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“For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?” (I Corinthians 14:8, KJV)

Ready for COVID 21? Artemis “Butcher” is of Greek origin; the patron goddess of 33 deg Freemasonry, the Hunt (Bow=Poison), moon (Arab moon god Allah is “Sin”) and childbirth (May 1 Beltane “Birth of Baal” aka Qos=Poison) is the twin is Apollo (Apollyon “Destroyer”)  You may or may not recall or be familiar with the defense industry statistics firm Over the last number of years, going back to 2003, they came under scrutiny for predicting a big loss of population in the US. They projected this well before the Covid-19 pandemic. Their reasons were health, economy, and emigration, natural disasters, etc. Did they and do they know something? I just checked to see if they changed it. They actually lowered the prediction about the time Edwin Deagle allegedly died. Could it have something to do with the types of “vaccines” the US population will receive as opposed to other countries? What if there is a delayed immune response reaction or vulnerability to new strains that the US corporate vaccines create?
Dr. Edwin A. Deagle Jr. passed away on February 16th, 2021 in Tampa, Florida after an extended illness.“Edwin Deagle is also listed as an active member of the CFR; the Pale Horse “Death” is on the cover of “Foreign Affairs Magazine”. Perhaps most telling of all is the interesting fact that Deagle is the Director for International Relations for the Rockefeller Foundation, one of the leading eugenic supporters in the world.” has been giving projections since 2003, it was always in the year 2020 that the population declines of the US began. WHAT STARTED IN 2020 ? Coronavirus or rather Coronavirus Experimental Gene Therapy It’s a site owned by one Edwin Deagle, according to Now, there is conflicting opinion as to whether and are the same party. They are not. Consider this. The “correction” in Metabunk is INCORRECT. was never affiliated with Edwin A. Deagle. Here is proof:“Deagle Web Solutions is a web design firm focused on small business and organizational web development.  Located in Fayetteville, North Carolina our firm provides ongoing services for customers throughout North America.” … etc….. Sincerely, Ed Deagle Owner Not the same man. Read the obituary. Dr. Edwin A. Deagle, Jr, the one-time Rockefeller Foundation Director, was retired in the years this other Ed Deagle ran a website business. He didn’t live in North Carolina, either. Obit: “Ed often commented on how much he enjoyed his time at the Rockefeller Foundation.” He retired to Colorado, but this was after “In 1997 Ed and Judy formed a strategic business consulting company where they continued to work until retiring to Colorado in 2005”.  Deagle was Undersecretary of the Air Force under President Bill Clinton. He later became Assistant to the Secretary of Defense and the Deputy Secretary of Defense under Clinton in 1994. The years of operating his “strategic business consulting company” coincide with the launch of  BioNTech a Turkish Pharmaceutical Company produced the Experimental  mRNA Gene Therapy in 3 hours on Jan 11, 2020; there are no Gene sequences for SARS COV-2 available. Pfizer manufactured the Vaccine and began Trials in Feb 2020 with Phase 3 trials beginning July 27, 2020; July 27 is the “Grand Climax” date of the ancient Sumerian Ritual “Begone Dull Care”; today’s Bohemian Grove meets over these dates to offer sacrifices to Molech (aka Baal or Edomite Qos=Bow=Poison) to this day. According to Pfizer, the Vaccinated shed the Antigen infecting the unvaccinated 
1. If a man who was not vaccinated touches a vaccinated woman, or breathes any of the air she breathes, (in other words, walks by her in the office) and he then has sex with his wife, his wife can have an adverse event and she should avoid having children
This is what the CDC refers to as “Herd Immunity”; this is “Immunity” from the Holy Ghost people! The Experimental Gene Therapy and or PCR Test Swabs suppress Neurotransmitters by breaching the Blood-Brain Barrier and lodging in or near Pineal Gland.
        Oxford U, AstraZeneca Vaccine Chief Sir (British means B’Rith or Covenant by Birth; that being Cain and Esau who sold their “Birthrights” to a relationship with God) John Bell stated “60-70% of the world population will become sterilized”; this was highlighted in the book and movie “Children of Men”
         Coronavirus was rehearsed on Oct 18, 2019 in Event 201 headed by Dr Robert Kadlec (Harris-Biden undersecretary for Vaccine Preparedness; he also chaired Silent Spring, a rehearsal for the self inflicted Anthrax Attacks just after 9/11/2001) and began on Dec 26, 2019 with the Annular Solar Eclipse (Solar Corona=Coronavirus) on St Stephen’s Day aka Day of the Wren. Stephen disputed with the Synagogue of the Libertines aka Greek Libertine or Hellenized Jews who then stoned him, making Stephen the 1st Christian Martyr; Libertine Jew Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla sold most of his Pfizer stock the day the FDA gave EUA to the Turkish BioNTech Experimental Gene Therapy, created in 3 hours on Jan 11, 2020  by Turkish Muslim Billionaires Ozlem Tureci and partner Ugur Sahin. Coronavirus was “Classified” a Pandemic on 3/11/20 “Purim” (Pur is Assyrian for “Cast Lots for Marduk”, the original Golden Calf worshipped in Israel as Shamash the “Golden Calf of the Sun”. Rosicrucian-Freemason Sir Christoper Wren designed 311 steps in The Monument ;after the Mason set the Great Fire in London in 1666 topped by the Golden Calf and Coronavirus. Not remotely a coincidence with St Stephen’s Day, Day of the Wren and the Annular Solar Eclipse aka “Halo”. Coronavirus “Crowned Serpent Venom” represents the Age of Man (6) becoming Free of God “Omega” the Last (66 books in Scripture)
      Rosicrucians infiltrated Freemasonry using the pseudonym “Christian Rosenkreutz” (Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz published 1616; Chymical refers to Alchemy; Man becoming God by eliminating God “Holy Ghost”), the same mythical person who dedicated the Georgia Guidestones on 3/22/80 calling for elimination of all but 500M people from Earth; Pope Francis (Francis=Free) wrote the same goal in the encyclical Laudato Si.
     VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Reaction)  is reporting a very small fraction of adverse reactions to the mRNA, Neurotransmitter suppressing, infertility weapon.
      Season of Sacrifice is a 40 day period from 3/22 (Society 322 is the Brotherhood of Death aka Skull & Bones) until May 1 “Beltaine”. April 1 mocks Jesus on the day of the Assyrian Akitu Festival celebrating the triumph of Marduk the Golden Calf celebrated in Israel as Shamash the “Golden Calf of the Sun” and center candle of the Hanukkah Menorah, replacing Jesus amid 2 Thieves which formed the 7 Branch Candlestick Moses built for the Tabernacle; you can see why Moses was upset at Israel reverting to worship of the Golden Calf. From April 1, 2020 until Feast of Atonement (Jesus is the real Scapegoat; His followers are the Scapegoats today to be sacrificed) 2024 there are 1290 days, the period Daniel 12 warns about; (read Rockefeller Foundation) predicted well in advance of Coronavirus, a massive population reduction 2020-2024. Rockefeller Foundation produced the   3 dose Experimental Meningoccal Serum disguised as a “Vaccine” and given to soldiers in WWI encouraged to wear masks, packed on trains and ships and sent to the trenches; the experimental death cocktail which caused Bacterial Pneumonia infecting 1/3 of world population and killed roughly 100 million; the world has 6X this population and the exact same Rockefeller Playbook is being used today!
      May Day celebrates the birth of Baal aka Edomite Qos=Bow=Poison from May Day until Feast of Atonement 2024 there are 1260 days; the period of the Great Tribulation? We’ll soon see.
    Vaccine means “Of the Cow”; the Holy Cow “Hathor” or “Qetesh” in Egypt is Brahma in India; the association with the Golden Calf is obvious. Kamala Harris is a Boule Society aka Aryan Caste Sacred Prostitute of Qetesh; Kama means Sickle, the weapon of the Grim Reaper; Kamal means  “Perfection” meaning “Sacrifice” as in Stephen “Crown/Martyr” Kamala means “Lotus” the flower associated with birth from the Earth (Mud), the Re-birth of the Golden Age.
     It’s time to wake up!

Soylent Green Day April 1, 2021 + 1290 days=Feast of Atonement 2024; May Day 2021 + 1260 days=Feast of Atonement 2024, the year (founder dead, taken down) predicts a massive reduction in US and world population Ready for a Universal Flu Vaccine aka Pancoronavirus Vaccine? It’s coming and you can bet it won’t protect against “Flu” and was planned well in advance; specifically Aug 15 “Feast of Lucifer” 1871: “We must prepare for the next pandemic”-Kamala at the UN; you can bet they are and she is not legal under the Constitution to be VP or POTUS; did you know Demented Pedophile Joe swore a blood oath to kill “Heretics” and their unborn babies? HHS VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Reaction) reporting is vastly underreported

      1918-2020 Spanish Flu Pandemic was neither Influenza (Influence of the Stars; specifically the Six Pointed Star aka Abomination of Desolation) nor Spanish; it was caused by Rockefeller (Rockefellers are Sephardic “Jews of the Spanish Rite” are not Jewish; they are Chaldean Satanists aka 5th Column Traitors aka “Culdees”) Inst for Medical Research (today Rockefeller U) Experimental Bacterial Meningitis Vaccines made in horses; the Covid 19 “Vaccine” is not a “Vaccine”, rather an Experimental Gene Therapy; what a coincidence! Did you know the Pfizer Vaccine may indeed be alive? if so, the Vaccinated may indeed be spreading a bacterial disease today as they were starting Mar 11, 1918; what a coincidence Coronavirus was “Classified” a Pandemic by the WHO on 3/11/2020 and 311 steps were built into the Coronavirus topped Monument in London in 1666; or not! Passengers on Carnival Princess were sent to quarantine on busses with the White Horse on them another coincidence? The 1918 Vaccine Serum was given to millions of soldiers Drafted and sent to Camp Funston for “Vaccination”; the Serum also sent to England, France, Belgium and Italy (Our Enemies? Sure!) where Trench Warfare was designed to spread the bacteria. Americans were promised by Woodrow Wilson during his re-election campaign slogan “Re-elect the man who will keep your sons out of war in Europe”  Coincidence with FunVax? Don’t bet on it; Fun means “Cheat, Hoax, Trick”.  Bacterial Meningitis mimics Flu symptoms; what a coincidence 2020 Flu season was nearly absent and replaced by Coronavirus with Flu like symptoms; Fred Gates compiled the 1918 Stats; Bill Gates the 2020 stats; just amazing coincidences with 1918 eh?
        UK Models predict 3rd COVID Wave will kill 60-70% of people vaccinated with both doses same day India begins hyping COVAX and the halted AstraZeneca COVISHIELD Vaccine using Crisis Actors and year old footage How much Jesuit BS will we believe?
        Rosicrucian Tricks: 33 deg Luciferian Freemason Pearl Harbor/WWII architect FDR warned “Nothing in politics happens by chance; if it happens it was planned” Jesuits planned 3 World Wars in 1871. April 12-May 12, 2021 is Ramadan; WWIII will pit Zionism against Islam.,plans%20have%20come%20to%20fruition%2C%20shockingly%20%27on%20target%27Woodrow Wilson (Rosicrucian handler Col Mandell House; Wilson unconstitutionally created the FED) and Pearl Harbor architect  FDR (Rosicrucian handler Nicholas Roerich; Reverse of the Great Seal on the $USONE unveiled 9/11/1935) were just part of the Satanic script, just like Rockefeller funded Greta “Pearl” Thunberg; Prince Phillip wanted to to be reincarnated as a Killer Virus; his dream may indeed come true. The 1973 movie Soylent Green promoted Mask Wearing (watch 1:30-1:40; Mask Wearing vastly increased the death rate in 1918) and Cannibalism by 2022; God prohibits Cannibalism (Gen 9:4). In 1966 aka Anno Satanae or “Year One Satan”, the movie Omega Man (JESUS is the real Omega Man) predicted a Global Pandemic for 2020; on Purim (3/11/20) the WHO “Classified” Coronavirus a “Global Pandemic”; predictive programming that began in 1666 with 311 steps to the Freemason built Monument in London featuring Coronavirus and Golden Calf “Marduk” (Vaccine means “Of the Cow”); think 33 deg Freemason Planet of the Apes actor Charleton Heston knew this? SV-40 Simian Virus in Polio Vaccines and Simian Flu in Rise of the Planet of the Apes also just coincidence? Artemis means Butcher; all 33 deg Luciferian Freemasons worship Artemis at the Supreme House of the Temple in Washington DC, designed to replicate the Temple of Artemis; if you go, be sure to head for the basement where the  FBI and NASA rooms are located; this is the BS factory!
            Mask:  Latin Masca “Witch, Specter, Nightmare” Arab Maskara  “Buffoon”  meaning “Ridiculous, Clown, Jester, Fool; Unintentionally ridiculous person”
     “People are handicapped coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous they cannot believe it actually exists” 33 deg Luciferian Freemason, Bi-sexual, pedophile, 50 yr FBI Director J Edgar Hoover. Coronavirus “Crowned Serpent Venom”, Masks, 5G (Artemis means Butcher are that “Monstrous Conspiracy” designed to trick you into selling your Birthright and accept the Six Pointed Chaldean Star “Mark of the Beast”
         Louis Pasteur’s made up Germ Theory is the root of the deception; Pasteur Inst abandoned its COVID Vaccine Jan 2021. Vaccines create conditions for disease, they do not heal the body  PCR Test Swabs and Masks deposit DARPA created Hydrogels and nano-wires into the respiratory tract and hematoencyphalic barrier; Ligands (Lipid encased Nano-metal) breach the “Blood Brain Barrier” (Brain is 65% Fat/Lipid). Hydrogels acts as a Converter between RF energy eg 5G, and living tissue, cells, organs. Lithium + Organic Fluid (Saliva, Blood) + Hydrogels breach the Blood-Brain barrier and grow into 3D structures dulling emotions, targeting the Pituitary Gland and Neurotransmission creating controllable Bio-robot eg “Corpus animatum” unable to feel the presence of the Holy Ghost. This is quite likely the “Strong Delusion” (2 Thess 2:11)
Morgellons Disease is a patented US 6245531B1 Bio-weapon using the Insect hormone “Ecdysone” to affect Gene Expression such as VMAT Genes aka “God Genes”; in all likelihood, the Morgellons fibers are in the Masks and PCR Swabs. Fun: Cheat, Trick or Hoax; FunVax is designed to Cheat and Trick people into selling their “Birthright” as Jacob did to Esau. Coronavirus is FunVax
Walking Dead (Corpus animatum) series began at the CDC in Atlanta; eating human flesh (Cannibalism was first taught by Canaanite Priests of Baal or Kahn-Baals; Baal is Molech and the Edomite Qos meaning “Bow” or “Poison” aka Vaccine) is done for Adrenochrome; God warned do not eat flesh with the life (Holy Ghost) this highly addictive form of Adrenaline is the root of “Sacrificing children to Molech” warned thorough the Old Testament and why Jesus warned unless “Those Days” were shortened no flesh would be saved. Mask wearing contributed to bacterial pneumonia, the primary cause of death during the Vaccine caused 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic.
Infertility: Vaccine and or Adjuvants causes the body to attack epithelial linings of blood vessels, lung alveoli, and the uterus; this is why 5G Artemis Project uses a targeted cellphone and female reproductive system logo.  The hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone in women that prevents menstrual periods from sluffing the uterus lining is suppressed; in men and women, the GnRH (Gonadotrophin Releasing Hormone) hormone released from the Hypothalamus to the Pituitary which in-turn produces LH (Leutinizing Hormone) for follicle stimulation is suppressed which affects Egg production and Sperm DNA.   A Whistleblower named Zed Phoenix put out this information April 2020; the UTube video has since been removed. Artemis “Butcher” Networks uses the Female Reproductive System as its Logo turning 4G cellphones into Infertility Weapons.
Zed Phoenix’ source claims that antigens called Anti-HCG, CTP, Anti-GNRH, and cancer causing chemicals are included in the Covid-19 vaccine. 63 women have been tested with this HCG and 61 became infertile. GNRH is for male vaccines and it has the following effects: 1) decreased testicular size, 2) drop of testosterone levels, 3) marked atrophy of the prostrate, 4) kills mitochondrial DNA of sperm, 4) antibody response in females during intercourse which makes them infertile. This will be seen in the population in a timespan of 7 to 10 years. This means that its fulfillment is intended for the U.N. 2030 Sustainable Development target. Zed plans to pay independent labs to test the contents of the Covid-19 vaccine.
Season of Sacrifice: Women receiving the Vax are suffering menstrual difficulties; 10 yr olds having periods; post-menopausal women are having periods and blood clots; bruising, headaches, sleep disorders etc. Bill Gates and the people pushing Vaccines (CV and/or Universal Flu) state the world is vastly overpopulated. Gates at TED talks has stated the “Mosquito is the world’s most deadly animal” April 27-May1 Florida is releasing Gates financed Oxitec GM Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, vectors of Zika, Dengue and Yellow Fever which the WHO lists as the “Next Pandemics” and these man-made bio weapons have a Tetracycline On-Off Switch, the antibiotic most widely used in cattle ranching; remember Cain was the world’s first farmer/cattle rancher; Temple of Satan’s favorite politician Fla Gov now Sen Rick Scott is a Mosquito Abatement millionaire influencing Mosquito Control Boards. What could go wrong?
             Gates believes world population could be reduced by 10-15% with Vaccines. Now we are to trust Pharmaceutical Corporations given legal immunity and funded from Governments delivering “Experimental Gene Therapies” want to save the world from a “Virus” and “Vaccine” patented and planned in advance? The Georgia Guidestones was dedicated on 3/22/80 (Ares is the UNKNOWN GOD ignorantly worshipped at the Areopagus “Hill of Ares” aka “Mars’ Hill” in Acts 17:23; Gen 3:22 is the the source of the Brotherhood of Death aka Skull & Bones or Society 322; its out in the open people!) calling for elimination of all but 500M people. ObamaCare (Obama means He is with us in Zoroastrian Farsi) was signed into law 3/22/10 at 3:22 UTC forcing Unconstitutional commerce with the Government; the same Government funding these Vaccines and giving Sovereign Legal Immunity to Pharmaceutical Corps.
 Jesus warned no flesh would be saved unless He shortened those days (Mat 24:22) Jesus warned people would kill and think they do God a service Jn 16:2
     Johns Hopkins admits the Vaccine is in the PCR Tests. JESUS represents the 8th and final Covenant between God and Man; Chromosome 8 sequences are right on the PCR Test boxes; our bodies are being programmed to produce Antigens identical to the Chromosomes regulating Neurotransmitters (eg Pituitary and Hypothalamus regulating fertility hormones) our bodies Immune System is attacking the very thing that allows us to “Go forth and multiply” and differentiates us from Beasts and hardly anyone seems to care.
        Now we have Drug dealing Porn Star George Floyd and his 12 yr El Nuevo Rodeo Strip Club bouncer pal Derek Chauvin pulling the wool over the sheep’s eyes; Congress has Reparations (HR 40 was passed out of committee April 14; great timing eh?) Racial Equality and Gun Control Bills (Yesterday makes 41 shootings in 31 days all during the Season of Sacrifice what a coincidence eh? Harris-Biden have 3 Gun Control EO’s in the drawer) Red Flag Laws pushed in advance by Merrick Garland (prosecutor for Timothy McVeigh False Flag) and Susan Rice (pretty coincidental both were turned away from entering Russia eh?) already in play with the SCOTUS deciding any day now on Warrantless Gun Confiscation; aka Red/Edomite Flag Laws this a week after BLM mouthpiece Patrice Cullers buying a Malibu house with her girlfriend and making convicted felon Floyd a Saint and the FED printing $4T in Covid Relief and Infrastructure with the new BATFE Chief David Chipman heading a Gun Control Lobby based on another False Flag shooting in Tuscon facilitated by NASA’s AR-15 owning AZ Senator Mark Kelly; Gabby, a reform Jew attended Sukkot (Tabernacle of Saturn) with her alleged killer who built just such a Booth in his backyard for Pete’s sake. Stephen King couldn’t write a story as frightening as this!
       This is all work of Esau; new bibles reverse the prophecy in Gen 27:39-41 because Esau gets Dominion, Esau lives by the Sword (Jan 1 2020 Google Doodle depicts choosing between a Sword and Vaccine Needle), Dew from Heaven (Priests/Pastors/Rabbis saying “Trust Science; Get the Vaccine”; Science is Chaldean “Vain and profane babbling” Dan 1:4; 1 Ti 6:20 but that word is also changed in new bible versions to “Knowledge”) and by the Fatness of the Earth (Wealth; Pluto/Plutonium is the “god of underworld wealth”) all for selling his right to a relationship with God and when that happens as we are reminded in Rom 1:27 etc etc we are given over to a reprobate mind aka LGBTQ blah blah blah; and coincidentally all on Hitlers birthday “Weed Day”; got an idea who the Weeds are in Cain’s Constant Gardening?
      Remember Obama when he was nominated in Aurora (Mile High; Aurora pulls Apollo’s “Destroyer” Solar Chariot; just ask Trump rose 66th floor Penthouse is a Shrine to Apollo or Putin whose Sochi Olympics in Crimea featured Aurora and Apollo) on a Greek Tragedy Stage built like Satan’s Seat? Soon after Deep Water Horizon (Mile Down ie As Above, So Below) was set ablaze, exactly 1 year to the day after SMOM Nic Cage put out the movie Knowing showing a burning oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20; this Oil/Methane breach has never stopped and is destroying the Thermohaline Conveyor which governs Global Climate; but we will be Greta’s (Greta means Pearl of Great Price; the real one is the Holy Ghost) Scapegoat for Climate Change; hence CV Vaccines cause our immune systems to reject pregnancy; killing, suppressing the “God Genes” and infertility reducing the population is warned about in scripture and happening in front of us now; what does one think the “Strong Delusion” (2 Thess 2:11) would be if not this? At the end of that movie showing how events are predicted precisely in advance are kids led by aliens defying Gravity (God of Forces; Dan 11:38) to a new world with one Tree; the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; the previous world destroyed by a Solar Flare of 20 micro-tesla or about the strength of a refrigerator magnet; comical except that Science constantly claims the Sun has a Magnetic Field; It does not! The same with Coronavirus; remember Kobe=Covid=God’s Door published a children’s book Tree of Ecrof (Mirror of Force; God of Forces in Dan 11:38 is Antichrist) Children running to the Colorful Tree with the Tree of Life (Jesus Christ) under it dead and lifeless; this is what Coronavirus Vaccines are doing to Neuro-transmitters.
      Harris-Biden is Obama-Biden part 3; Magic has 3 parts Pledge, Turn, Prestige; this is the Prestige. Kamala’s sister Maya was also involved in PizzaGate (Pizza is FBI Code for Pedophilia and Adrenochrome/Stem Cell  Harvesting; here is South Park making fun of this so why not have the Japan (Land of the Rising Sun=Saturn/Satan) Olympics (Godzilla versus Kong a nice touch eh?; Zillah the mother of Tubal-cain, the patron saint of Freemasons and instructor of all artificers of metals like Uranium and Plutonium of Iron as in the 4th Beast of Iron in Dan 7:7)  where Obama delivered the MOX (Uranium-Plutonium; Pluto is the Edomite god of Wealth) fuel at Fukushima radiating the globe, like Deep Water Horizon, from the only place on earth capable of doing such devastation; Buoyant Radioactive Bucky Balls of course forming in Six Pointed Star shaped molecules aka Abomination causing Desolation. If this is not the Abomination of Desolation and Mark of the Beast, what is?

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Derek Chauvin Guilty Verdict

Hitler’s Birthday on “Weed Day” is a big deal for Cain, the “Constant Gardner” who offered God produce from the Earth which was rejected, so he offered his brother’s blood. The Weeds/Tares/Pulses? Deep Water Horizon was intentionally set ablaze on Weed Day and scuttled on Earth Day to destroy the Earth’s Thermohaline Conveyor which regulates Global Climate; the Carbon Theory is 100% nonsense. Jesus and His followers are the Tares aka Pulses! 2016 was the UN Year of Pulses aka Gene Slips; remember the False Flag shooting at the LGBTQ  Pulse Nightclub during the UN Year of Pulses? That was no more coincidence than  HR 7120 George Floyd Justice in Policing Act 2021 in Congress. Another shooting in NYC; SCOTUS decides on Warrantless Gun Confiscation and Congress decides on Gun Control Legislation all on Hitler’s Birthday is not coincidence nor is Russia enforcing a “Dangerous Zone” (essentially a soft  No-Fly Zone) over Crimea leading to the fake Gog and Magog War. Porn Star, BLM Saint, convicted drug dealer, George Floyd worked as a night club bouncer over a decade with Derek Chauvin, the 17 yr off-duty policeman at El Nuevo Rodeo Club; it’s a new Rodeo alright and the 4 Horsemen are saddled and ready to ride! What are the odds Derek Chauvin would be called to investigate his buddy George Floyd trying to pass a bad check at a convenience store?  $14.7M to 1??

Caution! Habib show is a porn site

Did Derek Chauvin use a Z-Bar to fake the death of George Floyd?

Courtney Ross and AG Keith Ellison agree “Reparations and Justice are coming” AG Keith Ellison, a convert to Nation of Islam; Floyd’s payout $27M; Autopsy done by Michael Baden who also handled Jeff Epstein and was an “Expert Witness” in the OJ Simpson and Phil Specter trials; the  Obama Foundation even posted a George Floyd Tweet a week in advance on May 17, 2020.



Fed Water Shortage Declaration for Western States

(AZ, NV, CA) coming; Lake Mead, currently 39% of capacity to fall to 1075ft by June 21 “Feast of St John” (Chaldean Oannes) triggering cuts in Electricity and Water. 2021 is the 86th anniversary of Hoover Dam; to 86 something means “Remove Completely”; it’s time to Get Smart folks! FDR dedicated Hoover Dam the year the reverse of the Great Seal was placed on the $USONE “Nothing in politics happens by accident, if it happens you can bet it was planned that way”-FDR NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM “New Secular Order” is synonymous with Wilderness or Desolation, ie a land without God; it is CAPITALIZED because this is SPIRITUAL Desolation ie removal of the Holy Ghost meant here. ANNUIT COEPTUS “He approves the undertaking” The Unfinished Pyramid is capped by the All Seeing Eye of Horus; the New Aeon of Horus is detailed in Aleister Crowley’s book Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix. The US is the Phoenix of the New Age.
$50 Bill shows Hoover Dam destroyed by what looks to be EM Scalar Waves; Tuning Fork Angels stand at the bottom of the Dam; Transformers Deception leader Megatron, exiled on Saturn is reborn from the All Spark Cube (Cubes=Saturn) in the Dam; The Rock (Dwayne Black/Swarthy + Johnson=Son of Oannes) plays Jesus in San Andreas movie where an earthquake collapses Hoover Dam. FEMA’s 3 main concerns on Sept 10, 2001 1. Terrorist Act in NYC which happened with FEMA in place for the event 2. Hurricane in New Orleans 3. Earthquake on San Andreas Fault. Hollywood trying to tell us something?

Freightliner even got into the act depicting the destruction of the Hoover Dam in a commercial sponsored by Freightliner. The Autonomous Western Star 5700 (Sun and Moon return to the same location every 57 years) is identical to the Transformer Optimus Prime who battles Megatron. A Star Map at the bottom of the Dam records the Zodiac Dedication 8:56PM Sept 30, 1935; Rosh Hashanah was Sept 29, 1935 1+9+3+5=666; the Rainbow Bridge built as a By-pass in the event of Dam failure; good planning eh? The Coronavirus Warp Speed Logo is a Cube like the All Spark designed as the Antahkerana “Rainbow Bridge” which masks the HHS Logo On 9/11/1935 the reverse of the Seal on the $ONE was revealed by FDR Spiritual adviser, Rosicrucian Nicholas Roerich.
Isn’t it time to wake up?

Pharmakos “Ritual Sacrifice” Crowned White Horse conquers with a Bow=Qos=Molech the Edomite National God.
Russia pounding Euphrates River cities of Raqqa and Deir Ezzor April 19, this after the US pounded Abu Kamal on Purim to prepare the way for the Kings of the East Rev (16:12) May Day in Moscow’s Red Square is the Birth of Baal/Molech/Zeus aka Edomite National God Qos to whom child sacrifices are offered; from May 1, 2021 until Feast of Atonement 2024 there are 1260 days. Why offer children as a Sacrifice? Jim Caviezel is Jesuit (Militia of Zeus) and Controlled Opposition identifying Adrenochrome Harvesting with Q Anon. Q is the original Anonymous, a Jesuit hacking group; the motto “Where We Go 1 We Go All” refers to selling one’s soul; High Level Jesuits do exactly that; for them Scutum Fidel has all paths leading to Zeus. Q is Phoenician Qop referring to the East Gate of the Temple Mount where Jesus entered and was rejected and Antichrist will enter and be accepted (Jn 5:43)  Playing Jesus in Passion of the Christ he starred in a very Masonic/Jesuit rendition with most every other actor a XXX Italian Porn Star (Mary Magdalene aka Monica Bellucci also starred in the Matrix in the Nightclub Hell as Persephone the central figure in the Eleusinian Mystery Religion with the Merovingian; Merovee is the Beast Rising from the Sea) and Gibson holding the Nails in his “Sinister” hand to which he admits; his new movie Passion of the Christ II will be more about WWIII than the Resurrection.

      Jesus carrying a Cross did not happen; if it did everyone would know Him as the Cross must have weighed several hundred pounds. Jesus carried His Cross Bar (Xulon in Greek is Piece of Tree) and was Nailed to the Tree (Palo=Pole=Spike); the KJV makes this point very clear (Acts 5:30; 10:39; 13:29; Gal 3:13; 2 Pet 2:24; Jn 19:31); new bible versions change Tree to Cross because the Cross represents  Tammuz aka Zeus. Jesus had to fulfill Deut 21:23; the Good Friday-Easter (Easter is Anamellech), the Rabbit Idol is the hidden symbol of Adrenochrome Harvesting; the Colored Eggs of Pasch used by Druids “Knowers of Trees” have nothing to do with Jesus; Herod the Edomite celebrated Easter (Acts 12:4) an Edomite deception designed to discredit scripture and His promise to be 3 days/nights in the Sepulchre.
      Dialectic works by putting everyone in a “Camp” whether it be Democrat-Republican; Conservative-Liberal, QAnon-BLM. Derek Chauvin and Porn Star George Floyd are Crisis Actors who worked together for years at the same nightclub; expect the verdict on April 21 aka Roman “Fordicidia” the sacrifice of a pregnant cow and her unborn calf is exactly what Jesuits swear oaths to do to human beings; 5G targets a woman’s fertility. Thesis + Anti-thesis=Synthesis; in this case the Synthesis is Chaos. Caviezel goes around preaching in Protestant Congregations that identify with the Zionist-Q Anon side.
       Adrenochrome was and still is the reason children are trafficked and sacrificed Here are alleged dates, names, method, Adrenochrome quality CYM Corporation records for children as young as 6 being sacrificed for Adrenochrome during the Season of Sacrifice 2021. Black Eye Club Panda Club (remember Jimmy Fallon’s Panda sidekick on Tonight Show), Kuru (Prions Disease) symptoms in the Elite, Chateau Amerois (Google Marc Dutroix Affair), Nebraska Boys Town, The Most Dangerous Game, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (book and movie), Spirit Cooking, Pizza Gate, Epstein’s Pedophile Island, Hunger Games (Lady Gaga wore a giant Mocking Jay pin to the Harris-Biden Inauguration) all refer to Human Hunting for Adrenochrome. The Most Dangerous Game is the most popular short story, written in 1924, adapted to a movie and novel in 1964. It’s out in the open, just most people put it in the “Conspiracy” trash bin and ignore it.
      God forbid “Passing children through fire to Molech” and forbids “Eating of flesh with the Life in the Blood”; no other prohibitions against eating of animals is given, just human blood has the “Life” in it.  Hosea 4:6 “My people perish for lack of knowledge” J Edgar Hoover said “People are handicapped coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous they cannot believe it actually exists”; in my opinion Adrenochrome Harvesting is that “Monstrous Conspiracy” Caviezel is putting Adrenochrome Harvesting in the realm of Conspiracy Theory so most people will deny its existence. Why else would this Coronavirus Pandemic be used to install 5G 60 GHz WiGig transmitters in Schools, Stadiums, Hospitals, Cities? Wuhan was the first 5G demonstration city; people fell over instantly, no reaction to prevent the falls or knee buckling, just falling over like a tree; this happened yesterday during a 5G Conference to a Danish Health Official How many people are clamoring to get their kids back into School or Church or go to a Football Game in a 5G wired stadium?
    77 the Limit of Sin The 4th Beast of Iron in Dan 7:7 is the Pale Horse in Rev 6:8 and must certainly be Hematin (Hemoglobin + Iron) a 77 Atom molecule in Red Blood Cells which carries Oxygen and is the only way I can envision why a person would instantly fall over like Mike Tyson hit them in the head.  Liber Oz: Book 77 is Aleister Crowley’s single page book outlining the Axiom in Thelema and Witchcraft both Black and White Magic “Do what thou wilt shall be the sum of the law”; Pharmakeia means “Drug induced Sorcery, Magic”; the Crowned White Horse (Rev 6) conquers with a Bow=Poison=Qos the Edomite National God of human sacrifice aka Molech/Baal; how can Qos (Bow/Rainbow) not be Q:Anon? The Pale (Chloro=Green=Emerald City=Oz=77) Horse “Death” (Rev 6:8; 6+8=14=77; 68X9.81m/s2=666 Newtons of “Gravity” another lie described as the “God of Forces” in Dan 11:38; 11+38=49=77) is the same Antichrist. The Pale (Green Man=Bacchus, Dionysus, Osiris “On” seen in BabylOn) Horse is on the cover of CFR Foreign Affairs Magazine with the word Ubiquitous (Everywhere); CFR HQ is the Harold Pratt Building; Pratt means “Cunning, Astute, Crafty”; most of Congress is initiated into this organization and all commit treason doing so; Pratt brothers founded Mormonism; Parley Pratt, the Apostle Paul of Mormonism an ancestor of Mitt Romney; it’s everywhere. Augustine, was Phoenician (Canaanite) trained in Carthage and said 77 is the last limit of Sin; the symbol of the New Age is the Rainbow, also associated with 77 or Oz, the limit is Emerald City named after Emerald, the stone cut from Lucifer’s Crown according to Gnostics aka Green Man who deny Jesus is the Holy Ghost; it is no coincidence there were 77 generations from Adam to Jesus. The Green New Deal is a contract with Satan.
      The Coronavirus Vaccine is an “Experimental” Therapy; Pharmaceutical  means “Druggist, Poisoner, Magic, Sorcery”;  Pharmakos  means “Ritual Sacrifice”; Archers kill with a Bow using Arrows Anonymously.  Corp’s are given Legal Immunity from the Sovereign Legal Immunity of their own Governments. Insurance Companies can cancel Life Insurance and Health Insurance (including Medicare) for “Experimental” Therapies which sicken people; further, Employers can revoke Employee Sick Leave; Fun times eh? Fun means “Cheat, Trick, Hoax”; Coronavirus Vaccines are the FunVax Vaccine means “Of the Cow”; Hathor the Holy Cow means “Mansion of Horus” thus Coronavirus/FunVax is a  program designed to remove God, to create Wilderness/Desolation by suppressing VMAT Genes regulating Neurotransmitters (Spirituality); if this is not the Strong Delusion (2 Thess 2:11) what is? The entire New Covenant is Spiritual!
       Under the Domestic Terror Prevention Act 2021; the Unvaccinated will be classed “Domestic Terrorists” and stripped of all Rights. Jesus was Crucified in the House of his friends (Zech 13:6); Jesus is Shiloh (Gen 49:10) Jesus owns the House! His followers should expect the same treatment.
      PCR Tests are the Vaccine; Johns Hopkins University admits this PCR Test inventor Kari Mullis had a “Heart Attack” calling our Anthony Fauci as a no-nothing liar and warning against PCR Tests Aug 2019 2 months before Johns Hopkins Univ rehearsed the Coronavirus Pandemic in Wuhan.
       If you have already gotten PCR Tests and/or mRNA Vaccines I think it wise to research this and perhaps stop getting any “Boosters” mRNA is fragile and disintegrates quickly; Theragrippers used to deliver the Vaccines via PCR Swabs likewise are excreted. DNA is however, very stable. mDNA Vaccines, both Coronavirus and Universal Flu Vaccines are coming out soon, likely from INOVIO (Innovate means “Create and present as new”) and delivered Intra-dermally ie “In the Skin” (Rev 13:16; 14:9) and into Cells via Electroporation; dividing skin cells make the nucleus permeable to mDNA with the man-made, modified DNA replicating and spreading quickly. This I would strongly consider not getting. INOVIO is funded by an international consortium including GAVI, CEPI, WHO, US Army, DARPA  etc etc Domestic Terrorists in all nations will be stripped of rights and property as Slaves cannot own Property; they will be refused the ability to Buy or Sell anything, much less travel internationally, and be considered “Threats to National Security”. If this is not at or soon leading to the Mark of the Beast what is? We cannot love the world and Jesus!