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Rosicrucian Reformation

Rev Luis de Alcazar a Spanish Sephardic Crypto Jew and Jesuit stated “Revelation had already come to pass save the final 3 chapters”; this interpretation of Prophecy is called Preterism the biggest lie in history Preterism necessitates the belief God’s Wrath in Rev 16 is complete; utter nonsense; Nobody in front of Jesus at the 2nd Coming will survive! Why? He returns with a vesture dipped in blood and a name called The Word of God; Private Interpretation of Prophecy or alteration of Scripture from Texts Receptus such as New Bible versions if foolhardy.  In  “Investigation of the Hidden Sense of the Apocalypse”  in 1614 Alcazar writes “The Pope is the Antichrist; God should rain fire and brimstone from Heaven and sink Rome as he did Sodom and Gomorrah” Rosicrucian Martin Luther said the same. 1614 was the year Fama Fraternitatus was published; the Rosicrucian Manifesto Part 77 titled the Universal Reformation of Mankind.   The US Supreme Court ruled in 2012 “DNA alteration whether from mRNA or mDNA results in a Trans-human product with no rights under the law”; COVID 19 Gene Therapy is the the Reformation of Mankind into a Trans-human product with no Rights under the Law nor in Heaven. God made man in His own image and likeness; altering human DNA creates a Beast with no personal Name in the Lamb’s Book of Life; specifically the 4th Beast “Death” which is why Hell follows this Horse. From its Rosicrucian-Sephardic-Jesuit inception, Preterism is the world’s most dangerous lie. 
John Henten “Hentenius” (1499-1566) a Belgian Dominican and Inquisitor wrote his own version of the Latin Vulgate “Hentenian Bible” aka Leuven Vulgate; in 1545 he wrote “John the apostle and evangelist theologian exiled on Patmos by Nero at the time he killed Peter and Paul wrote the Apocalypse before the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 ad. Chapters 6-11 in Revelation  refer to the abrogation of Judaism; 12-19 to the destruction of Roman paganism.”   Don’t make that mistake! To believe that God’s Wrath and Armageddon has already happened; read of any wars filling the Valley of Slaughter to horse bridles with blood? Me either. Henry Hammond (1605-1666) in Holland came to be called “Father of English Bible Criticism” paraphrasing and annotating all the books in the New Testament and re-writing Revelation from a Preterist perspective. E B Elliot (1793-1875) wrote Horae Apolyptcae (House of Apocalypse) considered the standard interpretation of Preterists like Charles Spurgeon.  Moses Stuart (1780-1852) is considered the Father of American Preterism; trained at the  Andover-Newton Seminary; Newton was a Rosicrucian, 33 deg Freemason regarded as the last of the Alchemists; Gravity is a lie of unimaginable proportion replacing God with the “God of Forces” (Dan 11:38), a mythical force giving Mass to Matter and Order to the Universe; all un-scientific nonsense. Yale is the  home of the Skull & Bones Society; the Yale Divinity School trained mass murderer Mao Tse Tung for example. Preterist preachers like Charles Spurgeon, RC Sproul, J Stuart Russell, Hal Lindsey, Dave Hunt, John MacArthur, Chuck Baldwin have poisoned the well for millions. Read and Trust Scripture and Prophecy as it was written! The Authorized Bible (KJV) is the only bible translated from texts proven to be Inspired by God and the only bible not subject to Copyright. Simple eh?

Sardis “Those who Escaped” “Thou has a name that thou livest, and art dead” Rev 3:1 Question: Did we really Escape? Jesus was rejected and Crucified Passover 27 ad; the 7 Church Warnings in Rev 2-3 were written by John the Evangelist in 96 ad, delivered via the Holy Ghost and accurately prophesied the Reformation “Sardis”; Rev 3:1-6), Zionism “Philadelphia”; Rev 3:7-12) and the Luke Warm era “Laodicea” Rev 3:14-22. The Reformers had access to Scripture and planned the the Reformation, rise of Zionism, and the Science, Media/Entertainment based New Age accordingly. The Reformation was never meant to Reform the Christian Church, it was meant to Divide in order to Conquer; Laodicea is the prelude to the Golden Age of Saturn.

Merovingian Franks (450-741) were Germanic Pagans “Marranos” who made false conversions to Christianity; Merovingians claimed ancestry from Jesus and Mary Magdalene popularized in the Holy Grail myths; their Monasteries later became Benedictine/Franciscan/Cistercian Monasteries used by the Knights Templar, the same Money Changers Jesus turned the tables on before His rejection. Benedictine Monk, Pope, Saint Gregory the Great was the first Monk to become Pope. Scripture does not contain the words Monk, Monastery, Nun, Convent, Missionary because they are not of God. Paulicians, Johnitters, Waldensians, Albigensians, Bogomils, Begards, Lolards, Dolcinists, Cathars were all Gnostics impersonating God’s people as Simon Magus once did.

From 1305 to 1378 the papal curia was at Avignon and the cardinals were nearly all Frenchmen; All human and divine law was entrusted to the Pope alone: whoever resisted his power, resisted the ordinance of God. “Popes, Cardinals, and officials of the Chancery appointed bishops, collected taxes, and decreed excommunications in association with princes; bankers and clergy weighing and reckoning money as the Pharisees did. Charitable covers for raking in illicit funds multiplied. Sees were left vacant or filled in ways that furthered the increase of gross curial muscle and wealth. Legal cases were painfully delayed so as to milk more loot from long-suffering plaintiffs and defendants.

Knights Templar (Gnostic International Military-Bankers), a continuation of Norman Bankers who kept accounts in the Domesday Book under William the Conqueror, were disbanded over Usury and were welcomed by the Celtic Church of Scotland who formed the Order of the Rosy Cross “Rosicrucians”. Tartan means Canaanite/Phoenican Cloth, a means of identifying Pagan Scottish Klans; Tartan was the Assyrian Army Commander in Sargon II day (ca 700bc); today central to the Presbyterian Church. Kirkin O’ Tartan on April 6 celebrates the capture and replacement of Israel through a treasonous pact with Ephraim; most Mormons falsely claim descent from Ephraim. Knights became part of the Scottish Government as the appointed Royal Bodyguard; today called the Vatican Swiss Guard. Chaldeans impersonating Christians “Marranos” and Jews “Cryptos” are called Culdees eg Robber Barons like Rockefellers, JP Morgan, Andrew Carnegie. Culdee John Wycliffe is called the  “Morning Star of the Reformation”; Jesus is the real Morning Star; Lucifer is the fake Morning Star. Ancient Order of the Culdees of Iona: Culdee means “Chaldea”; Chaldeans pronounce the word Chaldee as Kaldee or Culdee; the Assyrian, Greek, Coptic, Russian Orthodox Churches are all of Chaldean Origin as is the Six Pointed Star in Israel today. Chaldeans originated with Abram’s nephew Chesed (Gen 22:22) seen in Chasidic and Chabad Lubavitch Jewry today.

In Prague Jan Hus took up Culdee religion; Communion  “Eucharist” being given to the Laity as Trans-substantiated bread and wine (Roman Catholics, and Lutherans claim this today); the chalice became the symbol of the Hussite Revolution; the real Communion is SPIRITUAL. Unitas Fratrum (Unity of Brethren) is the Moravian Church or Bohemian Church (Bohemian is similar to Gypsy “One who lives outside norms of society”); Egypt the wellspring of Osiris (Saturn) religion was named by Greeks Aegyptios; Bohemianism is the oldest of all Protestant churches, seen today in Bohemian Grove Prague became a Mecca for those interested in esoteric and scientific studies from all over Europe attracting men like John “007” Dee (.007 is 1/137 the odds an atom will absorb a Photon aka Fine Structure Constant; Science and Kabbalah are enmeshed over solving the mystery of 137) QEII Court Astrologer, Edward Kelly, Giordano Bruno and Johannes Kepler (Planetary Orbits). Luther and Calvin, a Jew “Cohen” were influenced and financed by Jews 

The Rosicrucian Rose represents the Tribes of Israel; Martin Luther used the Rose to initiate the Reformation on All Hallows Eve 1517; in 1590 M le Loyer wrote “The Lost 10 Tribes”; in 1840 John Wilson published “Our Israelitish Origin” proposing the British and American origin in tribes of Israel Joseph-Ephraim-Manasseh; the Mormon Church echoed the myth. The Bible Revision Committee of 1881-85 and Zionist Congress 1897 furthered Zionist religion leading to the founding of Israel Arthur Koestler wrote The Thirteenth Tribe in 1976 furthering the British-American-Israelism hypothesis and Hebrew Roots Movement and websites like continue the Lie. If you believe Israel is God’s gathering of His people to the Promised Land, you are wrong and can thank Rosicrucians like Martin Luther.  British means “B’Rith” or “Covenant Men” of Birthright; that being notably Cain and Esau. Esau’s grandson Amalek is at war with God from generation to generation (Ex 17:16) and Esau will with 100% certainty obtain worldwide “Dominion” (Gen 27:39-41KJV.

Martin Luther

Luther was a Rosicrucian, a Black Cloistered Augustinian monk of Strict Observance “Order of Strict Observance” was formed in 1751 by German Freemason/Rosicrucian Baron von Hund. Luther was trained in a German monastery, appointed in accordance with the “Rule of Saint Augustine”. St Augustine was no Saint, he is the Phoenician (Canaanite) trained father of Zionism, whose goal is to re-create a Utopia called “New Atlantis” founded on teachings of Plato.  Luther was later released from his Vows, but God holds everyone accountable for Oaths and Vows; this is why James admonished every Christian above all else to “Swear Not” “Strict Observance” is the 33rd Sovereign degree in Freemasonry Luther’s personal seal was the Rosicrucian Rose symbolizing the lost tribes of Israel. The 13th Tribe by Arthur Koestler and Brit-Am-Israel promote the “Lost Tribes” doctrine; it’s all based on myth; I suggest letting Jesus figure that out. If you believe Israel is God’s gathering of His people to the Promised Land, you are wrong and can thank Martin Luther.

Martin Luther (Mars + People’s Army) eg Martinists in France instigates the French Revolution mush as Jacobins and Jacobites. Mars is the UNKNOWN GOD of the Areopagus (Hill of Ares/ Mars’ Hill in Athens; Acts 17:23) MLK is Malik “King” aka Molech aka Baal “Owner, Master, Lord” or Edomite Qos=Bow=Poison; in this case “Lies” One of Jesus’ titles is Shiloh “Owner, Master, Lord of the House”; physically the Earth, SPIRITUALLY Heaven as He sits at the right hand of the Father (SPIRIT of God) and serves as the “Mediator” Everyone on Earth no matter their religion or beliefs will one day stand before JESUS (Mat 1:25KJV) aka JAH (Ps 68:4KJV) aka JEHOVAH (Ex 6:3) The problem with Religion is Molech replaces Jesus; every religion on Earth denies JESUS as “KING OF KINGS, LORD OF LORDS” (Rev 19:7) and expects a Human Messiah to become “King of the world”; the first was Sargon the Great  (Legitimate King) shortly after the Flood; the 2nd was Sargon II who replaced the northern tribes of Israel with Canaanites, Babylonians, Medeans (2 Ki 17:30); British-Israelism the resultant lie began in 1590 with the book The Lost 10 Tribes by M le Loyer and was later plagiarized and marketed by John Wilson “Our Israelitish Origin” in 1840, The Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler in 1976  and Brit-Am-Israel sites like Hebrew Nations which use the same Luther Rose Logo. The goal for a Human Messiah aka Sargon III to assume the Throne of David aka Satan’s Seat (Rev 2:13).  Rosicrucian Martin Luther for example was a Black Cloistered Saturnian Monk who initiated the Reformation on All Hallows Eve aka Day of the Dead. Bari Malik Shabazz aka Nation of Islam figurehead Malcom X (Molech + Chi=Messiah) is Obama’s (Zoroastrian Farsi “He is with us”) illegitimate father; the name means Solar Barque + King + Royal Falcon=Horus, the son of Osiris (Saturn, “Green One” aka Pale Horse “Death”. Nation of Islam has nothing to do with Islam, it is Saturnian religion of the Horites whose home was the Eagle’s Nest just as Edomites who married into Horites; Amalek a grandson of Esau the progenitor of Amalekites who are at “war with God from generation to generation” (Ex 17:16)

Wars of the Roses between the Houses of York and Lancaster with each side represented by a rose; York by a white rose, and Lancaster by a red rose. At the end of the Civil Wars Henry Tudor became king; the Zohar claims the Roses Israel; a lie. Henceforth the red and white petal ‘Tudor Rose’ became the symbol of the English monarchs and therefore of England itself. It still is an official symbol of Britain. The Tudor Rose has ten petals whereas the ‘Rose of Israel’ described in the Zohar has thirteen but then England being dominated by the tribe of Ephraim represents only ten out of the original thirteen Israelite Tribes.” British=Birthright Covenant; Britain is Edomite not Ephraimite; Ephraim assumed the name Israel after a treasonous pact was made with Tartan, the Assyrian Army Commander. Luther’s Rose was actually a symbol of the Phoenician god Astaroth “Guardian of Hell” Luther’s seal appeared a century later on a Rosicrucian Manifesto, The Chemical Wedding of  Christian Rosenkreutz  German Pietist adepts were called Perfecti, as were Gnostic Cathars. Rosicrucians, again under the monicker RC Christian commissioned the Georgia Guide Stones 3/22/80 (Society 322 is the Germanic Brotherhood of Death) calling for the extermination of all but 500M people from Earth; Universal Health Care was Unconstitutionally signed into law on 3/22/10 at 3:22UTC; Rosicrucianism is indeed alive and well. “Christian Rosencreutz” is really just an allegorical tale about the Protestant Reformation.  There is a connection with the Cathars, Bogomils and the Manichaeans, or followers of Mani. Luther and the de Medici Bankers collaborated to “precipitate a schism” in the Roman Catholic Church.

Noah’s Flood The 5th Lateran Council in 1517 by Giovanni Lorenzo de Medici (Pope Leo X) adopted the Gnostic concept “Indestructibility of the Soul” as Catholic Dogma; Lateran means “Hidden Frogs” the unclean spirits of Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 16:13; 12:9) the Mother of all Religions is the Jesuit HQ at St John Lateran Archbasilica; Sede vacante (Vacant Seat) will be filled by the False Prophet; a theology called Chiliasm with endeavors to sit a man descended of King David on King David’s Throne (Satan’s Seat Rev 2:13) in a rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem. On October 31 (Druid Samheim “All Hallow’s Eve” = Reformation Day) Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to door of Wittenberg Chapel right on schedule written originally by the Essenes in 11Q13 “Prince Melchsiedek Scroll” stating “After 10 Jubilees Prince Melchisedek shall return”; 2017-18 was  the 10th Jubilee. Oct 31 “All Hallow’s Eve” is considered the date Noah’s Flood began on the 17th day of the 2nd month (Heshvan) at the end of October or beginning of November on the Gregorian calendar. This date falls precisely on All Hallow’s Eve which is the pagan celebration of the “Day of the Dead.” Halloween is the counterpart of the Druidic Feast of Samhain, which was held in honor of the “Lord of the Dead” (Satan) and ushered in the Druidic New Year. Halloween and the two days which follow, the Feasts of All Saints and All Souls, are ancient commemorations of Gen 6 “Giants” which God destroyed with the Flood.

Giovanni de Medici son of Lorenzo the Magnificent was tonsured and ordained a priest at age 7, a Bishop at 13 and made Pope at 37. St. Peter’s Basilica, full of priceless treasures was demolished to make way for the new St Peters largely built on the sale of indulgences. St Peter was never in Rome nor was there any Apostolic succession to Pope Constantine the Great; it’s truly a religion built on sand with the audience hall built as a Viper. The Reformation effected a marriage of Rosicrucianism and Protestantism. Perhaps the most identifiable relic of Martin Luther is the Christmas Tree, a Covenant with the Canaanite god Baal-berith 


Ignatius Loyola was a Marrano Jew of Spain who with Francis Xavier founded the Jesuit Order; Jesuits are the Militia of Zeus (Jupiter, Tammuz, Horus) and Society of Gesu “Earth Pig”. Sephardic Jews are a misnomer; Marranos of Spain are Sepharvaim, Babylonians, Canaanites, Medeans who replaced Israel (2 Ki 17:30)  False converts to Christianity called “Cryptos” Chaldean-Saturnian “Jews” following the Talmud and the Kabbala. Jesuits are an Oath based secret society with an elaborate spy system, so that no one in the order was safe. If there was any opposition, death would come swiftly. The Jesuit order not only became a destructive arm of the Roman Catholic Church; it also developed into a secret intelligence service.  Jesuits have been forcibly ejected from most every nation on Earth. Ignatius of Loyola was trained at the University of Paris 18 years before John Calvin (nee Cauvin, Cohen)The first Jesuit Oaths were taken on the crypt of St Denis (Dionysus=Green Man=Osiris=Saturn/Satan) Cathedral on the Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1534 Jesuit Athanasius Kircher whose vast work on Hermetic Egyptology was published in 1652 and who constantly cites with profound reverence the supposed ancient Egyptian priest, Hermes Trismegestus; Kircher invented  Germ Theory a lie which governs the Vaccine, Drug  driven Medical Industry today.

Preterism was introduced to Protestant Churches by Sephardic Crypto Jew, Marrano Jesuit Luis Alcazar (1554-1613) The belief that all prophecy was fulfilled in 70 ad rejects Revelation (written 96ad via the Holy Ghost) and most  prophecies in Daniel. Preterist Theology is Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost, the only Unforgivable Sin. Preterism is a deadly cancer in most all Protestant Churches promoted by men like RC Sproul and Chuck Baldwin


John Calvin

John Calvin and John Knox, were descendants of Sephardic Jews. Calvin’s  followers were Huguenots (Confederate=Against God); Knox founded the Presbyterian Church which used Tartan “Canaanite Cloth” to secretly identify compatriots of Ephraim “Israel” the tribe which made a treasonous pact with the Assyrian Army Commander “Tartan” 2 Ki 18:17.; April 6 is Tartan Day; Kirkin O’ Tartan means “Church of Tartan”  Calvin’s only written testimony was not of his conversion to Jesus Christ but to King David. Calvin never gave a testimony of the new birth; rather he identified with his Catholic infant baptism. Circumcision was a kind of badge to the Jews having little to do with biblical circumcision and more to do with genital mutilation, similar to being initiated by baptism in Christian religions; again this has little to do with a real Baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Baptism substituted for Circumcision, and performs the same function; Nothing! Titus warned Circumcizers were especially adept at deception “For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, specially they of the circumcision” Titus 1:10  “Circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God” Rom 2:25-29 describes the misconceptions of Genital Circumcision aka Genital Mutilation, prevalent in Calvinist-Protestant Churches, Islam and Judaism. Mohels in Judaism perform ritual Circumcision Brit Milah derived from Gen 17:10-14. In Islam ‘Five are the acts quite akin to fitrah: Circumcision, shaving the pubic hair, cutting the nails, plucking the hair under the armpits and clipping (or shaving) the moustache. The practice today removes the entire Prepuce and is far more invasive than Old Testament Circumcision; there is big business in selling Prepuce (Foreskin)., I Paul say unto you, that if ye be circumcised, Christ shall profit you nothing” Gal 5:2

Calvinism’s T.U.L.I.P. was derived from Gnostic Judaism. Total Depravity Unconditional Election Limited Atonement Irresistible Grace Perseverance of the Saints Jesus said “I stand at the door and knock…” We are not Depraved and need to open that door! This is the Condition required for Salvation for anyone and everyone on Earth, acceptance of Jesus’ shed blood atones for everyone’s sins. Saints? Everybody is a Sinner; time to discard Calvin’s BS! The word Cathar comes from the Greek ‘pure’ as does Puritan. Calvinist Puritans were not followers of Jesus! Albigenses are derived from Albi, a town of the Languedoc (Langue=Language of Oc=Occular=Sight=Illumination of Lucifer); Language of Occcitane is also called Language of Yes (Oui) which in Reverse Speech is I  Love You Satan; Green Language is the secret language of Green Man aka Osiris/Saturn or Arab Al Khidr; Bird Language (Ouissex) is Augury, foretelling the future from Priest Augurs.

John Calvin’s exegis originated with unbelieving Rabbis who misapplied them to David or Solomon.The Judaizing Calvin: Sixteenth-Century Debates over the Messianic Psalms. Calvin and Luther were ecumenists who prayed for the restoration and unity of the Catholic (Universal) Church.”  (Harold E. Fey, History of the Ecumenical Movement, Vol. II, p. 123) It is no coincidence the Temple Mount is controlled by the Vatican, a decree issued by Israel PM Shimon Peres (fake Jew Shimon Perski); the future Temple is considered a “House of Prayer for all Religions” Calvin enforced the Old Testament Law in Geneva, Switzerland. “Calvin was vicious toward his enemies, acting more like a devouring wolf than a harmless sheep. He hated the Anabaptists and called them ‘henchmen of Satan.’ Four men who disagreed with him on who should be admitted to the Lord’s Supper were beheaded, quartered, and their body parts hung in strategic locations in Geneva as a warning to others. He burned Michael Servetus for rejecting infant baptism. Calvin wrote about Servetus, ‘One should not be content with simply killing such people, but should burn them cruelly.” Calvin’s  Institutes led to the charge of Arianism and his execution of Servetus launched the Unitarian movement. Unitarians (Monotheism) exists today in Christianity, popular among Witches, and in Islam with Alawites (eg Bashar al Assad. Calvinism is of Jewish origin. It was deliberately conceived to split the adherents of the Christian religions and divide the people. Calvin’s real name was Cohen. When he went from Geneva to France to start preaching his doctrine he became known as Cauin. Then in England it became Calvin. History proves that there is hardly a revolutionary plot that wasn’t hatched in Switzerland; there is hardly a Jewish revolutionary leader who hasn’t changed his name. B’nai B’rith celebrations held in Paris, France, in 1936 Cohen, Cauvin, or Calvin was enthusiastically acclaimed to have been of Jewish descent. “As long as there remains among the Gentiles any moral conception of the social order, faith, patriotism, and dignity and until are uprooted, our reign over the world shall not come…And the Gentiles, in their stupidity, have proved easier dupes than we expected them to be. One would expect more intelligence and more practical common sense, but they are no better than a herd of sheep. One of the many triumphs of our Freemasonry is that those Gentiles who become members of our Lodges, should never suspect that we are using them to build their own jails, upon whose terraces we shall erect the throne of our Universal King” (The Universal King is Satan, aka Hashem aka Prince Melchisedek, the Alternative/Anti Christ )‘We are the Fathers of all Revolutions and creators of the REFORMATION. Calvin was one of our Children; he was of Jewish descent, and was entrusted by Jewish authority and encouraged with Jewish finance to draft his scheme in the Reformation which was to convince Christians it was alright to charge usury and other damnable heresies which are in violation of God’s Laws. Most of the Press in the world is under our Control  “Let us remember always that the future Jewish King will never reign in the world before Christianity is overthrown”-B’Nai B’Rith

The Jesuit-Zionist-Masonic plan for 3 World Wars calls for WWIII to pit Zionism against Islam with Atheism and Christianity eradicated simultaneously by unleashing Nihilists with no moral compass; Science does this rather well. The Jewish Messiah Hashem is the same  Islamic Messiah al Mahdi; Shariah Law is the same as Noahide Law.


Scottish reformers were Sephardic Jews who migrated from Spain. Scots “Scotti” were a mix of Scythian-Egyptian; Scotti and Picts (Black Magicians of Ireland) are identified by Tartan (Phoenician-Canaanite Cloth); Tartan being the Assyrian Army Commander under Sargon II (2 Ki 18:37). Babylonians, Medeans and Canaanites control Israel today as they have for 2700 years.  Kirkin O’ Tartan “Church of Tartan” is the Presbyterian Church originated by John Calvin’s disciple John Knox, a Reform type of Judaism called Presbyterianism. The Protestant Reformation was a Judaizing movement; a Reformation, beyond being a movement against Catholicism, but rather a movement toward Judaism. John Knox’s mother was a Sinclair “Knox assumed name John Sinclair with William Cecil, Elizabeth’s chief adviser, for secret negotiations, but he was forced to return to Scotland when he was recognized.” (Mason Shefa, Presbyterianism, pp. 61, 71) John Knox married a Stuart “In 1564 Knox remarried at the age of 50 to Margaret Stewart, age 17, a member of the royal Stewart family.” (When Scotland Was Jewish, p. 203) Like John Calvin, there is no record of John Knox’s conversion to Jesus Christ.  Knox fled to Europe, first to Frankfurt, Germany, and then on to Geneva, Switzerland, where he joined forces with John Calvin and also assisted in the translation of the Bible from Latin to English, resulting in the Geneva Bible. It was also in Geneva that Knox wrote the tract ‘Faithful Admonition’ (1554) which advocated the violent overthrow of “godless rulers” by the populace. The bible is clear that we are to serve those who rule over us, not foment Revolutions to overthrow them. 

“In 1577, several Protestant Scottish noblemen, including James Stewart  signed a covenant declaring Protestantism the national religion of Scotland. Knox had been in correspondence with them and returned to Scotland at their request in May 1559. With Knox’s leadership, the Scottish Parliament declared itself a Protestant nation and adopted the ‘Scots Confession’; Catholicism was banned from Scotland. “In 1560, a general assembly was held to assist the reformation of the Scottish church. By 1561, the ‘Book of Discipline’ was adopted by the Scottish Parliament, placing Calvinist Presbyterian structure at the center of church governance. In this treatise, Knox outlined a system of education and welfare covering the entire Scottish population that was to be financed by the sale of former Catholic properties. Knox advocated that “God should send a Jehu to slay Mary Stuart”

Knox urged the adoption of Mosaic law as the governing rule of Scotland. Galatians 5:18  “But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law.” Under it, ‘certain crimes [including] murder, blasphemy, adultery, perjury and idolatry’ would be punishable by death.  Noahide Law requires Blasphemy of Jesus Christ under the law of Idolatry; this is the Unforgivable Sin.  Knox envisioned Scottish Society as building on Earth a mirror of that in Heaven; “As Above’ So Below” is an ancient concept written in the Emerald Tablet of Toth, and later adopted by Canaanite trained St. Augustine in “City of God” which Knox emulated.  In Knox’s view, Scotland was “A new Israel” dedicated to upholding Old Testament Law.

In 1656 the Scottish Parliament institutionalized Sabbatarianism, ‘forbidding anyone to frequent taverns, dance, hear profane music, wash, brew ale or bake bread, profanely walk or travel or do any other worldly business’ on the Sabbath, essentially a National Jewish Mitzvoth regarding the keeping of the Sabbath.  Knox developed very detailed guidelines for the religious training of ministers; Trainee ministers would study theology, Hebrew, mathematics, Physics, economics, ethics and moral philosophy, a curriculum patterned on Islamic Law (Shariah) and Jewish Law (Noahide Laws)  Knox married Marjorie Bowes (Bovée is French Jewish), and named their two children Nathaniel and Eleazer.  In 1564 Knox remarried at the age of 50 to Margaret Stewart, age 17, a member of the royal Stewart family claiming Davidic descent. Antichrist will claim Davidic descent and sit on Satan’s Seat in the Jerusalem Temple

In 1620 the Declaration of Arbroath proclaimed Scottish Independence, signed by the Sinclairs. John Knox’s mother was a Sinclair. Rosslyn Chapel wasn’t touched when Knox’s Presbyterian mob was destroying statues and burning churches throughout Scotland. Rosslyn Chapel built by the Sinclair Family before the Reformation houses a statue of the fallen angel Lucifer,  Green Man (Dionysus, Bacchus), Islamic and Judaic symbols. Knox benefitted from ethnic cleansing of Highlanders; If people with Highland descent knew the  truth they would demand a formal apology of the Presbyterian church.

John Wesley 

Methodism sprang from Anglican clergyman John Wesley, influenced by the Hussite followers of John Hus and the Moravian Church in the mid 1700’s.   The Arminian Heresy “Free Will in Spiritual Matters” found safe harbor in Methodism. Wesley was influenced by Moravian Missionaries to America; after reading Luther’s preface to Romans he “felt strangely warm during the storm, needing to trust Christ alone for Salvation”.  Ecumenicism promotes “Unity among Christians”; Christ is an ambiguous term meaning “Messiah”; the real Messiah is Jesus. Messianic Islam awaits “al-Mahdi”; Messianic Jews await HaShem as Melchisedek. I suggest using the correct Name Jesus!  Hindus await Krishna; Buddhists await Maitreya (World Teacher) and most of Christendom await the Rapture, a Jesuit inspired Satanic doctrine promoted by Anglican Minster John Nelson Darby and the Plymouth Brethren. Methodism does not  specifically teach Rapture Theology, it is rather vague; believing  the Inerrancy of Scripture is low among Methodists; a necessary teaching as the Church promotes liberal interpretations, women pastors, abortion and homosexual clergy and weddings. AME African Methodist Episcopal; Wesleyan Evangelical Protestants, Nazarene and Pentecostal Church of Nazarenes all sprang from John Wesley or rather the Rosicrucians.


Rosicrucians infiltrated the Protestant Reformation and labeled their movement “Evangelical” The legend of Christian Rosencreutz in the Rosicrucian Manifesto of 1614 originated with the Cathar Militae Evangelicae in 1089. Militia Crucifera Evangelica and Friends of the Cross both originate with Christian Rosencreutz as does the Georgia Guide Stones calling for the elimination of all but 500M people from Earth. Evangelical Rosicrucians are the Church of St John. John refers to Oannes the Chaldean Sea Beast called Dagan by the Philistines. Ever wonder why Catholic and Lutheran Priests wear the Mitre of Dagan? The Cathedral of St John the Divine in NYC represents the Deification of Man First stage Catholicism; Second Stage Protestantism; Third and Final Stage “Perfect religion of mankind”

 Fama Fraternitatis The alchemical medicine and healing of the Rosicrucians Christian Rosencreutz is illumination of a religious and spiritual nature, an alchemical philosophy, which has nothing to do with turning Lead into Gold making but Spiritual Transformation seen in the Great Reset, a bowel movement founded by Klaus Schwab (Swabi is the land of the Chaldean Priest-Kings “Sarmations”) and the World Economic Forum Great Reset

James I was against everything Magic He had disapproved of John Dee, Elizabeth I Court Astrologer and Father of Secret Ciphers “007”  refers to 1/137=.007 the Fine Structure Constant, Gematria of Kabbalah and “License to Kill”. The Jesuit  Gun Powder Plot was hatched to prevent the Authorized Bible from publication, the 7th Purified Word of God promised in Ps 12:6. Today we see the remnants in Anonymous and Q:Anononymous Q being Secret Agent James Bond’s gadget master the logo of the Great Reset and the Phoenician-Canaanite “Koph” aka Omega Point. Lutherans, Calvinists are suspected of being Jesuits. and for good reason. Today Jesuits are managing the Coronavirus Hoax Coronavirus means Crowned Serpent; it was after all the Serpent who convinced Cain to kill Abel.

The Rosicrucian movement includes different religious denominations.   Rosicrucian Robert Fludd was devout Anglican; Michael Maier, a devout Lutheran, as was Johannes (Chaldean Oannes) Valentinus (Valentinus the Palatine Gnostic Andreae and many of the other Rosicrucian writers whose philosophies started the 30 Years War Johann Amos (Amos 5:2;26; 7:2-3; 6-7 KJV is a good read) Komensky aka Comenius the younger brother of Johann Valentin Andreae was one of the Bohemian Brethren, the mystical branch of the oldest reformation tradition in Europe, that stemming from John Huss interested in uniting Lutherans and Calvinists. Rosicrucians planned another Reformation called Evangelical Christianity. We see the fruits in Bohemian Grove Evangelical Christians like GHW Bush and GW Bush turning the Middle East to ruins using the the 9/11/2001 False Flag 

Francis Bacon  aka Jesuit Toby Mathew or Shakespeare: Bacon refers to Jesuits “Society of Gesu” aka Earth Pig; Breakspear a Black Nobility family uses the Papal Tiara and Keys as their symbol; with the Lancelotti family the Spear of Destiny and King Arthur/Excalibur myths arise. Bacon published New Atlantis: A  Worke Unfinished a Utopia envisioned of an ideal religious and scientific society; Priest-scientists pursue researches in arts and sciences; It takes the form of an allegory, about the discovery by storm-tossed mariners of a new land, The New Atlantis; a reference to the Americas. Rosicrucian-Alchemist-33 deg Mason Isaac Newton worshipped the God of Forces (Dan 11:38) with “Gravity Theory”; the Apple falling from a Tree an allegory for Apollyon (Satan) falling from Heaven in Rev 9:11; Gravity, the mythical, unproven Force giving Mass to Matter and Order to the Universe is the Masonic G inside the Square and Compass now seen called the “God Particle”; about as Blasphemous as Science can get. Asked whether Coronavirus was  Hoax, Evangelical Christian Zionist Mike Pompeo only answered “Coronavirus is a Live Exercise designed to see how far people will go listening to Scientists” Newton, like all Gnostics (Canaanites) love naming things after themselves; the Pale Horse “Death” is described in Rev 6:8; F=MA 68 Kg X 9.8 KgXM/S2=666 Newtons of Force Aren’t Rosicrucians clever?

The religion of the New Atlantis is essentially a Rosicrucian manifesto.  Christian in spirit, without doctrine, interpretation of the Christian Spirit in terms of practical benevolence using Christian love and charity as its main inspiration Christian-Jewish mysticism as seen in Kabbalah .  Charity is the “Love of God”; one cannot love God and believe Him fallible; one cannot reject Jesus as God in Flesh (1 Jn 5:7KJV) and be part of the New Covenant.  The inhabitants of New Atlantis respect the Jews; they call their college after Solomon and see God in nature; the Rosicrucian Georgia Guide Stones call for slaughtering all but 500M people living in Harmony with Nature; about as Rosicrucian as it gets. 7 World Trade Center was called the Solomon Center for a reason!  Rosicrucians desire is a reconstruction of theology on the basis, not of God’s sovereignty, but of God’s holy love to all mankind, which he has made in his own image, and redeemed with the blood of his own son. Every age produces its own theology. No more a moving target like this than the Mormon Church, a Reformed Theology based on the Tribes of Dan (Prophets), Ephraim (White Sons of Israel) and Manesseh (Native Americans/Pacific Islanders); Mormons would do well to notice Ephraim and Dan are not listed among the “Saved” Tribes in Rev 7. Scripture warns “Solomon built his an house. Howbeit the Most High dwelleth not in Temples made with hands” Acts 7:48 Why? Satan dwells in man-made Temples not God; Mormons build Temples all over the world claiming to be the Restored Christian Church; don’t fall for the deception

Rosicrucians believe the Protestant Reformation and Catholic Counter-Reformation failed; a third reformation will find its strength in Evangelical Christianity with its emphasis on Brotherly Love, in the esoteric Hermetic-Cabalist tradition, and in an accompanying turning towards the works of God in nature in a scientific spirit of exploration, using science or magic, magical science or scientific magic, in the service of man. The Hermetic-Cabalist tradition is summed up “As Above; So Below”; man attempting to build Heaven on Earth; Masons refer to this as the solution to the 47th Problem of Euclid and symbolize this goal with the Compass set at 47 deg and the Square (90 deg); 47+90=137 the 33rd Prime Number; Gematria of Kabbalah; 1/137=.007 Rosicrucian Brotherly Love is that meant by Cain’s love of Abel and Esau’s love of Jacob. Evangelical Christianity is a Rosicrucian Death Cult. Nature’s God “Cernunnos” (Horned One) can be seen at CERN in its 666 logo; in Green Man (Bacchus, Dionysus) and the Pale (Chloro=Green) Horse “Death” 

Christian Unions and Christian Societies express the ideals in the Rosicrucian Manifestos, to engage in intellectual and scientific activities for the good of mankind. Sure thing; Science is the “Tongue of the Chaldeans” Dan 1:4KJV  and “Vain, profane babblings” (1 Tim 6:20KJV) This is why new bible versions omit Science.

Rosicrucians like John “007” Dee  imaged the Utopian City  Christianopolis built on the light of a purer religion. 


Puritan comes from the same root word as the heretical Cathars “Pure Ones” a Nicolaitane (Conquer + Laity) based elevated clergy. Cathar comes from the Greek “Pure” and Catharsis “Discharge of pent up emotion” “In 700 years the Laurel will grow green again” Cathar Prophecy. Norman Cathars got their revenge on Normandy Beach on D-Day 700 years after their Holocaust at Montsegur. Cathars believed that the world had been created by an evil being—that there were a series of spheres of being between God and the material world-that procreation was evil because it introduced another spark of the divine into matter.

Oliver Cromwell, the Puritan “Lord Protector” of England, Scotland and Ireland, was financed by Jewish Bankers; Manasseh Ben Israel, and other German and French money-lenders financed Cromwell. Fernandez Carvajal of Portugal, “The Great Jew”  became Cromwell’s Chief Military Contractor, providing soldiers with the best arms and equipment money could buy.; the US does this today with ISIS. The Jewish underground in England headed by De Souze was appointed Portuguese Ambassador, thus Sephardic (2 Ki 17:31 Babylonians, Cuthites, Canaanites, Medeans) fake Jews were protected by diplomatic immunity. Jewish underground then introduced Calvinism into England to split Church and State, and divide the people. 1666 was the target year for the Jewish Redemption and the return of their Messiah; a date originally false prophesied by Isaac Newton using “Private Interpretations” of Daniel. Manasseh ben Israel convinced Cromwell, readmission of the Jews into England was a necessary precursor to restoring Jews into Israel. King James advocated the death penalty for all witches;  under Cromwell, Parliament took control of the English monarchy and eliminated witch trials. 

Rosicrucians considered England to be the land chosen by Jehovah to be the scene of the restoration of all things, a commonwealth directed by the Invisible College, toward the Great Work, a mandate from Parliament to build Bacon’s New Atlantis in England. Great Work is clever; Work=Force X Time/Distance, thus the Rosicrucian “God of Forces” (Dan 11:38) “Lucifer” would later supply Infinite
Work over 13.7B years of Time and 13.7B Light-Years, the size and age of the Universe according to “Scientists” A bevy of  Rosicrucian-Jesuits followed proposing unbiblical theories which were regarded as “Laws” like Gravity, Evolution, Constant Light Speed, Dark Matter etc.


Cromwell essentially revived the Kabbalist-Rosicrucian Orders as Freemasonry The Rosicrucian Order essentially created the Esoteric Branch of Freemasonry, and only they knew the secret meaning of Masonic symbols. According to legend, the Rosicrucian Order was founded by Egyptian “Ormusse” or “Licht-Weise” who emigrated to Scotland with the name “Builders from the East”; resurrected by Oliver Cromwell as “Freemasonry”. Ormusse is the Society of Ormus (Serpent/Snake) East refers to the “Rising Sun”; this is why the Statue of Liberty and Angel Moroni face East.  Puritan John Webster brought Rosicrucianism into universities as the “Language of Nature” Phi the Ratio of Life seen throughout Nature originated as the Phoenician Qoph or Q seen in the Jesuit group Anonymous and Q: Anonymous today So secretive eh?

Rosicrucian poet, John Milton wrote Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained; Cromwell’s Foreign Secretary hid the Rosicrucian goal to re-create New Atlantis a return to LGBTQ Sins of the pre-Flood world seen today as the Rainbow Coalition. Rabbis began using the term Tikkun Olam “Repair the Earth” referring to returning to the Garden of Eden by building Heaven on Earth and killing everyone who disagrees with the “Great Work” The Golden Lion is an esoteric symbol used by the Evangelicals or Rosicrucians. Shamash the Babylonian Sun Lion can be seen all around Israel today and serves as the center candle of the Hanukkah Menorah Milton admits he wrote under direction of a medium/muse, a spirit who communicated with him as he slept; the same Witchcraft techniques used by Jospeh Smith to write the Book of Mormon and by Edgar Cayce the “Sleeping Prophet”

The Rosicrucian theme of Pantheism: God is everywhere, in all things, is all-knowing, all-loving is the All Seeing Eye on the $ONE; Coronavirus for example means “Crowned Serpent Venom” and was “Classified” a Pandemic meaning it affects “Pan=All + Deimos=People.

Bible Revision Committee

BF Westcott and FJA Hort rewrote underLYING texts for New Bible Versions aka a “New Reformation” “We stand in need of a new reformation on the foundation of the old, and especially on the foundation of the Bible, which is eternally new and from which many treasures are yet to be drawn-Phillip Schaff Jesus warned there was no Jot or Tittle out of place in the Word of God; the 7th Purified Word of God promised in Ps 12:6 being the Authorized Bible of 1611 was translated into English from Inspired Texts, not Gnostic tradition Revision of the Word of God coincided with the Zionist movement establishing the modern, British-Judaic, man-made state of Israel. Jesus is Shiloh, He came and was rejected; He will come again to gather His people (Gen 49:10); British=B’Rithish=Covenant of Birth; Esau married Canaanite wives (Canaan the “Cursed” product of incest between Ham and his Cainite mother) and achieves “Dominion” (Gen 27:39-41KJV) through the Common Wealth called Britain and their creation “Israel”.

The Word of God was written in a advance of Creation. Pre-written, Infallible History (Prophecy) understandable (Prophesy 1 Cor 14) exactly as written by men moved by the Holy Ghost. We need Charity (Love of God; 1 Cor 13) not Reformation or Restoration of the true “Church”; it’s been here all along.