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Las Vegas Shooting

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6 years and 66 days after the Kol Nidre 2017 Las Vegas Harvest massacre and another. Jason Aldean Performs “Tattoos on This Town” with a Jack and Ace 10/1 Tattoo 10/1 “Kol Nidre” 

Stephen Paddock (Martyr + Sheep Pen) opens fire at Rt 91 (1…13=91) Harvest Festival from Mandalay Bay (British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson (God Like + Penis) jokes about the Road to Mandalay hours before the event, exactly 91 days before the end of 2017 over Feast of Atonement. 527 injured 58 killed and counting from 400 Yards in 4 1/2 minutes. Hard to believe? Just like the Pulse Nightclub Staged Hoax during UN Year of Pulses; in which Paddock’s brother coincidentally tied to the Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting. Pulse is a Tare among the Wheat. GoFundMe has $10.4 Million as of Oct 12; Follow the Money; the “Love of Money is the root of all evil” after all. Harrison Ford was even there, starring as Dr John Fildes and Melissa Gilbert as eye witness Natalie Vanderstay and Paul Sorvino as Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak
Story falls apart. Shots fired down the Hallway or Shots fired through the Door? 6 minutes Before the Shots on the Rte 91 Harvest Festival? “As soon as I started to go to a door to my left the rounds started coming down the hallway”- Maintenance Worker Stephen Schuck. Stephen saw and heard bullets streaming down the hallway. Quite a different story from the 200 rounds shot through the hotel room door, described by Jesus Campos, doing a routine security check; one round allegedly hit him in the leg; all this some 6 minutes before the shots began on the Harvest Festival. Silence you Crisis Actors, Jesus Campos dissappears just before an Oct 14 News Interview; allegedly holding up at his house? Now that’s ridiculous. The names are pretty telling; Stephen=Martyr + Shuck refers to Shucking and Oyster; Pearl of Great Price is Jesus; occultists are initiated in somewhat similar fashion in ordeals like this. Jesus Campos is a little easier; “Jesus Field”.
Jesus Campos and Stephen Schuck appeared on the Ellen DeGenerate Show; big payday to get stories straight? No talk of the Timeline change; no talk of how bullets went down the hall and across the hall; and Campos with a cane? Nothing more than Bull Shit. Jesus Campos is an actor playing a ficitonal character; he miraculously loses 30 lbs in a week, gets an award in a resturant whose decor was remodeled years ago and shares a Social Security # with Jesus Quintero; now what are the odds of a shared SS# and a shared first name of Jesus? Heck, another Illegal Alien named Jesus is even being blamed for starting 15 fires simultaneously in California.
Mandalay Bay is owned by MGM Resorts Int’l; CEO Jim Murren Murren is on the Dept of Homeland Security Advisory Panel and the Brookings Institute whose Logo is a semi-hidden 13; pretty coincidental 1…13 added= 91 eh? Murren dumped 85% of his stock 294K shares worth $10M just before the event. Murren’s business parther is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia; nowhere on Earth are Arabs and Israelis more openly in bed together than Las Vegas. Before 9/11/2001 a huge bump in “Put” Stock Options was placed on American and United Airlines. Still think this was a random, Lone Wolf?
So, how was Paddock able to get 23 weapons, tools, bipods and ammunition up to his room without camera footage? Mandalay allowed him to use the freight elevator as a “High Roller” perk; of course; that makes so much sense. Hotel Staff and Maids just left the “High Roller” VIP alone with his arsenal for 5 days? What no flowers, no stocking the mini-bar, no fruit baskets delivered to the room?
Mandalay Bay paid a $500K fine for supplying prostitutes and cocaine to undercover security in their “Foundation Room”; no wonder the “Timeline” makes no sense. Aptly named; the “Foundation” of Secret Society Initiations which began in Babylon is “Blackmail”.
George Soros took out “Short” (Put Options) on 1.3M shares of MGM stock Aug 14; Aug 15 is the Feast of Lucifer; George Soros is Satanist Grigori Schwartz.
Jason Aldean “They Don’t Know” Tour was cancelled; Jason has a Jack and Ace Tatoo identical to the Illuminati Card Game Card “Las Vegas” The Concert date on 10/1 shown on his Jack and Ace Tatoo. 10=Jack + Ace=1 Well Jason, we do know!
91 equals 1-13 added too much to describe what 13 represents, suffice to say 13=Chaos, Suffering, Death brought on by the Dragon (Satan); in Gnostic terms, a Purification.
The Harvest Moon in 2017 was on Oct 5; its called a Blood Moon; cute Blood Hound on the Play Station Jacket eh? Cute unless you were a Native of the America’s when the Conquistadores arrived with Blood Hounds fed only a diet of human flesh.
Stephen Paddock is a well known high stakes gambler; his brother Eric Paddock works for Crisis Mgt, the PR Firm used for the Pulse Nightclub which specializes in “Crisis Management and Strategic Communications”. Eric says “Of course Stephen did this all by himself…Steve IS a…” He corrects himself twice; odd? Stephen Paddock alive and well? Here is Stephen Paddock with his girlfriend at a Poker Tournament, in Atlantic City Oct 6 Almost as brazen as Hillary Clinton putting Pulse Nightclub Shooter Omar Matteen’s father Seddiq Matteen directly behind her in the front row at a Florida Rally “The Best place to keep big secrets is out in the open” Adolph Hitler
How dies a shell casing from the alleged suicide weapon get blood smudges on top of it? Impossible, and proof it was planted.
The Harvest Festival began Sept 29, the same day the 99th Military Medical Group held a “Mass Casualty Exercise”; Lt Col Jason Compton and Maj Charles Chesnut were among the military doctors on scene.
CRI (Israeli Counter Terrorism Training Schools) in Las Vegas is owned by Israeli Special Forces Doron Benbenisty (Cute name; Benben is the Pyramidion of the Great Pyramid in Egypt and on the $US ONE aka Perch of the Phoenix); CRI was on scene allegedly shooting people at ground level and from alternate locations in the Mandalay Bay Hotel as well as 6 other Hotels nearby.
Dr Avi Rivkind of the Hadassah Med Ctr in Jerusalem warned “Las Vegas should get ready for a Terror Attack” Good advice Avi, on the US $50 is a scene depicting the Hoover Dam collapsing; just NW of Las Vegas is the Mecury Nevada Test Site where the 1.4M Lb ANFO (Amonnium Nitrate + Diesel Fuel) “Divine Strake” has sat ready for 10 years to loft the Nuclear Fallout of 1000 Atomic Bomb Tests on residents of Las Vegas and into Lake Mead the water source of Los Angeles.
Queen’s Dragoon Guards “Jackals” traveled to a site 100 miles inland from Los Angeles for Military Exercises involving Civilian Pacification/PR in times of Crisis the
The Mandalay Hotel “Active Shooter Training” Sept 30. Security Guard Jesus Campos says he was shot at and hit by one of 200 rounds fired through the door to his hotel room before the event shooting even started. This story is contradicted by maintenance worker Stephen Smuck who saw the hail of bullets shot down the hallway; he says Mandalay Security arrived within 60 secs of the alleged gunshots. How is it the FBI arrived 70+ minutes later?
Stephen Paddock owned a Private Plane, Cirrus SR-20 N5343 until its current owner Volant LLC; Volant is a DOD Contractor in Roanoke VA and possible weapon running aircraft used in Operation Fast and Furious, (Fast and Furious Star Paul Walker killed by Predator Drone firing a Hellfire Missile) arming of the Sinaloa Drug Cartels. Apparently, the FAA lists the Aircraft as Airworthy but unflown in 3+ Years yet mixes up the tail number with a C-152 from San Diego. Coincidence? Sure thing, just like the B-767-200 flown as American Airlines Flt #11 on Sept 11, 2001 being listed for sale in 2004 with the exact same avionics suite, ID Number and Tail Number.
Wrong Dates Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas Police Chief and the FBI claimed Stephen Paddock checked in Sept 28th; Mandalay Room Service attendant Hernandez Antonio claims he served Paddock and another person on Sept 27th
One Cop is texting, another is talking on his cellphone; the Keystone Cops are hiding behind the cruiser aiming in all directions. Sure thing, just like Welcome to the Hotel California playing on continuous loop on the Port Au Prince Radio during the 7.0 Haitain Earthquake; the song is about Satanic Initiation. Melania Trump (nee Martin Knavs) wore a FLOTUS Hat in Corpus Christi after Hurricane Harvey; “Foat Us Jesus?” Come on people were being punked.
Boris Johnson smirks and mumbles lines from the Rudyard Kipling poem “Road to Mandalay” in the Myanmar Shvedagon Pagoda Buddhist Temple on Sept 30, roughly 12 hours before the shooting began (Myanmar is 12 hours ahead). Road to Mandalay (Kipling Ooem and HOllywood movie with Lon Cheney) is about British Colonialism in Burma; British=B’Rith=Birthright Covenant; ie the Covenant of the 1st Born Cain, Canaan, Ishmael and Esau. Esau Colonizes the entire Earth and assumes “Dominion” (Gen 27:39-41 KJV) Boris Johnson was filming a Documentary entitled “Boris Johnson: Blond Ambition”; Boris=God Like; Johnson, son of John “Johnitters” are Knights” of Malta; Johnson is slang for Penis or Baal’s Shaft. Recall Comet Borisov passed from the Loins of Leo to the Womb of Virgo on Saturnalia 2016, as Jupiter entered and remained there 9 months, exiting on Sept 23, 2017 to form the Rev 12:1 Sign. Johnson’s assistant tells him “Not appropriate”; seeing him mumbling “Road to Mandalay”; considering Las Vegas would happen the next day at the Mandalay Hotel, that’s a dead giveaway this was pre-planned and known about; couple this with the MGM CEO dumping $Millions in Mandalay Stock and it’s about as obvious as it can get. Boris means “God Like”.
Crisis Actors A 4 Chan user named “John” posted a warning “Stay away from gatherings in Las Vegas” on 9/11/2017
A woman Crisis Actor ran through the Rte 91 Harvest crowd yelling “You’re all going to die”
Ads for Crisis Actors for Events in Las Vegas; like the 91 Harvest Festival.
ISIS released video promising Lone Wolf attacks on Las Vegas. The exact words used by the Las Vegas Police Chief to describe the shooter as “Lone Wolf”
Crowds on Demand a Beverly Hills company took out Craigslist ads for Actors in Las Vegas on May 17, 2017 for the very near future.
GoFundMe account ($10Million as of Oct 12) was set up immdiately afterward by Sheriff Lombardo and Clark County Commission Chair Steve Sisolak; same exact thing happened at Sandy Hoax only Mormon Robbie Parker had the audacity to set his up before the event and Obama even had the audacity to have her on his lap at the White House.
Wayne Allyn Root, fake Jew turned Evangelical Christian, Nevada political talking head, radio personality, Tea Party darling says “Shots fired at Tropicana, Belaggio, New York New York, Stratosphere, Luxor and Hooters; This is the real thing; Muslim Terror” Root is full of Bull Shit
Mary McCord, Jesuit educated Georgetown Law Professor calling for Domestic Terrorism Legislation all over the Network News.
No Proof “Corpus Delicti” How about a little proof? Where are pictures of victim’s blood, the wounds, or audio of the screams of the wounded? How about pictures of 1000 high caliber shell casings in the hotel room?
Mandalay Bay had “Active Shooter Training” in progress Sept 30 12AM. 13 is the number of Rebellion to God; the dead patsy has no 13 Tatoo on his neck, Stephen Paddock apparently does. Add up the numbers 1 to 13 and you get 91. Pretty coincidental eh?
Craigslist ads for Crisis Actors sprang up before the $500M Staged Mayweather-McGregor Bout Crisis Acting at the 91 Harvest Festival did as well
Attack Helicopter photographed with Muzzle Flashes; Multiple Shooters? or Blanks? Muzzle Flashes seen from 4th and 8th Floor of the Mandalay Hotel; police scanner audio indicates multiple shooters and a man in fatigues, black shirt, black bag driving off in a White RV from Motel 6? This same tactuc was used by Craft Int’l Mercenaries at Boston Marathon and San Bernadino False Flags. Listen to the 8 minute Police Scanner, specifically 2:20 and 4:00 You be the judge. Before this becomes anything but a Staged Hoax “Corpus Delicti”.
Bump Stock Stephen Paddock acquires or converts Illegal Automatic Weapons, Tri-pods and a variety of ammunition; 23 weapons in his 2 room suite with Tri-pods and 100 round clips. 100 Lbs of Tannerite explosives and 1600 rounds were allegedly found in his car. Tannerite is a patented Target Explosive used in the Hollywood movie industry for cinematic effects.
How about elevator camera footage of him carrrying all these weapons to his room? Ah, yes the ole Freight Elevator has no cameras.
How about hallway video of Paddock setting his own video survelllance? Seems to me either bullets went down the hall or across the hall but not both. I’d give Hotel Security about 10 minutes to figure out Paddock was setting up cameras.
Where are the 1000+ shell high caliber casings?
18 weapons, explosives, and thousands of rounds were allegedly found at his home. So, how did Stephen Paddock acquire these 41 weapons? How did Paddock get 23 weapons, tripods and several dozen large capacity ammunition clips into the Mandalay Hotel and hide it in his room for 5 days from Maids and Hotel staff? He didn’t; the event is as unbelievable as Sandy Hook. Paddock is either part of the Hoax or a Patsy.
Shooting from 32nd floor (32nd level is highest in Masonry); Lone Wolf; ISIS assumes responsibility; GoFundMe account set up just afterward by the Chief of Police and Clark County Commission Chair? This event doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.
Occult Communication
First the the name Stephen Paddock. Stephen means Martyr and Crown named after the first Christian Martyr Stephen. Paddock comes from Pad=Frog; Paddock means Enclosed Space ie Sheep Pen. Jesus refers to Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet as the “Hidden Frogs” (Rev 16:13). Mandalay is derived from Mandala, a Geometric Microcosm of the Universe. Mandalas are used to create a “Sacred Space”, to Focus Attention or Create a Trance. Las Vegas is Spanish for “The Meadows”; Sin City? Allah is the Arab Moon God “Sin”. Vega is Alpha Lyra; known as the Harp of King David, King Arthur’s Harp (Arthur is Arcturas guiding the Big Dipper into the Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age of Saturn) and Manger of the Infant Saviour. This Saviour is not Jesus but Jupiter the Son of Saturn born of the Black Virgin “Isis”.
Now, lets look at Rte 91 Harvest Festival. The 3 day festival began on Kol Nidre “All Vows”, the day Israel and “Foreigners” in their Synagogues are forgiven of Vows and Sins they plan to commit during the coming year. 91 comes from the Gnostic Book of Enoch which lists a year as 364 days/4=91; “The Christ exhalted above 90 Angels”=91; the sum of numbers 1-13=91; 13 the number of Rebellion to God. So, is Sin City Harvest making more sense? Seth’s Enoch was taken to Heaven at 365 Years old; Cain built a City east of Eden eldest son Enoch built a city with his name . There are 4 faces of the El Castillo Pyramid at Chichen Itza, each having 91 steps for 364, leading to the Temple atop and the Rattle Snake Altar; the Feathered Serpent (Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, Virachocha) descends the 91 Steps on Spring and Fall Equinox.
Eagle=Arab Saturn Las Vegas; Vega comes from Arab “Waqi”, meaning “Falling or Landing”; Arabs call Vega the Eagle or Vulture, thus “Falling Eagle”. The Eagle is the Assyrian god Nisroch aka Saturn/Satan (2 Ki 19:37) Jesus warns “For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagle’s be gathered together” Mat 24:28 The Eagle as the symbol of God leading Israel was adopted by Esau “Though thou exalt thyself as the eagle…I will bring thee down, saith the LORD” Obadiah 4 Ready for Edomite Dominion? It’s coming.