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Intranasal Vaccine Delivery

Chaim Weizman the Father of Zionism, was instrumental in the Zionist Congress, Balfour Declaration, the British-Zionist Federation, US recognition of the State of Israel and founded the Israeli company BiondVax; now the founder of Zionism has a Universal Influenza Vaccine due in 2021; FluGen is producing an Intranasal Universal Flu Vaccine, the same way Merck vaccinates Beasts. The Talmud supersedes scripture for Jews “The `goyim’ are not humans. They are beasts.” Talmud Baba Mezia 114b Bill Gates claims “33 million people could die of Flu if we don’t get it together”; Kill Bill is well aware the 1918 Spanish Flu was neither Spanish or Flu; it was the result of Rockefeller Inst Vaccines grown in horses which caused Bacterial Meningitis. Influenza means “Influence or Visitation of the Stars”; Zionism is symbolized by the Chaldean Six Pointed Star of Saturn. WWIII will pit forces of political Zionism against Islam. Zionism centers around the Temple in Jerusalem and Satan’s Seat (Rev 2:13); Jesus refers to Jerusalem as “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” Rev 11:8KJV; Jesuits control the Temple Mount; their HQ St John Lateran Arch-basilica is considered the “Mother of all churches worldwide”; including Islam. Lateran means “Hidden Frogs” the spirits of Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 16:13) Zionism and Islam have the same goal and worship the same Cube of Saturn (Phylacterys and the Kaaba are the same). Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost is the only unforgivable Sin in Scripture is the central tenant of Noahide Law and Shariah Law; rejection of JESUS (aka JEHOVAH Ex 6:3) will land you in Hell for eternity. #1 Commandment in the Old Covenant “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” (Ex 20:3) #1 Commandment New Covenant “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.” (Mat 22:37) Gen Allenby captured Jerusalem from the Ottomans on Hanukkah 1917, the 8th of a 10 Jubilee plan written in 11Q13 “Prince Melchisedek Scroll” by the Essenes and followed to the letter by Zionist Rabbis; if you can’t see the Writing on the Wall, take a moment, your Soul depends on it



Maccabees rededicated the 2nd Temple at Festival of Lights aka Hanukkah in 165BC at the start of Pisces.  Hanukkah 165bc aligned with Dec 24 “Christmas Eve” and ended on Dec 31; the date highlighted on the Carbon Armageddon Clock in Manhattan There is no 7 yr Tribulation in Scripture; this lie is called Dispensationalism, a Jesuit invention. There is no year 0 so 2020 may look like the 6000th year.1656 + 2160 + 2184/5=6000/120th Jubilee, but again, don’t bet eternity on it. The Age of Aquarius has a very big sign coming on Dec 21, 2020 when Jupiter (Zeus/Horus) overtakes his father Saturn (Osiris, El) forming the closest Great Conjunction in over 400 years and the closest in the next 500 years; on the Solar Solstice, the event becomes extremely rare; at 0 deg Aquarius, the event has never happened before in world history; Gnostics refer to the Age of Aquarius as the New Aeon of Horus. Arabs celebrate the birth of their Lord Dec 24; their Lord is the Moon aka “Sin”. It’s easy to assume God created Light on the Solar Solstice, but I wouldn’t bet eternity on it. It’s pretty hard to imagine US population, GDP and Military spending slashed 90% in 4 years but that’s the forecast If you have not already seen this 8 minute animation film, watch it today. It is quite amazing in more ways than one. There are many themes interwoven into the film, but the main story is about the crumbling away of the hierarchi Zep Tepi means Genesis, the Time before Light was created in Gen 1:3 according to Gnostics. Tepi is the mirror of I Pet (Pet=Domesticated animal kept for amusement) Goat refers to rejection of Jesus Christ as “God Of All Things”; all Goats will be on His left and told “Depart from me I never knew you” Mat 7:23 “Little Horn” in Dan 7:8; 8:9 is Antichrist, represented in movies and mythology as the Unicorn and Capricorn the “Saturnus Goat”; Dec 21, 2020 Great Conjunction of Saturn (Father) and Son (Jupiter) to begin Aquarius “Golden Age” is a very big sign  I Pet Goat II is thus a representation of the return to Zep Tepi, the Egyptian “First Time” when Saturn the “First Sun” ruled. Trump represents MAGA the Magician/Sorcerer. Amazon logo A to Z is Ayin Zayin (Beginning and End) seen in Aleister Crowley’s book Liber Oz: Book 77 a return to the first time Zep Tepi.  The Ouroborus Serpent eating its own tail symbolizes a return to Zep Tepi; this is the logo used in the 2013 and 2020 series Utopia. The Age of Leo is when the Universe was essentially Upside Down and the Egyptian Sphinx viewed his own reflection at Spring Equinox; today it faces Aquarius. Biden’s Dark Winter  refers to Shamash, the Babylonian Sun Lion and God of Justice in the Temple of the Night Sun (Saturn), this is why Shamash is the center candle of the Chabad Lubavitch Hanukkah Menorah. The Gnostic 120th Jubilee Is 2020; this is why the Maccabees instituted Hanukkah at the end of Aries beginning of Pisces, 2183 years ago; 1656 years Creation to Flood + 2160 years Aries to Pisces + 2183 years to 2020=5999 years. The return to Zep Tepi is symbolized by the Ouroborus Serpent eating its own tail in a 6000 yr/120 Jubilee “Time Warp” aka  “Operation Warp Speed” The dead fish in  the I Pet Goat II vid represent the end of Pisces beginning of Aquarius. Capricornus (Sea Goat) begins Dec 21, 2020 with the Great Conjunction of Saturn (Osiris) and Jupiter (Horus) at 0 deg Aquarius, the first such event in human history.

      Zep Tepi  means Time Zipper aka DNA; CRISPR Gene editing and man-made  mRNA unzips DNA and alters human DNA forever. Coronavirus Operation Warp Speed is Time-Space being Reset to Zep Tepi ie the Great Reset  In the movie Rocky Horror Picture Show; Betelgeuse sings “Let’s do the Time Warp again” that’s Orion “Heaven’s Light” aka Osiris “Green One” or Saturn whose son is Horus aka Sokar or Seker aka the New Aeon of Horus “Zep Tepi”. Green One is seen in the Green New Deal and Green Man Bacchus/Dionysys or the Arab al Khidr. Saturn is seen in the 6 pointed Chaldean Star used as Israel’s Flag; Heaven’s Light seen in the Language of Light aka Langue d’ Oc aka Green Language.
Star Trek was based on the Enterprise Warp Drive, its 5 year mission is Gen Wes Clark’s 7 nations destroyed in 5 years with Iran ie Aryan the last, the Mede-Persian Ram versus the Grecian Goat (Dan 7;8) Donald Trump will host a Hanukkah Party in the White House; Dec 10 is featured in the I Pet Goat II video; he played the role of the Phoenix (House of Enoch) standing between the Egyptian and Arab dictators in 2017, danced the Ardah (Arab Sword Dance) and wore funeral attire to the Vatican; Pope Francis handed the MAGA “Sorcerer” a Lotus Flower representing Re-birth of Zep Tepi for this reason. Coronavirus is the Ouroborus “Crowned Serpent” brought to the world by the Pharmaceutical Industry; Pharmakeia (Strongs H 5331 “Magic, Drug related Sorcery”; Pharmakos “Ritual sacrifice of a Scapegoat”; Pharmacist “Poisoner”.

Liber Oz

77th Treasury Sec and Coronavirus Task Force member Stephen Mnuchin closes Corporate and State Credit facilities 12/31 Primary Market Corporate Credit Facility; Secondary Market Corporate Credit Facility; Municipal Lending Facility; Main Street Lending Program; Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility. Devalue the $US, Foreclose on US Assets and give the world a Debt Jubilee. US Debt: $27Trillion Cash + $155T Unfunded Liabilities (Social Security was converted from a Trust Fund to Treasury IOU’s during the Clinton Administration; Bill/Hillary Iran-Contra Operatives with Mitt Romney, John Kerry) + $570Trillion Credit Derivatives. The WEF calls Coronavirus the Great Reset  7 Million Households face eviction 12/31/20, the same day the CDC Eviction Moratorium ends, the Carbon Armageddon Clock runs out and the Ball Drops on Time Square.

George HW “Magog” Bush

Aleister Crowley published Liber Oz: Book 77 Dec 21, 1941, 3 weeks after Pearl Harbor (The Holy Ghost is the Pearl of Great Price) and 9 months before the Manhattan Project began work on the Atomic Bomb 9/23/1942 and 3 months before Nikola Tesla was murdered; his EM (Electro-magnetic) technology weaponized for the US and Soviet Army by Donald Trump’s uncle John. On 9/11/1941 the Pentagon Cornerstone was laid on the 77th Meridian 60 years before AA #77 allegedly hit the 77ft tall Pentagon on what is called “God’s Longitude” while the airborne command post Venus #77 flew overhead; the live event, rehearsed as Pentagon Drill MASCAL (Mass Casualties) managed by AA #77 Captain Chuck Burlingame on 9/11/2001. George HW Bush aircraft carrier CVN #77 “If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold, truly Lamech seventy and seven fold” Gen 4:24. Lamech means “Strong” as does Oz; the letters Ayin-Zayin add to 77. The 77th Treasury Sec Stephen Mnuchin (Skull & Bones=Teutonic Brotherhood of Death aka Cult of Saturn aka Society 322; C=3; V=22) set to close Credit Windows (Creditors make Slaves of Debtors) as CARES Funds, Unemployment and Eviction Moratorium programs end on 12/31/2020. Coronavirus Vaccine is a Chimera “She-goat”, a mix of animal infections in a DNA altering cocktail designed to remove knowledge of Spirit and Soul aka death of the Holy Ghost. Dec 21, 2018 was the 77th anniversary of Liber Oz; making Dec 21, 2020, the date Jupiter and Saturn form the Great Conjunction at 0 deg Aquarius the end of the Jubilee Year. Esau (Red=Rothschild=British=B’Rit= Birthright of Cain and Esau=Debt) is currently serving his brother Jacob and intends to kill him once he obtains “Dominion”. (Gen 27:39-41KJV)  This is why British Crown Agent Dominion Voting controlled the 2020 election. Crowley referred to Liber Oz as “Book of the Goat”; Jesus separates Goats on the His left from Lambs on His right; the former hearing “Depart from me…I never knew you” (Mat 7:23) I strongly urge you to establish a One on One personal Covenant with JESUS before the Age of Grace ends and the Great Tribulation begins. The White Horse (Rev 6:2) is Crowned (Corona=Crown) and kills with a Bow; Strongs #5115 Toxon means Poison; Pharmaceutical is derived from Pharmakeia “Magic; Drug related Sorcery” and  Pharmakos “Ritual Sacrifice” by a Pharmacist “Poisoner”

Operation Warp Speed






Atlantic Magazine 

Covid Tracking Project are journalists at the Atlantic Magazine who create the Daily Covid Stats propaganda parroted by mainstream news outlets simultaneously eg “This is extremely dangerous to our democracy” The US is not a Democracy! Founding fathers regarded Democracy extremely dangerous to the Constitutional Republic. Democracies never succeed because God created the world and puts the basest (Pedophiles, Pederasts, Sodomites) of men in charge (Dan 4:17). Atlantic Magazine December 2020 issue is about the imminent fall of the US. The British Crown on US Vote receipts using Dominion Voting Systems machines, (Smartmatic in Venezuela, Brazil and India, CEO Lord Malloch-Brown is not only a British Lord, and UN Dep Sec under Oil 4 Food Swindler Kofi Annon but on George Soros’ Open Society Board) counted by Barcelona based SCYTL ended the Constitutional Republic of the United States; Russian meddling in elections is nothing new; SCYTL managed the Brexit Vote and EU Parliament Elections (Built as an Unfinished Tower of Babel, the Whore riding the Beast in front and Seat #666 vacant)  Atlantic Magazine is financed by Apple Heiress Laurene (Laurel Crown; aka Crown of Bacchus/Dionysus/Satan aka Green Man or Green New Deal; Lorenz in the Amazon series BioHackers may ring a Baal) Powell Jobs through Emerson Collective, (Ralph Waldo Emerson a Unitarian rejected the deity of Jesus and His religion akin to the myths of Greece)  a Social Change Platform affecting the “Most people possible” (Democracy=People Rule) through “Impact Investing”. God created the world and man; He rules the world, installs the basest of men to rule the world (Dan 4:17) and until He returns, Pedophiles, Pederasts, Sodomites, Wealthy, Double Minded Men  and Liars will be at the heads of Governments as Man attempts to edit out parts of the DNA Code he sees fit. Atlantic content is controlled by Atlantic editor Jeffery Goldberg a Zionist Saturnian Jew, ex IDF Prison guard whose idealogical partner is PLO leader, prisoner Rafiq (Companion) Hijazi currently a Muslim professor in the UAE; their book is pure Dialectic: Thesis + Anti-thesis=Synthesis “Prisoners: A Muslim and a Jew across the Middle East Divide” WWIII: Zionism against Islam was planned in 1871; media propaganda pushed by a billionaire whose 1st computer sold for for $666; the bite out of the Apple is Gnosticism; Apple is Apollo, Apollyon of Rev 9:11. Phylactery (Jew) or Kaaba (Muslim)? Both are the same; 2 heads of the same Snake. Ever wonder why the Apple Store  in NYC has a Black Cube in front? 

Zionism and Islam are the same Saturnian religion; WWIII will pit Zionism against Islam. Shariah Law and Noahide Law are the same; both require Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost aka Unforgivable Sin. Rabbis, Priests and Imams are the same. Coronavirus Vaccine is the Mark of the Beast (Rev 13:18; Rev 14) and Strong Delusion (2 Thess 2:11) German BioNTech BNT162b2 (German series BioHackers may ring a Baal; Lorenz means Laurel Crown of Bacchus/Dionysus/al-Khidr, the Greek religion Orphism) and Israeli-Russian Gamaleya Inst Sputnik V (Sputnik=Fellow Traveler + V=Nail=Cain) are the same 2 dose full spike protein vaccines, built from a non-existent Virus. Jesuits are managing Coronavirus and control the Vatican and Temple Mount where the False Prophet will fill Sede vacante (Vacant Seat) in the St John Lateran Arch-basilica in Rome and Antichrist will fill Satan’s Seat in Jerusalem. Worship of Saturn will guarantee your place in Hell for eternity.


Cassiopeia the daughter of Coronus “Crown” and Apollo “Destroyer” (Rev 9:11) is called the Celestial M and W. The Society of Ormus (Snake; Orme is Monoatomic Gold) also used the M Logo  The W symbol is called the Marrano Hand Sign extensively used in portraits and used by Rabbis to open Synagogues of Satan as the Sign of Shin to celebrate the nails used to crucify Jesus. Wulff & Mueller a Nazi Construction Company is preparing Satan’s Seat for transport to the 3rd Temple; their Logo is the M and W of Cassiopeia Cassiopeia is the daughter of Coronus (Crown) and Apollo (Destroyer), mother of Andromeda (Mindful of Man; Andromeda Strain ring a Baal?); Coronus is also the Crown of the Serpent.  Cassiopeia is strapped to a torture chair as punishment for her vanity and arrogance. Saturn ruled Utopia, according to Gnostics; the pre-Flood world of Sin God Flooded returns in a Golden Age Utopia; the same Utopia written about by Karl Marx and the Greek pederast Plato. The Amazon series Utopia is a Dystopian future made possible by a food product causing infertility. Cosmo (Universe) Pharmaceuticals in Italy owns Cassiopeia Pharmaceuticals and received US FDA approval for Winlevi Aug 26, 2020. Used as an Acne medication (Sterility at Puberty; Brilliant eh?) which Cosmo hopes will become Ubiquitous, Clascoterone is an Androgen receptor suppressor affecting male and female reproductive hormones Testosterone and Androstenedione. GSK’s Coronavirus Vaccine allegedly inhibits HCG (Human Chrionic Gonadrotropin) produced during pregnancy. Trump’s Warp Speed Czar is Morroccan born GSK Vaccine VP Moncef Slaoui; inhibiting HCG terminates pregnancy inducing menstruation; There will be blood was filmed at PO Box 44 Cibolo Creek Ranch and Valentine’s Day #44 ring a Baal?  Chorion is the membrane enclosing the fetus during pregnancy. Winlevi is expected to be released around Valentines Day 2021. Sani is the Hindu name of Saturn; Sanitize means Sterilize; Hindu VP elect Kama means Sickle or Scythe the weapon of the Grim Reaper seen in Kamala and Fauci. Gnostics believe Saturn is the Agent of Chaos within the Cosmos. What better way to produce Global Infertility than for Cosmo Pharmaceuticals to create it with an Acne Medication?


Diwali “Festival of Lights” (11/13-17) 44 days until the Carbon Clock in Manhattan arrives at 12/31/2020 indicating 7 years remaining “Tribulation” is used 44 times in Scripture; the 7 yr Tribulation is not.  Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix; Mormon Extermination Order 44; 44 assistants of Chronos; 44 hectares in Vatican City; Gematria of Blood and Phoenix in Hebrew=44; 44 the sacred number of Horus; New Aeon of Horus is the New World Order . Obama’s (Barack=Lightning + Obama in Zoroastrian Farsi means “He is with us”) 2016 spending bill providing $4.4M to every hostage in Iran, held 444 days by future Iran president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; the October Surprise was an agreement for Satanist GHW “Magog” Bush to be sworn into the White House in exchange for the hostage release.  Day #44 on the Gregorian Solar Calendar is Valentines Day; Opus Dei Antonin Scalia’s faked Valentine’s Day death at PO Box 44 Cibolo Creek on the set of No Country for Old Men and There will be Blood (Gematria of Blood=44); the fake shooting at Parkland HS (managed by David Hogg’s father and Cubic Simulations) on Valentine’s Day and Trump being the 44th person selected US President, the last? for the same reasons Zedekiah was the 44th and last King of Israel. The Mormon Church was founded on Zedekiah’s mythical/unbiblical son Mulek escaping to America; Extermination Order 44, White Horse Prophecy and  Blood (44) in the Streets prophecy make more sense now?

Diwali is the Hindu, Muslim, Zoroastrian, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist celebration of Light over Dark; Good over Evil called Lakshmi puja the ritual celebration of Lakshmi the goddess of wealth,  power, beauty and auspiciousness. Maya Lakshmi Harris, a senior Obama policy adviser during PizzaGate officiated Kamala Devi Harris‘ Saturnian Jewish Wedding to Doug Emhoff who said “I am married to the next president of the United States” ain’t that special?  Kamala, an Unconstitutional candidate refers to her presidency as the “Harris-Biden Administration”. Kamala is a Boule Society initiate; guardians of ill gotten wealth; Kamal means Lotus, the sacred flower of Guatama Buddha (8th Avatar of Vishnu) given by Jesuit Pope Francis to Jesuit educated Donald Trump on his Vatican visit; his family wearing funeral attire. Kobe like Covid in Japanese means “God’s Door”; Kama in Japanese means “Scythe, Sickle”; Saturn, the “Grim Reaper” carries a Scythe, the same weapon the 7th and final angel of the Lord brings to Armageddon in Rev 14:18, has the same meaning as Jesuit Coronavirus salesman Anthony Fauci. Lord Ram’s (Rama; 7th Avatar of Vishnu) Ram means Night/Dark; during the debates, Jesuit Joe Biden referred to a “Dark Winter”. Lord Rama’s return from Exile is celebrated on Diwali.  Kalki, the 10th and final Avatar of Vishnu rides in on a White Horse carrying a giant Sword to destroy the evil in mankind bringing an end to Kali Yuga; sounds like Jesus riding the White Horse (Rev 19:11-15) but it’s not; it’s more likely the Mormon White Horse who rides in when the “Constitution hangs by a Thread” to usher in the “Blood in the Streets” 2020 began with Netflix releasing The Messiah; accepted by the Mormon President as the true Messiah, the series was filmed at Jeff Epstein’s Zorrro Ranch in Belen NM and proved to be Dajjal, the Antichrist. Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke at the UN 3 times declaring his Divine, Prophetic Role was to usher in the 12th Imam (12 House vision by C Alan Martin making more sense?) and that America is the “Great Satan…Ahriman” aka Dajjal.  The same day Google released a Doodle with Froggy (Frogs represent the unclean spirits of Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet Ref Rev 16:13) between a Sword or Vaccine Needle

NAFTA Superhighway

“I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things” Dan 7:8  The Americas are very likely the 3 Horns plucked up by the roots with most of the world’s fresh water and Trillions of Bbls of Oil, Where else? NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement), CAFTA DR (Dominican Republic). NOAA, FEMA and the US Navy have disaster planning maps with the blue areas flooded Trump put FEMA in charge of the US during Martial Law for a reason! Free Trade means Fast Pass Customs, Rail lines, and no borders with Coronavirus Vaccination records COVIPASS and TrustStamp of course Gilead (Chaldean Jegar-sahadutha) controls the entire area in Handmaid’s Tale; Gilead Pharmaceuticals is producing a Coronavirus Vaccine Think US Citizens have Constitutional Rights? Guess Again Dominion Voting Systems a Canadian company tallied the 2020 Election votes with the Crown of the British Commonwealth Canada on the receipts with the Catalonia company SCYTL counting the votes. Before the election, Kamala Harris was put on the cover of Time Magazine with the US Flag in Chains; Harris is an Unconstitutional candidate raised in Canada (12-23 yrs), her Hindu Brahmin mother Shyamala worked at Jewish General Hospital in Quebec. Kamala, was raised Jewish, Hindu, and Baptist, a Boule Society Sacred Prostitute of Qetesh (Holy Cow); part of the Clinton Global Initiative program called Canada 2020 with Sephardic fake Jewish princess Meghan Markle,  and her Saturnian Jewish lesbian partner Jessica (nee Brownstein) Mulroney, wife of Ben Mulroney, the son of ex Canadian PM Brian Mulroney who ushered in NAFTA-CAFTA.


Water Marked Ballots


Time Magazine Cover 11/2-11/9 The US is a Constitutional Republic not a Greek Democracy; it died 11/3; pretty coincidental every Pixar Cartoon Movie features A113 eh? X-Box (Dominion voting Machine with the X) Shattered Union: 44th President is unpopular; a Sham Election for his 2nd term results in riots; Homeland Security enforces Martial Law; Supreme Court nullifies electoral process and re-elects the President; CA and TX secede from the US forming a New Republic. Low yield Nuc hits DC killing the President and most of Congress; Civil War erupts; EU sends in soldiers to secure foreign interests. WHO thinks this up? It’s the plan in plain sight. Democracy was regarded by the founding fathers as the most dangerous form of political movement opposing the Constitutional Republic. SCYTL (Same root as Scythe the weapon of the Grim Reaper) “Innovating Democracy” from Catalonia; owned by the ex Pres and Catalonia Gov’t in Barcelona to “Manage Elections”. SCYTL is a bankrupted vote counting company started after the 2000 US elections, now worldwide, the company is owned by Paragon Group; with Dominion Voting, a British Crown Agent in Canada, controlled the 2020 US Election Voting Machines and vote count. The Clinton Global Initiative created the Delian Project to usher in Greek Democracy in the US and bring an end to the Constitutional Republic. The plan was written in detail 120 years ago. Ingersoll Lockwood wrote Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey and 1900: Or the Last President about Baron living in a Tower on 57th St meeting Donald and escaping Chaos to Russia. In 1990 Heavy Metal Magazine featured Donald Trump in The Wall, a Wall in Manhattan separating the Elite from the Masses is the exact scenario of the Spanish Series The Barrier which debuted on 9/11/20. Trump, the 44th person to hold the office put Homeland Security in charge of Martial Law on 3/22/20, the anniversary of the Unconstitutional ObamaCare, speaking from a Podium absent the Presidential Seal flanked by the Coronavirus Task Force; Society 322 is the Cult of Saturn aka Teutonic Brotherhood of Death.  Aztec=Aztlan the map of the new Texas “Lone Star” (Notice the Lone Star on the X-Box) Republic of Mexico formed by 1/2 of CA, AZ, NM, West Texas, SW CO, SE UT and S Florida; in 2018 Jared Kushner (registered as a female NY voter) was awarded the Aztec Order of the Eagle Warrior; the supreme Aztec God Tezcatlipoca (Saturn/
Black Star) is worshipped by human sacrifice, the same year the Sacrificial Arch of Palmyra (Amurru) was digitally recreated and dedicated on the Capitol Mall. The series Designated Survivor featured a low yield nuc killing the President and most of Congress. Kamalas father Donald Harris was a Black Panther organizer in CA; Black Panther’s claws, the same metal “Adamantium” used in Capt America: Civil War. America does not appear in the list of nations in either Armageddon or Gog and Magog for a reason.

Jeopardy means Evenly Divided; Danger, Risk, Cunning Plan. The answer is George Stephanopoulos; (George=Earth + Stephen=Martyr/Crown + Son of Paul) Who is Jesuit Bill Clinton’s Jesuit Senior White House Adviser and replacement for Jesuit Ukrainian-Canadian Alex  (Alexander the Great ring a Baal?) Trebek (Trebek originates as Trowtbeck, dating form the Norman Conquest in 1066; Norman Bankers wrote the Domesday Book in 1086 and were ejected from England 1290 for Usury; my what a coincidence; Usury Bankers have done the same thing to the United States in the exact same amount of time! In October 2020 alone; US Debt rose $1 Trillion. The answer is Covfefe. Trump’s Tweet wasn’t just a misspelling folks! What is Yiddish for Futile Quest of Benshariza, the mythical “Lucifer’s Butterfly” aka “Shining Star” (Again note the Star on the X-Box Voting Machine) Strongs #7837 Shachar means “Dawn”. “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!” Is 14:12 Dawn of Aquarius is here folks! Butterflies represent Transformation and Mind Control; pretty coincidental the Turkish Mohammadens (Togarmah Gen 10:3) who made the Coronavirus Vaccine for America own Gamymed Pharmaceuticals eh? Ganymed is the Cretan Prince abducted by Zeus as an Eagle (Nazi Eagle’s Nest; American Eagle ring a Baal?) and taken to My Olympus for Pederastic Initiation; Zeus is the founder of Greek religion! The answer is To Be or Not to Be  What is Q Anonymous? Jesuits are Q Anonymous aka the Militia of Zeus aka Society of Gesu Q is the answer to the Question “To Be or Not to Be” 2BR02B depicts a Dystopian Future envisioned by Kurt Vonnegut where the Government has the Cure for Aging and Overpopulation. PD James Children of Men features the same Dystopian future where Government forces Home Suicide by issuing Kits called Quietus Coronavirus is accomplishing exactly this; 90% of CV deaths occur in rest homes and have underlying causes; the Government paying doctors and hospitals $13K to diagnose Covid as the primary Cause of Death and Government manufacturing of Ventilators used tow kill paying $42K/patient. America is in Jeopardy!

Jesuit FEC Chair James Trainor “Voter fraud took place, making this an illegitimate election”. Time Magazine presented the first Asian-Indian Woman President before the election. Kamala Harris is not eligible under the Natural Born Citizen Clause to be President; Biden’s Indian ancestors worked for the Opium smuggling, slave trading British East India Corp; she wears a Mask with the American Flag surrounded by a Chain, Coronavirus, and Fleur de Lis (Lucifer’s Flower). Below is a Radio Wave (5G Internet of Things?) X (Votes don’t count) controlled Dominion Voting Machine (Dominion, founded and managed by Greek-Canadian John Poulos  (John=Oannes + Paul’s Son) from Toronto and is owned  by NY Private Equity Fund Staple Street Capital whose Mgt Group is Carlyle) spitting out a Black Star (Saturn) Candidate; below is Satan held up by 2 Hands. Can this election farce get more obvious? Dominion Voting Systems aka Staple Street Capital aka Carlyle Investment Group (Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden among the largest investors) aka Cerberus (3 headed hound of Hell) Investments is the Toronto based private contractor and U.N. Approved Canadian-based NGO established by Clinton Foundation managing US Elections. Can this get worse? 2020 Election Ballots contain Water Marks of the British Commonwealth. Premiere Election Solutions aka Diebold Election Systems & Software was dissolved over Antitrust violations and acquired by Dominion Voting; Diebold Bank ATM’s are also ubiquitous, acquired from Toronto Dominion Bank; Diebold ATM’s are manufactured in India (Kamala Harris’ mother descends from the Indian Barhmin Caste) by Tata Industries; Sir Ratan Tata is a Zoroastrian Yale educated multi-Billionaire, knighted by the British Crown. Carlyle Group CEO is Korean Kewsong Lee.  Staple means “Post, Pillar, Trunk, Execution Block” Cerberus is the Guardian of Hell preventing the Dead from escape. Privately controlled Voting Machines, Bank ATM’s and an Unconstitutional VP elect  is about as corrupt as it gets, but wait, I’m Billy Mays There’s more! Kamala says she is the next President! “A man’s foes shall be they of his own household” Mat 10:36; Mic 7:6. Edomite Dominion described in Gen 27:39-41KJV is realized in Dan 7:6, the beginning of the final 42 weeks (7×6) “Great Tribulation”; pretty coincidental eh?
The co-founders of Staple Street Capital, Stephen D. Owens and Iranian (Zoroastrian?)  Hootan Yaghoobzadeh are veterans of  Carlyle Group and Cerberus Capital Management, they first worked together in Carlyle’s US Buyout Group starting in 1998; read Carlyle US Buyout Group until it sinks in; War profiteers are handing America to foreign investors.  Wait there’s more! Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State  kept off-books accounts financed by Marvelous Investments with Mitt Romney and John Kerry using Iran-Contra profits to finance ISIS; Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi aka Israeli Shimon Elliot now replaced by Israeli Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al Qurashi (Quraish or Koreish is the alternative Priesthood to Moses and Aaron in Num 26:10;) Muhammad was Quyraish and 2 Mohammadens own the 2 companies producing the Coronavirus!! How is that for corruption? Hillary  went to Canada in 2012 to set up Canada 2020 (Sodomite Justin Trudeau make sense now?) aka the Delian Project.

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Scutum Fidel

All roads lead to Zeus The son of Saturn overtakes his father Dec 21, 2020, the closest conjunction in 400 years, on the mid-point of Saturnalia at 0 deg Aquarius is perhaps unique in all of human history; a return to the LGBTQ Golden Age brought to the world by the Delian League and Clinton Global Initiative. The  Delian League of Greek states formed to wage perpetual war with Persia (Mede-Persian Ram). The Delian Project is accepted as approved U.N. Compact called the Declaration of St. James Palace; a UN NGO (Non-Governmental Org) called the Clinton Global Initiative. The Diadochi Wars (Control over the Greek Empire after Alexander the Great) began in 322bc (Brotherhood of Death Society 322 ring a Baal?; Trump gave control of  America to FEMA on 3/22/20; the US Treasury  and FED Money Printing is controlled by Society 322 aka Skull & Bones Saturnian Jew Stephen Mnuchin) The greatest transfer of Wealth and control of Elections in America is being sold to private investors under the supervision of the Crown. Now we know why Coronavirus was placed atop The Monument in London in 1677. Greece is the “Cradle of Western Civilization”, an LGBTQ, Pedophilia, Pederasty based “Democratic Society” formed around Zeus and Philosophers like Plato (BlackWater mercenaries are Academi, named after Platos pedophile academy in Athens), or Plato’s pederasty trained Aristotle, the mentor to Sodomite Alexander the Great. The entrance to the City of London Corp has Pederast Knights Templar on 1 horse; pretty obvious eh? Sodomy is the rite of passage; the Anus (Egyptian Anubis) is the “Holy Door” of the New Aeon of Horus in Theosophy.

Greeks are Minoans; (biblical Caphtorim Gen 10:14) Bullshit being their “Well crafted Lies”. The Minoan Bull stands guard over Wall St; Zeus as a Bull seduced the Minoan princess Europa, the Whore riding the Bull is in front of the European Parliament built as an Unfinished Tower of Babel; the Eye of Horus (Anus) over the Unfinished Pyramid on the $US ONE will finish the job. Jesuits are the Militia of Zeus; Greeks like Clinton Senior Adviser Jesuit George Stephanopoulos (new Jeopardy host; Jesuit educated Canadian Alex Trebek death likely not by chance).  Cretans kept Satan’s Seat before moving it to Phoenicia; the US is the Phoenix of the New Age; from there to Pergamon (Rev 2:13); the Theraputae of Pergamon worship Aesculapius the son of Corona “Crown” is the god of Plagues and logo of the WHO managing the Coronavirus Vaccine (Vaccine means Of the Holy Cow “Hathor” aka “Mansion of Horus”). Satan’s Seat will soon move to Jerusalem the city Jesus refers to as “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” (Rev  the Bull made its way to Egypt with Greeks aka Hyksos “Foreign Shepherd Kings”; God sent an Earthquake and Tsunami to Crete and a Volcanic eruption to Thera (Santorini) as a message to the Hyksos after they were ejected from Egypt before the Exodus; its Revenge time! Coronavirus began with the Solar Corona forming on Day of the Wren (Dec 26, 2019) named after Christopher Wren, whose greatest achievement was the London Fire, and St Paul’s Cathedral; Polous “Sons of Paul” make sense now? How about the Gnostic Paulicians? Bogomils? Buggery make sense? Think it coincidence Coronavirus was “Characterized” a Pandemic by the WHO on Purim 3/11/20? Akkadian Puru means Cast Lots for Marduk the “Golden Calf” of the Exodus; 3/11 matches the 311 Steps on Christopher Wren’s Monument in London topped by wait for it Coronavirus!

Delian League Owl

The Clinton Global Initiative is the modern day Delian League Athena the Owl of Wisdom is now the Bohemian Grove Owl “Molech”  Greeks worship Ares, the god of War equivalent with Mars, symbolized by the Rooster which was used by Jesus to illustrate denial of His Divinity; the Synagogue of Libertines were Greek “Hellenes” called Epicurians and Stoicks (Acts 17:18), believers in pleasure and happiness like Thomas Jefferson who removed scripture he found contrary from his bible and changed the preamble of the Declaration of Independence from “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Property” to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” Happy is Celtic for Wisdom; a decidedly Epicurean ideal. Libertine Greeks could not win the philosophical debate over Jesus’ Divinity with Stephen (Crown/Martyr); the solution? as it was with Cain, kill him. Ares the UNKNOWN GOD (Acts 17) of the Areopagus “Rock of Ares” in Athens was across the “Way of Cain” from the Acropolis;  Jesuits are the “Militia of Zeus and Minerva” (Minerva is the Roman version of Athena); Why else would Trump replace White House Press Sec Sarah Huckabee with a Talking Owl named Oscarina? Oscar means “God’s Spear” aka Spear of Destiny. Owls are regarded as symbols of death and sorcery; MAGA means “Sorcerer”.  Spirit Cooking Shaman Marina Abramovich calls Trump “The Magician to wake us up” 2000 Gov’t and Corporate Elite like Bill Clinton gather every year at Bohemian Grove to worship a giant Owl  through debauchery (Prostitution, Pedophilia, Necrophilia) Think it coincidence Trump (Germanic Drumpf) chose 3/22/20 to hand over control of America to FEMA? Society 322 is the Teutonic Brotherhood of Death. Ultimately, the Delian League is Hellenic; the Synagogue of the Libertines who stoned Stephen for his irrefutable testimony of the divinity of Jesus in Acts 6; Stephen means “Martyr” and “Crown”; Coronavirus Vaccine  (Crowned Serpent Venom) may remove the ability to know “Spirit and Soul” ie the Divinity of Jesus. The Corona (Crown) formed around the Sun on St Stephen’s Day Dec 26, 2019 to kick off the Coronavirus Hoax.…/delian-project-democrac… In 2014, the Global Clinton Initiative and  Dominion Voting began the DELIAN Project. In other words the 2016 election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was controlled like Trump-Biden to ensure the goals of the original Delian League, perpetual war with Persia/Iran. Israel considers Trump the modern day Cyrus the Great, the Zoroastrian Persian King. Dan 8 describes the war between the Grecian Goat and Mede-Persian Ram; Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla is a Greek peddling DNA altering Coronavirus Vaccines made by 2 Mohammadens (Worship of the Quyraish bedouin Muhammad is a far different religion than simply being Muslim and worshipping Allah “The God”)  backed by the CDC, FDA and US Military; Iranian (Zoroastrian?) Hootan Yaghoobzadeh counted the votes electing Harris-Biden, just ask Obama (He is with us in Zoroastrian) handler Iranian Valerie Jarrett. Trump, the 44th person selected to be US President may be the last, for the same reasons King Zedekiah was the 44th and last; Trump filling the role of Alester Crowley’s Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix


Out of the conflict between Ahura Mazda (Iran; Sons of Light) aka Mede-Persian Ram and Ahriman (US, Britain, Israel; Sons of Darkness) aka Grecian Goat (Uncle Sam/Baphomet) Little Horn rises; aka Antichrist; Dan 8 and Dan 7:8 describe the same Little Horn and no folks, this is not Antiochus Epiphanes nor is Hanukkah a Holy Day God appointed. The United Nations has 10 chairs facing the Satanic Altar for the 10 Kings/Horns; 3 of which are plucked up by the roots; your guess is as good as mine but the US is assuredly one of them. UA #175 allegedly hit WTC #2 and the demon Ahriman came out of the smoke on 9/11/2001  Liber 175: Book of Uniting written by Aleister Crowley is about the uniting of a person or nation to a Deity in this case Ahriman. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was lead captor during the Iranian Hostage Crisis; he addressed the United Nations stating “America is the Great Satan…Ahriman” and that his Divine mission is to usher in the Shia Messiah “al Mahdi”. Netflix series Messiah debuted Jan 1, 2020; he proved to be the Devil Dajjal aka Ahriman. Zoroastrians believe a final battle between followers of Ahura Mazda (sons of light/Lucifer) and followers of Ahriman (sons of darkness) aka Islamic Dajjal; Jewish Armulus will usher in the Messiah. This is Satan’s greatest Lie; I suggest realizing nobody battles JESUS; why not surrender to Him now and join the Wedding of the Lamb?

Dominion Voting Systems

“People who vote count for nothing; people who count votes count for everything…No matter who people vote for, they always vote for us…The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves” Jesuit Crypto Jew Joseph Stalin, Jesuit handled Adolph Hitler or Bolshevik Crypto Jew Vladimir Lenin? I matters little; Votes will always go toward Edomite (Red) Dominion (Dan 7:6KJV) Edomite Dominion lasts no time; it is given to the 10 Horns in Dan 7:7 and ends 42 months later with everyone in the House of Esau dead (Obadiah) at the 2nd Coming. Only the Dominion created by the Son of Man (JESUS) being reunited with the Ancient of Days (SPIRIT of God; Dan 7:14) will last for eternity!

Imagine if people not only knew Dominion Voting Systems controls US Election Votes (Greek John Poulos from Toronto was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award in 2013), is privately owned by its Toronto Management Team a Canadian company acquired by Staple Street Capital, a NYC Private Equity Firm managed by Carlyle Group and Cerberus (3 headed hound of Hell) Capital partners; frightening eh? ex-Carlyle Group CEO William Kennard, is also the ex-European Commission Ambassador (EU Parliament is built as an Unfinished Tower of Babel with the Cretan Whore Europa riding the Beast out front and Seat #666 held vacant), was Carlyle Investment Group CEO (investors include Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, George Bush etc) and FCC Chair during 9/11/2001. The Patriot Act written before 9/11/2001 (Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911 may ring a Baal) in PNAC (Project for a New American Century) as the “New Pearl Harbor” by Neo-Cons aka “Vulcans” (Vulcan is Prometheus “Fore Thinker”; Rockefeller Plaza has Prometheus out front; Gnostics know Vulcan/Prometheus as Tubal-cain). Many of the Neo-cons are Carlyle Group Investors like Gilead Pharmaceuticals (Gilead in the Handmaid’s Tale may ring a Baal; Amy Coney Barret is a Handmaid and Trump decorated the White House with Handmaid Christmas Trees in 2018; Gilead is the Chaldean Jegar-sahadutha “Heap of Witness”)  CEO Don Rumsfeld who admitted  with his Commercial Aircraft Remote Flight Termination System Rabbi Dov Zakheim to “losing” $2.3 Trillion from Pentagon accounts on 9/10/2001.

Fahrenheit 11/9

On 11/9 Trump fired Sec of Def Mark Esper for allegedly refusing to deploy US Military against its own citizens; his replacement Christopher Miller has not such reservations against using the US Military against “Domestic Terrorists”; such as those refusing a Covid Vaccine?  Dir of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, rejected previously for the post, will determine who qualifies as a “Domestic Terrorist”; the least qualified Dir of National Intelligence in history, caught embellishing his resume is Tea Party, Mitt Romney (Iran-Contra money launderer, Mormon White Horse?) and Atty Gen John Ashcroft (9/11 liar) approved and a member of the NextGen 911 Caucus; Coronavirus is the NextGen 911!   On 11/9 2 Billionaire Turkish Muslims “Mohammadens” won approval for a DNA altering Vaccine (Worship of Muhammad, a Quyraish ie Korahite  is a different thing than worship of God which most Muslims call Allah)  Ugur Sahin and his wife Oezemi Tureci control 2 Pharmaceutical companies (BioNTech; Ganymed) in Germany financed by the Gates from Hell foundation received FDA EUA distribute Covid Vaccines in the US. Billionaire Greek Jew, Veterinarian (Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla); Chinese Billionaire investors (Fosun), Singapore Investors (Temasek Holdings) and a Japanese Pharmaceutical (Astellas bought Ganmede)  and just  got FDA (Stephen Hahn replaced Scott Gotlieb Dec 2019 who is now on Pfizer’s BOD; conflict of interest is blatant) approval to Vaccinate the US, EU, Japan, UK (100M to the US; 30M to the UK; 120M to Japan; 200M to the EU) against a fake Virus that starred in the 2012 London Olympic Ceremony that was planned by the WHO to start in Dec 2019 was rehearsed Oct 2019 in Event 201 and will be using the Military. to Vaccinate or Quarantine Citizens. 500 years of the Inquisitions has resumed! US Citizens will either accept a DNA altering Vaccine affecting every cell in their bodies or be Quarantined by their own military at their own expense indefinitely.  Happy Veteran’s Day

Boule Society


On 11/9 Harris-Biden Coronavirus Task Force was announced;  on Veteran’s Day Kamala Harris’ fake Jew lawyer husband Doug Emhoff said “I’m married to the next president of the United States”  the wedding officiated by Kamala’s sister Maya, Obama Senior Policy Adviser and PizzaGate pedophilia, child trafficking manager Kamala is a Boule Society Initiate as are Archon Vernon Jordan (33 deg Freemason, Jesuit educated, Bohemian Grove initiate Bill Clinton Adviser), Ron Brown (Clinton murdered Commerce Sec), Martin Luther King Jr, Mike Espy (GHW Bush Sec of Agriculture), Colin Powell (33 deg Freemason, Kabbalist, Bohemian Grove Satanist, My Lai Massacre and 9/11/2001 liar), Condoleeza Rice (Vulcan, Bush Jr Nat Sec Adviser/Sec of State), Eric Holder (Obama Atty Gen), Jeh Johnson (Obama HHS Sec), George Floyd (BLM Saint, Porn Star, Crisis Actor), Kobe “Black Mamba” Bryant (Children’s book Tree of Ecrof is Force backwards, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil where the Black Mamba resides; the God of Forces is Satan Dan 11:38), LeBron “King” James”, Barack Obama (born in Kenya, not a Natural Born US Citizen; Homosexual: Mohammad Chandoo, Kal Penn, Reggie Love, Michael Robinson). Kamala Harris not a Natural Born Citizen and illegal to run for VP or President; all Boule Society Initiates.

On 11/9 FDA  gave EUA  for Pfizer manufactured BioNTech developed “BNT 162b2” Coronavirus Vaccine and Ganymed Pharmaceuticals “Bamlanivimab” Monoclonal Antibody Vaccine; or is it Eli Lilly’s Bamlanivimab LY-CoV555? no matter for the FDA, it approved both, 11/9 was a very big day for Satan. Russia has its own adenovirus vaccine Gam-COVID-Vac named after Nikolay Gamaleya a Cossack ie Saturnian fake Jew; a vaccine also based formulated from the Coronavirus Spike protein being delivered to UAE, India, Venezuela, Russia and Belarus. Coronavirus was allegedly DNA sequenced  by the Chinese CDC on Jan 11, 2020, the Pictish New Year; Picts are Black Magicians people! Kobe’s “Black Mamba” Helicopter magically turned Blue and White, (Pictish colors); about as amazing as WHO, WEF, United Nations and dozens of International Corporations using Blue and White Logos. Coronavirus has never been DNA sequenced!  I’m sure it was  also coincidence Kamala (Kama in Japanese means Sickle or Scythe) Harris’ birthday was celebrated as World CRISPR Day CRISPER Gene editing magically transforms human DNA into Beast DNA. Ganymed was bought by the Japanese company Astellas “Star”; Influenza means “Influence of the Stars”; specifically the Black Star “Saturn”.


Daniel (God is my Judge/El is my Judge; El is the Canaanite Saturn) Gabriel (God is my strength/El is my strength; “Gabby”) Fahrenheit was Prussian (Black Prussian Eagle is Saturn as is the American Eagle) and a member of the Royal Society; he set the temperature for water to change state at 32-33 degrees Fahrenheit; the level in Scottish Rite Freemasonry where Sovereignty (no higher rank ie Free of God) is obtained. The Cult of Saturn is called the Cult of Fire and Ice; Iran-Contra, El Salvadoran Death Squad money launderer, fake Mormon Mitt Romney was in charge of the 2002 Salt Lake “Fire and Ice” Olympics. Remember the Icicle Torch giving Fire? Mittens will save the Constitution when it “Hangs by a Thread”; guessing we’re there.  Muhammad said “Do not curse Time for time is Allah” The Black Stone of the Kaaba make more sense? Michael Moore seems to have captured the fiery destruction of the White House on 11/9, the day Pfizer and BioNTech announced the Coronavirus Vaccine. The Teutonic Brotherhood of Death uses the Totenkopf (Skull & Bones; Treasury Sec Stephen Mnuchin is an example of a Skull & Bones, Saturnian Jew) aka Society 322 named after Adam’s fall into Sin in Gen 3:22. Germanic  fake Jew, Jesuit educated Hospitaller Knight Donald Trump handed control of the US to FEMA on 3/22/20; some 800 FEMA Camps stand ready to “Quarantine” people refusing the Vaccine called Ops Plan Rex 84 or Operation Garden Plot; Cain, the Gardner killed Abel; now his descendants will finish the job of eliminating God and His people, which is why the Jesuit run DHS purchased 450 Million Hollow Point .40 cal rounds with a Six Pointed Star of Saturn in the business end for the mass slaughter of 200+ million US Citizens; an estimate made by the US Gov’t and published by Deagle

Teutonic Knights, Jesuits and Knights Hospitaller, like Donald Trump and Joe Biden swear Oaths with a Black Cross at their heart and a Black Dagger at their back to destroy Protestants, Catholics, Jews anywhere on earth on orders from the Black Pope (Arturo Sosa) Ezekiel Emanuel (El will strengthen + El is with us) authored ObamaCare (Barack=Lightning + Obama=He is with us) Universal Health Care Act was signed into law on 3/22 at 3:22UTC; the deciding vote by Gabby, of course Gabby/Gabriel; right? Giffords a Reform Synagogue fake Jew allegedly shot during Sukkot “Tabernacle of Saturn”; her husband is astronaut now AZ Senator Mark Kelly along side Bi-sexual, Mormon, Atheist  Kyrsten Sinema. Universal Health Care is an Unconstitutional Law forcing commerce with US Citizens and the US Government has been declared Unconstitutional in Federal Court 3X due to the Individual Mandate to purchase Health Insurance; Gov’t mandated Vaccinations are Unconstitutional (Art 1 Sec 8 Clause 3). Ari (Lion) Emanuel (Babylonian Sun Lion Shamash is the center candle of the Chabad Lubavitch Hanukkah Menorah; the Sun Lion is also the symbol of Iran) is Michael Moore’s and Donald Trump (both Saturnian fake Jews) Hollywood talent agent.

BioNTech and Ganymed Pharmaceuticals

On 11/9 Pfizer and BioNTech announced its nucleoside-mRNA (modified/man-made RNA) DNA altering Vaccine BNT 162b2 Pfizer will apply for FDA EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) and deliver the Vaccine by the 3rd Week of November; Happy Thanksgiving? The first Thanksgiving was giving thanks for disease killing native residents of America. Pfizer will use the US Army to deliver Vaccines in the US with Europe, China and Japan early 2021. Society 322 is the “Brotherhood of Death” aka Skull & Bones, a 6000 year old Secret Society called Gnosticism which began in Gen 3:22; just ask Skull & Bones Satanist Treasury Sec Stephen Mnuchin, printing money with reckless abandon on behalf of the Covid 19 Hoax. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla sold 62% of Pfizer stock the day of th eVaccine announcement; is a Veterinarian (Veteranus=Beast; Veteran’s Day is 11/11) Greek Jew aka Hellene; Synagogue of Libertines disputed and stoned Stephen (Crown Martyr; Acts 6:9); Beware of Greeks bearing gifts! The Trojan Horse was full of disease just as CasPhi and Cas9 Trojan Horse Gene Editors used in CRISPR mRNA Vaccines.  BioNTech  is partnered with Pfizer; founded by Turkish Muslims Ozlem Tuereci and Ugur Sahin. Allah Akbar “God is Great” ring a Baal? Allah is the Arab moon god “Sin”; Mohammad told his followers “Do not curse Time for Time is Allah”  Tuereci also founded Gamymed Pharmaceuticals named after Ganymede the Cretan prince abducted by Zeus (Jesuits are the Militia of Zeus; Zeus is the son of Saturn/Allah) in the form of a; Wait for it! Eagle; this is the symbol of the LGBTQ, Pedophilia, Pederasty “New World Order” and the Aztec Eagle god Tezcatlipoca, to whim Daily Sacrifices were required. BNT 162b2 SARS-CoV2 Vaccine is a full spike, man-made protein mRNA Vaccine based on the Coronavirus; the CDC has no samples or DNA sequences for Coronavirus. “Houston, we have a problem!” Ganymed Pharmaceuticals (named after the Cretan prince Ganymede abducted by the Pederast god Zeus as an Eagle and taken to Mt Olympus), the other Corporation founded by Oezlem Tuereci, a Turkish Muslim also announced FDA EUA on 11/9 for Bamlanivimab, a man-made lab grown Monoclonal Antibody Antibody treatment also based on the full spike protein in Coronavirus which causes the body to produce antibodies against Covid 19, a Virus which nobody has a copy of. COVID 19 PCR Tests positive for the Common Cold and Flu PCR tests reproduce Chromosome 8 sequences common to every human cell, including the VMAT 1 Gene; with VMAT 2 Gene “God Gene”, Neuro-transmitters which convert sensory inputs to electrical signals interpreted by the brain are affected such as the ability to sense God via the Soul and Spirit. Rudolph Steiner predicted a Vaccine against Knowledge of God in 1917; That’s the Mark of the Beast (Rev 13:18) and Strong Delusion (2 Thessalonians 2:11) folks! Why would God choose anyone else but a fake Jew from Thessalonika (Albert Bourla)?   Before accepting the Coronavirus “Mark of the Beast”, have a little one on one chat with JESUS! Spending eternity in Hell should scare the Hell our of anyone!

Also on 11/9, Harris-Biden Coronavirus Task Force: Hindu Surgeon General Vivek Murthy; 1000 Oath Sworn Doctors staffing 1000 MASH Tent Style Hospitals with Virus detecting and Bio-Waste disposal stand ready.  Gates Foundation, BARDA Chief Rick Bright (Trump Whistleblower my Balaam’s Ass)  FDA Commissioner David Kessler; ObamaCare architect , Bio-ethics  Czar (Jesuit Christine Grady aka Mrs/Mr Fauci is the NAIAD Bio-Ethics aka Human Experimentation Czarina), Science  Czar Ezekiel Emanuel (brother Ari is Trump’s Hollywood talent agent); CFR Traitor, FDA Chief Bio-Warfare Scientist, CIA In-Q-Tel VP (Intelligence Asset) Luciana Borio; Jesuit Georgetown Global Health Security Professor Rebecca Katz (Katz means Kohannim + Tzaddiq “Righteous Priest”). Rhodes Scholar, WHO Global Patient Safety Coord, Haven CEO ie Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Jamie Dimon (Rothschild Banker) stooge Atul Gavande.  UN Sec General Ban Ki-Moon (yes a real Moonie!) Tuberculosis Envoy, Clinton Foundation stooge, HHS AIDS Coord Eric Goosby. NIH funded Yale Dean of Health Equity,  Marcella Nunez-Smith. CIDRAP (Center for Infant Disease) Chair Michael Osterlholm CDC Immunization Advisory Committee Chair Julie Morita Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health educated (Event 201 simulated Coronavirus in Wuhan Oct 18, 2019) Celine Gounder and Loyce Pace. God created Man in His own image and likeness with eternally reproducible DNA; these people feel 5G controllable, man-made RNA Vaccines and CRISPR Gene editing will improve on God’s creation. Question: The CDC admits they have no sample of Coronavirus nor its DNA sequence; how then did Pfizer make a Vaccine with a full length Coronavirus spike protein?