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Make no mistake; the War for our Souls is in full swing FED crashes on Purim Eve as Jesuit Pope Francis prepares for Interfaith Prayer on Mar 5 for Sons of Abraham at the Chaldean Ur Ziggurat aka Tower of Babel with Pagans, Muslims (Allah is the Sabeans Moon God “Sin”), Mandeans (Zoroastrians; preparing the final War Ahura Mazda versus Ahriman; Rabbis call this Gog and Magog, a Lie) Sabeans (Chaldeans in Haran “City of the Moon”=Sin aka Allah worshippers) and Yazidi (Devil Worshippers of Kurdistan). Rabbis believe Esau and Ishmael will unite against Israel in the final war “Gog and Magog” before Moshiah comes. Jesus warned “Call no man Rabbi” (Mat 23:8) for this reason Chaldeans in Ur (Babylon) and Sabeans in Haran (Gobekle Tepe Beehive Houses and Temple of Sin may ring a Baal; Bee is Chaldean for Word) God’s Covenant with Abram stipulated his sons not take wives of Canaanites; Esau married Mahalath “Disease” the daughter of Ishmael violating the Contract which went to Jacob (not invited to Prayer for this reason)
         Purim 2020 3/11/20 was the date the WHO “Classified” Coronavirus a “Global Pandemic” a deception Set of War Mike Pompeo called a “Live Exercise” and Science Atheist Neil deGrasse Tyson called a “Global Science Experiment” (Science is the “Tongue of the Chaldeans” Dan 1:4KJV and “Vain, Profane Babblings” 1 Tim 6:20KJV Purim Feb 25-26, 2021. Ready for the Strong Delusion? On Feb 21 at 1800 Jerusalem time, Rabbis are calling for a worldwide Jewish Prayer for Hashem, Master of the Universe to reveal his name and return to a rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem. “Hear Israel, Hashem our G-od, Hashem is One” Hashem is the Jewish Messiah (Moshiach) Jesus warned would come in his own name and be accepted (Jn 5:43) This prayer is to Satan (G-od, YHWH, Yahweh, Addonai, Moshiach etc)  JESUS is the God of Israel; why not try that one? Puru is Akkadian “Cast Lots for Marduk” the Golden Calf of the Sun; Vaccine means “Of the Cow”; in Egypt, Hathor is the Holy Cow; the name means “Mansion of Horus” (Zeus/Jupiter/Tammuz etc). Jesus will make you a Mansion in Heaven if you ask; or you can try your luck with Chaldean Rabbis and Hashem, but I would steer clear of making a prayer to Hashem; if serves the same purpose as the Shahada “There is no God but Allah…” BabylON, BabEl and BabIlu (Ilu=Allah=Sin) are means “Gate of Saturn/Satan” the Man of Sin. Bee careful folks! Making sincere prayers like these is the Strong Delusion 2 Thess 2:11
Klaus Schwab “Swabi Great Reset” aka Holocaust The son of a Nazi collaborator who used slave labor to build the Nazi War Machine has a plan called the 4th Reich, a giant Holocaust modeled after the 18M killed by the 3rd Reich. The Club of Rome, WEF (2021 WEF will meet early summer, likely just ahead of the Japan Olympics) motto “The common enemy of humanity is man” HuMan means “God Man”; Hu or Hu Gadarn “The Mighty” is the Celtic/Druid god-man of the Britons; B’Rith means “Birthright Covenant” (Cain, Japheth and his sons Gomer, Ashkenaz for example). Jesus said “Our foes are the men of his own house” Mat 10:36; Mic 7:6 and “A time will come when people kill you and think they do God a service”. This is the 4th Industrial Revolution; Man becoming a God Man through techonology, the Fourth Reich is the 4th Beast of Iron (Dan 7:7) aka 4th Horseman “Death” (Rev 6:8) The Great Reset is a return to the Golden Age of Saturn accomplished by killing everyone who rejects their plan; eg Georgia Guide Stones, Pope Francis’ encyclical “Laudato Si”. Ever wonder why Europa the Creatan Whore is the symbol of the Club of Rome who created the EU Parliament? or why Seat 666 is vacant? Europa the Whore of Babylon can be seen riding the Bull (Miotaur-Zeus) in front of the EU Parliament.
Joseph-Ephraim can be seen in Swabi (Schwab) is the area of the Indus River in Pakistan; Pashtuns (Yousefzai) prevalent in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India etc claim descent from Joseph and Ephraim (fake Germanic AshkeNAZI) as Mormons do. The sons of Judah-Jesus will be separated from the sons of Joseph-Ephraim at the altar of the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem. Klaus Schwab “Swabi”: The plan for the World Economic Forum’s 4th Reich is a giant Holocaust (Burnt Offering) modeled after the 18M killed by the 3rd Reich and Communist “Holocaust”. The Club of Rome, WEF motto “The common enemy of humanity is man” HuMan means “God Man”; Hu or Hu Gadarn “The Mighty” is the Celtic/Druid god-man of the Britons; B’Rith means “Birthright Covenant” (Cain, Japheth and his sons Gomer, Ashkenaz for example). Jesus said “Our foes are the men of his own house” Mat 10:36; Mic 7:6 and “A time will come when people kill you and think they do God a service”. This is the 4th Industrial Revolution; Man becoming a God Man through techonology, the Fourth Reich is the 4th Beast of Iron (Dan 7:7) aka 4th Horseman “Death” (Rev 6:8) The Club of Rome’s Great Reset and Rockefeller Reset the Table represent a return to the Pre-Flood World of Sin aka Golden Age of Saturn (Fauci=Sickle aka Saturn’s Scythe culling the Tares among the Wheat) accomplished by killing everyone who rejects their plan written in plain sight at the  Georgia Guide Stones, 1992 Rio Earth Summit and Pope Francis’ encyclical “Laudato Si”.  Europa the Cretan Whore is the symbol of the Club of Rome who created the EU Parliament built as an Unfinished Tower of Babel (Bab=Gate + El=Saturn) with Seat 666 held vacant for the Rabbis Hashem. Europa the Cretan  Whore of Babylon can be seen riding the Bull (Minotaur-Zeus) in front of the EU Parliament.

Season of Sacrifice: Lent aka Carnivale Feb 16, 2021: Fat Tuesday-Ash Wednesday Texas was hit with a Geo-engineered HAARP created Ice Storm blamed on Global Climate Change, designed to create Food and Energy Insecurity and usher in the Green New Deal. Space: The Final Frontier is the limit of man’s ability to fool others; if you believe in Dark Matter, Black Holes, and Luciferian Freemason Astronauts walking on the Moon, the  CGI Staged Mars Rover Perserverance landing on Mars is for you. Nazi war criminal Wernher von Braun wrote the NASA script in a 1952 book called Mars Project Colonizing Mars led by a man named Elon; what Perserverance these people have!  Lent is 40 days “Weeping for Tammuz” (Tammuz: Tam=Purify + Muz=Fire) aka Holocaust. Lent is derived from Quarantine and begins coincident with the 40 day “Season of Sacrifice”.  Quarantine in Latin Tempus vasletudini spectandai praestitutum  and back to English (Google Translate) “Time to observe their health plan” Going back to Latin “ut ludaei utantur tempore salutis consilium and back to english That the Jews may make use of the time of the plan of salvation. What Plan? “…yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service” Jn 16:2. Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire April 15, 2019 simultaneously with a fire at the Al Marwani Prayer Room in the Al Aqsa (“Great Speaker” is Antichrist) Mosque; the Notre Dame Spires collapsed exactly as depicted in the 2012 videoI Pet Goat II I Pet Goat 3 details the destruction of the US. The Geo-engineered Texas Food, Water, Power Blackout is affecting a lot more of the country than Texas

Joseph Versus Judah


Germ Theory

The Monument in London, designed by Rosicrucian/Freemason Sir Christopher Wren was completed in 1677, about the time “Germ Theory” was developed. The Monument has 311 steps (Coronavirus was “Classified” a Pandemic on 3/11/20 “Purim”) Pur means Cast Lots for Marduk; the original Golden Calf and source of Vaccine “Of the Cow” aka Jesuit Poison Needle. All Vaccines have one thing in common; Ischemic Stroke. F=MA (Force=Mass X Acceleration) increase mass of blood via aluminum/mercury adjuvants (adjuvant means “To Help”;  ie Help Stop the Blood) and flow of Blood and Oxygen decreases or even reverses in capillaries; Brain damage starts with the first Vaccination and the current CDC (a for profit Disease Mgt Corporation listed in Dunn and Bradstreet) Schedule recommends roughly 75 of them. The Coronavirus Vaccine goes one step further in causing Auto-immune reactions to Blood Platelets, again reducing Oxygen; 5G@60GHz inhibits Hematin from carrying Oxygen; Masks reduce Oxygen and Global Warming enthusiasts propose lowering Green House gasses; plants die which in turn lowers Oxygen. Antichrist will honor Satan the “God of forces” (Dan 11:38); ever wonder why Gravity is called “God Particle”; Jesuits invented Vaccinations based on Germ Theory. Germ Theory is nonsense The Monument is topped by the Coronavirus, a “Germ” symbol created or at least promoted by Jesuit Priest Athanasius Kircher and his benefactor Pope Alexander VII (Fabio Chigi); the Jesuit Order was formally approved by Rodrigo Borgia’s grandson Francis Borgia. Kircher is the father of “Germ Theory”, a deadly, misguided teaching largely responsible for the spread of Bubonic Plague, 1918 Plague and Coronavirus today; Hygiene, clean water/food promote health, not Masks and Vaccines; Disease is caused by the introduction of Pathogens via air/water/food pollution and vaccination. The Chigi-Albani della Rovere “Black Nobility” family controls the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre aka 4 Horsemen (Rev 6) which is why Coronavirus aka SARS CoV-2 aka COVID 19 has all the attributes of the White (Crowned conquering with a Bow ie Toxon=Poison Needle) Red (Strife), Black (Economic Collapse) and Pale Horse “Death”. Chigi Family promotes America as the Phoenix of the New Age aka Holocaust Sacrifice.  Holocaust Camps were laid out as an Inverted Pentagram as was Washington DC for a reason; they were aligned with ancient sacrifice Temples of Molech, the Phoenician god of self-immolation. The US has 1000 MASH Hospitals led by 1000 Oath Sworn Doctors serving the Surgeon General (NAIAD, NHS Nurse Susan Ortega reporting to Transgender Asst HHS Sec Rachel Levine and 800 FEMA managed Civilian Inmate Detention Centers with Guillotines and Crematoriums under the possible command of Deanne Criswell (Colo Air Guard Fire Chief/NYC FEMA Chief maintained a 4 yr adulterous affair on the taxpayer dime with TSA Manager Mark Haught removed from consideration; nothing new, Rudy Guiliani’s body guard Bernard Kerik claimed to find Arab passports in the white hot melted rubble of the Twin Towers and was nominated by GW Bush as DHS Secretary; why do we fall for such Bullshit?) or Andrea Palm (Wisconsin HHS; most of Wisconsin is in a Constitution Free Zone )The Jesuit led Nazi Holocaust killed 18 Million people and had 5 (not counting ones in Russia); do the math. The Paradise CA Fires were DEW (Airborne Directed Energy Weapons) created  Valentine’s Day 2021 “DEW” attack was filmed in action (Gen 27:39KJV Edomite “Dew of Heaven” ring a Baal?)


Valentines Day

Season of Sacrifice

Dark Winter leads to Open Season Mar 19-May 1 “Season of Sacrifice” A 40 day period beginning with the Sun rising in Aries (UNKNOWN GOD of the Areopagus Acts 17:23 is next to the “Way of Cain”) until Beltane “May Day”. The Holocaust began in earnest April 19, 1943 in the Warsaw Ghetto; 13,000 descendants of Jacob burned alive wearing the Star of Molech by Nazi flame throwers; in all 18Million were burned alive in ovens orchestrated by Jesuit Superior General Wlodimir Ledochowski, Pope Pius XII, Fr Jospeh Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Fr Heinrich Himmler et all as sacrifices to the Phoenican/Carthaginian god Molech. WWIII will be a Holocaust of unimaginable proportion. Black Magick Occultists (Saturn worshippers; Skull & Bones “Brotherhood of Death”; Cult of Melchisedek aka Cult of Fire and Ice etc) “Earth must be bathed in the blood of innocents to ensure a fruitful harvest necessary to invoke an archetype of the destructive forces in the universe” Heb 9:22-23 “And almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and without shedding of blood is no remission. It was therefore necessary that the patterns of things in the heavens should be purified with these; but the heavenly things themselves with better sacrifices than these”. Anthony Fauci (Fauci means Sickle/Scythe) proclaimed “Open Season begins by April 2021” Open Season: “Unrestricted hunting of a particular animal”.

Christ Angle

Judah or Joseph-Ephraim?

On Sept 20, 2017 Rosh Hashanah, the  Christ Angle formed, followed in 3 days by the Rev 12:1 “Sign” on Sept 20, 2017 “And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars”  Adding 1260 days (Great Tribulation) to Rosh Hashanah 2017=3/11/2021, the anniversary of the Purim Coronavirus Plandemic. Sept 23, 2017 + 1260 days=3/14 Pi Day. “Behold, I come quickly: blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of the prophecy of this book” Rev 22:7 (22/7 approximates Pi). Ephrathites are named so because Ephrath means “Fruitful” the blessing Jacob gave Joseph is a “Fruitful Bough”;  Bethlehem means “House of Bread”. The designation Ephrathite refers  only to the geographical place Bethlehem; Ruth was a Moabitess who lived in Ephrath as were Obed and Jesse (1 Sam 17:12), the father of David; all Ephrathites because they lived in Bethlehem where Jesus was born; thus He too is Ephrathite.  In Rev 5:5 Juda is missing the “h”; Jesus is the “h” (God is with me); He alone can open the 7 Seals and begin the final Great Tribulation; He is the root of David the Ephrathite; a physical location not a SPIRITUAL location. Chiliasm is the 500 year old plan to install a man on the Throne of David in a rebuilt Temple; this Christ will I believe claim ancestry from Joseph-Ephraim; Ephraim being the Tribe whose treasonous pact with the Assyrian Army commander Tartan led to captivity and assumption of the name Israel. Trump has a Tartan (Canaanite Cloth) and knows all this.

“And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof” Rev 5:5 The opening of the 7 Seals begins the Great Tribulation; Coronavirus has all the attributes of the 4 Horsemen; the Pale Horseman is “Death” aka Antichrist aka Alternative Messiah.

“And thou Bethlehem, in the land of Juda, art not the least among the princes of Juda: for out of thee shall come a Governor, that shall rule my people Israel” Mat 2:6. The Governor is Jesus, the Lion of Judah, root of David.

“For finding fault with them, he saith, Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah” Heb 8:8 The new covenant with Israel (Joseph-Ephraim) and Judah is described in Eze 37:16 “Moreover, thou son of man, take thee one stick, and write upon it, For Judah, and for the children of Israel his companions: then take another stick, and write upon it, For Joseph, the stick of Ephraim and for all the house of Israel his companions”

The false Messiah is Shamash the Babylonian sun lion worshipped in Israel today by Edomites and the Canaanites, Cuthites (Nergal is Ares the Cuthite Rooster, the Zoroastrian god of Nowruz “New Light”; the UNKNOWN GOD Paul admonished men of Athens not to worship  in Acts 17:23), Medean, Babylonian pagans listed in 2 Ki 17:31 who replaced Israel with Ephraim after captivity (ca700bc); this Messiah is Satan cast to earth in Rev 9:11 which is why Project 911 a radiation hardened bunker was built on Site 911 “Best Shemesh” (House of the Sun).
Jesus is the Passover Lamb was sacrificed for the Sins of the world; He will return as the Lion of Judah on Feast of Tabernacles, His real Birth changed to Succoth “Saturn”. Edomites are “Inside the Gates” (Obadiah) impersonating God’s people who are still in Diaspora and are prophesied to obtain Dominion (Gen 27:39-41KJV; Dominion Voting was not coincidence), the 3rd Beast is a Leopard (Dan 7:6) who cannot change his spots; Jesus destroys all of them and will institute His Dominion forever (Dan 7:14) at the end of the Millennium and final war Gog and Magog
Jesus, the Son of Man from Judah will join this Stick to the Stick of Joseph and Ephraim at the 2nd Coming with David as King and Jesus as the Shepherd  of the Tabernacle  (Eze 37:16;19;22;24;27); everyone who survives the 2nd Coming as part of the Wedding Party of the Lamb (Rev 19:7) will be required to celebrate Feast of Tabernacles during the Millennium (Zech 14:18) This separation of Joseph/Ephraim and Judah is also seen in the Temple soon to be built and measured (Rev 11:1-2); this is why Joseph is listed but Ephraim is not listed among the “Saved” tribes in Rev 7KJV Notice also Juda is missing the “h”. The New Covenant is purely SPIRITUAL not Physical. Rosh Hashanah is opposite God’s New Year; on Sept 20, 2017 on Rosh Hashanah, the Christ (Messiah) Angle was set up connecting Bethlehem with Mt Sinai followed in 3 days by what some consider was the Rev 12:1 “Sign”. If one believes this “Sign” in indicative of Jesus as Messiah/Christ we only need to wait until Pi Day 3/14/21 (Sept 23, 2017 + 1260 days=Mar 14, 2021), the Circle of Heaven built on Earth ie the solution to the 47th Problem of Euclid.

47th Problem of Euclid

Charles Darwin

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them” Gen 1:27 Freemason Erasmus Darwin wrote Zoonomia which was plagiarized by his grandson Charles Darwin in Origin of the Species by means of natural selection both were members of the London Lunar Society (Chaldean Moon god is Sin) the “Missing Link” in Evolution Theory supplied by Jesuit Pierre Tielhard Du Chardin and others like Louis Leakey, caught fitting Ape Jaws to Human Skulls. DNA can only reproduce itself; it never “Evolves” to a different or improved “Species”; eg a Fish Eye or Fin will never Evolve into an animal/human eye or a bird wing as doing so renders a fish unable to survive. In 1950 Pope Pius XII encyclical Humani generis wrote there is “No conflict between Christianity and Evolution” Jesuit Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si proposes “The triumph of Science is realizing Earth can only support 1 Billion people” Neil DeGrasse Tyson “Coronavirus is a global Science Experiment” Evolution from Pond Scum to a Human Being with Body, Soul Spirit is as ludicrous as these Jesuit Lies: Big Bang Theory, Heliocentric Theory, Gravity, Black Matter, Black Holes, Flat Earth, Theory of Everything, Vaccination and Coronavirus.

Cubes represent Saturn (eg Phlacterys, Kaaba) Squaring the Square is accomplished with a Compass; Squaring the Circle is the Holy Grail, an impossibility of building the Circle of Heaven on Earth. The Masonic Compass is set at 47 degrees; the 47th “Problem of Euclid” symbolized by 3 Cubes in a 3-4-5 ratio set atop 3-4-5 Pythagoran Triangle aka Light: Mer-Ka-Ba “Merkabah” (Mer=Light, Ka=Spirit; Ba=Body) aka “Chariot” or “Light Vessel” https://www . masonic-lodge-of-education . com/47th-problem-of-euclid . html The Squares of 3-4-5 add to 50, a Jubilee where Slave and Master trade places; Esau is currently “Yoked” to Jacob; when Esau achieves Dominion (Dominion Voting was no coincidence) becoming Master (Dan 7:6) 7+6=13=M; 7X6=42 month “Great Tribulation” The Square is 90 deg; combined the symbol “Circles the Square”. IXXI is 9/11 (Rev 9/11 Satan is cast to Earth) the fallen Kabbalah Tree of Life.  Lucifer means “Light Bearer” Time: The Cubes of 3-4-5 added=216=6X6X6; 2160 years/astrological house due to Axis Precession following the Flood 1656 Years Creation to Flood + 2160 Aries to Pisces + 2160 years Pisces to Aquarius; Welcome to the Age of Aquarius! Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction at 0 deg Aquarius on Dec 21, 2020 followed by the Feb 11 New Moon with 6 planet conjunction plus Pallas-Athene “Spear Shaker” (Shakespeare) “Stellium” in Aquarius are big Signs Aquarius has begun. The Golden Mean “Phi” (1.618 to 1) aka “Ratio of Life”, seen in Life, Poetry, Music etc. Time, Light, Pythagoreanism, Sacred Geometry and Primal Materia (Black Matter) all come together in the 47th Problem of Euclid. Arthur means “Bear Guard “Arcturas” guides Ursa Major (Big Dipper) around the Pole Star to the Age of Aquarius; Arth=Branch of the Terrible Ones (Is 25:5) The Branch of the Druids “Knowers of Trees” is the Once and Future King. Arthur comes from the Black Nobility Lancelotti Family; Lance=Spear=Shakespeare and “Spear of Destiny”  47+90=137 the 33rd Prime Number and Gematria of Kaballah. 1/137=.007 “Fine Structure Constant” and odds an electron will absorb a photon; thus perfectly Black material “Dark Matter” would have an Atomic Number of 137. 137 merges Kabbalist Religion and Physics. Science “Tongue of the Chaldeans; Vain, Profane Babblings” Dan 1:4KJV; 1 Tim 6:20KJV.  Flat Earth Theory comes from “Squaring the Circle” an impossibility as Pi is a non-repeating irrational number; the Masonic Square used to build the Circle of Heaven on the Flat, Circle of Earth. It looks from our perspective to be “Flat”, but on the simplest of levels, if one builds a “Flat” something like a Bowling Alley and were to continue building, it would eventually return and connect to itself; therefore it cannot possibly be “Flat”; flying “Straight and Level” is neither; it is maintaining a constant height above the Earth and if flown long enough would return to the same location at 1G, the same exact acceleration we experience standing on the Earth (9.81m/s2). The Pale Horse “Death” (Chloro=Green) described in Rev 6:8 is the same “God of Forces” aka Graviton or God Particle Daniel describes in Dan 11:38; Newtons (Newt=Lizard; Dinosaur “Terrible Lizard”) are units of Force named after the Rosicrucian alchemist, Luciferian Freemason Isaac Newton; Force=MA equation can be written 68 kg X 9.81 m/s2 = 666 Newtons, the number associated with the Mark of the Beast seen (Good Pun eh?) also in Blue Day Light =Dyeus=Zeus=666THz. I totally understand why people without God regard 666 as “Good”; it can be seen everywhere like Time 2160 years/astrological house; 216=6x6x6; the 47th Problem of Euclid (47 deg Compass is used in the Freemasonic Square and Compass Symbol) uses 3 Cubes (Kaaba, Phylacterys, NSA Spy Building) in a 3-4-5 ratio (Cubes of 3-4-5 added=666) on the 3 sides of a 3-4-5 Pythagorean Triangle. 47 + 90=137 the 33rd Prime Number 1/137=.007 “Fine Structure Constant”, the odds an electron will absorb a photon. 137/137=ONE aka Light Vessel or pure Dark Matter which Gnostics call Primeval Matter, a symbolic return seen in Chlorophyll (Chloro=Green Man; Osiris/Saturn=Green One) + 32 Atoms in the Photosynthesis “Light Synthesis” Equation converts Light to Energy and Matter ie Gnostic Creation. Its also no coincidence Ishmael died at 137; Ismailism=Shia=Iran=Aryan “Noble Caste”=Shariah Law; Abram’s 1st born married Canaanite women violating the Covenant God made with Abraham; Esau also married Canaanite women, produced by Ham (Black) and his Cainite mother; Esau impersonates Jacob in Israel today, seen in the Six Pointed Star of Saturn 666 and Noahide Law. Both Laws are of the same Dialectic source and both require Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost which results in “Death” and “Hell”.

“Make 2021 your year” “Make 2021 your year”; a match with Satan requires elimination from the Wedding Party of the Lamb (Rev 19:7), Selling your Soul and Blaspheming JESUS, the Holy Ghost; acceptance of Shariah or Noahide Law will do just that. The Coronavirus Vaccine suppresses expression of VMAT 1&2 “God Genes” providing knowledge of the Soul and Spirit, the only path to the Wedding of the Lamb (Rev 19:7) Dan 12:12 Daniel spells out 1335,1290 and 1260 days: Valentine’s Day 2021 + 1335 Days (Dan 12:12)=Feast of Atonement (Oct 11-12, 2024) Note Cupid carried the same Bow/Arrow the White Horse does; Cupid means Eager, greedy, desire of love/Eros’ Eros refers to erotic love not the love of God “Charity” 1 Cor 13) April Fool’s Day, the Assyrian New Year Akitu Festival mocks Jesus’ sent on “Fool’s Errands” before the Crucifixion and celebrates the triumphant return through the Ishtar Gate to Babylon, of the Golden Calf “Marduk”  April 1 +1290 Days=Feast of Atonement. April 30-May 1 Walpurgisnacht-May Day aka (Walpurga “Protectress of Witchcraft”), Roman Floralia (Flora and/or Ceres) or Maiouma (Dionysus “Green Man”&Aphrodite/Venus) + 1260 days=Feast of Atonement 2024. JESUS (Mat 1:25) born in flesh as Jesus the “more perfect tabernacle not made with hands” would have fulfilled Feast of Tabernacles with His birth (Heb 9:11) and  Feast of Atonement with His Blood sacrifice on Passover, however He was rejected as the Tabernacle of the LORD and Passover Lamb; He instituted the New Covenant via the Holy Ghost; Heb 9:26-28. Satan will arrive at Rev 9:11 as the Gnostic Tabernacle and be accepted; preparations called Project 911 at Site 911 Beit Shamash (House of the Sun) are ready. Over every door of the radiation hardened bunker are scribe written alterations of Debt 6:4 rejecting JESUS as LORD. whether these dates hold up as the start of the 1260 day Great Tribulation remains to be seen.

The Weekend

The Weekend, 30 yr old Canadian (Dominion Voting a Canadian British Crown Agent in Canada rigged the forewarned failed 2020 election Time Magazine even prepped us for the rigged election of Edomite Kamala Harris Ethiopian Orthodox Abel Makkonen Tesfaye) dressed in Red (Red=Edom=Dominion) descended like Ethiopian Messiah Haile Selasi or Bob Marley into Super Bowl 55 set designed after Fritz Lang’s 1927 movie Metropolis as a Black (Saturnian not Skin Color) Savior just like Jesus who began his earthly ministry at 30 and was rejected at 33. The choir singing his praises with Red Eyes. Once inside Metropolis the choir wears Red Robes and White Masks; Can’t Feel My Face; Cocaine Numbness? and Pink Floyd “Comfortably Numb” ring a Baal? How about Trump’s Red White Christmas Trees matching Handmaid’s Tale? Handmaids have no Rights. Notice the subliminal messaging on the skyscrapers “Ours; Feel Alone; Enough; Gone”. Esau sold his Birthright and was renamed Edom=Red; Edomites gain “Dominion” (Gen 27:39-41KJV). The “Game” thrown in favor of the Buccaneers (Barbary Pirates; hunters/roasters of wild boar and cattle; the Buccaneer Skull& Bones logo is the same as the Teutonic Brotherhood of Death), and Patriot (Fellow Countrymen) turned Buccaneer Tom Brady playing the role of Buccaneer Black Caesar who raided the Florida Keys, retired and joined Blackbeard aboard Queen Anne’s Revenge; most Buccaneers went on 1 or 2 “Ventures”, so don’t expect many more seasons from Tom.  Ethiopian Marxist Tedros Adhanom heads WHO their logo is the Rod of Aesculapius “God of Plagues”  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell offered all 32 NFL Stadiums to be used as Mass Vaccination Sites; 13 Stadiums now have 5G Transmitters with more coming fast; 60-90K capacity Stadiums are the perfect location for 5G 60GHz WiGig dubbed the  “Holy Grail” of the Information Age, the 60GHz frequency at sufficiently high power levels interrupts Oxygen uptake by Red Blood Cells resulting in instant death. On Jan 1, 2020 Google released a Doodle depicting the choice between the Vaccine or Sword; now we may know why.

Modern means “Just Now” mRNA Vaccines are as Moderna (ticker symbol MRNA) describes them an “Operating System” programming our cells to produce autoimmune reactions, so the effects may not be readily apparent; suppression of VMAT Genes too will take time as mRNA needs time to direct cells to produce Antibodies and spread the “Program” throughout our bodies. I feel it suppresses our resistance to accepting the Mark of the Beast; part of the Strong Delusion (2 these 2:11) if you will. mRNA short sequences ID’d by the PCR Test are sections of Chromosome 8 The VAX caused our immune system to produce Antibodies to Chromosome 8 one of 2 Genes regulating Neurotransmitters and a Chromosome that is Ubiquitous in every cell of the body; notice the wording “No flesh should be saved” Mar 24:22 The only way for this to be fulfilled is is every cell in our bodies has been altered to that of a Beast ie not “Quickened” by the Holy Ghost.

 PCR Swabs introduce Nano-Wires and DARPA invented Hydrogel Bio-sensors via the Cribriform Plate to the Olfactory Bulb which affects Memory. At some point people may not even remember what COVID 19 was or why we need periodic Ops System Updates aka Virus Protection. At high Cycle Thresholds (US uses 45) above 30, PCR tests are meaningless for diagnosing anything, so everyone with the slightest fever or other symptoms of Covld or Flu will be deemed to have COVID; hence children returning to schools or adults returning to the workplace will be temperature checked perhaps daily, determined to have COVID and isolated.

The US is in a $Quadrillion Debt. 5G Transmitters have been installed in many Stadiums, Hospitals and Schools; instant death from 60GHz 5G preserves organs for harvesting; don’t think DynCorp won’t be coming to a Stadium, Hospital of School near you? or loading Mercy and Comfort Hospital Ships? How much is a human body worth? Think we own our physical bodies? Guess again, they came from the Earth and will go back to the Earth and nobody on Earth has legal Title to anything, Allod Title is only the appearance of Title. What’s a human body worth? How about 300M bodies? $Trillions
$337 per pint of blood X 10 Pints/Body, that keeps on reproducing itself. Blood farming: siphoning blood from prisoners before execution is nothing new, Pol Pot built his Kmer Rouge on siphoned blood.
$23,000 per gram of Bone Marrow; the average male human body contains 3000G of Bone Marrow; what? didn’t know your bones were worth $70Million?
$12,400 per Egg every IVF cycle; 5000 ovulations=$62Million makes a woman quite valuable. Add in Cord Blood from the Umbilical Cord and Stem Cells fertile women become living gold mines.
$262,000 per Kidney, the most popular body part.
$24,000 per Cornea
$997,000 for a Heart
$200,000 per Lung
$557,000 for a Liver
$10/Sq In Skin@3000Sq In.

For the Mark of the Beast to fulfill requirements “In the Right Hand or In the Forehead” I feel it must be a DNA altering, permanent, visible, Intra-dermal mark and the only VAX Iknow of to accomplish this is INOVIO’s CELLECTRA mDNA VAX financed by CEPI, GAVI, DOD, DARPA, WHO, Gates from Hell etc administered directly into the Cell Cytoplasm via Cellular Electroporation. Skin Cells especially those of the outer skin layers divide often which makes this the perfect location for mDNA to enter the Cell Nucleus; when combined with CRISPR or Beam Gene Editing, I believe we have the recipe for DNA to become permanently and irreversibly altered to that of a Beast.
Bottom line is stay away from PCR Tests.
Antibody Tests/Treatments may be equally dangerous; when Antibodies are “Non-neutralizing” ie they do not completely isolate the Antigens in the Vaccine, they end up attaching to ACE-2 receptors of the cell, facilitating faster cell replication of the pathogen proteins.“Disease” is caused by our bodies expelling decomposing and foreign debris, not exposure to a “Virus” or “Germ”; the Vaccines are loaded with foreign material such as Cow, Pig, Bat, Bird, Monkey and aborted fetal tissue. This garbage does not belong in our bodies which Jesus tells us are the New Covenant Temples of God. Here are some interesting dates coming  up in a few days

Bunting Map “The World that Matters”

Heinrich Bunting an early Lutheran-Calvinist-Protestant theologian foresaw the future map of “The World that Matters” centered on Jerusalem, the city Jesus refers to as “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” (Rev 11:8KJV); England separated (BREXIT) and America separated from the “World that Matters”. On Aug 21, 2017 a Total Solar Eclipse dubbed the Great American Eclipse covered a swath from Salem Oregon to Salem South Carolina; on April 8, 2024 a Total Solar Eclipse will intersect the path forming an X (Greek Chi=Messiah) over Austin Texas “Lone Star State”. America and American workers will soon not be part of the World that Matters WEF Exercise Cyber Polygon hosted by Darth Vader wannabe Klaus Schwab says Cyber Polygon is preparation for the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Great Reset Economy where workers are irrelevant.


David Bowie (Astronaut David Bowman 2001: A Space Odyssey; Bowie/Bowman refers to the the Crowned White Horseman (Rev 6:2) conquering with a Bow; G#5115 Toxon=Poison; Pharmacist means “Druggist/Poisoner”. Blackstar is Saturn aka Black Sun, Primeval Sun; the video leaves nothing to the imagination; most of the world will worship Saturn. “Something happened on the day he died. His Spirit rose up a meter and stepped aside; Someone else took his place and bravely said I’m a Blackstar”  Bowie spells it out the plan for 2021 in Valentines’s Day “Valentine sold his soul…He sees it all…he knows it all…its in his icy heart” Valentines Day “Lupercalia” was invented by the Hyksos whose Wolf Brothels “Lupercares” were buried in volcanic ash on Thera (Santorini) when Egyptians wised up and ejected the Hyksos “Foreign Shepherd Kings) who originally came from Crete; they became the  Eleans (Worshippers of Helios)  of Greece “Sons of Lycos” (Wolf) and Valentinians of Rome who worshipped Helios as Sol (Sun). Isn’t it about time we wised up?

“Blessed is he that waiteth and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days” Dan 12:12 Daniel spells out 1335,1290 and 1260 days: Valentine’s Day 2021 + 1335 Days (Dan 12:12)=Feast of Atonement 2021 (The US is the Scapegoat for Rev 18 “Babylon” aka Phoenix of the New Age) April Fool’s Day the Assyrian New Year Akitu Festival mocks Jesus’ sent on “Fool’s Errands” before the Crucifixion and celebrates the triumphant return of the Golden Calf “Marduk” aka Bel or Baal. +1290 Days=Feast of Atonement April 30-May 1 Walpurgisnacht/May Day is the Druid New Year celebrating the birth of Baal + 1260 days=Feast of Atonement 2024. You don’t suppose God is telling us something?

2021 Chinese Year of the Metal Ox

Red Tent

UN Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development aka Creatively destroying the Economy and Neutering the Herd. Saturnian fake Jew Alyssa Rosenbaum aka Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged (Atlantis means Isle of Atlas) asks  Who is John Galt? Ans: All of us, the Goats who will be separated from Lambs unless our Sins are washed clean by JESUS; take a moment and do that now (Mat 25:33) I Pet Goat II and I Pet Goat III tell the story of the return to the 1st Time “Zep Tepi” aka the Age of Saturn. John is the Chaldean god Oannes (Antichrist/Alternative Messiah) Galt is Norman for Pig, Magic, Bewitch, Charm; Clay, Brick and Earth; like the Swine Herd full of Demons, the US is falling off the cliff As Francis Bacon “Free Pig” aka Shakespeare/Lancelot said “The world is a stage and we are all actors” Covid means “God’s Door” aka BabylOn “Gate of Osiris” and Certificate of Vaccination ID; 19 comes from 2019 “Chinese year of the Earth Pig”; Marrano stems from “Pig/Swine”; Biden’s $1.9T Pandemic Stimulus is no coincidence; like everything thus far, Jesuit actor Joe Biden will sign the new Banker Bailout from Amazon/Castle Rock Studios  2020 was the Chinese Year of the Rat; not coincidentally Bubonic Plague carried by Rats with the Golden Horde, originated in Wuhan “China’s Thoroughfare”.

Feb 12, 2021 begins the Chinese Year of the Metal Ox; Ox is a Neutered Bull/Beast of Burden. The February 11, 2021 New Moon combines Red Tent Rituals and a 7 planet Conjunction in Aquarius of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn plus asteroid Pallas-Athene (Spear Shaker) in Aquarius “Water Bearer”. Red Tent Rituals are ancient Shamanic Rites of Passage of the Moon Lodge originating when Cain killed Abel, lied to God about it and the Earth opened to receive his blood (Gen 4:11); menstruating women bleeding into the Earth together is near 6000 years old; the 2021 February Red Tent is unique in all of human history.  The Spear of Destiny pierced the side of Jesus; water and blood (Jn 19:34) came out (new bible versions change Spear to Lance a weapon used in formation ie unison on horseback; Breakspear is the original of Lancelot; Lance is derived from Land; Norman Bankers recorded Land Holdings in the Domesday Book, today the Breakspear family at the City of London Corp). Ayn Rand (Saturnian fake Jew Alyssa Rosenbaum) asks Who is John Galt?  Breakspear; the Black (Saturn) Nobility family seen in Shakespeare, Spear of Destiny controls the Earth’s physical assets “Mammon” and Courts via the City of London Corp, Jesuit order, Pentagon, Coronavirus, Temple Mount and Vatican City, their Crest is the Papal Tiara and Keys of Heaven. The “Stellium” in Aquarius “Water Bearer”, coupled with the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction at 0 deg Aquarius on Dec 21, 2020 (Capricorn) are viewed by many astrologers as the true start of Aquarius, the Golden Age of Saturn symbolized by the Chaldean Six Pointed Star of Moloch.

JESUS aka Holy Ghost represents the 8th Covenant between God and Man. Dan 8 details the final 2300 days; Dan 12 details the final 1260, 1290 and 1335 days.  America is a financial burden (Tax) on the world tracked in IRS #1040 + 1260=2300 America’s demise as the Phoenix will usher in the arrival of the Man of Sin and the final 1260 days. Daily Sacrifice is Mass; the Roman (Man) Catholic (Universal) Church will cease providing Mass. Together, the Catholic Church and United States will be Scapegoats for Rev 17 MYSTERY, BABYLON… and Rev 18 “Babylon”. No other Nation/Church could fulfill the requirements; Rev 19 details the arrival of Jesus, however we know the Man of Sin, Strong Delusion and the Mark of the Beast come first. Covid in Hebrew means God’s Door aka BabylOn, BabEl (Both  Osiris/Green One/Saturn the Pale Horse “Death”), Babilu means “Gate of Allah” the Chaldean/Sabian/Arab Moon “Sin”; Satan incarnated in a Man “Antichrist” is the Man of Sin. 19 is AI Artificial Intelligence Sophia/Logos the Gnostic form of “WisdomKnowledge” is the 1st AI Citizen of the Arab NEOM for a reason; 5G and AI will monitor, track, patent and therefore own our bodies; our Souls having been “altered” out of the Genome by PCR Swab/Vaccination? Our ability to know JESUS will be gone aka Strong Delusion.

Time and Laws change to 360 day years and Laws to Shariah and Noahide Laws, both of Chaldean origin and both requiring Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost the Unforgivable Sin. 5G @60 GHz is the short range frequency called the Holy Grail of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the meaning of Bio+Tech Monitoring, Bio-sensing, Tracking and death for actions out of line with the AI logarithm which writes its own history, laws and scripture and even predicts behavior; think Minority Report
The ability to Buy and Sell determined by Social Credits dictated by AI and Credited to our physical bodies  by the Edomite Debt masters.
Brilliant system eh? Until Jesus returns to ruin their day.

Harris-Biden was chosen in advance by Dominion Voting, a British (B’Rith=Covenant by Birth; Esau, the Birth Covenant gains Dominion Gen 27:39-41KJV) Crown Agent in Canada (Canadian tool The Weekend Super Bowl Halftime is no coincidence) inaugurated on the annual start of Aquarius; the Coronavirus Warp Speed logo is the Black Nobility Cube of Saturn “Antahkerana”, the “Rainbow Bridge” to Aquarius and a Mask for the HHS (People aligned with Saturn) Logo; the symbol in Reiki for opening the 3rd Eye; Harris is the Aryan, Brahmin-Boule, Black Nobility Priestess of the Golden Age of Saturn

February is named after Februs, a Menstrual Blood soaked, Goat Skin Thong worn by Valentinian Priests on Valentine’s Day “Lupercalia” Droid DNA “An upgrade to yourself” When? 2/14 of course! Lupercares are Wolf Brothels symbolized by the original Wolf-Man Priapus; significant in 2021 as Kamala Harris is a Boule Society Initiate “Sacred Prostitute of Qetesh” the Holy Cow “Hathor” is the “Mansion/House of Horus”, the New Age Messiah. Purim means “Cast Lots for Marduk”, the Golden Calf of the Sun worshipped in Israel today; Feb 25-26, 2021 is Purim; recall Coronavirus was “Classified” a Pandemic on Purim 2020 The Laver (“To Wash”; Mormon Baptismal Basin is an Ox) used for Levite (Jesus replaced the corrupted Levite Priesthood of Aaron Ref Heb 7) Priest purification to wash sacrifices had Ox feet for a reason. Threshing the Pulses (Tares) is the function of the Jebusites (Canaanites in Jerusalem) at the Temple Mount, where Satan’s Seat and the Abomination of Desolation will soon reside. So who would willingly take the Mark of the Beast? The “Recipe” for population reduction as Moderna terms it is mRNA, the “Software of Life”; a “Recipe” for life without God “Desolation”. Boris Johnson starred in the 2012 London Olympics with a very young Climate Change Alarmist “Ecocatastrophe” Greta “Pearl” Thunberg, a Dead Baby and Coronavirus; His father Stanley wrote in “Life without Birth” the “Recipe” is infertility, plague, famine and ecocatastrophe aka Climate Change, all happening now as part of the Great Reset and Reset the Table plan! Feb 27 is the Snow Moon aka Hunger Moon; the War on Food will include tax hikes on Carbon emissions Gasoline, Beef, Cheese, Milk are going to get very expensive. PD James wrote Children of Men in 1992; Coronavirus Vaccine causes our own bodies to attack epithelial linings of the blood vessels, intestines, lungs and uterus; not just female infertility, but male infertility as Covid is now claimed to attack male reproductive organs. Vaccine means “Of the Cow” the Cow is Hathor “Mansion of Horus”. An Ox is a Beast of Burden, a Slave with no rights; think you own anything physical? Guess Again; how about your body? Guess Again; Organs? Brain and Organ Chips are part of the 4th Industrial Revolution aka 4th Beast (Dan 7:7) and entering human trials in 2021; Don’t worry, just like in The Matrix when Cipher betrays Neo, you’ll forget about it; our memories can be repressed and modified as well as our neurons via PCR Swabs because we gave up our only Right, a 1 on 1 relationship with JESUS.

The Virus

Originally published in 1982 as Marburg Virus, Boris Johnson’s father Stanley Johnson re-published The Virus in 2015  about a deadly novel virus pandemic, randy ecowarrior and idiotic US President originating in Japan called “Fukushima Virus” Boris starred, Hospitalized with Coronavirus with a young Greta Thunberg, Coronavirus, the Phoenix rising from Coronavirus, Tree of Knowledge, The Devil and a Giant Dead Baby in the 2012 London Olympics It’s a Thriller alright! Clap for Capt Sir Tom Moore BBC Sports Personality of the Year Tom Moore died just before his 100th birthday of PNEUMOVID; Knighted in July for raising $33M for Covid (what other number could it be) he was hospitalized for Pneumonia, COD was of course listed as COVID 19; 99 yr olds don’t ever die of Pneumonia, Geesh! Just more Dream Theater 9X11=99 after all; Abraham had Isaac at 99 and now the world is trying to 86 his descendants; Smart eh?  Prime Muppet Boris Johnson requests everyone clap hands in unison at 6PM GMT; Why Clap? Biblically Clapping of Hands means “Strong disproval of the wicked”; Moore served in the Burma campaign; not coincidentally Boris was in Burma filmed by his biographer singing Rudyard Kiplings Slavery poem Road to Mandalay as the Las Vegas Harvest Hoax began at the Mandalay Hotel. As the 2nd round of COVID Vaccines and deaths from Anaphylaxis ramps up and Harris-Biden cancel EpiPen price ceilings; COVID spit test inventor Andrew Brooks dies just like PCR Test inventor Kari Mullis did of a Heart Attack; Canada begins requiring PCR Negative Tests (Swabs deposit Nano-particles, Smart Dust and Hydrogel); FedEx (derived from Fedoeris “Covenant with God” and EX “Cancel”, just ask Skull & Bones, Bohemian Grove  Satanist Fred Smith) begins shipping millions of Cadaver Bags; Jeff “Burning Man” Bezos announces HQ2; Amazon’s Cupertino HQ is an Egg being fertilized by a Sperm; Virginia’s (Black  Virgin is Isis, Asherah) HQ2 “Helix” will be shaped like a DNA Helix; New Life courtesy of Amazon. Bezos is stepping down from Amazon CEO to Executive Chair focusing on Day 1 Fund (Day 1 is Light/Zeus=Dyeus), Bezos Earth Fund (Rev 13:8 “Earth Dwellers”), Blue Origin (Day=Blue=666THz=Zeus/Jupiter) GardaWorld and G4S “Jupiter” Security begin nabbing Canadian Citizens from airports; rerouting them to just 4 airports: Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, incarcerating them 3 days at undisclosed Gov’t occupied hotels, fining them $2000 for the stay and forcing all travelers to accept a COVID PCR Test (ensures everyone will have COVID).  As if hospitals being paid $42K for COVID diagnosed patients on ventilators isn’t corrupt enough, the “Next Pandemic” Candida auras fungus is wreaking havoc on patients on feeding/breating tubes. Canada based British Crown Agent  Dominion Voting ensured Harris-Biden was elected, part of the Clinton Global Initiative aka Delian Project; troops returning to Afghanistan, Alexander the Great called “Graveyard of Empires” awaiting the triumphant return of 11 yr FBI informant, Taliban Proponent, TV Host  of the Durand Jirga Show (Durand is the line dividing Afghanistan from Pakistan drawn by the British) Seddique Mir Mateen to Kabul. During 2016, the UN Year of Pulses, G4S employee Omar Mateen allegedly opened fire in where else but the LGBTQ Pulse Nightclub, a Hoax perpetrated by rather bad actors and the FBI just like Parkland HS, Christ Church and the  Las Vegas “Harvest” Thus far my favorite Actor is New Zealand Tranny PM Jason/Jacinda Ardern winner of the Freemason Scholarship with Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron close seconds..

Reset the Table

“Control Oil you control Nations; Control Food you control people” Bohemian Grove, War Monger, Luciferian Freemason Satanist Rockefeller stooge Henry Kissinger Welcome to Greek DemoCrazy aka Clinton Global Initiative “Delian Project” Mr Monsanto (fake Jew Slave Owners) Obama-Biden-Harris-Biden Sec of Food Tom Vilsack makes War on Farmers. Kill Bill Gates farm buying spree propels him into #1 private US farmland owner; Mormon Church owns far more. If you like synthetic meat and BioMilq (Synthetic Breast Milk to replace sterilized, non-lactating women) Pandemic means “All People”; Bill Gates controls Seeds (Svalbard Seed Vault may ring a Baal); his investments in cloned and lab grown meat and series Utopia may ring a Baal. China owns Smithfield Pork and controls commercial airports and seaports. Rockefeller Inst  controls Biden, Vaccines, Greta Inc and Reset the Table  Fascist control of Food from Seed to Table Jesuit Joe Biden speaking to Greek Jesuit Clinton White House Sr Adviser George Sephanopoulos  says “You can’t do it (Raise Taxes) unless you are a Dictator” Rest assured Biden is doing just that; his EO’s are creating Fertilizer, Soybean, Corn/Ethanol (Gas Prices heading up), Container (Shipping costs heading up) Shortages. CFAP (Coronavirus Farm Assistance) ends as another $2T “Stimulus”  aka FED Money Printing/Banker-Corporation Bailout; the FED and CDC are Private CORPORATIONS just like the USA after all!; combine (no not farm Combines; they sit idle) this with  Ubiquitous Short Selling hitting the Wall St (Name after Jericho; the Apis Bull in front is the Golden Calf) BullShit machine. Anthropogenic Climate Change (Junk Science) behind the plan to re-wild 30% of Agriculture Land; Farmers paid to grow Corn for Ethanol now paid to re-wild farmland and refrain from food production. Cameras illegally installed to monitor re-wilding; 4th Amendment is history as is the 2nd Amendment; 5th Column Traitors “Culdees” are Inside the House. Their target? Domestic Terrorists of course. These “Workers of Iniquity” (Mat 7:23) will be in Hell for Eternity; don’t join them! Who are they? Players in the Game of course! COVID testing, social distance monitoring of Meat Packing Plants, Dairy Farms and Restaurants ensure Engineered Famine. Jesus warned of Famine and Pestilence (Mat 24:7; Mk 13:8; Lk 21:11) created by Foes/Enemies in our own House (Mic 7:6; Mat 10:36); now do you believe Him?


Game: Sport, Joke, Jest, Amusement, Communion; Contest for success/superiority played according to rules; Wild animals caught for sport; the Robinhood Introduction Brokerage 33 Yr old Bulgarian (Bogomils may ring a Baal) Billionaire CEO Vlad Tenev (Parents work at the World Bank; US division IMF in Washington DC headed by Bulgarian Kristalina Georgieva) detailed his 3:30AM call from its named Clearinghouse Brokerage to put up $3B; (33 deg Sovereign Masonry in our face) justifying his trading halt of GameStop to protect Hedge Funds and their Bankers is named for the Sheriff “King’s Tax Collector”. Hedge Funds sold 140-200% of available stock betting on its decline aka Illegal Naked Short Selling on Jan 22; Aquarius began as GameStop stock  was “Pumped” up not by earnings but largely by Media hype from $42-$96 in one trading day and by Wednesday to $354 with Hedge Funds holding Short positions in excess of the shares available; the House of Cards is collapsing like Kevin Spacey or a scene from the Sack of Rome (Viking Man Jake Angelli was not only depicted in the Simpsons, he took selfies with Nancy Pelosi’s son in law and Rudy Guiliani aka Drag Queen “Rudia”) or the Twin Towers on 9/11  US Debt stands at $28T in Cash + $160T in Unfunded Liabilities + $616T in Credit Derivatives; when Wall St collapses, everyone on Earth can become instant Millionaires; the plan is called GESARA The illusion of wealth is created by Hedge Fund gamblers like 77th Treasury Sec, Skull & Bones Goldman (Rothschild) Banker, Saturnian fake Jew, Horror Film producer Stephen “Martyr/Crown” Mnuchin; the financial collapse of the US is the “Game”. The Sheriff’s Booth, Dragon (Devil, Satan, Serpent Ref Rev 12:9 aka Tax/Debt Collector) and Knights Templar (Bankers/Money Changers) guard the entrance to the Sovereign City of London Corp for a reason; they control Dominion Voting which handed control of the USA Corp over the Harris-Biden  The Spanish series La Casa de Papel aka The Heist tells the story Stop: Stuff, Plug, Bring to a Halt; Stunned, Stupified, Cessation GameStop is nothing new. Rothschilds (Bauer=Farmer=Cain changed to Rothschild “Red/Edomite Shield”) had their Counting (“we are counted as sheep for the slaughter” Ps 44:22; Rom 8:36 may ring a Baal; you do recall 2020 was a Census Year right?) House (Shiloh means “Owner of the House”; Jesus is Shiloh Gen 49:10) at 666 Am Mein in Frankfurt; 666 is the Number of the Beast/Animal 6x6x6= 216, the number associated with Axis Precession (2160 years/House; Welcome to the House of Aquarius!) and Time=Grim Reaper; you don’t think Kama and Fauci means Scythe/Sickle by chance do you? The address was symbolized by the Red Six Pointed Star of Saturn. Central Banking began in 1815; Stocks were sold on the London exchange on news Lord Wellington would lose to 33 deg Mason/ Rothschild agent Napoleon and bought back at a fraction; Treasuries across Europe were then staffed by Rothschilds. Obama uses a giant Pump and Dump in Silver to push the price up from $17 to 47 (Atomic Number; cute game eh?); Obama, Geithner, Bernanke, Soros used TARP (Bank Bailouts) funds held at the Treasury to purchase Short positions in Silver; the fall transferred $Trillions from the “People” to the “Players” (Bankers). Jesus turned the tables on the Money Changers who had made the Temple a “Den of Thieves” once and will do it again. In Aug-Sept 2001, 4.4M shares of UAL were shorted causing a drop of 44% (44 assistants of Chronos may ring a Baal) in UAL stock following UA #175 and UA #93 neither of which crashed on 9/11 Liber 175: Book of Uniting is Crowley’s ritual book of Uniting a person/nation with a Deity; 93 means “Do what thou wilt” in Witchcraft; Cute game eh? The US was United to Ahriman, the Zoroastrian god of darkness in this ritual. American Airlines was shorted in similar fashion and likewise, neither aircraft flown as AA #11 and AA #77 actually crashed; AA #77 claimed to have hit the 77ft tall Pentagon on the 77th Meridian as Venus #77 airborne command post even flew overhead. It’s a “Game” folks! The DJIA finished at 9651.51 on 9/11/2001 and hit the exact same number 8 years later; Fun Game eh? The S&P 500 hit 666 on 3/6/9 (3+6+9=18=666) Another fun Game for Players just like Apple (Aplu=Zeus) selling its first computer for $666 or the DJIA falling 666 points on Imbolg 2018 The Raytheon Cruise Missile directed at the Pentagon magically evaded 10 cameras and destroyed records of $2.3Trillion missing from Pentagon accounts; Players in the Game made out like Bandits! Here’s a 5 min synopsis Wall St was built in revenge to the destruction of the Wall of Jericho; the Wall St Bull is the Golden Bull “Marduk” aka Calf of the Sun standing guard. 77 is Oz the End of the Road is Emerald Isle (Emerald stone cut from Lucifer’s Crown) Liber Oz: Book 77 is Aleister “666” Crowley single page book detailing the rights of man, summed up as “Do what thou wilt”. Man has no rights except the right to a one on one relationship with the Owner of the House “Shiloh” (Gen 49:10) Perhaps not coincidentally, Hilton Valentine dies at 77 Gnostic Valentines Day #44 is Lupercalia “Day of the Wolf”; Valentine originated The Animals (Beasts) wrote “House of the Rising Sun”; Saturn/Satan is the Rising Sun (Eze 8) and “Don’t let me be misunderstood”; make no mistake, the Players in GameStop are the House of the Rising Sun. Esau sold his Birthright and was renamed Edom=Red (Stop is Red for a reason); Edomites “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothes”; Edomites gain “Dominion” living off the “fatness of the Earth” (Mammon; Gen 27:39-41KJV)); you cannot love God and Mammon folks! The grinding poverty just ahead, symbolized by GameStop was pre-planned long ago; if you want Debts forgiven, let JESUS know.


Shattered Union Map

Shattered Union: California Republic, Cascadia, Texas, Great Lakes, Southern Confederacy, Heartland, NATO occupied Territory are similar to Panem “Bread and Circus” from Hunger Games,(Gaga wearing a Mocking Jay pin singing the National Anthem) the Republic of Gilead (Gilead means “Jeger-sahadutha” Chaldean “Heap of Witness/Testimony” Gen 31:47) from Handmaid’s Tale (Handmaid is a person with no rights, and FEMA’s 10 Region Map for a reason. Jared Kushner was put in charge of the Abraham Accords (Arab-Israeli War) and has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. NATO assuming control over the territory from Washington DC to NYC means the United States has ceased to exist.  Texas Bill #1359 “Texas Independence Act” cannot happen by State Law; TX will likely become part of Aztlan (To Make White; same as Aztec and Laban), the goal of MEChA, La Raza Unida, Voz de Aztlan and Harris-Biden. State of Jefferson (Flag us the Sigil of Saturn) and Cascadia are named for Pacific Republic proposed by Thomas Jefferson. alters population forecast for the US $332M in 2020 down to $99M in 2025; FedEx (Federal “Covenant with God”; EX self explanatory; Skull & Bones aka Teutonic Brotherhood of Death Founder/CEO Fred Smith) shipping a warehouse of “Cadaver Bags” Transgender CDC Dir Rochelle Wallensky predicts 500K COVID deaths by mid February. Now what could possibly cause 50M deaths/year? FEMA, US Navy and NOAA (cute pun on Noah eh?) seem to think the NW will be underwater due to a Tsunami/Earthquake in the “Cascadia Subduction Zone”; a 7.0 Earthquake in California (On 9/10/2001 FEMA spokesman Tom Kenney said a Terrorist Act in NYC was their #1 concern, followed by a Hurricane in New Orleans followed by an Earthquake on the San Andreas; be sure to catch The Rock in San Andreas), the East Coast swamped by a Tsunami and the New Madrid Subduction Zone collapsing (Deep Water Horizon has never stopped saturating the Gulf of Mexico-New Madrid Salt Dome with Methane)“Nothing in politics happens by chance; if it happens you can bet it was planned” Pearl Harbor planner FDR

BATTLE for the SOUL of the NATION

Lady Gaga

Kamala Harris


The ULTIMATE GAME of the Boule Society is to capture one’s Soul; distracting the peasants with with Panem “Bread and Circus” helps. Coronavirus was declared a Pandemic on Purim 3/11 (3X11-33); Shushan Purim 2021 Feb 27 is a Snow Moon aka Storm Moon, natives named the full moon in February Hunger Moon due to snow covering the ground in North America. Daniel was given his “Little Horn” prophecy on the banks of the River Ulai in Shushan (Susa), the Mede-Persian Capital; if you are not sure who “Little Horn” is, ask JESUS for help! 33 years ago Joe Biden wrote an article for the WSJ “How I came to love the New World Order” On election night, an effigy of Trump was hung by the neck in front of Trump Tower;  the exact address written in Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey in 1893; his first summer as President being the Rabbis 10th Jubilee after Rosicrucian Martin Luther and Black Nobility Pope Leo X held the 5th Lateran Council (Lateran is the Spirits of Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet; St John Lateran is the Mother of all Churches Worldwide according to the Jesuits) proclaiming Indestructibility of the Soul as Catholic Dogma (A Lie); the War for our Souls is in full swing.  Shakespeare in the Park (Breakspear controls the British Crown and Dominion Voting which selected the Unconstitutional Kamala Harris) portrayed Brutus stabbing Trump as Julius Caesar in Central Park as history records in 44bc.  Trump, the 44th person selected US President as Zedekiah was the 44th and final King of Israel was also stabbed by Brutus/Pence, as President of the Senate certifying obvious election fraud by British Crown Agent Dominion Voting; Pence received his payment from the Senate just like Judas. Harris-Biden was fraudulently elected In a scene straight from Hunger Games. Panem  means Bread and Circus; Biden playing the role of Pres Coriolanus Snow. Coriolanus (Coriolis + Anus/Anubis) named after Shakespeare’s (Jesuit Toby Mathew) final Tragedy Coriolanus Bread and Circus is derived from Panem et circuses; a superficial appeasement of the populace by diversion and distraction. Staged Capitol Riots by convicted/pardoned Paul Manofort “Event Strategies” featured Nancy Pelosi son in Law and Rudy Guiliani posing for selfies with Actor Goat Man Jake Angelli, a real keepsake moment eh? Catching Fire and Gaga (Gaga means Senile; bedwetter) began the Show; Sorceress Katy Perry finished the Tom Hanks hosted event with Firework, Tom’s quarantine with Coronavirus in Australia with his Corona Typewriter to write a heartfelt letter to 8 yr old Corona DeVries brings a tear to everyone’s eyes, who can’t see the HOAX! Firework lyrics “Do you ever feel like a House of Cards one blow from cav’n in?” House of Cards pedophile star Kevin Spacey is on Jeff Epstein’s Lolita Express flight logs with Guiliani, Trump and Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts The US is being set up as the Scapegoat for “Babylon” with our pre-planned destruction as the Phoenix of the New Age comes the New World Order rising out of the Flames; Trump played his part in the Tragedy well eh? He didn’t get that Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for nothing! Simpsons portrayed Kamala Harris as Lisa Simpson 21 years in advance just like they portrayed Trump’s precise Electoral Map and candidacy announcement in Trumptastic Voyage long in advance; as Shakespeare said “The world is a stage and we are all merely actors” “Nothing in politics happens by chance; if it happened you can bet it was planned” Pearl Harbor Traitor FDR. Kama and Fauci both mean “Sickle”; they didn’t get here by chance, and neither did the Coronavirus Hoax Fauci  got his fake Vaccine and can’t even remember which arm was sore Kamala got her fake Vaccine flashing the Devil Horns just like Pence did at the Republican Convention and Trump did on The Apprentice. Shakespeare aka Jesuit Knights of the Golden Helmet, Knights of the Kyklos Klan or Society of the Horsemen wrote “All the world’s a stage”  “…Last scene of all, that ends this strange eventful history is second childishness and mere oblivion, sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything”. Pretty coincidental Coronavirus takes taste away eh?