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Valentines Day is the Feast of St Valentinus

St Valentinus is called the Father of Gnosis. According to the WHO, Disease X could be due to “Prion disease”. It causes Ebola Symptoms, bleeding from every orifice. Ebola=Balls of the Crucifixion; Passover was Crucifixion Day. A man gushed blood from his mouth and nose in Germany Feb 9, 2024. It was a Green Psy-op caused by Vaccinations. Osiris Rex is “Green One”; NASA “To Deceive” Osiris Rex after a 7 yr (7 yr Tribulation is not in scripture) 400M Mile (Israel was 400Years in Egypt), $1.16B FAKE mission to collect 8.8Oz (Dieu Un= God One gives 88) is going on another FAKE mission to Apophis “Snake, a demon serpent of darkness” after Bennu ‘Phoenix Bird’. BabylOn is about complete. Tower of BabylOn is at the Osiris Apex=Gate of Osiris “Green One”. 2024 The Chinese Year of the Dragon; 2025 the Year of the Snake.  It allegedly returned Sept 24, 2023 date was Yom Kippur; Sins are forgiven on Kol Nidre by Rabbis for the coming year! Jesus said “Never call any man Rabbi” Oops! “All liars shall have their place in the Lake of Fire” Oops!! Cathars were/are the Gnostic Church of Amor (Love) so named after Valentinus, the Patron Saint of Amorous Love; Agape Love Feasts were Orgies. America is the land of the Amorites.

Valentinus lived in Alexandria aka Heliopolis, the site of the Priests of Osiris (On) Benben Stone, the Pyramidion perch of the mythical Phoenix Bird which dies and is reborn every 500 years connecting Egypt to Arabia across the Red Sea. Valentinus authored Gnostic books including the Gospel of Phillip, Gospel of Thomas, Pistis Sophia (Sophia means Gnosis and is the first AI Citizen of NEOM, the Arabian city being built by bin Laden Construction over the Wilderness of Sin and Mt Sinai.

Heart means Baal. The Sacred Heart of St Valentine can be seen on the short video I, Pet Goat II ( No folks, that is not the real Scapegoat (Num 16:8-10) Jesus Christ in that video, it is the New Age Christ “Antichrist” on the Barque of Horus sailing towards the Rising Sun “Saturn”. It’s all there in plain sight; the destruction of America as the Scapegoat; the Apple (Lycaon Werewolf Apollo) split on the Masonic Floor over C=$100 and L=$50 (NYC and Hoover Dam destroyed); Osama bin Laden wearing a CIA patch and the New Aeon of Horus beginning. V means Nail, referring to the Nails that held Jesus Christ to the Tree. Who is Heliofant? Helio=Helios=Sol=Solis Invictus “Unconquered Sun”=Saturn + Hierofant “Sacred” + “Revealing”. Ready for the Sacred Heart to be revealed? If not I suggest a one on one personal relationship with Jesus Christ is in order.

Ash Wednesday and Easter have nothing to do with Jesus Christ and are not Catholic (Universal) much less Christian. Good Friday is 1 1/2 days before Easter and has nothing to do with the Crucifixion or Resurrection of Jesus Christ which occurred on Passover and Feast of First Fruits. The sacrificial ashes form the Tau; Jesus was Crucified on a Tree not a Cross. The Tau represents worship of the Rising Sun; Saturn and his son Tammuz; in Ezekiel 8 25 men turned their backs to the LORD and worshipped the Rising Sun in the East while women wept on the porch for the slain and resurrected Tammuz; the 25 ancients of Israel are called the Sanhedrin who later sent Jesus Christ on “Fool’s Errands” (Annas to Pilate to Caiaphas to Herod and back) ordered the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. In Egypt the Tau is the Ankh; in Babylon is symbolized Tammuz (Tam=Purify + Muz=Fire) aka Holocaust. Tammuz is equivalent with Marduk, Zeus, Jupiter, Horus, the son of Saturn (Satan), essentially the deification of Bab El (Gate of El) Bab Ilu (Gate of Allah aka Sin), Babyl on (Gate of Osiris).

Easter (Isis, Ishtar, Ashtoreth is the Whore of Babylon/Babel riding the Beast (Zeus/Tammuz/Marduk) aka Europa, seen at the European Parliament, built as unfinished Tower of Babel with Seat #666 (Mark of the Beast) held vacant, but not for long. The 40 day period after a woman gives birth to a male child, she is unclean (Lev 12); Lent 2018 begins on Ash Wednesday, coincident with Valentine’s Day on the Ides of Februa (menstrual blood soaked Goat Skin worn by Gnostic Priests of Valentinus); Lent + 40 Days “Weeping for Tammuz” (Eze 8:14; Tammuz means “Purify by Fire”; Tammuz is the son of Saturn aka Horus, Zeus, Marduk, Jupiter)=April Fool’s Day, Passover, Easter Sunday and the Assyrian Akitu Festival marking the return of Marduk. At the end of her purifying, the woman (Ishtar) shall bring forth a lamb for a burnt-offering; JESUS is the Passover Lamb (Lev 12:6; Lk 2:22); pretty coincidental all this lines up with the day Jesus was sent on Fool’s Errands, rejected and Crucified isn’t it? Rabbis call 5778 “Year of Moshiach”; the 10th Jubilee which ends on St Patrick’s (Ptah) Day heralds the return of Melchisedek; the Cult of Saturn are called “Melchisedekians”. God’s timing is on vivid display; Time’s Up folks!

Valentine’s Day
Valentines Day is a Blood Sacrifice to the Lycaean (Werewolf) Apollo (Trump’s 66th floor Penthouse is a Shrine to Apollo aka Apollyon “Destroyer” of Rev 9:11) aka Pan, the Great Golden Wolf. Pan was simply replaced in 494AD by Pope Gelasius I as Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day involved nude races, drag queens, sexual depravity etc involving Emperor Trajan. The Etruscan “Lupercalia” relates to the founding of Rome dating to at least 800BC. Before that the Hyksos (ca 1600 BC) were ejected from Egypt, settling on Thera (Santorini), Lupercares (She-wolf brothels) were covered in volcanic ash from the eruption, exactly as Pompeii would suffer in 79AD for the same reasons. The Pompeii exhibit is touring the US Nov 2019-Feb 2020; I’m busy exposing the fraud or I might go.

Rome was founded by Mars, the UNKNOWN GOD of the Aerpagus “Mars’ Hill” (Acts 17:22-23) impregnating a Temple Prostitute aka Vestal Virgin with twin boys Remus and Rommulus; pregnant Vestals were a public relations problem, so the boys were cast out to die; rescued by the god Februus aka Lupercus or Faunus (Faun is equivalent with Pan, a 1/2 Goat, 1/2 Man also seen in “Baphomet”) and nursed by a She-wolf. The Cretan Zeus has the same origin because the Hyksos were Cretans as were the Roman priests “Luperci”.
The Roman year had 10 months, beginning March (Mars=Nergal=Ares “God of War”) and ending in December (10th month); Valentines Day thus became an end of year “Purification” Feast on the last Full Moon of the Year at the Ides of Februalia. Lupercus aka Pan was born on Winter Solstice aka Saturnalia, and reched puberty at the Lupercalia.
Lupercalia began with the sacrifice of a Dog, representing a domesticated Wolf; 2 Luperci (Witch Priests) were covered in blood by a knife dipped in milk (suckling of Zeus and Remus/Romulus) and dressed in Goat Skin Thongs “Februa” made with the skins. The Luperci would chase naked women of child bearing age, by running in both directions around Paletine Hill, striking them with the Februa to transfer Goat virility and potency. Men would then choose their sexual partners by drawing a “Billet” from a jar; if the partnership proved amicable, they could renew their vows a Year and a Day later. These are called Hand Fast Weddings in Witchcraft because Luperci were Witches.
Donald Trump is a modern day Lycaean Apollo “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothes”; his Trump Tower Penthouse is a Shrine to Apollo aka Apollyon or Abaddon “The Destroyer”. Lykaia originated in Arcadia, Greece on Mt Lykaion, ultra-secret blood rituals designed to create Werewolves were nothing but the Bacchanalia, Dionysiac Rituals (frenzied cannabalism); these were transported to Rome as the Kykaios Feasts. The idea of a Man-Wolf “Werewolf” originated with the Dacians of Romania “Wolf Brotherhood” which became the Vikings (6 Kings=Saturn Nobility) and Nomans under Rollo “Wolf”.
Februus: Menstrual blood soaked Goat Skin Thong
February is named after the god “Februus” a “Februa”, is a blood soaked goat skin thong used by Gnostic Valentinian Priests “Luperci” to make women fertile. In Babylonian Heart means Bal; Baal means Lord; the Phoenician Bel “Confounder” may ring a Bell. Aplu means Apple or Apollo; cut an Apple top to bottom and the Heart emerges, a symbol having nothing to do with the human heart, rather the female reproductive organ; add in the Ovaries and the Goat emerges which is why Pan is symbolized by the Goat.


St Valentine is Cupid or Eros. Cupid is derived from Cupere “Desire”. The Alien leader in Plan 9: From Outer Space was Eros. NASA’s discovery of Planet 9 is no coincidence? 4000 years ago, the Solstice and Christmas (Birth of Horus, Saturn, Mithra, Tammuz, Dionysus, Bacchus, Apollo etc) fell on the equivalent of Jan 6; Orthodox religions still celebrate 3 Kings Day or Feast of Epiphany on Jan 6 for this reason. Note: The Aryan Magi arrived in Bethlehem when Jesus was a “Young Child”, hidden in Egypt; the Nativity Scene is Natalis Solis Invictus (Nativity of the Sun) Nativity of Apollo/Horus/Tammuz/Sol.
3 days after Jan 6 is the Roman “Agonia”; a sacrifice of a Ram to Janus, the God of Doors and Gates is required to open the doors to War; David Bowie Astronaut (Major Tom “Twin”=Astronaut David Bowman in 2001: A Space Odyssey) is the 2016 Agonia Sacrifice in “Darkstar” the Chaldean “Saturn”. AA11, UA175, AA77, UA93 all numbers associated with 9/11/2001 and Crowleyian Magick illustrated in Mass of the Phoenix.
Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix
Aleister “Beast” Crowley said 44 is the sacred number of Horus. “Beast” is mentioned 44 times in Revelation. Horus is the Immortal Soul of Ra released in the occult ritual “Mass of the Phoenix”. French philosopher Rene Allendy said 44 represents “Periodic mutations in nature manifested in the cosmos” This is on display in David Bowies Swansong “Black Star”.
Saturn is Chaldean STUR “666” seen in the Chaldean Beehive (Hexagram=Six Pointed Star); Bee is Chaldean for Word. Jesus is of course the Word made Flesh; this is Horus made Flesh. Saturn=Sathar or Sethar meaning “To Hide or Conceal”.
After the birth of a male child, the mother (Isis, Cybele, Ishtar etc) would present herself to the pagan priest “Lupercus” (Wolf Priest) for ritual purification; a copy of the biblical requirement to abstain from intercourse 33 days after the 8th day Circumcision in Lev 12:4.
Valentine’s Day is the Roman Lupercalia “Day of the Wolf”, the 44th day of the Roman Year. 44 is the Sacred Number of Horus; Aleister Crowley’s Liber 44: “Mass of the Phoenix” may ring a Baal. The Cult of Saturn reveres the Phoenix and its symbolic perch “Benben” as the first dry land the Phoenix Bird landed at on at Creation. In the Gnostic system, Saturn the Black Star or Primordial Sun created visible matter.
Bowie, Bowman and Paul Ryan (SS Codename Bowhunter) all refer to Nimrod the “Mighty Hunter” called “Cupid” (Desire). Cupid’s Arrow shot at the Heart is Sagittarius shooting at the Blackstar (Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way) Nimrod is the Mulatto son of Cush and the Aryan “Ishtar” (Easter, Eostre, Ashtoreth, Astarte etc). Cush is Ethiopia=Aethiop=”To Shine”; Phoenix or Bennu in Egypt means “To Shine” or “Rise Brilliantly”. Michelle/Michael is related to Ethiopian Priests of Ameru (Serpent) (Ref Chicago’s Ethiopian Synagogue Rabbi Funnye Capers). Nimrod was later replaced in Europe with the “Fair Cupid” aka “White Horus” seen in Saint Nicholas (Nico=Conquer + Laity) aka Santa Claus or the White Jesus, who is really Horus brought in by the Red nose Stag Rudolph “Noble Wolf”. No coincidence CERN=Cernnunos “Horned One” either.
Nimrod was also called Sanctus; Sanctus Clarus=Holy Light; no coincidence the Jubilee Super Bowl 50 was played in Santa Clara, 50 years after the Church of Satan, 6-Day War and 6th Tetrad (“Blood Moons”) on the 38th Parallel with the Korean DMZ, Fukushima and Washington DC (Isis stands atop the Capitol “Womb of Zeus) Michelle/Michael (SS Codename “Renaissance”=Re-birth; Barack is “Renegade” a veiled reference to the Renegade Nimrod) celebrated his 52nd birthday; no coincidence the angles of the Great Pyramid and Pythagorean Triangle or Mr “Peace” Triangle “Mr-Akh-Bah” (Body, Soul, Spirit is Merkabah “Ezekiel’s Wheel”) is approx 520-380-900; 38 is the angle of the Queen’s Chamber Shaft; 52 the angle of the King’s Chamber Shaft; the Valentine Heart and Obelisk if you will.
Cupid means “Desire” referring to Isis/Cybele/Ishtar’s desire and marriage to her son Horus/Attis/Tammuz; Eros is the son of Isis/Aprodite aka Horus/Attis/Tammuz; in a word Incest which ultimately stemmed from Ham (Black) and his incest with his mother which produced Canaan.
In Rome during Saturnalia, it is said Nimrod aka Saturn (Saturn=STUR=666=To Conceal) hid, was found, slain and turned into Saint Valentine (The original Gnostic Priest Valentinus was no Saint) during Constantine’s Day.
Apollo=Aplu=Apple, cut into an Apple crosswise and the Pentacle (Earth, Air, Fire, Water and the 5th Element Quintessence or Aether “To Shine”=Bowie’s “Blackstar”) is revealed; cut an Apple top to bottom and the Sacred Heart is revealed.
In celebration, during the month of Februus, Labrys shaped Billets with girls names writen on them at random were selected as sexual mates by boys for a Year and a Day (Witchcraft Hand Fast Weddings); boys chasing girls with Ritually Purified Menstrual Blood soaked Goat Skin Thongs called “Februa” from the Sacrificed Goat of Lupercalia, slaughtered in the Sacred Grotto (Cave or Womb of Mother Nature; Mithra Initiations were in these Sacred Grottos) of the She-wolf “Lupercus”, the original Wet Nurse to Zeus, Remus-Romulus, the Gemini Twins Castor-Pollux, Horus-Set etc. 2014 Silver Shield Bullion coins were produced with 2 Wolves eating a Lamb to commemorate the 2014-15 “7th Shemitah” Rosicrucian Ben Franklin said “Democracy is 2 wolves and a lamb making dinner plans”
The origination of this Satanic nonsense is the Amalekites “at war with God from Generation to Generation” (Ex 17) aka Hyksos the Foreign Shepherd Kings of Egypt. Originally from Crete where the Zeus-Europa-Minotaur and Labyrinth myth originated, they became the the Priests of On (Osiris-Horus and the Bennu Bird aka Phoenix) and were later forcibly ejected from Heliopolis (City of the Sun) Egypt to Thera (Santorini) where God promptly caused a volcanic eruption preserving the death record of She-Wolf Brothels (Lupercals) and Priapus.
Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix is Aleister Crowley’s book detailing “Horus of the New Aeon” 44 is the Sacred number of Horus. The Eye of Horus is the Anus; Anal Sex “Sodomy” is a ritual initiation of the New Aeon of Horus.
#44=”I am the Life” in Hebrew gematria as is “Blood” and “Phoenix”. Mormon Extermination Order #44 will soon make more sense as will the Blood in the Streets Prophecy
Medicare Admission Code #44 is used to approve or deny inpatient room and bed eligibility.
Liber 44 is the “Mass of the Phoenix” America was planned to be the Phoenix, self immolating and rising from the ashes to form the New Atlantis (New World Order) written in 1620 by Francis Bacon in “New Atlantis”
44 the Sacred Number of Horus in the New Aeon is 44 the Gematria of Blood in Hebrew (Dam) Extermination Order 44 the Mormon Endowment from Nauvoo given by 33 degree Mason Witch Brigham Young to avenge the blood of the prophets Joseph and Hyrum Smith upon the United States to the 4th Generation; Mitt Romney the 4th generation from Mormon Apostle Parley Pratt is the Mormon White Horse; the biblical White Horse carries a Bow (Cupid, Sagittarius, Bowhunter, Bowman, Bowie making sense here?) Mitt has been told repeatedly he is “The one, mighty and strong, clothed in light to usher in the Christ”. Should Obama “Nimrod” (SS Codename “Renegade”) be declared ineligible to have run for President or an investigation of the Military votes tossed in the Persian Gulf or Absentee Ballots that were never counted by the election, the Mormon White Horse Prophecy may come true. Mitt has been told over and over he will fill this prophecy.
“When the constitution is hanging by a thread as thin as spider’s silk and blood runs down the streets from Ogden to Salt Lake City as water down a storm drain, as elders of the Mormon Church will step in to save it” Extermination Order 44 says different, Mormons are oath sworn to avenge the death of the prophets Joseph and Hyrum Smith on the United States; Blood=44. “Everyone can go tell their friends, Mitt is an Iran-Contra Drug money launderer Feel the love yet? Neither did Hector McClean who chased down and killed Mormon Polygamist Parley Pratt who stole his wife Eleanor or his son Miles Park Romney, jailed in St Johns AZ for fraud and set to be lynched by the town sheriff.
44 Hectares make up the Vatican City (Divine or Divining Serpent); Chronos (Time or Chaos) as 44 assistants. Saturn is Chronos and rules the Age of Aquarius; at the annual start of Aquarius, Chabad Lubavitch Noahide Law supporting Jesuit Pope Francis will meet Sharia Law Judge Iranian President Hasan Rouhani to discuss the penalty for worship of JESUS; Decapitation. Chronos eats his own sons to prevent them from usurping his rule.
“I am the Life”=44 AEIE HIE written in Hebrew=44; “Phoenix” HVL =44; 10,000 is used 44 times in the Bible. Congress just approved $10,000/Day for each of 444 days alleged hostages were in Iranian (Aryan) captivity or $4.4M each; Tribulations is used 44 Times in the Bible; note there is no 7 Yr Tribulation, only a 3 1/2 Yr 1260 Day Great Tribulation.
Sacred HeartSacredHeatFeastHeart in Babylonian is Bal; the Semitic “Baal” (Lord) seen in Obelisks “Baal’s Shaft”; in Egypt Baal’s Shaft represents the Phallus of “Osiris” aka “Saturn”; hence Satyrs are Fauns seen in the 6 Pt Star of Saturn aka Chaldean STUR (Star) symbolized as 666. The Feast of the Sacred Heart is 19 days after Pentecost (June 8, 2018); you can see the Sacred Heart of the New Age Christ in I, Pet Goat II Jesuit Priests Ignatius Loyola and Louis Gonzaga brought pagan Babylonian worship of the Sacred Heart into Catholic liturgy 500 years ago.

Now, you still want to set the tree and lights up for Christmas and send those Heart shaped Billets with your kids or tell them the truth and head for your Prayer Closet to apologize to the Creator of the Universe before it’s too late? Or you can pray to the Chaldean Saturn “Darkstar” and hope for the best.
St Valentine is Cupid or Eros, the Gnostic god of Erotic Love. Valentine’s Day “Lupercalia” (Day of the Wolf “Lupercus”) is Feb 14 “Ides of Februa”. Julius Caesar borrowed a day for July; Augustus Caesar a day for August from Rome’s 11th month February “Month of Purification”. Feb 15 was the Roman “Parentilia” referring to illegitimate offspring conceived during Februa/February after St Brigit’s Day on Feb 1. Witches refer to this say as Imbolg “In the Belly”.

St Valentinus “Sacrament of the Bridal Chamber”
Feb 13th is sacred to the Sabine and Etruscan goddess Lucina aka Lucetia “Goddess of Celestial Light” who became the Roman “Juno”, sister and consort of Jupiter (Zeus) equivalent to Artemis or Diana “Goddess of the Hunt” and “Goddess of witchcraft” . Juno brought the Bride (Celtic St Brigid) across the threshold to the husband, unknotted the girdle, perfumed the doorposts, opened the womb to the “Seed of Light” and presided over labor, delivery and lactation. Gnostic Priests bloodied a knife sacrificing He-goats and Dogs; naked save for Goat Skin Thongs “Februas” they slapped women in fertility rituals with blood and milk soaked Goat Fur in the College of Luperci or “Lupercal”, considered the Cave of Remus and Romulus (Cretan Zeus myth is identical). Sex partners were chosen by “Billets”; heart shaped love notes for the “Sacrament of Copulation”, representing the Divine Union of Sophia “Wisdom” and the Redeemer “Lucifer”; 3rd Century Valentinian Gnostics called Lupercalia “Angels in the Nuptial Chamber”; suppressed in 494 AD, the day then became the Celtic St Brigid’s Day. Valentine’s Day originated before the founding of Rome; brought in by Umbrian (Sabine) women to Tuscany (Etruscany=Ombrike=Umbria); Rape of the Sabines refers to their abduction and subsequent assimilation into Roman society.
Witches “Wise Ones” and Augurs “Ones who take Omens” Magic peaks mid month. The 13th was designed so that 13, the number of rebellion as described in Gen 13:13 “Sodom and Gomorrah” and Gen 13 “Beast” (Beast means animal instinct). The Catholic Church invented St Valentine much like they invented St Patrick; Valentine was borrowed from the 3rd century Gnostic Valentinians whose Priests were called “Angels of the Nupital Chamber”. The ritual was a Sacrament of Copulation commemorating the Sacred Marriage of the Goddess of wisdom Sophia (Haggia Sophia Cathedral and DaVinci Code “Holy Grail”) to the Redeemer. In nearly identical fashion to the way Christmas was made to overlap Hanukkah and Saturnalia as a replacement for Jesus’ true birthday on Feast of Tabernacles. Valentine’s Day’s Heart Symbol is not a heart at all, but the Vagina and the shape of an apple split top to bottom. The 5pt the shape of Venus’ 8 year cycle with the Sun as viewed from Earth is similarly derived by cutting an apple crosswise. The Apple itself has nothing to do with the Serpent or Garden of Eden; rather it refers to the Garden of Hesperides and the Golden Apple guarded by the Ladon Dragon. The heart symbol made with the hands is a open signal the age old ritual “Divine Union” or “Sacred Marriage” (Ritual Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost) has been completed; similar to the “Hidden Hand” in Masonry attained at the 13th “Royal Arch” Degree. Eve was said to have taken a bite of the apple even though no mention is ever made the Tree of Knowledge was a fruit tree; it simply refers to Gnosticm. Lupercalia “Day of the Wolf” was ministered by naked Priests; myth has it Lupercus mistook sleeping women for the priests of Lupercal and to prevent the mistake again they were required to revere him naked except for a Goat Skin Thong; the Goat Skin “Februa” they wore was in celebration of Esau; Rebekah and his brother Jacob had used blood stained goat fur to fool Isaac into reversing his blessings for the twin brothers; Isaac was fooled, but the blessings came from God who was not. The Scapegoat Jesus Christ in Lev 16:8 was then replaced by Satan in the guise of the Goat Idol Azazel (new bibles universally change Scapegoat to Azazel); the Goat Idol also was used to represent the Akkadian and Amorite Sun-god “Shamash” which wound up as the center candle on the Hanukkah Menorah. The Laws that will be enforced worldwide stem from the Amorite King Hammurabi whose Scapegoat was Azazel/Shamash “Code of Hammurabi”; today they are divided into Arab Sharia Law and 7 Noahide Laws. Priests ran around Palatine Hill spanking women with Goat’s Blood in order to make them fertile. Love Notes called “Billets” with these women’s names were then drawn at random by willing men who became unwed sex partners for the year. Rebellion knows no boundaries.