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Rouleaux Blood


Ischemia “Curb, Restrain, Stop Blood” All Vaccines cause Ischemic Strokes; low Oxygenation of tissues in the extremities from lack of blood flow. Rouleaux Blood Flow results from Aluminum and Mercury Vaccine Adjuvants such as Thimerisol, slowing blood flow from increased Mass. Heavy metal Adjuvants increase blood viscosity further inhibit blood flow. Exposure to low intensity RF (Radio Frequency) Energy such as 4G and 5G, WiFi, WiGig Routers causes distortions to Red Blood Cells further inhibiting blood flow. Merely carrying a 4G or 5G cellphone for 45minutes results in Rouleaux Blood; RBC’s  lose their ability to carry oxygen. 60 GHz WiGig 5G routers at sufficient power levels completely inhibit RBC’s to carry oxygen. Heavy Metals in Vaccines conduct electricity and reduce the electrostatic repelling force “Zeta” between RBC’s resulting in clumping and reduced or blocked blood flow.  Masks lower O2 levels with the first exhalation dropping Oxygen saturation to  unhealthy levels. Adjuvants cause Immune System reactions; White Blood Cells reacting to inflammation in blood vessels caused by the injection of Aluminum/Mercury adjuvants clog small blood vessels, blocking RBC’s resulting in Ischemia.    F=MA (Force=Mass X Acceleration) The Heart creates the Force; Vaccines adjuvants (Aluminum/Mercury) increase Mass and reduce Acceleration; it’s really that simple. F=MA: The Pale Horse “Death” is described in Rev 6:8; 68 Kg X 9.81M/S2 (Acceleration)=666 Newtons of Force; in Dan 11:38 Antichrist serves the “God of forces” Coincidence? Don’t bet on it. The CDC recommends 75 Vaccines over the course of human life,16 during infancy. Each Vaccine contains .125-1.5mg of aluminum. Aluminum is used in most every vaccine except “Live Vaccines” because Aluminum is toxic to life; Vaccines containing Aluminum: Flu, MMR, TDAP, HPV, Meningitis, Pneumonia, Hep A, B, Chicken Pox, Polio, Tetanus, RSV, Anthrax (Anthrax Vaccines cause Gulf War Syndrome)  and Coronavirus Vaccines In addition to Vaccines, Aluminum is used in Infant Formula (117mg in first 6 mos), aluminum cans, cookware, anti-perspirant, hair/skin products, chemtrails, beer, wine, seasonings, flour, cereal, dairy, antacids etc. Nano-Aluminum breaches the Blood-Brain Barrier and enters the Fetus by Breast Feeding. This in addition to mercury in dental fillings, and fluoride toothpaste. Ligands use metals around biological materials, controllable by radio frequency and light (Opsins) Aluminum causes coagulation/clumping of blood, lowering blood flow. Vaccine Corporations are even exempt from Vaccine liability.

Foreign material in Vaccines (Cow, Pig, Bird, Bat, Monkey, Aborted Fetal Tissue, Cancer tumor cells etc) and metals in Vaccine Adjuvants (Aluminum, Mercury) do what Adjuvants are designed to do; “Adjuvants Provoke Immune System Responses”. Aluminum reduces “Zeta” the repelling force between Red Blood Cells which causes slugging and clumping of blood flow, particularly in Capillaries leading to Ischemic Stoke. White Blood Cells designed to remove these toxins further restrict blood flow. Coronavirus Vaccines in particular trigger WBC’s to attack Blood Platelets preventing clotting as well as epithelial cell linings in blood vessels, uterus linings, and lungs, slowing or blocking blood flow and leading to infertility and pneumonia.  Masks trap exhaled toxins in the respiratory system, leading to bronchitis and bacterial pneumonia.

Zeta is a measure of electrostatic repelling force between charged particles such as Red Blood Cells (Hematin=Iron+Blood; Daniel describes the 4th Beast of Iron; Coincidence? Don’t bet on it); Colloidal Stability depends on charge differential “Zeta”. Aluminum decreases the charge and hence force differential leading to Blood slugging, clumping and clotting, again reducing blood flow, the cause of Ischemic Stroke. Aluminum also increases blood viscosity, again reducing blood flow.

5G Artemis Global Broadband Non ionizing EMF such as in 5G IOT (Internet of Things) affects Voltage Gated Calcium Channels in Nerve Synapses, Heart, Blood Vessels and the Central Nervous System and interacts with metals such as aluminum in vaccines. Current Vaccination schedules have 75 potential injections, tailor made for the 5G Artemis “Butcher”. 5G damages DNA in both Plants and Animals; coupled with current Global Climate Change nonsense calling for elimination of CO2 (Plant Food), a Global Death Trap results. 5G@60 GHz used in 5G WiGig Routers interfere with Oxygen uptake in Red Blood Cells (Hemoglobin+ Iron=Hematin); one can see the Pale (Chloro=Green) Horse “Death” and 4th Beast of Iron (Dan 7:7) are the same “God of forces” Daniel 11:38 describes.

Masks: Low blood oxygen results in low Ph (Acidity) and Oxidative Stress. Masks lower Oxygen saturation (Hypoxia), increase CO2 (Hypercapnia) and trap toxins in the respiratory system, an environment tailor made for bacterial pneumonia especially when combined with current CDC nonsense recommendations of a “Moist Mask” and “Double Masking”.

Vaccine: PCR tests yield positive COVID results for Common Cold, Seasonal Flu  Like Dr Adndrew Moulden, PCR Test Inventor Kari Mullis warned against using PCR Tests to Diagnose Viral Load and suffered a Heart Attack Aug 2019. Coronavirus was described as a Live Global Exercise by Sec of State Mike Pompeo (Pompei may ring a Baal) called it or a Global Science Experiment as Neil DeGrasse Tyson termed it. Covid Vaccines and inevitable Covid Boosters and Vaccines for Variant strains which Moderna states are “Operating Programs” are designed to ensure a steady supply of aluminum causes our own bodies to attack itself including Neurotransmitters regulated by the VMAT-2 (Vesicular Monamine Transporter) “God Gene”. Coronavirus is essentially Operation FunVax.  Aluminum degrades the Voltage differential between Red Blood Cells causing Rouleaux blood flow (Clumping, sludging) resulting in Ischemia and Ischemic Stroke. Aluminum causes Auto-immune reactions producing a Cytokine Storm; White Blood Cells contribute to slugging of blood. Aluminum degrades the voltage dependent calcium channels between Neurons. Fluoride in Water replaces Calcium with Fluoride; it’s the first point of attack for making an enemy complacent. Channels in Neuron Synapses fail, causing neurological disorders. Non-neutralizing Antibodies result from Covid Vaccines; ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) occurs, resulting in faster viral replication. Immune systems overreact to first round vaccines; spike proteins replicate and 2nd round vaccines or Flu vaccines overwhelm immune systems.

Event 201 Oct 18, 2019 rehearsed the Coronavirus  outbreak in Wuhan, the world’s first 5G demonstration city demonstrated how deadly 5G@60GHz can be in disrupting Blood Oxygen Event organizer Ashkenazi fake Jew David Kessler was Skull & Bones GHW Bush, GW Bush Jr, Bill Clinton FDA Chief and Obama Surgeon General is the new Coronavirus Operation Warp Speed Czar. 1000 MASH style mobile tent hospitals staffed by 1000 Oath Sworn doctors serve Hindu Warp Speed co-chair Vivek Murthy and Surgeon General Susan Orsega. Orsega managed the Rockefeller, Doctors without Borders, Samaritans Purse Ebola Hoax; Vaccines caused massive internal hemorrhage in Sierre Leone; Ebola is named after the Balls of the Crucifixion Scourge; Jesus whipped the Money Changers (Medici are the same Black Nobility bankers)
GSK Pharma R&D Chief Moncef Slaoui to Medicxi Vulture Capitol, funding 10 Start ups forming Contessa (Italian Nobility) Medicxi is named after Italian Black Nobility de Medici Bankers; Giovanni de Medici aka Pope Leo X 5th Lateran Council in 1517 declared “Indestructibility of the Soul” Catholic Dogma; a Lie. Lateran means “Hidden Frogs” the spirits of Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 16:13) Satan is aka Devil, dragon, serpent (Rev 12:9) Jesuits are managing Coronavirus; the Jesuit HQ is the St John Lateran Archbasilica; Coronavirus means “Crowned Serpent Venom”; the Crowned White Horse Rev 6) conquers with a Bow (Strongs #5115 Toxon=Poison)
Can this get any more obvious?

God Gene

People receiving the vaccines report not being able to feel God anymore; this is the nature of this COVID Beast. VMAT 2 (Vesicle Monoamine Transporter 2) aka “God Gene” regulates monoamine transport of Dopamine, Noradrenaline, Serotonin. Nerve synapses, voltage gated calcium channels are affected by Aluminum and Mercury eg Thimerosol Vaccine Adjuvants. Some people receiving the Coronavirus Vaccine report they can’t feel God anymore; this is the definition of “Beast” FunVax is a Gov’t project designed to study/curb religious extremism; eg belief in the Holy Ghost.

Just say no