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Order of Cincinnati (Curly Red “Edomite” Hair); European Aristocracy in America originates with Europa the Cretan  “Whore of Babylon” and Zeus; in Roman Republic Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus, the farmer (Cain was the first farmer; Edomite Rothschild was Bauer “Farmer”) called to become a Dictator in Rome for War and who voluntarily gave up power afterward; this is the role Esau will play as the 3rd Beast (Dan 7:6) obtaining “Dominion” (Gen 27:39-41KJV) as Fascist Dictator and handing power to Satan, the 4th Beast of Iron (Dan 7:7) 4th Pale Horse (Rev 6:8) Franklin Pierce is said to be the only real bloodline in America of Cincinnatus to become US President; Pierce is related to Thomas Percy the Jesuit Gunpowder Plot architect designed to kill King James, chosen above Jesuit educated Francis Bacon to be King. Barbara Pierce Bush, the illegitimate daughter of Aleister “666” Crowley, married George HW Bush whose Aircraft Carrier is CVN 77; AA#77 hit the 77ft tall Pentagon on the 77th Longitude. Slogan: “He gave everything for the Republic” refers to the Phoenix/Eagle, symbolizing Saturn, seen as the Nazi, Prussian, Russian, American, Edomite Eagle and Papal Red Saturn Hat. Esau’s (Edom=Red) Dominion (Gen 27:39-41; Dan 7:6KJV) will be handed over to Antichrist just as Cincinnatus did 2500 years ago.
June 26: 75th Anniversary of UN Charter UN Sec Gen Antonio Guterres (Jesuit, ex-President of Socialist International) proposes “Global Governance with Teeth”; a Tithe (10% GDP) on all nations ($8T); $2T coming from the US. The UN has effectively become the Old Testament Tribe of Levi (Cult of Saturn are Melchisedekians aka Sarmation Priest-Kings) with the Earth functioning as God; Rev 13:8 (13/8=Phi “Ratio of Life” for Gnostics) warns of this. The UN Logo is the World viewed from above the North Pole, the seat of God? More like Draco the Dragon, just ask Santa, (Satan) the Hittite God of Christmas. The Dag (Dag=Fish; Dagan=Philistine Dagan; Chaldean Oannes aka Antichrist. Hamarskold Satan’s Altar sits behind the Rod of Aesculapius (Theraputae god of Plague), a 13,000 Lb Black Lodestone (Leading Stone) Altar in an Unfinished Pyramid shaped room (11ftX13ftX18ft) illuminated by a single shaft of light in front of 11 Chairs (10 Kings of the Earth + Antichrist)  “Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen” Rom 1:25. So what “Teeth”? “And behold another beast, a second, like to a bear, and it raised up itself on one side, and it had three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it: and they said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh.” Dan 7:5 Ursa Major “Great Bear” aka Big Dipper pouring out wrath of the Golden Age aka Great Reset is about here.  Same day Jesuit (Militia of Zeus) General aka Black Pope Arturo (Bear) Sosa “Covid is not an accident. God is asking us to give our life…all are loved by God”; Jesus hates Nicolaitane Doctrine (Rev 2:6;15), the elevation of clergy spouting lies like Arturo Sosa.
“Oh mortal man, is there nothing you cannot be made to believe?” Jesuit Canon Law Professor Adam Weishaupt Coronavirus is a Jesuit managed Lie just as other Jesuit invented lies: Big Bang Theory, Heliocentric Theory, Gravity Theory, Evolution Theory, Atomic Theory; Theory means “Speculative, Spectacle”; Thea=Theatre Why not read God’s Word and forget unproven Jesuit Theories spouted by Actors? Jesuits invented Vaccines; injecting Cow Pus? Great Idea! Jesuits swear Blood Oaths to kill “Heretics” Guess who the “Heretics” are? Those of us who refuse to bow to Zeus. “To be or not to be?” Shakespeare was Jesuit! God separated the Nations at BabEl (Gate of Saturn); the UN is putting Nations together again under Satan Jesuits have a Cathedra (Teaching Seat) at St John Lateran Arch-basilica; John is the Chaldean/Philistine Devil (Oannes/Dagan) seen in the UN Meditation Room and Mitres worn by Catholic, Orthodox and Lutheran Clergy; Lateran; Lateran means Hidden Frogs, the Spirits of Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 16:13; 12:9) The Cathedra is considered by Jesuits (really Chaldeans) to the Mother of all Religions on Earth. Trump, Fauci, his wife/beard who heads Bioethics and Human Experimentation at NAID Christine Grady, CDC Robert Redfield, UN Sec Gen Guterres all take marching orders from Jesuit General Arturo Sosa. Time to wake up!
Black Lives Matter is not what you think it is
Closet Sodomite Mike Pence campaigns in FL Megachurches and Shriner Lodges sans masks as Texas fake paraplegic Gov Greg Abbott, FL Gov Ron DeSantis and AZ Gov Doug Ducey close bars for 2nd alleged Covid resurgence. How can they get away with this? Constitution Free Zone for starters; second, these states are going back to Mexico as part of Aztlan. 
Chabad Lubavitch Rabbis promote Covid masks; just not for their own. This is why Jesus called the Pharisees “Hypocrites”.
The Spirit of St Louis was named after the Masonic Gateway Arch (pretty coincidental the Lunar Gateway is NASA’s latest money vacuum) the Gateway to the West “Land of the Dead” built to honor 33 deg Freemasons Thomas Jefferson, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. 33 deg Freemason Charles Lindberg, a member of the America First Party (MAGA is the modern day Trump version) and recipient of the Nazi Cross of the German Eagle (Jared Kushner was awarded the Order of Aztec Eagle; same Assyrian Eagle “Saturn”; 2 Ki 19:37)  gave his New World Order speech on 9/11/1941 (GHW Bush gave his NWO speech a Jubilee later on 9/11/1991 at the start of the Gulf Wars) as the Masonic Cornerstone was being laid at the Pentagon, 60 years to the day before 9/11/1941, built 77ft tall, on the 77th Longitude and later allegedly hit by UA #77, all named after Liber Oz: Book 77 by Aleister Crowley (GW Bush maternal grandfather) and ultimately after the 4th Beast of Iron in Dan 7:7. Lindberg flew 33 1/2 hours from the Big Apple (Aplu=Zeus) to Paris “House of Isis” matching Jesus’ age at the Crucifixion. St Louis sits at the northern edge of the New Madrid Fault which FEMA plans to flood by collapsing the Salt Dome at the Deep Water Horizon Site which was blown out on Earth Day and scuttled on Weed Day; Born Again Christians are the Masonic Weeds, to be eliminated from Cain’s Garden by the Sickle (Fauci). St Louis is the Canonized King Louis IX who purchased the fake Crown of Thorns once miraculously found by Constantine the Great’s Druid mother Helena.
     The 4th (Pale/Chloro) Horseman (Rev 6:8) is the 4th Beast of Iron (Dan 7:7)  pretty coincidental 68 kg X 9.8 m/s2=666 kg m/s2 or Newtons eh? The measured acceleration of “Gravity” Rosicrucian/Freemason Isaac Newton made up and named after himself which matches the logo CERN (Cernunnos=”Little Horn”; Dan 8) uses. Jesus dies wearing a Crown of Thorns at 33 1/2 years of age; are you ready to put on a Crown of Thorns and follow Him? Better get ready!
Kamala Harris AKA (Alpha Kappa Alpha) “Boule”; Sacred Prostitute of Qetesh, the Canaanite goddess of Sacred Ecstasy and Sexual Pleasure using the exact same words Obama’s Zoroastrian handler Valerie Jarrett used. Qetesh holds down the Lion (Jesus is the Lion of Judah), carrying  Lotus Flowers (Re-Birth seen in I Pet Goat II the Obama-Bush transition seen as a Lotus Flower growing out of the Apple (Aplu=Zeus) on the Masonic Floor. Jesuit Pope Francis gave Jesuit educated Trump a Lotus Flower sculpture on his Vatican visit in Funeral Attire) and a Snake (Coronavirus means “Crowned Snake Venom” seen in the Egyptian Ureaus Crown) Sacred Prostitutes began in the days of Sargon the Great in Ur of the Chaldees “Babylon”; today, nothing has changed; Sargon III is up next. The Hittite-Egypt Battle of Qadesh 1279bc is confused with the Exodus (1492bc) to tie this event in with Pharaoh Ramses II (fake Jew Cecil B DeMille’s Hollywood movie 10 Commandments with 33 deg Freemason Charleton Heston and Russian con-man Yul Brynner may ring a Baal). Willie Brown’s Handmaid is all grown up! “Once Trump/Bush is gone and we have regained out rightful place in the White House, we will come after all who oppose us” Qetesh holds a Snake and Lotus Flowers, framing the Sun between the Horns of Hathor “Holy Cow”; you may recall Jesuit (Militia of Zeus) Pope Francis gave Trump with his family wearing funeral attire, a Lotus Flower on his Vatican visit in 2016; the Lotus Flowers symbolize Re-birth. This is Re-birth of the Cainites folks! Operation Garden Plot ring a Baal? Cain was the first Gardener whose Sacrifices were unacceptable to God; Why? Because JESUS is Shiloh (Gen 49:10) “Owner of the House”. Ham carried the Cainite bloodline across the Flood by having Incest with his Cainite mother, giving birth to the “Cursed” Bloodline of Canaan whose Sacred Prostitutes began in Ur of the Chaldees, then Harran and Egypt as Hyksos (Foreign Shepherd Kings) whose Sacred Prostitutes of Qetesh and Men of Romance were hired to as Cleopatra once said “What better way to block an attempted conspiracy than from the whispers associated with scented pillows.
Cracka “You took our breath away so we’ll take yours” Kobe Bryant (Kobe and Covid means “God’s Door”) wore “I can’t breathe” T-Shirts George Floyd allegedly said “I can’t breathe” under the knee of his 17 yr nightclub pal Derek Chauvin debuts July 1, a series depicting Black revenge (Hamas is sponsoring ANTIFA)  coincident with Trump’s announcement on the Deal of the Century and Israel’s annexation of Samaria and the West Bank (Judea) just ahead of the Dog (God spelled backwards, just ask Snoop “Dog Father”) Days of Summer beginning on July 4 “Independence Day” 2020 exactly 8 years after CERN declared proof of the God Particle; recall the Independence Day franchise featured Aliens; don’t be surprised if Satanists, Oops I meant Scientists pull that Trump Card. Sirius the Blazing Star Arabs call al Qalb and Mormoncall Kolob is the “Dog Star” (God spelled Backwards) aka “Star of Isis” (Isis “Black Virgin”=Throne) joins the Sun. Black versus White is not a Race War; there is one Race of human beings on Earth; Black here refers to Saturn the Black Sun/Black Star/Primal Sun etc aka Chaos versus God; you know, the White Bearded version of Jesus. Order out of Chaos is the motto of 33 deg Sovereign Masons whether Black or White. The origin of this Chaos is Ham’s (Black) incest with his Cainite mother in Noah’s Tent (Gen 9:22) brining the bloodline of Cain across the Flood and into Canaan, “Cursed” by this deed; the Covenant God nmade with Abraham specified his sons not marry daughters of Canaan for this reason; Ishmael and Esau disobeyed; Isaac and Jacob did not. Violence is all pre-planned in Jesuit ( Fr Jean Pierre DeSmet “Militia of Zeus”) handled confederate, 33 deg Freemason (against God’s Covenant) Albert Pike’s plan for 3 World Wars; the Nihilists and Atheists are out in public now, supported by the Government. Child Sacrificing, Hell Fire Society Initiate (Think Eyes Wide Shut here), 7 Sisters Lodge (7 Daughters of Atlas) Rosicrucian, 33 deg Freemason, Traitor Ben Franklin referred to White transported to America from Europe as “a race of runnagates and crackers, equally wild and savage as the Indians, who inhabit the “deserted woods and mountains”. Ben’s Flag depicted the 13 Colonies as a 13 segmented Serpent with the slogan “Join or Die” I’ll take death over joining the Serpent any day, It was the Serpent that taught Cain to kill his brother Abel after all! Now Jesuits are using a global weapon called the Coronavirus Vaccine. Vaccine means (Of the Sacred Cow) Qetesh (Qadesh) is depicted with the Horns of Hathor the original Sacred Cow; Mansion of Horus (Zeus) or Mansion of God? Time to choose your residence for Eternity!
Wall St (named after the Wall of Jericho; Wall St Bull is the Egyptian Apis Bull, the embodiment of Osiris “Saturn”) Journal ran an article called “Looking forward to the End of Humanity” The On-Off Switch is the Strong Delusion (2 Thess 2:11) So what pray tell might the Strong Delusion be made of? Dopamine. Trans-humanism and the merging of Artificial and Biological Neurons in Neuromorphic Devices (Semi-Living Circuits) is here! Hormone Neurotransmitters made of Dopamine called “Pleasure Chemicals” control arousal, motor control (watch this in David Bowie’s Black Star music video), sexual gratification, orgasm, lactation etc. Adrenochrome (crystalized Adrenaline) is the precursor to Neuromelanin (Melanin=Black) and Dopamine Levodopa (L-DOPA) being the pure form.
Chabad Lubavitch puppets Mike Pompeo called Coronavirus a “Live Exercise”; Jared Kushner registered to vote 8 yrs as a woman and recipient of the Aztec Order of the Eagle 2018;  Kushner’s 31 yr old Chabad Lubavitch errand boy Avi Berkowitz and Trump Bankruptcy Atty turned Israeli Amb David Melech (Arab for Lord) Friedman to decide on July 1 Israeli Annexation of Judea (West Bank). WWIII will likely follow.
And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened. Mat 24:22
Imagine disrupting Photosynthesis over the entire world, and altering the DNA of every living thing on Earth? Who would want to destroy all life on Earth and turn the entire world into a Desert void of God given Life and Spirit? Gnostics do. The CIA controls Bain Capital and Bain controls the  Willamena and MALE-Inda Gates from Hell Foundation (Mel Wearing Upside Down Cross, symbolizing Selling of the Soul aka Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost aka BabylON “Gate of Saturn”) including Greta Inc (Greta means Pearl; Pearly Gates may ring a Baal and if you think Peter will let you in, you’re in for a rude awakening!) The Gates of Hell family are taking time off from pushing Covid Vaccines, Covid Tracing Apps (automatically installing) and US Patent #060606 Digital Currency/Vaccine Passports to financing and promoting BIOMILQ (Artificial Breast Milk using cultured Mammary Cells) Gates  Foundation intern Michelle Egger her partner Leila Strickland and Rockefeller Foundation Food Initiative, World Bank, Jesuit Georgetown educated Dan Rubin (Hebrew name “Son of Reuben”; Jacob’s first born son) have some big backers in the Eugenicist/Federal Reserve Banker Bill & Mel Gates Foundation (Billy hangs out with Jeff Epstein on Pedophile Island), Pedophile/NXIVM Cult leader, 5G Satellite launching Sir Richard Branson, Burning Man officianado, 5G Satellite launcher, Amazon CEO (Amazon Warrior Women removed a Breast to shoot arrows better) Jeff Bezos and Rockefeller grandson, Facebook Digital Libra Crypto-currency promoter Jeff Zuckerberg.  Naturally and exclusively breast fed babies represent 75% of the world’s new-born population and will starve as their mother’s milk dries up and mother’s are unable to pay for Synthetic Breast Milk, while Lesbian and Sodomite couples feed their adopted babies Man-made BIOMILQ
        Oh this is not all Gates is doing either. Bill Gates is releasing millions of Oxytec Mosquitoes with Gene Drive, mRNA, Crispr Gene Editing, and self perpetuating, species altering Gene Flow. Mosquitoes with Tetracycline (#1 Food Supply Antibiotic) On-Off Switches not only alter entire species, they are controllable, self replicating and have no EPA oversight due to Covid. Same theme in Coronavirus Vaccines, a Chimera made of Cow, Pig, Bird, Bat, Camel, synthetic mRNA and self replicating, programmable, controllable  Frog DNA “Xenobots”; Frog DNA not only alters human DNA and self-replicate, they represent the Spirits of the Devil, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 12:9;16:13); the Jesuit Mother of all Religions (including Islam) is St John Lateran Archbasilica; John is Oannes the Chaldean Beast aka Zeus; Lateran means “Hidden Frogs”; Basilicas contain “Cathedras” (Teaching Seats); recall Jesuit Pope Francis Encyclical “Laudato Si” calls for eliminating all but 1 Billion people from Earth; the Georgia Guidestones call for Eliminating all but 500M for the same reason; how benevolent eh? An entire planet altering DNA editing program brought to us by Chasidic-Chaldean-Sabian fake Jews and their Jesuit “Society of Gesu” (Earth Swine aka Marrano) “Militia of Zeus” dupes like Pope Francis and most everyone associated with the Coronavirus Psy-Op. So what’s the plan? FEMA has a planning map that may interest those of us in America, Land of the Amorites! Feel the Love yet? We will.

Purim “Cast lots for Marduk” and Holi (Krishna=Black) coincided on 3/11/20 in a Purim Mega Ritual (33 deg Freemasons GHW “Magog” Bush and Saddam Hussein Gulf War I ended on Purim; 12 years later GW “Gog” Bush and Saddam Hussein (fashioned himself as a modern day Nebuchadnezzar) began Gulf War 2 on Purim). Coronavirus was “Characterized” (Never “Declared”) a Global Pandemic on Purim 3/11/2020. There are 311 steps to the Coronavirus a Global PsyOp coded with 33 (3×11) atop The Monument in London, built in 1672; that’s some patience eh? On 3/11 Jesuit educated Trump abdicated the Presidency (Presidential Seal not on the podium) to FEMA and NORTHCOM, the same day Coronavirus (Pur=Lots; Marduk is the Golden Calf; Vaccine means “Of the Cow”; Holy Cow Batman!; Oops I means “Dark Knight”) was declared a “Global Pandemic” triggering WHO Level 6 Pandemic Protocols (Forced Vaccination and/or Quarantine); actually WHO (WHO Logo is Aeculapius the god of Plague) Dir Dr Tedros is an Ethiopian Marxist and not a “Doctor” of anything and merely “Characterized” Coronavirus as a “Global Pandemic”; it is not! The same day  EPA Director Andrew Wheeler removed EPA oversight and testing; handy for a Coronavirus Vaccine rushed to approval and forced on 330M Americans and later 7.7 Billion people while Gates from Hell is releasing planet altering GM Mosquitos eh? The US Military will force Vaccinate US Citizens with Jesuit Anthony Fauci’s (Priceless Sickle) wife? Jesuit Christine Grady (Noble Christ) rubber stamping approval of human testing on an international scale. 5G disrupts Oxygen production in Plants (Chloro=Pale Horse Death Rev 6:8) and Oxygen uptake in Animals (Hematin Blood Iron + Oxygen Dan 7:7); no wonder Gates funded Oxytec uses the Six Pointed Star of Saturn. “Mosquitoes are the world’s most deadly animal and 2nd place isn’t even close” Bill Gates

In Dark Knight Rises Bane and Batman understand the game because they are “Initiates” of Ra’s al Ghul (Algol) “Holder of the Devil’s Head” in the constellation Perseus “Destroyer” is the malevolent star of misfortune, violence, decapitation and hanging. Feel like we are being treated like Mushrooms? We are Bain Capital and Mitt Romney, the Mormon White Horse are the CIA/Mormon front managed currently by Israeli Orit Gadeish who not only laundered Iran-Contra Weapons for Drug profits and El Salvadoran Death Squads, but first propagandized Bill Gates and Microsoft; now Mittens is marching with Hamas sponsored Black Lives Matter in Seattle. Mitt and his Bain Capital investor partner Sheldon Adelson made a video “Innocence of Muslims” depicting Muhammad having sex with a camel; this is how the plan for 3 World Wars is carried out folks! Zionism and Islam are just like Noahide and Shariah Law, 2 arms of the same Chasidic/Saturnian Tree!


Happy Father’s Day St John is Zeus! Jesuits are the Militia of Zeus. The Mother of all Religions Worldwide is the Jesuit St John Lateran Archbasilica; Lateran means “Hidden Frogs”, the unclean spirits of the Devil, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 12:9; 16:13)  The 4 Horsemen ride from St John Divine Cathedral Knight of St John Donald John Trump held a photo op on 6/11 in front of St John’s Church to signal the event holding a Black Book; if your Name is in that Black Book it cannot be in the Lamb’s Book of Life; Choose wisely! When? The Peace Fountain tells us; as well as Disciples of Lucifer march June 21 at 2 pm in cities all across America calling on the world to join in the building a One World Government and fulfill the prophecies of Revelation aka Horsemen; just look for the All Seeing Eye of Horus; the Holy Door of the Golden Age of Saturn!  Eph 6:11-19  is worth a read, note verse 6/11 “Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil…” John=Oannes the Chaldean “Devil”.  verse 6/15 “…your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace…” The Peace Fountain (Pegasus means “Fountain”; the Winged White Horse also figures in to Arab religion dating from Abraham and Islam dating from Muhammad; the Winged White Horse al Buraq means “Lightning”) was carved in 1985 depicts June 21, the start of Cancer; the 2020 “Feast of St John” aligns with Father’s Day (Dyeus Pater= Zeus Father; Jah Pater=Jupiter the son of Saturn) and the Annular Solar Eclipse “Ring of Fire” depicted on the fountain depicting Archangel Michael (Archangel Michael arrives at the 5th Trumpet warning 1st Woe ! in Rev 9:11 so don’t fall for the deception! The 4 Horsemen ride before the 1st Trumpet burns up grass and trees with hail and fire mixed with blood; Rev 8:7) arriving from Heaven to slay “Beasts” June 21, 2020 as the Crab (Cancer) severs Satan’s Head; the “Elite” view the Unitiated or Profane as “Beasts”; to use the Rabbinical term “Human Cattle” for Slaves.

So who are the Chosen Race? Saturnians of course! The Race created from 100% Bull Shit; literally! Zeus in the form of a White Bull and the Cretan Whore Europa to be precise.  Europa rides the Bull in front of the European Parliament which keeps Seat #666 open. The Egyptian Apis Bull (Bee=Chaldean “Word” incarnated in Pharaoh the embodiment of Osiris “Green One” Saturn), Golden Calf Marduk, Minotaur and Wall St Bull are all Zeus; everyone who rides that Bull is the Whore of Babylon, just ask the Whores in the Capitol “Womb of Zeus” who sold their Souls for Power. Guess WHO runs the Coronavirus Hoax? Cretans, the Liars, Evil Beasts and Slow Bellies Titus warned about are guardians of Satan’s Seat aka Theraputae of Pergamon who worship Aesculapius the god of Plague and the Holy Cow (Vaccine means Pertaining to the Cow) Hathor “Mansion of Horus”. Now you know why Trump held up that Black Book! It’s Mansion of Horus or Mansion of God; Time to Choose!


Juneteenth “End of Slavery” Question: Who are the Slaves? “Behold, thy dwelling shall be the fatness of the earth (Wealthy) and of the dew of heaven from above; And by thy sword shalt thou live, and shalt serve thy brother; and it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion (Sovereign authority to rule) that thou shalt break his yoke (Servitude) from off thy neck. Gen 27:40KJV “The rich rules over the poor, And the borrower becomes the lender’s slave.” Prov 22:7 Now, you seriously think Slavery has ended? Esau sold his Birthright to Jacob and was prophesied 3700 years ago to obtain “Dominion”; the number of Sovereignty is 33, used to represent Ordo ab Chao “Order out of Chaos”; the Coronavirus Hoax is coded with 33 for this reason  Edomite Freemasons do not have National affiliation; they are 5th Column Traitors in every nation on Earth with a common goal of acquiring Property and turning every Citizen on Earth into Debt Slaves; Jesus is Shiloh “Owner of the House” (Gen 49:10) This ill fated Usury based scheme is doomed to fail; it’s time to get right with JESUS!  The best slaves are ones that don’t know they are slaves, such as ones that do not know the Organic Act of Washington DC took all rights away from Citizens and handed them to CORPORATIONS; or Citizens who don’t know Washington DC is not part of the United States and does not adhere to the laws written there; or Citizens obligated to pay their share of the United States Federal Debt, currently $26.3Trillion cash + $152.7Trillion Unfunded Liabilities or Citizens who don’t know Slaves are used as collateral for loans. Want Debt forgiveness? Get right with JESUS!  Here’s how “Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.” Mat 6:9-13


June 20, 2020 11:45 UTC Solar Solstice “Feast of St John”  “China-India, No-So Korea, Israel-Turkey prepare for War” -RT China and India dispute the Kashmir Region; Israel prepares to annex Samaria and Judea; Swiss educated “Twisted Sister” Kim “Terminator” Yo Jong prepares to seize power re-unifying Korea. The UN sponsored Korean War divided Korea along the 38th Latitude “DMZ”. The Sun Dynasty was created by Jesuit Fr Joseph Stalin and the Jesuit controlled US Military under 33 deg Freemason, Shriner, SMOM, Mafia Capo Harry Truman and was based on creating a false bloodline to the Korean (Korahite Priesthood centered on Moses’ sister Miriam; Num 26:10) Creation Myth, a myth nearly identical to that of Marduk the “Golden Calf”.  Coronavirus was declared a Global Pandemic on Purim 3/11; Pur means “Cast Lots for the Golden Calf Marduk” The nutshell Korean version is the Primal Chaos (Saturn) “Lord of Heaven” (Hwannin) installs his son Hwanung at Mt Paektu  “Heavens Lake” in the “City of God” to teach Koreans agriculture, medicine, government; he is the “Son of the Bear” aka Ursa Major “Big Dipper” ushering in the Age of Aquarius just like all Saturnian Creation Myths; Bear Woman in this version will be Twisted Sister Kim Yo Jong  


The Great Pyramid, Pythagorean Right Triangle, Federal Triangle, Mr Peace (Mr-Akh-Bah or Merkabah in Eze 1) Triangle etc are based on a 90-38-52 deg Triangle, the Vertical (Father-Male; 52) Horizontal (Mother-Female; 38) connect to the (Son=Zeus)  Washington DC (Columbia “Goddess of Freedom”) is on the 38th latitude as is the largest radiation producing False Flag in history at Fukushima, Japan; radiation event being the source of the Exodus? Time will tell. The US Capitol can be seen toppling in the entrance pillar of the St John Divine Cathedral; the largest Exodus in history will take place along the Silk Road aka Imperial Highway (Command/Authority) beginning at the US created 38th Latitude “DMZ” in Korea (Land of the Korahites; Num 26:10) to Karakoram (HQ of the Golden Horde), to Islamabad via the Great Royal Road to Kabul Afghanistan “Graveyard of Empires”, across Iran “Mede-Persia” Iran means Aryan “Noble Caste”, Iraq (Babylon), Jordan (Idumea=Edom, Moab, Ammon) to Armageddon “Valley of Slaughter”. The playbook written by Jesuit handled Luciferian Mason (Jean Pierre DeSmet; also handled Mormon false Prophet 33 deg Mason Brigham Young) Confederate Albert Pike whose 130 yr old giant idol at the base of the Justice Dept was toppled today signaling fulfillment of the plan for 3 World Wars.

Surprise Pearl Harbor First off Pearl Harbor was not a “Surprise” anymore than 9/11/2001 the New Pearl Harbor was a surprise planned by the Neo-Cons or Greta “Pearl” Thunberg who starred with Boris Johnson and Coronavirus in the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremonies and became the spokesperson for Anthropogenic Climate Change. Coronavirus was never “Declared” a Pandemic; Media Whores made that “Declaration” just like on 9/11/2001 with Osama bin Laden. “We never declared Osama bin Laden had any involvement with 9/11” FBI Director Robert Mueller, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld. Coronavirus has never been “Declared” a Global Pandemic; it was merely “Characterized” as a Pandemic.

CIA Asset Dr Peter Pry Chairman of the EMP Task Force on Homeland Security and a host of Grid Down/EMP attack scenario writers from the EMP Task Force warned “China is preparing to launch an EMP Surprise Pearl Harbor killing 90% of America followed by military invasion and occupation.” Jesus warned “A man’s foes shall be they of his own house”  (Mat 10:36; Mic 7:6) Rest assured, traitors inside our own nation will destroy the Power Grid not China.  NERC (National Elec Reliability Corp) is an NGO ready to alter Grid Frequencies destroying Electric Generators made by Rockefeller’s GE; same Rockefeller company that made the Fukushima Nuclear Plant in Japan. Boeing’s CHAMP (Counter Electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project) is a Drone/Cruise Missile based EMP Grid destroying weapon at the ready. China? Their troops already work with FEMA, the new US President as of Mar 2020 staffing Civilian Inmate Detention Centers.


America was planned to be the Phoenix of the New Age in 1620 by Francis Bacon aka Jesuit Toby Mathew in New Atlantis: A Worke Unfinished; this is why Jesuit educated SMOM (Oath Sworn Knight of St John), Hollywood actor Donald Trump wore Funeral Attire to the Vatican visit with Jesuit Pope Francis, played the role of the Phoenix holding a globe between Egyptian President el-Sissi and Saudi King Salman and recently held a photo op holding a Black Book in front of the St John Parish Church. My guess is the Black Book is the counter to the Lamb’s Book of Life ie those in Satan’s Book; Satan is Saturn the Black Sun after all! The US is the Phoenix of the New Age and can be seen taking flight inside the Cathedral of St John Divine and the City of Atlanta (Atlantis) Police Dept Logo. Outside St John Divine is the Peace Fountain depicting the Solar Eclipse on Father’s Day (St John is Zeus “Dyeus Pater” aka Jupiter “Jah Pater”) June 21, 2020. The CDC HQ in Atlanta I managing the Coronavirus Hoax; just north on Hwy 77 (Dan 7:7 may ring a Baal) is the Georgia Guide Stones which like Christopher Wren’s Monument in London is a Rosicrucian Monument to the New World Order calling for the elimination of all but 500M people or about 93% of Earth’s population. Elberton is the Gravestone Capitol of the US; the monument was dedicated on 3/22/80 exactly 30 years before Universal Health Care was signed into law on 3/22/10 at 3:22UTC in violation of the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution by traitors in Congress. Society 322 “Skull & Bones” is the “Brotherhood of Death”, just ask Skull & Bones Rothschild Banker Stephen Mnuchin managing the financial collapse of the United States.