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NASA: The KJV translates Strong’s H5377 NASA in the following manner: deceive, greatly, beguiled me, seize, utterly. Beguile (nasha’) nâshâʼ, naw-shaw’; a primitive root; to lead astray, i.e. (mentally) to delude, or (morally) to seduce:—beguile, deceive, × greatly, × utterly. ERR, to go astray, forget. Buzz Aldrin “We never went to the Moon”

Saturn V=”Saturn’s Nail” Apollo=Apollyon “Destroyer” Orion=Heaven’s Light “Osiris/Saturn”     FREEMASONINFORMATION.COM/MASONIC-EDUCATION/FAMOUS/MASONIC-ASTRONAUTS/

Buzz Aldrin on the moon.
  • Apollo Lunar Lander made of tape and foil cannot withstand pressurization
  • Stanley Kubrick admitted he staged the Apollo Moon Landings
  • Apollo 11 Command Module Actor Michael Collins says he didn’t see any stars
  • Buzz Aldrin’s shadow line diverges from the lander and Flag shadow because there are 2 or more light sources.
  • There are no Stars because matching the Stars in a Stage would be impossible but easy for any amateur astronomer to uncover the deception
  • 500 alleged Moon Rocks are missing@$125M/Lb A lot of payoff money
  • Who took Neil’s picture if he was the 1st man on the moon?
  • Luciferian Masons Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong hammer the US Flag Pole in the Lunar Surface; you can hear the hammering because it is faked on Earth in a Sound Stage.
  • There is no moon dust on the lander feet or ejecta under the rocket motor because it was staged by Stanley Kubrick on the set of Dr Strangelove; Jeff Bezos even wore Slim Pickens’ cowboy hat

NASA releases audio of a black hole sound; Space is a Vacuum; no sound 

Who took the picture? 33 deg Luciferian Freemason Walter Cronkite announced 33 deg Freemason Neil Armstrong’s first step on the Moon. Michael Collins reported seeing no stars, just like this picture. Where are the Stars?

…let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven-Gen 11:4

NASA Orion (Heaven’s Light=Osiris/Saturn) Mars Project and Lunar Gateway the proposed Lunar Orbiting Station is literally the “Gate of the Gods”; BabIlu means “Gate of Allah”, the Moon god Allah is Sin, literally “Gate of Sin” Nazi war criminal Wernher von Braun, the father of NASA received 27 honorary Phd’s for his work in deceiving the world. In 1952 von Braun’s  Mars Project illustrated colonizing Mars led by a man named Elon. On Feb 18, 2021  Perserverance made a CGI faked Mars landing keeping von Braun’s dream alive.
“Space the final frontier…to go where no man has gone before”
33deg Mason Sci-Fi writer Gene Roddenberry’s tag line for Star Trek’s Enterprise (Vulcan is Tubal-cain the artificer of metals, the Vulcan Sign is the Rabbis Sign of Shin celebrating the metal Nails used to Crucify God; Kirk is Scottish for Church, Kirkin O’Tartan is the April 6 Presbyterian Church celebration of the Assyrian Army Commander Tartan deporting real Israel; Scotti are the pagan Scythian conquerers of Great Britain, Sulu is the Kingdom of Sabah and Sulu; Checkov is Russian for “Son of the Devil” and Uhura the Zoroastrian “Undiluted Star” Ahuramazda aka Lucifer) is familiar to most; Scripture says Space is “Nothing” “He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing.” Job 26:7 Space, the place of Nothing is thus outside the Van Allen Belts. Frontier means “Front line of War”. Make no mistake, Christian followers of Jesus, the Word of God made Flesh (Jn 1:1;14; 1 Jn 5:7KJV) are in a War and Space is the “Final Frontier”


“Solar Magnetic Field interacting with Earth’s Magnetic Field…Solar Storms to wreak havoc with Electrical Grid, Communications, Satellites” Jan 13, 2020 issue of Nature
A Magnetic Field is produced by spinning a Magnet within an Electric Current; a Magnet is produced by Ferrous Material like Iron heated above its Curie Temperature (approx 1060F) and cooled. The Sun has no Magnetic Field! Jesus returns to “destroy them which destroy the Earth” Rev 11:18


New Frontiers Missions
OSIRIS REx to the Bennu Asteroid? OSIRIS is SPIRITUAL Saturn; RE the Spiritual Egyptian Sun aka TULA the Black Sun; x=Messiah; Bennu is the Pyramidion Capstone aka Phoenix. Symbolically, the Bennu atop the $US ONE completes the New World Order with the US being the Phoenix aka Holocaust sacrifice of the Golden Age of Saturn. Pretty hard to figure this one out eh?
Juno Mission to Jupiter; Juno is Queen of the Gods; Jupiter is Zeus/Horus/Tammuz the son of Saturn, the Gnostic Messiah
CAESAR Rosetta Mission to Comet 67p Caesar means “Person with Dictatorial Power” ie Fascist rule of a Foreigner
Dragonfly “St George’s Horse was turned into the Devil’s Horse when Cursed”; a Dragonfly. St George is the Arab al Khidr “Green Man” one of many names of Satan.
New Horizons Mission to Pluto Horus is called “Horus of the 2 Horizons” and Pluto the God of Wealth. So are these real missions? or Occult communication?

NASA is largely the product of  33 deg Freemason Aleister “Great Beast” Crowley and Black Path Satanic Priest Jack Parsons both members of the Agape Lodge, OTO (Ordo Templii Orientis ie Rising Sun Lodge of Saturn); L Ron Hubbard (Black Path Satanist, Scientology, Sci-Fi writer), Walt Disney (deMolay Freemason, Black Path Magician/Satanist), Werner von Braun (Nazi SS) and Hollywood Director Stanley Kubrick (Front Screen Projection; 2001: A Space Odyssey is his story of Black Path Satanism aka Saturnian Brotherhood.) Everything is designed to promote the Alien Myth and vacuum huge sums of money into the Abyss.

Werhner von Braun said “Rockets need to expend all their fuel to reach Earth orbit, and be refueled for the trip to the Moon and return to Earth”

NASA Astronauts like Buzz Aldrin and Terry Virts  or Flight Engineers like Kelly Smith and Kate Rubins readily admit traveling through the Van Allen Radiation Belts has not been achieved, nor did we ever go to the moon. Nice touch Buzz! The phallus in the video behind Aldrin says it all!
“Van Allen Radiation is very dangerous, future missions will need to solve the problem of transiting the region of deadly radiation before we go to the Moon” Kelly Smith

33 deg Freemason Neil Armstrong descended the Apollo 11 “Eagle” and took his “Giant Leap” for Mankind on the Moon; Nobody could have taken his picture but fellow 33 deg Freemason Buzz Aldrin.  Was he the 2nd man on the Moon or has nobody ever been nor will ever set foot there? The Eagle is the Assyrian god Nisroch (2 Ki 19:37); Nazis, Edomites and Horites all had their “Eagle’s Nest”
Who took the picture of the last Apollo 17 Lander “Challenger” lifting off; How did the film get back to NASA?
     Apollo 13 “Aquarius” Aquarius is the Golden Age of Saturn; made possible by the Saturn V “Saturn’s Nail” Rocket from Cape Canaveral “Cloaked Cape of Cain’s Bearers” became the lifeboat when Freemason astronauts saved the day by “Squaring the Circle” . Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels says “With enough repetition people will believe a Square can be Circled” ; the Gnostic concept is seen in the Great Pyramid in Egypt represents Man becoming a God and building the Circle of Heaven on Earth using the Square and Compass. Aquarius swapped Circular for Square CO2 scrubbers, a Death-Re-birth Masonic Ritual called in at 1313Hrs on July 13th, 1970  coincidence? Nothing like Sovereign Luciferian Masons to pull off a hoax in plain sight eh?

NASA History of Lies
   Nazi SS Maj Werner von Braun (SS Schwarze Sonne is the Black Sun “Saturn”) gave birth to NASA with a speech to Congress Oct 1957 outlining challenges with providing enough fuel to send men to the Moon and return them; let alone Radiation, an impossible task. Sputnik 2 launched from Russia 3/11/57 (Stalin was partnered with Roosevelt, Churchill and Hitler) on a mission to penetrate the Radiation Belts with the dog Laika who died before one orbit was completed from radiation.
Explorer 1 lifted off on Imbolg “St Brigid’s Day” 1958, atop a modified Jupiter rocket re-named “Juno” (Juno is Queen of the Gods; mother of Jupiter/Zeus); designed by Dr James Van Allen. Explorer 1 carried a Geiger Counter to measure radiation bands “Van Allen Belts” surrounding Earth. At altitudes above 1200 miles, ionizing radiation saturated the instrument, estimated at over 1000X the amount of radiation it was designed to detect; in addition, acoustic instruments recorded high velocity Cosmic dust impacting the vehicle; perhaps not significant for an aluminum hull, but another story for a pressurized spacesuit.
      Measured in REM (Roentgen Equivalent Man) Apollo astronauts were exposed to an average of 375 REM/day. The occupational dose limit considered safe is 5 REM/year. The brave or foolhardy astronauts, all or most all of whom were 330 Luciferian Freemasons would have gotten the equivalent of 4 million chest X-rays at. 03 REM each or 600 times the recommended yearly safe level on each mission; Hmmm! In August 1972, a Solar Proton Event increased normal solar radiation significantly; yet on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor (9/11/2001 was the New Pearl Harbor) Dec 7 “Day of Infamy” (FDR allowed the attack) Apollo 17 Challenger headed to the Moon on Man’s last voyage; the last of Stan Kubrick’s Stage Show by the CIA.

      NASA manned flights began with Mercury Redstone (Toth-Hermes “Messenger of the Gods”) sitting atop “Atlas (Atlantis means Isle of Atlas) rockets.

Project Gemini

Gemini “Twins” (Horus/Set; Castor/Pollux; Remus/Rommulus; Esau/Jacob) sat on Titan (Cretian word for “King”; Saturn is the Creator and pre-flood ruler according to Gnostics) rockets.

All-View Apollo Mission Patches

Apollo (Rev 9:11 Apollyon “Destroyer” is Satan) sat on Saturn V rockets. Saturn is pretty obvious; V means Nail, Victory and symbolizes Adrammelech (2 Ki 17:30), the Wingdings symbol used for A  (Assyrian god Adramellech) converts to the Victory Sign 33 deg Freemason, Bi-sexual Druid Winston Churchill used to show his love for the Nails used to Crucify Jesus ✌︎

Space is Nothing yet Science (“Vain, profane babblings” in 1 Ti 6:12KJV or “Tongue of the Chaldeans” in Dan 1:4) has turned Space into WIMPS “Weakly Interacting Massive Particles”; MACHOS “Massive Astrophysical Compact Halo Objects”; RAMBOS “Robust Association of Massive Baryonic Objects”; Antimatter (Opposite of Creation), Dark Matter (Virtual Particles), Black Holes (Infinitely warped Space-Time); Pulsar (Highly Magnetized, Rotating Neutron Star; Neutrons are not magnetic); LGM-1 “Little Green Men 1” (no I’m not kidding); Strangelet “Antihypertriton” (clears that up eh?); CASTOR “Centauro and STrangelet detecTOR”; “M Theory” (Proxima Centauri=Red Dwarf=M Star; Stephen Hawking’s new BS theory; Star Trek M Planets had Carbon based life), “Super Strings”, Kaons (Ka is “Life Force”), Peons, Quarks, Baryons, and God Particles.

      Space Shuttle
Our Endeavour is the Discovery of Atlantis using Columbia to vanquish Enterprising Challengers
Space Shuttle Columbia
Columbia is the name for the US prior to Fernando Zarco (Christopher Columbus) arrived, crashed on re-entry on Feb 2 Imbolg 2003 due foam insulation dislodging and contacting a heat tile. The foam is designed to shear away and heat tiles are designed for 17,000 MPH and 2300F re-entry extremes; the story is Bullshit! Ionospheric Heaters such as HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) are used to heat the atmosphere; in this case raising an atmospheric plume into the path of Space Shuttle Columbia before setting the attitude for re-entry caused the disintegration.
Space Shuttle Challenger
Fuel tank O-rings designed for +100F launch temperatures containing liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen fuel that vent at several hundred degrees below zero and operate at conditions of very low pressure and least -100F conditions in the upper atmosphere suddenly become brittle and cause the Challenger disaster, because of +320F launch temperatures. Bullshit! Negative Energy EM (Electro-Magnetic) weapons transport energy from one location to another and are capable of causing metal to become brittle 
     Regardless, the cause, Orion “Heaven’s Light” aka Osiris (Egyptian sun god) will replace the Shuttle fleet sitting atop Ares  rockets. Ares is the UNKNOWN GOD of the Areopagus “Mars’ Hill” in Athens (Acts 17:23) ignorantly worshipped as Mars or Nergal (2 Ki 17:30) Lunar missions are scheduled to “Resume” (Hoaxed) in 2020 as a private venture with Space X called the “Artemis Project”. Begun during the Clinton administration; Artemis aka Diana, the Goddess of Witchcraft will mine the Moon for the stable isotope Helium-3 (named after Helios “Sun”) to be used Inter-planetary nuclear fusion propulsion.
       The foundation for the Artemis Project (Donald Trump’s “Space Force”) is really Project Blue Beam and Artemis 5G Global Broadband designed to present Antichrist and sterilize world population.
NASA’s Aliens
Nazis brought to the US by the Rat Lines settled in Roswell NM and presented Aliens the same year Israel became a Nation populated by Aliens listed in 2 Ki 17:30. Jesus represents the 8th and final Covenant between God and Man. Wally Schirra on Mercury 8 coined the term “Santa Claus” meaning  Alien ships in the vicinity. James Lovell on Apollo 8 emerged from the far side of the Moon saying “Please be informed that there is a Santa Claus”. Neil Armstrong’s quotes are ridiculous; “Alien ships warned us off”; “These babies are huge”; “They watched us as we stepped onto the Lunar surface”; “2 UFO’s sat on the Copernicus crater rim”; “Semi-transparent domes…tunnels many kilometers long, glowing blue from the inside…semi-transparent pyramid shaped objects”.

The Vatican searches for extra-galactic “Intelligence” with the LUCIFER Telescope

Naval Intelligence Officer William Milton Cooper wrote Behold a Pale Horse says “Its common knowledge at NASA, the alien base is called LUNA…it has a large mining operation using very large machines where the Mother Ship sends out the Flying Saucers”. So, what pray tell are they mining? Helium-3. The movie Moon puts all this unbelievable nonsense out in the open.
        330 Worshipful Grand Master Masons become Sovereign “No higher rank” at the Supreme House of the Temple, an exact replica of the Temple of Artemis, one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world designed by Carian King Mausolus (Mausoleums take their name from him) and his Twin sister wife Artemisia (later, she became a Persian navy traitor in Xerxes attack on Greece). Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are Sovereign Worshipful Grand Master Masons who claim to have walked on the Moon and took pictures of Alien Bases and their Ancient Cities on the far side of the Moon. Before believing their story, I would watch the DVD A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon.
       Burt Rutan received the “X Prize” for designing Sir Richard Branson’s Spaceship ONE; X would be Osiris/Jupiter the son of Saturn. Sir Richard Branson and 33 deg Freemason Al Gore finance Greta Thunberg; Climate Change Mouthpiece through ONE Foundation with Bono and 33 deg Mason George Soros. Virgin Galactic intends to take billionaires to the Moon one day; better take a lot of lead shielding Richard. Virgin Galactic refers to the Milky Way called the Ouroboros Serpent ; “Sir” means “Knight in service to the Queen”; that would be Artemis and Richard is just one of the Worker Bees.
      Helium boils (becomes a gas) at 4K; 4 degrees above absolute “0” is about -400F. The Moon rotates every 28 days and has no atmosphere to dissipate heat. The Sunlit side is about +350F. Exactly how is Helium-3 going to get to the Moon? Remain on the Moon as a gas? Or remain locked in soil rising 700 degrees above its freezing point? NASA claims Lunar samples brought back during Apollo missions contain 3He; all the missions were on the Sunlit side, an obvious lie. Helium-3 3He and Deuterium 2H, Nuclear Fusion reactors are to my knowledge, still theoretical. Harvesting 3He on the Moon is ridiculous. Astronaut claims of Aliens and bases on the Moon are ridiculous. The Artemis Project is just another fleecing of the sheep and sounds more than a little incestuous; Apollo was after all the twin brother of Artemis. To gain perspective on how we have come from believing in the mythical Force of Gravity, to walking on the Moon with Aliens to building Lunar Bases in the “Artemis Project”, we need to prove or disprove a few basic concepts.
        “Gravity” is a “Force” with no provable energy source; NASA claims a spacecraft could travel to a point where Earth’s Gravity was overcome by the Moon’s Gravity, or another Planet or Star and into an “Orbit”. CERN Large Hadron Colllider (Note the Saturnian 666 Logo) dubbed Gravity the “God Particle” the “Force Carrier” of Visible Matter. “Dark Matter” even has its own mythical “Force Carrier” called the “Dark Photon” nice eh? “May the Force be with you” is a Witchcraft term. Using Thrust, a spacecraft must adjust its speed and direction to exactly match the planet’s “Escape Velocity”; according to Newton, a circular orbit could be attained. Too bad “Orbits” are never circular. On return, at the critical moment, when direction is correct, thrust could accelerate the craft above escape velocity and repeat the process. I suppose it would be a little tense aiming at a spot in space where the planet would be when you got there given that most astronauts believe in the Big Bang eh? In “Orbit” or while adjusting speed or direction, linear, lateral and centripetal accelerations would be significant; at such high velocities; cabin occupants would be slammed against the walls of the spacecraft. Newton should have noticed the squared term in his fanciful equation F=GM1 X M2/R2 because gravity can never form a circular orbit. Elliptical “Orbits” are a function of the “Squared” term in the equation; the shape of an “Orbit” should straighten out rather than tighten if this force of gravity gets weaker with increasing distance. To assume “Gravity” is a force, it must have a verifiable source of power (Energy) and a means or medium to transmit that Force over very large distances. Where is it? How does the vacuum of Space transmit it? If astronauts were weightless enroute to the moon, how could they remain weightless accelerating around the earth or moon in orbit? Now consider that gravity is not an endless force of nature; it is still “Gravity Theory” after all. Outward acceleration of an object’s surface caused by expanding matter is one alternative, and the only one I have found to account for the Atmosphere remaining around the Earth. If interested in pursuing this line of reaoning, I refer to Mark McCutcheon’s The Final Theory.  Regardless, basic physics laws say force applied over time and distance results in “Work” and this requires energy plus a means to transport that energy through space. Gravity must in essence act like infinitely long “Tentacles” in tension connecting every atom with every other atom. It already sounds like BS to me, and has never been proven to exist, but even still if the energy supply cannot be proved there is no point in considering Gravity as anything more than a “Theory” in direct opposition to Scripture which says the Earth was created before the Sun and was “hung upon nothing”.
        Whether anyone made it to the moon and returned is made suspect by the fact Nazi SS Major Werhner von Braun, Black Magick practitioner Jack Parsons and Luciferian Freemasons like Neil Armstrong filled the space program. The Van Allen Radiation Belts contain lethal radiation; space itself contains lethal radiation in a very unforgiving environment and human beings do not function very well at other than “1G”; normal Earth acceleration. Spacecraft need to carry fuel enough to accelerate away from earth, decelerate and match the moon or planet’s escape velocity, and on descent to the surface, thrust would need to stop all lateral and vertical motion simultaneously; not an easy task to do. Astronauts were standing up in the Lunar Module; when thrust is out of alignment with direction by a fraction, the vehicle will go out of control immediately if not corrected. Pretty hard to control a spacecraft being tossed around every time a thruster is fired eh? The major problem faced with here, is all directional changes would need thrust, and that requires a lot of fuel; von Braun spelled all this out to Congress, it’s just that without a perceived space race, the Cold War would have also been a myth.
        The Space Shuttle and satellites never really change direction or need to. They are accelerated linearly to orbital velocity and then coast at 0 G’s. They appear to curve in a parabolic arc around the earth to local observers, but to someone in space, they would be merely traveling in a straight path, and have to be because 0 acceleration “G’s” is just what the name implies, no change in direction or speed. Essentially, they are just like a bullet. Nearly every astrophysics claim (Big Bang, Black Holes, Dark Matter, Worm Holes, Space-time fabric) is based on accepting the force of “Gravity”; I for one do not. Just Newton’s obsession with the building materials of Ezekiel’s Temple in Jerusalem (over 25,000 published pages) and his alleged leadership of the Prieure of Sion is enough to tell me to look into the matter.
       I personally don’t care whether anyone went to the moon or not, I present this material because military contractors got filthy rich in the Moon program and arguably obtained nothing of value from it; ok a few alleged rocks. Drifting into the earth’s atmosphere and then flying to a landing, or opening parachutes in the atmosphere before splashing in the ocean, or landing on Mars under a parachute, inside a bunch of bubble wrap is a far cry from navigating and adjusting spacecraft velocity with thrusters alone, to a successful soft landing and having the fuel to return. A really far cry! Maintaining a breathable atmosphere for a week is tough enough, but basic bodily functions inside a pressure suit and using a lander without an airlock is tougher. Maintaining the proper oxygen mix and pressure in a suit exposed to no atmospheric pressure and 300 F, refilling LOX tanks several times and providing protection from lethal solar radiation are obstacles I feel are insurmountable even with today’s technology. If the world’s most honest man (for grins, let’s call him Walter Cronkite) had said we went, maybe I’d be inclined to overlook some of these questions, but Walt and many of the private contractors involved with the decade long $multi-billion project attend Bohemian Grove every summer for 2 weeks and do the exact rituals the bible describes as “Evil in sight of the Lord”. Sacrificial fires to the Owl of Wisdom “Molech” are Canaanite rituals. They have been around for 4500 years and there is no reason to believe they ever stopped! The most trusted man in America told us on TV about JFK’s Masonic assassination and knew full well Masons were in the Eagle for the Moon Landings; he was raised in De Molay Freemasonry just like Bill Clinton who lied to a Federal Grand Jury, attends Bohemian Grove with Clinton, serving as the voice of the Owl and we choose not to question his integrity? Not smart.
        Deep in foreign debt from WW2, the Moon landing was deemed necessary and sold to Americans by JFK, to regain US dominance in the missile race with the Soviets. The race began with Freemason FDR (he was involved with channeling and astrology as well) and Shriner, Jester, 330 Mason, Harry Truman jump starting Thule Society, Satanist, Josef Stalin’s Communist nuclear program using the atomic secrets learned in the enormously expensive, top secret Manhattan Project handed over by Soviet Ambassador J. Robert Oppenheimer. Soviets had no such project; Oppenheimer and Armand Hammer made sure they began the race ahead of the US. HL Mencken said “The goal of politics is to keep people clamoring for security and protection from a series of hobgoblins, all of which are manufactured”.  The Manhattan Project was named after Manhattan Is., Wall St was a recreation of the walled fortress of Jericho; in the early 1600’s, it even had a wall stretching from the Hudson to the East River. It was purchased by Calvinist Puritans who brought “Nicolaitan Doctrine” (elevated clergy) to America in order to create a New Jerusalem, or as Francis Bacon put it, a New Atlantis, purchased for $24 in trinkets from the Canarsie Indians. X is the 24th English letter of Phoenician origin; it’s hard to over emphasize what this “X” represents to an occultist. The symbol of Osiris represents reincarnation and ritual incest (Osiris, Isis, Horus). It represents the concept “As Above, so Below” meaning the stars above must be re-created on the earth in order to liberate Man from God. Strange? Absolutely, but Hitler and Stalin believed Atlantean blood “Vril” ran through Aryan veins and it was their job to usher in the 3rd Reich. “X” is also the sign Emperor Constantine saw in his dream with “In Hoc Signo Vinces” to conquer Christianity by merging it with Paganism. The cross and X combine in the witchcraft symbol (2X4=8) to form the Sun Wheel, an 8 division Buddhist Mandala used to keep track of cross quarter sabats “Esbats”; or maybe all of it  is just coincidence!
        Stalin saved all the money US taxpayers shelled out making the A bombs and was given 11 time zones of land. Gen. Patton tried to warn of this and paid with his life at the end of the war. Russia quickly led the nuclear H-bomb, Rocket Race and had enough privacy to develop Nikola Tesla’s “Scalar EM” weaponry which today is used to modify weather, cause Earthquakes and other UN-natural disasters. Stalin said “The person who votes, counts for nothing, but the person who counts the votes, counts for everything”. The Soviets got out in front of the US in the space race with the first booster capable rockets, first orbit, first cosmonaut, first space walk and first rendezvous. They had also exploded the first hydrogen based nuclear fusion device, so we simply had to catch up in order to continue the Illuminati created cold war fleecing of taxpayer money. Never mind that the US and foreign presidents, Illuminati handlers, rich industrialists, TV news anchors, and corporation boards went to Bohemian Grove each summer for a little one on one time with the Canaanite Fire God, Moloch aka Satan. Communism sucked the financial life blood and 60 million lives out of the Russian citizenry but the Americans still had a democratic government of the people and for the people, or at least we thought so anyway. The Russians decided taking humans to the moon would not be possible when their canine cosmonaut “Arkla” was launched into high earth orbit beyond the Van Allen radiation belts, and died of radiation exposure, so it was up to a group of 330Freemasons and German Nazi scientists to dream the impossible dream.
       In 2003, a solar flare erupted and scared the ISS astronauts into crawling into a radiation protected area. The ISS is underneath the protection of the Van Allen radiation belts, yet the amount of radiation hitting the Space Station would have killed them in 10 minutes if unprotected. Apollo astronauts had no protected area, and operated through and outside of the magnetosphere; Why weren’t they worried?
       All of the early astronauts, and managers were high level freemasons; C. Fred Kleinkenecht being the head of all Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the US had his brother in NASA. 330 Masons Neil Armstrong and Buzz “Lightyear” Aldrin set foot on the moons 1 inch dust covered surface on July 20th, 1969. Pres. Nixon said “This is the greatest day since creation” but I think God will compare it to the Tower of Babel. The Masonic House of the Temple of the 33rd sits east of Jesuit Georgetown University. A room dedicated to the Moon Landing in the basement has a picture of Neil and Buzz wearing Masonic loin cloths over their space suits. Aside from the post flight interview where Armstrong says he doesn’t remember seeing any stars in the moon’s sky, he has not granted a single interview about the event that changed the world and declined to attend the 40thAnniversary celebrations. Man, you couldn’t shut me up!
      NASA sent up the Tetras communications satellite to relay information to the flight director consoles during training scenarios, which could easily have been used to fool the controllers during the real missions, and NASA had contractors spread out across the country so that very few people saw the whole project. News stories preceding Hurricane Rita’s landfall said that NASA’s Johnson Space Center had been relocated to Moscow. I wonder if we were that close back then?
       The bible says 1/3 of the angels followed Satan. Canaanites worshipped Moloch, and influenced many others to do the same. Bohemian Grove rituals for 2000 world leaders are not just a night out with the guys! Bohemian Grove charter member, Mark Twain said “Truth was stranger than fiction because truth was obligated to stick to the possibilities” and “The world is a stage and we are the actors.” Here is a brief review of NASA’s incredible journey.
     The bible says Creation is about 6000 years old. For a moment try to imagine being in orbit using thrust to completely stop all your lateral motion because they didn’t have an atmosphere to help them. Imagine what it would be like to be in searing heat while in the sun and extreme cold in shadow or shade. Imagine stepping out of a pressurized spacecraft knowing that nearly all motion, bodily functions, water, and food intake would be impossible. Finally as you look at the craters around you which were formed by space debris coming in at several times the speed of a bullet, imagine hoping that they didn’t hit the LM, LEM or you, because not only would you be dead, you would have no way home.
       Neil’s footprints were a surprise to all, because estimates of the accumulated 3 billion years worth of dust were several thousand feet, not a measly inch. A nice clear, fully lit in the shade picture of Armstrong coming down the ladder shows it all, but who took the pictures? If the camera journeyed all the way there on the leg of the LEM being blasted by the retro rockets, it and the plastic film would have spent days alternating between 400 degrees below freezing to 2650 F above. Put film in an oven at that temperature and it melts, so why didn’t it then? An 80 cubic ft. scuba diving tank can supply about 60 minutes of breathing air. Liquid O2 (LOX) in the astronaut backpacks had to supply breathing oxygen for many hours if not days and compressed air for the pressure suits without mechanical aid plus air conditioning to compensate for the 2650 F sunlit environment and -4000 sub-zero shade. We live in a 14.7 PSI atmosphere at sea level. NASA says they were able to use 5 PSI of 100% oxygen in the suits. People climb Mt Everest without oxygen, so this is possible, but as the astronauts exhaled, that ratio would quickly change toward CO2 unless all of it was vented outside because the astronauts breathed the suit air, not from oxygen hoses. This would require a lot of LOX. To illustrate, airliners can supply supplemental oxygen using ½ gallon LOX tanks in the overhead bins for about 12 minutes, but the astronauts drove around in buggies several hours at a time for up to 3 days. How is that remotely possible? At 5 PSI, a spacesuit would feel like a fully inflated basketball. Now look at the Space Shuttle astronauts and try to imagine how Neil hit that golf shot let alone change camera film and drive the moon rover. I realize joking is normal, but Neil said he sliced the shot; without an atmosphere, this statement on arguably one of the more famous dates in history would have to be about as idiotic as one could get.
        Space debris moves along at relative speeds of over 12,000 mph and the surface of the moon is indeed full of craters. Getting hit by a grain of sand at that speed would have been lethal, causing instant suit depressurization. Were they really that brave?
       The sun ejects radiation which is unimpeded in space. This radiation heats the earth only after many layers of protection; Van Allen radiation belts, Magnetosphere, Ionosphere, Ozone layer and Atmosphere all work together to make life on earth possible. None of these exist on the moon, so astronauts were exposed to incoming sand bullets, lethal solar radiation (Gamma, X-Ray), microwaves, and lethal thermal energy (2650 F). The earth is protected from solar flares, but the moon isn’t. Flares dramatically increase radiation levels, knocking out power and radio communications on earth, so they would probably kill the astronauts instantly, and they happen all the time. Look up solar flare records during the lunar missions; you’ll find if difficult because NASA doesn’t publish many of them.
      The dark side of the moon is colder than -4000 F (about 0K); the surface exposed to the sun heats up to about 2650 F depending on reflectivity, color, angle of incidence, shading etc. Space suits need to compensate for that in the unique environment of space where there is no way to evaporate or expand a coolant using a thermodynamic cycle. The suits therefore, needed to provide breathing oxygen, suit pressure, insulation from heat, and cold and shoes that would not melt or transfer the 2650 F or -4000 F heat/cold to the astronaut. Cooling of the suit using liquid 02 requires venting the liquid to a lower pressure and taking advantage of the associated expansion cooling. If you have filled a propane BBQ tank, you know how cold the valve gets when liquid propane is vented to atmospheric pressure. I suppose this could be done, but it would have to be done constantly, and allowed to escape to a lower pressure part of the suit, a very impractical if not impossible method. Your house A/C unit uses a condenser and evaporator. This system will not work in space since the evaporator cannot exchange its heat with the vacuum of space. That’s why a thermos is so smart; it knows when to keep things cold and when to keep them hot! The suits also needed to allow for the elimination of body waste and introduction of food and water while under pressure. This is not an easy task, in fact it’s probably impossible. Under at least 5 PSI, the suits had to allow for freedom of motion, and grip flexibility especially when hitting golf shots, changing plastic film in cameras and operating moon rovers. Again, probably an insurmountable obstacle when you think about it logically. When LOX levels ran low, the suits needed the ability to dump pressure and re-pressurize each time they entered the landing module and the LEM would need to completely depressurize each time as well, without an airlock. Think about the amount of oxygen this would take, and where the pressure would come from. If you figured this out (I can’t), building the spacecraft sturdy enough would pose another difficult task. Imagine trying to open a passenger door on an airliner at altitude. The door is about 3 ft X 7 ft and the plane is pressurized to about 8 PSI so there is 8 PSI X 21in. X 144in or about 24,000 lbs of pressure on the door. It would be the same inside the lunar lander, so look at the lander when you go to the Air & Space museum and see if it looks stout enough! One particle of space debris hitting the suits or space craft would cause a rapid decompression and instant blood boiling death for the astronauts, and they were out there for more than a week. That’s pretty gutsy if you ask me.
        Space is a vacuum, it is not hot or cold, and is unaffected by radiation passing through it. Heat is defined as the total energy in a substance. Temperature is a measure of the average kinetic energy of molecules in a substance. To illustrate the difference, the air inside a 5000 oven won’t burn your hand, but the walls of the oven will. They are both at the same temperature, but the steel has much more total energy. Radiation leaves the sun in a spectrum ranging from low energy radio waves, microwaves, infrared (heat), visible light, UV, X-rays and Gamma rays. In the vacuum of space, solar radiation moves unimpeded until it strikes solid material like say a space capsule. The temperature of space then, is 0 and the temperature of the capsule is merely dependent on the amount radiation it absorbs. It’s like breaking a rack of pool balls with all sorts of different sizes of cue balls I suppose; some would pass through the spaces some would not. High energy radiation like X and Gamma rays are deadly, and of no use to warm an astronaut or space craft. They are like little knives slicing through cellular DNA which causes cancer and/or cellular death. Van Allen radiation belts protect us on earth from these, but astronauts were outside of their protection, again pretty gutsy. Microwaves pass through suits and heat objects containing water quite well. Cell phones use low energy microwaves; they cause brain cancer and can hard boil an egg; another obstacle to consider. Infrared energy won’t pass through the capsule wall or a space suit, so it warms the surface it strikes, and no more. Infrared radiation is diminished by shading the target with something that intercepts this wavelength energy. Moving into the dark side of the moon results in rapid energy loss. The temperature inside the suits would change quickly unless large amounts of insulation were used, which they did not. The suits are plainly visible at science museums all over the country. Imagine being in the mountains where the atmosphere is thinner with a black windbreaker on. Even at say 300 F. you would be comfortable out in the sun because the color black absorbs all wavelengths of visible light, but in the dark you will cool down very quickly. Imagine being on Mt Everest with a black wind breaker on. If the Sun is hitting your body with radiated energy, you could stay warm. When it stops, insulation is the only way to keep body heat from exchanging its energy with surroundings; you would be frozen in an hour or less. Cooling and heating of a space suit is obviously not a simple matter, and being in space is very dangerous because deadly ionizing radiation is constantly being absorbed by the body. If astronauts were shaded for very long, they would have to keep warm by adding their own energy. If in the direct Sun, they would need to be cooled somehow. Space Shuttle astronauts do this by wearing thick insulation, having internal heating and cooling systems, only staying out for perhaps an hour or 2, and most importantly, operating below the Van Allen belts which shield them from ionizing radiation.
         There are reports of space experiments located on the moon and unmanned rovers may have gone to Mars, but bouncing along the surface in an airbag on a one way mission without people and all the required human life support equipment is nothing like landing with people and taking off again. The Galileo spacecraft was sent to Jupiter, but its intent was to ignite the hydrogen atmosphere with nuclear fusion, and Cassini was sent to Saturn with the intent of delivering 72 lbs of plutonium for a similar purpose. The difficulties of sending humans to another planet vs. a nuclear bomb or remotely controlled buggy are 1000 fold more difficult.
       After the 2nd moon landing, the US taxpayers became disenchanted with baseball games being interrupted by routine moon landings, so extreme peril was necessary to regain their attention and their wallets. The most trusted man in America, at that time was Bohemian Grove member, CFR member (read Constitutional traitor), CBS (all seeing eye), I’m all for wind energy, just not in my Cape Cod backyard, news anchor Walter Cronkite. 13 is the occult number associated with rebellion to God probably because Nimrod was the 13th descendant from Adam. The primary ritual used to rebel is called the Sacred Marriage; in the days of the Tower of Babel, these rituals were conducted in the upper room as hundreds of ziggurats attest to. Apollo 13 was a symbolic death and re-birth by the light event. In Freemasonry, the symbolic death and re-birth is called bing “Hoodwinked”; the initiate asks for light and he gets plenty of it. A similar ritual in the Skull & Bones Society at Yale has initiates inside double wide coffins which are lowered into a deep shaft. There are many others, but they all stem from Pyramid rituals in Egypt where the Sun’s light enters the Queen’s chamber on the solstice.
         The Apollo rocket used was the Saturn V. V is the worldwide symbol of the Mother Goddess and Vengeance. It is the Roman numeral for 5 which corresponds to Vau, the 6th letter in Hebrew and that means nail; the 3 nails that were once used to fasten Jesus to the tree. The rocket literally means Satan’s nail! NASA put a trinity of Freemasons who swore “Vows” to Lucifer atop the rocket and named the program after the Greek god Apollo. The god Apollo came originally from Egypt as Horus, the falcon headed god with 2 eyes representing the Sun and Moon. Horus itself came from the biblical Horites, Canaanites who settled Mt Hor. Horus’ “All Seeing Eye” sits over the unfinished pyramid on the US $1 bill to illustrate America’s role in the “Great Work”; the presentation of a false Christ (Horus) to the world. Apollo 13’s riveting problem of an oxygen explosion (very similar to TWA 800’s lie of a fuel pump causing its explosion) was solved by “Squaring a Circle”. Oxygen scrubbers were refit as everyone who watched the movie knows, but less known is Nazi occultist Josef Goebbels said “With enough repetition, people can be made to believe a square is really a circle”. He got that idea from the serpent encircling the 4 corners of the earth called the “Oroborus”. The “Swastika” is the oldest symbol of the Sun on the planet, a symbol of the broken pre flood world. It became the symbol of the Theosophical Society and the Nazi’s plus being a symbol of the Boy Scouts before Hitler decided to use it. Squaring a Circle is impossible, but hey, so is gravitational orbits. Horus was said by the Greek historian Herodotus to have been born on a conjunction of the Sun and Moon at the end of the “Epiphi” (Satanic Epiphany), so Apollo 13 symbolically made its way around the dark side of the moon where a man-made conjunction provided Death and Re-Birth. All this occult nonsense stems from Genesis 1:3 “Let there be light”. Lucifer has convinced occultists he is this “Fiat Lux” which is why many of them deny Satan is real. Born Again Christians know very well that Satan is indeed very real and simply the real name of Lucifer!
        Pink Floyd named an album about the dark side of the moon, and after JPL founder and avid Satanist, Jack Parsons (he was also great buddies with Scientology’s god-man L Ron Hubbard) blew himself up in his garage, “accidentally” he got a crater named after him on the dark side as well. Jack had embarked on a dark ride into black path Satanism of the Qabalah and had gone a little insane. The love of money is the root of all evil according to the bible, so where did all this money go?
       Nazi scientists had their resumes touched up in the CIA operation Paperclip and made their way out of Germany in the post war years with the help of the Jesuits and the famous “Rat Lines”. They now got a big pay day. They all knew going to the moon was impossible, and still is. God is shielding us from the lethal rays of the sun and from Lucifer, but the Van Allen radiation belts and the earth’s Magnetosphere seem to weakening because Scalar EM weapons take trillions of watts of energy continuously out of the earth’s core (usually at the polar regions) causing the earth to spin slower, wobble and destabilize magnetic field. Isaiah (24:20) warned us the earth will one day reel to and fro like a drunkard, so we can’t say we weren’t warned!
       The success rate of the US and or Soviet rockets in the 1950’s were dismal at best. In 1960, Kennedy admitted the US was far behind the Russians in heavy booster technology. What if we could restore public confidence in the defense industry by winning the space race, funnel boatloads of public money to Nazi cold war defense contractors and divert attention away from the very unpopular heroin pipeline called Vietnam War? The Mercury and Gemini programs demonstrated our capability to get into low earth orbit below the Van Allen belts. These belts start at about 1000 miles out and go to 40,000 miles, but high altitude nuclear fusion HEMP blasts in the 1950’s and 60’s increased their intensity significantly. Like birds in a cage, the Apollo program simply continued from low earth orbit? Hollywood was named after Druid magic wands, and Stalin said “Give me Hollywood and I’ll control the world”, so it was easy. NASA training was accomplished by sending data simulations to flight controller consoles, and a Hollywood movie set in the desert north of Las Vegas could be used to simulate the moon landing phase, and the Navy recovered the capsule 10 days later which never made it out of low earth orbit. Capricorn 1 was a movie which said this is exactly what happened, but the theme was so ridiculous, very few people paid attention. FOX TV also made a documentary about this a few years ago, but then again, very few people remember a Space Shuttle blowing up on re-entry in the movie Armageddon, the Titanic being ordered to turn in the wrong direction twice, Oil Storm showing a Cat 5 hurricane hitting New Orleans, Mel Gibson weighing his 2 9lb 11oz rocking chairs and smashing them in The Patriot, a terrorist diversion allowing gold to be removed from under the World Trade Center in Die Hard 3, or the FOX TV mini-series The Lone Gunman showing remotely piloted commercial aircraft being used to hit buildings in New York! Warning victims is a requirement of Qabbala, and the Illuminati have to take it very seriously because Satan is bound to this arrangement by God! Groom Lake and Area-51 are named after a Man (5+1=6, the number of Man) who will become the Groom of the Mother Goddess. If this makes no sense to you, good I can assure you are not an occultist, but you do probably need to ask a few questions and try to answer them just the same.
      $Trillions taxpayer’s money (Kennedy is not included because he gave his life to correct his mistake) Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Reagan spent on the Vietnam War, Space program, Cold War and Star Wars ended up in the pockets of the Freemasons, Jesuits, CFR globalists, and Nazi cold war defense contractors. Why do they want this much money? Why were all the early astronauts high level Freemasons? Why do most of the top level names in Government and Corporate America show up as members of Bohemian Grove worshipping the Canaanite God Moloch? Remember, Nixon, Kissinger, Poppy Bush, Shrub Bush, Gorbachev, Eisenhower, Reagan, Walter Cronkite, Steven Bechtel and 2000 more all party together for 2 weeks each summer! Historians know for certain that people of every generation have worshipped strange Gods like Marduk, Baal, Ashteroth and Moloch. When exactly did they stop doing this? If they did, why does the bible describe the Tribulation period? Isn’t just a little remarkable that we only had one non flying related fatal accident in the entire moon landing program when compared to the current space shuttle program? The Shuttle attains an altitude of 300 miles and makes no radical trajectory changes. Apollo made a 500,000 mile round trip voyage, with a separate spacecraft capable of lunar descent, ascent and 3 days life support, in full exposure to the Sun’s radiation using computers with less computing power than a modern day calculator! Von Braun calculated the size of the rockets necessary to too large to produce simply because gravity doesn’t exist. There is no ability to use a “Gravitational Slingshot” to enter orbit or return home. Trajectory must change using thrust, period. I realize Star Trek and Star Wars are “Sci Fi” but maneuvering in space at the speeds they claim is just plain stupid. One course change or acceleration to light speed would kill everyone instantly!
         Gravity is an acceleration, not a force. To change an acceleration you need to supply force over a given period of time according to F=MA. NASA knew this fact and so did the astronauts. This is why they hired only well heeled Satanists, Nazi’s and 330 Freemasons to do the job.
       NASA’s only pre Shuttle fatality occurred on the launch pad when Gus Grissom hung a lemon on the Apollo 1 space craft. Gus was calling attention to the inadequate technology needed to get to the moon. NASA chief James Webb resigned just prior to the launch of Apollo 1as well. These individuals may indeed have done the exact thing represented at the Crucifixion when one of the thieves recognized Jesus was God in the flesh and one did not. This is the only requirement for salvation; you can be forgiven for nearly everything you have ever done!
       Congressional hearings determined NASA’s ability to get to the moon was dismal, and NASA’s Nazi consultant Werhner von Braun calculated the mission would need 3 separate rockets, each over 1300 ft tall weighing in at some 800,000 tons to do it. Why? Because gravity doesn’t exist, so to change direction, fuel is needed. During a training simulation, Gus had an accident when a “faulty” switch created an electrical arc in a pressurized 100 % oxygen environment. Roger Chaffee, Ed White and Gus burned to remind the rest they were playing with dangerous people. 18 months later, a Bohemian Grove member of the CFR announced to the world that 330 Freemason had just walked on the moon, and we believed him. The famous line in Animal House may come to mind “He screwed up; he trusted us”
       A faulty wire caused an arc when an oxygen tank needed to be stirred in Apollo 13 at 1313 hrs on the 13th of April, 1970. Swiss Air Flt #11 flies around the Atlantic Ocean for an hour fighting a fire with $200,000,000 on board and pilot procedures that read “Land ASAP”. Go ask a commercial pilot if dumping fuel for an hour was a smart idea with a fire onboard! A “faulty” fuel pump wire created an arc in TWA 800’s fuel tank 30 years later but fuel procedures were not significantly changed to prevent this from happening again. Ask the NTSB why so many people saw something streaking toward the aircraft before the explosion or a 747 pilot if a trip to Europe can be flown with no center tank fuel. A piece of foam departed the shuttle fuel tank and accelerated from 0 relative speed to the point where it knocked off heat tiles designed to take nearly 11,000 mph re-entry speeds. Columbia disintegrates on the Druid holiday of Imbolg over the Freemasonic capital of the west. Foam gets blamed for its destruction as witnesses report house rattling sonic booms when it’s 40 miles high. Sonic booms don’t rattle anything from above about 30,000 ft. The rattling came from scalar energy heating the atmosphere in front of the shuttle to demonstrate destruction of any orbiting vehicle is easy and unstoppable.
         You simply can’t make a 9 lb 11 oz rocking chair out of oak. $200 million movies don’t order steering wheels to turn the wrong way. 19 year old hijackers can’t slice 8 throats and pilot commercial jets like Chuck Yeager. Commercial aircraft aren’t strong enough to penetrate 6 separate steel reinforced concrete walls and leave no wreckage. TATP (Tri acetone, Tri phosphate) explosives can’t be produced in an aircraft lavatory. Richard Reid had no C-4 in his shoe. Foam can’t knock off heat tiles, and the US has no gold! Its time to WAKE UP!
        Gus was a smart man voicing concerns about our ability to fulfill promises made by Pres. Kennedy to put a man on the moon within a decade of John Glenn’s 13 minute suborbital flight. Most of our rockets were blowing up rather than going up, and he didn’t feel that the spacecraft was technologically capable to complete the mission. Here are a few other anomalies that warrant a question or 2.
      Why didn’t the astronauts take pictures of the stars or take a telescope? Pictures with light supplied from a single source (the sun) must necessarily have parallel shadow lines but most of the NASA pictures have shadow lines that intersect one another indicating alternative light sources were used, but none were taken to the moon. Why is the US flag shown waving without an atmosphere on the Moon? They are even putting this brazen picture up on freeway billboards today. Why didn’t the retro rocket thrust send moon dust flying on to the spacecraft? Pictures of all of them show them to be dust free and the feet sitting on top of loose dust. If the moon is billions of years old, why didn’t the LEM sink into the surface? Shaded photos are sometimes dark (like they should be) and sometimes well lit without supplemental lighting. Without atmospheric dust to reflect light, shadows must necessarily be 100% dark on the moon. Why did astronauts take nice color movies inside the spacecraft but only release copied black & white movies of the moon’s surface? Why did some astronauts describe the ship as noisy and vibrating during descent and others say the vacuum of space eliminated all such noise? Why did the moon buggies cost some $60,000,000 each? Why are so many NASA scientists fixated on Mars? It has no radiation belts and is too cold to support water. The love of money is truly the root of all evil.
       Gold was stolen in WW2 and the Holocaust. These were real Jews, not the Zionists (Canaanites, Sepharvaim and Edomites pretending to be Jews) in “Spiritual Sodom and Egypt” (ref Rev 11:8 and Obadiah 15-20). Ft. Knox gold was used to pay for the Vietnam War. World Trade Center Fed Reserve gold was stolen from under WTC #4 and 5 on 9/11 in addition to billions of insurance dollars (Elliot Spitzer knew all about it). Today, it is estimated that a large percentage of 400oz gold bars are Chinese forgeries using Tungsten inserts; ask the Mormon Church about that as they were intimately involved with the Shenzhen Economic Zone in Hong Kong, laundering perhaps fake gold through the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii. Oppenheimer watched the Trinity explosion in 1947 and quoted from Hindu Scripture “I have become the destroyer of worlds”. The Soviet nuclear missile crises, NASA moon missions, Star Wars missile defense shield and ground based missile intercept project has kept people on edge and made defense contractors very wealthy. By the way, there are no Star Wars satellites and never were any. That project (Project Blue Beam) was designed to create alien sightings, crop circles and one day to present Antichrist to the world. WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq 1 and Iraq 2 never made the world safer but made the rich, much, much richer. Iraq is geographic Babylon; its all part of the deal. Drugs from Vietnam “Golden Triangle” and Afghanistan “Aryan Triangle” (my term) flood the world and have at least a 1700% profit margin for somebody. $Trillions dollars have gone into the pockets a very few people. Yes Houston we do have a problem, its telling the truth! If this sparks your curiosity, check out the NASA footage on the Bart Sibrel’s DVD’s A funny thing happened on the way to the moon and Astronauts gone Wild. Or don’t and hope it all works out ok in the end!
     The Yalta Conference gave enormous amounts of land to the Soviet Union. Churchill, a Druid and Hitler arranged the “Miracle of Dunkirk” to keep the war going and as Londoners were being fire bombed, Churchill smoked his Churchill’s in underground tunnels. Stalin’s Ukrainian Genocide led to his Gulags; Eisenhower starved 1.7 million Germans attempting to escape the Communists. Those people run Russia via the Russian Mafia today. Estimates are that 160 million people have died under Communist rule since its formal birthday on Beltaine1945. Hitler said far in advance that he would end his Reich on April 30th simply because he and Stalin were intitates of the same secret society “Thule Sociey” aka “Brotherhood of Death”. May Day is Baal’s Birthday after all. War with Iran is next; Russia and China are backing Iran. Reagan and Gorby were Bohemian Grove buddies and had been for a long time. Gorby set up Green Cross International on US soil thanks to Ronnie at the Presidio Army Base in San Francisco next to Queen Pelosi’s Hunter’s Point Naval Shipyard; working 3 days/week in Washington is hard enough work to justify her new taxpayer funded C-32 Boeing 757. Reagan said the way to unite all the people of the world would be an alien invasion. I really have no idea when all this will happen; 12/21/2012 is my best guess, but I’, quite sure the Artemis Project and Project Blue Beam will be a spectacular birthday for “Sol Invictus” one way or another.
     Goldstone, Redstone, Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Artemis, Orion, Atlas, Saturn, Jupiter, Titan, Virgin Galactic and Cape Canaveral “Cloaked place of Cain’s bearers”; What more clues do we need? The Arab moon God is “Sin”