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Coronavirus: “Crowned Serpent Venom”; Covid: “God’s Door”; COVID “Certification Of Vaccination ID” 19=AI (Artificial Intelligence); Pandemic “All People” WHO Dir Dr Tedros Adhanom on Purim (Puru “Cast lots for Marduk” aka Golden Calf) “Coronavirus might be classified as a Pandemic”—11-march-2020 Neil DeGrasse Tyson “Coronavirus is a worldwide experiment to see how far people will listen to scientists” Coronavirus is the “Infectious Myth
Trust Stamp + Mastercard “Wellness Pass” + GAVI Biometric ID, Contact Tracing, Digital Currency Don’t leave home without it, especially in Melbourne Australia where Covid Papers are required at Military and Police Checkpoints to prove you are legal to leave your home
World Economic Forum to launch COVIPASS QR Code Health Visa based on Covid Blood Test  to travel internationally Moderna=mRNA (Modified RNA) Vaccine Micro-Needle Platform Vaccine + DARPA created Hydrogel mRNA + Luciferase=Beast DNA and Digital ID; Gene Drive controllable by 5G “Global Broadband” and Artificial Intelligence capable of eliminating an entire species.



Profusa Logo is the Star of Saturn, the Chaldean Beast seen rising in the Peace Fountain at St John Divine Cathedral Flu symptoms=Coronavirus symptoms “Test, Test Test” WHO advocates widespread testing using Nasal Pharyngeal Swabs. DARPA invented Hydrogel: Nano-particles for Nasal drug vaccine delivery attached to Cas Phi Macrophages, the “Slinky Assassin” and “Trojan Horse” of CRISPR Gene Editing.… Cas=Cassiopeia; Phi=Ratio of Life 13/8 It’s no wonder Rev 13:8 declares all who do not have their names written in the Lamb’s Book of Life shall worship this Beast. DARPA and PROFUSA “Lumen Oxygen Platform”: (Lop means “Cut Off; Prune”) Nano-particle Hydrogel injected under the skin detect O2 level changes (5G 60GHz affects O2 production in Plants and O2 absorption in Red Blood Cells) signaling infection, plus an electronic signal sent via Smart Phone to Doctors/CDC/Website.

Stephen Kings The Dead Zone Last Man on Earth and South Park Season 7 Episode 7 Red Man’s Greed  (Esau is Edom=Red, the Red Man; 4th Beast in Dan 7:7) are examples of Hollywood pre-programming for Coronavirus


FUNVAX a  2007 college project to measure the response of VMAT2 and the 2005 book “The God Gene: How faith is hardwired into our genes” VMAT2 is the so called “God Gene” Population Reduction is hardly newsworthy, Pope Francis teaching paper Laudato Si calls for eliminating all but 1 billion people from earth; the Georgia Guid Stones call for eliminating all but 500M; the 1992 Rio Earth Summit speakers all called for eliminating similar numbers; Bill Gates has said Vaccines might lower global population by 15-30% and is genetically modifying the world’s most dangerous animal the Mosquito; Prince Phillip wants to be reincarnated as a Killer Virus; US created monsters Mao Tse Tung, Adolph Hitler, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, Joseph Stalin, Burning Bush’s bombed, buried and starved 100 million++ people a fence away from food, many under a white flag of surrender.

CV Nasal-Pharyngeal Swabs may be testing for a little more than Coronavirus. Covid Thermoscan Blue light laser thermoscanners aimed at the forehead; Why? Evil is done in sight of the LORD in Pines (Groves); Pineal Glandseen in Pine Cone sprinklers in many churches to dispense fake Baptisms and Holy Water. Blue light scatters; Day is Zeus “Dyeus Pater”; Tekhelet Blue, the color of Levite Priests; once God’s priestly color, today is a Canaanite forgery made by exposing Murex trunculus sea snail secretions to UV light. Canaanite Covid testing generated by increased readings on Canaanite blue light laser Thermo-scans will soon generate the reason for Covid Vaccines; Covid “God’s Door” has the same meaning as Kobe; Kobe Bryant’s alter ego Black Mamba is the Assassin from Kill Bill and may ring a Baal; this Tree Asp is Satan in the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; Cas Phi (Cassiopeia the daughter of Corona “Crown” and mother of Andromeda (Andromeda Strain is a Foreign Pathogen/Plague) is called the “Slinky Assassin” named after Hashish an intoxicating Entheogen; Strong Delusion? Time will soon tell. Kobe in Japan “Land of the Rising Sun”=Covid in Hebrew; the god Saturn worshipped in Eze 8 which led to departure of God’s Glory aka Holy Ghost for the same reason Jesus was rejected is the same reason the Holy Ghost will be taken from those of us on Earth with the Strong Delusion (2 Thess 2:11) Blue Light begins at 450nm wavelength or 666THz; the Pineal Gland behind the forehead aka 3rd Eye controls melatonin, affecting sleep, dreams, anxiety, cardio-vascular health, blood pressure, menstrual cycles, schizophrenia and other mood disorders, cancer, seizures, memory loss, headache and nausea. So if Covid is really a contagious virus, why do Pharyngeal Swabs need to be swabbed through the Olfactory Nerves (Masks trap exhaled waste at the Olfactory Nerves)and placed at the Pituitary, Optic Nerve, Hypothalamus and Brain Stem while temperature testing is done at the Pineal Gland?

VMAT2 “God Gene” The goal of Gnosticism is to re-create the world in their own image without God aka New World Order. A world without God is Desolation caused by the Idol called the Abomination of Desolation in Daniel. The Pineal Gland named after the Pine Groves are where “Evil is done in sight of the LORD”; the location of Amenita Muscaria Psilocybin Mushrooms aka Entheogen (Become Gods) produced from the “Dew of Heaven” Gen 27:39-41KJV and Pine Cone Sprinklers in Catholic Churches for Holy Water is a false euphoria compared to a genuine Baptism of the Holy Ghost. Destroy the Pineal Gland and the rhythmic nocturnal production of Melatonin (circadian rhythm; dreams); Dopamine (“Pleasure Chemical”; motivation, schizophrenia, restless legs, ADHD, Cocaine and Meth addiction, memory, learning); Norepinephrine,(aka Noradrenaline; tears, pupil dilation, body heat regulation, blood flow, immune system, digestion, fight or flight); Serotonin (Mood swings, cognition, learning, vomiting, vasoconstriction ie bleeding out) and Histamine (Immune response to foreign pathogens; alergic reactions, vasodilation; convulsion gastric acid, erectile function, multiple sclerosis; suppressing Histamines is handy since CV Vaccines are foreign pathogens) Gnostics reject God and therefore receive no Spiritual Baptism; their goal is to ensure you and I don’t receive the Spiritual gifts either. In short, Blue Light from Computer screens, TV, Smart Phones, Fluorescent and LED lights affects the Pineal. CV Pharyngeal Swabs affect Olfactory (Smell), Optic Nerve (Sight), Pituitary and Hypothalamus. Satan never created a better weapon than traitors who appear as religious leaders, university professors, scientists and government leaders bent on destroying God’s Creation. “A men’s enemies shall be they of his own house” Mic 7:6; Mat 10:36


“But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand”. Eze 33:6 Who in their right mind would accept the Mark of the Beast (Rev 13:18) knowing Hell for Eternity awaits? Only a person who is not in their right mind ie a person having Strong Delusion (2 Thess 2:11). Hear the Trumpet yet?

Cas Phi (Cassiopeia + Ratio of Life) Cas Phi is dubbed “Biggiephage” or “Macrophage”, an Adenovirus also known as the “Slinky Assassin” and “Trojan Horse” of CRISPR Gene Editing and is being used in the Coronavirus PsyOp; the world’s largest PsyOp in human history. “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places” Mat 24:7; Lk 21:11. Pestilence: “Deadly, infectious, contagious disease; fatal epidemic; unwholesome atmosphere” Most people seem unwilling to accept an untested CV Vaccine yet are willing to line up for CV Testing. The Trojan Horsewas loaded with disease and willingly admitted inside the gates of Troy, just like people who willingly line up for CV Nasal Pharyngeal Swabs. Masks certainly create an “Unwholesome atmosphere”. Notice the Six Pointed Star of Saturn (Chaldean STUR or Remphan, Moloch, El, Sikkuth, Chemosh, Milcom) in the artist rendition of Cas Phi; injecting Beast DNA into Cells which will not only permanently alter God given DNA, it will result in Hell for Eternity; 1 Cor 15:39 warns “Foreign Flesh” aka “Tares” or “Gene Slips”. There are many people wary of a Covid 19 aka SARS 2.0 Vaccine, so how to best deliver Cas Phi and the Beast Flesh of Cow, Pig, Bird, Bat, Frog directly to the brain; specifically the Pituitary and Hypothalamus plus affect the Pineal Gland?


Nasal Pharyngeal Swabs CV pathogens disguised as a “Covid Test”? Nasal Pharyngeal Swabs are pulled from a “Virus carrying media” and placed at the Brain Stem, Optic Nerve, Hypothalamus Thalamus, Pituitary and Hypothalamus, the centers of the brain responsible for Heartbeat, Bonding, Sperm Production, Egg Fertilization, Metabolism, Menstrual Cycles, Reproduction, Arousal, Lactation (BIOMILQ ring a Baal?), Sweat/water retention, Body development, Muscle mass, Sleep cycles and Memory. Altering human DNA permanently into that of a Beast? Sound far fetched? INFORCE 3  by Zoetis and Nasalgen 3 by Merck are Intranasal Vaccines. George Merck was the US Army Bio-weapons chief as well as CEO of Merck, makers of not only Zyklon B Gas used in the Holocaust but Human Vaccines such as Swine Flu and Coronavirus.


Sequivity is Merck’s Intranasal Swine Flu Vaccine; for Cattle. The Talmud and “Jew” Rabbis refer to followers of JESUS “…idolaters, the worst kind of people, much worse than the Turks, murderers, fornicators, impure animals, like dirt, unworthy to be called men, beasts in human form, worthy of the name of beasts, cows, asses, pigs, dogs, worse than dogs; that they propagate after the manner of beasts, that they have diabolic origin, that their souls come from the devil and return to the devil in hell after death; and that even the body of a dead Christian is nothing different from that of an animal. Notice the Six Pointed Star of Saturn in the Logo; Saturn is Satan. Jesuits are the “Society of Gesu” (Earth Pig) and “Militia of Zeus” (Zeus/Jupiter/Horus is the son of Saturn); Jesuits are handling  Coronavirus as they did the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Holocaust and soon WWIII; writers of Main Kampf and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Jesuits have been kicked out of most every nation on Earth and claim the Arch-basilica of St John Lateran to be the Mother of all Churches worldwide; Lateran means “Hidden Frogs”, the Spirits of Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 12:9; 16:13). The Six Pointed Star of Saturn is the Chaldean STUR (Amos 5:2;26) aka Beehive where Bee is Chaldean for “Word”. The Word made Flesh in a Beast? Jenner Institute for Vaccine Research, (Jesuit fake doctor Edward Jenner injected Cowpox Pus as a Smallpox Vaccine; Jenner Inst is co-located with the Institute of Animal Health) Repeat this sentence until it sinks in! Oxford (Neutered Bull; Place where Oxen Ford; Oxen are Castrated Beasts of Burden) and Wellcome Trust,named after Sir Henry Wellcome are in the business of Animal Vaccination. University Prof Sarah Gilbert, Prof of Vaccinology (injecting foreign pathogens to illicit an immune system response) founder of Vaccitech; Prof Andrew Pollard Childhood Education (Indoctrination) School Teacher, Astra Zeneca, Gates Foundation consultant; Dr Andrew Hill Clinton (Bill is an Oxford Rhodes Scholar, Bohemian Grove Satanist, Epstein Pedophile, Luciferian Mason, Iran-Contra Drug for Weapon operative and Jesuit) Foundation; Gates Foundation consultant, Roche Lobbyist, GlaxoWellcome aka GlaxoSmithKline (GSK Vaccine VP Moncef Slaoui is Trump’s US Vaccine Czar; HHS Sec Alex Azar is also Global Vaccine Lobbyist). These are a few of the people demanding Vaccines for everyone on Earth.

The head of this Coronavirus (Crowned Serpent Venom) Vaccine Beast System are  Chaldean-Sabaean Gnostics ie fake Jew Rabbis who call Christians and real Jews “Human Cattle” and Jesuits. Cryptos (fake Jews ie Chasidic, Chabad Lubavitch), Moriscos (fake Muslims such as Wahhabist Saudis, Shia Ayathollahs; Assassins, “Twelvers”) Marranos (Maran=Pig) are all Wolves in Sheep’s Clothes. Jesuit Sir Toby Mathew aka Luciferian Freemason Francis Bacon (Free Pig) wrote the plan 400 years ago in New Atlantis: A Worke Unfinished to sacrifice America as the Phoenix of the New Age aka New Atlantis; Jesuit “Earth Pig” trained actor Donald Trump knows his role

W02020060606 is a Gates from Hell Patented Cryptocurrency (Superman aka Kal El from Krypton?) system using body activity data, coupled with Cas Phi “Gene Editing”; Bio-Luminiscent readable Luciferase Quantum DotVaccine verification, Trust Stamp Digital ID verification, NTAG 216 (6x6x6=216; 2160 years/astrological house=Time) RFID, MasterCard Credit Digital Currency for “Global Financial and Societal Inclusion” and GESARA (Global Debt Forgiveness + near unlimited supply of Money)   “The Love of Money (Mammon) is the root of all evil” (1 Tim 6:10) right? Now where did the name Cassiopeia Phi originate?



Evergreen Hash “ID for every human being for universal financial and societal inclusion” It’s subsidiary AiiD Global “Artificial Intelligence Identification” intends to Identify every human being on Earth  “…And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name” Rev 13:17 Aiid Global is tied in with the International Justice Court at the Hague; the company made its debut Jan 2019 and joined with MasterCard June 2019 at the ID4Africa Conference. National Sovereignty? Every member of Government Swears an Oath to protect the Constitution and all of them break that Oath to the goal of International Justice. This Mark of the Beast is that of Green Man, the Arab al Kidhr, Bacchus, Dionysus, Osiris. Evergreen Hash is at the head of COVI-PASS (Door of the Rising Sun); Trust Stamp is fashioned after the Cretan Labyrinth; Cretans are self described “Liars, Evil Beasts and Slow Bellies” in Titus 1:12 who invented Zeus and the Minotaur seen as the Egyptian Apis Bull and Wall St Bull. Trust Stamp is your ticket to Transformation and the Gates of Hell. The 4th Beast in Dan 7:7  “Stamps” (Crush to Powder) “After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns”. Welcome to Trust Stamp! The United Nations Meditation Room has Satan’s Altar and 11 Chairs; 10 Horns + Antichrist for a reason! Trust Stamp CEO Gareth Genner is a Jesuit British Lawyer “Commissioner of Oaths”, CEO of Pontifex (Master Bridge Builder) University and Holy Spirit College in Atlanta; Blood Oath (James 5:12 warns against Swearing of Oaths) Sworn Knight of St John of Jerusalem (John=Oannes the Chaldean Sea Beast; Jerusalem is “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” Rev 11:8KJV), Cyprus, Malta and Rhodes ie SMOM or Knight Hospitaller,  Knight of the Equestrian (4 Horsemen) Order of the Holy Sepulchre, Knight of the Order of Lazarus, Knight of the Sacred Order of St George, Vatican Canon Lawyer.  GAVI(Global Vaccine Alliance) CEO Ashkenazi ie Germanic fake Jew is Dr Seth Berkely.  MasterCard (MasterCard Logo is the Red and Yellow Sun straight from Marvel comics planet Krypton, the source of Superman’s (Kal-El) Solar Power) President Michael Froman  is a Rhodes Scholar, CFR Traitor, CitiGroup, Obama Nat Sec Adviser, Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic Trade Partnership Traitor, Global Climate Change/Population reduction advocate.  WHO(“Dr Tedros” is not a Medical Doctor, rather an Ethiopian Marxist with a PhD in Public Health Admin; WHO Logo is the Rod of Aesculapius is the Theraputae of Pergamon “Satan’s Seat”, god of Plagues),  Digital ID, Vaccine Record, Cashless Payment System, Law Enforcement Tracking Tool. Trust Stamp will function with COVI-PASS (Covid= “God’s Door”), Bio-Luminescence “Luciferase” in the COVID Test “virus carrying media” hydrogel, Wellness Pass,MasterCard “Click to Play”NuData, and an AI generated 3D Mask created from a person’s face, fingerprint or palm. The technology architecture is called Evergreen Hash; Evergreen refers to the Groves where Evil is done in sight of the LORD; worship of Green Man, the Chloro Pale Green Horse “Death”; Hash means “Axe; Chop to pieces”. Evergreen Hash is a “Tokenized Identification and Self Sovereign; One Way Transformation” Read that until it sinks in! One Way Passport to Hell; a Self Sovereign ie Free from God; you may recall the Eagle’s (Assyrian Nisroch 2 Ki 19:37=Saturn) sang “Welcome to the Hotel California” “You can check out (die) anytime you like but you can never leave” Evergreen Hash is your personal Sovereign Beast ID.  MasterCard (Master Card is the Trump Card; nothing to do with Donald “King of the World” Trump; he’s just the actor sitting atop the House of Cards called America) Logo is the Golden Mean, Labrys, and Holy Door to the New Age of Saturn;  Jesus is Shiloh “Master of the House” (Gen 49:10); Antichrist will be Master until Jesus returns; Card “Comb Wool”; feel like a Sheep being sent to the Shears? Froman is Yiddish for “Man”; Michael “Who is like God” + Braverman + Goodman + Froman; what a name eh? “Yea, for thy sake are we killed all the day long; we are counted as sheep for the slaughter.” Ps 44:22; Rom 8:36 For me, I’d place Trust in the LORD rather than these Wolves in Sheep’s Clothes like Rabbi Menachem Froman; Froman and Froward have the same root “Lead away, perverse, disobedient, adverse” in essence a “Liar”. Rabbi Froman (d 2013) from was led Israel to lay claim to Palestinian land, he was from Tekoa, the same village Amos was from and warned “The virgin of Israel has fallen and shall no more rise”. Trust Stamp? May as well wear a Star of Molech to the Slaughter, just follow the Red (Edomite) legged Scapegoat in front of you.


Beast: Wild Animal; Fool; Idiot. The CDC does not recommend healthy persons from buying or using face masks; Fools assume masks protect from Covid 19. There are 2 Beasts that ultimately assume control over the world through Lies; the Beast rising from the Sea (Antichrist) and the Beast rising from the Earth (False Prophet) the latter seen in The Awakening statue in Washington National Harbor, the former represented by the Solar Corona “Rising Sun” (Eze 8) The Scientific claim now is Covid is Zoonotic;  ie transferred from Beasts to Humans, in one sense this is true; Covid is Jesuit Bullshit! The only Zoonotic function I see is injecting animal proteins into our bodies as “Vaccines”; our bodies are Temples of the living God which is why He refers to the Antichrist as a “Beast”, an animal having no Soul to be judged, no Yoke or Moral Compass to separate us from the Jungle. Chaldean fake Jew Henry Kissinger said “Control Oil you control Nations; Control Food you control people”Tesla was murdered to suppress Free Energy; Oil drives and controls the world economy and must also be suppressed to control its monetary value; hence Americans never hear about Trillions of Bbls of Oil in the Gulf of Mexico tapped by Deep Water Horizon, the ANWR (Alaska), Bakken (Dakotas) etc The US simply prints nearly unlimited amounts of money and uses this hidden Oil as the asset required to Balance the CORPORATE Debt.  Cain’s original offering to God was not accepted because God (Shiloh Gen 49:10) owns everything on Earth; it is the love of this Mammon that is the root of all evil. Abel tended Sheep and offered his first and best to God which was acceptable, a positive impact seen 1656 years later with Noah. The Cainite ways were restrained for a time but not ended as Ham (Black) incest brought Cainite ways across the flood with Canaan who then married his daughters into Ishmaelite and Edomites, the latter now in near complete Dominion (Gen 27:39-41KJV; Dan 7:6; Rev 6:6) over the Earth through Mammon Mgt and Usury. In this sense Cain controls not only Oil (Energy) but Food and all Earth based Wealth. 5G is the ultimate weapon of control over food as Oxygen can be disrupted in Plant production and Animal uptake; the Pale Horse “Death”. New Ager Barbara Marx Hubbard, the protege of Buckminster Fuller (Bucky Balls are Saltwater Buoyant Radiation formed as Geodesic (Earth) Domes from Fukushima constantly destroying the Ocean Food Supply) said “We are the riders of the Pale (Ashen/Green; Chlorophyll) Horse Death; God creates, we decide who lives and who dies; we do this for the good of the Earth”; the source of Cain’s offering.

In astronomy, Coronis “Crown of 7 Stars” (The Whore with 7 Heads in Rev 17 is NOT the Roman Catholic Church!) sits atop the Serpent’s Head; Coronavirus=Crowned Serpent Venom; Covid means “God’s Door” aka BabylOn or BabEl “Gate of Satan”. In Catholic religious myth Corona and Victor were deified as martyrs in Palmyra (Amurru=Serpent; no coincidence the Mormon Church in America “Amurru” began in Palmyra aka Amurru) America is Amurucu and/or Amorica “Land of the Amorites” and will suffer the same fate as the Cathars “Church of Amor”, a Holocaust offering; Feel the Love yet?  In mythology, the Hypergiant Star in Cassiopeia “Phi Cassiopeia”, is the daughter of Coronus and the Ethiopian King Cepheus, (WHO Director “Dr Tedros” is an Ethiopian Marxist) and the mother of Andromeda “Ruler of Men” Michael Crichton’s 1969 book and movie Andromeda Strain may ring a Baal; Space Alien pathogens causing a deadly global plague? Hardly, Alien DNA is Beast DNA! The Eagles (Nisroch=Saturn/Satan;  2 Ki 19:37) song “Hotel California” (SOUTHCOM and FEMA held a 10,000 person  Haitian Relief Drill in Miami as the 7.0 Earthquake hit; playing on Port au Prince main radio station on continuous loop “Hotel California” as the UN was establishing camps and sending Cholera laden sewage downstream and Organ Harvesting Ships Mercy and Comfort were arriving. Hotel California is  about selling your soul to Satan and God reliving the Holy Ghost “We haven’t had that spirit here since 1969”;   The Spirit the Eagles referred to would be the Holy Ghost; removal is a one way ticket to Hell for Eternity! A Covid 19: 1969-2019 is a Jubilee, the 50th year following 7 periods of 7 years seen in Dan 7:7, the 4th Beast who sheds much blood; pretty coincidental Hematin (Blood carrying Oxygen) has 77 atoms eh? This same 4th Beast is the 4th Horseman “Pale Horse” described in Rev 6:8; pretty coincidental 68 x G ( Masonic G aka Gravity; Society of Gesu=Jesuits) 9.8 m/s2)=666 eh?  Don’t fall for the wrong Messiah folks! JESUS is the only way to Salvation!

Cas Phi: Phi=Ratio of Life 1.618/1 (Golden Mean, Fibonacci sequence, fake Christian “Fish Symbol”, Labrys, Eye of Horus etc); Venus is the Arab “al Uzza” (Mighty One); Venus is both Morning and Evening Star; Jesus is the “Morning Star” but so is Lucifer “Light Bearer”; Venus is Minerva to the Jesuits “Militia of Zeus and forms a 5 pt Star around the Sun every 8 years; 8/5=1.618. Earth Dwellers value “Mammon” over God; is it also coincidence they are first mentioned in Rev 13:8? 13/8=Phi. Cas Phi seems to have a lot in common with Sentinels from “The Matrix” eh? Neo and the NEOWISE Comet July 4, 2020 also pretty coincidental eh? Comet Clark (Clark Kent aka Superman uses the same Red/Blue colors of Quetzalcoatl the “Feathered Serpent” aka Kal-El from Krypton “Crypto” which has 2 Suns, a Yellow and Red Sun seen in the MasterCard Logo teamed with Trust Stamp; his Superpowers are derived from the Yellow Sun on Earth) breaks apart and wreaks havoc on Earth in the new movie Greenland due out Aug 14; the anniversary of the Jesuits first Oaths is Aug 15 “Feast of Lucifer”; the Jesuit plan for 3 World Wars written on Aug 15, 1871. Neo chose the Red Pill; the Blue Pill leaves you on the Porch; the Red Pill puts you at the Altar and Hell for Eternity; Stay on the Porch! (Rev 11:1) The original Trojan Horse was filled with diseased corpses and willingly admitted through the Gates, this “Gift Horse” destroyed Troy just as the CV Vaccine will destroy you. God given DNA alteration is warned against in Scripture (1 Cor 15:39) and will be willingly admitted through the Gates from Hell Coronavirus Vaccines because we don’t learn from history’s mistakes. Bill Gates from Hell is predicting “Pandemic II” a Pathogen (Disease producing micro-organism) with a High Death Rate which will  “Get everyone’s attention”. coincidental Ethiopian Marxist “Dr Tedros” is the WHO Director eh? The WHO logo is the Rod of Aesculapius, the god of plagues whose mother was, wait for it! Coronis “Crown”. The Theraputae Logo is all over the Medical industry, the Guardians of Satan’s Seat are ready to fill the Seat which is why Cassiopeia is depicted in a Torture Chair! The head of Cassiopeia is Caph; the Caphtorim (Gen 10:14) are the Cretans and Phoenicians (Trump knows his role is the Phoenix who also guarded “Satan’s Seat”. Nothing has changed! Satan’s Seat is about to be installed in the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem and people with Coronavirus Vaccine altered DNA will likely worship this Beast; pray to JESUS you are not one of them!


“And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened” Mat 24:22 Cas Phi DNA editing with Cow, Pig, Bird, Camel, Bat, self replicating Frog DNA and synthetic mRNA will permanently alter your God given DNA into that of a Beast. Beast Flesh is not Saved! Repeat this to yourself until it sinks in; God does not Save Beasts!The Beast Kingdom is the Serpent Kingdom; hence Coronavirus “Crowned Serpent Venom” represents the “New Aeon of Horus”; Horus being the “Golden Calf”, the son of Hathor the “Holy Cow” whose name means “Mansion of Horus”; Vaccine means “Of the Cow”.

The Celestial Virgin “Virgo” is represented as a stylized M; the Serpent Kingdom is the Society of Ormus (Serpent), the M and OURS; Cassiopeia is called the “Celestial M” and “Celestial W”. Cassiopeia Phi is the Beast Kingdom and Throne of Antichrist! Now you know that OURS means! Jesuits are running the Coronavirus/Swine Flu/Meningitis GAVI Vaccine Show; the Black Pope’s Commandos are Oath Sworn to kill everyone not willing to be one or “OURS”. Wolff and Muller, a giant Nazi era construction company is readying Satan’s Seat  aka Throne of Zeus (Cassiopeia’s Throne aka Isis) for transport to the 3rd Temple; the W and M represent Cassiopeia the daughter of Coronus “Crown” and mother Andromeda (Mind + Man); Andromeda Strain being a man-made pathogen attributed to Space Aliens. Don’t fall for this nonsense!


Coronavirus “Crowned Serpent Venom” 2020 hindsight “Breath Taking” Literally! Epoca means Epoch “Point marking the start of a new period in time” in this case the “New World Order”; the Rainbow (LGBTQ+2 Sins of the Pre-Flood world) colored Tree of Knowledge (Serpent)  surviving at the expense of the lifeless Tree of Life(JESUS) with people running toward this new Epoch. The Hollywood (Holy Wood of the Druids) Oscar (God’s Spear) went to the Korean (Korahites Num 26:10; Jude 7 “Gainsaying of Core”) movie Parasite. Kobe “God’s Door” in Japanese (Japan=Rising Sun; Eze 8) means the same as Covid. Google (Gogol=#Atoms in visible universe) all acted upon by Gravity “God Particles” over seemingly infinite Time and Distance which Gnostics call the “Great Work”(W=FxD or FxT). THE (notice the H is the Talisman of Jupiter) Tree of Ecrof is “Force” spelled backwards; the occult learn to speak backwards. Google Doodle Jan 1, 2020 featured the Rising Sun and the choice between Vaccine Needle or Sword and was released coincident with Netflix Messiah filmed at the Temple Mount, Jordan and Jeff Epstein’s Zorro (Zoroaster=Undiluted Star aka Saturn) Ranch in Belen (Bethlehem) NM; the series is about the Zoroastrian Messiah. Kobe’s Black Mamba (Tree Asp) helicopter magically transforms into a 40 yr old Blue-White (Colors of Zeus; son of Saturn “Black Star”) helicopter; his body allegedly laid to rest in Corona Del Mar (Corona=Crown by the Sea), the King becomes LeBron James. Gianna means “John” Kobe’s daughter shares the same name as Porn Star/actor George Floyd’s (George Floyd allegedly died saying “I can’t Breathe” his 17 yr nightclub bouncer pal Derek Chauvin playing the police role) daughter Gianna and Donald Trump’s daughter?Ivanka (John; Jared Kushner registered 8 yrs as a female voter); Ivanka played the Rev 12:1 “Woman clothed with the sun…travailing in childbirth” role Sept 23, 2017 at the Japan G-20 Summit.


“And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.” Dan 2:44 America is 244 years old; from Donald Trump’s Inauguration at the start of Aquarius Jan 22, 2017 until July 4, 2020 “Independence Day” is 1260 days; return of Jesus imminent? Not on your eternal life; arrival of Antichrist however is another story.  The United States Natal Chart July 4, 1776 featured an extremely rare 5 planet occultation by the Sun, a date chosen by British Rosicrucian Freemason Astrologer Ebeneezer Sibly and Rosicrucian 33 deg Freemason Hellfire Society Initiate Ben Franklin; the date chosen when the Sun and Sirius unite; Sirius means “Heart”, the Dog (God spelled backwards=Satan) Star or Blazing Star of Freemasonry meets the Sun. Arabs call Sirius al Qalb; Mormons Sirius is Kolob; Souls of the Dead reside in Sirius; Mormons regard Sirius as the source of Embryo Souls. Sirius is called the “Sun of the Sun”, the Illuminator of the Spiritual or Occult World, its appearance regarded as a sign of fertility and rebirth symbolized by the Phoenix. Time for a fake Alien Invasion? fake Rapture? We’ll see but the Independence Daymovies sure hit the Nail on the head. Don’t buy into the Bullshit!


“Nothing in politics happens by chance; if it happens it was planned” Pearl Harbor planner FDR. Maybe we should have seen the Trump Train  and the Lion King coming; Rabbis sure did. Jesus returns when Creation is 6000 years old, a promise made in 2 Pet 3:8; Rabbis cleansed the Temple 2183 years ago as Aries changed to Pisces; add in 2160 years of Aries which began at the Flood plus 1656 years Creation to Flood and the Rabbis have their magical year 6000 plastered on the Chabad Lubavitch Trump Train.

Dean Koontz wrote Eyes of Darkness (Adrenochrome harvesting is the Black Eye Club; Kickoff date in Houston is Sept 10, 2020) starring Wuhan 400; aka Coronavirus; 400 years ago Jesuit Toby Mathew (Francis Bacon) published New Atlantis: A Worke Unfinished (Atlantis is the pre-Flood world of sin ruled by Saturn) planning America is the Phoenix of the New Age; Donald Trump held a black globe between the Egyptian President and Saudi King in Sept 2017 playing the role of the Phoenix, a giant idol of the Phoenix takes flight in the Cathedral of St John Divine; the self immolation of the Phoenix represents Death-Re-birth. On the same visit the Trump family wore funeral attire to the Vatican. Summer 2019 Bill Gates secures a $100B Covid Tracing Contract which became  HR #6666. Neil Young released “Shut it down” for the album remake of Crazy Horse Mar 2019 the same month Bill Gates from Hell was granted Patent #060606 for an injectable microchip interface for Digital Currency and the European Union proposed a Covid/Passport Vaccination Card.   Sept 2019 WHO sets up the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board for Coronavirus; Dr Tedros Adhamon is not a “Doctor” of anything, he is an Ethiopian Homosexual Marxist Revolutionary; on Sept 12, 2019 the EU holds a Global Vaccination Summit.  Bill Gates, WHO and CDC (both US and China CDC) rehearsed the Coronavirus Pandemic at Event 201 Global Pandemic Exercise Oct 18, 2019, the same day Opening Ceremonies were held for the Wuhan Military Gamesfeaturing Coronavirus, which also played a starring role in the 2012 London Olympic Opening Ceremony. Wuhan “China’s Thoroughfare” was the site of the Bubonic Plague outbreak 666 years earlier (1346-1353AD) and is today, the first 5G demonstration city; people reportedly dropped dead  before they could say “I can’t Breathe”; 5G @ 60 GHz is the drop dead frequency aka “Holy Grail”. Bubonic Plague was carried to the Crimean Port of Sochi by Rats; 2020 is the Chinese Year of the Metal Rat. Donald Trump’s 66th floor Golden Penthouse sits at the 57th (G=7th letter; 5G=57) street location Ingersoll Lockwood wrote about in Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey; the journey to Russia, matching Russia’s recently annexed Crimean Port; Sochi means “Flame”, the site of exiled Sarmation Priest-Kings aka Melchisedekians (Netflix featured a Mormon Melchisedek Priest as US President)  has a giant statue of Prometheus breaking free of his chains and the Eagle pecking his liver. Covid is now renamed SARS (Sar=Messiah the Prince; Dan 9:25) Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome is 5G 60 GHz “I can’t Breathe”; Sargon III will be the false Messiah. Donald Trump held a black book in front of the St John’s Church 2 seeks before the June 21 Solar Eclipse will fill the occult message in the Peace Fountain at the Cathedral of St John Divine. “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.” 1 Thess 5:3


AT&T says Watch for the Sign; originally a documentary full of false prophecies about rev 12:1 and Sept 23, 2017 having nothing to do with a Solar Corona. A Corona will form around the Moon (Chaldean “Sin”) Sunday “Dies Solis” June 21 “Feast of St John”, as depicted at the Cathedral of St John Divine. John is not John the Baptist or John the Evangelist; this John is Oannes the Chaldean Fish god celebrated by Mitres (Mithras born Dec 25 is Sol Invictus not Jesus)) worn by Catholic, Orthodox and Lutheran Clergy. The odds of a Solar Eclipse happening coincident with Sunday, Father’s Day and June 21 are exceedingly rare June 21, 2020 not only features this Annular Eclipse, but coincides with Father’s Day, a celebration of Dyeus Pater (Father Zeus or Day Father), the son of Saturn, Crowned during Saros Cycle 137. 137 is the Holy Grail of Physics; the DNA of Light; 1/137=.007 the Fine Structure Constant. The problem Gnostics have is the Light God created on Day 1 called “Day” is not the Light He created on Day 4 with the Sun, Moon and Stars; knowing the difference may very well have consequences for eternity. Knight of St John Donald Trump knows this; his 66th floor Golden Penthouse is a Shrine to Apollo, the exact location named in Ingersoll Lockwood’s book Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey in 1893, the same year the Bible Revision Committee was formed and among other Blasphemies, removed the word Science from scripture and reversed the roles of Esau and Jacob (Gen 27:39-41). Coronavirus takes is name from Corona “Crown”, the mate of Apollo “Destroyer” whose son Aesculapius, the god of the Theraputae of Pergamon aka Guardians of Satan’s Seat; Aesculapius is the god of Plague  symbolized by the Serpent Wrapped Pole used by WHO, UN Meditation Room, Global EMS and Uniformed Medical Forces.  India’s Covid Police dress like Coronavirus treating their own citizens like Kafir Arab “Infidel” Kafara “Unbeliever” in the world’s largest “Lockdown”. You may recall Trump and India PM Narendra Modi meeting took place Feb 24, 2020 amid 100K not wearing Masks but MAGA (MAGA is the feminine form of Magus, the highest level in the Church of Satan) Hats. Guess the US does too! ANAROC (Anti-thesis) is CORONA (Thesis)=Crown (Synthesis) Forward or Backward both equal 666 “Mark of the Beast”; 6 letters for Saturn the 6th planet and 66 books of the Bible. The Crowned Serpent Head in astrology. So what’s “Coming Soon”? Covid Police of course! What do Crowned Serpents do? Eat people of course! Why doesn’t the Univ of Texas Mascot ANAROC wear a Mask? Ask Trump.


Houston, we have a problem. Houston is nearly 5G ready Wuhan was the 1st 5G demonstration city, that worked out well eh? You may recall reports of people dropping dead instantly; that is what 5G 60 GHz does by interrupting the Oxygen carrying capacity of Red Blood Cells. Verizon 5G will not only be in NRG Stadium in Houston, 5G will be in 13 NFL Stadiums by Kickoff Day Sept 10. Houston mayor Sylvester Turner a Boule Society Initiate (Black Freemason) met Donald and Melania (Black) Trump, an illegal immigrant herself who worked as an escort and received an Einstein Visa for Architecture and Design from the non-existent University of Slovenia in 1 semester. Fashion faux pas?  I Really Don’t Care jacket to a Texas Immigration Camp, a British Pith Helmet to Kenya, a FLOTUS Hat speaking to Geo-engineered Hurricane Harvey (Battle Ready) Flood victims and a missile hitting a Tower to a 9/11 memorial? Come on folks! Houston Mayor declared on June 12 “Houston is on the precipice of a Covid Disaster and will re-activate the Stay at Home Order”; Stay at Home is a “Lockdown” a term used in Prisons. NRG Stadium will serve as a Covid Hospital. 5G infrastructure maker Crown Castleuses the OC Logo; Language of Oc (Occular)  Sight (3rd Eye Pineal Gland, Adrenochrone), Yes (Yes We Can means Thank You Satan), Oui, Oil (Where We Go One, We Go All is the motto of Q Anon aka Jesuits), Green (Osiris is Green One aka Bacchus, Dionysus, al Khidr), Birds (Augury) should ring a Baal; its the occult language of Satan.  Artemis 5G P-Wave (P=Rho=Royalty just like the tittle Baron Trump) is named after the Artemis Lunar Projectand the Goddess of the Hunt; Artemis means “Butcher” her many Breasts are for Souled Out Secret Society Initiates to nurse on and every 33 deg Freemason goes to a replica of the Temple of Artemis in Washington DC to be initiated.

Cathedral of St John Divine depicts the spiritual battle beginning June 21 during a Solar Eclipse

Donald Trump highlighted Rosh Hashanah Fall 2020 “Tick Tock; 45 days or else” on Aug 6 “You won’t be seeing me for awhile” The Cross of Hendaye depicts the Equinox as well and has an interpreted inscription “Hail O Cross, the Only Hope” Well it may be the only hope for people who have rejected Jesus Christ but not for the rest of us “Uninitiated”; the Cross represents Time aka Saturn, the Grim Reaper; the Solar Solstice-Equinox Time Wave as well as the return of “Christ” at the intersection of Pisces-Aquarius. The Christian Fish Symbol has nothing to do with JESUS, it represents the Golden Mean (Labrys) and return of the Chaldean/Philistine Dagan and Phoenician Fisher King; ready for the Golden Age of Saturn? To enter you’ll need to accept the Mark of the Beast Bee Careful, this is the Chaldeans Final Act “Prestige” Hendaye is in southern France and describes the Iron Age as Death. The  4th Beast of Iron in Dan 7:7 (Liber Oz: Book 77 may ring a Baal) Hematin (Blood + Iron + Oxygen) The 4th Beast of Iron is the 4th Horseman, the Pale Green, Ashen Horse Chlorophyll. Destruction of all Plant and Animal Life through 5GRadiation is Annihilation aka Death and the reason Hell follows close behind (Rev 6:8). F=MA 68 KG (Rev 6:8) X 9.81M/s2 (Force=Mass X Acceleration) approximates 666 “Mark of the Beast”; interesting because the God Particle gives Mass to Matter and Order to the Universe (Acceleration according to Gnostics) according to CERN which also used the 666 logo. Close, but the God Particle and the Force of Gravity are myth and certainly not Jesus; the “God of forces” is Antichrist, warned of in Dan 11:38.

Covid 19 “God’s Door” + 19 is Satan’s Door.


June 4 London Virtual World Summit Why London? British means B’Rith=Birthright Covenant of Cain, Canaan, Ishmael, Esau, the latter obtains worldwide Dominion (Gen 27:39-41KJV); Coronavirus was placed on Christopher Wren’s 311 step Monument in 1677; Coronavirus was declared a Global Pandemic on 3/11/20 Purim (Cast Lots for Marduk the original Golden Calf and Holy Cow of Vaccines “Of the Cow”) pretty coincidental eh? Just? About as coincidental as Coronavirus and Boris Johnson in a hospital bed being the star of the London Zion 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony. At the GAVI Summit, comrade Boris cited  achieving the goal of $88Billion Ps 88 is the darkest of Psalms; 88=HH Cain kills Abel in Verse 88; 88 (Dieu Un) means “God One” (Jesus isGod:  Father, Son, Holy Ghost and Word; Satan is the Monotheist god “One”) Hiel  a native of Bethel (Golden Calf of Bethel is the Vaccine) re-built the Wall of Jericho (Wall St is this Wall) seven hundred years after its destruction by God and Joshua. An act the imprecation (Joshua 6:26). He laid the foundation killing his first-born (Masonic Corn, Wine, Oil Foundation Sacrifice) and set up the gates sacrificing his youngest son (1 Kings 16:34), during the work, all his children died. If you aren’t reading between the lines, its Vengeance Time. Boris also cited the achievements of Edward Jenner, the Jesuit Quack who injected Cowpox and killed his daughter inventing the Smallpox Vaccine. You may recall Comet Borisov leaving the loins of Leo, and symbolically impregnating Virgo (Ivanka Trump played the role of the Virgin clothed with the Sun  from Rev 12:1 in Japan at the G-20 Summit) in Nov 2016; 9 months later on Sept 23, 2017, Jupiter left the Womb; amazing coincidence Boris means “God Like” and Johnson is slang for Penis; great job Boris! Nobody caught on!  While Coronavirus is put on the back burner and professional anarchists fueled with piles of police staged bricks usher in Martial Law, GAVI is funding a gigantic HPV push on pubescent girls and boys to cause sterility. GAVI CEO Dr Seth Berkley (Rockefeller Foundation; CDC, Gates Foundation initiate planned Coronavirus) CFR (Council on Foreign Relations; Pale Horse Death and Ubiquitous on the cover of Foreign Affairs Magazine) says “Vaccines offer the best Return on Investment and Bang for the Buck in history” Sure does! 7 Billion Vaccines are in the pipeline right now!  Vaccine Czar Moncef Slaoui was the head of the British Vaccine Giant GSK currently making the CV Vaccine “Mark of the Beast” with Novartis and Apiject. HHS Sec Alex Azar a Jesuit educated Pharma Corporate Lawyer, heads the world’s biggest Vaccine Lobby. NIH/NAID is led by Jesuit Anthony Fauci (Sickle) who is married to Jesuit educated Christine Grady, who leads Medical Ethics  (Her husband is the Gate Keeper of the FOIA ‘Freedom Of Information Act’)  the NIH heading the “Office of Human Subject Research” Read this over and over until it sinks in folks! “NIH Human Subject Research”! This Jesuit (Society of Gesu=Earth Pig) creature uses data from hundreds of tests on “Human Subjects” most without their consent  from Japan’s Maj Horatio Ishi’s Unit 731 and Nazi Dr Josef Mengele, and the extensive US list of using human guinea pigs as test beds for disease such as 1918 Spanish Flu (Meningitis Bacteria), spraying Agent Orange in Vietnam; Injecting Syphilis, Dioxin pesticides, Bubonic Plague; using Fleas and Mosquitoes as disease vectors; Radiation fallout experiments and how about the University of CA experimenting with inverted circumcision; there is no end to what Jesuits can dream up for Human Experimentation including Coronavirus Vaccines with RFID Chips connecting to Digital Currency, Luciferase Enzyme, Cow, Pig, Bird, Bat, Camel and Frog DNA and mRNA to permanently alter the DNA God gave you! Jesus warned against foreign DNA (Seeds, Slips, Tares) being put in our bodies and said “The love of money is the root of all evil”; Vaccines seem to provide the best Bang for the Buck! Jesus also warned unless He shortened “Those Days” no flesh would be saved; Guess we’re there!


June 4 World Economic Forum presents “World versus Virus”  “Launch of the Great Reset” 2nd only to the WEF Event 201 Pandemic Simulation on Oct 18, 2019 in audacity. Brought to you by the IMF (International Monetary Fund HQ in Washington DC) MasterCard  (The Golden Mean used in the IMF Logo is the same as the MasterCard Logo; Horus of the 2 Horizons may ring a Baal; this Fish Symbol symbolizes the Phoenician “Fisher King”) Microsoft (Gates from Hell) and  Muslim convert Prince Charles, son of Prince Phillip whose stated goal is to be reincarnated as a “Killer Virus” said “We must act now to prevent more Climate Change disasters”; Jesuit UN Sec Gen Antonio Guterres said “The Great Reset must re-imagine, re-invent, re-imagine and re-balance the world economy toward developing countries”

The US is about to re-balance the world economy with a Debt Jubilee of $30Trillion Cash Debt; $150 Trillion Unfunded Liabilities and $700Trillion in Derivatives Debt  as the Phoenix of the New Age.

“Covid 19 has shown the old systems are not fit for the 21st century, we need a Great Reset” WEF founder, germanic fake Jew, Bilderberg Steering Committee, honorary professor of Econ at Ben-Gurion University Israel, Order of Aztec Eagle (NY female voter Jared Kushner awarded this as well; Aztec Eagle is same as the Assyrian, Nazi, Edomite Eagle “Saturn”) Klaus Schwab. So what is the Great Reset? Debt forgiveness of course! US Budget Deficit is projected to end 2020 at $8Trillion; pretty amazing the US can spend money equivalent to $1000 for every man, woman and child on Earth with most living on $1/Day eh? JESUS represents the 8th and final covenant between God and Man. Wall St collapses like the Wall of Jericho; GESARA (Covered in May DB)  redistributes the Banker’s Ill Gotten Gains.


Benediction June 4: Lighting hit the 555ft (555 represents the 3 Nails used to Nail  Jesus to the Tree; Rabbis open Synagogues with this Sign of Shin; equivalent to 666) tall Washington Monument and in case you haven’t noticed Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin are all controlled by Rabbis. Lightning hit St Peter’s Basilica Twice as Pope Benedict XVI (Benediction + 16; Rev 16 is God’s Wrath; this Benediction is Satan’s Wrath) resigned; Fauci (Sickle) uses the Benediction Sign for a reason!

“Pure doctrine of Lucifer” is seen in Luciferase “Lucifer’s Race” Bio-Luminescence Enzyme, likely part of the Covid Vaccine, placed subcutaneously in the right hand or forehead contains self replicating Frog DNA, foreign DNA warned against in the bible “All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes, and another of birds.” 1 Cor 15:39 Why Frogs? Frog DNA self replicates itself, altering and  becoming a permanent resident in your “New Covenant Temple” (Body) “And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.” Rev 16:13The  “No person shall enter the new age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation”  United Nations Planetary Initiative. So, if you are not ready for the Great Tribulation, Judgment of your Soul by JESUS and arrival of Jesus in Flesh in 3 1/2 years, I suggest you get ready by heading for your Prayer Closet and letting Him know you want more than anything to be invited to the Wedding of the Lamb(Rev 19:7)



Pentecost May 31, 2020 The anniversary of the Holy Ghost descending on the world 50 days after the rejection of God at Passover commenced the start of the New Covenant, a SPIRITUAL Baptism of the Holy Ghost. GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunization) is a far different sort of Baptism called the New World Order of the Latter Rain. The GAVI Virtual Summit June 4, 2020 is planned to coincide with Chabad Lubavitch controlled Jesuit controlled Knight of Malta Donald Trump announcing the US is withdrawing from the World Health Org. Time to ask JESUS for a Baptism of the Holy Ghost folks! This Latter Rain is the Coronavirus (Crowned Serpent Venom) Vaccine of the Holy Cow (Easter/Ishtar/Hathor) with 5G controllable, programmable, self replicating Frog DNA representing the Spirits fo Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 16:13); you can even see the False Prophet (Rev 13:11=18) rising from from Washington  National Harbor called “The Awakening”, the precise title Q:Anon (Jesuits who control Trump as well as Coronavirus) “The Great Awakening” uses.  The descent of this Latter Rain is called the Strong Delusion (2 Thess 2:13) and is a one way ticket to Hell for eternity!

Chabad Lubavitch Rabbis promote Covid masks; just not for their own. This is why Jesus called the Pharisees “Hypocrites”.

WHO, CDC, NAID, are run by Jesuits like Jesuit educated fake Presbyterian “Marrano” Donald Trump; Vaccine lobbyist Alex Azar runs the HHS and the Coronavirus Vaccine Czar Moncef Slaoui was GSK CEO. Just a little conflict of interest eh? Jesuit Pope Francis writes in Laudato Si “Science (Chaldean language; Vain and Profane babbling Dan 1:4KJV; 1 Ti 6:20KJV) teaches us Earth can only 1 billion people”; the Georgia Guide Stones dedicated on 3/22/80 call for all but 500M to be eliminated; the 1992 Rio Earth Summit calls for similar numbers; Prince Phillip, a child sacrificing “Black Eye Club” (Adrenochrome Harvesting) initiate wants to be re-incarnated as a “Killer Virus”.  Event 201 hosted by the Gates Foundation featured Chinese and American CDC officials planning the Coronavirus Pandemic Oct 18, 2019. Google posted the Jan 2020 Google Doodle with Froggy between a Sword and Vaccine Needle.


7/11 “In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened” Gen 7:11 Coronavirus “Crowned Serpent Venom” was declared airborne transmissible July 11; the same day 7/11 Donmeh Crypto Jew, fake Muslim and Ottoman Sultan for life Reccip Tayyip Erdogan turned the Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom) into the Blue Mosque once again. Erdogan’s stated mission is to rebuild the Ottoman Empire from “Bukhara (Uzbekistan) to Andalusia (Spain)” 11Q13 Prince Melchisedek Scroll calls for Melchisedek (King of Jerusalem; Righteous Priest)  to return after 10 Jubilees; no folks, this Melchisedek is not Jesus Christ! This Melchisedek is HaShem; the Hashemite Messiah; welcome to Chaldean Hell on Earth! Erdogan is Donmeh a Chaldean fake Jew pretending to be Muslim “Morisco” just like Hashemites in Jordan pretend to be Muslim and Rabbis “Cryptos” in Israel pretend to be Jewish and Zionists “Marranos” pretend to be Christian. The Flood Gates are open folks! The Coronavirus Vaccine “Crowned Serpent Venom”  will be the Mark of the Beast. 7+11=18=6+6+6; 7X11=77; 7+7=14 Rev 14:14 “And I looked, and behold a white cloud, and upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of man, having on his head a golden crown, and in his hand a sharp sickle.”  Jesus rides a White Horse and wears many Crowns (Rev 19:12); Coronavirus=Crowned Serpent Venom (Lies); a Benediction of the Serpent seen in Baphomet (Union of Spirit and Wisdom) aka Gnosis or Sophia; Blue is the color of Zeus (Day); Blue Mosque make sense now? Jesuit “Militia of Zeus” Coronavirus snake oil salesman Fauci means “Sickle”. If you can’t see what’s happening, why not ask JESUS for help?


Coronavirus in the 2012 Olympics


Coronavirus the pre-planned Mark of the Beast Beginning with Jesuit Quack Edward Jenner, the fascination of growing Cowpox Pus in Animals and injecting it into human beings has matured. Beginning with Cows because Hathor “Mansion of Horus” is the Holy Cow and Shamash/Marduk is the Golden Calf. It makes sense to Satanists to preplan the 311 Mega Ritual called the Coronavirus Global Pandemic for 3/11 “Purim”; Puru is Akkadian for “Cast Lots for Marduk” after all. Taking this Witch’s Brew and feeding it to Poultry was a moderate success with Avian Flu; then grinding up dead Birds and feeding that to Swine and floating the dead carcasses down rivers in Beijing; just a wonderful Therapeutic idea the Theraputae of Pergamon came up with. Swabbing Wuhan Bats and adding it to the mix another great idea as was remote hijacking and flying MH-370 to Beijing using the KL-03 RF Microchip controlled by Black Stone Group with Plague loaded from the Captain Phillips boat Maersk Alabama (Good boy Tom Hanks!). Diverting MH-17, a cancelled flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur turned into a Drone with several dozen frozen, diseased human carcasses 400 miles north over the Ukraine War Zone, shooting down the airliner and loading the disease onto trains bound for Amsterdam/Rotterdam another great idea used to create MERS-CoV. Now, the plan has come to its pre-planned conclusion with the Coronavirus Vaccine made of Cow, Pig, Bird, Bat, Camel, Frog (self replicating), synthetic m-RNA all designed to permanently alter God given DNA and be remotely programmable and controllable via 5G Global Broadband/WiGig. Time to get right with JESUS folks; the offer of the New Covenant will end soon!


COVI-PASS by V-Code and V-Platform: Pre-registration or Health Care created account number, image scan QR Code and Color Code turning from Green to Red alerting the user of Covid Status,Vaccination History, General Health, Quarantine Status, Social Distancing violations, Investigations by Smart Phone, Key Fob or Papers carried just like Nazi Germany. V for Vendetta anyone? V Platform and V Code represent Victory for Saturn (Nazi SS=Black Sun); notice the Logo is a Cube, the Phylacteries Jesus warned the Pharisees against. Mask: Latin  Masca “Witch, Specter”; Arab Maskara “Buffoon” Covi is Cubare “Well Up, Brood, Protect, Incubate; Covid, like Kobe mean “God’s Door”; your digital one way ticket to the Mark of the Beast and Hell for Eternity is here. Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer; how’s that Freedom feeling now? What we need now is another OJ Simpson, Michael Jackson type distraction to hide the fact our Freedom is an illusion; enter Ghislaine Maxwell. Netflix has the Jeff Epstein story “Filthy Rich” about as light duty in getting at the truth and size of sex trafficking as the series Messiah but hey its a start and Epstein has a role in both.


NIH Director Francis Collins  “National Academy of Medicine (Creative Snake logo eh? Shanghai born Victor Dzau heads the group, a member of the Jewish Federation of Durham-Chapel Hill) to determine who gets Covid 19 Vaccine first in Operation Warp Speed” Pretty coincidental US Space Force Logo is the Star Trek Logo eh? Mobile Vaccination Units and Distribution Plan to be ready by Labor Day.  $1.6Billion awarded by Operation Warp Speed (Taxpayers) to NOVAVAX which uses synthetic D614G mutated proteins grown in insect cells; lovely! NOVAVAX has never gotten any product to market yet receives the largest COVID investment and has production facilities in Czech Republic, Asia and India designed for worldwide production. Jesuit CDC Dir Army Dr Robert Redfield “CDC to have prime responsibility for distribution of Vaccines” Well naturally, the CDC is in business to manage disease and the US Army has already been tasked to Unconstitutionally jab US Citizens with this “Mark of the Beast”  Collins is the oldest Witchcraft family in America, having been purged by King James 400 years ago; Atheist turned “Christian” Francis Collins headed the Human Genome Project and calls himself a “Christian” yet does not believe in Creationism or a Young Earth. Okey Dokey, Nazi Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI appointed the non-Catholic to the Pontifical Academy of Science and Kenyan born Sodomite Obama handed him the Presidential Medal of Freedom so he must be a good guy. The Covid Vaccine will change the Human Genome forever, you know, the Genome God created to be separate (Holy) from Cow, Pig, Bat, Camel, synthetic mRNA, and Frog DNA.


July 4 “Independence Day” has nothing to do with American Independence from Great Britain; it has to do with Independence from God. Mask is derived from Masca “Witch, Specter” and Arab Maskara “Buffoon”.  “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” Rosicrucian Johann Wolfgang von Goethe “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of property” was changed by Slave owner Thomas Jefferson to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” meaning “Good Luck/fortunate” seen in the god “Providence” and the Swastika a symbol of repairing the world to the Garden of Eden without God. Jefferson even had the audacity to eliminate objectionable words Jesus said from Scripture. The Organic Act of 1871 created this “Good Fortune” for International Bankers. The “United States” Is a CORPORATION; The UNITED STATES CORPORATION is ownedby International Bankers and European Black Nobility like the Visconti Family lent at interest of course, their family crest of the Serpent eating a Man to the United States whose Citizens are Chattel Slaves, not Free or entitled to any Rights. Coronavirus means “Crowned Serpent”Covid Masks identify Slaves willing to take the Vaccine Ticket to Hell for Eternity. The CDC in Atlanta Georgia (Atlanta=Isle of Atlas=Atlantis) is a for profit Corporation in the business of managing disease, most of which are caused by Vaccines; ready for Swine FluVaccine Act 2? The US is the New Atlantis aka Phoenix of the New Age; think the Atlanta Police Dept knows this? How about Donald Trump who held the globe between the Saudi King and Egyptian President playing the role of the Phoenix? How about Rosicrucians who dedicated the Georgia Guide Stones on 3/22 on Hwy 77 calling for the death of all but 500M of the 7.7B people on Earth? or the US Congress who voted in Universal Health Caremandating forced Commerce with the US Government on 3/22/10 at 3:22UTC?


July 4 is the start of the Dog Days of Summer, a celebration of the Dog Star Sirius, the Blazing Star of Freemasons and al Qalb “Heart” for Arabs. Dog is the mirror image of God in case its not obvious; you know like Satan and Santa, a bit too obvious to figure out. Jesus called the Pharisees “Serpents and Vipers” Vipera=Bestia; the Beast rises from the Earth in Washington DC! It’s called “The Awakening”  Feel like a Fool? Me too; Time to Wake Up! We all seem to miss the obvious eh?

Swine Flu Act 2 Jesuit CDC Director Robert Redfield “The new challenge with Covid 19 is to convince everyone to get a Swine Flu Vaccine in the summer of 2020” April 22, 2020 “Nothing in politics happens by chance, if it happened it was planned” Pearl Harbor Architect; 9/11/2001 was the New Pearl Harbor; China’s fantastic new EMP weapon made of 100% Uncle Sam Bullshit is the Surprise Pearl Harbor; Greta “Pearl”  Inc is the Jesuits and Mormon “Pearl of Great Price” and justification for slaughtering most of the planet. Jesuits planned the Swine Flu campaign and the 2nd Wave of Coronavirus on Earth Day.  Jesuit Pope Francis’ Teaching Paper Laudato Sicalls for slaughtering 6.6B people for the good of the Earth.  Jesuits are the “Society of Gesu” (Ge=Earth + Swine) or “Militia of Zeus” (Deus Pater) chose Earth Day to announce the return of the Swine Flu Vaccine on Earth Daybecause having sold their Souls (High Level Initiates), the Earth is all they have. Swine Flu is 100% Bullshit and this is the 2nd time we are being made Fools!

The 2014 movie Utopia is based on Plato’s and Karl Marx ideal world Utopia. “Spanish Flu killed 50 million ..It’s not fake this time…We have a worldwide Flu scare and Vaccines to inoculate the world…In 3 months time the most deadly flu the world has ever seen will be released…everyone will take the Janus Vaccine and we will have 500 million people living on the world”  Spanish Flu was not Influenza it was caused by Vaccines; the deadly 2nd wave peaked fall of 1920; Deal of the Century anyone? Janus is the 2 Faced Roman god of Beginnings, Gates, Transitions, time, Duality, Doorways, Passages and Endings. 40 years ago, the Georgia Guide Stones were dedicated on Hwy 77 on 3/22; Society 322 “Skull & Bones” is the Teutonic Brotherhood of Death. Swine Flu Vaccine anyone?

 Aesculapius is the son of Corona (Crown) and Apollo (Destroyer; Rev 9:11 “Apollyon”) Coronavirus (Crowned Serpent Venom) began in Wuhan where Bubonic Plague peaked 666 years ago, spread by Rats; 2020 is the Chinese Year of the Rat; Wuhan CV was rehearsed Oct 2019 “Event 201” and predicted in Stephen King’s book and TV Series The Dead Zone.  Dean Koontz book “Eyes of Darkness” (Black Eye Club refers to the harvesting of Adrenochrome) in 1981 featured the Global Virus Wuhan 400 (400 refers to the publication of New Atlantis: A Worke Unfinished by Jesuit Toby Mathew aka William Shakespeare or Sir Francis Bacon (Free Swine) in 1620; 400 is also the size and distance ratio of the Sun and Moon. Pretty coincidental eh? or NOT!

Welcome to Swine Flu 2020! Swine Flu is myth just like Coronavirus. In 1976 Swine Flu allegedly broke out at Ft Dix, NJ “Home of the Ultimate Weapon” Satanist President Gerald Ford and his Satanist VP Nelson Rockefeller (Twin Towers were called Nelson and David) convinced Americans to get a Swine Flu Vaccine, the result was widespread Guillane-Barre Auto-immune disorder. Deal of the Century refers to Spanish Flu, the 2nd Wave peaked in the Fall of 1920 was caused by Rockefeller designed Meningitis Vaccines; Spanish Flu (Sephardic; Ref 2 Ki 17:30)  was no more Flu than Swine Flu. Influenza means Occult Infestation which is what this and Coronavirus is. The Ultimate Occult Infestation will be permanent, self-replicating, programmable, controllable, Xenobots made of Frog DNA combined with Synthetic mRNA and 5G cell Electroporation; a concoction Jesus warned of in Rev 16:13  “And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet..” John means Oannes the Chaldean Beast aka Philistine Dagan (Dag Hammarskold UN Meditation Room with Satan’s Altar may ring a Baal) Lateran means “Hidden or Occult Frogs”; the Jesuit HQ St John Lateran Archbasilica  is considered the “Mother of all Churches Worldwide”
       Injecting Foreign DNA is warned against in Scripture (1 Cor 15:39); when Foreign DNA is introduced into Cells (5G Electroporation), cells attempt to rid themselves of the pathogen. When programmable, targetable and controllable Xenobots are injected your physical life is in the hands of Jesuit monsters who have been ejected from most every nation on Earth beginning with the Konn-Torrs (Priests of the Torriod; ie the Electromagnetic Field) in Chaldea; the same Shemsu Hor (Horites aka Worshippers of Horus in Egypt) and later Hyksos (Foreign Shepherd Kings) in Egypt who first brought this Bullshit to civilization from Minoan (Minos=Bull) Crete to Egypt and back to Thera (Santorini) where God covered them in pyroclastic flow leaving them as an example of God’s Judgment and covered Knossos (Gnosis) Crete where Satan’s Seat was guarded with a Tsunami. The same Sodomites God covered with Brimstone got revenge on 9/11 using what else but Brimstone (Magnesium, Aluminum, Sulphur “Thermate”) are the  Theraputae of Pergamon which kept Satan’s Seat in the 4th century, the same Medean Magi in Nebuchadnezzar’s day we call Hollywood; the same Phoenician Kahn-Baal’s who promoted Cannibalism kept Satan’s Seat in Tyre are the Cretans Titus warned were “Liars, Evil Beasts and Slow Bellies”  spouting Bullshit like the Minotaur Myth are the Whores riding the  Wall St Bull, Black Lives Matter and are now running the Vaccine Propaganda.


“G” Mutation in Coronavirus enables the Virus to mutate into deadly Pandemic. Sure it does! G is Gnosis (Gnostic Wisdom), Generation of Gnostic followers of the Grant Geometrician aka Geo=Earth Worshippers. Researchers claim D614G Gene mutates Coronavirus Spike Protein giving its name to Coronavirus and its ability to infiltrate cells. Forget the fact Coronavirus was designed and placed atop the 311 stepped Rosicrucian Monument in London by Christopher Wren after Freemasons set the fire in 1666; or that Coronavirus was declared a Global Pandemic on Purim (Pur=Cast lots for the Golden Calf Marduk) 3/11/20; or that the Teutonic Brotherhood of Saturn aka Brotherhood of Death advertised the 311 “Mega Ritual” 6 months earlier; or that Coronavirus is coded with 33; or that the Masonic Square and Compass has this G in the center; or that Coronavirus was the star of Stephen KIng’s book “The Dead Zone” in 1979 and 1983 Series; or that Coronavirus was the star of the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony  or that Event 201 was a rehearsal of the Coronavirus Pandemic in Oct 2019 in NYC with the US and Chinese CDC; or that Swine Flu was pre-planned with Coronavirus April 22. 2019 ;or that 666 years ago Wuhan was the site of the Mongol Golden Horde transporting Bubonic Plague around Europe on Rats and 2020 is the Year of the Metal Rat; or that Wuhan was the first 5G Test City, or 5G Electroporation opens cell walls for infiltration, or 5G at 60 GHzinhibits Oxygen uptake in Red Blood Cells and prevents Plants from producing Oxygen disrupting Photosynthesis, or that Houston and Tehran are the next 5G demonstration cities due to go online by Sept 2020; or that the Circled 7 (G=7) is the logo of the Moorish Science Temple, a Canaanite Cult masquerading as the Nation of Islam and Black Lives Matter.


Coronavirus Pods going up everywhere; all planned in the 1950’s


Profusa Logo is the Star of Saturn, the Chaldean Beast seen rising in the Peace Fountain at St John Divine Cathedral Flu symptoms=Coronavirus symptoms “Test, Test Test” WHO advocates widespread testing using Nasal Pharyngeal Swabs. DARPA invented Hydrogel: Nano-particles for Nasal drug vaccine delivery attached to Cas Phi Macrophages, the “Slinky Assassin” and “Trojan Horse” of CRISPR Gene Editing.… DARPA and PROFUSA “Lumen Oxygen Platform”: Nano-particle Hydrogel injected under the skin detect O2 level changes (5G 60GHz affects O2 production in Plants and O2 absorption in Red Blood Cells) signaling infection, plus an electronic signal sent via Smart Phone to Doctors/CDC/Website.…Profusa CEO Ben Hwang educated at John’s Hopkins U the site of Event 201 simulating Coronavirus breakout in Wuhan Oct 18, 2019 with the US and Chinese CDC and Gates Foundation; Wuhan is the world’s first 5G demonstration city.