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Fukushima and Deepwater Horizon

Ring of Fire - Wikipedia
What is a 'ring of fire' solar eclipse?

Ecology is derived from Oikos “Household”; Strongs #G3624 “House; Inhabited Home/Dwelling”. Oppenheimer open home”. A Solar Eclipse will form Marduk “Bull god of the Sun on Apr 8, 2024; Easter. On Jan 1, 2024 a 7.6 Earthquake in the Sea of Japan; Dan 7:6, the 3rd Beast gets “Dominion”. Godzilla? Zillah was the mother of Tubal-cain and Naamah=Easter. April 9 is Gods New Year!

Julius Oppenheimer ‘devoted to Jove’; father god where God=Jupiter=Zeus + open home”; Jove/Zeus”, the son of Saturn. “The Martians” “They Aliens among us, but they call themselves Hungarians”- Leo Szilard; the term used to refer to a group of prominent Hungarian scientists, physicists and mathematicians of Jewish descent who emigrated from Europe to the United States in the early half of the 20th century. Jews replaced Israel with Canaanites, Phoenicians, Assyrians, Babylonians 2 Ki 17:30  and went by “Jew”. Bohemian Grove (human sacrifices to Molech the Bull god) is where the Manhattan Projectwas first discussed, the Atomic Bomb by Oppenheimer and Hydrogen Bomb by Edward Teller one of the Martians. Deus the origin of Zeus means God, Deity, Divine, Shining One=Lucifer. Capitol  means “Womb of Zeus”. “To Be or Not to Be”; the threat of using Nuclear Weapons makes this unimaginable. OMEN=NEOM monster, evil or wicked person, person without humanity, nonentity, inane person; first-person singularpresent indicative of Nesan to not beOppenheimer was a Jew” ie Canaanite, 33deg Luciferian Freemason just like all the rest of the Jewish-Masons-Jesuits around him. Harold Eggertonarmy’; EG&G is the Special Effects Company aka Defense Contractor.  that used Strobe Lights and Cameras to foist the LIE! From 1999 until 2001, EG&G was wholly owned by The Carlyle Group (bin Laden, Bush etc) Janet “Gift from God” Airlines shuttled scientists “Actors” to the Nevada Test Site as well as Alien Hoax  at Area 51=6=Saturn. According to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the correct name for Area 51 are Homey (Open Home) Airport; has also been referred to as “Dreamland” and “Paradise Ranch” EG&G’s “Special Projects” division handles the Space Hoax. The Masonic Pentagon Cornerstone Laying Ceremony on 9/11/1941, Abaddon=Shiva “The Destroyer” Rev 9:11 “I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”Shiva. Oppenheimer qouted from the Bhagavad Gita

Jesus is Shiloh (Gen 49:10) “Owner/Master of the House”. Jesus refers to those who reject Him as “Earth Dwellers” (Rev 13:8) and returns to “Destroy those who destroy the Earth” Rev 11:18

Overview of Chemtrails

Plate Tectonics and the Earthquake in Japan – Montessori Muddle
Plate Tectonics and the Earthquake in Japan – Montessori Muddle
The Geological Society
Japan's Earthquakes & Tectonic Setting- Incorporated Research ...
Causes - Japan earthquake

Figure 1.

Purim 2022 7.3 Earthquake offshore of Fukushima (4 Tectonic Plates converge) Tokyo goes dark; 2 million without power; east coast evacuation orders/Tsunami warnings; Spent Fuel pool pumps stopped. Jan 1, 7.6 Earthquake is the Same of Japan. Japan “Land of Rising Sun” sits at the intersection of 4 Tectonic Plates; the largest Exodus will begin: Fukushima-Korea DMZ-Silk Road-Mt Everest “Chumologmo” (Earth Mother=Noah’s wife Namaah=Canaan)Islamabad-Iran (Aryan)Afghanistan-Iraq-Syria-Jordan-Armageddon.

Tohoku Earthquake Mechanism

4 of Earth’s major Tectonic Plates converge at Japan: Pacific, North American, Eurasian, and Philippine Sea Plates. This is why Fukushima was chosen as the site for the intentionally melted nuclear reactor. 2022 Beijing Olympics Feb 4-20, 2022 motto “Together for a shared future”; that would be China’s “One Belt One; Road Initiative” to rebuild the ancient Silk Road. “Earthquakes in diverse places” are warned in Mat 24:7; Mk 13:8; Lk 21:11.

DeepWater Horizon opened the Abyss, Oil and Methane at unfathomable pressure spewing from the one location that made destroying the Thermohaline Conveyor possible. Salt Water changes density with temperature; Fresh Water does not; the constant rising of warm equatorial water and subsequent falling of cold water from high latitudes moderates weather worldwide. Extreme temperature swings and violent weather once moderated by the Thermohaline Conveyor are now running wild. Combined with a constant flow of MOX (Uranium-Plutonium Oxide) in buoyant, radioactive Bucky Balls (Buckminster Fuller “Fullerenes” mentored Barbara Marx Hubbard “We are the riders of the Pale Horse Death; God creates, we decide who lives and who dies” from Fukushima, the entire planet is becoming poisonous and unihhabitable. Combine this with a fanatical effort to lower CO2 and the entire planet is being turned into a Desert.

La Palma earthquakes set off artificially in a grid pattern began Sept 10, 2021. The $100 Bill shows NY hit by a Tsunami

The pre-Flood world ended when continents separated; the Mid-Atlantic Ridge being the most visible reminder. Atlantis was the Ideal Society envisioned by Plato. The 90E Ridge in the Indian Ocean was the site of the 2004 Yule Tsunami killing 250,000 people. 4 Tectonic plates converge offshore of Fukushima, the site of the 3/11/2011 Earthquake and Tsunami; both events were intentionally triggered by Scalar EM Energy. A tectonic plate slippage along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge could potentially inundate the Eastern seaboard of the Americas and western seaboard of Europe. The Scapegoat for a Mid-Atlantic Ridge attack will be La Palma in the Canary Islands.

“And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.” Rev 11:18KJV “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” Mat 24:22

6 Olympic Rings are joined by the invisible White Ring symbolizing the Great White Brotherhood, Secret Chiefs or Invisible College in Rosicrucianism. Purification of the Earth by the destruction of flesh envisioned by Gnostics such as the Cathars. Japan means “Land of the Rising Sun”; Godzilla symbolizes Zillah the mother of Tubal-cain (Vulcan of the Canaanites), the instructors of metal workers including Uranium-Plutonium. The 6 Rings complete the Upside Down Pyramid (Pyre=Amid the Flames) symbolizing completion of building Heaven on Earth; the opening lines of the Emerald Tablet of Toth-Hermes “As Above; So Below”. The Chaldean Six Pointed Star aka Mark of Cain and Mark of the Beast is seen in Radioactive Geodesic Dome shaped “Bucky Balls”. The Invisible symbolically joining the Yellow (Sun) with the Green (Earth) Rings.  Destruction of the Earth by Radiation is also seen in the destruction of Flesh by the same Six Pointed Star in Graphene, used in the Experimental Science Experiment called Covid 19. The Crowned White Horse (Rev 6:2) conquers with a Bow Strongs #5115 Toxon=Poison; Strongs #5088 Tikto “To Beget, Give Birth”; Bows, Arrows, and Poison are all made with the Yew Tree are anonymous weapons seen in EM (Electro/Sun-Magnetic/Earth) technology used to create the original Earthquake at Fukushima represent the Green and Yellow Rings joined by the Invisible White Ring.

MOX (Mixed Uranium-Plutonium Oxide) Fuel melted and mixed with Salt Water forms Buoyant Bucky Balls being released into the Pacific Ocean for 11 years. The Six Pointed Star is the Abomination of the Canaanites, Ammonites, Moabites and Edomites (1 Ki 11:5-7); Radioactive “Bucky Balls” destroy the Earth as Jesus warned in Rev 11:18 . EM (Electro=Sun + Magnetic=Earth) energy aka Geo-Engineering Radars can cause “Earthquakes in Diverse Places”. 4 Tectonic Plates converge offshore from Fukushima Japan where the 2021 Olympics will take place in July. Radiation from Fukushima never stopped; the molten MOX (Mixed Uranium-Plutonium Oxide) fuel melted through containment and is under the seafloor creating spherical chambers similar to the Fat Man Atomic Bomb tested on Nagasaki; potentially, atomic fission occurring between the chambers could cause “Earthquakes in diverse places” Mat 24:7; Mk 13:8; Lk 21:11 Radiation spreading from the intersection of the Pacific Ocean Currents in “Bucky Balls”; Saltwater  Buoyant, Hexagonal (Six Pointed Star of Saturn is the Mark of Cain and Mark of the Beast) shaped MOX (Mixed Uranium-Plutonium Oxide) Fuel. Buckminster Fuller mentored Barbara Marx Hubbard who said “We are the riders fo the Pale Horse “Death”; God creates, we decide who lives and who dies; we do this for the good of the Earth” Welcome to the Godzilla Olympics!


Tokyo, Japan Olympics July 23-Aug 8, 2021 “Requim and Re-birth” Tyrannosaurus-Rex means “Tyrant King” if you are not SPIRITUALLY ready for the 4th Beast of Iron (Dan 7:7) I suggest you get ready; JESUS “KING OF KINGS LORD OF LORDS” is in your Prayer Closet waiting for you to open the door.

The route to Armageddon begins in Japan “Land of the Rising Sun”,  the eastern end of the Pre-Flood Ancient Silk Road (eg The underwater Temple of Yonaguni is under 100ft of water and is oriented to the Sun) which runs to the Korean DMZ, Beijing, Karakoram, Islamabad, across Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Jordan to Armageddon.

Japan “Land of the Rising Sun” Olympic Torch Relay began on 3/22/21 (Society 322 named after Gen 3:22 is the Teutonic Brotherhood of Death aka Cult of Melchisedek; Jesus is the real Melchisedek  (Ref Heb 7) this Melchisedek is Saturn “Rising Sun”. The Red Sun Rising represents Esau selling his “Birthright” and being renamed Edom=Red. The Torch is called “Light of Hope”, stylized as a Cherry Blossom symbolizing “Renewal”. The Torch began its trek around the world in J-Stadium in Fukushima, “Ground Zero” for the pre-planned Purim Earthquake/Tsunami and Fukushima Atomic Meltdown
Requim is the first word in Latin Mass “Requiem æternam dona eis, Domine” (Grant them eternal rest, O Lord) Requim is the “Mass for the Repose of the Souls of the Dead” Rebirth is Reincarnation after the death of the Soul. Japan means “Land of the Rising Sun”; worship of the Rising Sun caused the Glory of the LORD to depart Solomon’s Temple (Eze 8) and will do so again.
Tisha b’ Av aka 9 Av July 29-30, 2020; July 17-18, 2021 The saddest day in Jewish history marks the 12 Spies returned from Canaan leading to 40 years wandering in the Wilderness of Sin (Arabia); Solomon’s Temple and the 2nd (Zerubabbels’s Temple) Temple destroyed; Bar Kochba Revolt; fake Jew Bankers expelled from England and later Spain; Start dates for WWI, WWII, Gulf War I; Gulf War II Slaughter on the Hwy of Death and Libyan War. What better day to start WWIII?
Eminem (M&M=Master Mason) song  Godzilla on the album Music to be murdered by lyrics “Fill em with venom and eliminate em” Interesting? Not as good as The Virus a novel by Boris Johnson’s Dad Stanley Johnson about novel Marburg Virus emerging in Japan as “Fukushima Virus” Boris even starred in the 2012 London Olympics with Coronavirus and Climate Alarmist Greta Thunberg Aren’t Satanists clever?

Jesuits took their first Oaths in the Crypt of St Denis (Dionysus) on the Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1534; the first Jesuit acquisitions were Tehran (Targun) the seat of Shia Islam and Nagasaki, the primary shipping port in Japan, giving the Jesuit Order a Tax Monopoly over Japan.

Japan (Land of the Rising Sun=Saturn) imports deadly Viruses Virus means “Snake Venom”; Strongs #5115 “Toxon”=Poison; Coronavirus means “Crowned Snake Venom” Japan PM Shinzo Abe giving the Thumbs Up (Approval) sign; his 22 yr right hand man Yoshihide Suga to be the new PM, both fans of Unit 731. There are no known survivors of Unit 731 called the “Epidemic Prevention and Water Purification Dept of the Kwantung Army” now replaced by The WHO and CDC. Unit 731 given legal immunity just like Pharmaceutical Corp’s for Vaccines; human experimentation just like NAIAD Human experimentation head Christine Grady aka Mrs Fauci (Sickle). Live vivisection without anesthesia, disease infection, amputation, organ removal, bubonic plague bombs, dysentery, cholera; experiments with grenade, bayonet, sword, knife wounds, flame throwers, food/water deprivation, heat/cold, hyperbaric, burial alive, saltwater injections, X-Rays and centrifuge experiments are returning in the new Imperial era of Reiwa “New Order of Peace and Harmony”
In Sept 2019 Japan imported Crimean-Congo and South American hemorrhagic fever virus, Ebola, Marburg, and Lassa Fever in time for the 2020 Olympics. In Oct 2019 Pirbright Corp patented Coronavirus and Event 201 rehearsed Coronavirus Hoax in Wuhan Oct 18, 2019. In Dec 2019 Coronavirus broke out near China’s only Level 4 Bio-safety Lab in Wuhan “China’s Thoroughfare”; the site Bubonic Plague was carried on Rats to Europe became the site for Coronavirus in 2020 Year of the Rat.  Wuhan is the world’s 1st 5G Demonstration City; 5G at 60GHz is the Holy Grail, a short range frequency with near 100% attenuation in atmospheric and blood oxygen that prevents Hematin from carrying Oxygen resulting in instant death.   The Wuhan Bio-safety Lab is owned by Glaxo Smith-Kline Trump Coronavirus Czar Moncef Slaoui is VP of Vaccines at GSK.

Coronavirus  “Crowned Serpent/Snake Venom” was claimed to have originated in Snakes (It didn’t), the symbol of Gnostic Re-Birth and theme of Japan’s Olympics. 2020 is the Chinese Year of the Metal Rat; Godzilla was born in Japan; Zillah is the mother of Tubal-cain the instructor of all artificers in metals and patron of Freemasonry. 2021 is the Chinese Year of the Ox, the Beast of Burden supported the Laver used for Levite Priest Ritual Cleansings (Ablutions). Saturnian Rabbis use the term Tikkun Olam “Repair the Earth” ie Cleanse the Earth of God and His followers. Pope Francis’ Encyclical “Laudato Si” (Earth be Praised) calls for eliminating all but 1 Billion people “The triumph of Science is realizing Earth can only support 1 billion people” Neil DeGrasse Tyson (Heir apparent to Jesuit sock puppet Stephen Hawking) declared “Coronavirus is a global Science Experiment”
Venues located on Tokyo Harbor Islands bathed in Fukushima Radiation at the same location the radioactive mutant Godzilla rose from the sea 66 years earlier. Zillah is the mother of Tubal-cain the instructor of all artificers of metals such as Uranium and Plutonium or the 4th Beast of Iron (Dan 7:7)
The Indigo colored Mascot Mirantowa is derived from Future + Eternity; Phoenicians (Canaanites) were called “Men of Purple” ie Indigo; Indigo children are called Star Children named after the Chaldean Star of Saturn; Japan “Lang of the Rising Sun”=Land of Saturn.

38th Parallel Exodus to Armageddon
Fukushima sits on the 38th Latitude across from the Korean DMZ on the 38th Parallel, drawn on a Nat Geo map by US Army Captain Charles Bonesteel and Maj Dean Rusk as Atomic Bombs were detonating over Japan. The largest Exodus in human history will end in the Valley of Megiddo at Armageddon; beginning likely at Fukushima, Japan, the Korean DMZ, across the Silk Road to Karakoram (HQ of Ghengis Khan’s Golden Horde) in the Hindu-Kush Mtns, south along the Karakoram Hwy in the highly volatile Kashmir region of Pakistan-India; West across Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Jordan and into the Valley of Slaughter. Ever wonder why the US chased CIA asset Osama bin Laden across Afghanistan and falsely accused 33 deg Freemason Saddam Hussein of aiding al Qaeda from Iraq?
Japan’s Masashimurayama Level 4 Bio-safety Lab imported Hemhorrhagic Viruses Oct 2019 for the 2020 Olympics: Marburg Virus aka Ebola (Balls of the Flagrumm, the Scourge used to induce bleeding prior to Crucifixion; German corp Siemens made the intentionally failed coolant valves for the Fukushima Atomic Power Plant), Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (Crimea is home to Satmation Priest-Kings aka Order of Melchisedek or the German Ordo Saturnus and the giant statue of Prometheus breaking free of his chains; the Eagle pecking his liver? The United States directly in the path of Fukushima Radiation; South American Hemorrhagic Fever and Lassa Hemorrhagic Fever.

The world’s largest Exodus will likely start on the 38th (38-52-90 is the Mr Peace Triangle used to construct the Great Pyramid) Parallel in Fukushima-38th parallel and the Korean DMZ (Kore=Korahite Priesthood) across the Silk Road to Karakoram (HQ of Golden Horde) to Islamabad-Afghanistan (Opium Fields like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz), Iran (Aryan “Noble Caste”; Kamala Harris is Boule Society “Nobles” Brahmin “Noble Caste”), Iraq (Babylon), Idumea (Moab, Ammon, Edom escape the hand of Antichrist in Dan 11:41) and Har Megiddo “Armageddon” where Blood fills the valley to the horse bridles; what else but Ebola could do that? Time to decide to accept the shed Blood of Jesus for remission of Sin (Heb 9:22) or shed the blood of billions of others; only perfect blood will suffice!

Coronavirus “Crowned Serpent Venom” eating a Man Worldwide Media is controlled by the Sforza Black Nobility Family; the BreakSpear (Seen in Shakespeare, Spear of Destiny) Family controls the Jesuit Order managing Coronavirus and the United Nations  In addition Jesuits control Sovereign Territories: White House (Joe Biden) US Pentagon (Military), City of London Corp (Physical Assets) Coronavirus was “Classified” a Pandemic meaning it will affect everyone on Earth, not that it is deadly was placed atop The Monument in 1677 , Vatican City (SPIRITUAL) constructed as a Snake/Viper, and Temple Mount (Satan’s Seat) The first Jesuit land acquisition in Japan was Nagasaki where the Plutonium Atomic weapon Fat Man was used to slaughter human beings. Japan is derived from Jihpun “Rising Sun” aka Saturn. Cain + Zillah, the mother of Tubal-cain aka Prometheus (Fore Planner) is the instructor of all artificers of metals such as Uranium and Plutonium. In the Masonic quiz book the question “Who is Tubal-cain?” is answered “Vulcan of the Canaanites”. The Vulcan symbol used in Star Trek is the Sign of Shin used by Talmudic-Chaldean Rabbis to celebrate the 3 Nails used to Crucify Jesus.

There are 66 books in Scripture as numbered by Sir Francis Bacon (Jesuit Toby Mathew aka Shakespeare/Breakspear; the original number was 49) 66 refers to “Loss of Faith”; in the Apocryphal “Book of Adam”, 66 is the number associated with Adam returning to Eden (Google NROL-66, the Bull God Molech shot into orbit is as obvious as it gets); Trump’s 66th floor Penthouse is a Shrine to Apollo “Destroyer” of Rev 9:11. Rabbis refer to this Repair of the Earth “Tikkun Olam”; in French “The Man”=66; Mort (Death)=66 and Curse (Maudir)=66; not coincidentally, Donald Trump’s 66th floor Penthouse/Shrine to Apollo (Apollyon “Destroyer”) were featured 120 years earlier Ingersol Rand’s book “Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey”; the Columbus Circle address on 57th St refers to Columbia, the Roman goddess whose name is synonymous with America.
Every 57 years, the Moon returns to the exact same time and place; Moon is used 57 times in scripture; the Arab moon god “Sin” is called Allah whose name in Hebrew=66. Allah is the Arab moon god “Sin”
57 can be seen in 5G SkyNet 5G; G=7 the Masonic “Grand Architect”; SkyNet the Internet based Artificial Intelligence computer grid which becomes “Self Aware” and guides “Terminators” to eliminate all Flesh on Earth, especially targeting the future “Savior” John Conner; John=Oannes the Chaldean fish god rising from the Sea; Conner means “Inspector”. Artemis 5G  means “Butcher”

Tokyo means Estuary “Capital of the East”; Japan means “Rising Sun”. Jesuits, having taken their first Oaths in the Crypt of St Denis (Dionysus “Green Man”) on the Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1534 (aka Feast of Assumption of Mary) moved to take control of Tehran (Targum), the capital of the Nizari Assassins who worshipped the UNKNOWN GOD called “Old Man of the Mountain”, and Nagasaki, the site of the “Fat Man” donation, a man-made Plutonium Core weapon 1st tested as “Gadget” on July 16, 1945 at the “Trinity Site”.
Uranium is named after Ur of the Chaldees. Plutonium is named after Pluto “Hades” or “Orcus”, the son of Eris, goddess of discord and brother of Zeus and Poseidon; Aquaman, the son of Poseidon obtains the Kingdom by flattery and becomes a vain, ruthless dictator rising from the Sea, the bible refers to as Antichrist. Orcus means “Hell”, he is the punisher of broken oaths, hence the association with the Pale Horse rider (Green Man or Godzilla) “Death” whose worship brings “Hell”.
Upon hearing of the successful production/detonation of man’s creation “Plutonium”, named after the Roman god of the underworld, Edward Teller said “It’s a boy!” J Robert Oppenheimer quoted Shiva (Apollo) “I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds” (Recall Mort=Death=66) as ships set sail for Japan with Uranium and Plutonium bombs FDR refused to detonate, but 33 degree Luciferian Mason Harry Truman agreed to. Pluto was highlighted in the Edomite movie Us rising from Santa Cruz “Holy Cross” in California (Kalifa=Caliph; leader of Islam

San Francisco and Fukushima 38th Latitude
Godzilla: Lamech’s wife Zillah + God; Zillah is the mother of Tubal-cain, and Namaah  Tubal-cain is the instructor of all artificers of metal like Uranium and Plutonium. “Who is Tubal-cain?” is answered by Masons with “Vulcan of the Canaanites”; Vulcan the blacksmith who forged the Nails used to fasten Jesus to the Tree portrayed by Spock whose “Sign of Shin” (Shin=Nail) is used by Talmudic Rabbis to open Synagogues. Tubal-cain is the Blacksmith forging our chains for the Tyrant King. Namaah is regarded by Rabbis to be Noah’s wife whose incest gave birth to the “Cursed” bloodline of Canaan; Hex means Curse; symbolized by the Chaldean Six Pointed Star of the Rising Sun “Saturn” As Earth Mother, she is known as Inanna, Astarte, Ashtoreth, Ishtar and Easter aka Earth Mother. The “Fat Man” Plutonium Bomb looks identical to Elon Musk’s “Tintin” fake Mars rocket because Mars if the same UNKNOWN GOD (Acts 17:23)called by the Assassins “Old Man of the Mountain”; the Mars mission fake spacesuits look like the set of Ender’s Game for what should be obvious reasons. The movie San Andreas highlighted the Golden Gate Bridge for a reason. Flooding of the New Madrid Fault will be caused by collapse to the Salt Dome from Methane saturation from the Oil/Methane deposit estimated to be the volume of Mt Everest, in native tongue Mt Everest, is Chumulongmo “Earth Mother”, the real location Noah’s ark settled and Namaah’s incest with Ham (Black) gave birth to Black Nobility. The serried Borgia mentions some of the Black Nobility families Sforza (Military), Medici (Banking)

Fukushima and Deep Water Horizon: Intentional Earth Destruction
Fukushima was built on the 38th Parallel (Pythagorean Geometry 3-4-5 Triangle) in accordance with Sacred Geometry at the intersection of the strongest Pacific Ocean Currents near the origin of Pacific Ocean Weather Currents and Pacific Jet Stream; the only site which could cause the ongoing damage to the Earth is at Fukushima. The event was caused by an EM (Electro-magnetic) Energy triggered Tsunami and subsequent intentional failure of coolant systems at the Reactor Plant which was loaded with extremely toxic MOX (Mixed Uranium=Plutonium Oxide) Fuel Rods. The Fukushima tsunami was warned in advance in 33 degree Luciferian Mason Clint Eastwood’s “Hereafter”
Deep Water Horizon was a similar Earth Destroying event caused by tapping a deep oil deposit, subsequent intentional sabotage of Blow Out Preventer Valves and Haliburton installed Drill Rig Foundation and the intentional destruction of the Deep Water Horizon Drilling Rig. Severing the Drill Pipe and floating away would have saved the Platform and needless deaths of Rig workers.

On Feb 1, 2017 530 Sv/Hr was detected at Fukushima in contact with an underground river, constantly leaking into the Pacific Ocean. 6 Years after Obama (Prince Hall Mason Bari Malik Shabazz Jr=Boat/Solar Barque + Malik=Arabic Lord + Shabazz “First Race” of Cain-Canaan-Ishmael-Esau found in the Horites “Worshippers of Horus” aka “God of the 2 Horizons” equivalent with Babylonian “Tammuz”) bowed to Shinto Emperor Akahito, the youngest son of Emperor Hirohito who organized WWII with fellow Luciferian Mason/Shriners Douglas MacArthur, FDR and Harry Truman, the northern hemisphere is dying. Akahito is an Order of the Garter Initiate; Garter is a British Roundtable which means Witch’s Belt, a sign of Satanic Marriage covenant originating in the “Titanic Era” before and after the Flood. The US delivered MOX (Mixed Uranium-Plutonium Oxide) Fuel rods on Obama’s visit; MOX Fuel was designed to form Buoyant “Bucky Balls” (Buckminster Fuller mentored Barbara Marxist Hubbard “We are the riders of the Pale Horse Death. God creates, we decide who lives and who dies”) when melted and exposed to saltwater. Akahito is the son of a man whose torture/killing techniques used by Major Horatio Ishi at Unit 731 dwarf Nazi Dr Mengele or Stalin’s Gulag architect of death Lazar Kaganovich; Kagan is a fake Jew Khazar ie Sarmation name meaning “King”; seen in Sodomite Supreme Court Justice and Obama hanlder Elena Kagan.
Rockefeller’s General Electric designed the plant at Fukushima, and intentionally built it over an underground river where the Pacific Jet Stream and Pacific Ocean currents collide at the only place on Earth capable of destroying it. Scalar EM weapons intentionaly set off the 9.0 Earthquake; Siemens Atomic Control Valves intentionally shut off coolant to the #3 Reactor before the Tsunami arrived, ensuring melt-down. Fat Man was a Plutonium enhanced Fission weapon tested on Japan; under the seafloor, Plutonium-Uranium is melting rock, forming spherical shells like the Fat Man Bomb core, capable of Atomic Fission and the creation of “Earthquakes in Diverse Places”.
Plutonium Oxide is a million times more toxic than Uranium, when designed to become lofted into the Atmosphere during incineration and become buoyant in the Pacific Ocean, it becomes far more effective at destroying Flesh. Pluto the Roman god of the Underworld and Planet whose pictures from New Horizon Spacecraft exactly match the 1930 drawings of Luciferian Mason Walt Disney (obviously fake pictures) lent its name to Plutonium; first produced at the Trinity Detonation at Los Alamos (Alamo means “Black Popular” the tree whose Strakes were used to divide the flocks of Laban and Jacob in Gen 30), the father of the Hydrogen (H means “God is with me; seen in Abram-Abraham; Juda-Judah; Sarai-Sarah, Ishmael-Ismail) Bomb a Bohemian Grove Satanist, Pedophile and Fake ie Crypto Jew named Edward Teller exclaimed “It’s a Boy!” Fellow fake Jew, Communist Spy, Luciferian Mason J Robert Oppenheimer, in charge of the Manhattan (Man + Aton the Egyptian Creator) Project said “I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds” upon witnessing the Trinity Detonation; he also said “I hope they cannot see the limitless potential living inside of me to muder everything. I hope they cannot see I am the great Destroyer”. Oppenheimer was referring to Apollo/Apollyon/Abaddan/Shiva “Destroyer” in Rev 9:11 aka Lucifer.
Donald Trump is the Scapegoat Apollo riding in on a Golden Ass wearing the Golden Bough (both books describing the Eleusinian Mystery Religion Initiations) of Apollo with his pal Vladimir Putin. Sochi=Flame; the Sochi Olympics featured Apollo’s Chariot pulled by Aurora just like Trump’s 66th floor Penthouse in Trump Tower, figuratively the 16th Trump in Tarot. Sochi is famous for the giant statue of Prometheus (recall the Prometheus movie and Alien DNA and the Prometheus Idol at Rockefeller Center); a pis You may recall the Simpsons episode “Trumptastic Voyage” predicted the Trump presidence in 2000; when Homer jumps into Donald’s Golden Hairpiece he comes face to face with the Black Monolith from Stan Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey which leads Man in the ways of Cain in their evolution from Monkeys to Killers to Lunar Astronauts (Luciferian Mason Liars; recall Gene Cernan claims to be the last man who walked on the moon matches the name of CERN the Scapegoat “Earth Destroyer” creating the made-up “God Particle” derived from Cernunnos “Horned One” and first name Shaman used for Satan) to explorers of Jupiter (Jah + Pater or Antichrist) and the cycle of Death-Re-birth that is the hallmark of the Eleusinian Mystery Religion Initiations. The Millennium Hilton Hotel at Ground Zero (means “Site of Nuclear Detonation”) is in fact a replica of the Black Monolith created by Stan Kubrick. You may recall Dr Strangelove, the character is in fact Crypto Satanist Edward Teller.
Fake Jewish Rabbis (Rab=Arab=Great One) in Israel claim Trump and Putin are modern day Cyrus (Cyrus is derived from Koreish/Quyraish, the Arab Bedouins of Ishmaelite and Edomite descent who formed the Korahite Priesthood in Moses and Aaron’s day) figures filling roles of liberating Jews; wrong! They are Satanic fakes liberating Edomites, currently under the Yoke of Jacob (Gen 27:39-41KJV) for worldwide “Dominion” (Dan 7:6; Dan 2:39) and subsequent hand off to the 4th Beast (Dan 7:7; Dan 2:40) who murders everyone unwilling to accept the Mark of the Beast.

Deep Water Horizon and Fukushima: Pre-planned “Extinction Level Events”

Fukushima is the Japanese (Land of the Rising Sun) Godzilla. Zillah was the mother of Tubal-cain, the instructor of metal workers such as Plutonium (Roman god of the underworld).
US Government map of Fukushima Radiation shows why the NE Pacific Ocean is nearly void of life .
NOAA, FEMA, Navy map of New Madrid Fault submerged from DeepWater Horizon Methane collapsing the Salt Dome over the world’s largest oil deposit.
Fukushima: Plutonium Oxide and Uranium (MOX Fuel) were mixed at a ratio designed to become Buoyant in Seawater; flooding the reactor cores with Seawater was pre-planned ensuring the Zircalloy cask deterioration and exposure of the reactor fuel to the atmosphere. The location coincides where the Atmospheric Jet Stream originates, 3 Tectonic Plates collide, the Pacific Ocean currents merge and directly over an underground river. On Jan 16, 2015 Scientists ( announced Neutron Flux Radiation of Seawater was underestimated by 13Trillion Times; the Pacific Ocean is Radioactive and killing sea and bird life. Life in the Pacific Ocean including Birds are in the midst of a cataclysmic die off. Hollywood warned in advance (time and place) of Fukushima in Luciferian Mason Clint Eastoood’s Hereafter. California’s Diablo Canyon Nuc Plant is the equivalent of Fukushima; an earthquake there will have similar effects.
Deep Water Horizon: The volume of oil and methane Deep Water Horizon tapped into is the size of Mt Everest (several Trillion Bbls), under pressure, with a pipeline network in place. Hollywood warned of Deep Water Horizon in Jesuit Knight of Malta Nic Cage’s “Knowing”. BP CEO, Goldman Banker, Fine Gaei (Gael=Chaldee), UN, Vatican, Global Migration (Refugee) Chair, Jesuit Peter Sutherland sold and shorted BP and Trans-Ocean Stock just before purchasing Boots and Coots (Oil Clean-up Corp) and Nalco (Corexit) stock; must have “Known” something eh?
These Extinction Level Events were pre-planned and scripted much like 9/11/2001, Indonesian Tsunami, Sichuan Earthquake, Haiti Earthquake and Hurricane Katrina.
Scalar EM energy was used to initiate the 9.0 Earthquake and could be used to seal off (EM Tesla Shell) and Fission the Uranium/Plutonium material safely as was tested at Chernobyl, but this will not occur; EM technology is the world’s biggest secret, eliminating the need for both Oil and Nuclear Energy. Tests of this technology also occurred in the Thresher Submarine incident, Shuttle Columbia and Challenger. The technology is alluded to in Hugh Jackman’s movie The Prestige the final act Magic This shows 3 yr plan for radiation to contaminate the Northern Hemisphere This Picture shows the nuclear fuel in contact with an underground river constantly feeding directly into the Pacific Ocean.

“…and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth” Rev 11:18
“…foundations of the earth do shake…the earth shall reel to and fro as a drunkard” Is 24:18-20

MOX Fuel (Plutonium/Uranium Oxide) and Cesium 137 are Anthropogenic (man-made) “Earth Destroyers”.  Obama delivered MOX Fuel to Japan for Reactor #3 which was allowed to melt down. Aum Shinrikyo and Sukyo Mahikari are Doomsday Cults financed by the Japan Government; specifically Shintaro Abe, his son and current PM Shinzo Abe (planned Tokyo Sarin Gas attack) and Tokyo Mayor Shintaro Ishihara. The Logo is the Six Pointed Star of Saturn/Molech, symbol of the “Chosen Race” (Satanic Initiates). 137 is the 33rd Prime Number and so-called “DNA of Light”; the number of Wisdom and Prophecy, and Kaballah.
Cesium 137 is produced from Plutonium Fission. Underground Plutonium enhanced Nuclear Fusion over the spot where 3 Tectonic Plates intersect may very well cause the Earth to reel to and fro as a drunkard”
Cesium 137 is polluting the entire Pacific Ocean; 10X worse than all Nuclear testing and incidents combined. The Fukushima Nuc Plant is covered by a Gamma Ray Haze caused by ongoing Fission killing every living thing in its path.

Deep Water Horizon and Fukushima are the most devastating, intentionally created disasters in human history; both are ongoing and neither will be resolved anytime soon. The single biggest threat to human survival is collapse of the above ground fuel storage pool near Reactor #4. To answer the question Why? It is necessary to understand Gnosticism and the Serpent’s Lie. “Ye shall not surely die” Incarnation in matter is considered inherently evil in the Gnostic world ie everyone outside a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; He promised to cut “those days” short because no Flesh would remain; these are the start of those days, a 3 1/2 year period called “Great Tribulation”.

Fukushima “A River Runs Through It”; GE designed the Reactors to do what they did, melt thorugh to the underground River Bed where a constant flow of Plutonium Radiation will continue unabated.
Cesium 137, Tritium and Strontium 90 produce high energy Gamma Radiation which strips electrons from surrounding atoms and produces Radioactive Fog having a slight + Charge; in contact with Seawater which has a slight – charge, the radiation blanket covers coastal areas from Japan to America. In addition, the fog supercharges storms as seen recently in summer 2014. The MOX Fuel used was designed to become Neutrally Buoyant when melted and flooded with Seawater.
Tokyo Mayors Shintaro Ishihara and Shinzo Abe are Aum Shrinrikyo and Sukyo Mahikari (Both Doomsday Cults) initiates bent on human extinction; the source for this is the “Gozeigen” (“Revealed” 60 years ago) and the symbol “Kagome” (Six Pointed Star of Molech). Ishihara used Tsunami Relief funds to purchase the Senkaku Is and will instigate WWIII with China.
The Nuclear Plant was intentionally built on the site of a river; forget about leaking tanks, the Pacific Ocean is continually fed by this radiated river coming in contact with melted MOX Fuel cores deep underground. Groundwater scientist Atsunao Marui “Putting the nuclear plant over an underground river was inviting disaster”. More than that, like 9/11/2001 and Deep Water Horizon, these disasters were planned long before.
The Tsunami Wave had nothing to do with the Fukushima Reactor Meltdowns. The worst, intentionally inflicted and ongoing disaster in human history began on Lent 2011 with an Electro-Magnetic Scalar Wave induced Earthquake and resultant Tsunami Wave. Reactor #3 contains MOX (Mixed Plutonium Oxide) Fuel. MOX Uranium-Plutonium fuel is perhaps the most toxic, sea and airborne man-made material known. Mixed at a concentration of 6% Plutonium to Uranium, MOX is the “Gift that keeps on giving”, and yes this “Beast from the Sea” was designed to do this intentionally. Japan is the “Land of the Rising Sun” for a reason.

Fukushima Time line The 48 hour EM signal ends precisely as the Earthquake hits.
Reactor coolant is intentionally shut off prior to the Tsunami by Siemmens Corp controllers.
Neutron absorbing control rods are withheld from the reactor core; predictably, fission reactions within reactors #1-4 continue unabated, generating uncontrollable heat.
Fuel Rods melt; shutting down fission reactions now becomes impossible due to reactor core deformations. Photographs show, fires had broken out well before the arrival of the Tsunami wave.
Zirconium “Zircalloy” fuel rod cladding melts, causing a hydrogen reaction. Nitrogen inerting systems also intentionally fail leading to Hydrogen explosions, exposing spent fuel pools to the atmosphere. The claim is also being made the Hydrogen was vented into Reactor #4 by a faulty valve in #3; either way, the Fuel Pool with Fresh MOX fuel was set up for disaster.
Melted Uranium and MOX (6%Plutonium/Uranium Oxide) Fuel is flooded with Seawater. Uranyl Peroxide reactions begin. Melted, radioactive Uranium/Plutonium forms neutrally buoyant, radioactive, carcinogenic Bucky Balls capable of traveling very long distances in the Ocean. Named after the Geodesic Dome creator Buckminster Fuller, a mentor of New Ager Barbara Marx Hubbard who stated “We are the riders of the Pale Horse Death, God creates, we destroy; we decide who lives and who dies”
Bucky Balls have their multi-faceted spherical structure is perfectly buoyant in seawater, an intentional result of the 6% Plutonium MOX Fuel concentrations. Bucky Balls are to the Ocean as nano-particulate Barium and Aluminum used in Atmospheric “Chemtrails” are for the Atmosphere; intentionally created destroyers of life on Earth.
Hydrogen gas is vented from the reactor core. The Nitrogen inerting system is intentionally turned off. Hydrogen explosions blow the roof off the spent fuel containment buildings.
Plutonium is a man-made product of the Atomic Age; Pluto the Roman god of death and destruction. Plutermal or MOX Fuel is created by grinding Plutonium to a fine powder and mixing the appropriate concentrations for use in MOX Fuel Reactors. The Fuel Rods are long, thin Zirconium Alloy filled tubes full of 6% Plutonium-94% Uranium powder perfectly suited to mix with Hydrogen and remain Neutrally Buoyant in Seawater.
In 2009, Barack Obama bowed to Emperor Akihito a member of the British Order of the Garter, a Witch’s Belt originating with the Titanic Age of the Nephilim (Gen 6 “Giants”) laying claim to every asset on Earth. Akihito is the son of 33 degree Mason Emperor Hirohito; Obama’s visit was the urging of TEPCO to fuel the #3 Reactor at Fukushima with MOX Fuel. MOX Fuel is designed for one purpose: Destroy Life on Earth. Why? A tougher question to answer, but one derived from Gnostic belief, incarnation in matter is inherently evil. Obama’s mantra “Yes We Can” is derived from this basic Gnostic Cathar belief; it means “Thank You Satan” Remember the first lie? “Ye shall not surely die”? Satan Lied!
Fissioning 6% Plutonium-Uranium MOX Fuel forms Uranyl Peroxide in Seawater which forms Neutrally Buoyant Radioactive “Bucky Balls” floating indefinitely on Ocean Currents. Radiation collects in the Ocean “Food Chain” and is distributed all over the world. Deuterium “Heavy Water” used as a moderator is irradiated by Plutonium fission forming Tritium, seen in steam releases and underground water trenches in July 2013. As silica rock under the reactors melts, it forms glassy bubble like mirrors reflecting radiation into the trapped Fuel and Deuterium-Tritium laced water; Plutonium Fission is ongoing and will not stop. Muon catalyzed fusion called “Bubble Fusion” may be forming underground. Tritium enhanced Plutonium fission was first demonstrated at Nagasaki, Japan with the “Fat Man” Atomic Bomb, a Tritium enhanced Plutonium Bomb. The father of nuclear fusion in the US Edward Teller said “It’s a Boy” when Helium was produced from Hydrogen fusion; man had become a god. It’s not if, but when a chain reaction occurs that the entire reactor complex is blown off its foundation and 4500 tons of fissile material is lofted into the Pacific Jet Stream. Underground Plutonium Fission will likely one day produce “Earthquakes in Diverse Places” Mk 13:8

Deep Water Horizon

Deep Water Horizon
Deep Water Horizon caught fire on 4/20/2010 “Weed Day” and sank on 4/22 “Earth Day”. Coincidence? No. When the Oil Drilling Rig caught fire from a well blowout. The Rig remained attached and GPS guided thrusters held position, needlessly for 18hrs. The well head Shear Ram fails, as do 10 separate “Door Rams”, and 2 annular valves. 13 different ways to stop the disaster all mysteriously failed during this orchestrated disaster. Methane is continuously being pushed into the massive salt domes under the Mississippi River Basin; collapse is not a question of if, but when, and NOAA and FEMA have disaster planning maps prepared for exactly that scenario. A similar condition exists off the coast of southern California which may very well lead to an inundation of the San Joaquin Valley to San Francisco.
Goldman Sachs and Vanguard Funds sold off 50% of BP stock and Goldman shorted Trans Ocean stock just ahead of the explosion; in addition Trans Ocean double insured the rig just prior. The point? Everyone was covered. Halliburton caused the failure of the Well Foundation and had purchased Boots and Coots, the world’s largest Oil Spill Clean-up company just prior, raising its profits 80%. The “Black Box” was never recovered (1st time in history) and the last 6 hours of recordings from the Bridge mysteriously vanished. Oil and Corexit are destroying the Ocean ecosystem; Methane is dispersing into the New Madrid Fault with the predictable result of a major natural gas explosion.
Oil streaming at 7000psi from a 22in orifice with Silica laden Methane estimated at 100,000psi dislodge the Halliburton cemented Well Head and wear away the Drill Casing; this allows Oil and Methane to flow through undersea fissures polluting the Gulf of Mexico and indeed the world’s oceans. Nalco’s UN banned “Corexit”, destroyed and continues to destroy the Gulf of Mexico and block the Thermohaline Ocean Conveyor in the Atlantic by creating Oxygen depleted “Dead Zones”. Having several million gallons of the UN banned Glyphosate “Round Up” weed killer called Corexit on hand does not happen by chance.
Gulf of Mexico means “Place where the World’s Ocean Currents Converge”. This location was not chosen by chance; like Fukushima at the intersection of the Kuriosho and Liman Ocean Currents, it was the perfect location for this type of destruction.
Macondo Prospect in Mississippi Canyon sits in 5000ft of water; oil sits 18,000 below that at a pressure of 7000psi. The drill pipe filled with rapidly expanding supersonic methane reportedly at pressures of 100K psi; when drill mud was replaced with seawater and Halliburton well head cementing failed, the well planned disaster was assured. Methane laced sand quickly eroded the drill pipe walls. When the well cap was finally installed, the methane and oil sought the path of least resistance and still does; leaking out of the pipe and casing into the surrounding geology. The amount of oil and frozen methane hydrates is estimated to be on the order of the volume of Mt Everest; in other words, the event may never end.
Phosphate fertilizers, used in commercial farming travel down the Mississippi river to the Gulf of Mexico where they cause Algae blooms. Corexit is Glyphosate weed killer; as the algae dies, it robs the ocean of oxygen; mixed with benzene, pneumonia and blood disorders result in fish and humans. 2 years on, Fish deformities are becoming very apparent. This is how Earth Destroyers operate and why Jesus returns to “Destroy them which destroy the Earth” Rev 11:18.
As with Fukushima, Barack Obama was chosen well in advance for his role as “Earth Destroyer”. The Democratic nomination was held in Denver “Mile High City” on a stage built as a “Greek Tragedy Play”; Deep Water Horizon occurred 1 mile deep in Mississippi Canyon on “Earth Day”. Obama’s Prince Hall Masonic Logo, the “Rising Sun out of Red and White Stripes” and his mantra “Yes We Can” reflect the deeper Cathar meaning, the Langue d’ Oc meaning Language of Oil.
Methane at unimaginable pressure has continued to fill subterranean fissures for 30 months, filling salt domes and fresh water aquifers; pushed to shore, Methane reaches the surface as “Sink Holes” prompting a ban on outdoor fires. Congress introduced HR6566; if passed Obama’s FEMA Director William Fugate will be a de-facto dictator tasked with “Mass Fatality Planning” for a “Natural Disaster, Terrorist Attack or Man-made Disaster” FEMA is sending (Oct 2012) thousands of portable generators; Big Box stores Home Depot, Costco, WallMart etc are also stocking thousands of generators in preparation for massive explosions/fire and a planned for evacuation of many of the 40 million Gulf Coast residents. How’s that for a “Man-made disaster” and a big secret out in the open?

Why at the Gulf of Mexico and Why at Fukushima?

Atlantic Ocean Currents converge in the Gulf of Mexico. Traveling up the eastern seaboard, the Atlantic Gulf Stream Current is predictable and well known for bringing warm lighter equatorial water to high latitude colder water; this creates relatively mild conditions in the north eastern US and British Isles. Deep Water Horizon blocked this Thermohaline flow.
The Pacific Ocean currents (Black Stream and Liman Currents) converge at Fukushima; the radioactive “Wave” is now coursing down the west coast of the Americas carried along by the predictable Pacific Ocean Currents. Radiation is infecting the Earth’s Food Chain from the bottom up. Phytoplankton is taken up by Zoo plankton which is taken in by fish of increasing size, plentiful at the intersections of the Pacific Ocean currents just offshore from Japan.
The location of Fukushima at the origin of the Pacific Jet Stream and the use of Seawater in the reactors caused the world’s greatest disaster by orders of magnitude. Far worse than Chernobyl which released radiation into the atmosphere during the explosion; Fukushima is releasing radiation constantly into the Ocean where its course east takes it to the North and South American continents, and into the Atmosphere where its course follows the Jet Stream east full circle.
Swarms of earthquakes are converging on Fukushima; if the Reactor #4 Spent Fuel Pool collapses, an ELE (Extinction Level Event) will likely result. At that point, atmospheric radiation will shower North America, Europe and northern Asia; local radiation will likely soon cause an Exodus from Japan along the ancient “Silk Road” from the “Rooftop of the World” aka Chomolongo “Earth Mother” to Islamabad, Kabul, Tehran, Baghdad and Har Megiddo where God slew 450 of Baal’s prophets. Russia and Japan Governments are currently (April 2012) planning for forced relocation of 40 million Japanese to the Kuril Islands in the event Reactor #4 SFP collapses or becomes dry.

America’s Role
The US Navy has Aircraft Carrier Groups, Abraham Lincoln, Enterprise, Eisenhower and John Stennis are at the Straits of Hormuz; Carl Vinson near Socotra Is in the Arabian Sea; HW Bush off the Syrian coast. George Washington is in the China Sea, the Amphibious Group (Bataan) at the Gulf of Aden (Yemen-Ethiopia). Why? America is named after Amurru the Edomite Shepherd god. The US will Shepherd the largest Exodus in the world as a Scapegoat for Rev 18 “Babylon”. Note: This Exodus will be associated with the revealing of the Alternative Christ, not Jesus Christ.
Route to Armageddon is the Silk Road
Radiation is entering the Pacific Jet Stream and Pacific Ocean Conveyor constantly from the one place on earth capable of doing so. The Silk Road connects the 38th Parallel (Fukushima, Japan and Inchon “DMZ” Korea) to the Valley of Megiddo through SW China, Karakoram Hwy, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Jordan. This Exodus will precede the arrival of Antichrist, in Persia called “al-Mahdi”; in India “Krishna”, in China “Buddha”. America “Amurru” will Shepherd the sheep to slaughter. My guess is that the USS Enterprise will sink near the Straits of Hormuz, creating a similar event to that in Fukushima with it’s 8 reactors; simultaneously, Oil shipping will cease.

Language of Birds
“Inauguration” is derived from Augury, fortune telling from entrails and flights of Birds. bird Language is also called Yes Language; Obama’s Yes We Can speeches under the Quadriga of Apollo (Apollyon=Destroyer) next to the home of Satan’s Seat in the Berlin Museum was not by chance; Yes We Can means Thank You Satan in Reverse Speeck (Yes=Oui=Oil in Old French)

The Golden Age will be Inaugurated (Augurs foretell the future by the flight of birds, the entrails of birds or human sacrifices). Nikola Tesla patented and demonstrated free Electro (Sun) Magnetic (Earth) powered energy transmission; he was murdered by his lab assistant Prescott Bush and Hitler’s bodyguard Otto Skorzeny in New York, the same time Prescott Bush has his family assets seized by Congress for “Trading with the Enemy”. His inventions were sent to another Theosophical Society “Brotherhood of Death” initiate Joseph Stalin. These weapons alter Weather, Jet Streams, create Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions and the people controlling these weapons have Weather, Disaster and Commodity Derivatives investments to profit from these intentionally inflicted disasters.
“Yes We Can”, a familiar Obama campaign slogan means “Langue d’ Oc” the “Language of Oil” is at its conclusion. In America alone, the Bakken Oil Field in MT-SD contains an estimated 500Billion Bbls of oil; the ANWR a similar amount and the Gulf of Mexico a similar amount. Deep Water Horizon, another intentionally created disaster put a stop to domestic oil production.
Diesel is the world’s Achilles Heel. Worldwide shipping by Land via Train or Truck; by Sea via Ship or by Air via Commercial airlift (Jet Fuel and Kerosene are roughly equivalent with Diesel Fuel) depend on Diesel Fuel which is why its price is outpacing that of gasoline (intentionally). The price of Diesel translates directly to the price of Food. “Control Oil you control Nations. Control Food you control People”-Henry Kissinger

Jesus returns to “Destroy them which destroy the Earth” Rev 11:18 This is how it’s done.

Daily Updates

2/22/16 100% baby seal die off; TEPCO restarts nuc waste incineration; Uranium waste doesn’t burn, it lofts into the Atmosphere; Fukushima near the origin of the Pacific Jet Stream which will deposit all of it along the west coast of North America.
2/6/16 Unprecedented Bird Die off along west coast AK-CA; no food in stomachs
12/11/15 Radiation Spike 4000X under Fukushima; Plutonium enhanced Fission may very well cause “Earthquakes in diverse places” Mat 24:7 and the “Earth reeling to and fro as a drunkard” Is 24:20
5/5/15 Billions of dead Jellyfish wash ashore AK-OR
4/16/15 Commercial fishing of Sardines halted, no fish, WA, OR, CA.
4/4/2015 Dozens of Orcas, Gray Whales, Humpback Whales, Dolphin washing ashore, dead on CA beaches.
4/2/15 Pacific Ocean Food Chain collapsing…it’s a war zone. Ocean experts from Wood’s Hole
3/22/15 Countless dead crabs wash ashore on So Cal Beaches
03/05/15 Estimated 70% (35,000 out of 50,000) Sea Lion pups dead along CA Coast
02/15/15 15,000 Sea Lion pups dead in CA; Sea Lions are a sentinel species indicating ocean health.
02/01/15 Mass die-off of HI Coral Reefs, Urchins, Sea Birds. CA Sea Lions, Sardines, Crayfish in mass die off. BC Shellfish in mass die off, oysters/scallops virtually gone.
01/20/2015 Neutron Radiation entering the Pacific Ocean underestimated by a factor of 13 Trillion. “Mass die-off of seabirds along west coast is like a Horror Movie” The Weather Channel
01/11/15 Birds in cataclysmic die-off all along the West Coast of the Americas.
12/13/14 Fukushima exponentially more dire than Chernobyl…threatens extinction around the world” Guy Crittenden editor of HazMat Magazine
12/11/14 No surviving baby Orcas along west coast of Canada-US in last 3 yrs; extinction a certainty.
12/6/14 Radiation 1MillionBq/L (safe limit is 50Bq/L) in Fukushima groundwater up 500X in last few months. Fission is accelerating.
12/1/14 Oil prices fall in response to OPEC production increases; Why? An attack on Shale Oil producers in the Bakken Formation needing $100/Bbl to clear expenses and the jobs they create is underway. Gulf of Mexico, Macondo Prospect Oil is virtually free; the US and OPEC are in league to devastate the economy.

11/14/14 Radiation spiked 400X in groundwater under Reactor #1&2. Fission is increasing

11/3/2014 West Coast Wales dying in less than 1 yr; no Orca births in last year; Sea Lions and Sea Birds dying from Fukushima Radiation.

10/25/14 “Islamic New Year” Radiation in ground water spiked 1000X previous record. Underground Plutonium fission? Earthquakes at the intersection of 3 tectonic plates may very well make the earth “reel to and fro as a drunkard” Is 24:18-20

8/1/14 AK fishing off by 90%; Bluefin Tuna banned from Mexico to Japan; Sardines, Anchovies, Salmon, Marine Birds dead or dying of Acidification. Fukushima radiation is buoyant in seawater; the death plume kills everything in its path; C02 rises and accelerates the dying. Fukushima MOX Fuel was designed to do exactly this.

7/17/14 Seismologists fear Mt Fuji is under enough pressure to erupt. Eventually, the pre-planned largest Exodus in world history will begin here.

6/26/14 TEPCO (read Aum Shrinkyo) admits radioactive water free flowing into underground river 82ft below ground level. No shit Sherlock, Fukushima was intentionally built over that underground river, and MOX fuel intentionally mixed to be neutrally buoyant in seawater.

6/12/14 Water level in Fukushima #2 Reactor dropped dramatically; when the fuel rods become exposed, Atmospheric radiation enters the Jet Stream and heads East to Canada, US, South America in 3 days.

5/23/14 Deceased Fukushima Plant Manager Masao Yoshida new fall guy “A bad presumption led to isolation condenser failure”. Bullshit! On and Off site power, fully functional diesel pumps, passive isolation condensers and nitrogen inerting all failed before the Tsunami ever arrived. MOX Fuel mixed intentionally to form neutrally buoyant death cloud when mixed with seawater. Scapegoating the dead guy is all this is.

1/22/14 Radiation 500-1400% above normal background levels measured along CA Coast near SF. Radioactive Snow falling in SL. Radiation in Kelp Beds off CA Coast. Crew of USS Ronald Reagan dying from Radiation exposure.
HHS ordered 40 Million KI doses to be delivered by Imbolg Feb 1, 2014

11/15/13 Boron (neutron absorber) Rubber Boots surrounding Fuel Rods destroyed; Borated Water in the SFP is the only thing preventing Criticality (uncontrolled Fission); removal of 1500 rods begins Nov 18, 2013 by hand using amateur crane operators; many Rods bent and fused together. Comets are not ELE’s Fukushima is. It has taken 3 years for the Radioactive Ocean Plume to reach American shores; pretty coincidental Fuel Rod Removal begins as it arrives isn’t it? The Atmosphere will transport Radiation to America in 2 days!

10/28/13 Texas sized radioactive flotsam island between US and Hawaii; US Mackerel and Sardine catch near zero; 1300 mile long dead area (no birds, no fish) east of Japan; West Coast Starfish are ripping themselves up from radiation.

10/26/13 Boron partitions separating SPF Pool Fuel Rods has disintegrated; SFP in Reactor #4 contains both Spent and Fresh Uranium and MOX Plutonium Oxide Fuel Rods. Removal of 1535 fuel rods by hand is virtually impossible; touching rods together inadvertently will induce fission; failure to keep the rods underwater could result in the continual release of radiation. Remember, this disaster was planned and intentionally triggered. This is Luciferian religion working at its highest level. Super Typhoon Francisco collided with Lekima as a 7.3 Earthquake hit; both disappeared in minutes as air temperatures plummeted to minus 1500F. That was a demonstration of an Endothermic EM Scalar Wave; nothing in nature can account for that “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed”

9/21/13 Halliburton pleads Guilty in LA Court over Deepwater Horizon destruction of evidence; $14B Corp gets $200K fine. The well head cementing and replacement of drill mud with seawater were intentional causes of the disaster. Deep underground, the ruptured well casement is still spewing highly pressurized Methane and Oil to this day; when Salt Domes finally collapse, the Mississippi River basin will become inundated, and FEMA, NOAA and the US Navy are planning for it.

9/13/13 Tritium levels spike 15X in last 3 days. Underground Fission is ongoing.

9/3/13 Radiation spike to 1.8Sv/Hr indicates active Fission outside the reactors. Radioactive Steam and Fog boiling up from under the ocean; the situation is worse dramatically and will get worse over time. Very real threat of underground Tritium enhanced plutonium fission.

8/18/13 Fukushima was built on the site of a diverted river. Radiation has been flowing into the Pacific Ocean for 2.5 years unabated. Tritium Levels are rising in Seawater, indicating atomic fission reactions have begun. 1900 Fuel Rods (15ft Long, 500Lbs each) will be removed manually (computer driven crane damaged from the original explosion on 3/11) beginning November from Fuel Pool. MOX (Uranium-Plutonium Oxide) Powder is the most toxic man-made substance ever created and the fuel rods are extremely delicate. Couple this with the very real possibility of Tritium enhanced Plutonium Fission explosions deep underground and the worst possible nuclear disaster will unfold.

7/25/13 Deuterium-Tritium levels in Kelp at Fukushima indicate ongoing Plutonium nuclear fission. “Heavy Water” radiated by Plutonium Fission may lead to Tritium enhanced Plutonium fission explosions in melted silica rock cocoons; a rupturing of the tectonic plates at Fukushima might also initiate increased volcanic activity, prompting an exodus from Japan. Nuclear winter and earthquakes in diverse places sounds a bit like Mat 24:7 the 2nd Trumpet Rev 8:8 and just ahead of Rev 8:10 fulfilled by Comet ISON. Martin Fleischman, Stanley Pons and BYU Professor Steven Jones dream of “Cold Fusion” may be created not in the lab but Fukushima.

7/14/13 Reactor #3 Seawater piping trench tested 150 Billion Bq/m3 Reactor #3 is MOX fuel; melted Uranium-Plutonium Oxide mixes with seawater to form neutrally buoyant “Bucky Balls” capable of traveling indefinitely in the Pacific Ocean. The worst intentionally caused disaster in human history is unfolding and the news covers George Zimmerman and Amalekites offer sacrifices to Molech at Bohemian Grove.

7/10/13 A Well at Daichi registered a 90X increase in Cesium in 3 days. The Radioactive cores are in groundwater and close to the Pacific Ocean.

7/6/13 Groundwater near the Pacific Ocean at Daichi measured 900 Million Bq/m3 Eventually, Fukushima will cause an westward Exodus from Japan

5/31/13 “Every tuna tested positive for Fukushima radiation”-Daniel Madigan, Stanford University

5/16/13 Kim Jong Un “Missiles hitting Fukushima are as good as hitting LA” The DMZ and Fukushima are on the 38th Parallel signifying “Goddess Worship” in a Pythagorean 3-4-5 Right Triangle 380-520-900 For a visual depiction, it is the legs connecting the Washington Monument “Baal’s Shaft”, Capitol “Womb of Zeus” and White House “House of Pharaoh”. Like his grandfather Kim Il Sun, a Stalin trained Communist Revolutionary with a fake resume’ put in power by the US; the CIA controls this sock puppet, lock stock and barrel.
TEPCO, Police and Coast Guard began a “Terror Drill” at Fukushima. “Terrorist Drills” were held during the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers, AP Murrah Bldg, Haiti Earthquake, China Earthquake, Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon. ” A man’s enemies shall be the men of his own household” Mat 10:36

4/28/13 200,000 Death Certificates ordered by Louisiana Government; order expires June 30, 2013. Thought the Deep Water Horizon disaster is over? Guess Again. Ever wonder why NOAA and FEMA have a Disaster planning map with the central part of the US flooded along the Mississippi River? Methane stored 25,000 ft below the Sea Floor has been exiting the eroded Drill pipe since the man-made disaster at 100,000 PSI resulting in “Sink Holes”. One does not stop that sort of pressure using using Man-made devices.
Highest Cesium and Iodine Radiation fallout in Tokyo recorded since March 2011. Think the Fukushima Disaster is getting better? Guess Again. Ever wonder why 200 Million people would want to head west across the “Silk Road” through China, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Jordan to Har Megiddo? (Rev 9) Fukushima has 125 Olympic Swimming Pools worth of highly Radioactive Water stored in above ground, leaking tanks. It’s not really if, but when they collapse from an Earthquake or Tsunami. Japan means “Land of the rising Sun”; the Beast Rising from the Sea will cause the largest Exodus in world history.
Is there a way to stop these disasters? YES! In Fukushima, put a Tesla Dome around the site and fission the Uranium/Plutonium material. Done deal. In the Gulf of Mexico, using EM energy projected 20,000 or so feet below the Sea Floor, collapse the path used for Oil and Methane. done Deal. Will the powers that bee (Chaldean Bee=Word) do this? No “Except those days should be shortened, no flesh should remain…” We are approaching “Those Days”

4/25/13 Plutonium now seen 20 miles from Fukushima meaning Gross Containment Failure.
Xenon-133 a product of Atomic Fission which is also being detected in Japan. Korean nuclear test? More likely (in my opinion), North Korea is a gigantic US created hoax. Fission of melted fuel rods is beginning to accelerate; if so, Fukushima is about to get a whole lot worse; not explosion, but radiation increases. If you have ever wondered why 200,000,000 people would move west to Har Megiddo as Rev 9:16 describes; this is it. Radiation in Japan; War in Korea, War in Iran and Syria. Hard to believe isn’t it?

4/6/13 Fukushima Radiation believed to be causing a California Seal and Sea Lion Epidemic.

3/24/13 A Rodent chewed through wiring disabling the Water Cooling of Reactors 1,3 and 4 and the Spent Fuel pool. Reactor #3 is filled with MOX Fuel perhaps the most deadly man-made material on earth. On the same day a Vial of Venezuelan Hemorrhagic Fever went missing in Texas. The problem? The wiring in nuclear reactors is redundant and separated; the idea of one rodent doing this is ridiculous. The coincidence? Venezuelan Hemorrhagic Fever is spread by Rodents. I smell a Rat alright and so does Venezuela.

2/18/13 Florida Oceanographer Ian MacDonald “A new fissure may have opened up at the Deep Water Horizon site allowing an unlimited release of Oil”

2/16/13 Nigata (Sendei) Governor “Incinerating radioactive debris is nearly murder…a criminal act”

12/28/12 Tokyo as radioactive as Fukushima; 15 of15 California Bluefin Tuna sampled, contaminated with Fukushima radiation; waves of radiation debris expected along US coast in 2013.

12/13/12 2 separate Earthquakes off the San Diego coast from disabled, leaking San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant on St Lucia Day “Bride of Lucifer”. The EU presented itself with the Nobel Peace Prize today. Coincidence? Mt Ekklesia is the AMOR “American Order of Rosicrucians” Temple.

12/7/12 Pearl Harbor Day “A Day which will live in Infamy” If the 8.0 Scalar EM induced Earthquake on Lent 2011 was coincidence, how about a 7.3 Earthquake 60 miles east of the Sendei Quake epicenter, meaning it was not an aftershock as is being reported in the news. This was a new earthquake on the 38th Parallel (Korean DMZ) which just so happened to occur on Pearl Harbor Day, the day 330 Freemasons Franklin Roosevelt and Shinto Emperor Hirohito decided to attack Pearl Harbor. Guess why Obama bowed to Hirohito’s 5th and last son Order of the Garter Akihito? 35 million people lie sandwiched between Fukushima and the soon to be erupting Mt Fuji, a Mount meaning “Abundant Wealth and Warrior”. Ever wonder why the Red Sun Rising is on Japan’s Flag? Read Gen 27:39-41KJV and you will see this is all about the Red Sun Esau.

11/18/12 Lake Kasumigaura Tokyo’s 2nd largest source of drinking (100SQ MI), industrial and agricultural water is a “Ticking Time Bomb” collecting Cesium which will need to be dumped into the Pacific Ocean.

11/10/12 1.3 Million tons of radioactive Fukushima debris to start arriving on North American shores starting in Feb 2013

10/23 Hoax? Explosions and Fires at the Fukushima Spent Fuel Pools #2 & #4 have (allegedly) exposed 30,000 Fuel Rods including MOX Plutonium Fuel Rods. Radiation is (allegedly) spiking with the seasonal Jet Stream bringing the plume directly toward the US West Coast in 3 days.

10/20 Ban on outdoor fires, 28 methane induced “Sink Holes”; FEMA sending thousands of portable generators to region as are Home Depot stores. Folks, Methane cannot be stopped; the pressure is estimated at 100,000psi near the seafloor, saturating the Gulf of Mexico and aquifers upon which 40 million Gulf Coast residents depend. This was predictable and planned by Halliburton (Well Head Cementing), Trans-ocean (10 shut-off valves do not all fail simultaneously), NALCO (millions of Bbls of UN banned Corexit do not get stockpiled by chance), BP ($20Billion in restitution has not been dispersed because Ken Feinberg was also the guardian of $20Billion in 9/11/2001 funds; not dispersed; Congress is now voting on Tax Credits to BP to offset this amount)

10/4 4 mile Oil Slick near Deep Water Horizon location. The disaster never stopped; oil is merely finding its way through rock fissures to the surface now.

9/30 Super Typhoon Jelawat hitting Japan on Sept 30 “Harvest Moon”, on Jesus’ Birthday “Sukkot”; Gov’t warning of Tornadoes.

9/29 12,000 Bq/Kg Radioactive Black Mold all over 150 miles from Fukushima.

9/22 1000lb 25ft steel beam knocked by crane into SFP #3 called a “Grave Mistake” Mistake or not, the SFP and MOX Fuel Reactor #3 falling over or losing water is the world’s “Nemesis”. The USS George Washington, Elmendorf AK F-22 Squadron and USS John Stennis are in Guam perhaps to “Shepherd” the world’s largest “Exodus”.

9/9 Radioactive Tsunami debris field the size of Texas is due to clog fishing waters off the Northwest Coast of America by October. Remember, Radioactive MOX Fuel “Bucky Balls” are neutrally buoyant and contained in this debris.

9/1 Nuclear physicist Nils Bohmer “My biggest concern at Fukushima is Earthquakes and Rain entering cracks in the containment vessels. Water will act as a moderator which will start up an uncontrollable chain reaction; that would be catastrophic”

8/30/12 5.7 and 4.2 Quakes near Fukushima When the SFP Containment Building collapses, atmospheric and oceanic radiation will increase and continue indefinitely. San Onofre near San Diego CA is experiencing a swarm of earthquakes as well. When NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corp) alters the US Power Grid frequency as planned, the US will instantly plunge into the Stone Age and coolant to America’s 104 Nuclear reactors will soon stop. America will become a Wilderness. Azazel means “Wilderness Goat that Departs”; now you know why Masons designed Washington DC as a Goat Head. America is the Grecian Rough Goat of Dan 8

8/1/12 TEPCO handed $1 Trillion Yen ($12.8Billion US) The function of 9/11/2001, TARP and Bank Bailouts is to raid the assets and hand taxpayers the liabilities; Fukushima is just one more example. Taxpayers now own 51% of the Electric Utility that is killing them. It’s like paying the military to murder you, which is also being done. Ever wonder how Larry Silverstein got away with $3+Billion on a $130Million down payment in less than 2 months on 9/11?

7/12/2012 Safety of MOX Fuel
Fukushima Reactor #3 was one such MOX Reactor; here is the picture after the Siemmens Coolant valves were closed immediately after the Earthquake and before the Tsunami wave arrived. Not only were primary, secondary in both off-site and on-site electricity sources closed, but the control rods did not stop the reaction and the nitrogen inerting system was turned off. Fukushima was an intentionally caused disaster of worldwide and ongoing proportions.
MOX fuel is an oxide over a million times more toxic than uranium; the oxides combined with hydrogen during the explosion that ripped open the reactor containment vessel and spent fuel pool and were flooded with Sea Water; in fact they still are being flooded and drained into the Pacific Ocean. “Bucky Balls” are named after Geodesic Dome inventor Buckminster Fuller, because of their Hexagonal spherical shape. the problem is they are neutrally buoyant in saltwater which makes them a globally recurring nightmare killing the Oceans.
Gary, if you care to debate me on the safety of MOX Fuel Where and When is all I need to know. It’s the single most dangerous substance created by Man in history, and a gift that keeps on giving.

TEPCO releases photos indicating total destruction of the MOX Spent Fuel Pool in Reactor #3.
Keep in mind Plutonium is a million times more toxic than Uranium. J Robert Oppenheimer said “I have become Death, the Destroyer of worlds” witnessing the 1st Atomic detonation at the Trinity Site; his Manhattan Project colleague Edward Teller heard the news and said “It’s a Boy” referring to the first man created elements Americium (Amar is the Canaanite god of the west; Ameru is the serpent) and Plutonium, used in H-Bomb triggers. Jesus’ name is “I Am He”; He means means “God is with me”, not the Solar God which converts Hydrogen (H) into Helium (He), mind you, that is the God worshiped by “Destroyers of the Earth”. Barbara Marx Hubbard said “We are the riders of the Pale Horse, Death” Believe her now?

Japanese Parliament will soon release their report. “Fukushima was clearly a man-made disaster from collusion between TEPCO, Japanese Government and Nuclear Regulators. The tsunami had nothing to do with it” Note: This same conclusion was published by the Idaho National Labs Nuclear Regulators over a year ago. The Tsunami had nothing to do with the event. Coolant pumps were shut down intentionally.


1. Okhotsk Plate riding above Pacific Plate. Large earthquake closer to Fukushima likely.
2. The fate of Japan and indeed the world rests on the integrity of Reactor #4 and the Spent Fuel Pool next to it. 460 tons in 6375 rods are at risk of destroying civilization. This letter was signed by Dr Arnie Gunderson, Dr Fumaiki Koide and written by Ambassador Mitsuhei Murata to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.
3. Arctic Polar Bears show signs of radiation sickness; patchy fur, lethargy and bleeding
4. Video shows MOX (Mixed Plutonium Oxide) Fuel core in #3 Reactor may have been ejected on 3/11/2011.

Radioactive Wave to hit US Food Supply
San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant shut down indefinitely
400+ pages of Emails released from TEPCO’s Fukushima boss Mr. Yoshida say the nuclear power plant was damaged and on fire before the Tsunami hit
Japan Magazines claim the Gov’t is building a 88KM wall around the Fukushima evacuation zone.

4/11/2012 Fukushima Headlines
1. Professor Yukio Hayakawa sampling Radioactive Black Dust at 9 Microsieverts/Hr in Sendei Japan
2. San Francisco Bay milk contains 2X EPA limit Iodine-131
3. Japan seaweed contains Iodine 131 (Iodine 131 is a Fission product)
4.Reactor #4 Spent Fuel Pool likely to collapse on its side in 7.7 Quake. An ELE “Extinction Level Event” is likely should this occur.-Ambassador Murataone

Fukushima News 4/12/2012
MOX Fuel #3 Reactor Spent Fuel Pool is worse off than Reactor #4 and the total Spent Fuel Pool. Mechanically it’s rubble; the pool is structurally unsound and nobody has yet been able to get near it”- Dr Arnie Gunderson
Swarm of powerful earthquakes; 5.5 to 5.9 happening this morning near Fukushima.
Fukushima Fuel Rods still active; could go critical (Fission) at any time
US Military stockpiling anti radiation pills (These Iodine pills are designed to plug the thyroid to prevent uptake of radioactive Iodine)

Fukushima Headlines 4/13/2012
Irradiated, melted fuel mixed with Seawater created Uranyl Peroxide “Radioactive Bucky Balls”. Indestructible, neutrally buoyant in seawater, they are capable of traveling long distances, infesting the Ocean Food Chain and now arriving on the America’s West Coast. This report from UC Davis Physics Dept; Sandia National Labs and Notre Dame Civil Eng Dept.
Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst reports this “wave” is highly radioactive.
Perhaps now you can see why the US Coast Guard sank the Japanese fishing vessel floating in this “wave”.
#4 Reactor Spent Fuel Pool in danger of catching fire; leaking and cracked.
TEPCO admits a 35 Ton Crane fell into the Reactor #3 Spent Fuel Pool
USGS says 10 Earthquakes swarmed Fukushima ranging around 5 Richter Magnitude today
172X Gov’t safe limit on Cesium in Sendei measured
Wave of radioactive Uranium/Plutonium neutrally buoyant “Bucky Balls” infecting Zoo plankton, Phytoplankton and the Pacific Ocean food chain heading down the west coast of the America’s.

Fukushima Headlines 4/20/2012 Russian and Japanese officials discussing plans to force relocate 40 million radiated Japanese people to the disputed Kiril Islands. The situation in Fukushima may soon require the forced relocation and quarantine of 40 million people…the situation is dire.

4/22/2012 30% of children; 1143 or 3765 tested near Fukushima have Thyroid Lumps. This due to radioactive Iodine uptake in dairy products. Cesium 137 mimics potassium, accumulating in heart muscles is causing heart attacks in the US
Fukushima Nori seaweed purchased in LA has 100% higher Alpha radiation; 1000X more dangerous than Gamma or Beta emitters, it is uptaked into the body and constantly radiates. Detection is difficult as packaging blocks Alpha particles and is not being detected by inspectors.
Cesium 137 accumulating in bones in America; FDA and Red Cross increased max safe levels 12X above that of Japan to avoid alarming the public.

4/23/2012 100 ft underground wall begins construction to mitigate radiation spreading at Fukushima
All 4 Reactors are riddled with meltdown holes
1000 tons of radioactive water per day is leaking into the Ocean.

4/28/2012 Fukushima released radiation already 10X that of Chernobyl…SFP near Reactor #4 has a seismicity rating of “0” meaning any earthquake could topple the leaking Spent Fuel Pool and 1565 fuel rods, many of which are MOX fuel, some 2 million times as toxic to the environment as Uranium fuel.
#2 Reactor at highest hydrogen concentration; radiation levels at 73 Sv/Hr.

5/15/2012 NRC Report: “EPA turned its radiation monitors off during the days following the Fukushima disaster”
3 Reactor Cores in full meltdown; water constantly poured in and drained into Pacific Ocean
Reactor #2 Core “Liquefied”. High Cesium levels in rats near Fukushima.
City College of NY Prof Michio Kaku “#4 Spent Fuel Pool hanging by a thread”
Radioactive Debris Field the size of Texas hitting Alaska and the west coast of the US
San Onofre Nuclear Power indefinitely shut down
US has 23 Mark 1&2 GE Boiling Water Reactors with above ground spent fuel storage similar to Fukushima. Engineers quit in protest before construction, but the US doesn’t hear about this because GE owns NBC. US Nuclear Power Reactors produce 500lbs of Plutonium/Yr used to produce Nuclear weapons. “It’s a boy”-Edward Teller after the 1st Nuclear explosion in the Pacific

5/25/2012 Japan Times reports TEPCO finally admits radiation released on 3/11/2012 is estimated at 900,000 Terra Becquerels; Dictionary definition “Shit Load” and it’s still coming.
Reactor #1 Corium (Fuel Debris) not submerged with water
186 Bq/Kg Cesium in Kashwa tap water
Reactor #4 Spent Fuel Pool at boiling point.