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Bari Malik Shabazz Jr and Michael Lavaugn Robinson

“I’m the first Kenyan-American to be president of the United States. That goes without saying, Obama said.

Ethiopia plays a literal shell game with the (false) Ark of the Covenant; the real Ark of the Covenant is with JESUS in Heaven! Rev 11:19 It is the only African country that has never been under the colonial control. Michelle “Who is like God?” Obama Zoroastrian “He is with us” aka Michael Robinson is a MAN. Rabbi Capers Funnye the 1st cousin of MichaEL graduated from Howard University; Q-D-S “Priest of Qadesh” (Holy);Call no man Rabbi” Matt 23:8 because they are Canaanite!  Kamala Harris a MAN is Q-D-S ‘Holy’ a  ‘Priest of Qetesh’ aka ‘Whore of BabEl’ “And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament: and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail” Rev 11:19KJV

Jeffrey Epstein's child trafficking victim Sarah Ransom has told a court in the UK that she "made copies of tapes of high-ranking officials raping children and committing other horrific crimes."

President-elect Barack Obama, Sasha, Malia and Michelle Obama during an election night gathering in Grant Park on Nov. 4, 2008 in Chicago. For the occasion, the first lady chose a red-and-black firecracker of a dress by Narciso Rodriguez.
Black Widows eat their husbands!

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On July 13, 2021 vines growing from the East retaining wall of the Temple Mount spelled the letters of the Tetragammaton YHWH. The ineffable name of Yahweh YHWH, G-D or HaShem is used by Rabbis awaiting the False Messiah YHWH was added to scripture by the Masoretes (5th-10th c ad)

The Zoroastrian demon Ahriman appears in the smoke of the South Tower, allegedly hit by United Flt #175. Liber 175 is Aleister Crowley’s book Uniting a Demon (Ahriman) with a particular nation. Ahriman is “Darkness”; Ahuramazda is “Light”

Q-313 cockpit

Iran is fake! Iran’s F-313 Stealth Fighter is made of plastic with USAF “Remove before Flight” placards and Experimental Homebuilt instruments made in the US by Dynon Avionics. The pilot can’t even fit in the ridiculous cockpit or see through the canopy. There are 313! in the Authorized Bible the last Rev 18:19 is the fall of Babylon! In 313Ad Islam fought its first battle; when there are 313 sincere followers of Shia Islam (HQ in Iran) the Messiah al-Mahdi will be revealed. Like Iran and ISIS, Taliban Unit Badri 313 is now also outfitted with US weapons

The Alef, the Tav, Eclipses and the Exodus | natsab

Edomite National God Qos means “Bow”; Strongs #5115 Toxon=Poison; Qos is equivalent with Saturn, YHWH/Yahweh, El/Elohim symbolized by the Six Pointed Star of Molech and the Bull April 8, 2014 Aleph “Bull” forms

Michelle Obama called on Facebook and Twitter to close Donald Trump’s account in response to the Capitol Chaos of Jan 6, 2021 Michael means “Who is like El”; El seen in Elohim is the Canaanite “Saturn”. Barack “Lightning” Obama “He is with us” in Zoroastrian Farsi. Netflix “Messiah” was filmed in 2018 at Jeff Epstein’s Zorro Ranch in Belen NM and debuted with Coronavirus Jan 1, 2020. When Esau sold his birthright to Jacob he was renamed Edom aka Adam “Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.” Gen 5:2 Edomites worship Saturn as Qos or YHWH in Israel (Amos 5:26) Pulled the wool over our eyes eh?

Abraham Lincoln, the Sodomite (Joshua Speed) head of AMORC (American Order of the Rosicrucians) was sworn in on the brink of the Civil War and assassinated, likely by Mary Todd (33 deg Freemason actor Confederate John Wilkes Booth was her Opium pusher) for printing Greenbacks, non-interest bearing currency free of International Banker Usury. Barack Obama, also a Sodomite (Muhammad Chandoo, Kal Penn, Reggie Love, Michael Robinson) and trained as a Mujahideen (Warrior of Allah) by the CIA was born in Kenya and therefore not eligible to become US President; he used Lincoln’s Bible for the first time since the Lincoln Inauguration however Chief Justice John Roberts failed to administer the Oath of Office correctly; Obama was not Sworn to Defend the US Constitution a repeated Oath did not use a Bible; a very big deal. John Roberts then became the swing vote for Obamacare which became Unconstitutional law forcing citizens into Commerce with the Federal Government; a very big deal as Forced Vaccination for the patented man-made Coronavirus Vaccine is imminent; the Netflix mini-series Pandemic shows all this was preplanned to create demand for a Universal Flu Vaccine.
Obama had 34 Czars meaning Caesar or Kaiser; Russian for “Ruler”; Crimean Rus were Pagan fake Jews who came to be called Khazars which is why Lesbian Supreme Court Justice Elena has the name of Khazar Royalty. The Obama Administration made law of ObamaCare on 3/22/10 at 3:22; Adam fell into sin in Gen 3:22 which is why Society 322 is the “Brotherhood of Death’ ObamaCare now Universal Health Care is forced Commerce with the Federal Government and against the Oath of Office which is why his Oath was intentionally administered incorrectly by Sodomite Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts who presided over the Trump Impeachment Trial. Think Obama and Trump are different? Guess again. Trump-Pence held the first pre-Inaugural celebration at the Lincoln Memorial; Abe’s Throne is supported by the Fasces, the symbol of worldwide Fascism.
Worship of the “Rising Sun” caused the Glory of the LORD to depart Solomon’s Temple (Eze 8) and will again; want to be a Temple of the LORD? Ask Him! His Name is JESUS. The Jan 1, 2020 Netflix series Messiah features the Iranian Messiah; Obama means “He is with us” in Zoroastrian.
The Rising Sun from Red and White Stripes represents the conflict of Jacob and Laban separating their flocks; Jacob wrestled with God and chose Galeed “Heap of Witness”; Laban whose the Chaldean Heap of Witness “Jegar-sahadutha” (Gen 31:47) We all need to make the same choice.
The Tribe of Dan is not listed as “Saved” in Rev 7, yet is listed after the Millennium Eze 48 Why? Dan means “Judge”; The False Messiah will Judge humanity before the return of Jesus Christ on Shariah and Noahide Laws; those who comply will reside in Hell for eternity.
Barack Hussein Obama (Barack=Lightning + Hussein=Handsome + Obama=He is with us in Farsi) on a visit to Nairobi Kenya said “I am proud to be the first Kenyan-American President of the US”
Barack Obama refers to Michelle as “Michael”
On Mar 10, 2017 Barack Obama’s half brother Malik released his real birth certificate from Mombassa, Kenya, the country Michael refers to as Barack’s “Home Country”
Michael Robinson aka Michelle says Barack was born in Kenya
I Pet Goat II tells the story of America’s role in presenting the Antichrist and Mark of the Beast; Michelle Obama (Michael Robinson) was in position on a private cruise on the Sienne River in Paris across from New Bridge as Arson Fire erupted at the Notre Dame Cathedral which houses fake relics from the Crucifixion such as the Crown of Thorns, Crucifixion Nails, the Monstrance containing the Blood of Jesus and pieces of the Cross.

Brandenburger Tor abends.jpg
Yes We Can
Barack Obama’s “Yes We Can” slogan began in New Hampshire 2008 and twice under the Quadriga of Apollo (4 Horsemen Rev 6; Apollyon “Destroyer” in Rev 9:11 aka Satan) at the Brandenberg Gate in Berlin which stands next to the Throne of Pergamon, aka Satan’s Seat (Rev 2:13). The Throne of Pergamon was originally kept in Neo-Babylon with the Abomination of Desolation; Daniel told Nebuchadnezzar he was the head of Gold, the King of Babylon (Gate of Saturn). The Idol of Gold, Silver, Brass, Iron and Iron/Clay Toes is being finished today in America. Satan’s Seat was then transported to Crete (Cretans are Caphtorim Gen 10:14), then to Pergamos, Turkey, then to Berlin. Allegedly the Throne of Zeus in the Pergamon Museum is fake; the real Throne of Satan was allegedly taken to Moscow from where it will be taken to the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem. On 1/8/2008 as Barack Obama was preparing for Inauguration, George “Gog” Bush was presented the Megillat Bush (Scroll of Bush) by Chabad Rabbis under the Temple Mount in Zedekiah’s Cave declaring him “Gog, Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal”; the line is straight from Eze 38:2 concerning the post Millennial War of “Gog and Magog”. Moscow has nothing to do with Meshech but nonetheless, Vladimir Putin, Russian Dictator for Life and Donald Trump or his replacement following Impeachment Trial beginning Jan 20, 2020 will build the 3rd Temple and install Satan’s Seat and with the Abomination of Desolation.
Yes We Can in Reverse Speech means “Thank You Satan”. Barack=Lightning Hussein=Handsome Obama is Zoroastrian Farsi for “He is With Us”. Yes Language (Yes Men ring a Baal?) is nothing new; Yes is Oui; Ouissex=Bird, thus Language of Birds aka Augury “Divination through Birds”. Ouija means “Yes Yes” for example. Oil in Old French, the Rock (Petro) of Gnosticism used to control the masses; Oc referring to Occular=Sight and Languedoc “Language of Sight” and location of Gnostic Cathar executions. Green Language refers to Green Man aka Bacchus, Dionysus, al Khidr or St George seen at the Cathedral of St John Divine and United Nations slaying the Dragon; in Zoroastrianism the Dragon is the United States, the Zoroastrian god of darkness Ahriman seen in the smoke of the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001.
Barry Soetero, his Kenya name had his college tuition financed by Saudi Prince Alwaleed, like George Bush and Donald Trump, he bowed to Saudi King Salman and accepted the Saudi Medal of Freedom.
Barack Obama’s homosexual lovers Bari include Pakistani Mohammad Hasan Chandoo, Obama Re-election co-chair, Indian actor Kalpan Suresh Modi aka Kal Penn (House, 24, Girl in the Photographs, Designated Survivor) and Duke football/basketball star, and Oregon University football player Michael Robinson.
Barack Obama is a member of Man’s Country, a male bath house in Chicago with White House Chief of Staff turned Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. Donald Trump and Michael Moore use the same Hollywood Talent Agent Rahm’s brother Ari Emmanuel.
Barack Obama was not sworn to Defend the Constitution at his Inauguration ceremony administered and made a mockery of by LGBTQ Attorney turned Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts; currently presiding over the Donald Trump Impeachment Trial.

Barack Obama 44 HD Wallpaper

Satan is Chronos “Time”, the “Grim Reaper” and has 44 Assistants according to Gnostics Barack Obama’s Jan 20, 2015 Inauguration (Augury is Divining the Future through Birds) is the 44th year since C Alan Martin laid out the Masonic plan for America’s 44th President to be its last. The vision specifically calls for #44 to be the 12th from Harry Truman, the 33rd President which makes Donald Trump the 12th from Truman and 44th person selected US President (Grover Cleveland served 2 non-consecutive terms). Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix is Aleister Crowley’s (9/11/2001 was a Thelemic Ritual based on 33 deg Freemason Aleister “Great Beast” Crowley, the maternal grandfather of Sodomite George Bush Jr) book detailing the destruction of America (Phoenix of the New Age) initiating the New Aeon of Horus. For Gnostics the New Aeon of Horus is entered through Sodomy
May 13, 2016 the Obama Transgender Bathroom Mandate went into effect; Boys (and Vice-versa) who Gender ID as Female may now use the Girl’s Bathroom, Showers, and Locker Rooms.
America: World’s largest CORPORATION
Bird (Ouissex) Language is called Angelic, Divine, Enochian, Green, Yes (Oui), Oil and Light (Oc=Occular seen in Languedoc or Octo meaning 8th). JESUS is the 8th Covenant between God and Man. When the 8th Covenant ends, the 1260 day Great Tribulation begins. The Organic Act of 1871 in Washington DC changed Constitution of the United States to CONSTITUTION FOR THE UNITED STATES, the world’s largest CORPORATION. The world is in Debt $250 Trillion as of Jan 2020. In Dan 8, Jesus and Angel Gabriel ensure Daniel knows the timetable of the final 2300 days; 1040 + 1260=2300. America’s IRS Form 1040 represents America’s Burden (Tax) on the world, currently $23Trillion + $140 Trillion Liabilities + Derivatives Debt. America also has Assets: Several Trillion Bbls of Oil in the ANWR, and Gulf of Mexico alone would pay off World Debt at current Oil prices.
al Buraq
Barack Obama’s name means Blessing in Arabic; BRK=Blessing; BRQ=Lightning + He is with Us in Zoroastrian Persian. al Bur is the name of Abraham’s fictional steed and Muhammad’s mythical winged White Horse. Abraham’s Covenant with God is Null and Void as his sons disobeyed their father by taking Canaanite women as wives; this abrogated Covenant through Ishmael and Esau is the Korahite Priesthood (Num 16:8-10; Num 26:10) which rules Israel to this day. Ismailis worship Azazel, the Peacock Angel aka Melek-Taus as the Scapegoat; Jesus is the only Scapegoat

Amurucu, Ameru, Amar, Amorica
3 Sovereign Territories guard Satan’s Kingdom on Earth: Washington DC (Military Arm), Vatican City (Spiritual), City of London Corp (Physical). WWIII will pit Zionism against Islam, Zionist Law “Noahide Law” and Islamic Law “Shariah Law” are of the same Chaldean source and will require Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost, the “Unforgivable Sin”. The United Nations Planetary Initiative calls for everyone on Earth to accept a Luciferian Initiation to enter the New Age.
America, “Land of the Amorites” is not “Babylon” of Rev 18; America is the Scapegoat for Rev 18.
Ameru means Serpent; Michelle Obama is Michael Robinson related to the Ethiopian Priesthood of Ameru “Serpent” through 1st Cousin Rabbi Funye Capers. Amar is the Canaanite god of the West (Setting Sun=Death); Obama’s Prince Hall Mason designed Logo is the Setting Sun amid Red and White Stripes. Amorica is the Druid land of the West; Amor means “Love” as in Agape, Gnostic Love Feasts aka Orgies; America is the Cathar Church of Amor where Love here means Carnal Love.
Amorites are Canaanites wrote the Code of Hammurabi based on 2 sets of previous man-made laws written by Chaldean Priests in opposition to God’s Laws: Code of Lipit-Ishtar and Code of Naram-Sin. The Code of Hammurabi (Ammurapi) was written into the
Amurru is the Land of the West (Biblical Calneh in Gen 10:10); Amurru is the Edomite Serpent and Shepherd god. Serpent of course represents the Serpent/Snake in the Garden of Eden (Mormons believe Eden is the geographical center of America near Jackson MS; Mitt Romney is not done yet), but the Serpent also represents the annual re-birth of the Sun god Sol (Roman), Apollo (Druid) or Mithra (Zoroastrian/Persian)
Illinois, Oregon and Hawaii
Michael Robinson was born the 2nd son of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley’s Crack dealing, Union thug Fraser Robinson III and transient street prostitute Marian Robinson; Illinois means “Tribe or Race of Superior Men”. He wore #44 playing football for the Oregon St Beavers; at the same time Barack was in Pakistan training as a Mujahideen (Warrior of Allah) with the CIA under Bob Gates. Majoring in Policital Science (150 students) and pre-Law (700 students) at Columbia University with not one person remembering him nor one appearance at a 1983 Class Reunion is a bit odd to say the least, as is traveling to Pakistan from Indonesia.
Oregon is the 33rd State (33 is the number associated with Sovereignty) and was to be called “Astoria”, not after JJ Astor so much as Astarte/Astoreth/Easter=Lucifer. The Oregon Motto “E Pluribus Unum” means “Out of Many One”. Obama is not the ONE! The Beaver builds a house of Wood 1/2 in water and 1/2 out of water and therefore represents Noah and the Ark. The Ark (Ceridwen to the Druids) is the Womb of the Queen of Heaven from which Man is born from Water onto Dry Land. This Queen of Heaven also represents the Cainite bloodline brought into the post Flood world by Noah’s Cainite wife and her subsequent incest with Ham which produced the “Cursed” bloodline of Canaan. Ishmael and Esau married Hittite (Canaanite) wives and therefore lost any Rights in God’s Eyes to the Abraham Covenant. Michael’s husband then became President #44.
Barack “Lightning” Hussein “Handsome” Obama “He is with us” (Persian), a 52+ year project. 44th and final US President has no valid birth records, no valid Social Security Registration, cannot be E-Verified, is not a US Citizen, has no Driver’s License, and has no US Passport. He is the first US President not sworn to defend the US Constitution at his Inauguration; facilitated by Sodomite Jesuit John Roberts.
Obama is Madrassa (Quran School) and CIA (Afghan-Pak Station Chief Bob Gates) trained Mujahheddin “Warrior of Jah/Allah=Satan” who never attended Columbia University. Obama aka Bari “Barque” Malik (Molech, El, Saturn, Milcom, Chiun, Ashtaroth, Melek) Shabazz (First Race refers to Cainite/Kenite) is the son of Sovereign Mason head of the Nation of Islam Malcolm X (Malcolm=Milcom; X=Christ/Messiah), the sworn enemy of Christianity.
Obama (Rahm Emanuel as well) was/is a member of Chicago Bath House “Man’s Country” and member of Sovereign/Luciferian Mason Jeremiah Wrights “Down Low Club” used to create fictitious resume’s and train Bath House Sodomites for public presentation.
Obama is a lifelong Sodomite. Pakistani lover Mohammed Hasan Chandoo
Actor Kal Penn
White House “Body Man” Reggie Love
Obama is a pathological liar, cocaine addict, 33degree Prince Hall Mason. Sarah Palin proclaimed April 14-17, 2007 Prince Hall Mason Week in Alaska She and John McCain know this. Her daughter Bristol has 2 unwed children. John met with and green lighted ISIS in Sept 2013 in Syria. Obama and McCain are Bohemian Grove Molech worshipping initiates.
Obama is married to Oregon State linebacker Michael LaVaughn Robinson, the 2nd son of Fraser Robinson III, cocaine dealer/Pimp/union thug for Chicago Mayor Richard Daley. Richard’s son Bill Daley was White House Chief of Staff; Handlers are Iranian born Valerie Jarrett and Sodomite Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan. Michael’s mother is transient street prostitute Marian Robinson. Marian resided 8 years at the White House and is an active Santeria (Voodoo) practitioner. Michael and Barry have 2 adopted children with no public birth records.
Nation of Islam
Prince Hall Freemason Barack Obama aka Bari Malik Shabazz Jr is the son of Prince Hall Mason, Nation of Islam leader Malcolm X (Milcom/Molech + Messiah) aka Bari Malik Shabazz and Betty Shabazz. Bari means Boat or Barque as in Solar Barque; Malcolm and Milcom are synonymous with Molech the Canaanite god and Shabazz means “Royal Falcon and or First Race/Noble Caste”. has a good video I Pet Goat II presenting the Masonic Death/Re-birth Drama unfolding since George Bush Sr/Jr (George Scherff aka Curious George; Dunce Cap is the Circle drawn in the Stars by Axis Precession ie Time) and Obama (Graduation Cap is the Masonic Square; Solar Barque to the Rising Sun).
Q Anon: Uniting people worldwide who desire Freedom
Donald Trump, the Antithesis of Barack Obama bowed to King Abdullah (Abd=Servant of Allah) of Saudi Arabia as did Donald Trump. Wahhabists derive their philosophy from Ibn Muhammad Wahhab (Ahab seen here is no coincidence; he and Jezebel brought the Canaanite Bloodline, Initiations and Religion into Israel). al-Qaeda means “Solid Foundation”; the term was coined in Year One Satan 1966 by Wahhabist Ibn Sayyid Qutb in San Francisco the same place and year the Church of Satan formed. Qutb means “World Pillar”.
Obama bowed to 33 deg Prince Hall Mason and Hashemite (Rabbis call their Messiah “HaShem”) Edomite King Abdullah II of Jordan. Jordan is Edom, Ammon and Moab “Idumea” and escape the hand of Antichrist in Dan 11. Moab and Ammon descend from Abraham’s eldest brother Haran through Lot and incest with his 2 daughters. Edom is the name God gave Esau after he sold his Birthright; Edom means Adam and/or Red. Red Star, Red Crescent, Red Cross, Red Tape, Red Lodge etc etc. Adam/Edom and Eve, created from the Earth and named Adam (Gen 5:2) represent the Sacred Marriage the Divine Androgyne
Obama bowed to Shinto Emperor Akahito, the 5th and youngest son of Luciferian Freemason and WWII demi-god Emperor Hirohito; his visit preceded the delivery of US made MOX (Mixed Uranium-Plutonium Oxide) Nuclear Fuel for Fukushima Reactor #3 which was intentionally allowed to melt down, delivering a continuous stream of Plutonium radiation into the Pacific Ocean.
Obama promised a “New Beginning for Islam” in Cairo standing next to Grand Orient Lodge Freemason Hosni Mubarak in the city where the Arab League was founded. Cairo is Chi + Rho the Crowned Messiah of Gnosticism.
Obama sang “God save the Queen” to Queen Elizabeth II. Knight means “Person in service to the Queen”; the Queen of Heaven “Asherah” is meant here. America the Beautiful is written to the music of God Save the Queen.
Obama hoisted the Chinese Flag (China=Sina=Cathay=Sons of Heth=Hittites, the wives of Ishmael and Esau) over the White House. The Red Chinese Dragon is the Serpent deceiving the entire world (Rev 12:9).
Obama hoisted the Rainbow Flag over the White House; Rainbow Arch Degree initiates commit the Unforgivable Sin; the Rainbow symbolizes a return to the pre-Flood world of Sin called the Aquarian Age or Golden Age of Saturn. Rabbis use the phrase “Tikkun Olam” (Repair the Earth) meaning kill anyone in Covenant with God ie Abel and Seth; Isaac and Jacob.
Obama bowed to British Order of the Garter and Shinto Emperor Akahito The Order of the Garter in Britain lay claim to the Earth’s Real Estate; the claimed Titans dating back to Gen 6. Garter is a symbol of the Sacred Marriage. Obama delivered US made MOX (Uranium-Plutonium Oxide mixed to be neutrally buoyant in seawater) Fuel to Fukushima just ahead of the pre-planned, earth destroying atomic meltdown. When? the Japan 2020 Olympics might be a good guess. The Jan 2015 cover of Economist Magazine shows a nuclear event in the area of the 38th Parallel in Korea and Fukushima.
C Alan Martin planned the 12th President from and including the 33rd President, Freemason Harry Truman would be our last; Obama is #12; America’s 44th President married to #44 Oregon State Football player Michael Robinson. Donald “King of the World” Trump however is the 44th person selected for the same reasons Zedekiah was Israel’s 44th and last King.

Sarah Palin Going Rogue Audio Book

Obama’s Election was planned long in advance as was Donald Trump Sarah Palin established Prince Hall Mason Week as AK Governor At the Texas Energy Conference hosted by Operation Gun Runner liar and Donald Trump Energy Sec Rick Perry she gave a 30 minute speech after her water allegedly broke (Child #5), drove to DFW Airport, boarded an Alaska Airlines flight to Seattle with a 2 hour stop over, before continuing to Anchorage and a 2 hr drive to Wasilla before delivering at 6:30AM. No mother on earth nor doctor on earth nor airline on earth would allow such behavior. Why? She was never pregnant; the Blackmail used to keep her in line is Bristol’s 2 teenage, unwed children and now Willow’s child. The Red Coat on the cover of her bestselling book Rouge Coup is flickra dead giveaway. Sovereign 40 Witch Operation Gun Runner financier, (State Dept Fund US Direct Commercial Sales), Benghazi Liar Hillary Clinton ended her campaign amid a US Flag with all 50 Stars sewn on upside down The Upside down 5 pt Star is Baphomet (Baph+Metis=Union of Wisdom and Knowledge) One does not go to a Flag Store and buy an Abomination like that anymore than one can buy 4 in thick Rocket Proof Glass for an Election Stage.
On Election Night, standing where Abraham Lincoln (Murdered by Jesuits) stood, Michelle (Michael Robinson) wore a Black Widow Dress behind Bomb-proof glass on a Laser designated stage.
2015 marks 44 years since, the 44th President was predicted to be our last by C. Allan Martin; remember Trump is the 44th person just as Zedekiah was Israel’s 44th and last for the same reasons. Pope Francis was in Philadelphia for the final Lunar Eclipse of the 8th Tetrad in human history The Jan 2015 cover of Economist Magazine says it all. All the Dominoes for Esau’s Dominion are in place for Esau’s world “Dominion”. Time to get right with JESUS!

America (Amurru=Edomite Serpent and Shepherd god; Amar=Canannite/Kenite god of the west; Ameru=Kenite Serpent god) will be sacrificed to Molech as a Scapegoat for Babylon “Gate of On/El,Allah,Saturn/Milcom,Chiun,Ashtaroth”. The false God JahShua (Jah=Rasta “Prince” + Shua “Egyptian god who rises”; also Yeshua, Jehoshua, Yehoshua, Jahweh, Yahweh) aka al-Mahdi “He who Rises” will be revealed out of WWIII “Islam versus Zionism” or JahShua versus al-Mahdi (al-Mahdi army under Moqtada al Sadr is rising again 6/21/14) if you prefer. No, these names have nothing to do with Jesus.
Before the smoke begins, make sure you are in a personal covenant with JESUS (JAH Ps 68:4=JEHOVAH=JESUS Mat 1:25), the only Name of the Messiah through which salvation is offered. If your bible uses lower case Jah and Jesus, you need an Authorized Bible aka KJV.

Barack Hussein Obama: Abraham’s Winged White Horse “El-Barak”; Muhammad’s Winged White Horse “al-Buraq”; Israel’s 5th Judge Barak? Sabean Priest? Abraham and Keturah, Abraham and Hagar or Abraham and Sarah’s offspring? Ethiopian Dannite Judge? Nubian Pharaoh Tarhaqa’s offspring? Yemenite? Ishmaelite? Edomite? Keystone to Sacred Architecture? Let’s just say he may be the Arab Holy Grail and Aryan Highlander in one person. Sorry, but again I added a fair amount of material to previous posting. 2/6/2010

Barack Hussein Obama

Barack: Arabic for Blessed and Flash of Lightning

Hussein: Arabic for Good; Handsome

Obama: Kenyan for Crooked; Bent. Farsi (Persian): O Ba Ma “He is with us”

Barack Obama is a “Usurper”; a “Crypto”; a “Sodomite”, a “Foreigner”, a “Mujaheddin”.
He is foreign born and not legal by the Constitution to hold the office of President. He is likely not even capable of being in possession of a valid US Passport. He is not Christian, Jewish or Muslim by religion; he is Pagan, likely of Sabean origin; in other words, an Arab Moon god worshipper. He wears the Yarmulke at the Wailing Wall; that’s an Edomite Wall. He is not related to Judah; he is not the Alternative Messiah. He is not a Merovingian, nor is he related to the Tribe of Dan. I believe there is sufficient evidence to connect him with Pagan Sabeans and Mineans (Yemenites/Ethiopians), Joktanites (earth was divided by water during Peleg and Joktan’s day), Midianites (in-Laws of Moses), Kennites (Jael and Sisera; Judges 4-6), Nabattaean Arabs, Koreish Bedouins, the bloodline of Esau “Edomites”, and/or Ishmael as well as Abraham and Keturah and or Abraham and Hagar. In the Bahai religion, Obama is a very big deal; to the Druse Bedouins he is also a big deal. Time will tell, but the US may have the Arab “Holy Grail” in the White House who will serve as the fuse for WW3.

Gen 27:40KJV is reversed in every new bible version; the Authorized Bible (KJV) makes perfectly clear, it is Esau who achieves “Dominion” (Sovereign Authority to Rule) prior to the 2nd Coming and his intent is to slay Jacob. Amos 7:2-3; 5-6KJV is also reversed or muddied in new versions; again the Authorized Version makes clear God did not raise Jacob “Israel”; in other words, modern Israel are Usurpers of the biblical House of Jacob like Obama the Usurper of the biblical House of Joseph. Big claims here for sure, but Obadiah states clearly the House of Jacob and Joseph shall be fire and flame. The name Obadiah means “Servant of JEHOVAH”; nothing is known about his ancestry much like Melchisedek, the author of the Abrahamic Covenant. Plainly stated, I believe Melchisedek and Obadiah are Jesus Christ the “King of Salem” and “Servant of JEHOVAH”. How would it make you feel to read words given by God Himself totally condemning Esau? That’s Zionism and true hatred of God; something most of us, thank God will never understand. While Obadiah is open, notice verse 20 is also changed in new versions “…the captivity of Jerusalem, which is in Sepharad” KJV. This may be a bitter pill, but Jerusalem is held captive by Sepharad; the “cities of the south” refer to Mt Sephar in SW Arabia, the ancestral home of the Sabeans. Israel is still in Assyrian Captivity and Jews from Judah are still in Babylonian Captivity; God instituted “Diaspora” for their punishment and protection. Diaspora means “Scattered”, this is why so many people are slated to die; Satan needs to kill every last person from the 12 tribes of Israel and all truly Born Again Christians. Born Again Christians are grafted on to the House of Jacob spiritually; persecution unlike anything the world has yet experienced is likely not very far off. Now, what makes a person Arab?

Joktan and Peleg are brothers who lived as Flood waters receded; Joktan’s 13 sons are the real “13th Tribe” (Gen 10:25-30). Arthur Koestler’s 13th Tribe and others claim Khazars are Dannites and the 13th Tribe of Israel in order to connect Kabbalah, the Talmud and men like Maimonides and Jacob Frank, the British Monarchy; Zionists Theordr Herzl, Edgar Bronfmann or the ADL’s Abe Foxman; the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion as well as the Six Pointed Star and Wailing Wall with Jacob; nothing is farther from the truth; Zionism and Kaballah are not Jewish in any sense of the word; they are Arab as I will show. God physically and spiritually “Separated” Arabs “Joktanites” from Peleg’s descendants which included Abraham and of course Jesus Christ. Peleg is the source name of “Archipelago” which means “Land surrounded by Water”; this obviously has both a spiritual and physical connotation; Jesus is the “Living Water”. Joktanites lived from Mesha to Sephar; Sephar became the source of “Sephardic Jews”; the obvious problem is they aren’t Semitic let alone Jewish. History records them as Crypto or Marrano; Jesus calls them Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing a Leaven in the Church. Sabeans descend from Seba, a son of Cush and presumed brother of Nimrod. Sabean religion was Pagan, primarily Lunar based and Female dominated; Queen of Sheba for example. The symbol of “Sin” was in fact the Crescent Moon; they are Sin worshippers with a hatred of God few can fathom. Their ancestral home was Sephar which has root with “To Count”, “Numbering”, “Census”, “Mathematics” and “Calculating”. Sabeans controlled what is called the Incense Road from Yemen (Sephar) to Midian (Mesha), the place God tapped Moses to rescue Jacob from Egyptian captivity. Sabeans claim to be the oldest religion; “Bahai” claims Sabean religion began with a Divine Messenger from Chaldee “Ur”; they regard Jesus much the same for the Christian religion. Bahai claims Abraham was the founder and a follower of Sabeanism. This is utter nonsense; Abram had nothing to do with Chaldean religion, which is why God sent him to Canaan. Sabean claims include that Abraham was an Akkadian who went to Harran and fathered “Sabean Harrians” through his concubine Keturah. Folks, anyone claiming inheritance rights to rule the Earth always; always, always claims Abraham; sorry to rain on their parade, but Abraham is descended from Shem, his 3rd son Arphaxad, his son Eber (Hebrews) and Peleg. What Akkadians did give us however is the Tower of Babel; Secret Societies holding “Slime” (Corruptible Men) together under Oath and Initiation Rights. Nimrod took the blame for Babel but “They came from the East”; not the West to Babel. Nimrod became the first post-flood “Scape Goat”. Another Akkadian gift is “Blood Libel”; “Puru” is the Akkadian word for “Lots”; deciding when and who suffers death in their stead; Purim is our modern day “Holy” Day; Gulf War I and II began on Purim; the 2010 Purim begins at the Olympic Closing Ceremonies, so stay “Sober”!

Arab comes from “Arabah” meaning “Wilderness”; “Mixture of People” and “Steppe”; it has nothing to do with Muhammad or Islam. Scottish would use the term “Highlander”; Tartan, the Assyrian Army Chief who took Israel captive replaced the 10 tribes with a mixture of people who identify their “Clans” (Kinsmen) with Tartan Cloth aka Phoenician Cloth. Braveheart? Arab for spiritual reasons; Egyptian/Scythian likely by genealogy. Iraq, for example became home to Mandean Gnostics, Johnitters (progenitors of Knight Templars who venerated the Severed Head “Death’s Head” under the guise of John the Baptist) and Yezhidis (Devil worshippers focused on Water Baptism). That’s the Northern component; Sabeans are the Southern component holding Jerusalem captive.

Facing the Rising Sun “East”, Sabeans “Yemenites” are the “Right Hand”; Obadiah refers to as cities of the South. Recall the 2 Thieves hanging next to Jesus; He didn’t ask them what they did or what family they came from because none of that mattered; the one on His “Right” was with Him in Paradise. Sabeans like Phoenicians (Canaanites, Sidonians, living in Lebanon who supplied materials for Solomon’s Temple and about 1000 wives and concubines for him) were very proficient Sea Traders. Their story will center in Meroe, Ethiopia due its proximity at the south end at the Red Sea I realize this is very difficult to understand; I’m quite sure I don’t, but I’ll just say 2 things about Meroe. The Queen of Sheba and King Solomon did not foster a Priestly bloodline, nor do Ethiopian Priests have the Ark of the Covenant. Even if they produced it, it wouldn’t be of any consequence to a Born Again Christian. Meroe has absolutely nothing to do with “Merovingian” or the “Prieure of Sion”. These claims will start flying around, but folks, there is no Bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. All this nonsense comes from Mary’s husband Joseph being related to Solomon. Bottom line: Mary and Joseph had no sexual relations prior to the Immaculate Conception; there is no Holy Grail; Jesus is God in flesh and Sabeans will go to any length to discredit that fact. Claims are being made that Obama’s father came from a long line of Sabean Priests and Michelle comes from the same stock; I’ll point them out, but who cares? Sabeans are Pagans separated from God by an impassable gulf.

Sabeans “Yemenites” were ruled by their Queens; Michelle is Barak’s Queen. Arabs are not Muslim, Christian or Jewish; they are mixed of mostly Hamitic “Ham” and “Semitic” Shem and their religion is Pagan. Sabean leaders were chosen from among their Priests, by their own Priests who held the reigns of power in that society. The northern counterpart is evident in the Celtic Druidic Priesthood. One cannot convert into Sabeanism; it is a Sephardic bloodline. Priests were chosen by “Divination”; our word Inauguration is derived from Augury “Divine by Portent”; without doubt, the Arab world noticed Jesuit John Roberts did not administer Obama’s Oath of Office correctly. Sabean Monarchs were chosen by a woman serving as the Oracle of Jupiter Ammon. Jupiter is of course the Cretian Zeus and Ammon, one of 3 groups that escape the hand of Antichrist in 11:41. Edom “Esau”, Moab and the children of Ammon. Amman Jordan is named after Ammon; the Hashemite Kingdom east of the Jordan Valley. History records Desolation “Wilderness” left behind Arab occupation; I expect no less from Obama. The sad fact is it is now mathematically impossible for America to pay off its $13 Trillion National Debt; there are not enough dollars to cover the debt and printing more causes more debt. America is in the proverbial “Rock and Hard Place” with an Arab Usurper for its leader.

America is coming down, but America is not the biblical house of Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh). Native Americans are not descended from Joseph’s son Manasseh, nor are white Americans descended from Ephraim; these are Zionist and Mormon lies. Shamanist Native religion is claimed by some to be of Sabean origin; this may be true, but one thing is certain; now would be a great time to accept the offer of Jesus Christ to cover your Sins with His blood, because it’s very likely a lot of blood will soon be spilled.

Obama is believed by some to be the physical blood tie between Abraham, Ishmael and Esau, the “Sons of Birthright”. Edomites and Ishmaelites violated Abraham and Isaac’s admonition not to take wives of Canaanites by marrying into the Hittites (Canaanites). Abraham’s concubine Keturah had offspring who settled southern Arabia (Yemen). The recent “Crotch Bomber” episode was a ridiculous excuse to install Millimeter Wave and Backscatter X-Ray machines and likely a prelude to a National ID of some sort designed as a virtual American prison. Sabeans worked and inter-married with Edomites to deny Israel passage to the Promised Land; they in particular became wealthy in the trade of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh; ever heard of them before?

Obama is claimed to be a blood relation of Muhammad through the Koreish Bedouin Tribe; thus he is the connection to Muhammad Sunni Muslims are looking for. Muhammad is claimed to have descended from Korah (Core of Jude 11), the leader of the rebellion against Moses who became “Koreish Bedouins” of the Golan Heights. “Druse” as they are called have dual citizenship between Syria (Aramaeans) and Venezuela, just as many Israelis have dual citizenship in Russia, Britain and the US. The Golan Heights is Mt Hermon aka Mt Sion the place in Gen 6 where sons of God saw Daughters of men and took wives of them. Folks, “Giants” have nothing to do with fallen angels “Nephilim”; the connection to Mt Hermon has more to do with Baalbek, considered the “Birthplace of Baal”; the Temple of Baalbek (Romans re-named it a Temple of Jupiter) is shaped like a Man holding a Key in his Left “Sinister” hand; it is an example of Cyclopean Masonry (very large blocks). It is the area where Dannites had interaction with Phoenicia; Sidon named after the Zidonians means “Hunter”; Dan was perhaps the first tribe of Israel to fall from God’s Covenant, as such their name is not to be found among the “Saved” in Revelation 7. Jacob prophesied Dan would Judge as a tribe of Israel; they will certainly do that but at the end of the Millennium; before that fake Dannites will Judge humanity. Who are these Usurpers?

Sabean’s traded Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh, fashioned coins with their Kings on the front and an Owl on the reverse. The same Owl of Wisdom is called Molech by 2000 world leaders who attend Bohemian Grove each summer in Santa Rosa, CA. The Owl is a symbol of Diana/Artemis the goddess of Witchcraft; Sabeans called this goddess “Shamsh”, an obvious connection to Shamash, the center candle on the Chanukkah Menorah. Shamash originally came from the Akkadians as did “Puru” the source word for “Purim”. Am I saying “Purim” Feb 28th 2010 will be a big deal? We’ll just have to watch the Olympic Closing Ceremony and see; interesting that the movie 2012 was filmed there though! Guess what Druids call Owls in the Trees watching their Sacrifice Rituals? Parliament. Is it coincidence Ur in Chaldee is now the URI “Parliament of world religion”? Now that’s a hoot eh?

Sabean Priests were, like Israel’s Priests called “Levites”; their connection to Moses and Aaron is based on Moses’ brother in law, a Cinite (settlers of Mt Sinai, Arabia), the mountain of the Law which is called Agar after Abraham’s Egyptian handmaid Hagar. Notice our surroundings for a moment. Osama bin Laden, hired by the CIA under George Bush Sr starts the “War on Terror” by blowing up the USS Cole in Yemen “Sabean” and is the sole reason for the US invasion of Afghanistan “Steppe”. Bush Sr’s other business partner Saddam Hussein becomes the sole reason for the Iraq invasion due his supposed connection to bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Who is Al Qaeda? The phrase was taken from a speech by Sunni philosopher Ibn Sayyid Qutb meaning “A Solid Foundation”. Definitely not Jesus Christ is it? So, we have the Chinese in Vancouver and the Panama Canal, owning $5 Trillion of obviously toxic US Debt and ownership of 80% of US Ports. Venezuela “Druse” and Columbia lie just south of the Canal; 10,000 US troops in Haiti in between and a 1100 mile border fence with Mexico. Anything seem wrong with this picture yet?

Like the true Levites, Sabean Priests had Sin Offerings; Levites to JEHOVAH; Sabeans to their gods ”Il-Mukah” and “Shamsh” a husband/wife or husband/sister duo. Daniel fainted when Jesus in the appearance of a Man and Gabriel told him Daily Sacrifice would begin the final 2300 days; Levites had animal sacrifices; Sabeans venerated “Man Slaying”. Change is coming to America; remember?

Sabean wives were called “Mistresses of the Castle”; Michelle wore a black Widow dress on election night and held Abraham Lincoln’s bible as homosexual Jesuit Supreme Court Justice John Roberts failed to administer the only 35 words necessary that day under the Constitution. Read the upper level Jesuit Oath and you will see why this happened; it ain’t pretty. Inauguration comes from the word “Augury” meaning “Divine by Portent”. Notice the similarity to Mervovingian Kings who were managed by “Mayors of the Palace”. I’ll state this plainly now; Merovingian Kings of France (Clovis to Charlemagne) are not blood related to Jesus Christ in any way shape or form, nor are they related to Ethiopians from Meroe, the Queen of Sheba, King Solomon or the Tribe of Dan. This likely sounds very strange, but in my opinion, Obama will be blamed for finishing the Tower of Babel (MYSTERY, BABYLON…) the Cushite King Nimrod was blamed for beginning began. Particular praise was given to Sabean Kings for Man Slaying, success with arms, health, and theft of booty. A budget deficit of $1.4 Trillion this year and a projected deficit of $1.56 Trillion with $15.1 Trillion total debt should make China a little uneasy about their investments eh?

Obama is also claimed to be an Ethiopian related to the Tribe of Dan; specifically a Nubian King related to the Egyptian Pharaoh Taharqa (690BC-664BC), Pharaoh right after Assyrian Captivity. Assyrians descend from Asshur the eldest son of Shem who built Nineveh; Like Babel, Nimrod is blamed for this in new bible versions as well. Nubia is now Sudan and was part of Ethiopia. It is believed by some that the Tribe of Dan migrated to Meroe, Ethiopia to escape Assyrian Captivity; if this claim is in scripture (Eze 27), I can’t find it. The story wreaks of 13th Tribe Dannite nonsense to me; Meroe is not the source of “Merovingian” as some claim; there is no Prieure of Sion “Guardians of the Holy Grail”; Dannites are not the supposed 13th Tribe; there is no Holy Grail bloodline between Jesus and Mary Magdalene much less between King Solomon and the Ethiopian Queen of Sheba and I quite frankly could care less about Ethiopian Orthodox Priests hiding a fake Ark of the Covenant like some stupid shell game. As Bush Jr took office Orthodox Rabbis paraded a fake Ark of the Covenant through NYC and into the Pentagon; that’s stupid as well. In Jan of 2008, Orthodox Rabbis took Tony Blair and Bush Jr into Zedekiah’s Cave for a Black Mass and proclaimed Bush “Gog, chief prince of Meshech and Tubal”; that’s stupid as well, but no more stupid than Bush Sr being given the new name “Magog” in his Skull & Bones initiation I suppose. Lovely family eh? Barbara Bush, alleged by many researchers to be a Grand Dame in the “Mothers of Darkness” takes this oath “Satan is the way, and the light. I (Cult Name) by my free choice commit to serve my body & spirit in union with the father of light for the total prosperity and insurance of the victory of Satan and the father of light Antichrist”. Barbara (Orthodox Church “Great Martyr”) has a husband named Magog and son named Gog, both Presidents, Bohemian Grove Members and Skull & Bones Initiates and now they are schilling for money in Haiti. Can you see how this Rising Sun thing works now?

Zedekiah did evil in sight of the LORD; Nebuchadnezzar slew him and his sons as Jer 52 1:11 and 2 Kings 25:7 make perfectly clear, yet Mormons claim one of his mythical sons Mulek survived and sailed to the Americas in wooden submarines. Voile, Mormon men are now Melchisedek Priests like Jesus, carry on the Levite Priesthood from the wrong Tribes; Ephraim (Whites) and Manasseh (Black/Native), and Mormon Prophets are now Dannites; Sweet!

I’m sure most of you have heard the claims (earliest claim of this I can find is the Book of Kells) that Dan changed their Tribal Standard to the Eagle and moved into Europe and the US where Mormon Prophets claim Dannite ancestry; Sorry to be blunt, but it is all provable BS; specifically the type of BS than comes from Cretin Bulls, Egyptian Apis Bulls, and Golden Calves from Mt Sinai (Hagar), Beth-el, Dan and Wall St. The Eagle is and always has been the symbol of Esau usurping Jacob’s purchase of his Birthright; it is the original Arabian Phoenix Bird. The Tribe of Dan is prophesied to become “Judges” at the end of the Millennium (Eze 48), not now; their symbol is like it always has been, the Serpent. Fake Dannites will “Judge” humanity on Sharia and Noahide Law on the date their “Oroborus Serpent” eats its own tail at 11:11 GMT on 12/21/2012 “” so get ready to stand ready to give your life for Jesus Christ or figure out what you will tell him after you die! The truth of the matter is that Michelle has more claim to Ethiopian ancestry than Barack. Her cousin Capers Funnye is a prominent Chicago Rabbi who heads the Beth Shalom B’Nai Zaken Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation. In addition, Capers is a converted Methodist “Crypto” and a Senior Research Associate at the Institute of Jewish and Community Research in San Francisco. Folks, real Jews would not put a Crypto Methodist in charge of anything. The new movie Book of Eli just happens to end with the New King James bible being orally dictated to the survivors of a post Civil War America in San Francisco. Will Smith starred in I am Legend which had a similar theme that connected Ethiopia, Rastafarianism, Bob Marley and Ethiopian PM Haile Selasi who believed himself to be an incarnation of God just as Eli is portrayed by Denzel Washington who claims in public to be Christian. Will Smith, an active Scientologist is now set to produce and star in a movie about Pharaoh Taharqa called The Last Pharaoh; Obama said if anyone were to play him in a movie, he would want Will Smith. This is how Cryptos have always worked; Sephardic Jews are Crypto but they are anything but Jewish much less Christian. Can you see why Jesus said never call any man Rabbi now? (Mat 23:8) Rabbis are not Jewish!

Nimrod was a Cushite from Nubia/Sudan/Ethiopia who traveled East to Babylon; the builders of the Tower of Babel came from the East in the KJV, so it was not him. In regards to the New King James Bible featured in Book of Eli notice 2 subtle changes from the Authorized Bible KJV. The Tower of Babel builders use “Asphalt” for Mortar; Nubia is west of Babylon and the KJV uses the word “Slime”. Folks, Slime means corrupted Men, not road base, and the builders came from modern day Iran/Afghanistan, not Nubia! Notice next that Nimrod builds Nineveh in the NKJV and all new bible versions whereas Shem’s son Asshur builds it in the KJV. Asshur is of course Semitic and the source name for the Assyrians; Nimrod was not Semitic. Obama is a modern day Nimrod; a non-Semite blaming Semites for abominable acts. Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner failing to pay Taxes, $Trillions given to International Bankers, escalating war in Afghanistan, 32 Czars, Census (recall Sephar means “to Count” and “Census”; well you can count me out) conducted by Rahm Emanuel “Supreme god is with us” should be enough to see this man is not who he says he is. In 2 Kings 19:9 says the Ethiopian King Tirhakah fought against the Assyrians; I suspect his claimed descendant Obama will also fight against Iran in similar fashion to begin Daniel 8. An Angel of the LORD smote 180,000 Assyrians forcing the King Sennacherib (biblical “Pul” from an Ethiopian Tribe) to return to the Assyrian Capital of Nineveh in 2 Kings 19:35; Jonah was even sent by God to warn Nineveh of their impending destruction; God said there were 120,000 people in Nineveh who could not discern their right hand from their left (Good-Evil) Jonah 4:11. This same condition exists in America today. Can you see why some people have such hatred against God now? Flood, Language Confusion, Sodom & Gomorrah, Red Sea, Jericho were all God’s set backs for them. Oh, I can hear your questioning of Obama being a Sodomite; answer is definitely yes, but I will not go there. Bush Jr was even worse; Look into Larry Sinclair and Jeff Gannon and make up your own mind. A gravesite with more than 1 million remains is all that remain of Sodom now; the melted marble amid the once thriving city should be enough warning not to tempt God. I like everyone else wish a decent human being would come along soon, but folks, the writing is on the Wall just like it was for Belshaszzar in Babylon “MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN”; Menes was Egypt’s 1st Pharaoh and it’s quite likely Taharqa “Obama” may be America’s first and last Pharaoh. Egyptians let the Amalekites “Hyksos” in as Foreign Rulers and America now has an Amalekite (Edomite) ruler. MENE is capitalized because America has become Spiritual Sodom and Egypt just like Jerusalem will be during the Great Tribulation. This time the only difference is Medes and Persians will be Spanish and Chinese. The Vancouver Olympics Feb 12-28; Vancouver is China’s North American base, but they control 80% of US Ports as well as the Panama Canal and hold title to $5Trillion of US Treasury Notes. What would you do if you were them? On Feb 28th the only book where God is absent “Esther” will be read in Synagogues to commemorate “Purim”. The word Purim comes from the East of Babylon in Akkadia from “Puru” meaning “Drawing of Lots”; Gulf War I, II began on Purim to lay the groundwork for the Iran War; I wonder if Obama remembers Esther and Mordechai tricking the Persian King Xerxes into hanging his Edomite Prime Minister Haman? I’ll bet you he does; remember Edom, Moab and Ammon escape Antichrist. Obama will be the Scape Goat; Nimrod was blamed for starting the Tower of Babel; Obama will be blamed for finishing it. It’s time to start conversing with the LORD; His name is Jesus Christ and in case its not obvious yet the Gallows have been constructed.

Ahmadinejad does not call the shots; the Shiite Grand Ayatollah al-Kamini does; like Obama, Zbignew Brzenziski writes the play books of this Grand Chessboard. Whether Obama is regarded as Imam Mahdi to Shiites remains to be seen, but Barack Hussein Obama are all Arabic names and connected to Arab Mythology. “El-Barack” was Abraham’s Winged White Horse; “al-Buraq” was Muhammad’s Winged White Horse. Both likely took their names from Barak, Israel’s 5th Judge. Obama’s Logos are the Rising/Setting Sun and Red and White Stripes. It was designed by Prince Hall Masons and “Sol Sender” for their lodge brother. It is also the identical logo used by Carbonfund LLC. For Pagans the biblical phrase “By his stripes we are healed” does not refer to Jesus but possibly to Obama who may be the one to sacrifice America for the Sins of the world in preparation for the vaunted world Crucifixion/Passover on 12/21/2012, the date of the Pagan “New Age”.

Obama bowed in June to King Abdulluh, the 5th Son of 37 sons of the Saudi Arabian Dynasty founding father. Remember, Arab has nothing to do with Islam, likewise Qutb and Wahhab have nothing to do with Islam. Shiite/Sunni/Wahhabist are merely divisions much like Catholic/Protestant or Torah/Talmudic Judaism; they are simply designed to “Divide and Conquer”. Obama bowed in November to Emperor Hirohito’s 5th son, Emperor Akhito; these events were bigger deals than one may suspect. Shem also had 5 sons Elam, Asshur, Arphaxad, Lud and Aram; founders of Persepolis, Nineveh, bloodline of Jesus Christ, Satan’s Seat/Temple of Artemis, Damascus in order. It’s a giant Family Feud with Jews and Born Again Christians caught in the middle as it always has been. Obama’s Universal Health Care Bill was dealt a blow when Knight of Malta (Hospitaller and/or Knight of St John of Jerusalem) Ted Kennedy passed; the good news is a cousin of Obama Scott Brown took his place. Obama’s Logo is the Winged Staff of Mercury and the same Red and White stripes. These stripes refer to mixed marriage “Sephar”; Satan established his throne at Pergamos which also means “Mixed Marriage”. The “Caduceus” is the symbol of Toth/Hermes and Mercury, the god of Alchemical Transformation and Healing. My article Tikkun Olam goes into more detail about what “Repairing the World” means to Pagans; for now I’ll just say it means liberation from matter by fire, the perfect method of cleansing Death and Disease. Guess where these Sabean/Phoenician/Arab/Edom/Moab/Ammon “Templars” hide from this Fire? Jesus says in rocks and dens of the mountains; seems like Cheney’s “Undisclosed Location” on 9/11 “Mt Weather” will be crowded when the Weather Weapons start heating up eh? Now, please people just wash your hands and get your N1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine.

God is not the author of confusion and I am trying my best not to be as well. To that end, I do not believe Obama is the Antichrist, nor do I believe the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ is imminent; rather that day is more than 2300 days in the future. I believe Daniel 9:24-27 “70 Weeks” means exactly as it is written ie 490 days and all of those days are yet to be fulfilled. Further, I believe no Man can “cleanse” the house of God; Judas Maccabeus called the “Hammer of God”, cleansed the 2nd Temple following Antiochus Epiphanes (Aramaean) sacrifice of a pig on the altar. The date was Dec 25, and he built a new altar likely of cut stone which violates God’s commandment in Exodus 20:25 on the date originally called Sol Invictus. This came to be called Hanukkah “Feast of Dedication” and later Christmas. Christ-Mass means “Ritual sacrifice and distribution of a suitable host”. In this case Jesus Christ was the host; when Daily Sacrifice begins, it will be Man unwilling to progress into the New World Order. When God was Crucified, Judaism ended; by definition, Christmas is the sacrificial killing of Christ and Hanukkah is the Feast. The dedication is in fact to the solar god “Sol Invictus”, not JEHOVAH who was born in flesh on Feast of Tabernacles. Amos 7:2,5KJV state clearly God did not raise Israel up. Judaism and the Levitical Priesthood ended at the Crucifixion of God. As Melchisedek, He is the author of the Levitical Priesthood, specifying only Aaron’s descendants could hold the office. As Melchisedek, Jesus is the fulfillment of the Zadokite Priesthood who kept God’s Commandments; only Jesus has the ability to author a New Covenant and deliver it through the Holy Ghost.

The rest of this article is going to get a lot stranger so let’s pause once again to look at our surroundings. Wolves are circling and a lot of Red Eyes are staring back. Communist China owns 80% of US Ports, $5 Trillion in US Treasury Notes, Vancouver (Games end on Purim; 5 circles represent 5 Canaanite Kings killed by Joshua and the 5 that remain today; the 4 “Labrys” connecting them are the 4 Beast Kingdoms), the Panama Canal and Obama hoisted their flag at the White House in honor of the 60th anniversary of Yale Grad, Communist butcher Mao Zedong. US Troops are surrounded in Iraq (Babylon) by Iran (Persia), Turkey (Ephesus/Pergamos), Syria (Aram), Yemen (Sabean) and Saudi Arabia. Muhammad ibn Abd-al-Wahhab (1703-1792) provided the name of “Wahhabist” and Ibn-Sayyid Qutb (1906-1966) first quoted “Al Qaeda” meaning “A Solid Foundation”. “Wahhab” is similar to Ahab, for a reason. Ahab’s descendant Mordecai hung Haman (Amalekite) to begin the celebration of Purim and Qutb is regarded as the spiritual father of Osama bin Laden. Again, I’ll be straight to the point here, bin Laden is not Sunni or Wahhabist; he is a CIA asset. The exit path is through the Persian Gulf, surrounded by Saudi Arabia and Iran. The path to the sea is past Basra, a town meaning Edom’s Sheepfold, roughly coincident with Daniel’s vision of Dan 8 on the banks of the River Ulai and Susa, “Ground Zero” for Assyrians and Achamaenid (Usurping Medians) Persians. Ormaizd is as best I can discern, the spot occultists believe the Garden of Eden to be. Today, it seems to take the name Bandar e Bushehr (I’m guessing); Saudi Prince Bandar was called Bandar Bush due his close relationship with the Bush family; I remember something about a Burning Bush in Midian, but I digress. The Society of Ormus, uses the symbol of Virgo to represent Orm “Star Fire/Elixer of Life”, Horus, Tammuz, the celestial Virgin, and M the 13th Phoenician Letter. Susa, Persepolis “City of Persephone” and Ormaizd (Bandar e Bushehr) form a triangle; draw it on a map and if I’m not mistaken, it looks just like the Federal Triangle (White House, Washington Monument, Capitol) used to represent the Celestial Virgin and the Pythagorean Triangle. The narrowest point “Strait of Hormuz” is named after Horus and Tammuz, the occult version of the Divine Child. Iran “Aryan” has Russian and Chinese made supersonic cruise missiles and 230 mph torpedoes which render US Aircraft Carriers, essentially floating coffins. Arya is derived from “Noble Caste”. At home, Colorado Springs is home to NORTHCOM and its potential 1 million foreign/domestic troops. Couple all this with US funding of Black Water “Xe”, the largest Private Army in world history founded by an Evangelical Methodist and Ted Haggard’s New Life Church will pale in comparison. Folks, tithing goes to God not for homosexual prostitution and crack dealing!

Salvation is not available under any “Works” based religious system be it Judaism, Kabbalah, Mormonism, Protestantism, Catholicism, Shamanism, Voodoo, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism or Science. Yes, Science is a Religion and the most apostate of all which goes to great lengths in every discipline to deny the existence of God. Dan 8:14 says the final 2300 days begin with Daily Sacrifice. Since Old Testament Jewish religion is over, this article will now focus on when the Daily Sacrifice of Man might begin, and why Obama may be the one to begin it. By my count that day may be President’s Day 2010. CIA director William Casey said “Our disinformation campaign will be complete when everything the American Public believes is false”. Jesus began the New Covenant by shedding His blood; this in accordance with Hebrews 9:22 “…without shedding of blood is no remission”. Communion at the Last Supper was His symbolic Body and Blood; God gave His physical body and blood as remission of Sin for everyone who is willing to accept it. Michelle wore the Black Widow dress on election night; the female Black Widow eats the body of her mate after consummation. Deborah was Israel’s 4th Judge; it has a Canaanite equivalent “Dabar” which means “Word” or “Bee”. Barak was Israel’s 5th Judge; responsible for the Nail in Sisera’s Temple and his decapitation (Judges 4-5) by Heber’s (Kennite) wife Jael; Heber descended from Moses’ brother in law Hobab (Koreish Tribe related to Muhammad and perhaps Obama). Gideon was Israel’s 6th Judge descended from Manasseh, the eldest son of Joseph who delivered them from the Midianites, killed Ishmaelites and began the jealousy with Ephraim that continues to this day; particularly noticeable within the Mormon Church as most all claim to be from Ephraim. Folks, you may believe the bible is a story book or you may think everyone forgives and forgets, but many do not; when WW3 begins America will be in the crosshairs.

Antiochus the Aramaean (Shem’s youngest son was Aram) ruler of Syria called himself “Epiphanes” which means “Illustrious”. He sacrificed a pig “Swine” on the altar in the Holy of Holies of the 2nd Temple; Herod the Edomite’s Temple. This article will illustrate that Barack Hussein Obama may in fact have the same intention; to sacrifice people he considers to be “Swine” in order to cast out the demons of the world. Mathew and Luke 8:30-33 describe different events but the same outcome; when Satan’s demons enter a person and Jesus cast them out, they enter Swine and commit suicide. 8 is the number God associates with Sovereignty; 33 is the age when Jesus attained it upon His rejection by the world. Likely the 8th contract God has made with Man will end on 12/21/2012, the demons having entered “Swine” and burned by fire will have completed what Toth/Hermes stated in the Emerald Tablet “As above, so Below”. If you are not spiritually ready for the Capstone to be lowered onto the Unfinished Pyramid, now would be a great time.

Barack Hussein Obama means “Blessed, Good, Handsome, Flash of Lightning” in Arabic, and “He is with us” in Farsi (Fars is near Persopolis). The White House released a photo of a Vedic “Aryan” Idol of Hanuman, a monkey god representing good luck in war, a deceased US Soldier’s ID Bracelet, a Madonna with Child (this is not Mary and Jesus; it’s the Black Virgin and Divine Child) and a Gambler’s Lucky Chit. This summarizes the pure definition of Paganism and would be shunned by every Born Again Christian. His Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is in charge of the US Census; his father was an arms dealer for Irgun, an Israeli terrorist group. Rahm is Ram, the symbol of the Persian King Cyrus the Great as well as the Greek homosexual would-be King of the World Alexander the Great; his name means “Supreme God is with us”. God’s title is “I am” and “I am he”. “he” is the 5th Hebrew letter which means “God is with us”. The 6th is “Vau” which means “Nail”. When Jesus was Crucified, “he” was Nailed to the Sacred Tree, and “he” went with him from Juda when “he” gave up the Ghost. As the author of the Levitical Priesthood, “he” is also the author of the Covenant with Abraham, going by the title “Melchisedek” (ref Gen 14:18 and Heb 7) which means “King of Salem”. Thus the Covenant with Abram which changed his name to Abraham is authored by Jesus Christ. This article will seem strange, but often, truth is stranger than fiction. All I’m asking is for you to put yourself in Daniel’s place some 3500 years ago standing on the Banks of the River Ulai, near the ancient Persian capital of Susa founded by Cyrus the Great and modern day Basra. Jesus in the appearance of a man and the Angel Gabriel informed him the last 2300 days would begin with “Daily Sacrifice”. He got sick and fainted not because his life was in danger, but because most of the lives of humanity would one day be in danger. The future is not for the faint hearted; when God’s timing is right 4 symbolic horsemen will make War, remove Peace, spread disease and enslave most of humanity before another brings Death and Hell. By that point “Messiah will be cutoff” and the Great Tribulation (final 1260 days) will begin. The only escape is a 1 on 1 relationship with Jesus Christ through the Holy Ghost made while the offer is still available. If you are waiting for a Peace Treaty in Jerusalem, that’s too late. The Covenant you make with Jesus Christ is solely up to you as it always has been. Now would be as good a time as any to make it.

On Aug 5, 2009 Obama was asked to define Sin. His response was “Sin is being out of alignment with my values”. Just WHO does “he” think he is? Hawaii became a State on Aug 21, 1959. Interestingly, there was no legal transfer of Hawaiian lands to the US making the recent 50th anniversary of Statehood a sham. Obama or whoever made his Myspace page lists his age as 52, making his birth during the time before Statehood and therefore his presidency Un-Constitutional.. Hawaii is the Archipelago surrounded by the most water in the middle of the Pacific Ocean; Pacific meaning “Peace and Ocean meaning “Limitless Expanse”, usually of “Water”. Considered by many to be the true Arabs, Joktanites separated by water from the genealogy of Jesus Christ “Living water” (Eber to Peleg…) during his and his brother Peleg’s (source of the terms Hebrew and Archipelago) day between 100 and 239 years after Noah’s Flood; “For in his days was the earth divided” Gen 10:25 Needless to say, there is quite a long history here of (roughly 4330 years or 2300BC; Jesus was not born at 1 BC-AD, that is Anno Domini (Year of our Lord). Domini means Mask and DM means Red. This Red Messiah will begin his entrance on the scene 2300 days before Jesus, in a Satanic copy of Jesus’ birth 2300 days before the Solstice of AD-BC on Feast of Tabernacles 6 BC. I cover this in my Christmas article as best I can, so this will suffice. The Aramaic Bible “Syriac Peshitta” (Aram was Shem’s 5th son) is a Gnostic document written about 5th century AD and miraculously found, much like the Dead Sea Scrolls at the St Catharine’s Monastery near Mt Sinai, Egypt. Too bad the real Mt Sinai is in Arabia. It claims Melchisedek and Shem are one in the same person and the author of the Abrahamic Covenant; BS! Hebrew 7 records Melchisedek as Jesus Christ and having no beginning or end; Shem obviously had both.