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Malaysia 17 

National Monument MH 17
WWIII “ render adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time. 33deg Mason Albert Pike; Albert: ‘noble’ + berht ‘bright famous Pike: ‘pic “sharp point or spike, pike, pitchfork” a Trident. Malaysia Airlines uses the Trident Logo. Poseidon, posis meaning “husband, lord” and δᾶ (da) meaning “earth”. MH-370 disappeared during AWAC’S Exercise Rapid Trident. KL-03 RF Hardware Microchip and biological material transferred from the Maersk Alabama after 2 Trident Security guards were (Allegedly) killed after Tom Hanks starred in Captain Phillips about the Maersk Alabama. MH-17 was (allegedly) shot down during NATO Rapid Trident Exercise. Spears of Victory Exercise 2023

Aleister Crowley’s demon channeled Book 370 (777) “True secret of all practical magic” M (777; Mar 8, 2014) disappeared without a trace during a Joint US-Thailand Military Radar Exercise Rapid Trident2 Trident Security guards (allegedly) guarding the Maersk Alabamain Saudi Arabia. A Trident is a three-pronged spear.
May 3, 2016 BBC Documentary “Conspiracy Files: Who shot down MH-17” claims MH-17 was shot down by a Ukrainian MIG. I agree, but Air Traffic Controllers as far away as Germany, Poland and Western Ukraine routed the ill fated Jet over the War Zone so they Lied. NATO Lied. Accident Investigators Lied; can’t they even see the Tail Numbers don’t match? or that MH-17 was cancelled on that fateful day?. Schipol Airport Controllers Lied. Where’s the truth?


Malaysian Air: MH-370 was likely remotely flown to Diego Garcia Airbase during a US-Malaysia Radar Exercise; B-777’s don’t just disappear (Rolls Royce received engine monitoring data for 6 hrs with position/altitude information), especially during a military radar exercise. This airframe was later transported to Schipol Airport in Amsterdam with a new tail number and flown as MH-17 a flight cancelled (documented on Flight Radar 24, Status boards at Schipol Airport and caught on camera at the gate. MH-17 was a cancelled flight, replaced with the MH-370 airframe and remotely flown with the autopilot hijacked using BUAP (Boeing Un-interruptable AutoPilot; patented and installed after 9/11/2001); flight computers were changed inflight using the KL-03 RF Hardware Microchip first tested on MH-370 with all 5 patent holders on board and now owned by BlackStone Group; CEO Crypto Jew, Skull & Bones Satanist Stephen Schwartzman, majority shareholder Jacob Rothschild. The flight was flown 400 miles off course over the Donetsk War Zone in cooperation with Dutch, German and Polish Air Traffic Controllers to be shot down by either a Russian SU-25 or BUC Surface to Air Missile during the NATO Rapid Trident Exercise. On board were several dozen blood drained corpses including researchers and delegates to an AIDS Conference including ex Int’l AIDS Society Prof Joep Lange. HIV is not the cause of AIDS; Hep-B and Smallpox Vaccines caused AIDS. Leading the Int’l AIDS Society since, are  Pasteur Inst HIV “Discoverers” (read Liars) Francoise Barre-Sinoussi mentored by Luc Montagnier and AIDS creator Robert Gallo. Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis invented the PCR Test, misused to diagnose Covid 19 and suffered a “Heart Attack” warning HIV was not the cause of AIDS.
SERCO (SER= Sedere “I Sit”, “I reside” referring to Lucifer/Satan as Prince of the World) ties US, Turkey, NATO and Russia together the mother of International Outsourcing of Services such as Air Traffic Control, Health Care (eg Obama Care), Immigration, Detention, Prisons, JPATS (Con Air; Phoenix Air Ambulance), Education, Military, Cyber etc etc. Example: Russian cargo ship Mol Comfort with 50,000 tons of weapons destined for Jeddah Saudi Arabia, John Kerry and ISIS Rebels (then called Friends of Syria) split in half June 2013. Turkish Ship Nour M was intercepted by Greek Coast Guard with 50,000 Khalishnikov Rifles destined for Tartus and ISIS Rebels a month later. Why no news on this? SERCO.
Wrong Aircraft B-777 tail number of MH-17 on July 17, 2014 is M9-MRC in Schipol Airport and M9-MRD in the Ukrainian Field meaning the MH-17 event is total Bull Shit.
MH-17 on 17 July 2014 sits at Gate G-3 at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam with tail number M9-MRC and ends up in a Ukrainian field with different tail number M9-MRD. The 2 aircraft are not the same Was it shot down by “Rebels” who commandeered a BUK Surface to Air Missile? Did NATO coordinate the event with Air Traffic Controllers in Germany, Poland, Ukraine and Russia during Operation Rapid Trident and shoot down the aircraft with an SU-25 Jet firing an Air to Air Missile? Did the Malaysian B-777 MRD even depart from Schipol Airport? Did remote flight technology (BUAC Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot using Free Scale Tech Imbedded RF Hardware) turn the aircraft into a Drone?
MH-17 did not fly from Schipol Airport 17 July 2014; Flight Radar shows the flight cancelled. Menzies Cargo loaded frozen, long dead corpses onto the B-777, no pilot would have accepted that type cargo and no oridinary baggage handlers would load it. DMORT handled the by-pass of autopsies necessary to pull off this Russian False Flag.
“Russian military jets pose a grave risk to civilian airliners” NATO Chief, UN Climate Change Envoy, Vaccine advocate, Atheist, Jens Stoltenberg Nov 11, 2014.
MH-17 was shot down by a Russian Su-25 operating as part of a NATO exercise Rapid Trident; Russia, US, Israel and NATO work together. MH-17 at Gate G-3 at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam with tail number MRC ends up in a Ukrainian field with different tail number MRD. The 2 aircraft are obviously not the same, nor would they have the same transponder identification
MH-17 the Admirable Sacrament
“I frequently tramped 8 to 10 miles through deepest snow to keep an appointment with a Beech Tree, Yellow Birch or an old acquaintance among the pines” Henry David Thoreau
Alfred Lord Tennyson (Charge of the Light Brigade about the slaughter in Crimea; The Kraken was the sea monster in Clash of the Titans) wrote poems referring to the “Serpent rooted Beech Tree”. Helen of Troy carved Paris’ name on a Beech Tree. Jason and the Argonauts (Jason Society are the elite of Science) built the Argo out of Beech. The Tuatha de Danaan (Offspring of Danu=Anu=Zeus) invented Ogam Script on Beech bark. Cathedrals were built to mimic the arching limbs of the Beech Tree. In Beech and Oak “Groves” “Evil was done in sight of the LORD”
Buk means “Beech Tree”, the so-called “Queen Tree” or “Goddess Tree” is the Holy Tree of Gnosticism. Beech Trees work in concert with the “King Oak” in Druidism and Shamanism. Buk represents Hermes, Toth, Odin, Cronus and is called the “Green Man Tree”. 2014 is 700 years after Jacque DeMolay was executed “Every 700 years, the Laurel grows green again” Ringing a Baal here? The Laurel is the Crown of the Green Man and the Green Man is Satan.
Beech represents the Death and end of Something. In this case the end of America and the Age of Grace in my opinion. The Beech Tree symbolizes the accrued wisdom of every other Tree. It symbolizes the Word as Sanskrit characters were said to have been written on Beech Bark. Beech is the sum of Learning and Wisdom. Beech is the ultimate Ritual Tree under whose branches prayers are said to go straight to Heaven, for Goddess worshippers that is. Beech Trees represent the discovery of lost wisdom and the alignment of the individual with its “Higher Self”; Illumination should ring a Baal here. Druid means “Knowers of Trees”. Gnostics think they are so clever eh? Buk means Beech or “Book” as Boc means Letter or Character.
Was MH-17 shot down by a Buk Missile? Not only no, but Hell no! Time to Wake Up folks! You can choose the Lamb’s Book of Life or Satan’s Beech Tree, but not both. Rabbis will be inscribing names of the Congregation in their “Books” which are G-D’s books by the way; on Kol Nidre (All Vows), the night beginning Yom Kippur “Atonement”; you had better pray to JESUS your Name is not written in those “Books”!
“There are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost; and these three are one” 1 Jn 5:7KJV
“And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us” Jn 1:14
“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” Jn 1:1
Son of a Beech Tree? I don’t think so! Get right with JESUS, the Word made Flesh or go straight to Hell. Those are the choices folk
MH-17: Nailed to the Arcadian Beech Tree
The Roman Catholic Church is being destroyed as a Scapegoat for “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT…” (Rev 17)
America is being destroyed as a Scapegoat for “Babylon” (Rev 18)
Palestine is being destroyed as the Scapegoat for the “House of Esau” (Obadiah).
Russia will be the Scapegoat for “Gog” (Eze 38:1; Rev 20:8); Kiev is home to Kievan Rus if your Bible has Rus or Rosh in Eze 38; go get an Authorized Bible; it doesn’t belong there. Russia is not Rus or Rosh. Don’t fall for these Lies!
Germany, Turkey and Switzerland are joining BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) to destroy the Twin Pillars of the world economy, the IMF and World Bank. Bankers planned and control both sides of WWIII. Odd? Hardly, Stalin (also 33 degree Mason and Jesuit Knight) and Hitler (Jesuit) were Theosophical Society Initiates, so are Hitler’s daughter Angela and Stalin protege’ Vladimir as well as John Kerry. Truth is a bit hard to come by!
BRICS are the new Bricks in the Chaldean Tower of Babel destroying the World Reserve Currency, the $US. On 7/17 the BRICS Development Bank was created to handle the shift away from the $US. 7/17 is the anniversary of Catherine the Great murdering her husband Peter III to become Empress of Russia. 7/17 is the anniversary of the murder of Tzar Nicholas II and the Romanov family by Wall St henchmen Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) and Lenin. 7/17 is the anniversary of 33 degree Masons Churchill, Stalin and Truman carving up Europe at the Potsdam Conference; FDR didn’t have the heart for Atomic Bombing of civilians so he was murdered; Truman had no such qualms. BRICS originated in Yekaterinburg, Russia named after Peter the Great’s wife Ekaterina? Hardly, Gnostic Cathars (Catharsis means “Discharge of Pent up emotion”) and Catharine meaning “Pure”, “Hecate” (Goddess of Witchcraft) and “Torture” more like.
In Mathematics 7/17/1717 is called the “Day of the Yellow Pigs”; the number 17 denotes an initiate who has succeeded at his “Inner Marriage” aka Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost. The Swine Herd Jesus allowed the demons called “Legion” to inhabit might ring a Baal here.
On 7/17 the UN AIDS conference was discussing progress on a Swine Flu Pandemic and the DOD ordering the Def Logistic Agency to acquire and distribute massive quantities of Novartis (Swiss) and BioCSL (Australia) Swine Flu Vaccine worldwide by Aug 29, 2014.
On 7/17, MH-17 was a 17 year old B-777, allegedly carrying 108 AIDS, Swine and Avian Flu and Ebola experts heading to Melbourne aka Oz. 77 is Oz; Aleister Crowley’s “Sabbath Goat on the Altar”
UN AIDS Conference, BRICS, Israel Ground Invasion of Gaza and MH-17 all on 7/17? MH-17 is likely just another Edomite media diversion. Here’s Why.
On the 65th anniversary of NATO, electronic warfare exercises SEA BREEZE 2014 (Radar jamming AWACS was also involved with MH-370 “disappearing” from radar) and Rapid Trident II were in progress. shows MH-17 was cancelled on 7/17.
Ukraine separatists allegedly posted a video about the crash to Youtube the day before.
MH-17 disappeared from Radar over Germany; and changed course over Poland; the same thing happened on 9/11 when remote flown A/C replaced the commercial flights.
Dozens of long dead, blood drained, decomposing corpses and blood packets were found at the incident site; hardly routine cargo for civilian airliners. On 7/21 the perhaps deadly cargo began its return to the Netherlands. Stupid? Or an un-imaginably Satanic plan?
Ukraine Security Service allegedly stormed Borispol Tower and allegedly confiscated Kiev Air Traffic Control tapes; BS! ARTCC is not in the Tower nor in control of Class A airspace; nice try.
Where are voice recorder, engine data, radar data, navigation data, ACARS data and Position reports? They would be immediately available.
A Ukraine Su-25 shadowed MH-17 on its northward flight path deviation after falling off civilian radar in Germany; the deviation began in Poland; previous flights went south of the war zone in E Ukraine. The US says no fighter, but with SEA BREEZE 2014 in progress, rest assured they know.
Video footage allegedly shows MH-17 descending with its right engine on fire; if authentic, an air to air IR missile may have taken it out by that same Su-25. One thing is certain; it was definitely not a Buk SAM.
A US Spy Satellite was part of SEA BREEZE 2014 and over the area; where are the photos?
Was MH-17 shot down using a Russian Buk Surface to Air Missile? NO! Operating a Buk Missile system requires radar guidance and transponder interrogation; with flight intercept, this involves many people including likely German or Polish ARTCC; not something “Rebels” could pull off, and there are no shrapnel marks on fuselage parts. Inflight disintegration from Buk Missile shrapnel would result; intact bodies and pristine Passports at the crash site? Not likely. The passports shown were not only pristine, but new with no Visas or Stamps; some were punched and clipped, indicating they were expired or otherwise unfit for travel.
On 7/21 the bodies and blood drained cadavers were sent by train on a 17 Hr ride to Kharkiv and from there to the Netherlands; great idea if spreading disease is the goal. The reasonable thing to do is incinerate the potentially deadly cargo. The “Death Train” arrived in Europe on 7/23.
Cockpit Voice Recorder and Flight Data Recorders also turned in to ICAO on 7/21; if right engine is on fire, it was not a Buk Missile; it was a US-NATO-Poroshenko “False Flag” operation.
On 9/11 remotely flown “Drone” aircraft swapped transponder codes with airliners; was this done again? Crisis Actors in Sandy Hook and Chinese mourners in Beijing holding signs in English within an hour of MH-370 failing to arrive are strange to say the least. AWACS has the capability to remotely take over commercial airliners with the Boeing Un-interruptible Auto-Pilot, and AWACS was in the area with the express mission of “monitoring civilian air traffic”.
Kiev is a US proxy managed by George Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski detailed in “The Grand Chessboard” Putin (lifelong KGB=CIA) and Russia are the voluntary Scapegoats. Recall Putin sends arms to both sides as does the US (ref Turkish Ships Mour M and Mol Comfort; Kerry was waiting for the Russian ships with “Friends of Syria”) NATO wants War; Supreme Allied Commander Gen Phil Breedlove attended Bilderberg 2014 for a reason and MH-17 might just give it to them.
Malaysia is a Rothschild (Red=Edom Shield) controlled, Edomite (Hashemite) dictatorship just like Israel and Britain (B’Rith=Birthright); yes I know you think Israel is Jewish; the Six Pointed Star of Saturn is Chaldean not Jewish. Kuala Lumpur is home to the War Crimes Commission which has convicted Israel, Britain and the US of war crimes relating to the Gulf Wars. MH-17 took off from Schipol Airport 100% dominated by Israeli Security firm ICTS. MH-17 allegedly had a cargo hold full of decomposing, blood drained corpses and countless packets of blood. Airport Security allowing decomposing corpses and blood aboard an airliner? A flagrant violation of International Law; Don’t think so. Viruses stored in semi-dry flesh? The work of Bio-weapons experts.
MH-370 also had a Bio-hazard cargo aboard; 2 Trident (Operation Trident II ringing a Baal?) Bio-security guards were murdered guarding it in Abu Dhabi which is just now operating Customs pre-clearance direct flights into America. Obama celebrated Ramadan in the White House on 7/14 with United Arab Emirates and Saudi leaders; pretty coincidental eh? Dr Ron Fouchier at the Erasmus Medical Center near Amsterdam works Dr Yoshihiro Kawaoka Major Horatio Ishi and Unit #731 should ring a Baal here; WHO is the modern day Unit #731. “Weaponized Killer Viruses like Ebola, Swine Flu and Avian Flu were designed to kill 90% of the world’s population” 108 Virologists with advance knowledge of an upcoming UN sponsored Ebola/Flu Pandemic? How many people have become infected and are now infecting others from decomposing corpses and aerosol blood at the MH-17 accident scene? The US ordered massive quantities of Swine Flu Vaccines, deliverable by Aug 29, 2014 and all 50 states have JBAIDS testing equipment and 1000 mobile hospitals ready. Good preparation eh? Why the Ukraine? Kawoaka bragged “My new Swine Flu virus is Unstoppable”. Fouchier bragged “A human to human transmissible virus, even moderately fatal, will become a plague of unimaginable proportions”
Ukraine is home to exiled Sarmation Priest-Kings. Sar means Prince. Satan is the Prince. Ukraine uses the Trident symbol; Trident means 3 Teeth of the Bear in Dan 7:5. Russian Bear? Hardly, Ukraine and Crimea are “Arcadia”; Arcas means Bear. Russia working with Britain odd? Hardly, King Arthur (Mythical King of Britons) is the “Bear Guard”. Isn’t occult communication fun? Priests of the Prince “Satan” are the Chaldean Priest builders of the Tower of Babel; Noble Caste “Aryans” if you prefer who are exiled in Ukraine. Aryan means Iran; In Farsi Obama means “He is with us”. Forget the Khazar Jew BS and get right with JESUS folks!
Schipol Airport was made famous by Christmas Bomber Farouk Abudulmutallib (story was complete BS; he shares the name with Muhammad’s Hashemite Quyraish Tribe uncle; hilarious isn’t it? Hashemites are Edomites; Quyraish are the Rebel Priests from Moses’ day God swallowed up in the Earth) and the debut of $Trillion worth of Full Body Image Scanners and Back Scatter X-Ray machines ($250,000/machine) at 49,000 commercial airports, each needing one to dozens of machines; another $Trillion lie promoted by American-Israeli Michael Chertoff and Sodomite Janet Napolitano aka FEMA District #10 chief. The 18th anniversary of TWA-800 was also 7/17, the downing of that aircraft resulted in unnecessary replacement of Fuel Boost Pumps in thousands of commercial aircraft @ $70,000 per pump; each aircraft has between 6 and 10 pumps so do the math and it’s another $Trillion lie. ICTS subsidiary Huntleigh supplied security on 9/11/2001 at Boston and Washington Dulles Airport; add another $50,000 for each Cockpit Door for every commercial airliner because of Arab hijackers with box cutters BULLSHIT! Money shines through as the prime motivator. MH-17 will facilitate aircraft the Israeli “Flight Guard” missile defense system installed (chaff/flares) as Israel’s El Al Airlines uses. Money folks, follow the Money.
Where is Obama? In addition to closing on a $4.5M mansion in Rancho Mirage CA, on 7/14 Obama hosted an Iftar (Break Fast) Ramadan Dinner at the White House with “Muslim” leaders who listened to his praise of Israel and to Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer (Neocon shill tied to Bush family, Benjamin Netanyahu, Mitt Romney and Sheldon Adelson) justifying Israel’s wholesale slaughter of Palestine with DIME, White Phosphorous and Flechette Munitions all designed to maim and torture. WTF Over? Think these guys are Jewish or Muslim? Guess Again; their Satanists.
Indonesia illegally annexed E Timor on 7/17 after the CIA coup that installed Suharto left 2 million dead; AF 1 with Gerald Ford, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld lifted off as the first shots were fired. Lolo Soetoro a Colonel under Suharto and Barry Soetoro (Obama) a Madrassa schooled Indonesian passport holding citizen trained as Mujaheddin “Warrior of Allah”. Obama has no US Passport, no US Citizenship, no valid Social Security Card and was never sworn to defend the Constitution so don’t blame him; he’s doing his job quite well!
The 7th Prime Number 17 is the number of the Holy Spirit; number of the “Son of Man”; 10 Commandments written in 17 verses; number of the Karmic evolution of the Cosmos; Man participating on the Celestial and Terrestrial planes; junction between the Spiritual and Material Worlds; Sufi mystics use 17 for the World in Balance; 17 companions of Ali; 17 nations at Pentecost and the ominous number in Italy equivalent with 13 in the West meaning “I Lived; therefore I am Dead”. This is why the Grand Lodge of England adopted Speculative Masonry in 1717; the White House is on 17th St and the last staged Apollo mission was 17. Obadiah is Book #17; the shortest book was written by Jesus declaring the annihilation of the House of Esau.
The Old covenant is the 7th contract between God and Man + the 10 nations of the confederacy against God in Psalm 83:6-9. The Covenant with Abram and Isaac is described in Gen 17; Amalek wars with Israel in the Wilderness of Sin in Ex 17; Aarons Rod buds in Num 17, Offerings to the LORD must be perfect in Deut 17 and “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT…” is described in Rev 17 for a reason. The Roman number of ill omen is 17 and the Scapegoat for Rev 17 is the Roman Catholic Church, like America and Palestine they are about to be destroyed in preparation for the coming false Messiah. The number 17 is called the “Admirable Sacrament”. “And they caused their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire and used divination and enchantments and sold themselves to do evil in the sight of the LORD, to provoke him to anger” 2 Ki 17:17 Amurru Khan (American) is the Edomite Serpent and Shepherd about to be Admirably Sacrificed. MH-17: M=13 H=8 (He is Jesus’ title meaning “God is with me”; Abram becomes Abraham; Sarai becomes Sarah. 13/8=Phi “Ratio of Life”. Life through an Admirable Sacrament making sense now? Now how does the Edomite Malaysia MH-17 look?
The NSA is the new Temple of Set
Osiris was martyred by Set and set adrift on 17 Athyr; Egyptians believed the date aligns with the 17th day of the 2nd Month when Noah’s Ark was set adrift. In Tarot, Card #17 “Star” refers to Chaldean STUR aka Six Pointed Star of Molech, Chiun, Ashtaroth, Milcom, and Chemosh. that Star on the flag of Israel is not Jewish in the slightest. Temple of Set founder NSA Gen Michael Aquino making sense now? NSA Spy Facility in the Beehive State aka Zion making sense now? Bee in Chaldee means Word. I know, I know, Sun of a Beech! Folks, we’ve been Stung by WASPS (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) and BEES; now get out from under the Beech Tree and believe the Word God wrote 6000 years ago!
There is absolutely no possible way Cargo Handlers at Amsterdam Airport could or would load corpses and blood packets onto a Civilian Airliner.
Pilots would not fly an aircraft with that type of cargo; ICAO and IATA do not allow that type of cargo on board. MH-17 could not have been a regular Commercial Flight which is why MH-17 was cancelled on 7/17. Odd? Flt 11 was not scheduled to fly on 9/11/2001 and look what happened.
US-NATO Electronic Warfare Exercise SEA BREEZE 2014 culminated July 17; A US Spy Satellite was part of the exercise and over Donetsk during the incident.
MH-17 diverted from its flight planned route and ordered to descend from 35,000 to 33,000ft; a Ukraine Su-25 fighter flew 1-2 miles behind MH-17 at 33,000 ft armed with R-60 Air to Air missiles. The flight track abruptly turns left 1800 and slows. Witnesses and video footage shows MH-17 descending with Rt Engine Fire consistent with this type of attack. Kiev officials stated “No military aircraft were in the region”
If the Rt Engine caught fire, without doubt, the pilots would have sent a Distress Call over voice, transponder, ACARS and FMC (Flight Management Computer). One does not “Confiscate” all this information. Where is it?
British investigator Stewart John “Everything on the Black Boxes is absolutely useless”; like the Engine Data constantly streaming to Rolls Royce in Britain; which also happened during MH-370? Why are NATO countries Britain (CVR, FDR) and Netherlands (Bodies) in charge of forensic evidence; Warren Commission and 9/11 Commission may ring a Baal here.
Ukraine Security Services and the US CIA occupy the same building and floor in Kiev. Hello!
Did Russia do it? Did Kiev-US-NATO do it? Yes and Yes. Russia sends arms to “Rebels” (ref Russian ships Mol Comfort and Nour M) as does the US. Saudi Arabia finances “Rebels” and Moscow trains their military brass. The US supplies weapons (Saddam Hussein’s US-NATO made WMD’s transferred in 2003) to the Assad regime in Damascus and to “Mercenaries” now re-named “Friends of Syria” aka ISIS, al-Qaeda.
The Trojan Horse was not loaded with soldiers; it was loaded with decaying corpses and brought voluntarily into the walls of Troy; the resulting destruction of Troy is legendary. MH-17 may be the modern day Trojan Horse and the Death Train.
On the 70th anniversary of the “Bretton Woods” Gold Agreement, BRICS formed a New World Order Bank, Israel invaded Gaza and MH-17 stole the headlines. MH-17 will force airliners to install “Flight Guard” @ $1M/commercial jet X 10,000 Jets; Chaff, Flares, ECM work on unsophisticated IR missiles, not on Radar guided missiles like Buc. $50,000 Cockpit Doors from 9/11; $70,000 Fuel Pumps from TWA-800 seem like chump change. Money shines through as a prime motivator. A 17 yr old to the day B-777 allegedly crashes with a cargo hold full of decomposing corpses and blood samples with 108 epidemiologists, AIDS, Influenza and WHO Ebola Bio-weapon Virologist Stephen Becker heading for a UN AIDS Conference in Oz. The incident even matches the script for the 2012 season opener of the BBC series Sherlock “A scandal in Belgravia” Who could think of loading dead corpses onto an airliner to create “Order out of Chaos” ? WHO is the UN; WHO Director Margaret Chan works for Order of the British (B’Rith=Birthright=Cain-Ishmael-Esau) Empire head Prince Phillip; his stated desire is to be re-incarnated as a “Killer Virus”. The number 17 is the number of ill omen for Italy called the “Admirable Sacrament”. What’s the big plan?
MH17 bodies ‘DRAINED OF BLOOD’ were recovered by Ukraine soldiers at crash site described as “not fresh”.
So, basically the gist of MH-17 is MH-370 flew to Diego Garcia Airbase during a US-Malaysia Radar Exercise and was later transported to Schipol Airport in Amsterdam. MH-17 was cancelled and replaced with the MH-370 aircraft and remotely flown over the Donetsk War Zone in cooperation with Air Traffic Controllers to be shot down by a Russian SU-25 during a NATO Exercise. On board were several dozen blood drained corpses including delegates AIDS Conference including ex Int’l AIDS Society Prof Joep Lange. Can’t let the truth about HIV not being the cause of AIDS out eh?