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Bechamp or Pasteur?: A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology–cqL4C?hl=en&gbpv=1&printsec=frontcover

Vaccine injury, from all vaccines, is far more widespread than people realise Operation Crimson Mist 1995 Magnetic Liquid Crystals which receive EMF Energy Poison the children, enrich the Medical Industry

Germ Theory was invented by Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch to justify Vaccination.

Supreme Court Ruling 2012 “Modified DNA is not human and Patentable” m=1 
Supreme Court Ruling 2013 “Unmodified Human DNA is not Patentable”
mRNA and mDNA “Vaccines” whether Covid or Flu are regarded as “Gene Therapy”. Pharmacists are not providing “Informed Consent” to patients because there is nothing written on the Pharmacist Information Pamphlet Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla admits the “Vaccine” is “Gene Therapy”; Covid Experimental Gene Therapy does not meet the legal definition of a “Vaccine”. Altering a person’s DNA under the Law creates a “Trans-human” product, patentable goods, are a category that does not exist under the Law, and therefore offers no “Rights or Protections” under the Law. Un-modified human DNA is not “Patentable”, legally defined by the US Supreme Court in 2013.

Experimental Covid 19 mRNA injections program cells to produce Spike Proteins, the Poison (Strong’s #5115 Toxon) engineered to kill billions of “Vaccinated” people.   Using Koch’s Postulates to qualify as something as a “Pathogen”; a sample from diseased person must be isolated, grown, administered to a healthy person, cause the same symptoms and be re-isolated. SARS CoV-2 “Isolates” have ever been made available. Koch recanted “Germ Theory” and the “Virus” as a pathogen/micro-organism on his deathbed saying “The pathogen is nothing, the terrain is everything” (Terrain referring to the body’s Immune System) Vaccination was invented by Jesuit/Freemason Quack Edward Jenner  without published experiment results, evidence of safety or efficacy Cowpox pustules were only noted on udders of cows milked by filthy human hands, nullifying all of Jenners Theses. The Smallpox Vaccine was heavily promoted to the masses as providing a “Lifelong Immunity to Smallpox” when it had nothing to do with Smallpox; scientists of the day referred to the Vaccine as a “Widespread Experiment” and nothing has changed today; Neil DeGrasse Tyson describing Coronavirus as a “Global Science Experiment”. 

Sophistry: The CDC altered definitions in 2015 “Injection of a killed or weakened infectious organism in order to prevent disease” was changed to “Act of introducing a Vaccine into the body to produce immunity to a specific disease”  and in 2021 to “Act of introducing a Vaccine into the body to produce protection from a specific disease” The CDC is a for profit, private Corporation listed on Dunn&Bradstreet altering legal definitions and internal E-Mails prove their culpability. Governments have never been concerned with the wellbeing of Citizens; the US is a CORPORATION with a Constitution offering no Rights to “Citizens”. Sept 11, 2020 (The US Gov’t loves that date)  Moderna and US Gov’t enter a contract W911QY-20-C-0100 to distribute “mRNA Coronavirus Vaccine” Dec 2019 the legal definition of “Vaccine” was altered to include mRNA, without which “Mandated Treatment” would have been legally impossible. Experimental mRNA injections had never been used on humans and resulted in mass death during animal experiments. Obviously mRNA did not and does not meet the legal definition of “Vaccine”: Substance administered to human beings for prevention of  1 or more diseases.  BioNTech created the first mRNA poison Jan 11, 2020 in 3 hours in Germany before “Covid 19″ and SARS CoV-2 was even known; COMIRNATY is still under the original EUA (Emergency Use Authorization”, thus no Covid 19 therapies have been FDA Approved. mRNA “Biological Products” do not meet the legal definition of a “Vaccine”; Gov’t mandates for “Biological Products” are Unconstitutional; thus the name change to “Vaccine”, an age old trick Sophists use. Mandated treatments with Gov’t having created through BARDA, distributing via the US Army and maintaining part ownership of Moderna’s mRNA is Unconstitutional forced Commerce with the Federal Government violating Art 1 Sec 3 Clause 8 “Commerce Clause”; further, the US Military enlisted to enforce Gov’t Mandates in Operation Warp Speed is also Unconstitutional, violating the Posse Commitatus Act   which prohibits the US Military from enforcing Domestic Law. mRNA causes the body to synthesize Patented SARS CoV-2 Spike Proteins; the “Vaccine” is a Patented “Pathogen”.

Germ Theory is a Lie financed and promoted by JD Rockefeller to promote Vaccines, invented by Jesuit Quack Edward Jenner. Rockefeller controls the AMA which uses the same Staff of Aesculapius used by The WHO, UN Meditation Room; the Theraputae of Pergamon worshipped Aesculapius as the “Healer” and “God of Plagues”; Healing in this case refers to eliminating JESUS and His followers seen in the Rabbi’s phase Tikkun Olam “Repair the Earth” . Lack of Hygiene and exposure to environmental toxins causes Disease, not “Viruses” Toxon is the weapon of the Crowned White Horse (Rev 6:2) The Contagion Myth, Vaccination: The Silent Killer Bechamp or Pasteur? are books that verify Contagions do not cause Illness, and are not spread person to person.


Modified DNA is not Human DNA. mRNA and mDNA Vaccines whether Covid or Flu are regarded as “Gene Therapy”; altering a “Person” under the Law to “Trans-human”; a Product aka Patented Goods, a category that does not exist under the Law, and therefore offers no “Rights or Protections” under the Law. mRNA is fragile and requires “Boosters” to continue Gene Modification; mDNA is permanent; rendering a Trans-human, patentable product. INOVIO and Cadila Pharma are the first 2 mDNA experiments coming to market in 2021.
This may explain why Pharmaceutical Corps were held Legally Immune from prosecution, and why the Domestic Terrorism Law was able to be passed, removing “Rights” of “Citizens” deemed a “Threat”.
BioNTech was able to create this “Gene Therapy” in 3 hours on Jan 11, 2020 a month before Covid 19 or SARS CoV-2 was even identified on Feb 11, 2020 and 2 months before the WHO “Classified” Covid 19 a “Pandemic” on Mar 11, 2020.
It also may explain why WITS was able to send out PCR Test Kits in 2017 to most every nation, well ahead of the now obvious “Plandemic”; it has nothing to do with Covid 19.
mRNA is fragile, not a permanent DNA altering Therapy; if you’ve taken a dose or 2, it may be wise to avoid further injections and build up anti-oxidants in the immune system with NAC N-Acetly L-Cysteine, Glutathione, Zinc, Vit D etc.
mDNA Therapies such as INOVIO Ino-4800 or Cadila Pharmaceutical ZyCov-D may be an entirely different and permanent alteration as the man-made DNA package is administered Intra-dermally into eukaryotic cells via electroporation of the cell wall and division of the nucleus where DNA is manufactured.
One thing concerning the 2012 Supreme Court Ruling seems certain, Covid 19 was pre-planned and foisted on the population by as Jesus said “A man’s foes shall be they of his own household” Mat 10:36; Mic 7:6
How can the White House, Supreme Court and Congress get away with this? Washington DC is not part of the US nor subject to its Laws; it is Sovereign Territory.


Dr Andrew Moulden “Suicided” in 2013 while warning people of Vaccine adjuvants causing Rouleaux Bloodflow and Ischemic Strokes; no wonder UTube is removing his videos. PCR Test Inventor Kari Mullis suffers a fatal “Heart Attack” after calling Anthony Fauci a fraud and no-nothing liar and offering to debate him publicly Aug 2019. Mullis warned PCR Tests are a Manufacturing Tool not a Diagnostic Tool which is exactly what the CDC recommends.

The 4th Beast of Iron (Dan 7:7) may indeed be SPIONS (Super-Paramagnetic Iron-Oxide Nanoparticles) Graphene Nano-material in DARPA created Hydrogels in mRNA Experimental Coronavirus Gene Therapy injections which hijack Iron from Hemoglobin (Protein encased Iron) in Oxygen carrying Red Blood Cells, causing the body to become Magnetic; both observable and controllable.  Oxygenated RBC’s are Diamagnetic meaning they exhibit a repelling charge “Zeta”; De-oxygenated blood having less Oxygen and Iron is Paramagnetic meaning the RBC’s clump resulting in Rouleaux Blood Flow and Ischemic Stroke.

Morgellons is a Stanford University patented entomological bio-weapon US 6245531 B1 “Polynucleotide Encoding Ecdysone Receptor” Humans do not have Ecdysone receptors, they are taken from insects and inserted into the human genome aka “Gene Therapy” to provide a controllable On-Off Switch.
Skin is the target of this Gene Therapy as it reacts to Ecdysone; this is called “Inducible Expression”. The same thing is happening with Covid 19 Experimental Gene Therapy; SPIONS are magnetically controllable and use Lipid, Saccharide and Viral vectors for the Gene Therapy. Here’s a video explaining this

VAERS (Adverse Reaction) Report

Actors: Celebrities and Health Officials are not getting Vaccinated Vaccine Passports were planned in April 2018 Covid 21 is already planned

Quackccines Jesuit Quack Edward Jenner invented the “Vaccine”

Good Health results from Good Hygiene  Hygeia, the Greek goddess of Health and root of Hygiene is the daughter and lab assistant of Aesculapius the Theraputae of Pergamon “God of Healing” is also their “God of Plagues”; Theraputae are the guardians of Satan’s Seat (Rev 2:13). Mercury “Quicksilver” is the equated with Hermes the Trickster and god of Liars and Thieves and is the symbol of Medicine, WHO, UN Meditation Room and the $ONE. The Serpent wrapped Bowl of Hygeia is Satan’s equivalent of God’s 7 Bowls of Wrath. It’s no coincidence Fauci (Sickle) is the face of Coronavirus Vaccines. Persia, Greece and Rome, once models of good Hygiene were destroyed by lack of Hygiene. 

PCR Test Swabs: DARPA Hydrogel + Lithium + Organic Fluid (Saliva, Blood) Breach the Blood-Brain Barrier; 3D crystalline structures grow and react to Magnetic Fields. Lithium is toxic to the Pineal Gland.

Prions Disease mRNA Vaccines cause cells to produce SARS COV-2 Antigens (Patented in advance of Coronavirus); SARS COV-2 Spike Proteins have Prion like regions leading to 100% fatal Creutzfeld-Jacob’s aka Prions Disease. Dr. J. Bart Classen authored a paper in Microbiology & Infectious Diseases: “Covid-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease” Prions (Protein + Infection) attack Brain Neurons leading to Stroke, Confusion, Personality changes, difficulty speaking, loss of cognitive function and over time is 100% fatal. Prion means “Saw” an Abnormal form of a normally harmless protein aka “Proteinacious Infectious Particle” Pretty big risk to take for a 99.96% survivable “Disease” isn’t it?

SPION: Super-Paramagnetic Iron-Oxide Nanoparticle drug delivery was coined by Paracelsus “Equal to Celsus” a Swabian Gnostic alchemist, toxicologist named after the Greek Gnostic Celsus, an opponent of early Christian follows of JESUS. SPION means “Spy, Watch Stealthily, Telltale; eg Espionage” British Spy “007” had a “License to Kill”; an example is .007 is 1/137 the Fine Structure Constant in Physics and odds an atom will absorb a photon; Opsins “Light activated Ion channels” are not only SPIONS but an anagram of SPION used in Optogenetics to light activate drug delivery in cells. SPION’s are the 4th Beast of Iron in Dan 7:7; Hematin is the 77 atom oxygen carrying molecule in Red Blood Cells which have an affinity for SPIONS; 5G @60 GHz disrupts RBC’s from carrying Oxygen resulting in targetable and instant death. Coronavirus mRNA Vaccines program cells to produce SARS COv-2 Spike Protein Antigens; the immune system responds by producing Antibodies which have an affinity to SPION containing Iron-Oxide; the body becomes magnetically observable (eg ESPIONage) with an On-Off death switch.

For the life of the flesh is in the blood: and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul. Lev 17:11 Daniel 12 warns of 1335, 1290 and 1260 Days before the 2nd Coming. Valentines Day (Heart=Bal=Baal=Molech=Qos=Bow=Poison) + 1335 days= Feast of Atonement Oct 12, 2024 April Fool’ s Day (Assyrian New Year) + 1290 days= Feast of Atonement 2024 May 1 ” Beltane” (Birth of Baal) + 1260 days= Feast of Atonement 2024 which aligns with the Hindu Dushara; Lord Ram’s victory of Good versus Evil is the Zoroastrian (Undiluted Star=Saturn “Black Star”) battle of Good versus Evil; Sons of Light “Lucifer” versus Sons of Darkness “Ahriman”. Dushares is the Nabataean version of the Edomite Qos ( Bow=Toxon=Poison) aka Cretan Zeus (Dyeus=Day=Blue), Roman Jupiter, Egyptian Horus. Dusharra celebrates Lord Ram (Aries=Ares=Ram=UNKNOWN GOD of the Areopagus “Hill of Ares” in Athens) the UNKNOWN GOD conquering with a Bow is the Hindu Rama. Qos= Bow=Edomite Dominion (Gen 27:39-41KJV; Dan 7:6)  Feast of Atonement is described in Lev 16:8-10 The real Scapegoat is Jesus Christ; new bible versions substitute “Scapegoat” for “Azazel” (Az=Rugged + El=Saturn/Satan) 7 Trumpet Warnings begin after the 4 Horsemen Ride; if you are not ready, or do not know the sound of a Ram’s Horn “Shofar”, now is a great time to get in your Prayer Closet with JESUS! We are in a War for our Souls folks! The US is the Scapegoat for (Rev 18) BabylOn and in all likelihood Kamala (Kama=Sickle; Kamal=Perfection/To Make White; Kamala=Lotus) the Unconstitutional, Boule ie Aryan/Iranian “Noble Caste” Sacred Prostitute of Qadesh, Hindu Brahmin Caste will be at the helm of the Titanic playing the ULTIMATE GAME “Capturing Human Souls”. Do not take the Poison (Bow) it is the Abomination of Desolation 

Ischemia “Curb, Restrain, Stop Blood” All Vaccines Adjuvants cause Ischemic Strokes. Jesus warns Low Oxygenation of tissues in the extremities resulting from lack of blood flow. Mask “Witch, Specter, Nightmare) Masks resulting in bacterial pneumonia were the primary cause of death during the 1918 “Spanish Flu” Plague, neither Spanish nor Influenza, but Vaccine caused. Masks do nothing to prevent the spread of “Disease”, they trap toxins and lower Oxygen levels in the Respiratory Tract causing “Cytolytic Infection” (Cells burst releasing Toxins) resulting in “Illness”. Test Swabs are sterilized with Ethylene Oxide, a Class 1 Carcinogen which binds to Red Blood Cells inhibiting Oxygen uptake/transport. Viral vectors infect the Nervous System inhibiting Neuro-transmitters and cross the Blood-Brain Barrier with Mercury Vaccine Adjuvants; Methyl-Mercury or “Organic Mercury” resides in Fat (Lipid) Cells of the Brain causing a host of childhood and elderly diseases, Neurological disorders and Cancers. Edwin Deagle a USMA and Harvard educated Government associated Statistic Reporting Site outlines a 2/3 population reduction by 2024 and dies Feb 16, 2021. Nobel Prize Winning PCR Test Inventor Kari Mullis calls out Anthony Fauci as a no-nothing fraud and dies of a heart attack Aug 2019 a year after PCR Tests for Coronavirus are sent to over100 nations.  Dr Andrew Moulden calls out Vaccines as the cause of most every illness and is “Suicided”. Coronavirus is FunVax. a Trick, Hoax designed to create the apparent need for Coronavirus Vaccines which are not legally defined as “Vaccines”. Experimental mRNA and mDNA Gene Therapies are legally defined by the FDA and CDC as Experimental Medical Devices given EUA (Emergency Use Authorization)  Modified Messenger “mRNA” + CRISPR Gene Editing allows God’s DNA Code to be Patented and Owned; Trans-human aka Cyborg Slaves have no Rights to anything including the right to a Saving relationship with God aka New Covenant. In the New Covenant, suppressing knowledge of Soul and Spirit is the Abomination of Desolation (Mat 24:15-16; Dan 11:31) By law as interpreted by the Supreme Court (Jacobsen V Massachusetts 1905) you can be “Force Vaccinated” but you cannot be forced to undergo a Medical Procedure without consent. Slaves can be remotely controlled via 5G IOT (Internet of Things), Identified via Quantum Dot Micro-needle delivery and Luciferase enzyme; mDNA (modified DNA) injected directly into Cells using INOVIO CELLECTRA 3PSP have disposable injectors ID’s to the recipient. Memories can be erased/altered and the Host Terminated.  SARS COV-2 is patented; mRNA and mDNA including Johnson and Johnson Adenovirus Vector Vaccines are not Vaccines; they are legally defined as Medical Devices using In vitro reagents intended to alter the structure of the human body.  “Medical Devices” are legally defined by the FDA

Coronavirus is a “Global Science Experiment” called FunVax. Fun means “Cheat, Trick, Hoax” FunVax is a 15 yr old DOD/DARPA (INOVIO is also funded by DOD, DARPA, CEPI, GAVI, Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, WHO) funded program. Coronavirus/FunVax uses “Viral vectors to inhibit/decrease expression of VMAT-2 “God Gene” The program originated with Theosophist Rudolph Steiner in 1917 suggesting a “Vaccination against the Soul and Spirit”. CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing causes “Massive DNA damage, unintended chromosomal translocations, large deletions of Human Genome.

In 1677 Coronavirus and the Golden Calf were constructed atop The Monument in London, a Rosicrucian design of Sir Christopher Wren following the Great Fire of London in 1666. Rouleaux Blood Flow results from Aluminum and Mercury Vaccine Adjuvants such as Thimerisol, slowing blood flow from increased Mass (F=MA). Heavy metal Adjuvants increase blood viscosity further inhibit blood flow. Exposure to low intensity RF (Radio Frequency) Energy such as 4G and 5G, WiFi, WiGig Routers causes distortions to Red Blood Cells further inhibiting blood flow. Merely carrying a 4G or 5G cellphone for 45minutes results in Rouleaux Blood; RBC’s  lose their ability to carry oxygen. 60 GHz WiGig 5G routers at sufficient power levels completely inhibit RBC’s to carry oxygen. Heavy Metals in Vaccines conduct electricity and reduce the electrostatic repelling force “Zeta” between RBC’s resulting in clumping and reduced or blocked blood flow.  Adjuvants cause Inflammation, provoking Immune System reactions; White Blood Cells reacting to inflammation in blood vessels caused by the injection of Aluminum/Mercury adjuvants clog small blood vessels, blocking RBC’s resulting in Ischemia.

F=MA (Force=Mass X Acceleration) The Heart creates the Force; Vaccines adjuvants (Aluminum/Mercury) increase Mass and reduce Acceleration; it’s really that simple. F=MA: The Pale Horse “Death” is described in Rev 6:8; 68 Kg X 9.81M/S2 (Acceleration)=666 Newtons of Force; in Dan 11:38 Antichrist serves the “God of forces” Coincidence? Don’t bet on it. The CDC recommends 75 Vaccines over the course of human life,16 during infancy. Each Vaccine contains .125-1.5mg of aluminum. Aluminum is used in most every vaccine except “Live Vaccines” because Aluminum is toxic to life; Vaccines containing Aluminum: Flu, MMR, TDAP, HPV, Meningitis, Pneumonia, Hep A, B, Chicken Pox, Polio, Tetanus, RSV, Anthrax (Anthrax Vaccines cause Gulf War Syndrome)  and Coronavirus Vaccines In addition to Vaccines, Aluminum is used in Infant Formula (117mg in first 6 mos), aluminum cans, cookware, anti-perspirant, hair/skin products, chemtrails, beer, wine, seasonings, flour, cereal, dairy, antacids etc. Nano-Aluminum breaches the Blood-Brain Barrier and enters the Fetus by Breast Feeding. This in addition to mercury in dental fillings, and fluoride toothpaste. Ligands use metals around biological materials, controllable by radio frequency and light (Opsins) Aluminum causes coagulation/clumping of blood, lowering blood flow. Vaccine Corporations are exempt from Vaccine liability.

Organic Mercury Thimerosol Mercury Adjuvants are Lipophilic, accumulating in Lipid (Fat) tissues; the brain is 60% Fat. Mercury + Carbon=Methyl Mercury aka Organic Mercury a Toxin (Strongs #5115=Toxon=Poison carried the by Crowned White Horse aka Coronavirus; Organic Mercury is soluble in the Brain, attacking the Nervous System affecting Taste, Smell, Sight, Touch, Coordination.

Mercury “Quicksilver” is used in Vaccines to provoke an Immune System response; Paracelsus means “Rise Above, Lofty, Eminent, Superior” the father of “Toxicology” is rooted in Strong’s #5115 Toxon “Bow” carried the Crowned White Horse in Rev 6:6 (66 Books in Scripture were designated by fellow Rosicrucian Sir Francis Bacon aka Shakespeare.

Foreign material in Vaccines Cow, Pig, Bird, Bat, Monkey, Aborted Fetal Tissue, Cancer tumor cells and metals in Vaccine Adjuvants (Aluminum, Mercury) do what they are designed to do “Provoke Immune System Responses”. Aluminum reduces “Zeta” the repelling force between Red Blood Cells which causes slugging and clumping of blood flow, particularly in Capillaries leading to Ischemic Stoke. White Blood Cells designed to remove these toxins further restrict blood flow. Coronavirus Vaccines in particular trigger WBC’s to attack Blood Platelets preventing clotting. Epithelial cell linings in blood vessels, uterus linings, and lungs become inflamed, attracting WBC’s, slowing or blocking blood flow and leading to infertility and pneumonia. 3/11 9 European Nations suspend Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid Vaccines due to fatal blood clots. European Medicines Agency says Vaccine may still be administered.
Metal Vaccine Adjuvants contribute to Rouleaux blood flow: 1. By reducing the electrical repelling charge  “Zeta” between RBC’s causing clumping/sludging blocking capillaries 2. By causing Inflammation which cause WBC’s to envelop the pathogen, clogging capillaries. 3. By inhibiting Type 2 WBC’s from healing the inflammation.

Zeta is a measure of electrostatic repelling force between charged particles such as Red Blood Cells (Hematin=Iron+Blood; Daniel describes the 4th Beast of Iron; Coincidence? Don’t bet on it); Colloidal Stability depends on charge differential “Zeta”. Aluminum decreases the charge and hence force differential leading to Blood slugging, clumping and clotting, again reducing blood flow, the cause of Ischemic Stroke. Aluminum also increases blood viscosity, again reducing blood flow.

5G Artemis Global Broadband Non ionizing EMF such as in 5G IOT (Internet of Things) affects Voltage Gated Calcium Channels in Nerve Synapses, Heart, Blood Vessels and the Central Nervous System and interacts with metals such as aluminum in vaccines. Current Vaccination schedules have 75 potential injections, tailor made for the 5G Artemis “Butcher”. 5G damages DNA in both Plants and Animals; coupled with current Global Climate Change nonsense calling for elimination of CO2 (Plant Food), a Global Death Trap results. 5G@60 GHz used in 5G WiGig Routers interfere with Oxygen uptake in Red Blood Cells (Hemoglobin+ Iron=Hematin); one can see the Pale (Chloro=Green) Horse “Death” and 4th Beast of Iron (Dan 7:7) are the same “God of forces” Daniel 11:38 describes.

Masks mark out Slaves with no rights, lower Oxygen saturation and trap exhaled toxins in the respiratory system, leading to bronchitis and bacterial pneumonia. Low blood oxygen results in low Ph (Acidity) and Oxidative Stress. Masks lower Oxygen saturation (Hypoxia), increase CO2 (Hypercapnia) and trap toxins in the respiratory system, an environment tailor made for bacterial pneumonia especially when combined with current CDC nonsense recommendations of a Moist Mask and Double Masking.

Covid Testing PCR Swabs damage and introduce Toxins, Hydrogel Bio-senros and/or Smart Dust through the Cribriform Plate swabs whether PCR or “Spit Test” Swabs are sterilized with Ethylene Oxide, a Class 1 Carcinogen which binds to Red Blood Cell proteins and remain for the life of the cells; Swabs can carry DARPA invented Hydrogels manufactured by Profusa used to deposit “Smart Dust” ie RFID Nano-chips and Aluminum Nano-wires which interact with the 5G IOT (Internet of Things) and monitor Biological “Health Status”. The Swabs also damage the Hematoencephalic Barrier protecting the Brain Stem from Bacteria, Heavy Metals, Neurotoxins and Pathogens.

School age children are forced to wear masks 7hrs/day and submit to repeated Covid Tests Covid Test Swabs sterilized with Ethylene Oxide a Class 1 Carcinogen which binds to protein building blocks of Hemoglobin inhibiting Red Blood Cells ability to carry Oxygen for the life of the cell. School children are forced to wear O2 depleting masks 7 hrs/day and require weekly testing to remain in school.

CDC Zombie Preparedness “Fathers and mothers dead of infinite sorrows, Women in mourning, the pestilent she−monster: The Great One to be no more, all the world to end.”-Nostradamus The “Pestilent She-monster” is the Chimera (She-goat) created by DNA altering Vaccines which suppress expression of Neuro-transmitters (eg Dopamine, Serotonin, Acetylcholine, Histamine, Norepinephrine); without that we become the “Walking Dead” aka Corpus animatumAnimated Corpse” or Beast “Lower Animal”. God “Quickens” (eg Ps 25:11; Ps 119:154;156)Makes Alive” This is done via the Holy Ghost. Coronavirus Vaccines are a Vaccination against Soul and Spirit, a plan envisioned 100 years ago by Rudolph Steiner seen in the FunVax (Fun=Cheat, Trick, Hoax) program to curb “Religious Extremism” aka Holy Ghost. God differentiates the Quick from the Dead; both Animated Corpses but the Quick have a connection to God whereas the Dead to not. The CDC is preparing for the Zombie (Corpus animatum) Apocalypse under the term “Herd Immunity” an Immunization against the Holy Ghost. Think Frankenstein or Golem here.

Herd Immunity The CDC’s definition of Herd Immunity is a Lie, centering around widespread Vaccination. COVAX is the global “Pillar of ACT” (Access to Code 19 Tools Accelerator) INOVIO INO-4800 is an mDNA (man-made/modified DNA) Vaccine injected intra-dermally via the  CELLECTRA 3PSP “Cellular Electroporation” devicedesigned to inhibit expression of VMAT-2 ie Soul and Spirit. Injecting man-made DNA into skin cells, nearly always undergoing cellular mitosis introduces the DNA package into the Nucleus, irreversibly and permanently altering God’s Genome.

Non-neutralizing Antibodies enhance Viral replication. Type 1 Macrophages start the Immune System response; Inflammation results. Type 2 Macrophages heal the damage; Vaccines inhibit Type 2 Macrophages, leading to DAD (Diffuse Aveoli Damage) and Acute Interstitial Pneumonia; essentially Lungs fill with fluids, leading to infection and decreased Oxygenation of tissues

COVAX #ONEWORLDPROTECTED From What? Coronavirus mRNA  (Pfizer/ BioNTech, AstraZeneca etc) and mDNA (INOVIO INO-4800) injections are not “Vaccines”; they are Gene Therapies. Moderna CEO Tal Zacks “We are hacking the Software of Life…mRNA is a Computer Operating System” Forced Vaccinations? 1905 Jacobsen V Mass says so; Forced Experimental  Gene Therapy? Not on your Eternal Life. Altering the human Genome using mRNA “Software” or mDNA “Hardware” allows the modified Genome to be “Patented” meaning Your body will be owned; not only that, but suppression of the VMAT-2 “God Gene” in the FunVax program gives your consent Your Soul and Spirit  will also be owned. Esau sold his “Birthright”, the right to an inheritance from God, and was renamed Edom=Red; Esau became Corpus animatum, the Zombie like Beast unrestrained by God that Adam became when God fashioned his Body (Corpus) from Red Clay; this was before God “Quickened” him with a Soul and Spirit. Beast means “Lower Animal” ie Corpus animatum, a Zombie much like Frakenstein or a Golem. GAVI, CEPI, WHO, UNICEF, World Bank, US, Germany provide the primary funding for COVAX; 165 member nations have signed on to COVAX whose mission statement “Provide equitable access to Covid 19 Vaccinations”. COVAX is the Pillar of ACT (Access to Covid 19 Tools Accelerator) The Accelerator? Operation Warp Speed   The EU and France founded COVAX; the European Parliament is built as an Unfinished Tower of Babel “Gate of the Gods” with Seat #666 held vacant. The EU uses Europa as its logo, the Woman Riding the Beast (Rev 17) is out front of the EU Parliament. Beast means “Lower Animal”COVAX and ONEWORLDPROTECTED are CAPITALIZED referring to a SPIRITUAL Mission to protect the World from the SPIRITUAL influence of God. COVID (Kobe in Japanese) means “God’s Door”; the UN Planetary Mission “No person shall enter the New Age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation”; Lucifer promises “Freedom Liberty from God” Welcome to the Beast Kingdom, the 3rd Beast of Dan 7:6 is Edomite “Dominion”.

Operation Warp Speed Logo is a mask covering the Health and Human Services Logo which is people under the wings of the Eagle ie Esau/Saturn; Nazi Eagle’s Nest ring a Baal? Coronavirus in a Red, Blue, Gold Saturn Cube, the colors of the Phoenix Bird aka Quetzalcoatl. The symbol is also called the Rainbow Bridge “Antahkerana” Warp refers to Space-Time, the Space Force Logo is identical to the Star Trek Logo for this reason. Covid 19 is a Jesuit managed program by NAIAD Chief Anthony Fauci (Sickle) under Warp Speed Czar Morrocan born British GSK Vaccine Chief Moncef Slaoui, rehearsed Oct 18, 2019 in Event 201, all financed by the Gates Foundation. The Vaccine designed by BioNTech Turkish-Muslims in Germany was previously stockpiled before testing or approval by the US Army under Portuguese Gen Gustave Perna awaiting “D-Day” to “Execute” a forced vaccination of 300M Americans using Palantir (Lord of the Rings Crystal Ball used by Sauron) written software called Tiberius (Roman Emperor at the Crucifixion of Jesus) used by the CIA’s In-Q-Tel. “Palintir watches everything we do and predicts what we will do next in order to stop it” Sounds a lot like Minority Report eh? Under the Domestic Terrorist Prevention Act of 2021, Anti-Vaxxers are to be labeled “Domestic Terrorists”

Vaccine: PCR tests yield positive COVID results for Common Cold, Seasonal Flu  Like Dr Adndrew Moulden, PCR Test Inventor Kari Mullis warned against using PCR Tests to Diagnose Viral Load and suffered a Heart Attack Aug 2019. Coronavirus was described as a Live Global Exercise by Sec of State Mike Pompeo (Pompei may ring a Baal) called it or a Global Science Experiment as Neil DeGrasse Tyson termed it. Covid Vaccines and inevitable Covid Boosters and Vaccines for Variant strains which Moderna states are “Operating Programs” are designed to ensure a steady supply of aluminum causes our own bodies to attack itself including Neurotransmitters regulated by the VMAT-2 (Vesicular Monamine Transporter) “God Gene”. Coronavirus is essentially Operation FunVax.  Aluminum degrades the Voltage differential between Red Blood Cells causing Rouleaux blood flow (Clumping, sludging) resulting in Ischemia and Ischemic Stroke. Aluminum causes Auto-immune reactions producing a Cytokine Storm; White Blood Cells contribute to slugging of blood. Aluminum degrades the voltage dependent calcium channels between Neurons. Fluoride in Water replaces Calcium with Fluoride; it’s the first point of attack for making an enemy complacent. Channels in Neuron Synapses fail, causing neurological disorders. Non-neutralizing Antibodies result from Covid Vaccines; ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) occurs, resulting in faster viral replication. Immune systems overreact to first round vaccines; spike proteins replicate and 2nd round vaccines or Flu vaccines overwhelm immune systems.


FunVax is a Gov’t sponsored Vaccination Program against the Soul and Spirit aka “Religious Fundamentalism” Shariah Law and Noahide Laws originating in Israel and Iran require Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost; those “Quickened” by the Holy Ghost are the “Religious Fundamentalists”. Islamic Terrorists? Hardly, the Patriot Act was based on the supposition “Islamic Terrorists” destroyed the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001; not quite! 9/11/2001 was an “Inside Job”. Under the Domestic Terror Prevention Act 2021, Anti-vaxxers will be considered to be “Domestic Terrorists” Theosophist Rudolph Steiner proposed developing a Vaccination against the Soul and Spirit in 1917. Coronavirus and/or the Universal Flu Vaccine is the FunVax program. 2007 FunVax Quarterly Report. FunVax Investigation Johns Hopkins hosted FunVax and Event 201 Oct 18, 2019 rehearsed the Coronavirus  outbreak in Wuhan, the world’s first 5G demonstration city demonstrated how deadly 5G@60GHz can be in disrupting Blood Oxygen FunVax is a CIA program designed to inhibit/suppress VMAT-2 “God Gene”.  Event 201 organizer Ashkenazi fake Jew David Kessler was Skull & Bones GHW Bush, GW Bush Jr, Bill Clinton FDA Chief and Obama Surgeon General is the new Coronavirus Operation Warp Speed Czar. 1000 MASH style mobile tent hospitals staffed by 1000 Oath Sworn doctors serve Hindu Warp Speed co-chair Vivek Murthy and Surgeon General Susan Orsega. Orsega managed the Rockefeller, Doctors without Borders, Samaritans Purse Ebola Hoax; Vaccines caused massive internal hemorrhage in Sierre Leone; Ebola is named after the Balls of the Crucifixion Scourge; Jesus whipped the Money Changers (Medici are the same Black Nobility bankers)
GSK Pharma R&D Chief Moncef Slaoui to Medicxi Vulture Capitol, funding 10 Start ups forming Contessa (Italian Nobility) Medicxi is named after Italian Black Nobility de Medici Bankers; Giovanni de Medici aka Pope Leo X 5th Lateran Council in 1517 declared “Indestructibility of the Soul” Catholic Dogma; a Lie. Lateran means “Hidden Frogs” the spirits of Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 16:13) Satan is aka Devil, dragon, serpent (Rev 12:9) Jesuits are managing Coronavirus; the Jesuit HQ is the St John Lateran Archbasilica; Coronavirus means “Crowned Serpent Venom”; the Crowned White Horse Rev 6) conquers with a Bow (Strongs #5115 Toxon=Poison)
Can this get any more obvious?

People receiving the vaccines report not being able to feel God anymore; this is the nature of this COVID Beast. VMAT 2 (Vesicle Monoamine Transporter 2) aka “God Gene” regulates monoamine transport of Dopamine, Noradrenaline, Serotonin. Nerve synapses, voltage gated calcium channels are affected by Aluminum and Mercury eg Thimerosol Vaccine Adjuvants. Some people receiving the Coronavirus Vaccine report they can’t feel God anymore; this is the definition of “Beast” FunVax is a Gov’t project designed to study/curb religious extremism; eg belief in the Holy Ghost. Programmable mRNA Vaccines + CRISPR Gene Editing allow God’s DNA Code to be Patented and Owned; Trans-human aka Cyborg Slaves have no Rights to anything including the right to a Saving relationship with God aka New Covenant. Slaves can be remotely controlled via 5G IOT (Internet of Things), Identified via Quantum Dot Micro-needle delivery and Luciferase enzyme; Memories can be erased/altered and the Host Terminated.

Question: Is Coronavirus the Abomination of Desolation? Fauci (Sickle) declared “Open Season begins in April” April Fool’s Day aka Assyrian Akitu Festival +1290 days=Feast of Atonement 2024. In 2021 Passover and Easter align on 4/4/21 Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix is Aleister “666/Great Beast” Crowley’s book detailing the New Aeon of Horus (Horites) beginning with the Mass of the Phoenix; he US is the Phoenix of the New Age planned 400 years ago in 1620 New Atlantic: A Worke Unfinished by Francis Bacon; this is why Dean Koontz referred to the “Virus” Wuhan 400 in Eyes of Darkness. Mass means “Daily Sacrifice” (Dan 12:11) I am the Life, Babylonian, Phoenix and Blood equal 44. Abomination means “Detestable, Loathsome, Accursed, Disgusting” (referring to Idols of Milcom, Chemosh, Astoreth, Molech aka Chaldean Six Pointed Star; a likely candidate for the “Mark of the Beast”) Desolation means “Void of God” Final 1290 Days starting? Valentines Day #44 + 1335 days=Feast of Atonement 2024. The annual birth of Molech on May Day + 1260 days “Great Tribulation”=Feast of Atonement 2024. Pretty coincidental eh? From God’s perspective CV Vaccines are a mix of Cow, Swine, Bird, Bat, Aborted Fetal Cells, aluminum, Mercury and man-made RNA/DNA designed to suppress knowledge of Soul and Spirit ie cause “Desolation”. How can anything be more Abominable than that? Just add Luciferase and 666 and you’ll be walking, talking Satanic Zombie and no I’m not trying to be Funny. So what about Daily Sacrifice and Open Season?

COVAX #ONEWORLDPROTECTED From What? SARS COV-2 was patented in 2015; SARS COV-2 PCR Test Kits were shipped worldwide in 2018; Event 201 simulated Coronavirus erupting in Wuhan in Oct 2019; The Coronavirus Pandemic is neither a “Novel Virus” nor a “Pandemic”; it’s a patented SPIRITUAL Weapon. INOVIO ($INO) mDNA Vaccine was created in 3 Hrs after the Viral DNA sequence was published; one problem; nobody seems to have the Viral DNA sequence. Likewise BioNTech (MRNA) Vaccine was created in 3 Hrs on Jan 11, 2020.  mRNA and mDNA Gene Therapies are not Vaccines. When the word Vaccine used Governments “Force Vaccinate”. You must give your consent to Experimental Gene Therapy. Coronavirus mRNA  (Pfizer/BioNTech, AstraZeneca etc) and mDNA (INOVIO INO-4800) injections are not “Vaccines”; they are Patented Gene Therapies designed to permanently alter the human Genome. INOVIO CELLECTRA injects modified DNA Intra-dermally (Rev 13:16; 14:9 “In” the forehead or hand), as cells divide the mDNA spreads; VMAT 1, a Gene on Chromosome 8 regulates Neurotransmitters and is found in every cell in the body; Jesus warned “Except those days should be shortened there should no flesh be saved” Mat 24:22 Moderna CEO Tal Zacks “We are hacking the Software of Life…mRNA is a Computer Operating System” Forced Vaccinations? 1905 Jacobsen V Massachusetts decided States have the right to “Force Vaccinate” during declared “Health Emergencies”; this does  not convey the Legal Right force Experimental  Gene Therapy on the US much less the World Population. Remember, the FDA has not approved any Covid Vaccines; the FDA only gave EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) to Patented Gene Therapies. Altering the human Genome using mRNA “Software” or mDNA “Hardware” allows the modified Genome to be Patented meaning Your body will be owned! not only that, but suppression of the VMAT-2 “God Gene” is the stated goal of the FunVax program Your Soul and Spirit  will also be owned! Esau sold his “Birthright”, the right to an inheritance from God. Do not be Tricked into being Force Vaccinated! 

GESARA Global Debt Forgiveness in exchange for your Soul and Spirit? Esau made that mistake; don’t be Tricked into following Esau to Hell. At the 2nd Coming, everyone in the House of Esau will die (Ref Obadiah)

Coronavirus Vaccines are FunVax (Fun=Trick, Hoax, Cheat) Why is there no SARS COV-2 Viral sequence available? The Experimental Pfizer/BioNTech Vax was made in 3 hrs on Jan 11, 2020, 2 months before the WHO “Classified” COVID as a “Pandemic”; with a 99.6% Survival Rate it does not legally qualify as an Epidemic or Pandemic. Coronavirus is not a Pandemic! Pharmakeia “Sorcery/Witchcraft”; Pharmakos “Ritual Sacrifice”  Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla sold the bulk of Pfizer stock the day the FDA gave EUA (Emergency Use Authorization); now why would he do that? VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Reactions) procured AI Software to “Track the expected high volume of Coronavirus Adverse Reactions”. Bourla now cancels a trip over St Patty’s Day to Israel until he receives the 2nd “Vaccine” dose. mRNA (Pfizer/BioNTech, AstraZeneca, Moderna etc) and mDNA (INOVIO INO-4800) are not Vaccines, they are Gene Therapies. Gene Therapies are not Vaccines! The Purpose for this definition change is to legally justify Forced Vaccinations (Ref Jacobsen V Mass 1905), Indemnify “Gene Therapy” Companies posing as Pharmaceutical Companies and Patent the modified Human Genome. 

Geert Vanden Bossch’s letter to the WHO is part of the deception. Bossch worked/works GlaxoSmithKline (Warp Speed Czar Moncef Slaoui as well), Gates Foundation, Novartis Vaccine Dir of Adjuvants, Solvay Biologicals Universal Flu Vaccine, GAVI, UNIVAC, German Infectious Research Vaccine Chair, VARECO Director; his Open Letter calling on the WHO to halt Mass Vaccinations (There is zero chance of this happening) over concerns of the Virus mutating to become a Global Chimera; this is BS; the same BS picked up by Dr Vernon Coleman “Old Man in a Chair”  and Talk Show Host, ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network) Del BigtreeThere is no Virus nor a “Mutated Virus” nor a Coronavirus Vaccine! only Gene Therapy You may be able to be “Force Vaccinated” but you cannot be forced to take Experimental Gene Therapy. Use the correct legal definition. Dr Andrew Moulden commits “Suicide” warning people of Ischemic Stokes caused by Mercury/Aluminum Vaccine Adjuvants PCR Inventor Kari Mullis has a “Heart Attack” after blasting Anthony Fauci as a no-nothing liar, political hack (Einstein was regarded similarly by Nikola Tesla who also turned up dead), and warning against using PCR Tests to Diagnose Viral Infection Anthony Fauci had a little soreness in his arm; sorry Tony that’s the wrong arm; bad acting? or in your face BS? Mrs Fauci (Christine Grady) is head of NIH “Bio-ethics” aka “Human Experimentation” which is exactly what Coronavirus is a “Global Human Science Experiment” “He was a normal healthy guy…2 weeks later he died of Coronavirus which is why our family is getting the Vaccine” Makes perfect sense eh? Kari Mullis died of a “Heart Attack” Aug 2019 in the midst of telling the world PCR Tests are not designed as a Diagnostic Tool, rather a Manufacturing Tool; Why then? In 2018 millions of PCR Test Kits are ordered and shipped worldwide; great planning eh? says “Make 2021 your Year” For What? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out COVISHIELD may be a “Shield” for something entirely different than SARS COV-2. Make no mistake folks! Ff you are not in a Personal Covenant with JESUS via the Holy Ghost, then by default you are in a Covenant with Satan. There are no other choices; BabylON, BabEL and BabIlu (Allah) mean “Gate of Saturn/Satan”, the Wide Gate leading to Destruction of the Soul Jesus warned of in Mat 7:13. Coronavirus is FunVax (Fun means Cheat, Trick or Hoax) The Coronavirus “Hoax” is meant to “Trick” you into selling your “Birthright” exactly as Esau did, “Cheating” you out of Eternal Salvation. 

Just say no