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sir isaac newton

“…the world also is stablished, that it cannot be moved” Psalm 93:1
“…the world also shall be stable, that it be not moved” 1 Chr 16:30
“He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing.” Job 26:7
“So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day.” Josh 10:13
“The sun also ariseth, and the sun goeth down, and hasteth to his place where he arose.” Ecc 1:5
“The sun and moon stood still in their habitation” Hab 3:11
“Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called.” 1 Tim 6:20
“But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things” Dan 11:38

Gravity, Strong Nuclear Force, Weak Interaction, Electro-magnetism are the ‘God of Forces’ ie Satan; they are BS! The Sun ejects radiation ‘Electrons’, Gamma, X-Rays, UV, Visible Light; the only source of ‘Energy’.

stamp Germany 100 pf. Isaac Newton portrait F=ma selo sello alemanha poste timbre allemagne germany stamp Sir Isaac Newton 1643 1727 postage 100 pfennig porto franco bolli bollo sellos Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica

F=MA Newton cleverly moved Acceleration to the left side of the equation, creating the mythical Force of Gravity. A Force applied over nearly infinite Time (13.7Billion Years according to Science) and or Infinite Distance (13.7Billion Light Years according to Science) requires Infinite Energy and creates Infinite Work; it’s why Satanism is called the “Great Work”. Space is a Vacuum, if Gravity were real, the Atmosphere, Water, and loose material on Earth would be pulled off just like a Vacuum cleaner proves; this doesn’t happen because Newton lied.

If Gravity is True, the Bible is False
Isaac Newton: 33 deg Luciferian Freemason, Rosicrucian, Alchemist, inventor of “Gravity”, the unproven “Force” which gives Mass to Matter and Order to the Universe is the “God of Forces” (Dan 11:38); nothing more than a Gnostic pipe dream like Newton’s architectural plans for God’s Eternal Temple (Eze 40-48)

Gravity, the Force carrier which gives Order to the Universe and Mass to Matter may sound like God, but it is a Lie which violates the basic laws of physics. Gravity was invented by Sovereign Luciferian Freemason, Rosicrucian, Alchemist Isaac Newton. Gravity as a “Force” of nature necessitates a moving Earth; Scripture says Earth is fixed in position.
Opposition to Geo-centricity in Scripture was first proposed in 1687; Sun centered “Helio-centrism” now dominates Science, defined in Scripture as the Tongue of the Chaldeans (Dan 1:5) and Vain, Profane Babblings (1 Ti 6:12KJV) To produce a “Force” and transfer that force over distance requires “Energy”. Where is the energy source for Gravity? Suppose for a moment Newton was correct. Imagine 2 objects suspended in proximity to each other without friction. The “Force” of Gravity would necessarily cause motion of the 2 objects according to Force=Mass times Acceleration. In the case of the Earth and Sun, the smaller object is subjected to greater acceleration than the larger one, so at this point one can easily see a contradiction with the bible passages quoted above.
Gravity defined as a “Force” is the basis of Big Bang Theory, Black Holes, Worm Holes, Space-Time Warping, Time Travel, Antimatter, Dark Matter, Antigravity, and Gravity Waves Light Speed Travel, Geologic Time Scale, Immense Size of the Universe, Chaos Theory all sprang from Gravity Theory. Reducing God to the theoretical smallest particle of His Creation “God Particle” might not be a good idea! The rest of this article will examine proof of Gravity, Mass and Acceleration.

Sign of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research is pictured on May 9, 2017 in Meyrin near Geneva. - CERN inaugurates its linear accelerator,...

CERN is named after Cernnunos “Horned One” aka Herne “Hunter”. CERN uses the 666 Logo and is built over an ancient grotto of Apollo aka Apollyon “Destroyer” of Rev 9:11. The CERN Large Hadron Collider was severely damaged trying to prove Gravity exists in the smallest pieces of matter called “God Particles”; so-named because they give “Mass” to everything in the Universe. Of all the sub-atomic particles, the Graviton is considered the smallest and highest energy. The “Dark Knight” was a portrayal of Jesus Christ as the Joker; Masons make similar jokes abut Jesus, portraying Him as the Jester. NASA’s Genesis Rocket crashed in the Utah desert trying to prove the Sun is the source of Atomic Number 6 “Carbon” which forms the basis life on earth. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life…” Jesus said God existed as a Trinity: Father, Son, Holy Ghost, and that these 3 are one. Carbon also exists in 3 states: Amorphous Carbon, Graphite and Diamond. CERN tried and failed to prove the existence of a particle of pure energy which travels instantaneously everywhere in the Universe. You don’t suppose God is trying to tell us something do you? What did CERN hope to find? Why does it use a logo with 3 6’s?
Jesus is Alpha and Omega; Alpha particles are Helium nuclei. The Sun combines Hydrogen to form Helium in the process of Nuclear Fusion and Coronal Mass Ejections send these particles from the Sun’s nucleus to Earth. Auroras form when these charged particles contact the Magnetosphere and are guided through the atmosphere to the Polar Regions. The probability that a Photon of Light is either emitted or absorbed is 1/137, so in theory a material with Atomic Mass 137 will absorb 100% of Light. Einstein said any object with Mass traveling at the speed of light attains infinite Mass and infinite energy. Infinite “Gravity” would then attract Light to the point where none escapes in a “Black Hole”. Is that what is meant by Dark Knight? Before moving into a more scientific definition of Gravity, notice 3 groups escape the grasp of the biblical Antichrist; Edom, Ammon and Moab (ref Dan 11:41) does this mean people aligned with them will also escape?
An endless attractive force emanating from all matter, the warping of 4-dimensional “space-time” fabric, infinitely long yet infinitely small, mass less super-strings vibrating in 11 dimensions, gravity waves, self annihilating photons, Dark Matter, Aether, small mass less particles called “gravitons” also called the Higg’s Boson “God Particle” are all equally viable, yet equally ridiculous scientific options for answering why we don’t float off the earth and why the earth stays near the Sun. The most basic physics equation used to describe motion is F=MA which means a force applied to anything with mass will result in an acceleration. The other basic physics law states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed which essentially means you don’t get anything for nothing. Big Bang Theory violates this for sure. Work is defined as the transfer of energy according to the equation W=FD. In other words, applying a force over some period of time will result in moving something with mass some distance. Since force production requires energy, where did the energy come from?
Albert Einstein proved mass could be converted into a lot of energy by the equation E=MC2 where C is the speed of light (186,000 miles per second). The subject of another article, the speed of light has not proven to be constant, but nonetheless, converting mass to energy has been demonstrated to people at Hiroshima and Nagasaki or in the several thousand nuclear tests conducted by countries possessing these weapons. The so-called “Force” of gravity is a transfer of energy causing work, so in any of its many forms requires some kind of mass or other power supply. Isaac Newton was the first to declare the existence of this force of gravity. He assumed the moons of Jupiter were held in their proximity to the planet by an invisible force, and the idea of gravity gained traction (pardon the pun) within the scientific community. Question: Why did he do it?
An element with Atomic Mass of 137 would theoretically absorb light; if light had mass it would therefore attain infinite energy and its electrons would also move at light speed. Physicists call this “Dark Matter” but there are a few problems. Einstein said “We don’t understand the number 137”. Werner Heisenberg said “Problems with Quantum Theory disappear when 137 is explained”. Father of Nuclear Energy, Edward Teller said he could develop “Alpha” from Gravitation. Wolfgang Pauli said Grand Unified Theory depends on 137 and knew he would die when he was rushed to hospital room 137. Peter Higgs called Gravity the “God Particle”. Recall, the Serpent told Eve she would be as gods and never die; Oops!
The fictitious element #137 is called the DNA of Light. 137 is the 33rd Chen Prime Number; Chen means Grace. Remember, Carbon exists in 3 states: Amorphous (Without Form), Graphite and Diamond as God does in Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Creation had God the Father similar to Amorphous Carbon; God the Son as soft Carbon. Pencil lead is Carbon; Jesus said He is the Word and the Book of Life; Why Pencil? What is written in the Book of Life can be erased; what is written in the Word in Stone cannot be changed. Diamond is Carbon lacking impurities produced by high temperature (energy), high pressure (force) and water. Element 137 is infinite energy, infinite force and like the Holy Ghost, free of impurities. Like Water changing State by becoming Steam, Carbon changes state into Diamond. This hardening was put on display in the latest X-Men movie where Wolverine experiences re-birth clad with Adamant, the same material Jesus as the Holy Ghost uses to Harden a person’s heart. The Gravamen of such weighs down a person’s Soul with infinite Gravity Are we getting any closer to seeing Gravity Theory is really God Theory?
Chlorophyl absorbs Light, converting Carbon and Water into life bearing plant proteins and oxygen; it has 137 atoms in its molecules. Everyone knows about the Pale Horse bringing Death and Hell with him; Chloro means Pale Green. The Revelation is a book written via the Holy Ghost, completed after physical death of Jesus Christ. Creation took 7 days, and occurs 137 times in this book. His last admonition is to not change His book under penalty of being erased from the Book of Life. Make any more sense yet?
        Kabbalah assigns numbers to Hebrew letters in Gematria. 137 is Kabbalah written in Hebrew. Is this why 137 is called Alpha? Carl Jung said “Probabilities in Quantum Physics, Laws of Nature, Patterns in the Cosmos, Space and Time relate to 137 t form Alchemy” (paraphrased) Alchemy is Transformation which for Kabbalists occurs by liberating one’s Soul from Matter. How does one do that? Overcoming Gravity. Aristotle said “Everything has a Soul that is drawn off with Sulphur leaving a blackish residue as the Corpse”. I mean not disrespect here as I was once in the Military but the “Corp” refers to drawing off one’s soul; although forgivable, Love God and Love our Neighbor is not possible in conditions of War.
In Kabbalah, Wisdom=73, Prophecy=64; added equal 137. Father=58, Mother=79; added equal 137; the theoretical number of Gravity. It may seem like Gravity Theory has been proven from simple observation, but this is not the case. Gravity unifies Religion, Science, Gematria, Gnosticism, Pythagorean and Greek Philosophy and I-Ching into a “Theory of Everything”. It is the Alchemical Stone that leads to the solution of the Great Mystery. The Father of “Hermetic Wisdom” is the mythical Hermes Trismegistus “Thrice great Hermes”; the Emerald Tablet of Toth attributed to him generated the axion “As above, so below”. His equally mythical female “Mother” counterpart, Maria Prophetissa generated the axiom “One becomes 2, 2 becomes 3 and out of the 3rd comes The One as the fourth”. The Theory of Gravity is the biblical 4th Beast. It is the root of Zionism and the end of the Tree of Knowledge, whose axiom was “Ye shall be as gods…and never die”. I say let’s hack at the root of Gravity and all its branches will die with it; its Lie stems from Gen 1:3 and ends with Rev 19:7 when the real source of Infinite Energy “Light” arrives to remove impurities from Creation. 13 is the number of Rebellion; Satan becoming the Light God said was Good in Gen 1:3 is described in Rev 13 as the 4th Beast. You don’t suppose 19+7=26 by accident too?
Reading history texts covering the last 4500 years, no mention is made that I can find concerning gravity or any other force resembling it. One can find Ka, the Life Force of the Sun, but nothing about Gravity or a Force moving the Earth. Think what you want, but Akkadian, Babylonian, Persian, and Greek astronomers were pretty smart and made no mention of forces causing what they saw. Here is how Webster’s Dictionary defines Gravity. Force of 2 sufficiently massive bodies, proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. Alternative definition: Importance and serious consequence. Oh, gravity only applies to sufficiently massive objects, great! I’d go with the 2nd definition because if it weren’t for gravity, the Big Bang Theory would have never been proposed, nor would any of our current physics theories like Space-Time fabric being warped by gravity into Black Holes and/or Worm Holes, or Time Travel. Black Holes violate the most basic thermodynamics and physics laws and nobody will ever see one because they suck up any light they would theoretically create; scientists claim they create elements such as carbon, iron and other heavy elements, but even Nuclear Fusion theoretically ends with Lithium and nature only proves the creation of Helium. Don’t you think we should prove the existence of Matter with Infinite Gravity first? If we don’t do that, production of heavy elements by them is a moot point. Gee, scientists might have to admit God created them; I’m sure they shudder at the thought of giving Him credit!
Let’s look at a few more definitions. Graviton: Hypothetical particle having no electric charge and no rest mass. Physicist Peter Higgs calls this the “H” Boson, the cause of gravity, and of course “Higg’s Boson” is supposed to be discovered by the Large Hadron Collider (read big money pit) at CERN near Geneva, Switzerland. Oh, I see, when you accelerate this hypothetical particle with no mass, it acquires some. Since Gravitons are God Particles, does this mean God is also merely hypothetical? Besides being another violation of the most basic physics laws, and how do you prove a hypothetical anything? If it has no mass or charge; good luck accelerating it! It’d be like boxing a ghost, so I’d have to say this must be a Fig Newton of somebody’s imagination! The reason why the Gravitron is called the Higg’s Boson is very simply because without gravity, every scientific theory opposing the bible falls completely apart; Big Bang, Mass, Luminous Aether, Warped Space-Time, Black Holes, Worm Holes, Orbits, Matter production in collapsing stars, Antimatter, Antigravity, Time Travel, Alternative Universes and the Magical Material with Atomic Number 137.. Without gravity we would have to take God’s Word for Creation; now wouldn’t that be a novel idea?
One may recall the Starship “Enterprise” was powered by Antimatter on Star Trek. Did you notice everyone’s name on the “Bridge” was a name of Satan? Ohura (Ahura Mazda is Persian fire god), Spock (Vulcan is Canaanite fire god), Kirk (Scottish for Priest or Church), Checkov (Russian for son of the devil). The opposite of Creation (Matter) is destruction (Antimatter); when the 2 come in contact, scientists claim it may result in a release of Infinite Energy; maybe that’s why Chaos is another name of Satan too! “…avoiding vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called.” 1 Tim 6:20 KJV Consider yourself warned; science is falsely so called, but God Particle? God is a Spirit existing in a 4th dimension Paul referred to as “Height”. Exactly how does God become some hypothetical 3 dimensional particle? Answer, you did notice the 3 6’s in CERN’s logo, right?
         Gravity Wave: Gravitational Wave. Boy, that clears it up Mr Webster! Let’s look at Wave: A disturbance propagated in a medium. Sound and Sonar fine; boat waves too, but just what is the medium in space that conducts these waves of gravity? In space, there is nothing to push against to propagate any waves, let alone hypothetical mass less ones. Space has been proven to be a vacuum; now if scientists want to start talking about Firmament, I’ll be right there, but for now I’d be happy if just one of them could tell me why the atmosphere is not being sucked away from the earth! “He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing.” Job 26:7 Even Job said there is nothing out there and his book is perhaps the oldest book in the bible (ca 1500 BC). Gravity is similar to Tension. Pulling anything requires Friction. What is in space that could generate friction? Can’t Scientists at NASA see Satellites travel in a near frictionless environment?
“Gravity” is the Force that theoretically accounts for orbits and travels instantaneously across the Universe. Astronomers guess it to be about 13.7 billion light-years across from observing the current speed of light and light’s apparent “Red Shift”. “Gravity” does this with enough force to make stars millions of times larger than our Sun travel in elliptical orbits and when in the form of a Black Hole it absorbs 100% of its own light. Go ahead, ask one of these geniuses to prove how it’s done by these hypothetical particles with no mass!
Force (weight) is acceleration multiplied by mass; in the case of Earth this acceleration is 32 ft/sec2. If matter expanded continuously (God may have made it this way where the internal energy of its mass would cause it to exert outward pressure), the acceleration of the Earth’s surface would explain what we have come to call “Gravity”. How about proof? Newton regarded space as a sea of energy called “Luminous Aether”. In 1887, Michelson and Morley tried to prove the existence of an “Aether Wind”, but their experiment failed to prove the existence of the Aether or any proof of Earth motion. The Word of God states Earth is fixed and not moving; .the scientific community assumed that the Earth was moving. 2 light sources, 900 apart aimed at a mirror, reflected their light into a prism. The idea being one aided by this assumed motion would show a velocity difference, but none was observed. In this experiment, the Word of God proved correct.
        Space is a vacuum just like Job said, “Nothing”, so claiming gravity holds the atmosphere on the earth against the suction force created by the vacuum of space is absurd. You can prove this yourself by turning on your vacuum; the low pressure created inside the tank tends to equalize with the surrounding higher pressure and the air is accelerated down the nozzle. Shouldn’t the atmosphere also do this? If gravity is actually holding the atmosphere in place, it should be denser over mountainous terrain (more mass), but obviously this is not the case either. Physicists and Professors likely continue the obvious charade because when they step out of line, their University and Science Foundation endowments go with them. Who can blame them, being cast out as a Liar with no money isn’t nearly as much fun as collecting Nobel Prizes and making millions writing new editions to Text books. Don’t believe me? Ask a college Physics Professor what proof he has Gravity is real.
The equation Newton invented for gravity is F = G M1 M2/R2 Basically, all this equation says is the force of gravity equals the mass of the 2 objects in question divided by the distance between them squared. The G is just a gravitational constant adjusting the force for different size objects; a fudge factor if you will, because that’s all this is anyway. The force between two objects gets weaker the farther 2 objects are apart from each other by the squared term, which necessarily causes a non-circular interaction and one with less curvature the farther apart the objects are. Example: A thrown baseball or a bullet fired parallel to the surface of the earth will always return in a parabolic arc. A parabolic arc is a section of an ellipse, not a circle. The acceleration of Gravity on earth is 32 ft/sec2; the squared term defines an arc which can never be circular. If a bullet or rocket attains enough velocity, the ellipse stretches into a hyperbola which does not contact the earth. This is called an orbit. By definition, parabolas and hyperbolas are, not circles and never can be. Satellites appear to orbit the earth and planets appear to orbit the Sun in elliptical paths, not circular paths, but as will be seen, that doesn’t necessarily mean their paths through space are curved. Astronauts are not thrown to the outside in their orbit of earth, because they are not changing velocity or direction. NASA may claim they “fall” around the earth, but falling at “0” acceleration is impossible by definition. No acceleration is floating with no changes in speed or direction.
We already have a problem, which I will address later in that the bible says in several places, the sun and moon move with respect to a fixed earth, but let’s look at why orbits appear to be elliptical first. Satellites are launched on rockets like the space shuttle. They accelerate to “Escape Velocity” at more than 1 G, which is the acceleration at the surface of the earth. They shut off their engines, causing the force to drop to 0; everything on it or in it starts floating, and they coast, seemingly around the earth at “0” G. This, by definition is no acceleration. Obviously, they cannot be following any sort of curved path and have no acceleration; anyone who has been on an amusement park ride knows this. If the “Force” of gravity were on them, yes, the flight path would curve, but an equal and opposite reaction would occur to oppose this force.
For an observer standing on earth, a satellite which is merely traveling in a straight line at constant velocity appears to rise from the horizon and then fall as it passes. We see this all the time at night, but gravity is not forcing it to fly a curved path because there is no acceleration, so why does it look like it is “Orbiting” the earth? The answer is surprisingly simple, but most physicists refuse to answer the question for some very complicated reasons.
One explanation is expanding matter and hence an expanding earth. We already know that matter is simply contained energy. If matter were to expand at a constant acceleration, it would account for the apparent “Force” of gravity, elliptical orbits, the non-escape of the atmosphere into space and resolve unanswered physics questions dealing with atomic theory of matter. Briefly, atomic theory holds that opposing forces called the Strong Nuclear Force, Electro-Weak Interaction, Electro-magnetism and Gravity exist in atoms of all matter. Electro-magnetically charged particles are accelerated to near light speed using extremely strong magnets and slammed into each other. Like a hammer hitting a rock, smaller particles of matter are ejected. Mass is essentially contained Energy as Einstein’s famous E=MC2 indicates. In theory, particle physicists believe Mass is produced by the smallest particles, dubbed the Higg’s Boson, H-Boson or God Particle. I won’t bother trying to describe it because it hasn’t been observed. It’s only theoretical because Mass is indeed everywhere and most scientists do not consider God the Creator of this Mass; the Sun and Stars, Black Holes, or Quasars are usually given credit. Matter and Energy can neither be created nor destroyed is the most basic axiom in science. Matter and Energy are therefore said to be indestructible. Protons with positive “Charge” and Neutrons with no “Charge” are theorized to be in close contact with each other with opposite “Charge” Electrons in surrounding “Orbits”. Why would opposing electro-magnetic forces between Protons in the nucleus form indestructible matter? Why would an oppositely charged Electron with far less mass “Orbit” this Nucleus forever? Ask a physicist to explain where the energy for all these imaginary forces come from and get ready for some tap dancing.
       Experiment: Tie a string on a golf ball and spin it. If Gravity were a “Force” similar to the tension in the string, why is the golf ball orbiting your hand in a circle whereas Orbits are observed to be Elliptical? Let go of the string and the golf ball will fly off instantly in a straight line. Now imagine plucking the Sun out of the so-called “Solar System”. Would the planets do the same? Einstein said the speed of light is the theoretical limit for any object with mass, so would Earth continue orbiting the spot where the Sun was for some 8 minutes (time for light to arrive at earth)? Congratulations, you have just disproved Newton’s “Theory of Gravity” and most of Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity”. In the planetary orbit example, “Escape Velocity” is the speed needed to remain a constant distance from the expanding surface of the earth. Launch angle changes horizontal velocity as well as vertical velocity. The earth is spherical, therefore once a satellite attains “Escape Velocity” it will not return to the surface and can orbit the Earth in any number of parabolic arcs.
An interplanetary craft which has accelerated beyond escape velocity approaching say Jupiter, would appear to fly in a curved path as it speeds past, because the surface of Jupiter is accelerating toward it as well. If its velocity is less than the much higher (due its larger size) escape velocity of Jupiter, the spacecraft would impact the surface. If at escape velocity, we would observe an orbit and above orbital velocity we would observe an apparent curved path as it passed into outer space. Confused? Just remember “0” G means no acceleration and therefore, constant speed and constant direction; no curves. If a spacecraft’s velocity slows below escape velocity for a planet the size of Jupiter, the path would appear to conform to a parabola and impact the surface just as one would expect if a rock was thrown horizontally on earth.
Now consider a tetherball in circular orbit about its pole. It is held in a perfect circle by the force of tension in the rope. If gravity is a similar type of force holding objects in curved paths, why are circular orbits the exception, rather than the rule? As a planet appears to orbit the Sun in an ellipse, it necessarily travels closer at its perigee and farthest at its apogee. Since gravity is a force which gets weaker with increasing distance, how does a satellite or planet reverse course on its return path at its farthest point? Quite clearly, gravity theories have problems, but perhaps a better question is why was it proposed in the first place?
1st century historians recorded that Phoenician astronomers (Canaanites living in modern day Lebanon) in 1500 BC proposed the universe existed as a dual principle consisting of Aether and Air. The Word of God says all people on earth are divided into 2 groups; God and Mammon, represented by the genealogy of Esau and Jacob; one group hates God and God hates them, and the other follows God through the Holy Ghost and believes that Holy Ghost through Men, wrote every Word correctly in the word of God. I’m just trying to prove that fact as best I can. There is no mention of forces of nature anywhere in the bible; those were created by people involved with Witchcraft. By definition, Witchcraft seeks to control the 4 forces of nature: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Fire or “Luminous Aether” was viewed as the connection humans had to the pantheon of gods around them. “Pantheism” is simply the belief that gods exist in everything we see and Aristotle admitted this idea. This idea persisted until the mid 17th century AD when Isaac Newton proposed the universe was held together by a force called gravity. The idea of the Luminous Aether was relegated to the mythological dust bin until today’s re-naming of it called “Dark Matter”. Gravitational Space-Time fabric is simply the Luminous Aether having come full circle describing this same ancient concept under the new name “Dark Matter”.
Telescopes were invented which showed planetary orbits were elliptical and soon, larger telescopes showed galaxies were made of billions of stars separated by millions of light years distance, and they too were in elliptical orbits. The subject of another article, the only reason astronomers believe the Universe is so large is by assuming the speed of light is constant and by observing “Red Shift”, an apparent stretching of light wavelengths. Energy of Red Light is less than Blue Light; this is why the sky looks blue. A light vane spins in the presence of light, so doesn’t this simple device tend to prove light has Mass? If you threw a baseball fast enough to head out into space, and hypothetically, the surface of the Earth expanded toward the baseball; wouldn’t you observe less velocity? In essence, isn’t that what astronomers may be seeing in Red Shift?
Gravity is supposedly a force which according to Newton gets weaker with the square of the distance the objects in question are apart. Elliptical orbits are just not explainable with gravity. Did scientists admit their earlier mistake? Of course not, they invented more exotic and invisible forces leading to what we now call Space-Time Warping. Note: These apparent stellar motions can easily be explained by increases in the size of matter. Observed distances in the universe increased exponentially to the point where the force of gravity was a ridiculous explanation for the orderly, elliptically spiraling arrangement of stars and galaxies (note: Galaxy is not in the Word of God only Stars and Constellations), and with these tremendous size increases, so went the apparent age of the universe and the confusion is only beginning. 2 camps of people; those who believe what the bible says and know the universe is only about 6000 years old, and those who succumbed to this type of explanation. Which ever camp you opt for, realize nobody has ever proven one concept in the Word of God (Masoretic Textus Receptus; Authorized Bible “KJV”) to be false, and it says everyone will die and be judged as accepting what God says and doing what He says. Real hard isn’t it Love God; Love our Neighbors.
Sir Isaac Newton is an interesting name. “Sir” is a British Title which means “Knight in service to the Queen”. British derives from “B’Rith” for “Covenant by Birthright”. Isaac was Esau and Jacob’s father who gave each a blessing from God; Esau being the older twin, was entitled to that “Birthright”, but sold it to Jacob for a bowl of red beans. Newt is a lizard and Newton was far more interested in the building materials for Solomon’s 3rd Temple in Jerusalem than he was about Gravity. He interpreted the 70 Weeks in Daniel 9:24-27 as being years, the 2300 Days in Daniel 8 as years, the 1290 days and 1335 days of Daniel 12 as years and with Francis Bacon is considered the father of modern “Science”. Both men were Rosicrucians “Order of rose and Cross”, just remember, Paul said “science is falsely so-called” and “No part of scripture is of any Private Interpretation”. Enough said.
200 years after Newton, Space-time was proposed to be the fabric of space so that far distant objects could have an effect every other object in the universe. Despite the lack of proof offered by Michelson and Morley, the concept the Luminous Aether returned under the Einstein. During a solar eclipse, he viewed starlight coming from behind the Sun had apparently displaced from the calculated position. An expanding surface could have accounted for this apparent shift in position, but Einstein said this was evidence of a phenomenally strong, yet invisible force field which “Warped” space. “Black Hole” or “Dark Matter” now curves Space-Time fabric which allows for Aliens traveling to Earth from great distances without dealing with impossible accelerations as well as Time Travel which allows Man to avoid the Judgment after life the Word of God promises. He said to imagine a “Black Hole” as a giant whirlpool, an ancient concept first proposed by Minoan’s on Crete and later by Tibetan Shaman as a “Labarum” or “Holding place of Demons”. Finally, there was enough matter to account for the missing gravitational attraction in the universe, but how were these “Black Holes” formed?
Energy can neither be created, nor destroyed, but “Black Holes” somehow became endowed with infinite amounts of a force (requiring infinite energy) called Gravity. Defining a Black Hole using Gravity before proving the energy source for Gravity is called “Circular Logic”, a hallmark of Einstein. He said “If facts don’t support the conclusions, change the facts”. The supposed Force of Gravity in a Black Hole is so strong, light cannot escape, so what exactly is Light.
Light is part of the discharge (electron streams) caused during the conversion of Mass to Energy. Light is produced when 4 hydrogen atoms combine to form helium during the process of nuclear fusion in stars. Gamma Rays, X-Rays, UV, Visible Light, Micro Waves, IR, Radio and ELF are simply different energy levels given off when Mass is converted to Energy. If stars collapsed to form Black Holes, infinite gravity would smash the light producing helium and hydrogen atoms into their elemental particles (Quarks or God Particles) and therefore not produce any light. Ever seen a Quark flashlight? No, you won’t either because Quarks don’t produce light. Why would a smashed flashlight produce light anyway? Obviously, this theory has basic problems. I won’t get into modern physics descriptions of light here; frankly they are very bizarre. Basically, self annihilating regions of Anti-Matter and Matter. Fine, but let’s prove God didn’t create Matter before we start claiming He created an Anti-God! Fair?
You can’t say we weren’t warned, because Paul told his friend Timothy to watch out for falsely so-called oppositions to the Word of God called Science (1 Tim 6:20KJV). If you have a new bible, “Science” will have been changed to “Knowledge”, to hide this fact. Scientists seem willing to cover for Einstein by suggesting stars that use up their nuclear fuel would collapse in on themselves to form a “Black Hole”. This idea should have raised eyebrows because how does something lose its energy source and then acquire infinite energy for infinite gravity? This idea violates the most basic Thermodynamics Laws but fits in nicely with the ideas of the Alchemists searching for the meaning of Transmutation, Transformation, Liberation and Element 137. Some of today’s scientists assume the universe will one day collapse in on itself in a reverse of the “Big Bang” because of Gravity Theory and turn into 100% Dark Matter; the mysterious Element #137.. One can see that “Gravity” was needed to even consider an alternative creation event like the “Big Bang”. Ignorance cannot explain overlooking the most basic Physics and Thermodynamics Laws, so by definition it becomes a willful Lie. The Word of God states all liars shall have their place in the Lake of Fire, so you can’t say we weren’t warned! Not an ordinary sort of lie either but BS. Apis is “Word” in Egyptian. God was represented by the Apis Bull and annually venerated every solstice with the “Running of the Apis Bull”. This Bull came originally from Crete where annual sacrifices of Athenian youths were offered to Zeus in games called “Bull Leaping”. Once again, Paul warns us in Titus that Cretians are liars, evil beasts and slow bellies. So what do we do at the Solstice today? Mass means Sacrificial killing and distribution of the host; in this case Jesus Christ is Liberated at Christmas. Soon, this Liberation of Matter will be applied to all of Mankind using the electro-magnetic energy supplied by the Sun, interacting with the Earth’s Magnetic Field and broadcast over Creation and it may be sooner than you may think. Apis Bull Festivals, Bacchus Festivals, Dionysiac Festivals, Saturnalia, Hannukah and Christmas are celebrated on the same day and its not by accident! Newton and Einstein were Cretins as far as I’m concerned, and most of what they taught can be proven to be BS. Folks, you can serve God and be part of Jacob through the Holy Ghost or serve “Mammon” and be destroyed with all of Esau’s spiritual progeny. It’s really just that simple and always has been.
The lies have not stopped! Collapsing stars are now said to not only produce infinite gravity, but they start burning their own nuclear fusion by-products (Helium). Lithium and Carbon are claimed to be a production of Helium Fusion making humanity a creation of Solar waste products; Nice eh? From a physics and thermodynamics perspective this is called “Perpetual Energy”; an impossibility. Physics teachers now are concluding without any proof that stars burning hydrogen begin burning helium when they run out of fuel, and not content with this nonsense, they have extrapolated this fusion up to the creation of carbon and even iron so that life can be created from a Black Hole. Recall the Genesis Rocket crashed in the attempt to prove this nonsense. Heavier elements such as iron pose even more problems for science. Even theoretically, iron fusion is “Endothermic” meaning it uses more energy than is created, so the crazy train must stop at some point. I wondered why iron would be popping up on physics forums and the answer was surprisingly simple. Daniel described the final beast kingdom as being part clay and part iron; the end of the evolution train or top of the elite pyramid if you will is iron. Freemasons are today’s followers of Tubal-Cain, the father of artificers of brass and iron; the human equivalent of Vulcan the Canaanite fire god. They view themselves as Iron Men.
NASA’s Genesis Rocket crash in the UT desert after its parachute failed with Tom Cruise’s helicopter pilot from MI-3 attempting the snag. MI-3 like Scientology is indeed Mission Impossible just like the discovery of Carbon in the Solar Wind or Element 137. It was collecting samples from the solar wind; I guess they assumed carbon and iron would be in the samples. Oops! Oxidized Iron forms Rust; the Universe got old and big by observing Red Shift; Esau was born Red. Red means Magic. His “Witness” is called “Jeger-sahadutha” which is Chaldean Magick.
About 50 years ago, theoretical scientists proposed gravity was actually caused by “Super Strings” which connect every atom in the universe with each other, but where they get their power from is still a mystery. For string theory proponents like Stephen Hawking, these infinitely long strings vibrate in different dimensions creating all the different combinations of atoms which make up matter. A guitar can’t make music all by itself, so we still need a force to vibrate these strings. Today, some scientists propose these strings are mass less. Nice thought, but you can’t generate force unless you have mass, so we are right back where we started. Welcome to Circular Logic. The Word says it was Created as a perfect place and it will return to that condition only after Man accepts God; what do you say? In case it’s not obvious yet, “Science” is a false religion and likely the worst one on Earth. “Atom” is derived from the Egyptian sun-god “Atum”. Egyptian Solar Priests of On (Heliopolis) taught Atum was both Creator and ancestor of Man. Phoenicians called him El who looked like a Monkey and Darwin became the father of Evolution by teaching this nonsense.
The Aether is a necessary, but false concept to be a conduit for “Force”. Much like waves form in water or air, scientists now claim gravity waves transit space. Nice try, but in a vacuum (Bible uses the word “Nothing”), this is impossible. Gravity is an unproven “Force” which was invented for some very diabolical reasons. If gravity doesn’t exist, interplanetary space travel, including the moon, is a one way ticket and virtually impossible, because velocity and direction can only be altered using rocket thrust. At present, this requires too much fuel and enormous accelerations that are very hazardous to human life. For example: Space aliens traveling to earth would need to use extremely high velocities because the nearest star “Alpha Centauri” is nearly 5 light years away and most stars are claimed to be millions of light years away. Whether their planet or the earth is moving is moot; any course changes during the voyage would literally smash their atoms into their elemental particles; imagine riding a train at millions of miles per hour around a curve because that’s what it would be like. Imagine what it would be like accelerating to these velocities. The human body can handle about 5 G’s, but can only function well at about 1.5 G’s. Either acceleration value would take years to attain the required velocity for inter-stellar, travel and the deceleration would be just as hard to deal with. Sorry, but Star War’s jump to light speed and Star Trek jump to warp speed is just plain silly and impossible!
Newton says gravity gets weaker with the square of the distance so it should be obvious it cannot account for the spiraling of stars within our galaxy, let alone spiral galaxies we can see in telescopes. Black Holes violate the most basic physics principles, so why is the term even used by scientists? Ockam’s Razor says it’s wise not to introduce anything more than what is necessary to explain what’s observed. To think, this unproven force of nature began thousands of years ago with the Aether, the same gas doctors put you to sleep with! Isn’t it time to wake up?