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Hopi Prophecy Rock
hopi map
Hopi Tribe (USA)

The Quartered Circle is the oldest symbol, dating from the Flood, described in Gen 10:10, aka Celtic Cross; the Swastika is the broken Circled Cross

Hopi descend from Anasazi “Ancient Ones”, in Navaho language “Enemy Ancestors” and Puebloans “Villagers” in Spanish; Polytheists with gods seen in rivers, mountains, sky, earth etc a similar type of “Enemy” seen in Egypt in the Hyksos (Foreign Shepherds) shortly before the Exodus. A Matriarchal Society, Hopi revere a deity called “The Grandmother”, regarding Mother Earth as a Living Entity. Chumolongmo “Earth Mother” is Mt Everest, the site of Noah’s Ark and origination of Canaan, a product of Ham (Black) and his Cainite mother (Noah’s wife) Namaah ultimately deriving from Adam, Eve and Cain.

Hopi Shaman predicted inventions of White Brother: Carriage pulled by animals=Covered Wagons (Hyksos introduced war chariots to Egypt; Israel encountered the same war chariots after the Flood in war with the Hittites whose “God of the West” was Santa); Carriages running by themselves=Automobiles; roads in every direction with water in front=Asphalt aka Bitumen mortar used in the Tower of Babel (Gen 11:3); land crossed with snakes of iron=Railroad (Trump-Pence uses a Railroad locomotive logo with the wheels forming 6000) Communication through a cobweb=telephone lines; Communication without wires=Radio/TV; Roads in the Sky=Commercial air travel; Gourds full of ashes=Nuclear weapons and finally Darkness. Red Shaman/Kachina wearing a Red Cap/Hat/Coat is expected to Purify humanity in the US; not a stretch to see this might be Santa Claus. Edom=Red=Debt. The US was predicted 400 years ago in New Atlantis: A Worke Unfinished to be the Phoenix of the New Age; a Dark Winter? The last Cathar Perfecti Guillaume Belibaste was executed in fall 1321 predicting “In 700 years, the laurel will grow green again”

native american, hopi kachina doll on red wooden board - hopi kachina stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images
Eagle landing

Untitled (Mural for Peace), UNNY065G.02, 1952, Norway

UN Security Council: The Phoenix Rising out of Death. The bottom center has a phoenix rising from a world covered in ashes, symbolizing the world rebuilding itself after World War III. The upper center section shows a man and a woman both kneeling and holding flowers with children. The surrounding panels show people happy, singing and dancing while the lower section is dark and somber, showing a dungeon, dragon lairs, soldiers, and war machines. The people are struggling to free themselves from the bonds and chains. The symbol of rising from the dark ashes to the light happiness is inspired by the humankind’s efforts to achieve peace, equality, and freedom.

The French origins of Planet of the Apes | Paris Update
33Deg Luciferian Freemason Charleton Heston 1968 Planet of the Apes
Joe Biden was married here

UN Peace and Security Guardian is to protect Central American Replacement Immigrants from Aztec lands taken from Mayans. MEChA, La Raza Unida, Voz de Aztlan encourage with US Government help, the re-capture of Aztlan (Mexico, Arizona, New Mexico, southern Florida, southern 1/2 of California, west Texas) The Aztec god Tezcatlipoca is the “god of Providence”; Puritans justified the wholesale slaughter of Native Americans to the god of Providence. Human sacrifices are offered to repay the Debt; foreign invaders in the Americas have racked up an impressive $38T Cash, $800T Debt so a lot of heads will roll.

Tezcatlipoca is also the god of invisible Darkness and the Ruler of the North, represented as Ursa Major, aka Big Dipper circling the Dragon “Draco” is other words Satan! For Aztecs, Tezcatlipoca represented celestial creativity and divine paternalism. He was the soul of the world, the creator of sky and earth, the lord of all things, both powerful and arbitrary. He was also the patron of all men who were rich – nobles, leaders, warriors and merchants – and probably the most ‘important’ god in the Aztec pantheon.

Sacrifices by Jaguar Priests were on a Cuauhxicalli (Eagle Bowl) decorated as Jaguar/Eagle like the UN Idol. Hopi Prophecy Rock depicts the story of humanity dividing; the Red Kachina will remove his mask before the uninitiated at the Plaza; that would be 777 UN Plaza. In charge of the US-Mexico border during the Trump Administration was Chabad Lubavitch puppet Jared Kushner (Kushner means “Furrior”, the type of fur Jacob used to impersonate his brother Esau); Kushner voted 8 years as a woman, so this is quite the impersonation. In charge of the US-Mexico Border during the Biden-Harris Administration is Kamala Harris, (Benghazi born Kamal Aroush) also impersonating a woman and the unconstitutionally selected VP by Canadian based Dominion Voting.

Jaguar Priest Job Description from Book of the Jaguar Priest:To impersonate and invoke the deity To offer food and drink to the idols To effect the drawing of the pebbles and regulate the calendar To read weather and other omens in the clouds To study the night sky and interpret the appearance of the celestial bodies To determine the lucky and unlucky days for various mundane activities by the casting of lots To perform the numerous rituals of the cup, plate, etc. To work miracles To concoct medicinal herbs into ceremonial drinks To predict the future To announce the times for various agricultural and other activities To insure adequate rainfall To avert or bring to a timely end famine, drought, epidemics, plagues of ants and locusts, earthquakes To distribute food to the hungry in time of need To cut the honey from the hives To determine the compensation to be placed on the crossroad altars To read from the sacred scriptures the future road of the katun [calendar round] To design and supervise the carving of stelae [stone monuments], the manufacture of word and clay idols, and the construction of temples To construct tables of eclipses and heliacal risings of planets [such as are found in the Dresden Codex] “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.” 1 Thess 5:3

Society of Gesu (Ge=Earth + Sus=Pig) aka Jesuit. Pig: Contemptible Person. Peppa “Jehovah Increases”; George “Earth”; Jesuits “Society of Gesu” means “Society of Earth Pig”; Jesuit Francis Bacon “Free Pig” and Jesuit Adam Weishaupt essentially founding the United States. 3 6’s in Peppa’s tail and the Pig. Legs form an 11, the number associated with Antichrist. Arms and hands form a Peace Sign, the upside broken cross “Peace Sign” serves as the initiation symbol in witchcraft. Legion was a group of demons who asked Jesus to enter the Gedarene Swine herd before jumping off the cliff to the sea. Paulton’s Park is home to Peppa Pig World Theme Park, apparently Boris Johnson’s favorite place. Peppa “Jehovah Increases” also means “Angel of God” and has the same meaning as Joseph “To Increase”; George “Earth” also refers to St George killing the Dragon; the Josephic Messiah will be Antichrist and refers to the British Empire and City of London Corp laying claim to all physical assets on Earth. The Pig family eats bacon and thus are cannibals; the source is Kahn-Baals, Priests of Baal. On Dec 10 the US and Israel set a 1 week deadline for Iran talks to avert war; in Rome a young Pig is sacrificed at the start of Saturnalia Dec 17 “Lo Saturnalia” the official greeting at the Temple of Saturn, the storehouse of Roman wealth. Now who do you suppose is the Young Pig about to be sacrificed?

Prophecy Rock
The end of Hopi (Chaldean) ceremonialism will occur when Blue Star appears and Red Kachina removes his mask during a dance in the Plaza before Uniitiated children. Jared Kushner was awarded the Aztec Order of the Eagle Warrior 2018.  Kushner is a Chabad Lubavitch ie Chaldean pawn in charge of the US-Mexico invasion of Aztlan (Aztlan like Aztec means “To make White or Pure”) and Deal of the Century, the plan to install Antichrist on Satan’s Seat next to the Abomination of Desolation on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Kushner means “Furrier”, the fur Jacob used to obtain his father Isaac’s Blessing intended for Esau who had previously sold his Birthright to a Covenant with God in exchange for a bowl of Red Lentils; for this God renamed Esau, Edom meaning Red. Hopi Shaman teach that “Red Men were granted permission to hold in trust all land for Great Spirit”; well fancy that! Scripture says the same thing; Esau is prophesied in Gen 27:39-41KJV to obtain “Dominion” over the Earth. British is B’Rith-ish “Birthright Covenant”, that being Cain, Ishmael and Esau, the brothers who abrogated the Covenant with God are called “Blue Blood”, the Elite, Aryan “Noble Caste” who indebted the world through Usury, War and by being false Priests and Shaman. In 1918 Spanish Flu broke out in German trenches from Vaccinated US Soldiers Woodrow Wilson promised would stay out of the War in Europe.
Prophecy Rock is called the “Life Plan”. Earth Shaking, Disease and Dying are prophesied at Prophecy Rock, located in Oraibi, Az near 4 Corners, called the “Land of the Hopi, represented by the Square, the Heart of Turtle Island. Aztecs views the Cosmos as Turtle Island; the United Nations is the Crown Jewel of Turtle Bay, New Amsterdam. Turtle Bay was originally called “X City”; X=Chi=Messiah; the Cross Saltire used by the Knights Templar (International Usury Bankers) and Knights of St John of Jerusalem “Hospitallers”.
Prophecy Rock sets the Aztec plan in sandstone
The Swastika (Su=Good, Well + Asti=It is, There is) is the oldest post-Flood symbol called the Broken Sun Wheel; Saturn is the Black Sun or Primordial Sun meant here; Hindus call it the Good Luck Jain Cross. Originally a Celtic Cross or Circled Cross representing the 4 Quartered World now Broken, in need of Repair by killing everyone in Covenant with God; Cain was not in Covenant with God! Nazi Knights of the Black Sun or SS used the Swastika; Rabbis call this Tikkun Olam “Repair the Earth” to pre-Flood conditions when Cain and his offspring ruled the World.
Great Spirit
White Brother “Pahana”; Hopi Shaman call this Maasaw “Great Spirit” or Tawa, symbolized by the Tau or Sacred Tree; this is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil worshipped by Gnostics; Kaballah is called the “Work upon the Sacred Tree”. The Mormon “Christus” Statue in the visitor’s Center is also White Brother who comes to Earth at the Day of Purification; the Mormon slogan “White and Delightsome” may ring a Baal. Cathars were Gnostics called “Pure Ones”, their Priests/Priestesses “Perfecti”. America was founded by the Order of Perfectibillists; Cathars by another name called Theraputae. America is named after the Druid (Knowers of the Sacred Tree) “Amorica”; Cathars the “Church of Amor” (Love); Amurucu means “Land of the Serpent”; the Serpent in the Tree of Knowledge to be precise. Hopi (Aztecs by another name) refer to the Americas and the Earth as Turtle Island; Aztec like Aztlan means “To make White or Shine”. Theraputae of Pergamon intend to install Satan’s Seat in the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem; this is the real purpose of the United States, a CORPORATION beholden to Gnostic Bankers.

Blue Star
White Brother arrives with the Blue Star; this being Sirius the “Blazing Star” of Freemasonry, aka Star of Isis Arabs and Muslims call Sirius al Qalb; Mormons call Sirius Kolob Qalb means Heart, another name of Baal; the Origin of Intentional Activities and Deeds; the source of True Knowledge, Immortal Cognition and the Rational Soul; in essence, Sufis (Mystic Islam) regard Sirius as “God Consciousness”; Wrong God folks! Sirius, the Star of Isis means “Throne”; the Throne of Zeus in Berlin is Satan’s Seat (Rev 2:13) standing next to the Quadriga of Apollo aka 4 Horsemen of Revelation 6; Saturn is the 6th Planet after all!
Kachina is called Saquasohuh, Zeus, Horus, Tammuz by another name who “Removes his mask in the Plaza before the Un-initiated”; the Plaza is at 777 United Nations Plaza at Turtle Bay. Jesuits “Militia of Zeus” one example of masked 5th column traitors about to remove their masks, and unveiling the 5th Force “Quintessence”.

Sargon III Sar=Prince White Brother is depicted as a Man with a Staff (Priest-King) separating the “Elect”, willing to ascend, from those who refuse; the Cult of Saturn are called Melchisedekians; White Brother will appear as Melchisedek. JESUS is Melchisedek; this Priest of the Most High and King of Jerusalem is the Priest of Saturn and King of the Canaanite Shalem the god of Dusk and Sabian/Arab/Jebusite brother of Shahar (Dawn); the union of Dusk and Dawn is the Divine Union seen in the name Lucifer.

Project Blue Beam will usher in the Antichrist “Blue Kachina” using the Ionosphere, the real source of the + symbol; a giant TV Screen full of deception to include the Jesuit inspired Rapture. Hopi Shaman tell their deceived followers they will be the Elect, flown to planets for the Day of Purification in Earth in ships without wings. Knight of Malta Nic Cage starred in the movie Knowing accurately predicting the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill a year in advance; a disaster also seen in the short video I Pet Goat II as well as in Hopi Prophecy when the “Sea turns Black…fish dying”.

Cross Saltire
At the end the line is the Black Cross Saltire X of the Knights of Malta aka SMOM (Sovereign Military order of Malta), Hospitallers or Knights of St John of Jerusalem; Blood Oath Sworn servants of the Jesuit (Jesuits are the Militia of Zeus, son of Saturn, the Primeval “Black Sun”). General “Black Pope” Adolfo Nicholas, SMOM Grand Commander (Mathew Festing resigned amid a dispute with the Vatican and Pope Francis in 2017) and Nazi Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI are attending the 2018 WEF (World Economic Forum) in Davos with Donald Trump. Note: Pope John Paul II re-instated the Office of Inquisition under Cardinal Ratzinger who became Pope Benedict XVI as well as openly carrying the Gnostic Twisted Crucifix. a symbol of God, rejected and crucified on the Sacred Tree “Tau”. Hopi doorways symbolized the “Tau” aka “Yahweh Mark” (Yahweh=YHWH=Saturn) as the Egyptian Ankh of Isis-Osiris. The origination of this Tau is Chaldean, a symbol of Resurrection in Saturnian religion.
Johnitters aka Knights of St John worship Oannes the Chaldean/Philistine Sea Beast, they were and are Gnostics who worship Saturn and the Golden Age of Aquarius aka New Aeon of Horus. Gnostics place importance on Water Baptism (SMOM Donald Trump always uses this Water symbol). St John is an occult combination of John the Baptist and John the Evangelist called St John the Divine.
St George aka Arab al Khidr is the Knights Templar “Green Man” who slays the Dragon at the United Nations Plaza; St George cuts Satan’s head off in Cancer June 21-July 22 at the Peace Fountain (Shalim is the Canaanite god of Peace) in front of the St John Divine Cathedral in NYC.
777 United Nations Plaza is the United Nations Interfaith Church at Turtle Bay; Liber 777: And other Qabbalistic writings of Aleister Crowley may ring a Baal “Do what thou wilt shall be the sum of the Law” In numerology 777 represents Perfection on 3 planes: Physical, Astral and Spirit. 777 is the gematria of “I am the resurrection”; “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”; “Orthodox Messiah” (Orthodox are Oriental ie Rising Sun=Saturn); “Filled with Light” (Hopi “Day of Illumination”); French word “EXORCISTES” (France and Merovingian Franks mean “Free” of God; the Exorcized Spirit here is the Holy Ghost, followers of Jesus Christ, baptized by the Holy Ghost/Spirit).
Hopi “Great Purification” Prophecy
“When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge on the Day of Purification”. The Aztec 5th Age (Theosophy 5th Root Race) begins with the arrival of Blue Star. Zeus, Jupiter, Marduk or Planet X, the son of Saturn is Blue Star; Tekhelet Blue is the Canaanite Blue color of the Priesthood in Israel symbolized by the Six Pointed Star of Saturn, the Blue color of the World Health Organization, and United Nations.
The arrival of White Brother and Blue Star is accompanied by “Disease, Great Dying, Earthquakes and the World rocking to and fro”. Eze 24:20 says “The world will rock to and fro as a drunkard” Mat 24:7; Lk 21:11 say “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. Corona means “Crown”; Coronavirus is a patented man-made Bio-Weapon being released from Wuhan China, the same city Mongols transported the Bubonic Plague from 666 years ago.
After Blue Star arrives, White Brother dressed in Red Cloak and Cap aka the “Purifier” will remove his mask in the plaza before the Uninitiated and the true White Brother “Pahana” will be revealed. White Brother is Lucifer; the White bearded Jesus (Mormon “Christus”). The Red Cloak is Esau who sold his soul and was renamed Edom=Red; the Mask is Edomites pretending to be Jews as Jacob once pretended to be Esau in order to obtain his father’s blessing. Cathars are called “Pure Ones”; Catharsis means “Discharge of pent up emotion”. You will want to be “Uninitiated”! Ref Eze 37:16; Rev 11:1 Stay on the Porch!

Pleaides and Lyra
Hopi Shaman teach the Hopi are the “Chosen Elite” descended from Pleiades, the 7 daughters of Atlas. Theraputae were the Rosicrucians who founded the US; Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were initiates of the 7 sisters Masonic Lodge in Paris “House of Isis”. Before Pleiades, Hopis descended from Lyra, called the “Eye of God”. Lyra is called the “Falling Eagle”; the Eagle represents Saturn/Satan, the Assyrian god Nisroch (2 Ki 19:37); the same Eagle above all US Flags. Lyra is called King Arthur’s Harp; Arthur is Arcturas guiding the Big Dipper “Great Bear”; Hopi are called the “Bear Clan”; the Big Dipper represents Golden Age of Saturn, an age of LGBTQ Sins God flooded the Earth to end. HAARP (High Freq Active Auroral Research Project) bounces energy off the Ionosphere to cause Earthquakes; “World rocking to and fro” ring a Baal?
The last sign Hopi elders await is the “Dwelling place in the heavens, above the earth, will fall with a great crash. It will appear as a Blue Star.” This is the return of Marduk/Zeus/Jupiter/Horus etc. The bible refers to him as Antichrist.
Hopi Shaman say “WWIII will reduce Turtle Island (the US) to a gourde of ashes, boiling rivers and disease no man can cure.” This Hopi plan was put in writing by Francis Bacon aka (Shakespeare) in New Atlantis: A worke unfinished, to make America the Phoenix of the New Age. The Phoenix myth comes from the Benben Stone, the first dry land of Creation according to the Egyptians became the perch of the Phoenix Bird who flew over the waters of the 1st Creation; what a coincidence NASA OSIRIS ReX Satellite is currently about to land on the Bennu (Benben) Asteroid! Saturn aka Osiris is considered by Gnostics to be the Primordial or Primeval Sun aka Black Sun or Black Star. In case you haven’t noticed, the US, around the Mississippi River was designed to resemble Egypt and the Nile. US Disaster Planning Maps made by NOAA, FEMA and the US Navy show this area from New Orleans to St Louis aka New Madrid Fault, underwater.
The Aztec 5th Age is Luciferian; Lucifer means “Light Bearer”. Hopis refer to this as the Age of Illumination. The New Aeon of Horus is the 3rd Eye of Illumination; the 5th Element in Witchcraft “Aether”, the gland represented by Pine Cones used to spread Holy Water by Catholic Priests was first used by Chaldean Priests.
The United Nations Planetary Initiative requires everyone to accept a Luciferian Initiation (Reject the Holy Ghost) to progress into the New Age aka Golden Age of Saturn the age of “White Brother”. Sirius is the Star of Isis “Black Virgin”, consort of Saturn (Osiris) the “Black Star” is the Arabic star Qalb; Mormons refer to Qalb as Kolob, the source for Transmigration of Souls; the movie 2001: A space Oddyssey featured Astronaut Bowman as an Embryo Soul. Important today, because the Cult of Saturn are called Melchisedekians (Jesus is the real Melchisedek Gen 14:18; Ps 111; Heb 7) as are the Mormon Church. The White Horse Prophecy aka Blood in the Streets Prophecy of the Mormon Church calls for Blood to run down the streets as water down a storm drain until the last drop of Gentile American blood is spilled in revenge for the killing of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Freemasons killed Smith in Carthage, named after the Phoenican/Canaanite outpost in Africa; he was buried with Talisman of Jupiter, the son of the Canaanite god “El” or “Saturn”. Congress meets in the Capitol “Womb of Jupiter”
11Q13 Prince Melchisedek Scroll “After 10 Jubilees, Prince Melchisedek shall return” This will be White Brother “Antichrist”. 10 Jubilees is 500 Years after 1517, the year the 5th Lateran Council under Black (Saturn) Nobility Pope Leo X proclaimed “Indestructibility of the Soul” as Catholic Dogma. Jesus judges every Soul “Do not fear those who can kill the body. Fear him who can destroy both body and soul in Hell” Mat 10:28 This plan was written during the Inter-testament period by the Essenes, in 1217 by Rabbi Judah ben Samuel and at the birth of America by Tzaddiq Baal Shem Tov.
The Hopi Prophecy began to circulate in 1959 within Protestant Churches in America. The new documentary “Calvinist” details Calvin’s TULIP: Total Depravity means nobody can affect their own Salvation; a Lie. Unconditional Election means God chose people before birth for Salvation or Hell with no conditions or requirements; A Lie. Limited Atonement means Jesus died for the sins of the Elect (Turtle Island is for the Hopi and Mormon Elect); Mormons carry this a step further by requiring the blood of Gentile sinners; Jesus died for the Sins of the World; obviously a Lie. Irresistable Grace means God chooses his Elect and offers Grace independent of our hearts or actions; A Lie. Pre-destination means God pre-destined most of humanity to Hell; a Lie.
777 United Nations Plaza at Turtle Bay symbolizes all religions. The Golden Sphere within a Sphere at the UN Plaza represents a world destroyed by War with a much smaller population entering the Golden Age of Saturn. The Revolver with its barrel tied in a knot and man turning his Sword into a Plowshare represent a return to Cain, the farmer who 1st attempted to hand back to God what He Created and gave to humanity. The first Chaldean Priests were called Konn-Torrs “Priests of the Revolver” ie the Earth aka Hopi Turtle Island (Hopi Shaman? Chaldean Priests folks). The Ark represents those entering the Golden Age of Saturn. St George slaying the Dragon represents the same thing as the Peace Fountain at St John Divine Cathedral; those unwilling to submit to White Brother (Mormon “Christus”) will be slain beginning in Cancer (June 21-July 22) after the 10th Jubilee. A reasonably good bet for the start of the Great Tribulation because God’s final “2 Witnesses” will be killed in Jerusalem as people are sending gifts to one another at Hanukkah, Christmas aka Saturnalia. 9 months before Saturnalia, Ishtar (Easter) conceives.
Tree worship is nearing 6000 years old; the symbol is the Tau (Mark or Sign), the Sun rising above the Horizon is the Tau seen in Hopi doorways. Worship of the Rising Sun caused the Glory of the LORD to depart Solomon’s Temple (Eze 8); Jesus departed the 2nd Temple in identical manner from a Tree at the exact same spot.
The Cross is not a Christian symbol; Jesus was Crucified on a Tree overlooking the Temple Mount. The Temple Mount is controlled by the Vatican; a gift from Shimon Peres. Vatican means “Divine Serpent”; the Serpent in the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The Vatican is controlled by Jesuits (Militia of Zeus); Zeus is called Jupiter, Marduk, Horus and Tammuz, symbolized by the Tau “Sacred Tree” aka Hopi “Tawa”. Chaldeans worship the Tau with 40 days “Weeping for Tammuz” beginning Ash Wednesday (Feb 14=Valentines Day named after the Gnostic Valentinus; V=Vav=Nails used to fasten God to the Tree); the 40 days before the return of Marduk/Tammuz. The HQ of the Jesuits is the St John Lateran Arch-basilica; Lateran means Hidden Frogs, the 3 unclean spirits of the Dragon, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 12:9; 16:13). Want to be Free of God? So does this man.

Antichrist “White Brother” will sit on the Throne of Pergamon aka Throne of Zeus (currently in the Berlin Museum) aka Satan’s Seat (Isis means “Throne”) next to the Abomination of Desolation and offer the Mark of the Beast in exchange for entering the Golden Age of Saturn.
Time to read Rev 11 and Dan 9:24-27 again. I highlighted “Prophesy” because it must not be confused with “prophecy”. Prophesy (1 Cor 14KJV) is the ability to understand God’s Word “Prophecy” (Pre-written history); this is the function of the 2 Witnesses (Seth’s Enoch and Elijah) the only 2 people who went to Heaven before Death and resurection. This ability comes after Faith, Hope and Charity “Love of God” (1 Cor 13KJV) “Measure” refers to Judgment; the New Covenant “Love God” and “Love our Neighbor” are the requirements; people at the altar of the 3rd Temple accepting the Mark of the Beast are worshipping the wrong God. “Three days and a half” is mid-week of Daniel’s “70th Week” (Dan 9:23-27) the last week before the 2nd Coming. I suggest reading God’s Word the way it is written rather than Private Interpretation. “Sending gifts one to another” suggests this timeframe of the week of Saturnalia, aka Hanukkah or Christmas. “Second Woe” is the 6th Trumpet Warning which lasts 150 days. “Third Woe” is the 7th Trumpet described in 1 Cor 15:52; 1 Thess 4:17 and Rev 10:7; the Body Ressurection of the Bride of the Lamb immediately precedes the 7 Vials of God’s Wrath on unbelievers (Rev 16) initiated by the 7th Angel.

Rev 11
And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein.
2 But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months. 3 And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth. 4 These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth. 5 And if any man will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies: and if any man will hurt them, he must in this manner be killed. 6 These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecy: and have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues, as often as they will. 7 And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them. 8 And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified. 9 And they of the people and kindreds and tongues and nations shall see their dead bodies three days and an half, and shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves. 10 And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry, and shall send gifts one to another; because these two prophets tormented them that dwelt on the earth. 11 And after three days and an half the spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them. 12 And they heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, Come up hither. And they ascended up to heaven in a cloud; and their enemies beheld them. 13 And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven. 14 The second woe is past; and, behold, the third woe cometh quickly. 15 And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever. 16 And the four and twenty elders, which sat before God on their seats, fell upon their faces, and worshipped God, 17 Saying, We give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty, which art, and wast, and art to come; because thou hast taken to thee thy great power, and hast reigned. 18 And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth. 19 And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament: and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail.

God’s 2 Witnesses will prophesy 1260 days “Great Tribulation”; there is no 7 Yr Tribulation nor pre-Tribulation “Rapture” of the Church, nor New Dispensation for Israel (Amos 5:2;26; 7:2-3; 5-6KJV). There are no Aliens, no Ark of the Covenant on Earth and no Temple made by Man in which Jesus will Judge. Read the Word as God wrote it.

The Age of Aquarius is ruled by Saturn aka Time or Chronos. Question: What time is it? Order out of Chaos, Lord of the Rings, Bab-El “Gate of Saturn”; Babyl-On=Osiris=Saturn “Gate of Saturn”; Bab Ilu=Allah=Sin “Gate of Sin” all herald the Age of Aquarius ruled by Saturn, seen in the Six Pointed Star of Saturn on the Flag of Israel.
Regulus “Law Giver” is the eastern boundary of Leo, represented by the Sphinx; Aquarius begins when Regulus (Alpha Leo) is at 150 degrees ecliptic longitude; roughly, that time is now. Shiloh means “He whose it is”; Gen 49:10 “The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be”.
There are 1656 Years Creation to Flood + 2160 Years Aries to Pisces + 2160 Years Pisces to Aquarius. Sargon the Great was likely born at the Taurus-Aries boundary and declared “Legitimate King” at 21, the biblical age of adulthood and accountability. 1656 + 2160 + 2160 + 21=5996 years.
Time is not relative; it is measured by observing Axis precession with respect to the Stars, which began with Noah’s Flood: 1656 Years Creation to Flood + 2160 years for the astrological age of Aries and 2160 years for Pisces to the start of Aquarius yields 5976Years. The Maccabees instituted Hanukkah in 163BC exactly 2183 years ago. 1656 + 2160 +2183=5999 years. The Gnostic telling of time is thus 5999 years as of Jan 1, 2020, the day Coronavirus was first identified in Wuhan China. Corona means “Crown”. Satan the Crowned Prince of the World becomes King. Accept that King and Hell for Eternity awaits.

Map of the Future
Aztec Calender

Aztec Calendar in the Round aka Eagle Bowl and Theosophy
New Mexico means New Aztec Aztlan also means Aztec meaning “To make White”; Hopi Prophecy says White Brother will return when Red Kachina removes his mask in the Plaza (UN Plaza is my guess), the land Mexico controlled before the Mexican-American Wars will be reclaimed including Southern California, AZ, NM, West Texas. In 2018 Jared Kushner was awarded the Order of the Aztec Eagle; the same year Messiah was filmed in Belen “Bethlehem” New Mexico; Mexico was conquered by and named after the Mexica aka Aztecs before the Sephardic fake Jews repopulated the land as Conquistadores.
Blood sacrifices are necessary every 52 years to appease the Aztec Sun God Tonatiuh at the center of the 52 year calendar; the age of the 5th and final Sun in the Aztec New Fire Ceremony, called “Binding of Years”. The Eagle is Saturn (Assyrian Nisroch 2 Ki 19:37; Is 37:38), Edomite and Nazi “Eagle’s Nest”, Mormon “Eagle Gate” or American Eagle may ring a Baal, they are all the same. The Age of the 5th Sun is Aryan meaning Iran or Aryan “Noble Caste”, culminating with the incarnation of Sanat Kumara “World Teacher” aka al Mahdi “He who rises”. Pretty hard to see Satan in Sanat or Santa eh? The plan is written in stone by Hopi elders at Prophecy Rock because Hopi are Aztecs

Jared Kushner was given the Aztec Order of the Eagle 2018
Jared Kushner is a Chabad Lubavitch pawn in charge of the Deal of the Century, the US plan to build the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem as well as the US-Mexico Border; Kushner means Furrier, the Fur used by Jacob to fool his father into handing him Esau’s blessing (Gen 27:19-29); Edomites are fooling us in revenge folks! Kushner was awarded the Order of Aztec Eagle in 2018; the year Messiah was filmed in Jordan and Jeff Epstein’s Belen (Bethlehem) Ranch in New Mexico. Mt Popocatepetl “Smoking Mountain” of the Aztecs roared to life; an act of God? or Geo-engineering Armageddon?
Aztlan is the mythical home of Aztecs aka Mexica, the source name Mexico, which includes Mexico, and most of California, New Mexico, Utah, Texas, Arizona and Florida. Hopi were Aztecs (Pure, Cathar, Whiteness) and put the plan in stone at Prophecy Rock AZ La Raza Unida (United Race), MEChA (Mestizo Student Chicano movement of Aztlan), Voz de Aztlan aim to reacquire the ancient land of the Aztecs called Aztlan (land of the north), similar to Camelot (Arthur=Branch of the Druid Tree), Thule (Brotherhood of Death=Thule Society) or Atlantis; the plan to offer America as a Holocaust sacrifice was written in New Atlantis: A Worke Unfinished in 1620 by Francis Bacon (Jesuit Toby Mathew). Aztec Eagle Warriors aka Warriors of the Sun (Eagle is Saturn, the Black Sun; Edomite/Nazi SS Eagle’s Nest may ring a Baal) are required to hunt (trackdown) and subdue their enemy to be used as Aztec sacrifices; they stun or fool their prey, not kill them initially; this is the Media (Medean) and Border Wall plan. In the 1958 series Trackdown “End of the World” Walter (Ruler + Army) Trump enters a Texas-Mexico border town beating a Drum promising protection from foreign invasion by building a wall Donald Trump is Drumpf (Drummer).
The Age of the Aztec 5th and final Sun was marked by a Solar Eclipse visible in Aztlan and celebrated by Aztec Eagle Warriors sacrificing the entire city of Tollan (Tula in Hidalgo); this is the same TULA worshipped in Egypt as the Black Sun “Osiris”, by the Nazi SS and Thule Society aka Skull & Bones.
America: Land of the Amorites “Amurucu”. Amar, the Canaanite god of the West; Amurru is the Serpent god of the Amorites and Edomites; Amurucu their land; Amorica, the Druid land of the west and Cathars the Church of Amor may all ring a Baal. On Aug 21, 2017 the Great American Eclipse path crossed over 7 towns named Salem (Canaanite god of the West “Dusk”); this will be followed by the sequel to the Great American Eclipse on Oct 14, 2023 and April 8, 2024 with the Eclipse path passing over Aztlan. It may be hard to digest the sacrifice of the entire nation of America to the Sun god, but that is the Aztec plan; Babylon means “Gate of the Sun” and that is America’s role. The Aztec (Whiteness and Land of the Heron) migration to America is said to have originated in the East, first to Florida “Land of the White Herons”; in the series Messiah, notice the Mormon President assuming his role as the “One mighty and strong” as South Florida is deluged. From Florida (Land of the White Herons) the Aztecs migrated to Serpent Hill/Mound in Ohio, then to the Great Salt Lake; sounds like the path Mormonism took eh? “White and Delightsome” ring a Baal? Mormonism is an essential part of Aztec religion; the Great Salt Lake is essentially the Dead Sea of the west aka “Vale of Siddim” (Gen 14:10), the Dead Sea full of slime pits in Sodom and Gomorrah God rained Fire and Brimstone on. From the Great Salt Lake (Mormon Zion) Aztecs migrated to central Mexico, same path Iran-Contra money launderer Mitt Romney’s family took. X marks the spot; the 2 eclipse paths cross in Texas where the Messiah began his trek to Washington DC. Just coincidence I’m sure. Mormon Blood in the Streets and White Horse Prophecies may be worth reading before the bloodletting begins.