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Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove
Everyday a child is rowed across the lake by the “Ferryman” and placed at the feet of a 40 Owl called “Molech” Hebrew molekh, from melekh “king”; New Latin, from Μολόχ (Molókh), Greek rendition of Hebrew מולך‎ (mólekh, “Moloch”), borrowed from Ammonite ???‎ (mlk), an Ammonite god mentioned in the Pentateuch, worshipped by Canaanites and Phoenicians, and demanded as child-sacrifices. 2000 “Elite” meet at Bohemian Grove. Bohemian means “One who does not live by societal norms or laws of the land”; Grove means Asherah Trees. When the Sun is in the clutches of Leo (Uraeus Crown worn by Pharaohs mirror images Leo) over 3 weeks in July; July 27th in Sumeria (Ur of the Chaldees), the “Grand Climax” of the “Begone Dull Care Ritual” was held. The Owl of Wisdom is Athena; the Shakespearean theme is “Weaving Spiders come not here”. The UNKNOWN GOD was worshipped in Athens on Mars’ Hill aka Rock of Ares or Areopagus (Acts 17:16) across the “Way of Cain” from the Acropolis of Athena. Shakespeare refers to the Shaking Spears of Pallas-Athena in times of War. If you can’t sense the SPIRITUAL War going on in plain sight, I suggest you ask JESUS for a wake up call. Christmas 2023 Oppenheimer

Julius Oppenheimer ‘devoted to Jove’; father god where God=Jupiter=Zeus + “open home”; Jove/Zeus”, the son of Saturn. “The Martians” “They Aliens among us, but they call themselves Hungarians”- Leo Szilard; the term used to refer to a group of prominent Hungarian scientists, physicists and mathematicians of Jewish descent who emigrated from Europe to the United States in the early half of the 20th century. Jews replaced Israel with Canaanites, Phoenicians, Assyrians, Babylonians 2 Ki 17:30  and went by “Jew”. Bohemian Grove (human sacrifices to Molech the Bull god) is where the Manhattan Project was first discussed, the Atomic Bomb by Oppenheimer and Hydrogen Bomb by Edward Teller one of the Martians. Deus the origin of Zeus means God, Deity, Divine, Shining One=Lucifer. Capitol  means “Womb of Zeus”. “To Be or Not to Be”; the threat of using Nuclear Weapons makes this unimaginable. OMEN=NEOM monster, evil or wicked person, person without humanity, nonentity, inane person; first-person singular present indicative of Nesan to not beOppenheimer was a Jew” ie Canaanite, 33deg Luciferian Freemason just like all the rest of the Jewish-Masons-Jesuits around him. Harold Eggertonarmy’; EG&G is the Special Effects Company aka Defense Contractor.  that used Strobe Lights and Cameras to foist the LIE! From 1999 until 2001, EG&G was wholly owned by The Carlyle Group (bin Laden, Bush etc) Janet “Gift from God” Airlines shuttled scientists “Actors” to the Nevada Test Site as well as Alien Hoax  at Area 51=6=Saturn. According to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the correct name for Area 51 are Homey (Open Home) Airport; has also been referred to as “Dreamland” and “Paradise Ranch” EG&G’s “Special Projects” division handles the Space Hoax. The Masonic Pentagon Cornerstone Laying Ceremony on 9/11/1941, Abaddon=Shiva “The Destroyer” Rev 9:11 “I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”Shiva. Oppenheimer qouted from the Bhagavad Gita

Bohemian Grove sits on a private 2700 ac camp in the California Redwood Forest at Monte Rio near Santa Rosa; the Canaanite El (Saturn/Molech ie Christmas) and Asherah (Groves of Ishtar ie Easter) are the basis of Luciferian worship which required human sacrifice. In Nebraska, Knights of AS-Sar-Ben (Nebraska backwards) put on similar plays with the Elite such as Warren Buffett dressed as Egyptian goddesses called “Hi Jinx”.
The Egyptian name for Owl is Mulak aka Molech the Bohemian Owl which became associated with Ishtar (Easter/Asherah), Athena the Greek Owl of Wisdom and Minerva the goddess of the Jesuits “Militia of Zeus and Minerva”. In Ovids 5th book of Metamorphoses, Ceres transforms Aescalapius the son of Apollo and god of plagues seen on the medical logo, Ambulances and at the UN Meditation Room into an Owl.
Like the Cretan Galli Eunuch Priests of Cybele, Priests of Isis, Priests of Pan, Priests of Jupiter (Catholic Priests), Curetes, Corybants, Dactyls (Chaldean Rabbis), Telchines, or Hijras of India, these men unite with the Goddess Ishtar in Groves (Asherah) putting on Plays dressed in women’s clothes called “Hi Jinx in Paradise”. The Ferryman opens the encampment with “Cares” (Sins) ferried across a lake by the Grim Reaper (Saturn) to the base of a 40 ft idol of Molech in the form of the Bohemian Owl of Wisdom to be set on fire. God prohibited “Passing children through fires to Molech” all through the books of Kings; in the US, the original Temple of Bel (Molech) was digitally recreated and installed on the Capitol (Capitol means “Womb of Zeus/Jupiter) Mall. Why? The original site of the Assyrian sacrifices at Amurru (Edomite Serpent God) became the source name of America “Land of the Amorites”.

Bohemian Grove wizard

1500 BC Hittites worshipped a god named Santa in the groves on Mt Hermon “Golan Heights”; Mt Hermon “Mt of the Chief” is called Mt Sion, the location where sons of God saw daughters of men as fair and took wives of them who became the “Giants” of Gen 6; well, folks, here he is at Bohemian Grove.
Gin fizzes, endless games of dominoes (Communism is “Domino Theory”), lectures on new military weapon systems such as Edward Teller’s Hydrogen Bomb, elaborate plays dressed in women’s clothes called “Hi-Jinx in Paradise” and bonfires engulfing a 40 ft tall metal framed owl known as Molech take up their time. Statues of the Egyptian goddess Isis, the Greek/Phrygian goddess of Witchcraft Diana aka Artemis, the Asian sun god Buddha (sorry but there was no such person as Siddhartha Guatama or Zarathustra; Guatama means “Lunar Bull” and Zarathustra is Zoro=Seed of Ashtoreth “Star”) plus hundreds of male and female prostitutes are there to help the world’s elite unwind. Sill normal?
God told Ezekiel “…speak unto the house of Israel…your fathers have blasphemed me…they saw every high hill, and all the thick trees, and they offered there their sacrifices…and poured out their drink offerings…ye commit whoredom after their abominations…make your sons to pass through the fires…pollute yourselves with all your idols (Eze 20:27-31) Who were their fathers? “…70 men of the ancients of the house…censor in his hand…incense went up…they say the Lord seeth us not…there sat women weeping for Tammuz…faces toward the east, and they worshipped the Sun.” (Eze 8:11-12)
Tammuz (Tam=Purify + Muz=Fire) aka Holocaust; Rosicrucians blasphemously write INRI over Jesus on representations of the Crucifixion to mean “Nature is Renewed by Fire” Nature’s god is Pan, Bacchus, Dionysus, Arab al Khidr, Egyptian Osiris, all mean “Green Man” and are names of Saturn/Satan.
Tammuz was originally called Dumuzi Apsu “Lord of the Abyss” and the Phrygian sun god “Apollo”. An isolated occurrence? Hardly, the prophet Jeremiah witnessed the same thing “And they built the high places of Baal…caused their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire unto Molech; which I commanded them not.” Who did this? “King Zedekiah, king of Judah shall not escape out of the hand of the Chaldeans.” No big deal right? The Shekinah (God’s glory) left the Temple, the Babylonians destroyed the Temple, killed Zedekiah and his sons and took the Tribe of Judah captive. Donald Trump is the 44th person selected President of Amurru just as Zedekiah was the 44th and last King of Israel.
America is a Christian Nation, right? “Howbeit every nation made gods of their own, and put them in the houses of the high places which the Samaritans had made…And the men of Babylon made Succoth-benoth, and the men of Cut made Nergal, and the men of Hamath made Ashima, And the Avites made Nibhaz and Tartak, and the Sepharvites burnt their children in fire to Adrammelech and Anammelech, the gods of the Sepharvaim. So they feared the LORD, and made unto themselves of the lowest of them priests of the high places…” (2 Kings 17:29-31) The Eagle standing atop the US Flag is Nisroch (2 Ki 19:37), the Assyrian god called Saturn.
The patron deity of pagan (Picts and Scotti) Ireland was Lug; Lugnash, “Harvest of Souls” occurs on Aug 2nd. In 1991, the Iraq War started on Lugnash and its conclusion on Purim with the slaughtering over a 150,000 retreating Iraqis; in 2006, with a 33 day civilian slaughter in Lebanon as 2000 of the world’s elite cloistered in the “Grove”. Similar harvesting of souls occurred when Christopher Columbus set sail on his 33 day voyage of slaughter to the New World, and WW1 began on the date with the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand eventually killing 11 million Europeans with lead and 6 times that number with Spanish Flu. To guess why a Southern Baptist gentleman like Jimmy Carter, or a ½ dozen of the supposedly “Christian” Bush family or Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Dwight Eisenhower, Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell or Arnold Swarzenegger would put on women’s clothes and light effigies to a statue of Molech will require defining what Bohemian means.
Webster’s dictionary defines Bohemian: “Community of persons with artistic (Hi Jinx plays) or literary tastes who adopt manners and mores markedly different from those expected (dressing in women’s clothes) or approved of by the majority of society. Nomadic gypsies from the borderlands of Iran and India who entered Europe and abandoned conventional standards of behavior.” This last statement pretty much defines Aryans (Arya means Noble Caste) who mixed with the Persian Empire; Medean Priests “Magi” had undue influence over their respective “Kings of the World” such as Sargon the Great, Sargon I, Sargon II, Belshazzar who called them in to read the famous “Writing on the wall” and Cyrus the Great. They of course failed, but like parasites do, they simply moved on becoming Greek philosophers, Bacchanalians, Dionysiacs, Priests of Jupiter/Mars and the like. Star Trek had several movies about the Borg who adopt characteristics of their host in order to destroy them from the inside; today we call them Neo-cons “New World Order Priests”.
Gypsies and their “Maternal” (God uses Paternal bloodlines) structure are always present in “Barbarian” cultures such as Celts, Scythians, Sarmatians, Amazons, Lesbians (Isle of Lesbos, Come on!), Rus, Cymri, Picts, and others. They are also known as Ashkenazi “Jews”, but being non-Semitic, descendants of Japheth they are anything but Jewish . “Shaman”, “Witch Doctors”, “Snake Charmer”, “Medicine Men” are names as well for these original builders of the Tower of Babel. Greeks called Egypt “Land of the Gypsies”; in India “They” were “Dom” or Romani, the source of the name “Rome”.
Jews were expected to worship God, not worship idols in the groves or pass their children through the fires, sacrificing them to Molech. Bohemian communities in San Francisco and the Florida Keys are famous for attracting gays and lesbians from around the world; this is essentially Gypsy culture; anything goes. God’s destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah should be reason for concern, but who else adopted Bohemian lifestyles? Cretans, Trojan, Spartan, Theban and Samurai militaries, Greek philosophers, Roman Caesars, Nazi “Brown Shirts”, Knights Templar, “Hospitallers” aka Knights of St John of Jerusalem aka SMOM Sovereign Military Order of Malta and Rhodes aka Rhodes Scholars. Rich and loaded with important degrees and titles because King Phillip of France and Pope Clement V disbanded the international bankers “Templars” and bequeathed their assets to the Hospitallers in Oct 1311. Critical today because these military guardians of the Cathars know the famous Cathar prophecy “Every 700 years, the Laurel grows green again”. (Laurel is the asexual symbol of Bacchus/Dionysus the Templar “Green Man”. It was no coincidence these “Norsemen” (Normans) planned D-Day 1944 exactly 700 years after their execution in Montsegur “Field of the Burned”; the big deal in 2011 for America is the record setting drought, debt default to the, what else? World bankers aka Knights of Malta and radiation from Fukushima.. Still think the Grove is just a harmless men’s party? Communist Mikhail Gorbachev goes out there and Reagan gave him one of the most expensive pieces of real estate on the planet, “The Presidio” for his Green Cross International foundation. Gorbachev said “Socialism will come to America not by the sword, but through the ballot box”. Today, Russia is providing Iran with nuclear material, supersonic cruise missiles and super-cavitating 230 MPH torpedoes in preparation for America’s military demise in the Middle East. Ray Kroc made a fortune on MacDonald’s hamburgers and besides being a “Grove” member, paid tithes to the Church of Satan which like Al Qaeda (Solid Foundation) was founded in Anno Satanae (Satan: Year One=1966) in San Francisco. By who? Al Qaeda came form a speech by Stanford professor Ibn Sayyid Qutb; not his real name, Sayyid means “Descendant of Muhammad” and Qutb is a title for the Dervish (Dervish are similar to Freemasons on the Arab side ie Sufis) Clan Chief. Osama bin Laden? His name is Tim Osman, perhaps still not his name, Osman I was the founder of the Ottoman Empire 700 years ago. Jesus gave all 7 Church Warnings in Revelation to physical churches in Turkey for a reason; Turks are everything to everybody from fake Talmudic and Kabbalist “Jews”, to fake Christians, to fake Muslims; they are Gnostics folks nothing more nothing less. Bin means “House” of Laden=Ladon the 100 headed Ladon Dragon guarding the Golden Apples of Hesperides in the west. We just never seem to catch the last terrorist because as Jesus said “Our foes are the men or our own household” Mat 10:36. Church of Satan? Anton LaVey founded this little gem in an abandoned hotel on California St but his disciple Michael Aquino is now allegedly the highest ranking person in the National Security Agency. Cool eh? Welcome to the Hotel California folks! There’s always a room, but you can never leave!
Tithes are paid to God, so who their god is should be no mystery; Molech, Marduk, Martu, Melqart all mean “Lord”. Fellow Boho, Ambrose Bierce wrote “The Devil’s Dictionary” I sort of got a kick out of his definition of Mammon “The supreme god of the world’s leading religion whose chief temple is in New York City. Hey wait a minute, the bible says you cannot serve both God and Mammon!
Inside their theatre is a 2500 year old mummy encased in glass called “Lady Isis”, and outside is a statue of Diana in Diana Circle and a 70 ft tall statue of Buddha. In Acts 19, the bible says the Ephesians built a Temple for Diana (Artemis) which was one of the seven ancient wonders of the world; today an exact replica of the Temple of Diana in Halicarnassus serves as the induction center in Washington DC for all 330 Freemasons complete with a CIA, FBI and Apollo Moon Landing Room in the basement. Cool eh? Oh but we should trust Mason/Bohemian Grove members like CIA demagogue Wild Bill Donovan and Bill Casey, FBI Chief, and pedophile J Edgar Hoover or Astronauts (Star Navigators) Wally Schirra, Frank Borman, Neil Armstrong and Buzz “Lightyear” Aldrin. You can, I don’t.
References to the Phoenician strongholds of Carthage (any wonder the new $multi-billion NSA data collection facility is being built in Salt Lake City or that Joseph Smith was killed by Masons at the Carthage Jail?) and Tyre (Masonic legend of Hiram Abiff is Hiram of Tyre the architect of Solomon’s Temple) are everywhere at the Grove. During Alexander the Great’s siege of Carthage in 333 BC, 200 young boys were sacrificed to Moloch, and plenty of accusations claim Grovers sacrifice living victims today. Sworn testimony in the Franklin Savings, child molestation trial by Paul Bonacci claimed pedophile snuff films have been produced at the Grove. Tyre was the Phoenician supply city for King Solomon’s Temple, the source of Solomon’s apostasy, and the home of an enormous Temple of Melquart (Baal). The chief Priest of the Grove wears a robe, has a long white beard (very similar to Santa Claus), carries a long curved crosier and wears a fish shaped “Mitre of Dagan” (Dagan is the Philistine god whose Temple Samson destroyed 3000 years ago) similar to the one worn by the Catholic Pope.
For 6000 years, the elite have imagined themselves to be a chosen “Race” of “Giants”, described in the bible. New bibles change “Giant” in Gen 6 to “Nephilim” which in Hebrew means “To Fall”. These dupes believe they are demon ½ breeds; NOT! Just priests of the lowest as the bible says. The Owl has represented the Mother Goddess, beginning with the Kabbalist Sreech Owl “Lilith”, to Anath, Hathor, Isis, Semiramis, Ishtar, Ashtoreth and many more. Rites celebrating the Divine Union were called the “Eleusinian Mystery” in Greece, very popular with “Dionysiacs” (worshippers of Dionysius aka Green Man) who after drunken orgies would literally rip their hair out and eat human flesh. Bacchic Rites in Rome by the Bachanalians were the same. Edward deVere (Francis Bacon’s understudy) had to say about them: “The Dionysic Rites were cannibalistic and vampiric and echo the era of the cannibalism and vampirism of the (Titanic) era of the sons of the Nephilim.” Nephilim is not in the Authorized Bible; I won’t get into the topic here, but the word “Race” refers to all of humanity as descended from Adam and Eve and after the flood to one of Noah’s 3 sons, Japheth, Shem and Ham so where did they get the idea they are different? Occult writings describe Lilith as Adam’s first lover and she is said to have learned her ways from Satan. The Screech Owl is Lilith’s symbol and Cain is claimed, to be the product of this union. Lilith is obviously not in the bible and Satan was cast to earth as the serpent; not a real snake, just a spirit who convinces people to think without regard to the 4th Dimension (Heaven). There is no physical way for Satan to have impregnated Eve (he is 4th dimensional); Lilith was made up by occultists; Cain is the product of Adam and Eve and he voluntarily chose to sin by killing his brother and lying about it to God; Cannibalism came about as a direct rebellion to God’s post flood laws concerning killing a human being and consuming blood, so I ask, is there anything different today at Bohemian Grove? Now, what is a Grove?
The word “Grove” refers to a small wooded area set up for teaching purposes of the “Craft”, led by a Wiccan High Priestess and High Priest. This picture of Bohemian Grove has costumes like fish because Phoenician Fisher Kings were high born “Hiram” Canaanite royalty.

The basis of Freemasonry is Phoenician-Canaanite; it derives from the legend of the Phoenician Hiram Abiff the architect of Solomon’s Temple who as a Master Mason had the ability to resurrect the dead. Read 1 Kings, in this book, one King does right in sight of the Lord by destroying these “Groves” and the next does evil in sight of the Lord by building them up. We haven’t changed one little bit!
Prince Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg, in “The Origin of The Dragon Lords of the Rings”, wrote:
In this is borne out, by the Druids ready acceptance of Celtic Christianity, the fact that Jesus’ original, undoctored Gnostic teachings were founded on Essene Magian Philosophy amalgamated with the mystical doctrines of Mithras and Dionysus. Alchemy, Cabala and Hermetics were the centre of Christ’s Anschauung. All the foregoing are components of that Eurasian “religion” we know as Druidism which, for the Indians is Hinduism and for the Persians is their Zoroastrianism which for the West eventually became our Celtic Christianity.” Notice here that DeVere attributes Jesus’ teachings to Essene Magian Philosophy because Magian Priests were the “Magi” who couldn’t read the writing on the wall. Why? It was written by God after all, but they had all rejected God! Gnosticism developed from the Magi, the religion based on Knowledge of Good and Evil in order to become a god. They even claim Jesus learned His craft as an Essene; NOT!
The Ides of July, full moon will start the annual gathering of 2000+ world leaders in Bohemian Grove. The Ides of Quintillis (Roman 5th Month) is July 15th and runs for 17 days, ending this year on the eve of Lugnasadh on Sunday “Dies Solis”; Lug being the “Omnicompetent” Celtic deity; essentially a “Jack of all trades” (Blacksmith, Artist, Musician, Poet, Clergy etc) Bohemian is a person who lives an unconventional or vagabond life, free of the laws of the land in which they reside; a “Gypsy”. Greeks referred to Egypt as Aegyptus “Land of the Gypsies”, a people today called Romani who originated in northern India generating the name “Rome” as a conglomeration of Latin, Etruscan, Alban and Sabine tribes vying for power over the Roman Empire.
“Weaving spiders come not here” A line from Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Nights Dream” is the Bohemian Grove Motto Owls were said to inhabit Druid Groves; Athena the Greek goddess of Wisdom was usually depicted as an Owl; Pallas-Athene shaking their spears became the basis for Shakespeare, Francis Bacon and his group called the Society of the Horsemen or Knights of the Golden Circle which came to be called Knights of the Kyklos Klan KKK.
Lighting their mascot, a 40ft Owl of Wisdom called “Molech” ablaze in the “Cremation of Dull Care” Ritual in Monte Rio, California, the Grovers are completing a 4300 year old Sumerian ritual called the “Exorcism of the crown of Anu”
Anu is Zeus, the son of Saturn. The Bohemian Grove motto “Weaving Spiders Come Not Here” is a line from Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream”; Shakespeare being an epithet of the Arcadian goddess “Pallas-Athene”, whose “Shaking Spears” signaled “War” as decreed by the Oracles of Delphi. William Shakespeare? Sir Francis Bacon and his “Knights of the Golden Helmet” wrote under this pseudonym; his book “New Atlantis” describes the Americas in flames with Atlantis “Land of Atlas” rising as a Phoenix from its own ashes of self destruction.
Phoenix means Pa-Hanok “House of Enoch” (Cain’s Enoch rather than Seth’s); Pyramid means “Amid the pyre/flames”. The Phoenix is the Bennu Bird (At the end of 2018 the satellite ORISIS REx allegedly arrived at the Bennu asteroid; TimesUp! folks) of Egypt connecting the Ben-ben Pyramidion in Heliopolis “City of the Sun” with Arabia, self immolating every 500 years; Francisco Pizarro conquered the Incans in 1517, aka Year One of the 10 Jubilee (500 yr) plan to present Antichrist, a plan which began with the Essenes in 11Q13 “Prince Melchisedek Scroll” found in the Qumran Caves; next by Rabbi Judah ben Samuel and Kabbalist Maimonides in 1217 who identified the year 1517, the year Rosicrucian Martin Luther split the Church and Black Nobility Pope Leo X declared the Gnostic Doctrine “Indestructibility of the Soul” as Catholic (Universal) Dogma at the 5th Lateran Council. Lateran means “Hidden Frogs”, the unclean spirits of Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet at the Jesuit “Militia of Zeus” HQ Arch-basilica of St John Lateran in Rome, considered by these Satanists as the “Mother of all Churches worldwide”. Tzaddiq Baal Shem Tov in 1760 refined the plan to Hebrew Year 5778 (2018), chosen because 5778 is the Pi is the 18th root of 5778 and the temperature of the Sun 5778K. The recent Israeli ad campaign “Sunny” even features the Gate of the Sun “Babylon”
Romani Gypsies and Bohemians were called “Dom” throughout western Asia; Dom being the Latin word for Sun and the root of Dominion; Dominos is the favored game at “The Grove”. Esau achieves Dominion (Gen 27:39-41KJV) as the 3rd Beast (Dan 7:6) and intends to kill Jacob and everyone grafted on to Jacob through Jesus Christ.
Gypsies and Bohemians (Gnostics) will obtain “Dominion” through Esau Edom=Red; Isaac’s first born) and Ishmael, Abram’s first born. Dominion mean “Sovereign Authority to Rule” and Jesus Christ will give him this Authority when the world has rejected His rule “Mark of the Beast” aka Rev 6:14 “Heaven departs as a scroll”. Congress is derived from Congredi, a Latin term “Meeting for War”. The IMF will decide whether to extend more credit and raise the debt ceiling on Lugnasadh, the day Columbus set sail for Hispania “Little Spain” aka Dominican Republic/Haiti; Witches call this day “Harvest of Souls”. Not coincidentally, America’s (Amurru=Edomite Shepherd and Serpent god; Amar=Canaanite god of the west) taxpayer funded manned space flights will end with the return of the Shuttle “Atlantis” July 20th, the cusp of Leo, 42 years to the day after 33 degree Sovereign Luciferian Freemasons Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin claimed to set foot on the Moon; this is Shuttle Atlantis’ 33rd trip to low Earth orbit coinciding with the number of spinal vertebrae and Jesus’ age at the Crucifixion.
The Phoenix is an Arabian (Arab, Gypsy and Bohemian all mean Homeless wanderer; Vagabond) Bird called the Bennu Bird in Egypt (Gypsy) which symbolically perched on the Ben-ben Stone in Heliopolis “City of the Sun” (Ben-ben=Pyramidion aka Pyramid Capstone) connected Egypt and Arabia (Mt Sinai=Jebel al Laws “Mount of Laws” is in Arabia) across the Red Sea (Gulf of Aqaba).
Understand what Bohemian Grove represents and you will understand America’s role in the New World Order.
Satanists just don’t seem to care if the truth gets out now. The movie Shakespeare: We’ve all been played finally admits Shakespeare was Francis Bacon and his disciple Edward de Vere (actually his Knights of the Golden Helmet) as well as Jack the Ripper exposed as the Masons in the London police department led by Winston Churchill’s father Lord Randolph Spencer (Princess Di was a Spencer) Churchill.
Bohemian Grove initiate Prince Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg (He believes himself to be a Nephillim descendant of Sumerian Dragon Lords) calls Jesus an Essene Magian and Bohemian Grove the “Covenant of the Baphometic Order of the Cubic Stone” The Cubic Stone is Saturn.
Baphomet was the Goat Idol of the Knight Templars and the Cubic Stone is the Black Stone in the Ka’aba at Mecca. Kaballah and Ka’aba have the same meanings; in Hebrew is means “Murder” and in Arabic it means Illicit sexual activity; Mecca comes from Mechus for Adultery. Nice eh? So what are Newt Gingrich, Colin Powell, Norm Schwarzkopf, George Sr/Jr and Jeb Bush, Don Rumsfeld, Bill Clinton, Arnold Swarzenegger, Joe and Bill Coors, Alan Greenspan, Chris Mathews, Danny Glover, Charleton Heston, Henry Kissinger, Francis Ford Coppola, Warren Buffett, Frank Borman, Wally Schirra, Chuck Yeager, and Jack Welch (GM Ceo) doing out there cremating “Dull Care”? A 4300 year old Sumerian exorcism ritual, that’s what. “Begone Dull Care” is the Sumerian deity “Barra” aka “Begone” from the Necronomicon Ritual “Exorcism of the Crown of Anu”; Bohemians are simply modern day Tuatha de Danaan (Offspring of Anu/Danu). Nothing new under the sun eh? Now, how do people get to this point?
2345 BC, Noah, his wife and 3 sons step off the Ark onto dry land. “Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God” Gen 6:9 Masons and fake Talmudic Jews claim Tubal-cain’s sister Naamah became Noah’s wife; who cares? His 3 sons only had Sethite blood of Noah, this is why God only allowed Noah to produce the 3 sons from whom everyone on earth descend. God creates the opportunity; we make poor decisions, not Him. The poor decision? Ham produced Canaan from intercourse with his likely Cainite or mixed blood mother; this is why Abram, Isaac and Jacob were prohibited from “taking wives of the daughters of Canaan”. They made errors as all people do, but on this important point, they made good decisions, whereas Ishmael and Esau did not. Arab, Bohemian and Gypsy are all synonyms for “Homeless, Wanderer, Vagabond”.
The Authorized Bible (KJV) is under attack presently; Why? “Giant” in Gen 6:4 becomes “Nephilim” in new versions. Nephilim refers to a “Demon Seed” propagated by a variety of lies. 1. Fallen angels mating with human women? NO. 2. Noah having more than 1 wife who produced daughters? NO 3. Noah had others on the Ark beyond the 8? NO 4. The Flood was a local event to Babylon? NO.
“Weaving spiders come not here” is from Shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights Dream. Edward de Vere, believes the Order of the Garter refers to a Witch’s Belt symbolizing Marriage between Demons and Human Women in “Titanic Era of the Nephilim”; this refers to the pre-Flood Gen 6 “Giants” during the Titan Saturn’s reign.
Francis Bacon’s “Baconies” (Francis=Free + Pig) hides a Jesuit connection “Order of Gesu” means “Earth Pig”, Marranos ie Satanists in Christian garb; Marrano means Pig; Knights of the Golden Helmet refer to the Golden Age of Saturn yet to come.
Jesus Christ is hated by Gnostics ie Witches; King James expelled the Jesuits from England in 1604; Guy Fawkes attempted revenge on 5 Nov 1604 with the “Gun Powder Plot”; James had just financed 54 translators to bring Textus Receptus into modern English; James said “Nothing is more powerful than the bible in the hand of the common man”. Jesuits are not Christian let alone Catholic; they are beholden and will kill for one man, the Jesuit General aka Black Pope who today is Adolfo Nicolas.
Bohemian Grove features Aryan (Arya means Noble Caste) men dressing in women’s clothes just as Phrygian Eunuch priests of Attis and Cybele did; King Midas had the touch of gold and so do these misfits. Putting on plays called “Hi Jinx”, with the chief priest dressed as Santa Claus offering real or mock human sacrifices to a 40 ft Owl called Molech (Molech=Melek=Lord or King); their contempt for Jesus Christ is unbridled so here is what these “Builders” who reject Jesus as the “Chief Cornerstone” have built. First, they turned Jesus’ mother into an Easter Rabbit; His birthday into Christmas (Sol Invictus), His likeness into Santa Claus and His manger into a “Grove” (Christmas Tree). Not too bad for starters. They created Al Qaeda.. Their ghostly leader Osama bin Laden, killed, DNA tested and transported 1100+ miles to the Arabian Sea in a 120MPH Chinook (Hot Southern Wind) Helicopter in one night (yeah and I’m Santa!) on Beltane (May 1 is Birth of Baal=Lord). Bin means Basket, Crib or Manger; guess what else? Bin is a Celtic Dung Cart. Ladon is the mythical 100 headed dragon in the Garden of Hesperides (Golden Apples) at the western edge of the world called “Amurru”.
Bohemian Grove was founded in America by Mark Twain, Joseph Redding and Samuel Huntington in April 1872. Why is Bohemian Grove in America? Mayans called this land Amaruca “Land of Meru” (Meru=Plumed Serpent); Incans called this land “Ameru Meru”. Celts called this land Amerike (Sorry, Richard Amerika did not discover America, nor did Amerigo Vespucci; Vespa means Wasp and yes we were stung all right). Ethiopian (Aethiop means Men of Incense) “Priests of Ameru” claim to be judges of Old Testament law. After the Flood the world was divided into the equal arm cross; no it is not a Christian symbol because there aren’t any Christian symbols. It represented the Equinox/Solstice Sun and Amurru (biblical Calneh of Gen 10) was the western edge ie Setting Sun.
Why in San Francisco? Frank means “Free”; Francesca is the preferred weapon of the Merovingian Franks; Vichy France (Nazi collaborators in WWII) used the Double Sided Axe symbol, like the one in the “Fasces” symbol (Bundle of rods bound by Red Cord surrounding the Cretan Double Axe). Figured out who these Bohemians are yet? “…seventy men of the ancients of the house of Israel…every man his censer in his hand; and a thick cloud of incense went up…Son of man, hast thou seen what the ancients of the house of Israel do in the dark, every man in the chambers of his imagery? for they say, The LORD seeth us not; the LORD hath forsaken the earth” Eze 8:11-12 Guess what boys? The LORD seeth everything! The UN was founded in San Francisco in 1945 by Communist spy Alger Hiss. The Church of Satan was founded in 1966 by Anton LaVey in the “Hotel California” in San Francisco; his disciple Michael Aquino is now running the NSA. Al Qaeda “Solid Foundation”; Saudi Wahhabism led to the Muslim Brotherhood which initiated Ibn Sayyid Qutb; Sayyid means “Descendant of Muhammad”, a Quyrash Bedouin of Mecca “Adultery” and the Korahite “Rebel Priests” of Moses’ day; Qutb a title for Dervish Clan Chiefs. Osama bin Laden being a fictitious term for bin=Cradle or Manger of Laden=Ladon the 100 headed dragon in the Garden of Hespiredes at the western edge of the world. Strange? Mark Twain said “Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities whereas truth is not”. Communist Bohemian Grove member Mikhail Gorbachev founded Green Cross International in San Francisco with a gift of taxpayer land by Knight of Malta Ronald Reagan. Ok, 1 more, the movie Book of Eli ended with the warrior priest Eli dictating what he called the “King James Bible”; the so-called New King James Bible was then placed between the Tanakh and Quran as Holy scriptures in San Francisco. The NKJV has nothing to do with the KJV; like all new bibles it is based on Gnostic manuscripts. Moving along.
The Cretan Double Axe refers to the 2 Crescent Moons/month; Bohemian Grove begins on the Full Moon nearest the Ides of July and ends, bracketing the 2 Lunar Crescents. Titus (1:12) says Cretians describe themselves as “Liars, evil beasts and slow bellies”. July 15 (Sabine Quintillis) is also Buddha’s Joyful Day Ullambana” celebrating his meditation in the forest “Grove”. July 15 is also the Taoist (Tao means “The Way”) Day of the Hungry Ghost “Zhongyuen Festival” July 15 is also the Vietnamese “Vu Lan” and Chinese “O-Bon” festival; all reasons for Gypsies to converge in the “Grove” because they created all these religions.
Buddha “Sun god” was Siddhartha Guatama (Guatama is the Lunar Bull) born of the Lotus Flower (Lotus Lanterns guide dead spirits back to the underworld on this day); Lord Qingxu, born on July 15 absolves the sins of the departed; albeit a little late eh? July is Ghost Month; for Buddhists and Taoists, the Gates of Hell open for spirits to come out of the lower realm. Spirit Paper Money is offered as a Burnt Sacrifice; how convenient US Debt default of its “Fiat” currency will serve as the diversion “Turn” needed for Bohemians to meet in the “Grove” with relative anonymity and the “Deadline” will be reached as the 2 cresent moons (Double Axe) ends Bohemnian Grove on the Witchcraft Holy Day of Lugnasadh “Harvest of Souls”.
Typhoon Ma-On formed during Bohemian Grove 2011. Maon is Hebrew for Habitation or Dwelling; On is Heliopolis or Osiris “City of the Sun”; notice Japan’s flag is the Red “Edomite” Rising Sun. Egyptian “Gypsy” Priests of On “Heliopolis” were Amalekites called “Hyksos”, they were Edomites who taught the arts of War to Egyptians; forcibly kicked out of Egypt, they fled to Thera (Santorini) where God covered them with 180ft of volcanic ash for trying to kill the Israelites; the resulting Tsunami wave then destroyed Minoan (Minos and Monotaur like the Egyptian Menes mean Bull People) Crete. Typhoon Ma-On hit Tokyo and Fukushima filling the MOX (Plutonium/Uranium) Reactor #3 building with now highly radioactive water. The same time, Obama, Eric Holder, the BATF (the BATF was responsible for the AP Murrah Bldg bombing and Waco Branch Davidian fire as well) and Congress used QE2 Stimiulus Money aka TARP Funds in “Operation Fast and Furious” to purchase 30,000 AK-47’s assault rifles, 50 caliber sniper rifles and pistols using “Straw Buyers” (Anonymous) to resell them to Mexican Drug Cartels and lose track of them? Jesus said “A man’s foes shall be they of his own household” Mat 10:36
Gypsy is the Greek description of Egyptians eg Priests of On (Saturn) and Pharaohs as incarnations of the Sun; they were actually Turanians (Dom or Romani), the Bull culture of India; Arabs call them Misr. Bohemians “Homeless, Vagabond” in the Redwood “Grove” lighting fires to Moloch (Lord/King) is what Amos warned Israel against. “But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun…” Amos 5:26.
The Masonic Twin Pillars, Jachin and Boaz represent Gnosticism. Jachin=Chiun=Green Pillar=Summer Solstice World Tree/Axis=Esau; Boaz=Esau’s brother Jacob=Winter Solstice Axis “Christmas Tree”=Golden Pillar. This is why Gnostics attached the Winter Solstice and Hannukah “House of Enoch” (Cain’s Enoch not Seth’s) to Jesus’ Birth. His actual birth is the 8th day of Feast of Tabernacles in 6 BC; His conception was at Hannukah. Twin Pillars are common to the entrances (Initiation Gate) of Grove Initiations, Masonic, Egyptian, Phoenician, and Philistine (Dagan=Lord of the Flood) Temples, they represent the West (Dark) and East (Light) sides of the Pyramid (Amid the Pyre/Flames) Base (Masonic Square=Earth) forming the World Axis/Tree (North-South Axis) upon which the world turns under the Serpent “Draco” in the North and the Southern Cross in the South. The Serpent wraps these “Pillars of Atlas” to form the universal symbol of money set to collapse as the Black Horse of Revelation 6:5 (Weigh Scales=Scales of Maat). Masons refer to this fake Serpent deity as the “Grand Architect of the Universe” or “Grand Geometrician”

Communist spy, Bohemian Grove member Alger Hiss chaired the San Francisco meeting of the United Nations Charter; on July 16, 1945 Communist spy J Robert Oppenheimer quoted the Bhagavad Gita (Aryan=Arya=Noble Caste=Gypsy=Dom of Northern India=Sun=Dominion=Esau) “I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds” as the Trinity Site illuminated with atomic (Atum=Egyptian Creator) energy. Capitalized, “Death” is an attribute of the Pale Horse; “Hell” is the other. “Grove” initiates become “Sons”; One who has experienced and expressed 666 and found it naught, dropping the 6 they become 66 and found himself on the Way, afterward becoming 6; divine man. Bohemian Grove initiate Edward Teller presented the Hydrogen Bomb at Bohemian Grove.
Chaldean Magick has 3 parts: Pledge, Turn, Prestige George Bush Jr attended 2006 Bohemian Grove as attention was diverted “Turn” to the 33 day Lebanon (Lebanon flag is the World Tree; Lbn=Laban “To make White” ie make man a god) war; this year, US debt is diverting attention as 2700 world leaders converge on the Russian (Rus=Cymri=Red) River in Monte Rio as “Children passing through fires of Molech”. Celts were called Tuatha de Danaan (Children of Anu) for the same reason; Thor’s Oaks serving the same purpose as the Bohemian Redwoods, Buddha’s Cypress Tree, the Norse Tree “Yggdrasil” or the Irish Fomorian “Fir-Bolg” (Offspring of the World Tree)
Bohemian Grove is warned of in Gen 14:3-4 “All these were joined together in the vale of Siddim which is the salt sea. “Twelve years they served Chedorlaomer and in the thirteenth year they rebelled”. The Vale of Siddim was a similar “Slime Pit” where Bricks (Laban=To make Bricks and To make White ie Chaldean Initiations) are held together with Slime ie Satanic Initiations (ref Gen 11:1-3) Ever made a Tower with Bricks and Slime? (new bible versions may use Tar or Bitumen) Me neither. Slime is Blackmail and these men (Bricks) have load of it. Bitumen and Tar are Organic material created during the Flood by high pressure, heat and water; not trying to scare anyone but the Tower of Babel is being built on the sacrifice of people in accordance with Heb 9:22-23 “…without the shedding of blood is no remission. It was therefore necessary that the patterns of things in the heavens should be purified with these…” In case this is not obvious, Gnostics (Bohemians) are Death, the attribute of the Pale Horse who regard Jesus as strictly human. Human sacrifice is a part of every nation and culture on earth because of this.
The Tower of Babel is the Pillar of Babylon (Bab=Gate; Ilu=Assyrian Lord Marduk or Moloch). These men will put the finishing touches on the World Pillar wrapped by the Serpent $; repairing the Earth (Hebrew phrase “Tikkun Olam”) for the “Golden Age” by destroying the Ladon Dragon (Osama bin Laden=Manger/Crib/Nursery of Ladon) guarding the Golden Apples in the Garden of Heperides (far Western World). Who is the Dragon? Amar=Canaanite god of the west; Amurru=Edomite (Esau=Red) Shepherd and Serpent; Can=Priest of Cain. America is a “Christian” Nation alright, just the Masonic version of “Christ”; a Red Christ made famous by Christ-Taufr (Red Christ) Columbus (Columba=Dove). Making sense yet? The Tower of Babel will be completed on God’s timeline as Heb 9:23 states. Peter (2 Pet 3:8) said “…be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. The Lord is not slack concerning his promise…”His promise is to return. When? When Earth is 6000 years old.
Saturn/Molech is Time Earth is getting very close to 6000 years of age and ignorance may not be a valid excuse; you do not want to hear Jesus say “Depart from me…I never knew you”. The patterns in the Heavens Paul spoke of refer to the so-called 12/21/2012 “Galactic Alignment” when the Sun will pass (as viewed by “Earth Dwellers”) through the “X” (Solstice Sun Rise/Set aka “Cross of St Andrew”) formed by the Galactic Center (Mayans called this “Dark Rift”, the “Galactic Womb” and “World Tree”) and the Ecliptic (Sun, Moon, Planets=Wanderers=Vagabonds). Monuments from Ankor Wat, Teotihuacan, Chitzen Itza, Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid focus on this alignment. Planetary alignments originated with Sabean Astrology where Sabean means “Leaving one religion for that of another”. Jesus referred to Sabeans as “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothes” and “Nicolaitanes” ie people who say one thing and do another in order to destroy Judaism and Christianity from the inside ie behind the pulpits as Rabbis “My Great One” or Reverend “One worthy of worship”. July 4, 1776 was chosen by Sabean Astrologer Benjamin Franklin to be the birth of the US simply because 5 planets were being eclipsed by the Sun that daty. Here are a few ways to calculate the age of the Earth used by astrologers.
The Turanian “Bull” refers to the equinox sunrise in Taurus after the Flood; this is the origin of the Golden Bull Altars at Bethel and Dan, the Egyptian Apis Bull, Hathor the mother cow goddess, the Cretan “Bull Leaping” (Zeus is the White Bull), Bull Fighting and Wall St Bull to name a few. Sargon the Great was declared “Legitimate King” roughly commensurate with the equinox sunrise transitioning to Aries (Ram=Supreme). Masoretic Hebrew texts record 1656 years from Creation (Anno Mundi) to the Flood. Each astrological “House” takes 2160 years to precess backward. 2160 years from Aries to Pisces. Maccabees sacrificed a Pig to represent Jesus as Swine on the altar of the 2nd Temple at 25 Kislev (Hannukah-Christmas) to mark this occasion in the 2nd century BC. Add another 2160 years from Pisces to Aquarius. Astrologers claim 12/21/2012 fits this time best. Jesus was born on the 8th day of Feast of Tabernacles 6 BC. 1656 + 2160 + 2160=5976. The age of legitimacy/accountability/adulthood in scripture is 21. 5976 + 21=5997. There are 42 months, 3 ½ years, 1260 days, Time, Times, Dividing of Time in the Great Tribulation. It doesn’t take a Genius to see Earth is nearing 6000 years of age, and even if Christians have forgotten the beginning of wisdom is “Fear of the LORD”, astrologers have not.
The mid-point of Bohemian Grove is Aug 2 Lughnash Groves (new bible versions change Grove to Asherah meaning Twin Pillars) are “High places where Evil is done in sight of the LORD”. Aug 2 Lughnash Lugh is the “Omnicompetent” (Carpenter, Smith, Warrior, Musician, Poet, Hero, Sorcerer etc) Celtic deity of pagan (Scotti and Picts) Ireland “Land of Barbarians”. Lugnasadh means “Harvest of Souls”; Christopher Columbus (Christ-Taufr means “Red Christ” Columbia the Roman goddess of Freedom and Liberty from God) left on his voyage to America (Amurru=Edomite=Red Shepherd and Serpent god) to steal Gold (Mayer Rothschild “He who has the gold makes the rules”) and leave a wake of Disease (Smallpox blankets). Columbus did what Gypsies (Egyptians) and Bohemians have done since the Flood and today is no different. “Scotched Earth” policy is designed to steal people’s lives, land, possessions, food and water, then to destroy the ability to use the land in the future. Deepwater Horizon and Fukushima were created to do exactly that.
2000+ men plus their male and female escorts light sacrificial fires to the 40ft Owl of Wisdom “Molech”; their motto “Weaving Spiders Come Not Here” is a line from Act 2 of Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream” however there was no single person “Shakespeare”, rather Francis Bacon and his Knights of the Golden Helmet (Francis Bacon’s disciple Edward de Vere is also claimed to be Shakespeare) took the name from the Greek gods Pallas of Arcadia and Athene “Pallas-Athene” the Weaving Spider and Goddess of War. The movie Inception featured Ariadne the Weaving Spider of the Cretan Labyrinth and Bohemian Grove is chock full of the same “Cretans”. Pallas-Athene “shaking their spears” became the basis of “Dialectic” (Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis) used to instigate Wars and Revolutions. Shakespeare (Pallas-Athene) thus became the goddess of wisdom, civilization, war, strength, strategy, justice and skill, the same attributes of the Celtic “Warrior” god Lugh. Bohemian Grove is simply a modern day continuation of the oldest initiatory Satanic religion called the “Eleusinian Mysteries” which is why statues of Diana, goddess of night and witchcraft, the sun god Buddha and the Egyptian goddess Isis are featured at the “Grove”. In the movie Gladiator Marcus Aurelius transferred the title “Caesar” to Maximus, but through deceit Commodus assumed the role; Marcus was the last Roman Caesar to have been initiated into the Eleusinian Mystery.
The “Grove” is a 4000 yr old Sumerian Ritual “Begone Dull Care”; a sacrifice to Molech by 2000 of the World’s Elite (Edomites) who have all sold their Soul to Satan.