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Happy Thanksgiving!!!


“And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof: it shall be a jubile unto you; and ye shall return every man unto his possession, and ye shall return every man unto his family”. Lev 25:10 Biden pardoned 2 Turkeys Liberty and Bell. Turkery “convert to Islam. Turkey means Aztec Guinea Fowl; Sacrifices approx 250,000 per year for the whole Aztec Empire. Aztec=Aztlan “To make white”.

Phoenicians had been raiding the Americas (Amurru or Amorica) 2000 yrs before Sephardic Crypto Jew  Columbus brought the first wave of disease. Thanksgiving is revenge for Ephraim and Manasseh; Joseph appeared to reverse the blessings of his sons as Isaac did with Jacob and Esau; Ephraim is claimed to represented  by British, Australia, US by the 12 Tribes nonsense theory proposed by Arthur Koestler and Yair Daviday (Brit-Am-Israel); Manasseh is claimed to be natives: Indians, Blacks, Polynesians, Aboriginals, Mayans, Incans etc. The Mexican (Sephardic ie Spanish replacements for natives) Gov’t awarded Jared Kushner the Order of Aztec Eagle in 2018; Aztecs slaughtered native Mayans. Turkey is domesticated Aztec Fowl; Americans the domesticated, fattened turkeys about to be Holocausted as the Scapegoat for Rev 18 “Babylon”.

Ephraim is not Saved in Rev 7; Ephraim and Manasseh were born of Joseph’s marriage to Asenath, the daughter of the Priest of On; the Saturnian Priest Potiphera would likely have descended from the Hyksos Priest-Kings which controlled Egypt from Abraham’s day until just before the Exodus; the same Chaldean, Cretan, Phoenician, Theraputae controlling Covid (Certificate of Vaccination ID) 19 today. It was also very symbolic for Bush Jr before 9/11/2001 and Trump before Covid 19 to dance the Ardah “Arab Sword Dance”; Trump danced with the Egyptian and Saudi Arabian dictators and held an Illuminated Globe playing the role of the Phoenix, the Arab bird which self immolates by fire every 500 years on the perch in Heliopolis “City of the Sun”. In 1517 Pizarro, a Sephardic (Canaanite/Phoenician, Babylonian, Medean; Ref 2 Ki 17:30), like Columbus before him, Pizarro slaughtered natives by deception.
The grand reopening of the Way of God aka Avenue of Sphinxes between Karnak and Luxor on Thanksgiving Nov 25 was symbolic because it was built by Israelites during captivity and much of Karnak under the rule of Hatshepsut who raised Moses. The avenue and her memory was erased; today Saudi Arabia is building NEOM over the Wilderness of Sin and Mt Sinai with its first citizen Sophia (Gnostic Wisdom AI Robot) programmed to eliminate useless eaters. In’t it a bit coincidental  Thanksgiving is the day European foreigners ie Ephraim slaughtered natives ie Manasseh with disease; hence it was the day the new “Variant” Omicron or Nu was announced; O is the Primordial Ocean, the Nothing out of which creation was born in Big Bang Theory, the Primordial Black Hole seen in the Circle (Naunet; Omicron) and Dot (Nun or Nu); why announce this BS on Thanksgiving as originating in Africa, the continent with less than 6% vaccinated and with virtually no Covid unless symbolic payback for centuries of slavery?

Squanto was born Tisquantum, he spoke english because earlier he had been kidnapped and sold into British slavery during which time New England had been ravaged by Epidemics, the last just before the return of Squanto assumed to be a form of Viral Hepatitis which wiped out Squanto’s entire Patuxet Tribe and 75% of the Wampanoag Confederation. Plymouth Rock is the Graveyard of Patuxet.

Puritans escaping the Witch Hunts in Europe instigated by King James sailed to Amorica, “Land of the Amorites” and their Serpent god Amurru by “Providence”; later naming it after the Roman goddess Columbia.
The Green Corn festival in August, was held in honor of Grandfather Fire was the reason 700 Piquot Indians were burned alive at the first Thanksgiving. Rev Cotton Mather called Prince Phillip’s War a “BBQ”, thanking God for the plague of Smallpox. By 1703, Puritan settlers were given subsidies to purchase and train Blood Hounds for hunting Indians; same Hounds from Hell fed only human flesh and blood were used by Conquistadores 200 years earlier.

NASA is claiming life on Pluto (neat trick at near absolute 0K ie -400F) Pluto is the Roman god of Wealth and the Underworld aka Mammon; NASA pictures of Pluto and Disney’s Bloodhound Pluto are identical for a reason.

The CDC and HHS commissioned 1000 Oath Sworn doctors to serve under the Surgeon General, first for Zika and Ebola, and today for Coronavirus.  Trans-genic Asian Tiger and Aedes-aegypti Mosquitoes are being released in the Florida Keys by the Gates from Hell foundation as well.           

   Turkey was never eaten at the 1st Thanksgiving, Turkey is Domesticated Aztec Guinea Fowl and Rosicrucian, Hellfire Society Satanist, child sacrificer Ben Franklin’s choice for America’s Mascot. Domesticated Fowl was a bit too obvious so the Edomite Eagle, a symbol of Zeus and the Assyrian Saturn “Nisroch” the god of the Aquarian New Age (Rape of Ganymede for eg.) was chosen instead.
“Without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of Sin” Heb 9:22 Born Again followers of JESUS accept His blood as remission of Sin; Thanksgiving is giving thanks to Natives who gave their lives, land and gold to Columbus, Pizzaro and Cortez.

The first Thanksgiving was made possible by an engineered Pandemic; Christmas is the Ceremonial Sacrifice of Jesus Christ “Christ + Mass” and re-birth of the Son of Saturn aka Golden Calf “Shamash” (Calf of the Sun) Turkey aka Domesticated Aztec Guinea Fowl is reminiscent of the Aztecs slaughtering human beings by the 10’s of thousands to appease the sun god Quetzalcoatl whom Mormons regard as their Christ. The Bird Flu scare of 2003 led to the massive slaughter of Poultry; the Swine Flu scare to the slaughter of Pigs. Grinding up diseased Birds and feeding Pigs with the concoction in Shanghai was managed by WHO Director Margaret Chan. Today, Tedros Adhanom is not even a doctor yet manages the Coronavirus Scamdemic

Thanksgiving Turkey and Christmas Goose
The first Thanksgiving between Pilgrims and Natives was a total fabrication similar to “Aviation Expert” and AF Academy “Honor Code” grad Chelsey Sullenberger’s “Miracle on the Hudson”. Geese have been slaughtered at US Airports and places like Staten Is by the millions since USAIR Flt #1549 was hit by a flock of Canadian Geese on climb out from New York’s LaGuardia Airport at 3000ft. Canadian Geese complete their annual migrations in August; during January, Geese do not waste energy climbing in formation to 3000ft. Other Commercial Aircraft nor Digital TRACON (Terminal Radar) recorded the flock of Geese Sully claimed “Blackened his cockpit window”. Not one single feather was found on the aircraft, no blood, guts or even so much as a bent engine compressor blade to suggest Sully is anything but a Liar, yet the “Unprecedented Slaughter” of Geese in America continues to this day. The Aviation Expert, Accident Investigator millionaire and Tea Party darling Sullied his integrity before God saying “I will never fly again after what those birds did to me; they are organized, smart, and can go anywhere. It’s trains and busses for me; anyone who flies in this hostile environment is suicidal” Well, from personal experience starting at the AF Academy and 35 years Civilian, Military and Commercial flying, I have never hit a single Goose, let alone Canadian Geese flying in formation in January.

Jared Kushner was awarded the Aztec Order of the Eagle Warrior in 2018 Turkey is a Domesticated Aztec Guinea Fowl named after Turki the Hindi word for Bird and Turkomen, Mohammadens who claim Moses, Jesus Christ and Muhammad are merely prophets of Allah “The God” or “Sun”. Al-lah “The God” is the Arab god Sin who had 3 daughters Uzza (Venus), Al-Lat (Sun) and Manat (Crescent Moon; Hilal=Lucifer)
Sir Walter Raleigh’s expeditions to Hatteras Island and Roanoke Island laid British claim to America, July 4 1584 is considered the first Thanksgiving because of his voyages. 90% of the Indigenous populations succumbed to disease, starvation, forced relocation and outright slaughter to create the United States; British ownership of the US is still in force today with Judges beholden to the Crown Bar.

By Papal decree, Britain is owned by the Vatican and the US is still owned by the British; the IRS Form 1040 is in fact a tribute to the British Crown and Social Security is owned by the Queen. 1040 is a veiled reference to the preceding 1040 days before the 1260 day Great Tribulation which make up Daniel’s 2300 Days. Virginia was named for the Virgin Queen Elizabeth I in history books, but in reality the Virgin Queen of Heaven “Columbia or Britannia” symbolized by the Statue of Liberty and the Lady of Freedom standing atop the Capitol “Womb of Jupiter/Zeus is the Canaanite Mother Goddess Namaah (Gen 4:22). Raleigh had allies in the Puritans (Pur means Lots cast for Marduk) who brought Nicolaitane Doctrine (Elevated Clergy) to their base of operations at the edge of the Atlantic Gulf Stream. The round trip circuit of the Atlantic Gulf Stream was known since the days King Solomon’s “Ships of Tarshish” (ca 900’s BC), proceeding west from the Straits of Gibraltar to the Yucatan, up the East Coast to Boston, across to Wales and back to Spain. Centuries later Jesuit Conquistadors and Pirates plundered Gold and Slaves along the same path.

Raleigh’s marker called “God’s Longitude” is located on the 77th Meridian on what is now Freedom Hill because 77 is Cain’s son Lamech’s revenge (Gen 4:24) “Seventy and Sevenfold” Meridian Hill Park sits on the spot in Washington DC today on a Great Circle that connects the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan near Mexico City, Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Stonehenge, Glastonbury Tor, the City of London, Cathedral of St Sophia aka Blue Mosque, Troy and Mt Hermon near Baalbek “Temple of Jupiter” in Syria. Freedom Hill Park is on the 77th Meridian, north of the Pentagon, built on the 77th Longitude beginning 9/11/1946 in alignment with the Washington Monument and White House. AA Flt #77 would hit the 77ft tall Pentagon 60 years to the day after the Cornerstone was laid in Masonic Ceremony on 9/11/2001. Puritans later moved north purchasing Manhattan (Man Aton is the Egyptian man-god) Is for $24 in trinkets from the Canarsie Indians; Wall St is even named after the Wall of Jericho.

Prince Phillip’s BBQ
June 29, 1676, the 1st “Thanksgiving Proclamation” was celebrated for war victories against “Heathen Natives” “Thanksgiving” was Massachusetts Bay Colony Governor John Winthrop’s celebration of the pre-dawn murder of 700 Pequot Indians during their “Green Corn” Festival. Nestle is the world’s largest food producer; Nestle’s CEO just proclaimed a Shibboleth Moment on Veteran’s Day 2015. Shibboleth (Pass Grip of Fellow Craft Masons as well) means “Ear of Corn”; the warning was the slaughter in America will begin by Foreign Privatization of Water; the UN LOST Treaty (Law of the Sea) treasonously hands control of all Water in the US to the United Nations.
Natives gathered for the annual “Green Corn Festival”; victims were awakened, shot, clubbed, burned alive in the Longhouse. Children were sold into English slavery via Bermuda and Liverpool; unsuitable survivors dispersed from their land. Wampanoag Chief Metacomet, whose father signed the first Peace Treaty with British Colonists took the English name “King Phillip” the French King who arrested the Knights Templar. King Metacomet was shot, tortured and his body quartered with his head impaled on a spike on public display at the entrance to Plymouth for 24 years. Why? Turkomen after whom the Turkey is named were Mohammadens who call this the “Palo”; Impalement through the Anus was the preferred form of torture and execution (recall Vlad the Impaler) and put on display 24 years as a warning of the event. 24 being a veiled reference to the Greek letter Chi “X” (Messiah) the Cross of Constantine.
Colonists referred to Chief Metacomet as “King Phillip” after King Phillip IV “The Fair” of France who arrested the Knights Templar in 1307 and ordered Pope Clement V to issue a “Vox en Excelso” (Voice on High) from God to disband “The Order” and dispose of their assets in 1312; historians mistakenly assign the title King Phillip II of Spain who prosecuted the French and Indian Wars, but this is not the case. Today, “The Order” are Jesuits and the Sovereign Military order of Malta, Cyprus and Rhodes aka Hospitallers or “SMOM” into which men like John Kerry, Leon Panetta, Janet Napolitano, Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr, Henry Kissinger, Gen Martin Dempsey (Chairman of Joint Chiefs), Gen David Petraeus, Joe Biden, Paul Ryan and Donald Trump are initiated. Think SMOM have forgotten about the execution by slow roasting in Paris of Jacques DeMolay on 3/18/1314? Guess again.
In 1614 Petauxet Indians were loaded onto slave ships bound for England; those left behind were driven from their land and intentionally infected with smallpox; by 1620, it is claimed that only the ex-slave who developed immunity to the disease in London years earlier named Squanto remained alive. In Jamestown Colonial Debtors were forced to work, starve or board ships destined for Debtors Prisons; they decided to poison the wine at a 1623 Feast in which 200 Indians died and blame them instead; quite similar to the 9/11/1835 murder of 120 pioneers at Mountain Meadows Massacre by Mormons dressed as Indians or the Germanic Saxons killing 360 Briton Noblemen on 9/11/476.

Freemason, Order of Cincinnati George Washington cut Thanksgiving festivities to 1 day. The Order of Cincinnati is American Royalty named after Roman farmer turned dictator Cincinnatus. Selling scalps and using severed heads as soccer balls was a bit much. Indians came to be called “Red Skins” as a Scapegoat for Esau (Edom=Red) the foes of Israel/Jacob and Communist traitors trained in America called “Red Diaper” Babies serve as modern Scapegoats. Rosicrucian Grand Master Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving an American (America means Amurru-Can; Priests of the Canaanite Serpent god Amurru and the Ameru) National Holiday “Holy Day” during the Civil War. That same day, he ordered soldiers against starving Sioux Indians in Minnesota.

Turkey was first domesticated by Aztecs. Rosicrucian, 33 deg Freemason, Hell Fire Club Initiate and avid Sabaean Astrologer Ben Franklin chose the Turkey for the National Bird because America was to be fattened, stuffed and consumed one day as the World’s Scapegoat for Babylon. Turkey is a name derived from Turkish “Turkomen” meaning “Arab Merchant”. Turkomen were Arabs living in Turkey whose religion was Kaballah (no this is not Jewish); the Talmud is their oral law put in writing learned from Babylonian and Persian captivity. Turkey merchants of Madagascar then domesticated and marketed the Guinea Fowl called “Turkey”; the domesticated bird of the Aztecs. Aztec, Aztlan and Laban all mean “To make white”. Illegal immigration? Well that happened a long time ago; MEChA (Mestizo-Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan), La Raza Unida and Voz de Aztlan all intend to reclaim lost Aztec lands in America. Aztec corn was called “Turkey Corn” AMaizing eh?. Turkey is derived from “Hindi”, the Turkish name for Indian and “Dinde” which means “Chicken from India”.
Columbus was also a Rosicrucian, Knight Templar named Fernando Zarco, who like Puritan colonists, used disease as a weapon and did not discover anything in his life let alone believe Hispaniola was India. Turkey is slang for “Stupid, ineffectual person”.
33 deg Luciferian Freemason Franklin Roosevelt commercialized Thanksgiving by moving it to the 3rd Thursday in November “Blood Month” to kick off the month long celebration of Saturnalia, Brumalia, Hannukah, Christmas and the Nativity of Sol Invictus aka Lucifer’s birthday. “Merry Christmas”? Setting up a Grove and celebrating the death and distribution of Jesus’ body is also pretty stupid. A Turkey Shoot refers to setting Turkeys up behind a log and shooting at their heads; George Bush Sr called the slaughter of Iraqis in 1991 on the Highway of Death a “Turkey Shoot”; soon it will be our turn.