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CERN “Cernunnos” aka “Little Horn” used the 666 Logo; Shiva aka Apollyon “Destroyer” (Rev 9:11) dancing the Nataraja “Dance of Destruction” is in front. WEF (World Economic Forum) YGL (Young Global Leader School) Grad Fabiola Gianotti restarting the Collider Feb 2022 after 3 yr shutdown in hunt for Dark Matter which exerts the force of Gravity but does not interact with Light at an energy level of 6.8TeV The Pale Horse “Death” and “Hell” are described in Rev 6:8. CERN is built over an Apolliceum “Temple of Apollo”. Dark Matter: Theoretically, a material with Atomic Number 137 would absorb all Light 137 equals the inverse of Arnold Sommerfeld’s calculations for the Fine Structure Constant. 1/137=.007. Fine is derived from the Latin “finus” meaning “To Finish”. It also means “Of superior quality, skill or appearance; Free of impurities; Marked by elegance; To make pure or an “Amicable settlement over land ownership”. Jesus is Shiloh “He whose it is” (Gen 49:10) He will make an amicable settlement over land ownership by killing everyone on earth when He returns.

“In his estate shall he honor the God of Forces…” Dan 11:38 The Force of Gravity necessitates a moving Earth; the Word of God says the Earth is fixed and shall not move (Ps 93:1; 96:30; 104:5; Job 26:7) The Graviton is the Force Carrier of visible matter having no mass itself; Great trick eh? This little guy gives Mass to Matter and Order to the Universe; sounds a bit like Creation eh? CERN starts up Feb 2022 in the quest for Muons (Mu is the pre-Flood world of the Pacific whereas Atlantis is the pre-Flood world of the Atlantic; Mu Covid Variant may ring a Baal, they have the same amount of truth. ATLAS Small Wheel Detctors were installed during CERN’s COVID extended shutdown to discover the Muon, a heavier and more energetic particle than the Higgs Boson nicknamed the “God Particle” whose mysterious “Force” is transferred inside the Atom and across the Universe by the Graviton”. Who doesn’t like the world of Physics: on the Atomic level: Muons, Gluons, Gravitons and the Macro level WIMPS, MACHOS, RAMBOS, GIMPS, PEONS Gotta love these guys sense of humor eh? Who knows? Maybe 2022 will be the year the 5th Dimension “Gravitino” will be discovered in the Aether disproving the Michelson-Morley experiment and the Bible which says Space is “Nothing” (Job 26:7). CERN looks to be the Scapegoat for “Earthquakes in diverse places” in the Olivet discourse (Mat 24; Lk 21; Mk 13); the real culprit will be the use of EM (Electro=Sun Magnetic=Earth) powered weapons in the hands to “Them which destroy the Earth” Rev 11:18KJV

“Science” is used twice in scripture; in Dan 1:5 “Tongue of the Chaldeans”; in 1 Ti 6:12KJV “Vain and Profane Babblings”. CERN uses DAVID and GOLIATH, controlled by CESAR to detect WIMPS, RAMBOS, MACHOS and P-Branes using our tax dollars! Vatican uses WISE and LUCIFER Telescopes to detect Hot DOGS. It’s all Satanic Bullshit!
2015 was the United Nations “Year of Light” and CERN “Year of Light”. CERN is Cernunnos “Horned One” depicted on the Celtic Gundestrup Cauldron dating from 100bc and is featured on the Pillar of the Boatmen dating from around 600bc which was placed in the foundation of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris “House of Isis”.


CERN is built in Saint-Genus Pouilly; Pouilly is Latin for Apolliceum, the site of a Roman Temple to Apollo. CERN is Cernunnos the Horned God aka “Little Horn” (Dan 7:8; 8:9) CERN uses the 666 Logo; Time is related to 216 (6X6X6) in 2160 years/astrological house. CERN is related to the Pale Horse “Death” described in Rev 6:8; 68Kg X 9.8M/s2=666 Newtons of “Force”; thus CERN’s “Graviton” nicknamed the “God Particle” is the “god of Forces” Dan 11:38; the “Force Carrier” giving Mass to Matter on the Atomic Scale and Order to the Universe on the Macro Scale; sounds like God but this is Satan which is why “Death” follows. In front of CERN is a statue of Shiva the Hindu version of Apollyon/Abbadon “Destroyer” described in Rev 9:11 and is built over an Apolliceum “Temple of Apollo”; in front of Shiva the Hindu “Destroyer”; Apollo/Shiva is the Destroyer of Rev 9:11 Abaddon or Apollyon. Site 911 “Beit Shemesh” is home to Project 911 a radiation hardened bunker just west of Jerusalem. CERN’s goal is to tear Space-Time fabric; the Crowned White Horse (Rev 6:2) conquers with a Bow=Tikto “Simplest Fabric”. The problem with CERN is Space-Time is imaginary as is the force of Gravity. Time is linear and about to run out.
A Staged Human Sacrifice was filmed Aug 2016 The November 18, 2011 issue of the International Journal of Science “Nature” claims the hunt for the elusive Higg’s Boson aka God Particle or Graviton entered its endgame. Translated: Man believes he has the knowledge, ability and reached the appointed time to become a God.
On July 4, 2012 CERN announced 99.99% proof of the God Particle aka “Graviton” as the source for the magical Force of Gravity. The mass-less force carrier “God Particle” not only gives Mass to Matter but Order to the Universe and is literally built from Nothing..
On Dec 5, 2015 CERN attempts to create Strangelets, at 1PeV. Particles able to exist in different Time and Space dimensions. On Dec 17 (Saturnalia) CERN announces finding a Gamma-Ray emitting particle more massive than the Higgs Boson “God Particle”

                                               DNA of Light

Dark Matter: Theoretically, a material with Atomic Number 137 would absorb all Light
E=Mc2 According to Albert Einstein, energy and mass are interchangeable in proportion to the square of the speed of light (E=Mc2). 137 equals the inverse of Arnold Sommerfeld’s calculations in 1916 for the Fine Structure Constant. (1/137=.007). Fine is derived from the Latin “finus” meaning “To Finish”. It also means “Of superior quality, skill or appearance; Free of impurities; Marked by elegance; To make pure or an “Amicable settlement over land ownership”. Jesus is Shiloh “He whose it is” (Gen 49:10) He will make an amicable settlement over land ownership by killing everyone on earth when He returns.
“Bell’s Theorem” of 1964 postulates “If Wave Functions in Quantum Mechanics describe real entities, it must include mysterious action at a distance”. Light and Gravity were described as a Wave-Particle Duality in the vain effort to unite Newton’s idea of Space, void of 3 dimensional matter and Einstein’s idea of space being a fabric of a 4th dimension including “Time”. This originated with Johannes Kepler an astrologer, mathematician and astronomer interested in alchemy and theological speculation writing “3 is the key number of the universe” and Robert Fludd, a Rosicrucian, alchemist writing “4 is the key number of the universe”. Unifying Gravity, Strong Nuclear, Electro-Weak, and Electro-magnetic “Forces” is called the “Theory of Everything”. The Idol in Dan 2 is supported by Toes of Iron and Clay; the Iron Beast (Dan 7:7) is Satan.
The Theory of Everything is also called “Grand Unified Theory” because Creation of the Atom is reconciled with Creation of the Universe in the Gnostic ideal. The “Holy Grail” of Isaac Newton’s Gravity Theory, Neil Bohr’s Atomic Theory, Erasmus and Charles Darwin’s Evolution Theory, Jesuit Priest Georges LeMatre’s Big Bang Theory, Albert Einstein’s Special and General Relativity Theories, and the current String and Brane (Membrane) Theories are set to be unified under 1 Theory of Everything. According to Einstein’s Special Relativity Theory, traveling at Speeds approaching that of light allows time to slow down, thus providing a 1 way trip into the future. According to his General Relativity Theory, Space-Time warping allows long distance space travel and time travel into the past. String Theory allows objects with no observable mass (ie imaginary particles) to vibrate and thus convey mass to matter. Brane Theory allows for multiple universes in multiple dimensions with differing sets of physics laws. It doesn’t do much good for man to become a god without a way to get to get to heaven for Pete’s sake! The is one eensi weensie problem with all these theories; God says space is nothing (Job 26:7).
Gematria assigns numbers to Hebrew letters; Kabbalah is Kuf=100 Bet=2 Lamed=30 Hey=5. Added they are 137. Physicist Richard Feynman put a sign in his office with just the number 137 on it to remind his colleagues how little they really knew about the field of “Electro-dynamics”. His colleague Werner Heisenberg said “Problems with Quantum Theory will only disappear when 137 is explained”. Edward Teller, father of Nuclear Weapons said he could develop 137 from Gravitation Theory. Albert Einstein said “We don’t understand 137”. The CERN Particle Collider has a rather unusual logo with 3 interconnected 6’s. One of its goals is to produce the Graviton, a hypothesized infinitely large yet mass less particle needed to prove the Theory of Gravity.
137 is denoted by the Greek letter Alpha; Jesus Christ, the author of the New Covenant wrote the New Testament by delivering the Word to Holy Men, moved by the Holy Ghost; He is also called Alpha.
On the 1st day of Creation, God said “Let there be Light”; on the 4th day of Creation, God said “Let there be lights”. The Holy Ghost is “Light”; the goal of Kaballah is to quantify “Lights”; 1/137 is therefore called the “Fine Structure Constant” or “DNA of Light”
The Trinity is Father, Son, Holy Ghost. For Kabbalists the Trinity is quantified as Father=58 + Mother=79; added they form the Divine Son=137
Jesus Christ is the Holy Ghost (ref 1 John 5:7KJV); the Angel of the Torah “Yofiel” also adds to 137 in Gematria.
Kabbalah is Chochma “Wisdom”=73 and Nevuah “Prophecy”=64; Wisdom + Prophecy=137.
Chabad is derived from the 1st 3 levels in Kabbalah: Chochma, Binah, Dat. Lubavitchers revere Kabbalah, the Babylonian Talmud and Zohar over the Word of God because they reject the Holy Ghost. Chabad is Messianic Judaism of the 2nd Temple “Maccabean” Period; inter-testament means between testimonies of God; during this period, Kaballists, Pharisees, Sadducee, Essenes, Samaritans, Zealots, Herodians (Edomites) and Hasmoneans codified Gnostic texts of the Apocrypha, Dead Sea Scrolls, Nag Hamadi Scrolls and added the Holy Feasts of Purim, Easter, Hanukkah and Christmas. Wisdom + Prophecy yields the Utopia achieved after Moshiach (Messiah) is revealed. Obviously not Jesus as Kabbalah rejects Him, this Messiah will come in his own name: al-Mahdi, Krishna, Buddha and an Alternative Christ.
Tzaddik are usurpers of the Melchisedek Priesthood; of Samaritan descent, they are mixed blood of Israel, Canaan through King Ahab and Jezebel and Edomite through Herod. Jesus is Melchisedek as Hebrews 7 makes very clear; He authored the Covenant with Abram, received his Tithes, installed David King over Israel and authored the New Testament after His Crucifixion. Tzaddiq Baal Shem Tov prophesied Mosiach would be revealed in the year 5778 (2018 CE). A closer examination of 2018 CE (Common Era) is necessary. The ½ Edomite, ½ Hasmonean King of Judea, Herod died in the spring of 4 BC following the “Slaughter of Innocents”; Jesus was a “young child” of 1½ years at that point; His birth being Feast of Tabernacles, 6 BC.
The astrological Age of Aquarius and the Mayan date are aligned. The Sun symbolically passed the “X” formed by the Ecliptic and Milky Way through the “Great Rift” (Black Hole of Infinite Gravity) at 11:11UTC on 12/21/2012 to complete the Hermetic Axiom “As above, So Below”. Phi “Golden Mean” mathematically defines Kepler’s Elliptical Orbits, the pattern formed by Galactic Spirals, musical notes (Vibrating/Oscillating Strings), burial mounds, 3-D Labyrinths, the human body and Sommerfeld’s theories on electron orbits within the Atom. Divide the number by 137=42, the number of months in the Great Tribulation which begins following the Pale Horse. The bottom line is Kabbalists and Astro-physicists have looked everywhere but the Word of God in the vain effort to become God. I feel sorry for them.
1/137 is the probability an electron will absorb or emit a photon, the mass-less “Force Carrier” of Electro-magnetism. 1/137 is “The Magic Number with no understanding of Man”. Werner Heisenberg postulated the “Uncertainty Principle” said “Problem with Quantum Theory will only disappear when #137 is explained”. He never thought to look in the bible I guess. The equation for the “Fine Structure Constant” relates the speed of light in a vacuum, elementary electron charge, Planck’s constant and Coulomb’s constant in the effort to describe the interaction “force” between electrons and photons. When Wolfgang Pauli fell ill and was put in room 137, he predicted correctly he would die there. 137 is the number written by the Hand of God; therefore Kabbalists believe understanding it will put them in the position Moses was in on Mt Sinai when the 10 Commandments were delivered. 137 is the number associated with the GUT (Grand Unified Theory) or the Theory of Everything which seeks to unify the “Forces” of nature; Daniel describes this “God of forces” as Satan in Dan 11:38, and notice the children of Edom, Moab and Ammon escape his hand in Dan 11:41; they will however not escape Jesus Christ at the 2nd Coming as described in Obadiah..
137 is the 33rd Prime Number; Jesus was 33 at His Crucifixion. In Quantum Theory, matter with the Atomic Number of 137 will absorb 100% of lights photons contacting it; hence it is referred to as “Dark Matter”. Freemasons reach Sovereignty at the 33rd level; for this reason, term Illuminati (Illumined Ones) refer to people who absorb Light. Elohim stems from El the Phoenician “Lord” and the Akkadian “Ilu” as does and Babylon; Bab=Gate and Ellu the Akaddian/Assyrian words for Lord also mean “Shining Ones”. Rosicrucian alchemist Nicholas Flamel wrote “The father of matter is the Sun. The mother of matter is the Moon. His power remains perfect when transformed into material”. Sin is the original moon god of Assyria, identical with the Islamic “Allah” venerated at the Black Stone of the Ka’aba the light absorbing stone. Gnostics try in vain to explain the “Immaculate Conception” in this fashion as well as the Edomite Holy Day of Easter; Ishtar impregnated at first light on Solis Dies (Sunday) closest to the Full Moon after Spring Equinox.
Zoroaster means “Star Seed”; the Zoroastrian concept of Good (Ahura Mazda=Light) versus Evil (Ahriman=Darkness) will play out as WWIII in Iran. Iran is Aryan meaning Noble Caste; today’s Iran came out of the Green Revolution 33 years ago (1979) promoting messianic Islam of the 12th Imam “al-Mahdi”. Pretty amazing how science and religions are aligned eh?
Chlorophyll is the molecule in Plants which absorbs sunlight used to convert Carbon di-oxide and Water to Oxygen and Plant Matter. The Chlorophyll Molecule is made up of 33 Atoms. Chloro means Pale Green. Plants and Animals balance each other out in the Photo-synthesis Equation yet Global Climate Change is being blamed on Man. Man is an Omnivore so it is reasoned by Kabbalists the best way to increase Chlorophyll bearing Plants is to kill them which releases their Carbon back to the Earth. Eliminate humans, eliminate the need of animals to be raised for food which eliminates their production of Carbon in exhalations and intestinal methane. Eliminating Man also saves Trees used for shelter; a Win-Win for the so-called “Green Revolution” which will be used to justify the slaughter of 6 billion people from Earth. The North Georgia Guide Stones have put this in writing in 8 languages. The bible states “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved…” Mat 24:22 This reversal of Good and Evil is a Gnostic “Dualist” doctrine; Cathars “Perfecti” were liberated from their material bodies in 1244 and their wealth in 1311. “Every 700 years the Laurel grows green again” tells us why D-Day was 1944 and why 2011 may the year the Black Horse rider absorbs the world’s wealth.
In Gnostic summary; The “Hubble Parameter” proposed the Big Bang created Anti-matter and Matter 13.7 Billion years ago with left over Neutrino “Force Carriers” detected by OPERA (Oscillation Project with Emulsion Racking Apparatus) oscillating between the two at faster than light speed. WIMPS (Weakly Interacting Massive Particles) gather into MACHOS (Massive Astrophysical Compact Halo Objects) aka “Black Holes” connected to other dimensions by “Rabbit Holes” (aka Worm Holes or Star Gates) leading to “Mirror Universes, Mirror Galaxies, Mirror Planets collectively called “Alice Matter”. These are measurable through RAMBO’s (Robust Associations of Massive Baryonic Objects) using experiments like ATLAS (A Toroidal Large Hadron Collider Apparatus), MINOS (Main Injector Neutrino Oscillation Search) and NuMI (Neutrinos at Main Injector). Zeus (a god) as a White Bull impregnated Minos’ wife Europa resulting in the Minotaur (Beast) in whose Labyrinth (Black Hole) is no escape without Ariadne’s “Weaving Spider” “String”. The Fine Structure Constant is One divided by an Irrational Number which always yields another Irrational Number. Isn’t it a little easier to ask Jesus Christ for the Holy Ghost? Now that’s a rational thing to do.