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Us (2019)

Us was released in the US on 3/22: Society 3:22 “Brotherhood of Death” aka Skull & Bones Society may ring a Baal; Adam was seduced into Sin by Eve in Gen 3:22. 33 years ago Adelaide was tricked and replaced by Red in Merlin’s House of Mirrors in Santa Cruz CA; she then becomes the only Twin with Free Will. 33 was the age Jesus was Crucified in the House of His friends, a house full of Edomite imposters (Obadiah). 33 degree Freemasons are Sovereign, free of restraint (Tethers); the only person in the movie with Free Will is Adelaide tricked in Merlin’s House of Mirrors as a child, Adelaide is the Red Messiah. In 1986 Red Communist Russia allegedly destroys Space Shuttle Challenger and causes the Chernobyl disasterusing Scalar EM weapons, Hollywood “Holy Wood” actor and ex CA Gov Ronald Reagan gave a speech at the UN calling for an Alien Invasion to unite the peoples of Earth toward their common goal as Oliver North began shredding Iran-Contra documents and Hands across America attempts to connect New York City and Los Angeles. Ever wonder why Russia is called the Bear or California uses the Bear on its flag? or why the movie’s Hands across America started in Santa Cruz? Hint: Same reason Christopher Columbus (Christ-Taufr=Red Messiah + Colmubia=America) used the Red Cross on his sails. The US is the Phoenix of the New Age; out of the ashes of the Phoenix, New Atlantis will rise or so say the “Coneys named after unclean bird “Coney”; Coney Island takes its name after Francis Bacon’s “Coneys”. New Atlantis: A Worke Unfinished as about to cut the final Tether; make sure you don’t get fooled like Esau did.
George W Bush said after 9/11 “You are either with us or with the terrorists”; referring to Baathist (Re-birth/Renaissance) Sunni 33 deg Freemason Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda as “Evil Doers” “Behold, I will bring evil upon them which they shall not be able to escape; and though they shall cry unto me, I will not hearken unto them” Jer 11:11 God is the “Evil Doer” in this scenario.
Adelaide “Of Nobility”. Noble Caste refers Saturnian Black Nobility, offspring of the Primordial or Black Sun. Adelaide’s father Russell means “Ruddy/Red”.
Red “Ruddy; Rod; Rood” Ruddy means Red, the name God gave Esau after selling his Birthright for a bowl of Red Beans. Rod refers to Rebecca’s brother Laban (To Make White) who tricked Jacob into marrying Leah whom he thought was Rachel; Rods were used to separate Laban and Jacob’s cattle. Rood means Cross; the Cross of Tammuz or Tau Cross is not Christian in any sense; Tammuz means “Purify by Fire” or Holocaust which is what Red’s son did to his Doppelgänger by manipulating him into the flames as a puppet.
Rayna Bulgarian for “Queen” Bulgaria is named for Bogomils, a Gnostic branch of the Cathars “Pure Ones”, thus Rayna is Adelaide’s mother; Gnostic Nobility. Her father Russel means “Ruddy”; Esau sold his Birthright and came to be called Edom=Ruddy. Her Tether is Eartha “Worldly” or Gaia; Earth Dwellers are first mentioned in Rev 13:8, they sold their connection “Tether” to God.

Gabe Gabriel is the messenger angel of Israel, meaning “Strong man of God”; in Arabic “Tyrant of El” “Saturn”. Muslims and Mormons believe Gabriel delivered the Quran and Book of Mormon to their respective False Prophets “The law and prophets were until John” Lk 16:16
Abraham “Father of the Multitude”, the Covenant with Abram was rejected by Ishmael and Esau; Abraham-man came to be a derisive term for Mendicant Frauds.

Jason Same root as Joshua or Yehoshua; the leader of the Argonauts searching for the Golden Fleece in the underworld.
Wilson “Desire/Will/Helmet”; recall Wilson in Castaway? Weyland The Corporation in the Alien Franchise.
Pluto Hades, the son of Saturn, god of the underworld wealth; gold, silver, gems are found underground, inside the Earth; this his grandmother is Eartha.

Zora Dawn=Rising Sun, the Chaldean Rising Sun is Saturn.
Umbrae Eclipse shadow; Umbrella serves same purpose as the Yarmulke, a covering or separation from God.

Kitty Catherine or Catharsis “Discharge of pent up emotion”; Cathar means “Pure Ones”
Dahlia “Flower; Elegance; Grace”; nice touch carving her face up; it means De-flowering or defilement.

Becca-Lindsey “Tie, Bind, Join” Rebecca gave birth to the Twins Jacob and Esau; she fooled Isaac into giving Jacob, the blessing she thought was meant for Esau, her first born. Lindsey is Scottish for Linen/Cloth. Twins born of the same cloth with very different outcomes.
Io-Nix Io is the mortal lover of Zeus/Jupiter (Rabbis call Jupiter Tzaddiq=Righteous) who gave birth to Perseus the Magic Mushroom god of Christmas. Nix means Nothing/Naught. Noteworthy is the movie release on 3/22 was the morning after Purim “Bring to Naught”.

Red the leader and Messiah of the Reds is Adelaide. Soulless Doppelgangers control their surface Twins as puppets. Jacob impersonated Esau by becoming “Ruddy” in order to obtain his father’s blessing; Isaac was lied to, and by being blind may have indeed been fooled; but the blessing came from God and He was definitely not fooled. Talmudic Rabbis believe God was fooled and change Gen 27:39-41 in new bible versions to give Jacob Dominion over the Earth; this is not the case.
Jesus warned Debtors become Slaves to Creditors; Edomites are the Creditors; Jacob and Born Again Christian followers of Jesus Christ are swimming in a sea of Red Ink (Debt) whether we realize it or not. In Gen 3:22 Adam follows Eve into Sin debt.
Tethered refers to Esau Yoked to Jacob. Esau was renamed Edom=Red after selling his Soul to his Twin brother Jacob (Supplanter). Esau is Yoked by God to Jacob (Gen 27:39-41); when Free of restraint, Esau will kill his Twin brother an evil brought about by God. In Gnosticism, killing the body releases the Soul; it doesn’t work that way, but in 1517 the 5th Lateran Council proclaimed “Indestructibility of the Soul” Catholic (Universal Dogma); a Lie, but one believed by many. Hands across America was a failure and Charity rip-off. joining Reds together across America from Santa Cruz to NYC is symbolic: Cruz means Cross; Red or Rood also means Cross; Ruddy a reference to Adam=Edom=Red.
Jordan Peele Writer, Producer, Director was named Time Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential people in 2014; Time is Saturn aka Chaos; Order out of Chaos (Ordo ab Chao) is the motto of 33 degree Luciferian Freemasonry, the top of the Masonic “Red Lodge”. The Red Horse rider takes peace from the world which is what happens when Godly restraint is removed from the world. Adelaide means “Nobility”; Pluto her son is the Roman God of Wealth, Riches and the Underworld where precious stones, gems, gold are found; notice Pluto digs tunnels at the beach as opposed to making sand castles and wears a red mask. Hopi “Prophecy Rock” states Red Kachina will one day soon remove his mask at the Plaza before the uninitiated; he and his mother have a little secret; they are both Reds.
Jer 11 describes Judah’s broken covenant with God; Jer 11:11 describes the Evil God will bring upon Jacob when his brother is free to kill him. God will not help Judah because God said in Amos 5:2;26; 7:2-3;6-7KJV Israel/Jacob shall no more rise; this is why Juda is missing the “h” (God is with me) in Rev 7KJV; Rabbis of course change that back to Jacob and assume the role of Israel, but make no mistake here; Rabbis are not Jewish. Rabbi comes from Rba, the title of Chaldean-Sabian Priests who worship Creation (Earth, Moon, Stars, Sun) rather than the Creator; in Rev 13:8 they are referred to as “Earth Dwellers”; Adam begin fashioned of Red Clay.
Rabbits are Anamellech the Assyrian goddess Ishtar or Easter; Rabbits copulate profusely yet have no empathy or compassion; they have the brain of a sociopath which is what we see when Reds surface to kill their twins. In folklore, the Rabbit (March Hare) lives in the Moon; Chaldeans and Sabians worship Lord Moon; Arabs call the Moon “Sin”; Gnostics see the Moon as a reflection of the Sun; Muslims, most unknowingly worship Allah as the moon god “Sin”
Scissors: To Cut out; Shear. Shepherds paint Scapegoats legs Red because Sheep are color blind; they are trained to lead Sheep to the Shears. In Rev 11:11 God’s final 2 Witnesses are killed, creating a Wilderness void of God; this is symbolized when Adelaide cuts the final 2 paper twins, giving Reds complete Dominion over the Earth. This happens in Dan 7:6; the Evil God brings upon the Earth in Jer 11:11 are the 4 Horsemen, White, Red, Black, Pale Horse; White conquers; Red removes Peace; Black collapses the world economy and Pale is the 4th Beast of Iron (Dan 7:7) which cuts the Tether between God and Man.
Merlin’s House of Mirrors: Merlin means “Of the Sea or Black Bird”; the Raven left Noah’s Ark, a symbol of protection and Salvation for Freedom, making his perch on the highest mountain; Black Robes Shia Messianic Muslims worship an UNKNOWN GOD called the “Old Man of the Mountain”. Jesuits serve the Black Pope; Jesuit Pope Francis (Free) and Pope Benedict XVI had their Peace Doves attacked by Ravens in 2013-14. Merlin was King Arthur’s adviser, magician, prophet; Arthur refers to Arcturas “Bear Guard”, guiding Ursa Major (Great Bear) aka Big Dipper around the Axis Mundi and the constellation Draco (Dragon). Arthur is the fictional so of Uther Pendragon, the Arch-druid (Dru=Tree) or head fo the Gnostic pantheon of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; of course in a House of Mirrors, Good and Evil are reversed.
Reds then are British Red Coats (Brith=Birthright Covenant ie Esau=Edom=Red); Red Flag=Defiance; Rood=Red=Cross; Reds=Bolshevik Communists; Jesus’ words are Red; Saint’s ie Martyrs Days are Red; Red Carpet a sumptuous welcome; Phrygian Cap (Bonnet Rouge) is Red; the 3rd Beast Kingdom is Edomite; Edomites achieve Dominion (Gen 27:41KJV) as the 3rd Kingdom of Brass (Dan 2:39) which like Copper is Red.
Esau “Red” achieves “Dominion” by controlling Wealth, the precious stones, gold and silver (Dan 11:38) of the Earth, the domain of Pluto who fooled Jason into searching for the Golden Fleece. You can see this at Union Square Park in NYC, the end of the Red Chain of Hands across America. The US Flag stands atop “Reds” who support the “Fasces”, the symbol of a Red Fascist Dictatorship. The Fasces is a bundle of Rods, the same Rods Laban and Jacob separated their Cattle with; Laban chose the Chaldean ie Gnostic Witness Jeger-sahadutha whereas Jacob chose God as his Witness “Galeed” (Gen 31:47). The Rods “Reds” are bound by Red Cord surrounding an executioner’s axe next to the Midnight Countdown Clock and the Awakening of the the Beast rising from the Earth amid the Golden Fleece. The same Beast ie Red Dragon rising from the Earth (Eartha=Red’s mother) can also be seen as, what else but “The Awakening”, a giant statue in Washington National Harbor struggling to free himself from the Earth.
Q means Quelle “Source”; QAnon: An Invitation to the Great Awakening may ring a Baal; this would be the day the Reds reveal themselves; the same day the Hopi Red Kachina removes his mask at the Plaza as demonstrated by Pluto; pretty coincidental Man’s first self created element was Americium which gave rise to Plutonium don’t you think? The Manhattan Project and Big Apple “Manhattan” ringing another Baal? The big Question is who will Antichrist “Red” and False Prophet aka Beast of the Earth be?
The answer may be remarkably obvious; Thomas Plantard and Bishop Timothy “Kallistos” Ware are my best guesses. King Arthur, the Once and Future King means “Branch”, seen in Thomas “Twin” + Plantard “Branch or vine cutting” too obvious? He will sit on what else but Satan’s Seat in Jerusalem next to the Abomination of Desolation which removes the connection to God by cutting the Tether with Scissors (Shearing the Sheep)
False Prophet: Orthodox Bishop Timothy “Kallistos” Ware Remember Merlin’s House of Mirrors? Merlin (Water, Sea or Raven) was Arthur’s Prophet and Magician; the Magic Trick burned Adelaide’s son Jason. The Bishop of Rome will sit on Sede-vacante in Rome; Vatican City is not part of Rome nor is Washington DC part of the US St John Lateran Arch-basilica has the Sede-vacante, considered by Jesuits (Militia of Zeus/Jupiter) like Pope Francis to be the “Mother of all Churches worldwide”; remember, Red’s mother is Eartha whose Red Clay was used to fashion Adam and Edom “Red”. This includes Judaism, Christianity and Islam through, wait for it! Abraham, the husband of Red-Adelaide. Basilica’s are built around Teaching Seats called Cathedra; St John Lateran is the Teaching Seat of the Red Dragon (Serpent, Satan, Devil), Antichrist and False Prophet, the “Hidden Frogs” Jesus warned about in Rev 12:9; 16:13. Recall, Red’s son Pluto was the one wearing the Red Devil’s Mask! Pope Francis (Free) wrote Laudato Si an Encyclical (Teaching Paper) praising the, wait for it! Earth Red’s mother is Eartha. The document calls for eliminating all but 1 Billion people; those would be “Reds”; guarding the Doors are Cardinals (Cardo=Hinge) wearing Red of course. Timothy is derived from Time+Theos; the Time God is Saturn, Chronos or Grim Reaper. Kallistos was the Sea Nymph who mated with Zeus/Jupiter who was turned into a Bear by Zeus’ wife Hera; Ursa Major “Great Bear”=Kallistos, guided by Arcturas (Arthur) is the Water Pourer “Big Dipper” of the Aquarian Age, a return to the Golden Age of Saturn free of Tethers to God.
Ware means Merchandise for Sale, Goods, Guard, Watch Out for and Deceptive Trick. Merlin’s House of Mirrors was a deceptive trick; the movie was set in America because the US is to be the Red legged Scapegoat sending the world to the Scissors (Shears); Rev 14 and 18 describe Babylon falling when the merchants of the earth sell no more of her merchandise, the gold, silver, precious stones, pearls…slaves and the souls of men. The US has made debt slaves of the world through Trickery and Deceit.
There is probably a lot more to US than anyone realizes; just make sure you are Baptized by the Holy Ghost, in a personal Covenant with JESUS when the Red’s surface!