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Aug 15 Feast of Assumption of Mary? Not quite, Aug 15 is the Feast of Lucifer. Quick review of Jesuit/Chaldean Science COVID 19 Vaccines Cowpox pus was first injected as a “Foreign Pathogen” by Jesuit Quack Edward Jenner; Vaccine means “Of the Cow”; Coronavirus Vaccine will be Lucifer’s Crowning achievement. CV=3:22 “Brotherhood of Death” (Gen 3:22); COVID “Certificate of Vaccination ID” 19=AI “Artificial Intelligence” (Sophia=Gnosis the first AI Citizen of NEOM), SARS 2.0 (Sars=Prince; Sargon=”Legitimate King”; 2.0=Entheogen “Become God”)  The CV Vaccine is a mix of Cow (Hathor=Holy Cow=Mansion of Horus the son of Saturn), Pig (Jesuits=Society of Gesu “Earth Pig”; 1976 Swine Flu Vaccine produced Guillane-Barre Syndrome in 45M people; thank disgraced CDC Dir David Sencer who wrote “Gay Bath Houses are the perfect place to teach safe sex”; Sencer shepherded the outlawing of DDT which safely eliminated Mosquito born illness such as Malaria using a fake Eagle Egg study, and studied untreated Syphilis given to Tuskegee Airmen; this monster even has a CDC Museum named in his honor;  Luciferian Freemason, Bohemian Grove Satanist Pres Gerald Ford got a saline injection; the rest of the nation got Jesuit poison), Bird (Bird Language “Augury”), Bat (Vampires, Adrenochrome Harvesting; “Black Eye Club”), self replicating Frog (Frogs=Spirits of Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet; Rev 16:13; Xenobots are Foreign, 5G, AI programmable, controllable nanotech robots used in Transfection), modified RNA (reprogrammed Stem Cells; Moderna Vaccine uses this; Moderna means “Modified RNA”), synthetic mRNA (Synthetic Messenger RNA=Trans-humanism), CSQ (ChitoSan encapsulated Quantum Dots) containing Foreign Genes and Luciferase directly into Cells. Gene Drive is capable of eliminating an entire species, being tested now in Gates Foundation funded Oxitec GM Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes; the CV Vaccine is next.  Human DNA is converted permanently into Beast DNA with a Visual and Digital Vaccine ID in the hand or forehead.  The Mark of the Beast is right around the corner and with it Hell for Eternity.

Vaccines are only one Jesuit theory; all are unbiblical nonsense designed to attack God’s Covenant. Dark Matter, Antimatter, Black Holes, God Particles, Gravity (Gravity is not a Force; Gravity is an Acceleration; F=MA; Dan 11:38 “God of Forces” is the Pale Horse “Death” Rev 6:8; 68kg X 9.8kj.m/s2=666 Newtons); thank Jesuit, Rosicrucian, Luciferian Freemason, Alchemist Isaac Newton. Big Bang Theory Energy required for Nuclear Fusion of heavier elements goes up with Time; the opposite of Big Bang Theory; thank Jesuit Fr Georges LeMaitre and Edwin Hubble who stated “Earth is in a fixed, central position in the Universe, but the idea is unwelcome and must be avoided at all cost”. Evolution Theory: DNA uses mRNA to gather Amino Acids in order to duplicate/repair itself; DNA can never improve itself; thank Jesuits Erasmus Darwin, his grandson Charles, Louis Leakey and Pierre Tielhard du Chardin. Heliocentric Theory Earth is Fixed in a central position under a canopy of fixed Stars, not “Orbiting the Sun”, nor moving around the “Galactic Black Hole”; thank Jesuit-Rosicrucian Nicholas Copernicus. Flat Earth Theory Egyptian myth: Nun “Primordial Ocean” aka “Chaos” is Saturn “Order out of Chaos” is the motto of Luciferian Freemasonry. Earth expands outward at 9.81m/s2 giving the appearance of a Flat Earth; anyone flying a commercial airliner can see the curvature; F=MA; the outward acceleration accounts for Gravity.  Atomic Theory Strong Nuclear, Weak Interaction  Gravity, Electro-Magnetic “Forces” all need a Power Supply, absent in Atomic Theory; thank Jesuit Neils Bohr.  Earth Core Theory: The Earth’s Core is full of water not 9800F molten iron; thank Jesuit Inge Lehmann, educated by Jesuit Neils Bohr Jesuit/fake Jew aunt Hanna Adler.  Solar Magnetic Field Theory Iron and other Magnetic Material lose their “Magnetism” above the Curie Temperature (Iron is about 1400F);  the Sun has no Magnetic Field. The Earth’s Core is not molten, if it were Earth would not have a Magnetic Field to shield itself from deadly Solar Radiation; Chaldean Priests Rba (source of Rabbi) were called “Konn-Torrs” (Priests of the Torriod) and have known this for 4000+ years. Anthropogenic Global Climate Change Plants require CO2; Commercial Greenhouses mimic the pre-Flood world and raise CO2 levels to 7000PPM; some 20 times current levels; Plants in turn produce Oxygen which is required by Humans and Animals; the more of each the better for life. All these Science Theories all unproven Chaldean/Satanic nonsense. The anniversary of the 1st Jesuit Oaths taken in the Crypt of St Denis (Dionysus=Green Man) Cathedral Aug 15, 1534 and anniversary of Confederate (Foederis=Covenant with God; Confederate=Against God’s Covenant) Freemason Albert Pike’s plan for 3 World Wars on Aug 15, 1871; the year Organic Act of Washington DC took Constitutional Rights from Citizens under the Constitution and handed them over to the UNITED STATES CORPORATION; the Supreme Act of Treason declared legal by Skull & Bones Supreme Court Chief Justice Morrison Mot Waite; Mot is the Canaanite/Phoenician god of Death aka Apollyon. Question: Whose buried in Grant’s Tomb? Ans: The US Constitution. Ready for the rise of the Amalekites? better get ready.

Kamala Devi Why her and Why now? Kamala is the goddess Devi in the fulness of grace, the consort of Shiva “Destroyer” (aka Apollo/Apollyon Rev 9:11). CERN is named after Cernunnos “Horned One” aka “Little Horn”,  built over an ancient Grotto of Apollo, uses the 666 logo and has Shiva dancing the Nataraja “Dance of Destruction” in front; recall on July 4, 2012 announced the Graviton aka God Particle; Gravity is a mythical Force that gives Mass to Matter and Order to the Universe, a Gnostic Lie called  the God of Forces (Dan 11:38) July 4 is the day the Sun and Dog Star Sirius join; Sirius is the Blazing Star of Freemasonry is the Arab al Qalb and Mormon Kolob, the nexus “Heart” of the Gnostic concept “Transmigration of Souls”; this is the true meaning of Liberty and Freedom. Kamala Devi is the Lotus Goddess of Spiritual Wealth, as Parvati she is called “She of the Mountain” referring to the Himalayas; Iran means Aryan “Noble Caste”; Shia Assassins worship the “Old Man of the Mountain”; important because Cas Phi is the “Slinky Assassin” of CRISPR Gene Editing. Mt Everest is called Chumolongmo “Earth Mother” after Noah’s Cainite wife and the incest with Ham (Black) which brought Cainite bloodline across the Flood with Canaan, Cursed at conception, his daughters then married Ishmael and Esau; Ismailis are missing the “h” meaning “God is with me”; Esau renamed Edom “Red” or Adam; Antichrist will be Adam Kadmon the 3rd Adam.  Noah’s Ark rested on Mt Everest not Mt Ararat in Turkey “They journeyed from the East” Gen 11:2KJV to Babylon aka Ur of the Chaldees. Hindu and Buddhist religion, like every other religion outside being in a Covenant with God aka JEHOVAH, JAH, JESUS  is of Chaldean origin. Devi or Deva in Sanskrit is as hard a connection to make with Devil in Greek as the Hittite god Santa is to make with Satan or Virus “Serpent Venom” is with Serpent (Rev 12:9 makes the connection); More on Kamala Devi in a bit; here is the short history.

The CIA sponsored the Green Revolution Iran 1979, set the stage for WWIII; Iran V US et all which is why the UN Security Council of voting on Iranian Arms Sanctions Aug 15 ensuring a veto by China and Russia. Little Horn will rise from the ashes as Antichrist aka Sargon III. Phlactery’s worn in Iran are the same as those worn in Israel; Shariah Law the same as Noahide Law.both require Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost. 40 years is the number of testing, trial and probation; the Greek letter M=40; Cassiopeia the Celestial M; the astrological symbol of Virgo “Black Virgin” is an M and OURS symbolizing the Kingdom of Ormus “Serpent”.

Cas Phi (Cassiopeia Phi) is the “Trojan Horse” and “Slinky Assassin” of CRISPR Gene Editing; Cas Phi  introduces Foreign DNA into the New Covenant Temples voluntarily just like the Trojan horse was admitted through the Gates of Troy had diseased pathogens. Assassin means “Hashishin”, after Hashish, a hallucinogen; Cas Phi admitted via Coronavirus Nasal Pharyngeal Test Swabs at the Brain Stem, Pituitary, Optic Nerve and Hypothalamus may very well be the “Strong Delusion” (2 Thess 2:11) Cassiopeia is the daughter of Apollo, mother of Andromeda (Be mindful of a man); Coronavirus the Crowned Serpent incarnated as Antichrist; Andromeda Strain warned by Hollywood.   Green Man is Bacchus, Dionysus, Arab al Khidr and in all likelihood the Pale Green Horse “Death” (Rev 6:8; Gravity being 68kg X 9.8 kg.m/s2=666 Newtons; Newt a Serpent seen in the Alien movie franchise. Seeing the Light of Day yet? Blue Light is 666THz; Blue is Zeus “Day”.

Satan/Saturn is worshipped by Knights Templar and Arab Assassins as “Green Man” originated in Egypt as Osiris “Green One”, seen in the word BabylOn  Paris (Par=House + Isis=Throne of Osiris aka Satan’s Seat) trained 33 deg Luciferian Freemason Shia (Messianic Islam) Ayathollah Ali Khomenei, the son of British spy William Williamson in power in Iran (Aryan=Noble Caste); the same year the CIA initiates Mitt Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu at Boston Consulting Group; Romney is soon managing $Trillions in drug profits from Iran-Contra and Jesuit, 33deg Freemason, Blood Oath Sworn Knight of St John of Jerusalem (SMOM) Jimmy “JC” Carter gave fellow Jesuit, Knight of St John and front man for the NY Mafia Crime families Donald Trump, a 20+ yr Income tax exemption stemming from the Atlantic City Taj Mahal “Crown Palace” one his 5 Bankruptcies; his Bankruptcy Lawyer and fellow fake Jew Jason Greenblatt his Israeli Ambassador.  St Stephen’s Day (Dec 26, 2019; Stephen means “crown/martyr”; Coronavirus begins in Wuhan) 2019 an Annular Eclipse forms a Corona (AT&T’s The Sign in 2017 may ring a Baal; it was a Solar Corona and suggested Rev 12:1 “Woman clothed with the Sun…wearing a crown of 12 stars” occurred Sept 23, 2017; important because Coronavirus salesman Fauci means “Sickle”, the asterism of Leo forming the Crown of 12 stars (Jesus is the Lion of Judah + 12 Disciples, mimicked by Satan). Another Annular Solar Eclipse formed on June 21, 2020 on “St John’s Day”, depicted in the Peace Fountain in the courtyard; Trump held a black book up a week before during a photo op in front of St John’s Parish in Washington DC.

Rosh Hashanah Sept 20, 2017, 3 years before Rosh Hashanah 2020, the Rabbis Civil New Year is opposite God’s New Year on the Calendar; the 7th (CV=322=7; 2×22=66 books in Scripture as numbered by Jesuit, 33 deg Freemason Francis Bacon aka William Shakespeare; “To Be or Not To Be” is something we all need to decide fast!) month Tishrei is Akkadian/Assyrian for “Beginning” and featured the Christ Angle forming over the Great Pyramids Likely important because the Great Tribulation is 3 1/2 years and Jesus returns on Feast of Tabernacles, demanding worship of His real Birth during the Millennium (Zech 14:18); opposite the calendar is Passover 2021. Ok back to the Christ Angle: Christ means “Messiah”; the 26.3 deg angle matches the ascending and descending shafts of the Great Pyramid which symbolizes “Squaring the Circle” (Graduation Cap may ring a Baal); the angle to Bethlehem “Above” and Mt Sinai “Below” of 26.3 deg is important because Gal 4 informs us that Mt Sinai and Arabia are in bondage on Earth with Jerusalem while Jerusalem, above is free; watching both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin bow to the Saudi King and accept the highest honor the Saudi Medal of Freedom while at the same time praying with Rabbis at the Temple Wall might make more sense now; Satan’s Seat will be installed there.  Stephen (Martyr) King’s 1979 book  The Dead Zone  South Park Season 7 Episode 7 Red Man’s Greed  (Esau is Edom=Red, the Red Man; 4th Beast in Dan 7:7) Last Man on Earth are examples of Hollywood pre-programming for Coronavirus

“And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world”. Rev 13:8 Everyone on Earth whose name is not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life will accept the Mark of the Beast. Coronavirus “Crowned Serpent” Covid 19 (“God’s Door”; Gen 19 outlines the Sins of Sodom; Rev 19 Jesus returns) SARS (Sar=Prince; Sarmations are Saturn’s Priest-Kings; Zeus is the son of Saturn=Blue=666THz) represent the arrival of Sargon III “Antichrist”. Sargon the Great’s mother was a Temple Priestess ie Cult Prostitute, mistress of the Sacred Marriage and Divine Union in Ur of the Chaldees; her daughter a Temple Prostitute in Harran, the Beehive City of the Moon worshipping Sabeans of Harran, both of whom were led by Priests titles Rba (Great One), today’s Chasidic Rabbis. The Divine Union of the Sun and Moon in an Annular Eclipse forms a Solar Corona as seen in the Peace Fountain at St John Divine Cathedral and happened June 21 “St John’s Day” 2020; warned by Donald Trump a week before from St John’s Parish Church. The Vaccine (Of the Cow) is Hathor “Mansion of Horus” the son of Saturn, not Jesus the son of God; full of Cow, Pig (Jesuits are the Society of Gesu “Earth Pig”; Marranos=Swine who pretend to be Catholic, and Protestant), Bird (Bird Language is Green Language aka Augury), Bat (Vampires are Parasites; hence Hollywood Oscar “God’s Spear” 2019 is the Korean “Korahite” movie Parasite), self replicating Frog (Unclean Spirits of Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet) The Jesuit Arch-basilica of St John Lateran means “Teaching Seat of the Hidden Frogs”, synthetic mRNA (Sputnik V=Fellow Traveler=Cain + Victory or Nail) made by Arcturas Corp=Branch of the Terrible Ones; Is 25:5; Arthur is the Druid (Knowers of Trees) “Once and Future King” LUNAR (Arab Moon god=Sin=Allah “The God”) COV 19 Vaccine contain permanently self-replicating Frog DNA called “STARR”; pretty coincidental Pan-STARRS in Hawaii (Water and Breath of Life) photographed the Pan-Starrs Comet at its closest approach to the Sun on 3/13/13, the day Jesuit Pope Francis was selected on Red Heifer Day (2 Nisan); there are 313! in Scripture for a reason. In 313 AD Muslim’s fought with Muhammad in Islam’s 1st battle; “Twelver Ismailis” believe when the world has 313 sincere followers of Shia Islam, the 12th Imam “al-Mahdi” will be revealed; the title means “He who Rises” and adds to 7 the number of perfection.  The Beast DNA is admitted to cells using Cas Phi proteins; Cas=Cassiopeia the Celestial M symbolizing Virgo the “Black Virgin” and Phi the Ratio of Life (1.618). Folks, the Lamb’s Book of Life, once containing the names of everyone God has or will ever create, is a Narrow Gate; in Rev 10:7 it is described when the  7th Angel arrives as being a “Little Book”. If you are looking for “Signs”, this should assure you, God is putting plenty of them in front of our face!

77 yr old Jesuit Coadjutor, Oath Sworn Knight of St John (SMOM) Joe Biden + Kamala “Lotus” Harris or Jesuit Coadjutor, Knight of St John (John=Oannes Chaldean Sea Beast) Donald (Scottish for King of the World) John Trump + Mike Pence (Pence=Penny=Denarius, currency of the Black Horse Rev 6:6) ? “No matter who people vote for they always vote for us”-Jesuit, 33 deg Freemason Joseph Stalin “Man of Steel”. Both men serve the Jesuit General “Black Pope” Arturo (Arthur=Branch) Sosa Abascal “Priest Street” literally “Priest of the Terrible Ones” and Jesuit Pope Francis who wrote of the need  to eliminate 6.8 of 7.8 Billion people; think its coincidence 68 kg X 9.8 kgm/s2=666 Newtons of Force, or the “God of Forces” (Dan 11:38; 11+38=49=7×7) is the Pale Horse “Death” (Rev 6:8; 6+8=14=7+7) and Beast of Iron is described in Dan 7:7? or that Hematin (Blood carrying Iron) has 77 atoms? or that Biden is 77 years old? or that the announcement comes 83 days before the election? Read Psalm 83 and you tell me; both sides are controlled by the Confederacy against God.  Think anyone noticed his sky blue tie is Canaanite Tekhelet the color of fake Priests or that the frequency 666THz is that of Zeus? How about the International Project called “Bluebeam”? The Ionosphere will soon be Positively Entertaining! Now back to Kamala Devi.

Kamala Devi Harris is AKA “Boule”, Sacred Prostitute of the Syrian Goddess Qetesh. First; Kamala Harris is not a Natural Born Citizen of the US and therefore she is not eligible to be US President, a requirement to be nominated for Vice President under Article 2 and the 12th Amendment. Her father from Jamaica; her mother from India were not US Citizens at the time of her birth. The Mormon White Horse Prophecy   predicts a time will come when the Constitution is hanging by a thread; those days may come in November.

…the Lord hath sworn that the Lord will have war with Amalek from generation to generation Ex 17:16 Kamala means “Lotus” an anagram of Amalak; Devi means “Divine Mother” (Devata); Dev=Shining One, Wife of Zeus; Devi means “Heavenly Divine”. Amalaka is a Lotus Flower crowning Hindu Temples symbolizing Re-Birth and Awakening. Lotus Eaters are creatures who appear innocent but make men lazy and forgetful that  Artemis/Diana is the goddess of the Hunt, Witchcraft and Butchery. Amal is Arabic for “Hope; Aspiration”. Kama means “Desire, Wish, Longing” in Hindu/Buddhist religion; hence “Re-Birth”. Amalek is the grandson of Esau; Edomites sold their Birthright and will obtain “Dominion” (Sovereign authority to rule the earth; Gen 27:39-41KJV; Dan 7:6) from inside the gates of Jerusalem (Obadiah) by War (Sword; recall the Jan 1 Google Doodle featured a Sword and Vaccine Needle), as Priests/Priestesses (Dew of Heaven) and Wealth (Fatness of the Earth; Banking/Usury eg Rothschild=Red Shield); the goal of Amalekites is to cause everyone on Earth to commit the Unforgivable Sin, abdicate their Birthright to a relationship with God. Abraham stipulated his sons not marry Canaanite women (Gen 24:3); Ishmael and Esau married Canaanite women, Isaac and Jacob did not. Amalek’s mother Timna was a Canaanite, a Horite “Worshipper of Horus” the son of Saturn; the New Age is the New Aeon of Horus, a return to pre-Flood LGBTQ+2 Sins of the pre-Flood world. Kamala may have been pre-planned, 4300 years ago.

Covid is SARS 2.0: Sargon the Great’s, mother was a Temple Priestess aka Sacred Prostitute in Ur of the Chaldees, the Tower of Babel (Gate of Saturn) an initiation (SARS 2.0 is an Initiation) center; his daughter also a Cult Prostitute in Harran, the cities Abraham lived. Sargon III will be Antichrist. Kamala means “Lotus” the symbol of Re-birth; Jesuit Pope Francis gave Donald Trump a Lotus Flower on his Vatican visit; the Lotus is featured in the video I Pet Goat II emerging from the Apple (Aplu=Apollo “Destroyer” of Rev 9:11; Trump’s Penthouse is a Shrine to Apollo) The Hindu goddess Devi (Kamala Harris) appears in the video twice at 4:22 and 5 min mark to usher in the False Messiah on the Solar Barque of Horus.

Why now? Time Sargon the Great reigned shortly after the Flood by most accounts beginning 2334bc; there are 1656 years Creation to Flood + 2020 years=6010 years; Jesus was born Feast of Tabernacles 6 bc; the point is the age of the Earth is near 6000 years. Looked at from another perspective 1656 + 2160 years Aries-Pisces + 2160 years Pisces to Aquarius (Arcuturas guides the Big Dipper around Draco). Maccabees cleansed the Temple 167bc (Hanukkah 2020 exactly 2183 years ago) to inaugurate Hanukkah. The center candle of the 9 branch Chabad Lubavitch Hanukkah Menorah is Shamash, the Calf of the Sun aka Golden Calf. 1656 + 2160 + 2183=5999 years. Ready for the False Messiah? TimesUp!

Hanukkah “Feast of Dedication” or “Festival of Light”. Jesus, the center candle of the 7 Branch Candlestick represents the Crucified Messiah between 2 Thieves on the Tree forming the 7 branches Moses constructed for the Tabernacle and Temple. Shamash, the Babylonian Sun Lion and Law Giver is now the center candle of the 9 branched Chabad-Lubavitch Hanukkah Menorah. Shamash “Sun” is the Calf of the Sun; the original Golden Calf of Mt Sinai. Hanukkah 2020 is Dec 10-18, 2020. ending 1 week before Dec 25 “Christ-Mass (Sacrifice and Consumption of the Messiah), the birth of Horus aka KRST was celebrated in Egypt as the “Going forth of the Wadjet” “Green One”. Daniel 9:23-27 specifies 70 Weeks, the 70th Week being the Covenant with Many “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week; and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured out on the desolate” Saturnalia is Dec 17-23; 2020 may be rather unique in Earth’s near 6000 yr history. “Consummation” is the “Wedding of the Lamb”; Jesus is the “most Holy”; “Desolation” refers to removal of the Holy Ghost, the Unforgivable Sin, likely from acceptance of the Coronavirus “Crowned Serpent” Vaccine altering God given DNA into that of a Beast. God’s Wrath is poured out on the Desolate; I suggest being in the Wedding Party of the Lamb before then!

Qetesh is the goddess of sexual pleasure and sacred ecstasy, just ask SF Mayor Willie Brown who launched Kamala’s political career between the sheets. QDS means “Holy”; she was the consort of Resheph the Syrian god of War and Plague depicted holding a Spear (Google Doodle Jan 1 shows Froggy between the Sword and Vaccine Needle facing the Rising Sun), Axe (Fasces over the Oval Office Doors, Supreme Court Doors, and Congressional Rostrum and Union Square Park in NYC are a bundle of faggots surrounding an Executioner’s Axe) and a Sickle (Saturn’s weapon is Jesuit Anthony Fauci; Flower + Sickle; the Sickle is also the weapon of Jesus Christ (Rev 14:14). Resheph (Strong’s #7566 means “To Burn”; “Ephraimite”); Etymology means “Flame”.  is associated with Apollo (Trump’s Penthouse is a Shrine to Apollo “Destroyer”; Sochi “Flame” Olympics in Russia was also dedicated to Apollo aka Apollyon in Rev 9:11; Putin and Trump are managed. by Chabad Lubavitch Rabbis) and Plague, he is the Keeper of the Underworld, god of Pestilence (Mat 24:7; Lk 21:11); hence Coronavirus Hoax and Vaccine. Qetesh is depicted nude, holding a Snake (Snake entwined Staff of Aesculapius is the logo of WHO, UN Meditation Room, Army Medical Services), standing on a Lion (Jesus is the Lion of Judah) holding a Lotus Flower; Jesuit Pope Francis gave Jesuit Donald Trump a Lotus Flower (symbolizes “Re-birth”) on his Vacitan visit, his family wearing funeral attire; Francis writes “The triumph of science is realizing Earth can only support 1 Billion people”; Neil DeGrasse Tyson “Coronavirus is a global science experiment” . Qetesh is Qadesh the “Holy Cow”; Jesuits invented Vaccines “Of the Cow”, in Egypt called Hathor “Mansion of Horus”. The United States was planned 400 years ago to be the Phoenix of the New Age; out of the Flames (Holocaust), the New Age will rise and everyone entering will require a Luciferian Initiation (Ref UN Planetary Initiative) aka Mark of the Beast, the Coronavirus “Crowned Serpent” Vaccine.

What’s in a Name? China (Sina=Sin=Hittites/ Red Dragon; One Belt; One Road is the Luciferian Initiation) is producing the Israeli (Jacob lost the right to be called Israel in Amos 5:2; Ephraim made a treasonous pact with the Assyrian Army commander Tartan; meaning Canaanite/Phoenician Cloth; 2 Ki 19:37 under Sargon II thus modern Israel is “One who wrestles with El/Saturn”) Israel today is still made of Canaanites, Medeans, Babylonians listed in 2 Ki 17:30, all of whom worship Saturn as the Six Pointed Chaldean Star “Mark of the Beast”; Cain had a mark God placed in him too, likely the Hexagram. Physical “Israel” aka Resheph is the Syrian god of Plague; in the US the Mormon Church. LUNAR COV-19 Vaccine, in conjunction with Arcturas Corp (CEO Joseph Payne was BYU educated) currently testing in Russia, with Saudi Arabia (Putin and Trump bowed to receive the Saudi Medal of Freedom from King Salman) scheduled for 1st distribution. In Russia the Vaccine  is dubbed Sputnik V; Sputnik means “Fellow Traveler”; Cain is the Traverer; Sputnik takes its name after the satellite that launched the Cold War Hoax; Laika, a dog was sent test the Radiation Belts surrounding Earth and died of Radiation; big surprise eh? Manned Space travel is a Lie just like Coronavirus; V means Nail and Victory over God; High Five and Victory Sign celebrate the Nail hammered (Maccabi Pharmaceutical in Israel for example means “Nail”) into God on the Tree. The Arab-Chaldean-Sabean (Ur)-Sabaean (Harran is the City of the Moon) Moon God “Sin” is Allah; Sin’s Priests are Chaldean-Sabean Rba aka Rabbis, hence the name Lunar (no coincidence the Lunar Gateway is the Artemis Project; Artemis means “Butcher”); Covid=God’s Door; Arcturas is the Druid King Arthur the “Once and Future King” is warned in Scripture as the Branch of the terrible  ones; Arth=Branch) “Thou shalt bring down the noise of strangers, as the heat in a dry place; even the heat with the shadow of a cloud: the branch of the terrible ones shall be brought low” Is 25:5 Arcturas guides Ursa Major (Great Bear=Russia) aka Big Dipper around Draco the celestial Dragon (Satan) into the Age of Aquarius aka Golden Age of Saturn, all ruled from Jerusalem “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” Rev 11:8, Satan’s Seat (Theraputae of Pergamon are Jesuits running the CV Hoax from the WHO); Jesuits=Militia of Zeus; Throne of Pergamon=Throne of Zeus). Isn’t mythology and astrology fun? Scripture warns Saudi Arabia and Israel are joined in Gal 4:22-25 so don’t act surprised; Hagar is Mt Sinai in Arabia turning the Wilderness of Sin into NEOM controlled by the AI Robot Sophia (Gnostic Wisdom) made in the Jesuit controlled state of California just like Arcturas mRNA. LUNAR COV “Gate of Sin” uses self transcribing, self replicating STARR (Saturn=Primeval Star) mRNA to permanently alter human DNA into that of a Beast; readable by Luciferase placed in the hand, under the skin in 7 Billion people. Gates says trust the CDC (Jesuits Robert Redfield; Anthony Fauci) and FDA (Jesuit Stephen Hahn, hand picked by Seal Team Six fake bin laden raider Gen William McRaven) McRaven means “Klan of the Raven, the bird  sent from Noah’s Ark never to return. How about trusting the Bible instead? Frogs are the Unclean Spirits of Satan, Antichrist and False prophet Rev 16:13; 12:9; Jesuit Arch-basilica of St John Lateran is the Mother of all Churches worldwide; John is Oannes the Chaldean Antichrist; Lateran means “Hidden Frogs”, the Hidden spirits of Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet”   “In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.” Jn 14:2 We have a choice to make; Mansions of Horus” the son of Saturn=On BabylON or JESUS. The choice we make is irrevocable and lasts for Eternity.


Census “Enrollment of names and property for taxation; assess ones wealth or worth”. Caesar Augustus decreed all people to be taxed in their own city; Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem;  “great with child…should be delivered…laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn…shepherds abiding in the field…” Luke 2. Jesus’ birth on Feast of Tabernacles 6 bc was Sept 29; no room at the inn because unwed mothers at Feast of Ingathering were likely looked down upon so they gave birth in the barn with the beasts as shepherds were still in the field; and no the Magi weren’t there. Keep in mind that the Coronavirus Nasal Pharyngeal Swab Test and/or Vaccine may contain DNA altering Cow, Pig, Bird, Bat, Frog, synthetic mRNA and Cas Phi proteins; when Jesus returns you won’t want to be mistaken for a Beast!  The only Feast on God’s Calendar yet to be fulfilled is Feast of Tabernacles; Jesus was rejected in Flesh and will fulfill this at the 2nd Coming requiring celebration of His Birth during the Millennium (Zech 14:16-18). The 2020 US Census is a Fiscal Accounting of CORPORATE Assets and Liabilities ending Sept 30. Feast of Atonement 2020 is Sept 28; Kol Nidre is Sept 27. Rabbis will forgive all Vows and Sins their Congregations aka “Synagogues of Satan” plan to commit during the coming year. The US is currently in Debt $27T + $150T Unfunded Liabilities + $700T Credit Derivatives. Not counting Derivative Debt, every Citizen owes $466K. To who? Edomites, the same Bankers Jesus whipped and turned the tables on. Can’t pay? Welcome to the Chattel Slave Club. Trump’s latest EO extends Unemployment Insurance; Federal Government will print money to cover the borrowing; States are required to pony up, but cannot print money; the perfect set up for Civil War. There are 2 ways to Sin/Debt Forgiveness; accept the Mark of the Beast or pray the Lord’s Prayer to our Father in Heaven; His Name is JESUS.


Last Man on Earth 1964 movie; I Am Legend (Legend is the name of many Demons Mk 5:1-5;13) remake in 2007; Omega Man (Jesus is Omega “Last”) in 2012 and the FOX (F=6; O=15=6; X=24=6; Jesus referred to Herod Antipas as an “Old Fox”) TV Series Last Man on Earth in 2017 all presaged Coronavirus. The Series features: I Can’t Breathe, the slogan inaugurated by Kobe “Black Mamba” Bryant and used by Crisis Actor George Floyd, the Saint of BLM. The series features President Pence (Mike Pence is Trump Coronavirus Czar) assassinated, the clamor for a Vaccine, Masks, obsessive Handwashing, empty food shelves, gloves, goggles, bunkers, Social Isolation, the Sphinx (Sphinx faces the Rising Sun at the the Solar Equinoxes; Trump warned “Tick Tock, 45 Days or else…This is the last time you will see me for awhile” on Aug 6 the Anniversary of Hiroshima + 45 Days=Rosh Hashanah Sept 20) and Baphomet (Union of Spirit and Wisdom ie Sacred Marriage); accurate because the Coronavirus PsyOp was pre-planned a long time ago.


Victoria Premiere Daniel Andrews staff are members of Chinese Communist Party, caught spreading Covid 19 misinformation; great time to put out a new Covid 19 ad campaign amid 19 new deaths and 322 new cases; Sure thing! Society 322 is the Teutonic Brotherhood of Death aka Skull & Bones; just ask the Bush (Scherff) frauds or US Treasury Sec, Covid money printer, fake Jew Stephen Mnuchin; the $ is the same symbol of Aesculapius “God of Plague” used by WHO, UN Meditation Room and Worldwide Emergency and Uniformed Medical Services (Army). The Theraputae not only worship Aesculapius, the son of Corona and Apollo (Trump’s Penthouse is a Shrine to Apollo; Putin’s Sochi Olympics also highlighted Apollo; both men are stage managed by Chaldean Chabad Lubavitch Rabbis and accepted the Saudi Medal of Freedom where Hittites met Israel crossing the Red Sea 3500 years ago)  Theraputae worship Satan and the Throne of Pergamon “Satan’s Seat” which they are readying for the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem.  Crisis Actors promote family separation, social distancing and quarantine with Military and Police enforcing “Lockdown” and imposing $5000 fines for breaking home quarantine. Andrews, beholden to Pope Francis,  privatized the Port of Melbourne (China owns most US ports and airport facilities as well), treasonously signed the Chinese Silk Road and Belt Initiative, uses the military and police to force quarantine citizens and lies about Covid 19. Think the US is any different? When Israel crossed the Red Sea into Arabia, they met the Hittites; China=Cathay=Land of Heth=Hittites. The Hittites worship not only Santa but the Red Dragon (Rev 12:9 Devil, Satan, Serpent, Dragon) and its good luck number 666, seen in Gates from Hell Biometric Cryptocurrency patent Wo2020060606 and Qadesh the Holy Cow from which Vaccines are made! Time to wake up folks! Seen any Sickle’s in America? Like Anthony Fauci (Sickle) ? Maccabees “Hammer” cleansed Swine from the 2nd Temple on Hanukkah to inaugurate the Age of Pisces; Jesuits “Society of Gesu” (Earth Pig) are cleansing the Temple of Swine to inaugurate the Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age of Saturn; the Mark of the Beast is required to enter and Hell for eternity awaits everyone who does. 


Gerard Butler stars in Greenland, (Coincidentally Donald Trump left the White House displaying Green Drapes Aug 6 saying “I have a lot of enemies here…you won’t be seeing me for awhile”) a disaster film about Comet “Clark” (Scribe) Wormwood? (Rev 8:11). Clark Kent is the alter ego of Superman aka  Krypton’s (Crypto Jew) “Kal El” (“Voice of El”=Canaanite god Saturn; BabEl “Gate of El”) breaking apart and wreaking havoc on Earth due for release Sept 25, 2020 (Rosh Hashanah is Sept 20) by STX Films (Styx=River of the Underworld; Hateful, Abomination) Superman “Man of Steel” (Stalin “Man of Steel” was a 33 deg Freemason who murdered 60M of his own nation’s citizens; 4th Beast of Iron ring a Baal? Dan 2:40; 7:7) dressed in the colors of Quetzalcoatl (Feathered Serpent) sent to Earth by Jor-El in an Ark like Moses, given superpowers by the Visible Sun, saves the world at age 33 with a Snake in a diamond on his chest; how Cryptic eh? Coincidentally, Apollo (Apollo= Destroyer) Near Earth Asteroid 2011 ES4 will become visible and pass closest to Earth on 1 Sept 2020.


The Cross of Hendaye inscription “Hail O’Cross, our only hope” depicts the Equinox and Solstices; welcome “Trollstice”, the day Trolls are eaten by Bergens. Hasbro’s Troll Doll “Poppy” is named after GHW Bush’ nickname “Poppy” after the Opium Fields in Wizard of Oz (Book 77: Liber Oz may ring a Baal); Oz is his other nickname. Push the button on Poppy’s Anus makes the doll Giggle; Awesome eh? Troll means “Wander in quest of game without purpose; allure; bewitch; charm and the big one Witchcraft”, the allure of the Serpent on full display on what else Butt (Ok trying to be funny in trying times) the Solstice; Tick Tock folks, Trump warned “45 days or else” on Aug 6+45 days=Sept 20 “Rosh Hashanah” the Rabbis “Head of the Year” is Akkadian/Assyrian “Beginning”  Aug 6 is the 75th anniversary of the US dropping the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb. Why 45 days? Perhaps reading Dan 12:11-12 might be in order. Anus is Anubis the Egyptian god of Judgment Greeks called Anus, the Holy Door of the Golden Age aka “Eye of Horus”; Anal penetration is called “Reverse Kundalini”. The New Aeon of Horus is the return to LBGTQ+2, Pedophilia, Pederasty and Sodomy of the pre-Flood Sin judged in Gen 13:13 and destroyed in Gen 19; welcome to Covid “God’s Door” 19 folks! Coronavirus is the Crowned Serpent.  In Kundalini the “Root Chakra” is the Gateway to Serpent Energy rising to the Crown; Reverse Kundalini is the Serpent descending from the Crown; Sodomites are in full view now. Sept 20 the Serpent descends? Time will tell. CeDom “Burn” refers to burning in lust; when people reject God, He rejects them and hands them over to their own vile afflictions such as Sodomy, seen in Gen 19; Judges 19; Rom 1:27 etc.  Now you know why the Eye of Horus is the Pyramidion “Amid the Fire” on the $US ONE.

Thermohaline Conveyor is running AMOK The Atlantic Merdional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) is at its slowest in 100 years; another “Deal of the Century”, although not a good one; the Thermohaline Conveyor governs Global Weather. Amok means “Homicidal Frenzy”. DeepWater Horizon was forewarned in Knight of Malta Nic Cage’s movie Knowing 1 yr in advance of its intentional blowout, and fire on Weed Day and scuttling on Earth Day. Canaanites purging the Weeds from the Earth Garden is nothing new. The release of  Oil and Methane from Macondo Prospect in the Gulf of Mexico has never stopped; Methane expands causing cavitating flow in the drill casing; expanding, increasing velocity and pressure and full of silica sand, the casing disintegrated; plugging the well shaft below the surface caused Methane to escape the well casing and permeate the seabed at pressures approaching 100K psi. Methane slows the Atlantic Thermohaline Conveyor in the Gulf of Mexico, the Place where Ocean Currents are born; Mexico “Land of the War God” and “Navel of the Moon” (Chaldean god Sin) means “Land of Aztlan” the root of Aztec “To make White”; Jared Kushner was awarded the Order of Aztec Eagle Warrior in 2018, the year Messiah was filmed at Jeff Epstein’s Zorro Ranch in Belen New Mexico. Methane prevents warm Gulf Stream water from rising (Overturning) to the surface in the North Atlantic and descent on the southern return to the Southern Hemisphere. Northern Hemisphere Winter 2020 may be exceedingly cold and the opposite in the South; all intentional. Anthropogenic Climate Change? Absolutely; Satanists destroying the Earth is warned in Rev 11:18.
      On Aug 6 Donald Trump declared “I have a lot of enemies out there. This is the last time you will see me for awhile”; he stood in front of 19 Whirlpool washing machine boxes (Aztec, Aztlan and Laban/Lebanon all mean “To make White/Sinless”). 19th letter is Q; Quelle means “Source”; 11Q13 Prince Melchisedek Scroll predicts the arrival of Melchisedek after the 10th Jubilee;  signed the TikTok Executive Order saying “Tick Tock 45 Days” Aug 6+ 45 days=Sept 20 “Rosh Hashanah” (Rabbinical Head of the Year) Chabad Lubavitch Rabbis control Donald Trump and believe 1 Tishrei is the 6th day of Creation “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.” Gen 1:26 Tishrei is Akkadian for “Beginning”. Esau obtains “Dominion” (Gen 27:39-41KJV) as the 3rd Kingdom of Brass (Dan 2:39) and “Leopard” (Dan 7:6) and hands over this “Dominion” to the 4th Beast of Iron (Dan 2:40; 7:7; Amok=Homicidal Frenzy). Fall Equinox, the Serpent descends the steps of the Pyramid (Pyre=Amid the Flames) of Quetzalcoatl as the Sun contacts the Brass Altar “And after thee shall arise another kingdom inferior to thee, and another third kingdom of brass, which shall bear rule over all the earth” (Dan 2:39). Ready for the “Great Awakening” and “Great Reset”? 
Field Manual for Internment of US Citizens in FEMA Camps during Domestic Emergencies, Terrorist Attacks, Natural and Man-made Disasters in accordance with UN Objectives. Agencies include Red Cross (Knight Templar symbol), Int’l Org of Migration (Jesuit UN Sec Gen Antonio Guterrez headed this cattle herding unit), HHS (Alex Azar is an Int’l Vaccine Lobbyist), ICE (Melania Trump’s “I really don’t care; Do You” ring a Baal?) and FEMA (Placed in command of the US on 3/22 under NORTHCOM; FEMA was holding a massive Terrorist Drill in NYC on 9/10/2001). PsyOps trained personnel to eliminate antagonistic attitudes; medical personnel to use forced Vaccination; guards to use deadly force to prevent escape. Operation Garden Plot was managed by Iran-Contra point man Rev Oliver North; Cain is the Gardner; Christians are the Weeds. Treason is much to soft a word for what’s coming.




Profusa Logo is the Star of Saturn, the Chaldean Beast seen rising in the Peace Fountain at St John Divine Cathedral Flu symptoms=Coronavirus symptoms “Test, Test Test” WHO advocates widespread testing using Nasal Pharyngeal Swabs. DARPA invented Hydrogel: Nano-particles for Nasal drug vaccine delivery attached to Cas Phi Macrophages, the “Slinky Assassin” and “Trojan Horse” of CRISPR Gene Editing.… DARPA and PROFUSA “Lumen Oxygen Platform”: Nano-particle Hydrogel injected under the skin detect O2 level changes (5G 60GHz affects O2 production in Plants and O2 absorption in Red Blood Cells) signaling infection, plus an electronic signal sent via Smart Phone to Doctors/CDC/Website.…Profusa CEO Ben Hwang educated at John’s Hopkins U the site of Event 201 simulating Coronavirus breakout in Wuhan Oct 18, 2019 with the US and Chinese CDC and Gates Foundation; Wuhan is the world’s first 5G demonstration city.


Aug 4: Explosions destroy Beirut Harbor; 130+ dead; 5000+ injured, 300K homeless; 80% Lebanon Grain destroyed; Military placed in control. Fireworks? Nonsense. Lebanon Government is claiming Ammonium Nitrate, the same BS we heard in the 1995 AP Murrah Bldg detonation.  Kinetic Weapon “God’s Rods”? The crater is likely very deep. A massive Condensation Compression Wave? we’ve seen this before If so, this means the Beirut explosions may be a Hoax designed to start a war with Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Palestine which Rabbis consider a pre-requisite to usher in their Messiah, not a Hezbollah Missile Leaders in Israel, Syria and Iran are of the same Chaldean/Saturnian ideology; Noahide Law is Shariah Law both require Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost, the Unforgivable Sin. Palestine. (Mahmoud Abbas), Jordan (King Abdullah II), Lebanon (Michel Aoun a French Phoenician ie Canaanite, Maronite beholden to Jesuit run Vatican), Israel (Benjamin Netanyahu) and Iran (Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Shariah Law Judge Hassan Rouhani) are led by 33 deg Luciferian Freemasons; don’t fall for the BS!  Meanwhile to the south, Israeli rockets hit Hamas targets in Gaza; sounds more like Canaanites in Lebanon and Israel are getting ready for WWIII. Lebanon is Phoenicia, named after Jacob’s Syrian uncle Laban who chose the Chaldean Heap of Witness “Jegar-sahadutha” whereas Jacob chose God’s “Heap of Witness” Galeed; TimesUP folks, we need to choose our “Heap of Witness”.  Aug 4th is the 216th (6x6x6) day, the number associated with Time (2160 years/astrological house), Earth Measurement (Cubes of 3-4-5 added) and the Mark of the Beast. The 216th verse in Ecclesiastes is 12:8 Vanity of vanities, saith the preacher; all is vanity” No new thing under the sun folks! You have JESUS in your life or you have nothing but Vanity (worthless, empty, foolish pride)

The explosions, possibly tactical nuclear, judging from the blast wave, come 3 days before a UN tribunal delivering verdict on assassination of Lebanon’s PM Rafik Hariri near the same location 15 years ago; ordered by Syria’s Monotheist dictator Hafez al Assad?  Bashar al Assad responsible? or the Scapegoat? “The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap”. Is 17:1 Alawites are monotheist “Twelvers” who reject Jesus Christ in favor of the 12th Shia Imam al Mahdi, seen in the Netflix series Messiah filmed at Jeff Epstein’s Zorro (Undiluted=Black; Zoroastrian=Black Star) Ranch in Belen (Bethlehem) NM. The US CIA installed the Assad regime as they did the Shia Ayatollah Khomeini; my guess is the final act of Zoroastrianism is about here; the sons of light Ahura Mazda versus the sons of Darkness Ahriman, the demon that appeared in the smoke of WTC #2 on 9/11/2001 after the alleged Terrorist Attack.  An AF B-767 “Pegasus” was remote flown into WTC #2 using Pentagon Comptroller (misplaced $2.3Trillion)  Rabbi Dov Zakheim’s “Flight Termination Systems”, not  UA Flight #175. Pegasus, the Winged White Horse is Abraham’s and later Muhammad’s Winged White Horse al Buraq “Lightning”;  “I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven”. Lk 10:18 Liber 175: Book of Uniting is Aleister Crowley’s book which unites a particular demon with a person or nation; in this case the US was united with Ahriman. Rabbis, Alawites and Shia Ismailis all work together because they all chose the Chaldean “Heap of Witness”; I suggest choosing JESUS instead! America is the “Phoenix of the New Age”; just ask Donald Trump who held a globe between the Saudi King and Egyptian President playing his Hollywood role as the Phoenix.
On July 23 the ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) at the Pentagon threw out the “Alien Card”; “Off world vehicles not made on this earth” will soon be made public; nothing new Hollywoods other actor playing President Ronald Reagan gave a speech at the UN saying “Nothing would unite the nations of earth faster than the threat of an alien invasion from outside out solar system” ONI Officer William Milton Cooper wrote “Behold a Pale Horse”  Guessing its the Hour of the Time for Satan’s biggest deception! Don’t be fooled; Get JESUS in your life!

Worldwide Debt is $257Trillion; The US CORPORATE Debt is near $1Quadrillion. US GDP dropped 33% in 6 months as the Treasury began printing Money to collapse the $. US Debt as of Aug 2020: $25.6Trillion Cash + $153.5 Trillion Unfunded Liabilities such as Social Security, Medicare, Gov’t backed Pensions + $690Trillion in Credit Derivatives (Insurance). Like the Titanic, the US is leveraged, insured for catastrophic loss and will be intentional scuttled as the Phoenix of the New Age. “The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender” Prov 22:7. CV is an affront to the New Covenant Temples the same way Money Changers destroyed the Temple. Hospitals paid to diagnose an unproven disease capable of being created by 5G, rehearsed in advance with sheeple being told to “socially distance”, wear masks, face shields and goggles. The New Covenant is “Love God” “Love our Neighbor”; injecting DNA altering foreign pathogens for “Societal and Financial Inclusion” is not part of the New Covenant; nor is allowing bankers to print $Trillions of fake money to pay for the charade.  Jesus scourged the Bankers then and will do so at His return as Shiloh “Owner of the House”. Time to get out of Debt folks! Recite the Lord’s Prayer before its too late!