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Dan 12 Warnings: 1260 day ‘Great Tribulation’, begins at Passover?; 1290 day begins at ‘Purim’?Abomination: “horror, repugnance,disgust, loathsome, hateful, sinful,wicked, or vile “to deprecate as an ill omen” or “to detest” +  Desolation ‘to abandon’; “Eclipse” means “abandonment.” Mazatlan (1st in No America) ‘Place of Deer’;Leave the World Behind’; Deer symbolized ‘Loss of innocence’ 1335 day begins at the Chinese ‘Year of the Dragon’?; .May 1 ‘Beltane’ Belenus=Apollo=Horus Bab=Gate + El ‘Bull’

Donald ‘King of the World’ Trumps (Drumpf=Drummer) Tartan ‘Canaanite Cloth’ is the ‘Bull’. Aleph is the ‘Bull’ It forms 8 April 2024. Red Heifer Day is 2 Nisan 10 April. Eid al Fitr marks the end of Ramadan on 10 Apr 2024. Marduk is the ‘Bull’ Akitu means “Festival”, it occurs on 4 Nisan Friday 12 April, 2024 The Canaanite god El is the ‘Bull’

Future map of the United States by Gordon Scallion

Apr 8th: Solar Eclipse will form Aleph ‘Bull’ and travel over 7 cites named ‘Ninevah’ ‘City of Ninus’, son of Belus or Bel,  Ba’al, “lord”, the famous name of a “god” whom Elijah opposed in 1 Kings 18:7-8 Obadiah said ‘I am’, Baal is Satan. God slew 450 Prophets of Baal; he was taken to Heaven on a Chariot of Fire 2 Ki 2:11; Elijah and Enoch will be the 2 Witnesses.  April 8th, the seven planets including the sun and the moon will appear to form a straight line in the sky when looking from Jerusalem toward the east, ‘Rising Sun’

dunkin commercial pictures from ew.comDunKing The Eclipse enters Canada at Hamilton On hamel ‘crooked’+ dūn ‘hill’. Dun=To make repeated and insistent demands upon, especially for the payment of a debt + King Rooster symbolizes Betrayal of God.


Jeroboam: ‘He that opposes the people’; he made Golden Calves in BethEl and Dan; the sin of Jeroboam CUT IT OFF AND DESTROYED IT FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH 1 King 13:34 Were doing it again!

Golden Bull of 1356

The Secrets of Saqqara Tomb (no spoilers) - Archaeology Grrl

Fig 1. 1,700 mile to 2,200 mile "Crack Across America", "Crack Through America", and Midcontinental Rift (MCR)


Makanda, Illinois The 2017 and 2024 7 yr intersection is at Makanda, Illinois khaṅga, from a root khaṇḍ meaning to break, divide, cut, destroy” + “best people” ‘tribe of superior men’,warriors” in the New Madrid Seismic Zone; maǧrà “water stream” or Arabic: ‏مجريط‎, romanized: majrit, lit. ‘”spring”, “fountain”‘.


The 2023 and 2024 intersection is at San Antonio, Texas Latin Antonius, Antonio has Roman and Etruscan roots and means “highly praiseworthy.”  “flourishing.” “Worthy of praise; of value”. Saint Anthony is the patron saint of the impoverished. Vanderpool, Texas from the “pool, swamp, pond”; Netherlands, the ‘pool’=’sea’ Lotus ‘Rising Above’: spiritual enlightenment, beauty, fertility, purity, prosperity and eternity. US Debt=$98T

The Apex of the 2023 and 2024 Eclipses is at Eugene, Oregon “noble”, literally “well-born”, from εὖ (eu), “well” and γένος (genos), “race, stock, kin”. + ‘a place of abundance’; and Salem ‘Jerusalem’, “peace”  “peaceful, safe, complete, perfect.” 

The 2017 Eclipse cast a shadow over 7 Cities named ‘Salem The Oct 14, 2023 ‘Annular’ Eclipse form a ‘Halo’ over Corona and Odessa, the Ukrainian Odessa became the  home of ‘Exiled Sarmation Kings’, Catherine the Great of Russia renamed the city Odessa “source of inspiration”;  201 Jesuits began the Coronavirus ‘Event 201’ ran by Sephardic Jews; the city was known for six hundred years as Hacibey (Tartar ‘Hell on Earth’) meaning city of the “Master Pilgrims”, the Capital of Khazars ‘Serpent People’ and has 1500mi of Catacombs Corpus Christi ‘Body of Christ’

The 2024 Eclipse passes over 7 Cities named ‘Nineveh’ “the goddess Inanna of Nineveh” (Ishtar/Ashtoreth/Easter) and the 2017 Eclipse by Salem ‘Peace’.

A comet with a green and round fuzzy head with a thin tail flowing away in a field of tiny scattered stars.

Green Comet=Osiris ‘Green One’ The comet’s closest approach to the sun (perihelion) is on April 21 in the constellation Taurus ‘Bull’

PHOTO: An image captured on July 25, 2023 shows the comet 12P/Pons-Brooks with its “devil horns” after an eruption.

The Devil Comet or the Millennium Falcon from “Star Wars”? Millennium ‘thousand’ Falcon falc- ‘sickle’ Horus was often the ancient Egyptians’ national tutelary deity. He was usually depicted as a falcon-headed man

Model of the Millenium Falcon starship from the Star Wars film series is displayed during the presentation of the exhibition "Star Wars Identities"...

The goddess “Inanna of Nineveh” is Nana, Noah’s adulteress Canaanite wife Namaah (Nana) + Ham ‘Black’=Canaan aka Sargon the Great. Nana=Ishtar of Nineveh”=Easter. Asshur, the 2nd son of Shem built Nineveh; he is depicted in a Red Circle/Globe (Earth in Edomite Debt) wearing Red (Edom=Red=’Dominion’), with Horned Crown, Green (Pale ‘Green’ Horse Rev 6:8) wings (8 wings=8th Covenant, the final Covenant between God and Man) and a Bow. Qos, the Edomite national god whose name means ‘Bow’. ‘And I saw, and behold a white horse (JESUS rides a White Horse, but He comes in 31/2 Years, at Feast of Tabernacles) and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.’ Rev 6:2KJV The Sun, Moon, and Stars were worshipped along with the Bull is a symbol of Ashur; and the Sun goes dark over 7 Cites named Nineveh’; The 8th is in Nova Scotia ‘New Scotland’; It’s claimed FALSELY Jeremiah took ‘Jacob’s Pillow’ and Zedekiah’s daughter where she married Nobility; despite scripture say otherwise Jer 52:10; 2 King 25:7; Eze 17:16  The Pillow will scream when the true King is enthroned. Aleph ‘Bull’ means ‘One’ is formed; no Holy Ghost! Pre-planned? It’s only over America. Why?  JESUS is the Holy Ghost! ‘For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.’ 1 John 5:7KJV ‘Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.‘ 1 John 2:22KJV ‘For pass over the isles of Chittim, and see; and send unto Kedar=qadar, “to become dark,” Kedar emerges as meaning “dark one. ….A mountain in the Himalayas;  Cybele ‘Magna Mater’  means ‘”Mother of the mountain”.  Mt Everest=Chomolungma ‘Earth Mother’; Cybele also means ‘Earth Mother’  …consider diligently, and see if there be such a thing. Hath a nation changed their gods, which are yet no gods? but my people have changed their glory for that which doth not profit.’ Jer 2:10-11KJV The Phrygian Cap ‘Liberty Cap’ (Santa wears Phrygian Cap=Satan!) and taurobolium involved the sacrifice of a bull symbolizing freedom and liberty; FROM GOD! Asshur and Ishtar (Easter) Attis and Cybele are not Divine; JESUS is God; JESUS is the Father; JESUS is the Holy Ghost; the only source of Salvation! 

Aleph, the  Bull Calf of the Sun forms over America on Apr 8, 2024. The Assyrian New Year is Nisan 1 (Marduk is a Barley God) 

Eagle Pass–Piedras Negras International Bridge is in the path of totally; pietra ‘stone rock’ +black’; Eagle=aquilus meaning dark-colored, swarthy, or blackish. The Eagles “Hotel California” is about joining the Church of Satan. Eagle Pass Tunnels Allow ANYONE to Crawl Into US. Marduk “Bull god of Heaven” and Aleph=Bull froms a Solar Eclipse. The other intersection point is Carbondale, Makanda, Giant Nature Trail, Devil’s Stantable, Little Egypt. Merovingian and Viking (VI=6 + King);  Periods, on decorated helmets and picture stones, the eagle was associated with fighting, war and death. Nisroch is Assyrian (Syria) Eagle headed deity; Huitzilopochtli is the Eagle headed Aztec sun and war god;