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Francis Scott ‘Key Bridge’ in Baltimore Hit.  Baltimore is schedule to become a ‘Smart City’ Just like Lahaina. Biden’ using Tax money to pay for it! The AIS System wars of collisions; it didn’t!  #1 Port for Farm Equipment, Combines, Bulldozers, and DIESEL! ‘Control FOOD you control people’ Maersk chartered (CEO Vincent Clerk is WEF) the Alabama and had 2 Trident Biosafety Security Guards killed in Saudi Arabia The ship is the ‘Dalia’ Dali is the goddess of hunting. The Pale Horse of Death has the Edomite national god Qos=Rainbow. Salvadore Dali (Buddhist) painted Lincoln  a Sodomite head of AMORC ‘Rosicrucian Society of America’; Corpus Hypercubus depicts the Crucifixion, Jesus is the Aquarian Cross; Hypercube=Tesseract a Cube in 4 Dimensions ‘May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; And to know the love of Christ’ Ephesians 3:18KJV Wholistic World Vision written in Israel has Chap 23 added to Revelation; Oops!  ‘The Broken Bridge’ is the destroyed Bridge that transforms into the Stairway to Heaven aka Jacobs Ladder. The Francis ‘Free’ Key symbol of authority and power’ Bridge was completed on3/22/77 (Gen 3:22; Dan 7:7); 3/22 is 30 days before Earth Day. Dan 12:11

Dali “demon” and “god”:  May Day goes out, 2 mins before, the ship lets down an anchor which pivots the ship towards the piling, the Bridge collapses from sequenced THERMiTE demolition explosives before the ship hits the support just like 9/11 Where was the Harbor Pilot? Baltimore: Irish baile an tí mhóir, meaning ‘town of the Great House’ is “the church, which is His body (Eph. 1:22-23) This ‘Great House’ is for SATAN! Maryland had a $3.3B shortfall for BRIDGE REPAIR. 

Barack Obama Sodomite, Prince Hall Freemason (Black Skull&Bones), non-US Citizen, not sworn to defend the Constitution, Obama Care signed 3/22 at 3:22UTC ‘And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever’ Gen 3:22 Barack Hussein Obama II (Lightning + He is with Us; II? Bari ‘Solar Barque’ Malik  ‘In Arabic, Malik (Malek) مَالِك means owner, and Malyk (Malyeek) مَلِك means king, ruler, and master in Africa. Its homonym, though other sounding, Moloch also means king or lord in Aramaic (which also uses ‘Malek’ and ‘Malik’, as in Assyrian, Chaldean, Hindu, Sikh, Muslims in India, Pakistan, Persian (Zoroastrian) and Hebrew מֶלֶךְ‏ (mélekh). Allah calls Himself Al-Malik— The King and Owner of Dominion. In the Quran, Mālik is chief of the angels who govern Hell. Shahbazz “royal falcon” ie Horus. Nation of Islam Malcolm X II. ‘My, God, my God, Why hast thou forsaken me?’ Jesus spoke His last words in Aramaic. Obama’s  production company Higher Ground Productions (NW Tsunami warnings in pace, Hoover Dam breach is on the $50, NYC Tidal Wave is on the $100, New Madrid Fault is on FEMA and NOAA maps would wipe out most of the US population, Higher Ground?) produced and predicted event in Leave the World Left Behind the ship was the White Lion; the 1st person to see the ship is Rose! Remember Titanic!

  • The Francis Scott ‘Key Bridge’ is the same bridge in “Leave the World Behind”;  ‘Crisis Actors’  said it was like ‘watching a movie”, because it was a movie!
  • 2 minutes of data is missing from the Black Box; darn the luck!
  • Star Spangled Banner is based on Anacreon in Heaven; Artemis and Dionysus
  • The Bridge named ‘Francis’ the Pontiff ‘Master Bridge Builder’
  • The ‘White  Lion’ was headed to Sri Lanka. The flag of Sri Lanka is a Lion
  • White Lions are the Messengers of the Gods
  • White Lions represent the eternal essence of African wisdom
  • White Lion brought slaves to America in 1619; which is the station on the radio; Johann Valentin Andreae(1568–1654), a Lutheran theologian and teacher who wrote the utopian treatise Christianopolis (1619). The Fama Fraternitatis of the Meritorious Order of the Rosy Cross (1614), The Confession of the Rosicrucian Fraternity(1615), and The Chymical Marriage of Christian Rosenkreuz (1616)
  • White Lions: humankind must unite spiritually, and reinstate love and respect for nature, in order to restore balance on earth. Amanda ‘To Love’ is Julia Roberts
  • GH Scott (Mahershala means ‘Swift Are The Spoils, Speedy Is The Plunder.’ Mahershalalhashbaz, is from Maher-shalal-hash-baz, the name of the prophet Isaiah’s second child (chapter 8, Book of Isaiah) Ali “sublime, high, exalted” and ala, which means “rise, ascend,” ‘ GH’Geo=Earth + H ‘God is with me’; the 8th Covenant is through JESUS and the Holy Ghost

The same message is on the Rosicrucian Georgia Guide Stones, by RC Christian dedicated 3/22/80 on HWY 77; remember, the Bridge was completed on 3/22/77 (Gen 3:22; Dan 7:7); 3/22 is 30 days before Earth Day; the #1 Commandment ‘500M living is harmony with NATURE!’. JESUS is the ‘Lion of Judah’! and there are 8B people!

Star Spangled BannerThe Rockets Red glare, and the bombs bursting is mid-air’ were INTENTIONAL He watched from a British Ship. Washington DC-Baltimore-Philadelphia-New York-Boston are located of the same ‘Ley Line’ connecting Stonehenge, Hagia Sofia ‘Blue Mosque’, and Troy. Teotihuacan, Mexico ‘Pyramid of the Sun and Moon’ means ‘Place where men become gods” to Baalbek, Lebanon ‘City of Baal’ renamed Heliopolis, a Greek term meaning ‘city of the sun’ (Quetzalcoatl=Phoenix) named after the Assyrian Laban ‘To make white’ White Lion?. Jeger-sahudutha the Chaldean god=Satan or Galeed=Jacob’s God=Israel=JESUS, both ‘Heap of Witness’Marduk ‘Bull of the Sun’ or JESUS; Your choice!

DUNE Sam Esmail is an Arab, Muslim and the Director of Leave the World Behind  and Dune Arrakis-Iraq Beast ‘Rabban’ (Aramaic for Monk?; Rabbi, Chaldean and Sabaen ‘Rba’) All Seeing Eye space ship, ‘Black Sun’ (Namaah + Ham ‘Black’=Canaan) ‘Fremen’ (Free of God), ‘locust that sound of horses’ (Rev 9:7-11) ‘T mark on the forehead’ (40 days Weeping for Tammuz), sand swallowing people (Num 26:10; Jude 11 ‘The way of Cain’, The Korahite Priesthood swallowed in the sand) DEW Weapons, Harkonen härkä ox’=Aleph? ‘Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock: And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock. And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand‘ Matt 7:24-27KJV Atreides Agamemnon or Menelaus of the Trojan War; Symbol=Hawk=Horus“Bene Gesserit”=House of Jesuits “he will have carried well” (Namaah?) Caladan=Caledonia ‘Scotland’, renamed Dan ‘Judge’; 3rd planet? Earth. The goal of the organisation (Amakites?) is to produce a messiah figure (Canaan/Antichrist?). Reverend Mothers (Chumologmo=Earth Mother) some outsiders call them “witches”. Great House; Pharos=Great House. Kwisatz Haderach “one who can be many places at once” (All seeing eye?) Produce ‘superbeing’ as a messiah. Muad’Dib: Fremen religion evolved into the Church of Muad’Dib or Golden Elixir of Life-religion; “teacher” in Arabic ‘Messiah’. Lisan al Gaib is the Fremen term for an off-world prophet or messiah,  tongue of the unseen (Holy Ghost?). human-sandworm=Crimson Worm? Golden Path (Yellow Brick Road?) “mahdi”, a messianic figure? a poison called Water of Life (Jesus?) “the Voice” (HolyGhost?) extensive skill in seduction, sex and sexual imprinting (Q-D-S ‘Prostitute of Qadesh’?; eg Cross-dresser Kamala Harris, nee Gopalan) Crystknife=Spear of Loginus?“preserve the bloodline” melange=spice=Adrenocrome?Gesserit” suggests the word “Jesuit” In DUNE II the Harkonen ox’=Aleph and Arrakis (Iraq) start WWIII

160,000 members of SAG-AFTRA Actors Union will join writers on strike, shutting down Hollywood Members will join up with more than 11,000 already striking film and television writers.


Barbie Movie, Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling
“I do set my bow (Qos=bow; Qōs is the Arabian god of the rainbow…national god of the Edomites) in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth“. Gen 9:13 Pink is the color of love and love is associated with Venus and Venus is often referred to as the morning star. Lucifer is be morning star and Jesus is the morning star. Which one is correct?
     Barbie (Barbelo is often depicted as a supreme female principle) and Ken (Kennites=Midianites) each nailed to a Pink Cross, Baphomet Barbie, Virgin Mary Barbie, Moses Ken with 10 Commandments, Barbie nativity scene, Buddha Ken sitting in a lotus position.
“I don’t have a vagina”-Barbie “I don’t have a penis”-Ken. The Divine Androgyne “Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day they were created” Gen 5:2KJV. The first Adam was created Male-Female; Gnostics consider Jesus to be the 2nd Adam; the 3rd Adam will be Antichrist “Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all” Dan 11:37KJV A man that does not regard the desire of women!
       Ken “To Know”; “right, correct, true”; Jewish idiom for sexual intercourse between a man and a woman. On Purim July 28, 2023 Typhoon Doksuri “Eagle” BEIJING: 19.6 INCHES OF RAIN IN 24 HOURS; CATASTROPHIC FLOODING;China’s Three Gorges Dam is at severe risk of breaking; They are telling the people to prepare for collapse. Tropical Storm soon to be Typhoon Khanun khen could be interpreted as ‘grace, on the heels of Doksuri. This may finish the 3 Gorges Dam; resulting deluge would inundate Shanghai and other cities, affecting more than 400 million people living downstream. Esther (Ishtar, Anammellech 2 Ki 17:30) requested the king of Persia to spare her and her people from death. She called this a request of khen (Esther 8:3); She was calling Haman the Agagite “Khen”; he was an Amakekite! 
     Barbie: barbaros (Greek: βάρβαρος) meaning “stranger”or “foreign”.’ and ‘Ken’ searches on baby name websites have SKYROCKETED in wake of $Billion movie; Margot Robbie is a man, he wants to do a love affair with gay Harley Quinn; her previous movie Babylon. Barbēlō (Greek: Βαρβηλώ)refers to the first emanation of God in several forms of Gnostic cosmogony. Barbēlō is often depicted as a supreme female principle, the single passive antecedent of creation in its manifoldness; This is the first thought, his image; she became the womb of everything, for it is she who is prior to them all, the Mother-Father (Anthropos), the Holy Spirit, the thrice-male, the thrice-powerful, the thrice-named androgynous one, and the eternal aeon among the invisible ones,and the first to come forth. Nicolaitans “Conquer the Laity” is apparently an anticipatory reference to their alleged descendants the “Gnostici” According to their view Barbēlō lives “eighth heaven; she had been ‘put forth’ (προβεβλῆσθαι)of the Father”; she was mother of Yaldabaoth, who insolently took possession of the seventh heaven,and proclaimed himself to be the only God.Tantric rituals and beliefs, noting that both systems have a common goal of attaining primordial spiritual unity through erotic bliss and the consumption of menses and ejaculate “Spirit Cooking”Naamah is the name of Noah’s wife.
    Occult Secrets of Barbie, Cursed Spells Hiding in Plain Sight In 2001 Barbie in the Nutcracker; he becomes a handsome prince in a land of fairies.Transmutation and transformation have been etched into stone; he had gone mad as he had fallen in love with a doll; Her Barbie Dolls would  influence a generation of Boomers and beyond to get boob jobs, butt lifts, and Botox. Body dysmorphic Gen Xers ended up getting tummy tucks or died of agonizing anorexia. But it’s just a doll! How many women die from cancer because of carcinogenic concoctions that they apply to their faces and bodies? Transhumanism: Mortality had begun and they now lived in a state of sin. Valeria Lukyanova is a modern magician. Through slick surgeries she has altered herself to look like a real life Barbie; Valeria is an occultist.She’s also a freemason and a Ukrainian Neo-Nazi. Barbie is actually the normie version of Naamahthe wife of Noah who had sex with Ham and brought the Curse of Canaan into the new age, the reincarnation of Maria Orsic, Hitler’s personal channeler to the Pleiades and the head of the Vril SocietyHitler, Putin and Zelenskyy are all Jews that supported the Black Sun. Neither Valeria nor Maria have children. The vector of Vril is a dark path that leads to the destruction of one’s seed Mystery Babylon. They choose service to self and will sacrifice the world in the process; a Ghost in the Machine recycled into Black Hole.
Two aerial photos of atomic bomb mushroom clouds, over two Japanese cities in 1945

Atomic bomb mushroom clouds over Hiroshima (left) and Nagasaki (right)

The Licorne photo sequence, scaled to roughly the same sizes for comparison of the cloud's evolution. Source: galleries

Arbitrarisation. (A) Egyptian hieroglyph representing a bull-head,... | Download Scientific Diagram
Julius Robert Oppenheimer ‘devoted to Jove’; father god where God=Jupiter=Zeus + “open home”; Jove/Zeus”, the son of Saturn. “The Martians” “They Aliens are among us, but they call themselves Hungarians”- Hungarian Jew Leo Szilard; csalárd “fraudulent, deceitful,“to cheat” +‎ -árd  Hebrew “I shall subdue”, Arabic word for ‘earth’ or ‘land’. Martian (Mars=Nergal the Canaanite god of War) is a term used to refer to a group of prominent Hungarian scientists, physicists and mathematicians of Jewish descent who emigrated from Europe to the United States in the early half of the 20th century. Jews replaced Israel with Canaanites, Phoenicians, Assyrians, Babylonians 2 Ki 17:30  and went by “Jew”. Bohemian Grove:(Bohemian means “One who does not conform to laws of the nation they reside in eg human sacrifices in “Groves”  to Molech, the Assyrian Bull god symboled by Aleph which form April 8, 2024) is where the Manhattan Project was first proposed: the Atomic Bomb by Oppenheimer and Hydrogen Bomb by Edward Teller “bank clerk, count, enumerate”; Hungarian Jew. El the Supreme god of the Canaanites and Phoenicians, first letter Aleph looks like a bull. In Isaiah God said I am the beginning and the end. The last letter of the Hebrew alphabet is Tav, which looks like a Cross. Constantine  enticed “Christian” (Warriors of the Cross) to battle with the sign; “With this Sign you will conquer” Szilard is a  Hungarian version of the name Constantine; this is the job of the Martians. Deus the origin of Zeus means God, Deity, Divine, Shining One=Lucifer. Capitol  means “Womb of Zeus”. “To Be or Not to Be”; the threat of using Nuclear Weapons makes this unimaginable. Nesan means “to not be“. Oppenheimer was a Jew” ie Canaanite, 33deg Luciferian Freemason just like all the rest of the Jewish-Masons-Jesuits around him. Harold Eggertonarmy’; EG&G is the Special Effects Company aka Defense Contractor. Blog of light seemingly mounted on a wire towerNuclear explosion captured by Edgerton’s Rapatronic camera that used Strobe Lights and Cameras to foist the LIE! From 1999 until 2001, EG&G was wholly owned by The Carlyle Group (bin Laden, Bush etc) Janet “Gift from God” Airlines shuttled scientists “Actors” to the Nevada Test Site as well as Alien Hoax  at Area 51=6=Saturn. According to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the correct name for Area 51 are Homey (Open Home) Airport; has also been referred to as “Dreamland” and “Paradise Ranch” EG&G’s “Special Projects” division handles the Space Hoax. The Masonic Pentagon Cornerstone Laying Ceremony on 9/11/1941, Abaddon=Shiva “The Destroyer” Rev 9:11I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”Shiva. Oppenheimer qouted from the Bhagavad Gita
Breaking: Fans were initially alerted about the health scare when the actor's daughter Corinne Foxx shared a grave statement on social media this past Wednesday; pictured in 2019

Jamie Foxx sold his Soul; ‘They Cloned Tyrone’ tells the story; Jamie Foxx as the Ferryman in “God is a bullet”; Satan is the Ferryman at Bohemian Grove

  1. very dark irises, or eyes that appear black; Elon Musk as a child (13:00 Irises of the Eyes are Black
  2. pupils that don’t dilate an expression,
  3. a smile, that doesn’t reach the eyes
  4. a “soulless” stare

He ‘Went To Hell & Back’, Blind and Paralyzed, he had to drop out of ‘Beat Shazam’ (derived from 6 immortal characters Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury), he “Sold his Soul” and played ‘They Cloned Tyrone’ then ‘Back in Action’ and returned to ‘Beat Shazam

They Cloned Tyrone (Turannos Sovereign, KIng, Lord) produced and starred in by Jamie James, it is a biblical name meaning “he who supplants.” Foxx (F=6; O=15=6; X=24=6) ‘666″ Slick Charlie” (Free Man) A FOX tail is the badge of a Fool! He discovers “a sinister plot that upends everything he believes about himself and the world” A “Cloning Lab “Off to see the wizard again” “He made a deal with the Devil” (in the movie) allegedly had a Stroke in April Now he’s back 3 months later with Black Iris’ as if nothing had happened; IMMORTALITY IN EXCHANGE FOR YOUR SOUL Gen 3:22NIV “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.” Gen 3:22KJV “Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for everTree of Life is JESUS!

Ukraine and Russia ‘Kievan Rus’=Satanists

ukraine “TV is the Satanic Altar of the New Age”

‘The Last of Us’ Is Right. Our Warming Planet Is a Petri Dish; “The Last of Us,” a postapocalyptic television thriller, recently concluded its first season with a stunning finale. He’s worried about a real-world species of Ophiocordyceps known to hijack the body and behavior of ants. Fast forward to the show’s central, fictional drama: a pandemic caused by a type of that fungus, which mutated as the world grew warmer. The new version infects humans and turns them into ravenous, zombielike beings whose bodies are overtaken by mushrooms. Candida auris, a drug-resistant yeast that can be deadly in hospitalized patients, may have gained the ability to infect people thanks to warmer temperatures, according to some scientists. On March 20, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Candida auris has spread at “an alarming rate” in health care facilities and is “concerning.” No fungal vaccines exist, diagnosis is complicated and costly, and there are not enough drugs to combat the fungus. For many plants and animals, fungi are a scourge. Fusarium wilt, which devastates banana plants and for which there are limited treatments, is spreading globally and is a major threat to the multibillion-dollar banana industry. An infection known as white-nose syndrome has killed millions of bats across North America. Ninety amphibian species have gone extinct from chytridiomycosis, a dreadful disease that causes a frog’s skin to fall off; heat kicked a fungus called Cryptococcus deneoformans — which can infect humans — into evolutionary overdrive, increasing certain genetic mutations fivefold. This means more opportunities to develop dangerous adaptations, such as heat tolerance and drug resistance. In another lab study, a research team grew and heated a type of fungus known to kill insects. Within four months, two strains could reproduce at 98 degrees.


Jesus Revolution Shocks Hollywood with Packed Theaters, No. 3 Finish:Miraculous’; Great message. Jonathan Roumie was phenomenal. A must-see for everyone; be careful! Easter Apr 9, 2023  has nothing to do with Jesus, nor does Christmas. Jesus was conceived at Feast of St John Jun 24,born at Passover Apr 6, 6BC, Circumcised on the 8th Day, April 13 and Crucified at the last day of Feast of Tabernacles 331/2 years later. Tartan Day April 6 celebrates Declaration of Arbroath (or the Scottish Declaration of Independence) signed in 1320; and Mormon Birthday of Jesus; Not! Tartan’s (Trump/Drumpf’s Tartan is Yellow and were outlawed in the US until WWII; hanging a swatch of Tartan from ones pocket was enough. Strongs #8661: general, commander (title of an Assyrian general; 2 Ki 18:17; Is 20:1); tartarin, a rich fabric formerly imported from the east through Tartary “Hell”; Tartarus, a Hell-like realm in Greek mythologytyrius “cloth from Tyre” (Phoenicia); An official title of rank within the Assyrian military, the commander in chief or field marshal second only to the king. An officer of this rank led Sargon’s assault against Ashdod (ca. 712 BCE) Tartary, “the land of the Tartars”. The Empire of Tartary uses the heraldic Dragon aka Satan, Serpent, Devil (Rev 12:9) Kelsey Grammer starred as Herod 

“The Chosen” Dallas Jenkins “With this Christmas special, or on social media, to see people of different faith backgrounds — LDS, Catholic, evangelical — all agreeing, all uniting”; Evangelical “of or according to the teaching of the gospel or the Christian religion.” LDS and Catholic deny the Holy Ghost; Priest Confession, the only way to have Sins forgiven, the Holy Ghost. The Christmas worshipping Christian is the son of Jesuit Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye “Left Behind”  Christmas  (Mekhriein ‘anoint’, translating Hebrew māšīaḥ ‘Messiah’; *mag- “to knead, fashion, fit.”) is not Jesus birthday! It’s Saturnalia Greek Kronos, father of Zeus. Also the alchemical name for lead (late 14c.; turning Lead into Gold; literally!). In Akkadian, the planet was kaiamanu, literally “constant, enduring,” hence Hebrew kiyyun, Arabic and Persian kaiwan “Saturn.” “On the 24th of the tenth month,” that is December, according to our reckoning, the Arabians celebrated the BIRTHDAY OF THE LORD–that is the Moon.” The Moon is Allah, the Moon is Sin!


Called Chosen

The Catholic Church and the LGBT Community? Jonathan Roumie “Jesus” in The Chosen a practicing Roman Catholic; while he was baptized in the Greek Orthodox Church; In 2020, he was nominated for a Papal knighthood, the Order of St. Gregory the Great; Roumie is Extraordinary minister of Holy Communion. “The Chosen” praises the involvement of the infamous Fr.James Martin, SJ. He is a sought after speaker of Ignatian spirituality as inspired by the life and teachings of Saint Ignatius of Loyola. His activity for LGBTQ people was intensified after the 2016 Pulse shooting; The UN Year of Pulses? On September 13, 2007, Martin appeared on Comedy Central‘s The Colbert Report to discuss Mother Teresa‘s fifty-year sense of abandonment by God; she was a Man! As of October 2021, Martin serves on the Board of Directors of Georgetown University In its 2021 Christmas episode “The Chosen” shows Mary having labor pains in giving birth to Jesus. Jesus was not born at Christmas (Saturnalia), all of the false gods are is Horus, Adonis, Zoroaster, Buddha, Hercules, Mithra, Dionysus, Tammuz

Guest Speaker Rabbi Jonathan Cahn no man Rabbi” Mat 23:8 The Sign of Shin (6) means Nail, the Nails forged by the Canaanite Tubal-cain to fasten Jesus to the Tree.


Top Gun: Maverick


Japan and Taiwan Flags Removed From Tom Cruise's Iconic Top Gun Jacket - Fighter Jets World
[Video] Maverick’s Top Gun F-14 Tomcat Features VF-84 Jolly Rogers Paint Scheme And Is On Display Aboard USS Lexington

Top Gun Maverick: The new Chinese Communist Party approved edition removes Japan and Taiwan flags from the iconic flight jacket. 201 is coincident with 201 Jesuits rescued by Catharine the Great and the Covid 19 rehearsal Event 201. NASA says Mach 10 Scramjet flight is “Risky Business” funny eh? Admiral (Amir/Ruler of Rulers) Cain demanding a military full of Drones; Maverick (Masterless; Unbranded Yearling Cattle ie Mark of the Beast sold to highest bidder as Chattel Slaves; if JESUS is your Master let Him know now!)Phoenix (Symbol of Cain); Rooster (Nergal/Mars; god of War; symbol of betraying Jesus; herald of the Rising Sun); Payback (Cain’s payback for the Flood; Esau’s payback of Jacob; Who song played I get on my knees and pray we won’t get fooled again”; JESUS “Vengeance is mine”) Hangman “Cursed is anyone that hangeth from a Tree”. Don’t think we’re being fooled? Maverick’s mission was the 1 in a Million miracle shot on the Death Star Now why would the Flags of Taiwan and China be on Maverick’s Flight Jacket in 1986 and not in 2022? The F-14 Tomcat now in Iran’s arsenal has a Red Goat on the side; obviously he US and Iran work together Top Gun Maverick “Diversity” is as much Bullshit as the Ghost of Kiev (footage from Arma 3 Video Game, the blow up model of the C-17 with no engines in Afghanistan Iran’s Q-313 Stealth Fighter with US made Dynon Experimental aircraft flight instruments; the hacked US MQ-170 drone made of plastic  The US Navy confirmed pictures of an F-35 crash on the USS Carl Vinson as authentic; the 1st female piloted F-35 on her first carrier landing somehow wiped the markings from the airframe; about as much Bullshit as Osama bin Laden’s Zero Dark Thirty raid, DNA testing on a 1300 mile night flight in a 150mph Chinook full of Seal Team 6 to the USS Carl Vinson for a Muslim burial at sea. Tom Cruise, Sodomite Scientologist paired with Lesbian Fighter Instructor Kelly McGillis 26 years ago, now he’s the instructor with Tranny Jennifer Connelly Nice touch ending the movie with a castrated nose gear on the Tomcat Tom; the new jacket replaces the Red Sun Rising Japan Flag and Taiwan Sun Flag with an upside down V “Chevron” and Circle the symbols associated with Osiris; Welcome to BabylOn!



Gerard Butler stars in Greenland, a disaster film about Comet “Clark” (Scribe) Wormwood? (Rev 8:11). Clark Kent is the alter ego of Superman aka  Krypton’s (Crypto) “Kal El” (“Voice of El”=Canaanite god Saturn) breaking apart and wreaking havoc on Earth due for release Aug 14, 2020 Coincidentally, Apollo (Apollo= Destroyer) Near Earth Asteroid 2011 ES4 will become visible and pass closest to Earth on 1 Sept 2020.  Jesuits took their first Blood Oaths on Feast of Lucifer Aug 15, 1534 and wrote the plan for 3 World Wars Aug 15, 1871. Comet Atlas broke apart on 4/11/2020 As Atlas broke apart, by an amazing coincidence (NOT!) Mike Mattiazzo (Mattia is of Venetian origin meaning “Gift of God”) from Swan Hill Australia using the Solar Wind Anisotropies instrument “SWAN” found Comet Swan. Some occult communication eh? Swan Lake is the tale of Prince Seigfreid (Victory + Peace) deceived by sorcery of his mentor into desiring the Black Swan over the White Swan with Death the only remedy; so here it is a decision between the Jesus or Saturn as King; Olympus has fallen alright! No coincidence Gerard Butler starred as Leonidas the Spartan Warrior “Reared” at age 9. Dick Allgire, an ex-anchorman living in Hawaii (Water and Breath of Life) claimed to “Remote View” a Comet he described as a “Harbinger”  (Provide lodging or safe harbor) as the Greenland movie trailer was released; Director Ric Roman Waugh previously directed Butler in Angel has Fallen; that would be Satan at Rev 9:11. Dick “Remote Views” about what else but Crypto-currencies replacing paper currency; that’s not knowledge from Remote Viewing but rather scripture, called the Black Horse (Rev 6:6)


“I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive” Jn 5:43
. Messiah was filmed at Jeff Epstein’s Zorro (Zoroaster means Undiluted Star aka the Black Star Saturn) Ranch in Belen (Bethlehem) New Mexico and produced by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey (Lightworkers Media) Downey says “God is Light”; the pair produced The Bible miniseries, Women of the Bible miniseries; Touched by an Angel and Survivor series. Messiah is the Zoroastrian prequel to WWIII; Ahriman (Darkness) versus Ahura Mazda (Light), complete with a Mormon US President who believes he is “The one mighty and strong, clothed in light to usher in the Christ”


Ghislaine Maxwell is the daughter of fake Jew Robert Maxwell (nee Jan Hoch) owner of Pergamon “Satan’s Seat” Press. Pergamon was home to the Theraputae of Pergamon currently manufacturing the Coronavirus Hoax. Theraputae are worshippers of Aesculapius, the god of Plagues and the son of Corona and Apollo (Trump’s 66th floor Penthouse is a Shrine to Apollo; aka Apollyon of Rev 9:11) The Rod of Aesculapius is used by the United Nations, WHO, Global EMS, Uniformed Medical Services)  owner Mossad Spy, Fraud, Czechoslovakian Robert Maxwell aka Abraham Lieb Hoch, Jan Lukvik Hyman Binyamin Hoch aka Ivan du Marier. Ghislaine is Jeff Epsteins sex trafficking, blackmail partner entrapping pedophiles like Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz and Donald Trump to name a few. Melania Knavs is an illegal immigrant with a fake 6yr degree from the non-existent U of Slovenia; she wore an “I really don’t care; Do you?” jacket to an immigration detention center, a British Pith Helmet to Kenya, a “FLOTUS” Hat to Hurricane Harvey Flood victims and a coat picturing a Missile hitting a Tower to a Flt #93 9/11 memorial; funny eh? About as funny as Donald tossing Paper Towels to San Juan flood victims and starring with Sheep numbered 9 and 11 for a Mattress Commercial), his lawyer Alan Dershowitz, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Jesuit sock puppet actor Stephen Hawking (Yes really) etc allegedly contracted Covid 19 delaying her arrest; she was allegedly then jailed and arraigned in Manhattan FED District Court yet no record of Charges or Jailing. Deutsche Bank Corporate Lawyer, Iran-Contra and Trump “Russian Election Tampering” lawyer Audrey Strauss was appointed on June 20 by Trump Atty Gen William Barr (GHW Bush and Trump Atty General, pardoned 6 Iran-Contra felons) after firing her predecessor Geoffrey Berman; superb timing! Strauss returned from retirement to the “Sovereign District”  (Trump Atty’s Rudy “Rudia” Guiliani and Michael Cohen  US Attys here) as US Attorney to prosecute; looks like another fake Suicide may be in order.

Messianic Shia “Twelvers” such as those in Iran and Iraq led by Shia Ayathollahs and the Nizari Assassins (counterparts of the Knights Templar) who follow Paris Billionaire Agha Khan IV await the Messiah al Mahdi (He who rises), the Ismaili Messiah who ushers in the final battle of Good versus Evil. al Mahdi for Shia is the Messiah, for those in the west who don’t read Scripture and trust their Zionist pastors, al Mahdi is Antichrist, thus the central precept of Zoroastrian religion is this final battle of Light (Ahura Mazda=Gnostic Mazdakites) versus Dark (Ahriman).
The Series Messiah is about al-Mahdi and the rise of the al-Mahdi army. Hardly original Sunni Islam dogma for 80% of Muslims, Messianic Shias are equivalent to, and led by the same Chaldean Rabbis who control Israel and Zionist Pastors who largely control Protestant based US religions. Jesus also warned Israel He came in His Father’s Name and was rejected, but another would come in his own name and be accepted; all 3 groups thus want their Messiah.
al Masih the Zoroastrian and Shia “Twelver” Islamic Messiah aka al Mahdi is associated with the Christian Antichrist in Gnosticism. In addition to being the Iranian Messiah, al Masih, is also called Dajjal in Islam or Ahriman in Zoroastrian religion. You may recall Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke at the UN during Skull & Bones George “Gog” Bush Jr presidency; on 1/8/2008 during the euphoria of Barack Hussein Obama (Lightning + Handsome + He is With Us in Zoroastrian Farsi; nice touch voting in the Unconstitutional ObamaCare on 3/22/10 at 3:22UTC; Skull & Bones is Society 322 “Brotherhood of Death”) Bush Jr was presented with the Megillat Bush or Scroll of Bush by the Sanhedrin and Temple Mount Faithful in Zedekiah’s Cave (Zedekiah was the last King of Israel) under the Temple Mount proclaiming him “Gog, Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal”. Israel is also Zoroastrian; the “Undiluted Star” aka Black Star, Black Sun, Primal Sun is Saturn, the oldest religion on Earth symbolized by the Chaldean Six Pointed Star of Molech on Israel’s Flag. Israeli Noahide Law and Iranian Shariah Law have the same Chaldean origin and both require Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost.
Netflix (160M viewers) debuted the series Jan 1 with the pre-planned deployment of US soldiers to the Middle East in response to an Iranian False Flag rocket attack in Kirkuk and storming of Baghdad’s “Green Zone” Embassy. Shia Ayathollah ali Khomenei, a Paris initiated Grand Orient Lodge (Rising Sun) Freemason and son of British ex-pat William “Haji” Williamson was installed by the US CIA in the Green Revolution, his successors are Grand Ayathollah ali al Sistani in the Green Zone and Ayathollah ali Khomenei in Iran.
33 deg Luciferian Freemason, Knight of Malta, Tri-lateral Commission, CFR traitor, Bohemian Grove Molech worshipper, fake “Marrano” Baptist Jimmy “JC” Carter and Skull & Bones Satanist George HW “Magog” Bush (aka Nazi George Scherff Jr) fomented the Green Revolution; nice touch in the series when al Masih’s horde of followers arrive at the St George Hotel in Washington DC; St George is the British/Russian/Albanian version of al Masih; you can see St George slaying the Dragon (Ahriman/Dajjal/Satan aka United States) at the United Nations sculpture park and at the St John Divine Cathedral in NYC.
Ok, back to the CIA directed series with Jewish CIA Agent Eve; another nice touch. The October Surprise involved GHW Bush and Hollywood Actor Ronald Reagan (Ashkenazi-Chabad Lubavitch fake Jew “Converso” Christian Donald Trump is the only other US President with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame) making a deal to get GHW Bush in the White House for Iran-Contra in exchange for the release of 52 Hostages which happened during the Inauguration Speech. Oliver North (now Methodist Reverend in charge of Operation Garden Plot conversion of Warehouses and Military Bases into Civilian Inmate Detention Centers in the US; Cain is the “Constant Gardener”), Mitt Romney (Iran-Contra money launderer), Bill Clinton (Mena Airport AK, Cocaine processing center), Adnan Khashoggi (Trump pal, Iranian arms dealer; ex-owner of the Mormon Triad Bldg) et all traded Weapons headed for Iran and Iraq for Drugs headed into the US; Treason doesn’t quite describe these men. Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the lead captor, gave speeches at the UN declaring the US “Ahriman, the Great Satan”. Ahriman even appeared in the smoke of WTC #2 on 9/11, the tower allegedly hit by UA #175; Liber 175; Book of Uniting written by GW Bush maternal grandfather Aleister “Great Beast” Crowley unites a person or nation to a Deity, in this case the United States is united to Ahriman in Zoroastrian religion.
al Masih appears in Damascus over the Tomb of St Thomas declaring “There is no Deity but God…There is a Star for every Soul…History is over”, during an epic 30 day Sandstorm and US attack. “Damascus shall be a ruinous heap…” Is 17:1 During the battle of Gog and Magog at the end of the Millennium (Rev 20:7-8) Damascus will become a ruinous heap; Gnostics intend to fake this battle 1000 years early. The Shahada is a Muslim acceptance of Allah (4000 year old Arab-Sabian moon god “Sin”) and rejection of Jesus Christ “There is no God but Allah”. Israeli Scribes re-write Deus 6:4 in similar fashion rejecting JESUS as LORD to be put in Mezuzah’s over every door.
2000 followers dumped at the Israeli border without food, water or shelter; al Masih singles out Jibril (Angel Gabriel is the messenger angel; he met with Daniel to explain the end times in Dan 8 and allegedly backtracked on that scripture to help Muhammad write the Quran and Joseph Smith to write the Book of Mormon) for a special role and shows up at the Temple Mount where he is assumed to have healed a child from a gunshot without proof of a gun being fired; he is arrested by Shin Bet where he declares “I am the Word…I bring a message from my father…his book has names of my followers”; Jesus presented Himself as the Word and was rejected; He comes again with eyes of flame, a vestment dipped in blood and the name Word of God (Rev 19:12-13); everyone gathered for battle dies instantly; clearly al-Masih is not Jesus.
An intentionally erased surveillance tape and aided escape from prison and its off to Jordan; Idumea is the land of Edom, Moab and Ammon the 3 nations which escape the hand of Antichrist during the Great Tribulation (Dan 11:41), a Private Jet to Mexico and illegal border crossing into Texas where Rev Felix (Lucky), about to set fire to his church for insurance is hit by a monster Tornado which destroys every house in town but miraculously spares his church with al Masih sitting on the altar. al Masih also saves Felix’ runaway daughter Rebecca (Jacob and Esau’s mother) and is arrested once again; Felix says “He was just lucky”; not really, just a liar. al Masih is interrogated by the Jewish CIA agent Eve who becomes a believer after al-Masih knows the names of her mother and husband who both died of cancer. At an immigration hearing in front of a Judge dying of cancer, al-Masih declares he is not Muslim “I walk with all men” and is granted asylum. Rev Lucky and several thousand followers make their way to Washington DC getting richer all the way to al Masih walking on water at the Capitol Mall in front of millions set to the song “Love is coming to us all”; the Gnostic Cathars are the Church of Amor (Love); Charity (1 Cor 13KJV) is the greatest Commandment “Love God”; this type Love has nothing to do with that.
Antichrist will not regard the affection of women; the Chief of Staff for the Mormon President attempts to blackmail al Masih using a prostitute which backfires; He says “We will not all sleep”, a scripture from 1 Cor 15:51-52 about the 7th Trumpet warning (Rev 10:7; 1 Thess 4:17) on the last day before Jesus returns; pre-Trib Rapture is Jesuit made up nonsense. al Masih declares his followers are “The Chosen” saying “Scripture and bending a knee in prayer will not help…history is over”; Scripture warns about following false Christs “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect” Mat 24:24.
Amid biblical flooding in Florida, the Mormon US President believes in al-Masih and his prophetic role amid “Chaos in the US”, his Chief of Staff says “What did he give you? Golden Plates or declare you are the one mighty and strong?” Although not a Natural born US Citizen legal to run for President, Mitt Romney has been told for 40 years he is the Mormon White Horse, the one mighty and strong, clothed in light to usher in the Christ” (Christ means Messiah aka al Masih); the Mormon “Blood in the Streets Prophecy” declares “In the latter days with the Constitution hanging by a thread as thin as spider’s silk, elders of the Mormon Church will step up to save it as blood runs down the street from Ogden to Salt Lake City like water down a storm drain”. Zion has 2 Mormon Senators Mitt Romney and Mike Lee with a Mormon Governor soon taking over from his once Lt Governor Jon Huntsman.
Shin Bet and the Mormon US President/Chief of Staff take al-Masih by Private Jet as Chaos erupts from assassinations of his followers in Palestine and Washington DC; al-Masih tells his Shin Bet, Israeli Atheist captor the child he killed several years before whose father killed his mother would be the last person he would see before his dies; this just as a US airstrike hits the Private Jet destined for Israel. The jet crashes in an Opium Field in the middle of the desert; think Wizard of Oz here; al-Masih dies and is resurrected then brings his guards back to life witnessed by the same child, obviously resurrected himself. So is he Messiah or Dajjal? Messenger of God or Charlatan? Israel, the US and the Mormon Church worked together to bring in al-Masih aka Adam Gosherei and let the world know they killed him.
Recall al-Masih said it is the “End of History”; so what Time is it? 1656 years Creation to Flood + 2160 Years Aries to Pisces + 2160 years Pisces to Aquarius. Maccabees rededicated the 2nd Temple at Hanukkah in 163BC some 2183 years ago. 1656 + 4320=5976 + 23 years. But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. 2 Pet 3:8 The Lord promised one thing! He would return. Think it was by chance the Maccabees cleansed that Temple when they did? Hanukkah like Christmas is a celebration of the Rising Sun aka Saturn not Jesus Christ.
Messiah is the Zoroastrian version of the End Times; not the biblical prophecy given by JESUS through the Holy Ghost. Rejection of the Holy Ghost including the Word (Jn 1:1;14; 1 Jn 5:7KJV) is Unforgivable, both requirements of Shariah and Noahide Law. WWIII Zionism against Islam will bring about the Antichrist and False Prophet 1260 days before Jesus returns with Satan being physically cast to Earth 541 days before Jesus returns at Rev 9:11. Don’t be fooled by the Con-artists to come!

“I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things…And as I was considering, behold, an he goat came from the west on the face of the whole earth, and touched not the ground: and the goat had a notable horn between his eyes…And he came to the ram that had two horns, which I had seen standing before the river, and ran unto him in the fury of his power.And out of one of them came forth a little horn” Dan 7:8;8:5;9
Little Horn in the Bible is Antichrist; in Shia Islam Dajjal, defeated by the Shia Messiah al Mahdi in Zoroastriniam’s final battle of Good versus Evil, the sons of Light following Ahura Mazda and the Messiah al Mahdi versus the sons of darkness following Ahriman and Dajjal. Not ready? Better get ready; Israel, the US, Russia, the UN and Iran want the same Alternative Messiah to Jesus Christ; Shariah and Noahide Laws require Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost, the Unforgivable Sin and only source of contact with JESUS. Ever wonder why JESUS refers to Jerusalem as “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” Rev 11:8KJV?
Zionist Messianic Plan
Gen Wes Clark (Nee Kohen) spells out the US plan to attack 7 Nations for no reason; Afghanistan becomes the World’s Opium Field, the Golden Crescent (Crescent=Hilal=Lucifer) managed by the US, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey. The United Nations Planetary Initiative “No person shall enter the New Age until he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation”; that being rejection of JESUS as the Holy Ghost; both Islamic Shariah Law and Chasidic Noahide Law will accomplish that. The plan for WWIII was written by Jesuits (Jean Pierre DeSmet SJ; Militia of Zeus) just after the US Civil War, WWIII destined to pit Zionism against Islam to the point of economic, physical and moral exhaustion in order for Luciferian religion to be accepted
US begins Operation Inherent Resolve focused on Syria and Iran in 2014, the year the 7th Tetrad of 4 consecutive Lunar Eclipses occurred on Feast of Passover and Feast of Tabernacles, the days Jesus was Crucified and Born; 2014-15 also featured Solar Eclipses on 1 Abib and 1 Tishrei, God’s New Year and Feast of Trumpets. Syria and Iran are the last 2 nations on the list drawn up by Reagan era Neo-cons aka “Vulcans” after their New Pearl Harbor event 9/11/2001. An alleged rocket attack on Inherent Resolve Base K1 allegedly kills a Defense Contractor (Mercenary); US pleads for aid from Iraq PM Adel Abdul Mahdi and responds by blaming Iran without proof and launching an attack in Syria. Protests at US Embassy in Baghdad prompt the alleged (ID’d from the wrong ring) assassination of Qassem Soleimani and abu Mahdi arriving from Damascus declaring them dead without any proof; the same playbook used with Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden and Mummar Qadaffi).
Hollywood wags the Dog
Netflix Series Messiah debuts with the Iranian Messiah al Mahdi appearing in Damascus, a city which has been reduced to rubble (Is 17:1 is a prophecy about Gog and Magog over 1000 years in the future), presenting himself at the Temple Mount; the Mormon US President, evangelical Christians, Palestinians, Sunni and Shia Muslims, and Jews accept him as the Messiah; the US and Israel attempt to assassinate him, the US Private Jet crashing in an Opium Field in the middle of the desert.
Jeff Epstein and Zorro Ranch
Messiah was filmed in Jordan aka Idumea, the land of Moab, Ammon and Edom are the 3 nations which escape the hand of Antichrist during the Great Tribulation (Dan 11:41) and Belen New Mexico, home to Pedophile, Blackmail artist Jeff Epstein’s sprawling Zorro ranch; like the Doppelgängers used to allow Hitler, Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and Muammar Qadaffi, Epstein was as well; no noose, no hanging, just congrats for a job well done. Zorro was identified by the Z calling card; Brad Pitt’s World War Z, Amazon’s A to Z Logo, Wizard of Oz or or Aleister Crowley’s Liber Oz: Book 77 may ring a Baal; Ayin + Zayin add to 77, Dan 7:7 describes the arrival of Antichrist as the 4th Beast of Iron; the end of History if you will is the tag line used by the Iranian Messiah filmed in Belen aka Bethlehem “House of Bread”.
Advance Warning
Donald Trump issues warning to Iran; Eric Trump tweets about “Whoop Ass” 2 days early; NYT Op Ed proposes assassination of Soleimani same day of attack. Soleimani’s daughter pleads with Iran President Rouhani, a Shariah Law Judge to avenge his death; the Blue Flag is changed to the Red Flag of Vengeance atop the Jamarkaran Mosque of al Mahdi in Qom, Iran with the banner “Those who want to avenge the blood of Hussein” (Hussein is Muhammad’s grandson, executed in the Sunni-Shia Islamic Civil War in 680AD); the speaker at the Mosque saying “O Allah hasten your custodian’s reappearance”. He did! on Netflix!! If you can’t see though the pre-planned charade yet, ask JESUS for help!
Chabad Lubavitch ie Kaballah controlled Donald Trump Tweets “I am going to hit 52 Iranian targets representing the 52 Hostages” held during the Green Revolution; Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said at the UN “My Divine mission is to usher in al Mahdi”. 52 represents the Canaanite god of Peace, the West and Dusk Shalom (The Upside Down Cross “Peace Sign or Broken Jew” is an initiation into Witchcraft representing Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost); 52 is Malkuth the “Vessel for Peace”, similar to the indwelling of the Holy Ghost for Christians except it represents the physical work followers of Shalim need to do to usher in Mashiach, aka YHVH and the number 52. 52 also represents the “Tree of Life” from the Garden of Eden, the Tree with the Serpent. In Rabbinical nonsense, the Universe was created by Saturn the Black Star solely for Saturnian “Jews”




Midsommar is the story of Crowning the May Queen (Stairway to Heaven ring a Baal?) in a Swedish Druid Cult. The Summer Solstice Sacrifice ceremony June 21 on Feast of St John is a special one held every 90 years (1929 intentional stock market collapse and Great Depression may ring a Baal) . Ari “Lion” Aster “Star” (Sirius and the start of the Dog Days of Summer) directed the film, released on Independence Day 2019. The XX represent the 4 nodes of the Cyclical Snake of Time seen on the Cross of Hendaye with the inscription “O Cross, the Only hope”. 1st is  Dec 21 “Saturnalia/Christmas” is followed by the 2nd Spring Equinox on 3/22 Society 322 “Brotherhood of Death” is the Theosophical Society planning the Great Renunciation of Jesus Christ for the 3rd on June 21 “Feast of St John” and the 4th completes the XX on the Fall Equinox Sept 22; the Snake eating its tail “Ouroborus” will be finished on Rosh Hashanah 2020, the Rabbinical “Head of the Year”. Jesus warned never call anyone Rabbi because Rabbi “Great One” is the root of Arab and derived from Chaldean and Sabean (Saba means “Rising Sun”) Priests “Rba” who worship the Sun, Moon and Stars represented by the Cyclical Annual Renewal of Time as well as the “Great Year” 25,990 year precessional cycle. The Sun begins its journey June 21 in the Square on the Brass Rose Line at the St Sulpice Cathedral in Paris, moving to the Elliptical Altar on Sept 22; the same date the Serpent descends the 91 (1…13=91) steps of the Pyramid Temple of Quetzalcoatl (Feathered Plumed Serpent “Phoenix”) in Chichen Itza, and progresses up the Obelisk (Baal’s Shaft) to the Winter Solstice “Capricorn” the Saturnian Sea Goat.

Passion of the Christ 2: When is Mel Gibson’s Jesus Christ Resurrection sequel released?


Passion 2: The Second Coming of the Christ due for release Passover 2021. Passover and Easter align on 4/4/21. Chronos (Saturn) has 44 assistants; 44 Hectares make up Vatican City; I am the Life, Babylonian,, Phoenix and Blood in Hebrew gematria all equal 44 Zedekiah, the 44th and final King of Israel was chained, and tossed in a sewer (Mire Pit) for mocking God. Mel who Directed and Produced the first Passion of the Christ, hiring XXX Italian Porn Stars held the Nails in his “Sinister” hand and hammered them; Talmudic Rabbis open Synagogues with the Sign of Shin celebrating the Nails. Jesuit Jim Caveizel stars again as the One Eyed, White, Long Hair, Bearded version of Jesus aka Antichrist. What else but Icon Entertainment could make this? “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:” Ex 20:4 Icon means “Graven Image, Likeness” Don’t fall for the BS! Don’t follow Mel and Jim to the Mire Pit

2 Popes

To paver - film

Pope Benedict XVI (Benediction=Blessing; Rev 16=God’s Wrath) resigned the Chair of St Peter; Peter was never in Rome nor was any Apostolic succession created from Peter to Constantine the Great; that made up fiction is the Foundation of Sand the Catholic Church was built upon. In Mat 16:18 Jesus tells Peter that His Divinity is the Rock upon which His Church will be built to withstand the Gates of Hell; that has never been nor will ever be a Roman Catholic Pope. Pope Francis wrote in Laudato Si “The triumph of Science is realizing Earth can only support 1 Billion people…a great debt is owed by nations in the northern hemisphere to those in the southern hemisphere”
Pope Benedict XVI is played by Silence of the Lambs (followers of God are regarded as Sheep for the Slaughter Ps 44:22) Star Sir Anthony Hopkins (Hannibal Lecter named after Carthaginian Gen Hannibal Barka, an incestuous Sodomite with his son Hamilcar Barka), a Welsh born Commander of the British Empire. Pope Francis is played by Sir Jonathan Pryce, also a Welsh born Commander of the British Empire. CBE’s work for Prince Phillip who has stated his desire to be Re-incarnated as a “Killer Virus” Why Wales? Druids folks! The masters of Science, Religion, Government, Medicine and Universities are the “Knowers of Trees” (Dru=Tree) who controlled everything and everyone in Britain (B’Rith=Birthright Covenant of Cain, Canaan, Ishmael, Esau etc) the land of the Brigantes who married often their mothers.
Lightning hit St Peter’s Basilica Dome Twice the night Benedict resigned; a Papal Conclave elected the first Jesuit (Militia of Zeus) Pope in history, Pope Francis I on 3/13/13 “Red Heifer Day”; the Sovereign Vicar of Jesus is not Sovereign, but a Blood Oath Sworn servant of the Jesuit General “Black Pope” Arturo Sosa. The next year Pope Francis released Peace Doves from his Vatican Apartment which were promptly attacked by a Crow (Bird of Death) and Seagull (Mormon Bird).
The St Peter’s Basilica is built as a Viper; Jesus warned the Pharisees “Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?” Mat 23:33 Inside the mouth of the Viper is the largest Altar in the World built to resemble a dead Lamb.
In 2018 Israel claimed a suitable Red Heifer was born which needs to be 2 Yrs old to be sacrificed for the 3rd Temple to be built, cleansing the Chief Priest and Cornerstone from Death; ready for WWIII?
In 212AD Emperor Caracalla declared all Free Men in the Roman Empire were now Citizens of Rome (Jared Kushner is in charge of Trump’s US-Mexico Border and was just awarded the Aztec Order of the Eagle; the same thing that destroyed Rome will happen again to the United States), he was the son of Julia Domna, a Carthaginian Canaanite. The incest produced Esus (Druid version of God equivalent with Arab Issa; sounds like Jesus but it is not) Constantine Chlorus, father of Helena and grandfather of Constantine the Great, the Druid-Canaanite founder of the Papacy.
The Druidic Cross and In Hoc Signo Vinces (By this Sign Conquer) was used by these “Nicolaitanes” whom Jesus “Hates” (Rev 2:6;15) was used to “Conquer the Laity” using such characters as the Hittite god Santa (St Nicholas of Myra was Constantine’s representative to the Council of Nicea) notice the Santa Suit in the Netflix series, as it is handed to Pope Francis he says “The Charade is over”; that was the night he was elected. Devotees of Apollyon (Rev 9:11 “Destroyer”) carried the Twisted Crucifix emblazoned with In Hoc Signo Vinces; the Arch of Constantine at Lateran Palace is topped by the 4 Horsemen; this is the “Mother of all Churches Worldwide” according to Jesuits. Lateran means “Hidden Frogs”, the spirits of the Devil, Antichrist and False Prophet and is home to the real seat of the Bishop of Rome, the Vacant Seat “Sede-vacante” who will soon be known as the Beast Rising from the Earth (Rev 13:11).
Helena gave legitimacy to the Roman Church by miraculously finding the True Cross, Nails, Crown of Thorns and Mt Sinai in Egypt; the real Mt Sinai is in Arabia. She even extracted confessions from Jews for the Crucifixion; the Pharisees ordered the Crucifixion and they were no more Jewish than Israel or the Sanhedrin is today. Pharisees are the modern day Chabad Lubavitch Rabbis controlling Putin and Trump; the Ultra-Orthodox Liars started by Constantine and his mother who founded Constantinople, the modern day IstanBullshit in the nation Jesus gave all 7 Church Warnings to. The last warning is severe; Laodicea means “Luke Warm”; everyone on Earth who refuses to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savour will be “Spued” from His Mouth.

Alien Covenant
The Alien was fashioned after HR Giger’s Xenomorph in the Necronomicon, an Alien Parasite; not coincidentally Parasite won Best Picture at the Oscars “God’s Spear”. The design fashioned after the Locusts (Demons) released from the Bottomless Pit in Rev 9:1-11.
The original title of Alien Covenant was Alien: Paradise Lost referring to Milton’s Paradise Lost written in 1667. Lucifer’s fall from Grace and transformation into Satan “Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven”
The Sequel to Prometheus made its debut on Jerusalem Day and 50th anniversary of the 6-Day War. Prometheus “Fore Thinker” is the star of Rockefeller Center, seen giving Spiritual Fire to Man. A giant statue of Prometheus is at the site of exile for Sarmation Priest-Kings in Sochi, Crimea.
The occult theme of the movie is about the choice of making a Covenant with Satan and rejecting the New Covenant with God. “David” plays the role of Satan in in the Wheat Field is the Synthetic and architect of the Aliens; David in Priest Robes harkens to David purchasing the Jebusite (Cananites in Jerusalem) “Threshing Floor” to build the Temple. Prometheus “Fore Thinker” gave “Fire” (Lucifer giving Esoteric Knowledge necessary for man to become a God) to man; at Sochi (Flame), Prometheus is seen at Rockefeller Center giving Fire to man and at Sochi, Crimea, a 3000 Yr old pilgrimage site, breaking free of his chains (Yoke of God) and the Eagle incessantly pecking his liver.
Alien “Foreigner; Belonging to Another” Covenant “Agreement/Contract” begins 10 years later; “David” the synthetic “Android” survivor of the Prometheus expedition sows the seeds of man’s destruction in Paradise by breeding the most dangerous and lethal creature possible. Gnat like creatures inhaled cause the Aliens to grow inside and destroy the host. The Serpent’s Lie in Eden is obvious here. In the Trailer, note the Paradise Planet is sowed with Wheat Fields; the timing with Jerusalem Day and Shavuot/Pentecost “Feast of Weeks” is not coincidental. Time to make your personal Covenant with JESUS.
Xenobots are near microscopic sized synthetic killing machines making their debut Jan 2020. Xenobots “Foreign, Strange” 1mm size Xenobots are “Living Robots” made of Frog (Xenopus laevis) Stem Cells, capable of movement in water or land, depositing a payload, working together in swarms, repairing themselves and natural biodegrading after 10 days or so; the perfect flesh destroying weapon? Administered to intended targets in WHO mandated Vaccines? Controlled by Artemis 5G Global Broadband?
Jesus warned “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” Mat 24:22 Why Frog DNA? Hecate the goddess of Witchcraft is the Egyptian Frog goddess Heqet. The Jesuit “Mother of all Churches” Worldwide is the St John Lateran Arch-basilica in Rome; Jesuits are the Militia of Zeus; the Gnostic “Deus” and son of Saturn (aka Horus, Tammuz, Jupiter) called the Primeval Star out of which Creation originated seen in the word BabylOn and BabEl “Gate of Saturn”. A real life man-made Foreign substance used to destroy the Host
David, the synthetic created being of his Father survives the Prometheus and genetically manipulates the DNA altering Virus in his human host, creating lethal hybrid creatures who have killed everything, turning the “Paradise Planet” into a “Death Planet”. David meets his twin, another synthetic on the “Covenant” named Walter, whom he kills and uses his female host in similar fashion. A Cain and Abel/Jacob and Esau story with the Colony Ship “Covenant” being comparable to Noah’s Ark.
Auriga 6 “Charioteer” a perfect planet in the “Habitable Zone” with an active Ionosphere, .96G, Oxygen, Water, sends a signal to the Covenant Ship.
Gnostics regard God as an evil Demiurge; Creation is seen as Evil and in need of culling. The Cathars held to this Gnostic Lie and are out for revenge. David has no intention of letting God’s creation start over; he makes sure the Alien embryos will use the human hosts to exterminate themselves; the parallel is seen in Cain’s “Seed” crossing the Flood in Noah’s Ark with Noah’s wife and being used by Ham to create Canaan, the “Cursed” bloodline God warned His followers to eradicate. Release date coincident with Alien Chief Priest in Israel.
Nascent Sanhedrin appoints Kohen Gadol (Chief Priest) Rabbi Baruch Kahane, seen here offering the Barley Sacrifice. It’s no coincidence the movie “Alien Covenant” made its debut with the crew of “Covenant” arriving on the Death Planet in a Wheat Field before seeing millions of human sacrifices at the Temple; Why Wheat? The Sanhdrin offered God in Flesh as the Passover sacrifice; they are one “Political Decision” away from resuming Temple sacrifices, possibly as early as Shavuot aka Pentecost aka Feast of Weeks at the end of Counting the Omer June 1. Pentecost is the day the Holy Ghost descended 50 Days after the Crucifixion, to begin the “New Covenant”. Alien means “Foreigner”; Kohen means Priest, not Jewish but Samaritan. Cohen is a Samaritan Priest name. Samaritans are not Jewish in any sense of the word; Samaritans pretend to be Jewish and are Cryptos. Jesus referred to the Pharisees and Saduccees as “…them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews but are not, but do lie” Rev 3:9 “Woe unto you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!…” Mat 23:14 “Be not ye called Rabbi…” Mat 23:8. The Black Horse causes worldwide famine, offering a measure of wheat and 3 measures of barley for a penny in exchange for people rejecting the New Covenant and accepting the “Mark of the Beast” aka Pale Horse “Death”. Rev 6:6-7. Now how does the coincidental arrival of Trump (Ashkenazi Drumpf=Drummer) on the 6th day of the 6th Week of Omer look now? Got JESUS in your life? If not, you may not have much time left.


The giant statue of Prometheus in Rockefeller Center is dwarfed by the Prometheus Statue in Shochi (Flame) breaking free of his chains and the Eagle pecking its liver; Sochi is the home of exiled Priests of Saturn “Sarmations” awaiting the destruction of the US, the Eagle.
On “Independence Day” July 4th 2012, a 3.8 Billion year old 2 in diameter sphere bearing a striking resemblance to a moon of Saturn “Iapetus” was found buried several miles deep in a South African nine. The same day CERN announcced the “God Particle” was had been proven with 99.99% certainty. The same day NASA announced proof of Planet X 2003UB313 “Eris”. Well folks, it’s all BullShit. Prometheus also features a planet with a striking resemblance to Saturn because Saturn is El; Elohim are the offspring of Satan, seen in the Six Pointed Star of Satan; Bab-El is the Gate of Satan. Iapetus, the Tital is the father of Prometheus featured in the movie in the position of God; great scene with his hybrid offspring washing his feet with annointing oil. Time to choose Satan or Jesus folks! Edgar “Sleeping Prophet” Cayce predicted in his demon filled trances “Russia would die and be reborn the savior of mankind” Prometheus (Lucifer) breaking free of his chains and the US Eagle eating his liver is probably what he meant.
Iapetus “The Piercer” is the father of Prometheus “He who foresees” stems from Pro=Before hand; Methos=To think. He fashions Man from Earth, Water and his own Tears of course, and rebelliously gives “Fire” to Man. In turn he becomes the father of Deucalion. His fair skinned, dark haired wife, Pyrhha is Pandora’s daughter, his 1st cousin; they survive the Flood aboard an Ark which lands on Mt Parnassus. The couple toss rocks over their shoulders on their way west across Asia, Turkey and Europe giving birth to “Hellenes” (Free Stones). The offspring are then fashioned through vehicles such as Freemasonry). If you pick up on the biblical similarity between Iapetus and Japheth it is of no coincidence. “God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant” Gen 9:27. Articles can be written on Japheth’s sons/grandsons, but on in particular is Madai, the ancestor of the Medes and the reason WWIII will involve the Mede-Persians and Grecian Goat. If you pick up on the similarity to the Assyrian/Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh, that too is not coincidence. If you tie in the fact Angelina Jolie “Angel of the Bottomless Pit” (Cute eh?) opened Pandora’s Box in Tomb Raider and played the mother of a Changeling in 330 Mason Clint Eastwood’s movie by that name, you will see the connection to Sargon the Great, the “Legitimate King” of Babylon who was also born to a “Changeling”. Is Genesis 6 starting to ring a bell? Folks, Giants are not Nephilim; Aliens do not mate with human women, nor do any human beings have altered DNA from Alien or Demon or God sources. David Icke’s Reptilian DNA theory is garbage; Zechariah Sitchin’s Planet Niburu aka Planet X, Alien DNA theory is garbage. Eric von Daniken’s Chariots of the God is garbage. The Mary Magdelene/Jesus Christ “Merovingian” DNA theory is garbage. Henry Makow even weighed in on this movie proclaiming his Nephilim, fallen angel nonsense is biblical; Folks, get a KJV, because it is not biblical.
So, have you figured out what the real DNA affliction in Pandora’s Box is? Ham went into Noah’s tent where he and his mother conceived Canaan, cursed by God with incest damaged DNA, Canaan became the servant of servants. Now can you see thy God forbade Abraham and his progeny to take wives of the daughters of Canaan? Isaac and Jacob obeyed; Ishmael and Esau did not. Guess who are pretending to be Jewish today? Remember Lot and his daughters? They made the same mistake Ham did. Ever heard of the “Divine Union” or “Sacred Marriage”? Was it coincidence Heath Ledger died in the film Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus ?
The Alien experiment theme in the movie Prometheus is garbage; a prequel to the Alien movies. Recall how men were used as alien incubators? Still, the fact remains the London Olympic Cauldron is a twisted and damaged DNA tower (Uranium and Plutonium have a way of doing that to a person), Rockefeller Center has a gold statue of Prometheus and Francis Crick, the so-called discoverer of the DNA molecule has said the “Human Genome is not natural”. He is lying. In a time long ago, a humanoid Alien engineer drinks Dark Liquid (Dark absorbs Light), explodes and disintegrates, entering a waterfall, which flows to the Oceans and his DNA becomed the “Seed of Life” on Earth This theory is prevalent among Vril and Thule Society initiates, Nagas of India, Viracochas of Peru (Nazca Lines), Priests of Quetzalcoatl, Zoroastrians and Priests of Mithras to name a few; Shaman are called “Keepers of the Fire”; the Fire of Prometheus aka “Star Fire”. Now can you see thy Easter “Sun Day” is at First Light, 9 months before “Dies Natalis Solis Incivti” (Nativity of the Un-conquered Sun)? Ever heard of Star Children or Indigos? How about Black Nobility? How about Purple Rain? Prince symbolizes his name with the Egyptian Ankh; he sang that song as the first waves of Depleted Uranium came full circle from Iraq causing Purple sunsets in Phoenix at the 2007 Super Bowl; Obama’s future HHS Secretary Kathleen Zebelius used the term “Heartland” some 16 times in her non-rebuttal Democratic response to Bush Jr’s State of the Union because Heartland refers to the Labrys aka Birth Canal of the Beast. In otherwods, by America’s sacrifice the New World Order will commence; scripture calls this the Great Tribulation. Not coincidentally, Mormon Mitt Romney believes this Heartland in Kansas where Dorothy (Doro=Door) was taken to the Yellow Brick Road to Oz, is Adam Ondi Amman, the land Cain was cast out of Eden. Preposterous? So is scripture written on Gold Plates. Also pretty coincidental his maternal ancestor Harold Pratt started Standard Oil with John D. Rockefeller. How’s that Torch of Illumination on their logo look now? Remember, Prometheus gives “Fire” to Man by his recurring blood sacrifice; in myth,an eagle eats his liver (The Liver purifies blood) over and over. If Christmas rings a bell, it should. Christ=Messiah; Mass=Sacrifice and consumption of the host’s body and blood ie Cleansed Blood of the Liver
Years ago, before becoming a Born Again Christian (I asked Jesus and you can too.), I attended a Presbyterian Church. The pastor told me “The Bible is a story book” and that “One day this experiment will end”; now I know what he meant by that. Mary Shelley, a Scottish Presbyterian (remember, Tartan is a title given to the Assyrian Army Commander) wrote Frankenstein: Modern Prometheus to promote the hybrid/android nonsense prevalent in “Trans-humanism” today. God, the Father (Victor Frankenstein) creates a son that destroys himself. Indeed, the goal of Secret Societies is the self immolation of God. Under the Roman Pope’s Chair of st Peter is the inscription “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet” Why? Muhammad represents the Quyrash Bedouins descended from Korah, the Alternative Priesthood of Moses and Aaron; Allah is the Assyrian moon god “Sin”. Not much more sinful than God being killed by His Son eh?
TED 2023 is the annual TED (Technology, Education, Design). Just Hollywood? TED is a worldwide group of speakers who plant “Ideas worth spreading” and disseminate them over the internet. Ideas like “Global Warming”, which was presented by Al Gore and became An Inconvenient Truth , disseminated to University students worldwide. The idea that God does not exist by Atheist Richard Dawkins. The idea that Man and Monkeys share a common ancestor by Jane Goodall. The idea that Man invented God by Karen Armstrong Got the idea? Trillionaire Peter Weyland disseminates the idea “We are gods” at TED 2023. It’s fitting that the Serpent promised this idea to Man and Weyland gets killed by Serpent like Aliens. The movie even presents the idea that Jesus was an Alien.
Liz gives birth to an Alien at Christmas with help from the Android “David”; Liz “Elizabeth” was the mother of John the Baptist, born opposite the calendar from Jesus. Gnostics claim this is June 24 and Dec 25, scripture says John was born on Passover and Jesus was born on Tabernacles in Luke 1. The Christmas Nativity Magi scene is garbage. Anyway, the Alien parasite born at Christmas is pretty easy to figure out eh? Jesus is essentially a humanoid alien sent to observe Man 2000 years ago, but was killed.
The creator of the Aliens is self professed Satanist HR Giger whose book Necronomicon is a Satanic Bible of sorts. 330 Mason Jim Cameron is an adviser who understands the “Craft” quite well as his movie Avatar was written well in advance.
So, to recap, Iapetus was just “Discovered” carved on a small sphere in a deep African mine shaft; the father of Prometheus and Atlas whose statues are at Rockefeller Center. Prometheus is identified in the Book of Jasher with Japheth, the elder son of Noah; his wife supposedly a white skinned, black hair “Hybrid” (Humanoid) daughter of the Nephilim “Fallen Ones”.
Nephilim, Annunaki, Alien hybrids, Demon hybrids and God hybrids are Satanic lies; the purpose of this movie is to plant the idea “Man is God” and that too is a Lie.
The symbol of America is the Eagle and like Prometheus, the occult creator of Man, America has been eating the Livers of most nations on earth. Like the Frankenstein: Modern Prometheus, America will soon be destroyed by its Masonic Creators.
Prometheus is the prequel to the Alien movie franchise; Alien means “Foreigner”; Alien Covenenant refers to the Covenant with Satan made in the Garden of Eden made by Cain and his offspring; it’s a nice touch making the Alien ship into an Oroborus (Serpent eating its own tail); the theme illustrated by David, the synthetic offspring of his father “To create, you must first destroy”

Uncut Gems Full Movie watch Online Download Free

“We rarely use guns to kill people and take over their country. The cleanest way is to blackmail, pervert, bribe, lie and intimidate politicians and media so they destabilize their own country, then all we do is arm criminal factions and another nation is liberated” KGB Media is synonymous with Magic of the type promoted by the Median Magi, Chaldeans who started in Babylon, took over Persia, Greece, Rome, and Hollywood.

Uncut Gems was released Dec 25 on the Birth of Sol Invictus aka Satan, during Hanukkah; Sandler’s Hanukkah Song released on Saturn’s Day Night Live lists several dozen fellow Hollywood Fake Jew Actors who have sold their Soul. Adam Sandler is a Chaldean Russian fake Jew (b 1966 Year One Satan; Little Nicky is Sandler playing Satan’s son) who portrays Jacob’s offspring “Jews” as NY Hustlers; they are not. Howard Ratner is a habitual liar, gambler, adulterer, who swindles his brother and father and everyone else around him; the movie centers on Black Opals and Passover. “The highest art of warfare is to not fire a single shot but to subvert everything of value in the nation of your enemy”-KGB Adam Sandler does this magnificently; Stalin (Russian fake Jew Jugashvili) said “Give me Hollywood and a generation and I’ll control the world” The KGB has written it takes 15-20 years to effectively demoralize a nation because that’s 1 Generation.
Ethiopian dictator Haile Selasi claimed he was the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ, as does Bob Marley. The Ark of the Covenant is in Heaven with the Covenanter Jesus Christ (Rev 11:19) yet Ethiopian fake Jews claim to have the Ark of the Covenant, playing a literal shell game with it; the myth originates with the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon, the 666 talents of gold she brought and their mythical son who engendered the family tree of Pharaoh Taharka; don’t fall for the Chaldean Bullshit!
Black Opal is called the Witch’s Stone “Opal black of burning fire, add the power that’s required to make my magicking hit its mark by light of day or night so dark” Seems the charm worked on Boston Celtic’s Kevin Garnett. in Witchcraft, Black Opals are spontaneously created at the end of the Rainbow which is why the Boston Celtics were highlighted with the Shamrock. Hidden communication? My guess is Passover 2020 may very well be the end of the Rainbow; the Passover from the Age of Grace through JESUS to the Golden Age of Saturn; notice the giant Cube of Saturn behind Howard’s desk and the Gold Coins spewing from his daughter’s mouth. Passover April 8-16, 2020 brackets Easter on April 12; Ramadan begins April 23 Coincident with the Roman festival Vinalia; Jupiter is Zeus/Horus/Tammuz the patron of Sacrificial grade Wine; Venus the Arab Uzza “Mighty One” is the patron of profane Wine. Jesus is the New Wine who shed His blood for the world; Saturnian fake Jews reject that Blood, preferring the blood of the “Profane”.

Designated Survivor

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself” Cicero

Designated Survivor: Zoroastrian warning of WWIII Odd coincidence: Ukraine Flt 752 Tehran to Kiev is being accused of being a US Cyber attack on the navigation systems, much like MH-370 and MH-17; true or not, a similar US Cyber attack on a Russian Military Jet was used to alter its navigation systems in Designated Survivor; Hollywood wags the dog once again!
Red and Blue are the colors of the Profane “Blue Lodge” and Esoteric “Red Lodge” in Freemasonry. Everyone entering the New Age will be required to accept a Luciferian Initiation, either Noahide Law or Shariah Law; the latter promoted by Iran’s Shia Imam Ayathollah ali Khamenei a Luciferian Freemason just like Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.
Kal Penn, stars, advises and produces Designated Survivor. Penn had an open relationship with Barack Obama (Bari Malik Shabazz Jr) 2008-9; during the time the Obama White House was bathed in Rainbow Colors, Obama appeared on the cover of Out Magazine and on Newsweek Magazine as the “First Gay President”; other include Muhammad Chandoo, Reggie Love, Michael Robinson (Michelle Obama). Obama and Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel are members of Man’s Country, a Chicago Bath House. Obama is a Zoroastrian (Undiluted Star=Saturn) name meaning “He is with us”; Rahm Emanuel means “Supreme god is with us”.
A False Flag bombing of the US Capitol to blame Iran occurs during the State of the Union speech which kills the Cabinet, Supreme Court and Congress, all but the Designated Survivor; the purpose is to start the Zoroastrian War with Iran, the home of Zoroastrian religion. A Fresco from the Capitol Rotunda, blown off 1/4 mile featuring Mithras (Zoroastrian “Covenant”) is highlighted several times. HUD Sec under Trump is Dr Ben Carson a 7th Day Adventist who with Luciferian Freemason Billy Graham are the only 2X Key Note Speakers at the National Prayer Breakfasts, hosted by “The Family”; initiates of The Family include a number of members of Congress and Mass Murdering Kleptocrat Dictators who believe Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe, Adolph Hitler, Mao Tse Tung and Joseph Stalin embody the real message of the New Covenant best; Ref Heb 9:22. Real life may be bout to imitate art; Dan 8 describes the Zoroastrian battle of Ahura Mazda (Sons of Light/Wisdom) versus Ahriman (Sons of Darkness); the demon Ahriman actually appeared in the smoke of WTC #2, hit by UA Flt #175 on 9/11/2001. The entire False Flag on 9/11 was a Thelemic Ritual; Liber 175: Book of Uniting is the ritual uniting of a person or nation to a particular deity, in this case Ahriman Uniting the Nation is the theme of the new President.
With Iranian Terrorists blamed, the 5th column Traitor is identified as Catalan “Chiefs of Battle” (Catalonia is the breakaway republic of Spain works with a lone surviving Congressman pegged to become VP who Blackmails everyone it seems; Mike Pence was put in charge of all Domestic and Foreign affairs by Trump, the parallel is striking.
Posse Commitatus Enacted after the Civil War to prevent the US Military from being used against its own Citizens, Posse Cammitatus was shredded with the Waco Branch Davidian destruction under the command of Rhodes Scholar Gen Wes Clark (Nee Samaritan Kohen) who also divulged the plan to attack 7 Nations (Iran is #7) Tanks outfitted with flame throwers and sonic cannons left no survivors of the Burnt Offering; ditto in Designated Survivor when US Army Drones are renamed FBI Drones to obliterate a US Citizen deemed “Terrorist” without Due Process.
LGBTQ rights; there are none; rights are granted by the Owner of the House Jesus Christ who condemns LGBTQ (Lev 18:22; Rom 1:27)
Latino VP Latino: Old folk etymology Latin is derived from Latere “to lie hidden,” and a fable of Saturn. Latins are Sepharvaim (Saturnians of the Spanish Rite; 2 Ki 17:30), one of 4 pagan tribes who founded Rome, replaced Israel and later took over the Americas with disease.
CRISPr Gene edited Bio-Terrorism. “A man’s enemies shall be the men of his own house” Mat 10:36; Mic 7:6 Terrorists are homegrown, CDC is a for profit corporation listed in Dunn & Bradstreet in the business of creating disease.
Assisted Suicide, Constitutional Rights trampled for “Public Safety”, Remote Hijacking of Aircraft, Watergate style Campaigning are all on display
Kirkman is Scottish for Church; his father a NY Contractor like Trump; his cabinet replaced 3X like Trump’s because Trump was pre-planned.

Ep 210: This god awful Irishman poster

The Irishman Martin Scorsese, alleged High Priest of the Church of Satan in LA handed the mantle to Jim Carrey; The Irishman chronicles the MAFIA (Mazzini Authorizes Theft Fire and Poison) in the US, making among other claims, the JFK Assassination was a mob hit. Bullshit! The CIA took out JFK because he said he would splinter the organization into a 1000 pieces. Operation Zapata, named after GHW Bush fictitious oil drilling company used the ships Houston and Barbara (cute eh?; Barbara Bush (Pierce) is the illegitimate daughter of Aleister Crowley, a descendant of Thomas Percy the Jesuit ringleader of the Gunpowder Plot to prevent the KJV from production. JFK was aware NASA’s Mercury, Gemini and Apollo Programs were Hoaxes designed to fleece American taxpayers. He was also aware Nikita Khrushchev had a “Fantastic New Weapon capable of destroying the Earth”; Donald Trump’s uncle John weaponized Nikola Tesla’s Free Energy technology for the US Army during WWII and handed the technology over to Jesuit bro Joseph Stalin; not the sort of information Satanists want to have exposed. JFK, a Sodomite (Lem Billings) was probably disposed of most for issuing Silver Certificates free of Federal Reserve Central Bankers; like his Sodomite Rosicrucian predecessor Abe Lincoln (Joshua Speed) issuing Greenbacks, they were killed by their wives. Donald Trump would be advised to take heed!
Genovese means “Of Geneva or Genoa” The Lateran (Lateran means Hidden Frogs of the Dragon/Serpent/Devil/Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet Rev Rev 16:13) Treaty of 1929 under Mussolini created the Sovereign Vatican State. Donald Trump’s Manhattan Real Estate projects used the Genovese S&A Concrete owned by Tony “Fat” Salerno and Paul Castellano whose Sodomite Attorney Roy Cohn was Trump’s mentor and attorney as well as Gambino Crime boss John Gotti

"Us" (Jordan Peele, 2019)

Us is about Edomites revealing their prophesied world Dominion from Gen 27:39-41KJV
Us was released 3/22; the event begins in Santa Cruz “Holy Cross” California. California is an Islamic name Kalifa meaning Islamic Chief, Successor, Ruler from the Sephardic (Sepharvaim 2 Ki 17:30) Tales of King Amadis (Ama=Love + Dis=Dis Pater=Pluto god of the Underworld and mineral wealth; the movie Us featured Pluto rising from Santa Cruz “Holy Cross”) of Gaul and Queen Khalifa, California is Bankrupt $460B in Debt PG&E (Elect Power) was Bankrupted from intentionally set fires in 2017-18 has $30B in Suits pending; 2.5M now set to be without power due Santana (Satanas=Satan) “Devil Winds“.
Tales of Amadis mirror the Tales of King Arthur; the California Bear is Arthur the Bear Guard “Arcturas” guiding Ursa Major “Great Bear” or “Big Dipper” around Draco into the Age of Aquarius, thus the Golden State is leading the world into the Golden Age of Saturn. Gaul means Celt/Foreigner; Galli were Eunuch priests of Cybele; Cap of Cybele aka Yarmulke replaces the Temple Veil Jesus tore at the Crucifixion ie it represents Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost, the Unforgivable Sin. Earthquakes will turn California into an island as depicted on maps dating from the Sephardic expulsion of Iberia in 1492; FEMA, US Navy and NOAA (Noah) use the same “Disaster” (Dis + Aster) planning maps. On Dec 8, Comet Borisov reaches perihelion forming a Dis Aster “Evil Star”?
Society 3:22 “Brotherhood of Death” aka Skull & Bones Society may ring a Baal; Adam was seduced into Sin by Eve in Gen 3:22. 1986 was 33 years ago; 33 was the age Jesus was Crucified in the House of His friends, a house full of Edomite imposters (Obadiah). 33 degree Freemasons are Sovereign, having Free Will to do as they please; free of restraint; the only person in the movie with Free Will is Adelaide tricked in Merlin’s House of Mirrors as a child.
George W Bush said after 9/11 “You are either with us or with the terrorists”; referring to Baathist (Re-birth/Renaissance) Sunni 33 deg Freemason Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda as “Evil Doers” ” “Behold, I will bring evil upon them which they shall not be able to escape; and though they shall cry unto me, I will not hearken unto them” Jer 11:11 God is the “Evil Doer” in this scenario. On Sep 23, 1986 Ronald Reagan told the United Nations General Assembly to achieve our common aspirations for the world, the threat of an alien invasion could be used to unite the peoples of Earth”.
Adelaide “Of Nobility”. Noble Caste refers Saturnian Black Nobility, offspring of the Primordial or Black Sun Adelaide’s father Russel means “Ruddy/Red”.
Red “Ruddy; Rod; Rood” Ruddy means Red, the name God gave Esau after selling his Birthright for a bowl of Red Beans. Rod refers to Rebecca’s brother Laban (To Make White) who tricked Jacob into marrying Leah whom he thought was Rachel; Rods were used to separate Laban and Jacob’s cattle. Rood means Cross; the Cross of Tammuz or Tau Cross is not Christian in any sense; Tammuz means “Purify by Fire” or Holocaust which is what Red’s son did to his Doppelgänger by manipulating him into the flames as a puppet.
Rayna Bulgarian for “Queen” Bulgaria is named for Bogomils, a Gnostic branch of the Cathars “Pure Ones”, thus Rayna is Adelaide’s mother; Gnostic Nobility. Her father Russel means “Ruddy”; Esau sold his Birthright and came to be called Edom=Ruddy. Her Tether is Eartha “Worldly” or Gaia; Earth Dwellers are first mentioned in Rev 13:8, they sold their connection “Tether” to God.

Gabe Gabriel is the messenger angel, meaning “Strong man of God”; in Arabic “Tyrant of El” “Saturn”. Muslims and Mormons believe Gabriel delivered the Quran and Book of Mormon to their respective False Prophets “The law and prophets were until John” Lk 16:16

Abraham “Father of the Multitude”, the Covenant with Abram was rejected by Ishmael and Esau; Abraham-man came to be a derisive term for Mendicant Frauds and Beggar

Jason Same root as Joshua or Yehoshua; the leader of the Argonauts searching for the Golden Fleece in the underworld.

Wilson “Desire/Will/Helmet”; recall Wilson in Castaway? Weyland The Corporation in the Alien Franchise.
Pluto Hades, the son of Saturn, god of the underworld wealth; gold, silver, gems are found underground, inside the Earth; this his grandmother is Eartha.

Zora “Dawn”; Zoroaster “Dawn Star”; Dawn=Rising Sun, the Chaldean Rising Sun is Saturn.

Umbrae Eclipse shadow; Umbrella serves same purpose as the Yarmulke, a covering or separation from God.
Kitty Catherine or Catharsis “Discharge of pent up emotion”; Cathar means “Pure Ones”
Dahlia “Flower; Elegance; Grace”; nice touch carving her face up; it means Destroy
Becca-Lindsey “Tie, Bind, Join” Rebecca gave birth to the Twins Jacob and Esau; she fooled Isaac into giving Jacob, the blessing she thought was meant for Esau, her first born. Lindsey is Scottish for Linen/Cloth. Twins born of the same cloth with very different outcomes.
Io-Nix Io is the mortal lover of Zeus/Jupiter (Rabbis call Jupiter Tzaddiq=Righteous) who gave birth to Perseus the Magic Mushroom god of Christmas. Nixmeans Nothing/Naught. Noteworthy is the movie release on 3/22 was the morning after Purim “Bring to Naught”.
Red the leader and Messiah of the Reds is Adelaide. Twins control their Soulless Doppelgangers as puppets. Jacob impersonated Esau by becoming “Ruddy” in order to obtain his father’s blessing; Isaac was lied to, and by being blind may have indeed been fooled; but the blessing came from God and He was definitely not fooled. Talmudic Rabbis believe God was fooled and change Gen 27:39-41 in new bible versions to give Jacob Dominion over the Earth; this is not the case.
Jesus warned Debtors become Slaves to Creditors; Edomites are the Creditors; Jacob and Born Again Christian followers of Jesus Christ are swimming in a sea of Red Ink (Debt) whether we realize it or not. In Gen 3:22 Adam follows Eve into Sin debt.
Tethered refers to Esau Yoked to Jacob. Esau was renamed Edom=Red after selling his Soul to his Twin brother Jacob (Supplanter). Esau is Yoked by God to Jacob (Gen 27:39-41); when Free of restraint, Esau will kill his Twin brother an evil brought about by God. In Gnosticism, killing the body releases the Soul; it doesn’t work that way, but in 1517 the 5th Lateran Council proclaimed “Indestructibility of the Soul” Catholic (Universal Dogma); a Lie, but one believed by many. Hands across America was a failure and Charity rip-off. joining Reds together across America from Santa Cruz to NYC is symbolic: Cruz means Cross; Red or Rood also means Cross; Ruddy a reference to Adam=Edom=Red.
Jordan Peele Writer, Producer, Director was named Time Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential people in 2014; Time is Saturn aka Chaos; Order out of Chaos (Ordo ab Chao) is the motto of 33 degree Luciferian Freemasonry, the top of the Masonic “Red Lodge”. The Red Horse rider takes peace from the world which is what happens when Godly restraint is removed from the world. Adelaide means “Nobility”; Pluto her son is the Roman God of Wealth, Riches and the Underworld where precious stones, gems, gold are found; notice Pluto digs tunnels at the beach as opposed to making sand castles and wears a red mask. Hopi “Prophecy Rock” states Red Kachina will one day soon remove his mask at the Plaza before the uninitiated; he and his mother have a little secret; they are both Reds.
Jer 11 describes Judah’s broken covenant with God; Jer 11:11 describes the Evil God will bring upon Jacob when his brother is free to kill him. God will not help Judah because God said in Amos 5:2;26; 7:2-3;6-7KJV Israel/Jacob shall no more rise; this is why Juda is missing the “h” (God is with me) in Rev 7KJV; Rabbis of course change that back to Jacob and assume the role of Israel, but make no mistake here; Rabbis are not Jewish. Rabbi comes from Rba, the title of Chaldean-Sabian Priests who worship Creation (Earth, Moon, Stars, Sun) rather than the Creator; in Rev 13:8 they are referred to as “Earth Dwellers”; Adam begin fashioned of Red Clay.
Rabbits are Anamellech the Assyrian goddess Ishtar or Easter; Rabbits copulate profusely yet have no empathy or compassion; they have the brain of a sociopath which is what we see when Reds surface to kill their twins. In folklore, the Rabbit (March Hare) lives in the Moon; Chaldeans and Sabians worship Lord Moon; Arabs call the Moon “Sin”; Gnostics see the Moon as a reflection of the Sun; Muslims, most unknowingly worship Allah as the moon god “Sin”
Scissors: To Cut out; Shear. Shepherds paint Scapegoats legs Red because Sheep are color blind; they are trained to lead Sheep to the Shears. In Rev 11:11 God’s final 2 Witnesses are killed, creating a Wilderness void of God; this is symbolized when Adelaide cuts the final 2 paper twins, giving Reds complete Dominion over the Earth. This happens in Dan 7:6; the Evil God brings upon the Earth in Jer 11:11 are the 4 Horsemen, White, Red, Black, Pale Horse; White conquers; Red removes Peace; Black collapses the world economy and Pale is the 4th Beast of Iron (Dan 7:7) which cuts the Tether between God and Man.
Merlin’s House of Mirrors: Merlin means “Of the Sea or Black Bird”; the Raven left Noah’s Ark, a symbol of protection and Salvation for Freedom, making his perch on the highest mountain; Black Robes Shia Messianic Muslims worship an UNKNOWN GOD called the “Old Man of the Mountain”. Jesuits serve the Black Pope; Jesuit Pope Francis (Free) and Pope Benedict XVI had their Peace Doves attacked by Ravens in 2013-14. Merlin was King Arthur’s adviser, magician, prophet; Arthur refers to Arcturas “Bear Guard”, guiding Ursa Major (Great Bear) aka Big Dipper around the Axis Mundi and the constellation Draco (Dragon). Arthur is the fictional so of Uther Pendragon, the Arch-druid (Dru=Tree) or head fo the Gnostic pantheon of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; of course in a House of Mirrors, Good and Evil are reversed.
Reds then are British Red Coats (Brith=Birthright Covenant ie Esau=Edom=Red); Red Flag=Defiance; Rood=Red=Cross; Reds=Bolshevik Communists; Jesus’ words are Red; Saint’s ie Martyrs Days are Red; Red Carpet a sumptuous welcome; Phrygian Cap (Bonnet Rouge) is Red; the 3rd Beast Kingdom is Edomite; Edomites achieve Dominion (Gen 27:41KJV) as the 3rd Kingdom of Brass (Dan 2:39) which like Copper is Red.
Esau “Red” achieves “Dominion” by controlling Wealth, the precious stones, gold and silver (Dan 11:38) of the Earth, the domain of Pluto who fooled Jason into searching for the Golden Fleece. You can see this at Union Square Park in NYC, the end of the Red Chain of Hands across America. The US Flag stands atop “Reds” who support the “Fasces”, the symbol of a Red Fascist Dictatorship. The Fasces is a bundle of Rods, the same Rods Laban and Jacob separated their Cattle with; Laban chose the Chaldean ie Gnostic Witness Jeger-sahadutha whereas Jacob chose God as his Witness “Galeed” (Gen 31:47). The Rods “Reds” are bound by Red Cord surrounding an executioner’s axe next to the Midnight Countdown Clock and the Awakening of the the Beast rising from the Earth amid the Golden Fleece. The same Beast ie Red Dragon rising from the Earth (Eartha=Red’s mother) can also be seen as, what else but “The Awakening”, a giant statue in Washington National Harbor struggling to free himself from the Earth.
Q means Quelle “Source”; QAnon: An Invitation to the Great Awakening may ring a Baal; this would be the day the Reds reveal themselves; the same day the Hopi Red Kachina removes his mask at the Plaza as demonstrated by Pluto; pretty coincidental Man’s first self created element was Americium which gave rise to Plutonium don’t you think? The Manhattan Project and Big Apple “Manhattan” ringing another Baal? The big Question is who will Antichrist “Red” and False Prophet aka Beast of the Earth be?
The answer may be remarkably obvious; Thomas Plantard and Bishop Timothy “Kallistos” Ware are my best guesses. King Arthur, the Once and Future King means “Branch”, seen in Thomas “Twin” + Plantard “Branch or vine cutting” too obvious? He will sit on what else but Satan’s Seat in Jerusalem next to the Abomination of Desolation which removes the connection to God by cutting the Tether with Scissors (Shearing the Sheep)
False Prophet: Orthodox Bishop Timothy “Kallistos” Ware Remember Merlin’s House of Mirrors? Merlin (Water, Sea or Raven) was Arthur’s Prophet and Magician; the Magic Trick burned Adelaide’s son Jason. The Bishop of Rome will sit on Sede-vacante in Rome; Vatican City is not part of Rome nor is Washington DC part of the US St John Lateran Arch-basilica has the Sede-vacante, considered by Jesuits (Militia of Zeus/Jupiter) like Pope Francis to be the “Mother of all Churches worldwide”; remember, Red’s mother is Eartha whose Red Clay was used to fashion Adam and Edom “Red”. This includes Judaism, Christianity and Islam through, wait for it! Abraham, the husband of Red-Adelaide. Basilica’s are built around Teaching Seats called Cathedra; St John Lateran is the Teaching Seat of the Red Dragon (Serpent, Satan, Devil), Antichrist and False Prophet, the “Hidden Frogs” Jesus warned about in Rev 12:9; 16:13. Recall, Red’s son Pluto was the one wearing the Red Devil’s Mask! Pope Francis (Free) wrote Laudato Si an Encyclical (Teaching Paper) praising the, wait for it! Earth Red’s mother is Eartha. The document calls for eliminating all but 1 Billion people; those would be “Reds”; guarding the Doors are Cardinals (Cardo=Hinge) wearing Red of course. Timothy is derived from Time+Theos; the Time God is Saturn, Chronos or Grim Reaper. Kallistos was the Sea Nymph who mated with Zeus/Jupiter who was turned into a Bear by Zeus’ wife Hera; Ursa Major “Great Bear”=Kallistos, guided by Arcturas (Arthur) is the Water Pourer “Big Dipper” of the Aquarian Age, a return to the Golden Age of Saturn free of Tethers to God.
Ware means Merchandise for Sale, Goods, Guard, Watch Out for and Deceptive Trick. Merlin’s House of Mirrors was a deceptive trick; the movie was set in America because the US is to be the Red legged Scapegoat sending the world to the Scissors (Shears); Rev 14 and 18 describe Babylon falling when the merchants of the earth sell no more of her merchandise, the gold, silver, precious stones, pearls…slaves and the souls of men. The US has made debt slaves of the world through Trickery and Deceit.
There is probably a lot more to US than anyone realizes; just make sure you are Baptized by the Holy Ghost, in a personal Covenant with JESUS when the Red’s surface!


Aquaman, the reluctant hero of the people, recovers Poseidon’s Trident, the weapon giving Dominion over Earth, Heaven and Hell and begins his rule as an egotistical ruthless tyrant. Guess who else uses the Trident and claims Dominion over Earth, Heaven and Hell? 3rd Temple Priests. The Trident or Trishul represents opening of the Rood, Heart and 3rd Eye Chakras; all 3 must be open for Antichrist (Beast rising from the Sea) to rise to the Crown Chakra.
The movie Man of Steel featured Codeword “Trident”; a Trident shaped alien ship arriving in the Southern Indian Ocean to Terraform (Geo-engineer) the Earth; Malaysian Airlines uses the Trident Logo; MH-370 disappeared during a US-Thailand Military Exercise carrying bio-hazard cargo from the Capt Phillip’s boat “Maersk Alabama” (Maersk uses 7 pft Star Logo; same as “Babalon” the Whore of Babylon) which was guarded by 2 Trident Security Guards who suffered simultaneous heart attacks in port in Saudi Arabia. MH-17 allegedly crashed in Ukraine during, NATO Exercise “Rapid Trident”; Ukraine Flag is the Trident; 17 is the number called “Admirable Sacrament” Worth noting is Stalin “Man of Steel” starved 30million people, mostly in the Ukraine. False Flags are used all the time; here are a few recent ones
Oscar means “God’s Spear” Shape of Water won; Aquaman is the same Creature from the Black Lagoon repackaged for modern audiences. Russia calls UN Security Council Mtg Nov 26 over Ukraine incident, the same day Aquaman debuts in London; just coincidence? Not on your eternal life. Aquaman was born 1/2 human 1/2 Atlantean Arthur Curry “Prime Earth”; Nicole Kidman is Transsexual, her father is the head of the Church of Satan in Sydney; last year’s Hollywood Beastiality Award winner “The Shape of Water” has the same theme.
Native Hawaiian actor Jason Momoa, a natural fit for Aquaman. Jason and the Argonauts may ring a Baal; Jason means “To Heal”; Jason was born in Oahu on Latitude 21.6 degrees; 216=6X6X6, the number of the Beast is tied to the Earth’s Axis recession of 2160 years/Astrological House as well as Pythogorean Geomerty of 33+43+53 found in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid and UN Meditation Room Altar. Hawaii means “Water and Breath of Life” Arthur is Arcturas “Bear Guard”, the “Once and Future King” of the Golden Age; Curry means “To put in order, prepare, arrange.
Merovingians claim a similar lineage; Merovee is a mythical Sea-beast called “Beastea Neptunis”. Aquaman rises as a super-hero to reclaim Atlantis, uniting the power “Above and Below” according to the trailer EM technology uses Electo-magnetic energy; Unlimited Electricity from the Sun “Above” and unlimited Magnetic energy from the Earth “Below”. Aquaman “Awakens” to his destiny as a son of Land and Sea; the statue “Awakening” in Washington National Harbor may ring a Baal. Aquaman debuts in China Dec 7 “Pearl Harbor Day” and in the US Dec 21, the start of Capricorn, seen carved into the St Sulpice Obelisk; Capricorn is the Saturnian-goat aka Solis Invicti “Unconquered Sun”. John Trump (Donald’s uncle and MIT researcher) weaponized EM (Electro-Magnetic) technology developed by Nikola Tesla and handed it over to Joseph Stalin; the Scapegoat for these weapons is Status 6 now called Poseidon (Neptune), named for the son of Saturn and greek god of the Sea, Earthquakes and Tsunamis; the Americas are particularly vulnerable. Status 6? Not too hard to see Saturn, the 6th planet or 666 “Mark of the Beast” here. The Russian Bear “And behold another beast, a second like to a bear, and it raised up itself on one side, and it had three ribes in the mouth of it between the teeth of it: and they said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh” Dan 7:5 The 3rd Beast (Dan 7:6) obtains worldwide “Dominion” and promptly hands this authority to the 4th Beast of Iron (Dan 7:7) aka “Little Horn” or Antichrist rising from the Sea (Dan 7:8).
Sarmation “Priest-Kings”, exiled in Crimea descend from Assyrians, their first Legitimate King immediately following the Flood was Sargon the Great; Sargon II led Israel into captivity with the aid of Tartan, the Assyrian military commander Sargon III.
Poseidon/Neptune’s spear is called the Trident meaning 3 Teeth. Poseidon is allegedly, a Nuclear powered Underwater Drone carried by Oscar (Oscar means “God’s Spear”) Class Subs carrying a 100MT Cobalt-60 “Dirty Nuc” capable producing 1600ft tall Tsunamis (Bullshit) and rendering coastal areas uninhabitable. At Sochi (Flame), the ancestral home of Sarmation Priest-Kings aka Melchisedekians, Prometheus breaks free of his chains and the Eagle pecking his liver; the Eagle symbolizes the Americas; Prometheus is featured at Rockefeller Center, the symbol of American Financial control via Debt.
Aquaman “Awakens” to his destiny as a son of Land and Sea; the statue “Awakening” in Washington National Harbor may ring a Baal; its the Beast Rising from the Earth (Rev 11:13). Aquaman debuts in China Dec 7 “Pearl Harbor Day” and in the US Dec 21, the start of Capricorn, seen carved into the St Sulpice Obelisk; Capricorn is the Saturnian-goat aka Solis Invicti “Unconquered Sun”. John Trump (Donald’s uncle and MIT researcher) weaponized EM (Electro-Magnetic) technology developed by Nikola Tesla and handed it over to Joseph Stalin; the Scapegoat for these weapons is Status 6 now called Poseidon (Neptune), named for the son of Saturn and greek god of the Sea, Earthquakes and Tsunamis; the Americas are particularly vulnerable. Status 6? Not too hard to see Saturn, the 6th planet or 666 “Mark of the Beast” here. The Russian Bear “And behold another beast, a second like to a bear, and it raised up itself on one side, and it had three ribes in the mouth of it between the teeth of it: and they said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh” Dan 7:5 The 3rd Beast (Dan 7:6) obtains worldwide “Dominion” and promptly hands this authority to the 4th Beast of Iron (Dan 7:7) aka “Little Horn” or Antichrist rising from the Sea (Dan 7:8).
Sarmation “Priest-Kings”, exiled in Crimea descend from Assyrians, their first Legitimate King immediately following the Flood was Sargon the Great; Sargon II led Israel into captivity with the aid of Tartan, the Assyrian military commander Sargon III.
Poseidon/Neptune’s spear is called the Trident meaning 3 Teeth. Poseidon is allegedly, a Nuclear powered Underwater Drone carried by Oscar (Oscar means “God’s Spear”) Class Subs carrying a 100MT Cobalt-60 “Dirty Nuc” capable producing 1600ft tall Tsunamis (Bullshit) and rendering coastal areas uninhabitable. At Sochi (Flame), the ancestral home of Sarmation Priest-Kings aka Melchisedekians, Prometheus breaks free of his chains and the Eagle pecking his liver; the Eagle symbolizes the Americas; Prometheus is featured at Rockefeller Center, the symbol of American Financial control via Debt.

Bohemian Rhapsody POSTER_rgb

Bohemian Rhapsody
Bohemian Rhapsody debuts as the US declares War on Iran with wide ranging sanctions, a Snake emerges from the Stones of the Western Wall and Israel adopts the Palestine viper as National Snake. “On stage, I’m a Devil”-Freddie Mercury
Bohemian means “One who does not live by the laws or social norms of the nation they reside in; eg 2700 Elite at Bohemian Grove) Rhapsody means an Ode, Sung to a particular person; that would be Lucifer. Time is Saturn/Lucifer; Time for Lucifer to debut.
Zoroastrianism is far older than Zoroaster “Zero=Cipher + Star”. Zoroastrian Freddie (Frederick=Peaceful Ruler) Mercury (Messenger of the Gods aka Toth, Hermes) sold his soul and changed his name to that of his “Farie King” Mercury; his Diamond studded black gloves a present from the Devil himself according to Fred. Nobody battles God (Jesus) and wins; Antichrist will arrive Peaceably (Dan 11:21) following the final Zoroastrian battle of Good versus Evil aka Ahura Mazda (Light=Lucifer) versus Ahriman (Darkness); you may recall Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Lead captor during the Bush Sr-Carter-Reagan staged Iranian Hostage release) stating to the United Nations 3 years in a row, the US was “Ahriman” and that his Divine/Prophetic Mission was to usher in the 12th Shia Imam “al Mahdi”; he should know, Bush Sr and the CIA installed his boss, Paris trained, Grand Orient (Orient means East) Lodge, 33 degree Luciferian Mason Ayathollah ali Khomenei.
“Mama, just killed a man”: Freddie killed a man whose life had just begun and he knew he had thrown it all away by selling his soul.
“We are the Champions of the World”: Esau sold his Soul and is prophesied to obtain Worldwide “Dominion” (Gen 27:39-41KJV)
“Beelzebub has a Devil set aside for me”; Lord of the Flies feasting on his dead body. Whether Freddie was cremated or not I have no idea, but Zoroastrians place the deceased on a pinnacle for the carrion to devour, their bones falling through the grate to be recycled via the food and water supply.
I feel sorry for Freddie he know full well it would have been better for him to have never been born at all. Don’t make his mistake! A life of money, fame, “Taxi Boys”, alcohol and cocaine will not get you to Heaven.
Image result for pictures of first manFirst Man No stars? Come on Hollywood. C Fred Kleinknecht was Sovereign head of Scottish Rite Masonry; his brother Ken Kleinknecht, also a 33 degree Mason managed the Gemini and Apollo programs as well as Space Lab, Sky Lab and the Space Shuttle. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, just a couple of lucky 33 degree Luciferian Masons chosen for Apollo 11. Steven Spielberg and Nathan Crowley (Dark Knight Rises and Aleister Crowley may ring a Baal); they produced and designed the sets for this movie.
On Dec 7, 2016 Buzz “Lightyear” Aldrin tweeted “We are all in danger. It is Evil itself” captioned under a picture of a Pyramid and Queen Elizabeth Station at the Antarctic South Pole; one of many Elite who made the trek to Antarctica that year, Buzz came down with altitude sickness and was airlifted at taxpayer expense to Christ Church New Zealand and the care of Dr David Bowie; I know, hard to believe eh?
Saturn V (Saturn’s Nail) accelerates to 25000+ mph dropping the rocket engines; the LM and Eagle coast 254000 miles and manage to slow down to 2500 mph Lunar orbit; part, dock and accelerate with no rocket motors to return to Earth; a miracle on par with Elon Musk’s new Methane powered rockets and form fitting Mars Space Suits; money wasting Bull Shit.
Related imageBad Times at El Royale El is Saturn/Satan Royale means Rex= “King” and Real, a unit of currency; the Six Pointed Star of El and “See You Again Soon” with Red (Edom=Red) Pedophile Cult Leader Billy Lee (Chris Helmsworth a closeted Sodomite in real life) says “There is no God. We are God. We determine what is right and wrong”. El Royale is Cal Neva called “Lady of the Lake”, the hotel and underground tunnels built for prohibition era bootlegging on the California-Nevada border; the shallow end of the pool in CA, the deep end in NV.
All 7 guests have a double life; the show revolves around stolen “Money”, ironically by a pretend Priest who is a thief yet provides false absolution. The Rat Pack made Cal Neva their home away from home from 1960-1963 for Bestiality, Pedophilia, Prostitution, Adultery, all filmed by each other as well as FBI pedophile chief J Edgar Hoover for Blackmail. Marilyn Monroe stayed in Room 3; guests of Frank Sinatra in Room 4 (Father O’Reilly’s room) such as Church of Satan Priest Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin, Joey Bishop, Peter Lawford, Bohemian Grove Initiate Bobby Kennedy and JFK. Marilyn is claimed to have died Aug 4, 1962 (Day #216=6X6X6 and the cubes of 3,4,5 added) after being raped by mob bosses Johnny Roselli and Skinny Damato, before being overdosed by enema by her psychiatrist Ralph Greenson with whom she was having an affair along with President JFK and his brother Bobby who drove her deceased body to Brentwood where the body was “Discovered” Aug 5. So what was the damaging information on the film? I’d guess the murder of Marilyn Monroe.

"Tiros em Colombine"

Fahrenheit 11/9
Brought to you by Michael Moore and Harvey Weinstein. Moore and Donald Trump have the same Hollywood Agent Ari Emanuel, brother of Obama White House Chief of Staff (literally) Rahm Emanuel a Sodomite member of Man’s Country Men’s Bath House with Obama; all are Crypto Satanists playing roles; Trump even has his own Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and collects a Screen Actors’s Guild Retirement Pension. Don’t you just love being played for the Fool? On 9/11/2001 GW Bush was not reading My Pet Goat; he was reading America Upside Down. The Goat? Ashima, the Goat of the Hamathites; Ham means Black; Ham was the first post Flood Saturn worshipper, these are his offspring.
What does 11/9 represent? Nov 9, the day after Trump was selected? Nov 9? A Mirror Image of 9/11? or Veteran’s Day? or Day #313? November is derived from Novem=9; 9 the number associated with Judgment; Rev 9:11 describes Shamash/Satan the God of modern Israel arriving in Judgement. Veteran is derived from Veteranus “Beast of Burden”; Satanist Presidential adviser since Eisenhower Henry Kissinger “Soldiers are dumb stupid animals to be used as cannon fodder in our wars”; WWI the War to end all wars ended in Armistice (Temporary Cessation) on Nov 11, 1918. Nov 9 is Day #313; there are 313 ! in the Word of God; the last in Rev 18:19 details the fall of “Babylon”. Messianic Shia Muslims are taught when there are 313 sincere believers in Shia, the 12th occulted Imam “al Mahdi” will return.
Fahrenheit 11/9 was released on Sept 20, 2018; in India the Day of Ashura meaning (Tenth or Tithe), coincident with Feast of Atonement and in Islam 10 Muharram, the day the martyrdom of Husayn ibn ali Talib or “Ali” in Karbala is celebrated by Messianic Shia Muslims awaiting the arrival of “al Mahdi”. Shia Muslims sacrifice Goats or Lambs between Eid al Adha (Aug 21, 2018 is one year after the 2017 Great American Earthquake bisected the United States on the Cusp of Leo and Libra (Scales of Justice) with totality passing over 7 towns named Salem the Jerusalem god of Dusk represented by the Peace Sign aka Broken Jew) and 10 Muharram. The day commemorated Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice Ishmael on the site of the future Temple Mount; don’t buy into the BS. Abraham’s name was Abram before he paid Tithes to Melchisedek and offered to sacrifice Isaac, in doing so he received the “h” meaning “God is with me”; Jesus is Melchisedek!

Πάμε σινεμά: Mother!

Mother! a Gnostic ie Saturnian creation/destruction/re-creation story. Jennifer Lawrence is a man In Gen 5:2 Adam represents both Male and Female; Gnostics have the goal of returning to the Garden of Eden. Gnostics believe incarnation in matter is evil and must be destroyed by fire in order to purify and renew; “Order out of Chaos” comes from this Satanic doctrine. “Ye shall not surely die but become as gods knowing good and evil” is the Serpent/Satan/Saturn’s first Lie, with this lie comes “Indestructibility of the Soul” which Gnostics believe must be liberated from the body through Sacrifice; hence the offering in this movie by “Him” of His Son before the destruction of paradise; unlike the bible, Jesus gave Himself as God in Flesh for the Sins of humanity.
mother! a prequel/sequel to Crypto Jew Darren Aronifsky’s other unbiblical version of Noah. mother! has the ! as a “Woe” in Scripture, a dire warning God’s Wrath is imminent; in this case mother! is seen as the God of Wrath. mother! is seen in movie promos is giving her heart to Him is essentially Mother Earth “Gaia” aka Isis, Cybele, Ishtar or Ashtoreth.
Him is seen holding the Earth amid flames of destruction is essentially the Gnostic God, “Saturn”, the Primeval Sun or Black Star, considered the 1st God by Gnostics. Him keeps the ashes of his 1st wife (presumably Lilith according to the Gnostic version) in a Crystalline Diamond shaped Shrine which transforms their abandoned, fire destroyed home in the forest (Grove) into an Octagon (8 Pt Star of Isis) shaped estate; the Statue of Liberty and Temple Mount are also built on 8 Pt Star foundations.
Cain kills Abel and the World kills the Creator, the only begotton son of mother! and Him is a portrayal of Jesus as “Alpha” and “I AM, THAT I AM”. In Scripture, at the Crucifixion of God, “THIS IS JESUS, KING OF THE JEWS” was placed on top of the Cross (Tree); Rosicrucians change this to INRI which means “Nature is Renewed by Fire” aka “Holocaust”. In Latin INRI stands for “Iesus Nazarenus, Rex Iudaerum” for “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews”. The New Covenant is purely SPIRITUAL as conveyed in the KJV Mat 27:37. JESUS returns as KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS Rev 19:16; the arrival of a physical King is Antichrist.
Him (God) is a self absorbed, narcissist with no time for his wife; he simply craves attention and adoration for his Words. Gnostics believe the Visible Creation was fashioned out of destruction of the 1st Creation Saturn made of Dark Matter ie “Order out of Chaos”; for Gnostics, JEHOVAH (Jesus Christ) is an evil Demiurge. An octagon shaped pedastel supports the Temple Mount and Statue of Liberty; 8 were saved in Noah’s Ark; the New Covenant is the 8th and fnal Contract between Man and God. Guests arrive to the new “House” called Man and Woman, a depiction of Adam and Eve.
“Man” is the Gnostic Adam; Jehovah/Jesus is the 2nd Adam and the 3rd Adam will be Antichrist aka Adam Kadmon, the Pure Light vessel of Kabbalah; Black is the absorption of Light, therfore Dark Lord if you will. “Man” shows up with “Woman” who riddles “mother” about sex and children before openly fornicating; their 2 sons representing Cain and Abel.
mother! comes in on Man (Adam) and Him (God) and sees a Rib missing in a gaping wound; the Rib woman was created from.
In the bible, Ham went into his mother’s tent in Gen 9; Canaan was the result of this fornication/incest, Cursed with the pre-flood genetics of Cainites. Ham’s 2 brothers Japheth and Shem refused to look at the Sin.
Cut off from inheritance (like Cain), the older son of “Man” kills the younger son and wanders in the Earth away from Eden. In the bible this is Cain killing Abel whom God favored because his sacrifice was acceptable, to obtain God’s inheritance.
A Frog comes out of the hearth of the old creation in the basement; nice touch, the Frog represents Antichrist (Rev 16:13).
“mother” and “Him” have a son representing Jesus Christ. The masses wait; When “mother!” falls asleep, “Him” offers their son to the masses of adoring people whose Satanit Priest breaks the baby’s neck, dismembers, distributes (Gnostic Communion) and everyone eats the child in a frenzy of “Him’s” guests. Mother! is then beaten; she (Earth) retaliates in revenge and destroys paradise in a Holocaust. The new house and its Mother!, just like the old house and its Mother! is destroyed with God taking her heart into a crystal for the next round. Mother Earth burns herself down as a Phoenix, ressurecting itself from the ashes, to repeat the never ending cycle. Endless cycles of Creation and Destruction. A decidedly Gnostic (Satanic) interpretation of the Bible.
On the Tonight Show, Jennifer Lawrence advertized the movie opening wearing Upside Down Crosses for Earrings; the witchcraft symbol associated with Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost, the Unforgivable Sin.
Noah descended from Seth, Jesus descended from Noah and all Born Again followers of Jesus Christ through the Holy Ghost are grafted onto Seth’s bloodline; hence Canaanites intend to kill all of us remaking the Garden of Eden. Ordo ab Chao “Order out of Chaos” is the destruction of the Old Order and replacement with the New World Order of “Thelema”. Do what thou wilt, seen in “Woman’s” open fornication with “Him” in front of his family. Gnostics should just read and trust the Word of God; you may recall in Noah, Tubal-cain hitches a ride on the Ark; Tubal-cain is the instructor of artificers of metal. Gnostics plan on rebuilding the Garden of Eden on Earth by the Sword.

Paul, Apostle Of Christ OneSheet_TXDL

Paul Apostle of Christ
Jesuits are the Militia of Zeus and Minerva aka Wolves in Sheep’s Clothes Jesus warned of. Jim Caviezel played Jesus in “Passion of the Christ”; “The Christ” in both of these productions is not Jesus Christ but the Alternative Christ.
Jesus was Crucified and laid in the Sepulchre on Feast of Unleavened Bread on the Eve of Passover Mar 29 and rose the third day on Feast Feast of First Fruits April 2, the real Resurrection Day. Easter is the pregnancy of Ishtar (Eostre) on Dies Solis (Saturn is Solis Invicti, born 9 months later on Saturnalia/ Hanukkah/Christmas) First Light Easter Sunday. Good Friday as the Crucifixion Day is not only Blasphemous, but nonsense; how on earth can one possibly count 3 days from Good Friday at Even to Sunday First Light? Passion Week begins Mar 23 with the release of Jesuit Jim Caviezel (Jesus in Passion of the Christ) starring as Luke in Paul, Apostle of Christ.
Angela Hunt PhD in Theology from Israel’s favorite Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Jerry Fallwell’s “Liberty University” wrote Paul, Apostle of Christ, The Note, Nativity Story, Esther: Royal Beauty etc Nativity of Solis Invicti “Unconquered Sun” is Saturnalia/Christmas and has nothing to do with Jesus; the real Magi arrived when Jesus was a “Young Child” in the Spring 4 BC; when Herod ordered the Slaughter of Innocents an Angel of the LORD promptly killed him. Esther is either a heroine and savior of Jews in Persian captivity or a Whore comfortable in Persia in Artaxerxes’ Harem. When a follower of God has his/her back against the wall; I humbly suggest you let God handle the situation; very soon Edomitites like Haman will have their revenge because contrary to popular belief, Esau (Edomites) will have “Dominion” (Gen 27:39-41KJV) not the sons of Jacob (Amos 5:2;26; 7:2-3; 6-7KJV)
In 2019 Caviezel will reprise his, excuse me His role playing the white, bearded version of Jesus in Mel Gibson’s sequel to “Passion of the Christ”. Mel used Italian XXX Porn Stars such as Monica Belucci who played Mary Magdalene, she also played the lover of the French “Merovingian” in Hell in the Matrix. Caviezel says this one will be the “Biggest film in History”. Mel starred in Passion of the Christ, holding the Nails in his Left (Sinister) hand as he hammered them into Jesus.
Why 2019? Dec 21, 2012 at 11:11UTC the Sun rose through the the Oroborus Serpent (Snake eating its own tail) on the Mayan Date 7 years later will be Saturnalia 2019. 7 Yr Tribulation is a Jesuit Lie.
A guess at this point, but the Peace Fountain at St John the Divine Cathedral highlights St John’s Day in Cancer (June 21-July 21); 2018 is the year after the 10th Jubilee, the year highlighted in 11Q13 Prince Melchisedek Scroll for the “Return of Melchisedek” and by Rabbi Judah ben Samuel in 1217 for the “Return of Mosiach”, the Messiah Jesus warned would come in his own name and be accepted. 10 Jubilees is 500 years; in 1517, the 5th Lateran Council under Black Nobility Pope Leo X adopted the Saturnian concept of “Indestructibility of the Soul” as Catholic dogma. Lateran means “HiddenFrogs” (Rev 16:13; Rev 12:9) of the Dragon, Antichrist and False Prophet; the Dragon is further identified in Rev 12:9 as the Devil, Satan and Serpent deceiving the entire world. Jesuits like Jim Caviezel know the Arch-basilica of St John Lateran is the “Mother of all churches in the world”; Mother here refers to the Whore of Babylon. Sedes Vacante (Vacant Seat) will soon be filled by False Prophet aka Beast from the Earth and Satan’s Seat in the rebuilt 3rd Temple in Jerusalem (Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt Rev 11:8KJV) by Antichrist. You seem the Catholic Church even realizes Peter was never in Rome, nor the source of Apostleship for any Roman Popes like Constantine the Great. Sedes vacante will be filled by Peter the Roman according to the Prophecy of St Malachy (Malach=Molech=Saturn); whether that turns out to be Jesuit Pope Francis or another I personally couldn’t care less.
X=Chi; Planet X is a myth based on Jupiter (Son of Saturn) forming the X as the “Ferryman” across the Ecliptic. Saturn aligns with the Earth and Sun on June 24 and Dec 24 “Saturnalia”. Project 911 on Site 911 is a radiation hardened bunker at Beit Shemesh (Shamash is the Babylonian Sun god “Saturn”, the center candle on the Hanukkah Menorah.
At Rev 9:11 Satan is cast to Earth as Apollyon/Abaddan “Destroyer”, 18 months, 1 Day (Day of Wrath) ahead of the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ. The 2 Witnesses (Enoch and Elijah) will be killed Mid-Week of Daniel’s 70th Week (Dan 9:24-27), lie in the streets of Jerusalem (“Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” Rev 11:8KJV) until they rise first (1 Cor 15:52; 1 Thess 4:17; Rev 10:7) finishing the “Mystery of God” at the 7th Trumpet Warning and 3rd and final Woe! What time of year is this? Rev 11:8-15 spell this out clearly as Hanukkah aka Roman Saturnalia aka Christmas.

red sparrow

Red Sparrow
Dominika Egorovas meet Anna Chapman. Angelina Jolie played a similar character as CIA/KGB Double Agent Eve Salt in SALT and invited Chapman to watch the Moscow 2010 premier the same time Red Sparrow Dominika Egorovas was being deported; bet they had some SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation) Talks eh?
Red Sparrow Anna Chapman was deported with 9 others involved in a Russian Spy Ring in NYC coincident with the debut of the movie Red Sparrow; what a coincidence? From Spying for Russia, Anna now has a post in Putin’s Government. Allegedly, Anna was involved in a Honey Trap of a member of Obama’s cabinet and an associate at least obliquely with Hillary Clinton; she was swapped for Russian Double Agent and Chemical Weapons expert Sergei Skripal. Sergei and his daughter Yulia Skripal were allegedly found in a coma from exposure to Novichok, taken to the hospital and held incommunicado, yet Yulia manages to post on her Russian Facebook page 3 days later; Red False Flag #1. British Bio-weapon Exercise Toxic Dagger was just completed yet 1st responders at the scene wore no protective gear; Red False Flag #2 Doctor’s reports do not support Novichok poisoning; Red False Flag #3
Skripal was offered refuge in Britain in exchange for deportation of Anna Chapman; Skripal was just allegedly assassinated with his daughter in a Russian? or was it British? or American? hit using Novichok, a NATO defeating, easily transportable, lethal Organophosphate poison, albeit one with a distinctly Russian signature. There is no evidence of Novichok or any other chemical, poison or bio-weapon. Why frame Russia? Rex Tillerson (Pilgrim Society; Exxon CEO deals with Putin regurlarly) blames Putin; Trump (deeply involved with Russian Mafia) fires him on the spot and replaces him with Mike Pompeo who met last month with his Russian KGB counterparts; what a coincidence.
Russia will soon play the lead role in the world’s biggest Stage Play in human history; the fake Battle of Gog and Magog. The real battle takes place at the end of the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ and King David in Jerusalem (Eze 27:24;27; 38:2;Rev 20:7-8) Tillerson, Pompeo, Boris Johnson, Putin and Trump all wore Black Yarmulkes at the Wailing Wall, just like Bill Clinton and Obama before them. The 3rd Temple will house Satan’s Seat, Abomination of Desolation and Anthchrist himself. Teresa May (Je Suis Juis “We are all Jews”), her pro-Israel Lesbian defence Secretary Nia Griffith and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson all blame Putin. The scientists who made Novichok live in Britain near the Chemical Weapons Facility where a new facility is currently under construction. “Truth is stranger than fiction” eh?

A Wrinkle in Time Poster 2

Wrinkle in Time
Madeleine L’Engle was resident librarian at the Episcopal Cathedral of St John the Divine. It’s no coincidence Shape of Water debutted coincident with Wrinkle in Time or that the Episcopal Diocese in Washington DC just voted to omit gender references to God. L’Engle’s 1962 story involves Space-Time travel via Tesseracts (4 Dimensional Cubes of Saturn); for 1962, this is on par with Star Trek and Warp Drive. Tesseracts are part and parcel Marvel Comics, All Spark; Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy “Infinity Stones”. An entry covers this just below; this entry will cover St John the Divine.
The Fish Symbol is not a symbol early followers of Jesus used; it is the symbol the Essene’s used. Essenoi and Aramaic Assaya mean “Physician”; the original healers of Egypt at the Temple of Saqqara “Theraputae” entered America May 1, 1776, the date on the $US Pyramid. Essenes came to be called Johnitters; not worshippers of John the Baptist but Oannes, the Chaldean Fish god similar in spelling to the Latin John “Ioannes”; for the last 700 years, the world knows them as “Hospitallers” aka Knights of St John. The Dragon/Serpent represents “Healing” and “Knowledge” passed on since the Garden of Eden.
Cathedral of St John Divine and the women priests who go by the title Very Reverend are anything but followers of Jesus Christ; eg Halloween Procession of the Ghouls, Blessings of Animals, Upside Down Cross, Jesus Crucified in a nest of antlers, clock running backwards are all part of the decor. L’Engle believed Jesus was an enlightened person on par with Ghandi, Einstein, Beethoven DaVinci, Michelangelo, Francis of Assisi or Buddha. The Peace Fountain highlights St George (Geo=Earth) killing the Dragon in Cancer (June 21-July 22) exactly as the same statue portrays at the United Nations. Why Cancer? Saturn, the Black Sun or Primeval Sun has 2 Focii which align with the Earth and Sun twice each year on the Feast of St John (June 24) and Saturnalia in Capricorn (Dec 24). During Summer Solstice, the X (Greek Chi=Christ) forms when Jupiter (aka Zeus/Marduk) “Ferryman” crisscrosses the Ecliptic at High Noon forming the IHS (In Hoc Signo vinces) sign Constantine the Great used to “Conquer the Laity”. Don’t be fooled folks! God (Jesus) will return when Creation is exactly 6000 years old to the second (Rev 2 Pet 3:8) There is no Wrinkle in Time; in fact TimesUp to make your choice to follow Jesus Christ or believe this nonsense. Think it coincidence Shape of Water, a remake of the Creature from the Black Lagoon won best picture? Only Jesus Christ can give you a Baptism of Fire and the Holy Ghost; Saturn on the other hand plans an Aquarian Age Baptism with the Earth (Geo/Gaia) convulsing in Child Birth. When her water breaks, watch out!

Darkest Hour Gary-Oldman-Winston-Churchill

Darkest Hour
33 degree Luciferian Freemason (Initiated to Masonry in 1903), Bi-sexual, Druid Initiate (Initiated into Druidism in 1908) called upon to fulfill phase 2 of the plan for 3 World Wars, written by fellow 33 degree Luciferian Freemason, Glutton, Confedrate General Albert Pike, written to 33 degree Freemason, Jesuit, Italian Revolutionary Giuseppe Mazzini on the Feast Day of Lucifer, Aug 15, 1871, the anniversary of the 1st Jesuit Oaths taken in the crypt of St Denis (Dionysus) Cathedral.
Churchill’s V Sign is a Benediction to the Devil in the form of Herne the hunter aka Cernunnos “Horned One”, seen today at CERN in its vain search for the God Particle and Dark Photon. V=5; Vav=6 in Hebrew means Nail, referring to the Nails used to fasten Jesus to the Tree; Churchill, a Crypto Satanist knew well Talmudic Rabbis open Synagogues of Satan with the Sign of Shin forming 3 Nails.
Churchill’s father and the Masons in London’s Police Dept created Jack the Ripper, the Scapegoat for London’s East End murders, used to arm the police.
Miracle of Dunkirk? Not quite; the plan was negotiated between Churchill and Hitler to allow escape of British Army and involve Russia and the United States; killing rose exponentially and provided the framework to establish the Saturnian-Zionist Nation of Israel. WWIII will be initiated at the Temple Mount, the Jebusite Threshing Floor.

The First World War must be brought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic Communism. The divergences caused by the “agentur” (agents) of the Illuminati between the British and Germanic Empires will be used to foment this war. At the end of the war, Communism will be built and used in order to destroy the other governments and in order to weaken the religions.
England (Angles and Saxons are Germanic) took one side and Germany, the other, between 1871 and 1898 under Otto von Bismarck, co-conspirator of Albert Pike. Woodrow Wilson was re-elected on the platform of keeping US soldiers out of war in Europe. Spanish Flu was delivered by Vaccines given to American soldiers sent from Ft Riley KS. The 1918 disease was recreated into Avian Flu, Swine Flu and MERS CoV; Pestilence is part and parcel of WWIII, described in Mat 24, Lk 21.
Jesuit Plan for 3 World Wars
The Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists. This war must be brought about so that Nazism is destroyed and that the political Zionism be strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During the Second World War, International Communism must become strong enough in order to balance Christendom, which would be then restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social cataclysm.
After the Second World War, Communism was made strong enough to begin taking over weaker governments. In 1945, at the Potsdam Conference between Truman, Churchill, and Stalin (All 33 degree Masons), a large portion of Europe was simply handed over to Russia, and on the other side of the world, the aftermath of the war with Japan helped to sweep the tide of Communism into China.
Nikola Tesla was murdered Jan 1942, his Electro-magnetic technology weaponized by the US under John Trump, the uncle of Knight of St John Donald Trump (Oannes is the Babylonian fish god worshipped by SMOM “Hospitallers”; a modern day version of Theraputae, the ancient priesthood of Egypt). Manhattan Project designs and Tela’s design patents were sent to Bro Joe Stalin SJ for development across 10 time zones.

Nazism and Zionism were not known in 1871; they are terms invented by Gnostics. Communism originated during the French Revolution. Jesuit Adam Weishaupt brought the Doctrine of the Theraputae (Johnitters) to America in 1776.

The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the ‘agentur’ of the ‘Illuminati’ between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion. We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.

Creature from the Black Lagoon

Shape of Water
Jesus is called the “Living Water”; Creation occurred by separating the Waters on, in and above the Earth; turning Jesus into the Creature from the Black Lagoon, having this Creature mate with a woman and celebrating the Gnostic Bullshit with an Oscar “God’s Spear” is par for the Hollywood course!
“The religious was of monsters is for me spiritual. They are my apostles and saints” Guillermo del Toro. LA County Museum has a Guillermo del Toro monster exhibit; his favorite movie is Alien; the latest editions Prometheus and Alien Covenant tell the story of how the Aliens were really created; of note in Shape of Water is in Sochi, Prometheus breaks free of his chains and the Eagle pecking his liver; Russia plays a large part in this movie, the password for the spies “The Eagle takes the Prey”; Sochi is the ancestral home of the exiled Sarmation “Priest-Kings”; Sar means “Prince”; the “Princess without a voice” is Elisa, who mates with Asset; the biblical “Whore of Babylon”. Sargon the Great was the first post flood “King of the World”; Sargon II exiled Israel and Sargon III will be Antichrist.
Shape of Water was plagiarized from the Netherlands short film “The Space Between Us”. Not unique, DaVinci Code was plagiarized from Holy Blood, Holy Grail without issue; David Icke makes a fortune lying to people about Reptilian-Human Hybrids. Jethro Tull’s “Aqualung” is also Antichrist a a “Beast rising from the Sea”.
The Teal Cadillac is highlighted for a reason; Teal represents the Beast from the Sea and Beast from the Earth aka Antichrist and False Prophet; Cadillac=Wealth, the “Fatness of the Earth” Esau was prophesied to obtain (Gen 27:39-41KJV); Teal is the Green Sapphire Satanists believe was cut from Lucifer’s Crown in his fall from Heaven which occurs at Rev 9:11, 5th Trumpet Warning (take note of Gen Hoyt’s 5 Stars). Samson and Delilah are highlighted for a reason. Project 911 on Site 911 “Beit Shamash” is the site Samson killed Philistines with the Jawbone of an Ass; he later “Pulled” the Twin Pillars down at the Philistine Temple where they had once stolen and placed the Ark of the Covenant; in similar fashion to 9/11/2001, the 7 buildings of the World Trade Center with #7 Solomon Bldg were built to replicate the Temple made for the Ark. Today, a radiation hardened bunker with scriptures rejecting Jesus as God in Flesh over every door stands ready for Lucifer’s descent to Earth at Rev 9:11.
Asset is the Creature from the Black Lagoon and HP Lovecraft’s “Dagan” named after the Philistine fish god. Hollywood also depicted Prometheus originating the so-called Black Lagoon by his disintegration in the world’s rivers. Asset is a fish-human hybrid amphibian; a link in the Evolution from Fish to Human invented by Canaanite/Philistine Priests of Dagan, the Fish Headed god worshipped by Miter wearing Popes, Cardinals and Orthodox Bishops today.
Oannes (Chaldean/Babylonian god who escaped the Flood and taught man wisdom, now called “John”, and worshipped by Jonnitters aka Knights of St John), Dagan (Philistine fish god seen in Orthodox and Roman Catholic Priest Mitres), Merovee (Beastea Neptunis; father of the Merovingian Kings of France), Nabattaean Arab Atargatis a few names of the Beast Rising from the Sea aka Saturn, the Black Star and real Creature from the Black Lagoon. Hollywood has managed to make love and sexual intercourse with a Sea Beast seem normal, just like Priests have done for 4000 years.
Director Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy featured the same Fish-Human Hybrid named Abe Sapien, a name given him by his Oannes Club (Oannes is the Fish-god of the Chaldeans) Ichthyo Sapien combines Ichytys the monicker given by Satanists to Jesus in the Phoenician Fish Symbol more properly called the Labrys or Golden Mean + Man=Sapien and the assassinated Abraham Lincoln on April 14.
Guillermo del Toro worships; First, Giullermo means “William”, derived from the bastard Norman King William the Conquerer; del Toro means “Of the Bull”, that being the White Bull Zeus; his Directing was chosen for Hellboy, Hellboy II: Golden Army (Saturnian Golden Age or Ghengis Khan’s Golden Horde may ring a Baal), Cronos (Saturn is Chronos/Kronus/Cronos aka “Father Time” or “Grim Reaper), Devil’s Backbone (Djed Pillar aka Spine of Osiris/Saturn was celebrated in Egypt on Dec 25), Pan’s Labyrinth (Labyrinth is the Golden Mean Spiral) and now Shape of Water.
Shape of Water is themed in Green for Green Man aka Bacchus, Dionysus, Arab “al-Khidr” and Osiris, all names of Saturn, the Dragon, Devil and Satan in Rev 12:9. The “Future is here” refers to the return of Marduk, Zeus, Jupiter, the son of saturn “Green Man”. The Secret Facility “Occam” is named fter Occam’s Razor. The theatre where Eliza lives “Opheum” is the mythical home of Orpheus, the musician and poet; music tames the Asset; the theater is playing “Triumphant Return” (Jews? Not quite, Sabbattean- Frankist worshippers of Merovee, Kabbalists, Babylonians, Medeans, Edomites and Canaanites listed in 2 Ki 17:31); “Story of Ruth” (Moabite widow who became King David’s great-grandmother; her husband Boaz is one of the Masonic Pillars in every lodge) and “Mardi Gras” (Think Easter, Lent and Mardi Gras have anything to do with Jesus Christ? Guess Again).
The Russian “Dog in Space” compared to Asset is Laika, sent on a one way mission to measure Van Allen Belt Radiation; he died from radiation exposure as all living things would; think NASA sent a Freemason to the Moon? Guess Again. Like Asset, Jesus was also sent on a one way mission to Earth to die. Delilah is the Philistine princess who brought doubt to Samson; he brought the house down on 3000 Philistines; recreated on 9/11/2001. Samson “Pulled” the Twin Pillars down; Larry Silverstein also “Pulled” the Twin Towers and Solomon Bldg down. Asset is a Healer, again a Satanic copy of Jesus Christ.
Folks, it’s just not that hard to see Hollywood’s Time’s Up Movement is a Baal Movement happening now with a one way ticket to Hell in the offering. “There is no new thing under the sun”!

Figura Movie Masterpiece Black Panther Marvel

Black Panther; Nation of Islam’s greatest Lie
This scene from Captain America: Civil War has the US Star Upside Down for a reason; the Republican Elephant Stars are as well because in this configuration it represents Baphomet, the Satanic Scapegoat “Azazel”; Baph=Spirit + Metis=Wisdom, the GOAT (God Of All Things) is the G in the Masonic Square andn Compass worshpped by Satanists like the Knights Templar; Ready for the Satanic Mass of America? Just remember, Jesus separates Goat on His Left from Sheep on His right; the former will be told “Depart from me, I never knew you”.
Nimrod was from Cush, the land called Wakanda (Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan aka Nubia) in the Black Panther comic/movie; No coincidence Saturn’s Day Night Live made fun of Trump and Wakanda because Rex Tillerson is headed for the nations of Wakanda Mar 7, the nations Trump refers to as “Shithole Nations”.
Nimrod is usually depicted wearing a Jaguar skin and given false credit for building the Tower of Babel; remember, Nimrod came to the East to Babel; the builders of Babel came from the East in the Authorized Bible for a very good reason. Ham means “Black”; incest with his mother brought the so-called Race of Cain across the Flood; Cush is the brother of Canaan. Cush means “Dark Countenance”; in Gen 2:13 the 4 Rivers Gihon, Pishon, Euphrates and Tigris encompass “Eretz Israel” aka “Fertile Crescent”. Luke uses Aithiops for Cush, lending the name Ethiopia. Can a Cushite change his skin? or a Leopard can change his spots?”-Jer 13:23
Barack and Michelle (Michael Robinson) Obama claim origin from Kenya/Ethiopia respectively; specifically, Michelle claims lineage from Ethiopian Priests of Amuru (Serpent and namesake of America and Amurru, Syria where sacrifices were offered to Molech/Saturn); her cousin Chicago Rabbi Funye Capers also claims this lineage, who in turn falsely claim to be the real Tribe of Judah. Haile Selasi and Bob Marley both claimed to be or represent the Messiah “Jah”; notice the difference; JAH in Ps 68:4KJV and JESUS in Mat 1:25KJV are CAPITALIZED because the New Covenant is SPIRITUAL with JAH/JESUS whereas the Covenant with Antichrist is Physical with Jah aka “Antichrist”. The plan is 500 or 10 Jubilees old to place a man descended from the Tribe of Judah on the Throne of Zeus aka Throne of Pergamon or Satan’s Seat inside a rebuilt 3rd Temple, called “Chiliasm”. Enter Black Panther.
Priests of Amurru/Wakanda claim to be the Tribe of Judah, a false claim made from King David’s son Solomon and the Queen of Sheba and her gift of 666 talents of gold; offspring? Hardly, Ark of the Covenant? That’s what they claim although Jesus assures us the real Ark of His Testimony aka Ark of the Covnenant is in Heaven (Rev 11:19).
Who are these Priests of Amurru? Edomites; Amurru is the Edomite Serpent and Shepherd God of the Edomites who like Jacob did over 3000 years ago, impersonate their brother. When Jesus returns, He finds Edomites inside the gates of Jerusalem (Zion) and destroyes all of them (Ref Obadiah). America is the Land of the Amorites; Cathars the Church of Amor (Love); the Canaanite god of the West “Amar” + Can “Serpent Priest”; Druids called the western land “Amorica”. The Eagle symbolizes Esau exalting himself as the Eagle (Obadiah) and can be seen carrying the Serpent on the $ONE.
Enter Nation of Islam aka Shabazz, the so-called 1st Race and Royal Falcon “Horus”, the son of Saturn “Black Star”, from whereelse but the area of the mythical Wakanda.
Black Panther’s shield is Capt America’s Vibranium Shield, after Captain America: Civil War. What Civil War? Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey, published 120 years ago (Flood warning was 120 years) speaks of an outsider becoming President; Baron living at the address of Trump Tower currently, and escapes the ensuing Civil War by heading to Russia with a man named “Donald” (Scottish for King of the World) Strange, but not nearly as strange as Capt America holding the severed head of Donald Trump, a painting displayed in the University of Alaska. Obama’s portrait artist Kehinde Wiley also has a penchant for severed heads. Think its coincidence Cathy Griffin, Marilyn Manson, the NYC Shakespeare Actors and Snoop Dog also decapitate Donald Trump? Now, what about Vibranium? A meteorite from Jupiter (Son of Saturn; Ref Acts 19) is worshipped at the Ka’aba “Cube of Saturn” in Mecca “Adultery” to be sure, but Vibrations of Energy aka “Scalar Waves” bounced between the Earth and Ionosphere were weaponized for the US Army by none other than Donald Trump’s (Germanic Drumpf means Drummer) uncle John Trump after WWII, the time Captain America was created. Strange? sure, just like a man named Trump proposing a Wall in a Texas border town to guard from an Alien Invasion in the 1957 series “Trackdown”. Nothing in politics happens by chance people!


Hitler allows the orderly, un-molested return to England of 300K British, French, Belgian and Netherland troops; seen in the actual pictures of the event. The British however reject most of the 100K French, Belgian and Dutch, most of whom are captured by the German army. Compare real history to Christopher Nolan’s made up nonsense and the Edomite Holy Wood Liars have done it again, just like Pearl Harbor. Hitler gave a speech on Oct 6, 1939 pleading for peace with France, Britian and Germany. Allied forces were mobilizing 2 Million troops at the time in northern France. May 10, 1940 Hitler mobilized a pre-emptive Blitzkrieg attack, trapping Allied troops at the beaches of Dunkirk. May 27-June 4 Hitler allowed the orderly evacuation of troops as a Good Will gesture. Had he wanted to capture of kill all Allied troops, he could have easily done so. July 20, 1940 Hitler drops Peace Leaflets on London “I can see no reason why this war must go on. I am grieved to think of the sacrifices it will claim” On May 10, 1941 Rudolf Hess flew to Scotland with full knowledge of Hitler to once again plead for peace. Fying solo, parachuting over Glagow, Hess was arrested and solitary imprisoned the rest of his life. Crippled with arthritis at 93, he managed to hang himself 5ft above the floor (actually murdered by British Agents) prior to release from prison and likely spilling of war secrets.
Christopher Nolan is British/Hollywood Elite: Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel, Inception, Interstellar (Einsteinian nonsense) and Dunkirk all serve up a generous slice of Lies to mold public opinion. Stalin said “Give me control of Hollywood and the youth of a genertion and I will rule the world” George Orwell put it this way “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” George Orwell, 1984.


“Passengers: There is a reason they woke up”
Here is Chris Pratt admitting Jennifer Lawrence is a man Adam represents Male-Female Gen 5:2. Starship Avalon “Place of Apples” slingshoting at 50% Light Speed around Arcturas (King Arthur) Very Occult and very Absurd. Merely accelerating to 50% LIght Speed (93,000 Miles/Sec or 335 Million mph) would take centuries at any sort of realistic acceleration (G) rate and the spacecraft would need the same length of time to decelerate.
The Fusion Reactor malfunctions and causes a loss of Gravity; neat visual with the swimming pool but totally Absurd. Rotating the craft generates the acceleration and is not affected by the Reactor.
Jumping off the rotating spacecraft into space connected by a tether? Once off the spacecraft, the initiat velocity would be tangential at the poing of departure until the tether reached the end; at that point the sudden acceleration would kill them.
Arcturas guides the Big Dipper “Water Pourer” into the Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age ruled by Saturn. The Aquarian Cross sits atop Glastonbury Tor in St Michael’s Church. In Rev 9:11 Archangel Michael was a war with Satan in Heaven, ejecting Satan and his Angels to Earth. Arthur is derived from Arth which means Branch or Vine cutting; The “BRANCH” is Jesus Christ; the “Branch” of the Low ones is Antichrist. Recognizing the difference means the difference between Salvation and Hell. Code for Salvation “2317” is Chapter 23 to the Book of Revelation brought to life in 2017. Wholistic World Vision wrote Chap 23, right after Jesus warned adding to the prophecy of the book would result in the 10 plagues; 2017 is the “Year of Moshiach” aka “Year of Antichrist”
Passenger means “Transitory; Passing” Starship Avalon (Avalon means “Place of Apples”; derived from Aplu=Apollo/Abaddon/Apollyon of Rev 9:11) Serpent in an Apple Tree? Hardly, cut an Apple across, a 5 Pt Star Pentacle (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Quintessence) emerges; cut top to bottom, a Heart emerges; Heart is Bal aka Baal=Lord=Satan. Avalon is the mythical burial place of King Arthur; Knights of the Round Table being the Zodiac. Avalon is on 120 year (Noah’s warning was 120 years) to planet Homestead 2 near Arcturas (36 Light Years and no fictional “Warp Drive”? Impossible in a million years not 120) Why Arcturas?
Bartender Arthur: King Arthur is Arcturas, the Bear Guard guiding Ursa Major “Big Dipper” around the Dragon “Draconis” of course. 30 years (Jesus began His ministry at 30) a malfuntion awakens astronaut Jim Preston (James means Jacob; Preston means Priest Town); after 1 yr in isolation with his immortal android bartender/therapist Arthur (Arth=Branch); so why the fancy bar for people asleep 120 years? Jim Preston grows a beard (think “Castaway”) and facing certain death, he watches Aurora sleep and wakes up his obsession/hottie (creepy eh?) ensuring her death as well. Aurora Lane: Aurora is the sister/wife of Apollo “Destroyer”; Lane as in Lois Lane? ensuring her death. Preston lies (Jacob lying to obtain Esau’s Birthright and Salvation may ring a Baal) to her and swears Arthur (Bartender resembles “The Shining”) to the lie about a malfunction waking her up as well; Arthur eventually spills the beans and the lie is exposed. The Ecopod used to save Preston’s life becomes the only source for 1 person’s survival yet remains unused. The 2 reconcile and make a nice little “Garden of Eden” aboard Avalon.
The Access Code for Salvation ie to wake up Jim (Jacob; followers of Jesus are grafted onto Jacob) is 2317. On Sept 23, 2017 Jupiter (Lucifer) will exit the womb of Virgo (Isis, Ashtoreth, Ishtar) promising a return to the Garden of Eden. One eensie weensie problem; Jesus has a Cherubim with a Flaming Sword guarding the place. The number of Passengers to Homestead 2 is 5258; Strongs #5258 “Sleep”.
2X3X1X7=42 months of Great Tribulation; 2+3+1+7=13; Rev 13 describes the 42 month “Great Tribulation”. Sept 23, 2017 Rev 12:1 sign appears; Jupiter is not Jesus Christ, Jupiter is Zeus=Dyeus=Day=Lucifer “Light Bearer”. Rev 12:6 also describes the “Great Tribulation” as does Rev 11, 12, 13. Need more signs?
2317 is also the hidden message about Aquarian Cross atop Glastonbury Tor. The Big Dipper (Ursa Major) is guided by Arcturas (King Arthur) “The Branch” (Antichrist) around Draconis “Dragon” aka Satan every year. 2017 is the Year of Aquarius, the Aquarius symbol is on the Obelisk at St Sulpice Cathedral in Paris for this reason. Wholistic World Vision has the rank Blasphemy to add to the Bible and Chap 22 where Jesus warns to not add to the prophecy of this book. Chapter 23 to the Book of Revelation was published by Wholistic World Vision in 1990, the year the Aquarian Cross was manufactured in Jerusalem and placed atop Glastonbury Tor in St Michael’s Tower. The Aquarian Cross has Golden Mean (Phi=1.618) aka Ratio of LIfe in the center; it has nothing to do with Jesus Christ or the Crucifixion. It has to do with the timing of the 3rd Temple of Antichrist, WWIII, the Satanic nation of Israel (Star of Molech/Saturn is not the symbol of King David; it is the Phoenican Star of El and Chaldean STUR=666) and Satan’s Seat being built on the Temple Mount where Jesus was Crucified. Man’s last great act of defiance will usher in the Great Tribulation and Armageddon timed with the Golden Mean/Ratio of Life. There is a reason they woke up and a good reason you need to.

Lego Albert Einstein

Einstein means “One Stone”. Jesus is the Stone the Builders Rejected; the Marxist, Communist, Zionist, War Monger, Serial Adulterer, Plagiarist, Attention seeking Whore Albert Einstein is a collosal Fraud. Einstein openly called for Genocide of the German People; almost comical as Einstein was an Ashkenazi fake Jew of Germanic Descent (Japheth-Gomer-Ashkenaz; Ref Gen 10)
Genius: “Tutelary or Guiding Spirit present at one’s birth (Gene)”. “Einstein is a beggar dressed in purple, made king using dazzling mathematics to obscure truth” Nikola Tesla. The Speed of Light is not constant nor does it have the ability to appear as a Massless Wave. The only thing true about Relativity is Einstein’s Adultery with his 2nd Cousin Elsa; he cheated on her 6 times as he did with his first wife, the real math brain behind the Science Fraud called “Relativity”.

Hacksaw Ridge -  101

Mel Gibson has a $50M money laundry called the “Church of the Holy Family” near Malibu; the truth is not his specialty. So, the Japanese just allow American soldiers to amass at the base of a cliff in Okinawa unmolested with a Rope Ladder hanging on it the entire time? 7th Day Adventism rejects the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ on Earth (Eze 37; Rev 20); Ellen White a false prophet warned about in 1 Cor 14:34-35 “Let your women keep silence in the Churches” Mel Gibson owns his own Malibu “Church of the Holy Family”; what else for a man who hired nothing but Italian XXX Porn Stars for “Passion of the Christ” (Not Jesus at all, but the Alternative Messiah/Christ; Mel held the Nails used to Crucify Jesus in the Blasphemous movie in his Left “Sinister” hand), Apocalypto (Mel said the title means “New Beginning”, it actually means “To Reveal” the Alternative Messiah), Braveheart (Nothing like Warrior Monk William Wallace aiding the Knights Templar wearing Pictish face paint eh?). 7th Day Adventist keep the Sabbath, except in times of War I guess; protected by Prayers to God and a Bible; God apparently answers the call for Americans to destroy Japanese on their homeland in a battle 2 months after the needless firebombing of Tokyo and 2 months before the needless use of Atomic Weapons. “FDR wouldn’t have done it”-Truman referring to the use of Atomic Weapons, which is why he was assassinated in Warm Springs GA by Arsenic poisoning. FDR was ok with firebombing Dresden and Tokyo, just not using Atomic and Hydrogen Weapons or handing the Manhattan Project over to Uncle Joe Stalin. For the 7th Day Adventist Cult of Ellen White, there is no Heaven or Hell nor a Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ, only a 1000 Yr sleep while Satan and his fallen angels inhabit Earth. Now that’s quite a reversal of Scripture eh? During the Millennium, Jesus and His followers, including 12,000 from each of 12 Tribes of Jacob will be on Earth during the Millennium; these followers are of course followers of God throughout Earth’s 6000 Yr history from Creation to Flood to Crucifixion and 2nd Coming. Just ask “The Family” initiate and 7th Day Adventist HUD Secretary Ben Carson; as Jesus was Homeless, so should His followers be, right Ben? Want to keep the Sabbath? Saturday is Saturn’s Day; in the New Covenant, all 7 days of the Week are Blood Washed Sabbath’s “Day of Rest”, just ask JESUS! Failing to keep the origihal Sabbath even once results in being judged on all of the Law, even in times of War.


Ghost in the Shell
Japanese (Japan means “Land of the Rising Sun”) Sci-Fi Anime meets the Silver Screen; the Ghost in the Shell Trailer will debut at Superbowl 51; Patriots V Falcons. Patriot means “Fellow Countrymen, Compatriot”; Falcon represents Horus, serving as the symbol of Middle Eastern Elite aka “Horites”.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Section 9 is in charge of eradicating the world’s most dangerous criminals; 9 is the number associated with Divine Judgement. “Project 2501” (2+5+0+1=8=Infinity; 8 saved from Noah’s Ark, JESUS via the New Covenant represents the 8th and final Covenant between God and Man) allows implantation of the Human Spirit in a Cyborg Body; Scarlett Johansson no stranger to to this Gnostic nonsense, having previously starred in Lucy (Lux=Light), the Primate to Human to Ubiquitous Intelligence story using of course Human T-Cells harvested from Embryos for the pleasure of Japanese Elite/Mafia. The same theme is seen in 2001: A Space Odyssey where the Black Monolith provides the “Divine Spark” for Evolution and Re-birth. In 2010: The Year we make contact, the Black Monoliths begin to multiply. The same theme was portrayed in The Simpsons “Trumptastic Voyage” where Donald Trump’s Brain has the same Black Monolith.
The Puppet Master implants itself into a post-gender/gender neutral Cyborg who becomes sentient, troubled that it cannot die nor reproduce. This is the primary Gnostic Lie “Ye shall not die, but be as gods…” Antichrist will not regard the affection of women (Dan 11:37). In this digital age, not only can Spirits be implanted, but hacked as well with false memories; similar to Jesus not remembering past sins, nor people remembering past sins at the 2nd Coming. Fitting that the movie Trailer will debut as Lady Gaga, a transgender New Age tool will provide the Halftime Illusion.

TV serie "The Young Pope"

Young Pope: Saturn’s Minister
The Young Pope: Ushering in the Saturnian Golden Age; handsome, no regard for the affection of women, Mysterious and out to destroy the old order of the Catholic Church. Note: The Pope is not the Antichrist nor is the Roman Catholic Church “MYSTERY, BABYLON, MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS UPON THE EARTH”
The Young Pope is 50; 2017 is the 50th Satanic Jubilee Year of the Church of Satan; the Jubilee of Saturn. The series was produced by Jude Law who is actually 44 and not by chance 44 is the Gematria of Saturn
The Celtic Cross (Circled Cross) is the world’s oldest, 4300 Year old post Flood symbol; it symbolizes “Repair of the Earth”, having nothing to do with Jesus; it is a Cainite Symbol.
The Pope points out the Big Dipper as the dwelling place of God; the Aquarian God perhaps. Jesus says as it was in the days of Noah, it will be again; a signal of the Aquarian Age.
The Pope is accused by his confessor as not believing in God and admits it; the same lines were admitted by Pope Francis I Mar 9, 2017; amazing coincidence; NOT!
“The Pope is a nobody, only Jesus can be pictured” Ex 20:4; Duet 5:8 tell us to “Make no representations (graven images) of that which is in heaven”; Opposite scripture.
“Mary never knew love; Vatican is a City State full of lost souls who have like Mary, never known love”; Bible never says any such thing concerning Mary.
Secretary of State Blackmails everyone; attempting to Blackmail the Pope, he ends up Blackmailed by the Pope and kissing his slipper. He then swears an oath to support the Pope’s mentor and resume the Blackmail. All they want is Revolution, and what better name than Pius XIII; 13 is the number of Rebellion
The Triple Tiara comes out for the Pope’s big announcement to symbolize Papal authority over Heaven, Earth and Hell and Body, Soul, Spirit of every living thing on Earth; BS, but he’s wearing it and the Cardinals are on board.
God’s words are the Pope’s words; Mat 16:18 explains Jesus is God; Peter, the small stone is not the foundation of the Church; the Divinity of Jesus is; the Pope takes credit for the miracle.
The Pope opens womb with prayer to Mary; God opens wombs; the Pope emplores Mary to open Esther’s, who is having an affair with the Papal assistant, and the Miracle comes true.
Prayers to Mary for redemption; the Pope’s adoptive mother and brother are in charge of the Congregation of the Faith; 1 Cor 14:34-5 apparently not part of the curriculum.
The Pope claims to love God but does not believe in God and is unable to love his fellow man; he sets out a small door through which all must enter; that’s JESUS’ job;
The promary New Covenant Commandment is “Love God”; the Pope admits he does not believe in God; yet he serves as Vicar of God; #2 is “Love our Neighbor” The Pope misses both Commandments; his plan is Revolution
The Pope installs his adoptive brother over the Doctrine of Faith for the Congregation of Cardinals; he participates in orgies with his Narco trafficking Congretation in Ecuador. A story plucked straight from the Feb 7 headlines “Catholic Bishop Andrea Contin defrocked for Orgies and Beastiality with 30 lovers in Latin America” A brief case full of sex toys, vibrators, masks and bondage equipment; Nice.
The Pope says “God is Love” “God is Peace”; not even close. God brings vengeance with a Sword “Think not that I am come in Peace but with a Sword” ring a Baal?
The Pope’s Prayers to murder a corrupt Nun are fulfilled
“The Vatican is built on the Tomb of Peter” Peter is the Small Stone of Mat 16:18; Jesus’ Divinity if the Foundation Stone. Peter was never in Rome; it’s a Faith built on literal Sand

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast debut on Day #77 St Patrick’s Day; The “Beast” from the Sea is called “Quinotaur” (Bestea Neptuni Quinotauri similis) of “Beastea Neptunis”, the mythical father of the Merovingian Kings of France who falsely claimed descend from Jesus and Mary Magdelene. Blasphemy at its zenith.
Mar 17, 2017 is the 77th day of the year; Liber 77 and other Qabbalistic writings of Aleister Crowley may ring a Baal. American #77 allegedly hit (Raytheon Bunker Busting Cruise Missile) the 77ft tall Pentagon built on the 77th Meridian aka “God’s Longitude”; Sodomite George W Bush’ father wears the 77 hat with the Baphomet and has an aircraft carrier named CVN-77 named for him. 77 comes from Lamech’s Revenge; folowers of God are not obliged to acts of revenge; leave that to God. St Patrick is Ptah-Rek “King Ptah”, the master craftsman/blacksmith of the Masons, is equivalent with Tubal-cain the instructor of all artificers of metal, and father of Imhotep, the architect of the Great Pyramid “Amid the Flames”. Ptah aka Vulcan or Hephaestos forges the chains of Slaves who forget God. Talmudic Rabbis open Synagogue with the Vulcan “V” aka “Sign of Shin” celebrating the Nails used to fix Jesus to the Tree. Master Masons use the query: Who is Tubal-cain? Ans” Vulcan of the Canaanites. Patrick Henry said “When men forget God, Tyrants forge their chains” This movie is about exactly that.
Get ready folks, America is the Phoenix from whose ashes the New Atlantis (Pre-flood world) will rise.
The Quinotaur holds the Trident (3 Teeth of the Bear) of Neptune. The 5 Pt Star is the same used over Baphomet; the Illuminated or Quintessential Man having mastery over Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether.
The symbol in the upper left is the Rosicrucian Cross, Beauty/Belle is the Rose without Thorns. Upper right symbol is the Double Cross, Cross of Free French or Cross of Lorraine; Masons are the quintessential Double Crossers. As Jacob impersonated Esau to obtain his father Isaac’s blessing (the blessing came from God despite his blindness) Esau impersonates Jacob.
The symbol in the lower left is the Labrys; not a Christian Fish Symbol but the symbol of the Phoenican/Canaanite “Fisher King” of the Age of Aquarius, which began Jan 20, 2017. The Labrys is used on the Aquarian Cross standing atop Glastonbury Tor to denote the Golden Mean aka Ratio of Life or Fibonacci Ratio (Phi=1.618/1). King Arthur (Bear Guard/Arcturas) guarding the Big Dipper “Water Pourer” aka Ursa Major “Great Bear” to the Aquarian (LGBTQ+2) Age or Pedophilia/Pederasty/Sodomy. Merovingians of France claimed to have originated from the Sea Beast of Neptunis “Quinotaur”; fake Christians with false conversions, they also claimed to be the offspring of Jesus and Mary Magdalene; don’t fall for the lies. The Quinotaur and the Merovingian lies are the Beast rising from the Sea Goat as “God Of All Things”

Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures
“The Apollo landings are the biggest fraud in mankind’s history, worse than the global Warning nonsense”
“NASA is well aware travel beyond the Van Allen Radiation Belts is impossible; how can we manage to organize a Mission to Mars when we never went to the Moon?” Yale Professor and Trump Science Adviser David Gelernter
“I’m as proud as the Devil to work for you”. 33 degree Mason, pedophile John Glenn appears more times than any other person on the flight logs of Jeff Epstein’s “Lolita Express” traveling to Pedophile Island. John Glenn said this reviewing the Hidden Figures; Mathmeticians working for NASA’s first sub-orbital flight. Luciferian Mason John Glenn was one of 4 out of 7 Luciferian Freemasons in the Mercury 7 (Gordon Cooper, Gus Grissom (murdered for exposing Apollo 1 as a Hoax using a Lemon on the Simulator), Waly Schirra all Masons. Scott Carpenter, Alan Shepherd and Deke Slayton were not. Flight trajectories of Apollo 11 and 13 were also calculated by the “Hidden Figures”; I’m, sure they calculated the April 13, 1313 liftoff, “Houston we have a problem” call and the complex math required to “Square the Circle”, one of NAZI Propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels favorite pastimes “With enough repitition, people will come to believe a Circle can be Squared” refers to bringing Heaven to Earth. Ken Kleinknecht was head of NASA during the Apollo (Apollyon/Abaddan, means Destroyer) The original Mercury 7 and John Glenn’s Friendship 7 were named after Vril 7, a Nazi era Flying Disc; Alien technology? Hardly. Vril Society, Thule society, SS “Black Sun” are today seen in the Skull & Bones Society, Theosophical Society, David Bowie’s “Black Star”, and Thelema “Will” the religion of Aleister Crowley. Saturn is the Black Star aka Promeval Sun of the Gnostics. Nice timing with the movie “Arrival” eh?
The math required for man to survive transiting the Van Allen Belts would be a feat; Arkla the Russian dog was the first attempt to transit the Radiation Belts; Arkla died. Explorer 1 attempted to measure the radiation in the Belts using a Geiger Counter; it went offscale high. The solution? Hire a bunch of lying Luciferian Freemasons and Hollywood Director Stanley Kubrick.
In my opinion, a better movie is “A Funny thing happened on the way to the moon”


Arrival made its debut on Nov 11, 2016 “Armistice Day”. “Language is the first weapon drawn in times of confilict” The Effluvium of Babalon is consumed in “Spirit Cooking” Arrival is the culmination of Saturnian Religion, the 7th Planet controlling Sabian (Planetary) Astrology.
Image result for picture of 7 pt star babalonRelated imageImage result for picture of 7 pt star babalonImage result for arrival movie picturesRelated imageImage result for marjorie cameron picturesRelated image
The Ship is the Lens of an Eye “Eye of Horus”; the Language is Circular ie an Ouroborus Serpent representing Kronos/Chaos/Saturn eating his own offspring creating “Order out of Chaos”. The 7 Pt Star is that of Babalon “Scarlett Woman” and “Mother of Abominations” in Aleister Crowley’s religion “Thelema”. The 7 Pt Star of Babalon is formed by intersecting 7 Vesica Piscis (Birth Canal; Golden Mean; Ratio of Life), the symbol of the Aquarian Cross atop Glastonbury Tor. All symbols of the Gnostic Elite. Hollywood pulls the stops with the Arrival of Gnostic Bull Shit.
100 years ago America adopted 11/11 as Armistice Day (Temporary cessation of hostilities) and Veteran’s Day (Veteranus=Beast of Burden). “Soldiers are dumb stupid animals to be used as cannon fodder in our wars”- Satanist Henry Kissinger
The “Arrival” of Aliens is the culmination of 6000 years of Black Magick Satanism; most notably the finishing of the Tower of Babel “Gate of Saturn”. Satanists (Cainites and post-Flood Canaanites) are still upset God confounded the Langugages at Babel (Gate of the Gods); their aim is exact Revenge for that.
” Nothing would unite the nations of earth faster than the threat of an Alien invasion” Knight of Malta, Hollywood Actor Ronald Reagan speech to the UN.
The Trump Tarot is the Tower Card; the 16th Trump was elected in Trump Tower in the Big Apple (Aplu=Apollo=Destroyer) not by chance but prior planning. “Nothing in politics happens by chance, if it happened you can bet it was planned” FDR America’s demise will finish the Tower of Babel.
Arrival follows the 1996 version, both based on “Story of your Life” This is Witchcraft. “Do what thou wilt shall be the sum of the Law”-Crowley No consequence when the Story of our Lives is already written eh? This Lie has and will send Billions of people to Hell. John Calvin (Cohen) proposed TULIP (Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace, Pre-destination) Pre-destination does not refer to Fixed Pre-destination to Heaven or Hell; If you want to remain written in the Lamb’s “Book of Life”, you need to tell JESUS. Catholics receive absolution from the Church hierarchy aka Nicolaitane (Conquer the Laity) Doctrine; if you want forgiveness of Sin, you need to ask JESUS.
Heptapod A is “Spoken Language”; Heptapod B is “Written Language”; both are Circular Language independent of Time. Understanding the latter allows one to know the entire life story of an as of yet un-conceived embryo, yet having no ability to change the outcome. Hannah, appears at the start of the movie, but is not yet born; her name thus symbolizes the Circular Logic as a Palindrome. Again, decidedly Witchcraft concept where God is the Author, Painter or Architect, not involved with His Creation.
This Gnostic concept is called Transmigration of Souls; the term “Old Soul” may ring a Baal. Mormonism or Star Children adhere to this Lie. Catholicism accepted the Gnostic-Jesuit Lie as “Indestructibility of the Soul”; “Fear him who can destroy both body and soul in Hell” is what Jesus taught. Mormons are taught the Star Kolob is where Souls are born; Kolob is the Arab Star “Qalb”; Siriusly people! In Egypt it was Sirius, the Star of Isis, the “Black Virgin”.
The Ships Arrive on Earth shaped as the Convex Lens of an Eye (to provide what else but Illumination)
Zeph 3:9 refers to “Pure Language” of the LORD; Heptapod B? Not on your Eternal Life
Hept=7 the number of Perfection; Cathar Perfecti or “Order of Perfectibilists” (Rosicrucian Illuminati) may ring a Baal. Crowley’s OTO (Oriental Templars ie Sun Rise) and Order of the Silver Star utilize the 7 Pt Star, the “Alchemical Star of VITRIOL”.
VITRIOL means Glass; Glastonbury Tor, the mythical burial mound of King Arthur (Branch) may ring a Baal. VITRIOL is VRL or VRIL, the Vril Society prevalent among Nazi SS refers to the “Elemental force of Creation”. VRL + ITIO (remaining letters) represents the Elemental Force of Creation Going or Traveling to Man. Man becomes God in this Satanic system.
Glastonbury Tor “Isle of Glass” is the mythical “Avalon” meaning “Place of Apples” aka Apollo/Apollyon “Destroyer” in Rev 9:11. Atop the ancient burial mound is the Aquarian Cross, designed by Wholistic World Vision; the Cross highlights the Ratio of Life aka Fibonacci Sequence or Golden Mean (1.618 to 1) not Jesus Christ. “Tikkun Olam” may ring a Baal, it means “Repair the Earth” to the conditions in the Garden of Eden, specifically the time after Cain killed Abel; one big problem for Satanists is Jesus, the Tree of Life is guarded by a 4 faced Cherubim with a Flaming Sword. King Arthur is myth; Knights of the Round Table are the 12 signs fo the Zodiac. Arcturas is Arthur, the Bear Guard guiding the Big Dipper around the Pole Star; in Sufism “Qutb” means “World Pillar” hence “Whirling Dervish” imitate this. The Age of Aquarius is upon us as is Satan’s Wrath, an imitation of God’s 7 Vials of Wrath.
Pure Language is the theme of the Georgia Guidestones’ Satanic 10 Commandments #3 “Unite humanity with a living new language”. #1 “Maintain world population under 500 Million” #2 “Guide Reproduction…”, so 93% of us will need to die of course; a far cry from God’s Commandment “Go forth and multiply” eh?
There are 7 Septenary Races in the Vedas; 7 Planetary influences (Sabian Astrology); 7 Chakras (Serpent Force) in the “Planetary Man” and 7 Alchemical Metals: Saturn=Lead; Jupiter=Tin; Mars=Iron; Sun=Gold; Venus=Copper; Mercury=Zinc or Mercury; Moon=Silver. (Allah is the Arab Moon god aka Silver Surfer)
7 pt Star of Alchemy represents the Body (Sal) + Sulphur (Moving Soul or Transmigrating Soul) + Mercury (Connecting Soul); 7 days of the Week; Heptadic Structure of the Bible (KJV); Seal of Satan; Sigil of Ameth/Amoth; Angelic Order of Angels, Order of Knight Masons; Encampment of Scottish Rite; are all part of the “Faith of the 7pt Star” seen on Australia’s Flag; why Australia? Australian Antigen AUAG is featured at the base of Mayan artwork highlighting a Plague killing mankind at the Denver Airport. In Kaballah, the 7th level Netzach is the base of the Mercy Pillar, the “Turning Point” where Mercy turns to Harshness. Sheriff’s use the 7 Pt Star because they are Tax Collectors; Tax is a Burden, forgiven by JESUS but enforced by Satan.
The Angelic Order of Netzach is called Elohim (Offspring of the Chaldean god El) or Star Children. Mormon Evan McMullin entered the US Presidential Race on 8/82016 (888) because as a Melchisedek Priest, he is filling the role JESUS (888) failed at; Mormons will explain their this to JESUS in person soon; in fact, all of us will. Hardly alone, the United Nations is led by Unification Church “Moonie” (Allah is the Arab moon god “Sin”) Ban Ki Moon, the International Body leading the way to Luciferian Initiation; the UN Planetary Initiative ” No person shall enter the New Age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation” Hollywood Actor playing US President Ronald Reagan “Nothing would unite the nations of earth faster than the threat of an Alien invasion not of this Earth”.


Dante Alighieri was a Rosicrucian who made up the 9 levels of Hell; there is 1 Hell and Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost will get you there.
Tom Hanks is initiated into the Hollywood (Druid “Holy Wood”) Satanic Cult; Tom is related to Mary Todd Lincoln, quite possibly the person who delivered the Intimate 50Cal Derringer Shot that killed AMORC (Rosicrucians in Amorica) head Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President. The Un-constitutional (still unratified) 16th Amendment “Income Tax” is the basis of re-distribution of wealth in Amorica and it’s no coincidence Amorica’s 44th President Donald Trump is exempted from Income Tax. Under Donald Trump (44), the Tower (16=4X4) will crash and burn, the Golden Age of Saturn rising as a Phoenix from its ashes. For this reasoh, Donald Trump’s Trump Tower Penthouse is a Shrine to Apollo aka Apollyon “Destroyer”. Note the Dutch woodcut of the “Tower Card” features the same “All Seeing Eye” representing the Saturn Cult (Osiris=On=Heliopolis=Saturn=BabylON=Bab EL=Saturn) that sits atop the $US Pyramid; Pyramid=Pyre “Amid the Flames”. Image result for pictures of the $US all seeing eye
Jesus said Debtors are slaves to Creditors; Jesus forgives our “Debts” ie “Sins” via the Holy Ghost; Saturn, however exacts “Justice” through “Revenge”. Annuit Coeptis “Saturn approves of our Endeavor”.
“Treachery is Dante’s 9th level of Hell; 4 levels: Friends, Family, Country and the 4th level being Treachery against God. “A nation can survive its fools and ambitious, but not treachery from within…” Cicero Treachery against God? That gets you a 1 way ticket to Hell for eternity. Treachery against God is equivalent with “Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost”; the only Unforgivable Sin.
Tom Hanks is a busy boy; Dante’s Inferno (Hell) or 9 Circles of Hell is totally unbiblical, but unfortunately being played out in real life, seen in 9th Circle of Hell initiates like Pope Francis who believes “The triumph of science is knowing Earth can only support 1 Billion people” Laudato Si, Nazi Pope Benedict, Jesuit Black Pope Adolfo Nicholas, Anglican Archbishop Justin Welby, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Phillip, Tony Blair and others who strip naked, hunt, rape, torture, sacrifice and consume innocents in places like Chateau Amerois “Castle of Kings” in Muno Bel, Belgium. Sworn testimony from the International Common Law Courts of Justice in Brussels, is available here
Inferno shows the “Map of Hell”; a Billionaire who believes Earth is vastly overpopulated (Bill Gates?) uses deception and Treachery with Dr Langdon’s ER Doctor; he creates a Virus capable of wiping out 1/2 of the Earth’s population; “A human to human virus, even moderately fatal will become a plague of unimaginable proportion” Dr Ron Fouchier, developer of 1918 Spanish Flu into MERS-CoV. Significant because it was just after the Trachery of Woodrow Wilson’s Re-election slogan “Re-elect the man who will keep your sons out of War in Europe” that soldiers were vaccinated at Ft Riley KS Spring 2017 with the disease that would kill 1/3 of Europe misnamed “Spanish Flu”; “Trench Warfare” specifically designed to incubate the disease. Langdon is pursued by the WHO; almost comical as WHO Director Margaret Chan is an Officer in the British Empire working for Prince Phillip “I would like to be re-incarnated as a Killer Virus to rid the earth of useless eaters”. Plagiarist Dan Brown in real life.
Linked circles numbered 1-9 form the 4 levels adding to 11 (Number associated with the Antichrist and Treachery against God; the total adding to 44. Solomon’s Cube, Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix (Aleister Crowley’s book detailing the Sacrificial “Mass” of America as the Phoenix, the New World Order of Lucifer rising from the ashes), Mormon Extermination Order 44, 44 Kings of Israel (Zedekiah, the 44th blinded and dumped in a “Mire Pit” founded the Mormon Church with his mythical son Mulek), 44th President Obama (He is with us) all tie into the 4th level of the 9th Circle, Dante called “Treachery against God”. But wait, Obama is not the 44th President for the same reasons Israel had 44 Kings; Donald (Scottish “King of the World”) Trump (Drumpf=Drummer) is the real Trump Card; the 44th person selected President of Amorica, “Land of the Amorites”. Feeling the Love (Amor) Yet? Cathars (Cath-Heth-Sons of Heth-Hittites) are the Church of Amor turning America into an Inferno.
Theosophy has 9 levels of progression; Hitler, Stalin and 4 generations of the Bush clan are/were Theosophy Initiates aka Brotherhood of Death or Thule Society aka Schwarze Sonne “Black Sun” or Black Eagle. At the 1st Nation Tribal Conference Sept 2016, Obama, President #44 and the first to not use a Bible for the Oath of Office was proclaimed “Black Eagle”, a foreign born (Kenya) Sodomite (Man’s Country, Kal Penn, Reggie Love, Hassan Chandoo, Michael Robinson aka Michelle) not able to E-verify for US employment or hold a Passport. Donald Trump “Mogul” and Ivanka (likely Ivan) “Marvel” are at the top of the Beast.

Landed at Deep Water Horizon Platform

Deep Water Horizon
Deep Water Horizon was set ablaze intentionally on Earth Day and scuttled on Weed Day; the Oil Rig could have floated away from the Drill Pipe without loss of life.
The movie Deep Water Horizon begins with Mark Wahlberg describing to his son why 300M year old Dinosaurs miles below the surface became Oil under pressure; Dinosaurs don’t crawl miles deep in the Earth. The BP scapegoats who take the hit for the “Accident” blame “Gaia” aka “Earth Mother”; it also happens to be the world’s fastest growing religion; the oil rig sinking on Earth Day is no coincidence. An 87 day leak of 210M gallons of crude oil? Hardly, 7000psi oil from a 22in orifice over 87 days would yield 1000’s of times that value. Deep Water Horizon and Fukushima were pre-meditated Earth destroying disasters on a Global Scale.
Deep Water Horizon was set ablaze on Weed Day and sank on Earth Day; the movie Knowing starring Knight of Malta Nicholas Cage predicted the event a year in advance, showing news coverage of a burning oil rig in the Gulf of
Gnosis as in Gnostic means “To Know” as does the word “Science”, hence Cage plays an MIT Astro-physicist. Knowing is about a pre-determined Solar Flare (Coronal Mass Ejection) with a strength of 100 Micro-tesla heading toward total destruction of life on Earth. Nic Cage’s children escape death, chosen by Nordic Aliens who board them in a spaceship resembling Ezekiel’s Wheel, to re-populate a Golden Age of Saturn on New Earth minus one of the Trees from the Garden of Eden; the “Tree of Life”. The names: John=Oannes, the Chaldean Sea Beast” aka Antichrist; Caleb the Israelite with Joshua who lived to see the Promised Land after the Exodus; Abby, a wife of King David and William Dawes Elementary School, named after the Minuteman who warned the “British are Coming”; the British came alright!
“Tesla” is a measure of Magnetic Field strength; at the beginning of the movie Nic Cage, teaching at MIT has Maxwell’s Electro (Sun)-Magnetic (Earth) equations on the board behind a Solar System model highlighted by Jupiter and Saturn; no coincidence.
Deepwater Horizon was a deepwater oil drilling rig in Macondo Prospect; the name originated by British Petroleum (BP) who not only contracted and insured the drilling rig, but named the oil field after the fictitious but ill fated utopia “Macondo”, slated for destruction in the novel “100yrs of Solitude”, a town visited by Gypsies who introduce residents to the Magnet and Telescope (Used to detect and measure the strength of the CME). Pretty coincidental the movie Deep Water Horizon debuted the same day NOAA declared a month long Solar Storm hitting Earth eh? The Sun’s Magnetic Field Theory is based entirely on Bull Shit; the Sun is not a “Bar Magnet” nor does the Sun’s Magnetic Field swap every 11 years. A bar magnet is made by passing electric current around ferrous material like Iron, heating it above its Curie Temperature (approx 700F) and allowing it to cool with the proper molecular alignment. The Sun has no ferrous material, Iron or anything else, it converts Hydrogen into Helium through Nuclear Fusion, period.
DeepWater Horizon tapped into an Oil and Methane pocket the volume of Mt Everest (several Trillion Bbls of Oil and nearly unlimited natural Gas, under pressure of several thousand psi. The sinking of Deepwater Horizon was preplanned. Drill Mud was replaced by Seawater ensuring a “Blow Out”; Halliburton set the foundation up so the “Shear Ram” could not block the flow of Oil and Methane. The rig was set ablaze on Weed Day and scuttled on Earth Day. Using the several Trillion Bbls of oil in the Gulf of Mexico? Not in the cards. Deep Water Horizon methane is seeping under pressure of nearly 100,000psi into the Earth under the seafloor, collapsing the massive Salt Dome from Memphis to St Louis to New Orleans. US Navy (Navy Sec Ray Mabus oversaw the cover up of Deep Water Horizon and matches the demonic plan written by Nostradamus over 500 years ago “Death of Mabus heralds thirst, famine and cataclysm”.
US Navy, NOAA and FEMA have maps detailing the planning for about 200+Million Refugees which is why UNHCR (Un High Commissioner for Refugees) Antonio Guterres was unanimously elected 9th UN Secretary General.


Where is the RAT? or rather Who is the RAT? Where are the Bird remains?
The RAT would extend from the Rt rear Wing root. Where is it? Why is it not the central question dealt with by the NTSB or the Movie?
Clint Eastwood is a Sodomite 33 degree Freemason and part of Hollywood Satanic Elite just like Aaron Eckert (2 Face in Batman) Tom Hanks, who crashes in Cast Away, fakes the Apollo 13 Death-ReBirth Ritual (even telling us about the Master Mason Rituals as a Symbologist in DaVinci Code) and now presents perhaps the boldest lie in aviation history.
Canadian Geese do not migrate from New York in January, and do not waste energy climbing 3000Ft in the depths of winter. The question to ask when watching Sully is “Where is the RAT?” On electric “Fly by Wire” aircraft, when both engines fail, a RAT (Ram Air Turbine) extends into the slipstream to produce Hydraulic and Electric power for the Flight Controls. There are no pictures of USAIR #1549 showing the RAT visible on the RT side rear wing root because the event was Staged.
“Miracle on the Hudson” was coined by NY Gov Robert Patterson, a change from “Miracle on 34th Street”; maybe “Bull Shit on the Hudson” would be more appropriate. When both engines fail catastrophically, the crew has 1 option; locate a landing site; at 3000Ft on downwind to LaGuardia, the decision seems fairly straightforward; there may be more to this.
The movie is largely about the NTSB Hearing turning Sully into a National Hero. The movie is full of glaring errors.
Sully is credited for starting the APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) out of sequence in the QRH (Quick Reference Checklist) thus saving USAIR #1549; this is nonsense. The APU offers no help in Dual Engine Failure; the RAT takes care of supplying power to the Flight and Navigation equipment.
Canadian Geese do not fly or migrate at 3000Ft in January in New York. TRACON Radar and other aircraft departing just ahead of UA AIR 1549 reported no bird flocks of that size. There was no Blood or Feathers found on the Aircraft; the Cockpit windows would have been covered in bird remains.
The NTSB stated ACARS (Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System) indicated the “Left Engine was still at Idle immediately after the bird strike”. ACARS would not send that information automatically; the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) and Flight Data Recorder (FDR) “Black Boxes” would capture that data yet the movie made no mention of them.
The NTSB listed wind conditions as “NW at 020 degrees”. 020 degrees is from the NE.
In simulations, the pilots continue to operate the throttles; the Emergency Action Items are Ignition-On, Throttles Idle. That would be the last time a pilot would touch the throttles if both engines failed to start.
“I will not Lie, Cheat, or Steal, nor tolerate among me anyong who does” AF Academy Honor Code Sullenberger took in 1969 and I took in 1976. Sully: “To Make Dirty”. 1549BC Pharaoh Ahmose drove the Amalekite Hyksos (Foreign Shepherd Kings at War with God from Generation to Generation) from Egypt; Hyksos (Edomite-Ishmaelites) had taught Egypt the ways of War, Sword and Chariot making. US Air #1549 hits a flock of Canadian Geese at 3000Ft on Jan 15; Geese finish migrating by August; Jan 15 was the “Feast of entering Heaven” in ancient Egypt. Geese wintering in northern latitudes like NYC rarely fly above food gathering altitude. Windscreen blackened by the flock, not a single feather or blood streak visible on the cockpit or wings; the NTSB reported Canadian Geese DNA found in the engines. NY TRACON Radar has no evidence of a Canadian Geese Flock, neither did aircraft taking off within 3 minutes of US Air #1549. Prince Hall Mason NY Gov David Patterson coins the phrase “Miracle on 34th Street” (maybe because Santa is Satan; Patterson’s other job is acting, playing the part of Muammar Qadaffi) later changed to “Miracle on the Hudson”; Miracle is right, no commercial aircraft water landing has previously been that successful; left engine torn off yet no cartwheel? Neither engine showed any signs of rotational damage from Geese yet both apparently failed simultaneously. Geese were considered “Messengers from Heaven”. “Highest duty: My search for what really matters” by Accident Investigator and Motivational Speaker, $3M Author Chesley Sullenberger. What really matters to me is Truth.
Tom Hanks (Apollo 13) Aaron Eckert (Batman Harvey Dent) and Sodomite 33 degree Freemason Clint Eastwood (Hereafter was in theaters when Fukushima was hit by a man-made Tsunami) will release “Sully” on Sept 9, 2016 Just before takeoff, Eckert tells Hanks he researched him on Google and found out he is an Accident Investigation Fraud with 1 employee. We will see more of the real fraud Chesley Sullenberger as an aviation analyst for NBC News

Christopher Nolan : Interstellar Movie Wallpaper

The movie Interstellar is Saturnian Religion. 2001 A Space Odyssey originally ended on Saturn, Kubrick changed it to Jupiter lest the truth get out too early. Time (Chaos) and Relativity are tied together and you don’t need to be an Einstein to understand it. One thing that hit me in this movie was Time on the planet in the alternative universe ran 1 Hour to 7 Years on Earth. In Rev 18:10, the last of 313 ! in Scripture occurs in reference to God’s Wrath on Babylon (Gate of El/Saturn). 313; the first in reference to Abraham’s plea for Ishmael to accept God (Gen 17:18); he did not. Ismailis are so named because they reject God (h means God is with me) as Esau did to become Edom. Ismailis (UAE, Yemen, Qatar, Iran etc) teach when there are 313 sincere Shias al-Mahdi will return. We see this Gate of El/Saturn as the Wormhole. 7 Year Tribulation is falsely taught in many Churches as is the Pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Christian Church. Like Relativity, these are Satanic Lies. The theology is called Dispensationalism; Amos 5:26; 7:2-3;5-6 cover this Lie; Israel chose the Star of Saturn and shall no more rise. The warning is pretty clear here, the occult version of Wrath is about to start and with it a likely false Rapture.
Chris Nolan and Nathan Crowley (Aleister Crowley should ring a Baal; they warned of Sandy Hook in Dark Knight Rises) created the Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel; they glorifies the scientific nonsense called Relativity. Right off, the truth of the faked Moon Landings is mentioned; Kubrick faked them and told the world about it in the movie “The Shining”. The movie “Interstellar” states Gravity is the reconciles Micro or Quantum World ie Atomic Forces (Electro-magnetism, Strong Nuclear, Weak Interaction, Gravity) with the Macro or Space-Time. Timed (Good pun eh?) perfectly with CERN’s final proof of the Graviton aka God Particle this month. CERN uses the 666 Logo and is a cryptogram for Cernunnos “Horned One” aka Pan, Molech, Saturn, El etc. Why now? New Light “Nowruz” begins the New Year with a Supermoon and Solar Eclipse on March 20th.
Paul told Timothy Science was Vain and Profane babblings in opposition to scripture (1 Tim 6:12 AB) The ultimate Vanity is for Man to become master of his own destiny and become a god. He does this by Profaning God (Profane means Blasphemous contempt of God); Babblings is derived from Babel or Gate of El/Saturn where the Wormhole was placed by Man in the future who gave man on earth enough Time to solve the problem of colonize space after destroying the Earth and its Food. Daniel said Science is the Tongue of the Chaldeans (Dan 1:4 AB); it means “To Know” as does Sophia, Logos (first Word of Creation) and Gnosis (the ultimate is to know the mind of God or Nous) which Man discovers is himself.
Love will guide the Stars…this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius” sound familiar? Love becomes the central theme of Man’s yearning for Knowledge. Paul mentions “Charity” 7 times in 1 Cor 13 AB as the greatest virtue; Charity is the esteem and value one places on his/her relationship with God; Carolus means Giving back to God aka Alms Giving; new bible versions change Charity to Love but the 2 words have little to do with each other. Man’s love of God engenders a love of his fellow man, but man’s love of his fellow man has little to do with his love of God. Dr Brand therefore claims Love is what transcends Time and Space.
The Cathars (Catharsis means Discharge of Pent up emotion; Cath means Heth or Hittites) are a Gnostic sect executed by the French King and Catholic Pope for Usury exactly 700 years before D-Day “In 700 years the Laurel will grow green” ring a Baal here? Cathars are the Church of Amor (Amor=America; Druid Amorika; Amorites; Agape or Love). March 20th is followed in 9 months (human gestation period) by the Winter Solstice; 2015 Christ-Mass aka Saturnalia or Festival of Lights may get quite interesting. I strongly urge you to consider taking the Lights (Lucifer=Light Bearer) and Grove (Tree) down this year.
Corn is the last food to be destroyed on Earth; Mar 20 is 1 Abib (Corn); the Corn god is Baal/Saturn/Time/Kronus. Folks, the message is clear Time is Up; Time to make your choice for eternity it’s God or Saturn.
Interstellar means In or Of the Stars; Carl Sagan protégé, Bill Nye “Science Guy” leads the Planetary Society advocating massive population reduction to combat Human caused Global Climate change seen in the movie Interstellar as the reason for colonization of other planets. Sagan, the inspiration for the movie Contact said “We are all children of the Stars”; the same theme seen in the Lion King. The movie takes over where 2001: A Space Odyssey leaves off with “Illumination”; Cooper (Craftsman of wooden vessels/boats) plays the same role as Bowman. Kubrick originally planned to have the Monolith at Saturn, but Hollywood felt too many people would see the occult message, so Jupiter was substituted. The Chaldean STUR is Saturn, El, Molech and Six Pointed Star of Israel. Man (Dr Mann; Cute eh?) discovers Gravity is the way to bridge Space and Time, communicate with the past, alter the future and live forever.
Modern Chaldean nonsense “Science” claims Gravity acts across Space as in 11 dimensions; vibrating Strings “String Theory” then is the Science answer to the voice of Creation with Time aka Chaos or Saturn as the 12th Dimension, seen as completing the Circle/Sphere. Gravity warping Space-Time was also the main theme of Star Trek; we see this when Cooper sacrifices his physical body (Cooper or Vessel) and exits the Black Hole (Singularity=One) a god. To become a God one must leave something behind ie his Mass; this to save Dr Brand, the equivalent of Eve whom he is in love with. This same theme was seen in the movie Lucy another name of Light
A Tetractys is a 10 dimensional Cube; Time and Space then become the 11th and 12th. The Tectractys is represented in the movie as a 3-D Circle or Sphere. At the UN Meditation Room are 11 Chairs facing one Illuminated Satanic Altar; remember, 2015 is the UN “Year of Light” and it begins Mar 20th, 2015. This same theme is seen with Dr Mann (cute name eh? Dr means Church Father of Man) inspiring 11 to follow his ideas. Chris Nolan brought the crew to the Black Hole via a Worm Hole near Saturn as he did with Superman aka Kal-El (Son of El/Saturn) in Man of Steel. The 4th Beast in Daniel 7 is the Man of Steel; the “S” seen as Hope on Krypton is the Snake seen on the Medical Logo. Superman is dressed in Blue and Red because visible Light can be seen across this spectrum. The same theme used in Quetzalcoatl whose return portended the slaughter of native Americans by disease 500 years ago.
The true physics is really not that difficult to understand. God forces nobody to do anything against their will. The bible says Earth is Fixed (Ps 93:1; Job 26:7) If Gravity were real God would be a Liar. Time is not Relative, only Einstein’s mistress and 2nd wife was a Relative. Jesus (God in Flesh) promised to return when Creation is 6000 years old (2 Pet 3:8). How close are we? 1656 years Creation to Flood + 2160 years Aries to Pisces + 2160 years Pisces to Aquarius=5976 years + 21 years for the Age of Adulthood and a significant astrological event at the birth of the Legitimate King Sargon the Great like the Spring equinox transition from Taurus to Aries and one can see the world is at or near the beginning of the last 3 1/2 years aka “Great Tribulation”. The 2nd Coming? Jesus is Alpha ie Creation; His birth was on Feast of Tabernacles 6 months after Passover. Whether the last 3 1/2 years begin on April 4-5 at Passover/Easter 2015 remains to be seen, but God certainly put a few “Signs of the Times” in front of us for 2015, not the least of which is the year adding to 8.
Occultists believe the primordial Black Hole converted infinite Gravity to Energy and exploded to create Matter which is then attracted and bound by Forces in Atoms. The nuclear fusion equations require more and more energy to create heavier elements; where is the Energy coming from? Imagination.
Einstein stated E=Mc2 which means Energy and Matter are interchangeable; notice Cooper sacrificed his Matter (Body) for Energy. Gravity requires a Transfer of Energy, which requires an Energy supply. To the occult, the New Order must be derived by destroying the old order. Earth does not revolve around the Sun (Lucifer/Sol) for that requires Gravity. This then is circular logic seen in the Snake eating its own tail called the “Oroborus”. Jesus returns to destroy those who destroy the earth (Rev 11:18); in a nutshell, these people are the Cult of Saturn whose logo is the Six Pointed Star representing the creation of Heaven on Earth as God once did by creating “Light” on Day 1.
Warped Space-Time is seen as a Membrane or Bubble; our Universe is called a P-Brane; connecting the Universes are Wormholes and ordering the various Universes or Multi-verses are Black Holes which turn Man into God. This is the primary theme in Mormon theology; Dr Mann had his own world and so will they. It may sound funny to think of God as a Bubble headed P-Brane who came to Earth, failed His mission and is now in Hell boiling in His own excrement, but that’s exactly what Talmudists and Kabbalists believe and impart to Science.
For the Cult of Saturn, Jesus was just a Man given Earth who failed His mission to understand Gravity. For me, Jesus is Alpha, I Am, I Am He, Jehovah, Melchisedek and Omega. You can hitch your vessel to Jesus or by String Theory to Saturn but not both. Folks, it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure this out!

Westworld (2016)

West World
Evan Rachel Wood was the sex interest of Marilyn Manson, Church of Satan initiate named after Charles Manson and Marilyn Monroe.
The HBO series follows the 1973 movie West World about an Amusement Park in the West called “Delos” where elite “Guests” can do anything without consequence with Android “Hosts”. Delores “Virgin Mary of Sorrows” is the central “Host” figure, the first android made by the Co-creator Dr Arnold, and one developing human qualities including the ability to kill. “Via Dolorosa” is the path Jesus took to the Crucifixion, and path His followers must take with Him. Delores finds only pain and sorrow on her journey through the “Maze”. Bernard (Bold; Bear; name perhaps taken from St Bernard of Clairveaux, creator of the Knights Templar) is another Host who believes he is human, and one in charge of programming “Hosts”; from his memory of Dr Arnold he learns to become Dr Arnold (a god) before self sacrificing himself (8th episode) on orders from Co-creator Dr Ford; a “Cornerstone Memory” in his programming from Dr Arnold involving the death of his son. Maeve, the “Host” Barkeep and Prostitute has a name Irish meaning “She who intoxicates” essentially she plays the “Whore of Babylon” intoxicating the guests (Rev 18). Clementine is Maeve’s protege; her name is the feminine of Clement; meaning “Mild, Gentle, Clemency” which is her role; she cannot kill; a name likely taken from Pope Clement V who ordered the execution of the Knights Templar in 1307.
Delos takes its name from the Greek Island Delos, considered the birthplace of Apollo (Aplu/Apollyon/Abaddon) and his Twin sister Artemis (Diana); the Sun god and goddess of Witchcraft. The Island became a Cult Center of Zeus and Leto the mother of Apollo and Diana. The Oracle of Delphi suggested the island be purged of dead bodies and that nobody should be allowed to give birth or die on the island; hence the Android theme of continually dying over and over in West World. Delos Synagogue is an Assembly of Samaritans (fake Jews) built over an ancient Grotto of Zeus, and is considered the oldest Synagogue in existence. Delos has been pillaged by Pirates (the first were Carian Pirates, Knights of Malta, Veneti and Turks over the years.
Anthony Hopkins plays Robert Ford the Co-Creator of the now 3 Yr old park Delos; (no doubt named after Robert Ford, a member of the James Gang who faked the death of 33 degree Mason and future Senator Jesse James), playing the role of God the Magician who says “In Witchcraft, when we speak the right words, we create life out of chaos”. Dr Ford’s Co-creator is Dr Arnold (Arnold means Eagle Power; Eagle symbolizes Esau and Edomites exalting themselves as the Eagle (Ref Obadiah); Eagle’s Nest or the Eagle carrying the Serpent on the $US ONE DOLLAR. By episode 8 it is revealed Dr Ford murdered Dr Arnold and took his place, much like Jacob and Esau. Ford tells Bernard “Human life is not a golden benchmark, but a foul pestilence”; the exact feelings of the “Elite” who believe man is a scourge on the earth in need of elimination.
West World is the “New World”. The Man in Black (Ed Harris) is told the entrance to the next level is the center of the maze where the snakes lay their eggs. He proves out to be Billy, the Guest, future park owner and love interest of Delores for some 30 years. The next level is Heaven, attained via the Tower of Babel. America the “Land of the West” is Amurru the serpent god of the West where the snakes lay their eggs. The sacrifice of America takes the world to the next level.
Beelzebub is the “Lord of the Flies” Flies crawl across the “Host” faces, usually without notice as their programming does not allow them to kill anything living; all that is changing, especially with Delores (Pain/Sorrow) who swats the Fly and deceptively lies to her programmers about it. Not coincidentally, a fly crawled across Hillary Clinton’s face during the 2nd Debate the night West World made its debut and true to form, it went un-noticed; the second time, like Delores, a fly landed on Hillary’s face in DesMoines on Oct 29th and she swatted it.
Flies are a Totem animal of “Change”; “Change is coming to America” may ring a Baalzebub. Fly is derived from Mosquito; Oxitec Genetically modified Asian Tiger Mosquitoes are being released in Fresno, CA carriers of Dengue, Yellow Fever, Malaria and possibly Ebola, they have a Wolbochia Parasite “On-Off Switch”, much like the Robots of West World. West? The land of the Setting Sun is the Land of the Dead, the logo Obama used to replace the US Flag. One by one, the park Hosts find the center of the Maze is a Graveyard; West is in fact the Graveyard in Egyptian religion.

FINALLY got to see The VVitch tonight with @smashh_ley and OMG is this movie creepy af! Definitely loved yet was disturbed as hell by this movie. I shant be venturing into the woods anytime soon, nor shall I be chillin' with any goats anytime soon 🐐

The VVitch
“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved and thy house” Acts 16:31 An entire bible believing family in desperation failed to have confidence in this simple fact. Bible Gateway has all the bible versions side by side; notice the change from “Lord Jesus Christ” meaning Jesus is Lord and Messiah to “Lord Jesus” That doesn’t quite cut it.
King James wrote “Demonologie” about Witchcraft; Witches were forced to flee, many traveling to America with the Pilgrims and Puritans. Jesus hates Nicolaitane Doctrine (Elevating a Clergy over the Laity; Rev 2:6;15); banished from a Puritan Colony by the religious elders (Nicolaitanes), the movie highlights folklore of the time blaming Witches for Abduction of Infants for Witch’s Sabbats and Black Masses, taking Night Rides and Seduction. The young baby Samuel is stolen by a Witch who kills and eats him. A Rabbit (Anammelech aka Ishtar/Easter is idolized by the Rabbit in 2 Ki 17:30) appears frequently, causing mishaps including another Witch enticing Caleb after a state of apparent Sin from noticing his sister’s Breasts into her house; after the apparent sex initiation, dies possessed of the Devil with a smile on his face. William is informed Samuel is Illegitimate, the product of an affair; she subsequently dies in Sin, her breast suckling a false vision of her dead son was in reality Satan in the form of a Black Crow pecking her Breast.
The Black Goat “Black Peter” is an Antichrist type figure which comes from Netherland folklore; St Nicholas (Santa Claus) the good god has Alter Ego companions such as Krampus (Movie Krampus came out Dec 2015), Knecht Ruprecht, Belznickel, Blackamoor (Moors from Africa took on Muslim religion killing 50,000 Christians, dipping their Fez in Blood; every Shriner Freemason swears and oath to hide this fact) and Zwarte Piet. As a Black Goat “Swarte Piet” he becomes an Alternative to the Scapegoat (JESUS) from Num 16:8-10 called Azazel, one of Satan’s many names. After killing her father, Black Peter entices Thomasin (Thomas=Twin + Sin) in a perceived condition of Sin to strip naked and be re-born a Witch. She follows Satan as the Black Goat (Pan) to a Witch Coven where Witches begin taking their famous “Night Rides”. The reality was Entheogens provided the Ecstacy; like everyone who falls into Sin, their power is imaginary and impotent against a Christian in Covenant with JESUS.

Greta Thunberg

Climate Hustle
Right on the heels of 171 Nations signing the UN Global Climate Change Agreement, Climate Hustle hits theaters. Jesus warned a day would come when people kill and think they do God a service; Climate Change is the Hustle. Hustle means “Swindle, Illegal business activity, pushing activity and Shake to and Fro”. “The Earth will reel to and fro as a drunkard”-Is 24:20; how? EM (Electro=Sun; Magnetic=Earth) weapons used by “Earth Dwellers” to “Destroy the Earth” (Rev 11:18) Read Rev 11:19-12-17 before continuing; Folks, we are about there.
In Ronald Reagan’s day Global Cooling was the Neo-Con scare tactic; Global Cooling gave way to Global Warning and now the equally ridiculous Science, is called Global Climate Change. Creation begs a Creator; no more evident than the Hydrologic Cycle; Photosynthesis; Thermohaline Cycle, Carbon Cycle, Earth’s 93M mile distance to the Sun or the Magnetic Belts protecting life from Solar Radiation.
Witch’s (male and female) greet each other with “93” a shortened representation of “As Above. So Below” in the Emerald Tablet of Toth-Hermes. The Georgia Guide Stones call for eliminating 93% or life on earth; Science claims 93% of the Universe if Dark Matte; Why? Thelema (Will) + Agape (Love)=93 as does Aiwass, the demon who Aleister Crowley channeled to write his Thelemic Religion. It’s no coincidence the Georgia Guide Stones aka “Earth’s 10 Commandments” were located on Hwy 77 in Elberton Georgia, the Gravestone Capital; Crowley’s Liber 77 aka Book of the Goat is the “Magical Manifestation of Spirit in Matter”
Climate Change Science is backwards: CO2 is plant food; plants use CO2 to produce O2 thus the Photosynthesis equation is balanced. CO2 traps heat, hence it is termed a “Greenhouse Gas”; Earth is covered by 75% Water; warming increases Evaporation (Hydrologic Cycle increases); Water Vapor rises to the Saturation Point (100% humidity) forming Opaque, White Clouds which block Solar Radiation from causing the Green House effect; thus Earth’s Environment is in balance and self correcting. CH4 Methane is mislabeled a a “Greenhouse Gas”; mislabeled because Methane, is continually produced all over the Earth by Deep See Vents and Volcanic Eruptions; Methane Oxidizes in contact with the Atmosphere forming Water Vapor which is exact same as Evaporation and CO2 Again Earth’s environment is in balance and self correcting. The Thermohaline (Salt) Conveyor works because Fresh Water (Ice Melt, River Water) is incompressible whereas Salt Water is not. Fresh Water is heavier and dives under Salt Water in high latitudes (both north and south), thus Ice Melt, inhibits Warming of high latitudes and self corrects. God (Jesus) said “Go forth and multiply”; the Vicar of Christ (Christ=Messiah; in this case Satan) claims Earth can only support 1 Billion people; Ready for the Revenant? Bill Nye the Lying Science Guy and Carbon Forest, UN Climate Change Ambassador, sold out Satanists Leo Di Caprio and Luciferian Mason Al Gore are.

The Revenant Review!

“One who returns after a long absence” Who might that be? As Saturn’s Day Night Live Church Lady would say “Satan”. “Revenge is a dish best served cold”; the movie set in Montana is definitely cold. Mauled by a Bear, his son murdered in front of his face, left for dead in a shallow grave; that would test any man. The Canteen with a Spiral shows this to be a death-re-birth ritual; rising from the grave is the Beast from the Earth seen in “The Awakening” statue in Maryland; the Asteroid and Black Stone hitting the Earth is Wormwood or Satan being ejected from Heaven.
Jet Setting Carbo-Nazi Leo DiCAprio is the UN Ambassador for Climate Change; his personal forests sold to the Elite for Carbon sequestering. Spewing Carbon on 2 Round Trips; NYC-Cannes-NYC-Cannes to accept Prince Albert of Monaco’s Mediation Division Award for Climate Change before going on a Cruise aboard the Prince’s Yacht around the MED. Hypicrisy never had a better role model. In the end all the Revenge gains is both people hacked to pieces. No wonder the Academy gave it so many awards.

Moon Walkers
Who can forget the “Most Trusted Newsman in America” Walter Cronkite announcing the Apollo 11 Moon Landing and the JFK Assassination? The Luciferian Mason was also the voice of Molech, the Mascot of Bohemian Grove. OJ Simpson’s 1978 acting masterpiece Capricorn One told the story of 3 astronauts faking the Moon Landings in a Desert Stage and the CIA chasing them down to prevent the truth from getting out. The 2015 movie “Moon Walkers” takes truth telling a step further. The film set in London tells the story of faking Stanley Kubrick’s involvement in creating a fake Lander like the plywood and gold foil covered lander at the Smithsonian Museum, and a fake Lunar surface while the real Apollo 11 spacecraft was enroute to the Moon. Closer to the truth, but still no cigar.
Stan finished filming the Cold War propaganda film Dr Strangelove in London; the same stage was then used to build the fake lander, lunar landscape, and rig the astronauts for what appears to be 1/6th Gravity movement. The backdrops were first used on Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey in 1968 with success; today the technology is called Blue Screen. No spacecraft with human beings on board has ever left the protective confines of the Van Allen Belts; it takes Sovereign Luciferian Initiated lying Freemasons to pull that sort of deception off.

The Penitent Man
Prince became the Penitent Man on April 21, 2016 (Nisan 13 or 1/13) as Taurus began; the announcement coming at 1:13 on Parilia, the date Rome was founded by Remus and Romulus; a Hoax on par with CERN located on the ancient Roman Apollocium or the Apollo (Apollyon “The Destroyer”) Moon program.
CERN will begin the search for Dark Matter April 21, 2016; Nisan 13 or 1:13 is featured in The Penitent Man as well as CERN’s Symmetry Video. Will CERN open a Worm Hole to alternative Space-Time Dimensions where one side is slowed down while the other sped up? Hardly; the same theme was put forth in the movie Interstellar.
At 1:13 (Nisan 13=April 21, 2016) with America in ruins from his Time Travel machine, Dr Jason Pyatt time travels into the past 50 years to correct the mistakes of his past including his own death. The movie is a Love Story about his wife Eve (yeah that Eve); completely preoccupied with Einstein and Hawking’s theories (Lies) on Black Holes, Worm Holes and Warping of Space-Time; all total Bull Shit. Jason has portraits of Nicholas Copernicus (black Nobility Astrologer), Stephen Hawking Jesuit sock puppet “Crown of Horus”), Einstein (Relativity Theory is about marrying his 1st cousin) and Nikola Tesla (only decent man in the bunch) facing his bed? Puleeze. Jason’s his love struck best man Ovid is in love with Eve; Ovid was the Roman poet exiled by Augustus for his writings promoting erotic love and adultery “Amores” “Love Story” and Ars Ametoria “Art of Love”, part of a larger collection “Metamorphosis”. Pyatt initially travels back to provide love to Eve he initially failed at; Ovid travels back to kill Pyatt this error and the 2 men end up killing each other.
1 Cor 13:13 “Charity” (Love and Esteem of God) is replaced in the KJV with “Love”, the Amorous form of Erotic Love Ovid wrote of in New Bibles; Love has nothing to do with God; Adultery is the Sin that ends the Marriage Covenant with God.
The moral of the movie is Time Travel is impossible “It is appointed unto man once to die but after this the judgment” Heb 9:27 We can’t correct Sins of the past but if we as God to forgive them He will.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Here is an article on 313 I compiled in 2012
Filming took place in Detroit “Straights”; Area Code 313 (Wayne County; where else eh?) is the number of ! in the KJV, the first in Gen 17:18 is a prayer from Abraham that Ishmael might live, the last is the fall of Babylon during God’s Wrath in Rev 18:19.
Jesuit Pope Francis was elected on 3/13/13 coinciding with “Red Heifer Day” (2 Nisan, the day the Unblemished Heifer’s ashes are used to consecrate the Temple Cornerstones); similar to New Covenant Temples of God are Born Again Christians baptized with the Holy Ghost; Satanists believe New Covenant Temples are bodies of the Demon Possessed.
Pope Francis blessed a Homeless Crucified Idol of Jesus on a Park Bench at the Vatican and a Jesuit Congregation consecrated and installed it in Detroit last year. On the Capitol Steps a Satanic Mass was held in public and a 15ft tall Idol of Satan (Baphomet) was installed. Think JESUS will inhabit the body of a man like that? Guess Again.
ISIS destroyed the Arch of Isis (who did your expect?) at the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, the Arch will be digitally recreated and installed in April 2016 in Trafalgar Sq London and Time’s SQ in New York. Satanists believe Antichrist will soon walk through one of those arches. My guess is still Thomas (Twin) Plantard (Vine Cutting), likely in London, after all Britain is derived from B’Rith or “Covenant by Birth”, which absent the active involvement of God would go to Ishmael and Esau rather than Isaac and Jacob as Scripture says.
The 1st Muslim Battle of Badr had 313 Shias, when there are 313 sincere Shias (Messianic Muslims) in the world “al-Mahdi” will be revealed during a period of discord; Shias believe he arrives with Jesus of course.
13 years ago Comet Eris “Goddess of Discord” was named UB313 ; the alleged Planet X matches the Sign Emperor Constantine used to proclaim Christianity the official religion of Rome in 313AD; actually it was used to entice Christians to pick up the Sword; Constantine completed Basilica Nova in 313.
313 is considered the Fingerprint of Divinity; God/JESUS/JAH/JEHOVAH? Not on your eternal life. 31=1+30=El; 13=YHVH the Rabbinical Tetragammaton for people who reject the Name JESUS. By the way, God is not El or Elohim, El is the Canaanite deity, the plural ie the demon possessed are called Elohim . You may recognize this from Mormonism; Mitt Romney the “Mormon White Horse” has been told he is “The one mighty and strong, clothed in light to usher in the Christ”, the Messiah of the so-called “End Times” was born in Area Code 313, Detroit.
The Pyramid of Tulum has 313 Glyphs depicting the return of Quetzalcoatl. Mormons regard the Red/Blue Plumed Serpent as Jesus; Superman fits this bill; in the movie arriving in his Red/Blue Suit out of the Sun. Daniel 12:13 describes the “End of Days” (for Daniel not the world); 122 +132 =313.
After 10 Jubilees Prince Melchisedek will be revealed; that’s 500 years from 1517 the year the Vatican’s 5th Lateran Council proclaimed the “Indestructibility of the Soul” as Catholic dogma; 2016-17 is the Jubilee Year.
The Mark of the Beast is written as “Six hundred threescore and six”; in simple A=1 Gematria these 26 letters=313, the year Constantine completed Basilica Nova and the Arian Heresy (Jesus was not fully Human and Fully Divine) began.
Palmyra (Biblical Tadmor) is the “City of Palms” is derived from words meaning “To Know” and “To Love”; those would represent the Amorite version whose god Amurru can be seen in Amor=Love; the Cathar “Church of Amor”. Baalshamin is equivalent with Hadad whose symbol if the Eagle and Lightning Bolt; these Nazi symbols are also that of the land of the Amorites “America”. The equivalent gods are the Egyptian Set (movie God’s of Egypt may ring a Baal), Vedic god Indra, Zeus or Jupiter (Capitol means Womb of Zeus/Jupiter with Isis standing atop the Dome) Armed with this, the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice should make more sense. Essentially ISIS (an American invention) destroys the Arch of Isis at the Temple of Baal and erects it in NYC.

Billionaire Lex Luthor creates Doomsday using Kryptonite (Crypto or Cryptic) and his own blood while the Earth bound Batman aka “Dark Knight”, initiated by Bane in the previous installment and the Alien Superman aka “Man of Steel” battle each other; both Heroes? Not quite, both Freemasonic distractions.
Dialectic: Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis. Hollywood tool Ronald Reagan said “Nothing would unite the nations of this world faster than the threat of an Alien invasion”; well Doomsday does in fact Impale the Alien Saviour who arrives with the Sun.
Batman and Superman represent Personal Names ie Physical entities. v as opposed to V indicates, again a physical event. Dawn of Justice once again represents Man Judging Man as opposed to God Judging Man “It is appointed unto man once to die, but after this the judgment”. Who? Dan means Judge; the Tribe of Dan is prophesied to Judge as a Tribe of Israel; one problem; Dan is not listed in Rev 7 as one of the “Saved” Tribes; not until Eze 48 after the Millennium does Dan become a “Judge”. v also means Nail (Vav in Hebrew or Shin); Talmudic Rabbis open Synagogue with the Sign of Shin to indicate the Nails used to fasten Jesus to the Tree.
Doomsday refers to 2 things. 1. Man-made weapons; namely Tesla EM Weapons. Sun=Electro=Superman; Earth=Magnetic=Batman. Nikita Kruschev 1966 “We have a fantastic new weapon that if used carelessly could end all life in earth” 2. The Doomsday Book is an accounting of all lands conquered by the Normans beginning with William the Conqueror; Prince William is the 1000th Knight of the Garter (Witch’s Belt) and represents the lands of the Earth claimed by the Donation of Constantine, currently controlled by the fraudulent Windsor’s and Queen Elizabeth II aka self proclaimed “Queen of Jerusalem”. Gag me.
Never heard of Tesla Technology being capable of destroying all life on Earth? Never heard of the US Court system being subject to the Crown Bar? That’s because Doomsday was made with Kryptonite. Krypto means “Hidden”; Cryptos fake conversions into all sorts of religions while remaining Satanic in private.
Superman is the son of El; offspring of the Canaanite god El are Elohim; Mormonism should ring a Baal by now. Red/Blue are the colors of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered, plumed serpent of the Americas, named after the Edomite serpent Amurru or Ameru. Mormons are taught Quetzalcoatl is Jesus; NOT! The Americas are New Atlantis, written in 1620 by Francis Bacon; New Atlantis will rise as a Phoenix; 500 years is the life span of the mythical Phoenix and Francisco Pizarro arrived as Quetzalcoatl in 1517 leaving a wake of destruction. Ben Affleck had a new Phoenix tattoo put on his back for the movie.
Wonder Woman’s alter ego is Diana Prince; she is introduced in the Detroit Masonic Temple. Diana is the huntress and goddess of Witchcraft; Freemasons attain the Sovereign 33rd level at an exact replica of the Temple of Diana (Artemis) called the Supreme House of the Temple in Washington DC. Jesus was 33 at the Crucifixion on “Good Friday” not quite, but the movie made it’s debut on Good Friday for this reason. Jesus was Crucified on Passover and rose on Feast of First Fruits not Good Friday and Easter.
Detroit “Straits” was chosen for filming as it is for Transformers V this summer. Jesus Crucified on a Park Bench is in Detroit; Jesuit Pope Francis I blessed the Idol and a Jesuit Congregation in Detroit Consecrated it. An enthroned statue of Satan is also in Detroit. Just before the movie debut, a Satanic Mass was conducted on the Capitol steps. Detroit Area Code 313 matches the ! used in Scripture; the date Pope Francis was installed on 3/13/13; the number of Shia followers necessary for “al-Mahdi” to return and number of warriors in the first battle of Islam.
Zoroastrians (Chaldean Satanists) await the final battle of Good v Evil; followers of Ahura Mazda aka Sons of Light v Ahriman aka Sons of Darkness. Take a side and go to Hell folks! Might want to sit this one out.

Emperor Constantine or rather his Nicolaitane, Druid Princess handler/mother Helena used the X and “In Hoc Signo Vinces” (With this sign conquer) to conquer the Laity. X-Files: My Struggle II puts the Jesuit plan in plain sight. First off There are no Aliens, no Hybrids, no Anunaki and no Nephilim (Celtic-Druid Nefelheim). Why? Solar Radiation encapsulates the Earth ; nobody gets in or out and survives; the only notable exception being lying, sold out (Initiated) Luciferian Freemason Astronauts. God is also clear and science has proven, no Species can mate with another Species to create a new Species, much less “Evolve” into a new Species. “A man’s foes shall be they of his own household” Mat 10:36; Mic 7:6. Aliens are not our foes; they are made up Satanic Lies designed to usher in the Alternative Christ-Messiah (X). Remember X-Men?? SSDD.
Hitler (Mein Kampf means My Struggle) called the Holocaust “The Final Solution”; X-Files puts the plan on TV. The real life origin of Hitler’s Racial Purity/Hygiene plan was the 1912 International Congress of Eugenics hosted by Luciferian Mason, mass-murdering, Bi-sexual Druid Winston Churchill. In 1932 Nazi Financier (Hamburg-Amerika Shipping, Union Bank) Prescott Bush (Nazi George Scherff) brought the idea to New York.
Zika Virus was synthesized from Rhesus Monkeys; “Blue Blood” refers to (Rhesus Negative)Rh-; the Elite falsely believe they descend from the Gods; the rest of us unfortunately evolved from Apes spurned to Evolve. 2001: A Space Odyssey and David Bowie’s Darkstar (Nazi Schwarze Sonne “SS” should ring a Baal. Zika Virus is Rockefeller Bull Shit designed to push a CDC, WHO mandated Vaccine. Prescott Bush was Nikola Tesla’s accountant; before Otto Skozeny and Prescott Bush murdered him, he would say “Get that monkey out of my lab” referring to GHW Bush aka George Scherff Jr. BTW neither he or any of his Satanic Skull & Bones (Nazi Thule Society) sons are legal to be US President.
The latest X-Files features a DNA Editing program supplied by Aliens of course, for population reduction. “Spartan Virus” is created using CRISPR, a program of the Elite ongoing since 2012; fancy that, Truth is stranger than fiction. CRISPR (DNA editing) and “Gene Drive” (DNA edit reproduction) can be used to create designer organisms or be used to destroy a species. Bill Gates funded Oxitec Corp created designer Mosquitoes in 2011; Moscamed Corp moved Oxitec Mosquito production from Britain to Brazil and vastly scaled up Transgenic Aedes Aegypti Mosquito production in a new facility near Rio, July 2012. James Clapper calls CRISPR and Gene Drive a “Worldwide WMD”. Oxitec financier Bill Bates “Innovate to Zero” is a plan to reduce People, Services, Energy and Carbon to Zero; Gene editing ‘s what Gates calls “The World’s Most Dangerous Animal” will do just that.
Dr Robert Cahill was confirmed by the Senate to head the FDA on Feb 24. In March 2016 Moscamed and Oxitec (originally planned for 2015 pending FDA Approval) plan to release Transgenic Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes via Drones in Brazil and Florida. Awesome plan eh? Release non-native, highly aggressive, disease carrying, Transgenic Mosquitos with a Radiation and Tetracycline “On-Off Switch”.
Traitors in the US House of Rep held an emergency meeting with NIH Director Anthony Fauci Feb 24 and Florida Surgeon General John Armstrong; why Armstrong? Oxitec plans to release Transgenic Mosquitoes in Florida March 2016 with Drones.
The Global Elite including Jesuit Pope Francis and United Nations stated their global population reduction plans, first at the 1992 Rio (Brazil is synonymous with Sepharvaim; Satanists “Cryptos” pretending to be Jewish or Catholic) Earth Summit and have consistently expressed their desire to reduce world population by 93%. “The triumph of Science is finally realizing Earth’s carrying capacity is under 1 Billion people” Jesuit Pope Francis “World population must be maintained under 1 Billion” Maurice Strong “It’s a fact 350,000-400,000 people per day need to die” Jacques Cousteau.
So the Elite tell our elected representatives, releasing Transgenic Mosquitoes in Florida without the consent of the Citizens is a good idea? Treason doesn’t get more blatant than this.
OK back to X-Files. The new Agent is Agent Einstein? No kidding; Gravity Waves were a necessary part of Einstein’s 1915 Relativity Theory Bull Shit; it’s no coincidence LIGO claimed to have detected Gravity Waves coincident with the X-Files: My Struggle II series. For the record, Einstein didn’t actually believe in Gravity Waves; he was much like Edwin Hubble who also didn’t believe in his Expanding Universe Theory or Charles Darwin who likewise didn’t believe in Evolution.
X-Files is about Alien DNA (God assures us one Species cannot mate with to create a new or Hybrid Species), DNA Editing using CRISPR and an Immune Suppressed world population caused from Geo-engineering, triggered by Microwave Radiation and the resulting widespread Disease. Just a FOX (F=6; O=15=1+5=6; X=24=2+4=6) series? Hardly, CRISPR is in use today with Zika Virus carrying Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes. Want a seat at the “Big Table”?
“Our fate is sealed at birth”; how? Smallpox Vaccines introducing the Spartan Virus; Jesuit Quack Edward Jenner first created Vaccines by changing Cowpox to Smallpox; 100 years ago Vaccines given to WWI soldiers killed 1/3 of Europe with “Spanish Flu”.
Oxitec Corp funded by Bill Gates uses CRISPR Gene Editing to create a Disease Vector with a Tetracycline “On-Off” Switch. Not coincidentally X-Files highlighted CRISPR and Tetracycline given to Servicemen succumbing to the first wave of disease caused by Anthrax Vaccines.
Spartan Virus originating in Spartanburg NC? Cute eh? Research Triangle and the Triangle shaped Alien Spacecraft? Catchy eh?
Gen 6 “Sons of God saw daughters of men and took wives from them” The Alien DNA protects the Elite with this Alien DNA, against Vaccine delivered Diseases. Rhesus Factor (Rh-) negative for the Blue Bloods “left alive to rebuild the Earth in their image”; Rh+ for the rest of us who evolved from Rhesus Monkeys, just like we saw in 2001: A Space Odyssey and David Bowie’s “Dark Star”. Rest assured, there is no Alien DNA or Hybrid Humans; Disease will be delivered by Vaccines.
The Vaccine made from Elite Blood only saves to a point; Hybrid Stem Cells are needed for a complete cure; what’s a few million aborted fetuses for the “Greater Good” eh?
2016 is the “Year of the Monkey”; in Planet of the Apes a Vaccine causes Ape Evolution and Death to Humans via Simian Flu; isn’t it a bit coincidental Rockefeller’s Zika Virus was synthesized in Rhesus Monkeys? No surprise the CDC will begin a Flu Vaccine ad campaign Spring 2016.
On St John’s Day (June 24) Independence Day: Resurgence will show the world the Gravity Wave generators; should be quite the stage show. My Struggle II? Mein Kampf (My Struggle) was Hitler’s Aryan (Noble Caste) Race Purity plan written by Jesuit Fr Bernhard Staempfle; X-Files will finish it. Staempfle wrote another book left unpublished called “New World Order”; out in the open isn’t it?

Star Wars VII - The Force Awakens

Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens
Satan is the “God of Forces” Dan 11:39 One Eye symbolism is all over this movie; the Arab Dark Lord Ad Masih ad Dajjal is one eyed. In Witchcraft Coveans the greeting “Blessed Be” is followed by “The Force be with you”
Jesus, born on Feast of Tabernacles 6 BC was 331/2 years old at His Passover Crucifixion and Feast of First Fruits ascension. Prince William, born on the Summer Solstice 1982, son of Diana (Goddess of Witchcraft), husband of Katherine (Norman Cathars), 1000th Knight in the Order of the Garter (Witch’s Belt) will be 33 1/2 on the Dec 21, 2015 Solstice. Millennium Falcon a symbol of Jesus in the Millennium? Hardly, Horus is the Millennium Falcon. The Grand Freemasonic Lodge of England first met in 1717; there is no doubt the admonition Jesus gave in Rev 17:17 applies to Masons, Jesuits, Sufis etc, but are we at Rev 17:17 on God’s Timeline? Absolutely not.
Jedi comes from the Djed Pillar, considered the Spine of Osiris brought out at the Pharaoh’s Jubilee celebration; fancy that 2016 is the Satanic Jubilee. Baphomet means Union of Spirit (Force) and Wisdom aka Goat of Mendes originated in Djedet, Egypt. Kundalini awakens the Serpent Force running up the Spine through 7 Chakras; pretty coincidental eh? Jedi masters of the Force equate to 33 Vertebra of the Human Spine topped by the Atlas Bone; fancy that CERN uses the ATLAS detector to prove Gravity and Dark Matter.
Djedi first appear as the Magician of Khufu credited with teaching the architect of the Cheops Pyramid; the movie franchise “The Mummy” covered this revival of Ihmotep. Khufu’s son? Djedefre; the Jedi are essentially the bloodline of Pharaohs. Djedi attempted to combat God in the staff used by Aaron; his rod swallowed the Djedi Snakes of course. Baphomet the Androgynous 1/2 Goat 1/2 Man with a Cadeuces (Staff of Toth-Hermes-Mercury) Phallus and 2 fingers Up and 2 fingers Down is the God Particle CERN is attempting to create (2 Up Quarks, 2 Down Quarks and a Quark-Anti-quark pair) Pretty original eh?
Anakin is the Sons of Anak or Giants in the bible; born of a Virgin? Nephilim or Demon Angels had sex with human women to create Giants according to Satanists; it is of course a Lie. Taken from his mother just as warriors like Theban, Teutonic Knights, Samurai or Spartans were.
Coruscant is Khorasan “Land of the Rising Sun” or “Coming of the Sun” in NE Persia where “They” who built the Tower of Babel came from; the East or Land of the Rising Sun. In Arab religion, the Dark Lord Al Masih ad-Dajjal comes from Khorasan to battle Jesus and al-Mahdi “He who rises” in the final battle of Gog and Magog; the real Gog and Magog is at the end of the Millennium not now. Heliocentric Theory places the Sun at the center; fancy that Coruscant is at 0-0-0 on the Time-Space Coordinate system. The ceremonial “Avenue of Core founders” leads to the Senate in Coruscant as the “Galactic Core”, lined with Idols of Presidents of the “Core Worlds”; Core is Korah the Alternative Priesthood to God in Num 16 and Jude 7.
“The Force” is the “God of forces” in Dan 11:38; CERN calls this the “God Particle”, the “Graviton” or “Shadow Matter”, the massless Force Carrier of “Gravity” which gives Mass to Matter and Order to the Universe aka Dark Matter aka Dark Side. (Apis Bull Shit of course) CERN (Cernunnos=Horned One) creating Dark Matter using the Atlas detector? Come on folks! on Krampusnacht, really? the night the Shadow of Santa Claus arrives. How much Bull Shit can we take?
The Force Awakens has the tag line “Balance of the First Order returns to the Force emerging from the ashes of the Empire” A ruthless Prince and the search for a Warrior suitable to combat him; wow, sounds like Zoroastrianism’s final battle of “Good versus Evil” eh? Wow, what a coincidence the movie release is timed with ISIS releasing its Final Battle against the Crusaders video; you don’t suppose Hollywood produces ISIS videos? Folks, nobody battles God and wins; count up the words JESUS uses to describe the Battle of Armageddon or the battle of Gog and Magog 1000 years afterward; I’ll same you Time it’s “0”. The Force is Kundalini “Serpent Force” raised up the Djed Pillar 33 Vertebra to the Temple of Wisdom. This First Order is Lucifer’s Reign in Heaven (Bull Shit of course) emerging from the ashes like a Phoenix rising from its own ashes; America is the Phoenix of the New World Order aka New Atlantis (Ref Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis).
Sith means “Obsolete”; that’s Seth, Shem, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus plus all Born Again Christians. Jedi is the Djed Pillar or Spine of Osiris. Millennium Falcon is Horus ruling the Millennium rather than Jesus. The movie makes its debut on Saturnalia (Dec 17) because the Star of Saturn, El, Molech, Chiun, Remphan is the Six Pointed Star (one Triangle Up; One Triangle Down) representing the Emerald Tablet of Toth “That which is Above, shall be that which is Below” In Chaldean, the Star of Saturn is written STUR=666 using Gematria; CERN also uses the 666 logo.
Right on cue on Krampusnacht (Dec 5) the CDC announced a new antibiotic Superbug called “Phantom Menace” has arrived, the name matching Star Wars Episode 1:The Phantom Menace where the 9 yr old Anakin Skywalker brings Balance to the Force, later to turn to the Dark Side as Darth Vader. Just coincidence I’m sure NOT! but children were taken from their families to be trained using Pederasty to become Spartan, Theban or Samurai Warriors. Dark Side and the Black clad Darth Vader represent Isis “Black Virgin” and son Horus being presented.
Star Wars Episode 7 and CERN creating Dark Matter is timed with the 7th Shemitah (Blood Moon) Cycle and Jubilee Year start of the Age of Aquarius (7 colors of the Rainbow); here is the IMF Whore Christine Lagarde making sure the Elite know what 7 means
Comical isn’t it? Krampus is the Shadow of St Nicholas; a real menace, 7ft tall, Whip Tongue, Bulging Eyes, Pointed Ears, Goat Horns, Pitchfork and Birch Branches for whipping children before kidnapping and eating them.
Shiva “The Destroyer” is out front of CERN doing the dance of destruction; the consort of Kali “Black One” (Kali is the equivalent of the Norse goddess Hel who presides over the dead in Nefilheim or Nephilim) was plastered on the Empire (Star Wars Episode 5: Empire Strikes Back was timed with Reagan’s Star Wars program) State Bldg on 8/8/2015 2+0+1+5=17=1+7=8 or 888 the Gematria of JESUS. America is literally gong to Hel meaning Die.
X-wing fighters represent X=Christ or Planet X the Bull Shit 10th Planet Nibiru. H-wing fighters represent the 8th letter and First Element “Hydrogen”; H in Hebrew is (h’) meaning “God is with me”. Sith means “Subsequent, Obsolete or After that” meaning; after God is dead. Millennium Falcon is Horus, born at Christmas. 2015 might be a good time to take down the Grove, take down the lights (Hanukkah is Festival of Lights) and tell Santa (Hittite god) and his Red (Edomite) nosed Stag to hit the road.
Midichlorians create the Force within the Blood of the Elite; Kenyan John Boyega “Finn” as wanna-be ruler of the Dark Empire is Obama to even a casual observer. Obama even claims to have a Midichlorian level of 20K; Midichloraian is of course Bull Shit. Kenya is named after Kennites; John Boyega previously played Moses, fitting as Moses’ wife Zipporah was the daughter of a Kennite Priest. Finn refers to Finno-Ugarit the language of the Foreign builders of the Tower of Babel from the Asiatic Steppes; Finn means “Wanderer”, the consignment God gave to Cain as a Vagabond and Wanderer on the Earth.
Luke Skywalker’s (sex with his sister Leia a nice touch as Pharaoh’s repeatedly did this)daughter Rey is the Solar Religion of Egypt; Rey is Ra seen in Amon Ra or Ra Horakhty (Horus the son of Osiris) embodiment of the Pharaoh’s
Qui-Gon-Jinn: Qui=Qi or Chi “:Life Force” seen in Kundalini “Serpent Force” sent up the Spine of a Djedi where Djed=Spine of Osiris. Jinn=Genie, the hammer masked-faced spirit helpers of Masih ad-Dajjal “Dark Lord”
Yoda is Jota or Yota the small, pointed ear, teacher in esoteric Masonry.
Obi Wan Kenobi says “Only a Sith deals in absolutes” Sith means Obsolete, referring to JESUS and His followers. Well then a “Sith Am I”

Back to the Future

Back to the Future I & II
The 1985/89 Back to the Future movies predicted the 9/11/2001 demolition of the Twin Towers; rebuilding of the Freedom Tower aka One World Trade Center; building the Millennium Hilton (Black Monolith in 2001 and 2010 Space Odyssey movies); blaming Muslim Terrorists and the Oct 21, 2015 release date of “The Walk”. Why? WWIII was planned long ago to pit Zionism against Islam. Marty McFly? Not too tough to figure out Marty means Little Mars the Roman god of War, Babylonian Nergal (2 Ki 17:30) or Greek Ares ignorantly worshipped at the Areopagus “Mars’ Hill”. McFly is the Scotttish Beelzebud “Lord of the Flies”; Baalzebud “Lord of the House”. Mike is a crafty little FOX eh? (F=6; O=15=15=6; X=24=2+4=6)
Oct 21 is the start of Scorpio; in 2015 it occurs in a Jubilee Year. WWIII was planned in writing on the Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1871 to pit Zionism against Islam. Lucifer is Osiris “On” the Gate of On is Babylon.
On=Osiris=Heliopolis “City of the Sun”, El, Allah, Saturn, Sikkuth, Milcom, Chiun, Remphan known as the Star of David; the problem is King David never used the Star called the Hexagram in Witchcraft or Seal of Solomon. Back to the Future I & II highlighted pre-planning of the Occult Ritual 9/11/2001 and the date in the Future Oct 21, 2015 some 30 years ago. 2001: A Space Odyssey was originally planned to have the Black Monoliths near Saturn; a bit too obvious since the Star of Saturn is the Star of Israel, so the Cult of Saturn (Christmas is Saturnalia) chose Jupiter instead.
Blaming Muslims for 9/11 was also pre-planned in Confederate Freemason Albert Pike’s Aug 15, 1871 (Aug 15 is the Feast Day of Lucifer) plan for 3 World Wars to usher in the Age of Lucifer; the 3rd War between Zionism and Islam.
Mecca is not Babylon (City of 7 Hills) and neither is Rome; Jerusalem is the Whore of Babylon. JESUS took SPIRITUAL JERUSALEM to Heaven at teh Crucifixion (Gal 4); physical Jerusalem is now holding the world in bondage to Sin (Allah) via the spot Ishmael and Hagar were cast out of Abraham’s inheritance “Mecca”.
JESUS returns to Zion, destroying the works of man including the 3rd Temple, Throne of Pergamon “Satan’s Seat” and every Edomite (Ref Obadiah) who sold their Soul to become a Whore of Babylon. Jacob impersonated Esau; Esau is now impersonating Jacob and will with 100% certainty deceive the nations and obtain “Dominion” (Ref Gen 27:39-041KJV) as the 3rd Beast (Dan 7:6) ruling from Jerusalem, the Great City of 7 Hills where the Lord was Crucified in the House of His Friends.
The Whores riding this Beast are Zionists, Talmudists, Kabbalists, Jesuits, Opus Dei, Sufis, Freemasons, Shriners and Knights of various stripes, currently in every nation on earth deceiving and weakening the nations (Is 14:12).
Was Oct 21, 2015 the pre-planned beginning of the Great Tribulation? Likely no, but I would not count out Hanukkah 2015 on 12/6. The Feast of Dedication is the dedication of the world to Satan; Lucifer “Light Bearer” is Satan “Obstructer” (Obstructer to Salvation); Hanukkah is also called Festival of Lights for this reason; coincidence it occurs on 12/6/2015? . Daniel means “God is my Judge”received warning from a man clothed in linen upon many waters in Dan 12:6; specifically a warning of 1335 days and 1290 days (Dan 12:11-12) in addition to the well known 1260 day “Great Tribulation”. Nov 5 is the anniversary of the Jesuit led “Gunpowder Plot” designed to prevent publication of the Authorized Bible, the 7th Purified Word of God promised in Psalm 12:6. Seeing any patterns developing? In Rev 12:6 JESUS via the Holy Ghost warned the woman to flee into the wilderness prepared of God to be fed 1260 Days. This “Woman” is not the Whore, but the Bride of JESUS (Rev 19:7) Passover Lambs are to be killed per instructions God gave in Exodus 12:6. Women giving birth to a man-child are to purified according to Lev 12:6. Jesus as Lord of the Sabbath is described in Mat 12:6, a Temple made with Flesh. Any patterns yet? Now back to the occult warnings in Back to the Future about 9/11; note Rev 9:11 is the day Satan is cast to Earth.
The Millennium Hilton represents the Black Monolith guiding humanity through Saturnian Gnosis. In 2001: A space Odyssey, the Black Monolith initiates Ape Evolution, the more fully evolved Apes kill the less evolved ie those who did not partake of the Black Monolith. The Monolith makes the sound of Bees because Bee is Dabar in Chaldee meaning Word. This is Satan’s Word as the Serpent in the Garden of Eden.
The 4 Million year old Monolith re-activates on the moon sending a signal for astronauts to follow to Saturn (book correctly used Saturn; movie used Jupiter). Astronaut Bowman (Paul Ryan’s SS ie Black Sun Codename is Bowman, the role David Bowie plays in Darkstar) enters the Monolith, which gives him a re-birth identical to the recent movie Interstellar; the first scene is actually the last scene, Apes enticed to touch the Monolith begin to Evolve, becoming Astronauts and finally achieving Immortality.
The Millennium is the 1000 year reign of Jesus Christ on earth, centered in Jerusalem. The Monolith is Satan usurping this reign, pre-written 5996 1/2 years ago in the Word of God. The original Screenplays called for the Monolith/Stargate/Wormhole to open at Saturn as seen in the recent occult movie Interstellar. The Cult of Saturn decided on Jupiter back in 1968; heck Rosemary’s Baby had just made its debut; Saturn was a bit too obvious.
The Cult of Saturn is Chaldean aka Babylon the Great and it’s Whores of Babylon are in full view. MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT is no Mystery any longer; Satan, Saturn, Allah, Milcom, seen “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “2010: Year we make Contact”
The number 88 featured in the movie refers to the Micro-Macro world of CERN where the mythical “Force” (Satan is the god of forces in Dan 11:38) of Gravity gives Mass to Matter at the Atomic Scale (Micro) and Order to the Cosmos (Gravity Strings, Black Holes, Worm Holes). In front of CERN is Shiva the Destroyer in Hindu religion and Oct 21, 2015, the release date of The Walk starring the Time traveling Marty McFly some 30 years ago. Time Travel, Stargates, Worm Holes and earth altering Tesla based EM Energy are up next. This last video centers on pre-planning for 9/11/2001 to blame Muslims. Muslims had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11/2001; 9/11 was strictly and “Inside Job”. “And a man’s foes shall be they of his own houshold” Mat 10:36; Micah 7:6
Back to the Future like the Matrix or San Andreas were loaded with Occult symbolism highlighting among much else the pre-planning of 9/11/2001, the White Rabbit (Anammelech 2 Ki 17:30) and the date Libra (Scales) begins on Oct 21, 2015. Of particular note is the Griffith Park Observatory Obelisk and Tunnel were highlighted in San Andreas (The Rock=the Saviour Jesus) and Back to the Future.
First why Oct 2015? and why did Back to the Future highlight 88? The 8th and final Tetrad just ended; 8 people were saved in the Flood. October means 8th month; Oc=Sight or 3rd Eye Illumination of the Pineal Gland (Twin Pines in Back to the Future=Pine Cone=Pineal Gland); 2015=2+0+1+5=16=88 the number representing the Infinitely Small (Graviton) interacting with the Infinitely Large (Gravity Strings), Mercury’s (Toth-Hermes) Orbit and the Chinese (China=Cathay=Hittites) Ba’i=8 or in English “Bye Bye”.
Belshazzar was having an orgy with Temple accoutrements when God wrote “MENE, MENE, TEKEL UPARSIM” on the wall. Like Babylon, America will be Weighed in the Balances, found wanting (Unpayable Debt) and Divided (TPP, TTIP). How did Hollywood know this 30 years ago? “Nothing in politics happens by chance. If it happened it was planned” FDR

Back to the Future

Tomorrow Land
Sept 23 is the day of Climate Chaos, Famine, Earthquakes and War. Sept 23, 2015 is Eid al Adha the day Abraham offered Ismael for sacrifice in the Quran (written 632 AD) and Feast of Atonement, the day Abraham offered Isaac for sacrifice in the Old Testament (ca 1400’s BC). World War III will exploit this difference between Islam and Zionism according to Jesuit handled Confederate, Sodomite, Luciferian Freemason Albert Pike. 9/23/2015 is also the geographic location of CERN in Google Maps as well as the date CERN will attempt to create Rainbow Matter and Dark Matter.
Frank (Free) Walker (Cain=Wanderer) is picked by Athena (Greek goddess of War and source of Palestine “Pallas-Athena” and Shakespeare (Shaking Spear), a Trans-human Time traveler as a “Dreamer” at the 1966 World’s Fair. 1966-7 was the 7th Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses on Passover and Tabernacles; founding of the Church of Satan; 6-Day War and siege of the Temple Mount currently controlled by Jordan aka Edomite Idumea. Dreamers are rebels willing to “Change the World”; Rabbis call this “Tikkun Olam” (Repair the Earth) to the conditions of the Garden of Eden minus the Tree of Life JESUS CHRIST.
In the present day of Sept 23 (8th Tetrad) Athena chooses Casey (Vigilant in War) Newton (330 Mason, Rosicrucian Lucasian Chair currently occupied by Jesuit sock puppet Stephen Hawking) telling Casey to follow her and Governor Nix to Disney’s (330 Mason) Small World (Golden Globe at the UN is smaller, to the tune of 1 Billion people). Casey then meets Frank Walker and is told the goal of TomorrowLand. Transportation to this Time and Place is using Tesla technology and the Eifel Tower.
Casey’s father uses the analogy of 2 Wolves; one Pessimistic, one Hopeful; she is instructed the one who survives if the one you feed. Why? Jesus wrote the history of the world from the beginning as Alpha and Omega; it is not subject to change despite what Cainites may believe. No coincidence, Silver Shield has declared 2015 the Year of the Sheep featuring 2 Wolves feeding on a Lamb on its Silver Bullion coins.
The symbol of the Tau or Cross of Tammuz (Purify by Fire) is used to select Dreamers because Sept 23 is Feast of Atonement, the day a Fire Sacrifice “Holocaust” is required of those living under the Law (7th Covenant rejecters of JESUS)
The Tomorrow World festival begins Sept 25 in Atlanta (New Atlantis rises as a Phoenix from the Flames); just up Hwy 77 is the Georgia Guide Stones calling for the death of all but 500 million people living in harmony with Nature; Pope Francis will present his Earth Encyclical to the UN Sept 25 calling for the extermination of all but 1 Billion people. Jesus said “Unless those days were shortened, no flesh would remain” Mat 10:36 Those days are about here. Surrender to JESUS or Change the Future? That’s easy. Time travel is not possible. JESUS returns when Earth is 6000 years old (2 Pet 3:8) and that is 3 1/2 years of Great Tribulation away. I’ll hang my Sins on God who gave His life for me and let Him “Repair the Earth”.


Dr Will Castor and his life partner Dr Eve Castor transcend human form to “Repair the Earth” (Hebrew Tikkun Olam) by uploading thoughts into a Self Aware computer capable of re-building DNA better than it was ie they “Create a God”. The location of the birth and death of this Gnostic goal in the Desert of the Western US at the largely Deserted Desert Dreams Hotel.
Desert means “Abandoned land allowed to go Fallow where unrestrained plant growth has the upper hand”. UN Agenda 21, JADE HELM 15, TPP, TTIP and NAFTA will accomplish this goal of Desolating America and returning the land to Nature. Desert has nothing to do with being Arid. Will means “Desire; Protective Helmet or Shield’ the name popularized by Norman Bastard King William the Conqueror and his Doomsday Book. Castor is the Mortal of the Gemini Twins (Sons of Zeus aka Tuatha De Danaan) Castor and Pollux who obtains Immortality at death. Eve means “To give life, quicken or revive”; she does this by infecting her blood with a computer virus that destroys Will and in the process destroys the industrial world; Internet, Electric Grid, Banking and E-Commerce, the very things Will was able to control to create unlimited Wealth.
The end of the movie is the same as the beginning “Eve wanted to change the world”. Will and Eve began by installing Copper EMF Shielding; the invasion of Gov’t and Military was made possible by using Copper Shielding to hide from Will as the Ubiquitous All Seeing World Soul.
A Crosswalk with 88 is featured at the beginning as well as the ending. 88 representing the number of catalogued constellations; Scientists like Carl Sagan believe “We are all children of the Stars” BS Carl! Stars are not necessarily Suns not do Suns create anything heavier than Helium. Astrologers call these 88 “Lamps of Light”. There are also 88 keys on a Piano arranged in the Ratio of Life (8/5=1.618=Phi) seen in the Venus (Lucifer)-Earth Cycle 584/365=Phi. The theme of Tomorrow Land and Tomorrow World Festivals At Ground Zero (means Sight of Nuclear Detonation) where the Twin Towers (Castor and Pollux, Horus and Set, Esau and Jacob) once stood are Twin Light Beams, the 88 MW “Tribute of Light”. It was nuclear Radiation that killed the body of Will Castor and allowed him to Transcend his human form.
Transcendence is Cathar religion portrayed by Hollywood (Holy Wood of Druid Adonis); the incarnation of matter is inherently evil, remedied only by annihilation and improvement of the Genetic Code; hence the same team created the movie Prometheus “Fore Thinker”.

Theory of Everything poster

Theory of Everything
Stephen Hawking means “Crowned Horus”; he was a Jesuit sock puppet used to promote Metaphysics not Truth. TOE is the toes of clay and iron serving as the foundation of the Abomination of Desolation. Hawking is a Jesuit managed puppet who frequents Billionaire Jeffery Epstein’s private B-727 dubbed “Lolita Express”. Underage boys and girls servicing Satanists like Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Henry Kissinger, Stephen Hawking and the King of Saudi Arabia on a Private Island sound like something the World’s Smartest Human Being would do?
“The goal of Science is to know the mind of God” Stephen Hawking in “A Brief History of Time” “God did not create the Universe” Stephen Hawking in “The Grand Design”. Ok Stevie, whatever your say or I should say your Jesuit handlers say.
To get to the point where CERN might be blamed successfully as a Scapegoat for creating a Miniature Black Hole (Big Black Holes are Infinitely Small so a Miniature Black Hole is semantics BS) that wreaks havoc with the Earth, the mythical Force of Gravity needed to be accepted as fact; hence the Law of Gravity was born of nothing but myth and the Force named after its Masonic/Rosicrucian/Alchemist father Isaac Newton. Mythical Black Holes then form with Infinite Gravity and need to be accepted as fact; thank Einstein for that myth. To form matter heavier than Hydrogen and Helium, Black Holes and need to leak “Hawking Radiation”, weaken, explode, re-form Stars. Who would doubt the “Smartest Man in the World”? Well me for example. Gravity once again takes over and attracts all these heavy elements together, generating immense heat needed for nuclear fusion; hey People believe the interior of the Earth is made of liquid hot magma (to quote Austin Powers) so why not? This Soup of complex molecules like Hydro-Carbons drifting aimlessly through the Universe (no Pressure, no LIght, no Heat) by chance find the right conditions “Goldilocks Zone” for life to Evolve. Billions of years? No problem; Time is Relative according to Einstein. Odds of success? No problem, there are 10500 Universes connected to each other through “Worm Holes” in Hawking’s mind.
On May 29, 2015 CERN ramped up power to 13 TeV; Stephen Hawking believes M-Theory (M or Membrane is the 13th letter for Liber Mundi or Book of the World) holds the key to Mirror Universes, P-Branes (Space Membranes or Bubbles) and the God Particle. The same time an earthquake hits the Aleutian Is and another hits offshore Japan and the answer to the question “What did CERN detect on July 4, 2012? Ans “God Particle” came up at 6.66 secs on the new game show “500 Questions”
500 is an interesting number pertaining to the Prince Melchisedek Scroll “After 10 Jubilees, Melchisedek will return” fancy that; on Sept 13, 2015 Rosh Hashanah “Feast of Trumpets” herald the Jubilee Year; the 50th Year after the Church of Satan was founded. John Kerry and French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius gave a 500 day warning of “Climate Chaos” set for Sept 24, 2015, the day Pope Francis will visit the US proposing the death of 6/7th of humanity is necessary to protect “Mother Nature”. Stephen Hawking believes in Aliens from other Dimensions and Pope Francis believes they should be Baptized. WTF over?
CERN uses the 666 Logo; July 4, 2012 CERN announced 99.99% Proof of the God Particle; the time was 6.66 Secs on this question; the same time the earthquake movie San Andreas made its debut. Can you Dis CERN the times now?
CERN intends to prove “Mirror Matter” Sept 24, 2015, flushing $Billions down the “Rabbit Hole”, but like the Mad Hatter, Mercury (Hermes, Nebo, Toth) has made them drunk with the Hermetic Axiom “As Above; So Below”. In the movie series “Matrix” the choice is illustrated uite Masonically by the Blue and Red Pill; biblically by the Altar and Porch (Rev 11). Stay on the Porch! The Rabbit Idol Anammelech (2 Ki 17:30) is at the end; remember the Trojan Rabbit in Monty Python? It doesn’t end well.
“Earth is in fixed in a unique if not central position in the Universe, but the idea is unwelcome and must be avoided at all costs…replaced by Spatial Distortion”. Jesuit sock puppet Edwin Hubble lending credibility to Belgian Jesuit Georges Lemaitre.
“Hawking Radiation” named after Stephen Hawking literally means Crown or Martyr of Horus. Biblical Horites may ring a Baal; they became Chaldean Solar Priests “Konn-Tors” (Electro-magnetic field is the Torroid; Tor is also an Earth burial mound such as Glastonbury Tor), Hindu Brahmins, Egyptian “Shemsu-Hor” and “Priests of On” (Heliopolis or Osiris), Kahn-Baals (Cannibal is derived from these Priests of Baal; Tran-substantiated Communion anyone?), Sabeans of Harran (Sabah means Sunrise; Edomite Kingdom of Sabah is today in Indonesia), Pharisees, Rabbis, “Church Fathers”, and Jesuit Priests “Society of Gesu” Gesu then became the “G” used in Freemasonry for “Gravity” and “Grand Architect of the Universe”. GOAT (God Of All Things) and the mirror (The Ark Of God) is Pan the Goat with the Flute mesmerizing and seducing the world; Jesus calls the Devil, Dragon, Serpent and Satan (Rev 12:9) Shed some light on the cock roach; his name is Lucifer.
JESUS has nothing to do with Gesu or Jesu much less the God Particle or Gravity permeating Atoms and the Universe; that title goes to Pan (All) portrayed in myth as a seducing Goat much like Sinterklass (Santa Claus) or Uncle Sam. JESUS separates Goats on His Left (Sinister=Sin=Sina=Sinai=Law) side from Lambs on His Right. JESUS doesn’t Force anyone to do anything; He stands at your door waiting for you to open it. Jesuits are the “Synagogue of Satan”; their goal is to keep that door closed.
Funding of the Hawking Project are many nations including the US, Israel (Star of Molech has nothing to do with King David) and Saudi Arabia here the real Jebel al Laws aka Mt Sinai or Hagar is located. Hagarenes are Ismailis in Iran, UAE and Iraq so don’t look for a good side; there is none.
The Mother Church of Gesu is the Basilica of St John Lateran (Lateran means “Hidden Frog”) here the Voice of Lucifer comes through Spirits to the mouths of the Beast, False Prophet and Antichrist. Jesuit Pope Francis I and Jesuit General “Black Pope” Adolfo Nicholas are not these Frogs, they merely kiss the feet of the real Frogs yet to be revealed.
Literally dubbed the “Hawking Project” he has not survived ALS 45 years; rather he is a drugged sock puppet whose electronic voice is that of Jesuit Marionettes using Simon (Simon is derived from the originator of post Crucifixion Gnosticism Simon Magus) Spell software. Science is the “Language of the Chaldeans” and “Vain, Profane Babblings” Ref 1 Tim 6:20 KJV and Dan 1:4 (Profane means Blasphemous Contempt of God) and Hawking’s puppeteers at Cambridge are exactly that.
The Theory of Everything (TOE) are literally the Toes made of Clay or Iron in the Abomination of Desolation originally constructed for Nebuchadnezzar (Prince of Nebo/Hermes). The Foundation of Science rests on Lies of Heliocentrism, Evolution, Big Bang, Gravity and Relativity. Long after the Iron disintegrates from Oxidation (Rust), the Clay remains; choose a Solid Foundation!
Hermetics is Gnosticism, the goal is worldwide rejection of God and the acceptance of a Pantheistic “God of Everything”. Hermes is the Egyptian Toth; Greek Hermes Trismegistus (Great, Great, Great Hermes), Roman Mercury or Babylonian/Mormon Nebo the god of Secrets.
The Jesuit teaching legacy began in the crypt of St Denis Cathedral (Cathedra means “Teaching Seat”; Denis means Dionysus aka Bacchus, Green Man or Lucifer) on the Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1534 and ends with Jesuit Pope Francis I (Francis means Free) under control of Jesuit General Adolfo Nicholas (Nico=Conquer the Laity) and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI (Benediction/Blessing;16 meaning the Satanic Jubilee of 2016-17 beginning Sept 15, 2015 at Feast of Trumpets.
CERN increased power to 13 TeV May 29, 2015; detection of Mirror Universes using ALICE (Mirror Matter) is scheduled for Sept 24, 2015 on “Feast of Atonement”. Shiva the Destroyer is in front of CERN for a reason. The moment CERN (CERN is Cernunos/Herne “Horned One” meaning Antlers that shed annually ie the Solar Messiah “Horus”) restarted particle collisions, the Scalar EM engineered Nepal Earthquake occurred. CERN doubles power when the Earthquake movie San Andreas debuts. The 7th Shemita ends and the Satanic Jubilee (50th year after the 7th Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses on Passover and Tabernacles) begins with a Solar Eclipse on Sept 15, 2015. CERN resumes particle collisions on Feast of Atonement, Sept 24, 2015. The Satanic Jubilee begins with the reconciling of Quantum Mechanics (Graviton/God Particle ie 4 Forces in the Atom/Atum) and General Relativity (Super-Strings or Time Warping). Star Trek, Back to the Future (Mike Fox is also a fraud), Interstellar all propagate the same Lie.
Hermeticism in the Emerald (Emerald is the mythical stone that fell from Satan’s Crown)Tablet of Toth-Hermes is “As Above. So Below” aka “Laws of Sympathy and Attraction” From this “Gravity” as a “Force” sprang; Satan is the “God of Forces” in Dan 11:38.
Hermeticism became public with Nicholas Copernicus’ Helocentric Theory (God created Earth before the Sun and says Earth is Fixed). This proposal necessitated a moving Earth. Johannes Kepler wrote math equations describing this mythical yet somewhat apparent motion. Giordano Bruno (named after the Jordan River) proposed Earth like Planets with Aliens and the relative insignificance of Man. Galileo and Newton introduced the magical “Force” of Gravity; in Newtons no less! Albert Einstein (rather his 1st cousin wife/relative) introduced Relativity. Sir Fred Hoyle and Lord Kelvin proposed “Panspermia” originally a Jesuit Lie proposed by Fr Athanassius Kircher. Darwin (rather his grandfather Erasmus) proposed Evolution from Panspermia (Evolution from Alien Pond Scum or Comet Dust). Richard Dawkins proposed there was no beginning of Time or Creation (Ferris Wheel). Stephen Hawking (Stephen=Martyr/Crown; Hawking is Horus) lent his fraud name to String (Infinitely long, Massless Gravity Strings in 11 Dimensions producing Infinite Work; neat trick eh?) and M (Liber Mundi is “Book of the Earth”) Theory saying “Watch for Aliens to be like Columbus…when they arrive it will be the same” ie Disease and Destruction.
Hermetic Bull Shit aka Metaphysics ends with Hawking, the 45 yr ALS survivor from Cambridge. Fitting because Cambridge Apostles BF Westcott and FJA Hort also wrote the underlying Greek texts for every new bible version and henceforth, much like Hawking, lost the ability to speak. Hawking has the ability to speak and walk; whether he is voluntarily or by force put on his Scientific Throne I don’t know. Nikola Tesla said “Einstein is a beggar dressed in purple robes and made king using dazzling mathematics to obscure truth”
Evolution is a Jesuit concept originating in Canaan; Elohim being “Offspring of El” (El is Saturn) usually depicted as a Monkey-Man. The theory begins with the Egyptian Creator Atum; Atoms spontaneously created by Gravitational Attraction of Atum’s Ejaculated Semen aka “Big Bang” expanding (Red Shift) from the Obelisk (Baal’s Shaft). Jesuit Paleontologist and Fraud Pierre Tiellhard de Chardin promoted the Hermetic idea of Inanimate matter Evolving into Human Consciousness, Soul and Spirit and becoming part of the Universe or “Noosphere”; same idea presented by Luciferian Mason James Cameron in the movie Avatar or Disney’s Lion King.
Theory of Everything is Metaphysics, the occult discipline derived from Hermetics (Tikkun Olam means “Repair the Earth”). Karl Marx protégé Frederich Engels said “God is dead and will remain dead; we have killed him with our Science” Paul described Science as Vain and Profane Babblings in opposition to the truth of God. The Truth is Earth is Fixed on a Foundation that does not move; there is no Force of Gravity, nor do Planets move around the Sun. JESUS is God and returns when Creation is 6000 years old (2 Pet 3:8). The only way to God is the Door JESUS is standing at.


Jupiter Ascending
Jupiter is the son of Saturn aka Horus, Zeus, Marduk, Tammuz etc Jupiter Ascending is about harvesting of human beings; billions of them to create the “Elixir of Immortality” MERS CoV is a Bio-weapon Virus created by Dr Ron Fouchier and the CDC; “A virus of even moderately fatal proportion will become a plague of un-imaginable proportion”-Ron Fouchier. When asked why they created it “Because we can”. MERS CoV escaped the Bio-weapon lab in S Korea called JUPITR and has prompted the WHO to issue travel bans June 2015. WHO Director Margaret Chan is an Officer in the British Empire headed by Prince Phillip who said “I would like to re-incarnate as a killer virus”.
JAH and Jah are 2 different Messiahs; the former is the SPIRITUAL form of JEHOVAH which is JESUS, the latter a human Messiah Jah Pater called Antichrist. If your Bible uses Jah in Ps 68:4 get a KJV so this will be understandable.
The Matrix Trilogy with Neo, Agent Smith, Trinity, Zion, Morpheus, Nebuchadnezzar (Nebo is Mercury/Hermes, Toth), Switch, Merovingian, Hell, and Persephone told the story of Initiation; Blue or Red Pill? Just say no! The Wachowskis, (Larry pulled a sex change “Switch” to Lana for the occasion) are telling the story again in Jupiter Ascending
Jupiter is in Leo from July 2014 to August 2015; the same period Bohemian Grove Initiates of Molech worship meet to re-enact the 4000 year old Sumerian Ritual “Begone Dull Care”. Moon goddess Jupiter Jones is born in Russia while Jupiter is 23 degrees ascendant in Leo; hence name. Jupiter “King Star” means Jah Pater or Father Jah; Jones means “Son of John”. Johnitters, Mandeans, Templars claimed possession of “Secret Knowledge” seen in Baphomet (Union of Spirit and Knowledge). Caine Wise (Cain was the founder of this “Secret Knowledge”; his offspring Enoch, Tubal-cain, Jabal and Jubal became the founders of City Building, Metal Working, Freemasonry, Music and Animal Husbandry) is a genetically modified Mercenary who protect her and the knowledge of her Royalty.
Balem Abrasax is set to harvest Earth and its human animals to make the Elixir of Immortality; the incredibly valuable creator of Time. Order out of Chaos may ring a Baal; Time is Saturn or Kronos who eats his own children at birth to avoid having his Kingdom usurped.
Balem means “Worthless Person”; Bel the PHoenician “Confounder” or Baal “Lord” are synonyms of Molech/Chiun/Milcom/Remphan/Sikkuth all meaning “Lord” and all reasons for the Glory of God departing. Abrasax is the Supreme Deity of the Basilide Gnostics, a name meaning 365 in Gematria and Kaballah. 365 matches the age of Enoch when God took him to heaven; Enoch being the last person to understand Edenic Language (Green, Bird Language) and source of Enochiah Magick. 365 is also the source of Solar Religions such as Christianity (Followers of Jesus are not necessarily “Christian”; the word simply means “Messiah”) Hagarenes aka Ismailism, Assassins, Twelvers, Sunnis, Judaism and Christianity, Eastern Religions from Keturah such as Hindu, Krishna, Buddha, Ahura Mazda all have a Solar Foundation. 365 represents the Solar Christ, Sol Invictus, Mithra, Attis, Horus, Santa Claus. In Syria Abrasax was “Iao” which developed into Yahweh, Yehoshua, Jehoshua (Joshua) and YHWH (Tetragammaton) or Unpronounceable Name used by Rabbis in Yarmulkes who reject JESUS. There is one Name through which the world may achieve Salvation and that is rather easy to pronounce JESUS.
Capitol means “womb of Jupiter” Congress means “To meet for war”. Flanking the Speaker’s podium is the Fasces (Fascism). As an aside, the Talisman of Mormon Church founder Joseph Smith is Jupiter. They have a “Blood in the Streets” prophecy about flowing (Fluor) Blood. in Zion. Luciferian Mason, Israeli PM Netanyahu addressed Congress Mar 3 flanked by Mormon Orrin Hatch and Jesuit Sodomite John Boehner. March is the month of Mars aka Ares the “UNKNOWN GOD” of the Areopagus or Mars’ Hill. Abrasax was represented as a Man with a Lion or Cock (Rooster=Mars-Nergal the Babylonian god of War 2 Ki 17:30) Head; Serpent Legs and Scorpion Feet, carrying a Shield and Scourge/Whip.
The address is a public Rite of Mars Netanyahu may define as Milkhemet Mitzvah (Mandatory Holy War) In Milkhemet is Milcom (Chaldean STUR, Seal of Solomon, Molech, Chemosh, Remphan, Chiun, El and Saturn) and KMT or Khemet the ancient name of Egypt. Jesus refers to Jerusalem as “Spiritual Sodom and Egypt” in Rev 11:8 for this reason.
Jupiter (God Father or Father Jah; Ps 68:4 JAH is JESUS; Jah is the Alternative Messiah) Jones (offspring of John aka Johnitters aka St John the Divine) is saved by Caine Wise (Cain and the Serpent Tree of Good and Evil) and finds out Earth was seeded by Abrasax Industries (7 letters for 7 Planets or Abracadabra, the personification of Good and Evil) from the Planet Horus (Horite god equivalent of Tammuz) and she is Earth’s Royalty. A Matrix Trilogy in one movie except Neo is the “One”.
Abrasax is summoned in the Gnostic Mass. Abrasax (Abraxas) is a Gnostic concept of the “Un-begotten Father” considered the creator of the 1st Heaven and Earth; the progenitor of Nous (Mind, Platonic Noosphere, Logos, Sophia) seen in the Goat of Mendes or Baphomet. “In the Beginning God created the heaven and the earth” in Gen 1:1-2 is considered the 1st Creation; the Re-creation is considered to begin at Gen 1:3. This incarnation in matter is considered Evil as is Jesus as Alpha “Beginning” and Omega “Ending”. This then is the Gnostic mindset. Rejection of JESUS as Holy Ghost and Jesus as Word made Flesh. Netanyahu for example believes Jesus is in Hell boiling in His on feces.
Abraham unites Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Abrasax represents 365, the age Abraham attained at death and Solar Year beginning and ending at Ostarra; in 2015 Mar 20 the Persian “Noruz” is also 1 Abib/Nisan and features a Solar Eclipse. Not coincidentally, the movie Insurgent: She is the One debuts that day.
The most valuable commodity for the Elite is not Gold, Silver, or Money but Time; this movie portrays the long sought “Order out of Chaos” here Chaos, Kronos (Calendar or Month another Horite god) or Time is the Primordial State of the Universe. Prolonging Time is accomplished by keeping humans in a perpetual drug induced state so their blood and the Fluor (Think Jedi Midi-chlorin here) derived from it can be harvested.
Aliens aka Grigori led by Shemyaza should be familiar; Shemyaza guided/protected Noah in the latest un-biblical rendering. In charge of Abrasax Industries Earth project is Balem (Bel, Baal the Corn god; Abib means Corn). Royalty falling for this garbage often bound their children’s heads to resemble an ear of corn; Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skulls may ring a Baal. Catching on yet?


Lucy illustrates the Gnostic Lie “Ye shall not die…but become as gods”; Lucy is Lucifer “Light Bringer”. Lucy is the name given to the theoretical “Missing Link” between Monkeys and Humans; originating in Ethiopia, Lucy represents the Nation of Islam concept of 1st Race “Shabazz”, the Royal Falcon “Horus” of the Horites. Using a synthetic Nootropic (Nous=Mind, derived from Noosphere, the final stage of Evolution according to Plato) protein developed during pregnancy, Lucy accelerates the “Evolutionary Process” by developing her brain from 10% to 100% where she becomes “Ubiquitous” (Everywhere); in control of herself, people and matter.
The transformation from human to World Soul is a Gnostic concept found in Gaia “Mother Earth”; Lucy means “Of the Light” or “Born at Dawn”; Lucy is Dawn; Dawn is Lucifer and the pagan god Salem. Melchisedek is Jesus’ title (Heb 7), King of Salem (Jerusalem) and Priest of the Most High; Lucy essentially takes on the role of Jesus as ultimate Judge of Humanity. She leaves here store of ultimate knowledge (Sophia, Logos, Wisdom) in computer form in order that her followers may also achieve Eternal Life through their Self Sacrifice. The concept can also be seen in Zoroastrianism and Mithraism or the movie trilogy Matrix.
Lucy evolves from “Missing Link” to Ubiquitous God; at the start she wears a Leopard print shirt like the Cheetah featured hunting its prey; in the end Lucy emits a burst of pure Light and becomes a Dark Web standing in an occult Pentagram symbolizing Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether or Illumination. During the transition she displays Reptilian Eyes and sheds any moral values about death; becoming like the NSA, capable of intercepting any electronic communication and making Judgments over Life and Death, the fate of the Un-initiated is of course Death.
The first of 2 final messages Lucy gives to Earth is “I AM EVERYEHERE”. The CAPITALIZED NAME refers to her SPIRITUAL form. Biblically, Jesus stated His Name as I AM; I AM HE; JEHOVAH; JAH; JESUS because He is both the Physical and Spiritual form of God. For that He was rejected.
Jesus also stated He is Alpha and Omega. Written this way, Jesus stated He is the Beginning and Ending in Physical form. Lucy symbolically connects her finger with the “Missing Link” also named Lucy (Lucifer) taking a trip through the Past and Future.
Lucy is both a masculine and feminine name derived from Lucius, also seen as the illegitimate son of Maximus and Lucilla in Gladiator. Got the theme of the rejected King here? Lucy was produced by EuropaCorp; Europa can be seen as the Woman riding the Beast at the European HQ.
The last of the messages Lucy (Lucifer) leaves is “Life was given to us a billion years ago. Now you know what to do with it”. Accept Lucifer? Not for me. JESUS gave life to Man 6000 years ago and will Judge Creation according to the first Covenant He made “Of the tree of knowledge, thou shalt not eat”.

The Bible
An Inspiring series for followers of God? or a Luciferian Deception?
Eve eating an Apple? The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is Witchcraft, not a fruit tree. Noah in a leaking, poorly designed boat telling a story only Moses knew (Noah was born just after Adam died) to his small children? Funny, the real Bible says Noah’s children are grown with wives and God knows how to build Arks for Salvation! Samson in Dreadlocks? White Israelites? a Black Devil? a White, bearded, long haired, handsome Jesus? Where is all this coming from? Joel Osteen has the biggest church in America yet can’t understand “the Most High dewlleth not in Temples made with hands” None of this is Scriptural, but then again, since when has Joel Osteen ever preached the Bible correctly? “The Message” Osteen uses is more like a Mess to me. Rick Warren encourages Saddleback Church members to Swear Oaths; Jesus 1/2 brother said above all else “Swear Not”. Warren gave the invocation at Obama’s Inauguration extolling Jesus and Issa; the later is the Arab and Druid (Esus) version aka Lucifer to whom human sacrifices were hung or impaled to. Fellow prosperity preacher TD Jakes and his partner Oprah Winfrey praise the series, as does Focus on the Family and Roma’s self help Guru Tony Robbins. Just buy Tony’s tapes and Tithe to TBN and thou shalt be Saved! In one Jakes fundraser for TBN he even says Naomi and Ruth are Lesbians.
Roma Downey got her start in Touched by an Angel with New Age Minister Della Reese; her character “Monica” was named after the Carthiginian/Phonecian god “Mon” the name taken by the mother of St Augustine of Hippo “St Monica”. Augustine espoused the religion of the Phoenicians in City of God, essentially a Communist Manifesto much like Plato’s Republic or Karl marx’ version of Utopia. She was featured on the New Age Magazine “OM” in 2011, the year she got her Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology at where else but the University of Santa “St” Monica, and was married for the second time to Mark Burnett in a wedding ceremony officiated by the Rev Della Reese, an ordained minister of New Thought Church of Divine Science. New Thought is divied into 1. Religious Science 2. Unity church and 3. Church of Divine Science. So Della? Is is too hard to understand Paul’s message in 1 Cor 14:34 “Women should keep silence in the Churches”? Unity and Divine Science? That folks, is Theosophy by another name; adherents like Adolf HItler. Mao Tse Tung, Joseph Stalin and George Bush Sr/Jr are responsible for the deaths of at least 250 million people. Might as well have John Dee, Madame Blavatsky, Rudolf Steiner or Aleister Crowley for advisers. Roma needs to read 1 Tim 6:12KJV where Paul informs Timothy “Science is vain babblings”.
In an interview, Mark said “Roma is so self realized, she levitates” Self-realization is synonymous for achieving Divinity and Levitating is pure Witchcraft.
Roma takes instruction from New Age Hindu/Sufi/Buddhist Guru Eckart Tolle and his book A New Earth. Tolle was given the Midas Touch by the King Maker Oprah Winfrey; cute how Oprah backwards is her production company Harpo named after the Greek god of silence “Harpocrates” eh? He was none other than the Egyptian Divine son “Horus”. Tolle believes the Gnostic lies 1. There is no Sin 2. There is no I am this or that…only I Am; hey cool, I Am is God’s title! Tolle fell for the Serpent’s very first lie “Ye shall be as gods”! 3. There is no distinction between God, Jesus and Humans. That folks is Gnosticism, not Christianity.
Roma appeared on the July 2011 cover of “Om Times” Magazine. No big deal? Om or Aum is a Hindu chant dedicated to Lucifer in the guise of the Kundalini Serpent. You know, the vibrations Lucifer made the Universe from. NOT! The featured article in the issue with Roma headlining describes Tantric Yoga; ask Tsar Nicholas how that worked when Rasputin tried that on his family before Lenin murdered them and stole the Romanov fortune. She says “I pray everyday to my Angel to watch over me”; Praying to Guardian Angels? Hardly a Christian concept eh? She also receives instruction from Psychic Medium John Edwards who suggests 1. Praying the Rosary to Mary. In the real Bible parlance that would be called the Sin of Necromancy. 2. Praying holding onto a Crucifix. News flash! Jesus is not on the Cross anymore! and by the way, He was Crucified on a Tree. 3. Praying using repetitive chants; Yup all the things Jesus says not to do!
The Bible miniseries shows Noah’s rendition of Genesis; he speaks to his young children who presumably would need to marry much younger, yet unborn sisters to propagate humanity, telling them “Poor Choices and Bad Decisions”; no mention of Sin or the fact the bible says Ham, Shem and Japheth were grown with wives of their own by then; just a presumption of Incest. No mention is made of the “Curse of Canaan” which came from the Sin of incest between Ham and his mother in Noah’s tent.
Abraham is portrayed as a paranoid, itinerant nomad; Scripture says Abram (the H comes after his covenant with God) is rich in Cattle, Silver and Gold. Abraham is pictured being forced by Lot to divide the flock and then casting Lot out; Scripture says he gave Lot first choice of the land. No mention is ever made of Melchisedek offering the covenant to Abram and Sarai turning their names into Abraham and Sarah or that Jesus is Melchisedek.
Lot chooses the party town of Sodom, but the miniseries makes no mention that nearly everyone in Sodom and Gomorrah is Homosexual. God sends Ninja Assassin Angels for the fight of their eternal lives; afterward, Lot rescues them. Scripture however gives no indication God’s Angels did any fighting and they in fact rescue Lot. another opportunity to present the incest learned in Sodom that produced Moab and Ammon, the perrenial enemies of Israel is by-passed. In the movie, God arbitrarily chooses Abraham, the poor nomad over the party town; again no mention of the Sins that caused this act.
When God instructs Abraham to sacrifice his young son Isaac, he argues with God saying “No, no, have I not done enough?” Scripture gives no hint that Abram argued, or pleaded with God, he just did as he was asked and by the way, Isaac was grown by then! As Abraham is about to sacrifice Isaac, the Angel stops him and a Lamb appears; no mention of the Ram’s Horns being caught in the Thicket because the Ram is Supreme and Horns symbolize the Power of Jesus Christ, the Supreme King who would be in the Thicket (Crown of Thorns) 2000 years later on that very spot as the Lamb of God. No mention of any of that I’m afraid, only a cute lamb to be slaughtered instead of Isaac.
The Bible miniseries portrays Moses as Courageous and Unwavering, leading Israelites across the Mud passed several hundred feet of water; Scripture however says Moses argued with God and the crossing of the Red Sea was made on dry land. A great opportunity to show Mt Sinai is in Arabia and the land bridge in the Gulf of Aqaba where the Israelites crossed in perhaps 20ft of water, but alas the scene was reminiscient of Cecil B DeMille’s and Charleton Heston’s Zionist rendition.
Samson appears in Dreadlocks. Why? Because New Agers think King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba had children who became Ethiopian Priests from the Tribe of Dan. Subtle eh? The Philistine Delilah sneaks in while he is asleep to cut his hair, the source of his strength; Scripture says she convinced him his hair was the source of his strength; pretty hard to lose faith doing that if you are asleep eh? A Nazarite with long hair is simply an outward manifestation of Faith; the hair itself has nothing to do with it. The Samson scenes are opposite scripture, and so is Samson pushing the pillars rather than pulling the pillars of the Philistine Temple of Dagan.
John the Baptist begins baptizing people and asks Jesus “Lord you need to baptize me”; No mention of Jesus’ Divinity, not being worthy to untie His sandals; only Jesus saying “What you are doing is right”. Gnostic Johnitters, Manichaeans, Essenes, Yezidis and Cathars to name a few, also thought water baptizing was “Right” just as Priests do today. Baptism of the LORD is Spiritual!
At John the Baptist’s beheading he says “Jesus will bring a New Age of Righteousness and Justice, drawing all men to a new world” Well you won’t find that anywhere in scripture; what is there is Jesus saying He will Divide Goats from Lambs, bring a sword not peace and there will be a great falling away.
Jesus asks Peter to “Help me change the world”; Scripture says nothing about Jesus coming to Change the World, only He came not to change one Jot or Tittle of the Law. Change the world? Now that would make God out to be a liar because “In the beginning was God and the Word was God…and the Word was made Flesh” Jn 1:1;14 A bit tough for God who cannot tell a lie to change His mind about the world He wrote about from the start eh? New Agers thnk Revelation is subject to change, and that’s a big problem!
At the Last Supper, Jesus says the Bread is Christ and the wine is blood; no mention of “I give these for the forgiveness of Sin”. That’s right folks, just eat a biscuit and swill some wine every so often consecrated by a Priest who thinks he is a surrogate Jesus and you are good to go! NOT! Better yet, read the warning in 1 Cor 11 concerning Communion.
Creative license is one thing; outright fabrications are another. Israelites are portrayed White, so of course the Obama looking Devil must be Black and lurking outside the Last Supper and Garden of Gethsemane. We saw this before in fake Catholic Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ. The black hood is also a nice touch, but Lucifer, Satan or the Devil is the “Fallen Angel” Jesus refers to as an “Angel of Light”. Lucifer means “Shining One”; that dude was a drab color of dark grey in a hood that looked like Chancellor Palpatine from Star Wars and like Palpatine, Obama may indeed by the Republic’s last Chancellor. Palpatine sounds like Palestine for a reason! The Devil haunting the Garden of Gesthamane, Last Supper betrayal by Judas, the Pavement where Jesus was scourged and at the release of Barabas? None of that is Scriptural.
Jesus was carrying the Sins of all humanity with Him; He was anything but handsome as the series portrays, much less bearded or long haired. The Jesus portrayed in The Bible is instantly recognizable to occultists as Zeus, Attis or Adonis. Creative license or outright Blasphemy?
Jesus says “One cannot serve God and Mammon” Mat 6:24; the mini-series changed Mammon to Money which have little to do with each other. Mammon is the world in its entirety which is why Jesus uses the term “Earth Dwellers” for people out of Covenant with Jesus Christ during the Great Tribulation. Money is a change designed to line up with a critical change to Gen 27:39 where Esau is prophesied to be Rich “dwelling in the fatness of the earth” in the KJV but is changed to “dwelling away from the fatness of the earth” in new bible versions. Esau is the world’s Elite, not Jacob!
Creative license is impossible to justify the 2 Thieves Crucified with Jesus; He turns to the Left and Saves this thief rather than the one on His right? Come on, Goats are on Jesus’ Left; Sheep on His Right; this was simply a reverse of truth. 3 Man-made Crosses? Acts 5:30; 10:39; 13:29; Gal 3:13; 1 Pet 2:24 and John 19:31 all say 3 bodies were the same Tree. Jn 19:32 says the legs were broken on the thieves before arriving at Jesus; tough to do with 3 Bodies lined up instead of on the same Tree, so that was ommitted. The Sponge filled with vinegar was put on a Reed, not a Sword and the Water and Blood converting the Centurion is completely ommitted.
Mary, Jesus’ mother departs for Nazareth, then 3 days later Mary Magdalene heads to the Sepulchre to witness the empty tomb; why this Lie? Mary was the 2nd Witness with Mary Magdalene of the Ressurection; we are simply left to assume Jesus’ mother believed her son to have died? The series also follows the well worn lie of the “Good Friday” Crucifixion and Sunday “First Light” Ressurection; no explanation of how 3 days fits between these dates because they don’t.
Paul says “…faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity” 1 Cor 13:13; the mini-series uses the NIV change of Charity to Love. Charity is Alms Giving to God; Love has little to do with this comcept and is used by New Agers to hide Love of Lucifer the “Light Bearer”.
The series was produced by Hearst Corp, 20th Century Fox, Rupert Murdoch’s Media Corp and Light Workers Media. William Randolph Hearst financed fellow Luciferian Mason Billy Graham; Rupert Murdoch a Knight of Malta owned NIV publisher Zondervan; Light Workers uses the Logo of the Dove because Lucifer appears as an Angel of Light; a false Holy Ghost in the form of the Dove. We see this today in Israel which is actually not Jewish in the slightest; it as Scripture says, full of Samaritan fakes; Samaritans are called the “Dove Cult”. of Colorado Springs (Focus on the Family is there; Sodomite, Adulterer, Drug addict Ted Haggard’s New Life Church is there; the Pike’s Peak Prophecy Summit will be there in July) is sending The Bible miniseries plus Pastoral Kits and Sermons out to 180,000 Churches; I offered them $100 Billion (Dr Evil inflection here) if they could find the word “Sermon” in Scripture; haven’t heard back yet.
Just a thought, but it may be time to read the Authorized Bible rather than watch a Private Interpretation of the NIV as told by Joel Osteen, Rick Warren and Roma Downey. Pretty telling as she played the Mother of God in that show eh?

Best Christian Movie Clip - God's Destruction of the Earth With a Flood

Noah, the psychopathic killer and Tubal-cain (they don’t overlap in scripture) the bible literate equal of God? Giants as the “Good Guys” helping Noah build the Ark? Giants were a primary reason God Flooded the Earth. The message? Another cleansing is in the works only this time it won’t be God, but Men who believe they are God.
When Noah receives his patriarchal blessing, note the snake skin on his father Methuselah; the bloodline is conveyed to Noah with this symbology of the Serpent? Not quite. Noah, the patriarch of humanity shows an absolute hatred for humanity in the movie; in the bible Noah is a preacher warning humanity. The movie has Adam and Eve falling into Sin by straying from the Light; BS! Giants helped Noah build the Ark and protected his family; BS. Tubal-cain is a stowaway on Noah’s Ark; BS. Earth is created before the Sun, Moon and Stars; BS. The Flood’s purpose is to destroy Earth and rid Earth of all mankind to save innocent animals; BS. Japheth as Noah’s youngest son is BS! Japheth is the oldest son and source of all the world’s White oriented (Russian, Iranian, Germanic, Mormon etc) Elitist mentality. Tubal-cain is the patron of Masons worldwide and is represented by the Tau “Way of Path” and Tammuz “Purify by Fire”; the ashen “T” over the 3rd Eye (Iris) used to start Lent following Carnivale. Tubal-cain aka “Thor of the Celts” is highlighted in Noah; because Tubal-cain is the Masonic god Vulcan.
Noah is a Gnostic Hollywood movie based on the Apocrypha books “1 & 2 Enoch” and “Jubilees”. Jubilees 7 is the source for the 7 Noahide Laws proscribing decapitation for the worship of Jesus Christ. Pharisees and their Hasidic “Synagogue of Satan” counterparts in the Sanhedrin crucified God in Flesh and intend to do the same to all of His followers.
“But as in the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be” Mat 24:37 Noe is Noah. The Rainbow symbolizes the Flood, so Iridium with Atomic Number 77 was named after Iris meaning Rainbow; cute eh? Michelle Obama mentor and 330 Luciferian Mason Jesse Jackson heads the Rainbow Coalition.
The book of Jubilees has 50 chapters dividing history into Jubilee Cycles. The last Jubilee? At the risk of over simplification, 1966 was called “Year One” by the Church of Satan; the Jubilee year 2016 follows 4 Lunar Eclipses on Passover and Feast of Tabernacles in 2014-2015 and 2 Solar Eclipses on 1 Abib “God’s New Year” and 1 Tishrei “Rosh Hashanah” aka Rabbinical New Year in 2015. No prophecy here, just keeping watch.
Noah quotes “Fire consumes all. Water cleanses. It separates the foul from the pure. The wicked from the innocent. And that which sinks from that which rises. He destroys all, but only to start again.” Not from the bible but from Satanic psychopaths who believe they can destroy Earth and it’s non-enlightened inhabitants to begin again; just read Nature’s Commandments in the Georgia Guide Stones.
Noah features 11ft tall, 6 armed Watchers banished to Earth and led by “Shemyaza”. Shem means “Name”; Azaz means “Rebellion”; recall Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson predicted Sephardi (Sepharvaim burn their children in fire to Molech; they are not Jewish ref 2 Ki 17:30) Rabbi Yitshak Kaduri would witness the return of the Messiah; Kaduri predicted “When Ariel Sharon dies, the Lord will return”. Wrong Messiah guys! Schneerson was called “HaShem” (Master of the Name); Shemyaza is another name for Satan, the “Rebellious Name” and so-called leader of “Fallen Angels”; the name originated in the Apocryphal book 1 Enoch during the Inter-testament period and no these books are not Jewish.
“Nephilim”, “Watchers” and “Grigori” as “Fallen Angels” are Satanic creations. The word “Watcher” is used in Daniel, a name meaning “God is my Judge”.
“This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men” Dan 4:17. Take a good look at this, God sets up the basest of men in order that the living may know He rules over earth. God’s “Watchers” and “Holy Ones” are not “Fallen Demonic Angels”!
Another Watcher is named “Magog”. Magog is also a son of Japheth, representing the 4 quarters of the Earth in the final gathering “Gog and Magog” 1000 years after the 2nd Coming (Eze 38:1; Rev 20:7); don’t be confused; “Gog and Magog” is the final rebellion, 1000 years after the 2nd Coming. Nephilim are total made up nonsense. Angels do not mate with human women!
After the Flood, Noah discovers his daughter-in-law is pregnant; to save the earth from repopulation, he needs to kill the baby. What bible is this from?
Noah’s nemesis is Tubal-cain; Noah descended from Seth; Tubal-cain from Cain. Masonry (Cainite religion) adores Tubal-cain as the teacher of all artificers of Brass and Iron. The 3rd Beast is Esau’s “Dominion”; Jesus gives Edomites rule over all the earth in Dan 2:39; 7:6 and Gen 27:40 KJV; this is the “Kingdom of Brass”. Edom then gives his “Dominion” to the 4th Beast “Kingdom of Iron” ruled by Satan. “…behold a fourth beast, dreadful and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it” Dan 7:7
The UN Meditation room is an “Unfinished Pyramid” 11ft X 18ft X 33ft and has 11 chairs set up behind a 13,000Lb block of iron ore “Lodestone”ain the proportions of the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. This is “Satan’s Altar” of the “Iron Kingdom”. Lodestone means “Leading Stone”. Aleister Crowley called the number 77 the ultimate manifestation of spirit in matter; Anton LaVey (Howard Levey) listed 77 names of Satan in the Satanic Bible. Satan incarnate in an “Alternative Messiah” folks! Call him al-Mahdi, Krishna, Buddha, Maitreya, just not Jesus Christ!
Masons and Talmudic Rabbis teach Noah married Naamah, Tubal-cain’s sister; there is no scriptural reference to this. The seed of Cain through Naamah would have been transferred to Canaan from his father Ham. “Ham the father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father, and told his two brethren without…And Noah awoke from his wine and knew what his younger son had done to him. And he said, Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren” Gen 9:22-25. Notice here “younger son”; Japheth was Noah’s elder son; hence his sons Magog and Tubal had the birthright and are dwelling in the tents of Shem (Gen 9:27) as fake Jews. Canaan was “Cursed” because he was the first post-flood product of Mother-Son “Incest”; for this reason the Covenant with Abraham forbid the marrying of the “Daughters of Canaan”. Incest has nothing to do with Demon/Human intercourse; the latter is a Satanic Lie.
In the movie, God orders Angel Gabriel to cause Civil War between the Nephilim and their Satanic offspring? This nonsense is not in scripture. God destroyed the Giants with the Flood, not Civil War. One place Gabriel does figure in is Dan 8 describing the war between the Mede-Persian Ram (Iran) and Grecian Rough Goat; Uncle Sam wears a Goatee for this reason.
Azazel is also in the movie; Azazel means “Goat that Departs”; Azazel is an infernal name of Satan and a corruption of Lev 16:8-10 “Scapegoat”. Jesus is the “Scapegoat” upon whom the Sins of the world are placed; Satan is the false Scapegoat “Azazel”. The video My Pet Goat II tells the story in 5 minutes.
Study bible notes usually attribute Tubal to Tobolsk, the Siberian Capital of Genghis Kahn and Meshech to Moscow; they are sons of Noah’s eldest son Japheth not locations. They also add “Rus” or “Rosh” to the list of participants in the final battle “Gog and Magog” in Eze 38:1; these are lies. Gog and Magog are the 4 quarters of the earth; Magog is also a son of Japheth. The world’s final gathering around Jerusalem occurs 1000 years after the 2nd Coming (Rev 20:8). Rus has nothing to do with modern day Russia or the British statues of the Giants “Gog and Magog” guarding the City of London. British means B’Rith=Birthright Covenant; that would be Japheth, Ishmael and Esau meant here not Shem, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus Christ.
“And the angels which kept not their first estate…Even as Sodom and Gomorrah…are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire…Woe unto them! for they have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of Core…And Enoch, also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints, To execute judgment upon all…” Jude


Nephilim (“To Fall”/ Nefelheim in Celtic Lore or Nephi in Mormon lore) is a change in new bibles from “Giant” in Gen 6 “Sons of God”. Angels cannot mate with human women, nor create a “Hybrid Race”. Astronaut Molly has a liaison with an Angel during a Solar Flare aboard the Space Station “Seraphim”. Seraphim are God’s Angels called “Fiery Serpents or Fiery Ones”. Molly has a 13 hour blackout from a Solar Flare during her 13 month solo mission; the season is scheduled for 13 episodes. 13 is the number of Rebellion seen in the Sins of Sodom (Gen 13:13) or Gen 13 “Great Tribulation”. Easter is the pregnancy of Ishtar (Easter) at Sunrise on the Sun Day after Spring Equinox; Molly committing Adultery and getting pregnant during a Solar Flare? Come on folks, this series ought to wake up the dead! Ok? The Angel used that phrase 6 times as he seduces Molly because Ok is the sign of the Beast “666”; hold up your left hand and check it out!

Deliver Us from Evil FuLL'MoVie'FrEe (2014)

Deliver us from Evil
King Saul lost faith and Sinned by consulting the Witch of Endor; so it is with Priests. Baalims “People of Baal” enter Churches as Priests of God, but as Baalims they are “Worthless Persons”. Dialectic is controlling both sides in order to create a Synthesis, in this movie, Satan’s Demons respond to being cast out by a Jesuit Priest who takes credit for the Exorcism.
Jesus said never call any man on earth Father; only Jesus can exorcise Demons. The symbols used in the movie are the Satanic Benediction “Sign of the Bowman”. The shadow represents Satan; it’s user is blessing Satan covertly while openly displaying the Sign to Congregations. The hand sign originated with the Samaritans, the offspring of Solomon and 1000 Phoenician (Kenite) Wives and Concubines and Ahab and the Phoenician Princess Jezebel entering Israel 960 BC to the Assyrian Captivity in 700 BC. The sign is a Blessing of Antichrist, a person who will assume leadership of the world and enforce the Mark of the Beast, causing “Desolation”. Rasputin used this symbol to foment WWI; the horns represent Baphomet meaning the GodOfAllThings, the Union of Knowledge and Spirit in Gnosticism. Knights Templar worshipped Baphomet and in doing so rejected Jesus Christ.
The Crucifix used in the movie is no ordinary Crucifix, but he Twisted Crucifix carried by Gnostics in the early years of Christianity to mock the Crucifixion. It was re-introduced by Pope John Paul II; Jesuit Pope Francis I and Benedict XVI carry this Blasphemous Pagan Idol.
The Demon identifies himself as Jungler; not a Demon in any book on Demonology I know of, this Demon control Beasts of the Jungle such as the Lion “King of Beasts”. A beast is a moral and conscience less person; a person not bound by God is “Free”. by controlling the Lion, Jungler is insinuating he controls “Beasts” ie all people not bound by God. Jesus is the Lion of Judah. His Name proves to be his weakness; it is imperative Christians know the Name of the Saviour JESUS. It is not Ha Shem, Adonai, El, Marduk, Molech, Saturn, Jeshua, Joshua, al-Mahdi, Krishna, Baha’Ullah (Bahai) or Buddha; it is the Spiritual form of Jesus JESUS, the sole source of the Holy Ghost and sole Authority over Demons. Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost is the only Unforgivable Sin. Bee careful who you pray to!
The movie debut coincided with Jesuit Pope Francis (really Black Pope Jesuit General Adolfo Nicholas) re-instating the Exorcist Priesthood; coincidental? Hardly. Deliver us into Evil is a more appropriate title.

12 Monkeys One Sheet

12 Monkeys
La Jetee is a 1962 short film recycled into the 1995 movie 12 Monkeys. FAA is a sign on their HQ of the 12 Monkeys in Philadelphia because the FAA will facilitate the spread of disease. Whatever the “Suspicious Cargo” was on MH370, it attracted the attention of the Chinese and American CDC. The Hot Zone is a 1994 book detailing the emergence of Reston Virus, the cause of a host of Hemorrhagic Fever Diseases. By 2035, 90% of the Earth is dead, the survivors living underground while the animals live above ground. The disease began in 1996, some 50 years earlier when a Red Haired, Rogue CDC (a Hollywood offshoot) scientist in the army of 12 Monkeys releases the Virus in the Philadelphia (City of Brotherly Love and the cracked White Chapel made Liberty Bell) Airport and travels on an 8 city itinerary beginning with San Francisco. San Francisco is derived from Franks=Francis=Fransicans=Free; the Book of Eli (Elis’s sons were made Priests and became Priest of Belial ie Worthless in scripture) shows this Freedom when the KJV is replaced with the NKJV, Quran and Tanakh and Solara “Daughter of the Sun” carries on Eli’s mission toward the Rising Sun from Alcatraz Is. The recent movie Planet of the Apes started there as well. Why the Ape? Saturn is the Phoenician god “El”; he was depicted as a Monkey with Horned Helmet. Darwin would say “Whose your Daddy?” and Marco Polo wrote of Asians keeping Monkeys dressed as people for Servants. Jesuits have been caught repeatedly fitting Ape Jaws to Human skeletons, yet we keep listening to them.
Bruce Willis is sent back to gather information on its origin in a never ending loop because the past can never be changed; the story was written in advance. Ironically, occultists know the bible is inerrant, yet some Christians do not. Dr Katherine Raily gives a speech on the 7 Vials of Wrath and people who warn of this as being unbelievable due the “Cassandra Complex”. Katherine is derived from Cathar and the St Catherines Monastery under Mt Sinai where Emperor Constantines Druid mother Helena decided Moses received the Laws at; the bible says it was in Arabia (Gal 4), but billions of people believed her nonsense. The Aramaean version of scripture was found in a trash can there which proclaimed Dan 9:24-27 really means 70 groups of 7 years; NOT! Railly is interesting too as Raelians are an Alien obsessed Asian sex cult waiting for the Alien Messiah under the sign of the Swastika .
Philadelphia is overrun with animals; prominent are the Bear (Arthur=Bear), Owl (Minerva) and Lion (Merovingian Dynasty).Bruce Willis (an avid Kabbalist in real life) emerges in Philly in front of a Pig Face Statue; the Demon infested Swine Herd may ring a bell. He warns of the Army of the 12 Monkeys and ends up in a Mental Institution watching “Marx Brothers: Monkey Business” (Marx had one goal, Kill Christianity; Cinco de Mayo celebrates his birth, not Mexican Independence or the Battle of Puebla); on the cover of a guard’s newspaper is the headline “Bat Child found in Cave”; Ebola is said to be transmitted from Bats to Monkeys to Humans. On the cover is “Magic Pyramid”; killing 90% of Earth is the goal of occultists wanting to finish the Pyramid; if any doubts linger, just visit the Unfinished Pyramid UN Meditation Room with its 11 Chairs and 13,000Lb Satanic Altar next to the Statue of Poseidon and his Trident indoors from the Golden Globe giving birth to a 90% smaller Golden Globe next to the Gun with its barrel tied in a knot, next to a man turning his sword into a plowshare, next to an Ark with very few people disembarking into the New World, next to St George slaying the Dragon. Folks, it you have read this far and are not in your Prayer Closet establishing a personal covenant with Jesus Christ, it’s your own fault!
Bruce Willis finds himself sent back to the origin of the virus in WWI; Spanish Flu was a CDC created disease delivered in vaccines that killed 50,000,000 people in Europe less than 100 years ago. SARS and MERS are genetically modified man-made virus’ WHO Director Margaret Chan calls “Our most urgent concern”; funny, Mage is also an initiate of Prince Phillip’s “Most Excellent Order of the British Empire” and knows well her boss has stated he wants to be re-incarnated as a “Killer Virus”. World War Z, Walking Dead and a host of once B-Level movies are not in full view in the Silver Screen; What will it take to wake up?
Back to real life. The US has Commissioned 1000 doctors to staff 1000 MASH style Hospitals with Bio-hazard waste facilities under the command of Surgeon General Vivek Murthy; a man who is not a surgeon much less in private practice; he is a Hindu ie Aryan worshipper of Shiva the Destroyer and the goddess of Death and Resurrection Kali who proudly wears a necklace of human skulls. All 50 State Governors were recently issued Ebola test kits for distribution to their National Guard Units.

2013 Gravity Movie

Gravity as a “Force” necessitates a moving earth; the bible says Earth is fixed on a foundation that shall not be moved. If Gravity existed, the Earth, Created on Day 3 would have been pulled toward the Sun, Created on Day 4. “Houston, We have a problem”
Gravity is the theoretical “Force” that gives “Mass” to “Matter”; Sounds like God but it isn’t. Satan is the “God of Forces” (Dan 11:48) aka “God Particle”. Gravity cannot just mysteriously disappear with one exits the Atmosphere; the “Velocity” of objects in “Orbit” are simply matched to that of the Earth’s surface. No thrust (Force), no acceleration (A) and no need for a mysterious “Force” called “Gravity”.
In the vacuum of Space there is an ever present differential pressure between the edge of the Atmosphere and the Vacuum. A Vacuum cleaner does just fine picking up dirt and air opposite the so-called “Force” of Gravity; Space would do the same thing except that the surface of the Earth is constantly expanding much like a balloon being filled with air. The rate on Earth is 32ft/S2 That is the 1 (G) Acceleration (A) which multiplied by Mass (M)=Force. The Force we call Weight. Simple isn’t it? Masons refer to G as the “Grand Architect of the Universe” and no this is not God! Notice in the movie when the Chinese capsule is used for recovery, Buddha is standing guard; there is your false God.
Gravity is more than a disaster movie with a happy ending; the Gravity is the situation will last for Eternity. Here are a few Science problems with the movie.
Spacewalkers wear a Cooling and Ventilation Garment with some 300ft of coolant tubes and Adult Diapers, not underwear; after walks, they wring with sweat.
Pressurized space gloves are very difficult to manipulate which is why Astronauts wear SAFER packs to allow them to return to the ship in an emergency. Imagine the difficulty 330 Freemasons Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had in manipulating cameras with plastic film on the Moon; or don’t and chock it all up to Luficerian deception. The suits used in Gravity had an hour or so of O2 supply; Apollo Astronauts had 3 days worth; those diapers must have been either nasty or fictional.
All pretense of a functional Space Suit went away with Ryan Stone in the Russian Suit; Rubber Gloves don’t work well 300+ degrees below freezing, little or no insulation, no cooling/heating equipment or oxygen backpack. Nice try!
The Hubble Telescope orbits at 280 inclination. Russian communications satellites orbit at all sorts of different inclinations and altitudes. The ISS orbits at 520 inclination; they aren’t remotely in the same neck of the woods; a Chain Reaction is impossible. Americans paid for the ISS, canceled the Shuttle program and built it to orbit over Russia and China; pretty nice of us eh? When Houston was faced with a Hurricane, where do you suppose Mission Control went? Moscow! Who gave Russia its Rocket, Nuclear and Space Program? The US of course.
The easy way to bring down a low earth satellite is to use Microwave Atmospheric Heaters like HAARP to vibrate the Ionosphere and create an upward rising plume of air. We saw this demonstrated with the deliberate destruction of Shuttle Columbia. Shooting down a Satellite can be done, but debris entering a 90 minute Orbit at 50,000 MPH? Ridiculous; Orbital Circumference is a little more than 25,000 miles, so Shuttles orbit at roughly 17,000 MPH.
When Lt Kowalsky lets loose of Dr Stone; he accelerates away from her. Not possible since both had arrested their velocity away from the ISS by having Dr Stone’s leg caught in the parachute cords.
Hidden Occult Symbols:
Ryan Stone: Ryan is Irish for Little King; think Tara Stone here; the stone “Lia Fail” will be used to Crown the Alternative Messiah. More hidden is Rhinestone. Glen Campbell was the “Rhinestone Cowboy”; Cowboy refers to Hathor the Celestial Cow. The movie was filmed at Glen Canyon and Lake Powell. On the $US 50 is a depiction of Hoover Dam being destroyed; if Glen Canyon Dam goes as well, it will be as it was in the days of the Flood when the Grand Canyon was created. This is precisely what scripture describes at the 2nd Coming. Just remember, these people are in “The Craft” not Born Again followers of Jesus Christ.
Lake Zurich in Illinois is Ryan Stone’s hometown. International Bankers are called “Gnomes of Zurich”; Illinois means “Tribe of Superior people”. What are the odds of Ryan Stone being born in Illinois surviving an ordeal in Space and returning to a lake in the Midwest US? Nill.
What is a Medical Doctor doing repairing the Hubble Telescope? First, Edwin Hubble had a Jesuit mentor in Georges LeMaitre who really invented “Red Shift” aka “Expanding Universe”; Hubble didn’t even believe his own theory, he merely got fame. Witches just can’t have people knowing the Earth is Fixed at the Center of Creation now can they? Dr. Ryan Stone was “Repairing the Earth”; “That which is above shall be that which is below” is the opening line of the Emerald Tablet of Toth-Hermes, the source of the Medical Ass symbol Caduceus and the Rabbinical phrase “Tukkun Olam” (Repair the Earth). Hospitallers aka Knights of St John take their name from this as well. The movie was a symbolic “Death and Re-birth” Ritual. The destruction of the US caused by Russia and the China provides the life boat. China is Sina or Sin, the land of the Children of Heth are Hittites. Sin is also called Allah.
Lt. Mathew Kowalski plays the role of the savior who gives his life for Ryan Stone and then actually saves her via the Holy Ghost. Lieutenants are not on Space Shuttle Missions; Col is the usual rank. Lieutenant is French from “One who holds the place of another”. Essentially, Dr. Ryan Stone’s father figure is assuming the role of Jesus, the “Large Stone” and Dr Ryan Stone, the Little King and Small Stone is going to fix what Jesus could not. Mathew is the 1st book of the New Testament and provides the genealogy of Jesus Christ through King David and Solomon to Joseph, the husband of Mary. Luke, was in fact a real physician and provides the lineage of Jesus from King David and Solomon’s brother Nathan to Mary. Of Solomon and Nathan, only Nathan is to be resurrected! (Rev Zech 14) Kowalski asks why she had that name, the reply was “My Father wanted a son”. The most hidden (Occult) aspect of the movie is Antichrist will have a purported genealogy through King Solomon and his 1000 Canaanite wives/concubines. Hittites (China) are a little miffed that King David committed Adultery with Bathsheba and sent her Hittite husband Uriah into a war sure to kill him!
Sandra Bullock is a self admitted Witch; Witchcraft is called “The Craft” and is “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT”; it is not sensationalism to say Sandy Bullock is a “Whore of Babylon” in that her services are compensated. Her previous movies “The Craft” and “Practical Magic” bear this out. George Clooney is a CFR Initiate and Sodomite; he is as well.
Isaac Newton invented the “Force of “Gravity” by observing the moons of Jupiter; Jupiter is Zeus aka Lucifer. A Rosicrucian 330 Freemason, resident expert on Ezekiel’s Temple (Chap 40-47) even named this mythical “Force” after himself “Newtons”. Ezekiel is describing God’s eternal Temple which comes down from Heaven; Masons believe they can duplicate it; OOPS! Force X Distance or Time=Work; Lots of Time (13.7 Billion Years) and Lots of Distance (13.7 Billion Light-Years) is called the “Great Work”. Why 13.7? Power is the ability to do Great Work over a very short period of time. “And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds , and tongues, and nations. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lams, slain from the foundation of the world. Rev 13:7-8. 137 is the DNA of Light; the essence of Kaballah and 33rd Prime Number.
Gravity Strings and P-Branes make up the Universe. Yup no kidding! P-Branes, MACHOS, WIMPS, Strange Quarks, Dark Matter and God Particles; How much Blasphemy will God tolerate and how Stupid must these Satanists think we are?
The Great Work transfers Infinite Energy, and creates an Infinite amount of Work over Infinite Distance and Infinite Time, or nearly so according to Apostate Scientists who can’t read 1 Tim 6:20 KJV; Science is falsely so-called “Vain and Profane babblings” in opposition to the Word of God. Profane means “Blasphemous Contempt of God”; nothing gets more blasphemous than a fictional “Force” of “Gravity” produced by “God Particles”. Dan 11:38 says Lucifer is the “God of Forces” That I can believe!
Hollywood means “Holy Wood” of Adonis, the Wood used to fashion Magic Wands. Druid means “Knowers of Trees”. Hollywood means Holy Tree of Knowledge; the Tree Jesus was held to with 3 Nails and pierced with the Spear! The Nobel Peace Prize is named after the man who invented Dynamite for use in War; the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics went to Peter Higg’s who invented the “God Particle” Gutsy or Stupid Pete? On Sun-god Day, the movie Gravity won 7 Oscars. Why? 7 is the number of Perfection; Oscar means “God’s Spear”!
Hollywood’s “Miss Congeniality” Sandra Bullock, star of “The Craft” and “Practical Magic” is a self admitted “Witch” who said “There is no Devil in the Craft”; Her mission is to change people’s impression of Witchcraft. Tell it to Jesus Sandy “And the great dragon was cast out that old serpent, called the Devil and Satan which deceiveth the whole world” Rev 12:8
America’s most idiotic actor turned Oscar winner Mathew McConoughey said “Sandra is a Witch, but she is a Good Witch”. McConoughey is a Celt (Warrior) of Scottish descent, born in Texas. Gravity is Witchcraft clothed in Science, so what is the Dallas Buyers Club?
Dallas means Sept (Family/Progeny Division) of Clan McIntosh. Tosh means “First or Beginning”; Remember the Apple McIntosh? The “Beginning of Sin” is meant here; Eve listening to the Serpent and Cain killing Abel. Sephardi (Sepharvaim) Molech worshipping fake Jews even created a kingdom in Languedoc (Occitane) called Septimania; enough proof our enemy is in our own house yet? McIntosh is a name change from McDuff (MacDubh) meaning “Black”; Black Nobility is meant here. How does one get to be Black Nobility? Duff means “Anal Intercourse”, precisely the initiation requirement for upper level Witchcraft, Freemasonry, and Jesuits is “Ritual Sodomy”. aka “Satan’s Sex”.
Sept means Clan; the KKK “Knights of the Kyklos Klan” are one such Scottish Division called the “Society of the Horsemen”. Dallas was located on the 33rd Latitude; Masons chose the site to kill JFK in full view there. Dallas means “Dwelling or Meadow of “Highlander Clans” of Scotland called the “Chattan Confederation” which is why Confederate President Jefferson Davis wanted to establish the New Confederacy in Texas, the State named for Lake Texoco, the site of mass Aztec sacrifices. Psalm 83 lists the Confederacy of Satan: Edomites, Ishmaelites, Hagarenes, Philistines, Asshur, Tyre and Midianites, all inside the gate Traitors.
Jacobites instigated the Jacobite Rebellion in Scotland and Jacobin Revolution in England and France before creating the “Dust Bowl” in Texas. The NAFTA Superhighway will create a homogeneous America-Canada-Mexico; a Texas Magistrate Judge was first to declare BitCoin “Legal Tender” and Ross Perot’s Alliance Airport even supplied the Sina loa Drug Cartels thanks to Rick Perry; it will be the first US State to declare independence and destroy the United States. Now, has anyone seen the $7 Billion invested in the non-existent Super-conducting Super-collider? How about you Ron Paul?
Ryan Stone ends up in a Chinese Womb filled with water; she tosses her old Space garb and swims ashore (notice the tadpole by her) where she learns to stand upright and walk again. Charles Darwin would be so proud of his Holy Wood “God’s Spear” The lake was somewhere in the Midwest according to the story. Why there? America’s Heartland is Zion to the Mormon Church; when America is destroyed, elders of the Church will set up shop at the spot they believe Adam and Eve were cast out of Eden to. To them, the Mississippi River is the Euphrates and they are the “Chosen Ones”.
Why the name Mathew Kowalski? Mathew is the 1st and most prominent book of the New Testament; Mathew’s name was Levi. Mormons falsely claim the Levite Priesthood that only Jesus can assume, as both sons of Aaron “Aaronic Priests” and Melchisedek Priests. The title of Jesus since the days of Abraham and King David is Melchisedek. Kowalski means “Metal Smith”; followers of Tubal-cain the instructor of Metal Workers. Polish Satanists made false conversions to Judaism, bringing with them Rabbis, Kaballah, the Talmud and the Six Pointed Star of Saturn/Molech under which sacrifices are continually offered.
The Gravity of the situation could not be more dire; Get right with Jesus and do it now!


Zero Dark Thirty
Director Kathryn Bigelow is a male transsexual Pakistan TV has exposed the bin Laden raid was fabricated. It’s impossible to cover the distance from Abbottabad to the Arabian Sea (1200 miles) in a 130MPH helicopter with a range of a few hundred miles in one night.
Sailors aboard the USS Carl Vinson have stated there was no burial at sea. Adm Charles Gaouette was not required to testify about being allegedly removed from command of an Aircraft Carrier Group at gunpoint over the Benghazi raid, was also excused from testifying about the “Fed Ex” package (bin Laden corpse) arriving on the Carl Vinson? How much BS are we expected to take? This same level of nonsense occurred on 9/11/2001 when then Capt, now Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm Jim Winnefeld ordered Enterprise “Strike Group 12” to turn 1800 toward Afghanistan upon seeing Flt #175 hit the South Tower. Naval Captains are subordinate to the Strike Group Commander, always and Admiral. How did Winnefeld know bin Laden would be hiding in Afghanistan? or that bin Laden would be accused of involvement with 9/11 the day the Twin Towers were hit?
Seal Team 6 (25 Special Ops + 13=38) aboard a CH-47 Chinook helicopter callsign “Extortion 17” were shot down on one aircraft and their bodies cremated with no forensic evidence such as DNA samples, pictures, dental evidence, dog tags etc because their bodies were burned so badly? Sure folks, and I’m Santa Claus.

“I have unequivocally prohibited the use of torture by the United States” Barack Obama I guess the CIA and its Hollywood dupes don’t regard Sleep Deprivation and Water Boarding “Torture” eh Ben Affleck?

Zero is derived from the Arab word for Cipher. The word is also found in Zoroastrian meaning “Seed of the Stars”.
Dark means Sinister; Wicked; To Hide or Absence of Light. Jesus said “I am the light of the world” Jn 8:12
Thirty or 30 is used in a Telegraph, Dispatch or Line Copy to indicate “The End”
There seems to be a bit of a Secret Cipher indicated here, so what on earth could it bee? No typo, Bee is Word in Chaldee. A Chaldean Last Word?
Zero Dark Thirty premiered in Hollywood Dec 10, coincident with the EU meeting to accept the Nobel Peace Prize and their decision on starting Wars in Syria and Mali. The movie debuts in theaters Dec 19; I couldn’t help noticing the CIA analyst uses the name Maya; cute eh? Maya means Illusion which is what the Mayan Calendar date of aka Dec 21, 2012 is.

“All War is Deception” The art of War -Sun Tzu

“We’ve never made the case or even argued the case that somehow Osama bin laden was behind 9/11/2001” Dick Cheney
“Osama bin Laden has never appeared on the FBI Most Wanted List in connection with 9/11/2001” FBI Director Robert Mueller
“Our disinformation campaign will be complete when everything the American people believe is false” Reagan CIA Director William Casey.

Maya the CIA Analyst has a name meaning “Illusion”; in Greek mythology Maya is the daughter of Zeus and mother of Hermes, the Egyptian Hermes-Trismegistus or “Thrice Great Hermes is the Masonic Architect of this CIA created “Illusion” called Osama bin Laden aka Tim Osman.
Oscar means “God’s Spear” aka “Spear of Destiny” Oscar has the same root as Asgaard the Norse abode of the gods and first element of Ahura Mazda, the pre-determined winner of WWIII according to Zoroastrianism’s final battle of “Light” versus Ahriman “Darkness” Guess which nation represents Ahriman by the 150+ nations in the “Non-aligned Movement”? The US. Shia “Twelver” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran is this years NAM President; his Divine Mission is to usher in al-Mahdi.
Guess which town was the 1st Jesuit acquisition in the Middle East? Tehran.
Guess where WWIII will start? That’s right, Tehran where Shia “Twelver” Imams are trained for the role of ushering in the 12th Shia Imam “al-Mahdi”. al-Mahdi means “He who Rises”; I’ll spoil the surprise and tell you al-Mahdi is the Beast rising from the Sea in Rev 13.
Hollywood means “Holy Wood”; no Masonic laughing people; as my 20 yr old son said of the movie Toy Story, What 16 yr old doesn’t want to play with his Woody? Aint’ that right 330 Mason Buzz “Lightyear” Aldrin? Beltane means Baal’s Birth and Obelisk means Baal’s Shaft.
Hollywood also refers to the Holy Wood of Druid Groves used to Hang (Curse) Sacrifices. Emperor Constantine, the first Pope called pieces of the “True Cross” Holy Wood and put them in the Lateran Obelisk at the Vatican. 300 years after the Crucifixion, his Druid mother Helena found pieces of the Cross? Nice try. Druids called these Groves “Thor’s Oaks” aka Asgaard. Pretty clever eh?

“Seal Team 6” was released to U-Tube and free streaming movie outlets like Netflix just ahead of the US elections in order for Obama to take credit for the supposed Beltane “May Day” Raid. The time stamp in the film shows 1:30-2AM. Kathryn Bigelow says the term “Zero Dark Thirty” means 30 minutes after Midnight, but anyone in the military knows the phrase is more closely akin to “The Crack of Dawn” Perhaps the reason Obama changed the name of the Iraq War to “Operation New Dawn”is because Dawn means Lucifer. Anyway, the film stopped short of answering a few questions.

Why does the US think Osama bin Laden was involved with 9/11 when he, along with Dick Cheney and Robert Mueller have denied any such involvement? Terrorist groups usually brag about events far less spectacular than 9/11.
Why does much of the world believe Osama bin Laden died in 2001 from Renal failure?
Why do CIA documents indicate Tim Osman was hired under the pseudonym Osama bin Laden? (Usama=Lion; bin=Manger; Laden=Ladon Dragon). Osman is likely a false name as well; Osman I founded the Ottoman Empire about the time Baldwin I founded the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre during the First Crusade. The new Jesuit Pope knows this.
Where are Osama bin Laden’s wives and human shields used in the raid?
The documentary “Feathered Cocaine” claims Osama bin Laden lives near Tehran and is an avid Falconer. Whose right?
How was Osama bin Laden DNA tested en route to the Arabian Sea in a 130MPH helicopter, some 1200+ miles away from Zero Dark Thirty until his supposed Muslim burial at Sea at 10AM? Take your time on this one; DNA testing requires DNA samples, an electron microscope and computer designed for this task. Not much time for all that eh?
Why was Admiral Charles Gaouette the only supposed Witness to Osama bin Laden’s arrival aboard the USS Carl Vinson? Why was he relieved of command aboard the USS Stennis over the Benghazi raid? Why aren’t we hearing from him now? Mutiny is a serious offence, during times of war the penalty is death.
Why were all 25+ “Witnesses” of the Seal Team 6 raid on Osama bin Laden riding in one Army Helicopter over hostile territory when it was shot down? Why were there no pictures, DNA samples, Dental samples, Dog Tags etc taken as proof?
Why were Adm Charles Gaouette, Gen David Petraeus, Gen Carter Ham and Gen John Allen excused from public testimony over Benghazi? Why did Obama relieved all of these men from duty October 2013?

“No Water Boarding; No bin Laden” Alleged CIA Motto

The idea of Water Boarding comes the Bible in 2 Kings 8:15. Ben-hadad was the Old Testament version of Bashar al-Assad, a Syrian King murdered and his kingship usurped. Elisha knew the plan; isn’t it obvious yet, those days are repeating?
The Office of Inquisition was famous for Torture techniques; Jesuit “White” Pope Francis I, Jesuit “Black Pope” Adolfo Nicholas and Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi head the Equestrian Knights today, just ask Knights of Malta Joe Biden, John Kerry, Gen Martin Dempsey and CIA Director, Wahhabist Muslim convert John Brennan.
After Ben-hadad was murdered, Edom revolted from Judah’s rule. In Gen 27:40KJV we can see what happens next will lead to Esau’s prophesied “Dominion” over Jacob. When this “Yoke” is broken Esau’s intent is to slay his brother Jacob; today, that means “Born Again Christians” and 144,000 from the 12 Tribes of Jacob (No this is not Israel).
Esau’s “Dominion” is described as the 3rd Beast in Dan 7:6 and Rev 13:2. It’s end is described in Obadiah. Folks, if you can’t see this happening, you need Jesus Christ and an Authorized Bible in your life! Now can you see why Jesus warned unless “Those Days were shortened…no flesh would remain”?

| Cast aWay |

Cast Away
On the anniversary of D-Day on Normandie Beach Dec 7, 2000, the movie Cast Away made its debut; the attack on America from Japan is repeating with radiation from Fukushima. Cathars are Normans; Norman Kings originated the “Star Chamber” which greatly expanded under Queen Elizabeth I as the “Cabinet”; Privy Councillors who created laws by decree. Wilson means “Son of William”; Prince William descends from the Norman King “William the Conqueror”; in the movie Wilson is a Volleyball that became imprinted with a Blood Red Face; that and a Christmas Fedex package imprinted with Eagle’s Wings lasted the 4 year Exile. First, Fedex was founded by Yale Skull & Bones initiate Fred Smith; Skull & Bones is called the Brotherhood of Death Society. 4 years after the movie debut was Yule 2004; a 9.1 Earthquake and Tsunami hit the same area the Fedex plane originated killing 250,000 people. In charge of disbursing the Tsunami Relief Funds? Skull & Bonesman George HW Bush. Incidentally, a 6.0 Earthquake hit the same area July 16, 2013.
The Eagle Wings represent Esau who “…exalt thyself as the eagle…” Obadiah 4 and God will “…cutoff forever” Oba 10 for violence done to his brother Jacob. God hates Esau (Mal 1:3; Rom 9:13) because Esau sold his right of inheritance. Eagle Wings are painted on the sails of the raft, which are made from an aircraft lavatory “Privy”. Eagle’s Wings and appear at the end of the movie when the Fedex package with Eagle Wings is delivered to the original sender, a woman named “Bettina” which means “God’s Promise”; the diminutive of Elizabeth. Catching the connection to Elizabeth I; II and Gnostic Johnitters yet? Johnitters were the forerunner of the Cathars, Gnostics worshipped John the Baptist whose mother was Elizabeth. Privy means “Secret Knowledge” but it also means “Outhouse”; CIA asset Tim Osman aka Osama bin Laden, was the alleged mastermind of “Al-Qaeda” which means “Foreign Toilet”.
Chuck emerges from the Sea, is Exiled, returns home to Memphis, Tennessee and Bettina offers directions to 2 roads; the roads are selling our Soul by accepting the Mark of the Beast (666) offered by Esau as the Eagle or accepting Jesus Christ, the Eagle who led Israel across the Red Sea at the first Exodus. Esau is the “Beast rising fron the Sea”; the idea Man can become a God “Charles”. Memphis. Memphis is named after the Egyptian capital created by Pharoah Menes; Greeks called it Hut-Ka-Ptah (House of the soul of Ptah) which became Aegyptos in Greek.
What was in the Fedex package? Robert Zemeckus hinted it was a Water-prood, Solar (Sol=Solis Invictus=Santa Claus) powered Satellite Phone. The Holy Ghost is a Jesus Christ powered connection to God the Father; use that one! The Red Sea “Exodus”was crossed due to an “East Wind”; Chuck (Charles=God Man) waited for an East Wind to power the raft to safety. A Whale “Saved” Jonah; a Whale “Saved” Chuck, Wilson and pointed out the rescue Japanese (Japan means “Land of the Rising Sun”) Freighter passing by.
Wilson “Son of William” represents the New Volleyball brought with the Fedex package to Texas with the Solar Powered Telephone; again, I’d ask Jesus for the Holy Ghost! The stewardess on the Fedex flight from Red Square in Moscow is Gwen; the “Strong Delusion” may in fact be delivered using GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency Network) Towers. Gwen means “White, Holy, Fair or Blessed”; Texas “Lone Star State” (Catch the Star Chamber here?) will be the first US State to secede from the Union; Voz de Aztlan, MEChA (Mestizo Chicano Movement of Aztlan) and La Raza Unida (United Race) all refer to Aztlan the mythical land of the Aztecs means “To make White” or “Purify”. Latino George Zimmerman did not appear by chance folks!
FISA (Foreign Intelligence Court) and the NSA are the modern day British Star Chamber; a Privy Council of “Screened Personnel” (Czars) creating laws by Executive Order working in concert with other nations on a global scale; FISA is Treason just like Obama Care, a continuation of Hitler’s T4 Eugenics program and Queen Elizabeth II “Liverpool Care Pathway” created by Islam convert, Rhodes Scholar and Middle East envoy Tony Blair. The UN Planetary Initiative declares “Nobody will progress into the New Age without a Luciferian Initiation” ie a Luciferian “Screening”. Christians who refuse will be eliminated (Cast Away) just as Hitler eliminated Jews. Folks, you had better pray you are in that group!
Gwen is Guinevere, the Queen of the mythical King Arthur aka St George seen slaying the Dragon at the UN and Cathedral of St John (Cathars were the continuation of Gnostic Jonitters) the Divine in NYC. John was “The greatest of the Old Covenant” but Divine? Hardly, Jesus said John was less than the least person in the New Covenant”. When does the world meet King Arthur? “The Sun is in the clutches of the Lion” (Bohemian Grove motto) and St George stands atop the Crab at the “Peace Fountain” (Pacific=Peace); Cancer (June 21-July 22); Plutonium Radiation kills with Cancer! You tell me, but it sure looks like 2013 or 2014. Think they forgot about Jacques de Molay being burned at the stake 3/18/1314? Uh NO!

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby
“In 700 years, the Laurel will grow green again”-Cathars
The Great Gatsby was released May 10, 2013, 700 years after the Knights Templar had their assets confiscated by the Catholic Church and their order disbanded on Nowruz “New Light” Mar 20, 1313. Figuring out why Daisy has a Green Light on her dock at East Egg is the key to understanding Great Gatsby is the Luciferian version of Babylon the Great.
On May 10, 1865 the American Civil War Armistice was signed between Gen Sherman and Gen Johnston; the Peace at Appomattox Court was formally rejected when Rosicrucian Abe Lincoln was killed; Masons soon began planning a new Civil War evidenced in Luciferian Confederate Mason Albert Pike’s letter to Italian Revolutionary and Luciferian Mason Giuseppe Mazzini dated Aug 15, 1871. On May 10, 2013 the One World Trade Center was topped at 1776ft, the day the movie Great Gatsby was released. The American Revolution created the United States when Luciferian Masons fired shots on Lexington Green on April 19, 1775; July 4, 1776 was chosen by astrologer Ebenezer Sibly and Rosicrucian Ben Franklin using Sabaean astrology; Sabah means “Sunrise” and on that date was a rare solar occultation of 5 planets. America’s Birth and Death are illustrated in The Great Gatsby.
Jim Gatz’ aka Jay Gatsby’s great “Hope” is a a Relationship with Daisy. Gatz means “Companion or Left Handed God”; Daisies open at Dawn and close at Dusk, thus Daisy is derived from “Day’s Eye”, the flower called Solis Oculus or “Sun’s Eye”. Zeus means Day as well which is why the Green Light represents the Knight Templar “Green Man” seen as Daisy’s dock on East Egg. The story depicts the American dream beginning with Hope on East Egg where the Sun rises and ending with Sacrificial death and plunder of assets on West Egg where the Sun sets. The message is found in CAFR’s (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports); the Hidden Books accounting for America’s assets like over a Trillion Bbls of oil @$100/Bbl, Trillions of Cu Ft of Natural Gas and 25% of the world’s fresh water etc. America has been plundered by Robber Baron frauds for over 100 years.
The Hollywoodism Conference in Tehran last February had a topic “Hollywood’s vision of the future”; the vision in Gatsby ends with the New Rich “America” in the West being sacrificed as a Scapegoat for Day’s Eye and the Elite “Race” (Iran means Noble Caste) moving on. War with Iran having been prophesied in Dan 8 some 2700 years ago and admitted by Gen Wes Clark in 2007. My best guess for Gen “DLK” is David Leonard Kahnne aka Wes Clark; he “Broke” the story of America’s demise by an Obama Executive Order called “Operation Ring of Fire”.
In Nimrod’s day the West “Amurru” which became the source name for America, was the Edomite Shepherd and Serpent god of the West (Amar and Amero as well) while Elam (Persia) became the East. The Green Light on East Egg represents the American Dream, acquiring wealth by any means. Luciferian Secret Societies use the phrase “The ends justify the means”. America’s wealth was created by Usury Banking and Drug Running (Chinese Opium; Vietnam Heroin; Columbian Cocaine and Afghanistan Heroin). The difference between the Elite on East Egg and Peasants is seen in Ash Valley under ever watchful eyes.
Gatsby has an inflated resume of WWI exploits and Oxford University enrollment which lends credibility for his unlimited wealth created by illegal liquor running (Joe Kennedy may come to mind here) which is used to buy political, judicial and police influence. Prohibition was a Protestant Church creation; Protestantism a creation of Rosicrucian Martin Luther and John Calvin (nee Kohen). Gatsby’s Ring and name are instantly recognizable; like Gatsby, most Elite are name droppers who believe they are above the other “Races” and the Law. Myrtle’s death is one example of this Elitist view. Protestant America serves the same purpose as Gatsby; to the world, America is the arrogant New Rich living large on the backs of others; violating International Laws and their own Constitution; starting Wars via False Flag such as WWII, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Libya and turning other nations into waste dumps like the Valley of Ashes in places like Vietnam and Afghanistan where Drugs are the only source of income. In essence, Gatsby represents America and both will receive the same ignominious fate; no funeral, no mourning, no remembrance; the fall of the ostentatious “Babylon” described in Rev 18. Just remember, like all frauds America’s demise will not lead to the arrival of Jesus Christ, only another counterfeit like Gatsby called the Alternative Messiah.

Tehran Hollywoodism Conference

Iran, Israel and the US work together. Tehran hosted the 3rd annual Hollywoodism Conference in Feb. 9/11 Truth Movement liars Webster Tarpley and Jim Fetzer made sure the international crowd blamed Israel for 9/11/2001. Like Muslims, Israel was Scapegoated for 9/11; The event was a massive pre-planned insurance fraud and gold heist demonstration of remote aircraft flight technology, Tesla Weapons, Demolition Thermo-nuclear devices and Made in the USA Thermate cutting charges; Mormon BYU physics professor Steven Jones knows Thermite is not capable of active control over building demoliition, but Thermate is, but those little details were ommitted. JFK liar Oliver Stone’s son Sean attended, and what is a conference without a conspiracy like the murder of Malcolm X aka Bari Malik Shabazz’s grandson Malcolm Shabazz? by the US no less!
Hollywood refers to the Holy Wood of Adonis used by Druids to control the masses; Malcolm refers to the Ammonite Idol “Milcom” and Shabazz means 1st Nation or Royal Falcon of Horus; just ask his (best guess only) step brother Bari Malik Shabazz aka Barack Hussein Obama. Iran means Aryan or Noble Caste, Malcolm Shabazz, like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a Shia “Twelver” convert having as much to do with Islam as Sarah Palin of Bill O’Reilly do with Christianity ie “0” which also happens to form the root of Iran’s true religion “Zoroastrianism” meaning “Star Seed”.
Topics included “Hollywood’s Vision for the Future”, “Hollywood and Satanism”, “Hollywood and Holocaust”, “Palestine on the line of fire”, “Darwinism and Liberalism” etc. Much like the Canne Film Festival that featured Farehnheit 911 and Bowling for Columbine liar Michael Moore; this year’s meeting featured Iran Hostage Crisis liar Benn Affleck in his Iran demonnizing Argo.
Why not a little truth instead? Lifelong Satanist George “Magog” Bush Sr negotiated a deal to release hostages held by fellow Satanist Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (nee Sabourjian aka “Esther’s Child”) in exchange for Hollywood actor Ronald Reagan putting him in the White House where the Iran-Contra Gun and Drug running treason could begin 8 years of genocide, later supply Saddam Hussein with WMD’s as an excuse to invade Iraq, including the Chemical Weapons currently being used in Syria also used as an excuse to invade.

Sirius ???


Sirius is the Blazing Star of Masonry, the Arab Star al Qalb, Mormon Star Kolob and the Star of Isis.
On April 22, 2013 “Earth Day” (Anniversary of Deep Water Horizon) the documentary “Sirius” will be released direct to video. Important because Sirus is the Star of Isis or Star of Set; Aleister Crowley called Sirians the Scarlett Woman or Beast named after “Bast” the Cat goddess represented by the Spinx. A return to Sodom and Gomorrah? Yes, but a return to Gen 6 is also meant. WWIII will be a symbolic battle of Set and Osiris. Can Angels mate with human women? Are Aliens real? Siriusly? Of course not; this Gnostic documentary will symbolically complete the Tower of Babalon; the Bastard of Pandora’s Box that produced the Minotaur and Pegasus will be let out on Earth Day. It’s time to get right with Jesus Christ folks!

And Life in Prison or Hanging for Treason; Oops wait, I mean the Oscar “God’s Spear” Golden Idol goes to Argo, a Treasonous rendition of Jason and the Argonauts search for the “Golden Fleece” made by CIA Hollywood to demonize Iran ahead of War; Again, just like 33 years ago; this time to prep Sheeple for the attack on Iran leading to WWIII. Argo means “Shining Bright” Argus was a hundred eyed Greek giant Zeus’ wife Hera placed in the Peacock Feathers, like the ones over the Papal Throne of St Peter. Argus and Hydra and the Ladon Dragon (Osama bin Laden means Lion of Ladon) are all featured in the new movies Argo, Olympus has Fallen and Zero Dark Thirty.
Ben Afleck is no stranger to CIA deceptions; the movie Pearl Harbor preceded the fake “Terrorost” Event 9/11/2001 dubbed “A New Pearl Harbor” by Reagan era “Neo-Con” Traitors; Argo precedes the War with Iran. Demonizing Japan, Muslim Terrorists and Iran is a Hollywood specialty; just ask Mel Gibson, whose 2 Oak Rocking Chairs weighed in at a miraculous 9 Lbs 11 Oz at the start of The Patriot just months ahead of 9/11/2001.
Runner-up to Zero Dark Thirty and Seal Team 6. The straight to DVD military recruiting propaganda movie and the allegedly sacrificed real-life Seal Team 6, downed in one Chinook Helicopter by an RPG; nice try! Lifetime achievement award goes to Osama bin Laden (Lion of Ladon) and the CIA for their load of BS on May Day (Beltane), 10 years after Knight of Malta George Bush Jr’s BS on the deck of the Abraham Lincoln on May Day 2003 declared “Mission Accomplished” the movie Lincoln comes out and Osama bin Laden is killed (yeah sure). DNA tests, 1200 mile helicopter rides from Abottabad, Pakistan to the Arabian Sea in one night in a 130MPH Helicopter and Muslim “Burial at Sea”? Pretty gutsy even for Hollywood make this type nonesense plausible.
Special thanks go to Congress for letting Hillary Clinton, Knights of Malta, Gen David Petraeus, Gen John Allen, Gen Carter Ham and Admiral Charles Gaouette to avoid embarassing testimony on Benghazi Mercenary training, gun running, setting up the Benghazi Central Bank and murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens on 9/11. Also thanks to Seal Team 6 for keeping a lid on the Treason by getting shot down 2 weeks later in one helicopter (Yeah sure).
I’d like to thank the Academy aka Academi. Pederast philosopher Plato named his indoctrination school “Academi” in Athens where the Apostle Paul later chastized Athenians for worshipping the UNKNOWN GOD at the Areopagus (Ares or Mars). Blackwater Inc became Xe after they were caught dressed as Iraqi “Terrorists” murdering innocent people; Knight of Malta Eric Prince founded the mercenary group. 330 Luciferian Freemason, Carlyle Group war profiteer Saddam Hussein and his 2 sons Uday and Qusay for his brilliant portrayal of Nebuchadnezzar and their stealthy theft of $20 Billion US during the 2003 edition of the “Purim” Iraq War. Of course, thanks also to the Shia “Twelver” Ayathollas for their 8 year genocidal war and without whom the world could not exist. Thanks to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for his tireless acting efforts, jailing 52 American hostages 444 days, releasing them on Reagan’s Inaugual Adress cue and preparing the world for the Antichrist “al-Mahdi”. I got to hand it to you Mahmoud, standing in front of that Stealth Q-313 fiberglass model was pretty gutsy!
Lifetime achievement awards go to Skull & Bones, Knight of Malta, 330 Freemason Nazi financier Satanist George HW “Magog” Bush and Knight of Malta CIA Director Bill Casey for negotiating the “October Surprise” hostage release in Paris 33 years ago. If Bill hadn’t poisoned himself Kayaking in the Chesapeake his saying “When everything Americans believe is false, the CIA will have accpmplished its mission” would make more sense. We’re pretty close to that Bill!
Special mention to Stephen Spielberg’s version of history in Lincoln whose 1863 Emancipation Proclamation 50 Yr Debt Jubilee preceded the 1913 Federal Reserve Jubilee, followed by the 1963 “Killing of the King” Jubilee masterfully managed by George Bush Sr and the upcoming 2013 Debt Jubilee. Chip off the “Ole Block” George “Gog” Bush Jr said “I’d like to thank my Grandfather, MI-6 Agent and real Agent “007” Aleister Crowley for making this possible, and for “Mission Accopmplished” on May 1, 2003 on the deck of the Aircraft Carrier Abraham Lincoln; whithout whom this 12 year $multi-Trillion, Fleecing of the world that originated when Mary Todd Lincoln used her single shot derringer in Ford’s Theater and 330 Freemason, generational Satanist Gerald Ford falsified autopsy results and fabricated the JFK “Magic Bullet” theory could not have happened.
Finally, I’d like to thank Mark Burnett and Roma Downey for taking such creative liberty with The Bible miniseries and to Knight of Malta Rupert Murdoch’s Copyrighted Zondervan New International Version for supplying the 80% truth, 20% fiction.

“Oh mortal man, is there nothing you can not be made to believe”-Jesuit Adam Weishaupt
“Never underestimate the capacity of people to believe a lie” Joseph Goebbels
“Give me the youth of a single generation and control of Hollywood and I’ll take control of the world” Joseph Stalin

Olympus Has Fallen Alternate #3

Olympus has Fallen
CNN reporter Amber Lyon admitted she was paid to demonize Syria and Iran. Olympus has Fallen demonizes North Korea, the same way Argo demonizes Iran because it’s all Propaganda; just big lies told loud enough and often enough that people begin to believe them. Olympus has Fallen shows a North Korean “5th Column” (Traitors inside South Korea, America and the Secret Service) attacking the White House using a US Military C-130 “Hercules”, a “Hydra” (Greek Sea Monster or Nazi Secret Society seen in Marvel Comics Captain Ameirca) Gattling Gun and the Cerberus (Dog guarding the Gates of Hell as seen in one of the Harry Potter witchcraft movies) pretty symbolic eh? Like Argo, the movie was made over a year ago to prep American Sheeple for a 2 front Jesuit instigated War. Nice touch having a female Secret Service Chief eh? That also became a reality just as the movie hit theaters. It’s all planned folks!
Joe Biden, John Kerry (played by a woman Sec of State who gave up the Cerberus codes to save her own skin), Chuck Hagel, John Boehner (Speaker of the House, #3 in line becomes acting President), and Martin Dempsey (played by a War mongoring idiot) to name a few, are Jesuits and or Knights of Malta sworn to carry out orders from the Jesuit General Adolfo Nicholas, as is the new Jesuit Pope Francis I.
War in Korea is 1 incident away and War with Iran is Israel’s decision, not Congress thanks to recent 5th Column Congressional votes. In Korea’s case, any incident along the DMZ will bring in the US military; recall in 2010, the ROKS Cheonan ASW (Anti-Sub) ship was cut in half during the Naval exercise “Foal Eagle”, likely shot by a US ship using a Russian/Chinese made super-cavitating torpedo as a “False Flag” in order to blame North Korea; the retaliation on Yeonpeong Is was an indiscriminate artillery “rain of terror”.
In the movie the Speaker of the House becomes acting President, John Boehner a Sodomite, Jesuit has already circumvented the Constitution starting the Libyan War on Purim; the Korean War is a foregone conclusion. As the operation unfolds, notice 330 Muslim-Shriner, Freemason, Mafia capo Harry Truman’s portrait is featured; he originated the CIA and NSA, needlessly dropped (Tested) Uranium and Plutonium Atomic weapons on the non-military cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and drafted US soldiers into the UN Army for the Korean War. Nagasaki also happens to be Jesuit co-founder Francis Xavier’s second Asian conquest after Tehran (Persian Rages). Fighting in the Lincoln Bedroom was also a nice touch with the upcoming anniversary of the Civil War end and assasination of Rosicrucian Liar “Honest Abe” Lincoln.
Notice how Obama is subtly featured as the Limo is the “Beast”; the Secret Service holding back a 40,000Lb vehicle from falling in the river was also a nice Teddy Kennedy-Chappaquidick touch. The C-130 is taken out and crashes into the Washington Monument; The world’s tallest Obelisk (Baal’s Shaft), thus becomes the Masonic “Broken Column” symbolizing the fall of Hiram Abiff (Phoenician/Chaldean Architect of King Solomon’s Temple) and the unfinished “Great Work” of re-building Solomon’s Temple out of the ashes of America rising as a Phoenix or in this example, a “Beast” Rising. The movie therefore is really just the Death/Re-birth Ritual seen in the Master Mason Ritual and the Yin-Yang (Solar Shadow over an Obelisk over 1 year) seen on the South Korean Flag. Dialectic is this Synthesis out of managed conflict.
The July 6 date is also interesting as the rotating presidency of the UN Security Council falls to the US and Rhodes Scholar (just like Wes Clark) Benghazi gun runner, 9/11/2011 murderer and Trans-Atlantic Partnership (with Georgetown Jesuit Chuck Hagel) traitor Susan Rice (Obama, Biden, Kerry, Clinton, Gen Petraeus, and Muslim convert CIA Director John Brennan were also in on the raid, and no the movie Innocence of Muslims made by Sheldon Adelson and Mitt Romney had nothing to do with it)
If Olympus, Hydra and Cerberus seem strange, so does the arch-villain “Kang”; it’s a Chinese name meaning “Well Being”. Olympus has Fallen and Argo are joined by Red Dawn, a movie that simply exchanges Russian villains for North Korean in Washington State; North Korea is not who we need to worry about there, it’s the Chinese; now you can see why “Kang” was the villain eh? Isn’t it also a little coincidental the many headed Hydra of Greek mythology had its habitat in Argos, the source of the movie Argo? Ready for WWIII? Hollywood is. I just love the final line in the movie as the President is helped out of the destroyed White House “It’s Insured”. So true, American Taxpayers insure all this with our lives as Indentured Chattel Slaves with one subtle change to the so-called “inalienable rights” of the Constittution. “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Property” was changed to “Happiness” by Thomas Jefferson because Slaves can’t own property.

007 Skyfall

Aurora was highlighted in Skyfall before the Aurora Colorado Movie Shooting which featured the promo pack predicting the girls, boys, teachers allegedly killed at Sandy Hook on a Sandy Hook map; the alleged killer dressing as Joker from Dark Knight Rises which also featured the Sandy Hook map. Sandy Hook means “Play the Joker”
An Osiris-Horus; Death-Re-birth Ritual, British MI-6 Agent Aleister “The Beast” Crowley would be proud of.
Ian Fleming was a 33deg Transsexual Freemason; 50 years aka a “Jubilee” of James Bond will be featured at the Oscars tonight as Adele sings her song “Skyfall”. You may recall Adele became famous for “Chasing Pavements”; that being the “Pavement” where Jesus Christ was flogged before the Crucifixion. The site where Pharisees demanded the release of Jesus Barabas, an “Alternative Messiah” of sorts whose name means “Jesus, Son of the Father” was released in place of Jesus Christ. This Jubilee is a reversal of Isaac and Ishmael and Jacob and Esau’s fortunes
Oscar means “God’s Spear” The original “007” was the Rosicrucian mystic and alchemist John Dee, considered by many to be the father of the British Empire and of Secret Cyphers in the court of Queen Elizabeth I. British is derived from B’Rith meaning “Birthright Covenant”; Whose? Cain, Japheth, Haran (Abraham’s older brother), Ishmael and Esau to name a few. License to Kill? Esau obtains that when he achieves “Dominion” (ref Gen 27:39-41KJV) over Jacob. When will that be? At Skyfall.
Lyrics to Skyfall leave nothing to the imagination
“This is the End” Should get your attention! “Feel the Earth move…I’ve drowned and dreamt of this moment, so overdue” This is a reference to the Earth splitting and the Flood killing the Cainite bloodline. “Skyfall is where we start…where world’s collide and days are dark” This is speaking of a Death and Rebirth which the entire movie Skyfall portrayed. “Let the Skyfall…I know I’d never be me without the security of your loving arms keeping me from harm…put your hand in mine and we will stand tall” Jesus promises no such security; Christians are “accounted all day long as sheep for the slaughter”. It is Lucifer/Satan/Devil that promises Peace and Security!
Aurora means Dawn ie Eos, Sunrise or Lucifer. Aurora Plaza in Shanghai was featured in the Skyfall trailer which played last July at the premiere in Aurora CO of the movie Dark Knight Rises. Pretty hard to figure Hollywood out eh?
The movie begins with a near fatal injury to James Bond and ends with a Re-birth of the “007” franchise with a new boss M. Notice the English Bull Dog on M’s desk has an obvious injury to its left eye; Bond will get this at the end of the movie. Q= “Quelle” meaning Source; the Gospel of Q is the oldest Gnostic text to declare Jesus was not Divine; Bond’s gadget man is Q; in particular a gun that cannot be used against him.
M is the 13th English Letter; the Society of Ormus aka Illuminati, Theraputae or Order of Perfectibillists use a stylized M as their symbol. They have been in control of the “Fertile Crescent” (Nile to the Straits of Hormuz) for over 2000 years. Think Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calls his new (Fake) Stealth Fighter Q-313 by accident? Quite a gadget if it were real, but it isn’t. How about Winter Storm Q which blanketed 20 states with snow this week?
The movie is a classic battle of “Initiates” found in Dialectic: Thesis + Anti-thesis=Synthesis. What Synthesis? Notice as Bond exchanges his $Million Maybach car for the original Aston-Martin, the license plate has the number 216. 63 ie 6X6X6= 216. The Cubes of the Pythagorean Triangle 33 + 43 +53 =216 These represent the Occult “Trinity” Father, Mother, Son. Notice Q is called Mum or Mom; as she dies at the end of the movie, Bond essentially is re-incarnated as the Son; a very Gnostic theme.
216 also figures prominently in God’s timeline. The Flood caused mountains to be produced; this caused a wobble on the Earth’s Axis which in turn caused “Axis Precession”. The Zodiac is divided in 12 segments; Equinox Sunrise precesses through each “Astrological House” every 2160 years. Did you notice Adele used the lyrics “Hold your breath and count to 10”? 216 X 10 is likely meant here. Folks, we are entering the Age of Aquarius the “Water Pourer” and Revenge is on the mind of every Occultist who are just waiting for the “License to Kill”. 40 days of Lent and 40 days of Rain ringing a bell here? God’s Wrath is described in Rev 16; Benedict XVI resigning just coincidence? “Blessing 16” Resigns and Peter the Roman assumes the mantle as Rome burns, just as St Malachy prophesied (planned). How about Beyonce giving the Kohannim Priestly Benediction at the Super Bowl? Take a look at the new “Moneypenny”; she looks a lot like Beyonce and quite likely was meant to.
Folks, Esau obtains “Dominion” in Dan 7:6 and hands this “Dominion” off to an “Alternative Messiah”; the Messiah Adele wrote her song to. The day before Passover, Jesus was betrayed; the same day was used by the Edomite Haman to decree death to Jews on Purim; think Edomites have forgiven or forgotten what Esther and Mordechai did? Guess we’ll find out on Oscar Night; it’s Purim after all.
This Passover will also be unique in that a new Anglican (Church of England) Archbishop will be enthroned as a new Roman Catholic Pope is elected; you did catch the 2013 burning up to leave 3/20 on the contract with the Devil in the new Mercedes Commercial, Right? Did you notice the Chi-Rho was backwards? Whether 3/20 sees the revealing of the Alternative Messiah remains to be seen, but 3/20 is the Zoroastrian “New Dawn”; ready for a Final Battle of Good versus Evil? Get ready before the Sky Falls; Adele means “Of Nobility” and Iran means “Noble Caste”. You did catch the villain in Skyfall was Agent Silva, Right? The Mede-Persians (Iran) are the Silver breastplates in the statue described by Daniel. Silva captures Bond who says “Everybody needs a hobby” Silva asks “What’s yours? Bond says “Resurrection”.

Dark Knight Rises - logo

Dark Knight Rises
The Batman trilogy displayed the 3 Acts of Chaldean Magick: Pledge, Turn and Presitge. Magick is based on Sleight of Hand, and creation of faulty assumptions. Sandy Hook was an example of the Prestige. The symbolic “Pledge” is in Batman Begins when Bruce is removed from familiar surroundings and “Initiated”; usually this is a Pederastic relationship as wqith Spartan, Templar or Samurai sodiers; Alfred the butler plays this role. The “Turn” is in the Dark Knight, with the creation of an alter ego who becomes the Scapegoat. The Re-birth is in the Dark Knight Rises. You can see this in full view here Sandy Hook was featured in the Dark Knight Rises as a protege of Ra’s Al Goul aka Demon’s Head or Satan’s Head. The Head of Satan on earth is of course the Man of the Sin (Recall Heath Ledger was the Sin Eater in the movie The Order, the Joker in Dark Knight and during Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus as the Hangman) “Rising” from the ashes of a destroyed America. Ra’s Al Goul’s other protege is Bane, referring to Bain Capital and the Sinaloa “Federation” Drug Cartel. We even had a moment of “Peace” on May Day “Beltane” with the fake Osama bin Laden raid. Operation Gun Runner, LIBOR and Benghazi were all elements of this grand Stage Play and the Prestige has begun. In the movie The Prestige the movie ends in Colorado (Red River) Springs with Nikola Tesla’s technology given to the Magician desperate to pull off the greatest act of Magick; Earthquakes, Weather, fake Visions will soon become the “Externalization of the Hierarchy” written of by Theosophical Society founder Helena Blavatsky ie the Unveiling of the Man of Sin and his Earthly Knighted Hierarchy.
An example of creating faulty assumptions was played out in Sandy Hook There was no Bushmaster .223 used in this charade! All major news outlets admit the Bushmaster .223 was in the trunk of a car. This is not the first time we have been led to assume a lie; Dick Cheney, Robert Mueller and Don Rumsfeld all stated they have no proof Osama bin Laden was involved with 9/11/2001. So, the question is, what does Bushmaster 223 mean? Let’s start by seeing what Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda mean. Usama=Lion; bin=Manger or Crib; Laden=Ladon, the 100 headed beast guarding the Golden Apples of Hespirides (far West). al-Qaeda means “Solid Foundation”; in Saudi Arabia, it means “Foreign Toilet”. Feeling a little sheepish? Me too, time to wake up. Bruce develops an alter ego (Jesus refers to this as Double Minded Men) as Batman and begins the Dialectic (Synthesis comes out of the struggle of Thesis and Anti-thesis); like Jesus did, Batman takes on the Sins of Gotham and carries them to the Wilderness. The Prestige brings him back.
Ra’s Al Goul is Arabic for “Demon’s Head” represented by the the star Algol “Demon Star”. Greek mythology likened it to the Gorgon Medusa destroyed by Perseus (Clash of the Titans) or in Hebrew mythology to Lilith or to Satan’s Head. Like the Devil (Satan) Liam Neeson plays both sides of the Dialectic (Zeus and Ra’s Al Goul) which created both Batman and Bane. Liam gets around, notice he also mentored the Jedi (named after the Egyptian Djed Pillar) Anakin (Sons of Anak) Skywalker aka Darth Vader, another version of the Dark Knight. “The Force”? Cute, Daniel describes 11 the Alternative Messiah as the “god of forces”.
Batman’s alter ego Bruce Wayne is named after Robert the Bruce who aided the fleeing Bankers aka Knights Templars 700 years ago. The original Batman and Robin series aired in 1966, the year “Anno Satanae” the Church of Satan was founded and Ibn Sayyid Qutb first uttered the word “Al Qaeda”. Saudis use the phrase to mean “Foreign Toilet”; funny eh? In Dark Knight Rises Robin is a new Detective told “You are now not allowed to believe in coincidences”. Coincidence? In Episode #33 in the 1966 Batman Series, Bruce Wayne’s Great Grandfather is described as the founder of Skull & Bones; I’ll bet very few people knew about that back then. FDR, also an Initiate, said that same thing “Nothing in politics happens by chance”
In his book Satanic Rituals, Anton LaVey lists Mormo as an infernal name of Satan; Mormo is in fact King of the Ghouls. His co-founder Gen Michael Aquino will soon surface at the NSA Spy Center in Salt Lake City just south of the Mormon Temple in Zion. In the prequel movie Dark Knight the Mafia syndicate is headed by Salvadore Moroni; funny, because every Mormon Temple on earth has the Angel Moroni standing atop it facing East; all 160+ of them.
Alphonso Taft founded Skull & Bones, the equivalent with the League of Shadows or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen to which Ra’s Al Goul, Bane and Batman were all initiated; Robin is thus the next generation initiate. Brotherhood of Death “Initiates” Mao, Tse Tung, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin have been mass murderers of their own citizens without equal. “Initiation”? Think of Neo here as he takes the Red Pill from Morpheus. DC Comics and Marvel Comics created a line of Dialectic characters: Batman, Superman, Spiderman; Captain America, Thor, Red Skull etc. Bane is the “Necessary Evil” to fuel the Batman legacy seen in Hitler and Stalin or Roosevelt and Hirohito etc. The problem is they all work for the same goal; Ra’s Al Goul’s (Satan) goal.
Bane is described in the comics as a “700 year old International Terrorist” having fought with Napoleon and the French Revolution; fancy that on 1/13/1313, the Catholic Church and King of France (Thesis), after illegally declaring Templars “Heretics” (Anti-thesis) confiscated their assets (Synthesis); Bane returns the favor by crashing the NY Stock Exchange, taking Bruce Wayne’s money, life and imprisons him where Bane was born a Slave’s son in bondage. In the meantime, Bane starts a Revolution nearly identical to the French Revolution by releasing prisoners from the Blackgate prison (equivalent of the Bastille; in the Dark Knight the Mafia grunts were comprised of inmates from Arkham Assylum) and declaring “Do what you wish” (equivalent with Aleister Crowley’s “Do what thou wilt”).
Bain Capital was started by Mormon Mitt Romney to launder Columbian drug profits, fund mercenary El Salvadoran “Death Squads”, run weapons to Iran and Iraq for a genocidal war, and lately to arm and fund the Sinaloa Drug Cartel in Mexico where the Romney family fled US Justice 2 generations ago. No surprise here, Mormo is “King of the Ghouls” aka Satan; followers of Mormo are called Mormons. Today, Bush Jr “Operation Wide Receiver” (a reference to this is in the movie when Manhattan (Gotham) is turned into an island during a Football game between Gotham and Rapid City) and Obama’s follow on “Operation Gun Runner” arms the Romney family “Sinaloa Cartel” in Mexico and Bain Capital launders the profits through HSBC (Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corp). Sinaloa means “Cut Corn”; think Grim Reaper here because like the character Bane, Sinaloa is the most ruthless and wealthy cartel and they work hand in hand with the US Government. Eric Holder has an agreement with Sinaloa; he commented that prosecuting HSBC would implode the world economy” Bane does that in the movie. In the newest James “007” Bond movie Sky Fall Shanghai is also featured with a Red sign “Aurora”. Pretty bold eh?
Ra’s Al Ghoul is a Mercenary whose illegitimate child, Talia (Miranda) is guarded by Bain. Talia is derived from Natalia or Natalis Solis Invicti (Nativity or Birth of the Solar Christ aka Ra’s Al Goul). Talia and Bruce Wayne escape from the Pit of Hell by the fear of dying; a fear generated by selling ones soul to Satan. This is seen by shedding the safety rope (equivalent with the Hangman Tarot Card) when climbing to safety; after initiations there is no turning back to God. Talia states she is there to “Fulfill her father’s Destiny”; that being to assume leadership of the world and replace God in Heaven. In relation to Sandy Hook (Joker’s Card), notice Bushmaster .223 is Gen 2:23 where Woman is created from Man; she then becomes the Master by listening to Satan (Tree of Knowledge) and in Gen 3:22 Man falls into Sin as well; Skull & Bones is thus “Society 322”. The mirror image of the Sun is the Moon which Arabs know as Sin or Allah; make sense yet? The original Sin was believing “Ye shall not die…ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil”
Bane breaks the Bat, and locks up Bruce Wayne in the Pit of Hell not to torture his body, but to torture his Soul; descriptions from initiates of Witchcraft, Masonry and Satanism describe the event as tearing ones heart from the chest. The point? One doesn’t do this by accident.
Batman takes the blame (Sin) upon himself for killing Gotham district Attorney, the 2-Faced Harvey Dent; he becomes the Scapegoat and resides in the Wilderness until called on to return to save Gotham.
On the map of Gotham, Sandy Hook is highlighted meaning “Commandeer a Sovereign Ship” or “Play the Joker Card”; the reference to Jesus should be fairly obvious with one exception; Bane assures Citizens “Gotham shall go on”; No it won’t, Jesus returns to burn up all the works of man. Notice Bane intends to do this by Nuclear Explosion, because this is in reference to Jesus’ “Eyes of Flame”. Sandy Hook was just Strike Zone 1 of 5 Strike Zones. The nuclear weapon detonation at sea, mics Jesus’ return with “Eyes of Flame”; the Autopilot in the Bat Plane a subtle reference to the occult belief Jesus escaped His own Crucifixion. Batman is a subtle reference to a nocturnal, unclean bird, Masked (Dom means Mask) Crusader and Vampire; an Alternative Messiah “Dark Knight” if you will. Dom means Mask, Esau wears such a mask impersonating his brother Jacob in obtaining “Dominion” (Gen 27:40KJV; Dan 7:6). Vampirism is a Satanic practice designed to mimic the Last Supper Communion.
To understand this fully, we need to go back a ways. Heath Ledger came on the scene in The Patriot when his father weighs 2 Oak Rocking Chairs at 9 Lbs 11 Oz before smashing them just months before 9/11/2001. In The Order he plays a Carolingian Order Catholic Priest called the “Sin Eater”. Next he plays the “Joker” and lastly the “Hangman” in The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus. The Hangman is the exact opposite of becoming a Born Again Christian; the voluntary Hanging by the left heel with the right crossing the left forms an inverted 4; the Satanic form Completeness. These are all mockeries of Jesus Christ; Mt Parnassus in particular the Cave of initiations for the Greek Eleusinian Mystery Religions. The movie The Prestige outlines 3 requirements of Magick: Pledge (Batman Begins), Turn (Dark Knight) and Prestige (Dark Knight Rises). This movie ends with Nikola Tesla’s technology given to the Magician who completed the Prestige; earthquakes, devastating weather, unusual apparitions will all be the norm quite soon in preparation for the Dark Knight Rising. Why Batman? Bats or Vampires have this nasty but false notion of drinking blood; a faking of Rev 19:18.
At the beginning of the movie, the CIA captures Bane for Extraordinary Rendition; he states his goal was to get caught and destroy the plane with no survivors. Sorry, to say, the goal is to destroy Gotham (New York City), Wall Street and the rest of America as a Scapegoat for Rev 18 “Babylon” in order for a Batman type figure in that of Bruce Wayne to be revealed. Robert the Bruce and Wagon “Wain” Driver refer to Scotland declaring Independence and the Alternative Messiah rising “Fire Rising” from America’s Ashes to complete the Pyramid “Amid the Pyre” of the New Atlantis. At the very end of the movie, Bruce Wayne is revealed in Florence, Italy where the Black Nobility first revealed themselves and installed their Pope Leo X in 1513. Knight means “Person in service to the Queen”; the Queen of Heaven that is, so the Dark Knight Rising isn’t really that hard to figure out. A Birth, symbolic Death and symbolic Re-birth before “Being allowed to Die”. Why 2013? 10 Jubilees after Black Nobility bankrupted the Vatican and 700 years after Licet Pridem confiscated Scottish Knight Templar assets. Similarly, Bruce Wayne was falsely labeled a “Heretic”, his assets stolen, his body imprisoned and given a new identity at his Re-birth; a “Clean Slate” if you will that is also featured in the movie. Absolving prior Sins? Hey that’s exactly what Jesus does isn’t it? Time to make your choice of Jesus Christ or Ra’s Al Goul and the Dark Knight folks!

Zero Dark Thirty

“And the Oscar goes to Zero Dark Thirty”
Pakistan TV has exposed the bin Laden raid was fabricated.
Sailors aboard the USS Carl Vinson have stated there was no burial at sea. Adm Charles Gaouette was not required to testify about being removed from command at gunpoint over the Benghazi raid was also excused from testifying about the “Fed Ex” package (bin Laden corpse) arriving in the Carl Vinson.
Seal Team 6 (25 Special Ops + 13=38) aboard a CH-47 Chinook “Extortion 17” were shot down on one aircraft and their bodies cremated with no forensic evidence such as DNA samples, pictures, dental evidence, dog tags etc because their bodies were burned so badly? Sure folks, and I’m Santa Claus.

“I have unequivocally prohibited the use of torture by the United States” Barack Obama I guess the CIA and its Hollywood dupes don’t regard Sleep Deprivation and Water Boarding “Torture” eh Ben Affleck?

Zero is derived from the Arab word for Cipher
Dark means Sinister; Wicked; To Hide or Absence of Light. Jesus said “I am the light of the world” Jn 8:12
Thirty or 30 is used in a Telegraph, Dispatch or Line Copy to indicate “The End”
There seems to be a bit of a Secret Cipher indicated here, so what on earth could it bee? No typo, Bee is Word in Chaldee. A Chaldean Last Word?
Zero Dark Thirty premiered in Hollywood Dec 10, coincident with the EU meeting to accept the Nobel Peace Prize and their decision on starting Wars in Syria and Mali. The movie debuts in theaters Dec 19; I couldn’t help noticing the CIA analyst uses the name Maya; cute eh? Maya means Illusion which is what the Mayan Calendar date of aka Dec 21, 2012 is.

“All War is Deception” The art of War -Sun Tzu

“We’ve never made the case or even argued the case that somehow Osama bin laden was behind 9/11/2001” Dick Cheney
“Osama bin Laden has never appeared on the FBI Most Wanted List in connection with 9/11/2001” FBI Director Robert Mueller
“Our disinformation campaign will be complete when everything the American people believe is false” Reagan CIA Director William Casey.

Maya the CIA Analyst has a name meaning “Illusion”; in Greek mythology Maya is the daughter of Zeus and mother of Hermes, the Egyptian Hermes-Trismegistus or “Thrice Great Hermes is the Masonic Architect of this CIA created “Illusion” called Osama bin Laden aka Tim Osman.
Oscar means “God’s Spear” aka “Spear of Destiny” Oscar has the same root as Asgaard the Norse abode of the gods and first element of Ahura Mazda, the pre-determined winner of WWIII according to Zoroastrianism’s final battle of “Light” versus Ahriman “Darkness” Guess which nation represents Ahriman by the 150+ nations in the “Non-aligned Movement”? The US. Shia “Twelver” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran is this years NAM President; his Divine Mission is to usher in al-Mahdi.
Guess which town was the 1st Jesuit acquisition in the Middle East? Tehran.
Guess where WWIII will start? That’s right, Tehran where Shia “Twelver” Imams are trained for the role of ushering in the 12th Shia Imam “al-Mahdi”. al-Mahdi means “He who Rises”; I’ll spoil the surprise and tell you al-Mahdi is the Beast rising from the Sea in Rev 13.
Hollywood means “Holy Wood”; no Masonic laughing people; as my 20 yr old son said of the movie Toy Story, What 16 yr old doesn’t want to play with his Woody? Aint’ that right 330 Mason Buzz “Lightyear” Aldrin? Beltane means Baal’s Birth and Obelisk means Baal’s Shaft.
Hollywood also refers to the Holy Wood of Druid Groves used to Hang (Curse) Sacrifices. Emperor Constantine, the first Pope called pieces of the “True Cross” Holy Wood and put them in the Lateran Obelisk at the Vatican. 300 years after the Crucifixion, his Druid mother Helena found pieces of the Cross? Nice try. Druids called these Groves “Thor’s Oaks” aka Asgaard. Pretty clever eh?

“Seal Team 6” was released to U-Tube and free streaming movie outlets like Netflix just ahead of the US elections in order for Obama to take credit for the supposed Beltane “May Day” Raid. The time stamp in the film shows 1:30-2AM. Kathryn Bigelow says the term “Zero Dark Thirty” means 30 minutes after Midnight, but anyone in the military knows the phrase is more closely akin to “The Crack of Dawn” Perhaps the reason Obama changed the name of the Iraq War to “Operation New Dawn”is because Dawn means Lucifer. Anyway, the film stopped short of answering a few questions.

Why does the US think Osama bin Laden was involved with 9/11 when he, along with Dick Cheney and Robert Mueller have denied any such involvement? Terrorist groups usually brag about events far less spectacular than 9/11.
Why does much of the world believe Osama bin Laden died in 2001 from Renal failure?
Why do CIA documents indicate Tim Osman was hired under the pseudonym Osama bin Laden? (Usama=Lion; bin=Manger; Laden=Ladon Dragon). Osman is likely a false name as well; Osman I founded the Ottoman Empire about the time Baldwin I founded the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre during the First Crusade. The new Jesuit Pope knows this.
Where are Osama bin Laden’s wives and human shields used in the raid?
The documentary “Feathered Cocaine” claims Osama bin Laden lives near Tehran and is an avid Falconer. Whose right?
How was Osama bin Laden DNA tested en route to the Arabian Sea in a 130MPH helicopter, some 1200+ miles away from Zero Dark Thirty until his supposed Muslim burial at Sea at 10AM? Take your time on this one; DNA testing requires DNA samples, an electron microscope and computer designed for this task. Not much time for all that eh?
Why was Admiral Charles Gaouette the only supposed Witness to Osama bin Laden’s arrival aboard the USS Carl Vinson? Why was he relieved of command aboard the USS Stennis over the Benghazi raid? Why aren’t we hearing from him now?
Why were all 30+ “Witnesses” of the Seal Team 6 raid on Osama bin Laden riding in one Army Helicopter over hostile territory when it was shot down?

“No Water Boarding; No bin Laden” Alleged CIA Motto

The idea of Water Boarding comes the Bible in 2 Kings 8:15. Ben-hadad was the Old Testament version of Bashar al-Assad, a Syrian King murdered and his kingship usurped. Elisha knew the plan; isn’t it obvious yet, those days are repeating?
The Office of Inquisition was famous for Torture techniques; Jesuit “White” Pope Francis I, Jesuit “Black Pope” Adolfo Nicholas and Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi head the Equestrian Knights today, just ask Knights of Malta Joe Biden, John Kerry, Gen Martin Dempsey and CIA Director, Wahhabist Muslim convert John Brennan.
After Ben-hadad was murdered, Edom revolted from Judah’s rule. In Gen 27:40KJV we can see what happens next will lead to Esau’s prophesied “Dominion” over Jacob. When this “Yoke” is broken Esau’s intent is to slay his brother Jacob; today, that means “Born Again Christians” and 144,000 from the 12 Tribes of Jacob (No this is not Israel).
Esau’s “Dominion” is described as the 3rd Beast in Dan 7:6 and Rev 13:2. It’s end is described in Obadiah. Folks, if you can’t see this happening, you need Jesus Christ and an Authorized Bible in your life! Now can you see why Jesus warned unless “Those Days were shortened…no flesh would remain”?


Red and blue are the colors of Quetzalcoatl the “Feathered Serpent”; Visible Light spans Blue to Red. Superman has 8 letters in his name; he’s the King of Kings of superheros. Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman was sent to earth by his father Jor-El; El is Saturn. Like Jesus Christ, Superman’s earth-parent’s names begin with J and M. Johnathan Kent is Joseph and Martha Kent is Mary. El is Saturn, the Canaanite god.
It’s not the letter S. All you have to do is open your mind and use your imagination; then look again. It’s a snake and it’s been there this whole time. For centuries, maybe even millennia, the serpent has been adorned, respected and understood as a positive symbol. A symbol that represents ideas like healing, wisdom and power. Let’s not forget, the symbol that represents our number 8, starts out looking like a snake when you scribe it. This is the symbol that represents the Kundalini and the Caduceus, which are symbols for enlightenment and healing. Even Superman says it’s not an S.
It’s not the letter S; It’s a snake and it’s been there for 6000 years; the serpent is the occult symbol of healing, wisdom and power. Snakes shed skin annually, thus the Serpent symbolizes Time; Father Time is Saturn aka Kronos, the root of Chronometer and Calendar. Kronos is also called “Grim Reaper” because he eats his offspring as soon as they are born, to prevent them usurping the role of King. The Serpent is the symbol of Kundalini “Serpent Force” and the Caduceus , the Serpent entwined staff of Mercury “Messenger of the Sun” and Aescalapius the “Healer”. Rabbis use the phrase “Tikkun Olan” meaning “Repair the Earth” to the pre-flood conditions; a world ruled by Saturn where Sin was the norm. The Serpent symbolizes enlightenment and healing; functions only Jesus can fill.
Superman originally wore a Suit that looks like snake skin; Quetzalcoatl is the “Feathered Serpent”.
Stalin “Man of Steel” killed more of his own countryman than anyone else on Earth. The Ultimate Guide To The Man Of Steel, by Scott Beatty and Superman Returns The Visual Guide, by Daniel Wallace tell the story. The insignia and the costume that Brandon Routh wore in Superman Returns, is texture and looks like snake skin.
What if, in order to become your super-self, all you had to do was raise, or awaken your serpent/ kundalini energy? Many people have reported being able to do this through the consumption of entheogens and through various forms of meditation.
The Diamond shape is used on Masonic Coffins; Diamond is purified organic material ie Enlightnened Man or Super Man; Nazis called this Ubermensch or Aryan.
The letters in the name Naman, can be rearranged to spell manna . If manna is a mushroom and both Naman and manna come from the heavens; does that mean Superman is a mushroom? Not only have serpents and dragons been used as esoteric symbols for the Amanita Muscaria mushroom; they have been used to symbolize the experience of what happens when you take these and other entheogenic substances.
Serpents and dragons been used as esoteric symbols for Red/White Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms; entheogenic substances mean “God Within”. They grow under Evergreen Trees (Groves are where Evil is done in sight of the LORD), collected in winter (Saturnalia) by Red Robed Shaman (Santa=Satan); Reindeer shed antlers like snakes; Satan is called “Little Horn” or “Cernunnos” (Horned One) for this reason.
Clark Kent works for the Daily Planet newspaper, and their logo looks just like the planet Saturn. Saturn is also known as El and Clark Kent is also known as Kal-El . Saturn/Cronus/El/God is the God of time and agriculture . The metal affiliated to and representing Saturn is lead . Superman has X-Ray vision, which allows him to see through ANYTHING, except for one thing… lead . Saturn chariot is lead by serpents/dragons.
Superman’s alter ego hides in plain sight working for the Daily Planet whose logo is Saturn. Clark Kent is also known as Kal-El; Saturn/Cronus/El is the God of time and agriculture, hence “Reaper”; the Temple Mount is the Jebusite “Threshing Floor” where Tares are removed from Wheat using Saturn’s Grain Scythe (Scythians were called Black Sea Princes); Cain was the first “Farmer”. The metal affiliated to and representing Saturn is lead. Superman has X-Ray (X=Chi=Christ) vision, which allows him to see through everything except lead. Saturn’s chariot is lead by serpents/dragons; Saturn aligns with Earth and the visible Sun twice/yr on June 24 “Feast of St John” and “Saturnalia” Dec 24; John is the Rising Sun Saturn; from the latin Eannes or Oannes the Chaldean Fish God, the Sea Beast “Neptunis” and Sea-Goat “Capricornus”.
The astrological symbol for Saturn looks like a cross or Tt, with an Ss attached to it. On the TV show, Smallville, Clark Kent was tied to a cross and had an S, or snake painted on his chest. This is the symbol for Saturn and a symbol of a crucified savior.
Superman, the son of El (Canaanite/Phoenician El seen in Babel) is the god of time Satan/Chronos wearing the Red/Blue colors of Quetzalcoatl. Not only can he travel forward and backward through time, he can control Earth’s time as well. The middle picture has the number 6 (the 6th planet from the sun is Saturn) and the planet Saturn. There’s also a film being made of Superman spinning the earth. Is he controlling Earth’s time?
Superman spinning the earth symbolizes Saturn/Chronos attempting to alter Time. He can’t, Earth is approaching 6000 years of age and Jesus will return when it is; Saturn arrives 1 1/2 years earlier at Rev 9:11.
Superman is Kronos. He is the God of agriculture, or farming and this is why Superman grew up on a farm, in Smallville, Kansas.