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Brooklyn Subway/Notre Dame/Pearl Harbor/London Bridge/Christchurch/ Parkland HS Valentines Day Hoax / Malaysia 370 / Malaysia 17 / Sandy Hook / Anthony Bourdain / Robin Williams / Las Vegas Harvest / Hurricane Harvey / Charlottesville / Brussels Airport / London Westminster Bridge Shooting / Pulse Nightclub / Boston Marathon bombing
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Nashville used the same Crisis Actors as Highland Park Crisis Actors and False Flags are part of the Dialectic: Thesis + Anti-thesis = Synthesis Control both sides and provide the solution. WWI, WWII and WWIII “Zionism versus Islam” were planned in writing Aug 15, 1871 on the Feast of Lucifer; every war is started with a False Flag.

Brooklyn Subway Shooting

Brooklyn Subway April 12, 2022

  • Biden signs Ghost Ghost Gun legislation April 11
  • 36th st (666)surveillance cameras go out for event
  • April 12 anniversary of Civil War start; shooter Frank James posts “O black Jesus please kill the whiteys”; his name matches Frank James (Jesse James brother) who fired the first shots at Ft Sumter April 12, 1861 to start the Civil War  
  •  Person in Orange hoodie setting up staged camera shots
  • Maimonides ambulance; Maimonides predicted 2022 for arrival of Messiah 800 years ago 
  • Crisis Actors (Victims) with IMDb pages walk to hospitals with gunshot wounds.
Relic of the True Cross


April 15, 2019 “Tax Day” Notre Dame Cathedral caught Fire the same time a fire broke out in the Marwani Prayer Room “Solomon’s Stables” at the Temple Mount. The 2012 video I Pet Goat II predicted the Notre Dame Spire collapsing 7 years beforehand; a video of the arsonist on the roof; Paris Fire Chaplain rescues the Monstrance with Crown of Thorns, and the Reliquary with a Nail and pieces of the Cross and Michelle Obama (Michael Robinson) watching the event from a private cruise boat in the Siene make this perhaps the boldest display of Bullshit since 9/11.

Pearl Harbor Attack

Pearl Harbor 9/11/2001 was written in the PNAC (Project for a New American Century) as the “New Pearl Harbor” The US destroyed the WTC Complex by “Pulling” a professional demolition term; the event killed 3000 as Samson killed 3000 Philistines “Pulling” down the Twin Pillars of the Temple of Dagan.
Pearl Harbor was planned to bring the US to war with Japan as 9/11/2001 brought the US to war with Islam; the plan for 3 World Wars was detailed by Confederate Freemason Albert Pike in 1871
FDR was goaded into WWII just as Woodrow Wilson was goaded into WWI by his Rosicrucian advisers; Wilson had Col Mandel House; FDR had Nicholas Roerich; Trump is managed by Chabad Lubavitch fake Jews; WWIII will ushering their Luciferian Moshiach.
FDR had Japanese communication codes and thus knew the position of Yamamoto’s Fleet, time and date of the attack; he withheld this information from Adam Husband Kimmel and Gen Dexter White. Woodrow Wilson was re-elected with the slogan “Re-elect the man who will keep your sons out of war in Europe” 2 months later US soldiers laden with Spanish Flu were on the way to the trenches. FDR reassured Americans at the Democratic National Committee in 1940 he would keep their kids out of foreign wars. On Nov 25, 1940 33 deg Freemason, Bi-sexual Druid Winston Churchill told fellow Luciferian Freemason FDR “Japan attack planned for 1st week of December”. Nov 26 FDR ordered Aircraft Carriers Lexington and Enterprise out of Pearl Harbor reducing air cover by 50%. Nov 29, 1049 Sec of State Cordell Hull issued Japan an Ultimatum: “Withdraw from Indochina and China or face War” The Japanese Ambassador said this pushed the Red Button.
“Nothing in politics happens by chance. If it happens you can bet it was planned” Pearl Harbor architect FDR

Fishmongers' Hall
Image from page 324 of "Discoveries among the ruins of Nineveh and Babylon; with travels in Armenia, Kurdistan and the desert: being the result of a second expedition undertaken for the Trustees of the British museum" (1859)

Babylonian-Chaldean-Canaanite-Assyrian-Philistine-Anglican-Catholic-Lutheran Priest Mitres (Mitra=Covenant) are Fish Jaws; it’s carved into Fishmonger’s Hall for a reason! These Priests worship the Beast Rising from the Sea aka Antichrist now, and always have for 4000 years! Dagan (Dag=Fish) the Philistine fish god is the god of the Worshipful Fishmongers and the Dag Hammersjkold UN Meditation Room The Elite worship Satan and intend to exterminate everyone who refuses to worship Satan; TimesUp Folks! Get right with JESUS now!!

Worshipful Company of Fishmongers Psy-Op False Flag London Police “Terror Drill” went live just like 9/11/2001, London Subway bombing, AP Murrah Bldg bombing, Oslo shooting, Sandy Hoax, Aurora Colorado Theater, Paris shooting and Boston Marathon. Usman Khan under watch of MI5, friends with MI5 asset Anjem Choudary allegedly leaves Fishmonger’s Hall, dons a fake Suicide Vest, is allegedly shot several times in the chest by Police Special Forces after killing 2 (Saskia Jones and Jack Merritt) on London Bridge. Pathologist Dr Fegan Earl pronounced all 3 dead, yet here is Usman Khan getting up after being declared dead Seems the Fishmongers are peddling Bullshit!
Russell Trust aka Skull & Bones Society or Society 322 after Adam’s fall into Sin in Gen 3:22 or Teutonic Brotherhood of Death or the Knights of the Black Sun (Nazi SS). The Temple of Wisdom atop the 33 vertebra of the human spine provides money, power, fame; everything a person needs to succeed in getting to Hell for Eternity!
Russell means “Red”; British means B’Rith=Birthright Covenant; that being Esau, renamed Edom=Red, the color of Debt; Jesus warned Creditors make Slaves of Debtors; want forgiveness of the Sin Debt? Ask JESUS.
300 Worshipful Fishmongers elect City of London Corp Lord Mayor which lays claim to most all physical assets on Earth including human bodies made from the Earth. Currently the Lord Mayor is William Russell, Rothschild (Red Shield=Edom) Banker and 5th “Russell” to become Lord Mayor. The Russell (Red) family is Edomite and begins with Norman Banker William Russell ca 1066AD who compiled the “Doomesday Book” listing assets controlled by Bastard Norman King William the Conqueror (Prince William is the 1000th Knight in the Order of the Garter, the City of London Corp Roundtable fashioned after Camelot, the Court of Arthur, the “Branch” of the “Terrible Ones” (Is 25:5)) Satanist Yale Skull & Bones founder William H Russell and Turkish, China, American Opium smuggler Samuel Russell may ring a Baal; Opium is the source of most fortunes. Of all the Russells perhaps none has been more influential than Satanist Lord Bertrand Russell, featured among the Satanic Elite in the Satanic Bible written by Anton LaVey “Venetian Mephistopheles” was the main influence behind the dropping of the Manhattan Project and dropping of Atomic Bombs on innocent civilians in Japan and the Hydrogen Bomb creation, the Thermo-nuclear “Cold War”, provided the backdrop of the fictitious Dialectic between the US and Russia used to entice the world’s nations into giving up Sovereignty for Protection; Race Eugenics; Abortion; Birth Control and finally Russell succeeded in promoting the UN as the One World Dictatorship The current Lord Mayor William Russell is no different.
The Lord Mayor is elected on Michaelmas (Sept 29) and is installed on Armistice (Temporary cessation of War) Day aka Veteran’s (Veteran means “Beast of Burden”) Day 11/11; November means 9th month, so it actually reads 9/11; Satan is cast to Earth at Rev 9:11. All wars are financed, instigated and managed by the City of London Corp Bankers. Michaelmas is the Feast of Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael; there is only 1, Archangel Michael and he ejects Satan from Heaven to Earth at Rev 9:11. Don’t fall for the BS! The plan is 2 fold: #1 Pit Zionism against Islam in WWIII in order for the Doctrine of Lucifer to be accepted worldwide. #2 Fool the world into believing the final battle of Gog and Magog is occurring now. Don’t buy the BS! The real Gog and Magog is AFTER THE MILLENNIUM!! (Rev 20:7-8)

Conservative TV show host out at Sinclair station after David Hogg comment

Christchurch: The Path to Progress Mormon Missionary Mason Wells showed up at 3 False Flag Events; Paris Shooting, Brussels Airport Security Checkpoint and Boston Marathon Finish Line Bombing. Parkland HS Shooting Hoax “Me Too” spokesman Dave Hogg showed up in Christchurch; the odds of coincidence drop to near zero; combine this with New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern was given a Freemason College Scholarship as Jason Ardern; the odds of coincidence drop to zero. Maddy Wilford was not shot at Parkland HS; the event was an FBI Cubic Simulation Exercise; her family lying rather unconvincingly like Mormon Robbie Parker setting up a GoFundMe account for daughter Emily in advance of Sandy Hook; CNN and current Coronavirus liar CDC Dir Robert Redfield aka Coroner H Wayne Carver know this all too well.
“All politics comes from guns, first you take the guns then the slaughter begins” Yale Divinity School Grad Chairman Mao Tse Tung. Mandatory Gun confiscations began Mar 30.
Parkland HS Student Crisis Actors like non-student David Hogg and his Father Kevin an ex-FBI Asset and Cubic Simulations Engineer (Cubic refers to Saturn the Black Cube) whose specialty is Engineering False Flag Events were in Christchurch last fall spreading their Gun Control Message Coincidence? Sure, just like Clinton Foundation Satanist-Pizza Gate Spirit Cooking/Pedophile John Podesta being in town for a “World Progressives Meeting” hosted by NZ PM Jacinda (Jason) Ardern called “The Path to Progress”. Another amazing coincidence, just like Christchurch Police conducting a “Tactical Training Drill” near the Al Noor Mosque; NZ Police who rarely carry firearms much less wearing Tactical Gear responded within 4 minutes; a 3rd amazing coincidence, just like NORAD, FAA and FEMA conducting a Terrorist Hijacking Drill in NYC on 9/11/2001 called “Vigilant Guardian” or Paris Police conducting “Terrorist Drills” at the 3 locations allegedly attacked, or the Hanover Exercise in London simulating a Terror Bombing in the Subway just ahead of the 7/7/2005 “777” Bombing; my favorite has to be Mormon Missionary Mason Wells who just happened to be at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, the Security Checkpoint in Brussels (On Purim; Watch out on Mar 20, 2019) the bomb went off and the Paris Cafe that a bomb went off. If you can’t understand “A man’s enemies are the men of his own house” Jesus Christ Mat 10:36 and Micah 7:6 It’s time to ask JESUS for help!
Progressivism at its core is Government is a God because people running Governments are Gods engineering the New Secular Order (Novus Ordo Seclorum) in no need of God. Edomites are Free of God and achieve “Dominion” (Gen 27:39:41KJV) as the 3rd Beast (Dan 7:6); they will then immediately hand this Dominion over to a 4th Beast (Dan 7:7). The engineered collapse of the World Economy (Black Horse rider) will be triggered by collapse of the $US; replaced by a Fascist Dictatorship led by Antichrist aka “Little Horn”. Progress means “State journey by Royalty”; Christchurch is a giant leap for British (B’Rith=Covenant by Birth ie Cain, Ishmael and Esau) Royalty.
WWIII will pit Islam against Zionism (Ref Jesuit handled Confederate-Freemason-Glutton Albert Pike’s written plan to Italian Revolutionary, Jesuit, Freemason Giuseppe Mazzini) Confederate means Against God’s Covenant.
New Zealand is part of the Five Eyes Spy Network with the US, Britain, Canada and Australia, + partnerships with Israel, Japan (Jih Pun=Rising Sun) and Singapore (Hashemite Kingdom of Sabah). Christchurch is the jump off point for Antarctica’s international Electro-Magnetic Scalar Weapon facilities. Geo-engineering and Project Blue Beam (fake Rapture, arrival of Antichrist as Jesus Christ) are likely about to go into high gear. Gabriel’s Ark may ring a Baal. Five Eyes is managed by the NSA; Trump nominee or rather Mike Pence, Gen Paul Nakasone, a 2nd Generation Intelligence of Japanese descent had his Senate confirmation hearing on St Patty’s Day; he now controls the NSA, US Cyber Command and US Central Security Command.
Japan PM Shintaro Abe allegedly created the Aum Shinrikyo Cult (1995 Tokyo Subway Sarin Gas attack), his Minster of Foreign Affairs was Yasuhiro Nakasone; Abe’s son Shinzo is a fan of Unit 731, the Chemical-Biological Weapons facility which made the Nazi program look like child’s play orchestrated the Fukushima Reactor meltdown, currently destroying the Pacific Ocean with MOX Uranium-Plutonium Oxide Radiation.
The NSA Data Collection Facility called “Vesuvius” named after the 79AD eruption of Mt Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii, has Quantum Computers in Mormon Zion requiring more electricity and water than Salt Lake City which analyze Meta Data for the NSA. NSA General Michael Aquino, Church of Satan Priest and Temple of Set founder served 6 years in prison for sending intelligence to the Philippines, also part of the Hashemite Kingdom of Sabah ie Sabians-Chaldeans. The NSA is shaped as a Black Cube just like the Ka’aba because they are both Saturnian; Saturn/Satan the Supreme Chaldean God, seen in BabylOn “Gate of Osiris”, BabEl (Gate of El, the Phoenician creator) and BabIlu “Gate of Allah” symbolized by the Six Pointed Star. The All Seeing Eye of Horus is the Son of Saturn. On Dec 26, 2019 a Solar Eclipse will form a Halo at Sunrise around the Moon, a very big deal for Chaldeans. Now maybe Christchurch will make more sense.
Al Noor (Arab for The Light) Mosque attacked with 12 bombs, Israeli weapons and a 17 min GoPro camera video, killing 50 and injuring 50. The shooter filmed a 17 min GoPro video (Q is the 17th Letter; QAnon article covers this) posted to Facebook Live showing Crisis Actors seemingly unaffected during withering fire. Witnesses claim multiple shooters, multiple arrests, suspects wearing camouflage fatigues, military grade explosives and automatic Israeli made weapons. The shooter’s Facebook Live video promptly went viral, shared on UTube, Twitter and Scribd Possession of the Facebook Live Video will get you 10 years in prison; sharing the video 14 years in prison; What happens if the viral video is planted on your computer? Fairly obvious what the goal of this False Flag Op is eh? The video is a proven fake
The Shooter’s Manifesto is similar to Unabomber Ted Kazinsky and the Oslo Norway attack by Anders Breivik and likely planned as the Dialectic “Antithesis” to the Pittsburg Synagogue False Flag. By who? Israel and the Mormon Church. PM Jacinda Ardern (uncle Ian is Mormon Quorum of the 70 Apostles) held a Crisis Meeting in the “Beehive” promising prompt Gun Legisation. Bee is Chaldean for Word; the Apis Bull in Egypt was the incarnation of Horus who became Osiris (Saturn) at the sacrifice festival on Dec 25. The Exec Wing of Parliament is called the Beehive and was built to reflect the Woven Hives constructed by Apis Bees; Egyptian Apis Bull is the Golden Bull of Israel and Wall St Bull; Mormon Zion in the Beehive State and the Six Pointed Chaldean Star “Beehive” should ring a Baal. This is a Giant Chaldean Sting!
PM Jacinda Ardern is a self described Socialist, Democrat, Republican, Progressive (Satanist/Pedophile John Podesta in NZ for a Global Progressives Event just prior to the Mosque attack) , Feminist, Agnostic ex Mormon (yeah sure, her uncle Ian is a Mormon Church General Authority; her father a NZ High Commissioner) LGBTQ+2 proponent and ex-president of International Union of Socialist Youth (same mosh pit lying Bi-sexual, Atheist Mormon AZ Senator Krysten Sinema and Alexandra Ocasio Cortez came from) promises Gun Control Legislation within 10 days; at 37, Ardern is the world’s youngest member of Parliament and youngest PM, initiated as Tony Blair’s aide, a New Age, Yarmulke wearing, Middle East Envoy, Rhodes Scholar (initiated with Bill Clinton) Freemason, Satanist, War Monger, False Flag creating Pedophile.
Brenton Tarrant played rugby for the Grafton Ghosts in the under 15 league in 2005; the shooter claiming to be Brenton Tarrant is a 42 year old Israeli trained, British Crypto fake Jew, Freemason who wants Civil War; a Gun Grabbing, Socialist, Fascist, Environmentalist, video game blaming, Communist China admiring gunman (Witnesses claim at least 2 shooters)
The gunman blared the 1968 song “Fire”, containing the line “I am the god of hellfire” referring to songwriter/musician Arthur Brown was heard as he drove off; Brown is considered the inspiration behind Alice Cooper (AC), The Who (We Won’t get fooled again refers to Esau fooled into selling his Birthright), Kiss (Knights in Satan’s Service) Marilyn Manson (Marilyn Monroe + Charles Manson; in Say Ten, the admitted Satanist tears out Red Lettered pages of the bible and kills Donald Trump; he was the longtime partner of Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood) and David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust originates from Zig meaning “Ishtar” or “Star”) 1968 was the year Rosemary’s Baby was born as well as the Apollo (Apollyon “Destroyer” in Rev 9:11) Missions. Crazy World eh?
1968 Strange Coincidences: Fire, Satanic Mass, Hair, Apollo, Rosemary’s Baby, 2001: A Space Odyssey The gunman blared the 1968 song “Fire”, the line “I am the God of hellfire” by Arthur Brown; Brown is considered the inspiration behind Alice Cooper (AC), The Who (We Won’t get fooled again refers to Esau fooled into selling his Birthright), Kiss (Knights in Satan’s Service) Marilyn Manson (Marilyn Monroe + Charles Manson; in Say Ten, the admitted Satanist tears out Red Lettered pages of the bible and kills Donald Trump; he was the longtime partner of West World star Evan Rachel Wood) and David Bowie whose astronaut persona Ziggy Stardust originates from Zig meaning “Ishtar” or “Star”) In 1968 Rosemary’s Baby was released, depicting the birth of Antichrist; Rosemary is impregnated by Satan played by Anton LaVey. In 1968 Apollo (Apollyon “Destroyer” in Rev 9:11) Program begins.
On 1/8/16 David Bowie released Black Star; the album cover depicts a Solar Eclipse Halo which will occur on Dec 26, 2019. Bowie’s astronaut persona Ziggy Stardust symbolic of Astronaut David Bowman in the 1968 movie 2001: A Space Odyssey; the movie features a Plasma Emission guiding Lunar Astronauts to Jupiter (Kubrick who faked the Moon Landings originally wanted to use Saturn the “Black Star” for Astronaut Bowman’s Death-Re-birth) Over the Christmas (Christ=Messiah + Mass) 2016 holidays, Buzz Aldrin was air evacuated with pneumonia on a visit to the South Pole with assistant Christina Korp (Christ Corp) to Christchurch tweeting “We are all in danger, this is Evil itself”, his ER physician in Christchurch is Dr David Bowie. In 1968, George Bush was tapped by John Kerry (narrowly missed a destructive earthquake in Christchurch on his visit to the South Pole) for his Skull & Bones initiation. 8 years before the release of Black Star on 1/8/8 GW Bush was given Megillat Bush in Zedekiah’s Cave under the Temple Mount and proclaimed “Gog, Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal” by the Sanhedrin who once order the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and Temple Mount Faithful; GW Bush was named “Gog” in his 1968 Skull & Bones Initiation.
On 9/11/2015 a bin Laden construction crane collapsed at the Grand Mosque in Mecca killing 107 people, 2 weeks later during the Hajj a Plasma Emission (like the one from the Black Monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey) caused a stampede killing 4000. The Plasma Emission allegedly came from an uncovered box called the “Ark of Gabriel” with End Time messages from Angel Gabriel to Muhammad. Angel Gabriel gave the warnings in Daniel 8 and announced the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ; Muslims and Mormons are taught Gabriel delivered the Quran and Book of Mormon. Whatever the Box was was or wasn’t, Russia sent a Naval escort to pick up the package and transport it to Antarctica where Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kiril blessed it during a Christmas service at the Church of the Life Giving Trinity which was visited by Tom Hanks. What’s in Antarctica? Dozens of Scalar EM Energy facilities capable of causing Earthquakes in diverse places, Weather Modification and Lying Signs and Wonders; the technology Donald Trump’s uncle John Trump weaponized for the US Army and handed to Russia. The Simpsons episode Trumptastic Voyage featured the same Black Monolith in his hair; the 1968 Broadway musical Hair about the Age of Aquarius may ring a Baal. Aquarius is the New Age ruled by Saturn “Black Star”. In 1968, Church of Satan Magus Anton LaVey recorded Satanic Mass; the limited edition of the recording is due to be released on Walpurgisnacht 2019. Now if you think all this is coincidence better take another look!

Shakespeare in the Park featured Donald Trump as Julius Caesar killed by Brutus (Mike Pence); Julius Caesar was stabbed to death by his own Senate on Mar 15, 44BC. Simpsons pictured Trump in a casket guarded by Secret Service who work for the Treasury not the President; Pence, an Interfaith Minister officiated Skull & Bones Goldman Sachs Banker and Treasury Sec Steven Mnuchin’s 3rd Wedding. The Vietnam War began March 8, 1965; Yugoslavia Mar 24, 1999; Iraq Mar 20, 2003; Syria Mar 15, 2011; Libya Mar 19, 2011; Yemen Mar 25, 2015. Gulf War I “Hwy of Death”, Gulf War II “Shock and Awe”, Libyan War “Shock and Awe” all occurred on Purim Mar 20, 2019. Why? March is Mars, the UNKNOWN GOD of War in Acts 17, ignorantly worshipped at the Areopagus “Mars’ Hill” in Rome. The UNKNOWN GOD is Nergal, the Babylonian Cock heralding the Rising Sun.

/////////////////////////Parkland HS Shooting Hoax///////////////////

"We're the Kids in America, whoa-oh!"

Valentine’s Day “Lupercalia” involves the sacrifice of a Dog and Goat before a ritual Orgy. The application for March for our Lives demonstration starring Media Darling, Liar and Author Dave Hogg was made “Several Months prior” to the event. Drama teacher Melody Herzfeld will accept a Tony Award on June 10, 2018 for her role in the Hoax.
Lent 2018 began on Valentine’s Day on the Ides of Februalia on Day #44 is “Lupercalia” Day of the Wolf. In 2018 Valentine’s Day is coincident with Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. In Gematria 44 is Blood (Dam); menstrual blood soaked Goat Skins were worn by Gnostic Priests of Valentinus “Luperci” in the 1st C AD.
Lent + 40 Days “Weeping for Tammuz” (Eze 8:14; Tammuz means “Purify by Fire”; Tammuz is the son of Saturn aka Horus, Zeus, Marduk, Jupiter)=April Fool’s Day, Feast of First Fruits, Easter Sunday and the Assyrian Akitu Festival marking the return of Marduk. At the end of her purifying, the woman (Ishtar) shall bring forth a lamb for a burnt-offering; JESUS is the Passover Lamb (Lev 12:6; Lk 2:22); Passover 2018 begins on Good Friday, the false Crucifixion, 1 1/2 days ahead of Easter, the false Resurrection Day. Pretty coincidental all this lines up with the day Jesus was sent on Fool’s Errands, rejected and Crucified isn’t it? Or NOT!
Aleister Crowley’s Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix details the holocaust of the Phoenix as “Lord of the Jubilees”. Rabbis call Hebrew Year 5778 “Year of Moshiach”; Shamash aka Marduk is the “Rising Sun”; pretty coincidental the temperature of the Sun’s surface is 5778K eh? The 10th Jubilee (Ref Prince Melchisedek Scroll, Rabbi Judah ben Samuel, Tzaddiq Baal Shem Tov) ends on St Patrick’s (Ptah) Day.
Day #77 on Mar 17, 2018 St Patrick’s Day marks the start of the 70th Anniversary of Israel; God’s gathering of the Tribes of Israel? Not on your eternal life “The virgin of Israel has fallen, she shall no more rise” Amos 5:2 St Ptah Rek heralds the return of Melchisedek; the Cult of Saturn are called “Melchisedekians”. God’s timing is on vivid display; Time’s Up folks! The Golden Age of Saturn is here; as Golden Globe Award recipient Oprah said “A new day is on the Horizon” Zeus means “Day”=”Horus of the 2 Horizons”=Tammuz, the ash “T” placed on foreheads at Lent.
Heart means Baal. The Sacred Heart of St Valentine can be seen on the short video I, Pet Goat II; ( no folks, that is not the real Scapegoat (Num 16:8-10) Jesus Christ in that video, it is the New Age Christ “Antichrist” on the Barque of Horus sailing towards the Rising Sun “Saturn”. It’s all there in plain sight; the destruction of America as the Scapegoat; the Apple (Lycaon Werewolf Apollo) split on the Masonic Floor over C=$100 and L=$50 (NYC and Hoover Dam destroyed); Osama bin Laden wearing a CIA patch and the New Aeon of Horus beginning. V means Nail, referring to the Nails that held Jesus Christ to the Tree. Who is Heliofant? Helio=Helios=Sol=Solis Invictus “Unconquered Sun”=Saturn + Hierofant “Sacred” + “Revealing”. Ready for the Sacred Heart to be revealed? If not I suggest a one on one personal relationship with Jesus Christ is in order.
Ash Wednesday and Easter are not Catholic (Universal) much less Christian. Good Friday is 1 1/2 days before Easter and has nothing to do with the Crucifixion or Resurrection of Jesus Christ which occurred on Passover and Feast of First Fruits. In 2018 Passover begins on Good Friday Mar 30. Priests use sacrificial ashes to form the Tau on a person’s forehead; Jesus was Crucified on a Tree not a Cross. The Tau represents worship of the Rising Sun; Saturn and his son Tammuz; in Ezekiel 8 25 men turned their backs to the LORD and worshipped the Rising Sun in the East while women wept on the porch for the slain and resurrected Tammuz; the 25 ancients of Israel are called the Sanhedrin who later sent Jesus Christ on “Fool’s Errands” (Annas to Pilate to Caiaphas to Herod and back) ordered the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. In Egypt the Tau is the Ankh; in Babylon is symbolized Tammuz (Tam=Purify + Muz=Fire) aka Holocaust. Tammuz is equivalent with Marduk, Zeus, Jupiter, Horus, the son of Saturn (Satan), essentially the deification of Bab El (Gate of El) Bab Ilu (Gate of Allah aka Sin), Babyl on (Gate of Osiris).
Easter (Isis, Ishtar, Ashtoreth) is the Whore of Babylon/Babel riding the Beast (Zeus/Tammuz/Marduk) aka Europa, seen at the European Parliament, built as unfinished Tower of Babel with Seat #666 (Mark of the Beast) held vacant, but not for long.

Ash Wednesday False Flag: 17+ dead 14 injured Broward County Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School shooting Sheriff Scott Israel attended FBI Academy, says “The lone shooter was taken into custody…” Student witnesses say there were 2-3 shooters A vote on relaxing gun gackground checks was scheduled for Feb 15. Alexa Miednik, whether an Actor or not claims there had to have been 2 shooters; she spoke with Cruz (Apparently weapon free) after exiting her class during the Fire Alarm and heard shots fired in another building; Alexa lives in Skipack PA and does not attend Parkland HS. Dave Hogg was a false witness; his father is an ex FBI, contractor working for Cubic Simulations which set up the Urban Warfare Training Exercise involving Military, Law Enforcement, and FBI. He was not a student at the HS, having graduated 4 years prior. The budding TV personality/liar received a lot of airtime promoting Gun Control on March for Our Lives Day Mar 23. Nikolas Cruz is allegedly an orphan who purchased an arsenal of weapons, Ubers to the school, assembles an AR-15, dons full metal body armor, shoots 17 evading school cameras and slips out without anyone seeing him shoot anyone.
Israel claims to be Jewish and Christian, history calls these people “Crypto”; Israel managed the Ft Lauderdale Airport shooting hoax. AR-15? Yes. Immediate calls for banning guns? Sort of; the big push is to keep guns out of the hands the mentally unstable, such as the mentally ill who hear voices like Mike Pence? Right Joy Behar? Temple of Satan’s favorite Governor Rick Scott “I will speak to lawmakers to make sure nobody with a mental illness ever touches a gun” CT Senator Chris Murphy calls on lawmakers to “Take action to stop this scourge” I agree, stop lying. Murphy said he saw 26 dead bodies in the firehouse across the street from Sandy Hook and vowed to take action on gun control; Murphy is a Liar, the Fire House is not across the street from Sandy Hook elementary; the Active Shooter Drill took place several miles from Sandy Hook.
Student witness recalls Cruz “Always had guns on him and stuff like that”; Florida has concealed carry, not open carry; how would they know? Nikolas Cruz “I’m gong to be a professional shooter” comment left on Bail bondsman Ben Bennight’s Facebook page Sept 24, 2017; Why a Bailbondsman’s page? Jeff Sessions (The Family Initiate worships mass murderers of their own people such as Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung) and several student witnesses blame the FBI; odd to say the least, it is not their jurisdiction. Ft Lauderdale shooter Esteban Santiago-Ruiz walked into the FBI office in Alaska a year before the event saying “Im being forced by the CIA to fight for ISIS”. School resource officer claims Cruz arrived during dismissal; witnesses claim it was 20 minutes prior.
GoFundMe account as immediately set up, receiving over $300K in 10 hours. Fire Drill and an alleged Active Shooter Code Red Lockdown Drill at the school; if all this was scheduled to occur, where was Police Resource Officer Scott Petersen? Feb 15 Lawmakers vote on Florida Gun background check requirements A scheduled Active Shooter drill using student as suicided or captured shooter and Fire Drill on the same day. FEMA Emergency Response Training Drill in adjacent County Shooter/patsy Nikolas Cruz, previously expelled from school and in mental health counseling. Mother of 2 sons who witnessed the event was also a witness to the Ft Lauderdale Airport shooting; Bad Luck? or paid Crisis Actor like Mormon Missionary Mason Wells who was involved in the Brussels Airport Hoax and Boston Marathon False Flag. White Supremacist leader Jordan Jereb says Cruz was a member of his group who participated in paramilitary drills; he didn’t know him personally, but that Cruz had girlfriend problems; sure! makes sense; NOT! Cruz was photographed target practicing wearing a Trump “Make America Great Again” hat; guess that’s his favorite White Supremacist eh?Secret Service were at the HS weeks before the event; Red Flag. 17 Yr old Zachary Cruz forcibly taken to Mental Institution; Red Flag. A police resource officer was on campus but was no factor in the event; the liklihood of being able to shoot 30+ people with a semi-auto weapon with police on campus is nil. Witness/Crisis Actor Alexa Miednik said she spoke with Cruz as she exited her class, after the shooting began and remembered him as a trouble maker from Middle School; she is married, does not attend class and lives in Alippack PA Nicholas Cruz posts pictures of himself cutting both arms to Snapchat. Florida DCFS says “He has fresh cuts on his arms and intends to buy a gun”. Trump confidant Roger Stone “Scott Israel is a “Punk, Racist, Thief” Roger was Scott’s biggest campaign donor/cheerleader to become Sheriff.
The entire story is pretty unbelievable. 31 High School students shot with a semi-auto rifle with police in the buildings? About as believable as Columbine, Sandy Hook, Pulse Nightclub On 8 Oct 2012, a FEMA Mass casualty drill was drawn up involving “Firearms at a school followed by apprehension or suicide of the shooter” was scheduled for 14 Dec 2012, the day of Sandy Hoax The same thing happened in Florida. Robbie Parker had his donation fund set up for alleged Emily Parker before the alleged shooting; if you haven’t seen him laughing before his CNN interview; it’s creepy. News outlets reported the Florida HS Shooting 2 days early Adam Lanza means “Red Spear” referring to the Spear of Destiny used to pierce the side of Jesus Christ; Red refers to Edomites and Gnostics who regard Jesus as a 3rd Adam rather than God in Flesh. Nikolas de Jesus Cruz means Nicolaitane (Conquer the Laity) + Jesus + Cross. Jesus was nailed and hung on a Tree; the Ash Wednesday Cross symbolizes worship of Tammuz at least for those in the know.
Marjory Stoneman Douglas was the inspiration for Rachel Carson’s book “Silent Spring”, the mother of all False Flags in terms of Death Count; the story is about DDT causing Eagle Eggs to die; as a result of banning the perfectly safe and effective DDT, Mosquito born diseases like Malaria kill 10’s of millions/yr unnecessarily; coincidentally the High School mascot is the Eagle, also the symbol of Esau (Ref Obadiah)
Chabad Lubavitch Rabbis coordinated the prayer vigil and evening memorial; Gov Rick Scott attending the service at Temple K’ol Tikvah Synagogue. Chabad is the 1st 3 levels of Kaballah (Chockmah, Binah Daat); no more “Jewish” than Jesuits are Catholic or Freemasons are Protestant/Baptist; they are Cryptos, heirs to Sabbattean/Talmudic Satanism aka Synagogue of Satan.
Alexa Miednik and Meadow Pollack live in Skipack PA; they are not students at Parkland HS.
David Hogg, 25 yr old Crisis Actor from California and aspiring journalist, son of retired FBI Agent Kevin Hogg, now an employee of Cubic Simulation Systems (Urban Warfare Simulations working in Florida with Shomrim, Chabad House and IDF Reservists) Cube is Saturn folks! This was an Engineered Hoax. Dave is a member of “Never Again” movement and his alleged surfer friend in California were verbally assaulted by a Lifeguard and now is a videographer witness to the Florida Shooting; why does he wear an earpiece during interviews? Who was the “Security Specialst” with neutered Resource Officer Scot Peterson?
Sheriff Scott Israel believes as his father Sonny, in the call of the Talmud; 7 Noahide Lawsproscribe the killing of followers of Jesus as “Idolaters”; their deaths an appropriate sacrifice to God. Talmudic Rabbis win debates with God, it’s not what’s written, but the Oral Tradition of Pharisees, Saduccees and Essenes that matter most. After all, Jesus is the son of a Whore, writing in His own boiling excrement in Hell because of His Blasphemy in declaring Himself God.
NRA President Peter Brownell is a member of B’Nai Mitzvah; past president Sandra Froman and Wayne LaPierre are Cryptos. Even the venerable Charleton Heston “From my cold dead hands” is a 33 degree Luciferian Freemason and 2nd Amendment 5th column traitor.
Temple of Satan’s favorite Gov Rick Scott appointed 36 Yr old Broward Cty Judge Elizabeth Scherer, now presiding over the Nikolas Cruz trial; Scherer is Ashkenazic meaning “Sheep Shearer”; rather appropriate for a man named Cruz. Her husband Tony Mercer was arrested with a pound of Marijuana, several illegal prescription drugs for sale and an ounce of cocaine; 7 Felony Drug Dealing charges were dropped when the case was moved for obvious Conflict of Interest to Palm Beach Cty Court; Judge Scherer however had no trouble signing a SWAT Search and Siezure order resulting in the death of the unarmed Howard Bowe in his home with a fraction of the amount Tony got off with. For Pilots, the Palm Beach Ivanka and Buffet (named after drug dealer Jimmy “Parrot Head” Buffet) Departures are a hoot; Ahhab (after Israel’s wicked king Ahab and Jezebel), Jimey, Pyrut (hey, Pirates have Parrots you know; Cruise Ships transport a lot more than tourists covered with oil), Baybe, Cryer and Brthr, my personal favorite, after Barack’s famous missing Birth Certificate. Her father Bill Scherer is a Republican lobbyist and Attorney involved with Palm (Palmyra “City of Palms” is Amurru in Syria where sacrificed were burned to honor Molech, before a homosexual orgy of course) Beach Billionaire pedophile Jeff Epstien and Donald Trump. Epstein’s private B-727 “Lolita Express”, private Pedophile Island retreat “Little St James” and Flight Logs with proof of high level passengers like Donald Trump and Bill Clinton aboard, are allegedly held by Scott Rothstein, in a 2017 $Multi-million fraud suit with Bill Sherer and a current suit with Jeff Epstein; I’m sure they’ll work something out. Pirates Shearing Sheep in “Little Israel” never gets old.

Florida Congressional Aide Ben Kelly said “Florida shooting survivors are Crisis Actors who travel from one event to another”; well documented at this point. Here is a Google Search listing a dozen events hiring “Crisis Actors” such as the Rep and Dem Conventions, campaign stops, Las Vegas, Texas, Oregon, California and Florida
Sen Marco “Foam Party” “Gay Web Cam” Rubio-“Claiming students on TV are actors is the work of a disgusting group of idiots with no sense of decency” Like Marco who bragged to Jimmy Fallon about his $1000 zip boots with 3in lift, going to “Foam Parties” (Homosexual Orgy of sorts) and backseat gay sex and drugs with his partner running a “Gay web cam” extortion ring.
Marco Rubio is not a Natural Born Citizen of the US and was ineligible to run for President; he was born before his parents were Naturalized. His pal Ted Cruz is not a citizen of any nation; his father the Evangelical fraud entered the US illegally, left the US to avoid the Vietnam Draft to Canada, gave birth to Ted when Canada had no Dual Citizenship laws after which Ted gave up his Canadian citizenship. Jesus railed on “Hypocrites” like Marco Rubio not the Truth seekers; He said “My people perish for lack of knowledge” God puts the “BASEST” of men in charge so we may know He is Sovereign Ruler in the Kingdom of men (Dan 4:17)
“Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.” Rev 3:9 Shomrim “Watchers/Protectors” is a fake Jewish (Jesus was/is Jewish; He said never call any man Rabbi Ref Mat 23:8) Pedophile Protection Racket headed by Haredim (Ultra-Orthodox) Rabbis. Shomrim’s “Man of the Year” Scott Israel managed the Ft Lauderdale Airport False Flag; to pull off the Parkland HS event, 3 Fire Alarms in separate buildings were set off simultaneously; obviously not the work of a Lone Gunman as Israel stated.
Trump adviser Roger Stone called Sheriff Israel “An unqualified Punk, Racist, Thief”; he was also the Sheriff’s biggest supporter in the campaign for Broward County Sheriff, the County with the largest budget in the US by far ($370M/Yr); Broward County is called “Little Israel”. Sheriff Israel not only hired Roger Stone, his book writer, publicist and exec assistant, he also promoted his stepson to Detective shy of 2 yrs on the Police Force. Sheriff Israel says School Resource Officer “Scot Petersen is a coward who knew a shooting was taking place but failed to take action” He was probably following the precedent set at Columbine HS when SWAT Officers stood by for 3 hours; Why? It was planned that way. Now why does Stone have a tatoo of “Tricky Dick” on his back? Nixon attempted to end the Vietnam War at the 1968 Paris Peace Accords, which were not signed until 1973; Watergate? What a joke.
Scott Beigel was allegedly killed escorting students back to class; nobody recalled seeing him shot, his name was redacted from the “Victim List”, he had a Temporary address in Florida, and actually lives in Dix Hills What caught my eye most was “153News”
20 Minute Tape Delay on Security Camera footage is Bullshit. That’s how Police saw the armor clad Nikolas Cruz wander around the school shooting people, and make his get away. Dang new fangled tape machines are as reliable as the 10 camera feeds that failed on 9/11/2001 at the Pentagon that missed the B-757. Stand Down Orders Resource Officer Scott Peterson and 3 Broward Deputies apparently watched the gunman from outside on cameras which had a 20 minute tape delay; they apparently couldn’t hear the gunfire, and didn’t enter because they received “Stand Down” orders. Oh, now it makes sense.
Nikolas Cruz sets new world record Uber ride His Uber ride ends 2:19, shooting starts 2:20; Cruz assembles AR-15, suits up in “Full Metal Body Armor”, Gas Mask, and Helmet, hits Fire Alarm in 3 locations, in 60 Seconds; kills 17 people, changes clothes and meets Alexa Miednik in the hall when the fire alarm sounds. How on Earth can he be mentally unstable? He’s more like Houdini.
Gov Rick Scott and Atty Gen Pam Bondi are making sure nobody with a mental illness can obtain a gun; for all their bungling, Broward Police managed to get Nikolas Cruz into a Hospital gown rather quickly eh? So why were Cruz and his brother taken directly to a mental hospital? What ever will happen to their $800K inheritance? Zachary Cruz has a Facebook page which lists alleged witnesses Alexa Miednik and Meadow Pollack as Friends; What are the odds? An entry cites Church by the Glades where Mike Pence was a guest speaker Mar 19, 2017; What are the odds? Like Sandy Hoax, the Bldg 12 Parkland HS “Crime Scene” will be demolished on orders of the School Superintendant; a Crime Scene is not his jurisdiction.
Donald Trump is pals with Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, weighing options for imposing “Gun Restraining Orders” to confiscate guns from people deemed a threat to themselves or others as he orders Military Parade on Veteran’s Day to top Kim Jong Un’s parade; Donald’s Red Button is bigger and it works after all! Donald Trump says “I would have run in unarmed”; Trump was given 5 Draft deferrments during the Vietnam War. Bondi was investigating Trump University fraud until Trump donated $25K to her election campaign; Bondi was also a potential VP pick if Mormon Mitt Romney had won; besides laungering Iran-Contra Drug profits, Mitt also had Draft Deferrments. Sherriff Scott Israel making sure School Resource Police Officers carry AR-15’s in response to 3 deputies doing nothing to stop the apparent shooting. With the official story at Parkland falling apart he better act fast. “The right to bear arms shall not be infringed” except in response to False Flags foisted by Crisis Actors, managed by Talmudic Rabbis. Maybe we should provide AR-15’s to the children raped and tortured by Jeff Epstein and Donald Trump so they can defend themselves.

/////////////////Malaysia 370////////////////

Beutler Ink, a PR ag
MH-17 = MH-370

Liber A’Ash CCCLXX or Book 370 praises Gnosticism. Pit Bull and Shakira 2012 song “Get it Started” “Now its off to Malaysia, 2 passports, 3 cities and 2 countries in 1 day”: 2 Iranian Passports, Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi or, Beijing”? MH-370 Kuala Lumpur to Beijing? Rather coincidental eh?
The MH-370 story began in Port Victoria, Seychelles with the Capt Phillips Ship Maersk Alabama in port; 2 US Trident Group Counter-piracy, Bio/Radiological-security Guards drop dead simultaneously of Heroin/alcohol (Sure); the Bio/Rad cargo is allegedly transferred to Emirates Air to Kuala Lumpur loaded onto Malaysian Air MH-370 and flown to the US Naval Base Diego Garcia, likely by Remote. Disease experts from the CDC and Chinese CDC are then summoned to Diego Garcia. MH-370 tail number matches MH-17, the cancelled flight from Schipol Airport Netherlands; the aircraft was flown, quite possibly remotely, 400 miles off route over the Ukraine War Zone and shot down; raining down were several dozen, long dead, frozen corpses which were then taken at gunpoint by Rebels, loaded onto a refrigerated “Plague Train” and sent to Rotterdam.
Freescale Technology, the division of Motorola which handled NASA Telemetry during the Apollo Lunar Hoax program patented the KL-03 Microchip used in RF controlled Hardware applications ranging from Avionics control of Commercial and Military Aircraft, IFF (Identification), Drones, and Missile Guidance; HF (Over the Horizon) Radar, Battlefield Comm; Electronic Warfare including control of Power Grid, Atomic Power Plants (read Fukushima X50), Dams, Fuel Stations, ATM’s etc etc Control that Hardware, control the world which is why MH-370 and the KL-03 Patent holders aboard MH-370 were remotely flown to Diego Garcia duirng a joint US-Malaysia Radar Drill. Subsequently, the Malaysian PM declared “All Souls lost” and a US Patent Court convened, awarding the 5 way split Provisional Patent to Blackstone Group, Carlyle Group and TPG Holdings; Blackstone is the world’s largest Private Equity Fund and KL-03 the world’s most lucrative Patent.
KL-03 US Patent #8650327 is a ubiquitous, 75cent, RF Micro-controller, tested on MH-370; built by Freescale Technology whose investors are Carlyle Group (Bush, bin Laden, Saddam Hussein), Saudi bin Laden Group and Blackstone Group (Stephen Schwarzmann, Jacob Rothschild=Edomite Dominion) The chip is the backbone of the Internet of Things in Computers, Cell Phones, Atomic Power Plant Controllers (eg Fukushima), ATM’s, Fuel Pumps, Hospitals, Home Appliances, Traffic Lights etc etc. None of the 4 Chinese/Malaysian Patent Holders Zihong Chen, Li Ying, Peidong Wang, Zhijun Chen are listed on the flight manifest of MH-370. Just like 9/11/2001, no Arab names of the alleged 19 hijackers are on flight manifests of AA #11; #77 UA #175; #93 on 9/11/2001.
MH370 is a cryptogram for ELOHIM; El is the Canaanite Saturn, the Supreme Chaldean God is Saturn.
Say hello to our Canaanite/Edomite Land Lords Jacob Rothschild and Knight of Malta Peter Peterson; Rothschild Jewish? Bauer=Farmer=Cain; Canaan born of incest; Esau married Canaanite women and became Edom=Red; the Red 666 over Bauer turned Rothschild door and Six Pointed Star of El (Saturn) on the US money is a dead giveaway. Like Cain and Esau, Jacob Rothschild sold his soul, but we don’t have to. Jesus will give you a White Stone and a New Name or a Black Stone and forget you were ever born. The choice is yours. In addition to hijacking MH370, Blackstone Group is by far the largest Single Family Home Rental Agency in the US and the best news, it’s Rental Backed Securities Funds are open to Foreign Investors; “Live, Liberty and the Pursuit of Property”? Nah, “Happiness” folks! Happiness for Edomites at least for now.
The Edomite King Herod celebrated Easter (Acts 12:4KJV); why on Earth are you? The Trident “Devil’s Pitchfork” used on Malaysia Airlines Jets symbolizes the union of the ancient “Horned God” of Death and Resurrection with the Triple Goddess at Easter. The Horned God is known as Cernunnos; CERN scientists pass the Idol of Shiva everyday serving the “god of Forces” (Dan 11:38). Why? Cernunnos is called the “Life Force Energy”. The Horned God is also Pan, Green Man, Herne, Jannicot (Janus), Hades, Ammon-Zeus, Baphomet (Baph+Metis=Union of Spirit and Wisdom), Sophia (Logos or Wisdom), Sabbath Goat of Mendes or Tubal-cain (Vulcan of the Canaanites). The Triple Goddess of Witchcraft “Hecate” is also called “Kore” meaning “Maiden or Daughter”, whose followers are described in Jude. Followers of Kore “Perish”; the Soul perishing in Hell is meant here. Witchcraft folks, not the Roman Catholic Church; Witchcraft causes rejection of Jesus Christ and perishing for eternity in Hell. Kore lent its name to Korea Zionist hack Joseph Farah (Word Net Daily) says China has ordered North Korea to attack the US with a Nuclear EMP which would send the US back to the Stone Age; no Power, Comm, Banking, Fuel or Transportation; BS! Boeing’s CHAMP (Counter-electronics High-power Microwave Missile Project) and the NGO NERC (National Electric Reliability Project) will take out the Power Grid; “A man’s enemies shall be the men of his own household” It’s written in RED folks! Kore and Hecate have other names: Demeter (Earth Mother), Persephone (Destroy/Murder), the goddess of the Eleusinian Mystery Cult or Kali the Goddess bearing 1000 skulls. Kali and Kore relate to the last form of the Triple Goddess “Crone”, another name of Satan/Saturn being “Kronos” meaning “Time”. The union represented by the Trident is called the “Great Rite”; born at Saturnalia/Yule, the Goddess is annually impregnated at the Fertility Ritual “Easter”, which in 2014 coincides with 4/20 “Weed Day”; Saturn’s Sickle may ring a bell here. Cernunnos is “Little Horn” of Dan 7:8, the “Alternative Messiah”; the Weeds? The House of Jacob. The world will soon become one giant “Killing Field” or “Planet Spring”, the cancerous follow on to “Arab Spring” if you prefer.
Malaysia Airlines uses the Trident Logo, specifically one large Trident and one little Trident forming the number of Sovereignty “33”; the age Jesus was at the Crucifixion. Trident Group Security Bio-materials guards were murdered guarding Maersk Alabama cargo that ended up on MH370. The Trident aka “Thunderbolt of Jupiter” (Capitol means Womb of Jupiter/Zeus) is carried by Poseidon and Neptune whose statue stands guard of the Black Sea at Sochi. Neptune is the planet of false Messiah’s, Gurus and Teachers. The Trident on the Flag of Ukraine (ancestral home of Sarmation Priest-Kings; Sar means Prince ie “People of the Prince” or the Order of Melchisedek as King of Salem and Priest of Most High) and Trident of Shiva, the Hindu Destroyer is also used by TEPCO whose radiation circles the globe from Fukushima destroying all life in its path which is why the Trident is called the “Caduceus of India”. If you are not in personal covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ yet, now is the time to do so, before Easter Edomite King Herod celebrated Easter by killing James and imprisoning Peter (Acts 12:3-4); When Edomites obtain Sovereignty (Dominion), their stated intention is to kill everyone in the House of Jacob (Gen 27:39-41KJV) meaning Jews and Born Again followers of Jesus Christ.
The Roman Catholic Church is being set up as the Scapegoat (falsely blamed) for Rev 17 MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT…Jesuit Pope Francis I (High level Jesuits are Satanic Black Nobility, Gnostic Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing; Witchcraft is MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT… Francis means “Free” of God; he is St Malachy/Molechy’s last Pope before Rome burns. Francis carries the Twisted Crucifix on the Silver Scepter as did Pope John Paul II, elected after the murder of John Paul I, in office 33 days for exposing the Vatican Bank involvement with Italian P-2 (Propaganda Lodge) Freemasons; important because Angelo Roncalli headed the “Congregation of Propaganda” and “Papal See of Sofia”. The enemy is as it always has been, Gnostics in the Cult of the Serpent/Saturn inside the gates repeating lies over and over until people believe them; Johnitters, Manichaeans, Albigens, Cathars, Bogomils, Freemasons pretending to be Christian.
Gnostics worship a nebulous figure called St John; Jesus was hanging in a nest of horns behind the altar of the Cathedral of St John the Divine in NYC until recently. The Shroud of Turin is kept at the Cathedral of St John the Baptist; scientists from Great Britain released findings April 9 claiming neutron emissions from an earthquake in 33 AD formed the image on the Shroud of Turin proves Jesus was hung in a “Y” configuration as the Twisted Crucifix portrays; Blasphemous nonsense! Jesus was a “Young Child” of 1 1/2 when the Edomite King Herod died for ordering the “Slaughter of Innocents” in the Spring of 4 BC. Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles in 6 BC. He was Crucified on Passover in 27 AD. 2 words are used in scripture in connection with the Crucifixion; Xulon and Stauros; Jesus carried the Stauros (Cross Bar) to the Tree; He was not hung by His arms as the Twisted Crucifix and Shroud of Turin portray. Do not be fooled!
Pope Francis I will convey Sainthood on JPII and Pope John XXIII in a Canonization Ceremony April 27 “Ludi Florales” worldwide in 3-D! 13/8=Phi “Golden Mean” or “Ratio of Life” important in a moment. Both men are named after their Spiritual Father “John” a Gnostic combination of John the Baptist and John the Evangelist called “St John the Divine” or “St John of Jerusalem”. Knight of St John of Jerusalem aka Sovereign Military Order of Malta Rupert Murdoch (Evil Merodach=Marduk) “Sky TV Network”, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will simulcast the event in 5 languages to Theaters in 20 Nations in 3-D. JPII took the stage with Shaman, Hindus, Wiccans, Buddhists, Mormons and Muslims while reviving veneration of the “Twisted Crucifix” aka “Bent Cross” aka “Staff of Mithra” designed by Black Magick Satanists as a symbol of Blasphemy of Jesus Christ, the Sign of the “New World Order”, “Masonic Christ” and the “Mark of the Beast”; an emaciated man hanging from a Tree. Why a Tree? Deut 21:23 pronounces a “Curse” upon anyone that “Hangs from a Tree”.
John the XXIII (Angelo Roncalli) chose this name because Gnostics have written Chap 23 to the Book of Revelation. wrote the extra chapter and designed the Aquarian Cross standing atop Glastonbury Tor because they deny Jesus was God in Flesh as all Vicars of Jesus do. The Aquarian Cross represents Phi, the Gnostic Ratio of Life seen in Rev 13:8; 13/8=1.618. Burial mounds used by “Earth Dwellers” conform to this Golden Mean Spiral for this reason. Roncalli was a Paris (Par Isis=House of Isis=Throne of Satan) initiated Grand Orient Lodge Freemason which was grounds for excommunication; Iran’s Ayathollah Khomeini and ali-Khameini, Iraq’s ali-Sistani, and Edomite King Abdullah II of Jordan are also Paris Grand Orient Freemasons. As Delegate to the Holy See of Sofia and Istanbul (Sofia=Baphomet in the Atbash Cipher; Wisdom+Spirit) John XXIII frequented Istanbul Lodges and is known for healing the East-West Schism. Vatican II is Pope John XXIII only reason for Sainthood; no second “Miracle”, only the Ecumenical Council which revived use of the Satanic “Twisted Crucifix”.
April 27 is the Roman “Ludi Florales”, famous for Trees decorated with human puppet effigies, Prostitutes, Theater, Circus, Plays, Rabbits (Anamellech is the Babylonian Rabbit Idol) and Goats (Azazel or Baphomet is the Sabbath Goat of Satanists aka Gnostic Sophia) released into the city, Beans tossed into the crowds and Human Sacrifice. Why Beans? Esau sold his “Birthright” for a few Beans to Jacob! Blasphemy of the sacrifice made by the Lord Jesus Christ gets no worse than this! MH370 is the Easter Egg hunt before the Crucifixion. With little imagination, MH370 becomes a cryptogram for ELOHM the plural form of the Canaanite god El, Chronos, Saturn or Persian Mithras (Mitre of Dagan/Mithra was/is worn by these Popes) Chronos is Father Time; it’s Time to choose Jesus Christ folks!
33 degree Luciferian Masons Bill Clinton and Buzz Aldrin spouting Alien nonsense; Clinton repeated Reagan’s 1987 UN speech and 33 deg Mason Henry Kissinger’s Bilderberg 1991 speech about an Alien encounter uniting the nations of the world to Jimmy Kimmel and Aldrin, his Alien encounter as the 2nd man on the Moon; who took the pictures of 33deg Mason Neil Armstrong? Ask Buzz. The Cult of Saturn was clandestinely called to arms with the announcement of water being found in Saturn’s moon Enceladus (Enceladus is Saturn’s Trumpeter of Arms). Satanic shills are prepping the “Main Event”; Aliens, Rapture and 7 yr Tribulation. Don’t be fooled; there are no Aliens, no pre-Trib Rapture of the Church and no 7 yr Tribulation only a 1260 day Great Tribulation beginning with the “Strong Delusion” to believe these Satanic Lies. Likewise, the Roman Catholic Church is not Rev 17 “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT…” and America is not Rev 18 “Babylon”. Traitors inside the gates like Jesuit Pope Francis I are about to take their long awaited Revenge.
The Holy Grail Cup was found in St Isidore Basilica; Isidore was no Saint, he is known for compiling “Etymologiae” a “Summa of Universal Knowledge”; real person? Sure just like St Patrick (Ptah-Rekh) or St Malachy (Molech=Saturn, Chiun, ); Isidore means “Gift of Isis”; Isis means “Throne”, specifically the Throne of Pergamum “Satan’s Seat”. Templars carried “Black Virgin” statues of the Alternative Messiah on the lap of Isis all over Europe. Why Spain? Sepharvaim settled in Spain bringing worship of Anamellech (Satan) as the Rabbit Idol of Easter/Ashtaroth.
The Holy Grail of Science “To Know” (Science is Chaldean “Vain Babblings” in opposition to the Word of God, ref 1 Tim 6:20KJV) are Gravity Waves, also discovered this week; the waves that gave Mass to Matter after the “Big Bang”; no God needed in this Creation event folks! Also this week, the Cassini space probe using Gravity fluctuations, found proof of an interior ocean on Saturn’s moon Enceladus. Why Enceladus? Saturn’s Giant Trumpeter of Arms is Enceladus. April Fool’s jokes? Hardly. While the global Easter Egg hunt for MH370 continues to dominate the news, the Cult of Saturn has been called to arms!
Anonymous (Jesuits in Guy Fawkes masks) calling for Cyber Attack against Israel on “Holocaust Remembrance Day”; they posted a recap of MH370 minus of course any info on IBM employee Phillip Wood dialing out on March 18, 2014 using voice commands on his rectum hidden (smart guy) IPhone-5 cellphone with GPS Coordinates in the Exif data tag exactly matching Diego Garcia; Smoking Gun as big as WTC #7 collapsing as reported 23 minutes earlier by BBC reporter Jane Standley; Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans on the Feast Day of John the Baptist; Haiti being hit by an earthquake during a NATO and SOUTHCOM Haitian Relief Drill in Miami; Hurricane Sandy “Hooking” as NOAA predicted in advance on a planning map, NPR being in Sichuan, China in advance of the 9.0 Earthquake or Sandy Hook kids singing at the Super Bowl after their supposed death. MH370 is in my opinion a Staged Event on par with Aurora CO, Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon.
Anonymous is one giant Red Flag. Jacob impersonated Esau and Esau is impersonating Jacob; Anonymously of course. Jacob Rothschild is not a Jewish Banker; he is Edomite. Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of Red Beans; God witnessed this and changed his name to Edom, meaning Red; Rothschild means “Red Shield”; the family of Edom began as Bauer (Farmer), a reference to Cain using the “666” logo in Red over his Frankfurt door. Anonymous is a Jesuit organization using the Guy Fawkes mask. Jesuits made Guy Fawkes the fall guy for the Gunpowder Plot lead by Thomas Percy, relative of Barbara Pierce/Bush; the plan to prevent publication of the KJV Bible failed. Anonymous refers to itself as “We are Legion” (same as Alex Jones) and the slogan “We do not Forgive; We do not Forget” Legion is the name of many demons Jesus cast into the Swine Herd (Guinea Pigs?). Gen 27:39-41KJV is reversed in new bible versions because Esau was given the prophecy of being Rich (fatness of the earth) and Priestly (dew of Heaven); Jacob impersonated and today Esau impersonates Jacob everywhere the Six Pointed Star and 666 goes; Edom goes; they are the Cult of Saturn and the Fox in the hen house. Paul waited for the Congregation to break-up before telling people to continue in the Grace of the Lord; for that he was stoned (Acts 13:43-44). Time to be Holy (Separate) and get out from under your Edomite Wolf in Sheep’s Clothes. Jesus is the only Priest, Imam or Rabbi you will ever need.
“…without the shedding of blood is no remission” Heb 9:22 The FOX (F=6; O=15=6; X=24=6)series “The Following” puts this blood letting form of Resurrection in plain sight; nice touch with Joe Carroll (Joe=Joseph “Adding”; Carolus means “Alms Giving”) playing -JC too. Followers of Jesus Christ accept His shed blood as “Remission of Sin” and surety of “Resurrection”; everyone else sheds the blood of “Scapegoats”.
AIDS is a fully curable CDC engineered auto-immune disease Ebola is also a CDC, bio-engineered auto-immune disease allegedly transferred to humans via monkeys and bats. Weaponized Ebola would be as potent a disease as Charles Darwin’s Satanic Theory of Evolution. The Canaanite creator god “El” was often depicted as a Monkey; Charles and Erasmus Darwin produced nothing novel with this ridiculous theory. Dengue Fever Virus and Chikungunya Virus often reside in Monkeys between outbreaks in humans; they are arriving on Aedes aegypti and Asain Tiger Mosquitos in Houston in time for Passover, and why not? Jesus had no “Broken Bones”; Dengue Fever is “Break Bone Fever” OXITEC and the Bill Gates Foundation genetically modified these blood letting killers and tested them in the Cayman Is; hey it’s legal in offshore money havens! Is Ebola Curable? If so, Ebola would be the Elite’s Ultimate Bio-terror plague.
The movie 12 Monkeys tells the story of 5 Billion people (90%) dying from a man-made plague originating in Philadelphia “City of Brotherly Love” and propagated aboard a commercial airplane. As Bruce Willis’ character is transported back in time to stop the Army of the 12 Monkeys, a newspaper cover reads “Bat Child Found”; Dracula drinking blood and turning into a Bat may ring a bell here; Vlad the Impaler used the Turkish method of Crucifixion “Impalement”. Jesus’ warning to the Church of Philadelphia refers to them as “Those who say they are Jews, but are not…the Synagogue of Satan”. Philadelphia is Esau impersonating Jacob! Obama’s Initiative “My Brother’s Keeper” ringing a bell here? Ebola is 90% fatal and called “Hemorrhagic Fever”. Jesus represents the 8th and FINAL Covenant between God and Man; only Blood and Water came from His body. Jesus called the Edomite Herod “Old Fox” (Rupert Murdoch aka Merodach, Marduk or Molech is a Knight of Malta aka Hospitaller and Committee of 300 “Olympian”) for trying to kill him. People willing to kill God are willing to kill billions of His followers! Ebola is man’s way of shedding blood and lot’s of it.
GRU (Russia Gen Staff) and MSS (China Ministry of State Sec) placed MH 370 under surveillance and announced the intent to divert the plane from landing in Beijing to Haikou Meilan Airport, Spratly Is Why were cell phone communications on Spratly Is, jammed while MH370 was airborne? Why did 2 Trident Group Bio-materials guards die after “Suspicious Cargo” from Maersk Alabama boarded MH370?
“90% of the world’s population needs to be killed using weaponized, airborne Ebola” Dr Eric Pianka 2006. 90% reduction in world population is written in stone at the Georgia Guide Stones and echoed by people like Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Maurice Strong, Prince Phillip, Jacques Cousteau and others. The 90% fatal Ebola has spread to the capital of Guinea; death toll 78 of 122 cases. The WHO (World Health Org) is there; managed by Committee of 300 “Olympian” Margaret Chan, an Officer in the Noble Order of the British (British means B’Rith or Birthright; Cain, Japheth, Ishmael and Esau is meant here) Empire run by Prince Phillip whose stated desire is “I would like to be re-incarnated as a killer virus”. Why Guinea? Guinea is a Taureq word for “Black People”; Ham means Black, his son Canaan is “Cursed” from incest with his father Noah’s wife; Mormons believe Ham (Lamanites) are Cursed; NOT! Guinea Hens are domesticated fowl known to the Aztecs (Aztec and Aztlan mean “To make White”; Mormon “White and delightsome” might ring a bell) as Aztec Guinea Fowl and to Americans as the Turkey. Thanksgiving is the annual celebration of 90% native (Black People “Guinea Pigs”) slaughter in the eastern Americas using Smallpox for which the European/Spanish invaders had acquired immunity; weaponized Ebola is potentially far worse. America: 300 million Guinea Pigs about to be infected and pushed over the cliff?
Hilaria is an 8 day festival Mar 25 to April Fool’s Day; Feast of Tabernacles, representing Jesus’ birth and circumcision is the only 8 day Feast on God’s calendar. Gnostics regard Jesus as the “April Fool”, “Huli Fool”, “April Fish”, names for the “Fool’s Errands” Jesus was sent on by Annas and Caiaphas before the Crucifixion. Satan’s Priests think it’s funny to send our children on Easter Egg hunts; Jesus doesn’t. Annuit Coeptus (He approves of our endeavor) is a cryptogram for these killers of God; it connects Novus Ordo Seclorum (New Secular Order) with a Six Pointed Star of Saturn and the word MASON; Kill God and create a New Secular Order; Funny eh? Tossing colored chalk on Holika may seem innocent, but Krishna aka “Black One” forms from the mixing of colors found in the Rainbow; God used the Rainbow to symbolize He would never flood the earth again; Masons formally reject God at the Rainbow Arch Degree.
Little Horn
CERN is a cryptogram for the “Cernunnos” (Horned One) aka “Little Horn” in Dan 7:8, the oldest form of Satan on earth was also called “Green Man” by the Templars (Military/Bankers) “Black Hole”, “Dark Matter” or “God Particles” are BS; Egyptian Priests of On and Nazis (both Aryans) called this “TULA” or “Black Sun”; nothing new here folks! Daniel refers to Satan as the “god of Forces” and CERN announced this week they found him! CERN announced the “Discovery” of “Primordial Gravity Waves” (Beginning) to go with their previous announcement of the “God Particle” (End), the particle responsible for giving Mass to Matter; the Creator? Hardly, CERN uses the 666 logo; Jesus is the “Beginning and the End”, CERN/Cernunnos represents rejection of Jesus Christ. Why at CERN? The oldest depictions of Cernunnos were found in caves in southern France and built into the foundation of Notre Dame Cathedral’s “Pillar of the Boatmen” near the spot Templar Grandmaster Jacques DeMolay was executed in Paris. Cernunnos is the god of death and transformation! The Nazi “Thule Society” and SS (Schwarze Sun=Black Sun) aka Skull & Bones is the “Brotherhood of Death”. We’ve definitely come full circle with this announcement, and right on cue, 700 years after deMolay’s execution; just ask Knight of Malta Pat “700 Club” Robertson.
The hunt for Malaysian #370 is a giant “Fool’s Errand” Anyone bother to look under the Six Pointed Star of Saturn in Tel Aviv? A bit too obvious? “The best place to hide something really big is in plane sight”
In the movie Man of Steel The code word “Trident” refers to Project 370, a Trident shaped alien ship landing in the Southern Indian Ocean. The earth’s governments respond to General Zod with “Operation Trident” (Ukraine, ancestral home to Sarmation/Aryan Priest-Kings uses the Trident symbol as well). Zod’s symbol is the Sickle of Saturn and Russia.
MH370 An upside down 37 becomes EL ie Saturn, Shiva, Poseidon, Hades who all use the Trident. Jor-El, Superman’s father in Hebrew means “God will uplift”; Kal-El is Arabic for “Friend”. El is the Canaanite supreme deity and father of men; the plural, Mormon version is Elohim; Krypton and Kolob are too similar to ignore. Malaysia Airlines 370 search area in the South Indian Ocean and use of the Trident Logo is a bit much to ignore. M=13; H=8 13/8=Ratio of Life or Golden Mean used by “Earth Dwellers” to form the Labrys (Birth Canal) seen on the “Aquarian Cross”. “And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose named are not written in the book of life of the lamb” Rev 13:8.
“…a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible…and it had great iron teeth” Dan 7:7
Superman aka Kal-El arrived on Earth in the Indian Ocean in a Trident shaped ship On Mar 1, 2014 Obama joked with reporters about his father Jor-El and birth on Krypton. The Man of Steel is meant here. Just days earlier he joked “We are building Iron Man” to a group of metals manufacturers. In the movie Iron Man has a heart of Palladium (Albert Pike’s esoteric rite) which becomes Adamantium when exposed to light (Lucifer=Light Bearer). “Yea they made their hearts as an adamant stone”. Zech 7:12. Iron Man battles the mad Russian who has mastery over Tesla weapons; pretty timely eh? Obama’s new initiative? “My brother’s keeper” is an obvious reference to Cain and his son Tubal-cain the instructor of artificers in iron. Man of Steel, Iron Man, Cain (Am I my brother’s keeper?) and his son Tubal-cain the artificer of brass iron and patron of Masonry ringing a bell here? Who is Tubal-cain? Ans: “Vulcan of the Canaanites”; this is the 3rd degree Masonic password. 6 days before Passover 2013 Obama rode into Jerusalem on a Donkey to mock Jesus. Blasphemy knows no bounds here folks! Their hearts are Adamant Stone!
A hardened heart was given to Pharaoh; the result of a hardened (Adamant) heart is seen in Lev 18:22, Rom 1:27; Jude 7 and 1 Tim 1:8. The Obama’s may be the ultimate example of Adamant Hearts. Barack is a lifelong homosexual and member of Chicago’s “Man’s Country” gentleman’s bath house; his “Body Man” Reggie Love and membership in 330 Mason Jeremiah Wright’s Down Low Club are proof enough. Michelle? Judge for yourself This is really not that new; Exodus Pharaoh Hatshepsut dressed as a man to become accepted as ruler; Michelle may be doing the reverse. America is not quite ready for cross dressing homosexuals to run the US Economy and Military yet?
Malaysia “Mountain People”; Lamech’s son Jabal “Tent Dweller”=Jebel “Mountain” 370=777
Noah’s father Lamech died at 777 years. Malaysian #370 a B-777 relates to the number 37 or 3 7’s “777”, the number associated with perfection, sanctification and consecration. Gideon prepares for battle with 300 men (Spartan 300 ringing a bell here?) in the 7th verse of the 7th chapter of the 7th book “Judges”. Gideon follows Barack and Deborah as Judge of Israel. The 370th bible verse deals with the 3 yr old Red Heifer, a necessary component in consecration of the Chief Levite Priest and the Temple Cornerstone. Remember, Jesus replaced the Levite Priesthood because of corruption and made Temples of the LORD with Flesh in its place. Tabernacle is a mobile Temple; Born Again Christians are the New Covenant Tabernacles. Ex 37 deals with “Perfection of the Tabernacle” Ps 37:37 “Mark the perfect man”. Folks, if want to be marked by God, now is the time to let Him know! The 777th verse is Jer 32:27 “Behold I am the LORD, the God of all flesh…” Time to stand up and be marked a follower of Jesus Christ!
Aleister Crowley referred to the number 77 as the Sabbath Goat on the Altar. Malaysian #370 is not the first time 7’s take center stage: on 7/7 (7/6 between the Int’l Date Line and Greenwich Meridian; 7/7 East of Greenwich to the Date Line) a B-777 Asiana #214 (2+1+4=7) crashed in San Francisco; Asiana’s Logo is a Red 7; pretty funny how the Captain’s name Sum Ting Wong was released by the NTSB and San Francisco news eh? NOT! Why 7/6-7/7? Read Dan 7:6 and 7:7. Oz is 7/7 aka “4th Beast”; Edom is the “3rd Beast” (ref Gen 27:39-41KJV Esau’s “Dominion”) Malaysian Airlines operates 12 B-777 aircraft of an original 15. #28420 was allegedly Malaysian #370; #28416 appears to be the same plane, owned by Kuwaiti (Edomite) leasing company ALAFCO. Malaysia is Edomite; Kuwait is Edomite; Israel is Edomite (ref Obadiah); Edomite leaders like King Abdullah II of Jordan, Ayathollah ali-Khomeini, ali-Khameini and ali-Sistani are initiated into Grand Orient Lodge Masonry in France so this arrangement is not that odd. Why Malaysia? Traders/Merchants have always controlled the world’s “Choke Points” from Petra to the Straits of Gibraltar, Hellespont, Bosphorus Straits and Malaysia’s Straits of Malacca; Malaysia is Edomite ie “Fake Jew”; call them Donmeh (Turkomen), Baghdadis, Allumbrados, Marranos or “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothes”. The biggest prank? Ottomon founder Osman I turns up as CIA Asset Tim Osman aka Osama bin Laden. Hillarious aren’t they?
Here are world leaders at the Hague simulating an Atomic “Dirty Bomb” attack on a large western city on Hilaria (Mar 25), all wearing the same Pyramid Pin Grab a $US 1; The Pyramid (Amid the Flames) will be finished (MASON) between Annuit Copetus (Annas and Caiphas ordered the crucifixion of Jesus), and Novus Ordo Seclorum (New Secular Order is one without God). Desperate? How would you like to be hated of God (Mal 1:3; Heb 9:27) and see in writing (Obadiah) that everyone in the “House of Esau” will soon be destroyed and in Hell for eternity? Maybe now, the MH 370 “Prank” will make more sense.
The “Mystery Jet” was allegedly sent from Malaysian storage in Aeroport Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrenees to a Tel Aviv storage facility owned by Ft Lauderdale based GA Telesis (CEO Abdol Moabery is an Iranian embezzler and George Soros protégé); removed from service Aug 2013 and given the new tail # N105GT. Odd? No more than AA Flt #11 not being scheduled to fly on 9/11/2001 and the same exact airframe being listed for sale a year later, or UA Flt #93 landing in Cleveland (Tower Log, Mayor White, UAL Spokesmen) and the same tail number still in use for more than a year. “Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction must stick to possibilities where truth does not” Bohemian Grove founder Sam Clemens aka Mark Twain. Whether Hoax, Remote Hijacking or Crash, the story is getting more bizarre by the day. GA Telesis operates a chop shop of sorts; keep this in mind if/when B-777 parts matching the alleged flight show up in the Indian Ocean. This same thing happened in the Park-51 Mosque when a B-767 landing gear was miraculously found during construction; with a thick (non aircraft) steel cable around it no less! Why Tel Aviv? Tel Abib is the Medean/Babylonian city where real Jews were held in captivity; Nergal (Rooster Idol; Mars’ Hill “Areopagus” ringing a bell?), the pagan god of war originated there. Aviv=Abib and 1 Abib, 2014 is “April Fool’s Day”. Quite the prank, and on Hilaria no less eh? Hilarious? I guarantee Jesus doesn’t think so! Here is more fun and games.
Israel (Japheth-Gomer-Ashkenaz; Gen 10:3) closes its embassies worldwide and has Germany (Japheth-Gomer; Gen 10:2) represent them in primarily Muslim nations. Aryan Zionism in plain sight eh? Place a picture of Adolf Hitler next to Angela Merkel and you will see why Noah prophesied Japheth would dwell in Shem’s Tents with Canaan as their servant (Gen 9:27). The sons of Canaan? Sidon (Lebanon/Hezbollah) and Heth (Cathay=China) might make more sense now. Zionists are non-Semitic Fake Jews!
Prophecy Summit 2014 is being held at Disneyworld on the Festival of Saturn (St Satur is St Dionysius or St Bacchus) on Saturn’s Day, March 29, 2014, coincident with the release of the Movie Noah. By chance? hardly, more a sign the Golden Age of Saturn returning. Saturn in Chaldee is rendered “Stur” which yields 666. The Six Pointed Star of Saturn caused the Glory of the LORD to depart twice; once in Spirit from Solomon’s Temple (Eze 8) and the 2nd time Flesh from the 2nd Temple. The third time will be the “Strong Delusion” and your personal one way ticket to Hell for eternity. Feeling the urge for Sardonic Laughter on April Fool’s Day? Don’t; God finds nothing funny about it. In 2014, God’s New Year begins on April Fool’s Day, commemorating the “Fool’s Errands” Jesus was sent on during the Passion Week from Caiaphas to Pilate, to Annas, to Herod and back to Pilate; Annuit Coeptus seen above the Unfinished Pyramid on the $US is a cryptogram for Annas and Caiaphas, the Priest Killers of God in Flesh. The 8th Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses on Passover and Tabernacles begins on Passover/Feast of Unleavened Bread 2014, accompanied by Solar Eclipses on God’s New Year and the Rabbinical New Year “Rosh Hashanah” in 2015. Signs of God’s Return? Hardly, the Return of Saturn.
9/11/2001 served to justify the remote take over of commercial airliners. It is a fact every airliner newer than a B-727 can be remotely taken over and flown by ground controllers much like a Drone; in violation of FAR’s pilots have no override capability. At altitude, remote control of cabin outflow valves can effectively render aircraft airborne coffins; this technology may have been tested on the Learjet carrying Paine Stewart. If passengers, flight attendants and pilots knew this, the Aviation Industry would collapse.
If people knew Lord Jacob Rothschild owns this capability and is an Edomite hated by God (Mal 1:3; Heb 9:13), they would wake up and establish a relationship with Jesus Christ before it’s too late. Malaysian Edomite PM Najib Razak declares “All Souls Lost”; Freescale Technologies and Blackstone Group with Carlyle Group investors now have 100% Patent (#8,650,327) Rights to Remote Flight via Data Link Control over Flight Navigation, Communications and Radar “Cloaking”. Patent approval came 4 days after Malaysian #370 “Disappeared”, on the anniversary of the man-made Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown. All hail the Edomite Lord! Well, count me out! “The elder shall serve the younger. As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated” Rom 9:13; Mal 1:3
KL-03 Patent granted 3/11/2014 for “Embedded RF Hardware” of VHF, UHF, HF Radar, via “Virtual Ports”, “External Interrupts” and “Keyboard Interrupts”. Sounds a bit like Remote Hijacking and Radar Cloaking to my feeble brain.
UN shill Najib Razak sends Malay troops to “UN Peace Enforcement” Missions (Ethnic Cleansing) in places like Bosnia, Somalia and Lebanon; to Hezbollah, Hamas and Boko Haram he is “The Man”; especially during the CIA Bali discotheque bombing in which a suitcase nuc was tested and during the EM Scalar induced Yule Tsunami in Indonesia. His reward? $250M “Commission” on the purchase of 2 French Submarines. He is “The Man” alright! “All Souls Lost”? Engine monitoring data was sent for 6 hrs to Rolls Royce via Satellite Comm, and ACARS was “Handshaking” ground stations for 4 hrs, so I don’t believe him.
Ebola: Extremely contagious, bio-engineered filovirus
If people knew Malaysian Air #370 may have been carrying a deadly, human to human transmissible plague in its cargo they would pray to Jesus Christ above all else; He warned of Pestilence! Daily Updates “Plague” page covers this material. Abu Dhabi is the Ismaili (Ishmael’s hand is against everyone else) Worldwide “Arms Bazaar”, soon to be approved for a US Customs pre-clearance facility for direct flights to Chicago, New York and Washington DC. Ebola is a bio-engineered virus with 90% fatality; the virus is spreading from Guinea, Sierre Leone and Liberia. Liberalia was a Cannibalistic Orgy in honor of Damballah, the blood thirsty “Primordial God of Creation” in Voodoo. Damballah has his center of worship in West Africa, the center of the Slave Trade; heard of Allah before? The Amulet of Damballah is a Coiled Serpent, used by the AMA and on America’s second flag; the first? The Tree of Knowledge of course! if transmitted to London’s Heathrow Airport would circle the globe in 24hrs. Why London? British means B’Rith or “Birthright” as in Ishmael and Esau; London means “New Troy”; the Trojan Horse was a disease carrying vehicle.
Obama proclaimed “A New Beginning for Islam” in Cairo; the Obama administration prepared for an outbreak of disease in advance, by “Commissioning” 1000 doctors to manage 1000 MASH style mobile hospitals under command of nominated British born Hindu Dr Vivek Murthy. Fellow Hindu and Obama appointed DARPA Chief Arati Prabhakar loves “Black Projects” such as “Total Information Awareness” (NSA Spy Facility/BEAST Computer), “Trans-Cranial Magnetic Stimulation” (Battlefield Mind Control), “Weaponized, mind controlled Drones”, “”Cyborg Soldiers”, “Battlefield Robots”, “Designer Chromosomes” and “Immortal, self-repairing Synthetic Beings” and “ADEPT” (Robotic/Remote Disease sensing). Arati is a millionaire partner in Venture Partners LLC, the taxpayer bailed out backer of Solyndra, Obama’s Enron style Financial Black Hole. Fareed Zakaria and Sanjay Gupta will do the reporting. Arati anounced a new DARPA division this week “Biological Technology Office”. Does having people in control of Bio-Weapons and MASH Hospitals who worship Shiva the Destroyer seem like a good idea to you!
12 Monkeys in America
Michelle Obama instituted annual celebration of “Diwali” the 5 day Hindu “Festival of Lights”; the symbolic triumph of “Good over Evil”. In 2014, a partial Solar Eclipse over North America will form a Solar Crescent at Sunset; perhaps not coincidentally, the Islamic New Year will begin on Day 2, Oct 23, 25, 2014. Barack and Michelle Obama represent both Hindu and Islam. He declared a “New Beginning for Islam”, bowed to King Abdullah, declared “I will stand with Islam”, yet he also carries an Idol of the Hindu Monkey god Hanuman with him. Phoenicians call this monkey “El”; Romans “Saturn” and Greeks “Kronos” or “Chaos”. Kronos is famous for eating his own offspring. Critical is Hindu myth records Hanuman defeating Saturn (Lucifer); this same myth is found in Zoroastrianism; Ahura Mazda (Light) versus Ahriman (Dark) because Aryans invented both. “Order our of Chaos” is the Luciferian “New World Order” rising from this final battle. Blood rising to the levels of horse bridles in the Valley of Slaughter “Armageddon” is quite a load of blood eh? Brad Pitt’s “World War Z” is scary; “12 Monkeys” is sick. Jesus warned unless He shortened “those days”, no flesh would remain. A man-made plague that wipes most of humanity from Earth! Ebola is that man-made virus!
Weaponized Ebola may have been aboard MH#370. Why would China refuse to allow MH370 to land in Beijing? Why would 4 plane loads of CDC Doctors from the US and China scramble after MH#370? Is a vaccine against Ebola available? One thing is certain, preparations for a massive outbreak of plague in the US are definitely underway. Surgeon General nominee (Don’t count on de Molay Freemason Rand Paul or the NRA to get the real truth out) Vivek Murthy is the founder of “Doctors for Obama”, a Yale Med School Grad, who advocates Doctors harass patients who own firearms and mandatory Gun Licensing. Brahmins are the Hindu “Priest-Kings” aka “Noble Caste” or Aryans if you prefer. Shiva is the Hindu “Destroyer god”. This so-called “Doctor” is no “Surgeon” and no “General”; his sum total 8 yr experience is as a Foreign Bureaucrat. Obama read CNN darling, Aryan traitor, Fareed Zakaria’s book “Post American World”, released during the Obama campaign; Zakaria’s speaking tour “Globalization: A New World” requires trashing all Nation’s Constitutions. DARPA Chief Arati Prabhakar and ADEPT (Autonomous Diagnostics Enabling Prevention and Therapeutics; think Star Trek Tri-corder used by “Bones”) will decide who lives and who dies. Gnostics in the Kingdom of Ormus (Snake) called themselves Theraputes! Not long ago, Traitors like these would have been hung. We need to realize the enemy is in Washington DC. “A man’s enemies shall be the men of his own household” Mat 10:36; Micah 7:6
Ukraine: Home of Sarmation/Aryan Priest-Kings
NATO trained the Ukraine protestors via Greystone, a division of US financed Black Water aka Academi Mercenary training. Odd? Moscow trains Saudi Arabian military brass; Saudi Arabia sent a report to Moscow declaring the Obama administration a “Terrorist Organization”; it is, but recall Obama bowed in submission to King Abdullah and signed a $multi-billion arms deal and you will realize they all are working together toward WWIII.
Is it just a little strange for Malyasian and Chinese “Victim” families are seen grieving while holding professionally made signs and banners written in English? Would Sandy Hook, Crisis Actors holding prayer vigils with Chinese or Malay signs be any different?
Malaysian Flt #370 may have landed on Diego Garcia, securely protected from surveillance; CNNNBCCBSABCFOXMSNBC are declaring the jet is submerged in 12,000ft of water. BS!
Remote flight technology was demonstrated on 9/11 using the military versions of the B-737 (North Tower; CFM-56 engine was found at Church and Murray St) and B-767 (South Tower Jet was not civilian) jets; disappearing commercial jet was demonstrated with Flt #77 at the Pentagon; this may have been demonstrated on the civilian B-777 airliner Malaysian #370. The technology is real, and the Left Behind series was written using commercial airliners for a reason . Knight of Malta John Kerry made a trip to Malaysia in October 2013; no doubt this was for a good reason.
The Malaysian Flt #370 story is a load of BS. Captain Phillips of the Maersk Alabama puts the occult plan in “Plain Sight”. Alabama means “Plant Cutter”; Jesus is the Vine. Phillip means “Beloved Horse”; the Pale Horse is “Death”. Malaysian #370 was flown/hijacked into the Indian Ocean in the direction of Diego Garcia, a joint use British and US Military Base. 4 plane loads of CDC and Chinese CDC epidemiologists were flown to Diego Garcia immediately after Malaysia #370 was reported missing. They aren’t vacationing!.
The cargo? Likely a Bio-weapon from the UAE was loaded aboard the Maersk Alabama and taken to the Seychelles where is was loaded onto an Emirates flight to Kuala Lumpur and transferred to Malaysian #370. 2 ex-navy Seals guarding the Captain Phillips ship “Maersk Alabama” were murdered and 4 plane loads of CDC experts are flown to Diego Garcia on the day Malaysian Flt #370 dissappears.
Chinese WHO Director Margaret Chan is an officer in the Most Excellent Order of the British (British means Birthright of Ishmael and Esau) Empire working for Prince Phillip (Prince of the “Beloved Horse”), the man who desires to be re-incarnated as a “Killer Virus” to rid the world of useless eaters. Prince Phillip is married to Germanic imposter Queen Elizabeth Windsor to whom Obama, on an official State visit, sang “God Save the Queen”. 60 years ago, Elizabeth declared herself “Queen of thy people; Queen of Jerusalem”. Thy People? Jesus calls Jerusalem “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” (Rev 11:8). Is it any wonder the Captain of Malaysian #370 Zaharie Ahmed Shah attended the sentencing of Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim; Jailed 5 years for “Homosexuality”? Blasphemy knows no bounds here folks!
Abu Dhabi, the head and Central Bank of the UAE is acquiring a US Customs pre-clearance facility for flights directly into the US. Black Water founder Eric Prince lives there, training mercenaries through “Black Water spin off “Reflex Responses” directed by Mitt Romney adviser Cofer Black and Carlyle Group investors Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, George Bush Sr, Jr and Jeb, James Baker, Ken Starr (Yeah, that Ken Starr), Obama adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski and our old Iran-Contra pal the Most Reverend Oliver North. Eric just trained and equipped an 800 man Mercenary Army using ex-Columbian Special Forces. No, worries though, they had nothing to do with Malaysian #370! Arabs sure have a lot of help in their host countries don’t they?
Henry Kissinger “Ethnically Cleansed” Diego Garcia in the 1970’s; the island is a B-2, B-1, B-52, AF Tanker, Nuclear Submarine support and staging base, Navy Sealift Command and Satellite Tracking base for Wars in the Middle East aka “Fertile Crescent” The Crescent of Allah/Sin is indeed fertile! The name Diego Garcia means “Joseph and or James” and “Young Bear”; we saw the Young Bear as the Sochi Olympic Mascot. Joseph married the daughter of the Egyptian Priest of On and Arth means Bear; King Arthur and Ursa Major (Big Dipper) are about to pour out some serious wrath. It’s out of hibernation alright!
Malaysian #370 is the “Turn” in occult Magick: Pledge, Turn, Prestige; an “Attention Grabber” before the “Main Event”. The story began as a hijacked airliner, by Iranian (Iran is Aryan “Noble Caste”), al-Qaeda (Solid Foundation or Foreign Toilet) affiliates traveling on cash paid tickets using fake passports. The photo has been proven to be a photoshopped fake; notice there are 4 False Flag “Buzzwords” in this story already. Hijackers defeated the $50,000 “Terrorist Proof” Cockpit Door, turned off VHF, HF and Satellite Data Links, ACARS and Transponder, and these expert pilots evaded Malaysian, Vietnamese, Indian and Chinese civilian and military radar and landed in Taliban (Taliban means Student of Allah) held territory in northern Pakistan or Diego Garcia; the story is rediculous. Transponders have nothing to do with Radar and 90 miles off the Malay coast is in Primary Radar range. Questions: How did the plane vanish from civilian radar yet continue to be monitored in military radar for over an hour? Why did cellphone calls to passenger phones ring instead of going to voice mail? Why isn’t Emergency Locator Transmitter and Flight Data Recorder pinging their location? Need to hide from Radar and Satellite surveillance? Diego Garcia is your place.
Malaysia #370 is in my view a Sandy Hook style hoax using “Crisis Actors”; far fetched? Allegedly there were only 2 Americans on board; Why would grieving families post pictures with english signs? Why would these professional looking signs appear in pictures in different locations by different families? On 9/11/2001 UAL #93 landed in Cleveland; the event was recorded by Cleveland Tower, Mayor White and UAL spokesmen on the news with all 4 networks that day; no Rothschild was found at Shankesville. AA#11 was not scheduled to fly on 9/11 and the tail number, serial number and matching suite of avionics for the B-767-200 was put up for sale by a Washington DC Aircraft brokerage a year after 9/11. The point is we have seen massive deception before in plane sight. 9/11/2001 and Sandy Hoax are covered on their own pages.
The Trident of Shiva, Trident Security and the Malaysian Air Trident
The Military using the BUAP (Boeing Uninterruptible Auto Pilot) can alter the FMC (Flight Mgt Computer), Flight Plan and change course of any modern airliner. At the intersection of Malay and Vietnamese Airspace the jet flew to Diego Garcia Military Base with 20 senior engineers and 4 patent holders.
The KL-03 Patent had not been granted when MH-370 departed; 4 days after the alleged crash of MH #370 carrying 4 of the 5 Chinese Patent Holders; none of their names are on Flight manifests; now allegedly dead, the US Patent Office issues the patent with Freescale Semiconductor becoming the sole Patent Holder. One very big problem with this story is Malaysian Airlines claims Pedong Wang, Zhijun Chen, Zhihong Cheng and Li Ying, the 4 Freescale patent holders were not listed as passengers on Flight #370. This is the exact same scenario as on 9/11; none of the 19 alleged Arab hijackers names were on any of the 4 flight manifests. Patent Holders may pass benefits to their heirs only after the Patent has been issued. Pretty darn convenient eh? If they weren’t on the airplane, where are they and why allow this patent to go to Freestone Semi-conductor and Blackstone Group? Without question, MH #370 was in Radar and VHF contact, some 90 miles off the Malay coast. How does one make an aircraft disappear?
Investors in Blackstone and Carlyle Group include the Lord Jacob Rothschild (Red Shield=Edom), the Bush family, George Soros, Donald Rumsfeld, Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden to name a few. Lord Jacob Rothschild (Smithers on the Simpsons) controls Blackstone Group which owns The Weather Channel. Sir Evelyn and Lynn Forester de Rothschild control Weather Central LP, providing weather information to nearly all mobile devices. Getting the Edomite picture yet?
Weather Derivatives with complete knowledge of future weather are a sure bet. Now that Ken Lay and the first Weather Derivative Fund “Enron Weather” is conveniently out of the picture KofC, Skull & Bones, Luciferian Mason, Bohemian Grove Satanist Jeb Bush is your man. 4 hurricanes in one year tearing through Florida made Jeb very wealthy. Nothing wrong with making a fortune off of others misery eh? Using Geo-engineering to manipulate weather and place Hedged and Leveraged bets on the damage? That’s another story. The motive for foul play or disappearance of MH #370 is certainly there. Is remote flight control of commercial airliners possible?
BUAP (Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot) Patent # 7142971B2 takes the pilots out of the equation and Freescale keeps them silent. Flight Termination Systems remote flight technology is the business of GW Bush’ Talmudic Rabbi Dov Zakheim (Rabbi Ari Fleischer is “W’s” handler). His son Roger is Mitt Romney’s Middle East adviser. Dov misplaced $2.3 T on 9/11 as DOD Comptroller; he didn’t do any better as Texas Comptroller under Gov George W Bush either, or on locating the missing $Billions spent on the Super-conducting Super-collider. Dov and Roger are also looking into the missing billions in Iraq and Afghanistan no-bid contracts. If you can’t trust a Talmudic fake Rabbi who teaches Army War College senior brass through CIA Intelligence Company Booz-Allen-Hamilton, who can you trust?
AWACS is an airborne command post capable of jamming radar and controlling flight navigation and communications. Need to make an aircraft disappear from Radar? Call in AWACS. Need to disable aircraft communications? Call Freescale. Need to remotely control a civilian airliner? Call Freescale. Need to fake the Rapture? Call Edomite Jacob Rothschild. AWACS was operating in Malaysia when MH #370 went missing from Radar
Unlike the 9/11 “Terrorists” these Arab Muslim bad guys must have paid attention during their landing lessons, or not! Knight of Malta, Olympian Rupert Murdoch floated the idea of the plane landing in Pakistan where Osama bin Laden was hiding; no Rupert, don’t think so. A strange event to be sure, but strange seems to be the norm these days.
Farouk Abdulmutallib shares a name with Muhammad’s grandfather Abdul Mutallib; he originated Islam. With no passport and a cash paid ticket, the son of the Nigerian Def Minister flew from Nigeria to Yemen to the Netherlands to Detroit with an underwear bomb detectible only with Rapiscan and L-3 Communications Full Body Millimeter Wave Imaging Machines, conveniently pre-purchased and ready in Schipol Airport by Crypto Jew, Olympian Michael Chertoff and Dame of Malta Janet Napolitano. Cancer in a billion useless eaters in exchange for world security and several $Trillion in profit; Good plan eh?
CIA hack Osama bin Laden (Tim Osman; Osman I founded the Ottoman Empire; cute eh?) hid in northern Pakistan before being flown 1200 miles in one night while being DNA tested in a helicopter, 2 weeks before every Seal Team 6 witness was killed riding in the same helicopter. Darn the luck!
Malaysia: the Edomite Sultanate of the Pacific
Malaysia is a Sharia Law based Sunni Islam Sultanate; Sharia Law forces rejection of the Divinity of Jesus Christ. Malaysia is a tenant under the control of the Sultan of Sabah (Sunrise) and of Brunnei, an Edomite (Hashemite) Sultanate ultimately under the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Idumea is the land of Edom, Ammon and Moab. Malaysia is the center of Edomite corruption in the most heavily Pirated waterway on earth “Straits of Malacca”. John Kerry set up the framework of the treasonous TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) in Malaysia in October 2013; planning for Malaysia 370 was likely finalized then. Obama met with King Abdullah II in Palm Springs at he end of February, finalizing an arms deal and weapons delivery to al-Qaeda and ISIS “Rebels” in Syria. What did the Edomite 33° Grand Orient Lodge Mason get in return? A 1000 mile double, oil and gas pipeline from Al Basra (Daniel received the vision of Dan 8 at that spot) to the Edomite port of Aqaba. Remember Aqaba? Israelites cross the Red Sea there and God swallowed up the Amalekite “Hyksos” trained Egyptian Army at that spot. No they have not forgotten or forgiven! They are Anonymous! What did Obama get? The plan is to use Black Water Mercenaries aka Reflex Responses to incite revolution and annexation of 1/3 of Iraq, the oil rich Anbar Province. Shiite mercenaries are Equal Opportunity killers, serving the Ayathollah’s after all and Obama has stated “I will stand with Islam”.
King Abdullah (Servant of Allah or Sin) II is a Grand Orient (Sabah means Leave ones religion for that of another ie Crypto, Marrano, Morisco. Saba means Sunrise; Saturn/Satan is the Rising Sun. America was founded on Sabian ie Planetary Astrology) Lodge Luciferian Freemason trained in Paris (House of Isis=Throne; Cernunnos is at Notre Dame) as are Shia Ayathollah’s Ali al-Sistani in Iraq and ali al-Khameini in Iran; they are no more Muslim than Jesuit Pope Francis I is Catholic or Luciferian Freemason Billy Graham is Protestant; they are Satanists in Sheep’s Clothes! Laws prohibiting Shia Islam in Malay Sultanates are strictly for show. Edom, Ammon, Moab worship the Six Pointed Star of Milcom, Chiun, Remphan, Chemosh, Baal and Molech aka Seal or Talisman of Saturn. It is called the Talisman or Seal of Solomon because Solomon took wives of foreign women from Egypt, Moab, Ammon, Edom, Phoenicia and the Hittites (1 Kings 11:1) Israel displays this Star of Satan because they are not Jewish or God fearing in the slightest; all will escape the hand of the Alternative Messiah as Dan 11 makes clear. Hard to believe Israel is Edomite? Read Obadiah.
Malaysia Flt #370 Occult Gematria in Plane Sight
Malaysian Airlines claims 37,000 PAX are flown daily. On 3/7 the NASDAQ dropped .37%, Malaysian Flt 370 disappears from radar at 37,000ft to begin the 37th month since the Fukushima disaster at the 37th Latitude, matching the exact angle of a Mr-Akh-Bah Triangle. 37 is read as 3 7’s. Aleister Crowley called 777 the “Key to all religion and practical occultism”
Blackstone HQ is 345 Park Ave, NY. Park is a Germanic word meaning “Animal Enclosure, Pen or Paddock”. Remember the movie “I am Legend” or “Dark Knight Rises”? 3-4-5 represents a Pythagorean Right Triangle and the Occult Trinity: Father, Mother, Son. Egyptians referred to this as the Mr-Akh-Bah (Merkaba is Ezekiel’s Wheel) and designed the relationship into the Great Pyramid in Egypt using the 520-380-900 degree relationship. 33 + 43 + 53 = 216, the number associated with Equinox Precession of 2160 years/Astrological House (Time=Saturn/Chronos). 63=216 associated with the Mark of the Beast “666″ during the Golden Age of Saturn. Is it also coincidence Obama claims his birth in Oahu at latitude 21.60? Is it also coincidence CERN (Cernunnos=Herne the Hunter of Windsor) in its hunt for the “God Particle” uses the Logo 666? By my calculations, Mar 20, 2014 “Nowruz” will begin the Age of Aquarius. Rosicrucians even designed this into the Federal Triangle (Washington Monument, White House and Capitol) Baal is Saturn; the world’s tallest Baal’s Shaft anchors that Triangle.
Blackstone purchased Freescale Semiconductor for $17.6B. They only had $7.6B in debt so the case understandably raised legal questions which are in court to this day. $7.6B relates to Dan 7:6 “3rd Beast” is Edom, given “Dominion”. $17.6B is the Age of the Universe in Solar Years and size of the Universe in Light-Years according to lying astrophysicists. Rev 17:6 describes the “Whore of Babylon”. Allegedly there are 17.6B Semiconductors with Freescale embedded hardware in them. Devices such as GPS Smart Phone trackers, Engine controls and Anti-lock brakes in automobiles, Train and Commercial Aircraft engine and navigation controls, OnStar vehicle tracking and disabling, RFID Chips, Atomic Power Plant coolant controllers (Fukushima and Iran’s Bushehr Atomic plants come to mind here) and personal computers all have Freescale embedded software in them. What could possibly go wrong? go wrong, go wrong.
#370 is 3+7=10. The 10 Horns of the Beast Kingdom plus “Little Horn” (Cernunnos=”Horned One”=”Little Horn”)
37 is read as 3 7’s or EL=Saturn 21 is 7+7+7. #777 represents Aleister Crowley’s “Liber 777″ The title is “777 and other Qabalistic Writings”. Crowley claims 777 symbolizes all major religions and serves as the correspondence within the Order of Golden Dawn. 777 it is the key to all religion and practical occultism. Cain’s descendant Lamech is avenged 7 fold, Lamech 77 fold. Seth’s Lamech lived 777 years. 777 is a Jackpot in slot machines, a jackpot for Edom.
Trident: Union of the Triple Goddess with the Horned God.
The Trident of Trident Security Group, Shiva and Poseidon is the logo of Malaysian Airlines, the Ukraine and TEPCO. Shiva is the Hindu god of destruction. Luciferian Freemason, Crypto Jew J Robert Oppenheimer quoted Shiva “I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds” upon witnessing the first Atomic Bomb detonation in which Plutonium was used. Plutonium is named after the Roman version of Shiva, Pluto the god of destruction. Poseidon is named after the Pyramid City of Poseida, “Discovered” last month submerged near the Canary Islands. A triggered Tsunami from the Flood submerged city of Poseida will be used to devastate the eastern seaboard soon.
The Trident is also used by 40 Knights of Columbus, a cancer in the Catholic Church whose initiates include Skull & Bonesman, Weather Derivative Fund manager Jeb Bush. Columbus didn’t “Discover” anything; he was a murdering Gold Pirate who falsely converted to Catholicism to escape the Alhambra Decree. Remember, Jeb and George were reading My Pet Goat in Tampa where the alleged training of 9/11 hijackers occurred on 9/11. Flt #77 hit the Goat shaped, 77ft tall Pentagon on the 77th Meridian because #77 is the Sabbath Goat on the Altar according to their maternal grandfather Aleister Crowley.
Malaysian #370 allegedly had 239 passengers. 2+3+9=14=77; Aleitster Crowley called 77 the Sabbath Goat on the Altar. 14 is also 5, the 77ft tall Pentagon was hit by UA #77 on the 77th Meridian on 9/11′ well not really, it was a Raytheon (Light God) Cruise Missile. The Trident used by Malaysian Airlines is also the symbol of TEPCO. Pu-239 matches the number of alleged passengers on Malaysian #370; neat trick as at least 5 Freescale employees claimed to be missing are not on the original manifest. Pluto is the Roman god of Death and Wealth; same attributes as Cernunnos and Herne the Hunter. Fukushima MOX fuel is killing on a massive scale. The Trident represents the OTO “Order Oriental Templars” (The Rising Sun is the Orient or Eastern Temple). The Trident represents Triclavianism taught by the Manichaeans, Albigens, Waldenses, Bogomils, Paulicians, Patarini and Cathars to represent the 3 Nails used to fasten (Pagan=To Fix) Jesus to the Tree (Cross). Mormons like Mitt Romney know the phrase “Pey Heylel” means “Marvelous Lucifer” and is used in Melchisedek Priest initiations with the “Sure Sign of the Nail”. Jesus is Melchisedek! Talmudic Rabbis also use the “Sign of the Nail” “Shin” to open Synagogues of Satan.
Vulcan (Tubal-cain to Freemasons) 1/2 breed Mr Spock (Nimoy is an avid Kabbalist) “Live Long and Prosper” refers to “Happiness”, the Welsh word for Wise and European root of Prosperity.
“Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” is the brainchild of Comte de St Germain, the real Founding Father of the US; Happiness is Wisdom here; the Declaration of Independence was not Freedom and Liberty from Britain but from God. The Rosicrucian mystic St Germain was the 6th man in the “Committee of 5” Masons seen in the “Great Seal” (Jefferson, Franklin, Sherman, Adams, Livingston) under Anuit Cowptus (Annas and Caiaphas killed Jesus) and Novus Ordo Seclorum (New Secular Order is one with Lucifer and without God) met in Philadelphia “City of Brotherly Love”; Jesus refers to the Church of Philadelphia as the “Synagogue of Satan”.
Friday is the 6th day of the week when Man was Created; on Friday 3/7/2014 the Nasdaq closed down .37% ; the day is the 66th day of the year; 33 days after Imbolc (In the Belly), the 33rd day of the year and the Super Bowl warning by Bruno Mars to “Prepare, Prepare”. Kualu Lumpur Airport KUL is 233 in Gematria; 2X33=66.
239 passengers and crew represent Pu-239 the man-made radioactive material killing most of humanity from Fukushima; 239 adds to 14 or 7+7. In Liber 77 aka “Book of the Goat”, Crowley said 77 represents the Sabbath Goat on the altar; Sacrifices and lot’s of us are meant here.
Malaysian Airlines, Trident of Shiva Logo cleverly hides the number 33. Superman is 33 in the Man of Steel; Jesus Christ was 33 at the Crucifixion. 33=Sovereignty “Freedom from God”. Shiva is the Destroyer and Law Giver. The word used in scripture is Shiloh (Gen 49:10) Jesus is Shiloh! The word means “He whose it is”. Melchisedek means “King of Jerusalem” and “Priest of the Most High” Sounds like the Sarmations of the Ukraine who also regard themselves as “Priest-Kings” doesn’t it? The number 33 is the number of Sovereignty; Sovereign Military Order of Malta and Sovereign Freemasons ringing a bell here?
Satanists (Scientists=Scire “To Know”) at CERN (Cernunnos is Pluto “God of Death”) pass an Idol of Shiva to conduct experiments trying to prove the “Force” of “Gravity” creates Mass from Matter; there is no such “Force” or “God Particles”; Satan is the “god of forces”. CERN is Cernunnos aka “Litttle Horn” of Dan 7:8. Satan posing as the Creator in the God Particle? Try again!
“Dominion” means Sovereign Authority to Rule; Isaac prophesied Esau would obtain “Dominion” and kill Jacob; that’s anyone physically associated with Jacob or his 12 sons or Jesus Christ. Born Again Christians and real offspring of Jacob are in Diaspora, scattered all over the globe; thus the killing will be worldwide. The army of 12 Monkeys distributed the plague killing 90% of humanity from Philadelphia “City of Brotherly Love”.
The Trident of Shiva is also the Trident of Poseidon; Poseida is the Flood submerged city of pyramids in the Canary Islands occultists mystically refer to as Atlantis; Aquaman son of Poseidon is Antichrist rising from the Sea, obtaining the Kingdom by Flatteries and managing the World as a Dictator.
The Trident is the flag of Ukraine; ancestral home to Sarmation and Aryan “Priest-Kings” like Vladimir Putin, George Soros and Mitt Romney to name a few. Sar means “Prince”; Lucifer is the Prince.
The Trident is the symbol of Shamash, the Babylonian Sun god of Justice. Shamash is worshiped as the center candle of the Hanukkah Menorah. Hanukkah means “Consecrate”; Consecration requires human sacrifices and lots of them! Project 911 on Site 911 “Beit Shemesh” will be completed by Lughnasaid/Lammas (Aug 2; 9 Av is Aug 4), a radiation hardened bunker with “The LORD our God is one” over every door. My God is Jesus Christ, Father, Son and Holy Ghost; the missing “Lord” from Deut 6:4 KJV the false Scribes failed to include; how about you? Are they hiding from Jesus Christ? Hardly, Lucifer more like.
The story of Malaysian Air #370 is bizarre. Total disappearance; being tracked on military radar for 90 minutes but invisible to civilian radar; 7 hrs of Engine monitoring data being sent to Rolls Royce; 5 hrs of ACARS “Handshakes” being received by ground stations. What would one expect from the Hashemite-Edomite Kingdom of the Pacific? Pacific means Peace; the Peace Sign is the Witch’s Foot or Broken Jew; Jesus is the Jew here folks! During this Lenten Saga, the Holy Grail Cup was miraculously found; Primordial Gravity Waves proved the Big Bang Theory correct and the Shroud of Turn proved the Twisted Crucifix aka Staff of Mithra is an accurate portrayal of the Crucifixion. How much Edomite Bull Shit are you willing to put up with?
Feast of the Beast
Worship of Saturn (Stur, Milcom, Chiun, Molech, Remphan, El) is the “Beast”; the 6th Planet, 6th Day represented by the Blue Sapphire (Chase what matters? Happiness (Wisdom and Prosperity) is what Gnostics are pursuing. The Six Pointed Star was originally designed into the Flag BEtsy Ross created. It appears on Hindu Monuments, Shinto Shrines, Buddhist Temples, Islamic Mosques, fake “Jewish” Synagogues, fake “Christian” Churches, Mormon Churches, the Flag of Israel and on US Money. Rome is the City of Saturn; Christmas is Saturnalia; time to wake up and become Holy (Separate). Saturn has a 28 yr Solar Cycle in which the “Cult of Saturn” is given instructions; 1954, 1982 and 2010 are allegedly the last dates; Deep Water Horizon and Fukushima were man-made ELE (Extinction Level Events) planned in advance and set for the Beginning and Ending of 2010; the Witchcraft year goes from the Kelends of Summer (May Day) to the Kalends of Winter (All Saints Day) Neither event has slowed down or stopped destroying the Earth in the slightest.
Malaysian #370 is a Sandy Hook style hoax, held in plain sight using Crisis Actors (Freescale Patents and Signs in English are a dead giveaway). Likely, Malaysian 370 landed at Diego Garcia, attracting the attention of dozens of CDC Disease Experts. Julia Louis Dreyfus posted a picture of an unusual tattoo on her back of the Declaration of Independence this week; is it coincidence the City of Philadelphia hosted the signing of the Declaration on a day when a rare 5 planet conjunction occurred as planned by Rosicrucians Ben Franklin and Ebenezer Sibly? The Sibly Zodiac is called America’s “Natal Chart” and is posted in the Library of Congress; Congredi means “To Meet for War”; they use the Fasces Logo as do all 50 National Guards, given Ebola test equipment this week. The Fasces is on Rosicrucian Sodomite “Honest” Abe Lincoln’s Throne, the Congressional Speaker’s Podium, US Supreme Court, Oval Office at the White House and Union Square Park in NYC next to the 17 (Rev 17 is MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT) digit countdown clock to Midnight “Witching Hour”.
Malaysian MH370=ELOHM=Saturn may have been completely disintegrated using Scalar EM energy (Phase aligned “Tesla Shells”), or flown to Diego Garcia with or without the aid of pilots using Boeing’s patented BUAP (Un-interruptible Autopilot); one thing is certain, the Malaysian Gov has lied from the start and CNN keeps telling the same Lie over and over MH370 with its 33 shaped Tridents are identical to those made at the 9/11 Memorial out of the destroyed Twin Towers (ELOHM=Saturn=EL). MH370 did not crash in the Indian Ocean at the same coordinates used for “Project Trident” in the Man of Steel movie; Superman as Kal EL? EL is an Inverted, Mirror Image of 37. The “Freedom Tower” is 1776 (1+7+7+6=21 the Age of Accountability) ft tall, the year the Declaration of Independence gave birth to America; the stolen nation named after the Chaldee “Amorica”, the Canaanite god “Amar”; the Serpent god “Ameru” and Edomite name of Satan “Amurru”.
ACARS “Handshakes” lasted over 5 Hrs; Engine Data via Satellite Link lasted 7 Hrs, well after the fuel would have run out. These indicate the aircraft is still intact. Remotely flown or not, the plane was, in my opinion flown to Diego Garcia under escort of AWACS Radar Jamming Aircraft, with a “Suspicious Cargo” that originated in the Black Water Mercenary capital of Abu Dhabi, the Central Bank paradise of Ishmaelitesi. US media whores like Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger who lied about hitting Canadian Geese in January (Canadian Geese migrate in August not January, no engine damage; no blood, no feathers, no dents) will divert attention from WWIII developing in the Ukraine, the Ebola Pandemic about to be unleashed. Commercial Airliners can be remotely taken over and flown from the ground at will.
9/11/2001 was a revenge, re-enactment of Samson killing 3000 Philistines. The Sochi “Fire and Ice” Olympics, highlighted a giant statue of Neptune and Prometheus breaking free of his chains in where else but a cave called “Bethlehem”; House of HM or ELOHM if you prefer. Why HM? H=8; M=13; 13/8 is the Ratio of Lift or Golden Mean of course! Malaysia means “Mountain People” MH370=ELOHM is a Saturnian Ritual held on the world stage in plane sight.
The Twisted Crucifix represents the “Y” in the Road.
Worship of Saturn is Witchcraft (Wisdom) or Gnosticism (Knowledge) of the Serpent; this then is MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS ON THE EARTH. The Wide Path to Eternal Destruction of the Soul in Hell.
Worship the LORD (Spirit of GOD) in Flesh (Lord) Jesus Christ is the Narrow Path to Eternal Salvation. Choose Wisely because Time (Saturn) is short!“The goal of practical politics is to menace the population with an endless array of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary” HL Mencken
False Flags follow a Dialectic script: Thesis+Antithesis=Synthesis The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, the catalyzing event for WWI (Naziism); Reichstadt Fire and Pearl Harbor the events leading to WWII (Communism); 9/11/2001 the Neo-Con PNAC (Project for a New American Century) “New Pearl Harbor” False Flag event leading to the Middle East Wars (Zionism V Islam). All pre-planned events leading to the Great Tribulation and arrival of Lucifer/Satan at Rev 9:11 541 days before the 2nd Coming of God in Flesh, Jesus Christ.

…the sons of Eli were sons of Belial; they know not the LORD……when any man offered sacrifice, the priests servant came, while the flesh was in seeting (cooking), with a fleshhook of three teeth (Trident) in his hand” 1 Sam 2:12-13 “And behold another beast, a second, like to a bear, and it raised up itself on one side, and it had three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it…: Dan 7:5 The symbol of Malaysian Air is the Trident; the symbol of Ukraine is the Trident; MH-17 was shot down during NATO Operation Rapid Trident. Russia is the Bear, or more specifically the Bear Guard; Arcturas (King Arthur) guides the Big Dipper (Ursa Major=Great Bear) into the Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age of Saturn. The Trident is the symbol of Poseidon, the Sea Beast ruling over 3 types of Water Above, On and Inside the Earth. You may recall Operation Trident Spear was the fake Osama bin Laden raid.

//////Malaysia 17 “Admirable Sacrament//////

National Monument MH 17
May 3, 2016 BBC Documentary “Conspiracy Files: Who shot down MH-17” claims MH-17 was shot down by a Ukrainian MIG. I agree, but Air Traffic Controllers as far away as Germany, Poland and Western Ukraine routed the ill fated Jet over the War Zone so they Lied. NATO Lied. Accident Investigators Lied; can’t they even see the Tail Numbers don’t match? or that MH-17 was cancelled on that fateful day?. Schipol Airport Controllers Lied. Where’s the truth?
SERCO (SER= Sedere “I Sit”, “I reside” referring to Lucifer/Satan as Prince of the World) ties US, Turkey, NATO and Russia together the mother of International Outsourcing of Services such as Air Traffic Control, Health Care (eg Obama Care), Immigration, Detention, Prisons, JPATS (Con Air; Phoenix Air Ambulance), Education, Military, Cyber etc etc. Example: Russian cargo ship Mol Comfort with 50,000 tons of weapons destined for Jeddah Saudi Arabia, John Kerry and ISIS Rebels (then called Friends of Syria) split in half June 2013. Turkish Ship Nour M was intercepted by Greek Coast Guard with 50,000 Khalishnikov Rifles destined for Tartus and ISIS Rebels a month later. Why no news on this? SERCO.
Wrong Aircraft B-777 tail number of MH-17 on July 17, 2014 is M9-MRC in Schipol Airport and M9-MRD in the Ukrainian Field meaning the MH-17 event is total Bull Shit.
MH-17 on 17 July 2014 sits at Gate G-3 at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam with tail number M9-MRC and ends up in a Ukrainian field with different tail number M9-MRD. The 2 aircraft are not the same Was it shot down by “Rebels” who commandeered a BUK Surface to Air Missile? Did NATO coordinate the event with Air Traffic Controllers in Germany, Poland, Ukraine and Russia during Operation Rapid Trident and shoot down the aircraft with an SU-25 Jet firing an Air to Air Missile? Did the Malaysian B-777 MRD even depart from Schipol Airport? Did remote flight technology (BUAC Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot using Free Scale Tech Imbedded RF Hardware) turn the aircraft into a Drone?
MH-17 did not fly from Schipol Airport 17 July 2014; Flight Radar shows the flight cancelled. Menzies Cargo loaded frozen, long dead corpses onto the B-777, no pilot would have accepted that type cargo and no oridinary baggage handlers would load it. DMORT handled the by-pass of autopsies necessary to pull off this Russian False Flag.
“Russian military jets pose a grave risk to civilian airliners” NATO Chief, UN Climate Change Envoy, Vaccine advocate, Atheist, Jens Stoltenberg Nov 11, 2014.
MH-17 was shot down by a Russian Su-25 operating as part of a NATO exercise Rapid Trident; Russia, US, Israel and NATO work together. MH-17 at Gate G-3 at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam with tail number MRC ends up in a Ukrainian field with different tail number MRD. The 2 aircraft are obviously not the same, nor would they have the same transponder identification
MH-17 the Admirable Sacrament
“I frequently tramped 8 to 10 miles through deepest snow to keep an appointment with a Beech Tree, Yellow Birch or an old acquaintance among the pines” Henry David Thoreau
Alfred Lord Tennyson (Charge of the Light Brigade about the slaughter in Crimea; The Kraken was the sea monster in Clash of the Titans) wrote poems referring to the “Serpent rooted Beech Tree”. Helen of Troy carved Paris’ name on a Beech Tree. Jason and the Argonauts (Jason Society are the elite of Science) built the Argo out of Beech. The Tuatha de Danaan (Offspring of Danu=Anu=Zeus) invented Ogam Script on Beech bark. Cathedrals were built to mimic the arching limbs of the Beech Tree. In Beech and Oak “Groves” “Evil was done in sight of the LORD”
Buk means “Beech Tree”, the so-called “Queen Tree” or “Goddess Tree” is the Holy Tree of Gnosticism. Beech Trees work in concert with the “King Oak” in Druidism and Shamanism. Buk represents Hermes, Toth, Odin, Cronus and is called the “Green Man Tree”. 2014 is 700 years after Jacque DeMolay was executed “Every 700 years, the Laurel grows green again” Ringing a Baal here? The Laurel is the Crown of the Green Man and the Green Man is Satan.
Beech represents the Death and end of Something. In this case the end of America and the Age of Grace in my opinion. The Beech Tree symbolizes the accrued wisdom of every other Tree. It symbolizes the Word as Sanskrit characters were said to have been written on Beech Bark. Beech is the sum of Learning and Wisdom. Beech is the ultimate Ritual Tree under whose branches prayers are said to go straight to Heaven, for Goddess worshippers that is. Beech Trees represent the discovery of lost wisdom and the alignment of the individual with its “Higher Self”; Illumination should ring a Baal here. Druid means “Knowers of Trees”. Gnostics think they are so clever eh? Buk means Beech or “Book” as Boc means Letter or Character.
Was MH-17 shot down by a Buk Missile? Not only no, but Hell no! Time to Wake Up folks! You can choose the Lamb’s Book of Life or Satan’s Beech Tree, but not both. Rabbis will be inscribing names of the Congregation in their “Books” which are G-D’s books by the way; on Kol Nidre (All Vows), the night beginning Yom Kippur “Atonement”; you had better pray to JESUS your Name is not written in those “Books”!
“There are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost; and these three are one” 1 Jn 5:7KJV
“And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us” Jn 1:14
“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” Jn 1:1
Son of a Beech Tree? I don’t think so! Get right with JESUS, the Word made Flesh or go straight to Hell. Those are the choices folk
MH-17: Nailed to the Arcadian Beech Tree
The Roman Catholic Church is being destroyed as a Scapegoat for “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT…” (Rev 17)
America is being destroyed as a Scapegoat for “Babylon” (Rev 18)
Palestine is being destroyed as the Scapegoat for the “House of Esau” (Obadiah).
Russia will be the Scapegoat for “Gog” (Eze 38:1; Rev 20:8); Kiev is home to Kievan Rus if your Bible has Rus or Rosh in Eze 38; go get an Authorized Bible; it doesn’t belong there. Russia is not Rus or Rosh. Don’t fall for these Lies!
Germany, Turkey and Switzerland are joining BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) to destroy the Twin Pillars of the world economy, the IMF and World Bank. Bankers planned and control both sides of WWIII. Odd? Hardly, Stalin (also 33 degree Mason and Jesuit Knight) and Hitler (Jesuit) were Theosophical Society Initiates, so are Hitler’s daughter Angela and Stalin protege’ Vladimir as well as John Kerry. Truth is a bit hard to come by!
BRICS are the new Bricks in the Chaldean Tower of Babel destroying the World Reserve Currency, the $US. On 7/17 the BRICS Development Bank was created to handle the shift away from the $US. 7/17 is the anniversary of Catherine the Great murdering her husband Peter III to become Empress of Russia. 7/17 is the anniversary of the murder of Tzar Nicholas II and the Romanov family by Wall St henchmen Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) and Lenin. 7/17 is the anniversary of 33 degree Masons Churchill, Stalin and Truman carving up Europe at the Potsdam Conference; FDR didn’t have the heart for Atomic Bombing of civilians so he was murdered; Truman had no such qualms. BRICS originated in Yekaterinburg, Russia named after Peter the Great’s wife Ekaterina? Hardly, Gnostic Cathars (Catharsis means “Discharge of Pent up emotion”) and Catharine meaning “Pure”, “Hecate” (Goddess of Witchcraft) and “Torture” more like.
In Mathematics 7/17/1717 is called the “Day of the Yellow Pigs”; the number 17 denotes an initiate who has succeeded at his “Inner Marriage” aka Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost. The Swine Herd Jesus allowed the demons called “Legion” to inhabit might ring a Baal here.
On 7/17 the UN AIDS conference was discussing progress on a Swine Flu Pandemic and the DOD ordering the Def Logistic Agency to acquire and distribute massive quantities of Novartis (Swiss) and BioCSL (Australia) Swine Flu Vaccine worldwide by Aug 29, 2014.
On 7/17, MH-17 was a 17 year old B-777, allegedly carrying 108 AIDS, Swine and Avian Flu and Ebola experts heading to Melbourne aka Oz. 77 is Oz; Aleister Crowley’s “Sabbath Goat on the Altar”
UN AIDS Conference, BRICS, Israel Ground Invasion of Gaza and MH-17 all on 7/17? MH-17 is likely just another Edomite media diversion. Here’s Why.
On the 65th anniversary of NATO, electronic warfare exercises SEA BREEZE 2014 (Radar jamming AWACS was also involved with MH-370 “disappearing” from radar) and Rapid Trident II were in progress. shows MH-17 was cancelled on 7/17.
Ukraine separatists allegedly posted a video about the crash to Youtube the day before.
MH-17 disappeared from Radar over Germany; and changed course over Poland; the same thing happened on 9/11 when remote flown A/C replaced the commercial flights.
Dozens of long dead, blood drained, decomposing corpses and blood packets were found at the incident site; hardly routine cargo for civilian airliners. On 7/21 the perhaps deadly cargo began its return to the Netherlands. Stupid? Or an un-imaginably Satanic plan?
Ukraine Security Service allegedly stormed Borispol Tower and allegedly confiscated Kiev Air Traffic Control tapes; BS! ARTCC is not in the Tower nor in control of Class A airspace; nice try.
Where are voice recorder, engine data, radar data, navigation data, ACARS data and Position reports? They would be immediately available.
A Ukraine Su-25 shadowed MH-17 on its northward flight path deviation after falling off civilian radar in Germany; the deviation began in Poland; previous flights went south of the war zone in E Ukraine. The US says no fighter, but with SEA BREEZE 2014 in progress, rest assured they know.
Video footage allegedly shows MH-17 descending with its right engine on fire; if authentic, an air to air IR missile may have taken it out by that same Su-25. One thing is certain; it was definitely not a Buk SAM.
A US Spy Satellite was part of SEA BREEZE 2014 and over the area; where are the photos?
Was MH-17 shot down using a Russian Buk Surface to Air Missile? NO! Operating a Buk Missile system requires radar guidance and transponder interrogation; with flight intercept, this involves many people including likely German or Polish ARTCC; not something “Rebels” could pull off, and there are no shrapnel marks on fuselage parts. Inflight disintegration from Buk Missile shrapnel would result; intact bodies and pristine Passports at the crash site? Not likely. The passports shown were not only pristine, but new with no Visas or Stamps; some were punched and clipped, indicating they were expired or otherwise unfit for travel.
On 7/21 the bodies and blood drained cadavers were sent by train on a 17 Hr ride to Kharkiv and from there to the Netherlands; great idea if spreading disease is the goal. The reasonable thing to do is incinerate the potentially deadly cargo. The “Death Train” arrived in Europe on 7/23.
Cockpit Voice Recorder and Flight Data Recorders also turned in to ICAO on 7/21; if right engine is on fire, it was not a Buk Missile; it was a US-NATO-Poroshenko “False Flag” operation.
On 9/11 remotely flown “Drone” aircraft swapped transponder codes with airliners; was this done again? Crisis Actors in Sandy Hook and Chinese mourners in Beijing holding signs in English within an hour of MH-370 failing to arrive are strange to say the least. AWACS has the capability to remotely take over commercial airliners with the Boeing Un-interruptible Auto-Pilot, and AWACS was in the area with the express mission of “monitoring civilian air traffic”.
Kiev is a US proxy managed by George Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski detailed in “The Grand Chessboard” Putin (lifelong KGB=CIA) and Russia are the voluntary Scapegoats. Recall Putin sends arms to both sides as does the US (ref Turkish Ships Mour M and Mol Comfort; Kerry was waiting for the Russian ships with “Friends of Syria”) NATO wants War; Supreme Allied Commander Gen Phil Breedlove attended Bilderberg 2014 for a reason and MH-17 might just give it to them.
Malaysia is a Rothschild (Red=Edom Shield) controlled, Edomite (Hashemite) dictatorship just like Israel and Britain (B’Rith=Birthright); yes I know you think Israel is Jewish; the Six Pointed Star of Saturn is Chaldean not Jewish. Kuala Lumpur is home to the War Crimes Commission which has convicted Israel, Britain and the US of war crimes relating to the Gulf Wars. MH-17 took off from Schipol Airport 100% dominated by Israeli Security firm ICTS. MH-17 allegedly had a cargo hold full of decomposing, blood drained corpses and countless packets of blood. Airport Security allowing decomposing corpses and blood aboard an airliner? A flagrant violation of International Law; Don’t think so. Viruses stored in semi-dry flesh? The work of Bio-weapons experts.
MH-370 also had a Bio-hazard cargo aboard; 2 Trident (Operation Trident II ringing a Baal?) Bio-security guards were murdered guarding it in Abu Dhabi which is just now operating Customs pre-clearance direct flights into America. Obama celebrated Ramadan in the White House on 7/14 with United Arab Emirates and Saudi leaders; pretty coincidental eh? Dr Ron Fouchier at the Erasmus Medical Center near Amsterdam works Dr Yoshihiro Kawaoka Major Horatio Ishi and Unit #731 should ring a Baal here; WHO is the modern day Unit #731. “Weaponized Killer Viruses like Ebola, Swine Flu and Avian Flu were designed to kill 90% of the world’s population” 108 Virologists with advance knowledge of an upcoming UN sponsored Ebola/Flu Pandemic? How many people have become infected and are now infecting others from decomposing corpses and aerosol blood at the MH-17 accident scene? The US ordered massive quantities of Swine Flu Vaccines, deliverable by Aug 29, 2014 and all 50 states have JBAIDS testing equipment and 1000 mobile hospitals ready. Good preparation eh? Why the Ukraine? Kawoaka bragged “My new Swine Flu virus is Unstoppable”. Fouchier bragged “A human to human transmissible virus, even moderately fatal, will become a plague of unimaginable proportions”
Ukraine is home to exiled Sarmation Priest-Kings. Sar means Prince. Satan is the Prince. Ukraine uses the Trident symbol; Trident means 3 Teeth of the Bear in Dan 7:5. Russian Bear? Hardly, Ukraine and Crimea are “Arcadia”; Arcas means Bear. Russia working with Britain odd? Hardly, King Arthur (Mythical King of Britons) is the “Bear Guard”. Isn’t occult communication fun? Priests of the Prince “Satan” are the Chaldean Priest builders of the Tower of Babel; Noble Caste “Aryans” if you prefer who are exiled in Ukraine. Aryan means Iran; In Farsi Obama means “He is with us”. Forget the Khazar Jew BS and get right with JESUS folks!
Schipol Airport was made famous by Christmas Bomber Farouk Abudulmutallib (story was complete BS; he shares the name with Muhammad’s Hashemite Quyraish Tribe uncle; hilarious isn’t it? Hashemites are Edomites; Quyraish are the Rebel Priests from Moses’ day God swallowed up in the Earth) and the debut of $Trillion worth of Full Body Image Scanners and Back Scatter X-Ray machines ($250,000/machine) at 49,000 commercial airports, each needing one to dozens of machines; another $Trillion lie promoted by American-Israeli Michael Chertoff and Sodomite Janet Napolitano aka FEMA District #10 chief. The 18th anniversary of TWA-800 was also 7/17, the downing of that aircraft resulted in unnecessary replacement of Fuel Boost Pumps in thousands of commercial aircraft @ $70,000 per pump; each aircraft has between 6 and 10 pumps so do the math and it’s another $Trillion lie. ICTS subsidiary Huntleigh supplied security on 9/11/2001 at Boston and Washington Dulles Airport; add another $50,000 for each Cockpit Door for every commercial airliner because of Arab hijackers with box cutters BULLSHIT! Money shines through as the prime motivator. MH-17 will facilitate aircraft the Israeli “Flight Guard” missile defense system installed (chaff/flares) as Israel’s El Al Airlines uses. Money folks, follow the Money.
Where is Obama? In addition to closing on a $4.5M mansion in Rancho Mirage CA, on 7/14 Obama hosted an Iftar (Break Fast) Ramadan Dinner at the White House with “Muslim” leaders who listened to his praise of Israel and to Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer (Neocon shill tied to Bush family, Benjamin Netanyahu, Mitt Romney and Sheldon Adelson) justifying Israel’s wholesale slaughter of Palestine with DIME, White Phosphorous and Flechette Munitions all designed to maim and torture. WTF Over? Think these guys are Jewish or Muslim? Guess Again; their Satanists.
Indonesia illegally annexed E Timor on 7/17 after the CIA coup that installed Suharto left 2 million dead; AF 1 with Gerald Ford, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld lifted off as the first shots were fired. Lolo Soetoro a Colonel under Suharto and Barry Soetoro (Obama) a Madrassa schooled Indonesian passport holding citizen trained as Mujaheddin “Warrior of Allah”. Obama has no US Passport, no US Citizenship, no valid Social Security Card and was never sworn to defend the Constitution so don’t blame him; he’s doing his job quite well!
The 7th Prime Number 17 is the number of the Holy Spirit; number of the “Son of Man”; 10 Commandments written in 17 verses; number of the Karmic evolution of the Cosmos; Man participating on the Celestial and Terrestrial planes; junction between the Spiritual and Material Worlds; Sufi mystics use 17 for the World in Balance; 17 companions of Ali; 17 nations at Pentecost and the ominous number in Italy equivalent with 13 in the West meaning “I Lived; therefore I am Dead”. This is why the Grand Lodge of England adopted Speculative Masonry in 1717; the White House is on 17th St and the last staged Apollo mission was 17. Obadiah is Book #17; the shortest book was written by Jesus declaring the annihilation of the House of Esau.
The Old covenant is the 7th contract between God and Man + the 10 nations of the confederacy against God in Psalm 83:6-9. The Covenant with Abram and Isaac is described in Gen 17; Amalek wars with Israel in the Wilderness of Sin in Ex 17; Aarons Rod buds in Num 17, Offerings to the LORD must be perfect in Deut 17 and “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT…” is described in Rev 17 for a reason. The Roman number of ill omen is 17 and the Scapegoat for Rev 17 is the Roman Catholic Church, like America and Palestine they are about to be destroyed in preparation for the coming false Messiah. The number 17 is called the “Admirable Sacrament”. “And they caused their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire and used divination and enchantments and sold themselves to do evil in the sight of the LORD, to provoke him to anger” 2 Ki 17:17 Amurru Khan (American) is the Edomite Serpent and Shepherd about to be Admirably Sacrificed. MH-17: M=13 H=8 (He is Jesus’ title meaning “God is with me”; Abram becomes Abraham; Sarai becomes Sarah. 13/8=Phi “Ratio of Life”. Life through an Admirable Sacrament making sense now? Now how does the Edomite Malaysia MH-17 look?
The NSA is the new Temple of Set
Osiris was martyred by Set and set adrift on 17 Athyr; Egyptians believed the date aligns with the 17th day of the 2nd Month when Noah’s Ark was set adrift. In Tarot, Card #17 “Star” refers to Chaldean STUR aka Six Pointed Star of Molech, Chiun, Ashtaroth, Milcom, and Chemosh. that Star on the flag of Israel is not Jewish in the slightest. Temple of Set founder NSA Gen Michael Aquino making sense now? NSA Spy Facility in the Beehive State aka Zion making sense now? Bee in Chaldee means Word. I know, I know, Sun of a Beech! Folks, we’ve been Stung by WASPS (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) and BEES; now get out from under the Beech Tree and believe the Word God wrote 6000 years ago!
There is absolutely no possible way Cargo Handlers at Amsterdam Airport could or would load corpses and blood packets onto a Civilian Airliner.
Pilots would not fly an aircraft with that type of cargo; ICAO and IATA do not allow that type of cargo on board. MH-17 could not have been a regular Commercial Flight which is why MH-17 was cancelled on 7/17. Odd? Flt 11 was not scheduled to fly on 9/11/2001 and look what happened.
US-NATO Electronic Warfare Exercise SEA BREEZE 2014 culminated July 17; A US Spy Satellite was part of the exercise and over Donetsk during the incident.
MH-17 diverted from its flight planned route and ordered to descend from 35,000 to 33,000ft; a Ukraine Su-25 fighter flew 1-2 miles behind MH-17 at 33,000 ft armed with R-60 Air to Air missiles. The flight track abruptly turns left 1800 and slows. Witnesses and video footage shows MH-17 descending with Rt Engine Fire consistent with this type of attack. Kiev officials stated “No military aircraft were in the region”
If the Rt Engine caught fire, without doubt, the pilots would have sent a Distress Call over voice, transponder, ACARS and FMC (Flight Management Computer). One does not “Confiscate” all this information. Where is it?
British investigator Stewart John “Everything on the Black Boxes is absolutely useless”; like the Engine Data constantly streaming to Rolls Royce in Britain; which also happened during MH-370? Why are NATO countries Britain (CVR, FDR) and Netherlands (Bodies) in charge of forensic evidence; Warren Commission and 9/11 Commission may ring a Baal here.
Ukraine Security Services and the US CIA occupy the same building and floor in Kiev. Hello!
Did Russia do it? Did Kiev-US-NATO do it? Yes and Yes. Russia sends arms to “Rebels” (ref Russian ships Mol Comfort and Nour M) as does the US. Saudi Arabia finances “Rebels” and Moscow trains their military brass. The US supplies weapons (Saddam Hussein’s US-NATO made WMD’s transferred in 2003) to the Assad regime in Damascus and to “Mercenaries” now re-named “Friends of Syria” aka ISIS, al-Qaeda.
The Trojan Horse was not loaded with soldiers; it was loaded with decaying corpses and brought voluntarily into the walls of Troy; the resulting destruction of Troy is legendary. MH-17 may be the modern day Trojan Horse and the Death Train.
On the 70th anniversary of the “Bretton Woods” Gold Agreement, BRICS formed a New World Order Bank, Israel invaded Gaza and MH-17 stole the headlines. MH-17 will force airliners to install “Flight Guard” @ $1M/commercial jet X 10,000 Jets; Chaff, Flares, ECM work on unsophisticated IR missiles, not on Radar guided missiles like Buc. $50,000 Cockpit Doors from 9/11; $70,000 Fuel Pumps from TWA-800 seem like chump change. Money shines through as a prime motivator. A 17 yr old to the day B-777 allegedly crashes with a cargo hold full of decomposing corpses and blood samples with 108 epidemiologists, AIDS, Influenza and WHO Ebola Bio-weapon Virologist Stephen Becker heading for a UN AIDS Conference in Oz. The incident even matches the script for the 2012 season opener of the BBC series Sherlock “A scandal in Belgravia” Who could think of loading dead corpses onto an airliner to create “Order out of Chaos” ? WHO is the UN; WHO Director Margaret Chan works for Order of the British (B’Rith=Birthright=Cain-Ishmael-Esau) Empire head Prince Phillip; his stated desire is to be re-incarnated as a “Killer Virus”. The number 17 is the number of ill omen for Italy called the “Admirable Sacrament”. What’s the big plan?
MH17 bodies ‘DRAINED OF BLOOD’ were recovered by Ukraine soldiers at crash site described as “not fresh”.
So, basically the gist of MH-17 is MH-370 flew to Diego Garcia Airbase during a US-Malaysia Radar Exercise and was later transported to Schipol Airport in Amsterdam. MH-17 was cancelled and replaced with the MH-370 aircraft and remotely flown over the Donetsk War Zone to be shot down by a Russian SU-25 during a NATO Exercise. On board were several dozen blood drained corpses likely passengers from MH-370.

//////Sandy Hook///////

Sandy Hook School

Sandy Hook means “Play the Joker”; for Gnostics, Jesus is the Joker. An FBI, CT Police Drill was being conducted the day of Sandy Hook; the alleged school filmed by news crews was however a closed Mental Institution. Hurricane Sandy was planned by FEMA on Disaster Planning Maps to travel up the coast of the US and “Hook” into NY Harbor. The East Coast HQ of the Church of Satan is in Sandy Hook. Dark Knight Rises featured a map with Sandy Hook and number of children, and teachers allegedly killed at Sandy Hook. Robbie Parker was caught on CNN cameras laughing before his CNN interview; 2 hrs earlier his daughter Emily was allegedly gunned down at Sandy Hook; 2 Hrs before the event he had the foresight to set up a GoFundMe Charity Account for his daughter. The event is a Fraud

How do you get the whole town of Sandy Hook to enact a hoax? Buy them off

2/15/15 Noah Pozner, Sandy Hoax “Victim” turns up in Peshawar shooting by the Taliban; BBC admits the hoax, US Press? No Coverage. Alexis Israel turns up as Crisis Actor “Witness” in Aurora CO, at Sandy Hook as fake student Adam Lanza’s classmate and in the first ISIS fake Beheading video as James Foley’s sister.
2/11/15 Brian Williams suspended for lying. Anderson Cooper lied about Sandy Hook. Voice of Bohemian Grove Owl Walter Cronkite lied about the JFK assassination and Masonic fake Moon Landing. “Think of the press as an instrument dictators can use” Joseph Goebbels
1/26/15 $Trillion Lawsuits filed against Media (CNNABCNBCMSNBCBC), Newtown Bee, New York Times, Hartford Courant over Sandy Hoax
12/15/14 Sandy Hook families launch lawsuit against Bushmaster Firearms. No Bushmaster Firearm was ever recovered at Sandy Hook.
11/11/14 FBI reports Sandy Hook was a “Live Drill”; no people were injured; the event misreported by the media. A Hoax on par with the Apollo Moon Landing reported by the “Most trusted man in the world” Walter Cronkite, long time voice of the Owl “Molech” at Bohemian Grove. Sandy Hook means “Play the Joker”; the Joker is a Blasphemy of Jesus and a “Trump Card”; Jesus returns at the “Last Trump” (1 Cor 15:52; 1 Thess 4:17) to claim His own; the Satanic/Jesuit equivalent is the “Pre-Trib Rapture” Watch out!
Oct 30, 2014 Reuters ran a story giving credit and an award to Newton resident Rob Cox for managing Sandy Hook Hill Knowlton managed Gulf War I using fake stories about Babies in Incubators to justify the attack, it’s only fitting he is rewarded for lying.
7/23/14 This run down of photos is damming evidence of the Sandy Hoax
6/26/14 Eric Holder DOJ gives Sandy Hook “Crisis Actors” (fake grieving families) another $7.1Million. The total payout is now $14.1M + $50M Gov Malloy set aside to demolish evidence.
4/11/14 26 Christmas Trees were at the Fire House before the Sandy Hook incident. Smoking Gun as big as the Dark Knight Rises map
02/21/14 Social Security Records show NO VICTIMS
12/15/13 Supposedly Dead Sandy Hook students displayed at 2013 Super Bowl, 11-13 yrs old. The implications: The Hoax was pre-planned 6 years in advance.
11/10/11 CT State Atty Stephen Sedensky urges CT Judges to withhold 911 Emergency Calls as Sandy Hook Elementary Demolition begins. Good plan Steve, wouldn’t want the truth to get out.
10/7/13 CT granted $50M in Federal Gov funds to rebuild Sandy Hook Elementary. The average elementary school costs $7M; Sandy Hook was and continues to be a giant Pay Day for Crisis Actors
8/2/13 Here is a good synopsis of Aurora and Sandy Hook
6/5/13 Gov Dan Malloy signed legislation today sealing crime scene photos, transcripts, and video evidence from Sandy Hook. Why? The story has fallen completely apart and there is no evidence.
4/10/13 “We are at the critical moment for Gun Control” Barack Obama in CT.
Obama visiting Crisis Actor Nicole Hocklley and sitting with supposedly deceased daughter of Robbie Parker is strange; but everyone involved with Sandy Hook laughing is bizarre.
CT Gov Dan Malloy “NRA President Wayne LaPierre is a Clown in a Circus”. Staging an event with CT Police, FEMA and DHS using Crisis Actors is something you should discuss with Wayne in public. Load up a 120 lb kid with 600 rounds of .223 Ammo; show us the video of Adam Lanza entering the school and 3 men caught at the school and let the world decide whether Wayne or Dan is the Dog or Pony in this Circus show.

Sandy Hook: No Victims, No Assault Weapon, No Perpetrator These Assumptions were skillfully created through Chaldean Magick using Crisis Actors. Scrtipture admonishes us to “Prove all Things”; Sandy Hook is smokescreen covering LIBOR interest rate manipulations and Bain Capital aka “Sinaloa Drug Cartel” aka “Marvelous Investments” Money Laundering; together, these represent $Trillions in manufactured money, leveraged and converted to $100’s of Trillions in manufactured Debt. Creditors make Slaves of Debtors”. Benghazi, was and is the world’s largest Gun Running operation, 10X the Iran-Contra weapons for drugs operation.
“Nancy Lanza was a caring Kindergarten teacher” 15yr School nurse Sally Cox. One problem: Nancy has never worked at Sandy Hook.
According to the Social Security Administration, Adam Lanza died on 12/13/2012.
Obama posed for a picture with Emilie Parker on 12/16; Emilie is not a Sandy Hook student.
Wrng Location The pictures shown by the media of Sandy Hook are not Sandy Hook Elementary; the Street Signs and backdrops are all fake. Sandy Hook, in my opinion exposes the same level of control over Education, Media, Religion, Courts etc as Julius Caesar wrote of in his Gallic Wars. The world has “Crossed the Rubicon” and most don’t even realize it.
SANDY HOOK means “Play the Joker Card” or “Trump Card”; more specifically, the Spiritual Joker or Trump Card. It also means “Commandeer a Sovereign Ship”. In this case, the United States and its Constitution. Sandy Hook and the Dark Knight Trilogy are elements of the same deception. On 7/20/12 as Dark Knight Rises opened in Aurora Colorado (Lucifer’s Red River) 2700 World, Government and Corporate leaders convened in Santa Rosa (Santa aka Saint is the Hittite god of the west) CA for the annual Bohemian Grove encampment. Sacrifices are made to a 40ft tall Owl of Wisdom called Molech amid the Redwoods along the Russian River. World leaders including Obama putting on plays dressed in women’s clothes called “Hi Jinx in Hades” punctuated by Necrophilia, Pedophilia, S&M, Bestiality and a perpetual game of Dominoes probably seems strange to most people as it should. Bohemian Grove is derived from an ancient Rite of Melqart in the E-Barra (Shining House or House of Shamash) sanctuary, today called “Begone Dull Care” or “Cremation of Dull Care” where Begone is another name of Barra, or Shamash. Strange names until one realizes the center candle of the Hanukkah Menorah is Shamash. Israel and the US are scheduled to complete “Project 911” on “Site 911” aka “Beit Shemesh” (Shamash) for Hanukkah 2014; over every door will be a written rejection of Jesus Christ called the “Mezuzah”. Wanna bet that will coincide with Rev 9:11? “Barra Anti Malldai” is the phrase barring Justice from the “Initiates” of Shamash in Babylon.
St Rosa is the patron saint of Latin America and the Philippines, both illegally controlled by Sephardics (Babylonian Sepharvaim). “Lord increase my sufferings and with them increase your love in my heart”- St Rosa (Isabel) of Lima; the Lord Jesus Christ? Heaven’s no, she is depicted wearing a Crown or Roses because she is part of the Rosicrucian “Order of Rose and Cross” deception. On Nov 27, Eric Holder funded “Project Longevity” providing funds for Active Shooter Drills with BATFE, FEMA and FBI agents working in concert with professional “Crisis Actors to provide realistic simulations such as the Drill in Bridgeport CT. There was also a lock-down event at St Rosa pre-school at 46 Church Hill Rd in Newtown CT on Dec 14, 2012. Footage of this was shown live by CNN as being from Sandy Hook Elementary, which is why there are no actual Victims or Crime Scene. Anderson Cooper, besides being a Sodomite was trained by the CIA as an Intern; in other words, he is an “Initiate”. On the Gotham City Map, Strike Zone 4 appears to be the southeast part of Central Park; his family (Vanderbilt) brought Cleopatra’s Needle to NYC; having nothing to do with Cleopatra, the Obelisk was likely made shortly after the Exodus by Moses’ adoptive mother, the Pharoah Hatshepsut. St Rosa prayed for increased suffering; likely we haven’t seen anything yet.
In the China Sea, a War is brewing; Japan and the Philippines (St Rosa is the patron saint of the Philippines) are bound by treaty to the US; China claims Sovereignty over the Diaoyus Islands as does Japan (called the Senkakus Is). Russia (note the connection to the Russian River near Santa Rosa) is bound by treaty to China. Refer back to St Rosa; patron Saint of the Philippines; this is how occult communication works. By the way, Teddy Roosevelt illegally annexed the Philippines by slaughtering 250K native Filippinos and the same can be said of Hawaii, Obama’s mythical birthplace.
Germany is attempting to repatriate its Gold, allegedly held by the Federal Reserve (Knights Templar) who are repeating the same modus-operendi they used 700 years ago; make promises, offer IOU’s and torch the house. Is the Gold actually there? No, it was spirited out on 9/11/2001 while the “Stage Show” aka “Distraction” was going on above ground. Was it advertised? Yes, in the movie Die Hard with a Vengeance. Who took the Gold? Germans of course. Was it pre-planned? Of course, remember that ANFO filled Van the FBI had Ramzi Yousef drive under the North Tower in 1993? Could that have brought down the Tower? Absolutely not, it was just a Distraction used to seal the tunnels under the World Trade Center where Foreign Gold was deposited. Knights Templar used Lock Boxes and IOU’s 700 years ago; this is just a modern day version. Does angela Merkel know their Gold is not there? Absolutely, this is just a “Causus Belli” to invade America.
Bane, the “Necessary Evil” in Dark Knight Rises destroys Manhattan and the financial markets just like Bain Capital and in Die Hard with a Vengeance, an unlikely shopkeeper named “Zeus” helps Bruce Willis’ character John McClane? In Live Free of Die Hard America is turned into “Chaos” and a “Fire Sale” ensues. Bane and “Fire Rises”; “Cremation of Dull Care”; The Red Phoenix Rising from Fire at the Olympic Closing Ceremony and Batman all should start to make sense. Recall, Bane and Batman do not get “Distracted” because they are “Initiates”. Focus your attention on Jesus Christ and you will not be “Distracted” during the upcoming 3rd Act of Chaldean Magick.
Prior Planning? You bet. In 1999, Germany began training Luftwaffe Air Force pilots in Holomon AFB New Mexico; the same location Nazis (Angela Merkel is likely a close relative of Adolf Hitler) developed the Atomic Bomb and Rocket Program (Nazi SS Major Werhner von Braun) later used to fake the Apollo Moon Program with the help of Hollywood and Stanley Kubrick of course. Germany will enforce Martial Law on American Citizens; China plans a similar assault from Vancouver BC (British Columbia and District of Columbia have similar meanings) and is presently converting over $1Trillion in Treasury Bills to American Land contained in Sovereign “Special Economic Zones” with the aid of treasonous State Governors. In addition, Latin American “Agents Povacateurs” such as MEChA, LaRaza Unida and Voz de Aztlan already in place inside America and on the Supreme Court (Sonia Sotomayor) all under control of NORTHCOM in Colorado Springs. Neat trick eh?
The USS Enterprise Strike Group was turned around toward the Arabian Sea for attacks on Afghanistan after Capt Jim Winnefeld saw the South Tower get hit. My, that was fast work eh? Traitor Jim was rewarded with command of NORTHCOM and is now Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs fo Staff instigating conflicts in the China Sea, Korea, Mali, Syria, and Iran while planning for Martial Law in America. Hard to believe 1006 pages in the Patriot Act were written, read and signed into Law by Congress in 2 weeks eh? That’s because it was pre-written.
The Federal “Drill” in Newtown CT Vigilant Guardian Drill on 9/11/2001 simulated Commercial Airliners hijacked by terrorists and flown into prominent buildings. The movie Knwowing forecasted Deep Water Horizon, 1 year in advance. NATO and SOUTHCOM were conducting a Haitan Relief Drill as Port au Prince was hit with a 7.0 Earthquake. It’s out in the open, we just need to pay attention.
In Chaldean Magick, there are 3 stages to the Act: Pledge, Turn and Prestige. Magick is based on Sleight of Hand, and faulty assumptions. Sandy Hook was part of the Prestige; the symbolic Pledge (Batman Begins), Turn (Dark Knight), Sin Eating, descent into Hell and Re-birth as the Dark Knight Rises. You can see this in full view here Sandy Hook was featured in the Dark Knight Rises as a protege of Ra’s Al Goul aka Demon’s Head or Satan’s Head. The Head of Satan on earth is of course the Man of the Sin (Recall Heath Ledger was the Sin Eater in the movie The Order, the Joker in Dark Knight and during Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus as the Hangman) “Rising” from the ashes of a destroyed America. Ra’s Al Goul’s other protege is Bane, referring to Bain Capital and the Sinaloa “Federation” Drug Cartel. We even had a moment of “Peace” on May Day “Beltane” with the fake Osama bin Laden raid. Operation Gun Runner, LIBOR and Benghazi were all elements of this grand Stage Play and the Prestige has begun. In the movie The Prestige the movie ends in Colorado (Red River) Springs with Nikola Tesla’s technology given to the Magician desperate to pull off the greatest act of Magick; Earthquakes, Weather, fake Visions will soon become the “Externalization of the Hierarchy” written of by Theosophical Society founder Helena Blavatsky ie the Unveiling of the Man of Sin and his Earthly Knighted Hierarchy.
Bushmaster .223 There was no Bushmaster .223 used in this charade! All major news outlets admit the Bushmaster .223 was in the trunk of a car. Not the first time we have been led to assume a lie; Dick Cheney, Robert Mueller and Don Rumsfeld all stated they have no proof Osama bin Laden was involved with 9/11/2001. So, the question is, what does Bushmaster 223 mean? Let’s start by seeing what Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda mean. Usama=Lion; bin=Manger or Crib; Laden=Ladon, the 100 headed beast guarding the Golden Apples of Hespirides (far West). al-qaeda means “Solid Foundation”; in Saudi Arabia, it means Foreign Toilet. Feeling a little sheepish? Me too, time to wake up.
223 is a mirror image of 322 referring to “Woman”, created from Man in Gen 2:23 to become his Master and leading Man into Sin in Gen 3:22; a reversal of biblical principles if you will. Bushmaster: God appeared to Moses as the Burning Bush; the opposite of this appears in the Dark Knight Rises with Bane “Fire Rises”. Likely, there is also a reference to Aleister Crowley, the illegitimate father of Barbara Bush. In Rev 2:23, we find God promising to kill the spiritual offspring of Jezebel (Phoenician princess) in the Church of Thyatira (Catholic or Universal Church). America is set to become a Scapegoat for Rev 18 “Babylon” and the Roman Catholic Church set to become the Scapegoat for Rev 17 “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT…” Why? The Dark Knight rises to assume the place of God in Rev 19. The Apocrypha Book of Jubilees 2:23 makes reference to 22 things Created by God in 6 days, Adam being the 22nd means Red; Adam Lanza then means “Red Spear”. An elaborate deception unlike any other in history is unfolding in plain sight.
No Bushmaster .223 rifle was recovered or even used at Sandy Hook; furthermore, there were likely no victims; merely an elaborate Stage Play. Even the name Adam Lanza is cryptic, meaning “Red Spear”; as will be seen, SANDY HOOK was CAPITALIZED, on the Gotham City map used in Dark Knight Rises referring to the SPIRITUAL rather than physical “Death” brought by the release of the “Pale Horse”. The Pale Horse, described in Rev 6:7-8 is followed by Rev 6:9 “I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held” That slaughter is about to commence and your personal testimony of Jesus Christ is all that stand between Heaven and an Eternity in Hell. In Rev 6:14 “And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together…” At that point, it will be too late; the Scroll containing the Book of Life will be rolled and Sealed by God. Folks, I am not trying to be alarmist, but all this is in plain sight; it is time to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour before its too late. He is not the Joker, He is not the Fool, He is not the Dark Knight and He is most certainly the Trump of God. Times are about to get rather interesting to say the least.
The UN Conference on the Global Arms Trade Treaty met in New York City July 2-27, 2012. Over the same period, 2700 world leaders were meeting at Bohemian Grove to plan WWIII and offer sacrifices to the 40ft Owl of Wisdom “Molech”. Putting on plays called “Hi Jinx in Hades” dressed in women’s clothes is a story you can read about in my article Bohemian Grove. in the “Secret Societies” section. To imagine what Bohemian Grove is like, imagine what Sodom and Gomorrah must have been like. Their favorite game? Dominoes; if you are getting the impression the world is set up as one gigantic Domino board, you are “Waking Up”; Dom means Mask and refers to Esau’s prophesied global “Dominion”. After the trailer for Gangster Squad at the opening of Dark Knight Rises on 7/20/12 a man dressed as a Red Haired (Edom=Red) Joker opened fire in Aurora (Aus=To Shine=Lucifer) killing the exact number of people killed in Lil Wayne’s music video My Homies Still, also shot in a Theater. The Dark Knight Rises from a financial collapse initiated by Bane; that would be Bain (LIBOR, Sinaloa Cartel and Marvelous Investments) Capital. Strike Zone 1 is Sandy Hook; the other 4 Strike Zones represent Manhattan and the fall of Wall St.
“The UN will Conclude the work begun in July 2012” in NYC “Gotham City” 18-28 March 2013. Interesting time frame as 3/22 is the Zoroastrian Nowruz “New Light”. The Brotherhood of Death is “Society 322”. In Dark Knight Rises the Joker’s Calling Card is the Devil and one of the Red Circles near Strike Zone 5 identifies the location Heath Ledger (Played both the Joker and Hangman in Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus) died. Mt Parnassus, the location of Greek Mystery Religion Initiations is represented by the Hangman Tarot Card #12 which opened the movie; in other words, Heath was mocking God and died because of it. Need more reasons to get Jesus Christ in your life now? Read on.
1/19/13 A 3rd potential Sandy Hook gunman was captured in the woods, next to the school wearing a black T-shirt and Cammo pants carrying a gun. He was discovered to have been an off-duty SWAT policeman from Bridgeport and was released. Is it just coincidence FBI, FEMA and CT Emergency Services were conducting a “Drill” designed to provide aid to students affected by emergencies that day? Why else would an “off-duty” SWAT Policeman be carrying a gun dressed like Adam Lanza to an Elementary School? If Sandy Hook was indeed a real event, why would he run from the scene?
1/19/13 Pope Benedict XVI expressed his support for Obama’s proposed Un-constitutional Gun Laws. As a member of the Nazi party, and Head of the Office of Inquisition he knows first hand what happens when weapons are confiscated.
Barack Obama Gun Legislation 1/16 23 Executive Actions including
Prohibition of “Assault” weapons with more than 10 rounds such as the weapon used at Sandy Hook (No bushmaster .223 was used by Adam Lanza in Sandy Hook).
A Universal Data Base and Background Checks on all commercial and private firearm sales with input and incentives to provide that input from the Mental Health Community, Religious Organizations and State Agencies. Obamacare (Universal Health Care/ Affordable Care) health professionals to inquire about firearms owned by patients. Essentially, Government, Medical and Clergy will gather “Snitch” and transmit intelligence on Citizens as Mat 24:10 states will happen at the start of Great Tribulation. Remember, the largest NSA Data Collection Facility will be operational soon in Salt Lake City aka “Zion”.
Training in “Active Shooter Drills” for Law Enforcement, School Resource Officers, School Officials and First Responders. Is it coincidence J Paul Vance has participated in many of these type drills using professional “Crisis Actors”; one such “Drill” was pre-scheduled in Bridgeport CT and an off-duty police participant in that Drill was caught at Sandy Hook. Worth noting is the word “Lieutenant” means “To take the place or speak for another”; Who might that be?
Discussions on Mental Health led by Margaret Sanger disciple and Abortion advocate Kathleen Sebelius. Planned Parenthood is an interesting name referring to arranged marriages ie planning ones own parents or Dynastic Lines for a future event. Culling of children is nothing new; it’s how the biblical “Giants” were created by the Amalekites and Avites etc. Anyone taking SSRI’s; Visiting a Mental Health Counseling or discussing mental health issues with Clergy could be disqualified from Gun ownership
Sandy Hook Elementary was destroyed and is not a Crime Scene
A Bushmaster .223 was never recovered from Sandy Hook Elementary. An “Assault” Weapons ban hinges on this critical deception. Adam Lanza never had access to a Bushmaster .223.
Adam Lanza’s doctor Rima Laibow stated he was not on SSRI’s; to date 1/17/12 his toxicology results have not been released, nor has his body been produced. For that matter, the bodies of any “Victims”. Obama wants input from the Mental Health Community for a National Gun Ownership Data Base because Adam Lanza was allegedly on SSRI’s. What if there SSRI’s were not involved?
Was Sandy Hook even a crime scene? Or was it an “Active Shooter Drill”? Lt J Paul Vance participated in many such drills including the one on Dec 14, 2012 with the BATFE, the FBI and CT Emergency Services using professional “Crisis Actors”. Not the first time such a “Drill” went “Live”; on 9/11/2001 the FAA and NORAD were running “Vigilant Guardian”, a Drill dealing with remote control of hijacked airliners. FEMA even warned of this in a planning document with the Twin Towers in cross hairs and FOX even put out a mini-series “The Lone Gunman” just months before featuring a remotely flown airliner guided to the Twin Towers.
The Gotham City Map released in Dark Knight Rises seems to identify “Ground Zero” (World Trade Center) as Strike Zone 5; Strike Zone 2 appears to be the entrance of New York Harbor which took a direct hit by Hurricane Sandy as it “Hooked”. Coincidence? NOAA published a Disaster Scenario pamphlet in 2007 with a Hurricane named Sandy taking the exact same path. Hurricane Sandy was in fact a guided weather event; one of 3 manufactured weather fronts forming a “Nor’Easter”. Is it coincidence SMOM Michael Bloomberg stopped food bank donations ahead of this storm?
Operation Wide Receiver=Operation Gun Runner; the arming of the Sinaloa “Federation” Drug Cartel, a Mormon Church, Israeli and Lebanon (Hezbollah aka Nazi) assault on the US Citizens and the Constitution operating with full cooperation of the US Government with profits held off-shore in “Marvelous Investments” aka Bain Capital.
Obama, a Madrassa (Quran School) and CIA trained Mujaheddin “Warrior of Allah ie Sin” stated “Congress must get tougher on sellers who traffic guns to criminals” Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton financed and transported high power weapons to the Sinaloa Drug Cartel (Mitt Romney’s Mexican family branch) in Operation Gun Runner (a follow on to George Bush Jr Operation Wide Receiver) which, according to informants is a “Carte Blanche Agreement” to transport tons of drugs to Chicago through Ciudad Juarez and El Paso (Biggs AAF) and the I-35 Corridor (Alliance Airport) with the proceeds laundered through HSBC (Hong Kong, Shanghai Bank) and Bain Capital investment arm “Marvelous Investments”. Is this what you mean Barry? I venture a guess most American Citizens would be shocked to find out B-747’s, Semi-Trailers and Rail Cars carry tons of Sinaloa Federation Cartel drugs into the Chicago while taxpayers finance their weapons with borrowed money.
Gov Andrew Cuomo presided over changes to NY Gun Laws 1/14 prohibiting magazines larger than 7 rounds, background checks on all private party sales and stiffer penalties on gun related offenses. Andy says “After what happened at Sandy Hook, people do not need assault rifles to hunt deer” Major News and CT Police say only 4 pistols were recovered inside the school; the Bushmaster “Assault” Rifle was allegedly pulled from the trunk of a car that did not even belong to the Lanza family. Rushing things a bit aren’t we Andy? What does your News Anchor brother Chris have to say about this? Here is what Jesus has to say “All liars shall have their place in the Lake of Fire”.
A Petition at the White House website is asking for prosecution of individuals and websites demonstrating Sandy Hook is a “Hoax” and victims are “Actors”. Is the reason of such bungling of evidence and official stories an attack on the 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendments?
Superior Court Judge John Blawie sealed search warrant requests for Adam Lanza’s Black Honda License Plate 872 YEO and Nancy Lanza’s home for 90 days. The Black Honda belongs to Christopher Rodia, not Nancy or Adam Lanza. Sealing warrants during the investigation is fine; obstruction of Justice is not.
Gotham “Goth” means Savage Despoiler, Cruel or Barbarous; The Gotham City Map was released in a Dark Knight Rises movie promotion package 1 year to the day before Sandy Hook (12/13 is St Lucia Day “Bride of Light/Lucifer”) with a T-Shirt and Sandy Hook shown as Strike Zone 1. That same day, charred remains of children sacrificed at the Temple of the Feathered Serpent in Teotihuacan Mexico were “unearthed” and published. Sandy Hook Elementary was built on the same Great Circle, and designed to mirror image the Temple. Sandy Hook means to Commandeer a Sovereign Vessel at Sea or to Play the Joker Card meaning a Trump Card. The T-Shirt featured Bane and “Fire Rises”; Pyramid means “Amid the Flames”. Bane means Death, Misery, Affliction, Curse or To Poison. An Armistice (Temporary Cessation of Hostilities) was signed May 10, 1865, the anniversary of Columbus “Discovering” the Cayman Is where Bain Capital founder Mitt Romney controls 1000’s of Hedge Fund accounts totaling $Trillions through “Marvelous Investments” with Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and George Bush Sr. The Vatican keeps its Offshore Accounts in the Cayman Is (Previously called Institute for Works of Religion “IOR”) as well. On 1/13 “Hilal” meaning “Crescent” became visible to begin the 1st Lunar month of the “Golden Age”; the stars aligned on 12/21/2012, and the Sun will align on Jan 20 “Inauguration of the Golden Age”. Mormon Melchisedek Priests chant “Pey Heylel” meaning “Marvelous Lucifer”; their religion is founded on Ishmaelis arriving to America whom God said would be a wild man against everyone and everyone against him. Why watch for Hilal? Under the Papal Chair of St Peter is the Shahada “There is not god but Allah”. Got Jesus in your life yet? Now is a good time.
Vision Box Crisis Actors website states they “Train and supply actors for Schools, 1st Responders and Police to create realistic Drills, Full Scale Exercises and High Fidelity Simulations”. CT Emergency Services, BATFE and the FBI were conducting a Drill entitles “Providing for children affected by emergencies” on Dec 14th. Vision Box Actors Jennifer and Richard Greenberg-Sexten look like Nick and Laura Phelps and Laura Phelps looks a lot like Tamara Brady, the attorney for alleged Aurora shooter James Holmes; himself likely an actor replacing the real James Holmes. Jennifer’s uncle Michael Greenberg can be seen making the Il Cornuto Hand Sign in Victoria Soto’s picture and Kaitlin Roig looks like Jennifer Rincon, the Exec Dir of Vision Box Crisis Actors. Ultimately, you will need to judge this.
Joe Biden “There is only a short window of opportunity to change Gun Laws” Small Window Joe? The UN conference on the Arms Trade Treaty met in NYC “Gotham City” July 2-27, 2012 coincident with the Aurora shooting and Bohemian Grove 2012 (Anderson Cooper displayed an Owl drawing destined for Sandy Hook; the Owl is the Bohemian Grove mascot) no agreement was reached then; a final meeting in NYC is scheduled for March 18-28, 2013 (Nowruz “New Light” is 3/20) to “Conclude the work begun in July 2012” Joe met with gun and ammunition dealers and the NRA at the White House. Coincidentally a Shooter injures 2 at Taft High School in California. Taft is the name of Skull & Bones founder Alphonso Taft. “Bruce Wayne’s grandfather founded Skull & Bones” Quote from Episode #33 Batman Series 1966. Joe is a Knight of Malta; Stated goals: End Sovereignty, End Property Rights, End Gun Rights, Re-distribute Wealth. Only 1 Goal to go Traitor Joe!
Joe Biden assured Gov’s Malloy, Cuomo and others Obama will use Executive Orders if necessary to enforce Gun Control. Biden “The massacre of 20 at a CT school with a semi-automatic has mobilized the nation to act”. Gov Cuomo “One does not need 10 rounds to hunt deer” Fact: There was no Bushmaster .223 recovered from Sandy Hook; it was simply a ruse to confiscate listed under the broad category “Assault Weapons”, in compliance with the UN Arms Control Treaty. Fact: The 2nd Amendment is not about Deer Hunting; it’s about protecting Citizens from Government Tyranny. A sad fact: Citizens have no Rights under the Constitution; the Government sold those Rights to the Bankers to pay for the Civil War.
Advance Knowledge
United Way of CT offered condolences to the victims of Sandy Hook before the event; soliciting donations on Dec 11, 2012. Fund Raising for Sandy Hook began Dec 10
Sandy Hook Elementary Victims Fund was set up Dec 13
Crisis Mgt Inst Guide “How to talk to children about the massacre” posted 7 hours before the alleged shootings.
Sen Diane Feinstein met with the BATFE to finalize gun control legislation Nov 2, 2012.
Eric Holder (Operation Gun Runner) met with CT Governor Dan Malloy Nov 27 to initiate “Project Longevity”, a Federal program bringing together Academics, Social Workers, CT Emergency Services, the FBI and the BATFE. FEMA and CT Emergency Services conducted several drills called “Providing for children affected by emergencies; one was in play during Sandy Hook.Vicky Soto’s “RIP Victoria Soto” Face book page was posted Dec 10, 2012.
Robbie Parker joined Facebook and posted the Emilie Parker page Dec 14, 2012. Emilie was then seen on Barack Obama’s lap Dec 16.
CT Dept of Emergency Services and FEMA conducted a pre-scheduled Drill “Providing for children affected by emergencies” Dec 14, 2012. Were Vision Box Crisis Actors involved? If not, why did CT Police keep 1st Responders out of Sandy Hook Elementary and send them to the Fire House across the street?
Strange Events
Emilie Parker’s Aunt Jill Cottle Garrett said in a KSL (Mormon Church owned station) interview “Emilie was such an inspiration to her older sisters” The family photo of the Parker family shows Emilie with 2 younger sisters. Emilie then appears to be on Barack Obama’s knee on Dec 16.
Mayor Bloomberg hired Hollywood actors to make videos promoting gun control called “Demand a Plan” on Dec 17. Mike is a Knight of Malta sworn to end Gun Ownership.
The Gotham City Map in promo package for Dark Knight Rises was released by Dark Knight production director Nathan Crowley (Yes, related to that Crowley) on 12/14/2011. Dark Knight graphic artist Sonny Archuleta drew the map and was murdered by police in Denver Jan 6. Some Feast of Epiphany eh?
Dark Knight Rises Property or Prop Master Scott Getzinger, a Newtown resident, was involved in a car accident with what CT Medical Personal called “Non-threatening Injuries” on April 7, 2012; why then did he die in the hospital that day? Scott published Nathan Crowley’s map with Sandy Hook replacing South Hinckley on the prop; the change from the original map with Strike Zone 1. SANDY HOOK is capitalized as is NARROWS; this is not for dramatic effect or the normal way of writing the name of Cities. We (Born Again Christians) are fighting a SPIRITUAL Battle; the JOKER represents the SPIRITUAL enemy of GOD. A little too much info getting out?
Crisis Actor Tamara Brady, the lawyer for the fake James Holmes (man likely to escape trial using “Diminished Capacity” is not college student James Holmes ) is a dead ringer for the on camera mother Laura Phelps, a Crisis Actor and alleged parent of 2 Sandy Hook students. Whoever she is, said her 1st grade son told her “Kids were lying on the ground, sleeping”; after 100’s of rounds fired with each victim taking between 3 and 11 rounds according to the Coroner? This is pretty ridiculous even for a professional Crisis Actor.
Enough “Smoking Guns”? There are plenty more. “The best place to keep a big secret is out in the open”
Red Triangle on the Gotham City Map Why? First, I think there will be more events like Sandy Hook; connect in order, Strike Zones 1-5 and the same unconnected Pentagram Washington DC was designed to reflect will emerge with the Jefferson Memorial, Capitol, Lincoln Memorial and White House. The Jefferson Memorial then connects to the Supreme House of the Temple (Masons become Sovereign 330 in bi-annual rituals here) through the Washington Monument forming the Upside Down Cross used in Satanism
Another possibility for the Red Triangle is Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles in 6 BC; the Magi (Chaldean-Medean Astrologers) likely used a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Pisces with Mars forming a Triangle in 6 BC to make the trek to Bethlehem. Is this what the map is indicating? You be the judge
Sandy Hook means JOKER Card ie Trump Card as well as Usurping a Sovereign King or Ship’s Captain; it is used as a Blasphemy of Jesus Christ in Tarot called the “Hangman”. After playing the role of the “Joker”, Heath Ledger played the “Hangman” and died. The source is Deut 21:23 “for he that is hanged is accursed of God” “Cursed is everyone that hangeth from a Tree” Gal 3:13. “Heath Ledger and jack Nicholson need to realize God shall not be mocked”
Aleister Crowley was the cousin of Nathan’s grandfather; he called himself “The Beast” or “666”; he bragged about having the 330 Scotch, 950 Memphis and 900 Mizraim Rite insignias and a constant shower of diplomas from Bucharest to Salt Lake City which would break and elephant’s back if he wore them. exactly 1 year before the Dec 14, 2012 Sandy Hook event. Hungary was a center of Kaballah, but why Salt Lake City? Mormon and Salt Lake native Robbie Parker joined (or someone joined for him) Face book Dec 14, 2012 at 2 PM (5 hours after the alleged shooting) and created the “Emilie Parker Fund”. Soliciting money for a daughter killed the same day is strange. Robbie, smiling before his CNN interview is stranger. Emilie, not being listed as a Sandy Hook student is stranger still. Emilie sitting on Barack Obama’s lap for a photo op on Dec 16? Now that’s some bold faced fraud.
Dec 13, 2012, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts scheduled a full Court hearing on a case brought by Atty Orly Taitz (her husband Yosef works for Novartis, the patent holder on Swine and Bird Flu Vaccines. Read my page on Plague if you think this is no big deal; man-made Swine to Human to Human Flu was synthesized, genetically mapped and posted to the Internet by Dr Ron Fouchier in Rotterdam who claims this is a mad-made Chimera) accusing Barack Obama aka Indonesian citizen Barry Soebarkah of not being eligible to obtain a US Passport, using a fraudulent CT Social Security Number, his inability to E-Verify for employment in the US and his fraudulent Selective Service application? “Truth is stranger than fiction because Fiction must stick to possibilities whereas Truth does not” Bohemian Grove founder, Mark Twain. Why on earth would Obama choose to use the Robinson family bible, Lincoln bible and Martin Luther King bible for his Swearing In? Both men were assassinated and Michelle Robinson wore a Black Widow Dress on Election Night. Gutsy move Barry
Big Picture Slime aka Bitumen is used as mortar in the Tower of Babel “Gate of El”; acquired from “Slime Pits” in the Salt Valley (Salt Lake City, a similar Salt Valley “Slime Pit”). Bitumen will soon be pumped in the Keystone XL pipeline over America’s largest underground “Ogallala Aquifer”; they have had 11 leaks in 1 year, the biggest being the permanent pollution of a dozen miles of the Kalamazoo River in MI. America will become the Scapegoat for “Babylon” (Rev 18) and the land will be “divided for gain” (Dan 11:39) This will complete the Tower of Babel. Far fetched? Read the Mormon “Blood in the Streets” Prophecy (It’s a plan, not prophecy). Planned how far in advance?
There were 3 Armistices “Temporary Cessation of Hostilities” WWI on 11/11/18, Korea on July 27, 1953 and the Civil War on May 10, 1865. First, WWI was precipitated by Skull & Bonesman Prescott Bush whose illegitimate daughter Barbara is in all likelihood the ritual offspring of Aleister Crowley and Pauline Pierce (Percy) who in turn descended from the Jesuit “Gunpowder Plot” architect Thomas Percy. American Industry and Banking gave life to the Bolshevik Revolution and the Nazi Empire; the CFR is giving life to WWIII. A naked Horseman on the cover of Foreign Affairs Magazine with articles “Which Path to Persia” “Time to Strike Iran”? Not too hard to see the warnings eh?
The Civil War ended April 9, 1865? That was a Masonic ruse. Lincoln, the man who suspended the Constitution and Habeaus Corpus, instituted a Draft requiring Citizens to kill other Citizens was murdered by Masons April 14, 1865; Honest Abe? Not quite. Confederate President Jefferson Davis was released after his capture on May 10, 1865. 33 0 Mason, Confederate General Albert Pike has his statue on supposedly (Washington DC is independent and not part of the US) Federal land at the Justice Dept. A Civil War sequel and WWIII was planned long ago to begin in Texas by the KKK (Ku Klux Klan are Texas Rangers; previously the Knights of the Golden Circle and Society of the Horseman’s Word imported from Scotland) In a nutshell, Pike brought the KKK and Mafia to the US; Citizens Rights were sold to Edomite (Rothschild=Red Shield; Esau obtains Dominion not Jacob ref Gen 27:39-41; Dan 7:6) Bankers and America became a CORPORATION with Citizens as Chattel. The Federal Reserve Act, brought in by Texan, Colonel (A Confederate/Edomite Title for commander of a 5th Column) Mandell Huis (House) in 1913 allowed Foreigners to charge interest on Fiat Currency ensuring there is never enough money in circulation to repay the International debt. Personal Income and Inheritance Tax, 501c3 Tax Exempt Corporations, the UN, CFR, CIA, NSA followed and Israel became a false gathering of Jews (Ashkenazis, Mizrahi and Sephardics are not Jewish in any sense ref 2 Kings 17:30-31; Amos 7:2KJV); America was built with a 2013 expiration date; our demise set to become a Scapegoat for Rev 18 “Babylon” and the revealing of an Alternative Messiah. Sandy Hook is Strike Zone 1, a direct, pre-planned frontal assault on the Constitution. By Who? Knights of Malta swear oaths to end Sovereignty, end Property and Gun Ownership and Re-distrubute Wealth to those beholden to the Corporation. Want to Eat? Get an 18 digit membership number at I strongly suggest “Just Say No”. This plan is ancient; like 4200 years ancient.
Take a string and stretch it across the “Great Circle” from Teotihuacan, Mexico to Baalbek, Syria. Teotuhuacan has the Pyramid of the Sun and Moon with the “Ball Court” between them designed for one date: 12/21/2012, when the Sun rises through the mouth of the Serpent or “Dark Rift”. The Temple of the Feathered Serpent (Quetzalcoatl or Kukulkan) was designed for human sacrifices; one occurred to Tlaloc in winter from 29 Nov -18 Dec where the tears of children were required for the coming rainy season. The layout of this Temple and Sandy Hook Elementary seems a perfect match and lies directly on the same “Ley Line”. Perhaps not coincidentally, the 13,000Lb Lodestone Altar in the UN Meditation Room, also on the line, has 11 chairs, is illuminated by a single shaft of Light in a Trapezoid shaped room (Un-finished Pyramid) of 11X13X18 Ft dimensions; the Hypotenuse of the 3X4X5 Ft altar also lines up with the line on a roughly 520 magnetic heading. Check the Gotham Map and see if the angle matches; the Federal Triangle and King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid were also built according to this geometry; the hypotenuse represents Marduk, the “Son of Pure or gin”. The line falls on America’s 1st 5 colonies: Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Boston before passing over Stonehenge (the mythical King Arthur is buried under the Aquarian Cross atop Glastonbury Tor) on the Prime Meridian; the Super-conducting Super Collider at CERN where the “God Particle” was allegedly found (NOT!); the Cathedral of St Sophia (Wisdom); Troy and the Baalbek “Temple of Jupiter”. This particular Temple, made of Cyclopean (Large Block, Ashlar ie Mortar-less Masonry) is shaped like a man with the Priests of Baal located in a Key shaped structure in the Left Hand. Mel Gibson said he held the Nail in his Left Hand during the movie Passion of the Christ. In his movie Apocalypto the escape scene is eerily similar to Hunger Games whose author Suzanne Collins lives in Newtown CT.
God is not mentioned in the Book of Esther because it was man’s idea, not God’s to “Turn the Tables” on the Edomites. The Edomite Haman casted the “Pur” ie Horoscope or Lots for the best day to Inaugurate the Holocaust “Burnt Offering”; the big day was the 13th day of the 12th month. Bush Sr ordered the Slaughter of Innocents on Purim in Gulf War I and Bush Jr started the now 10 year old Iraq War on Purim in 2003. 2/23/13 will be the Talmudic Holy Day “Purim”, but on the Gregorian Calendar the date is St Lucia “Bride of Light/Lucifer” Day 12/13, the day before Sandy Hook. That day was a New Moon; on the Arab Lunar Calendar the sighting of the Waxing Crescent “Hilal” begins the month (Ramadan floats on the Gregorian Calendar) on 12/14, the last such Astrological Events of the Old Age (Pisces). Robbie Parker, being Mormon knows Ishmaelites traveling with Judah’s offspring to “Adam Ondi Amman” at America’s Heartland is part of the false Mormon mythos, so the date may be less than coincidence. The Mormon chant Pey Heylel means “Marvelous Lucifer”; Hilal also means “Lucifer”. Bushmaster .223 making sense now? Remember, No such rifle was found at Sandy Hook. My best guess is Bushmaster refers to Aleister Crowley and .223 to Purim on Feb 23, 2013.
Gotham City Map
Dark Knight Rises featured a Gotham (Despoiler) City map, Manhattan Island is the first thing to stick out. Man-Aton is an Egyptian term for god-man. The Wall St Golden Bull and Ground Zero is depicted as Strike Zone 5. Wall St takes its name for the Wall of Jericho; Hiel the Bethelite (Bethel means both House of God and the Phoenician god “El” or Mormon “Elohim”) who rebuilt the Wall 500 years after the Exodus, first by sacrificing his sons under the foundation. The Golden Bull is the Egyptian Apis (Word) Bull, Cretan Zeus, Golden Calf of Mt Sinai in Arabia (Not the Mt Sinai in Egypt your Study Bibles claim; the one in Arabia called “Jebel al Laws”; remember, Jesus profits nothing for people attempting to live under the Old Testament Laws. Just looking at the north-south orientation and street names, another option stood out for me.
Strike Zone 4 appears to delineate the lower east side of Central Park. At this point (1/18/13), the only thing that sticks out is the Egyptian Obelisk “Cleopatra’s Needle”. Cleopatra had nothing to do with this; Queen Hatsheput does. In all likelihood, she was Moses’ adoptive mother and Pharaoh’s daughter; her name was stricken from most Hieroglyphic records for this reason. Matching Obelisks are in the City of London and at the Vatican (The one in Paris is older). When the “Man of Sin” is revealed, he will have control over Wealth and Religion meaning the Vatican, City of London and Wall Street will fall. Remember, Catholic simply means Universal; the Luciferian Universal Church is Freedom from God “Do what thou wilt”; precisely the conditions that existed in Noah’s day.
Strike Zone 3 and 5 appear (I’m just doing my best to figure this out; I don’t have any access to secret knowledge) to delineate I-35W “NAFTA Superhighway” and/or the Keystone XL Pipeline, in a cryptic map of the US. Option 3: “Star of the Magi”? A stretch perhaps, but Chaldean Magi saw a similar triangle relationship with Mars and a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Pisces forming a Triangle. The Red Triangle on the map also points to the winter solstice setting sun, but remember Jesus was not born in winter; Marduk is. The map was posted 1 year in advance of Sandy Hook; St Lucia Day “Bride of Light” on 12/13 and the connection with the Bride of the Lamb should become fairly evident.
Gotham is derived from Goth: Savage despoiler, Barbarous, Rude or Cruel. America is named after Amurru the Edomite (Red) Serpent and Shepherd god; Amurru (biblical Calneh in Gen 10:10) the western quarter of the world 150 years after the Flood), Ameru, the Ethiopian Serpent “Priests of Ameru”and Amar the Canaanite god of the west. Adam Lanza means “Red Spear”; Bushmaster uses a Red Serpent Logo. .223 a reverse 322; Coincidence?
FEMA and the US Navy have a post Natural Disaster map of the US with new shorelines that are depicted on the Gotham City Map!
5 Strike Zones
5 Strike Zones are highlighted; Places of past or future crimes? On Nov 27 (11th month=11; 2+7=9 Engine 119 connected the Trans-continental Railroad at Promontory Summit May10, 1869 4 years after the Civil War Armistice) Operation Gun Runner Traitor Eric Holder met with CT Gov Dan Malloy in New Haven to begin Operation Longevity. Strike Zone #1 is SANDY HOOK and the home of Adam Lanza “Red Spear”. An underground tunnel/road is shown to New Haven CT; Yale is the home of the American branch of the Thule Society (Tula=Black Sun; Obamacare was signed at Midnight in Thule Greenland on 3:22UTC on 3/22/10) Thule (also Nazi Vril Society) is aka Brotherhood of Death, Society 322 (named for Gen 3:22) or Skull & Bones. Mao Tse Tung, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were members, responsible for the deaths of an estimated 160 million people following disarmament of citizens.
Strike Zone 2 is “NARROWS”.! The Gotham Map matches Giles County VA (Virginia and Maryland both relate to the Virgin Mary; parts became Washington DC where Columba means Dove, the sacred Idol of the Syrian goddess Atargatis) and Narrows HS. They are taking this serious enough to cancel school. Another possibility for “Narrows” relates to the Virgin River in Zion National Park at the Court of Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Peaks). Zionism is man’s attempt to usurp Jesus Judgment at Zion, and Mormon Parker family has put Emile Parker front and center at Sandy Hook for a reason. Mormo “King of the Ghouls” means “Gates of Hell”; followers of Mormo are called “Mormons”. The Mormon “Blood in the streets prophecy” claims in the latter days with the Constitution hanging by a thread, elders of the Church will step in to save it amid chaos, revolution and blood running from Ogden to Salt Lake City as water down a storm drain. Emilie’s supposed funeral was held in Ogden which means “Oak Den”; sacrificial Druid Groves were called “Thor’s Oaks”. Another perhaps interesting coincidence is the Trans-continental Railroad was joined by Engine #119 (backwards 911) and the Jupiter (Capitol means “Womb of Jupiter”) from Ogden. In the Dark Knight Rises Commissioner Gordon tells Bruce Wayne “A storm is coming…” A warning of this event? We’ll see.
Strike Zones 3 and 4 seem (others have differing ideas) to depict the Heartland of the US, bounded by I-35 and Hwy-65. I-35W is the so-called NAFTA Superhighway on the west side of the New Madrid Fault. The I-35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis was intentional; Kathleen Sebelius used the word “Heartland” repeatedly in Skull & Bones George Bush Jr’s last State of the Union rebuttal at the geographic center of the US. Dorothy (Door) was from Kansas in the Wizard of Oz; she is currently HHS Secretary; a warning of devastating Disease or Weather? Hwy 65 is the eastern side of the New Madrid Fault; FEMA and the US Navy have planning maps indicating a total inundation of the Mississippi River Basin dividing the US in 1/2. FEMA ordered 140 Million MRE’s, blankets and underwater body bags; Odd? So is the “Mass Fatality Planning and Religious Considerations Act” aka “HR 6566”. On the map, notice many of the streets end in water; to the west are nothing but names of Fish. On 9/10/2001 FEMA spokesman Tom Kennedy told main stream news they were in NYC for a “Terrorist Act”; #2 on their list of concerns was a Hurricane in New Orleans; #3 was a major earthquake on the San Andreas Fault in California; FEMA and Navy maps not only show an inundation of the New Madrid Fault, but a complete inundation of California as well.
Strike Zone 5 seems to depict the Lincoln Memorial or the Triangle relationship Mars in the West, developed with Earth, and Saturn-Jupiter rising in Pisces, heralding the birth of Jesus. First Lincoln: To kick off the 2009 Inauguration of Barack Obama, openly Homosexual Episcopal Bishop V Gene Robinson gave the Invocation at the Lincoln Memorial, while at the Capitol, Pastor Rick Warren invoked the Arab version of Jesus “Issa” and Jesuit, LGBT Lawyer Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts failed to properly administer the Oath of Office on Lincoln’s Bible.
Mars is Idolized as the Lion or Rooster (Cock) and considered the pagan god of War, the “Angry Red Planet” if you will. The Areopagus aka Mars Hill had an inscription Paul noted “TO THE UNKNOWN GOD”. Congress is derived from Congredi “To meet for War”; now does the timing with Gun Confiscation in Jan 2013 make sense? Janus is the 2 faced Roman god, which is what our Congress is. The Magi (Medean-Chaldean-Samaritan Astrologers) were keenly aware of this planetary relationship which became the Kaballah Tree of Life and all this seems to be depicted by the map whose author was just eliminate in Aurora Colorado; Goddess of Dawn (Aurora) and Red River (Colorado) making sense? Mars, the Rooster heralds the “Dawn” ie Easter. Might be an interesting Easter this year eh? The Lion? a Canaanite version of the Lion of Judah, Jesus Christ.
The map was apparently designed by 33 yr old Denver graphic artist Sonny Archuleta (Son Butcher), killed in Aurora CO (Aus= “to shine” Colorado=Red River) on 1/3/13 in an apparent Police Sting Operation (He walked in on already dead members of his family; his brother murdered a year ago). The map was apparently released 12/14/11 by relative of Aeister Crowley, Nathan Crowley a production designer on Christopher Nolan’s Trilogy Batman Begins, Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises. Exactly 1 year in advance is strange. Also on 12/14/11 a sacrificial find containing the bones of 42 children at the Temple of the Feathered Serpent in Teotuhuacan was published. The Gotham City map was released with Red Circles, Red Squares and Red Dotted Circles depicting the number, age and sex of alleged victims of Sandy Hook (Joker’s Card). Getting rather strange to say the least!
The side of Strike Zone 4 and 5 may be I-35W “NAFTA Superhighway” or the Keystone (Keystones finish Arches or Doorways) XL Pipeline which runs from the Boreal (Aurora Borealis) Wetlands to Port Arthur TX. Arthur means Bear; King Arthur the son of Uther Pendragon (Arch Druid of Wales) and the Round Table (Zodiac) might ring a bell here. Recall Dorothy means Door; the end of the Yellow Brick (Gold) Road to Oz (A to Z; Crowley’s Book of the Goat (Azazel) or Liber Oz was Emerald City and the return to Kansas. Barack and Emerald both mean Lightning. Emerald also refers to the Stone of Destiny cut from Lucifer’s Crown. Mormons have that same prophecy of a return to “Adam Ondi Ammon” (Nod or East of Eden) on the Kansas-Missouri border. They believe the Mississippi River is actually the Euphrates (relax, it isn’t). Why now? “In 700 years, the Laurel will grow green again” Cathar prophecy. Their assets were stripped in 1312-1313. Emerald and Green Man making sense now? Rome outlawed worship of the Green Man “Bacchus” during the “Bacchanalia” as Greece had outlawed worship of the same Green Man before them as Dionysus during the “Dionysian Rituals”
Diane Feinstein met with BATFE to finalize Gun Control Legislation just before the November election. Halloween is derived from “Hallow” meaning “To Consecrate” or “Set Apart”; Nov “All Saints Day” was “Set Apart” to venerate Martyred Jews and Christians; after Gun Confiscation, there will be more. This explains how she delivered the high points of the legislation on Meet the Press on Sunday after the Friday, Sandy Hook stage show and FEMA with CT Emergency Services timed a Friday Drill with the event. Yale Divinity School Grad Chairman Mao Tse Tung “All politics comes through the gun barrel. First you take the guns, then the slaughter begins”

////////Anthony Bourdain//////////
Anthony Bourdain was going public with informatin on the Clinton Foundation and their work with DynCorp in Child Prostitution, Organ Harvesting and Charity Fraud in Haiti. Bourdain’s girlfriend Asia Argento plays a lead role in the #MeToo Movement referred her 17 Yr old co-star as “My Son, My Love” on Instagram and settled (paid off a potential felony conviction) an underage sexual assault claim for $380K, while filming the movie “The heart is deceitful above all things”
Michael Moore has the same Hollywood Agent as Donald Trump, Ari Emanuel; his new movie Fahrenheit 11/9 is being distributed by Harvey Weinstein. 11/9 refers to Veteran’s Day (Nov=9); Veterans means “Beast of Burden”; “Soldiers are dumb stupid animals to be used as cannon fodder in our wars”-Henry Kissinger Nov 11 is the 313rd Day of the Year; there are 313! in Authorized Bible, the last is the destruction of “Babylon”.
Asia Argento had sex with Harvey Weinstein 5 yrs after she claimed he raped her Argento and Marilyn Manson party together; Manson’s music video features tearing pages from the bible and cutting the head of Donald Trump off.
Kate Spade logo is the Ace of Spades tarot card. Kate Spade allegedly hangs herself just like Anthony Bourdain, Robin Williams and Mick Jagger’s GF L’Ren Scott. From a Door Knob with a Scarf with her husband home? Impossible.
Kate Spade
Kate was on the BOD of the Clinton Foundation in Haiti where DynCorp harvests human organs; can’t let that information get out. Kate was Emeritus Chair of NY Center for Children, the allegedly hung herself from a door handle like Robin Williams; impossible.
Marina Abramovich is “Witch to the Stars” setting up “Spirit Cooking” events for Hollywood and Government Elite; consumption of the “5 Treasures”, Sperm, Menstrual Blood, Fesces, Breast Milk, Urine. If you are unfamiliar with Spirit Cooking or Pizza Gate; you may want to look into it. Kate Spade was also Emeritus Chair of NY Center for Children. SOUTHCOM (Southern Command) was holding a 10,000 person “Haitain Relief Drill” when Port au Prince Haiti was hit with a 7.0 Earthquake; the “Drill” went live as “Welcome to the Hotel California” played on continuous loop at the only operable radio station. Hotel California is a song about Satanic Initiation; “We are all just prisoners here of our own device…you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave”; the Church of Satan was formed at the “Hotel California”, aka “Black House” on California St in San Francisco in “Year One Satan”, the year the 6th Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses on Passover and Feast of Tabernacles occurred and later executed for treason, Stanford Islamic Studies professor Ibn Sayyid Qutb (Qutb means World Tree or Pillar; Qaeda in Saudi Arabia means “Toilet” which is why Bush Sr/Jr, Clinton, Obama and Trump all bow to the Saudi King) coined the term “Al Qaeda”; Pink Champagne on Ice like Bruno Mars (Mars=Nergal the Rooster heralding the Rising Sun) Strawberry Champagne on Ice refers to Body Parts of sacrificed human beings on ice.
Asia Argento’s father, Dario Argenta, is known for making horror and slasher films. She later admitted that she had consensual sex with Harvey Weinstein on multiple occasions for five years after he allegedly “raped” her. She also accepted money from Weinstein to pay for a nanny for her first child. Asia is a self described “Red Witch” She Starred in Occult Horror Films called “Giallo” which combine Gore, Occultism, Eroticism and Phsychological Horror such as the movie “Salo”.

////////Robin Williams////////
“By the time you see this, I’ll be dead” Robin Williams in the “Angriest Man in Brooklyn” The movie made its debut the day Robin Williams was found dead. Here is Robin in a Saturn’s Day Night Live skit
The Il Cornuto hand sign means “I love you Satan” In “The Crazy Ones” Robin shows he is a Horus initiate; the Eye of Horus here represents Illumination through Sodomy. He was found on the August Full Moon.
The August Full Moon is Feast of Lucifer. Roman Catholics are taught the Virgin Mary taken to Heaven on this day; “Day of Assumption” That would be a False Assumption; since the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD, the day is the Feast Day of Lucifer. Merovingians adapted Mary to Mer or Sea; this is the Beast from the Sea called “Our Lady” by the Phoenicians meant here. In Ireland the day is the “Assumption of Lugh”. Lugh means “Bright One”, the god of Craftsmen and Pranksters is also known as “Vulcan” or “Prometheus”. For the Tuatha de Danaan (Offspring of Zeus/Lucifer), it is also called “MacFarlane’s Lantern”.
In 1534, Jesuits (Army of Loyola) under Ignatius Loyola and Francis Xavier were founded on the Feast Day of Lucifer in a ceremony in the crypt of the Cathedral of St Denis in Paris; the Templar “Cult of the Severed Head” had been re-born under a new name. Denis became a Saint by picking up his Severed Head and preaching sermons with it; that’s a better story than St Nicholas delivering gifts to every Christian house in one night! For The day essentially replaced Lughnasaid (Catholic Lammas) on the day the Celtic god of craftsmen Lugh was also assumed to have been taken to heaven. In Ireland, Lugh is known as Vulcan; for Masons the Question: “Who is Tubal-cain?” is answered with “Vulcan of the Canaanites”.
MacFarlane’s Lantern is the Full Moon named after Clan MacFarlane (Clan Bartholomew? or Clan Partholon?). Bartholomew was a mythical martyr adopted by the Coptic Church whose Feast Day is 9/11; Bartholomew means “Son of the Poughman”; that would be Cain. Bartholomew is mentioned as an apostle in the Quran (of course, Arab Muslims were falsely blamed for 9/11) and featured in Sir Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis. America is the New Atlantis upon whose ashes, the New World Order will rise as a Phoenix. In this regard, Shakespeare is mentioned with Partholon; obviously not possible, Shakespeare was in fact Bacon’s “Knights of the Golden Circle” aka Society of the Horseman and KKK.
The St Bartholomew Day Massacre of 30,000 Huguenot Protestants in France must have been great fun. The result was John Calvin’s (Cohen) change in philosophy regarding obeying Kings who disobey God; they deserve to die. Partholon was a mythical founder of Clan MacFarlane, descendants of the Tuatha de Danaan, meaning “Sons of Zeus” or “Offspring of the goddess Danu/Dana/Diana (Anu is Zeus/Lucifer) In occult myth, that also would be Cain (Lucifer+Eve=Cain) at least for people who twist the bible to suit their Satanic needs. Tuatha de Danaan and Clan Partholon were allegedly the first post-flood settlers of Ireland. Bartholomew was Sainted with a few made up miracles and the Armenian or Georgian Church was born. Armenian boys were taken to Mt Ararat in Turkey to see where Noah’s Ark settled; too bad the Ark was never there; it settled on the high ground east of Babylon (Shinar), likely on Mt Everest, called Chumolongmo “Earth Mother”.
Seth MacFarlane aired the Family Guy episode Turban Cowboy predicting the Boston Marathon Bombing ahead of time (blaming Muslims for inside jobs is great fun), so predicting Robin Williams’ alleged suicide in Viewer Mail 2 was par for the course; his ancestor Partholon claimed to have survived and procreated by shape shifting into animal forms such as the Stag, Bear, Eagle and Salmon. Like Partholon, MacFarlane is quite the Shaman eh?
Under pain of lengthy prison terms, Russia just called up 20,000 Ukrainians living in the Czech Republic to War; not to serve in the military, but to War. Not just Cold War II, but the fake “Gog and Magog”
Syrian Rebels and the Syrian Military loyal to Assad are both US and Russian armed and clashing in Damascus. Why there? “Damascus shall be a city no more; a ruinous heap” Is 17:1. The Russian advance will be from Moscow through the Ukraine, Damascus and Jerusalem, planned as a false battle of “Gog and Magog”; by far the greatest conspiracy in world history. The Real “Gog and Magog” is over 1000 years away (Rev 20:8) at the end of the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ on Earth. The one thing common to all religions on Earth including Nicolaitane Christianity is all deny Jesus Christ and the Millennial Reign on Earth.
Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel (al-Baghdadi is Mossad asset Simon Elliot), Jordan, Turkey and the US arm, train and finance ISIS (Throne); the US is now openly arming Kurdish Peshmerga. One look at the Kurdish Sun Flag and one can see Lucifer rising. The pretext for the current attacks in Iraq was rescue the Yazidis, practitioners of a Satanic religion combining Zoroastrianism and Gnosticism. Kurdish Peshmerga evacuated them, yet Obama declared airstrikes will continue indefinitely. ISIS now controls the Mosul Dam and 7 of Iraq’s largest oil fields and Israel has 2 12 in pipelines to take the stolen loot to Haifa.
St Louis is the Masonic “Gateway to the West”. Mike Brown shot; police ordered to stand down as organized looting begins. State Police come in with US Military Body Armor, MRAPS, Tanks, AR-15’s overseen by the FBI (no Interstate Laws broken). Operation Gun Runner traitor Eric Holder’s Community Relations Division (did such a good job with Trayvon Martin), Luciferian Masons Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson arrive. New Black Panther Party Chief Hashim Nzinga shows up and calls Obama a Kenyan “Mau Mau” (Foreigner go back home) and Legendary Detective Bo Dietl provides FOX commentary and Assymetric Solutions, a highly trained Mercenary Group arrives. The 3 Ring Circus comes to Ferguson. The perfect media diversion just like the OJ or Michael Jackson stage shows. Al Sharpton is pushing the “Hands Up” Sign; Masons like Al and Jesse know the sign as the Masonic Distress Signal “Is there no help for the Widow’s Son?” The New Black Panther Party is based on the philosophy of Kwanzaa founder Maulana Karenga; known for torturing his harem with draino and lamp cords while a professor of black studies at University of California Long Beach. Kwanzaa means “Fruits of the Harvest”; the New Black Panther has changed a bit since the young Hillary Clinton was chief legal counsel; it is based on the Nation of Islam teachings of 330 Luciferian Mason Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan. Wouldn’t it be hilarious is Obama was really Bari Malik Shabazz Jr, son of Bari Malik Shabazz Sr aka Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz? At the same time, an occult drama unfolds in Los Angeles.
On Aug 9, 1945 “Fat Man”, a Plutonium enhanced atomic bomb was tested on Nagasaki, the 2nd Jesuit acquisition after Tehran and largest port and commercial hub for the Jesuits in the “Land of the Rising Sun”. Nagasaki became the hub of the East India Company and by Papal Bull, Jesuits took on additional roles to Teaching, hearing Confession, collecting Tithes and saying Mass, those being Commerce and Usury Banking. Yamashita’s Gold is the largest Jesuit Gold Heist in history, on that same day Hurricane Iselle (Devoted to God) passed over the alleged Gold Vault containing nearly 400 Million Lbs of Gold. The Aug 10 Super Moon on the Feast Day of Lucifer was the likely backdrop for Robin Williams last day. In Rome, the August Full Moon was celebrated in honor of the Goddess of Witchcraft Diana as “Nemoralia” (Lake Nemi was called Diana’s Mirror); Roman Catholics know this day as “Feast of Assumption” of the Blessed Virgin Mary but initiated Jesuits know better.
Planned weeks in advance, Family Guy aired the vignette “Fatman and Robin” simultaneous with the news Robin Williams was found deceased already in Rigor Mortis on Aug 11 (Anniversary of Mayan Calendar origination Aug 11, 3114 BC) with superficial cuts on his wrist from an alleged failed suicide attempt and a belt around his neck for the apparent successful attempt. Given the Midas Touch where everything he touches turns into Robin Williams, Peter also attempts suicide by cutting off his hand at the wrist. Robin Williams subscribed to the Self Realization Fellowship teachings of Swami Paramahansa Yogananda; astral projection, Karma cleansing and unlimited reincarnation sounds great but it’s BS! Swami means “One’s own Master/Lord”; the exact teachings of the Serpent in the Garden of Eden. Eckankar carries on the teachings in Minnesota; Eck being the “Holy Spirit” of the Universe and Hu being the Divine Light and Sound of Creation. Fatman is a bit odd for another reason; Yogananda claimed to be a reincarnation of the morbidly obese bastard William the Conqueror and William Shakespeare; the former having commissioned the Doomsday Book, the latter a pseudonym of Sir Francis Bacon’s “Knights of the Golden Helmet”; pretty coincidental eh?
King Midas and the “Golden Touch” is myth; Midas was promised one wish by Dionysus “Green Man”, and he chose the “Golden Touch”. Green Man is Lucifer. God hates Esau because he sold his birthright for Earthly gain. It has to do with Isaac’s prophecy that Esau would live Wealthy (Fatness of the Earth) and off the Dew of Heaven (Rabbis/Priests collecting Tithes) until he breaks the Yoke (God’s Restraint) from around his neck Gen 27:40 AV is changed in every other bible replacing Esau’s blessing with his brother Jacob’s because Esau’s intent is to kill his brother.
Midas is the son of King Gordius and Cybele (Ishtar, Astaroth, Isis etc) who tied his yoke with the Gordian or Celtic Knot, untied by the “One”; in myth Alexander the Great. In truth, however, Alexander never attained kingship over the Earth; the “One” is yet to be revealed. The code here is Esau has his restraints loosed and his stated intent is to murder the 12 sons of Jacob and all Born Again Christians. Jesus refers to Esau and his Canaanite wives as the “Synagogue of Satan” because they claim to be Jewish, but are not; inward, they are ravenous wolves. When Jesus returns, not one single member of the House of Esau will remain alive and they all know it. (Ref Obadiah)
In myth Midas has a son Lityerjes who becomes a demonic Grim Reaper of men (God) and a daughter Zoe meaning “Life”. During the reign of Sargon II Israel was replaced with Canaanites, Medeans, and Babylonians; King Mita (Midas) died by suicide, sacrificing and drinking the blood of bulls in the war with the Cimmerians. Celts are Cimmerians, notably the Crimean Rus who today are in control of Kiev. Sargon means “Legitimate King”; Cimmerians were Iranian “Noble Caste” called Sarmations “People of the Prince”. The “Prince” becomes “King” when everyone accepts this False Messiah; in Iran called “al-Mahdi” (He who Rises). Why Bull’s blood? Under the law, remission of Sin was accomplished by the slaying of animals.
In 2004 Williams starred in “The Final Cut” Williams played a character whose profession as a “Cutter” uses a device called a “Guillotine” to edit the recorded events of an implanted Chip at birth covering the entirety of a person’s life. The Cutter has the final say on a person’s past legacy and future. Memories of unsavory acts/sins are erased; left behind is a guilt free conscience, absolution of Sin and a flattering funeral eulogy.
These Lies are the foundation of SRF and Eckankar. By Papal Bull Jesuits are given this Carte Blanche blessing. Changing history, erasing memories and white washing legacies is commonplace for our “Heroes”. “He who controls the past, controls the future. He who controls the future controls the present” George Orwell Who needs to hear Alexander the Great kept young men for sexual pleasure? Missouri Governor Jay Nixon currently conducting a Beta Test for Martial Law answered reporters about his heavy handed, asymmetrical response to protesters “That was yesterday, tonight is tonight, tomorrow is tomorrow”.
In 2009 Williams starred in “The World’s Greatest Dad” about the cover-up of his son’s accidental suicide by autoerotic asphyxiation. Committing suicide by superficial cuts? The person committing suicide cuts purposefully down the length of the wrist ensuring a quick loss of consciousness. Hanging by the neck with a belt while seated in a chair? Again, not likely as the person in throws of death instinctively grasps for support. A pleasant fiction is preferable to an inconvenient truth eh?
Williams was often called an “Honorary Jew”; known for attending as many as 13 Bar/Bat Mitzvahs in a single day; neither are Jewish in the slightest. Last year during an episode of “Crazy Ones”, his character donned a Kippah for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah a word meaning “Under the Law” as opposed to being “Under Grace”. It’s done at 13 because Ishmael was circumcised at 13. The Kippah, Yarmulke, Zuchetto or Skull Cap is the Cap of Cybele, an open rejection of Jesus Christ and the Temple Veil torn at the Crucifixion; it is not Jewish in any sense of the word and neither was Joan Rivers (Molinsky)
Seth MacFarlane aired the Fatman and Robin (Williams) episode on the night called MacFarlane’s Lantern aka Feast of Lucifer; everything Peter touched turned into Robin Williams; by coincidence? Joan Rivers began making the rounds on late knight comedy shows and here stand up acts joking about Obama being the first Gay President (He wasn’t; George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Chester Arthur, Martin van Buren, James Buchanan and George Bush Jr beat him to the punch) and Michael Robinson aka Michelle Obama being a Transvestite; she dies from complications resulting from minor surgery?
One of the known side effects of Propofol is Cardiac Arrest due a sudden drop in Blood Pressure; for that reason, as a surgical anesthesia, mechanical ventilation is used. Rivers was in an outpatient facility having an Endoscopy inspection of her Vocal Cords making the use of Ventilation impossible and the use of Propofol in a similar league to the Michael Jackson death or not. Propofol is also used in Lethal Injection; go figure. Making jokes about the Obamas? A dozen others associated with Rev Jeremiah Wright’s “Down Low Club” seem to have met a similar fate. Can’t let that cat out of the bag Joan Molinsky (Rivers), just ask Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno whose pederastic initiate Reggie Love became Obama’s White House “Body Man”. Need more proof? Google Mohammad Chandoo, Barry Soetero’s alleged 1st husband or Hollywood actor Kal Penn, who stars in “Designated Survivor”.
Donald Trump is on flight manifests of “Lolita Express”, a private B-727 of convicted pedophile, billionaire Jeff Epstein, used to shuttle guests like Courtney Love (Kurt Cobain suffered a similar death as Phillip Semour Hoffman).

/////////Las Vegas Harvest on Kol Nidre//////////
Stephen Paddock (Martyr + Sheep Pen) opens fire at Rt 91 (1…13=91) Harvest Festival from Mandalay Bay (British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson (God Like + Penis) jokes about the Road to Mandalay hours before the event, exactly 91 days before the end of 2017 over Feast of Atonement. 527 injured 58 killed and counting from 400 Yards in 4 1/2 minutes. Hard to believe? Just like the Pulse Nightclub Staged Hoax during UN Year of Pulses; a Pulse is a Tare among the Wheat. GoFundMe has $10.4 Million as of Oct 12; Follow the Money; it is the “Root of all Evil” after all.
Story falls apart. Shots fired down the Hallway or Shots fired through the Door? 6 minutes Before the Shots on the Rte 91 Harvest Festival? “As soon as I started to go to a door to my left the rounds started coming down the hallway”- Maintenance Worker Stephen Schuck. Stephen saw and heard bullets streaming down the hallway. Quite a different story from the 200 rounds shot through the hotel room door, described by Jesus Campos, doing a routine security check; one round allegedly hit him in the leg; all this some 6 minutes before the shots began on the Harvest Festival. Silence you Crisis Actors, Jesus Campos dissappears just before an Oct 14 News Interview; allegedly holding up at his house? Now that’s ridiculous. The names are pretty telling; Stephen=Martyr + Shuck refers to Shucking and Oyster; Pearl of Great Price is Jesus; occultists are initiated in somewhat similar fashion in ordeals like this. Jesus Campos is a little easier; “Jesus Field”.
Jesus Campos and Stephen Schuck appeared on the Ellen DeGenerate Show; big payday to get stories straight? No talk of the Timeline change; no talk of how bullets went down the hall and across the hall; and Campos with a cane? Nothing more than Bull Shit. Jesus Campos is an actor playing a ficitonal character; he miraculously loses 30 lbs in a week, gets an award in a resturant whose decor was remodeled years ago and shares a Social Security # with Jesus Quintero; now what are the odds of a shared SS# and a shared first name of Jesus? Heck, another Illegal Alien named Jesus is even being blamed for starting 15 fires simultaneously in California.
Mandalay Bay is owned by MGM Resorts Int’l; CEO Jim Murren Murren is on the Dept of Homeland Security Advisory Panel and the Brookings Institute whose Logo is a semi-hidden 13; pretty coincidental 1…13 added= 91 eh? Murren dumped 85% of his stock 294K shares worth $10M just before the event. Murren’s business parther is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia; nowhere on Earth are Arabs and Israelis more openly in bed together than Las Vegas. Before 9/11/2001 a huge bump in “Put” Stock Options was placed on American and United Airlines. Still think this was a random, Lone Wolf?
So, how was Paddock able to get 23 weapons, tools, bipods and ammunition up to his room without camera footage? Mandalay allowed him to use the freight elevator as a “High Roller” perk; of course; that makes so much sense. Hotel Staff and Maids just left the “High Roller” VIP alone with his arsenal for 5 days? What no flowers, no stocking the mini-bar, no fruit baskets delivered to the room?
Mandalay Bay paid a $500K fine for supplying prostitutes and cocaine to undercover security in their “Foundation Room”; no wonder the “Timeline” makes no sense. Aptly named; the “Foundation” of Secret Society Initiations which began in Babylon is “Blackmail”.
George Soros took out “Short” (Put Options) on 1.3M shares of MGM stock Aug 14; Aug 15 is the Feast of Lucifer; George Soros is Satanist Grigori Schwartz.
Jason Aldean “They Don’t Know” Tour was cancelled; Jason has a Jack and Ace Tatoo identical to the Illuminati Card Game Card “Las Vegas” The Concert date on 10/1 shown on his Jack and Ace Tatoo. 10=Jack + Ace=1 Well Jason, we do know!
91 equals 1-13 added too much to describe what 13 represents, suffice to say 13=Chaos, Suffering, Death brought on by the Dragon (Satan); in Gnostic terms, a Purification.
The Harvest Moon in 2017 was on Oct 5; its called a Blood Moon; cute Blood Hound on the Play Station Jacket eh? Cute unless you were a Native of the America’s when the Conquistadores arrived with Blood Hounds fed only a diet of human flesh.
Stephen Paddock is a well known high stakes gambler; his brother Eric Paddock works for Crisis Mgt, the PR Firm used for the Pulse Nightclub which specializes in “Crisis Management and Strategic Communications”. Eric says “Of course Stephen did this all by himself…Steve IS a…” He corrects himself twice; odd? Stephen Paddock alive and well? Here is Stephen Paddock with his girlfriend at a Poker Tournament, in Atlantic City Oct 6 Almost as brazen as Hillary Clinton putting Pulse Nightclub Shooter Omar Matteen’s father Seddiq Matteen directly behind her in the front row at a Florida Rally “The Best place to keep big secrets is out in the open” Adolph Hitler
How dies a shell casing from the alleged suicide weapon get blood smudges on top of it? Impossible, and proof it was planted.
The Harvest Festival began Sept 29, the same day the 99th Military Medical Group held a “Mass Casualty Exercise”; Lt Col Jason Compton and Maj Charles Chesnut were among the military doctors on scene.
CRI (Israeli Counter Terrorism Training Schools) in Las Vegas is owned by Israeli Special Forces Doron Benbenisty (Cute name; Benben is the Pyramidion of the Great Pyramid in Egypt and on the $US ONE aka Perch of the Phoenix); CRI was on scene allegedly shooting people at ground level and from alternate locations in the Mandalay Bay Hotel as well as 6 other Hotels nearby.
Dr Avi Rivkind of the Hadassah Med Ctr in Jerusalem warned “Las Vegas should get ready for a Terror Attack” Good advice Avi, on the US $50 is a scene depicting the Hoover Dam collapsing; just NW of Las Vegas is the Mecury Nevada Test Site where the 1.4M Lb ANFO (Amonnium Nitrate + Diesel Fuel) “Divine Strake” has sat ready for 10 years to loft the Nuclear Fallout of 1000 Atomic Bomb Tests on residents of Las Vegas and into Lake Mead the water source of Los Angeles.
Queen’s Dragoon Guards “Jackals” traveled to a site 100 miles inland from Los Angeles for Military Exercises involving Civilian Pacification/PR in times of Crisis the
The Mandalay Hotel “Active Shooter Training” was due Sept 30. Security Guard Jesus Campos says he was shot at and hit by one of 200 rounds fired through the door to his hotel room before the event shooting even started. This story is contradicted by maintenance worker Stephen Smuck who saw the hail of bullets shot down the hallway; he says Mandalay Security arrived within 60 secs of the alleged gunshots. How is it the FBI arrived 70+ minutes later?
Stephen Paddock owned a Private Plane, Cirrus SR-20 N5343 until its current owner Volant LLC; Volant is a DOD Contractor in Roanoke VA and possible weapon running aircraft used in Operation Fast and Furious, (Fast and Furious Star Paul Walker killed by Predator Drone firing a Hellfire Missile) arming of the Sinaloa Drug Cartels. Apparently, the FAA lists the Aircraft as Airworthy but unflown in 3+ Years yet mixes up the tail number with a C-152 from San Diego. Coincidence? Sure thing, just like the B-767-200 flown as American Airlines Flt #11 on Sept 11, 2001 being listed for sale in 2004 with the exact same avionics suite, ID Number and Tail Number.
Wrong Dates Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas Police Chief and the FBI claimed Stephen Paddock checked in Sept 28th; Mandalay Room Service attendant Hernandez Antonio claims he served Paddock and another person on Sept 27th
One Cop is texting, another is talking on his cellphone; the Keystone Cops are hiding behind the cruiser aiming in all directions. Sure thing, just like Welcome to the Hotel California playing on continuous loop on the Port Au Prince Radio during the 7.0 Haitain Earthquake; the song is about Satanic Initiation. Melania Trump (nee Martin Knavs) wore a FLOTUS Hat in Corpus Christi after Hurricane Harvey; “Foat Us Jesus?” Come on people were being punked.
British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson smirks and mumbles lines from the Rudyard Kipling poem “Road to Mandalay” in the Myanmar Shvedagon Pagoda Buddhist Temple on Sept 30, roughly 12 hours before the shooting began (Myanmar is 12 hours ahead). Road to Mandalay (Kipling Ooem and HOllywood movie with Lon Cheney) is about British Colonialism in Burma; British=B’Rith=Birthright Covenant; ie the Covenant of the 1st Born Cain, Canaan, Ishmael and Esau. Esau Colonizes the entire Earth and assumes “Dominion” (Gen 27:39-41 KJV) Boris Johnson was filming a Documentary entitled “Boris Johnson: Blond Ambition”; Boris=God Like; Johnson, son of John “Johnitters” are Knights” of Malta; Johnson is slang for Penis or Baal’s Shaft. Recall Comet Borisov passed from the Loins of Leo to the Womb of Virgo on Saturnalia 2016, as Jupiter entered and remained there 9 months, exiting on Sept 23, 2017 to form the Rev 12:1 Sign. Johnson’s assistant tells him “Not appropriate”; seeing him mumbling “Road to Mandalay”; considering Las Vegas would happen the next day at the Mandalay Hotel, that’s a dead giveaway this was pre-planned and known about; couple this with the MGM CEO dumping $Millions in Mandalay Stock and it’s about as obvious as it can get. Boris means “God Like”.
Crisis Actors A 4 Chan user named “John” posted a warning “Stay away from gatherings in Las Vegas” on 9/11/2017
A woman Crisis Actor ran through the Rte 91 Harvest crowd yelling “You’re all going to die”
Ads for Crisis Actors for Events in Las Vegas; like the 91 Harvest Festival.
ISIS released video promising Lone Wolf attacks on Las Vegas. The exact words used by the Las Vegas Police Chief to describe the shooter as “Lone Wolf”
Crowds on Demand a Beverly Hills company took out Craigslist ads for Actors in Las Vegas on May 17, 2017 for the very near future.
GoFundMe account ($10Million as of Oct 12) was set up immdiately afterward by Sheriff Lombardo and Clark County Commission Chair Steve Sisolak; same exact thing happened at Sandy Hoax only Mormon Robbie Parker had the audacity to set his up before the event and Obama even had the audacity to have her on his lap at the White House.
Wayne Allyn Root, fake Jew turned Evangelical Christian, Nevada political talking head, radio personality, Tea Party darling says “Shots fired at Tropicana, Belaggio, New York New York, Stratosphere, Luxor and Hooters; This is the real thing; Muslim Terror” Root is full of Bull Shit
Mary McCord, Jesuit educated Georgetown Law Professor calling for Domestic Terrorism Legislation all over the Network News.
No Proof “Corpus Delicti” How about a little proof? Where are pictures of victim’s blood, the wounds, or audio of the screams of the wounded? How about pictures of 1000 high caliber shell casings in the hotel room?
Mandalay Bay had “Active Shooter Training” in progress Sept 30 12AM. 13 is the number of Rebellion to God; the dead patsy has no 13 Tatoo on his neck, Stephen Paddock apparently does. Add up the numbers 1 to 13 and you get 91. Pretty coincidental eh?
Craigslist ads for Crisis Actors sprang up before the $500M Staged Mayweather-McGregor Bout Crisis Acting at the 91 Harvest Festival did as well
Attack Helicopter photographed with Muzzle Flashes; Multiple Shooters? or Blanks? Muzzle Flashes seen from 4th and 8th Floor of the Mandalay Hotel; police scanner audio indicates multiple shooters and a man in fatigues, black shirt, black bag driving off in a White RV from Motel 6? This same tactuc was used by Craft Int’l Mercenaries at Boston Marathon and San Bernadino False Flags. Listen to the 8 minute Police Scanner, specifically 2:20 and 4:00 You be the judge. Before this becomes anything but a Staged Hoax “Corpus Delicti”.
Bump Stock Stephen Paddock acquires or converts Illegal Automatic Weapons, Tri-pods and a variety of ammunition; 23 weapons in his 2 room suite with Tri-pods and 100 round clips. 100 Lbs of Tannerite explosives and 1600 rounds were allegedly found in his car. Tannerite is a patented Target Explosive used in the Hollywood movie industry for cinematic effects.
How about elevator camera footage of him carrrying all these weapons to his room? Ah, yes the ole Freight Elevator has no cameras.
How about hallway video of Paddock setting his own video survelllance? Seems to me either bullets went down the hall or across the hall but not both. I’d give Hotel Security about 10 minutes to figure out Paddock was setting up cameras.
Where are the 1000+ shell high caliber casings?
18 weapons, explosives, and thousands of rounds were allegedly found at his home. So, how did Stephen Paddock acquire these 41 weapons? How did Paddock get 23 weapons, tripods and several dozen large capacity ammunition clips into the Mandalay Hotel and hide it in his room for 5 days from Maids and Hotel staff? He didn’t; the event is as unbelievable as Sandy Hook. Paddock is either part of the Hoax or a Patsy.
Shooting from 32nd floor (32nd level is highest in Masonry); Lone Wolf; ISIS assumes responsibility; GoFundMe account set up just afterward by the Chief of Police and Clark County Commission Chair? This event doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.
Occult Communication
First the the name Stephen Paddock. Stephen means Martyr and Crown named after the first Christian Martyr Stephen. Paddock comes from Pad=Frog; Paddock means Enclosed Space ie Sheep Pen. Jesus refers to Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet as the “Hidden Frogs” (Rev 16:13). Mandalay is derived from Mandala, a Geometric Microcosm of the Universe. Mandalas are used to create a “Sacred Space”, to Focus Attention or Create a Trance. Las Vegas is Spanish for “The Meadows”; Sin City? Allah is the Arab Moon God “Sin”. Vega is Alpha Lyra; known as the Harp of King David, King Arthur’s Harp (Arthur is Arcturas guiding the Big Dipper into the Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age of Saturn) and Manger of the Infant Saviour. This Saviour is not Jesus but Jupiter the Son of Saturn born of the Black Virgin “Isis”.
Now, lets look at Rte 91 Harvest Festival. The 3 day festival began on Kol Nidre “All Vows”, the day Israel and “Foreigners” in their Synagogues are forgiven of Vows and Sins they plan to commit during the coming year. 91 comes from the Gnostic Book of Enoch which lists a year as 364 days/4=91; “The Christ exhalted above 90 Angels”=91; the sum of numbers 1-13=91; 13 the number of Rebellion to God. So, is Sin City Harvest making more sense? Seth’s Enoch was taken to Heaven at 365 Years old; Cain built a City east of Eden eldest son Enoch built a city with his name . There are 4 faces of the El Castillo Pyramid at Chichen Itza, each having 91 steps for 364, leading to the Temple atop and the Rattle Snake Altar; the Feathered Serpent (Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, Virachocha) descends the 91 Steps on Spring and Fall Equinox.
Eagle=Arab Saturn Las Vegas; Vega comes from Arab “Waqi”, meaning “Falling or Landing”; Arabs call Vega the Eagle or Vulture, thus “Falling Eagle”. The Eagle is the Assyrian god Nisroch aka Saturn/Satan (2 Ki 19:37) Jesus warns “For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagle’s be gathered together” Mat 24:28 The Eagle as the symbol of God leading Israel was adopted by Esau “Though thou exalt thyself as the eagle…I will bring thee down, saith the LORD” Obadiah 4 Ready for Edomite Dominion? It’s coming.

////////////Hurricane Harvey “Battle Ready”//////////////////
FLOTUS Hat on Melania visiting flood victims; Nice eh? FEMA held a full scale Hurricane, Evacuation, Relocation Drill in Houston June 2017. The date of the Agartha Symposium 2017 is Aug 25, 2017 and matches the date Harvey hit Houston; this date was encoded on the $US ONE in 1935 and matches the age of the US from birth to death.
19.471 x 12.3889 = 241.2242 years (19.471 is the Metonic Cycle of the Sun and Moon and height of Lady Freedom standing atop the US Capitol Dome aka “Womb of Zeus”; Zeus is born Sept 23, 2017
Converting to years and days it becomes 241 yrs and 81 days.
7/4/1776 + 241 yrs and 81 days = 9/23/2017 (9/23/2017 is “Shabbat Shuvah” (Feast of Return) of Marduk/Zeus.
Here is the encoding for 8/25/2017, the date of the Agartha symposium.
19.47 x 12.3853 = 241.1418 years
Converting to years and days it becomes 241 yrs and 52 days.
July 4, 1776 + 241 years and 52 days = August 25, 2017.
Note: The esoteric importance of the numbers 19.47, 12, 3852, and 3889 and where they are found on the dollar bill are explained in The Dollar
FEMA Volunteer recruitment, evacuation, and re-location training Drill in Houston June 2017; Brock Long had some pretty prophetic timing just like FEMA did holding a full scale Terror Drill in New York City on 9/10/2001 and a full scale Haitian Relief Drill in Miami the day before the 7.0 Earthquake hit Port au Prince Haiti.
Sept 2 “Prince Phillip and I send out sincere condolences to Harvey victims” Queen Elizabeth II “I would like to be reincarnated as a Killer Virus to rid the Earth of useless eaters”-Prince Phillip The bottom picture is Hurricane Ike Sept 11, 2008.
Donald Trump made a 2nd visit to Texas with Betsy DeVoss, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson in tow; initiates of “The Family” “The men who understood the real message of the New Covenant best were Adolph Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung and Joseph Stalin” Why? These men sacrificed millions of their citizens. “Have a good time…It’s been great to see this and great for America to see this and the world to see this; It’s been beautiful” Donald Trump
Hurricane Irma (Emma=World; Whole; Universal) is next, followed by Hurricane Jose=Joseph. (He will add) Joseph was the Beautiful Bough and Stone of Israel. Amos 5:2 “The virgin of Israel has fallen, she shall no more rise” “Eze 37:16 “…son of man take thee one stick, and write upon it, For Judah, and for the children of Israel his companions: then take another stick and write upon it, For Joseph, the stick of Ephraim, and for all the house of Israel his companions. And join them together… Thus saith the Lord GOD, Behold, I will take the children of Israel from among the heathen…” 2 families of Israel here? The Lord GOD is JESUS, the Lion of Judah; another son is Israel will be born Sept 23, 2017, Jupiter/Zeus/Horus will exit the womb of the virgin, impregnated by Comet C/2017 “Borisov” (God-like) the moon at her feet (moon=Arab god “Sin”; Eve stepping on the Serpent “Sin” may ring a Baal; this is the falsification), clothed with the Sun (Sol Invictus/Osiris) under a crown of 12 stars (Leo=Double Crown of Pharaoh); this is the other “children of Israel” from Joseph. Mormons are taught they descend from Joseph; Mormo means “God of the Living Dead”. How can you tell the difference? Star of Saturn aka Chaldean STUR on Israel’s Flag; the child of Saturn is Jupiter born on Sept 23, 2017 “Feast of Return”. Another way is the 3rd Temple whose Altar and Outer Court are described; notice the Gentiles are not measured in the Outer Court. Why? The 3rd Temple will house Satan’s Seat aka Throne of Zeus or Throne of Pergamon, currently in the Berlin Museum; it will house Antichrist (Alternative Messiah) and the Abomination of Desolation; worship here and the Mark of the Beast will be required.
“Harveygeddon”, the “FrankenStorm” turned Tropical Depression turned Cat 4 Hurricane roared back to life 3 Times just like HAARP fueled Hurricane Katrina (Catherine=Cathars), causing the worst flooding in Texas in 500 Years; and coincidentally on the same date, the Feast of the Edomite Beheading of John the Baptist. 1/3 of Oil refining is shut down; the main artery Colonial Pipeline to the East Coast is shut down. The Language of Oil aka Language of Oui or Yes (Yes We Can means Thank You Satan) Green Language (Dionysus, al Kidr is “Green Man”), Language of Oc or Occular/Sight and Language of Birds (Augury) is calld Enochian, the Devil’s Language. Was Harvey Preventable? Absolutely Hurricane Control is patented Geo-engineering, Commercially available and an Insured Bet through Weather Derivatives. Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis are all Weaponized in what Zbigniew Brzezinski (Chaldean Royalty, just like George Soros aka Grigori Schwartz) referred to as the “Technetronic Era” in his book “Betwen the Ages”. Between what 2 Ages? Age of Pisces and Aquarius “Water Pourer”. Technetronic refers to applying technology toward solving social and economic problems; the solution? Wipe out people and property. Why now? It’s the 10th Jubilee folks! Ref Prince Melchisedek Scroll; this is the year Mochiach/Melchisedek arrives! No this is not Jesus. Donald Trump surveyed the Flood on Aug 29. Aug 29, 2017, the Feast Day of the Edomite beheading of John the Baptist. Sept 11 is the equivalent Julian Calendar date.
Melania Trump aka illegal immigrant Martin Knavs, a 1 semester graduate in Architecture from University of Slovenia and prostitute/model, the sexually re-assigned son of Solvenian Communist Victor Knavs wearing FLOTUS next to Ted Cruz, the Texas Senator and Satanist whose father Raphael worked with Lee Harvey Oswald in Operation Zapata (Bush Sr Oil Company and name of CIA Op) to kill JFK in Dallas. Raphael fled the US to avoid the Vietnam Draft, a condition of his refugee status from Cuba, has no citizenship anywhere; Ted gave up citizenship in Canada and is also not a US citizen, researched this little tid bit. Melania means Black; wearing a Black FLOTUS Hat in front of Texas Flood Maps was no fashion fauz paux. Jesuit educated Gov Greg Abbott, hired the nationless Ted to be his Attorney General, is accused by “Wheel Chair Truthers” of being a Fake Paraplegic, a 21 Yr old paid $6M when an Oak Tree allegedly crushed his lower spine. Hypocrisy knows no bounds; Abbott declared Sept 1 a Texas Day of Prayer followed by Donald Trump declaring Sept 2 a National Day of Prayer for Harvey victims. “I have never apologized to God; I do however take Communion. When I eat my little cracker and dring my little wine I feel cleansed” Donald Trump (Drumpf) Prayer is an apology to God for Sin. In 1 Cor 11:27;29 Paul warned the worst Sin was taking Communion in an unworthy condition; this brings the guilt of the body and Blood of the Crucifixion with it.
Harvey is a man-made Storm, guided by HAARP (High Frequency Auroral Research) Microwave Energy projecting Antennas and X-Band Radars. Microwave Atmospheric Heaters guide and intensify storms by creating artificial low pressure areas. X-Band Radars act as boulders in a strean, causing artificial water release.
Harvey is a $100Billion HAARP fueled Un-natural Disaster; an Edomite Baptism courtesy of the Johnitters aka Knights of St John like George Bush Sr, Jr Jr and Donald Trump. Johnitters view Water Baptism as the key to Salvation eg Yezidi “Devil Worshippers of Kurdistan”, Cathars etc. Care to donate? Find out how much of the money donated after Katrina (spun up from Tropical Depression to Cat 5+ 200mile wide Hurricane overnight in 8 Hours is naturally impossible), Haiti Earthquake (SOUTHCOM held a Haitain Relief Drill the day the Earthquake hit; it went live; the UN caused Cholera epidemic is still raging), or Indonesian Tsunami (Howard Hughes’ ship Gomar Express sat over the 90E Ridge, the site of the Tectonic Plate slippage) actually benefitted anyone but the Red Cross and the Elite Thieves like Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr who managed the “Relief”.
Houstonite Bush “Magog” Sr (Nazi George Scherff Jr) is 93; in Thelema, 93 means “The Force be with you” a Witchcraft greeting which is what “Babylon” is. Reagan’s $Multi-Trillion Star Wars was never about destroying ICBM’s from space, it was about presenting Antichrist on the world’s largest Blue Screen the “Ionosphere” Operation Blue Beam will be “Positively Entertaining”. Sky Blue (Luke Skywalker, son of Dark Lord Darth Vader may ring a Baal) is the color of Zeus and the false Levite Priesthood “Tekhelet Blue”=Blue Cord in Freemasonry. Remember the “Death Star” in Star Wars? Tesla based EM (Electro-Magnetic) weapons are the planet killing “Death Star”, most recently used to Geo-engineer Harvey. So what’s the big news? Laodicean Bull Shit artist Joel Osteen lies about his stadium size Lakeland Church being flooded.
Meanwhile 1200 people died, 41M displaced, 1.5M AC Cropland destroyed in the worst SE Asia Flooding on record; 160M people in Banghadesh face “Devastating Hunger” according to the UN World Food Org “Control oil, you control nations. Control food you control people” Satanist Henry Kissinger
Zeus is about to be born in the Heavens to start the Great Tribulation on Sept 23, 2017 “Feast of Return”.
Donald Trump arrived in Houston? Nop, Corpus Christi 200 miles away from the flooding on Aug 29 or Sept 11 on the Julian Calendar.; Trump’s Harvey=Bush Jr’s Katrina.
Bush Sr “Wizard of Oz”
Bush Sr Carrier Group is CVN 77; no coincidence Liber 77 or Liber Oz is the “Book of the Goat” written by father-in-law Aleister “Great Beast” Crowley (No kidding) or AA#77 hit the 77ft tall Pentagon (Earth, Air, Fire, Water + 5th Element “Ether”) built on 9/11/1941 on the 77th Meridian aka “God’s Longitude” by Gnostics. Happy Jubilee folks!
Thelemites and Witches greet each other with “93”, short for “Do what thou wilt shall be the sum of the Law”; “93/93” is short for “As Above, So Below”. 93 the number of the demon Aiwass Thelema (Will) + Agape (Love)=93. Crowley means “Wood of the Crows”; Black Star or Black Sun is the Crow’s Head; Saturn, the Black Star has a son Jupiter/Marduk/Horus/Zeus about to be born on Sept 23, 2017; Harvey is just one of the “Birth Pains” You may recall UA #93 disappeared into a field at Shankesville PA on 9/11/2001; 9/11 on the Julian Calendar=Aug 29. 93 is the gematria of the “Lost Word” in Masonry Celtics refer to the Creation Word as “Hu”; Houston=Hugh or Hu’s Town. NBC News reporter tries desperately to keep homeless man from spilling the beans and get him to enter a shelter; the Salvation Army and Russian Winds Shelter kill people. Why? Organ harvesting is very big business.
////////////Hurricane Katrina “Katharsis”/////////////
Knight of Malta GW “Gog” Bush praised the incompetent Mike Brown for refusing aid, corralling refugees of Katrina in the New Orleans Stadium and blowing the levees after the Katrina storm surge had passed; on scene first was “The Family” initiate Betsy DeVoss’ brother Knight of Malta Eric Schimidt’s “Black Water” Mercenaries.
Catherine=Hekaterine=Hecate/Diana goddess of Witchcraft. Cathars “Pure Ones” were executed at Montsegur 1244 and obtained revenge at Normandy 700 years later exactly as they predicted. St Catherine’s Monastery was the source of the Aramean Bible in which Dan 9:24 is changed to “Seventy Sevens” rather than “70 Weeks”; belief in a 7 Yr Tribulation, New DispenSATAN for Israel (Amos 5:2;7:2-3;5-6KJV say differently) and Pre-Tribulation Rapture all originated here, at the foot of the fake Mt Sinai in Egypt, found miraculously 300+ years after the Crucifixion by Emperor Constantines Druid Princess mother Helena. The real Mt Sinai “Jebel al Laws” is in Saudi Arabia as Gal 4 tells us; don’t buy into the Satanic Lies folks. Havey is a Gnostic Catharsis.
Catharsis “Discharge of pent up emotion”; think Gnostics have forgotten or forgiven the Cathar executions? Catherine is also seen in Cathay, the ancient name of China; Cath=Heth, “Sons of Heth”=Hittites who worship the Chinese Red Dragon. Jesus describes this Red Dragon in Rev 12:9 as being the “Devil..Serpent..Satan who deceives the whole world”. Why Red? Edomites (Esau) sold their Birthright and God renamed them Red. Esau obtains “Dominion” not Jacob!
FEMA predicted 3 major events on 9/10/2001 Katrina hit New Orleans at sunrise on the Feast Day of the Beheading of John the Baptist Aug 29, 2003; 2 yrs after FEMA arrived in NYC and outlined their 3 worst disasters on 9/10/2001
Terrorist Event in New York City fulfilled the following day on 9/11/2001 sort of; 9/11 was an “Inside Job”
Cat 5 Hurricane in New Orleans fulfilled in 2005 by Scalar EM guided hurricane Katrina.
7.0 Earthquake on the San Andreas Fault. So far just the movie San Andreas and a FEMA, NOAA and Navy map with the west coast underwater.
Harvey “Battle Worthy”
Knight of St John of Jerusalem Donald Trump (AshkeNAZI Drumpf) heads to Corpus Christi (Body of Christ) and Austin on the Feast Day of the beheading of John the Baptist; Aug 29, 2017. Trump meets with $6M (settlement from 1984 accident in which an Oak Tree fell on him at age 22; bought off early it would seem) dollar fake paraplegic (according to “Wheelchair Truthers” who see no signs of leg atrophy after his “Severe lower spine injury”) Gov Greg Abbott and his protege non-citizen of any nation (Raphael Cruz handed out anti-Castro propaganda with Lee Harvey Oswald and was in Dallas during the JFK Assassination. He escaped the Vietnam Draft to Canada where Ted was born without US Citizenship; Ted then gave up Canadian citizenship to run for President) Ted Cruz behind the flood zone. Austin (Luciferian Freemason Steven Austin) has a Gold Bullion depository to serve as the basis of a New Confederate currency; a Texas Magistrate Judge Unconstitutionally declared Bitcoin is “Legal Tender” in Texas. The Lone Star State is the only state to fly their flag even with the US Flag (Texas believes it is not subject to the Constitution of the US) will be first to secede from the US, serving as the I-35W “NAFTA Hwy” conduit between Mexico and Canada.
Harvey means “Battle Worthy” from the Celtic “Haerviu”; Biblical Flooding from Corpus Christi (Body of Christ) to Victoria (Victory) to Houston (Hu is the Celtic Creator and “Lost Word in Masonry” God used in Creation; Human is not in scripture; the meaning is “God Man”. Hu is the Word God used in Creation according to Druids “Men of Oaks” (maybe the Druids toppled that Oak)
“Houston we have problem”. Apollo 13: Apollo=Apollyon/Abaddan “Destroyer” of Rev, whatelse but 9/11, the 5th Trumpet when Satan/Lucifer is cast to Earth “As Above; So Below”. Trump’s Penthouse (5 House) is a shrine to the golden maned Apollo. Remember 93/93 means “As Above; So Below” the opening lines in the Emerald (Lucifer’s Stone in Heaven) Tablet of Toth-Hermes. 93/93=ONE, the Capstone of the 13 coursed Pyramid on the $ONE is the Benben Stone or Pyramidion of the “New World Order”.
Harvey a Cat 4 Hurricane with winds of 130 mph and 50 (50th year=Jubilee) in of rain is a man-made Geo-engineered disaster of biblical porportions. Edomite King Herod ordered the decapitation of John the Baptist at the prompting of his Hasmonean daughter in law Salome, by the biblically illegal wife Herodius of which John the Baptist condemned.
Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Eastern Orthodox, and Anglicans are taught to worship the Severed Head of John the Baptist on Aug 29; on the Julian Calendar used by Russian Orthodox, Serbian, Ethiopian and Byzantine Churches this corresponds to Sept 11.
Knights Templar worshipped the Severed Head of John the Baptist; today’s International Bankers are the “Money Changers” Jesus whipped with cords at Herod’s Temple who had turned it into a “Den of Thieves”. Are you Battle Worthy? While Laodicean (Like Warm) Liars prepare for the “Rapture”, true followers of Jesus should prepare for Martyrdom.
Harvey is projected to move from Houston which matches the Egyptian City of Herakleopolis “City of Hercules” the “god of strength” up the Mississippi River to “Little Egypt” by Labor Day Weekend. Makanda Ill is called the “Star of Egypt”. X=Greek Christ=Zeus, arriving on Feast of Return Sept 23, 2017, 3 days (Jesus spent 3 days in the Earth after the Crucifixion) after the “Christ Angle” forms over the Great Pyramid. In Egypt, Zeus was called Horus, the son of Osiris aka Saturn, the “Black Star” or “Primeval Sun” predicted to Return; Assyrians called him Marduk and were known for showing no mercy. Cairo Illinois=Chi=Christ/Messiah + Rho=Royal + Illinois=Tribe of Superior Men aka Aryan “Noble Caste”. Gnostics are “Battle Ready” and have signs out their respective Wazoos their Royal Christ is about to arrive on Sept 23. Labor means Travail, Tribulation, Suffering, Totter under a burden, Suffering and Labor of a Child. Jesus was born of a virgin and rejected already; this is Antichrist born of the Whore.
Federalis derived from Foederis “Covenant”; You and I will either be in Covenant or Confederate with God. His Name is Jesus. Skip down to the Sept 23 warnings if you are short on time, but make no mistake It’s Time to get Jesus on your side!

“Unite the Right” Aug 12, the Anniversary of the Civil War at Emancipation Park. Alt-Right clash with Antifa “Antifascists” over removal of Robert E Lee’s Statue.
By the numbers Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (Jesuit, Opus Dei) and ex-Speaker Nancy Pelosi (High Priestess of the Church of Satan in San Francisco; architect of ObamaCare signed into law at 3:22 UTC on 3/22; Society 322 is the “Brotherhood of Death”) condemn Antifa violence; Hypocrites! The Fasces adorns both sides of the Speaker’s Rostrum.
Police Helicopter footage goes down in flames; no auto-rotation; darn the luck! Confederate monuments coming down all over the US, except the Statue of outspoken Satanist, 33 degree Scottish Rite Freemason, Confederate General, KKK founder, MAFIA co-founder, Grand Master of the Order of Palladium (Theistic Satanism) Albert Pike. Jason Kessler “Unite the Right” organizer and current head of “Unity and Security for America” was on the opposite side of the Dialectic last year as a Goerge Soros “Occupy Movement” organizer. Mayor Michael Signer is also paid by George Soros’ “Center for American Progress”. Dodge Challenger has blacked out windows, alleged driver arrested out of public/camera view make Charlottsville another “False Flag”.
Robert E Lee was Superintendant of the United States Military Academy as a Brevit Col (3 Star General is the Billet) and offered command of the Union Army by head of the Rosicrucians in America (AMORC) Abraham Lincoln; at the start of the Civil War, Lee was chief adviser to Confederate President Jefferson Davis and lost his US citizenship. Ulysses S Grant was face to face with armed Confederate sodiers at Chattanooga who saluted him. History records Lee as a Christian; albeit one who forgot “Love God” and “Love our Neighbor” and “Thou shall not kill”; Lee’s brand of Christianity was learned at West Point, a follower of Emanuel Swedenborg’s “New Church of Jerusalem”; maybe Lee should have read Rev 11:8 where Jesus calls Jerusalem “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt”. After surrender at Appomattox Lee became President of Washington College, renamed Washington and Lee College; Lee was a Citizen of no Nation on Earth and never re-Patriated; thus is progeny were also not US Citizens. Washington owned Slaves; Lee wrote he abhorred Slavery yet wrote that Blacks were immeasurably better off in America than Africa, morally, physically and socially. Abducting Chattel Slaves and separating them from their families from West Africa, most of whom died in transit, and stripping them of any rights is morally, physically and socially improvement? As a Citizen of the US today, you should know the CONSTITUTION FOR THE UNITED STATES was changed illegally in 1871 by Skull & Bones Satanist, Supreme Court Chief Justice Morrison “Mot” (Phoenician god of death) Waite; the US CONSITUTION provides no rights to Citizens. The best sort of Chattel Slave is one who doesn’t realize he is a Slave. Citizens do not own property (changed in the Declaration of Independence from Property to Happiness by Thomas Jefferson) of any kind. Confederate Monuments are falling across the US; What about Stone Mountain in Atlanta? or Albert Pike’s statue in Washington DC? Revolutionaries care not who dies, just that people die.
“Unite the Right” rally was organized by Bush (GHW Bush is Nazi George Scherff Jr aka “Curious George”; Yeah, the Monkey) pal fake Jew Richard Spencer, White Nationalist National Policy Institute leader and George Soros Occupy Movement, Obama supporter Jason Kessler; “Nihilists and Atheists” don’t care which side their on; “social cataclysm and bloody turmoil” is the goal. “Unite the Right” is an Aryan (Aryan/Iran V Grecian Goat is WWIII; Little Horn aka Antichrist emerges from the carnage) “Noble Caste”, KKK, White Supremacist Group. Grand Wizard David Duke and Donald Trump a match made in Hell. Confederate means Against a Covenant with God; Federal is derived from Foederis “Covenant”; Esau gains “Dominion” over the Earth (Gen 27:41KJV); the Red (Edom=Red) Horse a potent weapon which takes Peace away by violence. White has little to do with being Aryan; Charlottsville supplied unifoms, swords, and guns to the Confederacy; Ft Sumter started the Civil War on April 12; Civil War II started in Charlottsville. Nazi Right V Antifa “Antifascists”
Thesis + Antithesis=Synthesis: Luciferian World Rule aka New Aeon of Horus
Jesuit Gov Terry McAuliffe (Jesuit Coadjutor, Bilderberger, Knight of Malta, Clinton Foundation, ex DNC Chair) declares “State of Emergency” in Charlottsville Vows to protect statue of Robert E Lee. McAuliffe echoes the same words Robert E Lee used to Confederates after the surrender to Ulysses Grant “Go Home”. Charlottsville Mayor Michael Signor switches gears and calls for removal of Robert E Lee statue from Emancipation Park. A larger than life statue of Confederate General Scottish Rite Freemason Albert Pike stands at the foot of the Justice Department next to a Nazi Double Headed Eagle and 33; Why? KKK=11 11 11=33 the number of Sovereignty from God. White Supremacist Jeff Sessions is the Trump Attorney General and an initiate of “The Family” who admires Mass Murderers Pol “Killing Fields” Pot, Mao “Great Experiment” Tse Tung, Idi “Last King of Scotland” Amin, Yoweri Museveni, Gen Suharto (Obama’s Indonesian family), Said “Koranic Marxist” Barre, Jesuit tools Adolph “Mein Kampf” Hitler and Jesuit/Freemason/Crypto Jew Joseph Stalin.
The Fasces adorns Abe Lincoln’s Memorial, Supreme Court Doors, Congressional Speaker’s Podium and Oval Office; America has never been a Democracy and has not been a Constitutional Republic since the Civil War.
Mayor Michael Signor (Crypto Jew) and City Council vote unanimously to empower Police the authority to enact Curfew, restrict Assembly and restrict Movement of People aka Martial Law.
FBI Civil Rights Investigation (Christopher Wray worked for Russian State owned Rosneft and Gazprom as Legal council) turns Charlottsville into a Federal matter. KKK Grand Wizard David Duke called the event a “Turning Point” HR McMaster (previous job at International Inst for Strategic Stidues is connected to George Soros and financed by Dubai) calling the event “Terrorism”. Senators calling for the act to be classified “Domestic Terrorism” Why? Congress gave the Secretary of State authority to revoke Passports of those deemed “Domestic Terrorists”
Nancy Pelosi (Church of Satan San Francisco) calls for removing Confederate Statues; her father Thomas D’Alessandro dedicated 2 confederate Statues of Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson as Mayor of Baltimore.
Rex Tillerson is an initiate of the Pilgrim Society (Wolves in Sheep’s Clothes is their Logo); the Secret Society designed to lay claim to every physical asset in America including people. The US is now the world’s largest Debtor’s Prison ($20T + $77T Unfunded liabilities + $700T Derivatives) which is why Americans cannot invest in ACC (Asset Collection Chain) Crypto Currency. Pre-planned? Emancipation Park? Come on people, pretty obvious. Presidential Executive Orders began with Abraham Lincoln (The Fasces adorns Lying “Honest Abe” head of AMORC Society of Rosicrucians in America) Memorial, the backdrop of the Trump Inauguration, to confiscate all assets: Property, Savings, Investments of everyone in the United States. Congress passed a Law allowing the confiscation of US Passports in the event of Domestic Terrorism. “A man’s enemies shall be the men of his own house”-Jesus
Join or Die is the flag designed by Rosicrucian, 33 degree Luciferian Freemason, Traitor, Child Sacrificing Satanist (Francis Dashwood’s HellFire Society; tortured/sacrificed children’s bones found under Franklin’s Trafalgar Sq home dating to the time he lived there), 7 Muses Lodge in Paris (7 Muses are daughters of Zeus/Jupiter born Sept 23, 2017) Join the Serpent ie Dark Lord Satan or Die is the real meaning; Franklin used the same slogan before the Freemason staged American Revolution during the French and Indian Wars to unite colonists in War on the side of King George; it matters little who dies, just that people die. Join or Die in Charlottsville united Libertarians, Kekistanis (Nazi War Party), Anti-Communists, National Socialists (NAZI SS=Schwarze Sonne “Black Sun” is Saturn/Satan; NAZIs were the Antithesis to Communists in WWII; 2 heads of the same snake), Identify Europa (Europa is the Cretan queen whose bestiality with the White Bull Zeus created the Minotaur; Europa rides this beast in front of the European Parliament today; she is the Whore of Babylon aka Gate of On/Osiris/Jupiter/Marduk/Zeus. The Black “Unite the Right” flag is rather similar to the Black ISIS Flag. Unite the Right carried Confederate Flags (8 Pt Star of Isis and British Flag is the 8 Witchcraft Sabbats), Swastikas (Broken Sun Wheel) and Guns, marching in Charlottsville.
Donald Trump condemned “Bigotry, Racism, Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists and the KKK” Donald Trump’s (Ashkenazi Drumpf) maternal side of the family aided the Knights Templar in Scotland; the group who ultimately created the KKK. Society of the Horsemen (White Conquers with a Bow Ref the Assyrian Winged Marduk; Red takes Peace; Black collapses the Economy and divides the spoils Ref ACC Crypto Currency; Pale is Death; Ref Denver Airport murals) became the Knights of the Golden Circle which became the KKK (Knights of the Kyklos Klan) bringing in Scottish Rite Freemasonry to America. Plymouth Brethren also brought the Jesuit inspired Pre-Tribulation Rapture Lie to America. Aleister “Great Beast” Crowley was Plymouth Brethren; Rapture Liars are out in force planning the fake Rapture for Sept 23, 2017. John Nelson Darby using a Scottish 14 Yr old girl Margaret MacDonald (Clan Donald=King) mainstreamed the Lie. Scottish farmer Charles Lyell created the Old Earth Lie. Scotland was founded by the Picts, originators of Witchcraft who claimed descent from Scythians (Scythe is the symbol of the Grim Reaper aka Saturn) and Egyptians (Jerusalem is “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” Rev 11:8KJV). Bigot “Sanctimonious Religious Hypocrite” Trump is all that “I have never apoligized to God; I do however take communion” Racist? There is 1 Race of Man on Earth and Donald Trump is dividing it; the supreme Hypocrite.
The move is on to remove Confederate Monuments such as the statue of Robert E Lee in Charlottsville and Lexington; Confederate General Albert Pike was an outspoken Satanist, Sodomite, Glutton, Confederate, Head of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, founder of the KKK, Grand Master of the Palladium Rite (“Thesistic Satanism”) Pike’s statue is at the base of the Federal Justice Department; why no talk of removing that symbol?
Anarchists, Crisis Actors, Antifa and White Nationalists collide in Charlottsville
June 2015 the statue of Robert E Lee is spray painted with “Black Lives Matter” at Emancipation Park.
Aug 12, 2017 Unite the Right protests the removal of the Robert E Lee statue.
White Supremacist Rallies planned in Texas and several other cities. Episode of “Midnight Texas” Aug 14 features White Nationalists and Swastikas.
There are apparently 2 James Fields. Police moved Unite the Right protestors off the street just before the Dodge Challenger License GVF 1111 arrived. 11:11 is Veteran’s Day; Veteranus “Beast of Burden”; Kissinger (Luciferian Freemason, Pilgrim’s Society) “Soldiers are dumb stupid animals used as cannon fodder in our wars”. The car belonging to Boot Camp washout James Fields hits one of the victims; shoes flying off; the person appears to be in padde suit or not even appear to be a real person. Alexander Rubenstein works for RT (Moscow owned News) uploading videos of the mayhem; this guy gets around, he was also at the mayhem surrounding the Donald Trump Inauguration. Rusian dictator, 33 degree Mason, chairman of Green Cross Intl Mikhail Gorbachev, currently in Bohemian Grove with 2000 other Satanists (Kissinger and possibly Trump during his “Vacation”) said “Socialism will come to America not by the sword, but through the Ballot Box”; that’s what Neo-Naziism is all about. Gov Terry McAuliffe lays blame on “White supremacists and Nazis”…”Go home and never return”; atta boy Terry, the Jesuit indoctrinated stooge managed Bill and Hillary Clinton election campaigns and the DNC, like Hillary Terry turnd a $100K investment into $8M before Global Crossing vaporized other investors’ savings in bankruptcy. McCauliffe is the worst sort of traitor; a Jesuit who knows well the NAZI SS was patterned directly after the Jesuit Order; Jesuit Priest Bernhard Staempfle even write Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Why a Dodge? Dodge brothers used the Assyrian Winged Star Marduk, El, Saturn; the Challenger to Jesus Christ; this was a pre-planned event, just like Ft Sumter. KKK, AG Jeff Sessions (The Family Initiate reveres mass murderers of their own people Pop “Killing Field” Pot, Mao Tse Tung, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin SJ) leading the Charlottsville (Charlotte=Karl “Man Warrior) investigation. This technique has been used to foment Revolutions and Civil Wars in dozens of countries; time to wake up! If the US Constitution can be suspended in Charlottsville, it can be suspended in your City.

ISIS Bombing: a Purim Hoax full of Crisis Actors
“Brussels was a Purim delivery” ISIS Tweet Mar 22, 2016 or 3/22: Society 322 “Teutonic Brotherhood of Death”; in Gen 3:22 Adam follows Eve into Sin.
Mormon Missionary and Crisis Actor Mason Wells earned a few extra bucks pulling the wool over on Gentile Eyes, just happens to be in Paris Cafe at the exact location a Terror Drill was ongoing as the alleged attack occurs; French President Francois Hollande says “We were well prepared for the event with Terror Drills ongoing at each location” No shit Sherlock.
World traveler Mason Wells then happens to be at the exact Brussels Security Checkpoint as the alleged attack happens
Mason Wells then happens to be at the Finish Line of the Boston Marathon as “Craft International” (American Sniper Chris Kyle’s Skull & Bones Logo Mercenary Band) sets off 2 Micro-nukes amid a scene full of Crisis Actors Mason Wells is reminiscent of Mormon Robbie Parker smiling before his interview immediately after his daughter Emily was allegedly killed at Sandy Hook
Why Brussels? 9th Circle Child Sacrifice Trial? The Beast Computer? Chateau Amerois? Children hanging from hooks, Sodomized, decapitated and eaten by dogs and Satanic human cannibals cosuming the feast before an Orgy sound something British and Belgic Royals would do? After all, the Queen of England believes herself to be the Queen of Jerusalem. These are accusations from the 9th Circle Trial at the ICC. Pope Francis, Queen Elizabeth, Anglican Archbishop Justin Welby on trial in abstentia for participating in 9th Circle Child Sacrifices.
Eagles (Eagle symbolizes Esau/Edomites; Assyrian god Nisroch/Saturn) of Death Metal front man Jesse Hughes redacts his testimony of the Paris False Flag Concert attack during which he was singing “San Berdoo Sunburn” a song about San Bernardino which soon after had their own ISIS related False Flag event.
Rita Katz (Rita=Pearl; Katz=Kohannim + Zaddiq=Righteous Priest) post new ISIS video of the Eiffel Tower blowing up “Western Kafir fighting Islam, vengeance is coming against the crusaders. We will invade London, Brussels and Berlin just like Paris and fill your streets with blood”
Brussels, Paris and Boston were False Flags.
Belgium is named after the Celtic “Belgae” Tribe; the name means “People who swell with anger”. Paris is named after the Celtic “Parisee” Tribe, the name means “House of Isis” (Isis itself means Throne of Antichrist or Black Virgin). London is named after the Celtic god Lugh (Londinium); the name means “Wild Ones”.
Brussels the EU (Woman riding the Beast aka Whore of Babylon or Europa symbolizes the EU) HQ and NATO HQ arms ISIS. Brussels is home to the Beast Computer; largely replaced or enhanced by the NSA Spy Facility in Zion (Salt Lake City). NATO Sec Gen Jens Stoltenberg is claimed to be a part of the Satanic Pedophile/Snuff Cult of Chateau Amerois just as previous NATO Sec Gen Willy Claes. Better start WWIII Jens so we can lose ass this in the fog of war.
Chateau Amerois “Castle of Kings of Amurru/Ameru” (Serpent) has the 1000pts of light (Bush Sr Charity is 1000Pts of Light; Babs is a Mother of Darkness) room where children are raped, tortured, and cannibalized; their blood used to write the progress of the New World Order and films sold as Snuff Porn.
ISIS (DAESH means Nation of Islam in Levant; NOI is a Cainite-Canaanite Cult not related to Islam) and SMOM Donald Trumpf (Drumpf) use the same language, warning of attacks in Brussels and Rome ahead of time (ISIS last video said the fighting would end in Rome). Research Marc Dutroix Affair, Jill Dando Murder (Alan Farthing is the British Royal Gyno who murdered her, for revealing sordid details of Prince William and Kate?), Chateau Amerois, Jimmy Saville, McMartin Preschool Abuse at the Presidio Army Base in San Francisco, Temple of Set founder and co-founder of the Church of Satan, and current NSA Gen Michael Aquino. prostitute) Franklin Cover-Up of the Nebraska Boys Town Pedophile Ring (Johnny Gosch is Bush Jr male prostitute) and Most Dangerous Game (Cathy O’Brien Monarch Sex Slave)
Is Donald Trump just a lucky guesser? Sure just like Miracle Mormon Missionary Mason Wells surviving 3 Terrorist Events or Miracle Mitt Romney changing his scheduled meeting at the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001. Satanic Pedophile, Belgian Intelligence Chief Yisrael Katz had mastermind Saleh Abdeslam in custody 4 times after the Paris False Flag he was accused of masterminding and let him go.
Wrong Security Camera Footage The security camera video footage is that of the 2011 Terror False Flag in Moscow; nothing new as Umpqua Community College at Roseburg Oregon shooting footage was also a False Flag event whose footage was previously used at the Sandy Hoax False Flag.
Conveniently, one of the alleged suicide bombers (camera footage has no time/date stamp) left his laptop in a trash can; similar to 9/11 suicide pilots passports and flight manuals in Arabic left in hotel rooms and one even found its way out of the exploding aircraft and into the white hot melting steel demolition pile at Ground Zero or the Syrian Passports carried by the alleged Paris attackers or the Charlie Hebdo attackers.
ISIS says the next attack will be in Berlin? The Throne of Pergamon aka Satan’s Seat sits in the Berlin Museum awaiting transport to Jerusalem. You may remember Obama’s 2 “Yes We Can” speeches at the Brandenberg Gate under the Quadriga of Apollo. Yes We Can means Thank You Satan.
Donald Trump and ISIS claim the ISIS attacks will end in Rome. The Donald says “When Rome is burning people will wish I had been elected”; he has a 66th Floor Apartment dedicated entirely to Apollo aka Apollyon or Abbadon “Destroyer”. Where did he get that idea from? The Prophecy of St Malachy of course; Jesuit Pope Francis is #266, the last before Rome burns and Jesuit/SMOM Donald knows this.
Chateau Amerois and the Eiffel Tower bombed in movies Tomorrowland: Secret Kingdom of Melodia featured the Eiffel Tower; in real life Eiffel and Edison (Tesla’s opponent and thief) are displayed on Eiffel’s Apartment in the Tower; the addition of Tesla in the movie was a nice but BS affront to the man who gave free energy to the world. In the promo for the Festivals called Melodia last summer, Chateau Amerois was even featured. Life imitating art? or Art putting out the script?

London “Grove of Lugh” “City in the Grove” “Abode of Dan” “Moon Fortress” are all suggested Etymologies for the City where the Earth’s Prime Meridian lies. The location of St Paul’s Cathedral an ancient Grotto of Diana (Twin Sister/Wife of Apollo; Trump’s Penthouse is a Shrine to Apollo). British Royals are German.
322 Brotherhood of Death- Germanic Cult of Saturn
The video detailing Ashkenazi “Jews” is correct, except Ashkanazis are not Jewish. Ashkenazi’s are not Semities or Jews, they are Germanic descendants of Japheth-Gomer-Ashkenaz and AshkeNAZI Donald Drumpf has a swaamp full of Germanic Aryan Nazi fake Jews in his Administration. “God shall enlarge Japheth and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; And Canaan shall be his servant” Gen 9:27 Ashkenazis in the US, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Iran (Iran=Aryan “Noble Caste”) are actively planning WWIII to falsify the end of Millennium batle of “Gog and Magog” 1000 years early. Welcome to the real 3rd Reich. Gog and Magog is after the 1000 Years (Eze 38-38; Rev 20:7-8) 322 Society, Brotherhood of Death, Theosophical Society or Skull & Bones are all names of the Cult of Saturn the “Grim Reaper” and “Father Time”. Time is up folks! the Reaping is about to begin.

//////////London Bombing/////////////
3/22 London False Flag 1 Yr after Brussels False Flag Society 322 aka Brotherhood of Death is a Worldwide Saturnian Death Cult
Why 3/22? London False Flag British and Belgic Royals are German; both are embroiled in accusations of child torture and sacrifice in connection with the 9th Circle Child Sacrifice Cult at Chateau Amerois “Castle of Kings”. British means “B’Rith=Birth Covenant” ie the 1st born sons Cain, Japheth, Canaan, Ishmael and Esau. 3/22 is the final day of the Roman Festival “Pelusa” honoring Isis and her child Harpocrates, the god of Silence and Secrets Oprah backwards is Harpo; her fortune named after Harpocrates, but don’t tell anyone! or that Babs Bush is MI-6 British Freemason Aleister Crowley’s “Scarlett Woman”, a descendant of Thomas Percy, the Jesuit “Scapegoat” for the plan to kill King James I in time to prevent the King James Bible from being printed.
Movies: Olympus has Fallen and London has Fallen V for Vendetta, the Hollywood version of the Gunpowder Plot partially tell the story. So does the name Rita Katz Rita=Pearl (JESUS, the Holy Ghost is the Pearl of Great Price) Katz=Kohannim (Chief Priest) + Tzaddiq (Righteous). US-Israeli citizen Rita Katz makes ISIS propaganda movies with the US Army; her father was tortured and executed by Saddam Hussein as an Israeli Spy just as she should be.
Society 322 is the Germanic “Brotherhood of Death” aka “Theosophical Society” “Thule (Tula is the Egyptian version of Saturn aka Dark or Black Sun)Society”, “SS” (Black Sun) or “Skull & Bones Society”. Society 322 is a Germanic Cult of Saturn; a pre-Flood Society of Cain which crossed the Flood with Canaan, Cursed from incest between Ham and his mother (Noah’s wife). Japheth is the eldest brother of Japheth, Ham and Shem; absent God’s involvement in world affairs, entitled to Noah’s Inheritance. Japheth-Gomer (Germanic)-Ashkenaz (Fake Jews) are the bloodline intent on sacrificing 97% of the world’s population “God shall enlarge Japheth and dwell in the tents of Shem, and Canaan shall be his servant” Gen 9:24 may ring a Baal. Fake Semites pretending to be Jews with Canaanites as their servants are seen in British and Belgic Royals (Windsors are a 1917 Germanic descendants of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha), Germany (Angela Merkel is Hitler’s daughter and a Rothschild relative) and Iran (Aryan); just ask AshkeNAZI Germanic fake Presbyterian Donald Drumpf. .
MI-5, London Police Terror Drill along the River Thames near Westminster on 3/19 just like before the 3/22/16 Brussels attack and London Subway “777” bombings on 7/7/2005. The Assailant is long known to MI-5
Nikki Manaj “No Frauds” album films scenes on Westminster Bridge the day before.
Alleged victims (Crisis Actors) wheeled on gurneys passed ambulances to the Mormon owned Marriot Hotel just like Sandy Hook’s alleged victims were taken to a Fire House and removed in secret the next day and Pulse Nightclub Crisis Actors were wheeled toward the nightclub rather than away.
“Kippah Guy” is seen laughing and taking selfies amid the alleged carnage just like the Dancing Israelis on 9/11/2001
Romanian tourist (Crisis Actor) Andreea Christea is pictured at the exact spot she jumped from a day before, after the car driven by Adrian Elms passes.
Curt Payne sets up Go Fund Me account and FaceBook Memorial page for Kurt and Melissa Cochran the same day as the alleged attack.
Trevor Brooks aka Abu Abulzzaden an alleged body double for the alleged attacker Adrian Elms, hate preacher and bodyguard for Muslim Brotherhood cell leader Omar Bakr Muhammad is initially blamed, but was discovered in prison. Adrian Elms, known to police and MI-5 with a long rap sheet, obtaining work Visas to teach English in Saudi Arabia is the Red Flag Elms frequents drug fueled sex parties with prostitutes according to friends; sounds reminiscient of the 9/11/2001 alleged hijackers (scapegoats). Witnesses claim there were 2-3 assailants (police are now looking for a bald white man and black man with a Goatee) who drive their vehicle into a crowd, injuring 40-50 people, allegedly injuring Melissa Cochran, the daughter of London Mormon Missionaries and killing her husband Kurt Cochran (Trump Tweeted before Kurt was a “Great American”; Donald didn’t know the man; he said this because he was allegedly sacrificed or played his Crisis Actor role well) on Westminster Bridge. The attacker/s enter an Open, unguarded Gate normally locked (open for a Parliament vote) and guarded by 4 men, kill a policeman with a knife (London Police Commissioner is the witness and gives CPR to the allegedly dead policeman amid EMT’s; another Red Flag) Adrian Elms or is it the patsy Trevor Brooks? is then gunned down. The “Go Fund Me” account for “Great Americans” Kurt and Melissa Cochran has $68,000. Sandy Hoax actor, Mormon Robbie Parker set up his “Emilie Parker Fund” account before Sandy Hook even occurred! Mormon Missionary Mason Wells has another “Go Fund Me Account” and happens to be in Paris, Brussels and the Boston Marathon. Mormonism and
Islam were founded by 14 Yr Illiterate boys visited by Angels in Caves who preached Polygamy and Progressive Revelation, which split their faiths in 3 sects using ever changing, spirit channelled books, contradicting the Word of God now lost and in Heaven. Solid Foundation of Faith? or Bullshit on Shifting Sand?
Crisis Actors Boston Marathon witness, Sandy Hook pal of Adam Lanza’s mother, Albuquerque Church organist and CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr starring as Anne Haddad an actress in “Blades” now Adam Lanza’s mother; Obama meeting Robbie Parker’s dead child Emily. Why? Jacob impersonated Esau; Esau obtains “Dominion” by pretending to be Jacob.
Universal Health Care aka ObamaCare passed on 3/22/10 at 3:22UTC aka “London Time”; “American Health Care Act” aka “Son of ObamaCare”aka “TrumpCare” is Dead on Arrival Mar 25; Why? There was never any plan to enact “TrumpCare”. Both plans violate the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution by forcing commerce with the Federal Government; no vote and ObamaCare remains a Law enacted on 3/22. Death Panels, No guns for PTSD, ADHD, Alzhemiers, Medicaid, or No-Fly list; Doctors required to ask about Gun Ownership; Tax Credit Subsidies for people paying no tax; Tax Penalties for non-compliance. Dialectic: Thesis + Antithesis=Synthesis. Which plan is better? Neither; all just part of the Satanic plan. Mike Pence, Betsy DeVoss, Dan Coats and Jeff Sessions are initiates of “The Family”; “The people who understood the meaning of the New Covenant best were Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao Tse Tung” Doug Coe “The Family”

//////////Pulse Nightclub/////////////
2016: UN Year of Pulses Pulse Nightclub shooting occurred at the conclusion of the 49 Days “Counting the Omer” on the 50th Day June 12, Omar Mateen allegedly killed 49 people at the Pulse (Tare=Pulse) Nightclub. Omar=Omer; Mosque of Omar on the Temple Mount is to be destroyed in preparation of the 3rd Temple. Omar’s father and exiled politician Seddique Mateen was placed directly behind Hillary Clinton at the Orlando Rally on 8/8/16.
Orlando Police were “Staged” at the Pulse Nightclub during Daylight, hours before the 1st 911 Call. Louis Burbano stars in the 2015 Documentary “Orlando: Shooting Up” and is shot 3 times at Pulse. Omar Mateen works for G4S Security whose client is “Vision Box Crisis Actors”; the odds of that are similar to Flt #77 being piloted by Chuck Burlingame, the man in charge of Operation MasCal (Mass Casualties) at the Pentagon before world’s ultimate Staged “False Flag” Event 9/11/2001 or the Purge: Election Year debut July 1. The Nightclub Pulse has 8 Exits and a Max Occupancy Limit of 150; how did 320 people get in and stay in? Magic. To understand the Orlando Pulse Event, I feel one needs to understand the plan for WWIII; the event at Pulse had it’s birth on 9/11/2001 aka Toth 1 “Egyptian New Year”. Pulse is a Tare or Slip
The Emerald Tablet of Toth “As Above, So Below” is the repair of Earth to conditions found in the Garden of Eden through the elimination of the Tree of Life (JESUS) and His followers (Spiritual Israel) aka Pulses, Tares, Slips. In this context, Lucifer (Light Bringer) is seen as the Liberator or in Wizard of Oz (77) parlance “The Great and Powerful Oz”. “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth…And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and divided the light from the darkness. And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morming were the first day” Gen 1:1-5 Absent a relationship with God, the Word of God is seen as Lucifer being the Light and Zeus (Dios=Day) representing Day 1 or Sunday. Worth nothing is the Sun, Moon and Stars would not be created until Day 4. The Holy Ghost is the “Light” folks! Only JESUS can provide that. Lucifer introduces the Pulses.
“The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field: But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also. So the servants of the householder came and said unto him, Sir, didst not thou sow good seed in thy field? from whence then hath it tares? He said unto them, An enemy hath done this. The servants said unto him, Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up? But he said, Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn”. Mat 13: 24-30 KJV So, what will it be folks, the Barn with Jesus or the Eternal Fire of Hell? In the 2016-7 Jubilee Year, all this is Reversed.
“I get on my knees and pray, we don’t get fooled again” The Who; this refers to Esau being fooled by Jacob into selling his Birthright (Inheritance) for Pulses. Esau traded Heaven for Pulses (Seeds/Food); Beans, Lentils, Porridge, hence he is called Edom (Red), a name derived from Adam, cast out of the Garden of Eden. Esau hides among the In the 2016 Satanic Jubilee Year, Born Again followers of JESUS are the Pulses (Tares/Slips).
The main reason for the Pulse Shooting Hoax is Dan 7:7
JESUS is Shiloh (Gen 49:10) “He whose it is”; Shiloh is the Creator of the Earth; He gives no legal title to anyone including Satan. Jesus gives the Authority to Rule to Esau (Gen 27:39-41KJV) and when He does, all Hell breaks loose (Dan 7:7). In charge of UN Migration (Creating Refugees) is Jesuit Knight Peter Sutherland; 65M Refugees and counting; Sutherland is also in charge of Civilian Internment in America “Land of the Amorites” was created to be the Scaegoat for “Babylon” (Rev 18); the Alternative Messiah (Lucifer) will be the Scapegoat for the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ in Rev 19. America is the 3rd Beast (Dan 7:6) the military might behind the “Dominion” of Esau (Gen 27:39-41KJV) also described in Dan 2:39 “Kingdom of Brass”.
The Rosicrucian plan for America is carried out by Jesuit and Masonic foot soldiers; the written plan for WWIII is to reveal the true doctrine of Lucifer and have the world accept it. It was America that set up the actors in WWII (Naziism V Communism) and America who sets up the actors for WWIII (Zionism V Islam). In Masomic parlance, the world is being “Hoodwinked”; Pulse means to Drive or Push the world into acceptance of the Alternative Messiah; America’s “Mass” (Sacrifice and Consumption of a Suitable Host ie Body); hence the Pulse Stage Show was held on Latin Night, an event called “Latin Flavor”; Mass is a strictly Latin term applied to the Consecration and offering of a Suitable Host to become the Universal (Catholic) Sacrifice for the World.
Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Linkdin etc) guages the “Pulse” of the event; pretty obvious events like Sandy Hook (Play the Joker Card aka Trump), San Bernardino (Rosucrucian monk St Bernard of Clairveaux initiated the Crusades and founded the Templars) and Pulse (Heartbeat=Heart=Bal in Chaldee) increase Gun Sales; the 2 sides of the Gun Control issue controlled by the same people, a Dialectic (Thesis + Antithesis=Synthesis) whose Synthesis is the 3rd Act of Chaldean Magick, hence the Act was performed in the “Magic Kingdom”. Magic is performed in 3 Acts: Pledge, Turn, Prestige; America has filled all these roles. The Pledge: The world was made to believe America was founded by followers of JESUS (Puritans/Pilgrims/Founding Fathers), America was in fact founded by Rosicrucians. Turn: “He who kills with the sword must be killed with the Sword”; America has killed with the Sword and will be killed by the Sword. America has in fact acted in opposition to the New Covenant Law “Love God”, “Love our Neighbor” since its founding 239 years ago. America represents a succession of Wars of Aggression all based on Masonically staged “False Flag” events (Lexington and Concord, Ft Sumter, Archduke Ferdinand, Pearl Harbor etc etc.) Prestige: The movie “Prestige” put the plan in full view; Tesla Weapons. American-made Tesla Weapons like HAARP and X-Band Radars are “Geo-engineering” our swift destruction. Ion TV “Positively Entertaining”? We haven’t seen anything yet; Operation Blue Beam will use the Ionosphere as a Giant TV to usher in the Antichrist like David Copperfield on steroids.
Orlando “Land of Gold” sits in the “Sun Belt” in the state shaped as a “Phallus”. In Masonry, Isis restores her slain twin brother/husband Osiris after the battle with Set except his Phallus which she fashions out of Gold; immaculately impregnated at First Light on Easter she gives birth to Horus (Dec 25) on Christmas. 2015 “UN Year of Light” “In the beginning God said let there be light” 2016 “UN Year of Pulses” Tares among the Wheat/Grain (Core is the Grain Goddess Ref Num 16 “Korahites” and Jude 7 “Gainsaying of Core”) Desert, Desolation and Wilderness mean land void of human life, given back to nature where plants gain the upper hand” (Abomination of Desolation may ring a Baal). “Pulse” presents “Pulse Reset 2016” a gathering of 1M Evangelical Christians considered “Pulses” (Tares/Slips) at the Washington DC Capitol Mall on July 16, 2016 gathered around the world’s largest Phallus constructed of 666 separate blocks. 2017: “UN Year of Sustainability”; the Georgia Guide Stones call for elimination of 93% of humanity living in harmony with nature; ie free of Pulses/Tares/Slips. Pope Francis calls the event “Together 2016”.
Esau represents the Pulses, Slips and Tares sewn among Israel (Those who wrestle with God, not the Nation of Israel); Edomite “Dominion” prophesied in Gen 27:39-41KJV occurs at Dan 2:39 “Kingdom of Brass” and Dan 7:6 “3rd Beast”. The UN Small Arms Treaty, UN Programme of Action, Gun Confiscation, and so-called War on ISIS are center stage. On Thursday, following a Senate Fillibuster Show, 51 State Dept Officials called for ISIS War Authorization on Damascus. Russia promptly issued a warning “Attacks on Assad will plunge the Middle East into Chaos” The plan of Sovereign Masonry is “Order out of Chaos”, and it’s in the bible.
“The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap…Because thou hast forgotten the God of thy salvation, and has not been mindful of the rock of thy strength, therefore shalt thou plant pleasant plants, and shalt set it with strange slips…the harvest shall be a heap in the day of grief and of desperate sorrow”. Is 17 Like Tares, Slips are Pulses. Daniel puts it like this “And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay (occultists call this Slip), they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another even as iron is not mixed with clay” Dan 2:43 JESUS is the Potter molding the Clay; you can choose this path or “…behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns” Dan 7:7 Chairs for the 10 Horns are at the United Nations Meditation Room facing Satan’s Altar.
The United States of America was born to become the Scapegoat for “Babylon” (Rev 18); Babylon means Gate of the Sun god (On=Osiris, El, Attis, Krishna, Mithra, Apollo etc etc) America is named after Amurru, the god of the Amorites and Edomite Shepherd/Serpent god (Eagle is Esau carrying the Serpent on the $US). America is ending its 239th year July 4, 2016, born on a day according to Sabian (Sabians of Harran) “Planetary” Astrology as recorded at the Library of Congress “Sibly Natal Chart”. The US is the Brass Kingdom in Dan 2:39 which will be sacrificed to give way to the 4th Beast of Iron in Dan 7:7. 77 is called Lamech’s Revenge “If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold, truly Lamech seventy and sevenfold” Gen 4:24.
Pulse and 9/11
On June 18 CIA Chief, Jesuit educated Wahhabist convert John Brennan testifies to the Senate Intelligence Committee “Mateen has no verifiable link to any foreign terrorist organizations including ISIS” After 9/11/2001 FBI Director Robert Mueller, Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney stated “We never proved bin Laden had any connection to 9/11”. The 100 headed Ladon Dragon grows 2 heads when one is cut off; bin=Crib/Manger + Laden=Ladon.
The victims of the 9/11/2001 Twin Tower Sacrifice Ritual were dumped in the “Fresh Kills” landfill. Thelemites and Witches greet each other with “93”, short for “Do what thou wilt shall be the sum of the Law”; “93/93” is short for “As Above, So Below”. 93 the number of the demon Aiwass ” Aleister (Great Beast) Crowley’s Thelema (Will) + Agape (Love)=93. Crowley means “Wood of the Crows”; Black Star or Black Sun (Nazi SS; Egyptian TULA) is the “Crow’s Head”. UA #93 allegedly disappeared into a field at Shankesville PA on 9/11/2001; in reality Flt #93 landed at Cleveland Int’l where America’s 2016 Republican Convention may be its last. 93 is the gematria of the “Lost Word” in Masonry known only to Temple Architect Hiram Abiff. Barbara (Pierce=Jesuit Gunpowder Plot “Percy”; we saw that name in the “Green Mile” with Percy torturing and killing John Cofee playing the role of Jesus) Bush is Aleister Crowley’s ritual daughter “Babalon” aka “Scarlett Woman”. GHW Bush is AshkeNAZI “Scherff” aka “Wizard of Oz” or “Poppy” for his Heroin production on the path (Afghanistan “Graveyard of Empires” is the path where Omar Mateen’s father is from) to Emerald City. Emerald is the mythical stone cut from Lucifer’s Crown also seen in the Emerald Tablet of Toth-Hermes “As Above. So Below”. This refers to Satan being cast out to Earth in Rev 9:11 and is the reason 9/11/2001 was chosen; the date was also chosen for the Osama bin Laden Hoax killing; recall Afghanistan is where the chase for bin Laden originated.
Liber 175 is Crowley’s “Book of Uniting” Thelemites Unite themselves to a particular Deity; it no coincidence whether intentionally created or not that Ahriman, the Persian god of Darkness appeared in the smoke of the South Tower after it was hit by the remote flown B-767 claimed to be United #175. The actual UA 175 landed at Stewart (Stewart/Stuart is the so-called “Dragon Bloodline”) AFB as did AA 11; no coincidence UA 175 hit the 77th Floor and AA 11 hit the 93rd Floor of the World Trade Center Towers.
AA11 initiated the Ritual, hitting the 93rd Floor of Tower 1 which began construction in 1966 “Year One Satan”, the year the Church of Satan was founded and the term Al-Qaeda was coined by Dervish philosopher and Stanford University lecturer Ibn Sayyid Qutb, a Wahhabist convert. 11 is the number of Ceremonial Black Magick, the particular Magick found in Crowley’s AA Argentinium Astrum (Silver Star). AA11 therefore was the Opening Act of Thelema.
Liber 77 aka Liber Oz or Book of the Goat written by Aleister Crowley channeling the Demon “Aiwass” states 77 is the “Magical manifestation of Spirit in Matter”. All put on display on 9/11/2001 when AA77 hit the 77ft tall Pentagon on the 77th Meridian while an E-4B B747 callsign “Venus 77” orbited overhead; GHW Bush was 77 yrs old, his Aircraft Carrier is CVN #77 for this reason. Goat is an acronym for God Of All Things aka the Goat (Satyr) Pan “All”; the Mirror Image The Ark Of God; no coincidence in Gen 7:7 Noah enters the Ark of God. The last Grandmaster of the Knights Templar Jacques DeMolay was executed in Paris on 3/18/1314, the 77th day of the year, which is why DeMolay Freemason Bill Clinton’s NSD 77 provides for Extraordinary Rendition (Kidnapping and transport of American Citizens to foreign prisons). In America’s last year, Skull & Bones GHW “Magog” Bush will turn 93.
Aiwass, Thelema and Agape all equal 93 in Gematria; Aiwass is the demon Crowley channeled for his Thelema Religion; 93% is also the percentage of earth that needs to die which equals 7% of 7.3Billion=500Million, the number of people indicated on the Georgia Guide Stones on Hwy 77 in Elberton Georgia, the “Gravestone Capital of America”. Pope Francis “Laudato Si” also calls for elimination of 93% of the human population. 93% is also the percentage of the Universe made of Dark Matter according to lying astrophysicists.
The New Aeon of Horus is “11”; Rebellion is “13” (1+7+5=13) beginning with the 50th Jubilee Year following the 7th Tetrad and 7th Shemitah or 7X7, the “Ultimate Manifestation of Spirit in Matter”. The Jubilee Year? 2016-17. Catching on to what the Jubilee represents? The Jubilee Trumpet is about to blow; occultists plan to reveal the Antichrist; the reality however is JESUS beginning the Great Tribulation.
Thelemites and Witches greet themselves with “93” short for “Do what thou wilt” or “93/93” short for “As Above, So Below”. Aleister (Great Beast) Crowley’s Thelema (Will) + Agape (Love)=93. 93 is also the gematria of the “Lost Word” in Masonry known only to Temple Architect Hiram Abiff. In Liber 175 Crowley Thelemites Unite themselves to a particular Deity. 11 is the number of Black Magick and Liber 77 aka Liber Oz, 77 is the “Magical manifestation of Spirit in Matter”. All put on display on 9/11/2001.
Aiwass, the demon Crowley channeled for his Thelema Religion, and the percentage of earth that needs to die is 93%. 7% of 7.3Billion=500Million, the number of people indicated on the Georgia Guide Stones on Hwy 77 is also the percentage Science claims is Visible versus Dark Matter. in the Universe (One Word=Lost Word), for the New Aeon (11) of Rebellion (1+7+5=13) beginning with the Jubilee (7X7), the “Ultimate Manifestation of Spirit in Matter”. The Jubilee Year is 2016-17.
CIA Director John Brennan, a Jesuit educated Wahhabist convert says “DAESH is a formidible enemy”. DAESH means “Nation of Islam in the Levant”; a homegrown Canaanite Cult not remotely related to traditional Islam. Cainites (Lamech’s Revenge) crossed the Flood when Ham had incest with his mother and created Canaan, the “Cursed” bloodline whose 4th son was the “Amorite” America is named after. Ham means “Black”; ISIS (DAESH) is the “Black Virgin”; ISIS is the Cult propagated by the Templars and Assassins; she is the “Throne” or Seat of Antichrist, Jesus refers to as Satan’s Seat (Throne of Pergamon); making sense yet?
Jesuit FBI Director James Comey says “Finding ISIS is like finding a needle in a needle stack” (He’s referring to Americans). 51 State Dept Diplomats, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir and soon John Kerry (Cohen) are calling for airstrikes on Damascus. House of Representatives approved providing UN banned Cluster Munitions to Saudi Arabia, which they use on innocent children in Yemen and arm ISIS with; these “Human Rights” violations will come back on the US. Obama “War in Syria provoked to aid Israel”. Hillary Clinton “The right thing to do is personally threaten Assad’s family with death”; Assad like his father is a US installed asset. Donald Trump “Killing Muammar Qadaffi and Saddam Hussein was a mistake, I’m backing Putin”; like Assad, Qadaffi and Hussein also US installed assets. (Trump=Drumpf an Ashkenazi name; his 66th floor Penthouse is a Shrine to Apollo, he sun god called Apollyon in Rev 9/11). FOX News Lebanese Judge Jeannine Pirro “Terrorists don’t deserve 2nd Amendment Rights”; Terrorist is now defined as anyone on the “No-Fly List”; all American citizens are subject to the National Debt and may have their Passport withheld pending remedy of over $200K per person. The point of this paragraph is to illustrate Orlando’s Pulse Shooting Hoax may in fact be America’s final and well planned Nail in the Coffin.
Why now? Daniel 8 describes the final 2300 days, subtracting out the last 1260 day Great Tribulation, we arrive at 1040, the Tax (Burden) Form used in America. The point is when America as a Nation ends, the Great Tribulation begins. Why Pulse?
Pulse is cognate with Tare. “Something Evil sown amid something Good” referring to Grain; for Human DNA the word Slip is used (GMO Food; Chemtrails; Gene Manipulation) Who sows Evil amid God’s Church? Nicolaitanes (Nico=Conquer + Laity=Laitane) we call Father, Reverend, Master, Rabbi etc; I’d expect the Millstone to come out.
Pulse means “Drive, Throb, Beat, Push, Strike, Drive, Brandish, Cause to Tremble, Quake, Shake” The Earth has an “Earth Beat” of 7Hz (186,000mps/26000m); I’d expect to see Earthquakes. Who will cause these Earthquakes? Earth Dwellers; those who reject JESUS and the promise of Heaven.
Pulse means “Lentils, Peas, Beans, Porridge” Pulse also means “Dust or Grain Flour.” Esau sold his Birthright for Lentil Porridge; this is why “God hates Esau” under both Covenants (Mal 1:3; Rom 9:13; Heb 12:16)
Pulse means Life, Vitality of the Blood. “Without the shedding of blood is no remission” (Heb 9:22) I’d get ready to follow Jesus’ example.
Omar is the name of the 1st Muslim Caliph Omar; the Mosques of Omar are at the Holy Sephulchre in Jerusalem and Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem; neither of which are the true sites described in the Bible.
Orlando “City of Gold” is derived from Roland, a character in Shakespeare who gave us “All the World’s a Stage” and “A Fool, A Fool, I met a fool in the forest”. Druids are “Men of the Oaks” who met in Groves of Trees where “Evil is done in sight of the LORD” When one King of Israel did that which was right in sight of the LORD, he tore down the Groves; when a King did Evil in sight of the LORD, he built up the Groves; Bohemian Grove (7/7-7/28) in the Redwood Forest just north of San Francisco begin the premiere Grove sacrifice to Molech in America (Amurru).
Bohemian means “One who lives outside the norms and laws of the land”; Secret Society and Witchcraft Initiations provide this Sovereignty and Freedom from Laws. Bohemian Grove is the modern version of a 4000 yr old Sumerian Ritual called Begone Dull Care; Care is ferried across the water to the foot of Molech and Burned as 2000 Elite engage in all brands of Sexual excess. Care? That’s the Holy Ghost; Freedom? That’s Freedom from God. Meanwhile, on the East Coast on the exact same 38 degree Latitude is Pulse Reset 2016. Why 38? The Pythagorean Triangle seen in the Federal Triangle, Great Pyramid of Egypt and Mr (Mir=Peace; Peace Sign is called the Broken Jew or Witch’s Foot symbolizing Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost) Triangle approximates 38-52-90; the Horizontal Leg connects to the Hypotenuese at 38 degrees replicating the Sign of Virgo; ISIS is the Black Virgin folks! The Mr Triangle as we will see, represents the Merkabah (Mr-Akh-Ba) or Body, Soul, Spirit in New Age Jargon; a plan now 5996 years in the making. Pulser is the Universal goddess ISIS “Throne”, the Black Virgin transported across Europe and Asia by the Templars and Assassins, now standing atop the Capitol Dome “Lady Freedom” and in NY Harbor “Statue of Liberty”. Throne? That would be the Throne of Pergamon “Satan’s Seat”.
Pulse Reset 2016 7/16/16 National Mall. The date can be rendered as “777”; Noah’s father Lamech lived 777 years; 777 is the number associated with “Order out of Chaos”; Liber 777 and other Kabbalistic writings of Aleister Crowley may ring a Baal. Pulse Reset 2016 will gather 1 Million people at the Capitol (Capitol means Womb of Jupiter/Zeus) Mall and World’s tallest Obelisk (Baal’s Shaft) led by Evangelical Nick Hall praying for Jesus to Reset the World Innocent sounding, but the Reset Movement is part of Restoration Theology. Talmudic Rabbis use the phrase “Tikkun Olam” (Repair the Earth); Mormons call it the “Restored Gospel”. Unification Church “Moonie” Sun Myung Moon and his disciple UN Sec Gen Ban Ki Moon believe Jesus failed to establish Zion and they are here to finish the job. Do you believe JESUS needs help restoring the world to the conditions in the Garden of Eden or Restoring the true Gospel? Tell it to Him when you meet Him.
2016: United Nations “Year of Pulses”
Pulses are Tares found among Wheat; Omer is a measure of Wheat offered as a Sacrifice on Feast of Weeks “Shavuot” June 11, 2016. Tares are separated from Wheat, most notably at the Temple Mount, once the Jebusite (Canaanite) “Threshing Floor”. At this site Arabs believe Abraham offered Ishmael as a Sacrifice and was promised the world riding the Winged White Horse “al Buraq” (Lightning); Solomon’s Temple was built at that spot, the Holy Ghost departed that spot (Eze 8) where Jesus would also depart for Heaven and later, Muhammad rode the same horse on his “Night Flight” to Heaven.
Omer is a Measure of Grain, Lag B’Omer “Counting the Omer” is 33 days after Passover. On May 26, 2016 on Lag B’Omer Temple Mount Rabbi Yehuda Glick (Glick is even Red Haired like King David) was elected the 33rd member of the Knesset on the 33rd day of Counting the Omer; ain’t that a coincidence! NOT. Shavuot is counted 50 days after Passover (or Feast of First Fruits in Samaritan methodology). On Feast of First Fruits (17 Nisan) Rabbis prepared the Wave Offering; this was the day Jesus bodily rose to Heaven on the 3rd day after the Crucifixion. Shavuot is Feast of Weeks, the real Pentecost. Pentecost is the day God gave Moses and Moses then gave Israel the “10 Commandments” from Mt Sinai aka Jebel al Laws in Arabia (not the Mt Sinai in Egypt) and later, JESUS provided the Holy Ghost to the World aka New Covenant Baptism. “Love God” (Charity) and “Love our Neighbor” is all that is required.
Pulse Conventions are being held all over the world under titles of “Grain Pulses”, “Students with Disabilities”, “Dances”, “Trade and Industry”
Global Pulses and Grains Conclave Feb 17-19, 2016 was held in India, the cradle of Chaldean (Satanic) Religion. The United States Surgeon General is Hindu Vivek Murthy; he has 1000 Oath Sworn Doctors to staff 1000 Mobile Tent Hospitals with Bio-waste disposal equipment. FEMA activated the Civilian Corp with instructions to have everything ready by June 30, 2016.
Global Pulse Convention May 19-22, 2016 was held in Izmir (Smyrna) Turkey. The specific Church Warning JESUS gave to Smyrna can be read in Rev 2: 8-11. Smyrna speaks of Church Persucution and the Synagogue of Satan (Talmudic Rabbis and Kabbalists sow the Tares in “Jewish” Religion. The warning to Smyrna was a time Christians were blamed for fires; lit on fire to light up Chariot Races, thrown to the Lions for spectacle or Crucified to line the roads; those days are returning in the Great Tribulation. Why May 19-22? Gemini, the Twins represent Horus and Set, Castor and Pollux and Jacob and Esau. Which Twin obtains “Dominion” (Sovereign Authority to Rule the Earth)? Gen 27:39-41 KJV answers that; Esau obtains “Dominion” as described in Dan 2:39; 7:6. Folks, Edomites are the Synagogue of Satan “Those who say they are Jews but are not” When JESUS returns to Jerusalem, He destroys every last Edomite on Earth; Everyone on Earth fooled by Esau, who has sold their Soul for a Pulse will be in Hell for Eternity.
Pulse Reset 2016 Pope Francis begins 7/16/16 with “Together 2016” and will heal the 500 yr old Protestant-Catholic Schism Oct 31, 2016-17. Tares, Pulses and Slips are People who have the Holy Ghost. The UN Planetary Initiatve “No person shall enter the New Age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation” That folks requires “Selling your Birthright” by rejection of Jesus Christ and acceptance of the Mark of the Beast.
EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) “Reset Pulse”. Electro-magnetic Weapons utilize the naturally occurring Electric Current from the Sun and Magnetic Field of the Earth. EM devices can supply Free Energy or can be used to Alter the Weather; Cause Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions and Destroy the Power Grid, effectively Resetting the World.
Project Blue Beam is a joint US-Russia program using “Star Wars” Satellites to project images on the Ionosphere, effectively turning it into a Worldwide Giant TV Screen, projecting images of your favorite Messiah (Krishna, al Mahdi etc) Don’t think you can be Fooled? Esau (Edomites) have had 3700 years to prepare their Revenge; don’t bet on it.
Pulser is Slang for “Perfect Being adored by all…the Universal Goddess…Queen of Heaven”; the Pulser is in fact the Antichrist.
Responding to the Pulse Night Club event, Obama said “This was an act of Hate and Terror but Love will prevail” Love symbolized by the Heart is formed by cutting an Apple (Apollyon=Destroyer), the one Eve took from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was responsible for her banishment from the Garden of Eden. Love as we will see has a much different conotation than Charity; in fact Love means Bal in Chaldee; Bal=Baal.
Pulse Reset 2016: Oct 31, 2016-17 Pope Francis will inaugurate the final year of the Protestant-Catholic (Universal) Schism began by Martin Luther on Samhein (Halloween) “All Saints Eve”; Mass means “Sacrifice and consumption of a suitable host”. Francis is the 1st Jesuit Pope; the Mother Church of all Churches in the World is according to the Jesuits, the Archbasilica of St John Lateran; Lateran means “Hidden Frogs”, the 3 unclean Spirits of the Dragon (Serpent/Devil/Satan), Beast (Antichrist) and False Prophet (Ref Rev 12:9; 16:13)
Pulse: Count the Omar
As the Edomite/Canaanite Elite blew the Conch Shell (signaling a significant event or war) at sunrise on the last day of Bilderberg 2016 on the Saxon “High Place” of Dresden, Germany, the “Happiest Place on Earth” witnessed a False Flag on par with Nero setting Rome on Fire and blaming Christians or Hitler setting fire to the Reichstadt and blaming Russia. The worst mass shooting in US history? Not quite; Wounded Knee saw the deaths of 300, but I guess Natives don’t count.
“This was an act of hate and terror, but love will prevail”-Obama No, folks it was a Staged Event. The cryptic part of the message here is “Love”, the Jovian style love of Pederasty, Pedophilia and Sodomy; a memorial revenge for God’s destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah on Pentecost some 4000 years ago. Cathars “Church of Amor”; Amorica=America=Amurru “Land of the Amorites” (Code of Hamurrabi may ring a Baal). 1 Cor 13 KJV lists “Charity” as the greatest virtue a follower of JESUS can have; Charity means “Love and esteem of God”; new bible versions change “Charity” to “Love” for this reason. Catharsis “Discharge of Pent Up Emotion” We are seeing that alright.
The United Nations Programme of Action” (Small Arms control) had just ended the previous day; fast aren’t they? David Rockefeller and George HW “Magog” Bush (Scherff) aka “Curious George” by Nikola Tesla, celebrated their Satanic Jubilee Year Birthdays the same day. The US Senate Republicans staged a 15 Hr Filibuster over proposed Gun Control Legislation, ending June 15th; a Roll Call Vote is expected anytime. The Filibuster was in fact a Stage Show.
The UN is now advertising for “Disarmament Officer” positions under the direct control of UN Sec General Ban Ki Moon (Disciple of Unification Church “Moonie” Sun Myung Moon) 7 yrs experience in Disarmament and Small Arms Control required.
2016 is 50 yrs after the 6th Tetrad, 6-Day War and Founding of the Church of Satan in “Year One Satan” 1966; Jubilee reverses Slave and Master. Pentecost (50th Day) is the day God began the Old and New Covenants; Welcome to the Aquarian Age of Lucifer.
The ISIS, Radicalized Homegrown Terrorist, Immigrant Anchor Baby, Homophobe, Ramadan, Pentecost made for TV Rambo has it all, except that the Omer comes up short. Short by a War Authorization on ISIS and Gun Control (mandated by the UN Small Arms Treaty and UN Programme of Action)
On June 10 the UN Programme of Action mandated controlling and keeping a database of all small arms transfers; again, nice timing eh?
Age of Aquarius
The Aquarian Age is an outpouring of sorts, not the Holy Spirit, but a Satanic outpouring called the “Jovian Age” (Jove=Jupiter=Zeus) characterized by Pederasty, Pedophilia and Sodomy, the Sins God punished 4000 years ago on Pentecost, destroying 4 of 5 “Cities of the Plain” (several million in Sodom and Gomorrah SE of the Dead Sea bear testimony) forming the “Dead Sea”; the similarity with the Great Salt Lake and Salt Valley may be evident.
2016 Summer begins with a Full Moon. June 21 is the Summer Solar Solstice. St George (Patron Saint of Britain and Russia) slays the Dragon in Cancer (June 21-July 22) at St John the Divine Cathedral in NYC; his statue is also at the United Nations Bldg next to a Golden Globe giving birth to a much smaller Globe and a Gun with its Barrel tied in a knot. America is the Dragon folks!
Rose Line: At the St Sulpice Cathedral in Paris is the “Rose Line” of the Rosicrucians and it’s Brass for a reason. The Sun will be in the Brass Square at “High Noon”. The 3rd Kingdom of Brass may ring a Baal; it’s described in Dan 2:39 for a reason; America ends its 239th year of existence July 4, 2016. The Brass Box is at the end of the “Rose Line” (Paris Zero Meridian) and begin its annual march to the Brass Oval on the Altar (Sept 21) and on to the Egyptian Obelisk (Dec 21) and back. At the Dec 21 position is the Aquarius Symbol; the St Sulpice Society believe the Earth has just entered the Age of Aquarius.
America is the land, god and people of Amurru the god of the Amorites. By America’s Stripes the World will be healed; America’s 13 Red and White Stripes correspond to Dan 7:6 (7+6=13; 7X6=42); no coincidence Rev 13 begins the 42 month (1260 Days) Great Tribulation.
Shavuot (June 11, 2016) is the real Pentecost; the Easter based Pentecost is Satanic nonsense. Shavuot or “Counting the Omer” is the day commemorating the Law given to Israel (10 Commandments) through Moses, which also happens to be the day JESUS gave the New Covenant Law to the world via the Holy Ghost; too bad the “Stiff necked and uncircumcised” reject the Holy Ghost; the New Covenant Baptism. JESUS (Mat 1:25KJV) is JAH (Ps 68:4KJV) is JEHOVAH, the Old and New Covenant NAME of God.
Omar Mateen shot 103 people “Multiple Times” with some shot 12 times, and has ammunition left over for a 1hr standoff (35, 30 Round Clips) with police described as a “Hail of Bullets”; this just doesn’t add up.
“Lone Wolf Terrorist”
On Jupiter (Zeus) Is, residents are screened prior to purshase, in fact most real estate is purchased by Invitation Only; cars are monitored, cell phones tracked and domestic help finger printed and screened.
Mateen like Christmas Bomber Farouk Abdul Mutallib, has a well connected family; Mateen’s father to the Afghanistan Government (96% of the World’s Heroin comes from Afghanistan), Mutallib’s father the Nigerian Defense Minister. Jupiter Island is home to the Mateens, as well as G4S “Jupiter” Security (610K employees); the British company owns Wackenhut Security, the Fox in the hen house responsible for security at all US Atomic Energy plants (potential for Fukushima X 50), Kennedy Space Center, Hoover Dam (interesting that several movies have featured the collapse of the Hoover Dam as does the $50 Bill; what would one expect in the 50th Jubilee Year?), Mercury Nevada TEst Site aka “Crucible” (1000 Atomic and Nuclear tests conducted there with the latgest ANFO Bomb “Divine Strake” ready to loft the Radiated Material into Las Vegas and Lake Meade) and Area-51.
Abdul Mutallib is named after Muhammad’s Uncle Abdel Mutallib; Jupiter Security Guard Omar Mir Seddiqe Mateen also has an interesting name. Omar refers to the originator of the Islamic Caliphate, the Caliph Omar; Mir=Peace, Village, Commune; Mr Triangle is used in Geodesy/Geometry, called the Mr-Akh-Bah Triangle or Body, Soul, Spirit and by the Great Pyramid. Seddiqe=Saddiq=Descendant of Muhammad, the Quyraish Tribe of Korah “Rebel Priests” in Num 16; Mateen=Powerful.
Nice Timing! Allegedly Mateen kills 50 and injures 53 on the 50th day after Passover (Samaritan calculation Feast of First Fruits) in Orlando on “Shavuot” in the LGBTQ2 Night Club “Pulse” during a Gay PRIDE Event on Latin Night during Ramadan.
Caliph Omar gained the title “Al Farooq” (One who distinguishes right from wrong); today called Sunni Jurisprudence or Shariah Law Judge. Under this law, worship of JESUS is Blasphemy. Omar was anything but Muslim; he was a polytheist Arab descended from the Quyraish Bedouins from Num 16; Jude 7 (Korahites; Core) who gave the name to the Mosque of Omar in Jerusalem next to the Church of the Holy Sephulchre (Really a Grotto dedicated to Venus aka Arab “Manat”) and Mosque of Omar in Bethlehem next to the Church of the Nativity which also is total Bull Shit as Jesus was a “Young Child” in Egypt by the time “Wise Men” (Magi) arrived. Omar Mateen is obviously named after Omar and the Quyraish Bedouins of Mecca; Lone Wolf? Not a chance in Hell.
7/7/16 or “777” is Eid al Fitr the end of Ramadan means “Break the Fast” (Breakfast “Dawn meal” is derived from this) ISIS is not Muslim folks; they are merely the Scapegoat for Islam; WWIII is Zionism versus Islam. Both sides of the Dialectic are controlled by the same Satanists. The 1979 song by Supertramp “Breakfast in America” says it all “I play my tricks on you, while there’s nothing better to do”. We’re being played the fool alright and America is the World’s Supertramp.
Omar Mateen: “Bacha Baz Dancing Boy”
Mateen’s wife/beard Noor Zahi Salman claims “He beat me…He’s Violent and mentally unstable” “I tried to talk him out of buying the ammunition” If true, she is an accessory to mass murder; a Federal Grand Jury convened Tuesday for what will become a Stage Show Trial, probably why she scrubed her Social Media Site.
Mateen’s ex-wife Sitora Yusufly said he had “Gay Tendencies”.
Mateen frequented the Gay Hookup site “Grindr” according to several on-line witnesses.
His father Seddique met with Congress (Rorhbacher, Rangel) and the State Dept; he is a Taliban supporting “Provisional Government of Afghanistan” presidential candidate who said “He was angry seeing 2 men kissing”; sure pops, witnesses reported Omar visiting the Pulse nightclub many times. Mateen was a regular at Pulse over 3 yrs dancing with men and he frequented the Gay dating and Chat Site “Jack’d”. 2 men kissing? Try again. Afghanistan is full of Homosexual Pedophiles called “Bacha Baz”who Sodomize, Sexually Exploit (Pederast Pimps) and Traffic “Dancing Boys” (check out the Documentary “Dancing Boys of Afghanistan”) US troops have orders to leave the Bacha Baz in the Taliban, Afghan Government, Police and Military alone; our job is to guard Heroin
After attending Spectrum Alternative School, Mateen worked at the G4S Juvieniele Detention Center, known for sexually abusing young boys (male guard arrested in 2014) and for G4S Security driving Illegal Immigrants into Arizona. Gay HS classmate Sam King says Mateen picked up lunch from Drag Queen restaurant “Ruby Tuesday”, went to Drag Shows and had no issue with LGBT’s.
Mateen attended a Ft Pierce Mosque, part of the Shariah Board of America; fellow Shariah Law Ft Pierce Mosque member Moner Abu-Salha became famous as a “Suicide Bomber”. Shariah Law as Noahide Law proscribes the death penalty for worship of JESUS. Ft Pierce? The Jesuit “Gun Powder Plot” attempted to prevent the Authorized Bible (KJV) from being produced and distributed; ringleader Thomas Percy changed the family name to Pierce as in Barbara Pierce (Bush) a Mother of Darkness at Chateau Amerois and the Ritual Sex Magick daughter of Pauline Pierce and Aleister “Great Beast” Crowley; this is why Wahhabist CIA Chief John Brennan and Barack Obama both refused to Swear Oaths with their hands on the only non-copyrighted, true Word of God. JESUS is the Word of God people!
FBI interviewed Mateen 3 times; Jesuit FBI Director James Comey says “Finding homegrown terrorists like Mateen is like searching for needles in a needle stack” How about start with Wahhabist convert CIA Director and the dozen Muslim converts in Nat Security Positions Jimmy?
Witness (Crisis Actor?) Jackie Smith said “He had an automatic rifle, nobody stood a chance”; Witness Javier Antonetti said “It was constant shooting, Pow, Pow, Pow” Oops! Pow, Pow Pow=Semi-auto. Sig Sauer MCX Semi-auto rifle FBI claims was carried by Mateen is 3ft long, weighs 10Lbs loaded; he waltzed in with this?
ISIS puts out a Cyber Warning targeting Florida 3 days before the event.
Mateen called 911 “I’m attacking Pulse on behalf of the leader of Islamic State” That would be Abu Bakr al Baghdadi aka Israeli Mossad clown Simon Elliot whom John McCain knows well.
Police refuse to release Mateen’s 911 Call Transcript.
Mateen had previously pledged allegiance to Lebanese Hezbollah and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan; now ISIS?
Crisis Actors carrying “Victims” toward the Pulse Nightclub.
From the Orlando Med Ctr Angel Colon said he was shot 3 times with a shotgun “My magic hand stopped the shotgun blast”.
Louis Burbano said he was in the Pulse Nightclub and managed to escape; he just removed his acting credit from the 2015 Short Film “Spirit of Orlando: Shooting Up”
Orlando Shooting articles were posted in Yahoo, AP, Reuters and the Sun-Times on June 11, several hours before the event
Google News is automated; the Orlando Shooting posts began at 8PM some 5 hrs before the event
Only a handful of deceased ID’d; everyone in Pulse would have needed an ID and likely a Credit Card.
According to Sq Ft and parking guidlines, Pulse would have had a Max Occupancy Limit of 150 which is why the City if refusing to release Fire code Inspection Reports; so how did 300 people get in?
CIA Chief John Brennan is pushing the ISIS connection; Brennan is the Jesuit educated Wahhabist convert who ordered 19 Saudi Passports stamped ahead of 9/11 is the shuttle diplomat between the US-Israel-Saudi facilitating ISIS arms transfers. Proof? He attended the Hajj to Mecca as a personal guest of King Abdullah and refused to take his confirmation oath on the Bible, preferring instead the US Constitution he is destroying. Nobody gets in Mecca without declaring Islamic faith.
Arab League, Muslim Brotherhood, Palestine Liberation Org, fake Christian Walid Shoebat is also pushing the ISIS connection. Shoebat teaches Jesus will return soon to Mecca, the real “City on 7 Hills”.
ISIS propaganda is handled by SITE and Israeli Spy Rita Katz with help from the US Army at Ft Huachuca AZ where Mateen allegedly hauled illegal immigrants across the border in Jupiter Security operated vans with US Border Control authorization. Too hard to believe? So is sending Military Arms to the Sinaloa Drug Cartel; recruiting, arming, funding and training ISIS; supplying ISIS fleets of new Toyota SUV’s and guarding ISIS convoys with US Army Helicopters. Just remember, ISIS aka IS is DAESH, an Arab acronym for Nation of Islam in the Levant. DAESH has nothing to do with being Muslim; DAESH is a Canaanite (Horite and Amorite) Cult. If this is also too hard to believe, watch the short video “I Pet Goat II” It pretty much spells all this out.
“Terrorist” Mateen waltzes in passed security with an AR-15 .223 rifle, no make that a Sig Sauer MCX and 9mm semi-auto pistol just like Adam Lanza (Red Spear) at Sandy Hoax; one problem is the Sig Sauer MCX is a modular, multi-caliber, military rifle with no AR-15 compatible parts. Fake Jew Rep Adam Schiff (CA Democrat) says Mateen was “Pledged to ISIS” making this an “Act of Terrorism”. Mateen even called 911 to proclaim his allegiance to the ISIS Leader; that would be Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi aka Israeli tool Simon Elliot; well that proves ISIS did it for sure. Adam Schiff is the Benghazi Select Committee Chair appointed by Nancy Pelosi who calls the Benghazi Investigation a “Colossal Waste of Time”; sure Adam, arming, training, funding al-Qaeda and ISIS mercenaries and murdering people at the Consulate is not worth looking into and Clinton, Petraeus, Kerry, McCain had nothing to do with it; Benghazi is called “Cyrenne”, the “Synagogue of the Libertines” in the bible.
“Think of the News as a tool Dictators can use” NAZI propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels (mentored by the British father of modern propanda Edward Bernays with Mitt Romney’s father George) Manipulating public opinion via the Front Page George Soros’ (Grigori Schwartz) “” sent out a petition to ban guns within hours. Knight of Malta Donald Trump says “ISIS is attacking Gays and Jews”; no Don, this like 9/11 was an “Inside Job”. Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Obama predictably called for “Gun Control”.
AR-15 owner Astro-nut Mark Kelly and Bilderberg Gunrunner David Petraeus formed a “Gun control group” hours before the Pulse Nightclub Hoax. Even NBC (Rockefeller) LiarBrian Williams came back for the stage show repeating over and over “It’s obviously a terrorist event” No “Life of Brian” it’s not; it’s paid “Crisis Actors” playing us for fools.
No Proof Hours of video coverage, no Ambulances and only one minor leg injury visible? FBI claimed Adam Lanza shot 26 people at Sandy Hoax and the impossibility of the event becomes readily apparent; the FBI claims Mateen shot and killed 50, injured 53 more and had a 1 hr gun battle with law enforcement and the impossibility of the
Florida: Ground Zero for Disease While all eyes were on BREXIT Congress allocated $1.1Billion to the CDC for Zika. gov Rick Scott is heralded as a Champion of Freedom by the Temple of Satan; he and his wife make millions from Genetically Modified Disease Carrying Mosquitoes.
WHO and CDC (Jesuit Anthony Fauci; Fauci=Sickle used for Reaping) Hype Program: 2009 Swine Flu; 2012 Wild Polio; 2014 Ebola Hoax; 2016 Zika. Why? Vacccination. Why 2016? United Nations Year of Pulses (Tares, Slips) to be eliminated from the Gene Pool
Zika Virus doesn’t kill or cause Microcephaly. Microcephaly is caused by Pyrophroxyfen Larvicide in drinking water and an intentional malnutrition program; a joint Brazil-US project the United Nations is well aware of.
2017: Year of Sustainable Development “Maintain world population under 500Million” #1 Commandment at the Georgia Guide Stones and Laudato Si (Be Praised) ghost written by Jesuit Pope Francis.
Image result for pictures of pulse nightclub hoaxImage result for pictures of pulse nightclub hoax
Crisis Actors: “Only 3 Exits”; there were 8 Exits.
Christine Leinonen “Somebody please do something about Assault Rifles”; here is her “Lyin’ interview with Jesuit, Clinton White House Chief of Staff, George Stephanopolous.
Here is Christine playing childhood friend of Adam Lanza’s mother Nancy at Sandy Hoax; Philly Amtrak Train Derailment witness Nurse Joan Elfman; Abuquerque Church Organist Brenda King; Boston Marathon Witness; and now Orlando Shooting Hoax LGBT activist Gina Duncan
Here is Christine playing Sandy Hook Library Clerk Mary Ann Jacob and Basar al Assad aide Bouthian Shaaban.
Here is Christine, again playing Bashar al Assad Sec of Transportation (Remember Hafez Al Assad and his son Bashar are US installed Puppets just like Saddam Hussein and Muammar Qadaffi) Bouthiana Shaaban and Victoria Munoz, witness to the Burns Oregon Bundy Standoff
Fake blood exactly like Boston; Mateen was even connected to the Tsarnaev brothers; what a coincidence
Dead, lone gunman “Dead men tell no tales”; killed in a hail of gunfire exactly like Paris and Boston
No bodies exactly like Sandy Hook
No ambulances; Spontaneous vigils and banners proclaiming solidarity exactly like MH-370; I mean really, Chinese mourners in Beijing making professional quality signs in English within hours? Nice summary: Orlando Medical Ctr Shooter Drill just like San Bernardino; Simpsons saying “Want to go to the disaster in Orlando” and my personal favorite Omar Mateen in 2012 as a Police Officer saying “We need more disaster to happen” Here is Matt Lauer interviewong Christine Lieonen in front of a Green Screen
Felipe Marrero shot 4 times in the back (3 in the right shoulder) played dead near the only exit; sorry Felipe, there were 8 exits and taling on a cell phone with your right hand from the Orlando medical Ctr? Really?
Why Pulse? “Push, Drive, Wield, Swing, Shake, Tremble”; push the LGBTQ agenda perhaps? Make the LBBTQ2 community Martyrs? The GoFundMe Gay website received $90K in 10 hrs; sounds a bit like Mormon Robbie Parker setting up his charity for Emily before Sandy Hook even happened and raking in donations. Pretty coincidental this occurs right after the Transgender Bathroom Mandate and Canada’s Bestiality High Court decision eh?
Why Orlando? Orlando is the Italian form of Roland, a character in Shakespeare who provided us with “All the world’s a stage” and “A fool, A fool, I met a fool in the forest”. Shakespeare? Oh that’s Sir Francis Bacon and the Knights of the Golden Helmet. Disney World in Orlando is marketed as the “Happiest Place on Earth”; happy because Disney bought all the land from the Mormon Church who controls the largest 501c3 cattle ranch “Deseret Land and Livestock”; Deseret means “Honey Bee”; Bee is Dabar in Chaldee meaning “Word” aka “Bald Faced Lie”. Happy? Oh, that means “Wise” in Welsh; we in America, the land of the Amorites (4th son of Canaan) have no Constitutional Rights to own anything including Property or Guns; we only have the right to “Be Happy”.
Why Shavuot? Shavuot rejects Jesus as God and with that the New Covenant made possible through the Holy Ghost, delivered on this day nearly 2000 years ago, 50 days after the Crucifixion brought an end to the Old Covenant by JESUS, the only New Covenant Messiah (Christ/Saviour). The Satanic version of the descent of the Holy Ghost and outpouring of the Holy Spirit is symbolized by the Rainbow and Aquarian Age; an age ruled by Jupiter (hence Jupiter Security in Jupiter, Florida) and his mythological Pederasty and Rape of the Cretan Prince Ganymede on Mt Olympus.
Next up? Toronto Gay Pride Parade July 3 I guess; A German ISIS Group posted “The Parade is an excellent target…plenty of Kafir Sodomites to kill” The Toronto PRIDE Parade is dedicated to the fake Orlando victims; June is Gay Pride Month; guess they can’t count, July 3 is the 33rd Day. Count the Omer folks, this is Sandy Hoax part deux.
Vaccines Jesuit Quack Edward Jenner used slight of hand to confuse Cowpox with Smallpox in order to inject Swine based Disease into the population; thus Vaccines were born. With all eyes on BREXIT Congress quietly gave $1.1Billion to the CDC for Zika
Microcephaly is caused by Pyrophroxyfen Larvicide in drinking water and an intentional malnutrition program; a joint Brazil-US project the United Nations is well aware of.
2017: Year of Sustainable Development “Maintain world population under 500Million” #1 Commandment at the Georgia Guide Stones and Laudato Si (Be Praised) ghost written by Jesuit Pope Francis.

////////////Boston Marathon Bombing/////////////
Boston Marathon Bombing was a Stage Managed Beta Test for Nationwide implementation of Martial Law and to provoke War on Syria. In 2003, Balkan butcher Gen Wes Clark (Cohen) spelled out the plan to invade 7 nations; Syria was one of the 7 nations.
Sandy Hook was a stage managed event designed to implement a Nationwide Gun Registry. The official story is as unbelievable as V-Tech, Aurora Colorado, Sandy Hook, 9/11/2001, TWA-800 and all 3 “SITE” produced, Stage managed “Beheading Videos”. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was photoshopped into pictures; Craft International (American Sniper Chris Kyle’s mercenaries) set and tested the explosives, designed more for shock value than injury. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, photographed climbing out of the boat he allegedly wrote his last words, in the dark, bleeding to death? Nonsense.
Mormon Missionary Mason Wells managed to be at the Boston Marathon Finish Line, Brussels Airport at the exact Terminal, Security Checkpoint and Time, and the Paris Cafe at the exact time a previously set up Terror Drill was taking place and the alleged bomb went off. What are the chances a 19 yr old world traveler could be that unlucky? Zero
Drugged up Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has a public defender plead guilty for him and admitted he did it. Found guilty on 30 counts, sentencing begins on Earth Day. No mention of American Sniper Christ Kyle’s company Craft International being on scene for a scheduled DHS Backpack Nuc Drill training drill with radiation detectors. No mention of Crisis Actors like the supposedly deceased Sandy Hook school principal (the school was closed for 4 years before Sandy Hook) Dawn Hopsprung being spotted there.

10/31/14 2 FBI Agents involved with the arrest “Fell” from a helicopter.
2/20/14 “Acting Director” for the 500 Emergency Response and countless Victim Actors was Rene Fielding. Same Crisis Actors used at Sandy Hook were hired in Boston.
7/11/13 Dzokhar Tsarnaev trial begins in similar fashion to Aurora Colo shooter James Holmes. Neither are the people their friends remember because both are Scapegoats just like V Tech shooter Stephen Cho.
6/11/13 DHS admits Boston Bomb Drill was planned months in advance using Backpack bombs. Awake yet?
Dzokhar Tsarnaev left a note claiming responsibility for the Boston Marathon bombing in the boat he was hiding in. Thank God he had a pen and paper and could write the note in the dark under the boat cover! Reminds me of Rudy Guiliani’s body guard Bernie Kerik finding Mohammad Atta’s paper passport that floated out of the steel melting inferno in the South Tower. Hard to believe because it’s 100% BS.

The Boston Bombing and San Bernardino CA were False Flag Operations perpetrated by “Craft International” (American Sniper Chris Kyle’s Mercenary Group) designed to blame Russia, blame Muslim “Terrorists”, test “Martial Law”, destroy the 4th and 5th Amendments and usher in an era of Interfaith Religion. It was conducted during a DHS HSEEP (Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program) using “Crisis Actors” and a pre-planned FBI “Bomb Drill” using Craft International Contractors timed with the Birthday of Leonhard Euler and Kim Il Sung on the Assyrian New Year and America’s “Tax Day” April 15.
Income “Tax Day” was known in Rome as “Fordicidia”; in 2013 April 15 was celebrated in Boston with a “False Flag” event and demonstration of a Micro Nuclear Fusion device; make up your own mind on this ( Euler believed God could be proven to exist through the Natural Loge seen in Usury (Interest Rate Compounding) and Radiation Decay. Folks, things are going to get exponentially worse, both in Radiation and Monetary collapse from here on out. Time to get Jesus Christ on your side!
By April 25, John McCain’s and Chuck Hagel had basically declared War on Syria, the event covering some rather large news items. An Interfaith Service was held; CISPA was passed by the House; Gun Control was pushed forward (GE Financial Capital halted financing for Gun manufacturers and dealers), Chuck Hagel provided weapons and Green Lighted Israel’s attack on Iran and Comet ISON became, due to reach its closest point to the Sun and maximum brightness on the Eve of Hannukah and Thanksgiving 2013.
Robigalia on April 25 was a pagan sacrifice day in Rome to prevent crop blight; John McCain used the day to announce “Bashar al-Assad has used Sarin Gas and therefore has crossed the “Red Line” set by the President”; this comes a day after John Kerry (Kohen) met with NATO in Brussels and was urged to draw up contingency plans in the event of a Chemical Weapons attack. In Abu Dhabi, Chuck Hagel jumped on board saying al-Assad has used Chemical Weapons; Britain used the day to accuse al-Assad of using Chemical Weapons and even Syrian Rebels aka al-Qaeda mercenaries say they have proof of Chemical Weapon use; Busy day eh? Oh, and Henry Kissinger is in Beijing; like his 1971 secret meeting, that is never good news. Seems like a more than obvious, planned declaration of War to me. George Bush Jr used the day to open his $500 Million Library (“Rarely is the question asked, is our children learning”- GWB) just in time for the 10th anniversary of his “Mission Accomplished” speech ending the Gulf War aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln on May Day 2003. Remember W’s rather flippant Press Corp Dinner Speech “Those WMD’s must be somewhere? Maybe over here?” Hey George, your buddy Saddam moved them to Syria, just ask James Clapper! Figuring this out yet? Lies mean nothing to these men because they don’t believe God when He says “All Liars shall have their place in the Lake of Fire”. I just can’t wait to see what sort of celebration comes on Lag Ba’Omer on April 28 celebrating the birth of esoteric Judaism and the Zohar or Beltane “Birth of Baal”; just makes one want to scream “Pan, Pan, Pan” eh? or “May Day, May Day, May Day” if you prefer.
Like the Boston Tea Party and American Revolution, the Boston Marathon Bombing was an Inside Job. Crisis Actors on scene; Boston Globe News Tweets of the Bomb Location and Time; National Guard, FBI, Blackwater or Craft International Security conducting a Bomb Drill carrying radiation detectors; Martial Law; Interfaith Church Services (with an Arab Spring activist no less); Missing 20,000 M-16’s in Kuwait; CISPA passes the House of Rep; Gun Control Executive Orders; Unscheduled Meetings between Obama and the Saudi Ambassador, and between John Kerry and the Saudi Foreign Minister; UAE (United Arab Emirates) Emirs meeting with Obama; the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi being offered a bypass of US Customs from a nation the US does not even serve; Michelle Obama visiting Abdul Raham in the hospital when he was still a suspect; US troop deployments to the Jordanian-Syria border awaiting orders to invade and the Sec of Defense Chuck Hagel meeting with Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE to provide $10 Billion in US Arms designed for an attack on Iran. Pretty busy week for the “Cult of Baal” aka “Yes We Can” crowd. Time to get Jesus on your side! “Yes We Can” means Thank You Satan!
Pre-scheduled “Terror Drills” occurred on 9/11/2001; 7/7/2005 “777” London Subway bombings 4/19/2005 OKC AP Murrah Bldg Bombing; Oslo attack by Anders Breivik (a patient/guest at Michelle and Marcus Bachman’s Lake Elmo retreat) killing 77; Aurora Colorado Theater Shooting (same Crisis Actor serves as James Holmes’ fake lawyer and grieving Sandy Hook parent); Taft High School shooting (occurred while Joe Biden was calling for Gun Control legislation); Sandy Hook Elementary “Stage Show” and the Boston Marathon. There is more in play here than coincidence.
Like 9/11, “Arab Terrorists” are taking the blame for Boston; and not just any terrorists mind you; a U-Tube Video posted with Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s name on it says he is trying to usher in the 12th Shia Imam “al-Mahdi” (Lucifer in case you don’t know) just like our favorite bogeyman and Iran hostage jailor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I can hear John McCain singing “Bomb, Bomb. Bomb Iran” from here. It’s almost comical how Michael Bloomberg is claiming Dzhokhar admitted he and his brother were planning another Terrorist Act in NYC; something involving 32Oz soft drinks I’m sure.
A city wide shut down and illegal house to house search initiated by a False Flag is Martial Law by another name. It is no different than Hitler burning the Reichstadt Building to blame Communists, Nero burning Rome to blame Christians or the Twin Towers being demolished to blame Israel. Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis told reporters he can be sure there are no more bombs because “The 2 suspects are Actors” Oops! Boston Police Officer Sean Collier, a Gym training partner of Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed and blame laid on Dzhokhar; I repeat, his gym partner! Russian mob swindler Ruslan Tsami, a Big Sky Energy Exec in Kazakhstan partnered with Halliburton executives declare the boys were up to no good too; they call him “Uncle Tsarni”. Probably just coincidence the Boston Bombing was coincident with the date the Halliburton installed Blowout Preventer Valves, all 12 of them, failed on Deep Water Horizon eh? Just ask Nicholas Cage, he predicted the Oil rig Fire in his movie Knowing exactly 1 year in advance. Think Halliburton is a recent evil? After the Depression, the world knew then as Brown Brothers Harriman; George Bush Jr’s grandfather Prescott Bush financed the Nazi War machine with that company. That was then, this is now, want to see a New World Order City like no other? Look at Astana, Kazakhstan. Genghis Kahn would be so proud!
The event was staged to cover up big news: CISPA (Cybernet Information Sharing and Protection Act) passed the House while the news was pre-occupied; the Senate will likely pass CISPA providing indemnity for Private Corporations, Employers, Internet Service providers, Chat Rooms, E-Mails, Credit Card purchases, Banking Data, Tweets, Cell Phone Calls and GPS Positions, Cloud Accounts etc to use Private Information against Citizens; this 1st and 4th Amendment attack on “Free Speech” and “Illegal Search/Seizure” doesn’t rate CNN air time? Obama, flanked by Knight of Malta Joe Biden and fake Jew Gabbie Giffords promises Gun Control without Congress legislation and this attack on the 2nd Amendment “Right to bear arms” largely goes un-noticed? News Agencies have already admitted no Assault Weapons were recovered from Sandy Hook, yet Joe Biden presses on with the lie; pictures of injured persons in Boston even show the same surrealism as the Sandy Hook Crisis Actors. Ex. Pictures of the man with his legs blown off were actually disabled double amputee War Vet Lt Nicholas Vogt; paid to be a Crisis Actor? A man seen dazed with pant legs ripped to shreds but no blood, no visible wounds?
The FBI met with Tamerlan Tsarnaev a year before (his Aunt says he has been in contact with them for 5 years) and he attended a “Jonestown Foundation” CIA workshop; his supposed mentor, Ruslan aka “Misha” is an American convert to Islam in Boston; where is he? Pictures are surfacing of Tamerlan in police custody, not dead; his aunt has even identified him. He drops out of Community College citing money reasons and is later shown driving a Mercedes? As for his brother Dzhokhar, Miranda Rights, Habeaus Corpus, Incarceration aside, he now has a Throat injury from shooting himself according to police, and is said unlikely to be able to talk? He is being treated by Israeli trauma doctors and GITMO interrogators are on the way; Sen John McCain and Lindsey Graham say he should be tried as an Enemy Combatant not entitled to Trial, and the death penalty is being sought; pretty scared of what he might say it seems. The black backpack carrying the bomb has a white Skull emblazoned on it exactly like dozens of others used in Boston by private security contractors; Dzhokhar is seen leaving with his light colored backpack still on his shoulder. Denying Miranda Rights and citing a “Public Safety Exemption” to Habeaus Corpus for a US Taxpayer is Chattel Slavery and Sen Lindsey Graham thinks is a good idea? NY Rep Peter King even says the US should increase surveillance on all Muslims; worked well on 9/11 so why not, eh Peter? The news doesn’t think this anymore newsworthy than Gabby Giffords attending the same Reform Synagogue (Synagogues are not Jewish; Synagogues of God were corrupted by King David’s day ref Ps 74:8) listening to the same Female Rabbi Jared Loughner did; or the fathers of Adam Lanza and James Holmes being involved with LIBOR interest rate fixing; so what is newsworthy?
Hitler’s Enabling Act was prepared before the Reichstadt Fire was used to blame Communists, much like the Patriot Act was written in advance of 9/11/2001 to blame Muslims and the fictitious Al Qaeda, so this type of Media Diversion is not new. Dozens of Craft International “Skull” Logos (SEALS and Blackwater aka Academi use this Logo as well) were seen on camera near the finish line; the Boston Globe Tweets reported a planned Controlled Demolition at 673 Boylston St the exact site and exact time of the explosion, and the backpack used to contain the Pressure Cooker bomb has the same Skull logo. 400 Mass National Guard troops were called up to assist law enforcement yet Governor Patrick and Mayor Menino say no Exercise or Bomb Drill was in progress? Why the blatant lies? “Craft” is the art of Man becoming a god; Crafty isn’t it? Craft means Power, Physical Strength, Might or Skill. The physical battle is expanding exponentially, but the spiritual battle was won when Jesus rejected Satan’s offer 2000 years ago it’s time to choose sides.
Masons planned the Boston Tea Party and American Revolution in the Green Dragon Tavern; the Green Dragon is Satan (Rev 12:9). The overall plan is to create “Chattel Slaves” of Americans and usher in Lucifer aka “Green Man” as revenge for Gen 9:25; Lev 25:44-46, which is why Monsanto (Crypto “Jews” ie Heathens using Jewish names were the first Black Slave owners in America; Xe VP Cofer Black is also an adviser for Drug money launderer, Crypto Jew Mitt Romney and Bain Capital) controls Food from seed to table and also owns the Private Security used at the Boston Marathon aka Blackwater “Total Intelligence Services” (“Xe”) and “Terrorism Research Center”. Romney fundraiser Henry Kissinger said “Control oil you control nations. control food you control people”. How is that Skull logo looking now?
Langue d’Oc means Language of Yes, Language of Birds, Language of Oil and Green Language; it is an ancient Gnostic language used in Witchcraft “Craft” and Augury which Obama referred to using the phrase “Yes We Can”. In reverse speech analysis “Yes We Can” means “Thank You Satan”
no I’m not joking, and all this was planned 700 years ago “In 700 years the Laurel will grow green again” Cathar Perfecti. Green is the Crown of Bacchus/Dionysus aka Templar “Green Man”. make light of this if you want, but Obama’s Democratic nomination acceptance in Denver was held on a Greek stage dedicated to Dionysus and Hillary’s final campaign appearance was in front of a US Flag with all 50 stars printed upside down to represent the Baphomet aka Goat of Mendes, America calls “Uncle Sam” (Sam refers to “Samaritan” Babylonians/Medeans/Canaanites pretending to be Christian or Jewish ie “Crypto”)
Within a few hours of the blast ex-AIPAC lobbyist Wolf Blitzer, 330 Prince Hall Mason Al Sharpton and Sodomite Chris Mathews tossed out blame to “Tax Protesters”; “Neo-Nazis”; “Domestic Terrorists”; “Anti-Government Groups” and “Patriots”. Why? Jesus told you “A man’s enemies shall be the men of his own household” Mat 10:36 and even stated what is going to happen at the start of the final 3 1/2 years “Great Tribulation” in Mat 24:9-11; Mk 13:9-13. Why Euler? Euler’s birthday April 15, 2013 marks the time when Evil will rise exponentially.
St Patrick’s Day is named for the Egyptian god Ptah Rek, the Hermetic god of Wisdom, Hermes Trismegistus/Toth/Mercury; the Serpent in the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. He is the author of the “Emerald (Green) Tablet of Toth-Hermes”. Patrick is not a real Catholic Saint, more like a Druid fraud. On St Patrick’s Day March 17 “Family Guy” aired an episode “Turban Cowboy” with Peter mowing down Boston Marathon runners in his car and driving across the finish line in a blood drenched car amid a field of dead bodies; it seems after converting to Islam when he makes a cell phone call explosions happen and people die. This is subtle, because Peter means “Small Stone”, the small stone the Roman Catholic Church was built upon; al-Qaeda also means “Foundation”. See how far in advance this blaming of Muslims starts? Enough to arrest the writers in my view but this is not new; Fox aired a mini-series “The Lone Gunman” showing a B-727 being remotely hijacked and flown into the Twin Towers just before 9/11/2001. Notice how the news is claiming Boston was the work of a “Lone Wolf Bombers” now? If so, why are they looking for a 12 person al-Qaeda “Sleeper Cell”?
For Hannukah 2011, Israel began distributing military training pamphlets to IDF troops picturing the Temple Mount without the Dome of the Rock Mosque; When will it be removed to make way for the 3rd Temple? One thing is certain, when it is attacked, War with Islam will begin. The Temple will be Interfaith Temple which is why Boston had an Interfaith Memorial Service. When? My guess at this point is Hanukkah 2013; got to prepare a place for “Green Man” to sit on “Satan’s Seat” aka “Throne of Pergamon” aka “Throne of Zeus” after all! Why Hannukah 2013? Comet Ison will come to within 700,000 miles of the Sun and become as bright as a Full Moon precisely when Hannukah 2013 starts at Sundown Nov 27, 2013. Ison means “Sons of Joseph”, take note Joseph/Ephraim is Judged at the Altar of the 3rd Temple while sons of Judah (followers of Jesus Christ) are Judged on the Porch (Eze 37:16). Did you know Ahmadinejad thinks he is an Israelite (Sabourjian)? Did you know Afghanistan’s CIA installed Heroin trafficker Hamid Karzai thinks he is an Israelite (Pashtun) son of Joseph? Did you know King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia thinks he is an Israelite descended from Mordechai? Folks, Stay on the Porch! This Temple is something you want no part of. Jesus Christ is on the Porch!
Hannukah is a celebration of Revolution and Shamash, the Assyrian Sun god aka Lucifer; the GOAT on the cover of this website! Why else would the Hannukah Menorah have Shamash in the Center? Remember Obama lighting the Hannukah Menorah in 2012 at the White House and the giant Hannukah Menorah in Washington DC? Here are pictures of ISON April 23, 2013 Just remember, God set Comet ISON and all other Comets in motion at the Flood; ISON is God’s Timing! Comets are called Long Haired Stars, read Rev 8:10 before it arrives.
There is far more going on behind the scenes here; all of it was forewarned and God’s stamp is on all of it; not the least of which was a playoff battle for the “Green” Jacket between an Australian and Argentinian at the Masters. Au-Ag is a deadly man-made strain of Hepatitis B Virus; the Gold (Au) and Silver (Ag) markets were looted April 15 and an “AuAg” plaque sits under a rather grim scene at the Denver Airport. Here are the pictures.,d.cGE/
As of 4/26, requests for physical gold are undeliverable by a factor of 100 to 1; COMEX, the precious metals market is quickly headed for default meaning Gold and Silver contracts will be settled with Paper Fiat Currency. Why? The Alternative Messiah will control all Gold and Silver as Daniel prophesied in Dan 11:38
April 15 is the birthday of Leonhard Euler and American installed, Communist trained Korean dictator Kim Il Sung. The date is also the Roman “Fordicidia” when sacrifices to “Tellus” (Earth Mother, Magna Mater or Gaia) begin; it is also the Ides of April “Venus/Lucifer”; “Patriot’s Day”, “Tax Day” and “Israel Memorial Day”. Military and National Guard troops will soon be used to round up and detain and torture, indefinitely (NDAA 2013) without trial anyone deemed a “Homegrown Domestic Terrorist”. The days of the Civil War have returned. Why on Euler’s birthday?
Homegrown Domestic Terrorists such as Bible believing Christians, T-Party Patriots, Anonymous etc have a tendency to grow Exponentially. Their biggest weapon? Unfettered access to the Internet which is why traitors in Congress are voting to pass CISPA during the Inerfaith Service in Boston making Unconstitutional Search and Seizure, “Legal”.
April 12-21 is the Roman “Cerealia”, April 19th to May 1st completes the 13 days of pagan sacrifices to Moloch/Baal on Beltane. In 1945 Hitler faked his death to make way for Stalin’s May Day parades in Red Square giving birth to Communism and the death of 160+ Million people. Hitler and Stalin were initiates in the Brotherhood of Death. In 2011 Osama bin Laden (CIA asset Tim Osman) was allowed to fake his death in “Operation Geronimo” Why Geronimo? The Osama bin Laden myth was created by George Bush Sr; his father Prescott Bush created and financed the Hitler Nazi persona and was initiated to the Skull & Bones (Brotherhood of Death) by stealing Geronimo’s Skull and drinking blood from it. 2013 is shaping up to be the year Zionism is pit against Islam in WWIII as 330 Mason Albert Pike predicted: WWI to create Nazis, WWII to exchange Nazis for Communists and finally Zionism against Islam to present Lucifer to the world.
The end of April is a busy time for Pagans. Rosicrucian liar “Honest Abe” Lincoln called up 75,000 volunteers for the 1st Civil War April 15, 1861; his assassination (330 Mason John Wilkes Booth was the patsy) came on April 15, 1865. The RMS Titanic was scuttled for insurance money and to “Grease the Skids” for the Federal Reserve April 12, 1912 by 330 Mason JP Morgan. On April 15, 1986 Knight of Malta/Bohemian Grove/Freemason Ronald Reagan flew F-111’s through downtown Tripoli in a “False Flag” to pin blame on Muamar Qadaffi, an Arab Berber.
Patriot means “Of one’s fathers; Fatherland; Barbarians of common Patsis (Father)” Freemasons founded America and the 1st Revolution with the same slogan used in the French revolution “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”, the Evergreen Tree Flag followed the Coiled Serpent “Gadsden” Flag and Cap of Mithras (Minuteman Cap) because the common Father is Lucifer aka “Green Dragon”. Masons were planning the first shots on Lexington and Concord in the Green Dragon Tavern on the Ides of April 1775, seems 330 Mason/Knight of Malta John Kerry (Kohen) and Prince Hall Mason Barack Obama (Bari Malik Shabazz) may have done a little planning last week.
Strange Coincidences
The Gold Market sell-off leads to a run on physical Silver. The US fixates on the Aussie-Argentine (Au-Ag is Australian Antigen a deadly strain of Hepatitis Virus; the Au-Ag plaque sits in the Denver Airport below an Apocalyptic disease scene) battle at the Masters; Eisenhower was invited to join Augusta Country Club soon after he starved 1 million Germans in April 1945 as a reward; April is a month of sacrifice remember?
The Boston Marathon bombing occurs on Israel Holocaust Memorial Day which begins at Herod’s Wailing Wall. Jesus called Herod Antipas an “Old Fox”; Fox News then calls for the indiscriminate killing and increased surveillance of Muslims. Blame is initially given to Saudi Arabian student Abdulrahman Alharbi, and the event is called an al-Qaeda plot. Fake Mormon Glen Beck then comes up with “proof” Alharbi is really Hamza bin Laden and was issued a deportation order that Homeland Security later rescinded. Beck believes 19 Arab hijackers with ties to Al-Qaeda took down the world Trade Center; Beck is a Fox News shill and a LIAR reading the script given to him. The script says Blame Arabs and Blame Obama and Revolutionary Glen Beck will do just that. Think we have seen the last of Mormons Mitt Romney and Jon Hunstsman? Don’t bet on it! If this sounds a bit like Benghazi being blamed on Innocence of Muslims you are catching on to Mormon tactics; Mitt Romney was front and center in that charade.
Israeli Memorial Day began with the lowering of the Star of Molech Flag to 1/2 staff and finished at the Grave of Zionism, fake Jew founder Theodr Herzl. Obama’s “Symbolic” visit was here last month on the same day Iranians celebrated “Nowruz” (New Light) and Jesuit Pope Francis I was installed on the Chair of St Peter sitting above the Shahada “There is no God but Allah” and below Peacock Feathers of Melek-Taus, the Zoroastrian version of Moloch/Satan.
On April 9 UN Secretary General, Unification Church disciple of Sun Myung Moon and South Korean CIA asset Ban Ki-Moon met with Jesuit Pope Francis I at the Vatican heralding him as a “Global Spiritual Leader”. Leader? False Prophet leading the world into WWIII perhaps! Jesuit Sec of War Chuck Hagel went the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial on “Earth Day”, April 22 bearing $10 Billion in gifts; weapons such as V-22 Ospreys and re-fueling tankers; he is guaranteeing US backing for an Israeli attack on Iran (Persia). On April 16 Iran threatened Tel Aviv and a 7.8 Earthquake hit the Iran-Pakistan border; a sign from God? Not quite, just people who think they are gods.
On April 16, Obama received the Crown Prince Shiekh Mohammad of Abu Dhabi, the Ismaili controlling the International Arms Bazaar is lobbying for a US Customs pre-clearance facility NAFTA Superhighway vehicles with “Fast Pass” Customs should concern you; this treason must seem bizarre to open an Arab weapons pipeline into America especially since the weapons are made in the USA! This treasonous meeting closed to media was followed by John Kerry and Obama in closed door meetings with the Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister; Obama promised a “New Beginning for Islam” in Cairo and bowed to King Abdullah (Abd-Servant of Allah) of Saudi Arabia in 2009. How does that bow look now? The Emir of Qatar (Qatar uses the same Evergreen Tree flag the US first used) met Obama in the White House on April 23rd; King Abdullah II of Edom (Jordan) and Turkish Freemason President Recep Tayyip Erdogan meet with him in May; A star studded Gala of International Gun Runners using taxpayer financed weapons, and a taxpayer financed customs clearance facility to attack America from the inside. Nice timing with Saudi Arabian student Abdulrahman Alharbi (Glen Becks Hamzi bin Laden) being detained for running at a Marathon, then let go, and 2 Arabs being taken off an Airliner bound from Boston to Chicago for speaking Arabic. Feel like we are being led like Sheep to Slaughter? We are!
The CIA created “al-Qaeda” in 1966 using a speech by Arab Sufi Stanford University lecturer Ibn Sayyid Qutb. In Saudi Arabia the word is used to denote a “Foreign Toilet”. The US ships Chemical Weapons to Iraq during Reagan’s administration. These Chemical Weapons are used by “Chemical Ali” and transferred to Syria in 2002 as stated by Dir of Intel James Clapper. George Bush Jr makes his flippant speech saying he can’t find those “WMD’s”. That’s super funny George! The CIA claims al-Qaeda can make Ricin. A Ricin laced letter is sent to Obama and the Senate. A Pressure Cooker Bomb manual shows up on the al-Qaeda magazine “Inspire”? Adam Gadahn aka Adam Pearlman, a US traitor and Osama bin Laden photo op stand-in is also featured in the al-Qaeda magazine. Benghazi becomes the weapons hub and training facility for the Libyan “Rebels”. These “Rebel” Forces (key Star Wars music) becomes the Free Syrian Army. The Free Syrian Army claims Ricin has been used by Bashar al-Assad. Bashar al-Assad, an Alawite (Sunni Monotheist ie Luciferian) claims the Free Syrian Army also uses Chemical Weapons. Inspired Yet? Folks, the Free Syrian is al-Qaeda! As always, we Sheeple are being Conned by the CIA! Micah and Jesus Christ said “A man’s enemies are the me of his own house” Folks, I repeat Al Qaeda is an American CIA creation; we have far more to fear from Mormonism than Al-Qaeda!
Iran-Contra weapons were handled by Saudi Arabian arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi; he is a Mormon Church and Mitt Romney partner in Clear Channel Communications; home to talking heads like fake Catholic Sean Hannity, El Rushbo “I’m on loan from God”, Jesuit shill Alex Jones and Michael Medved etc. Operation Gun Runner sent thousands of weapons to the Sinaloa Drug Cartel in Mexico; Sinaloa is Mitt Romney’s family operation aided by the Mormon Church. Benghazi is the Central Bank finance and US weapons depot for Mercenary training; today mainly for Mali and Syria; Mitt Romney and Sheldon Adelson fnanced and used the movie Innocence of Muslims as a cover for the 9/11 murder of arms dealer Chris Stevens; the money comes from “Marvelous Investments” accounts in the Cayman Is of which 80% of the shares are owned by Mitt Romney and Bain Capital, managed by Orit Gadeish, daughter of an IDF General; his partners are John Kerry, George Bush Sr and Hillary Clinton which is why she conveniently got sick during the Benghazi investigations and why Gen David Petraeus was accused of an affair. Paula Broadwell’s book All In states the Luciferian philosophy just as George Bush Jr did “You are either with us, or with the Terrorists” Folks, Born Again Christians are their Terrorists!
US troops and Patriot Missiles are now being stationed on the Jordan-Syria border and Turkey-Syria border to guard al-Qaeda mercenaries. On April 21 a bombshell report that 20,000 US made M-16’s with ammunition were stolen from Kuwait and now a Customs pre-screening facility in Abu Dhabi right next door? Anything wrong with this picture? I’m surprised they just don’t blame Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden from the grave. If this methodology sounds eerily familiar, it should, they used this on 9/11/2001 complete with FEMA Terror Drill, Arab passports and Anthrax letters. Al Qaeda is an American CIA creation!! Jesus said “A man’s foes shall be they of his own household” Mat 10:36
NBC reported in March “no AR-15 was used at Sandy Hook”; this little tid bit, largely masked by coverage of Boston makes liars out of law enforcement, BATE, the Newtown Fire Department, Governor Malloy, Joe Biden, and Coroner H Wayne Carver; why don’t we hear about that? The final mile of the Boston Marathon was even dedicated to “Sandy Hook”; dedicated to Sandy Hoax more like.
Video evidence shows dozens of Private Military Contractors and/or Navy SEALS wearing Skull emblazoned black backpacks, black shirts and tan pants on the Marathon route; (SEALS use the Skull Logo, a Gnostic symbol of the Temple of Wisdom and Skyles the progenitor of the Scythians) of the sort that contain pressure cookers? The Boston Chief of Police stated there was “No intelligence of a Drill”; seriously, SEALS just showed up for fun! Don’t you think the news would find that worthy of broadcast?
Interfaith Service
On April 18, a Fertilizer Bomb of Missile cause a Fertilizer Plant Explosion in West TX. The anniversary of “Anti-government Patriot” Tim McVeigh being set up as the patsy for destroying the AP Murrah Bldg with a Fertilizer Bomb on April 19, 1995, 18 years ago. The news however is largely covering the Interfaith Service in Boston. Why? Jesus is the narrow path; Interfaith is the wide path that leads to Hell. The Interfaith Service featured a female Presbyterian USA minister praising “Light”, and the female Old South Church United Church of Christ minister unable to understand 1 Cor 14:34-35 “Let your women keep silence in churches”. These 2 denominations are in Communion over a change to the “Trinity” to “Mother, Child, Womb” (Nice try ladies!). A Greek Orthodox Bishop recalled the Battle of Marathon announcing the Greek victory over Mede-Persians (timely with the Iran War set to fulfill Dan 8); he also invoked the “Prince of Peace” (Is 9:6; Jesus was rejected as the Prince of Peace in favor of Lucifer). A Chassidic Rabbi followed whose Holy Book “Babylonian Talmud” says Jesus is boiling in Hell in His own excrement; He can’t understand Jesus said “Never call any man Rabbi” (Mat 23:8). Interfaith Council President and Islamic “Arab Spring” activist Nasser Weddady was next, he is well aware “Arab Spring” is an Ismaili and Edomite plan of the Muslim Brotherhood and Arab League. A Morning Star Baptist minister (Lucifer is the Morning Star “Venus” aka “Heylel” the Mormon version) followed. Franciscan, Archbishop, Father Sean O’Malley wearing the Red (Edomite) Kippah doesn’t understand Mat 23:29 “Call no man your father upon the earth; for one is your Father which is in heaven”, nor does he understand “Every man praying or prophesying, having his head covered, dishonoureth his head” (1 Cor 11:4;7). O’Malley invoked the patron saint of Nature and Animals Francis of Assisi after whom Jesuit Pope Francis I took his name. O’Malley also used the Hebrew phrase “Tikkun Olam” meaning “Repair the Earth” to a state of “Perfect Grace”; through Jesus Christ? Heaven’s no Lucifer! Franciscan is derived from “Free” and the double sided Francesca Throwing Axe; Franciscans and Dominicans joined Jesuits in prosecuting the Inquisition which is why Boston’s Franciscan Cardinal and Archibishop Sean Patrick O’Malley emphasized “Perfect Grace” just as Obama did in his speech. True “Bishops” teach Jesus is the only path to Heaven! Can you see why Paul emphasized “…the Most High dwelleth not in Temples made with hands” Acts 7:49; 17:24. Folks, Perfect Grace is possible only through Jesus Christ!

April=Aprilis=Month of Venus=Lucifer
The American Revolution, Ft Sumter and the Civil War (fired by Masonic Outlaw Robert James “James’ Gang”), Hitler’s Birthday, Hitler’s Warsaw Ghetto Holocaust, Waco Branch Davidian murders (330 Mason Bill Clinton, Sodomite Janet Reno, Rhodes Scholar Knight of Malta Gen Wes Clark nee Cohen), AP Murrah Bldg murders (Elohim City/BATFE, not the Patriot patsy Tim McVeigh), Columbine HS shooting (FEMA, NORTHCOM and the FBI were in place there as well) and Virginia Tech University (Stephen Cho’s pictures changed markedly much like James Holmes) all occurred during this time. Less known is Leonhard Euler’s birthday is April 15th

Leonhard Euler was Luciferian
Euler wrote “For the logarithm whose number is UNITY let e be written 2.718…hence God exists” UNITY is the work of Lucifer not God! Jesus separates Lambs from Goats; Lucifer is worshipped in the GOAT Idol “God Of All Things”. e is called Euler’s Number; Loge calculates Continually Exponentially Increasing Debt from Compounding Interest Rates Continually. Einstein said “Those who understand Interest Rate Compounding make Slaves out of those who do not”. Exponential Growth Rates of Debt is “Usury”. This is why Jesus overturned the tables of the Money Changers! Loge also calculates naturally occurring Atomic Decay “Radiation” Rates of Isotopes such as the MOX Fuel (Uranium/Plutonium) released at Fukushima on the 38th Parallel. Craft International Security was seen with Radiation Detectors at the Finish line of the Boston Marathon? My guess is world events may get exponentially worse from here; Paul warned “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived” 2 Tim 3:13 That’s the definition of Logevil Oh, there are 313 ! in the Authorized Bible for a reason!

The Boston Marathon Bombing is covered continuously by all news outlets while far bigger news happens.
A pre-scheduled Bomb Drill was in progress complete with National Guard, FBI, Private Security, Bomb sniffing Dogs and Boston Globe Tweets telling the bomb location and time of detonation. Wolf Blitzer didn’t tell you that?
Wealthy buyers snapped up every ounce of physical silver bullion on April 15; Brian Williams didn’t tell you about that? Quick history: FDR confiscates privately held Gold at $20/Oz and raises the price to $35/Oz in 1 year; in 1972 Nixon pays for the Vietnam War in Gold, is forced to remove the Gold Standard and Gold goes to $800/Oz in 8 years. A massive Gold sell off the day after the Au (Gold) Ag (Silver) Masters uses Gold profits to buy up all the Silver bullion. Big news we never heard of yesterday. Did you know Foreign Gold deposits were removed from vaults under WTC #4 & 5 before 9/11 and Foreign Governments want it back?

Obama met on April 16 with the United Arab Emirates Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi in Washington DC at the White House to bypass US Customs using military aircraft. Intelligence Dir James Clapper admitted the CIA knew Saddam Hussein’s WMD’s were flown to Syria in B-747’s and he didn’t bother to tell us about this meeting? Benghazi Arms are transferred through Saudi Arabia and the UAE to Turkey and into Syria and Mali. The Crown Prince is over the Emirs and is also vice commander of the UAE armed forces whose Special Forces Units are trained by Blackwater (Xe or Academi) founder, Knight of Malta, Eric Prince. Obama and the Ismaili Crown Prince intend to use tax dollars to build a Customs pre-screening facility in Abu Dhabi. Judy Woodruff didn’t tell you about that meeting?
Special Drawing Rights “A Quart of Wheat for a Penny”
Lifelong KGB operative Vladimir Putin is president of the G-20 during 2013; the World Bank and Bank of International Settlements are “Close to announcing Special Drawing Rights as a Global Currency! G-20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank governors met in Washington DC April 18-19 to finalize collapse of the $US and decide “Drawing Rights” based on our Debt. How much “Drawing Rights” do you suppose the US will receive from the International Bank of Settlements with a Worldwide Debt of $50 Trillion? Pretty obvious isn’t it? Why meet in Washington DC? Because Washington DC is Sovereign; it does not belong to the United States!
The US Congress resolved to liquidate the Bank of International Settlements in 1944 for “Laundering stolen Nazi Gold” (Prescott Bush even had his assets seized because of his role) calling it “The most secretive Supra-national club on earth”; these so-called “Gnomes of Zurich” are none other than the original “Money Changers” Jesus whipped and the banished Knights Templar; today’s “International Bankers” and ex-Goldman Sachs Banker Erin Burnett is “Out Front” and didn’t tell us about that?