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A Watchman Report – Ezekiel 38 & 39 The Battle of Gog and Magog

“And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog, and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea” Rev 20:7-8

Gog shall come against the land of Israel…For in my jealousy and in the fire of my wrath have I spoken, Surely in that day there shall be a great shaking in the land of Israel Ezekiel 38:18-19

Israeli Geologists and Rabbis forecast a 6.5+ Earthquake will hit Israel any day now…the Gog and Magog War is upon us. Mystic Rabbi Nic ben Artzi claims earthquakes in Chile and Turkey is “Earth dancing to bring in Messiah and pre-Messiah war Gog and Magog”  Not so fast! Gog and Magog is at the end of the Millennium  over 1000 years from now “And David my servant shall be king over them; and they all shall have one shepherd: they shall also walk in my judgments, and observe my statutes, and do them” Eze 37:24 Seen King David? of the Shepherd? His name is Jesus Christ aka JEHOVAH “My tabernacle also shall be with them: yea, I will be their God, and they shall be my people” Eze 37:27 Gog and Magog will occur at Feast of Tabernacles, Jesus’ real Birthday is the day required for all to come to Jerusalem for Feast of Ingathering during the Millennium “…the Lord will smite the heathen that come not up to keep the feast of tabernacles” Zech 14:18. In a nutshell; The Vatican controls the Temple Mount (since Shimon Perez); Jesuits control Zoroastrianism (Mede-Persian Ram); Jesuits ultimately Judge compliance with Shariah and Noahide Laws, both require Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost (JESUS); Jesuit Superior General Arturo Sosa and Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi  Judge the Court of Gentiles; the Serpent (Satan) controls the Vatican. Got JESUS in your life? Now is a great time! 

Vatican Audience Hall

Vatican means “Divining Serpent” Catholic means “Universal” Jesuit (Militia of Zeus and Minerva) Pope Francis Encyclicals Lumen fidei “Light of the Faith” and Laudato Si “Praise be to you” “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.” Rev 12:9 Lumen fidei draws heavily from Evolution fraud Jesuit Pierre Tiellhard du Chardin who was caught in the Piltdown Man Hoax fitting an ape mandible to a human skull; Eastern (Rising Sun) Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew I, Sufi mystic Ali al Khawes and St Francis of Assisi’s “Canticle of the Sun”. One of Satan’s titles is the “Rising Sun” aka Sol Invictus “Unconquered Sun”. Christmas Dies Natalis Solis Invicti is the Nativity of the Unconquered Sun. Chardin believed the fate of humanity is the Omega Point where all the world is unified under the Noosphere (Thought) for the eschatological return of Christ.  Jesuit Joe Biden’s vaccine didn’t break the skin; 33 deg Freemason Benjamin Netanyahu’s doctor held an insulin injector in his ungloved hand; Jesuit Anthony Fauci gets his vaccine without a needle and forgets which arm he received it in. The Serpent has deceived the entire world into following the “Way of Cain”. These people believe Jacob fooled his father Isaac, so the ends justify the means, the removal of God and His followers from Earth.

Nashville Parthenon of Athena

AT&T got a contract to do forensic audit on Dominion Voting machines recently moved to the AT&T/NSA Nashville site. No blast crater under the Van; FAA Ground Stop; Plasma trail, point to US Airborne Directed Energy Weapon. Former owner of the AT&T building, William Kennard is a board member for Cerberus (3 headed guard dog of Hell) Capital Management and AT&T; He also was Bill Clinton’s (Clinton Global Initiative is the Delian League) FCC chair, and Obama’s Ambassador to the EU. Dominion voting is a British Crown Agent in Canada owned by Cerberus Capital Management; Cerberus is run by Staple Street Execs. Joe Bidens Brother in Law, Steven Owens, is the cofounder of Staple Street Execs along with William Kennard. Super Computer in TN was connected to the AT&T/NSA network in Nashville; the evening before the Cumberland river cooling system was compromised due to internet outage and the Supercomputer fried; “Kraken” is a reference to the supercomputer. The explosion “just happened” to be at the AT&T/NSA location where they “just so happen” to control the cooling system for the supercomputer and house the dominion voting machines and drives for forensic audit. Does it make sense now why no lives were lost? Why the FBI task lead couldn’t even put together a coherent sentence in the press conference yesterday? Why mayor Joh Cooper and witness/actor Carissa Kelly were laughing? Why Nashville? Nashville is home to the Parthenon of Athena (Roman Minerva) representing the Genesis Serpent and the “Way of Cain”. The Way of Cain separated the Areopagus (Rock of Ares aka Mars’ Hill) where the UNKNOWN GOD (Acts 17:23) stood next to the Parthenon of Athena in Athens. Socrates said his ancestors were “Zeus, Apollo and Athena”; Welcome to Greek Democracy where Greek Goddesses are place holders for the “Way of Cain”. Gnostics consider Athena to be Naamah (Gen 4:22) the last ruler of Cainites before the Flood who came to be called Inanna, Ishtar, Isis, Asherah, Easter etc the wife of Saturn (Satan/Serpent). The bomb was predicted to be set by Islamists in a newscast June 2020 and news of the explosion was posted in advance; a loud speaker in the RV warned 15 mins in advance. Gatestone Inst predicted a Jihadist Christmas attack Nina Rosenwald a fake Jew CFR (Pale Horse Death is on the cover of Foreign Affairs Magazine) and AIPAC traitor scapegoating Muslims like Islamic State (ISIS) who released their 2020 Christmas song on the Dec 21 “Great Conjunction”  “Coldly kill them with hate and rage”; Jesuit (Militia of Zeus and Athena) Anthony Fauci is without doubt the world’s most prolific Con-Man Welcome to the Way of Cain. WWIII like Coronavirus was pre-planned by Jesuits in 1871 to pit Zionism against Islam  Remember Jesus warned “A man’s foes shall be they of his own household” Mat 10:36; Mic 7:6


Merry Christmas? Christmas is Canaanite; The Serpent convinced Cain to kill Abel; Coronavirus Vaccine “Crowned Serpent Venom” will finish the job SARS CoV-2 Virus has never been isolated; therefore no “Mutant CoV-2 Virus” exists; therefore no reliable Test for SARS CoV-2 exists; therefore no Coronavirus Vaccine exists.  Baal-Berith is the Canaanite Lord of the Tree Covenant; Keeper of Infernal Pacts; Chief Secretary of Hell; Prince of the Fallen Angels; Demon of Blasphemy, brought to Israel by Samaritans from Phoenicia (Beirut=Berith) Berith or Biritu means “Fetter, Bond”. Dec 24 is the Birth of the Arab moon god Sin. The list of Gods born Dec 25 is extensive

An Ethiopian-Sudanese God and Egyptian son of Osiris, born 25th December, by a Virgin around 3,000 YEARS before Jesus.
A Nepalese God, born 25th December, by a Virgin around 563 YEARS before Jesus.
An Indian God, born 25th December, by a Virgin around 900 YEARS before Jesus.
An Iranian God, born 25th December, by a Virgin around 1,000 YEARS before Jesus.
A Greek God, born 25th December, by a Virgin around 800 YEARS before Jesus.
A Persian God, born 25th December, by a Virgin- 600 YEARS before Jesus.
A Greek God, born 25th December, by a Virgin around 500 YEARS before Jesus.
A Babylonian God, born 25th December, by a Virgin around 400 YEARS before Jesus.
A Greek God, born 25th December, by a Virgin around 200 YEARS before Jesus.
A Phoenician God, born 25th December, by a Virgin around 200 YEARS before Jesus.
Dec 25 “Going forth of the Wadjet” celebrates the birth of Osiris “Green One” aka Earth Star in China and Japan; Mithras in Iran; Attis in Phrygia; Apollo (Apollyon Rev 9:11 “Destroyer”); Krishna in India; Christmas is Saturnalia, a celebration of Saturn “Black Star”. Pope Sixtus III (666) instituted worship of Sol Invictus as Roman Law in 435ad. Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles Sept 29, 6bc; Christmas is Satan’s greatest lie. Coronavirus is a close second.


Council for Inclusive Capitalism

The Age of Aquarius is revenge for the Flood 8 people were saved in the Ark; JESUS is the New Covenant Ark, the 8th and final Covenant between God and Man. Got JESUS in your life? He’s in your Prayer Closet waiting for you to open the door! We can accept JESUS’ a SPIRITUAL promise of eternal life, or the Serpent’s Lie, but not both. One thing these doctors agree on is the Coronavirus Vaccine is dangerous  A mutated strain of BS19 broke out in Britain and spread to Australia, European Nations and a 3rd variant in South Africa prompting Border Closures, Forced Quarantine (NYC Mayor DeBlasio using Sheriffs to enforce $1000/day fines for breaking Quarantine) Amazingly this same is the theme of the Hanukkah released movie SONGBIRD  Jesuit Hypocrite Anthony Fauci received the Moderna Vaccine without a needle in the syringe and 3 days later reported soreness at the injection site on the wrong arm CV Czar Mike Pence pretended to be vaccinated with a shot that didn’t even appear to break the skin; Benjamin Netanyahu pretended to get the COVID vaccine, but by a ‘doctor’ who forgot to wear gloves, who held the tip in the needle in his ungloved fingers, and used a diabetic syringe. A Seed from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil looking like Coronavirus was the star of the movie Noah, Methuselah handing it to Noah who planted it and build the Ark from it; just amazing eh? The Tree of Life and Coronavirus then become the stars of the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony with a hospitalized Boris Johnson and very young Greta Thunberg the hired face of the Anthropogenic Global Warming Hoax Gates Foundation and Pirbright Inst in Britain patented Coronavirus in 2015 Patents cannot be issued for anything natural; Coronavirus is Man-Made. BioNTech Vaccines have a sister company called Gamymed Pharmaceuticals; fitting as Ganymede is the Cretan youth abducted by Zeus/Jupiter; fitting because as Aquarius began on Dec 21 with the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction at 0 deg Aquarius, Congress (Capitol means Womb of Zeus/Jupiter) passed the $2.3Trillion 5593 page Omnibus spending package that pays $600 to everyone in the US making less than $75,000 ($600X200M=$120B; $2.3T/$120B=.005). Wow! That’s the same percentage as alleged Covid  Mortality.  HR #748 is the $6.2 Trillion CARES Act (Coronavirus Economic Relief); Traitors in Congress introduced CARES Act July 23, 2019Coronavirus was patented in 2015, and rehearsed by the WEF and WHO on Oct 2019 Event 201; this treason has been planned for a long time; 2020 “Dark Winter” likely means Lights Out WEF drill Cyber Polygon is “Lights Out”; as Ayn Rand wrote “When the lights go out in NYC for the last time, our mission will be complete”  When? The Carbon Armageddon Clock shows the timing of the Jesuit invented 7 yr Tribulation.  Pre-Trib Rapture?  That’s a Jesuit invention as well Ronald Reagan said in 1987, Aliens are all part of this Satanic plan to Unite the World; all fake of course; those of us old enough to remember Reagan’s $2.3T Star Wars Project may or may not know it was spent on Project Blue Beam The Coronavirus or Universal Flu Vaccine is now or soon will be the Mark of the Beast Don’t fall for the BS! JESUS is the way truth and life, nobody gets to the Father but by Him! 

Dr Carrie Madej (Madej, Amadej, Amadeus means Love + Deus “Zeus”) has been using a pre-packaged warning against the Coronavirus Vax  since July  Madej claims Trump handed control of the US to FEMA giving them the right to force vaccinate; the “Commerce Clause” Art 1 Sec 8 Clause 3 of the Constitution Trumps FEMA. Neither Congress nor President have any authority to Force Vaccinate Citizens; ObamaCare was/is likewise Unconstitutional forced commerce with the Federal Government; Trump using the Military violates the Posse Comitatus Act Not coincidentally Jesuit Joe Biden got his vaccine (fake VAX like Jesuit Anthony Fauci) at 3:22ET; ObamaCare was signed into law illegally on 3:22 at 3:22UTC; the Cult of Saturn aka Brotherhood of Death is Society 322 aka the religion of Cain. Madej  espouses UNITY of people and religions not remotely what JESUS taught; Holy means “Separate”. She works as Phoenix Medical Group in McDonough GA where Phoenix Air Ambulance HQ  and the CDC are located. Ebola (Ebola is named for the Balls of the Flagrum used in the Crucifixion to induce internal hemorrhage) like Coronavirus is a Hoax; the Ebola “Miracle Cure” (BS) may be Merck ERVEBO Vaccine obtained FDA approval and became available coincident with the Coronavirus Hoax. PCR inventor  (d Aug 2019) declined to back the lie HIV causes AIDS. Russian Covid 19 researcher Alexander Kagansky was stabbed and tossed from his 14th floor home for declaring Covid 19 vaccines increase the risk of AIDS. Merck whistleblower and former VIOXX sales exec Brandy Vaughan was found dead in her home Dec 8. What information is so critical? Coronavirus was patented in 2015; It is not a naturally occurring virus anymore than HIV or Ebola.

The Ebola Green Psy Op starred Phoenix Air Ambulance, Doctors without Borders Dr Kent Brantley, Nurse Susan Writebol and Samaritans Purse (Samaritan Priests “Tzaddiq” are Phoenician; the son of Saturn Jupiter “Tsaddeq” means Righteous Pillar), founded by Rev Billy Graham, a Luciferian Freemason inducted to the Sovereign 33rd degree with Trump mentor Rev Norman Vincent Peale) Trump played the role of the Phoenix (aka false Messiah Quetzalcoatl) in Saudi Arabia the Phoenix rising from Coronavirus was in the 2012 London Olympic closing ceremony. Israeli News Live reporter and Messianic Jews Steve and Jana Ben-Nun (Ben-Nun is Joshua “Yeshoshua Ben Nun”; the Israeli Messiah is not JESUS) interviewed Carrie Madej the topic of Coronavirus quickly turned to UNITY of Faiths. Something isn’t right folks! I’m guessing but BiondVax is an Israeli Pharmaceutical company putting out a Universal Flu Vaccine. Watch out for slight of hand; Pharmakeia means “Ritual Sacrifice of a Scapegoat”; Pharmacist “Druggist or Poisoner”; Pharmakos “Drug induced Sorcery”; Corona=Crowned White Horse conquering with a Bow (Strongs #5115 Toxon=Poison) MAGA means “Sorcerer”; Corona is the mother of Aesculapius the Theraputae “God of Plagues” who are the guardians of Satan’s Seat. Influenza means “Influence of the Stars”; Tarot Card 17 is the Star, a woman pouring out Water in the Age of Aquarius.


CDC report on Health Impacts from COVID 19 vaccination

World CRISPR Day

On Oct 20 “World CRISPR Day” Astra Zeneca halted Vaccine Trials after several volunteers reported “I can’t feel God…my Soul is Dead” The same day, Lancet Medical Journal published research results showing Covid 19 Vaccines using Ad5 (Modified Adenovirus 5) increased the risk of AIDS; Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Astra Zeneca, Gamaleya and CanSino Biologics, Immunity Biologics all use Ad5 as a viral transporter to infect cells and are in widespread human trials or vaccine delivery.

CARES Act is actually HR 748 a  $6.2Trillion Theft introduced to Congress 1 yr before Coronavirus was announced; great planning or Treason? Coronavirus Aid Relief Economic Security Act was introduced into Congress as HR 748 on 1/24/2019. CARES Act began with a $2.2 Trillion FED/Treasury money printing Bank/Corporation Bailout falsely called “Stimulus” and will end with the final $Trillion Bailout coincident with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction; Start of the Magi? Hardly, Jesus was born on Fest of Tabernacles; this is the Star signifying the birth of the New World Order of Sol Invictus “Unconquered Sun”. CARES payouts end, coincident with end of Eviction Moratorium and Unemployment Payments on Dec 26, 2020,  St Stephen’s Day. Stephen means Martyr/Crown; this being 1 yr after the Solar Corona (Crown) formed on Dec 26, 2019, an event advertised in the AT&T pseudo documentary “The Sign” in 2017  3 months before Ivanka Trump played the “Woman clothed with the Sun” in Japan “Land of the Rising Sun”, an event which appeared in the sky Sept 23, 2017. In 2010, Unconstitutional Universal Health Care was signed into law on Sunday 3/22/10 at precisely 3:22 Universal Time (GMT), the same year the Rockefeller Inst plan “Lockstep” called for nations to act in unison forming a top down control in response to a global Pandemic. In 1677 Coronavirus and the Golden Calf were constructed atop “The Monument” a 311 step Golden Tower in London designed by Sir Christopher Wren; St Stephen’s Day is also called Day of the Wren. Treasury Sec Stephen Mnuchin is a Skull & Bones initiate of Society 322 “Brotherhood of Death” and member of the Coronavirus Task Force, the largest theft in world history which is why the WHO “Classified” Coronavirus a Pandemic on 3/22/2020 on “Purim” meaning the obviously treasonous, pre-planned event will affect all people (Pan + Deimos). Purim means “Cast Lots for Marduk” the original Golden Calf standing atop The Monument. WHO CARES? JESUS folks! Only JESUS! and He warned us “A man’s foes shall be they of his own household” Mat 10:36

CNN reports Santa not being able to enter people’s homes due to COVID was vaccinated by Jesuit Dr Fauci at the North Pole Fauci’s 80th birthday is Christmas Eve; Fauci means Sickle. Arabs celebrate the birth of the moon god Sin on Christmas Eve. 80 is the lifespan described in Ps 90:10 “The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.” Jesuits invented pre-Trib Rapture and manage Coronavirus, don’t be fooled! Daniel was 80 when he deciphered the Writing on the Wall appeared; Beltshazzar was throwing a party as Babylon fell to the Mede-Persians. America is the Scapegoat for Babylon Moses was 80 when he warned Pharaoh; Aaron’s staff turning to a Serpent; Coronavirus means Crowned Serpent Venom; Corona Borealis in the North is the Crown of caput Serpens “Serpent’s Head”; the 10 Plagues of Egypt and Red Sea crossing followed. Santa (Satan, Dragon, Serpent Rev 12:9) in his red Edomite Suit led by Rudolph “Noble Wolf” carrying a sack full of Hallucinogenic Psylocybin Amenita Muscaria Mushrooms is leading the flock into the Red Sea. Human life ranges from 70-80 75 lb hailstones fall at Armageddon, the Son of man wears a Crown carrying a Sickle; Coronavirus=Crowned Serpent + Fauci=Sickle. Now if you think this is coincidence; maybe try tossing the Christmas/Hanukkah Tree and get right with JESUS?

Council for Inclusive Capitalism

Council for Inclusive Capitalism under the moral guidance of Jesuit Pope Francis and the Vatican (Divining Serpent is controlled by Jesuit General Arturo Sosa) was formed on Nov 19, 2029. Pope Francis stated a “Personal relationship with JESUS is dangerous” and wrote “Earth can only support 1 Billion people” with Trust Stamp CEO British Lawyer Gareth Genner an oath sworn Jesuit serving the Jesuit General; Knight of Malta; Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre (4 Horsemen); Order of St Lasarus (Rapture Idol); Military order of Constantine and St George; George is Green Man/Bacchus; Constantine was a Druid, plus and a dozen International Corporate CEO’s from MasterCard, Saudi Aramco (Trump and Putin bowed to King Salman and accepted the Saudi Medal of Freedom; Trump even danced the Arab Sword Dance)  HSBC (Iran-Contra Bankers), Freeport McMORan (Trump pal Carl Icahn), Rockefeller Foundation (Spanish Flu was not Flu nor Spanish the plague was caused by Rockefeller Inst Vaccines and Bacterial Pneumonia made worse by mask wearing; Coronavirus was rehearsed in Event 201 Oct 18, 2019 by the Rockefeller Inst) and Sir Evelyn and Lynn Forester de Rothschild, controller of the KL-03 RF Hardware Chip controlling everything connected to the Grid (Banking, Transportation, Energy, Computers), to dole out $10.5Trillion in exchange for the Mark of the Beast. Trust Stamp and MasterCard are teamed up to provide Digital ID and Vaccine verification necessary for “Societal and Financial Inclusion” aka the right to Buy and Sell (Rev 13:16)

There is a battle for the human soul going in in plain sight The question is Red or Blue Pill? Hint: Democracy means “People Rule” New World Order means the same thing; People Rule not God.

Atlas is Atlantis=Isle of Atlas; the statue of Atlas holding up the world is in Rockefeller Center with Prometheus aka the Blacksmith Forger of Slave Chains Tubal-cain, the patron saint of Masons the world over. Atlas Tower installs multi-carrier rural 5G towers all over the world Project Artemis: (Same name as the Temple of Artemis aka Supreme House of the Temple, home of 33 deg Freemasonry, Space Force Program; same Logo as Star Trek; same spacesuits in the movie Enders Game; same BFR Rockets Buck Rogers used)  5G works with 4G phones using Pcell and Pwave which turn our bodies into antennas for sterility and cancer causing radiation. I doubt we’ll be able to stop 5G Ajit Pai is a multi-presidency FCC nit wit just like Surgeon General Vivek Murthy (37 yr old 2 star admiral; give me a break!) and now the Unconstitutional real President Kamala Harris; all Hindus (Krishna is born Dec 25) bent on destroying civilization in the Age of Kali Yuga for Shiva the Destroyer of Rev 9:11; Shiva dances the Nataraja “Dance of Destruction” at CERN. Like Pharaoh’s hardened heart chasing Israel into the Red Sea, God ordained this.

“Woe unto you Hypocrites!” Mat 23:13-39 Coronavirus Czar Mike Pence and his hand picked Surgeon General Jerome Adams Vaxxed on National TV just like Gerald Ford who fooled the public 44 years ago. 5G with Vaccination: “No flesh should be saved” Mat 24:22 Coronavirus has never been sequenced; it is a foreign man-made pathogen causing the human body to produce the virus. The Coronavirus Vaccine codes Chromosome 8 the  target is Intelligence, Fertility and Sensory Perception (VMAT 1); Chromosome 8p disorders affect every human cell (Mat 24:22) “No Flesh should be Saved” The Vaccine codes for Syncytin the hormone necessary for pregnancy;  Infertility also fits Mat 24:22. The vaccine contains Potassium Chloride and Sodium Chloride necessary for Voltage Gates to power Bio-sensors which Profusa and DARPA put in Hydrogel.   Coronavirus Vaccine + 5G “Artemis Network” is a targetable, global system called Project Artemis (Artemis means Butcher) system of Witchcraft (Artemis-Diana-Black Stone in the Kaaba is from Acts 19); Covid 19 is really all about Global Magick and Sorcery (Pharmakeos), a Ritual Sacrifice of a Victim/Scapegoat (Pharmakos), by Druggist/Poisoner (Pharmacist). Why are Pharmaceutical lobbyists running Coronavirus and Telecom Lobbyists running the FCC?  5G and the Coronavirus Vaccine will likely end your communication with God; “No Flesh should be Saved” will result from no ability to access JESUS via the Holy Ghost; these are very perilous times indeed!

Underground cabling for 5G, 5G antennas in cities, schools, stadiums + 20,000 5G Satellites sent up by more unaccountable nit wits like Sir Richard Branson who heads a QE II roundtable group of 15 called the Planetary Elders; the Carbon Armageddon Clock in NYC was on Branson’s Virgin Record Building until he sold it; the Virgin is Isis the wife of Saturn; played by Ivanka at the Japan G-20 Summit sitting in a speaking for Donald next to or handled by the IMF, EU Parliament Kabballist Witch Christine LaGarde; Jeff Bezos (Amazon=AZ=Liber Oz:Book 77; notice the shape of the arrow on the logo; Blue Origin refers to Zeus “Day”) and Elon Musk (Space X refers to X=Greek Chi=Messiah “Zeus”; his name means “Oak Scrotum”; his new wife Grimes sells her soul with each piece of artwork) Why do these Billionaires get to use US property in NM, TX and FL to destroy the world? Why aren’t other nations complaining? Combine these Satanists with WHO non-doctor Ethiopian Marxist “Kill God with Science” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus who merely “Classified” Covid 19 as a “Pandemic” on Purim (Pur means Cast Lots for Marduk the Golden Calf of the Sun) which means whatever this program is it affects “All People” (Pan Deimos) and 5G Global Broadband certainly does that. Science talking head, replacement for 45 yr ALS (2-3 yr death sentence for everyone else) Jesuit sock puppet Stephen Hawking,  self professed Atheist Neil DeGrasse Tyson called Covid 19 a “Global Science Experiment”; Zionist Mike Pompeo (same root as Pompeii; virtually absent for 8 months) called it a “Live Exercise we need to get right”.
Covid “God’s Door” Vaccine is about destruction of the Soul; a FunVax delivered by a Crowned “Corona” White Horse with a Bow (Bow=Strongs G#5115 Toxon=Poison) coupled with a 5G  global electronic cage nobody will be able to escape, much less “Buy or Sell” Global Sorcery brought to the world by MAGA (Magus=Sorcerer, the top level in the Church of Satan) Donald “King of the World” Trump (Trump of God) the Ashkenazi fake Jew Drummer Boy (Drumpf), the Emperor with no clothes dressed as Apollo, who admits he has never apologized to God, wants to date Ivanka, pays no taxes, bowed to the Saudi King, received 5 Draft Deferments, declared Bankruptcy 6 times, converted to Chabad Lubavitch Judaism (like Ivanka) and remembers every sermon by his mentor Luciferian Freemason/Muslim Shriner Norman Vincent Peale, inducted into 33 deg Freemasonry with Billy Graham whose son Franklin managed the Ebola False Flag (Samaritan’s Purse) and gave the Trump Inauguration speech with Adulteress Paula White.
Now we get to deal with the Boule Society Initiate (Sacred Prostitute of Qetesh “Holy Cow”; the Battle of Qetesh under Pharaoh Ramses II aka Yul Brynner is who historians and Hollywood “10 Commandments” try to portray as occurring at the Exodus) Kamala Harris, installed by British Crown Agent  Dominion Voting is not Constitutionally eligible to be President  under the Natural Born Citizen Clause; she got her position as CA Senator under Willy Brown’s desk. The world is crossing the Red Sea right now with Hittites (Santa is a 3400 yr old Hittite god) lying in wait; the only “Miracle” will be turning down the Poison Needle and the soon to be Intra-dermal, Bio-Luminscent “Luciferase” Vaccine Verification, Digital Currency access Chip (Pat # WP2020060606) “Mark of the Beast”
Coronavirus Czar, Zionist, closeted Sodomite, Mike Pence (Pence is the currency of the Black Horse Rev 6:5-6) will roll up his sleeves for the BioNTech Vax just like Gerald Ford did 44 years ago Trump the 44th person selected to be US President for the same reasons Zedekiah was the 44th and last King of Israel. There are 44 hectares in the Vatican City; Vatis=Divne + Can Serpent; Coronavirus =”Crowned Serpent Venom”; Chronos=Time=Saturn has 44 assistants in Phoenician religion; Trump knows his role is the Phoenix In Gematria 44 represents the Phoenix; Hollywood Actor Trump knows his role 44 represents  “I am the Life” (Saturn/Cronos is not JESUS!) 44 represents “Blood” (PO Box 44 Cibolo Creek and Antonin Scalia heart attack on Valentines Day #44 ring a Baal? The movies There will be Blood and No Country for Old Men was filmed there; How about the Valentines Day False Flag at Parkland Elementary School? it was a Cubic Simulations Drill) Ever wonder why Kathy Griffin, Marilyn Manson, Snoop Dog and the NYC Acting Company all portray Trump killed?  Tribulations is used 44 times in Scripture; according to the Carbon Armageddon Clock in NYC the Jesuit made up 7 yr Tribulation begins 12/31/2020. Pre-Tribulation Rapture? That is another Jesuit Lie

Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA vaccines need to be kept at -95F; Moderna mRNA can be kept at -4F; Sputnik V can be kept in a refrigerator +35F Why the difference? Proprietary lipid nano-particles coat synthetic mRNA in Coronavirus Vaccines; what’s in them? mRNA by itself degrades quickly thus must be kept cryogenic; what’s different with Moderna which needs just normal freezer temps and stays viable for 6 months and will go to rural areas. Inovio will come out soon with their VAX which uses full DNA strands and CELLECTRA electroporation devices to get synthetic  DNA into the Cell walls and nucleus; that’s DNA altering as I understand it. BiondVax and FluGen are 2 Israeli companies offering a Universal Flu Vax in 2021 by Intranasal delivery, just like Cattle Vaccinations; Rabbis literally teach their flocks Gentiles are “Human Cattle” which is likely why Jesus warned never call any man Rabbi (Mat 23:8)

Spanish Flu was neither Flu or Spanish it resulted from Rockefeller Inst Meningitis Vaccines a poison made using Horse flesh, given soldiers at Ft Riley KS It had nothing to do with Flu; Bacterial Pneumonia resulted from trench warfare and mask wearing in combination with the poison in the VAX; Coronavirus Vaccine is the Crowned White Horse conquering with a Bow (Strongs G #5115 Toxon=Bow=Poison) Likewise HIV is not a Virus either; the Hepatitis B Vax in Africa, SF and NYC started the AIDS epidemic; the gay community were used as Scapegoats. Coronavirus Vaccine produces HIV positive test results; Auto-immune disorders such as AIDS, Sterility and Cancer will result. FunVax is a CIA driven (all nations have their own version of the CIA and NSA) program to vaccinate out the Holy Ghost; the idea began 100 years ago Bill Gates promoted the technology was available to do it in 2005. Prions Are Prions in the lipid coatings of the VAX? They are slow killers by auto-immunity causing all sorts of maladies; they don’t have nucleic acid and do not degrade, not even in our digestive systems; they wreak havoc indefinitely and are transferrable by fluids person to person; as I understand them; they can even be put in the water system or HVAC system. I feel this is why the big push to get people into cities and stack and pack apartments is in full swing; this is part of UN Agenda 2020 and 2030
                    Covid 19 propaganda is like an onion with layer after layer of 1/2 truths.
Coronavirus was patented July 2015 / patent/ US10130701B2/ en
Coronavirus has never been isolated or sequenced; it is man-made; the body produces Antibodies in response to synthetic mRNA.
Coronavirus codes for Syncytin causing infertility
Death rate of Covid 19 is 1.4%.
There are 2.7 co-morbidity causes with Covid listed as COD which inflate Covid numbers.
$13K Payments are made to hospitals that diagnose Covid and $42K for Ventilators.
PCR tests used at high cycle thresholds generate positive results.
PCR tests positive for the Common Cold and Flu
PCR inventor Kari Mullis decried the use of PCR to diagnose or be used at high cycle thresholds; Mullis refused to declare HIV caused AIDS He had a Heart Attack Aug 2019 in Newport Beach CA; Was he speaking out on these things about HIV-AIDS and PCR Cycles back then? He must have been aware of BioNTech going public, making a fortune for its owners; a month later BioNTech teamed with the Gates Foundation to use mRNA in cancer treatments. Vaccines use malignant cancer cells because they are essentially immortal and propagate rapidly.  BioNTech joined Pfizer a month after Mullis died, Pfizer, led by a Greek Jew forked over the largest fraud payout in history of $4.5Billion and was first to be approved by the FDA. In 2012 FDA authorized the use of aborted fetal cells and adult cancer cells in vaccines.
Kari Mullis refused to name HIV as the cause of AIDS; HIV positive test results from the Covid VAX; Australia halted its VAX program because of this. Can’t let that cat out the bag eh? Covid VAX has a lipid casing protecting the mRNA; Are the proprietary lipid nano-particle casing is what causes AIDS not the fake HIV virus
Media Buzzwords
   “Democracy” The US nor any other nation but Ancient Greece has ever been a Democracy “People Rule”; how can we be one nation under God and a Democracy? Democracy is a Wilderness void of God; they are mutually exclusive. Plato’s Utopia is simply a rehash of Atlantis, as is Karl Marx’ Utopia; in  Marx’ Utopia, God is Dead; reports of people taking the Coronavirus VAX report not being able to sense God. The Clinton Global Initiative is the Delian Project; a return to Greek Democracy on a global scale is a world where God has no function, and guess what? This is what scripture warns will happen when the 3rd Beast obtains “Dominion” in Dan 7:6 Dominion means “Sovereign Authority to Rule” pretty brazen to use Dominion Voting Systems for Global Elections eh? or SCYTL (Scuttle means “Serving Platter”) to count votes eh?
    “Covid 19 Pandemic” all that means is whatever CV is affects “All People” just like “Democracy”; WHO Dr Tedros is not a doctor of anything but a Marxist Terrorist, merely “Classified” Covid 19 as a Pandemic” on 3/11 “Purim”
   “Science Experts” Science is “Chaldean Language” Dan 1:4 and Vain, Profane Babblings” Neil DeGrasse Tyson readily admits he does not believe in God and says “Coronavirus is a global science experiment” Greta “Pearl” Thunberg is a Gates/Soros funded child spouting CO2 increases will cause irreversible Global Warming; total garbage science. Commercial Greenhouses like the pre-flood world had 10x current CO2 levels; Plants grow; Animals eat the plants and make plant food; easy for grade schoolers to grasp yet the UN is calling on all nations right now to declare a Global Climate Emergency and get to Net Zero Carbon Emissions; that’s a sure fire recipe for creating a Desert aka Wilderness and justifying the killing of billions of carbon producing people which scripture also warns of in Jn 16:2.
What sort of weapon prevents all flesh from being saved? (Mat 24:22) Every cell in our bodies must be made not worthy of God’s Salvation ie turned into a Beast. The only one I can think of is a DNA altering injection. Not a Barcode, QR Code or Tattoo, but a removal of VMAT Gene expression and that is only possible through CRISPR Gene editing of Chromosome 8 and 10, the location of VMAT 1&2 Genes. Further, it must affect every person on Earth whether rich, poor, bond or free (Rev 13:16) and that is only possible as I can see it through CRISPR Gene Editing Gene Drive works with CRISPR to alter the Genome of an entire species by promoting a specific Allele to be inherited by future offspring. Gates funded Oxitec used GM Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes for this purpose now. DREADD is a process of controlling behavior in an entire population given the “Designer Drug” (Vaccine)
Pharmaceutical is derived from Pharmakos “Ritual sacrifice of a Scapegoat or Victim”; Pharmakeos means “Drug related Sorcery” Coronavirus means “Crowned Serpent Venom”, the Crowned White Horse (Gen 6) conquering with a Bow (Strongs #5115 Toxon=Poison/Venom). People are divided over the Coronavirus Vaccine and will see people refusing the vaccine as dangerous to their health (Red Horse removes peace from the world). Coronavirus is a global economic wrecking ball (Black Horse). Soon the Coronavirus Vaccine will be required for “Societal Inclusion” such as Transportation, Shopping etc and to access Digital Currency. The Pale Horse “Death” represents the end of your personal Name; Hell follows If JESUS does not know you, you are in a self imposed Wilderness.  After the 4 Horsemen, Martyrs accrue in Heaven, those who have refused the Vaccine whether it be the Coronavirus Vaccine or a Universal Flu Vaccine matters little; those who refuse to be a part of the system will soon die or be killed in quarantine. It won’t get more obvious than this.

Carbon Armageddon Clock

Jesuit UN Sec General Antonio Guterres opened the Climate Ambition Summit on 12/12 calling on all nations to declare a Global Climate Emergency to reduce carbon emissions to Net Zero before Global Warming is irreversible. Jesuit Pope Francis agrees; Laudato Si calls for eliminating all but 1 Billion people from Earth “The triumph of science is realizing Earth can only support 1 Billion people”. The Georgia Guide Stones, dedicated 3/22/80 (Society 322 Teutonic Brotherhood of Death may ring a Baal) call for eliminating all but 500M people The 1990 Rio Earth Summit called for similar reductions in population. Neil DeGrasse Tyson calls Coronavirus “A global Science experiment” the Bible calls Science “Tongue of the Chaldeans” Dan 1:4KJV “Vain and profane babblings” 1 Tim 6:20KJV The date? 12/31/2020. Pearl Harbor was the False Flag to get the US into WWII; 9/11/2002 was the New Pearl Harbor to begin the never ending War on Terror; Greta Inc also means Pearl and like Coronavirus is funded by Eugenicist Bill Gates, the man who believes the world is overpopulated and should be reduced with Vaccines. Anthropogenic Global Warming is junk science used to justify the slaughter of 93% of humanity. God said “Go forth and multiply”

Crash at Corona

The other Oath Sworn Knight of Malta, Hollywood Actor, US President with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Ronald Reagan gave a UN speech in 1987 calling for World Unity using an Alien Invasion. Israeli Space Security Chief Haim Eshed said a “Galactic Federation of Aliens are in contact with the US and Israel…have an underground base on Mars…have an agreement to conduct human experimentation and have waited until now to reveal themselves when people can understand what space really is” the Bible calls Space “Nothing” (Job 26:7); Saturnians call Space “Dark Matter”; Saturnalia is the “Dark Winter”. God created Adam and Eve, not Aliens; don’t fall for the BS. Why now? Dec 21 Saturn-Jupiter conjunction at 0 deg Aquarius between Sagittarius and Capricorn; Sagitta=Arrow “Bull Piercer”.

Mandated Coronavirus Vaccines? Amendment 4 prohibits government mandated intrusions into Constitutionally protected areas: Persons, Houses, Papers, Effects; the Patriot Act, a 1006 page document pre-written before 9/11/2001 and the Anthrax False Flag guts the 4th Amendment. Vaccines are an intrusion into the constitutionally protect area of the Person. Commerce Clause: Art 1 Sec 8 Clause 5 empowers Congress to regulate interstate and foreign commerce, not force commerce between citizens and the federal government; Universal Health Care or Mandatory Vaccination violates this clause.  Posse Comitatus Act: outlaws the use of the Army to execute law uses authorized by the Constitution; the Military cannot force citizens to take the Coronavirus vaccine. This was violated by Bill Clinton, AG Janet Reno and Gen Wes Clark on the Waco Branch Davidians. Insurrection Act: empowers the President to deploy the US Military and Federalized National Guard to quell disorder, insurrection or rebellion, not force vaccinate citizens. Are the unvaccinated a grave danger to the community? Coronavirus has a worldwide mortality rate of 1.4%; Covid COD’s have 2.7 co-morbidity factors present. 60% of Covid deaths are in the 70-90 year age group. Seasonal Flu numbers declined as Coronavirus numbers rose. PCR Tests for Coronavirus yield positive results for the Common Cold and Flu. Coronavirus Vaccines use MRC-5 and WI-38 cell lines obtained from 13 wk old aborted fetuses, malignant cancer cells (FDA approval 2012), monkey cells (Merck, IAVA), insect cells (Sanofi, GSK, Novavax). Australia halted its VAX program for positive HIV Tests.

Coronavirus Patent

The Patent Application for Live Attenuated Coronavirus was made 7/23/2015  Moderna mRNA 1273 vaccine, approved on 12/15/20 was made in 2 days on Jan 13 and can be stored in a standard freezer 6 months; Rural areas will get the Moderna Vax. BioNTech BNT-162b2 vaccine, approved on 12/10 was made in 3 hours on Jan 11 and must be stored at -95F. “Revenge is a dish best served cold” may ring a Baal. Coronavirus means “Crowned Serpent Venom”; Pharmakeia “Drug related Sorcery” Pharmakos “Ritual sacrifice of a Scapegoat” Corona is the Crown in “Ordo ab Chao” (Order out of Chaos) the symbol of 33 deg Masonry. Corona Borealis, the Crown of 7 Stars sits atop Caput Serpens “Serpent’s Head”. Coronis and Apollo (Apollyon “Destroyer” Rev 9:11) had a son Asclepius the Theraputae “God of Plague” whose Staff is used by the WHO. Coronavirus Vaccine is the Ritual slaughter of Scapegoats.  Reagan’s “Star Wars” program was a $multi-trillion Hoax just like Coronavirus and Trump’s “Space Force” There are no Aliens; no Alien-Human Hybrids, no Animal-Human Hybrids (Centaurs, Minotaurs etc) and no Angel-Human Hybrids. The Coronavirus Vaccine contains Animal and Synthetic DNA which cause a host of Auto-immune Disorders such as AIDS; a voluntary, self inflicted, self sacrifice of billions of Scapegoats.

A conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius Mar 21, 1345 became the Scapegoat for Black Death; Bubonic Plague carried by Rats along the Silk Road to Europe from Wuhan. Coronavirus originated in Wuhan; 2020 is the Chinese Year of the Rat, culminating with a Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. Talmudic philosopher Levi Ben Gerson wrote in 1344 “It is known by experience that a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter signifies great and general events…in Aquarius this portends the destruction of a nation and a kingdom by another religion…Disease and Death will last a long time”


Stonehenge Dec 21

“And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” Mat 7:23 Iniquity H#5771 Avon “Perversity, Depravity, Mischief, Guilt, Sin” G#4189/90 Proneria/Poneros “Pain, Trouble, Misery”   The Coronavirus Vaccine permanently alters God created DNA, causes Sterility, a host of Auto-immune disorders including AIDS and affects Neurotransmitters such as the “God Gene”; “I never knew you: Depart from me” will be the worst words anyone will hear; ones that will echo for eternity in Hell. Jesus warned “A man’s foes shall be they of his own household” Mat 10:36; Mic 7:6 No Foreign Army is required; DHS, CDC, US Army and National Guard Units will follow Oath Sworn Doctors pledged to serve the Surgeon General; Biden-Harris Coronavirus Task Force co-chair is Obama’s Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, a Hindu just like Kamala Harris sworn in as a 37 yr old Vice Admiral using the Bhagwad Gita; Hindu god Shiva “I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”; 1000+ MASH style mobile tent hospitals with bio-waste incineration headed by 1000 Oath Sworn Doctors beholden to Vivek Murthy were set up during the Obama Admin for this purpose; Obama’s Oath of Office was butchered intentionally by Chief Justice John Roberts; Obama never swore on a bible to defend the US Constitution because ObamaCare is forced commerce between Citizens and the US Government, a violation of the Constitution; Swearing Oaths on a bible is a very big deal! On 3/22/10 Universal Health Care was signed into law on Sunday (Day of the Sun) at 3:22 UTC by Congressional Traitors; Society 322 is the Teutonic Brotherhood of Death. If you only do one thing this Christmas, get to know JESUS; He’s not under the Tree; He’s in your Prayer Closet waiting for you to open the door to Salvation. The free gift of Salvation is better than anything under the Tree!

On the Dec 21, 2020 during “Saturnalia”, Jupiter “Jah Pater” aka Zeus “Dyeus Pater”, the son of Saturn “Grim Reaper” aka Primeval Sun or Black Sun, will be at their closest “Great Conjunction” in 400 years but the closest visible conjunction in 800 years; at the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn with Saturn and Jupiter at 0 deg Aquarius. A conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on Mar 21, 1345 became the Scapegoat for Black Death; Bubonic Plague transported on Rats to Europe along the Silk Road from Wuhan by the Golden Horde; 2020 is the Chinese Year of the Rat, a Hoax Virus which started in Wuhan, preplanned in Event 201 Oct 18, 2019. Pretty coincidental eh? Talmudic Rabbi Levi Ben Gerson known as “Gersonides” (1288-1344) wrote “It is known by experience that a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter signifies great and general events…with Mars in Aquarius this portends the destruction of a nation and a kingdom by another religion…Disease and Death will last a long time” Sagittarius (Sagitta=Arrow=Toxon G#5115 “Poison”) is the Centaur (1918 Plague originated with Vaccines cultured in Horses) who mentored Achilles, considered by Gnostics to be the Bridge between Heaven and Earth. Astrologically, Aquarius symbolizes a return to the Golden Age of Saturn, a world of unbridled Sin seen in the LGBTQ+2, Pedophilia, Pederasty movement and the Witchcraft axiom “Do what thou wilt”Ganymede (BioNTech is the parent company of Ganymed Pharmaceutical designed the CV Vaccine; pretty coincidental eh?), the Cretan prince abducted by Zeus symbolizes Aquarian Pederasty emulated in Greece as Plato’s Utopia; The 2020 series Utopia featured sterilization; Coronavirus Vaccine causes sterility by inducing the body to produce antibodies attacking hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadrotropin) Karl Marx envisioned a Utopia where God is Dead and kept dead with Science; Coronavirus Vaccine is the long sought vaccine against knowledge of Soul and Spirit envisioned by Rudolph Steiner and FunVax. Neil DeGrasse Tyson said “Coronavirus is a Global Science Experiment to see how far people toll go listening to scientists” Plato’s Utopia was designed after the mythical Kingdom of Atlantis, an LGBTQ Paradise with no rules. The Clinton Global Initiative formed the Delian League. Delos you may recall in the series West World was destroyed, the star Delores means “Sorrows”; the significance of Dec 21, 2020 with Druids celebrating the sun rising through the Heel Stone (Achilles heel ring a Baal?) and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction shortly after sunset in the West should be painfully obvious. In Egyptian religion, the West is the Land of the Dead and Jesuit Anthony Fauci is the Sickle. I advise doing as 8/44 Kings of Israel once did; Tear down the Christmas Tree (Grove) and do that which is Right in sight of the LORD. Love JESUS (JEHOVAH Ex 6:3; Mat 1:25) and your Neighbor


Baphomet Fauci “Sickle”

Covid 19 is HIV

Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates plan on taking the Coronavirus Vaccine publicly; Fauci owns the patent for Dengvaxia a Dengue Fever vaccine marketed by Sanofi-Pasteur; Bill Gates says the mosquito is the world’s most dangerous animal and finances Oxitec, a Dengue Fever GM mosquito producer in Britain releasing Aedes aegypti mosquitos in Florida; add him to the list: Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Biden following the lead of Pres Gerald Ford who fooled the nation, receiving a saline injection on National TV as 45 million Americans received the Swine Flu Vax. Australia ended its Vaccine campaign due to HIV Positive Test results. Apparently, Coronavirus is HIV, a population reduction bio-weapon patented by the Gates Foundation and DARPA  AIDS emerged after a Hepatitis B vaccination program; the vaccines contained SV-40 Simian Virus from blood donors previously exposed to Polio Vaccines. CDC faked 2 Swine Flu Pandemics in 1976 and 2009; 45 million received the Vaccine in 1976 and 25% of Americans (75M) received the Vaccine in 2009, the year Moderna was founded to produce synthetic mRNA Vaccines. 70% of the population is estimated to have antibodies to PEG (Poly-ethylene Glycol) and proprietary nano-lipids, used to coat unstable mRNA; What’s in the nano-lipid coatings? HIV perhaps? Moderna created the Coronavirus mRNA 1273 vaccine in 2 days and can be stored at -4F in a standard freezer for 6 months; the FDA approved the VAX on Dec 15. The BioNTech vaccine BNT 162b2 “Tozinameron” was made in 3 hours on Jan 11, 2020; BioNTech joined the Gates Foundation Sept 2019 using mRNA techniques for Cancer and HIV; BioNTech made its IPO Oct 2019, the same month the US and Chinese CDC, Gates Foundation and WHO rehearsed the Wuhan Coronavirus on Oct 18, 2019 in Event 201; 2 months later oncologist Stephen Hahn is sworn in to head the FDA. Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine is the first mRNA vaccine approved, currently being distributed in Britain (Coronavirus was the star of the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony in London) the US and with Fosun Pharma in China. Pfizer paid the world’s largest fraud settlement in history of $4.5B and won MHRA and FDA approval in record time; the day of Pfizer’s vaccine announcement, CEO Albert Bourla sold 62% of Pfizer stock netting millions.  In 2019 Wuhan became the first 5G demonstration city in the world; cellular electroporation opens cell walls to accept manufactured DNA. Inovio, funded by the US Dept of Defense, Gates Foundation and CEPI uses CELLECTRA to inject stable viral DNA made with a host of animal DNA from various Swine Flu, Bird Flu, SARS and MERS outbreaks. DNA from Cow, Pig, Bird, Bat, and Monkey in vaccines? SV-40 Simian virus causes mesothelioma, lymphoma, brain and bone cancer; SV-40 enhances plasmid delivery into the cell nucleus. Think Simian Virus in Rise of the Planet of the Apes was by coincidence? SV-40 was used in Salk and Sabin Polio Vaccines; the CDC claims SV-40 is not in current vaccines, but they also claim aborted fetuses were not used in the production of vaccines; a Lie. Vaccines may even contain programmable/controllable, self replicating Frog DNA called Xenobots. Think Jesus identifying Frogs with the Spirits of the Devil, Antichrist and False Prophet in Rev 16:13 is by coincidence? Why trust people who believe the world is overpopulated, yet want to save humanity by vaccination? 

In 2012 the FDA allowed Aborted Human Fetal Cells and Adult Tumor Cells to be used in vaccines. These cells are made immortal by making them cancerous and are used in vaccines; the FDA is guided by the VRBPAC a board made up of pharmaceutical insiders, consultants, stock holders and patent holders. 5G millimeter wave energy is absorbed by the skin; coupled with manufactured DNA injected intra-dermally should cause concern for any God fearing person. PCR Tests did not even use the alleged Coronavirus DNA to make the tests which yield positive results for Flu and Common Cold Viruses; at high cycle thresholds of 40-45, everyone will be deemed to have Coronavirus and indeed of a Vaccine. Flu numbers dropped in 2020 in proportion to Coronavirus numbers. Coronavirus deaths have an average of 2.7 co-morbidity diseases listed, yet CV appears as the primary COD. Governments pay hospitals $13K to list Coronavirus as the primary COD. Coronavirus is corruption on a global scale.

Time Person of the Year

Saturn is Time, I suggest you get to know a bit about the Jesuits “Militia of Zeus/Jupiter/Horus” before Dec 14; they want to send you to Hell for eternity! There is no Pre-Tribulation Rapture there is no 7 yr Tribulation nor a new Dispensation for Israel; Amos 5:2 makes this perfectly clear; Dan 9:23-27 “70th Week” is not the 7 yr Tribulation; it is the final 490 days of the Great Tribulation. Jesuits “Militia of Zeus/Jupiter” made up these Lies and are managing the Coronavirus “Crowned Serpent Venom/Poison” Hoax. The Jesuit Mother of all Churches Worldwide is the St John Lateran Arch-basilica; Lateran is the spirits of the Devil, Antichrist and False Prophet; and no folks, Jesuits are not Catholics; they are a cancer in most every religion.  The Saturn-Jupiter Great Conjunction the  Star of the Magi? NO! Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles; don’t confuse Jupiter with the Son of God. Nov 2016, Comet Borisov streaks into the womb of Virgo from the loins of Leo as Jupiter enters and remains for 9 months before exiting on Sept 23, 2017; the Rev 12:1 sign seems real enough as Virgo is Clothed with the Sun and Crowned with 12 stars with the moon at her feet; Ivanka Trump even playing the part of Virgo at the Japan Summit

Trump Violin

Trump signs Executive Order making Christmas a Federal Holiday as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are named Time’s Person of the Year 2020. Christmas (Christ=Messiah + Mass=Sacrifice) is Saturnalia; not one of God’s Holidays, but Satan’s aka Time Holiday celebrating the birth of Sol Invictus aka Mithra, Horus, Attis, Krishna etc. On Mar 9, 2020 Trump tweeted this picture. Fiddle “Contempt, Ridicule” Strongs #5115 Bow “Toxon” means Poison. Pharmaceutical is derived from Pharmakos Strongs #5333 “Poisoner, Sorcerer, Magician” MAGA “Sorcerer/Magician” On Mar 11 “Purim” WHO “Classified” Coronavirus as a Pandemic simply meaning whatever Coronavirus “Crown + Venom” is, it will affect Pan=All + Deimos=People. On Oct 15 Trump said “Only Jesus Christ is more popular than me” Coronavirus is a vaccine against knowledge of God; a vaccine envisioned in 1917 by Theosophist Rudolph Steiner and eugenicist Bill Gates in 2005 with FunVax.  “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness” DNA is the building block being altered by man to eliminate God by eliminating expression of the VMAT 1&2 Genes. Permanent genetic altering of the “God Gene” will create a Wilderness “Land void of God” where the only rule is “Do what thou wilt”, the primary axiom in Witchcraft and Theosophy.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris “Time Person of the Year” Jesuit, Knight of Malta Joe Biden and the Unconstitutional VP. Harris’ parents were on student visas from Jamaica and India; she is not a “Natural Born US Citizen” and ineligible to run for President or VP under the Constitution; the issue at hand is the US is under Martial Law aka Admiralty Law and has been since Lincoln placed the US under Martial Law during the Civl War, symbolized by Gold Braid surrounding the US Flag. This is why the British Commonwealth Crown appeared on US election ballots and Canadian British Crown Agent Dominion Voting Systems was used to create the Chaos in the 2020 US Election. Jesuit educated Donald Trump knows his role! He has a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Pete’s sake!

Why name 2 people Time’s Person of the Year. “Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created” Gen 5:2KJV “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness” Gen 1:26KJV Kamala means “Lotus”, the symbol of Re-birth; Pope Francis gave a Lotus Flower to Donald Trump on his Vatican visit in 2017. Kamala is the product of an arranged Hindu Brahmim Caste marriage and member of the Boule Society “Sacred Prostitute of Qetesh”. Qetesh is the goddess of sacred sex/pleasure, associated with Hathor “Mansion of Horus”. Horus is Jupiter/Zeus; Jesuits like Joe Biden are the “Militia of Zeus”. The Golden Age aka New World Order is the New Aeon of Horus, symbolized by Jupiter/Zeus/Horus usurping his father Saturn on Dec 21, 2020.


“Hear ye the word which the Lord speaketh unto you, O house of Israel: Thus saith the Lord, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them. For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not. They are upright as the palm tree, but speak not: they must needs be borne, because they cannot go. Be not afraid of them; for they cannot do evil, neither also is it in them to do good” Jer 10:1-5 Coronavirus is the biggest Lie in human history, a Christmas present you can never return!

Dec 14 “Order out of Chaos” “Trump presidency ends on day of comet, meteor shower and total solar eclipse” -Chair of International Astronomical Union Solar Eclipse Working Group Jay Pasachoff. Clairvoyant? Not quite The Electoral College will certify Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on Dec 14; Congress will certify the results Jan 6 “Feast of Epiphany”. Trump will likely reject the vote results and toss the nation into Chaos. The Supreme Court will not hear the case for Election Fraud by Dominion and SCYTL or the British Commonwealth Crown in ballots; this is what British (B’Rith=Birthright Covenant) ie Canaanite-Edomite Dominion looks like folks!  A Total Solar Eclipse over South America and Geminid Meteor Shower line up on Dev 14. The Geminids are debris from burned out Comet 3200 Phaethon in Greek mythology, Phaethon “Shining One” is the son of Helios aka Jupiter/Zeus. Jesuit educated, Chabad Lubavitch controlled, Knights of Malta Donald Trump and Joe Biden are playing roles handed to them.

Vaccinations facilitated by the US Army and National Guard begin in the US on Dec 14; God created DNA; Man will now inject synthetic mRNA for the first time in history. FunVax is a CIA program to suppress expression of the VMAT “God Genes” via vaccination. Dec 14 is also the center of HanukkahSt Lucia “Bride of Light” Day is Sunday Dec 13. The Total Solar Eclipse occurs on Monday “Day of the Moon” featuring what else but a New Moon. Chaldean and Sabaean Priests aka Rabbis, Arabs, Muslims and Mormons worship the Moon god  “Sin”; the first visible Crescent “Hilal” (Mormon “Pey Heylel”) is Lucifer; on the Islamic calendar Jumada al Awwal means “Take Charge, Commit” to Allah; the Arab moon god “Sin”; Lucifer is the “Man of Sin”!

Coronavirus is the 4 Horsemen (Rev 6), the Crowned White Horse conquers with a Bow; G#5115 Toxon “Poison”; the Bow and Arrow of Sagittarius; David Bowman in 2001: A Space Odyssey ring a Baal? In 2010: Year we make Contact, Black Monoliths cause Jupiter to become a 2nd Sun; Nostradamus predicted the final Pope will flee Rome when their are 2 suns in the sky before the day of Judgment; Shamash the center Hanukkah candle is the Babylonian god of Judgment. Coronavirus is the Strong Delusion (2 Thess 2:11) and Mark of the Beast (Rev 13:16; 14:9); a record of Coronavirus Vaccine will soon be necessary to “Buy and Sell”; the vaccine permanently alters human DNA to that of a Beast. Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine was given FDA approval on start of Hanukkah “Feast of Dedication” Dedication means “Consecrate to a deity” The deity is Saturn “Grim Reaper”. Christmas and Hanukkah Trees represent Baal-berith the Canaanite “Lord of the Covenant” (Judges 8:33) Santa is a 3400 yr old Hittite god; Shamash, the son of the Arab moon god Sin (Allah) is the Babylonian “Calf of the Sun” aka “Golden Calf” and center candle of the Hanukkah Menorah.  Christmas and Hanukkah have nothing to do with God; Rabbis claim after 2020, the only Holy Day will be Purim; Coronavirus was “Classified” as a Pandemic on Purim 3/11/2020; Pan=All + Deimos=People; Puru=Cast Lots for Marduk another name for the Golden Calf. Don’t be fooled!


SONGBIRD Dec 10, 2020 COVID 23 (COVID=God’s Door; Rev 23 was written by Wholistic World Vision and is symbolized by the Aquarian Cross is a mutated form of Covid 21 set in 2024 during Week 213 meaning Lockdowns in 2020 never stopped; 213 is the Area Code for Los Angeles; Strong’s #213 “Alazon”: Vagabond, Imposter, Boaster, Vagrant”; that would be Antichrist.  Hollywood being exempt, the film was shot in 3 weeks July 8-Aug 3, 2020 in Los Angeles during the Lockdown. Giant signs show the death rate, Travel non-existent, Smart Phones send Covid infection data to Gov’t/Military (Profusa has a DARPA contract for this); Martial Law; Curfews; Quarantine Camps called Q Zones (FEMA Camps) and Immunity Bracelets for sale to the wealthy. COVID 23 crosses the Blood-Brain Barrier attacking the Brain’s Neurotransmitters (Covid Vaccines do this). SONGBIRD is capitalized, a SPIRITUAL attack on “Soul and Spirit” through Vaccination (FunVax does this) uses data gathered from Gov’t Agencies to estimate population and spending; by 2024 they forecast a 90% reduction in spending and 65% reduction in population the precise theme of SONGBIRD. Don’t want a Coronavirus Vaccine? Expect Higher Taxes and Insurance, no public transport, lock out of businesses and stores and Quarantine.

Merry Christmas! 40 million Americans could become homeless; CARES Act Federal Unemployment Assistance, Eviction Moratorium  and for most, the 39 wk Pandemic Unemployment Assistance programs end on Dec 26. Sir Christopher Wren designed the Monument in London with Coronavirus on top of its 311 steps (Purim 2020 was 3/11, the day Coronavirus was “Classified” a Pandemic) Dec 26, 2019 “Day of the Wren” is when the Solar Corona formed. Dec 26 is also called St Stephen’s Day; Stephen means “Crown/Martyr”; the first Christian Martyr was stoned by the Synagogue of Libertines aka Greek Hellenes.

Coronavirus: Doctors agree, Coronavirus is not a medical pandemic, the PCR Test is useless, the Vaccine alters DNA permanently and causes sterility Using high PCR Cycles such as 40 in India and the US or 45 in the UK ensures most everyone will get a “Positive” COVID Test result. The MHRA (Medicine, Healthcare Regulatory Agency) in Great Britain is seeking AI software tool to process the expected high volume of COVID-19 ADR (Adverse drug reactions). The PCR Swab scrapes the Cribriform Plate covering the Olfactory Bulb affecting Taste and Smell. Kari Mullis, the Nobel Prize winning inventor of PCR never intended it to be uses as a Diagnostic Tool nor at such high Cycles; he said it was a Production Technique only; Mullis called “Anthony Fauci a no-nothing fraud”. Mullis simply would not fit with the Coronavirus Hoax  and for that he had a “Heart Attack” in Aug 2019 just ahead of the Event 201 Pandemic Exercise in NY. FDA approval for the Pfizer, (Pfizer $4.5B fraud judgments; now legally indemnified from damages)  BioNTech vaccine expected on Hanukkah after Trump lights the Shamash “Golden Calf” Candle.

FDA Side effects Drug Corporations are indemnified from legal action; National Guard soldiers will be used not only to deliver the vaccines at -94F but actually doing the injecting. mRNA degrades quickly, cold storage is required to deliver the DNA changing payload.

Guillain-Barré syndrome 
Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
Transverse myelitis 
Narcolepsy and cataplexy
Acute myocardial infarction
Autoimmune disease
Pregnancy and birth outcomes
Other acute demyelinating diseases
Non-anaphylactic allergic reactions
Disseminated intravascular coagulation
Venous thromboembolism
Arthritis and arthralgia/joint pain
Kawasaki disease
Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children
Vaccine enhanced disease
COVID Vaccines use CRISPR Gene Editing; the best DNA can do is make an exact copy of itself, in other words, Evolution is impossible; every time DNA repairs itself, Telomeres shorten, effectively limiting the number of copies and our lifespans as God intended (Ps 90:10). Man is altering God given DNA to eliminate God by suppressing the expression of VMAT 1&2 Genes, (VMAT-2 is called “God Gene”) the Genes regulating Neurotransmitters. COVID Vaccine side effects are mostly Autoimmune disorders; the body recognizes the spike proteins produced by the mRNA in the vaccines as antigens and produces antibodies to destroy them; one target is Syncytin-1  the hormone needed for placenta development and implantation of the egg in the uterus. COVID Vaccines cause Infertility  Other vaccine symptoms are attacks of the linings of the lungs (Pneumonia; Pneuma=Spirit or Soul; lung inflammation), blood vessels (Ebola; Balls of the Flagrum used to Scourge prior to Crucifixion) etc. From previous vaccines, most of the world population has antibodies against PEG (Polyethylene Glycol) coating the synthetic mRNA; our bodies will be in constant distress. Prions cause “TSE” (Transmissible spongiform encephalopathy; one of the FDA listed side effects of the vaccine); weaponized PRIONS are controllable and capable of causing fatal brain diseases such as Mad Cow, Chronic Wasting, Creutzfeldt-Jakob, Alzheimers, Dementia, ALS, Kuru. Swabs can be used to place Prions at the Brain Stem and Prions are transmissible person to person via body fluids; Prions are the ultimate WMD.
    God Gene  Reports of people receiving the 2nd dose indicate they can’t feel God anymore; this has been the goal of Bio-weapons programs like FunVax for decades and conceptually by men like Rudolph Steiner for 100 years. Satan’s goal is to turn the world into a Wilderness (Lev 16:8-10; Scapegoat is Jesus; Azazel is Satan) a world without God; everyone, whether rich, poor, bond or free will be required to accept the terms (Rev 13:17) in order for as Trust Stamp says for “Societal and Financial Inclusion”.
      Rev 12:9 tells us the Devil, Satan, Dragon, Serpent has deceived the entire world; Pandemic means Pan=All + Deimos=People. Coronavirus means “Crowned Serpent Venom” ie it affects all people on Earth. CV=3:22 “Teutonic Brotherhood of Death” is the Gnostic Cult of Saturn. Saturn and Jupiter will form the Great Conjunction on Dec 21, the cusp of Capricorn “Saturn Goat”. Jesus separates Goats from Sheep (Mat 25:32); this astrological event has never happened in history, at exactly 0 deg Aquarius; the astrological house marking the return to the Golden Age of Saturn is through BabEl “Gate of Saturn”; COVID means “God’s Door”. Britain (MHRA anticipates high volume of Adverse Side Effects) and Canada have approved the Pfizer (Pfizer has paid out $4.5B in Fraud and Bribery judgments) BioNTech Vaccine designed by Turkish Muslims (BabEl, BabylON and BabIlu all mean Gate of Saturn; Ilu=Allah “The God”) who also own Ganymed Pharmaceuticals; Ganymede is the Cretan Prince representing the mythical Golden Age; a return to Greek Pederastic Democracy “People Rule”; It can either be God’s rule or People rule, but not both.
     Pharmakos means “Ritual sacrifice of a Scapegoat” (refer back to Lev 16:8-10) Pharmakeia (Strongs #G5331) means “Drug related Sorcery”. The final 3 1/2 year Great Tribulation begins with the Crowned (Corona) White Horse carrying a Bow (Strong’s #G5115 “Toxon”) ie Poison; Pharmacist means Druggist/Poisoner.
     Christmas: Christ=Messiah + Mass=Ritual Sacrifice  has been used to deceive the world; Christians since the 4th century AD.   Hanukkah means “To Consecrate”; ie make sacred by ceremony or rite ie the sacrifice of a Scapegoat.
     Holy means “Separate”; now is the time to separate from Pagan worship; Hanukkah and Christmas Trees are Covenants with Baal-berith aka Satan (Judges 8:33). Time to say no to DNA altering poison; God made us in His image and likeness to be different from Beasts. There is a war for our Souls going in everywhere to everyone in plain sight. Time to wake up!

Battle for the Soul of a Nation

Swine Flu Vaccination

“Swine Flu” 1976 H1N1 Swine Flu 2009 promoted by Vaccine Lobbyists at WHO, CDC, HHS


Battle for the Soul  begins “V-Day” Britain begins National Vaccination Dec 7,2020 “V-Day” on the anniversary of D-Day; V=Vav=Crucifixion Nails; rejection of JESUS is one, ok 2 shots away. V-Day originates with the Gnostic Priest Valentinus essentially, Gnosis replacing the Holy Ghost. Secret Society and Witchcraft Initiations eventually require committing the Unforgivable Sin “Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost”; Obama, Bush, Clinton, Biden, Prince Phillip, QEII and Vladimir Putin are examples of people who sold their souls and now want you to follow their lead.  “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.” George “Gog” Bush Oh we can indeed get fooled again! “In the future we will eliminate the Soul with medicine” Rudolph Steiner 1917, the same year Woodrow Wilson was re-elected using the slogan “Re-elect the man who will keep your sons out of war in Europe” is the year those soldiers were drafted and injected with Rockefeller Inst Vaccines causing the 1918 Plague.

Privatizing Biometrics:Patenting God given DNA is not possible; patenting an mRNA altered Genome is. INOVIO claims to have created the INO-4800 Vaccine in 3 hours on Jan 11, 2020. INO-4800 is produced from HEK 293 Aborted Fetal Cells. Catholic Church bishops reassure the flock it is not a sin to get the Coronavirus Vaccine even though aborted fetuses were used Ok, good to know! Pope Francis’ Black Eye is from harvesting Adrenochrome from living children; is that a Sin? Saturn eats his own children; WHO thinks injecting dead children is Therapeutic. Why now? A once in history Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter at 0 deg Aquarius is happening on Dec 21. 

Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr, Barack Obama, Joe Biden to roll up their sleeves on national TV to take the Covid-19 VAX.  The 2012 “Zion” Olympics featured Coronavirus, a Dead Baby, Boris Johnson in a hospital bed with Coronavirus, Greta Thunberg; and the Phoenix Rising from Coronavirus Great planning eh? Trump is a Hollywood actor playing his role as the Phoenix Coronavirus was installed on top of The Monument in London in 1677; the 311 steps matching the 3/11/20 Pandemic “Classification” by the WHO on Purim; how’s that for planning? “Classification as a Pandemic” merely means Coronavirus affects all (Pan) people (Deimos). On Dec 7 “D-Day”, mass vaccinations begin in Britain; Boris Johnson is also set to be vaccinated on national TV, as are Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth II. Much like the orchestrated Pearl Harbor false flag in WWII, the day will live in infamy once again. We’ve seen this before in 1956 Fake Jew Elvis Presley rolled up his sleeves on national TV to convince the US population to get the Salk, also a fake Jew, Polio Vaccine. In 1976; Pres Gerald Ford a Bohemian Grove Satanist, 33 deg Freemason rolled up his sleeve on National TV for the Swine Flu Vax with his VP Nelson Rockefeller looking on. Ford received a placebo, hoodwinked Americans receiving the real Swine Flu Vax came down with a host of auto-immune disorders such as Guillane-barre, a listed side effect of the Coronavirus Vaccine.

The Covid 19 Vax alters the human genome, it recognizes the VMAT Gene sequence in Chromosome 8 as a pathogen; the body produces antibodies against itself. Patenting a genome free from knowledge of Soul and Spirit has been the goal since Rudolph Steiner proposed this “Illness” in 1917 “In the future we will eliminate the soul with medicine…” This goal became reality with Bill Gates funded Fun Vax the war against the Soul and Spirit is very real. This video of Bill Gates has been declared a Hoax by several “fact checking” sites  but I’d make up your own mind; Gates is not the first person to suggest knowledge of God via the Holy Ghost is an “Illness” that can be vaccinated against. Chromosome 8 contains the VMAT 1 Gene and is listed on the PCR Test kits Covid 19 DNA was allegedly sequenced on Jan 11 yet the CDC has “no quantified virus isolates of Covid 19”; animal trials began in Feb 2019; how on Earth is this remotely possible? GW Bush, a Skull & Bones Satanist, Sodomite who sold his soul fooled us with False Flags on 9/11/2001, the Anthrax Letter attacks and Patriot Act;   Bill Clinton a Jesuit 33 deg DeMolay Freemason, Federal Grand Jury Liar, Bohemian Grove Satanist also sold his Soul fooled us with Iran-Contra, the Social Security Swindle (converted the SS Trust Fund to FED Debt), the Clinton Global Initiative managed Dominion Voting and SCYTL vote counting;  Barack Obama a Bohemian Grove, 33 deg Prince Hall Mason, Sodomite also sold his Soul and fooled us with the 2009 Swine Flu Hoax and  ObamaCare (Forced Commerce with the Government is Unconstitutional; no coincidence this passed on 3/22 at exactly 3:22UTC; CV=322) Joe Biden a Jesuit, Knight of Malta, 40 yr Rockefeller stooge has an unconstitutional VP Kamala Harris; he intends to install Kamala as President by “Coming down with an illness and taking a backseat”. Covid 19 VAX is a DNA altering vaccine and quite possibly one way ticket to Hell; Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost is final; hearing “Depart from me I never knew you” (Mat 7:23) from JESUS will be the worst thing anyone will ever hear!

9/11/2001 was the “New Pearl Harbor”; the Pearl of Great Price is your personal relationship with JESUS via the Holy Ghost; guard it like your eternal life depends on it, because it does! Inovio INO-4800 vaccine uses an intra-dermal electronic delivery device called CELLECTRA 3PSP which uses Cellular Electroporation to inject the DNA altering vaccine in the skin, and electrically into cell nuclei. INOVIO is producing the INO-4800 Vaccine and CELLECTRA 3PSP delivery devices worldwide; they are financed by the US Department of Defense, Gates Foundation, WHO, GAVI, CEPI and the COVAX Facility, funded by 71 nations.   “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads” Rev 13:16

Golden Calf

Hanukkah and Purim Worship of the Golden Calf. Esther and Song of Solomon are the only 2 books in the word of God that do not contain the word “God”; The Word is God (Jn 1:1); Jesus is the Word made Flesh (Jn 1:14) The Golden Calf represents rejection of God. Largely, the world is separated over Esther and Solomon; the man given wisdom and fortune is the the ideal of Masonry; Solomon’s Temple soon to be rebuilt to house Satan’s Seat (Rev 2:13) and the Abomination of Desolation. Esther, for some it the ideal of a heroine who saved Israel;  Purim is named after Pur, “Cast Lots for Marduk”, the original Golden Calf. Marduk is the Solar Calf of Utu (AMAR.UTU) which Romans called Jupiter, Greeks “Zeus” and Babylonians “Shamash”; Strongs H8121 “Shemesh” means Sun, Sunrise; the 70 ancients of Israel turned their backs on the LORD to worship Rising Sun in the East “Shamash” in Eze 8 just as Israel does today at Hanukkah. Worship of the Golden Calf will remove the Glory of the LORD aka Holy Ghost. Fauci (Sickle) said on Dec 1, 2020 “Americans need to prepare to get vaccinated as states plan distribution” Vaccine means “Of the Cow”; whatever Coronavirus is or isn’t, or what the Vaccine is or isn’t; everyone who gets the vaccine will have DNA altered permanently with Beast DNA. Rabbi Shlomo Katz “Celebration of Holy Days will end except for Purim; living without Holy Days is a taste of what the world will be like after Moshiach”. The Saturnian Rabbi should read Zechariah 14:16;18. Feast of Tabernacles is the only Feast required to be celebrated during the Millennium, after Messiah arrives. Shamash is Chemosh the Moabite “Saturn”, the center candle of the Hanukkah Menorah whose Temple E-babbar means “White House”. Trump will light the Shamash candle in the White House Dec 9, 2020.

Capitol means “Womb of Jupiter/Shamash” Jericho Marches for Trump (Ashkenazi Drumpf; convert to Chabad Lubavitch Judaism) run until Dec 14 around State Capitals; the brainchild of Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano and Evangelical Christian Churches; blowing Shofars and marching 7 times as Joshua once did in Canaan. Joshua is the source of Jehoshua, Yeshua and the Rabbinical YHVH, names of Saturn; Jesus is JEHOVAH (Ex 6:3; Mat 1:25KJV) the only Covenant Name of God. Dec 14 is  the mid-point of Hanukkah and total Solar Eclipse. Wall St is named after the Canaanite Wall of Jericho; the Wall St Bull is Saturn. Collapse of the US as the Scapegoat for “Babylon” Rev 18 and collapse of the Roman Catholic Church as the scapegoat for “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT…” Rev 17 has been a 500 year plan.

“For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape” 1 Thess 5:3 Bahrain an Arab nation of mostly Shia Muslims based on Shariah Law promoting a Peace and Safety Pact with Israel promoting Noahide Law. Both laws require Blasphemy of Jesus Christ as Idol worship. JESUS is the Holy Ghost; rejection of JESUS is the Unforgivable Sin. Bee careful!