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Parkland HS Shooting Hoax

"We're the Kids in America, whoa-oh!"

Nicholas Cruz (St Nicholas/Nicolaitane=Victory People + Cross) pleads guilty Oct 21, 2021; Life in Prison or Death Penalty? for a staged Hoax by ex-FBI Agent David Hogg’s father and Cubic Simulations? I guess the sheep will fall for anything! Ashkenazi fake Jew Judge Elizabeth Scherer “Sheep Shearer” has had this case on the docket for 3 1/2 years since Ash Wednesday/Valentines Day 2018 and just now a guilty plea from a child actor named Victory People + Cross? Rather coincidental eh? The Ashen Crosses on Ash Wednesday are of Babylonian origin, when Ashkenazi fake Jews like Elizabeth Scherer replaced the tribes of Israel; they  represent  the Cross of Tammuz and 40 days “Weeping for Tammuz” (Purify by Fire); ashes used from the previous year’s sacrifices burned for the new year’s celebration. Valentine’s Day “Lupercalia” involves the sacrifice of a Dog and Goat before a ritual Orgy. The application for March for our Lives demonstration starring Media Darling, Liar and Author Dave Hogg was made “Several Months prior” to the event. Drama teacher Melody Herzfeld accepted a Tony Award on June 10, 2018 for her role in the Hoax.
Lent 2018 began on Valentine’s Day on the Ides of Februalia on Day #44 is “Lupercalia” Day of the Wolf. In 2018 Valentine’s Day is coincident with Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. In Gematria 44 is Blood (Dam); menstrual blood soaked Goat Skins were worn by Gnostic Priests of Valentinus “Luperci” in the 1st C AD.
Lent + 40 Days “Weeping for Tammuz” (Eze 8:14; Tammuz means “Purify by Fire”; Tammuz is the son of Saturn aka Horus, Zeus, Marduk, Jupiter)=April Fool’s Day, Feast of First Fruits, Easter Sunday and the Assyrian Akitu Festival marking the return of Marduk. At the end of her purifying, the woman (Ishtar) shall bring forth a lamb for a burnt-offering; JESUS is the Passover Lamb (Lev 12:6; Lk 2:22); Passover 2018 begins on Good Friday, the false Crucifixion, 1 1/2 days ahead of Easter, the false Resurrection Day. Pretty coincidental all this lines up with the day Jesus was sent on Fool’s Errands, rejected and Crucified isn’t it? Or NOT!
Aleister Crowley’s Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix details the holocaust of the Phoenix as “Lord of the Jubilees”. Rabbis call Hebrew Year 5778 “Year of Moshiach”; Shamash aka Marduk is the “Rising Sun”; pretty coincidental the temperature of the Sun’s surface is 5778K eh? The 10th Jubilee (Ref Prince Melchisedek Scroll, Rabbi Judah ben Samuel, Tzaddiq Baal Shem Tov) ends on St Patrick’s (Ptah) Day.
Day #77 on Mar 17, 2018 St Patrick’s Day marks the start of the 70th Anniversary of Israel; God’s gathering of the Tribes of Israel? Not on your eternal life “The virgin of Israel has fallen, she shall no more rise” Amos 5:2 St Ptah Rek heralds the return of Melchisedek; the Cult of Saturn are called “Melchisedekians”. God’s timing is on vivid display; Time’s Up folks! The Golden Age of Saturn is here; as Golden Globe Award recipient Oprah said “A new day is on the Horizon” Zeus means “Day”=”Horus of the 2 Horizons”=Tammuz, the ash “T” placed on foreheads at Lent.
Heart means Baal. The Sacred Heart of St Valentine can be seen on the short video I, Pet Goat II; ( no folks, that is not the real Scapegoat (Num 16:8-10) Jesus Christ in that video, it is the New Age Christ “Antichrist” on the Barque of Horus sailing towards the Rising Sun “Saturn”. It’s all there in plain sight; the destruction of America as the Scapegoat; the Apple (Lycaon Werewolf Apollo) split on the Masonic Floor over C=$100 and L=$50 (NYC and Hoover Dam destroyed); Osama bin Laden wearing a CIA patch and the New Aeon of Horus beginning. V means Nail, referring to the Nails that held Jesus Christ to the Tree. Who is Heliofant? Helio=Helios=Sol=Solis Invictus “Unconquered Sun”=Saturn + Hierofant “Sacred” + “Revealing”. Ready for the Sacred Heart to be revealed? If not I suggest a one on one personal relationship with Jesus Christ is in order.
Ash Wednesday and Easter are not Catholic (Universal) much less Christian. Good Friday is 1 1/2 days before Easter and has nothing to do with the Crucifixion or Resurrection of Jesus Christ which occurred on Passover and Feast of First Fruits. In 2018 Passover begins on Good Friday Mar 30. Priests use sacrificial ashes to form the Tau on a person’s forehead; Jesus was Crucified on a Tree not a Cross. The Tau represents worship of the Rising Sun; Saturn and his son Tammuz; in Ezekiel 8 25 men turned their backs to the LORD and worshipped the Rising Sun in the East while women wept on the porch for the slain and resurrected Tammuz; the 25 ancients of Israel are called the Sanhedrin who later sent Jesus Christ on “Fool’s Errands” (Annas to Pilate to Caiaphas to Herod and back) ordered the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. In Egypt the Tau is the Ankh; in Babylon is symbolized Tammuz (Tam=Purify + Muz=Fire) aka Holocaust. Tammuz is equivalent with Marduk, Zeus, Jupiter, Horus, the son of Saturn (Satan), essentially the deification of Bab El (Gate of El) Bab Ilu (Gate of Allah aka Sin), Babyl on (Gate of Osiris).
Easter (Isis, Ishtar, Ashtoreth) is the Whore of Babylon/Babel riding the Beast (Zeus/Tammuz/Marduk) aka Europa, seen at the European Parliament, built as unfinished Tower of Babel with Seat #666 (Mark of the Beast) held vacant, but not for long.

Ash Wednesday False Flag: 17+ dead 14 injured Broward County Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School shooting Sheriff Scott Israel attended FBI Academy, says “The lone shooter was taken into custody…” Student witnesses say there were 2-3 shooters A vote on relaxing gun gackground checks was scheduled for Feb 15. Alexa Miednik, whether an Actor or not claims there had to have been 2 shooters; she spoke with Cruz (Apparently weapon free) after exiting her class during the Fire Alarm and heard shots fired in another building; Alexa lives in Skipack PA and does not attend Parkland HS. Dave Hogg was a false witness; his father is an ex FBI, contractor working for Cubic Simulations which set up the Urban Warfare Training Exercise involving Military, Law Enforcement, and FBI. He was not a student at the HS, having graduated 4 years prior. The budding TV personality/liar received a lot of airtime promoting Gun Control on March for Our Lives Day Mar 23. Nikolas Cruz is allegedly an orphan who purchased an arsenal of weapons, Ubers to the school, assembles an AR-15, dons full metal body armor, shoots 17 evading school cameras and slips out without anyone seeing him shoot anyone.
Israel claims to be Jewish and Christian, history calls these people “Crypto”; Israel managed the Ft Lauderdale Airport shooting hoax. AR-15? Yes. Immediate calls for banning guns? Sort of; the big push is to keep guns out of the hands the mentally unstable, such as the mentally ill who hear voices like Mike Pence? Right Joy Behar? Temple of Satan’s favorite Governor Rick Scott “I will speak to lawmakers to make sure nobody with a mental illness ever touches a gun” CT Senator Chris Murphy calls on lawmakers to “Take action to stop this scourge” I agree, stop lying. Murphy said he saw 26 dead bodies in the firehouse across the street from Sandy Hook and vowed to take action on gun control; Murphy is a Liar, the Fire House is not across the street from Sandy Hook elementary; the Active Shooter Drill took place several miles from Sandy Hook.
Student witness recalls Cruz “Always had guns on him and stuff like that”; Florida has concealed carry, not open carry; how would they know? Nikolas Cruz “I’m gong to be a professional shooter” comment left on Bail bondsman Ben Bennight’s Facebook page Sept 24, 2017; Why a Bailbondsman’s page? Jeff Sessions (The Family Initiate worships mass murderers of their own people such as Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung) and several student witnesses blame the FBI; odd to say the least, it is not their jurisdiction. Ft Lauderdale shooter Esteban Santiago-Ruiz walked into the FBI office in Alaska a year before the event saying “Im being forced by the CIA to fight for ISIS”. School resource officer claims Cruz arrived during dismissal; witnesses claim it was 20 minutes prior.
GoFundMe account as immediately set up, receiving over $300K in 10 hours. Fire Drill and an alleged Active Shooter Code Red Lockdown Drill at the school; if all this was scheduled to occur, where was Police Resource Officer Scott Petersen? Feb 15 Lawmakers vote on Florida Gun background check requirements A scheduled Active Shooter drill using student as suicided or captured shooter and Fire Drill on the same day. FEMA Emergency Response Training Drill in adjacent County Shooter/patsy Nikolas Cruz, previously expelled from school and in mental health counseling. Mother of 2 sons who witnessed the event was also a witness to the Ft Lauderdale Airport shooting; Bad Luck? or paid Crisis Actor like Mormon Missionary Mason Wells who was involved in the Brussels Airport Hoax and Boston Marathon False Flag. White Supremacist leader Jordan Jereb says Cruz was a member of his group who participated in paramilitary drills; he didn’t know him personally, but that Cruz had girlfriend problems; sure! makes sense; NOT! Cruz was photographed target practicing wearing a Trump “Make America Great Again” hat; guess that’s his favorite White Supremacist eh?Secret Service were at the HS weeks before the event; Red Flag. 17 Yr old Zachary Cruz forcibly taken to Mental Institution; Red Flag. A police resource officer was on campus but was no factor in the event; the liklihood of being able to shoot 30+ people with a semi-auto weapon with police on campus is nil. Witness/Crisis Actor Alexa Miednik said she spoke with Cruz as she exited her class, after the shooting began and remembered him as a trouble maker from Middle School; she is married, does not attend class and lives in Alippack PA Nicholas Cruz posts pictures of himself cutting both arms to Snapchat. Florida DCFS says “He has fresh cuts on his arms and intends to buy a gun”. Trump confidant Roger Stone “Scott Israel is a “Punk, Racist, Thief” Roger was Scott’s biggest campaign donor/cheerleader to become Sheriff.
The entire story is pretty unbelievable. 31 High School students shot with a semi-auto rifle with police in the buildings? About as believable as Columbine, Sandy Hook, Pulse Nightclub On 8 Oct 2012, a FEMA Mass casualty drill was drawn up involving “Firearms at a school followed by apprehension or suicide of the shooter” was scheduled for 14 Dec 2012, the day of Sandy Hoax The same thing happened in Florida. Robbie Parker had his donation fund set up for alleged Emily Parker before the alleged shooting; if you haven’t seen him laughing before his CNN interview; it’s creepy. News outlets reported the Florida HS Shooting 2 days early Adam Lanza means “Red Spear” referring to the Spear of Destiny used to pierce the side of Jesus Christ; Red refers to Edomites and Gnostics who regard Jesus as a 3rd Adam rather than God in Flesh. Nikolas de Jesus Cruz means Nicolaitane (Conquer the Laity) + Jesus + Cross. Jesus was nailed and hung on a Tree; the Ash Wednesday Cross symbolizes worship of Tammuz at least for those in the know.
Marjory Stoneman Douglas was the inspiration for Rachel Carson’s book “Silent Spring”, the mother of all False Flags in terms of Death Count; the story is about DDT causing Eagle Eggs to die; as a result of banning the perfectly safe and effective DDT, Mosquito born diseases like Malaria kill 10’s of millions/yr unnecessarily; coincidentally the High School mascot is the Eagle, also the symbol of Esau (Ref Obadiah)
Chabad Lubavitch Rabbis coordinated the prayer vigil and evening memorial; Gov Rick Scott attending the service at Temple K’ol Tikvah Synagogue. Chabad is the 1st 3 levels of Kaballah (Chockmah, Binah Daat); no more “Jewish” than Jesuits are Catholic or Freemasons are Protestant/Baptist; they are Cryptos, heirs to Sabbattean/Talmudic Satanism aka Synagogue of Satan.
Alexa Miednik and Meadow Pollack live in Skipack PA; they are not students at Parkland HS.
David Hogg, 25 yr old Crisis Actor from California and aspiring journalist, son of retired FBI Agent Kevin Hogg, now an employee of Cubic Simulation Systems (Urban Warfare Simulations working in Florida with Shomrim, Chabad House and IDF Reservists) Cube is Saturn folks! This was an Engineered Hoax. Dave is a member of “Never Again” movement and his alleged surfer friend in California were verbally assaulted by a Lifeguard and now is a videographer witness to the Florida Shooting; why does he wear an earpiece during interviews? Who was the “Security Specialst” with neutered Resource Officer Scot Peterson?
Sheriff Scott Israel believes as his father Sonny, in the call of the Talmud; 7 Noahide Lawsproscribe the killing of followers of Jesus as “Idolaters”; their deaths an appropriate sacrifice to God. Talmudic Rabbis win debates with God, it’s not what’s written, but the Oral Tradition of Pharisees, Saduccees and Essenes that matter most. After all, Jesus is the son of a Whore, writing in His own boiling excrement in Hell because of His Blasphemy in declaring Himself God.
NRA President Peter Brownell is a member of B’Nai Mitzvah; past president Sandra Froman and Wayne LaPierre are Cryptos. Even the venerable Charleton Heston “From my cold dead hands” is a 33 degree Luciferian Freemason and 2nd Amendment 5th column traitor.
Temple of Satan’s favorite Gov Rick Scott appointed 36 Yr old Broward Cty Judge Elizabeth Scherer, now presiding over the Nikolas Cruz trial; Scherer is Ashkenazic meaning “Sheep Shearer”; rather appropriate for a man named Cruz. Her husband Tony Mercer was arrested with a pound of Marijuana, several illegal prescription drugs for sale and an ounce of cocaine; 7 Felony Drug Dealing charges were dropped when the case was moved for obvious Conflict of Interest to Palm Beach Cty Court; Judge Scherer however had no trouble signing a SWAT Search and Siezure order resulting in the death of the unarmed Howard Bowe in his home with a fraction of the amount Tony got off with. For Pilots, the Palm Beach Ivanka and Buffet (named after drug dealer Jimmy “Parrot Head” Buffet) Departures are a hoot; Ahhab (after Israel’s wicked king Ahab and Jezebel), Jimey, Pyrut (hey, Pirates have Parrots you know; Cruise Ships transport a lot more than tourists covered with oil), Baybe, Cryer and Brthr, my personal favorite, after Barack’s famous missing Birth Certificate. Her father Bill Scherer is a Republican lobbyist and Attorney involved with Palm (Palmyra “City of Palms” is Amurru in Syria where sacrificed were burned to honor Molech, before a homosexual orgy of course) Beach Billionaire pedophile Jeff Epstien and Donald Trump. Epstein’s private B-727 “Lolita Express”, private Pedophile Island retreat “Little St James” and Flight Logs with proof of high level passengers like Donald Trump and Bill Clinton aboard, are allegedly held by Scott Rothstein, in a 2017 $Multi-million fraud suit with Bill Sherer and a current suit with Jeff Epstein; I’m sure they’ll work something out. Pirates Shearing Sheep in “Little Israel” never gets old.

Florida Congressional Aide Ben Kelly said “Florida shooting survivors are Crisis Actors who travel from one event to another”; well documented at this point. Here is a Google Search listing a dozen events hiring “Crisis Actors” such as the Rep and Dem Conventions, campaign stops, Las Vegas, Texas, Oregon, California and Florida
Sen Marco “Foam Party” “Gay Web Cam” Rubio-“Claiming students on TV are actors is the work of a disgusting group of idiots with no sense of decency” Like Marco who bragged to Jimmy Fallon about his $1000 zip boots with 3in lift, going to “Foam Parties” (Homosexual Orgy of sorts) and backseat gay sex and drugs with his partner running a “Gay web cam” extortion ring.
Marco Rubio is not a Natural Born Citizen of the US and was ineligible to run for President; he was born before his parents were Naturalized. His pal Ted Cruz is not a citizen of any nation; his father the Evangelical fraud entered the US illegally, left the US to avoid the Vietnam Draft to Canada, gave birth to Ted when Canada had no Dual Citizenship laws after which Ted gave up his Canadian citizenship. Jesus railed on “Hypocrites” like Marco Rubio not the Truth seekers; He said “My people perish for lack of knowledge” God puts the “BASEST” of men in charge so we may know He is Sovereign Ruler in the Kingdom of men (Dan 4:17)
“Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.” Rev 3:9 Shomrim “Watchers/Protectors” is a fake Jewish (Jesus was/is Jewish; He said never call any man Rabbi Ref Mat 23:8) Pedophile Protection Racket headed by Haredim (Ultra-Orthodox) Rabbis. Shomrim’s “Man of the Year” Scott Israel managed the Ft Lauderdale Airport False Flag; to pull off the Parkland HS event, 3 Fire Alarms in separate buildings were set off simultaneously; obviously not the work of a Lone Gunman as Israel stated.
Trump adviser Roger Stone called Sheriff Israel “An unqualified Punk, Racist, Thief”; he was also the Sheriff’s biggest supporter in the campaign for Broward County Sheriff, the County with the largest budget in the US by far ($370M/Yr); Broward County is called “Little Israel”. Sheriff Israel not only hired Roger Stone, his book writer, publicist and exec assistant, he also promoted his stepson to Detective shy of 2 yrs on the Police Force. Sheriff Israel says School Resource Officer “Scot Petersen is a coward who knew a shooting was taking place but failed to take action” He was probably following the precedent set at Columbine HS when SWAT Officers stood by for 3 hours; Why? It was planned that way. Now why does Stone have a tatoo of “Tricky Dick” on his back? Nixon attempted to end the Vietnam War at the 1968 Paris Peace Accords, which were not signed until 1973; Watergate? What a joke.
Scott Beigel was allegedly killed escorting students back to class; nobody recalled seeing him shot, his name was redacted from the “Victim List”, he had a Temporary address in Florida, and actually lives in Dix Hills What caught my eye most was “153News”
20 Minute Tape Delay on Security Camera footage is Bullshit. That’s how Police saw the armor clad Nikolas Cruz wander around the school shooting people, and make his get away. Dang new fangled tape machines are as reliable as the 10 camera feeds that failed on 9/11/2001 at the Pentagon that missed the B-757. Stand Down Orders Resource Officer Scott Peterson and 3 Broward Deputies apparently watched the gunman from outside on cameras which had a 20 minute tape delay; they apparently couldn’t hear the gunfire, and didn’t enter because they received “Stand Down” orders. Oh, now it makes sense.
Nikolas Cruz sets new world record Uber ride His Uber ride ends 2:19, shooting starts 2:20; Cruz assembles AR-15, suits up in “Full Metal Body Armor”, Gas Mask, and Helmet, hits Fire Alarm in 3 locations, in 60 Seconds; kills 17 people, changes clothes and meets Alexa Miednik in the hall when the fire alarm sounds. How on Earth can he be mentally unstable? He’s more like Houdini.
Gov Rick Scott and Atty Gen Pam Bondi are making sure nobody with a mental illness can obtain a gun; for all their bungling, Broward Police managed to get Nikolas Cruz into a Hospital gown rather quickly eh? So why were Cruz and his brother taken directly to a mental hospital? What ever will happen to their $800K inheritance? Zachary Cruz has a Facebook page which lists alleged witnesses Alexa Miednik and Meadow Pollack as Friends; What are the odds? An entry cites Church by the Glades where Mike Pence was a guest speaker Mar 19, 2017; What are the odds? Like Sandy Hoax, the Bldg 12 Parkland HS “Crime Scene” will be demolished on orders of the School Superintendant; a Crime Scene is not his jurisdiction.
Donald Trump is pals with Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, weighing options for imposing “Gun Restraining Orders” to confiscate guns from people deemed a threat to themselves or others as he orders Military Parade on Veteran’s Day to top Kim Jong Un’s parade; Donald’s Red Button is bigger and it works after all! Donald Trump says “I would have run in unarmed”; Trump was given 5 Draft deferrments during the Vietnam War. Bondi was investigating Trump University fraud until Trump donated $25K to her election campaign; Bondi was also a potential VP pick if Mormon Mitt Romney had won; besides laungering Iran-Contra Drug profits, Mitt also had Draft Deferrments. Sherriff Scott Israel making sure School Resource Police Officers carry AR-15’s in response to 3 deputies doing nothing to stop the apparent shooting. With the official story at Parkland falling apart he better act fast. “The right to bear arms shall not be infringed” except in response to False Flags foisted by Crisis Actors, managed by Talmudic Rabbis. Maybe we should provide AR-15’s to the children raped and tortured by Jeff Epstein and Donald Trump so they can defend themselves.