 leaks in 1 year, the biggest being the permanent pollution of a dozen miles of the Kalamazoo River in MI.

The Arab Israeli War is about OIL, $450B is in GAZA! America will become the Scapegoat for “Babylon” (Rev 18) and the land will be “divided for gain” (Dan 11:39) This will complete the Tower of Babel. Far fetched? Read the Mormon “Blood in the Streets” Prophecy; There are no Prophets Lk 16:16; only PROPHESY. Planned how far in advance?
There were 3 Armistices “Temporary Cessation of Hostilities” WWI on 11/11/18, Korea on July 27, 1953 and the Civil War on May 10, 1865. First, WWI was precipitated by Skull & Bonesman Prescott Bush whose illegitimate daughter Barbara is in all likelihood the ritual offspring of Aleister Crowley and Pauline Pierce (Percy) who in turn descended from the Jesuit “Gunpowder Plot” architect Thomas Percy. American Industry and Banking gave life to the Bolshevik Revolution and the Nazi Empire; the CFR is giving life to WWIII. A naked Horseman on the cover of Foreign Affairs Magazine with articles “Which Path to Persia” “Time to Strike Iran”? Not too hard to see the warnings eh?
The Civil War ended April 9, 1865? That was a Masonic ruse. Lincoln, the man who suspended the Constitution and Habeaus Corpus, instituted a Draft requiring Citizens to kill other Citizens was murdered by Masons April 14, 1865; Honest Abe? Not quite. Confederate President Jefferson Davis was released after his capture on May 10, 1865. 33 Deg Mason, Confederate General Albert Pike has his statue on supposedly (Washington DC is independent and not part of the US) Federal land at the Justice Dept. Civil War part-Deux and WWIII was planned long ago to begin in Texas by the KKK (Ku Klux Klan are Texas Rangers; previously the Knights of the Golden Circle and Society of the Horseman’s Word imported from Scotland) In a nutshell, Pike brought the KKK and Mafia to the US; Citizens Rights were sold to Edomite (Rothschild=Red Shield; Esau obtains Dominion not Jacob ref Gen 27:39-41; Dan 7:6) Bankers and America became a CORPORATION with Citizens as Chattel.

The Federal Reserve Act, brought in by Texan, Colonel (A Confederate/Edomite Title for commander of a 5th Column) Mandell Huis (House) in 1913 allowed Foreigners to charge interest on Fiat Currency ensuring there is never enough money in circulation to repay the International debt. Personal Income and Inheritance Tax, 501c3 Tax Exempt Corporations, the UN, CFR, CIA, NSA followed and Israel became a false gathering of “Jews”; Ashkenazis, Mizrahi and Sephardics are not “Jewish” they are Edomite=Canaanite, Phoenician, Babylonian, Medean, Chaldean “Rba”=Rabbis ref 2 Kings 17:30-31; Amos 7:2KJV. America was built with a 2013 expiration; our demise set to become a Scapegoat for Rev 18 “Babylon” and the revealing of an Alternative Messiah. Sandy Hook is Strike Zone 1, a direct, pre-planned frontal assault on the Constitution. By Who? Knights of Malta swear oaths to end Sovereignty, end Property and Gun Ownership and Re-distrubute Wealth to those beholden to the Corporation.

Ley Lines
Take a string and stretch it across the “Great Circle” from Teotihuacan, Mexico to Baalbek, Syria. Teotuhuacan has the Pyramid of the Sun and Moon with the “Ball Court” between them designed for one date: 12/21/2012, when the Sun rises through the mouth of the Serpent or “Dark Rift”. The Temple of the Feathered Serpent (Quetzalcoatl or Kukulkan) was designed for human sacrifices; one occurred to Tlaloc in winter from 29 Nov -18 Dec where the tears of children were required for the coming rainy season. The layout of this Temple and Sandy Hook Elementary seems a perfect match and lies directly on the same “Ley Line”. Perhaps not coincidentally, the 13,000Lb Lodestone Altar in the UN Meditation Room, also on the line, has 11 chairs, is illuminated by a single shaft of Light in a Trapezoid shaped room (Un-finished Pyramid) of 11X13X18 Ft dimensions; the Hypotenuse of the 3X4X5 Ft altar also lines up with the line on a roughly 520 magnetic heading. Check the Gotham Map and see if the angle matches; the Federal Triangle and King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid were also built according to this geometry; the hypotenuse represents Marduk, the “Son of Pure or gin”. The line falls on America’s 1st 5 colonies: Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Boston before passing over Stonehenge (the mythical King Arthur is buried under the Aquarian Cross atop Glastonbury Tor) on the Prime Meridian; the Super-conducting Super Collider at CERN where the “God Particle” was allegedly found (NOT!); the Cathedral of St Sophia (Wisdom); Troy and the Baalbek “Temple of Jupiter”. This particular Temple, made of Cyclopean (Large Block, Ashlar ie Mortar-less Masonry) is shaped like a man with the Priests of Baal located in a Key shaped structure in the Left Hand. Mel Gibson said he held the Nail in his Left Hand during the movie Passion of the Christ. In his movie Apocalypto the escape scene is eerily similar to Hunger Games whose author Suzanne Collins lives in Newtown CT.
God is not mentioned in the Book of Esther because it was man’s idea, not God’s to “Turn the Tables” on the Edomites. The Edomite Haman casted the “Pur” ie Horoscope or Lots for the best day to Inaugurate the Holocaust “Burnt Offering”; the big day was the 13th day of the 12th month. Bush Sr ordered the Slaughter of Innocents on Purim in Gulf War I and Bush Jr started the now 10 year old Iraq War on Purim in 2003. 2/23/13 will be the Talmudic Holy Day “Purim”, but on the Gregorian Calendar the date is St Lucia “Bride of Light/Lucifer” Day 12/13, the day before Sandy Hook. That day was a New Moon; on the Arab Lunar Calendar the sighting of the Waxing Crescent “Hilal” begins the month (Ramadan floats on the Gregorian Calendar) on 12/14, the last such Astrological Events of the Old Age (Pisces). Robbie Parker, being Mormon knows Ishmaelites traveling with Judah’s offspring to “Adam Ondi Amman” at America’s Heartland is part of the false Mormon mythos, so the date may be less than coincidence. The Mormon chant Pey Heylel means “Marvelous Lucifer”; Hilal also means “Lucifer”. Bushmaster .223 making sense now? Remember, No such rifle was found at Sandy Hook. My best guess is Bushmaster refers to Aleister Crowley and .223 to Purim on Feb 23, 2013.
                                              Gotham City Map
Dark Knight Rises featured a Gotham City map, Manhattan Island is the first thing to stick out. Man-Aton is an Egyptian term for god-man. The Wall St Golden Bull and Ground Zero is depicted as Strike Zone 5. Wall St takes its name for the Wall of Jericho; Hiel the Bethelite (Bethel means both House of God and the Phoenician god “El” or Mormon “Elohim”) who rebuilt the Wall 500 years after the Exodus, first by sacrificing his sons under the foundation. The Golden Bull is the Egyptian Apis (Word) Bull, Cretan Zeus, Golden Calf of Mt Sinai in Arabia (Not the Mt Sinai in Egypt your Study Bibles claim; the one in Arabia called “Jebel al Laws”; remember, Jesus profits nothing for people attempting to live under the Old Testament Laws. Just looking at the north-south orientation and street names, another option stood out for me.
Strike Zone 4 appears to delineate the lower east side of Central Park. At this point (1/18/13), the only thing that sticks out is the Egyptian Obelisk “Cleopatra’s Needle”. Cleopatra had nothing to do with this; Queen Hatsheput does. In all likelihood, she was Moses’ adoptive mother and Pharaoh’s daughter; her name was stricken from most Hieroglyphic records for this reason. Matching Obelisks are in the City of London and at the Vatican (The one in Paris is older). When the “Man of Sin” is revealed, he will have control over Wealth and Religion meaning the Vatican, City of London and Wall Street will fall. Remember, Catholic simply means Universal; the Luciferian Universal Church is Freedom from God “Do what thou wilt”; precisely the conditions that existed in Noah’s day.
Strike Zone 3 and 5 appear (I’m just doing my best to figure this out; I don’t have any access to secret knowledge) to delineate I-35W “NAFTA Superhighway” and/or the Keystone XL Pipeline, in a cryptic map of the US. Option 3: “Star of the Magi”? A stretch perhaps, but Chaldean Magi saw a similar triangle relationship with Mars and a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Pisces forming a Triangle. The Red Triangle on the map also points to the winter solstice setting sun, but remember Jesus was not born in winter; Marduk is. The map was posted 1 year in advance of Sandy Hook; St Lucia Day “Bride of Light” on 12/13 and the connection with the Bride of the Lamb should become fairly evident.
       Gotham is derived from Goth: Savage despoiler, Barbarous, Rude or Cruel. America is named after Amurru the Edomite (Red) Serpent and Shepherd god; Amurru (biblical Calneh in Gen 10:10) the western quarter of the world 150 years after the Flood), Ameru, the Ethiopian Serpent “Priests of Ameru”and Amar the Canaanite god of the west. Adam Lanza means “Red Spear”; Bushmaster uses a Red Serpent Logo. .223 a reverse 322; Coincidence?
FEMA and the US Navy have a post Natural Disaster map of the US with new shorelines that are depicted on the Gotham City Map!
                                             5 Strike Zones
5 Strike Zones are highlighted; Places of past or future crimes? On Nov 27 (11th month=11; 2+7=9 Engine 119 connected the Trans-continental Railroad at Promontory Summit May10, 1869 4 years after the Civil War Armistice) Operation Gun Runner Traitor Eric Holder met with CT Gov Dan Malloy in New Haven to begin Operation Longevity. Strike Zone #1 is SANDY HOOK and the home of Adam Lanza “Red Spear”. An underground tunnel/road is shown to New Haven CT; Yale is the home of the American branch of the Thule Society (Tula=Black Sun; Obamacare was signed at Midnight in Thule Greenland on 3:22UTC on 3/22/10) Thule (also Nazi Vril Society) is aka Brotherhood of Death, Society 322 (named for Gen 3:22) or Skull & Bones. Mao Tse Tung, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were members, responsible for the deaths of an estimated 160 million people following disarmament of citizens.
Strike Zone 2 is “NARROWS”.! The Gotham Map matches Giles County VA (Virginia and Maryland both relate to the Virgin Mary; parts became Washington DC where Columba means Dove, the sacred Idol of the Syrian goddess Atargatis) and Narrows HS. They are taking this serious enough to cancel school. Another possibility for “Narrows” relates to the Virgin River in Zion National Park at the Court of Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Peaks). Zionism is man’s attempt to usurp Jesus Judgment at Zion, and Mormon Parker family has put Emile Parker front and center at Sandy Hook for a reason. Mormo “King of the Ghouls” means “Gates of Hell”; followers of Mormo are called “Mormons”. The Mormon “Blood in the streets prophecy” claims in the latter days with the Constitution hanging by a thread, elders of the Church will step in to save it amid chaos, revolution and blood running from Ogden to Salt Lake City as water down a storm drain. Emilie’s supposed funeral was held in Ogden which means “Oak Den”; sacrificial Druid Groves were called “Thor’s Oaks”. Another perhaps interesting coincidence is the Trans-continental Railroad was joined by Engine #119 (backwards 911) and the Jupiter (Capitol means “Womb of Jupiter”) from Ogden. In the Dark Knight Rises Commissioner Gordon tells Bruce Wayne “A storm is coming…” A warning of this event? We’ll see.
Strike Zones 3 and 4 seem (others have differing ideas) to depict the Heartland of the US, bounded by I-35 and Hwy-65. I-35W is the so-called NAFTA Superhighway on the west side of the New Madrid Fault. The I-35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis was intentional; Kathleen Sebelius used the word “Heartland” repeatedly in Skull & Bones George Bush Jr’s last State of the Union rebuttal at the geographic center of the US. Dorothy (Door) was from Kansas in the Wizard of Oz; she is currently HHS Secretary; a warning of devastating Disease or Weather? Hwy 65 is the eastern side of the New Madrid Fault; FEMA and the US Navy have planning maps indicating a total inundation of the Mississippi River Basin dividing the US in 1/2. FEMA ordered 140 Million MRE’s, blankets and underwater body bags; Odd? So is the “Mass Fatality Planning and Religious Considerations Act” aka “HR 6566”. On the map, notice many of the streets end in water; to the west are nothing but names of Fish. On 9/10/2001 FEMA spokesman Tom Kennedy told main stream news they were in NYC for a “Terrorist Act”; #2 on their list of concerns was a Hurricane in New Orleans; #3 was a major earthquake on the San Andreas Fault in California; FEMA and Navy maps not only show an inundation of the New Madrid Fault, but a complete inundation of California as well.
Strike Zone 5 seems to depict the Lincoln Memorial or the Triangle relationship Mars in the West, developed with Earth, and Saturn-Jupiter rising in Pisces, heralding the birth of Jesus. First Lincoln: To kick off the 2009 Inauguration of Barack Obama, openly Homosexual Episcopal Bishop V Gene Robinson gave the Invocation at the Lincoln Memorial, while at the Capitol, Pastor Rick Warren invoked the Arab version of Jesus “Issa” and Jesuit, LGBT Lawyer Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts failed to properly administer the Oath of Office on Lincoln’s Bible.
Mars is Idolized as the Lion or Rooster (Cock) and considered the pagan god of War, the “Angry Red Planet” if you will. The Areopagus aka Mars Hill had an inscription Paul noted “TO THE UNKNOWN GOD”. Congress is derived from Congredi “To meet for War”; now does the timing with Gun Confiscation in Jan 2013 make sense? Janus is the 2 faced Roman god, which is what our Congress is. The Magi (Medean-Chaldean-Samaritan Astrologers) were keenly aware of this planetary relationship which became the Kaballah Tree of Life and all this seems to be depicted by the map whose author was just eliminate in Aurora Colorado; Goddess of Dawn (Aurora) and Red River (Colorado) making sense? Mars, the Rooster heralds the “Dawn” ie Easter. Might be an interesting Easter this year eh? The Lion? a Canaanite version of the Lion of Judah, Jesus Christ.
The map was apparently designed by 33 yr old Denver graphic artist Sonny Archuleta (Son Butcher), killed in Aurora CO (Aus= “to shine” Colorado=Red River) on 1/3/13 in an apparent Police Sting Operation (He walked in on already dead members of his family; his brother murdered a year ago). The map was apparently released 12/14/11 by relative of Aeister Crowley, Nathan Crowley a production designer on Christopher Nolan’s Trilogy Batman Begins, Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises. Exactly 1 year in advance is strange. Also on 12/14/11 a sacrificial find containing the bones of 42 children at the Temple of the Feathered Serpent in Teotuhuacan was published. The Gotham City map was released with Red Circles, Red Squares and Red Dotted Circles depicting the number, age and sex of alleged victims of Sandy Hook (Joker’s Card). Getting rather strange to say the least!
The side of Strike Zone 4 and 5 may be I-35W “NAFTA Superhighway” or the Keystone (Keystones finish Arches or Doorways) XL Pipeline which runs from the Boreal (Aurora Borealis) Wetlands to Port Arthur TX. Arthur means Bear; King Arthur the son of Uther Pendragon (Arch Druid of Wales) and the Round Table (Zodiac) might ring a bell here. Recall Dorothy means Door; the end of the Yellow Brick (Gold) Road to Oz (A to Z; Crowley’s Book of the Goat (Azazel) or Liber Oz was Emerald City and the return to Kansas. Barack and Emerald both mean Lightning. Emerald also refers to the Stone of Destiny cut from Lucifer’s Crown. Mormons have that same prophecy of a return to “Adam Ondi Ammon” (Nod or East of Eden) on the Kansas-Missouri border. They believe the Mississippi River is actually the Euphrates (relax, it isn’t). Why now? “In 700 years, the Laurel will grow green again” Cathar prophecy. Their assets were stripped in 1312-1313. Emerald and Green Man making sense now? Rome outlawed worship of the Green Man “Bacchus” during the “Bacchanalia” as Greece had outlawed worship of the same Green Man before them as Dionysus during the “Dionysian Rituals”
Diane Feinstein met with BATFE to finalize Gun Control Legislation just before the November election. Halloween is derived from “Hallow” meaning “To Consecrate” or “Set Apart”; Nov “All Saints Day” was “Set Apart” to venerate Martyred Jews and Christians; after Gun Confiscation, there will be more. This explains how she delivered the high points of the legislation on Meet the Press on Sunday after the Friday, Sandy Hook stage show and FEMA with CT Emergency Services timed a Friday Drill with the event. Yale Divinity School Grad Chairman Mao Tse Tung “All politics comes through the gun barrel. First you take the guns, then the slaughter begins”