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Q “Eye of the Needle”

The only way through the Eye of the Needle is with JESUS.

“And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Then charged he his disciples that they should tell no man that he was Jesus the Christ.” Mat 16:18-20

WEF “Great Reset”

Q “Uniting people all over the world who desire Freedom from God”  Esau sold his Birthright to an Inheritance from God to his brother Jacob; for that he was renamed Edom (Adam) created from the Earth, the name means Red. In Gen 27:39-41KJV Esau receives the blessing he will serve his brother until the Yoke is removed and he obtains “Dominion” at which time he intends to slay his brother; that’s everyone in Covenant with JESUS folks!

11Q13 “Prince Melchisedek Scroll” written by the Essenes (Essen=Pious Ones) are the forerunners of todays Chasidic and Chabad Lubavitch Crypto Jews; time is short because the 10th Jubilee referred to in the Dead Sea Scroll calls for the return of Melchisedek after the 2017-18 10th Jubilee as measured by Rabbis Maimonides, and Judah ben Samuel in 1217. Rabbi Vilna Gaon narrowed down the plan “When Russia takes control of Crimea, the days of Messiah are at hand”

Cult of Baal

QAnon: WWG1WGA means “Where we go one we go all”; the Beast from the Earth is seen in the Giant Idol called “The Awakening” in Washington National Harbor; the Beast rising from the Earth is the False Prophet (Rev 13:11-18) which culminates in the Mark of the Beast. Everyone who accepts the Mark of the Beast will go with everyone else who does this; to Hell. The “Source” of Light on Day 1 for Gnostics is the Black Sun.

Q “Quelle” means Source; the Source here is Saturn, the Primeval Sun, 1st Sun, Black Star etc the Primal Material Gnostics believe Light was Created from; Black absorbs Light after all!

Q Force the Netflix series Sept 2021 features Mary as an LGBTQ Super Spy based on the James 007 Bond character; recall Q was James Bond’s Quartermaster “Master of the House”; in scripture Jesus is Shiloh “Master of the House” Time to choose your Master.

Q is The Great Reset Logo, an On-Off Switch originating with the Phoenician letter Qof which became “Q” Q provided Agent 007 the gadgets used to Kill; 007 is 1/137 the Fine Structure Constant in Physics and Gematria of Kabbalah. Q is the “Eye of the Needle” Jesus warned the Narrow Gate is SPIRITUAL and only opened via JESUS the Holy Ghost (1Jn 5:7KJV)

Q is Qos the Edomite YHWH (Tetragammaton; Yahweh; Yehoshua) used by Rabbis; YHWH is Saturn. Qos means “Bow” G#5115 “Toxon” is Poison of the Vaccine Needle. Q is Phi “Golden Mean”; CasPhi Macrophages are the Trojan Horse of CRISPR Gene editing. The Great Reset Logo is an On-Off Switch originating with the Phoenician letter Qof which became “Q”, the “Eye of the Needle” “Q”. 

Q in the James Bond series Q means “Quartermaster”; Jesus is Shiloh “Master/Owner of the House” (Gen 49:10) Jesus was “Homeless”; Jesuit Pope Francis blessed a statue of Jesus Crucified on a Park Bench in Detroit down the street from an enthroned statue of the Baphomet Goat.

Q is the Question “To Be or Not to Be” 2BR02B depicts a Dystopian Future envisioned by Kurt Vonnegut where the Government has the Cure for Aging and Overpopulation. PD James Children of Men features the same Dystopian future where Government forces Home Suicide by issuing Kits called Quietus Coronavirus is accomplishing exactly this; 90% of CV deaths occur in rest homes and have underlying causes; the Government paying doctors and hospitals $13K to diagnose Covid as the primary Cause of Death and Government manufacturing of Ventilators used tow kill paying $42K/patient.

Global Economic Security and Recovery Act: Global Debt Forgiveness in exchange for the Mark of the Beast

NESARA (National Economic Security And Reformation Act of 2000) is a “Spiritually directed financial program based on Comte de St Germain, to be put in place during the age of transformation” Coronavirus is the Transformation; the Age is the Age of Aquarius aka Golden Age of Saturn. NESARA is National; all Nations are in Debt; this is why all Nations have acquiesced to Coronavirus Protocols. GESARA is the Global version of NESARA. Recall Saturn is the Grim Reaper who uses the Scythe/Sickle, and Chronos symbolized by the Hourglass. TimesUp folks!  If you can’t see the 4 Horsemen aka Quadriga of Apollo (next to Satan’s Seat in Berlin) riding on a wave of Coronavirus, its Time to ask JESUS for help! The Confederation (Foederis means “Covenant with God”) against God is very real and listed in Ps 83; all modern Nations have their origin here. Think Q:Anon has the answer? Q “Quelle”  means Source; the Source here is Saturn, the Black Sun, Primeval Sun, Black Star etc. Q WWG1WGA means “Where We Go One We Go All”.


Q is Qabbalah  “Received and Accepted Tradition” Chaldean Tradition accepted by Rabbis; Chaldean Priests and Sabian Priests went by the title Rba; the Pharisees are today represented by Chasidic (Chesed is Abraham’s nephew) and Chabad Lubavitch (Chabad is Chockhmah-Binah-Daat); Keter “Crown” is seen in Coronavirus “Crowned Serpent Venom”. Chaldeans and Sabians worship the Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets not the Creator. Corona Borealis sits atop Serpens caput “Serpent’s Head”; the son of Corona is Aesculapus the god of plagues seen in the WHO Logo and $US ONE; the daughter of Coronus is Cassiopeia, the Celestial W seen in the Rabbis Sign of Shin (Nail) and Triad Claw aka Marrano hand sign painted into the Sistine Chapel “Creation of Adam” Marranos are false converts to Christianity; Maran=Pig eg Jesuits “Society of Gesu” (Earth Pig)

The US was born July 4, 1776 timed with a 5 planet occultation by the Sun and the convergence with Pluto, the god of Underworld Wealth “Mammon”; Pluto returns 2/22/2022, the ceremony called a Bidens Ritual. The US is a creation of the Rosicrucian philosophy of Comte (Count) de St Germain. St Germain World Trust allegedly contains unfathomable wealth, held at one time under WTC 4-5, removed before 9/11 (Black Eagle Trust, Marcos Gold in the Philippines, Hawaii Polynesian Cultural Center, Svalbard Seed Vault financed by Gates from Hell are all rumored Gold accounts) to be distributed to the world (read distributed to Antichrist) at the transition from Pisces to Aquarius the Golden Age of Saturn. The US has virtually no Gold!  Ft Knox (named after the creator of the Presbyterian Church John Knox; no wonder it has Gold plated Tungsten bars; Nixon took care of removing the gold in 1971; Presbyterians like Trump worship Tartan; Ref 2 Ki 18:17, the Assyrian Army Commander whose treasonous pact with Ephraim led to Israel’s captivity and deportation; today the Mormon Church claim to represent these same traitors; I’d watch out for Mitt Rommey and Jon Huntsman) The NESARA proposal is to return to a Bi-Metal (Gold, Silver) backed Currency; Dan 11:38 warns us the Antichrist will be honored with Gold and Silver, thus this “Beast” will be controlling the World’s Purse Strings (Samaritan’s Purse may ring a Baal; they distributed Ebola Vaccines). Printing $US will devalue the $; replacing Fiat Currency with a Gold/Silver backed Currency will make the $ as worthless as Coronavirus Toilet Paper; the $ is the Rod of Aesculapius; the god of Healing according to the Theraputae; Rabbis (Chaldean Rba=Priest) call this “Tikkun Olam” (Repair the Earth) to the pre-flood days is Cainite Domination and Sin. The United Nations New Age Planetary Initiative “No person shall enter the new age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian initiation”. The UN Dag (Dag=Dagon the Philistine Sea Beast aka Antichrist) Hammerskjold (Maccabees were called “Hammers of God’ not Jewish in the slightest, but the same Chaldean Pharisees, Chasidic,  Chabad Lubavitch Priests of today controlling Putin, Trump, Johnson et all)  Meditation Room uses the Theraputae (Satanists who founded the US and have kept Satan’s Seat ready for Antichrist since the days of Sargon the Great in Ur of the Chaldees, Nebuchadnezzar in Neo-Babylon, Crete (Caphtorim of Gen 10:14 are Cretans in Titus), Pergamon (Throne of Pergamon Jesus warned was Satan’s Seat in Rev 2:13), Throne of Zeus in Berlin (Currently being readied by Nazi construction company Wolff and Mueller for transport to Jerusalem for the 3rd Temple) Staff of Aesculapius, the god of Plague; Coronavirus “Crowned Serpent”, Covid 19 “God’s Door” (19 the 8th Prime Number reduces to 9 the Number of Divine Judgment and 10, slang for Satan “SayTEN”; 216=6x6x6 X TEN=2160 years/astrological house; “Time” is Chronos “Grim Reaper” whose Sickle is is seen in CV (3 22) Jesuit henchman Anthony Fauci) and SARS (SAR=Prince; Sarmation “Priest-Kings” aka Chaldean Satanists; Cult of Melchisedek, Brotherhood of Death aka Society 322) is their end game. This is why the WHO (Ethiopian Communist Revolutionary “Dr Tedros Adhamon” is not a Doctor), UN Meditation Room with Satan’s Altar (Jesuit Antonio Guterres specializes in creating Refugees), Worldwide Emergency Medical Services (Red Cross, Red Crescent, Ambulances etc) and Uniformed Medical Services (Army of Quarantine enforcers and Vaccinators) all use the Theraputae aka Order of Perfectibillists (founders of the US) Staff of Aesculapius, the son of Corona (Crown) and Apollo (Destroyer of Rev 9:11 aka SayTEN).


Gnostics worship Creation rather than the Creator (Rom 1:25; read all of Rom 1), the Serpent in the Garden offering the impossible, Entheogen (Become Gods; Staff of Aesculapius), largely through human sacrifice, consumption of flesh (Phoenician Priests Kahn-Baal=Cannibalism) and blood infused with Adrenochrone (Adrenaline); scripture refers to this as “Passing children through the fires of Molech”. The origin of Coronavirus “Crowned Snake Venom” (eg Uraeus Crown of Egypt; Alpha Romeo Logo) is Corona, the 7 Star constellation forming a “Crown” sitting atop Serpens caput “Serpent’s Head” in the North; Catholic readily adopted the Coronis and Victor myth; martyred in Amurru (Serpent and source name of America) aka Palmyra, Syria (Palmyra, NY origin of the Mormon Church is no coincidence; Mormo means “God of the Living Dead/Graveyard”. America is about to become the world’s largest Graveyard, sacrificed as a Debt Jubilee.

NESARA promises a Debt Jubilee. A Jubilee is forgiveness of Debt as well as a reversal of Slave and Master; currently Esau is serving Jacob per Gen 27:39-41KJV. Esau will gain “Dominion” and intends to kill his brother ie Israel; not physical Israel which is Chaldean, but SPIRITUAL Israel ie followers of God.  The question is Will you accept the Coronavirus Vaccine? What if the Vaccine has the only interface between you and Money (Mammon)? NESARA promises: Forgiveness of Mortgage, Bank, Credit Card Debt, No Income Tax, no Federal Reserve, no IRS. New Treasury Currency; Increased Senior Benefits (SS, Medicare); Constitutional Law and Courts; no Special Interest “Lobbyists”; Free Energy; No Standing Armies and all Armies returned home. Sound good? How about the alternative? FEMA Camps and Guillotines. One decision will get you to Heaven, the other Eternity in Hell.

The Awakening
The Awakening

Trump Impeachment Trial began Jan 20 coincident with the annual start of Aquarius and its coincidental concurrence with Coronavirus. The Chinese Year of the Metal Rat began Jan 25, 2020, called the Year of New Beginnings and Renewal. Jan is the 11th month Shevat originates in Akkadian meaning “Lashing”; Tu b’ Shevat on 15 Shevat is the “Festival of Trees” which many Rabbis believe should be celebrated on the 1 Shevat. The Sign of Shevat which begins Jan 26, 2020 is Aquarius “Water Pourer” and symbol of the Golden Age of Saturn, a mythical age before Noah’s Flood. Rat means Red, Traitor, Informant, One who abandons his associates like Cain abandoned Abel. Esau abandoned God and was renamed Edom=Red; Rothschild “Red Shield” may ring a Baal; International Bankers who changed their name from Bauer (Farmer) to Rothschild and adopted the Six Pointed Chaldean Star of Molech for their Counting House at 666 AM Mein in Frankfurt. 2020 is the Chinese-Russian Year of Scientific, Technical and Innovative Cooperation in areas of 5G Global Broadband, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Russia is also Red, named after the Kievan Rus or Red Rus. Welcome to the Great Awakening!

Coronavirus was announced Jan 1, 2020; Wuhan is the world’s first 5G Test City, called China’s Thoroughfare; the Diamond Princess is the first 5G Cruise Ship and both became the origination of Coronavirus “Crowned Serpent Venom”. BioNTech patented the mRNA Gene Therapy in 2017, put out the concoction Jan 11, 2020 and Pfizer sold it to the gullible masses under an FDA Emergency Use Authorization.
T-Mobile 5G Commercials are prepping the world to “Look Up”; the Lavender 5G Highway is here “The Wait is over, something BIG is happening” That something is Coronavirus, a 5G generated Hoax designed to create the conditions for the Xenobots (programmable, controllable via 5G Frog DNA) Vaccine delivered “Mark of the Beast” in the RFID Chip NTAG-216. The same theme in Netflix Series Messiah “History of over”, the time for praying and scripture is over, the saved will follow me. Like the T-Party which was founded by Sovereign Luciferian Freemasons and based itself at Union Square Park where the US Flag is supported by the Fasces; T represents “Tammuz” the son of Saturn whose name means “Purify by Fire”.

Q Anon uses the theme “Freedom”, seen in Mel Gibson’s movie Braveheart Freedom and Liberty from God and Fraternity among followers desiring Freedom started Revolutions in the US, France, Scotland, England to name a few.

Q is the gadget maker for James “007” Bond. .007 is the Fine Structure Constant 1/137, the odds an electron will absorb a photon; Einstein said “Until we understand #137 we will understand nothing, and we know nothing about 137”
Q is the 17th english letter and 8th Prime Number representing the 17th of Lyar (Rabbis change this to the 8th month Marcheshvan/Bul) which began the Flood and 17 Tishrei, the day the Ark rested. .007 is the Fine Structure Constant 1/137; Prima Materia or Black Matter in theory has an Atomic Number of 137; the odds an electron will absorb a photon is 1/137 or .007, thus Atomic Number 137 represents perfect Black, a material that absorbs all light. 17 represents the Admirable Sacrament

Q: WW1WGA “Where we go one we go all” Be careful folks! Something big is happening alright, starting with the Age of Aquarius 2020 from the looks of it.


Qualcomm is a key player in the IOT (Internet Of Things); Motorola’s Freescale Semiconductor was born during NASA’s Mercury-Gemini-Apollo program. Freescale spun off from Motorola in 2004 and merged with Dutch Telecom Giant NXP “Next Experience”; Qualcomm and Chinese Telecom ZTE will likely merge with NXP to control the 5G Global Broadband and IOT using Freescale’s Patented KL-03 RF Microchip Controller tested in MH-370.

Q is Quelle “Source” in German. The “Source” is Saturn, the Primeval Sun, Best Sun, Black Star, Black Sun aka Chaos, out of which Gnostics believe the first Creation was made. The re-creation in Gnostic tradition was created by an evil Demiurge; Flesh being a prison for the Soul that must be destroyed; hence the phrase “Order out of Chaos” is inherent as part of 33 deg Sovereign Freemasonry. Ashkenazi “Jews” are not Semitic, they are Germanic Cryptos descending from “Japheth the Elder” Gen 10:21KJV; they only pretend to be Jewish. Jesus warned of the Synagogue of Satan ie “Those who say they are Jews but are not” Rev 2:9 Gnostic groups pretending to be Christian include Essenes (Crypto Jews), Johnitters (Donald Trump is a Knight of St John), Manichaeans, Yezidis (Kurds), Paulicians, Bogomils, Alibigens, Cathars etc.

11Q13 “Prince Melchisedek Scroll” written by the Essenes (Essen=Pious Ones) are the forerunners of todays Chasidic and Chabad Lubavitch Crypto Jews; time is short because the 10th Jubilee referred to in the Dead Sea Scroll calls for the return of Melchisedek after the 2017-18 10th Jubilee as measured by Rabbis Maimonides, and Judah ben Samuel in 1217. Rabbi Vilna Gaon narrowed down the plan “When Russia takes control of Crimea, the days of Messiah are at hand”

CORE Effigy: Ouroboros

The Ouroborus Serpent is a Snake (Rev 12:9 Serpent, Devil, Satan) eating its own tail; Jesus is Alpha and Omega (Beginning and End) for Born Again Christians; for Gnostics such as the Theosophical Society, Saturn the Primordial Sun is the Beginning and End. Don’t fall for that lie!

Q is no more Anonymous than Anonymous, the media group posting as Guy Fawkes, the Jesuit Scapegoat for the Gunpowder plot of Nov 5, 1605 was an attempt to block completion of the Authorized Bible (KJV) as the 7th purified word of God promised in Ps 12:6
“Christmas” Annular Solar Eclipse “Halo” or Q will form around the Sun on Boxing Day aka St Stephens Day Boxes/Cubes represent Saturn, aka Baal Berith “Lord of the Fir Tree Covenant”; Christmas Trees and Hanukkah Bushes serve the same purpose; the Boxes seen as Phlacterys worn over the Pineal Gland by Saturnian/Sabian/Chaldean/Chabad Lubavitch, Crypto fake Jews.
Christmas (25 Dec) and Hanukkah (25 Kislev) are Saturnalia celebrations; Saturn seen in the Six Pointed Star of Saturn aka Black Star aka Chaldean STUR (Gematrically 666) and Saturn, the Supreme God of the Chaldeans. David Bowie’s Black Star features the Dec 26, 2019 Annular Eclipse “Halo” as does the promo trailer for the AT&T pseudo-documentary “The Sign”.
Hanukkah “Feast of Dedication” 2019: Dec 22-28, 2019: Daniel’s 70th Week? Dan 9:23-27 describes 70 Weeks to bring an end to sin and anoint the Most Holy; Hanukkah 2019 may falsely fulfill this. Chaldean Crypto fake Jews await Geula (Redemption) with the return of HaShem aka Melchisedek (Melek + Tzaddiq) or Tzaddiq (Righteous); not Jesus, but the Rising Sun. An Annular Solar Eclipse will form a Halo (Annulus) around the Moon “Midweek” on Dec 25-26, 2019 beginning in the Royal Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan at Sunrise and whose mid-point is centered on the Royal Hashemite Kingdom of Sulu and Sabah.
Sabian/Chaldean Priests went by the title Rba, today’s Crypto fake Jewish Rabbis are Sabians have infected every religion on Earth, awaiting Geula (Redemption) of HaShem whom they teach is Melchisedek (King of Salem). Rabbis teach Melchisedek (Gen 14:18) was Shem; this is a Lie; Jesus is Melchisedek (King of Jerusalem, Priest of the Most High) in both Old and New Covenants (Hebrew 7). Hashemites originated with the Alternative Korahite Priests of Mecca “Quyraish” God buried in the sand (Num 16; 26:10); the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Jordan means (Going down the Dan); Jordans were for Sabians “Living Water” necessary for Baptism; Jesus provides a Baptism of the Holy Ghost, the only Baptism necessary for Salvation. Trans-Jordan is since 1917 the land of Edom, Moab and Ammon (Dan 11:41) the 3 peoples who escape the hand of Antichrist during the Great Tribulation (Dan 11:38), the “Little Horn” who enters the Golden Gate (East Gate) peaceably (Dan 11:24). The Jordanian Waqf was given a perpetual donation to control the Temple Mount for this reason. Hanukkah “Feast of Dedication” is very big deal to Chaldeans; Saturn is their Supreme God, seen in the Six Pointed Star of Saturn, they are the Cult of Saturn aka Melchisedekians.
Who is Q aka WWG1WGA? My guess is Zionist, Crypto ie Sabian Interfaith Minister closet Sodomite Mike Pence who officiated Skull & Bones Satanist, Goldman Sachs Treasury Sec Steven Mnuchin’s 3rd wedding; my reasons are at the end of this article.

What is Q? Q is Quelle “Source”, the source according to Gnostics is the evil Demiurge who created the Universe from Prima Materia aka Primordial Matter or Black Matter; essentially Creation becomes a prison of the Soul in need of destruction.

Q is Quran, the “Book” of Allah, delivered to Muhammad in the Cave of Hira on Jabal an-Nur “Mt of Light” in Mecca (Adultery); Allah is the Arab moon god “Sin”. The Man of Sin is the Alternative Messiah “Antichrist” aka Rising Sun referring to the Black Sun, Saturn. The Gospel of Q is the first Gnostic document denying the divinity of Jesus Christ; the Quran does likewise. Ka’aba “Enclosure” is the Black Cube of Saturn containing the Black Stone of Diana which fell to Earth from Jupiter (Acts 19:35) Hubal, the Arab Quyraish Tribe, Lord of the Ka’aba fashioned as a Human Baal is the Moon god Sin aka Allah; Osama bin Laden said “America is Hubal of the New Age”; Hubal being the primary god, and one of 360 Arab Idols smashed by Muhammad and dedicated to Allah. Hubal represents the Human Messiah who will sit in the 3rd Temple where the Al Aqsa Mosque stands today.

Q Magazine voted David Bowie’s Black Star the #1 album of 2016; Saturn is the Black Star and Source (Quelle) of Black Matter according to Gnostics. Q Magazine is British (B’Rith=Birthright Covenant of Cain and Esau); part of Bauer Media. Rothschild means “Red Shield”; Esau sold his inheritance to Jacob and was renamed Edom=Red; Q Magazine uses a Q on a Red Background. Mayer Amschel Bauer is a Cainite name meaning “Farmer”; Bauer was changed to Rothschild and a Red Six Pointed Star placed on the Counting House at 666 Am Mein Frankfurt.

The Essenes wrote 11Q13 “Prince Melchisedek Scroll”; the Gospel of Q written by Gnostics, perhaps Simon Magus, the root of the Magus V level in Satanism or the Trump motto MAGA. Rabbis like Rabbi Baal Shem Tov (Master of the Name HaShem) have since declared 2017-18 to be the 10th Jubilee, after which Prince Melchisedek shall return. Jesus is Melchisedek (King of Jerusalem ad Priest of the Most High in Heaven); this Melchisedek (King of Jerusalem aka “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt Rev 11:8KJV) however is the head of the Cult of Saturn aka “Melchisedekians” or the Teutonic (Germanic) Brotherhood of Death; the realization of the Alchemical Px “Chi-Rho” or Royal Christ. Q originated as Qoph “Eye of the Needle”, the Golden Gate of the Temple Mount through which Jesus passed on Palm Sunday only to be rejected is the gate (Bab) through which the Rabbis Mosiach (On, El, Ilu) will pass is called Babylon, BabEl, BabIlu “Gate of the Sun”. Jesus warned it was easier for a Camel to pass through the Eye of a Needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven; who are the Rich? Edomites, prophesied to live off the “Fatness of the Earth” (Gen 27:39-41KJV). The Kingdom of Edom is not only the Royal Hashemite Kingdom os Sabah and Sulu; it is also on the opposite side of the world in Jordan, Trans-Jordan is the Hashemite Kingdom of Edom, Moab and Ammon, the 3 peoples who will escape the hand of Antichrist during the Great Tribulation (Dan 11:41) Talmudic-Kabbalist-Chasidic-Chabad Lubavitch Rabbis teach Jesus is the son of a whore boiling in His own excrement in Hell are Masters of the Name HaShem or YHWH Chaldean-Sabian Priests were called “Rba”; today “Rabbi”; on Dec 26, the Moon will begin eclipsing the Sun at Sunrise in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; and at the mid-point over the Royal Hashemite Kingdom of Sabah and Sulu. Sabians called the Moon “Lord Moon” on that day the Moon will eclipse the Sun forming a Halo during Hanukkah 2019. On Dec 25 the Sun ends its Solstice “Stand Still” and begins to Rise. On that day, the Sun, Moon and 2 Focii of Saturn’s Elliptical Orbit (Chaldean version of the 2 Witnesses) aka “Black Star” will align on St Stephen’s Day, named after the first Christian Martyr. So, the answer to What is Q? is Saturnians; Q or Qop is the leader of the Anons, aka Whore of Babylon “Gate of the Sun”. The entry on Q in Star Trek further down may help understand Q.

Q is Qoph “Eye of the Needle”; Solar Eclipse “Halo”; Orobouros “Serpent eating its own tail”; Qaf “Nape of the Neck”; P, Greek Rho for “Royal”, the number 17 “Admirable Sacrament”, and Phi “Golden Mean” or “Ratio of Life”.

Q is Qaf: Arab “Nape of the Neck” contains the Atlas Bone which sits atop the 33 Vertebra which supports the Head “Temple of Wisdom” in Gnosticism. The Skull & Bones symbol used by Pirates flying the Jolly Rogue should ring a Baal; the Head of Gold on Daniel’s Abomination of Desolation (Dan 2:32; 7:4) should ring a Baal as well as the Golden Gate. Atlantis means Isle of Atlas. Francis Bacon aka Shakespeare and Sir Tobie Mathew identified the Americas in New Atlantis: A Worke Unfinished as the Phoenix of the New Age.

Q is Phi the Golden Ratio, Golden Mean or Ratio of Life, seen in the Galactic Spiral, 5pt Star Venus (Arab Uzza “Mighty One”) makes around the Sun over 8 years (8/5=Phi 1.618) Burial Mounds, Music, Poetry and Life. Turan is Venus; the goal is rebuilding Greater Turan

Qi is the Wireless Power Transfer through Inductive Charging symbol; used on wireless devices; Nikola Tesla proved Wireless Transfer through Inductive Charging of Tesla Coils; since his murder in Jan 1943, his EM Power Transfer has been used against humanity rather than for its benefit in Geo-Engineering.
Qi is Chi Taoist “Life Force” identical to Kundalini “Serpent Force”. Qigong is Chinese “Life Energy” Yoga.

A 17 min selfie video of the Christchurch False Flag posted on Facebook Live went viral and was shared on Tube, Twitter and Scribd, showing multiple gunman, and multiple arrests of suspects wearing military fatigues. Millions of people now have that video; possession of which carries a 10 Yr prison sentence; sharing of the video carries a 14 Yr prison sentence. Planting of incriminating material on personal computers is easy, so is planting of this video.

Apple’s $5B Cupertino HQ is shaped as a Q to symbolize the Egg and Sperm destroyed by 5G Global Broadband; Apollo is Apollyon of Rev 9:11 “Destroyer”

CERN’s Supercollider is built over an ancient grotto of Apollo and shaped as a Q; its logo is a 666

The Great Awakening is symbolized at Prophecy Rock in AZ with a Cipher; The Swastika repaired by the Hospitaller “Knights of St John of Jerusalem” Cross. Prophecy Rock article is at the end of this article Hopi believe when White Brother arrives, Red (Edomite) Kachina will remove his mask before the Uninitiated at the Plaza; Which Plaza? 777 United Nations Plaza at Turtle Bay. Liber 777: and other Qabbalistic writings of Aleister Crowley or the Rosicrucian Liber 777: Celestial Sanctum may ring a Baal YHWH and Yeshua=777; the Tetragammaton is Saturn not Jesus! Symbolism of 777, 17, 7 and 8 is also at the end of the article.

The Awakening is a giant statue in Washington DC National Harbor portraying the Beast Rising from the Earth; this will be the False Prophet, likely filling Sede-vacante (Vacant Seat) at the St John Lateran Arch-basilica in Rome. Considered the “Mother of all Churches Worldwide”; John is Oannes the Chaldean Sea Goat seen in Mitres of Dagan (Dag Hammerskold UN Meditation Room may ring a Baal) worn by Catholic, Lutheran and Orthodox Clergy representing the Fish (Labrys or Golden Mean/Ratio of Life) and Flame of Lucifer. The Awakening will rise from America’s ashes, as the Phoenix of the New Age, planned in 1620 by Francis Bacon in New Atlantis: A Worke Unfinished.

On Pi Day 3/14 the World Bank One Planet Summit meets to plan the end of World Poverty (news Covered by the Christchurch False Flag); the US is in Debt to the world $22T cash, $135T in unfunded liabilities (Pensions, Social Security, Medicare etc) + $Quadrillion in Derivative Debt. The US is also sitting on several Trillion Bbls of oil in the Gulf of Mexico, Bakken Oil Fields and ANWR all with pipelines in place. The Organic Act of Washington DC changed the Constitution of the United States of America to a CORPORATE CONSTITUTION FOR THE UNITED STATES Headquartered in the Sovereign Territory of Washington DC. It doesn’t take a genius to see the US Bankruptcy is imminent and welcomed by the World Bank. The World Bank Group will likely be headed by Georgetown Jesuit educated chief Trump nominee David Malpass, a $Multi-Trillion swindler during the Reagan era Star Wars (Trump Space Farce is the same lie) and Iran-Contra (Weapons for Drugs) Economist and architect of the Bear-Stearns Bankruptcy caused by Naked Short Selling of Sub-Prime Mortgage Loans (Mort=Death + Note) and Derivatives of those Worthless Notes.

QAnon: An invitation to the Great Awakening by WWG1WGA Q=17 “Admirable Sacrament”; “Perfected Man”=7+1=8 “Infinity”. The Gnostic/Chaldean “Great Awakening” is here; Just say no!
WWG1WGA “Where We Go One We Go All” was featured in the movie White Squall, the Albatross Ship’s Captain (played by Jeff Bridges) rings a Bell (Bel is the Phoenician “Confounder”) stating this phrase; he is initiating 8 teenagers for 8 months, the next generation of Ivy League elite who survive a mythical White Squall together. One of the students says he doesn’t want to go back when he was “Anonymous” QAnon should ring the Bell.

WWG1WGA is also the meaning of the 3 Musketeers “All for one and one for all” is Comradeship, Friendship and the ability to overcome Storms and Obstacles when together.
The All is One
Q symbolizes the Ouroborus, a Circled Snake eating its Tail which itself is a symbol of the Cosmos (Milky Way); in Egypt the Ouroborus is the Sun (Ra) in union with Osiris (Saturn) in the Underworld; Osiris (On, Ilu, El, Saturn) born again as Ra, the Sun god of Heliopolis “On” on Dec 25. Babylon means “Gate of On”; Babel “Gate of El”, and Babilu “Gate of Allah” aka Sin. On Dec 21, 2012 the Sun rose through the Dark Rift in the Milky Way which forms and X with the Zodiac; the Alchemical symbol Px may ring a Baal.

2019 is unique Dec 26, 2019 Annular Solar Eclipse; the Ouroborus is seen as an Eclipsed Sun, a 12 segmented Dragon “Zodiac” (You may recall the movie and serial killer “Zodiac” used the Circled Cross (Sun Wheel) as his calling card; the Swastika is the Broken Sun Wheel. Repairing the Sun Wheel are Chaldean Priests aka Theraputes whose main temple was at Pergamon aka “Satan’s Seat”; Isis, the sister-wife of Osiris means “Throne” or “Seat of Antichrist”. The New World Order is the New Aeon of her son Horus, called Tammuz or Marduk.
Wadjet is the Egyptian Serpent goddess of Justice, Time, Heaven, and Hell. Osiris is “Green Man” aka Bacchus, Dionysus or the Arab al Khidr, worshipped annually at the “Going forth of the Wadjet” on Dec 25; Jesus Christ obviously has nothing to do with this Gnostic celebration; Osiris is Saturn, the supreme god of the Chaldeans and Egyptian Priests of On (Heliopolis).

According to Chaldean Gnostics, Saturn/Osiris is called the Black Star, you can see the Dec 26, 2019 eclipse in David Bowie’s Black Star music video. On Dec 21, 2012, the Mayan Calendar or Eagle Bowl (Eagle is the Assyrian Nisroch aka Saturn) read; at 11:11UTC the Sun rose through the center of the Ouroborus; 7 years is a Jubilee; if you can’t hear the Trumpets (TrumpPence) about to sound, it’s time to Wake Up!
The Chaldean god Saturn “Grim Reaper” made the Universe out of? Wait for it! Ra Material; the Six Pointed Star of Osiris is on Israel’s Flag for a reason! The Temple Mount is the Jebusite (Canaanite) “Threshing Floor” where Oxen tread our the Circular (Ouroborus) path of a Halo to separate Tares from Wheat. In this case, you will definitely want to be a Tare among the Canaanite Grain!

Q is the Ouroborus The Ouroborus is mentioned in the finery text of King Tut, a product of 5 generations of Father-Sister-Daughter-Granddaughter etc Incest; the Ouroborus represents the Alchemical Philosopher’s Stone “Individual self-perfection through physical transmutation and spiritual transcendence”; essentially Man becomes God by destroying the physical body and releasing the Soul; all Gnostic Bullshit! The Ouroborus represents the World Soul, Unity of All and the Theory of Everything or TOES of the Gold, Silver, Brass, Iron and Clay Idol in Dan 2. Now maybe QAnon will not seem so Anonymous.

Donald Trump said this Cipher “This is the Calm before the Storm” and refuses to explain the statement QAnon’s latest Cipher is called “The Storm”. Why? The Phoenix or Bennu Bird had its perch on the Benben Stone or Pyramidion in Heliopolis; every 500 years the Phoenix self immolates, carrying its ashes from the Holocaust from Egypt to Arabia to be “Born Again”; the United States is the Phoenix of the New Age.
Stephen King (Martyr/Crowned King) movie Storm of the Century featured Satan coming to a Storm isolated island to collect his next Initiate; Trump’s Deal of the Century is much the same.
MAGA is a Cipher for Magus

MAGA “Make America Great Again” and QAnon seem to go hand in hand, Trump’s Twitter feeds occurring days or weeks after QAnon drops on 8Chan. Trump, a Hospitaller Knight is also a Cipher; Drumpf was changed to Trump; Jesus the Trump of God; Trump, the Trump Card to Make America Great Again. How? Jesus was “Made Great” through His Sacrifice, hence America will be “Made Great” as the “Admirable Sacrament” of the New World Order.

QAnon posts on 8Chan 8Chan means Infinity Chan, described as a Freer, Lawless version of 4Chan where discussions of Child Torture and Rape usually aimed at Democrats occur; Trump’s association with Jeff Epstein’s “Lolita Express” and “Pedophile Island” refutes this being solely Democrat.
MAGA is “Magus”; the highest level in the Church of Satan is “Magus V”; V means Nail, the Nails used to fasten Jesus Christ to the Tree is Trump’s hand sign, a downward V for the same reason Talmudic Rabbis open Synagogues with the Sign of Shin representing the 3 Nails used in the Crucifixion.

One for all and all for One, the motto of Switzerland, the only Sovereign Nation, is allegedly run by an anonymous group called the “Octogon”; 8Chan and Octogon seen in Langue d’Oc the location Knights Templars and Cathars were executed stems from Oc=Sight or Occulus; 8 saved in the Ark of Noah and the 8th Covenant. The 8 pt Star of Isis supports the Dome of the Rock at the Temple Mount and Statue of Liberty a gift of France which means “Free”; Isis the Black Virgin means Throne of Saturn the Black Sun. The motto is also used by the 3 Musketeers, also French; Paris means “House of Isis”. The motto is also seen in the Mezuzah “The LORD our God is One”, a corruption of Deut 6:4 “The LORD out God is one Lord”; worn in Boxes (Cubes of Saturn) placed over foreheads in Phlacterys or on Door Posts of Zionist/Saturnian Crypto Jews’ homes or at Project 911, a radiation hardened bunker at Site 911 Beit Shemesh. The phrase is also seen in E Pluribus Unum “Out of many, One” on America’s Great Seal, placed on the $US on 9/11/1935, the Eagle is the Assyrian Nisroch aka Saturn (2 Ki 19:37) The Eagle placed directly under the Six Pointed Star of Molech aka Chaldean STUR (Gematrically 666) on the $US ONE. Annuit Coeptis “He approves the undertaking”; “He”, another title of Jesus “I AM He”, means “God is with me”; in this case a Cipher for Satan/Saturn; H the 8th letter represents “Infinity” The “Undertaking” or “Great Work” is called “Novus Ordo Seclorum” (New World Order), made possible through America’s Sacrifice.

E Pluribus Unum and Annuit Coeptis are Saturn’s Novus Ordo Seclorum
Amurucu is the Serpent, and source name of America; like Jesus, Amurru, the Serpent and Shepherd god promises eternal life by the shedding of blood. America’s 13 colonies were originally portrayed as a segmented Serpent with the phrase “Join or die”. New Ager Barbara Marx Hubbard “We are the riders of the Pale Horse Death. God creates, we decide who lives and who dies; we do this for the good of the earth”
QAnon says people are asleep; the Blue Pill crowd need to take the Red Pill to become part of the Great Awakening. Satan arrives on Earth at Rev 9:11; Project 911 on Site 911 “Best Shemesh” (House of the Sun) with Talmudic Scribe altered version of Deut 6:4 Mezuzah rejecting Jesus Christ as Lord over every door. Neo’s Passport expired on 9/11/2001 in the Matrix trilogy, after seeing the Rabbit (Idol of the Sepharvaim “Anammelech” 2 Ki 17:31) he meets Morpheus and voluntarily takes the Red Pill. MAGA Hats are Red for a reason; after Esau sold his Birthright to Jacob, God renamed him Edom (Red); QAnon wants you to do the same.

QAnon appears to have access to Military Intelligence; Q Level Security Clearance allegedly the highest although this clearance applies only to the Dept of Energy with regard to Nuclear weapons. Anons are placed in MISO (Military Info Support Ops) positions aka Psy-Ops such as Counter-Intelligence and Propaganda.
QSecurity Clearances only apply to the Department of Energy Antichrist will give honor to Satan, the “God of Forces” Dan 11:38
Energy means “Force of Expression, Action, Operation or Power”; Power is Energy X Time; Work is Force X Time; hence another Cipher for the “Great Work” EM (Electro=Sun Magnetic=Earth) Energy is used to transmit near Infinite Energy anywhere, On, In or Above the Earth. Donald Trump’s uncle John Trump weaponized these weapons for US Army Intelligence at the end of WWII; they have been used (Indonesian Tsunami, Haiti, Fukushima, Hurricane Katrina and Sandy etc. QAnon claims the US used an EMP to create Chaos in Caracas, Venezuela, a nation named after Venetian Black Nobility.

QAnons seem to have the ability to predict future events “Time” (Handy in Futures investing), promising a Golden Age of Law and Order, that is after a Purge of non-Initiated takes place.

QAnon in Red MAGA Hats represent Edom’s Red Pill
Democrats take the brunt of QAnon; Blue States represented by the Donkey, an Avvite (Canaanite) Idol called “Tartak” known as the “Prince of Darkness”. Ever notice the Republican Elephant in the Room? On the Republican Logo, during the Reagan Administration, the Stars were turned Upside Down; Why? Neo-cons “New World Order Priests” orchestrated 9/11/2001 in a Cipher called “Project for a New American Century”.
? Egyptian Cat goddess Bastet? “She of the Ointment Jar” or possibly the Lioness killing an Ethiopian Man? The latter found in the ruins of the Assyrian king Shalmanesser (Solomon of Assyria) at Nimrud (Nimrod) was made by Phoenician artisans about the time Solomon’s Temple was destroyed; recall, Phoenician artisans also built Solomon’s Temple. Why build and then destroy?

Q the 17th English letter originates from Phoenician Script as Zero “0” or the Null Sign and Hebrew as Qop meaning “Needle’s Eye” “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God…With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible” Mat 19:24; Mk 10:25; Lk 18:25 The object of Q is “Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost”, the Unforgivable Sin is your ticket to Hell for Eternity and end of all hope of Eternity in Heaven. The New Covenant is the 8th and final Covenant/Contract between God and Man; the New Covenant is made possible only through the Holy Ghost.

The Eye of the Needle refers to the Golden Gate called the Sushan Gate or East Gate of Jerusalem which Jesus rode through on Palm Sunday; Camels with saddle bags don’t fare so well. Chasidic fake Jews await Moshiach to arrive after the 10th Jubilee through that Gate; controlling the Temple Mount is the Vatican, a deal made with Israeli PM Shimon Peres; Jesuits control the Vatican.
The Eye of the Needle specifically refers to the Wealthy; Esau sold his birthright and was prophesied by his father Isaac to live off the Fatness of the Earth ie Wealthy (Gen 27:39-41KJV; New bible versions reverse this prophesy) Esau entered the Gates of Jerusalem during their punishment, described in Obadiah and none of them will survive the 2nd Coming; Desperate?

“For God hath put in their hearts to fulfill his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled” Rev 17:17 Rev 17 describes the Whore riding the Beast whose name is MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMIMATIONS OF THE EARTH” Rev 17:5 She has her Idol in front of the European Parliament Building which has Seat #666 held vacant. Europa was the Cretan Princess who rode the Beast, Zeus in the form of a White Bull. Jesuits are the Militia of Zeus. I cannot stress enough, the United States is not Babylon (Rev 18:10-19) and the Catholic Church is not MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT… Gnosticism is the Whore of Babylon!
Who gives their Kingdom to the Beast? Esau, the 3rd Beast of Dan 7:6 was prophesied to obtain “Dominion” in Gen 27:39-41KJV (New versions reverse this scripture); Esau then hands the Kingdom over to the 4th Beast of Iron in Dan 7:7.

Gospel of Q There is no written Gospel of Q. Gnostic Oral tradition in Q revolves around claiming the Gospels have a common “Source” and therefore could not be independent “Witness” of the Divinity of Jesus. Dates for Q are usually presented as being prior to the dates the Gospels were written ca 60-66AD. Jesus had 4 Witnesses of His Divinity: John the Baptist, His Works, The Father, and the Scriptures as detailed in John 5:31-36. The 4 Synoptic Gospels also offer independent Witness of Divinity; a requirement of a legal contract. The Synoptic Gospels agree because their “Source” is the Holy Ghost as was the Old Testament. The only Judge of Humanity is Jesus “For the Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son” Jn 5:22 Jesus is the Greek Name of JEHOVAH (Ex 6:3) and JAH (Ps 68:4KJV). The New Covenant being purely SPIRITUAL is Judged by JESUS (Mat 1:25KJV).

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep, And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and Got divided the light from the darkness…” Gen 1:1-3 What is this Light that God said was Good? It would not be until Day 4 that the Stars, Sun and Moon would be created; the Light God said was Good is the Holy Ghost.
If you want the Holy Ghost you need to ask God for it. QAnon are the descendants of those who rejected God by taking part of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and Reversing them; they learned this from the Serpent whom God identifies with the Dragon, Devil, Satan, the Quelle “Source” of Evil. A Cherubim facing 4 directions guards the Garden of Eden; all who desire to return to Paradise will first be Judged by Jesus Christ before accessing the “Tree of Life”.

Quelle “Source” is the Gnostic Primeval Sun Saturn aka Satan aka Black Star or Black Sun, the UNKNOWN GOD ie Anonymous God ignorantly worshipped at the Areopagus in Athens; the source of Dark Matter out of which Visible Matter was Created. Jesus is Alpha (Beginning) and Omega (Ending); We have a choice to make.

Qumran 11Q13 “Prince Melchisedek Scroll” written by the Essenes (Essen=Chaldean Priest) states “After 10 Jubilees, Prince Melchisedek shall return” Rabbis agree the 10th Jubilee was 2017, the year QAnon appeared on the 8Chan message board. Jesus is Melchisedek (King of Jerusalem and Priest of the Most High; Ref Gen 14:18; Ps 111; Heb 7); the Cult of Saturn and Mormons are called “Melchisedekians”; We have a choice to make.

Wingdings Q q becomes ✈︎ ❑︎ and M m becomes ?︎ ❍︎ in Wingdings. Jesus, returns to Earth in the Air for His bride; the Rapture in the Left Behind series was highlighted using Commercial Aircraft. The Cube represents Saturn, seen in Kabbalah and the Ka’aba “Cube of Sin”. In Freemasonry, the Square and Compass represent the Builders who reject Jesus Christ as the Cornerstone, preferring to build Heaven on Earth using the Compass and Square; the British Grand Lodge was formed in 1717 because 17 is the number of the Admirable Sacrament; Order out of Chaos refers to destroying the Old Order and Old World to create a New World Order aka Golden Age of Saturn.

QCiphers Secret Agent James “007” Bond’s Gadget Man; they meaning Agents with “00” work for M. 007 was the Secret Cipher of John Dee (Father of Secret Ciphers), Queen Elizabeth’s Rosicrucian Magician. I’ll put the voluminous connotations of the number “7” at the end of the article, suffice to say 7 is the number of Perfected Man ie God-Man. GCHQ (Government Communications HQ) is a continuation of the British “Cipher School”
The Society of Ormus uses the M ♍ Virgo Symbol; Isis is the Black Virgin whose name means “Throne” of the Alternative Messiah “Moshiach”. Ormus is derived from Erom meaning Subtil or Crafty, the attributes of the Serpent in the Garden of Eden Jesus identifies in Rev 12:9 as the Dragon, Devil and Satan; Orme means White Monoatomic Gold, the mythical component of the Alchemical Path taken by Gnostics who believe the Serpent’s Lie “Ye shall be as gods…”. Thus QAnon are Agents of the Great Awakening, an age where Man becomes God.

In 46CE the Gnostic Sage Ormus (obviously a pseudonym) is said to have been converted by Mark to the Essene Brotherhood; complete Rosicrucian nonsense, but one that formed the basis for the Gospel of Q. Essenes are the Theraputae whose HQ was Pergamon, where Satan’s Seat was located.
In America, Theraputes formed the Order of Perfectibilists (Gnostic Cathars were “Perfecti”) under Jesuit Adam Weishaupt on May 1, 1776 (17 “Admirable Sacrament”; 76 “Capricornus”)

Q is Sophistry Greek Panougos/Panourgia Strongs G#3834 means Cunning, Subtle, Crafty, Deceitful, all attributes of the Serpent in the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Q reverses Good for Evil using Sophistry, Words with multiple meanings such as Racism, a contest of speed in scripture becomes for QAnon, “Race” of Enlightened persons. Sophia is an Artificial Intelligence Robot made in America who is the 1st Citizen of NEOM, a Saudi City being built over the Wilderness of Sin and Mt Sinai; Cathedral of St Sophia then is Deified Sophistry. Nothing more than Chaldean Sages in Sheep’s Clothes.

Q the 1982 movie Promo poster has a Dragon atop the Empire State Building (Symbolizes the end of the American Empire), the movie features an Aztec (Aztec means “To make White”) ritual murder, a man finds an egg which hatches, as the screen fades he decides to sue the City receiving $1M tax free.

Q the 1999 movie features an uncontrollable party/orgy when parents are away; when the “Strong Delusion” comes over the world; it is as if the Father is out of the way. “Do what thou wilt” is the only rule in Witchcraft and Aleister Crowley’s “Thelema”.

Q the 1999 Novel by Luther Blissett (pseudonym for Luther Blessed; Luther means Free)

Q the 2011 movie features Cecile, a woman symbolizing Desire of both men and woman arriving after the country deteriorates from an economic crisis; Black Horse may ring a Baal.

Q the 2014 movie features Baby Farm Sales

Star Trek featured Q in the entire franchise; Gene Roddenberry a 33 deg Freemason had a license plate MCC 1701; the Enterprise was NCC 1701. Christopher Pike (Christ Impaled) Kirk=Scottish for Church; JTK=Knights of St John; Vulcan is the Blacksmith of the Canaanites; Live Long and Prosper is the Talmudic Sign of Shin, celebrating the Crucifixion Nails; Synagogues of Satan are opened with the Sign of Shin. Scotty are Pagans of Ireland and Scotland descended from Scythians; Scythe is the weapon of Saturn; Ohura is Ahura Mazda aka Zoroastrian Lucifer or “Sons of Light”; Checkov means “Son of the Devil”; Sulu is the Chaldean-Sabian Hashemite Kingdom of Sulu and Sabah; Quite an Enterprise eh? NCC 1701 “Enterprise” refers to Gen 17:1 (Abram’s covenant with God) and Rev 17:1 “Whore of Babylon”. Q is the 17th English letter.
Q is a recurring trans-dimensional Omnipotent figure possessing power over Space and Time (Space-Time fabric sewn with Thread ie Gravity Strings through the Eye of the Needle) with Infinite Knowledge and Experiences who is able to defy Laws of Physics and alter Reality. The Q Continuum is available only to Q and his Invited Guests judged worthy to obtain such Knowledge. Q appears in various episodes as a Cosmic Teacher from a Mirror Universe whose followers have direct communication with God. Our Endeavor is the Discovery of Atlantis using Columbia to vanquish Enterprising Challengers; Cute eh? Enterprise means “Undertaking” Annuit Coeptis “He approves of our Undertaking” E Puribus Unum “Out of Many, One” What is the One? 93 is a Witchcraft greeting meaning “Do what thou wilt” (recall Flt #93 was claimed to have crashed in Shankeville PA, today a Crescent (Hilal=Lucifer) shaped Memorial to the magick deception (the real Flt #93 was recorded in Cleveland Tower log book as landing) 93/93=ONE, the same One seen in 137, the 33rd Prime Number is the Age Jesus was at the Crucifixion and DNA of Light; 1/137 is the Fine Structure Constant, thus 137/137=ONE

////////////////Trump-Pence the Silver Trumpet/////////////////////////
Trump-Pence Logo is the Trumpet and Train with 6000, the 6000th year or 120th Jubilee, hidden in the wheels; Talmudic Rabbis claim 2017-18 was a Jubilee Year. During the Inter-testament period Jubilee Years were not kept accurate track or for example, there is debate on the month and year of Jesus’ birth for most; for me its pretty simple, Feast of Tabernacles 6 BC, 1 1/2 years before the Magi arrived and Herod was killed by an Angel for ordering the Slaughter of Innocents. The Mormon Church believes April 6, 1 BC; Why? April 6 is Tartan Day, the day the Assyrian Church took the northern 10 Tribes of Israel into captivity by the Assyrian Army commander “Tartan” (2 Ki 18:17; Is 20:1) which began under Sargon II; Sargon III will be “Antichrist”.
Trumpets are blown in a Jubilee Year under Old Testament Law. Pence flashed the Il Cornuto “Devil Horns” sign on Election Night as Trump did on the “Apprentice”. MAGA “Make America Great Again is a Cipher for Magus V the highest level in the Church of Satan; Trump’s Hand Sign is the Downward Hand Sign he uses constantly. Trump appeared at the Vatican wearing Funeral Attire with Melania, Jared Kushner and Ivanka; he danced the Arab Sword Dance “Ardah” with Arab King Salman, half an Illuminated Globe with Egypt’s president al Sissi and King Salman and wore the Yarmulke with Temple Mount Rabbis at the Western Wall.
Shakespeare in the Park portrayed Trump as Julius Caesar stabbed by Brutus, President of the Senate like Mike Pence. The 1st pre-inaugural party was held at the Lincoln Memorial in front of the Fasces on Lincoln’s Throne which also adorns the Speaker’s Podium in Congress and Oval Office Doors.
Snoop Dog “Dog Father”, Kathy Griffin, and Marilyn Manson all decapitate or kill Donald Trump their acts. The Simpsons pictured Trump in a casket guarded by Secret Service who work for the Treasury not the President; Pence, an Interfaith Minister officiated Skull & Bones Goldman Sachs Banker and Treasury Sec Steven Mnuchin’s 3rd Wedding.
The Black Horse collapses the world economy offering a days wage of a Denarius aka Penny or Pence for food; Lincoln is on the US Penny; Log Cabin Republicans support Pence and the US Economy is the lynch pin of the world economy since the Bretton-Woods Gold Agreement.
Mike Pence is an avowed Zionist, placed in charge of Domestic and International affairs by Trump including the “Deal of the Century”. Stephen Kings (Stephen=Crown or Martyr) + King) Storm of the Century featured the Devil arriving on a Storm isolated island for his next volunteer protege.
Mike Pence
Michael means “Who is like God”; Archangel Michael ejects Satan from Heaven in Rev 9:11 is considered the protector of Israel, which Mike Pence makes his loyalty to Israel obvious. Karen is Catherine “Pure”, the root of Cathars and St Catharines Monastery, the fake Mt Sinai in Egypt. Constantine’s mother Helena located Mt Sinai and later, the Syriac Peshitta was found in a trash can there; Dan 9:23-27 “70 Weeks” becomes “70 Sevens”, the justification of Zionism and the State of Israel. Pence=Penny or Denarius
Mike Pence’ daughter Audrey (Adele=Noble aka Aryan) was engaged to Daniel Tomanelli on Feb 20, 2019 in Provincetown Mass, a Gay-centric resort; both studying Arabic, Dan is a member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity which uses the Caduceus “Staff of Mercury” and Islamic Star and Crescent symbols, teaching its members to live by the code of the Crescent and Star; the Crescent is Hilal=Lucifer; the Moon is the Chaldean god “Sin” aka Allah, seen in BabIlu “Gate of Allah”; the Star is Sirius “Blazing Star” of Isis. The Inverted Star and Crescent is used by Shriner Masons in the “Noble Arabic Order of the Mystic Shrine” who wear the Fez, the blood soaked cap of the Moors, Muslims who slaughtered 50K Christians at Fez Morocco and dipped their Fez in Christian blood.
Silver Cords Silver (Moon Metal) Fox (F=6; O=15=6; X=24=6 “666”) Mike Pence dons the Yarmulke (Cap of Cybele) at Herod’s Wailing Wall; Jesus called Herod “That Fox” for wanting to kill Him. Foxes are known for Cunning, Mischief; Aesop’s “Fox and the Grapes” illustrates what is out of reach becomes despised; you can’t love Israel and the Six Pointed Star are diametrically opposed. The Six Pointed Star is the Chaldean STUR aka Star of Molech, Saturn (Chiun); Dorothy (Door) had Silver Slippers in the original Wizard of Oz; Emerald is the stone cut from Lucifer’s Crown.
Silver Cords or Ley Lines or Ether Strands (Ether is non-existent “Dark Matter”) are used in Witchcraft for Spirit communication; Diana, the Goddess of Witchcraft means “Heavenly Divine”; the Supreme House of the Temple in Washington DC is an exact replica of the Temple of Diana (Artemis), one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world. Silver Cords originate in Ecc 12:6-7, the “Spirit of God” or “Silver Cord” is cut at Death; the Supreme god of the Chaldeans and Sabians is the Moon; the Crescent Moon “Hilal” is Lucifer. For Witch’s, the Holy Spirit is unobtainable and despised.
Silver is the money of the people; the Black Horse collapses the world economy offering food for a Pence.
Antichrist will not regard the affection of women; Mike and Karen Pence, both originally Catholic, used GIFT (Gamete Intra-fallopian Transfer) to conceive, an asexual method.
According to FBI Informant Tim Holmseth whose letter to Atty General Jeff Sessions is here “Mike Pence is a longtime pedophile involved with Indiana child trafficking, Baby Farms and Child Pronography Rings, catering to the Elite for sex, cannibalism and ritual sacrifice”. Trump, is on flight manifests of Jeff Epstein’s Lolita Express to Pedophile Island.
Silver Trumpets , the Logo of Trump=Pence as opposed to Shofar Ram’s Horn Trumpets are blown at the Feast of Ingathering aka Feast of Tabernacles (Sept 13, 2019)

7 according to Ambrose, corresponds to the Old Testament but he sees it also as the number representing the Virginity. Thibaut of Langres gives also this attribute to this number because it is the only one of the first nine numbers which does not father and the only one which is not fathered. It is considered as virgin and representative of the Holy Spirit to which are attributed the same properties. Macrobe goes in the same way telling that it symbolizes Minerva, born of his father without passing by a mother. Jesuits are the Militia of Zeus and Minerva

7 indicates the senses of a change after an accomplished cycle and of a positive renewal.

7 is a Perfect Number and symbol of the divine abundance, it is also according to the Bible the number of the punishment, purification and the penitence.
7 represents Satan who tries to copy God; The Beast of the Revelation (Rv 13,1) has seven heads.

7 is the number of the Perfected Man, complete and perfectly realized as the sum of the four females and the three males.

7 symbolizes Totality of the created Universe (3 the sky + 4 the earth), it expresses the creation within which the Man evolves to become as the Creator.

Augustine of Hippo wrote “City of God” and sees 7 as the Perfection of the Plenitude and number of the Creature and Evolution.

7 symbolizes the Oroborus the infinite numbered in its return to the principle, that of the snake which bites its tail, according to Abellio. It would be also the number of the achievement in the space-time.

7 is the number of the Initiation, that is to say the union of Man with the infinity.

7 symbolizes eternal life for the Egyptians 7 symbolizes a complete cycle, a dynamic perfection.

7 symbolizes for Pueblo Indians, the cosmic coordinate of the man.

7 symbolizes for Bambaras of Senegal Perfection and the Unity.

7 for Dogons of Africa consider the number seven as the symbol of the Union of the Opposites, the resolution of Dualism, and symbol of Unicity and Perfection. It is also the mark of the Master of the Word.

7 symbolizes the cross with its six directions plus the center – indefinite extents moving toward the top, the bottom, the right, the left, forwards and backwards.

7 symbolizes Dice 1, having 6 faces.


The seven demons that came out of Mary Magdalene. (Lk 8,2)

The seven indictments to the scribes and to Pharisees announced by Jesus. (Mt 23,13-31)

The seven requests in the prayer of the Our-Father.

The seven words of Jesus pronounced on the cross:

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? (Mt 27,46)
In truth I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise – to the good thief (Lk 23,43)
Father, into your hands I commit my spirit. (Lk 23,46)
Father, forgive them; they do not know what they are doing. (Lk 23,34)
Woman, this is your son, (to John): This is your mother. (Jn 19,26)
I am thirsty. (Jn 19,28)
It is fulfilled. (Jn 19,30)

The hunted demon brings back with him seven others more stronger than him.

The seven deacons of the primitive Church: Stephen, Philip, Prochorus, Nicanor, Timon, Parmenas and Nicolaus. (Act 6,5)

The number seven is often used in the Revelation: the seven golden lamp-stands (Rv 1,12-20), the mystery of the seven stars (Rv 1,16-20), the seven seals (Rv 7 and 8), the seven letters addressed to the seven churches (Rv 2 and 3), the seven trumpets (Rv 8,6 and 11,15), the seven thunders (Rv 10,3-4), the seven kings (Rv 17,9), the seven heads of the Beast (Rv 13,1), the seven plagues of the seven bowls (Rv 15,5), etc. “Bush of thorn”, during one of her visions, has understood that the seven lamps and the standard lamps mentioned in the Revelation, represented the seven principal Churches or Beliefs, that is to say: Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Muslim, Anglican, Protestant, etc. but only the Roman Catholic Church is remained lighted with the true fire of the Holy Spirit.

The seven donations of the spirit of Yahweh: Wisdom, Insight, Counsel, Power, Knowledge, Piety, Fear of God. (Is 11,2-3)

The light of the seven days. (Is 30,26)

Ecclesiasticus, chapter 17 verse 5, enumerates 7 senses in the human being that are, in addition to the five known senses, the intelligence and the word (Si 17,5). This verse does not appear in the Bible of Jerusalem. We find it however in some Greek manuscripts.

In Mt 25,35-36, Jesus enumerates six charitable actions that will be considerated in the last Judgement for man salvation: to visit invalids, to quench the thirsty, to feed the hungry, to repurchase the captives or to visit prisoners, to dress those who are naked and to welcome foreigners. But to the 13th century, someone discovers in documents of Lactance a seventh act of mercy: to bury the deads. This one was ratified in 1220 by the canonical collection of Raymond of Penafort.

The gift of the stupid will bring you no advantage, his eyes look for seven times as mush in return. (Si 20,14)

Solomon’s wedding lasted seven days.

In psalms it is written: “Seven times a day I praise you for your upright judgements” (Ps 119,164) and again “which comes from the earth seven times refined” (Ps 12,7). The psalmist also talks about the seven clamours of God that appear in the celestial phenomena.

The seven psalms of penitence: 6, 31, 37, 50, 101, 129, 142.

The Leviticus prescribes a penitence of seven years for each sin.

Number of time that a leprous is sprinkled with the blood of a sparrow.

Number of days during someone was impure if it touched a corpse.

The mourning for the people of Israel lasted seven days. (Gn 50,10; Jdt 16,24; Si 22,12)

The infidelity receives a sevenfold punishment.

They immolate generally seven animals of the same kinds. (Lv 23,18; Nb 23,1 and 28,11; Job 42,8)

The sprinklings are repeated seven times. (Lv 4,6; Nb 19,4)

The seven lamps and the seven nozzles on the golden standard lamp, in the vision of Zechariah. (Zc 4,2)

Zechariah speaks about the seven eyes of God which supervise all the peoples of the earth. (Zc 4,10)

The seven steps of the staircase of the southern porch of the temple of Ezekiel. (Ez 40,26)

The candlestick of Hebrews has seven branches.

Balaam erected seven altars. (Nb 23,4)

There are seven patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Joseph and David.

Seven nations that had the promised earth were exterminated in front of Israel. (Dt 7,1)

There are seven weeks between Easter and the Pentecost. (Lv 23,15)

The jews’s easter holidays lasted seven days.

There are seven feast days of Tabernacles. (Lv 23,34)

The feast of the Dedication of the temple of Solomon succeeded immediately at the one of the Tabernacles and lasted seven days.

The seven priests carrying seven trumpets, during the catch of Jericho, have to walk, the seventh day, seven times around the city. (Jos 6,11-16)

The seven husbands that had Sarah, girl of Raguel, before marrying Tobias. Those previous husbands had been killed on their first wedding night by a demon. Tobias, thanks to an incense, escaped from it. (Tb 7,10-11)

The reign of David in Hebron lasted seven years. (1 K 2,11)

The friends of Job remained near him during seven days and seven nights to comfort him.

The construction of the Temple built by Solomon lasted seven years – 4th year to 11th year of his reign. It contained three squares and seven enclosures. (1 K 6,38)

Seven times, Elisha laid down on the child, and brought him back to life. (2 K 4,35)

The leprous Naaman dives seven times in the Jordan and then was cured. (2 K 5,14)

For though the upright falls seven times, he gets up again. (Pr 24,16)

The Lord prescribed to eat during seven days the unleavened breads. (Ex 12,15)

It takes seven days for the consecration of Aaron and his sons, and the altar. (Ex 29,35-37)

If you buy a Hebrew slave, he will serve six years; but on the seventh he will be free without anything to pay. The slaves were released the seventh year which corresponded to the Year of the Sabbath named also Year of Exemption. (Ex 21,2)

The Talmudic Civil Year begins with the New Moon of the seventh month, the day of Trumpets.

During six years, you will sow the earth, and you will collect the product of it. But the seventh, you will let it to rest in fallow. (Ex 23,10-11)

The seven thin and fat cows, as well as the seven full and empty corns, seen in dream by the Pharaoh and interpreted by Joseph as being seven abundance years and seven years of famine. (Gn 41,17)

Jacob served seven years for Rachel. (Gn 29,20)

Cain would be revenged seven times if someone killed him. (Gn 4,15)

Joseph remained in prison seven years when he was falsely accused to have slept with the woman of his master.

The seven ewes given in present to Abimelech by Abraham. (Gn 21,28)

The seven couples of each kinds of cattle which entered in the ark of Noah and were saved from the flood. (Gn 7,2)

On the seventh day, the Sabbath, God rested. (Gn 2,2)


Jesus would have fallen on the path of the cross seven times, according to visions of Ann-Catherine Emmerick.

The seven virtues. Three theologicals: faith, hope, love – or charity. Four cardinals: force, justice, prudence and temperance.

The seven sacraments of the Roman catholic Church: Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Penitence, Unction of the patients, Order, Marriage.

The number seven is a characteristic of the Virgin Mary: the seven mysteries of the rosary commemorating the pains of the Virgin Mary; we represent the Virgin with a crown of seven roses to a heart and also seven daggers stung in her heart (from where the designation “Our-Lady of the Seven Pains”), 3 on a side and 4 of the other; the seven feasts of the Virgin Mary celebrated in the catholic Church: the purification, the Annunciation, the Visitation, the Assumption, the Nativity, the presentation of the Virgin and the Immaculate Conception; the Christians of the first centuries were making born the Virgin Mary gave birth after seven months of gestation.

The seven Archangels who are stood continuously in front of God: Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, Raphael, Chamuel or Samael or Sealtiel, Japhiel or Orifiel or Jehudiel, Zadkiel or Zachariel or Barachiel. In messages given by the Virgin Mary to “Bush of thorns”, May 28, 1995, the Virgin specified that each one was subjected to the guards of one of the seven sacraments of the Church: The Eucharist is assigned to Michael, the Baptism to Gabriel, the Confirmation to Uriel, the Penitence to Jehudiel, the Extreme-Unction to Raphael, the Order to Sealtiel and the Marriage to Barachiel.

The seven capital sins, corresponding to the seven material desires: the pride, the avarice, the impurity, the envy, the greed, the anger and the laziness.

The seven worlds in the purgatory.

According to the Gospel of Barnabe, chapter 26, Abraham was seven years old when he began to look for God.

In the Hebraic language, the word that signifies “seven” means at the same time “to make oath”.

The Bambaras, the Buddhist and the Talmud count seven levels, or degrees of the perfection, in the Sky.

The Holy Family remained seven years in Egypt, in Heliopolis, according to visions of Mary Agreda.

In one of the seven visions that received Ezra, that are described in his second book from the documents of the library of Qumran, he speaks about the seven days when the world will remain in the paramount silence such as it was in the beginning before the new world awakes.

In the Book of Enoch, apocryphal book, it speaks about the seven watchmen, the seven great mountains, the seven great rivers, the seven great islands, etc.

Adam groans seven times more than he rejoices when he sees the souls out of their body go to perdition rather than to life, according to the testament of Abraham from the documents of the library of Qumran.

The seven paths to the paradise, each one having to be traversed by the body, the heart and the spirit in a unique communion.

The seven “Sleepers of Ephesus”. According to a origin Syrian legend, in the Christian and Islamic mythology (Koran 18), it is seven young peoples who, locked up in a cavern, were miraculously saved from the persecutions of Christians at the period of Dece (250 after the Christ) by a prolonged sleep. This sleep lasted near two centuries, and towards 447, under the emperor Theodore, quite Christian, that the young seven peoples awoke.

In the Islamic religion: the Koran has seven esoteric senses, according to Muslim mysticisms (sometimes they talk about seventy senses); there are seven consonants, called sawakit, that are not in the first verse of the Koran; there are seven towers at the Mecca; during of the pilgrimage to Mecca, they have to undertake seven turns of the Kaba and seven courses between the mounts Cafa and Marmia; the soul of the deads remains seven days beside the tomb and the new-born baby receives his name the 7th day; the cats and the dogs have seven lives; the Fatiha counts seven verses (opening the Koran); the seven gates that possess the Hell which are in relation with the various torments it contains, and there would be also seven hells: Gehennan, Ladha, Hatorna, Sair, Sakar, Jahim and Hawiyat; the Koran says that Allah has created seven skies and as much lands. (Koran 65,12 and 41,8-11)

The man would be composed of seven souls according to Plato and also according to Hindus.

The seven emblems of the Buddha.

Some agree to say that the size of the lobes of the ear determines the degree of spiritual affinity of an individual. Lao-tseu, the founder of the Taoism, had, they said, ears of seven inches, having the nickname of “long-ears”. Also, in the Oriental iconography, Buddha is always represented with excessively long lobes.

The Sufism names seven cosmic plans: Zat, the not-expressed; Ahadiat, the conscience; Vahdat, the self interior; Vahdamiat, the internal light; Arwah, the spiritual plan; Ajsam, the astral plan; Insaam, the physical plan. It recognizes also seven aspects of the manifestation: the stars, the moon, the sun, the reign mineral, vegetable, animal and human.

The man comparatively to a tree is equipped with seven roots (number of terrestrial forces which feed him) and with seven branches (in the ether).

Each of the four lunar periods lasts seven days.

The seven “chakras” (called wheels, Lotus or subtle centers) according to the hindouists: Muladhara, Swadhistana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna and Sahasrara.

To the image of the man, the Earth is composed of seven “chakras” and it is located in the seventh super-universe.

The man is composed of seven body: physics, etheric or vital, emotional or astral, causal, mental, body of divine vitality or bouddhic, and the body of divine spirit or atmic.

The etheric body of the man is completely developed and installed only around the age of seven.

The seven symbolic colors of the Tarot.

The seven pillars of the Wisdom.

One of the twelve works of Hercules consisted to cut in only one stab the seven heads of the hydra of Lerne.

The seven cords of the lyre of Hermes and the seven cords which has the “vina”, an instrument of India.

The seven tubes of the panpipes.

The seven sages of ancient Greece: Thales of Milet, Solon of Athena, Chilo of Lacedemone, Pittacos of Mitylene, Bias of Priene, Cleobule of Lindos and Periandre of Corinth. If you should turn your tongue seven times before talking, it is possibly because 7 was the number of these sages.

Sinbad tells to Hinbad his seven travel.

The seven towers “resonating” in Byzance.

The seven Greek vowels used by the gnostic: alpha, epsilon, eta, iota, omicron, upsilon, omega.

A Tibetan manuscript has a title “The seven books of the Wisdom of the Great Path”.

The earth of “Mu” had seven great cities, according to the English archaeologist James Churchward.

The seven visible stars to the bare eye of the Great Bear and the Little Bear.

The alchimists distinguished seven metals derived from a unique principle, formed under the influence of the planets, to which are attributed a divinity and a fundamental color: gold, money, mercury, tin, iron, copper and lead.

The seven fundamental notes, or modulations, of the musical scale.

The seven colors of the rainbow – visible spectrum only.

A man cannot have more than seven transverse lines on his front.

The seven historical monuments or wonders of the world:
Pyramids of Egypt
Walls of Babylon
Suspended gardens of Babylon
Statue of Olympian Jupiter
Temple of Diana in Ephesus. Supreme House of the Temple in Washington DC is an exact replica
Colossus of Rhodes
Tomb of Mausole

7 possible crystalline configurations: triclinic, monoclinical, orthorhombic, rhomboedric, quadratic, hexagonal, cubical.

The fall of a stone in the water provokes seven important waves, then become flat whatever is the mass of the object and the nature of the fluid. This example taken among many others makes say to Roger of Lafforest and James Langlois that the most part of the dynamics of things seems to refer to a standard model of evolution in successive phases of order 7, conceived according to a law of evolutionary vibrations.

The seven types of characters of the traditional astrology.

The seven branches of the sacrificial and cosmic tree of the Shamanism.

The ceremonies in the cult of Apollo were celebrated the seventh day of the month.

In China, popular feasts took place on the seventh day.

The red lamp of the Chinese secret societies has seven branches.

The Buddha would have taken the measure of the universe by making seven steps in each of the four directions.

A Hindu tradition attributes to the sun seven rays.

In Iran, at the time of the childbirth, one puts on a tablecloth a lighted lamp and one furnished the tablecloth with seven kinds of fruits and seven aromatic seed species. The child received generally his name on the seventh day.

The 7 is often found in the superstitions. In Portugal, the woman who wears seven superposed underskirts is sure of happiness. The seventh son of a family will be always protected by the gods. For Scottish, the seventh son of a seventh son will have the donation of second sight. In the homeland of the doctor Faust, we know that the pact signed with the devil lasts seven years. If someone breaks a mirror he will be submitted to the bad influences during seven years. In Morocco, the sterile women roll up their belt seven times around the trunk of some trees, then attach it to one of the seven cords that are fixed there. In Syria, a young girl without pretender exorcises the bad influences that prevent her to find a husband by bathing in the sea and by letting seven waves to pass above her head. When seven young girls assist a family meeting, one of them will get married during the year.

For the “Maya-Quiehe”, the great God of the Sky is also God-Seven, or seventh, surround by six suns: he constitutes thus the group of the agrarian gods.

At the Mayas, the seventh day, placed in the middle of the week of thirteen days, is a lucky day.

The goddess Seven, called seven snakes or seven ears, placed in the middle of the series 1 to 13, symbolizes the heart of the man and the corn.

In the temple of Coricancha to Cuzco, where was summarized all the pantheon of Incas, a wall near the cosmic tree had a drawing representing seven eyes named “the eyes of all things”.

The sovereign god Faro, god of Water and Word, resides in the seventh sky with the fertile water which he dispenses into the form of rain.

In Persia, 7 was a sacred number with its seven initiatory grades of the cult of Mithra: raven, griffon, soldier, lion, persian, heliodrome (mail of the sun), father. The ceremonial scale had seven levels, each level was made from a different metal. By climbing this ceremonial scale, the initiate traversed the seven skies, then rising the “Empyrea”.

Seven is the number of the female initiation, in the legend of the Grail, which presents 7 virgins defended by 7 knights confronting the hero Galaad.

The seven skies of Zarathustra.

The seven oxen pulling the chariot of the sun in the Scandinavian legends.

The seven rituals of the Sioux: guards of the soul, the rite of the purification, the entreaty of a vision, the dance face to the sun, rites of puberty, the political alliance and the games of the ball.

Rome did not cease increasing until it had contained in its centre the seven hills.

The summer solstice takes place when the sun passes in the 7th zodiacal sign, the winter solstice when it traversed seven signs starting from this last. There are seven signs from an equinox to the other.

There is seven months in the year which have seven letters or more (written in French): janvier, février, juillet, septembre, octobre, novembre et décembre.

The number seven regulates the life of the man: after 7 months of gestation the foetus is viable. Seven marks the periods of the life: the first childhood until 7 years which is the age of reason; to 7 x 2 years, end of the childhood; to 7 x 3 years, majority, end of the adolescence; to 7 x 4 years, youth; to 7 x 5 years, adult age; to 7 x 6 years, maturity followed by the decline of the forces. It is also the duration of the human cycle: every seven years, the man is regenerated entirely.

The seven regulates the rhythm of development of the woman: at 7 month, appearance of the baby teeth which will be lost at 7 years old; at 7 x 2 years, appearance of the menstruation and to 7 x 7 years it is the menopause.

Among all prime numbers, seven is the first number that does not enter in the Euclidean circle – the heptagon cannot be built in a circle of 360 degrees like the triangle or the pentagon.

The number 7 has some curious particularities. For example 1 divided by 7 gives a simple recurring decimal of six digits:

and this one multiplied successively by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, gives products where we find the same numbers in the same order:

142857 x 2 = 285714
142857 x 3 = 428571
142857 x 4 = 571428
142857 x 5 = 714285
142857 x 6 = 857142
The seven bones composing the tarsus of the human skeleton and the seven orifices in the head of the man.

There is seven rare gases.

Anniversary of marriage: copper or wool’s wedding.


The number 7 is used 507 times in the Bible.

The numbers 21 and 18000 are used 7 times in the Bible.

The number 7 is used 32 times in the Koran and it is used in 13 verses.

Among the 365 different numbers found in the Bible, 7 are used only in the NT. They are the numbers 46, 84, 144, 276, 1260, 144000 and 200000000.

In the Gospel of saint John, the word week is used 7 times; there are 7 mentions of the Christ “I Am”; Here some explanations are necessary. 4 times in the Gospel of saint John we will read “I Am” (in Greek “ego eimi”) pronounced by Jesus (Jn 8,24 and 8,28 and 8,58 and 13,19). By 3 other occasions, Jesus will say rather “It is Me”, also translated in the Greek “ego eimi” (Jn 4,26 and 6,20 and 18,5-6). Those two mentions of the Christ are therefore equivalent: “I Am” = “It is Me”. Also in the conversation of Vassula with Jesus, to verify the presence of This one, Vassula questions Him by saying “Jesus?”, and Him to reply always by the affirmation “I Am” instead of “It is me”, which is similar.

In the Gospel of saint John, by 7 times it is referred to the testimony of John the Baptist. The Gospel of saint John brings back also seven miracles of Jesus. The eighth, the miraculous fishing of chapter 21, has been added to the first writing. This same Gospel enumerates 7 appearances of Jesus Christ with his apostles and disciples after his resurrection. The word dreams is used 7 times in the NT. The name of Solomon is used 7 times in the Song of Songs book (Sg), as well as the words “Girls of Jerusalem”, Lebanon and love.

There are seven beatitudes that are proclaimed in the Revelation: 1:3; 14:13; 16:15; 19:9; 20:6; 22:7; 22:14

This number joins together the principles of the man, 700, the cosmic plans, 70, and their image in the Archetype, 7, according to R. Allendy. It is the universal organization, 7 + 7 + 7 = 21, the general evolution.

Represent the celestial perfection, 7, on the 3 plans of the manifestation: matter, astral (mental or soul) and spirit.

It is the number of the sacred work of the sons of God for the establishment of the Kingdom of God on the Earth, mainly for the period of the seventh millennium after Adam where it is written that Satan will be chained for thousand years.

In esotericism, 777 means that virgin spirits (those to which God gave the life with the mission to rise towards the Creator, until to absorb themselves again in Him) will know 777 incarnations during seven revolutions that the wave of life accomplishes around the seven globes of the seven world periods. The symbolism of this number is therefore the ascension of the soul through the physical body.

According to the tradition of Himalayan masters, 777 is the number of the celestial man and symbolizes the transmutation which takes place at the time where the man becomes conscious of the necessity to cover the path of initiation, and that he perceives, even of an elementary manner, that the goal is in God.

The purity – does not father and is not fathered.

777 in the Bible

Age of Lamech, father of Noah, when he died. In the posterity of Seth, Lamech is the last patriarch before the flood. (Gn 5,31)

The book of the Genesis contains 777+777-21 or 1553 verses.


It’s a question, in the secret doctrine of H.-P. Blavatsky, to solve “the problem of the 777 incarnations”. If seven is the number of cycles and of the divine numbers, in it resides also the secret of the 777 incarnations of the man that should be taken care to not interpret as being the totality of incarnations of the man on earth, but that it should rather be reported to what the humanity must one day realize.

In a study on this number, H.-S. Green sees there the triple evolution of Manas, Buddhi and Atma – “The number 777”, in “The Theosophist”, London, n. 9, 1909, p. 326.

Raoul Auclair points out that when the Virgin Mary appears in Cova da Iria in Portugal, on August 13, 1385, this country was then 777 years old. And 532 years later, that is to say on May 13, 1917, took place the first appearance of Fatima.

In an Ethiopian apocryphal book, named “The Wisdom of Sibyl”, it is written in conclusion of the book: “End the prophecy of the Sibyl. Praise to the Lord, Master of the world. Amen! That the Lord, eternally, makes you mercy. The Sibyl saw nine suns; each space of time is 778 years; the ninth is 777. The cycles of the Sibyl are 800 or 700; each is 800 years. There are 49 cycles of Ezra; each one counts 143 years. The cycles of Enoch are 10 and each cycle is 700 years. The Days of the Lord are 7; for us there are 2548000 days.” By making the calculation, this cycle of the nine suns lasts 7001 years:

8 cycles of 778 years = 6224 years
1 cycle of 777 years = 777 years
Total = 7001 years
And the 2548000 days of the Sibyl have a duration of 7000 years minus 7000 days.

The document Celestial Sanctum in the order the Rosicrucian A.M.O.R.C. is “Liber 777”.

In Korea, in one of the speeches of the reverend Moon, this one declared to have already proceeded to the blessing of 777 couples.


Jesus Christ said: “I am the resurrection”. In Greek, resurrection is written “h anastasiV”, numbering 777 = 8+1+50+1+200+300+1+200+10+6.

In the first verse of the Bible, it is written: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Gn 1,1) This verse consists of 7 Hebrew words and 28 letters, and it also counts three names: God, heavens and earth. The sum of the numerical values of each one gives 777: God = 86, paradise = 395 and earth = 296, where 86+395+296 = 777.

Written in Hebrew, “Orthodox Messiah”, gives 777: he, mem, shin, yod, heth, daleth, taw and yod, giving 5+40+300+10+8+4+400+10 = 777.

Written in Hebrew, “YHWH in the YESHUA Messiah”, gives 777: yod, he, waw, he, beth, yod, shin, waw, ayin, he, mem, shin, yod and heth, giving 10+5+6+5+2+10+300+6+70+5+40+300+10+8 = 777.

Written in Hebrew, “YESHUA saves“, gives 777: yod, shin, waw, ayin, he, waw, shin, yod and ayin, giving 10+300+6+70+5+6+300+10+70 = 777.

By using the ASCII table, we find that the French word “EXORCISTES” (exorcists) gives 777.

The numerical value of the Hebrew word NMLA IVMM, meaning “filled with light”, gives 777.


The number 777 is used 1 time in the Bible.

The word priest is used 777 times in the Bible.


Number of the perfection, the infinity. In mathematics the symbol of the infinity is represented by a 8 laid down.

Symbol of the cosmic Christ.

Number figuring the immutable eternity or the self-destruction. It represents also the final point of the manifestation.

In China, the 8 expresses the totality of the universe.

Number of the balance and of the cosmic order, according to the Egyptians.

Number expressing the matter, it is also the symbol of the incarnation in the matter which becomes itself creative and autonomous, governing its own laws.

The number eight corresponds to the New Testament, according to Ambroise.

It is the symbol of the new Life, the final Resurrection and the anticipated Resurrection that is the baptism.

According to Clement of Alexandria, the Christ places under the sign of 8 the one he made to be born again.

Represent the totality and the coherence of the creation in evolution. In China, it expresses the totality of the universe.

Represent the earth, not in its surface but in its volume, since 8 is the first cubic number.

The Pythagoreans have made the number 8 the symbol of the love and the friendship, the prudence and the thinking and they have called it the Great “Tetrachtys”.

In Babylon, in Egypt and in Arabia, it was the number of the duplication devoted to the sun, from where the solar disc is decorated of a cross with eight arms.

The number 8 means the multiplicity, for the Japanese.

A favorable number, associated to the prosperity.

It is the number of the restful day, after the 7th day of the creation.


The eight beatitudes of the sermon on the mountain. (Mt 5,3-11)

The eight sentences of the Magnificat or Hymn of Mary. (Lk 1,46-56)

Jesus was circumcized eight days after his birth, according to the law established. (Lv 12,3; Gn 17,12 and 21,4; Lk 2,21)

The eight steps of the staircase leading to the external square of the Ezekiel’s temple. (Ezk 40,26)

The eight creative words of God in six days, in Genesis chapter 1, verses 3, 6, 9, 11, 14, 20, 24, 26.

The eight persons who were saved from the Flood in Noah’s Ark. (Gn 7,13)


Saint Joseph endured during eight years various great sufferings before to die, according to visions of Mary Agreda.

The Cabalists affirm that there were in the Temple of Jerusalem eight gates from which the eighth gate would open only for the Messiah.

Eight is the total number of Chakras of the man, counting the seven in correlation with the physical body, plus an additional working in the etheric body. This eighth Chakra is known as being “the Chakra of the Soul” or “the Star Chakra”. It would be located approximately 7 to 10 centimeters above of the Crown Chakra.

The eight great gods of the Vedas: Surya, Candra, Agni, Yama, Varuna, Indra, Vâyu and Kubera.

The eight “trigrams” of “Fou-Hi” Chinese philosopher.

Plato remained with his master the Greek philosopher Socrates during eight years.

The eight parts of the way which leads to the nirvana, according to the Buddhist doctrines: the faith, the right judgement, the right language, a right and pure action, a right profession, the application of the spirit to all the precepts of the law, the right memory and the right meditation.

The Buddhists count eight symbols of long life of which one of them is the infinite node being rolled up and withdrawn on itself.

There are eight degrees of Buddhist monks or “Aryas” and the highest is named “Arhat”.

According to a Buddhist legend, Buddha’s ashes was separated in eight parts.

The lotus is represented symbolically with 8 petals and according to yogis, it is on a lotus with 8 petals that the “Mêru” mount is erected which, symbolically, represents the center and the axis of the world.

The Yoga counts eight training courses: Yama, the restriction; Niyama, religious observances; Asana, the posture; Pranayama, the control of the breathing; Praty-ahara, the restriction of senses; Dharana, the concentration; Dhyana, the contemplation and Samadhi, the ecstasy.

The Avesta mentions eight categories of priest: a superior, the Zaotar, which recites the texts, and seven subordinates: the Havanan which crushes the Homa in the mortar, the Atarevakhsha which maintains the fire, the fraberetar being in charge of the instruments for the Sacrifice, the Aberet carrying the holy water, the Acnatar that washes the sacred vases, the Raethwiskar that purifies the soiled men and objects, and the Craoshavereza or confessor.

In the religion of Zarathustra, there were eight instruments used for the cult: the Atashdan, reservoir for fire; the Havana or mortar; the Barecma, or beam of sacred palms; the Tali, tray of the offerings; the Tasta or cup of gold; the strainer with nine holes for the Homa; the Avand, vase for purifications; the Musrhabe, wash-hand basin for the priest.

The eight categories of priests of Zarathustra.

For the Indians, there are the eight modes of marriage mentioned by Manou: mode of Brahma, Devas, Rishis, Pradjapatis, Asouras, Ghandarvas, Rakchasas and Pisatchas.

The eight disciples of Thot, in Egypt.

According to Herodotus, the reign of gods in Egypt would have started with a first group of eight gods to the head of which was Pan.

For the Greeks, the number 8 was dedicated to Dyonisios, born the eighth month of the year.

The eight divisions of the sky of the Greek tradition.

The eight Rules of command of the “Chou-King”.

The eight ministers of the Chinese Empire.

The eight pillars of the “Ming-Tang”.

The eight forms of Shiva, sometimes illustrated by 8 “lingams” laid out around a central “lingam”.

The eight arms of Vishnu.

The eight divinities guardians of the Tibet.

The eight “Selecti” gods of the Romans.

The eight gods of Xenocrate.

The eight legs of the Sheipner horse, the gray horse of Odin.

The eight animals which accompany the Mahometan believers in the paradise.

The Great Year of 25920 years is divided into eight great terrestrial cycles that are called Age: Golden age, Age of money, Age of bronze and Age of iron, and each is repeated twice.

Creusot points out that the prayer of saint Francis of Assisi on the peace contains eight requests to the Lord:

Lord, make me an instrument of peace.
Where is the hatred, let me put love.
Where is the offense, let me put forgiveness.
Where is the discord, let me put union.
Where is the error, let me put truth.
Where is the doubt, let me put faith.
Where is the despair, let me put hope.
Where are darkness, let me put light.
Where is the sadness, let me put the joy.
The Tower of Belus in Babylon is made of eight square towers.

An octagonal building in Hiroshima contains the statues of eight great wise man of the world: the Buddha, Confucius, Socrates, Jesus, the prince Shotoku, Kobo Daishi and two Japanese priests.

The number eight governs the life of the man: at 8 month the baby teeth appear; at 8 years, he loses them; at 2 x 8 years, it is the puberty; and he becomes impotent at 8 x 8 years.

In mathematics, a number is divisible by 8 when this one is formed by its three last numbers is too.

Anniversary of marriage: weddings of bronze, electricity or rubber.


The number 8 is used 73 times in the Bible.

Numbers 29, 42, 4500, 22000 and 40000 are used 8 times in the Bible.

The number 8 is used four times in the Koran. (Koran VI,144; XXVIII,27; XXXIX,8 and LXIX,7)

There are eight numbers, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10 and 12, that are common to the four Gospels and the Revelation, it means that each one of them is used at least once in the Revelation and in the Gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

17 is the number of the Son of Man, according to Abellio.
17 Represents the action of Evolution on the Cosmos and its tendency to the Karmic Liberation, 1 + 7 = 8, according to R. Allendy. QAnon therefore posts its crumbs on 8chan for Infinity Chan. Quelle is German for “Source”; the Source of the 8th and final Covenant between God and Man aka “New Covenant” is the Holy Ghost.
17 is the symbol of the Man participating in both Celestial and Terrestrial worlds, according to the Seeress of Prevorst.
17 represents the Junction between the Material world and the Spiritual World” according to Henri Blanquart.
Phoenician trained Augustine of Hippo said “In the number seventeen as in its multiples we find an Admirable Sacrament”. The world witnessed an Admirable Sacrament in Malaysian Airlines MH-17 (MH-17 on False Flags article)
17 restores the harmony after the fights of the existence. It is the image of the initiate who has succeeded his interior marriage. The movie White Squall with Ship Captain Jeff Bridges initiating the next generation of Elite; he rings a Bell (Bel is the Phoenician “Confounder” aka Baal) stating the phrase “Where We Go One We Go All”, the Anonymous Author of QAnon: An Invitation to the Great Awakekening of course is WWG1WGA
According to Guy Tarade, 17 is the Number of the Holy Spirit.
According to the Book of the Balance by Jâbir Ibn Hayyân, alchemist and Sufi, The form (sura) of any thing in the world is 17; the number 17 represents the Base of the theory of the Balance and has to be considered as the rule of the balance of each thing.
17 is an ominous number in Italy, as is the number 13 in Occident. Thus, in Italy, there is no bedroom 17, no 17th floor, etc., this because of the number 17 that in Roman number is written XVII, considered as the anagram and the numerical value of the Latin expression VIXI that means “I lived” therefore by extension “I am dead”.

17 in Scripture
The 17th Book of the Old Testament “Esther” does not contain the word “God”
17 people and nations are present at the Pentecost: Galilee, Parthians, Medes and Elamites, peoples from Mesopotamia, Judaea and Cappadocia, Pontus and Asia, Phrygia and Pamphylia, Egypt and the parts of Libya round to Cyrene, residents of Rome, Jews and proselytes alike, Cretans and Arabs. (Acts 2,7-11)
Joseph was seventeen years old when he was sold by his brothers and escorted in Egypt. (Gn 37,2)
The seventeen Judges since the death of Josuah until Samuel: Othonial, Aod, Samgar, Jahel, Deborah, Barac, Gideon, Abimelech, Thola, Jair, Jepheth, Abezan, Ahialon, Abdon, Samson, Eli and Samuel.
Rehoboam, son of Solomon, reigned seventeen years in Jerusalem. (1 K 14,21)
Jehoahaz, son of Jehu, reigned seventeen years in Isarel to Samaria. (2 K 13,1)
The Ten Commandments of God were given in 17 verses to the twentieth chapter of the book of the Exodus.
Jacob lived seventeen years in the country of Egypt. (Gn 47,28)
The Pentateuch contains 5852 or 17x7x7x7+7+7+7 verses. 1533 verses of the Genesis can be also expressed like 17×70+7x7x7 or 17×7+707+707. The book of the Exodus contains (17+17)x(17+17)+57 or 1213 verses. It is 17×7 shorter than 666+666.
Jesus traveled seventeen years for his preparation before his public ministry.
The prayer of the Rosary of the Virgin Mary is composed of 17 Pater and 153 Ave Maria. And the sum of the 17 first numbers gives 153.
Jewish law counts seventeen blessings.
According to a passage of the Talmud, it is written that the complete Torah included initially 17 books initially.
According to visions of Anne-Catherine Emmerich, seventeen women follow the Way of the Cross. And in the visions of the brother Joseph-Francis, the Cross measured 17 feet.
The revelations received by Mary Jane of United States enumerate on the whole seventeen joys that known the Blessed Virgin Mary, whose greater was to be placed on the Throne of God. No one other never has been able to acquire this honor.
The apostle James wrote his Epistle seventeen years after the crucifixion of the Jesus Christ.
The seventeen liturgical gestures, rak’a, in the Islamic tradition which compose the five daily prayers. Seventeen words compose also the call to the prayer.
Number called “antiphraxis” (interposition) by the Greeks because it is located between the numbers sixteen (square number) and eighteen (double square).
The Death of Osiris occurred on the 17th day of the month of Athyr according to the Egyptian mythology.
Raoul Auclair notices that one of the appearances of the Virgin Mary expresses the number 17. It was on January 17, 1871 (1+8+7+1=17) at 17 hours, in the village of Pontmain, having 17 hamlets. This appearance, proceeding in 17 phases, occurred 17 years after the date of the blooming of the Mystery of Mary: the promulgation of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception. She appeared ahead 70 people, pronouncing no word, but wrote her message in gold letters on the sky of the night. This message comprised 70 signs.
Some people believed that the Sky was divided into 17 celestial layers.
Jâbir Ibn Hayyân, in his book “Book of the Seventy” (Kitâb al-sab’în) attaches a very great importance to the numerical series: 1, 3, 5, 8 and 28 (the sum of 1, 3, 5 and 8 giving 17), because according to him: “All, in the universe, is governed by the number 17 – the metals for example have 17 ‘power'” and the form of any thing in the world is 17.
The Flood began on the 17th of Lyar (May 21, 2019)
The mummy of the king Toutankammon was wrapped of 17 cloths.
The Parthenon has 17 columns.
Formerly the Chinese had a bureaucratic constitution of 17 articles.
The Alhambra, splendid Moor palace which inspired Escher, has 17 types of mosaic (in fact all possible types).
Henry IV celebrated his marriage a second time on December 17, 1600 in the cathedral St. John in Lyon. His wife Mary Medicis arrived with approximately 5000 Italians in 17 galleys.
The first woman of Henry VIII had 17 children who died before their 1st year.
Shakespeare (Francis Bacon and the Knights of the golden Helmet) wrote 17 comedies during the 17th century.
Hamlet reigned 17 years.
The Great Lodge of England which made the speculative Masonry was founded in 1717.
The French revolution occurred in 1789 (17 + 8+9=17).
The number 17 has a particular importance in the tradition of trade corporations that recognize 17 companions initiated by Ali, 17 owners of Muslim corporation founders initiated by Selman-i Farsi, and 17 major corporations.
At the Quatrain 5,92 of Nostradamus it is written: “After the seat held seventeen years”.
Beethoven wrote 17 quartets. The first of Water Music of Haendel occurred on July 17, 1717 (the day of the yellow pigs!). It is in 1717 that Domenico Zipoli embarked for America (he arrived there in July). Gossec wrote a symphony to 17 parts. Titchenko wrote a concerto for violoncello and 17 wind instruments. Senfl wrote a mass in 17 parts (given to the Festival of Ambronay on October 2, 1994). Op. 54 of Mendelssohn: 17 variations for piano. Bach had an orchestra of 17 musicians during the period of Weimar, when he wrote the concerto for 2 violins BWV 1043 (France-Music, Bach and Europe, December 10, 1995). In 1895, St. Saens published 17 volumes of the work of Branch (Radio Classic, December 13, 1995, 15h30).
There is a famous passage in Theaetetus of Plato in which it is written that Theodorus (the professor of Plato) proved the irrationality of sqrt(3), sqrt(5), …, taking all the cases until the square root of 17, where he stopped. But we don’t know the exact meaning of the Greek word (mu)(epsilon)(chi)(rho)(iota), translated by “until” by Heath: either “until… excluding”, or “until… included”. (An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers, Hardy/Wright, section 4.5, p 42-44).
In the Muslim folklore, the symbolic number 17 appears especially in the legends, in particular in the 17 advices murmured to the ear of the king during his coronation and in the 17 components of the banner (Mr. Mokri, The secrets of Hamza).
It is especially in the Shiism (and, by its influence, in the religious literature of Turks of Anatolia) that a quasi magic importance is attached to the number 17… The mystic Shiists had, from an ancient period, a veneration for the number 17; this veneration originates from the old pythagorician speculations based on the letters of the Greek alphabet… 17 represented the number of those who will be resuscitated, each of these persons having to receive one of the 17 letters of the alphabet, whose is composed the supreme name of God, which is in relation with the Arcane 17 of the Tarot.
In Lebanon, there are officially 17 religions: 5 Islamic groups, 11 Christian groups (4 Orthodoxs, 6 Catholics, 1 Protestant) and 1 Judaic.
For the ancient Greeks, 17 represents the number of consonants of the alphabet; it is divided in 9 (number of the dumb consonants) and in 8 (number of the semivowels or semi-consonants). These numbers were also in relation with the musical theory and the harmony of the spheres.
Pluto is the only planet outside of the ecliptic plan; its orbit is inclined 17 degrees. The last mission on the Moon was Apollo 17.
The period of the revolution of Callisto, discovery to the 17th century by Galileo, around Jupiter is 17 days.
There are 17 muscles in the tongue. God spoke the Universe into Creation
Pi is the 17th letter of the original Greek alphabet
The Japanese poetry Haiku contains 17 syllables.
The scale of Holder is composed of 17 notes.
The first atomic bomb, prepared by 1700 persons, was released on Hiroshima with 17 seconds of delay (newspaper of France 2 August 6, 1995 at 20 hours).
Gandhi was assassinated on January 30, 1948 at 17h17.
November 17, 1972 (1972 = 17×116): return of Juan Peron to Argentina, after 17 years of exile.
The 17th Latitude divided the North and the South of Vietnam.
Two of the most important earthquakes in 1994 and 1995 occurred on January 17: January 17, 1994 in California (Los Angeles), and January 17, 1995 in Japan (Kobe). In both cases, the latitude was 34° (=2 x17), and the longitudes were respectively -118° and 135° (- 118 + 135 = 17).
In India, there are 17 languages.
In the Great Pyramid, on the walls of one of the bedrooms of “dump” is written in red paint “year 17”
Seventeen days separate the feast of the Presentation of Mary, November 21, of the feast of the Immaculate Conception, December 8.
The mass of Neptune is 17 times that of the Earth.
The White House is located on the 17th street in Washington.
In the Odyssey of Homere, Ulysses spent 17 days to reach the Pheacia.
17 is the Eighth prime number; by theosophical reduction, 17 reduces to 8: 1 + 7 = 8.
God is called Unique 17 times in the New Testament. The verb To Pay is used 17 times in the NT. The word Manna and the verb To Kneel are each used 17 times in the Bible.

Authorized Bible
Jesuits are the Society of Gesu; Ge=Earth + Sus=Pig; 2019 is the Chinese Year of the Earth Pig. QAnon is like the original Anonymous symbolized by Guy Fawkes, the Jesuit conspirator in the Gunpowder Plot to kill King James, which would have ended production of the Authorized Bible (KJB) on 5 Nov 1605. Francis Bacon (Nome de Plume of Sir Tobie Mathew means “Free Pig”; Marranos “Pig/Swine”, are fake Christians) aka Shakespeare was a Jesuit and Luciferian Freemason, his Knights of the Golden Helmet became the Confederates; Federal is derived from Foederis “Covenant with God”; Con-Federate means “Against the Covenant”. British aided the Confederacy; British means “B’Rith” Birthright Covenant; that being “Japheth the elder” (Gen 10:21 is changed in new bible versions), Ishmael and Esau. Japheth’s son Gomer is German; Quelle is German for “Source”. Don’t be fooled! God sure isn’t!

///////////////////Prophecy Rock/////////////////////////////////////
Carved by Hopi Shaman (Chaldeans) near 4 Corners in AZ, Prophecy Rock is called the “Life Plan”. Hopi means “Peaceful Ones”, they are Chaldean-Sabian-Theraputes etc Priests just like the Hyksos of Egypt or Philosophy-Sophists of Greece; the Peace Sign is the Broken Jew or Witch’s Foot; they want to “Repair the Earth” ie Repair the Swastika with the Hospitaller Cross aka Knight of St John where John is Oannes the Chaldean Sea Goat “Capricornus”
The Mayan Calendar views the Cosmos as a Turtle Shell; United Nations Plaza at 777 United Nations Plaza at Turtle Bay has the Church of all Religions. Prophecy Rock in Oraibi, Az near 4 Corners (symbolized by the Square, 6th point “F”, the Heart of Turtle Island), sets the plan in sandstone: Swastika is the Broken Sun (Saturn; 6th Planet) a mirror image of the Jain Cross; Offerings to Antichrist aka White Brother (Hopi Shaman call this Maasaw “Great Spirit” of Tawa symbolized by the Tau or Sacred Tree; Mormon “Christus” Statue is also White Brother) who comes to Earth (Hopi refer to the Americas and the Earth as Turtle Island) as a Man with a Staff (Priest like Moses) separating the “Elect” willing to ascend, from those who refuse. At the end the Black Sross Saltaire of the Knights of Malta aka SMOM (Sovereign Military order of Malta), Hospitallers or Knights of St John of Jerusalem; Blood Oath Sworn servants of the Jesuit (Jesuits are the Militia of Zeus, son of Saturn, the Primeval “Black Sun”). General “Black Pope” Adolfo Nicholas, SMOM Grand Commander (Mathew Festing resigned amid a dispute with the Vatican and Pope Francis in 2017) and Nazi Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI are attending the 2018 WEF (World Economic Forum) in Davos with Donald Trump. Note: Pope John Paul II re-instated the Office of Inquisition under Cardinal Ratzinger who became Pope Benedict XVI as well as openly carrying the Gnostic Twisted Crucifix. a symbol of God, rejected and crucified on the Sacred Tree “Tau”. Hopi doorways symbolized the “Tau” aka “Yahweh Mark” (Yahweh=YHWH=Saturn) as the Egyptian Ankh of Isis-Osiris. The origination of this Tau is Chaldean, a symbol of Resurrection in Saturnian religion.
Johnitters aka Knights of St John were and are Gnostics who worship Saturn and the Age of Aquarius, placing importance on Water Baptism (Trump always uses this Water symbol). St John is an occult combination of John the Baptist and John the Evangelist called St John the Divine. St George slays the Dragon, cutting Satan’s head off in Cancer June 21-July 22 at the Peace Fountain in front of the St John Divine Cathedral in NYC and in the United Nations Plaza.
777 United Nations Plaza is the United Nations Church at Turtle Bay; Liber 777: And other Qabbalistic writings of Aleister Crowley may ring a Baal “Do what thou wilt shall be the sum of the Law” In numerology 777 represents Perfection on 3 planes: Physical, Astral and Spirit. 777 is the gematria of “I am the ressurection”; “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”; “Orthodox Messiah” (Orthodox are Oriental ie Rising Sun=Saturn); “Filled with Light” (Hopi “Day of Illumination”); French word “EXORCISTES” (France and Merovingian Franks mean “Free” of God; the Exorcized Spirit here is the Holy Ghost, followers of Jesus Christ, baptized by the Holy Ghost/Spirit).
Hopi “Great Purification” Prophecy “When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge on the Day of Purification”. The 5th age (Thesophy 5th Root Race) begins with the arrival of Blue Star (Zeus, Jupiter, Marduk or Planet X is the son of Saturn seen in the Tekhelet Blue Six Pointed Star of Saturn). The arrival is accompanied with the arrival is Disease, Great Dying, Earthquakes and the World rocking to and fro. Eze 24:20 states the exact same thing.
After Blue Star arrives, White Brother dressed in Red Cloak and Cap aka the “Purifier” will remove his mask in the plaza before the Uninitiated and the true White Brother “Pahana” will be revealed. White Brother is Lucifer; the White bearded Jesus (Mormon “Christus”). The Red Cloak is Esau who sold his soul and was renamed Edom=Red; the Mask is Edomites pretending to be Jews as Jacob once pretended to be Esau in order to obtain his father’s blessing. Cathars are called “Pure Ones”; Catharsis means “Discharge of pent up emotion”. You will want to be “Uninitiated”! Ref Eze 37:16; Rev 11:1 Stay on the Porch!

The last sign Hopi elders await is the “Dwelling place in the heavens, above the earth, will fall with a great crash. It will appear as a Blue Star.” This is the return of Marduk/Zeus/Jupiter/Horus etc. The bible refers to him as Antichrist.
WWIII will reduce Turtle Island (the US) to ashes, boiling rivers and disease no man can cure. This is the plan put in writing by Francis Bacon aka (Shakespeare) in New Atlantis: A worke unfinished, to make America the Phoenix of the New Age. The Phoenix myth comes from the Benben Stone, the first dry land of Creation according to the Egyptians became the persh of the Phoenix Bird who flew over the waters of the 1st Creation. Saturn aka Osiris is considered by Gnostics to be the Primordial or Primeval Sun aka Black Sun or Black Star. In case you haven’t noticed, the US, around the Mississippi River was designed to resemble Egypt and the Nile. US Disaster Planning Maps made by NOAA, FEMA and the US Navy show this area from New Orleans to St Louis aka New Madrid Fault, underwater.
The 5th Age of Illumination is Luciferian Lucifer “Light Bearer”. Hopis refer to this as the Age of Illumination. The United Nations Planetary Initiative requires everyone to accept a Luciferian Initiation (Reject the Holy Ghost) to progress into the New Age aka Golden Age of Saturn “White Brother”. Sirius is the Star of Isis “Black Virgin”, consort of Saturn (Osiris) the “Black Star” is the Arabic star Qalb; Mormons refer to Qalb as Kolob, the source for Transmigration of Souls; the movie 2001: A space Oddyssey featured Astronaut Bowman as an Embryo Soul. Important today, because the Cult of Saturn are called Melchisedekians (Jesus is the real Melchisedek Gen 14:18; Ps 111; Heb 7) as are the Mormon Church. The White Horse Prophecy aka Blood in the Streets Prophecy of the Mormon Church calls for Blood to run down the streets as water down a storm drain until the last drop of Gentile American blood is spilled in revenge for the killing of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Freemasons killed Smith in Carthage, named after the Phoenican/Canaanite outpost in Africa; he was buried them with Talismen of Jupiter, the son of the Canaanite god “El” or “Saturn”.
11Q13 Prince Melchisedek Scroll “After 10 Jubilees, Prince Melchisedek shall return” This will be White Brother “Antichrist”. 10 Jubilees is 500 Years after 1517, the year the 5th Lateran Council under Black (Saturn) Nobility Pope Leo X proclaimed “Indestructibility of the Soul” as Catholic Dogma. Jesus judges every Soul “Do not fear those who can kill the body. Fear him who can destroy both body and soul in Hell” Mat 10:28 This plan was written during the INter-testament period by the Essenes, in 1217 by Rabbi Judah ben Samuel and at the birth of America by Tzaddiq Baal Shem Tov. The Hopi Prophecy began to circulate in 1959 within Protestant Churches in America. The new documentary “Calvinist” details Calvin’s TULIP: Total Depravity means nobody can affect their own Salvation; a Lie. Unconditional Election means God chose people before birth for Salvation or Hell with no conditions or requirements; A Lie. Limited Atonement means Jesus died for the sins of the Elect (Turtle Island is for the Hopi Elect); Mormons carry this a step further by requiring the blood of Gentile sinners; Jesus died for the Sins of the World; obviously a Lie. Irresistable Grace means God chooses his Elect and offers Grace independent of our hearts or actions; A Lie. Pre-destination means God pre-destined most of humanity to Hell; a Satanic Lie. T
777 United Nations Plaza at Turtle Bay symbolizes Unity of all religions. The Golden Sphere within a Sphere represents a world destroyed by War with a much smaller population entering the Golden Age of Saturn. The Revolver with its barrel tied in a knot and man turning his sword into a plowshare represent a return to Cain, the farmer who 1st attempted to hand back to God what He Created and gave to humanity. The first Chaldean Priests were called Konn-Torrs “Priests of the Revolver” ie the Earth aka Hopi Turtle Island (Hopi Shaman? Chaldean Priests folks). The Ark represents those entering the Golden Age of Saturn. St George slaying the Dragon represents the same thing as the Peace Fountain at St John Divine Cathedral; those unwilling to submit to White Brother (Mormon “Christus”) will be slain beginning in Cancer (June 21-July22) after the 10th Jubilee on the Feast Day of St John (June 24). A reasonably good bet for the start of the Great Tribulation because God’s final “2 Witnesses” will be killed in Jerusalem as people are sending gifts to one another at Hanukkah, Christmas aka Saturnalia. 9 months before Saturnalia, Ishtar (Easter) conceives.
Tree worship is nearing 6000 years old; the symbol is the Tau (Mark or Sign), the Sun rising above the Horizon is the Tau seen in Hopi doorways. Worship of the Rising Sun caused the Glory of the LORD to depart Solomon’s Temple (Eze 8); Jesus departed the 2nd Temple in identical manner from a Tree at the exact same spot.
The Cross is not a Christian symbol; Jesus was Crucified on a Tree overlooking the Temple Mount. The Temple Mount is controlled by the Vatican; a gift from Shimon Peres. Vatican means “Divine Serpent”; the Serpent in the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The Vatican is controlled by Jesuits (Militia of Zeus); Zeus is called Jupiter, Marduk, Horus and Tammuz, symbolized by the Tau “Sacred Tree” aka Hopi “Tawa”. Chaldeans worship the Tau with 40 days “Weeping for Tammuz” beginning Ash Wednesday (Feb 14=Valentines Day named after the Gnostic Valentinus; V=Vav=Nails used to fasten God to the Tree); the 40 days before the return of Marduk/Tammuz. The HQ of the Jesuits is the St John Lateran Arch-basilica; Lateran means Hidden Frogs, the 3 unclean spirits of the Dragon, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 12:9; 16:13). Want to be Free of God? So does this man.

I cannot say strongly enough Stay on the Porch of the 3rd Temple. Antichrist “White Brother” will sit on the Throne of Pergamon aka Throne of Zeus (currently in the Berlin Museum) aka Satan’s Seat (Isis means “Throne”) next to the Abomination of Desolation and offer the Mark of the Beast in exchange for entering the Golden Age of Saturn.
Time to read Rev 11 and Dan 9:24-27 again. I highlighted “Prophesy” because it must not be confused with “prophecy”. Prophesy (1 Cor 14KJV) is the ability to understand God’s Word “Prophecy” (Pre-written history); this is the function of the 2 Witnesses (Seth’s Enoch and Elijah) the only 2 people who went to Heaven before Death and resurection. This ability comes after Faith, Hope and Charity “Love of God” (1 Cor 13KJV) “Measure” refers to Judgment; the New Covenant “Love God” and “Love our Neighbor” are the requirements; people at the altar of the 3rd Temple accepting the Mark of the Beast are worshipping the wrong God. “Three days and a half” is mid-week of Daniel’s “70th Week” (Dan 9:23-27) the last week before the 2nd Coming. I suggest reading God’s Word the way it is written rather than Private Interpretation. “Sending gifts one to another” suggests this timeframe of the week of Saturnalia, aka Hanukkah or Christmas. “Second Woe” is the 6th Trumpet Warning which lasts 150 days. “Third Woe” is the 7th Trumpet described in 1 Cor 15:52; 1 Thess 4:17 and Rev 10:7; the Body Ressurection of the Bride of the Lamb immediately precedes the 7 Vials of God’s Wrath on unbelievers (Rev 16) initiated by the 7th Angel.

And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein.
2 But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months. 3 And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth. 4 These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth. 5 And if any man will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies: and if any man will hurt them, he must in this manner be killed. 6 These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecy: and have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues, as often as they will. 7 And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them. 8 And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified. 9 And they of the people and kindreds and tongues and nations shall see their dead bodies three days and an half, and shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves. 10 And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry, and shall send gifts one to another; because these two prophets tormented them that dwelt on the earth. 11 And after three days and an half the spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them. 12 And they heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, Come up hither. And they ascended up to heaven in a cloud; and their enemies beheld them. 13 And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven. 14 The second woe is past; and, behold, the third woe cometh quickly. 15 And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever. 16 And the four and twenty elders, which sat before God on their seats, fell upon their faces, and worshipped God, 17 Saying, We give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty, which art, and wast, and art to come; because thou hast taken to thee thy great power, and hast reigned. 18 And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth. 19 And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament: and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail.

God’s 2 Witnesses will prophesy 1260 days “Great Tribulation”; there is no 7 Yr Tribulation nor pre-Tribulation “Rapture” of the Church, nor New Dispensation for Israel (Amos 5:2;26; 7:2-3; 5-6KJV). There are no Aliens, no Ark of the Covenant on Earth and no Temple made by Man in which Jesus will Judge. Read the Word as God wrote it.

The Age of Aquarius is ruled by Saturn aka Time or Chronos. Question: What time is it? Order out of Chaos, Lord of the Rings, Bab-El “Gate of Saturn”; Babyl-On=Osiris=Saturn “Gate of Saturn”; Bab Ilu=Allah=Sin “Gate of Sin” all herald the Age of Aquarius ruled by Saturn, seen in the Six Pointed Star of Saturn on the Flag of Israel.
Regulus “Law Giver” is the eastern boundary of Leo, represented by the Sphinx; Aquarius begins when Regulus (Alpha Leo) is at 150 degrees ecliptic longitude; roughly, that time is now. Shiloh means “He whose it is”; Gen 49:10 “The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be”.
There are 1656 Years Creation to Flood + 2160 Years Aries to Pisces + 2160 Years Pisces to Aquarius. Sargon the Great was likely born at the Taurus-Aries boundary and declared “Legitimate King” at 21, the biblical age of adulthood and accountability. 1656 + 2160 + 2160 + 21=5996 years.
1 Abib (17 Mar 2018) “St Patrick’s Day is Ptah-Rekh (Ptah the master craftsman of Masonry) is Day #77 (Liber 77: Book of the Goat) “Liberalia” aka Bacchus “Bacchanalia” or Dionysus “Dionysia” are all names of Satan. Passover 2018 (Hebrew Year 5778) is April Fool’s Day, the ultimate mockery of Jesus; 5778 the absolute temperature of the Sun (5778K)=Shamash the Babylonian sun god at the center of the Hanukkah Menorah, also replacing Jesus Christ; Start of Great Tribulation? Well soon see.
In 1217 Rabbi Judah ben Samuel predicted 2017 (Hebrew Year 5778 beginning Sept 20, 2017) would be “Year of Mosiach”. In 1760, Tzaddiq Baal Shem Tov also predicted the same “Year of Moshiach”. On “Krampusnacht” Dec 6, 2017 Donald Trump divided the world over Jerusalem. Satan’s Jubilee is about to signal the start of the he 3 1/2 Year (1260 Day) Great Tribulation; Are you ready? If not let Jesus know.

St George day is April 23, St George slays the Dragon at the United Nations Plaza and Cathedral of St John the Divine. Beating Swords into Ploughsares will be the work of Antichrist who gives birth to a World of Peace, with far less people, seen in the Golden Globe Statue and Black Marble Earth dedicated for Space 2030 part of UN Agenda 2030.
Space 2030 theme is “Space as a driver for Peace”; “When they shall say peace and safety, death and destruction shall come upon them” may ring a Baal.
William (the 1000th Knight of the Order of the Garter “Witch’s Belt”) and Kate’s 3rd child (George, Charlotte, Louis Arthur “Branch”, Charles) born on St George’s Day 2018. St John does not refer to John the Baptist or John the Evangelist, John is Oannes the Chaldean Fish God aka Beast rising from the Sea “Antichrist”.