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toadstool, amenita muscaria
Papal mitre in production (2)

Amenita Muscaria: Magic Mushroom

“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie” 2 Thess 2:11  DMT “Dmitry” means “Devotee of Demeter” aka Earth Mother. We can worship the Creator (Alpha, I AM, JEHOVAH-JESUS) or Creation but not both.
Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus Christ. JESUS (Mat 1:25KJV), the Spiritual rendering of Jesus is JEHOVAH (Ex 6:3), the Covenant Name of God. Christmas is a Covenant with Baal-Berith “Baal in Covenant” represented as an Evergreen Tree (Judges 8:33; 9:46). The origination of this “Covenant” was in Shechem between Mt Ebal and Mt Gerizem; Jacob wrestled with God and was renamed Israel; his “Heap of Witness” was “Galeed” (Gilead Sciences is producing a Coronavirus “Crowned Snake Venom” treatment; named after Galeed); Laban chose the Chaldean “Heap of Witness” “Jegar-sahadutha” and unfortunately, most people on Earth followed his lead in the Deception.

Coronavirus Vaccine (Crowned Snake Venom) is the 4 Horsemen, Strong Delusion and Mark of the Beast Frog DNA in the Vaccine is self replicating, programmable and controllable; it will become a permanent resident in cells as the Unclean Spirits of the Dragon/Satan/Serpent/Devil, Antichrist and False Prophet. 5G and AI (Artificial Intelligence) will control everyone on Earth with 60GHz the Holy Grail frequency “Killing Frequency”; everyone on Earth will need RFID and Smart Phones to access money and rights in the New Age. Luciferase (Lucifer’s Race) Enzyme Bio-Luminescence Vaccine record; NTAG 216 (6X6X6) RFID.

Adrenochrome The high one gets from drinking blood of children scared beyond description and full of Adrenaline is the real Entheogen “Become God”. ChristMass is the sacrificial killing of God and consumption of the Host; Cannibalism and the consumption of Adrenaline filled Blood is the ultimate deception.

Amenita Muscaria the Red-White Halluginigenic Psilocybin Mushrooms represent the Christmas delusion; the source of Christmas and Hanukkah gifts, (important as the 2 Witnesses will be killed mid-week as people send gifts one to another in Jerusalem), Santa Claus (Santa is a Hittite god; also Mithras, Attis, Krishna, Osiris etc), Flying Reindeer, Holy Water (Pine Cones=Pineal Gland), the Phallus, Pole, Yarmulke, Eucharist Wafer and Grail Cup. Esau (Gen 27:39-41KJV) was prophesied to live by the Sword, Fatness of the Earth (Wealth) and Dew of Heaven (Dew initiates asexual reproduction of Magic Mushrooms under Pine Trees), Asexual reproduction (Divine Union seen in Gen 5:2), Obelisks, Communion Wafer, Altar/Table, Yarmulka (Kippur, Zuchetto, Skull Cap, Temple Veil) Holy Grail or the Golden Shower seen at the Midnight Countdown Clock at Union SQ in Manhattan (Man + Aten).
Mithras, the Zoroastrian version also means “Covenant” seen in the Mitres (Covenant) worn by Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran Clergy. Catholic means “Universal”; the Catholic Church is in Communion (Sacrament/Mass) with Orthodox and Protestant Religions originated in 1517 by Martin Luther who brought worship of the Evergreen Tree and Stars into “Christian” worship. Arabs celebrate the birth of Lord Moon on the night of Dec 24th; Chaldeans and Sabians worship the Moon as “Sin”
Christmas is derived from Christ=Messiah + Mass (Sacrifice and Consumption of the Host); originating in Egypt the Mes Cakes Dough kneaded with Water symbolized the body of Osiris aka Saturn, the Primordial Chaos of Creation. The shortest Day being Dec 21st; God created the Sun, Moon (Moon=Sin; Crescent=Hilal “Lucifer”) and Stars on the 4th Day, Dec 25 “Dies Natalis Solis Invicti” (Nativity of the Unconquered Sun). The Going forth of the Wadjet (Wadj=Green One/Osiris) celebrated on Dec 25 is seen in the Pale (Chloro=Pale Green/Ashen) Horse “Death” of Rev 6:8; the “Green Man” of the Knights Templar, today’s International Bankers.
Zoroastrian religion originated in ancient Persia, the Sons of Light “Ahura Mazda” versus the Sons of Darkness “Ahriman” (generally regarded as the west). Zoroaster means “Undiluted Star”, another name of Saturn; the phrase AD ASTRA (Reach the Stars) is about Killing the God of Creation and replacing Him with Science “Vain, Profane Babblings” 1 Ti 6:12KJV and the “Tongue of the Chaldeans” Dan 1:4KJV. Satanist Frederich Nietszche wrote Thus spoke Zarathustra; (Greek version of Zoroaster); he and Karl Marx, the son of Lithuanian, Chaldean Rabbis had the goal of “Killing God”, mostly through “Science”; this is the essence of Zoroastrian religion and the Christmas birth of Mithras, Horus, Krishna, Bacchus, Dionysus, Attis, Tammuz. Black absorbs the Light, thus the Day God created on Day 1 must have originated in Prima Materia or Black Matter, the body of Saturn.
The Holy Ghost is the only Entheogen; Jesus is the Holy Ghost (1 Jn 1:1; 14; 1 Jn 5:7KJV); absent that free gift from Jesus, Heathens aka “Earth Dwellers” (Rev 13:8) and Shaman Priests use psychotropic drugs like Amenita Muscaria. “h” in Hebrew means “God is with me”, the same as Entheogen; Abram and Sarai received the “h” upon making their covenant with Melchisedek; I suggest you do the same; His name is JESUS.
Hallucinogenic Psilocybin Mushrooms represent the flesh of the Son of Saturn/Osiris, the “Rising Sun” (Eve 8) called KRST. Consuming the Flesh of KRST on Dec 25 is the biggest fraud in human history. The false Christ is called Sol Invictus, Horus, Krishna, Adonis, Prometheus, Hercules, Hermes, Dionysus, Bacchus, Zoroaster, Buddha, Tammuz, Mithras, Attis, the false solar god born at Christmas/Saturnalia. Many people all over the world cut down evergreen trees, set them up inside our houses, decorate them with ornaments, and place presents underneath them despite the warnings in Jeremiah 10. Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles (15 Tishrei), detailed in Lk 1. Santa, an anagram of Satan first appears as a Hittite god of the West; Santa is nothing but a Magic Mushroom gathering Nordic Shaman.

Osiris the KRST

UPenn 133
Eagle Gate

Osiris aka On “Heliopolis” is Saturn, the “Rising Sun” in Eze 8; Osiris and Horus were called Chrestos “KRST”, the Christ/Messiah in the New Aeon of Horus. The Cult of Saturn are the Cult of Melchisedek (Melek + Zadok=Righteous Priest) seen in the Mormon Church and the Christus Statue in the Mormon visitor’s Center; the Eagle Gate leading to the Visitor’s Center represents Nisroch, the Assyrian Eagle is Saturn (2 Ki 19:37). On is ultimately seen in Babylon “Gate of Saturn” (El=BabEl is the Chaldean version). In Egypt, Osiris is called KRST; the annual Going forth of the Wadjet in Egypt was held on Dec 25, the date the mathematical focii of Saturn the Black Star, Primeval Sun aligns with the Earth and the visible Sun is the mythical birthdate of Osiris and his son Horus. Santa, the Hittite god of the west, decked in the garb of the Red/White Ameenita Muscaria Mushroom gathering Nordic Shaman distributes the Hallucinogenic Entheogen “God Within” of Yule; (Geole=Earth). Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus Christ; the celebration is purely Heathen; quite a deception to be sure. The Eagle’s Nest (Mushrooms form a Bird’s Nest as they pierce the pine needles; seen in the Beijing Olympic building) of the Nazi Empire, American Eagle, Double Headed Eagle of 33 deg Freemasonry should be familiar; all depictions of Saturn.
Amenita Muscaria

Princess Toad Stool is not amused

Super Mario (War) had the task of protecting Princess Toadstool ie the Magic Mushroom Deception. The Jesuit (Militia of Zeus) Mother of all Churches Worldwide (including Islam) is the St John Lateran Archbasilica; Lateran means “Hidden Frogs” the 3 unclean spirits of Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 16:13; 12:9) in front is the St John Lateran Obelisk, the stem of the Magic Mushroom if you will.
The Obelisk (Baal’s Shaft), Yarmulke (Cap of Cybele), Holy Grail, Communion Wafer, Pineal Gland, false Baptism of the Holy Ghost all have origin in Hallucinogenic Mushrooms like Amenita Muscaria. Why do so many “Christians” celebrate this day, falling 9 months after Hilaria, the day celebrating the Solar impregnation of Ishtar (Easter) aka Queen of Heaven?
Christmas is no more Christian than Hanukkah is Jewish
“Thus saith the Lord, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them. For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not” Jeremiah 10:2-4 People cut down Pine trees and bring them into their houses at the Winter Solstice, placing brightly colored (Red and White) packages under their boughs; underneath the Pine bough is the location where one would find Amanita muscaria in the wild.

washington square park nyc

Amenita Muscaria is the red and white magic mushroom that grows almost exclusively beneath Pine trees. One of the active substances in the hallucinogenic mushroom is DMT 1, an Entheogen (God Within) naturally produced in the brain’s pineal gland. You can see Pine Cone Holy Water sprinklers carried by Catholic Priests and at the Vatican; the Pope often wearing a Red Saturn Hat.
The pinecone shaped pineal gland is an organ that produces the same DMT found in the pine tree fungus, Amanita muscaria. Baal-Berith “Covenant with Baal” (Judges 8:33; 9:46) is the Evergreen Tree in the Arch of Triumph.


Perseus, the mythical “Mushroom Hero” and founder of Mycenae “Mushroom City” has a name meaning “Waste, Sack, Destroy, Ravage”; Christmas has certainly done that to true Christianity. Perseus flies from city to city on winged sandals making Perseia, a magical herb from his Sword Scabbard; “Myces” or Mushrooms (Deception) grow at these sites.
Yule (Geole) is a Heathen Sacrifice Day celebrated by the Cult of Saturn, Church of Satan and Neo-Pagans; Born Again Christians have no more obligation to observe Christmas than Jews do to observe Hanukkah. The Pine tree is is the equivalent of the Arab Palm Tree; Palmyra (Amurru) the source of the Mormon Church in America and Palmyra Syria, aka Amurru (Serpent) the Babylonian sacrifice center of Molech became the namesake of America. Teaching Christmas traditions to children is tantamount to sacrificing them in Fires of Molech. Christmas means Sacrifice of Jesus and consumption of His body. The Ubiquitous Red Cloaked (Edom=Red) Santa led by the Red Nosed Stag is everywhere in one night, because Constantine the Great, the son of the Druid (Dru=Tree) Princess Helena set the date for Easter (Ishtar’s Day; Mar 25 is Hilaria, the conception of Attis) and Christmas 9 months later.

Green, red, and white as Christmas colors comes from the evergreen tree and the red and white mushrooms underneath. The word Christmas originally comes from the Egyptian KRST (oiled/anointed one) and Mes, the sacred cakes annually made/ingested by the Egyptian; the Heathen Eucharist made from Amanita muscaria or was the mushroom itself. The tradition existed all over the ancient world, but most of the iconography/symbology recognized today comes from pre-Christian Northern Europe; God sits in the north; the heathen KRST comes from the north.
Christmas is a holiday name composed of the words, ‘Christ’ (Anointed Messiah) and ‘Mass’ (Universal ie Catholic sacramental ingestion of the Eucharist, the ‘Body of KRST). In the Catholic Church, this substance (Body/Soma) has been replaced by the doctrine of ‘Transubstantiation’, whereby in a magical ceremony the Priests claim the ability to transform a ‘cracker/round-wafer’ into the literal ‘Body of Christ’ The real Communion is purely SPIRITUAL!

Winter Solstice

Christmas is not a Christian holiday, it is Heathen. Symbols and icons we associate with Christmas celebrations are derived from the shamanistic traditions of the tribal peoples of pre-Christian Northern Europe. The sacred mushroom of these people was the red and white amanita muscaria mushroom … These peoples lived in dwellings made of birch and reindeer hide, called ‘yurts.’ Somewhat similar to a teepee, the yurt’s central smoke hole is often also used as an entrance which is why Santa descends the Smoke Hole.
After gathering the mushrooms from under the sacred trees where they appeared, Shaman would fill their sacks, climb down the chimney entrances, and share the mushroom’s gifts with those within … Santa dresses like a Nordic Shaman mushroom gatherer for this reason. When it was time to go out and harvest the magical mushrooms, the ancient shamans would dress much like Santa, wearing red and white furtrimmed coats and long black boots.
To this day Siberian Shaman dress in ceremonial red and white fur trimmed jackets to gather the magic mushrooms. First they pick and place the mushrooms to partially dry on nearby pine boughs which prepares them for ingestion and makes the load lighter. This is why we decorate our Christmas trees with ornaments and bulbs, because the gatherers would always adorn trees with drying mushrooms.Next the shaman collects his red and white presents in a sack and proceeds to travel from house to house delivering them.
During Siberian winters, the snow piles up past the doors of their yurts (huts), so the red and white clad shaman must climb down the smoke hole (chimney) to deliver the presents in his sack. Finally the appreciative villagers string the mushrooms up or put them in stockings on the Hearth hung in front of the fire to dry.
When they awake in the morning, their presents from under the pine tree are all dried and ready to eat.
“The amanita mushroom needs to be dried before being consumed; the drying process reduces the mushroom’s toxicity while increasing its potency. The shaman would guide the group in stringing the mushrooms and hanging them around the hearth fire to dry. This tradition is echoed in the modern stringing of popcorn.

“The ancient shamanic use of Amanita muscaria in Siberia is well documented. Despite governmental oppression against its use, there are still many who refuse to accept the authorized state religion, and continue the shamanic traditions in secret.
Just as the Siberian shaman (commonly dressing in red and white) would enter through the opening in the roof of a home where a ritual was to be done, Santa Claus also arrives on the roof and enters through the chimney. Just as the shamans would gather the mushrooms in bags which they would bring with them when performing a ceremony, Santa Claus also (on the Holy Day) brings presents in a bag.”
James Arthur, “Mushrooms and Mankind”

Siberian reindeer also enjoy eating Amanita mushrooms and thus are often used as a lure by the deer herding natives.
Since one of the hallucinatory experiences often felt on psychedelic mushrooms is that of flying, Santa’s flying reindeer are derived from this just as Witches on flying brooms.
“Reindeer were the sacred animals of these semi nomadic people, as the reindeer provided food, shelter, clothing and other necessities. Reindeer are also fond of eating the amanita mushrooms; they will seek them out, and then prance about while under their influence … The effects of the Amanita mushroom usually include sensations of size distortion and flying.
The feeling of flying could account for the legends of flying reindeer, and legends of shamanic journeys included stories of winged reindeer, transporting their riders up to the highest branches of the World Tree aka Norse Ygdrassil.


Sinterklass aka St Nicholas and Black Peter
St Nicholas as a myth first appears at the Council of Nicea during the reign of the Druid Heathen Emperor Constantine who used the X and IHS (In Hoc Signo Vinces=By this Sign conquer) to entice Christians into picking up the Sword just like Perseus. X is the UNKNOWN GOD seen in the Areopagus “Mars’ Hill” (Acts 17:23), the X formed by Jupiter the son of Saturn, in retrograde motion and the Cosmic X formed by the Milky Way and Zodiac centered on Sirius “Star of Isis” or Throne of Saturn.
The flying reindeer, sleigh, and the entire Santa Claus mythology originates from Siberia where Saint Nicholas, the patron Saint of children, is a supplanter to the indigenous Shaman.

Saint Nicholas, known as the ‘Patron Saint of Children,’ is the most revered saint in Russia; the St Nicholas Church in Antarctica was blessed by Russian Orthodox Patriach Kiril and received Gabriel’s Ark for the so-called “End Times” in 2015. Kiril is the Russian Orthodox Church’s supplanter to the native people’s highly respected local Shaman. A Shaman is a holy man that is well acquainted with a form of spirituality that incorporates plant entheogens which facilitate the NDE (Near Death Experience), or ‘out of body’ experience. Saint Nicholas may not have been a shaman, yet the symbolism on, and coloring of his robes could lend to speculation.

Edomites are Wolves in Sheep’s Clothes
One of the side effects of eating amanita mushrooms is that the skin and facial features take on a flushed, ruddy glow. This is why Santa is always shown with glowing red cheeks and nose. Even Santa’s jolly ‘Ho, ho, ho!’ is the euphoric laugh of one who has indulged in the magic fungus. Rudolph’s (Fame, Glory Wolf) nose is red because he represents the Edomite (Red) Worldwide Dominion (Gen 27:39-41KJV; Dan 7:6); revenge for the deception which started with Jacob attempting to obtain Esau’s blessing from his father; God was not fooled and the blessing came from God!

A name for a large, capped mushroom is a Toadstool; Mario and Princess Toadstool pretty obvious eh? So if Santa is a mushroom, and a mushroom is a stool, when children sit on Santa’s leg, they are sitting on a “toed” stool.
Santa’s magical journey, where his sleigh (Solar Barque/Chariot) takes him around the whole planet in a single night, is developed from the ‘heavenly chariot’ used by the gods from whom Santa and other shamanic figures are descended. The chariot of Odin, Thor and even the Egyptian god Osiris is now known as the Big Dipper, which circles around the North Star and the Constellation Draco (Dragon) in a 24hour period.
Rev 12:9 describes how the Dragon, Satan, Serpent is the Devil deceiving the entire world.

Nicolaitane “Conquer the Laity”
St Nick the Nicolaitane (Rev 2-3) is the Gnostic conquering of the Laity from the Pulpit; how many Christians Churches are willing to admit Christmas and Easter are Heathen traditions! The Weihnachtsmann (St. Nick) was an amalgamation of older Germanic/Norse gods such as Thor, Donner, Odin and Wotan. Santa flies through the skies in his sleigh, Odin (as well as the rest) rode through the sky in his chariot, which is depicted in the stars by The Big Dipper aka Great Bear, the hibernating Beast of Hibernia, the Satanic Water Bearer of Aquarius, the LGBTQ New Age to be ruled by Saturn. “Do what thou Wilt shall be the sum of the Law” is the motto of Witchcraft, and Thelemic Religion of the Nicolaitanes Wolves in Sheep’s Clothes.

Big Dipper Trails

Arthur, the “Once and future King of the Druids (Knowers of Trees) is the Sword in the Stone (Amenita muscaria) hero of the Round Table (Zodiac); Arcturas, guiding the Big Dipper around Draco (Dragon, Satan, Devil, Serpent in Rev 12:9) into the Age of Aquarius.
The Big Dipper (Great Bear or Water Pourer) is the chariot of Odin (Wotan) the God of the Cult of Saturn; Aquarius is the Golden Age yet to be ruled by Saturn called the Great Tribulation. Thor is his son and source of Thursday; King Arthur is Arcturas guiding the Big Dipper around Draco into the Aquarian Age, a return to the pre-flood world of LGBTQ+2 Pederasty and Pedophilia. The chariot that circles the North Star in a 24 hour period is thus also known as the sleigh of Santa Claus because it circles his mythological home, the North Pole. It is no surprise that Nordic/Germanic gods have connection to mushrooms in their mythology.
As Thor throws his mushroom shaped hammer to the ground, mighty thunders and lightning cracks cause the real mushroom(s) to appear. As the horses pulling Odin through the sky in his chariot become overexerted, their blood mingled spit falls to the ground and causes the Amanita mushrooms to grow at those exact points.”
–James Arthur, “Mushrooms and Mankind”
Probably the first Santa was Osiris in ancient Egypt who rode his flying chariot to/from the North Pole, was born on December 25th, and celebrated by putting presents underneath an evergreen tree; as a Hittite god, Santa appears later.
“Not only did Osiris ride the sky in a chariot, but after his death Isis found that an evergreen (Cedar) had grown overnight from a dead stump to full-sized; which was understood as a sign of Osiris’ rebirth and immortality. Interestingly, the traditional birth of Osiris is the 25th of December. The 25th of December was also celebrated annually by putting presents around the Cedar tree.
This tradition is 4000+ years old.

Nativity of Solis Invictus 2017
Horus is the Unconquered Sun; he birth of Horus to the goddess-virgin-mother Isis, the sister-wife of Saturn is seen in IHS (Isis-Horus-Saturn) and perhaps the eldest representation of the goddess/son mythology. The Astro-theological Virgo giving birth to the child, god-star mythology was seen on Sept 20-23, 2017 The Christ Angle formed over the Great Pyramid connecting Mt Sinai in Arabia with Bethlehem. On Sept 23, 2017 after a 9 month gestation seen by the Comet Borisov (God Like) streaking to the womb of Virgo (Isis) and Jupiter (Horus) in retrograde motion during the period, Jupiter/Horus was born of the Virgin, clothed with the Sun (Ivanka Trump played this role standing next to a Sun Flag in Japan “Land of the Rising Sun”) under a Crown of 12 Stars (Leo) with the Moon under her feet as prophesied in Rev 12:1. These events had nothing to do with Jesus, yet God planned them over 4200 years ago!

Santa, an anagram for Satan, dresses in red, keeps lists of naughty/nice children, and seems to steal Christmas from Jesus. But if understood in its original mushroom context, Santa’s not a conniving, omniscient, list-keeper.
He’s an Entheogen, a plant or substance which is said to “generate the God within.” The word Entheogen breaks down, En for inside, Theo for God, and Gen for generate – generate the God inside. If you have ever taken an Entheogen (i.e. Psilocybin, DMT, Peyote, Ayahuasca, Hashish), then you are already aware of the spiritual or even religious experiences associated with them. As anyone who has tried them knows, and most anyone who hasn’t fiercely denies, these Entheogens put us directly in contact with that spark of the divine within ourselves.
They allow access to higher consciousness and open our third eyes; The outer material world dissolves and the “five” senses return to a state of one sense, one consciousness.

Personal Heaven and Hell
Mischief, wickedness, or secrecy are exposed by entheogens as are kindness, love, and truth within you; entheogens bring heights comparable to heaven or hell for Heathens. When people of a poor disposition or in a negative mood eat magic mushrooms they usually have a “bad trip” and experience frightening or depressing hallucinations.
When people of a good disposition or in a positive mood eat mushrooms they usually have a good trip and experience hours of uncontrollable laughter and a loving, close feeling with everyone around.
Just like at Christmas Santa keeps lists of children who are naughty and nice, at Easter only good kids get to eat the colored eggs. Colored Eggs also denote the rank structure within Druidism.
This is likely because good kids on mushrooms are hilarious and lots of fun, whereas naughty kids on mushrooms guarantee a bad trip for everyone, so they get coal at Christmas and no eggs at Easter.
Santa Claus is an all-knowing icon that reads the hearts and intentions of everyone on the planet. Each child is told the story of the round-man (who wears red and white) and his associates; reindeer, little people and Mrs. Claus. They are also told the story of a miraculous worldwide flight in a sleigh which results in presents being delivered under a tree. When a child reaches the age of reasoning he is informed that this story is all a fabrication. This revelation is devastating upon the psyche of a young mind when he/she discovers parents were lying.
Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny (Annamelech 2 Ki 17:30) have both been uprooted from their original Heathen positions and accepted into Christians religion. They began as mythological mushroom heroes understood in a spiritual context by both children and adults. Now their literal meaning has been suppressed, and a fake image has been corporatized by Coke, Cadbury and others. The effect this has had is to turn mythological heroes into fantasies and lies. It was not meant for children to discover as they are coming of age that parents, family, and friends have lied to them about Santa and the Easter Bunny. The whole complexity of the modern Christmas mythos is an unexplainable mess without the magic mushroom, the story is completely unintelligible.
Psychologists have discussed the ‘cognitive dissonance’ which occurs when children are encouraged to believe in the literal existence of Santa Claus, only to have their parents’ lie revealed when they are older. By so deceiving our children we rob them of truth.

#Easter #Ishtar Eggs and bunnies.

The Easter egg hunt is another activity inexplicable without mushrooms. The current understanding is that the Easter bunny lays multicolored eggs in or around every house for children to hunt for and collect in Easter baskets. But since when do rabbits lay eggs? Why are they colorful/spotted eggs?
And why are they hidden for us to hunt and collect in baskets?
Rabbits (Rabbit Idol represents the Babylonian Anammellech (2 Ki 17:30); Rabbits don’t lay eggs, but in ancient myth, the spring/fertility goddess Eostre and the Germanic Ostara are both said to have saved a bird whose wings had frozen during the winter by turning it into a rabbit. Since the rabbit had once been a bird, it could still lay eggs, and that egg laying hare became our Easter bunny.In the earlier Babylonian version Ishtar comes from the Moon in a giant egg.
“The ‘Christian’ festival of Easter comes from the same source. Easter comes from the Babylonian goddess, Ishtar and it celebrated her son, Tammuz, who was the only begotten son of the Moon goddess and Sun God. The ‘Easter’ (Ishtar) eggs and the ‘Easter bunny’ also come from Babylon.
Tammuz was said to be very fond of rabbits and so we have the Easter bunny. Oh yes, and they also ate “sacred cakes” with a T on the top the origin of our hot cross buns. The T is a major symbol of Freemasonry because of its associations with Babylon and Tammuz. The Christian wafer used in Catholic ceremonies comes from the Egyptian taenaah – the sacrificial bread of the Moon. Christians think the bread symbolizes the ‘body of Jesus‘ when they are really involved in a ritual about the Egyptian Moon god. Once again, Communion with God is a SPIRITUAL Communion with JESUS!

America: Phoenix of the New Age
Ivanka Trump standing next to the Rising Sun in Japan was no accident. Donald Trump, Melania, Ivanka and Jared standing next to Pope Francis wearing funeral attire at the Vatican presenting the Pope with a Lotus Flower was not accident either.
Donald Trump standing next to the Egyptian President and Saudi Arabian King holding an illuminated Globe was also no accident; the Phoenix bird symbolically connects Egypt to Arabia regenerating itself in a Holocaust every 500 years.

In the ancient Egyptian mythos, Isis is fleeing from an enemy while in the form of a phoenix when she changes into a hare to escape down a rabbit hole. Rabbits and birds have for ages been associated with spring/fertility, but less known is their association with the magic mushroom.
The red and white Amanita Muscaria has long been symbolized by the Phoenix, and the brown Amanita Panthera symbolized by the hare. America is the Phoenix of the New Age long planned by Sir Francis Bacon (Jesuit trained Toby Mathew)
“The Phoenix: From the ashes (spores) the egg appears. Then comes the upturned cap resembling a gold and red colored bird (the gills as feathers). Then the heat (sun) burns the mushroom and it dissolves, once again leaving only ashes (spores), and finally repeating the whole cycle … The Phoenix-bird mythology is another piece of mushroom folklore.
As the fetus is generated in the furnace of the uterus, so the mushroom, that ‘evil ferment of the soil’, as Nicander (second century BC) calls it, is created, a womb within a womb, as it were. Like the fabulous Phoenix, the mushroom is self generated and regenerated, bursting forth from the vulvae, only to die as quickly and then apparently miraculously to reappear, a resurrection of its own self.

As the baby head of an Amanita Muscaria pops out of the ground, it pushes the pine needles aside forming a tiny circular wall that looks just like a birds nest. When there are many mushrooms close together, their heads budding through the pine needles look like little eggs in a fallen nest.
Unlike bird’s eggs, however, these ones are spotted, colorful, and magical. Once the baby mushrooms are plucked out of the ground, the remaining dirt/needles look like a rabbit-hole, again repeating the bird into bunny symbolism. So families/children walked through the forests in early Spring with Easter baskets to hunt for and collect these magic mushrooms.

During the A.D. times, there has been a Germanic/Christian Easter tradition of feasting on colored eggs after a long fast at lent, but the B.C. origins of Easter celebration again come from Egypt, where the “eggs” were well-known to be not eggs, but budding baby mushrooms.
“There are a number of hieroglyphic depictions of plants (many of which are psychedelic) on walls and within texts throughout Egypt. The pillars that are at every temple in Egypt are shaped like giant mushrooms. These are shaped like the Amanita some are shaped like Psilocybe.
In Egypt countless pillars are shaped like huge mushrooms with tall stems, umbrella caps, and mushroom engravings all up, down, and around them. In the Egyptian Book of the Dead they are called “the food of the gods,” or “celestial food” and “the flesh of the gods.”
In Egyptian temples there are many pictures of gods/neters feeding humans the “ankh” cross/circle symbol which is said to represent the water of life and immortality. Heathens call Psylobin Mushrooms “Elixir of Immortality” and “Fountain of Youth.”

Cortile della Pigna

Pine Cones: Holy Water aka Edomite Dew of Heaven Sprinklers
Pictures of winged Babylonian and Sumerian gods are shown feeding pinecones to humans. Could these be reference to the pine-cone-shaped pineal gland? At the Vatican there is suspiciously a gigantic statue of a pinecone in the Vatican “Court of the Pinecone.”
On the Pope’s staff there is also a pinecone depicted right at the height of his third-eye/pineal gland. Ancient Sumerian gods were always depicted feeding men pinecones, just as the Egyptian gods were so often depicted feeding men the “ankh.”
Because of their seedless growth/germination pattern, mushrooms were considered “virgin-births” by the ancients. They believed the mushrooms arose from dew, the divine fluid that magically appears at dawn.

They also correctly believed the Amanita to be the “fruit of the tree” and referred to them as such.
“The mushroom caps are the fruit of the larger mycelium beneath the soil which exists in a symbiotic relationship with the roots of the tree. To ancient people, these mushrooms were literally ‘the fruit of the tree.’ Ancient peoples were amazed at how these magical mushrooms sprang from the earth without any visible seed.
They considered this “virgin birth” to have been the result of the morning dew, which was seen as the semen of the deity. The silver tinsel we drape onto our modern Christmas tree represents this divine fluid or Semen of Adonis the Druid Tree god.
“Serpents” is an anagram for “Presents” like those found under the Christmas tree. At Christmas we string lights coiling up and around the tree, like the Serpent on the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil who has deceived the entire world (Rev 12:9).

Mushroom culture is Ubiquitous
The actual mushroom ‘plant’ is the underground ‘mycelium’ or ‘mycorrhizae’, which is directly attached to the tree roots; the mushroom itself is only the fruit-body of the mycelium. The mushroom is literally the Fruit of the Tree. They grow in a mycorrhizal (not parasitic) relationship with the tree.
Soma was/is the Hindu plant-god and Greek for “body.” Ambrosia was Greek for “food of the gods.” The Egyptian Book of the Dead calls it “food of the gods” and “celestial food,” as well as “flesh of the gods.” It is Amrita, the Buddhist magical sacrament and Haoma, the Islamic sacrament.
It’s been called the Bread of Life and the Loaf of Bliss, the Golden Fleece, the Cosmic Egg, the Easter Egg, the Small White Stone, the Philosophers Stone, the Sword in the Stone, the Phoenix, the pillar/phallus of Osiris, the Djed pillar, the One Eyed Howler, the Eye of Horus, and the DjedEye (pronounced Jedi), The World Tree (many cultures thought the mushroom was the creator of the world), the Fly Agaric, the Fountain of Living Waters (since the mushroom is alive, 90% water, and fountainshaped), and the Hammer of Thor.
The Mushroom itself has very interesting features that resemble, and have been related to Gold, Flesh, Blood (and blood vessels), Phallus, Vulva, Fire, Saucer, Cup, as well as a disc or orb. The mushroom has been, anthropomorphically, personified as a Man, a God, something of extraterrestrial origins, and a Plant God, SOMA, who was mediator between Mankind and the God/Gods/Goddesses, in the ancient Hindu books known as ‘The Vedas.
The psilocybin mushroom has properties similar to that of the amanita and has also been worshipped/mythologized throughout history. Unlike the amanita, fruit of the tree, psilocybin grows from the dung of a cow. In India cows are worshipped (hence “holy cow”) for many reasons, but especially for their holy shit/holy crap.
The ancient Egyptians revered Mother Hathor, the heavenly cow whose body was the firmament and who daily gave birth to HorusRa, her Golden Calf (Marduk is also the Golden Calf) In South East Asia the elephant is revered over other animals, like the cow in India, because magic mushrooms grow in elephant dung as well (hence Dumbo the flying elephant). Psilocybin mushrooms turn a dark blue when bruised or dried and so are usually depicted as such. This is why Pikanadt, the Hindu elephant man god, is blue and rules the realms of art and creativity.
Other Hindu gods are also blue like Vishnu who is depicted with serpents around his head looking much like a mushroom. Krishna is blue too usually shown with a cow to his side.

The Cartoon “Smurfs” are blue like psilocybin, they all wear liberty cap hats, and live in amanita muscaria houses!
There have been many mythological mushroom heroes known throughout history. Perseus was an ancient mushroom hero, founder and King of the city-state of Mycenae (Mushroom City). Perseus flew around on winged sandals making “Perseia” a magical herb, grow wherever he dropped the chape of his scabbard. Wherever Perseus dropped his cap, “myces,” mushrooms would sprout underneath. Libertus is another mushroom hero whose depiction can be found atop the US Capitol aka Womb of Horus/Zeus facing the Rising Sun “Saturn”

Libertus wears a Liberty Cap (or Phrygian Cap) which is shaped like and named after the Liberty Cap mushroom. This is where we get the idea of a “thinking cap” because when you ingest the cap you are teleported into an introspective, wondrous experience. The Phrygian/Liberty Cap was worn by Masonic revolutionaries during the French and American revolutions as well as by Perseus, Mithra, Santa, Elves, and the Smurfs.
It is also worn as a “night cap,” a double entendre which nowadays means having a alcoholic beverage before bed. The original idea of a night cap, however, was when Mithraic/Mystery school initiates would eat a large mushroom cap then lay in hot tubs and astrally project out of body.

Another mushroom hero was King Arthur of Camelot. Arthur pulled the Sword from the Stone, founded the Knights of the Round Table and made the Quest for the Holy Grail. All three of these legends actually refer to stages of the mushroom. The mushroom begins like an egg or a small white stone which pushes and wiggles upwards like a snake.
This is the Sword in the Stone stage (Sword is “Sword,” snakes/serpents, in the stone). Then the mushroom cap opens up and flattens out making a perfect circle like a round table top the Round Table stage. Lastly the edges of the mushroom upturn collecting the mushroom juices and dew, the drinkable “blood of the gods.”
This is called the Holy Grail stage and looks/acts just like a cup.
In its infant (button) state, the muscaria resembles a small white stone. The pulling of the sword from the stone (a symbol of wielding the power), is another Arthurian legend connecting the mushroom to the myth. The quest for the Grail itself is the quest for the knowledge of the mushroom.
The Parcival myth depicts paths (traditions), which are to be explored (but not adhered to), in order to complete the quest. This quest is described in the myths as a journey into the forest (the world) and finding paths (systems) which one may follow, for a time, but ultimately one must blaze his/her own trail in order to truth of the Holy Grail ie the discovery and usage of the mushroom.
There is 1 Holy Grail and that is a Baptism of the Holy Ghost and there is only 1 source JESUS CHRIST

The search for the Holy Grail is a mythology that has become, through adaptation, a part of the story of the Crucifixion. Some of the stories incorporate a cup which was used to catch some of the flowing blood of Jesus as he died on the cross. This cup, like many other relics collected by Constantine’s mother Helena, was thereby thought to possess magical powers.
Historically, the mushroom has been the container for the juice of the ‘elixir of immortality’, or the ‘blood of God’, in many myths.

The final shape of the muscaria, with its inverted cap, is the reason that the cup/fountain/grail symbology is used in the stories. King Arthur, as a child, gained his rightful place as King by pulling the sword from the stone.
This is symbolic for wielding the power of the mushroom. The stone is a metaphor for the mushroom, and pulling the sword from it is symbolic of being able to crack the code and possess the power of the magical plant. After Arthur took ill (in his later years) he was told that he must seek and find the Holy Grail to renew his strength and reacquire his power.
The Kundalini serpent is coiled three and a half times around the root chakra. Once awakened the serpent energy climbs up from the root/stone and around the spine, the Tree of Life. This process is analogous to the growth of a mushroom which begins looking like a stone then wriggles upward like a snake.
The root chakra serpent energy rises to the crown chakra which is usually symbolized by an eagle (Assyrian Nisroch=Saturn) or Phoenix. Spiritual symbology involving snakes fighting eagles is seen on the $US, various flags of the Americas for a reason.
Egyptian Pharaoh’s headdresses had snakes/birds coming out from the third eye point.
Transforming out of the button/egg infantile state, the mushroom’s appearance becomes more like that of a snake. Once the mushroom has fully grown, decayed, and dissolved it leaves behind a hole. This is due to it’s pushing the Pine needles or earth outward, as it expands. Around the hole is a white powdery substance, actually the many spores it left behind. This hole resembles a snake’s hole, or lair, which is another reasoning for the mushroom’s being symbolized as a snake. Most certainly, the depiction of the snake, in the garden of Eden, which revealed to humans secret knowledge that the fruit of the tree would make them as gods; the Snake Lied!

Eve and Adam eat of the tree, whose fruit ‘made them as gods, knowing good and evil’ (Gen 3:4). The whole Eden story is mushroom based mythology, not least in the identity of the ‘tree’ as the sacred fungus.
Even as late as the thirteenth century some recollection of the old tradition was known among Christians, to judge from a fresco painted on the wall of a ruined church in Plaincourault in France. There the Amanita muscaria is gloriously portrayed, entwined with a serpent, whilst Eve stands by holding her belly.
Medusa’s serpent hair turns men to stone. This is why Mithra, the ancient mushroom hero is depicted rising from a stone entwined in snakes. Mithra, one of the 15 pre-Christian gods with exactly the same story as Jesus (Serpent’s Lie), was a mushroom god. Just as Christians take communion from false priests and pastors, Mithraic initiates ate mushroom sacraments as part of their worship. Again, Communion between Man and God is personal and SPIRITUAL between you and God; your Priest does not understand this.
Christians line up in Church to receive the body and blood of Christ, so did initiates in the Mithraeum line up to receive the body and blood of Mithra.
Mithra initiates would partake of a Sacred Meal in their ceremonies, invoking The Out Of Body experience. An ritually designed sacramental, Shamanistic, and communal Gnosis. The Mithraic temples of worship, known as Mithraeum, are designed like few other temples on earth. Typically inside the place of worship would be rows of bathtubs (tubs) along the two side walls, or lined in two parallel rows from the rear wall to the front of the main room. Providing places where many initiates could lie down during ceremonies.
The tubs were tools in the mechanics of producing a communal experience. The purpose being, the joining together of the minds of the participants with the universal mind. The next phase being, to exit the planet (physical realm) in a spiritual flight to the heavens (stars). This is a bold expectation to perceive, let alone one you can convince someone they have had, especially if after the ceremony they have not. Filled with salt water these tubs would become instant sensory deprivation tanks.
Much like those depicted in the movie ‘Altered States’, the religion of Mithra centered around the initiate’s ability to communally, astral-travel. Of course the out-of-body experience was facilitated through the eating of the sacred meal. After consumption, the initiates could traverse the galaxies, witnessing, as the ancient Egyptians, first hand, the reality that the spirit of the human being is not restricted to the physical universe, or the physical body for that matter.
The Serpent’s revelation of the Immortality of the Soul which was accepted as Catholic Dogma in 1517 at the 5th Lateran Council; Lateran means, Hidden Frogs, the unclean spirits of the Serpent, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 16:13)

Mushrooms the Heathen “Manna”
Israelites ate food provided by God in the Wilderness of Sin. Many clues are given as to just what Manna is. The Bible says Manna was a small round edible object that appeared on the ground after dew had fallen. If the Manna was left out in the Sun too long it would breed worms and stink.
Exodus 16:14;20 reads,
“And when the dew that lay was gone up, behold, upon the face of the wilderness there lay a small round thing, as small as the hoar frost on the ground……some of them left of it till the morning, and it bred worms, and stank.”
The small, round, edible objects which when left in the Sun rot, breed worms, and stink are seen in mushrooms for the Heathen.
Manna was thought of as being produced miraculously (IE: birth without seed). This is a perfect botanical description of a mushroom. Birth without seed (miraculous) is due to spores being microscopic and not visible to the naked eye. Jesus describes the Mannas in detail in the book of John. In this story Jesus attempts to make clear; of manna, there are two different ones/kinds. He describes the manna that he is giving the disciples (last supper) as the Manna that bestows immortality. Jesus said unless you have eaten his flesh/body (Soma/Manna), and drink of his blood (Soma Juice), you have no life in you. The Manna is directly associated with the fruit of the Tree of Life in the 2nd chapter of the book of Revelation. It is the reward for those who overcome (the lies of the world). The ‘Fruit of the Tree’, the ‘Hidden Manna’ and the ‘Small White Stone’ are spoken of separately, but in the same context. All of these are symbols for the Heathen are seen in Amanita muscaria.

Dew of Heaven
Esau is prophesied to live off the Sword (Perseus, Arthur etc) and Dew of Heaven (Gen 27:39-41KJV) both associated wit Amenita Muscaria.
“Our fathers did eat manna in the desert; as it is written, He gave them bread from heaven to eat. Then Jesus said unto them, verily verily I say unto you, Moses gave you not that bread from heaven; but my father giveth you the true bread from heaven … Then said they unto him, Lord, evermore give us this bread. And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life … The Jews then murmured at him, because he said, I am the bread that came down from heaven.
Priests and pastors offer the “bread from heaven” but have a difficult time explaining it as literal bread. Bread is not a small, round thing found dew-covered in the wilderness. Nor does it contain any of the mystical properties bestowed upon it. This type of Communion does about as much as Water Baptism for Salvation; Communion and Baptism are purely SPIRITUAL and only available from JESUS
Priests and pastors are undeniably referencing the magic mushroom.
The concept of the literal ingestion of the body of God is highly downplayed by religious scholars of today. The body (soma) being a fleshy Mushroom is much more palatable than trying to stomach cannibalism or the transformation of ordinary substances. Many questions should be asked about this cosmopolitan idea of the ‘Sacramental Substance’. Unfortunately, the religious experts shun the notion, insisting that the entire idea is nothing more than symbolic.
A symbol points at something else, not usually at another symbology. The Catholic church, in the early 1100’s, decided to have the final word on this subject by establishing (under Emperor/Pope Innocent III) the ‘Doctrine of Trans-Substantiation’. This is whereby, the Priests, by their assumed holy power, claim to be able to say some magical words, and turn ordinary bread into the literal ‘Body of God’.
This event is one of the biggest evil deceptions of all time, arguably, the most damning event to ever happen to Churchianity. Jesus clearly describes the Manna that he calls his body in the book of John. Repeatedly describing the ‘Thing/Manna’ as a substance hidden from the world, but revealed to his disciples. Understanding the last supper story becomes as simplistic as it gets, if you know how to decipher the event. Adamantly; Jesus says, “Take and eat, This is my Body.”

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you.” Jn 6:56
The substances Jesus referred to are not communion wafers and grape wine but SPIRITUAL Gifts provided the the Holy Ghost.
Amanita muscaraia had long before Christianity been known as “the flesh of the gods” and “the blood of the gods” and this is what is meant for Heathens.
Trans-Substantiation of the Sacrament has no merit in the physical realm.

Apollo “Destroyer” of Rev 9:11 is Shiva
Donald Trump’s 66th floor Penthouse is a Shrine to Apollo; the Sochi Olympica in Russia were dedicated to Apollo/Shiva, the Hindu god is a hermaphrodite with one testicle, a penis, vagina, and one breast.
This is another personification of the mushroom just like Mithra. The first stage of the mushroom is considered male as it looks like a penis. Then the stem pushes the ball/uterus/breast up out of the egg. As the arms of the mushroom cap open to the sides, it’s as though the female aspect opens from the male “rib.”
Jesus, like Krishna, Dionysus, and the other mushroom gods, stands with legs together, wears a crown of thorns, and a sash on his waist while being crucified. His legs together with arms outstretched on the cross make the same “T” shape as the mushroom during its optimum Round Table stage.
The sash worn by Jesus is the ruffle found halfway up the stem of all amanitas, and Jesus’ thorny crown is the thorny mushroom top. God fools Heathens all the time!
Jesus is crucified and tells us to eat his body is that the mushroom must die for us to eat it.
The fact that the mushrooms must be dried before consumption is another euphemism of the god needing to die, or sacrifice himself, to save mankind through atonement; hence the term Christ-Mass

The Arab moon god Allah is “The God” is Islam; Moon Flesh is Amenita mascara. Sabians of Harran “Moon God City” are Chaldeans. Sin was originally an archery term meaning “to miss the mark.” The mushroom dies so you may eat it, and the introspective experiences it brings washes away your sins. You understand how you’ve “missed the mark” in life. This is the original meaning, but the Church has perverted this idea into a guilt mechanism, scaring people with hell and trapping them in confession booths.
While on the cross, Jesus is stabbed in the rib and his blood comes out and is collected in the Arthurian Holy Grail. This idea of a “side wounded savior” was a common theme among preChristian gods. The Vatican and Templars have promoted the idea that the Shroud of Turin, the Spear of Longinus/Destiny, and the Holy Grail are actual artifacts, but in fact they are all occult symbolism from ancient mushroom mythologies.

“Jesus stood and cried saying, If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. He shall believeth on me as the scripture hath said, out of his body shall flow rivers of living water.”

The active ingredients of the amanita mushrooms are not metabolized by the body, and so they remain active in the urine. In fact, it is safer to drink the urine of one who has consumed the mushrooms than to eat the mushrooms directly, as many of the toxic compounds are processed and eliminated on the first pass through the body. It was common practice among ancient people to recycle the potent effects of the mushroom by drinking each other’s urine; this is where the term getting “Pissed” comes from.

The amanita’s ingredients can remain potent even after six passes through the human body. Some scholars argue that this is the origin of the phrase ‘to get pissed,’ as this urine-drinking activity preceded alcohol by thousands of years. Often the urine of tripped-out reindeer would be consumed for its psychedelic effects. This effect goes the other way too, as reindeer also enjoy the urine of a human, especially one who has consumed the mushrooms.
In fact, reindeer will seek out human urine to drink; Siberian tribesmen carry sealskin containers of their own collected piss, which they use to attract stray reindeer back into the herd. This why you often see stone water fountains with little boys urinating into upturned levels looking like mushrooms.

The White flag with a red cross on Columbus sails is the symbol of the Knights Templar; the colors of Amenita muscaria.
SOMA (Greek=Body), Manna (Sumerian = Mushroom), Fruit of the tree of Knowledge, and the symbol of the Cross are all linked Amanita muscaria.
The Essenes had a detailed understanding of drugs, including the hallucinogenic variety, which were used in mystery school initiations and for entering other states of consciousness. The properties of the ‘sacred mushrooms’ or ‘Holy Plant’ were so much part of life in the secret brotherhood that the Jewish high priest wore a mushroom cap to acknowledge their importance. They had special rituals for their preparation and use.
The mushroom, too, was given son of God’ connotations and connected to the Sun cycle. The mushrooms were picked with great reverence before sunrise and many symbols of this ritual can be found in the Bible and far older texts. Again, the use of the sacred mushroom and other drugs, and the secret knowledge of their properties, can be traced back to the earliest days of Sumer aka Ur of Chaldees.
The Dead Sea Scrolls, and the etymology of various Mesopotamian languages all have mushroom and sexual puns/terms interwoven. This is due to the prominence in the preChristian world of mushroom and fertility cults. Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic, the languages of the Bible, all ultimately derive from ancient Sumerian, where many original meanings had been long lost.
For instance, the gods of the Greeks and Hebrews, Zeus and Yahweh (JESUS is JEHOVAH or JAH) have names derived from Sumerian words meaning “seed of life” and “juice of fecundity.” The real Covenant name of God is JESUS.
The name Herod, as in King Herod, “ardeola” in Latin, serves as a wordplay on the Semitic “ardilia” which means “mushroom.” Chasidic fake Jews are Chaldeans who revere Herod’s Wailing Wall

Yehoshua comes from the Sumerian “JA U ShiJ A” which means “semen which saves, restores, heals.” Again, nothing to do with JESUS, JAH, JEHOVAH This is comparable to the fertility god Dionysus, whose cult emblem was an erect phallus, and whose Sumerian name “IAUNuShUSh” also means “semen, seed that saves.”
“Under that again there lie the basic conceptions of the mushroom cult. Here is the real stuff of the mystery-fertility philosophy. For example, to find their parables of the Kingdom, the writers make comparisons with objects and activities which, at the surface level of understanding, are often really absurd, besides being self-contradictory about the manner and form of the Kingdom’s coming.
The passage that likens the Kingdom to a mustard seed, for example, and then speaks of birds nesting in the branches of the grown plant (Matt 13:3), has driven the biblical naturalists to distraction looking for a mustard ‘tree’ suitable as roosting places for the fowls of the air. They could have saved themselves the trouble since the reference, at the ‘lower’ level, is simply a play on the Semitic khardelä’, ‘mustard’ and ‘ardilã’, ‘mushroom’.

Today in Iran (Persia) the mushroom is called “SamJrukh,” which traces back to the Sumerian “ShU Mar Ugu/Aga,” or “Crown of the Womb Favorer,” the glans/top of the fungus. The Sumerian “Bar Ia U Na,” meaning “capsule of fecundity; womb” connects to multiple names that relate the mushroom with the tiny “womb” from which the stem emerges.
Another Aramaic example is “Pleasing the Jews” which comes from the Sumerian mushroom name “MashTabBaRi” or “that which is pleasing to the Hebrews/Jews.” The Hebrew “kotereih” from the Sumerian “GUTAR” means “top of the head: penis” and is the most common Semitic word for mushroom; In Arabic it is “phutr,” in Aramaic it is “pitra,” and in the English New Testament is “Peter. Jesus is the Immovable Stone; Peter means “Small Stone”; choose the correct Stone!