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“Jews” replaced Israel with Canaanites, Phoenicians, Assyrians (Cuth), Medeans (Magi; Iran) 2 Ki 17:1. “Jews” are Serpent People! The Palestinian and Babylonian Talmud explain what “Jews” do; now at this late stage, we can see it first hand! The Solar Shadow will form Aleph “Bull” on Apr 8, 2024. If you are not in a personal covenant with JESUS do so now!

“But be not ye called Rabbi, for one is your Master, even Christ: and all ye are brethren” Mat 23:8 Rabbi is Chaldean “Rba” for “Master”; these Satanic Liars are intent on starting WWIII. National Education and Sharing Day – April 19, 2024 the birth of Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson born April 18, 1902, Mykolaiv, Ukraine home of Khazars “Serpent People” the head of Chabad Lubavitch; Matt 23: Jesus called them Synagogue of Satan, hypocrites, generation of vipers and serpents, blind guides, hypocrites. Jesus Cursed them for the blood of Abel, making them CAINITES! Noah’s wife, Naamah was Cainite, her incest with Ham “Black” gave brith to CANAAN and the Amalekites “…the LORD hath sworn that the LORD will have war Amalek from generation to generation”

Time: 11 Nisan is celebrated: Revolutionary War began, Warsaw Ghetto was firebombed, AP Murray Bldg bombed, Branch Davidians burned by Tanks outfitted with Flame Throwers. The 13 days leading up to May 1 “Beltane” aligns with Passover 22 Apr-30 April, 2024  Dan 8 2300 Days=1040 Days (IRS Personal Income Tax Form) + 1260Days “Great Tribulation” “Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.” Dan 8:14=2300 Days. Purim 23-24 Mar 2024 “And one said to the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the river, How long shall it be to the end of these wonders?” “ shall be for a time, times, and an half” Dan 12:6-7=1260 Days Coronavirus was declared a Pandemic on Purim. “ And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.” Dan 12:11=1290 Days Chinese Year of the Dragon begins Feb 10 “Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days”. Year of the Dragon-Apr 25 Robigalia=1335Days. The priest as he and his followers, all dressed in white, were on their way to the sacred grove to offer sacrifice… entrails of both a dog and a sheep.,the%20date%20of%20the%20Robigalia. “As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.” Rom 8:36

Crypto Jew Zelensky proposes Peace Talks with Putin in Jerusalem. Both men are Chabad Rabbi controlled WEF YGL Grads; Putin’s Rabbi Berel Lazar; Zelenksy’s Rabbi’s Shmuel Kaminetsky and Yaakov Bleich. Zelensky Tweeted thanks to Meta and fellow WEF Young Global Leader Initiate Mark Zuckerberg for help winning the propaganda war on fellow YGL Grad Vladimir Putin for allowing anti-Russian material, banning pro-Russian material, the Snake Island Hoax, Holocaust Memorial attack Hoax, and the Chernobyl and Zaporizhzhia Nuc Plant Hoaxes.  Estonia President Alar Karis or rather his Rabbis call on NATO to enforce a No-Fly Zone over Ukraine; a  decision virtually guaranteed to cause WWIII. Rabbis don’t believe a word JESUS said, especially after the Crucifixion ie Revelation and believe the battle of Gog and Magog (Rev 20:7-8) is necessary before Mosiach arrives. Jesus refers to Jerusalem as “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” Rev 11:8KJV  Israel declares  “National State of Cyber Emergency”.  Iranians launch missiles into Erbil and now hack the Israeli Gov’t; sure thing. Shariah (Iran) and Noahide (Israel) Laws have the same Chaldean ie Chasidic/Chabad source; both require the Unforgivable Sin “Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost”. Dialectic is controlling both sides toward a common goal; in this case Luciferian rule.

Jesus is the 8th “New” Covenant, the last Covenant between God and Man; Chabad Lubavitch replaces Jesus with Shamash “Rising Sun” symbolized by the 9 branch Chabad Lubavitch Menorah.

Chabad Lubavitch is the Serpent eating its own tail “Ouroborus” seen in QAnon; Qop is the Eye of the Needle, the East Gate or Golden Gate of the Temple Mount. In 2019; Hebrew Year #5779, the Serpent from the Garden of Eden has come full circle at least according to Rav Eliezer Berland of the Shas Council of Wise Sages overseeing Ultra-orthodox, Sephardic and Mizrahi Crypto Judaism. Violating the 8th and final Covenant between God and Man will land you in Hell for Eternity with 100% certainty.
The Serpent in the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil comes full circle with Ai “Heap of Ruins”, the site of Abraham’s altar between the Canaanite city of Ai and Beth-el, fulfilled with AI; Sophia “Wisdom” the first AI citizen of NEOM “New Serpent”, the first AI Arab city writing its own history and scripture.

Chabad Lubavitch is a branch of Chasidism; Chabad is 3 Sephirot of Kaballah (Ka’aba=Enclosure of Allah, the Arab moon god “Sin”) Chockma, Binah, Daat, the religion of the “Synagogue of Satan”. Chabad Rabbis sets up 9 Branch Hanukkah Menorahs, such as the giant one in front of the Quadriga of Apollo “Destroyer” in Berlin, next to Satan’s Seat aka Throne of Pergamon. The center candle is Shamash the Babylonian Sun Lion; Marduk is the Calf of the Sun whose triumphant return is celebrated at the Akitu Festival on April Fool’s Day; Jesus of course is the April Fool according to Chabad Lubavitch.

JESUS is the Holy Ghost (1 Jn 5:7KJV) rejection of the Holy Ghost is the Unforgivable Sin; Chabad Lubavitch requires everyone to reject the New Covenant by accepting Shariah and or Noahide Laws.

Chabad Lubavitch is Messianic; denying Jesus Christ as the Messiah, Chabad is a continuation of False Messiah Simon Magus, Simon Bar Kochba, Shabbatai Zvi, Jacob Frank, and Menachem Mendel Schneerson. Jesus warned “I am come in my Father’s name and ye receive me not; if another shall come in his own name he ye will receive” Jn 5:43

Menorah with seven burning candles. Stock Photo

Chabad Lubavitch Menorahs replace the 7 branch candlestick Moses constructed for the Tabernacle and later Solomon’s Temple replacing Jesus Crucified between 2 thieves on the Tree of Knowledge. Chabad Menorahs are being installed in most cities worldwide; JEHOVAH (JAH, JESUS), the center candle of the 7 Branch Candlestick Moses constructed was Jesus, replaced by Shamash, the Babylonian Sun Lion and “Rising Sun” whose worship caused the departure of the Glory of the LORD from Solomon’s Temple (Eze 8)

Religious Jewish young man putting on phylacteries ...
Chabad Lubavitch wear Phylacteries, cube shaped boxes over their forehead or arm with Scribe re-written scripture, notably Deut 6:4. They believe in the priesthood of the 1st born Cain, Japheth (fake Germanic Ashkenazi Jews, Turks, Medeans “Magi”, Scots-Irish etc Gen 10:2-3) Ishmael (Hagarenes) and Esau (Edomites); essentially the Confederacy listed in Ps 83. Cubes are representative of Saturn, the Black Sun or Primeval Sun aka Satan, Osiris “On”, El or Allah seen in BabylOn, BabEl or BabIlu “Allah” aka Arab moon god “Sin”. On Boxing Day Dec 26, 2019 the sun will form a Halo around the Moon during an annular eclipse beginning in the Royal Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan at Sunrise, progressing to the Royal Hashemite Kingdom of Sabah and Sulu (Indonesia).

Chabad Lubavitch are “Confederate” meaning “Against God’s Covenants”; the final Covenant between God and Man is via the Holy Ghost and will eventually be broken as the previous 7 have, due to Satanic leadership of Chabad Lubavitch, the Gnostic Priesthood.
Chabad is the 1st 3 levels of Kaballah, Chochmah, Binah Daat, a Satanic religion not Jewish in the slightest. Kaaba + Allah means “Enclosure of Sin”, a 2000 year old Saturnian religion originating with the Essenes “Pious Ones”. Confederates are listed in Ps 83

Chabad Rabbis follow the teachings of Hasidic Judaism, the Chaldean religion formed from Chesed, Abraham’s nephew. Tzaddiq Baal Shem Tov’s 2nd generation disciple Shneur Zalman of Liadi is given credit for founding Chabad Lubavitch. Tzaddiq Baal Shem Tov predicted over 300 years ago.
Hasidic Judaism was founded in 1217 by Rabbi Judah ben Samuel, (Judah He-Hasid “Judah the Pious”), a contunuation of the Essene Priesthood, founded during the Inter-testament “Silent Period”. Samuel predicted 2017 would be the 10th Jubilee foretold in the Prince Melchisedek Scroll. 10 Jubilees from 1517 would be the 10th Jubilee in 11Q13 Prince Melchisedek Scroll; the predicted (planned) return of Prince Melchisedek (Antichrist) is to occur after the 10th Jubilee.

Chabad Lubavitch controls Donald Trump (Ashkenazi Drumpf), Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, Vladimir Zelensky  and Vladimir Putin through Rabbi Berel Lazar a dual US-Russian citizen.

Chabad is setting up a false Gog and Magog War (The real Gog and Magog is at the end of the Millennium, 1000 year reign of Jesus Christ (Rev 20:7-8; Eze 38:2)

Gog and Magog

Chabad Lubavitch promotes 7 Noahide Laws, forcing rejection of Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost, the Unforgivable Sin
Hasidic and Chabad Judaism is a continuation of the Pharisee Priesthood and Sanhedrin (Supreme Court) which demanded the Crucifixion of Jesus and rejection of the 7th Davidic Covenant. The Sanhedrin Priests Annas and Caiaphas who illegally sat in Moses’ Seat (Mat 23:2) sent Jesus on “Fool’s Errands” and demanded the Crucifixion because they knew Jesus was God in Flesh; they are today’s Rothschild (Red Shiled=Edomite) financed Judges who trample the Cross and rise 33 steps, ashlar stones on the left, smooth stones on the right, the exact opposite of altars to the LORD (Ex 20:25).

Jesus comdemned Scribes and Pharisees to Hell in no uncertain terms. Masoretes: 5th-10th c Jewish Scribes. Masorah means “Tradition”; the tradition of “Fixing” texts such as altering JEHOVAH (JESUS) to YHWH (Satan). Yohanan ben Zakkai was the first to wrote about Rabbinic Judaism in the Mishnah “tradition”; the Tannaim were rabbinic sages whose views are recorded in the Mishnah from approximately 10–220 CE., finally resulting in 1008AD Masoretic Text eg YHWH. His name is often preceded by the honorific title, “Rabban” in the Second Temple period; he invented Jewish Messianism. Talmudic Aramaic ie Assyrian equivalent for the Hebrew root shanah which also is the root-word of Mishnah; shanah literally means “to repeat [what one was taught]” and is used to mean “to learn”. Nasi (plural Nesi’im) was the highest-ranking member and presided over the Sanhedrin.”Whited Sephulchres full of dead men’s bones…Synagogue of Satan…Hypocrites, The bible records 7 contracts that were broken by human beings. The 8th contract symbolizes 8 people saved from the flood, is now just over 2000 years old and there will not be a 9th. Jesus is God in flesh; He instituted the 8th contract as Daniel’s 70th week, and will return a 2nd time to destroy the Beast System we call the New World Order. The serpent formed into a circle eating its own tail is called the Ouroborus; it symbolizes the free will choice to follow Satan rather than God, our souls being held in the balance. Note that the serpent is not Satan; rather the serpent represents free will communication with Satan and his demons through practices like necromancy, crystal gazing, scrying, Tarot, Ouija, astrology, geomancy (earth measurement like Feng Shui) etc. Before looking at why world leaders and millions of people support the Lubavitch movement, here are the covenants God has made with His creation.
1st Edenic Covenant: Propagate the human race. Subdue the earth. Have dominion over all animals. Care for the garden. Avoid eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. (Gen 3:3) Oops! Sin and death had become part of life. A way to eternal life was needed. Chabad Lubavitch is Gnosticism, the religion which originated with the Serpent requiring rejection of the Eden Covenant.
2nd Adamic Covenant: The serpent (Satan’s tool) had now been cursed. Eve was now subject to her husband (Gen 3:16) and a Savior is promised to destroy Satan. Life would be full of sorrow ending in death to the body, but not the soul. The Greek word for Giant is Nephilim which in Hebrew means “Fallen Ones”. Read this as “Sinners” rather than picturing some sort of Greek Titan or Olympic athlete because “Fallen” merely refers to falling into sin. In 1656 years, the entire world became full of evil and violence and more importantly, all of humanity save for Noah’s family tree had been corrupted by sin, so 120 years warning was given; only Noah took heed and his wife and 3 sons (Ham, Shem and Japeth), plus their wives became the only survivors.
3rd Noahic Covenant: Re-people the earth again and establish human government. Meat eating is now approved, but not drinking of blood, or killing anyone (Gen 9:6). In exchange, God promised never to flood the earth again. The civilization of Sumer, gave way to Nimrod’s (Akkadian Sargon?) Kingdom of Babel, Accad, Erech and Calneh (Gen 10:10) and the Tower of Babel was built so people could reach Heaven without God’s help, and escape the next flood. Nimrod was a hunter of humans, having rejected God through marriage to his own mother, Semiramis. Oops! God scattered people by raising sea levels (a natural outcome of the flood) and language was confounded (this too occurs naturally, and may have been a result of isolating people). Chabad Lubavitch is a continuation of Canaanite religion which began with Ham’s incest with his mother in Noah’s tent.
4th Abrahamic Covenant: God will make Abraham’s descendants a great nation. All they had to do was stay in the land God set apart for them, and not adopt Canaanite practices. Oops, Abraham went to Egypt, and his people were held captive for 400 years. Giants: Emims (Fearful ones), Zuzims, Anakims (Long Necked Ones) produced from ritual incest, common with Canaanite tribes like Rephaims (Dead Ones) and Horites (worshippers of Horus, the product of Isis and her twin brother Osiris described in Gen 14:5-6) took his land and turned the Vale of Siddim (Salt Sea) it into a slime pit. God later destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah as a warning. Ishmael became a wild man, and Esau was born red with jealousy for having sold his birthright to his brother Jacob. Chabad Lubavitch is a continuation of the Chasidism which began with Abraham’s nephew Chesed.
5th Mosaic Covenant: Thou shalt have no other Gods…make any graven images (idols)…take the Lord’s name in vain…keep the Sabbath holy…not kill…commit adultery…steal…lie…covet. You will also make God an altar but not raised or of cut stones. Before Moses returned with the law, Israelites had made God’s image into a golden apis bull on, a raised altar and were dancing naked. Note: Apis means word in Egyptian just like bee does in Chaldee; In other words, both are symbols of lies. They refused to eradicate the “Giants” from the promised land, so 40 years of wandering ensured the death of everyone above the age of accountability (21). Chabad Lubavitch is a continuation of the Korahite Priesthood, the Alternative Priests to Moses and Aaron.
6th Palestinian Covenant: The land of Palestine (land originally promised to Abraham) would become theirs so long as they obeyed God. If they were disobedient, consequences would be severe and they would be scattered, but if they individually repented, God would listen to them. God knew disbelief would set in because Moses took credit for smiting a rock to produce water and 12 spies returned from Canaan, and said God couldn’t beat the Anakims (giants of Canaan and Star Wars Darth Vader). Moses did not enter the Promised Land (he repented of this) and as God said, Israelites later split in 2 (Israel in the north, Judah in the south), and entered captivity under Assyrians (Israel) and Babylonians (Judah). One last covenant during this period was made with one of the few people who had faith in God from the beginning of his life. Chabad Lubavitch are the continuation of the Samaritan Priests who enticed Israel to worship the Golden Calf representing Marduk, the Calf of the Sun God Shamash, currently the center candle on the Chabad Libavitch Hanukkah Menorah.
7th Davidic Covenant: Build a house of the Lord to replace the tent and mobile Tabernacle. David’s family (Jesus was a prophesized part of this genealogy) would be put on God’s throne forever. Oops, Israel built Apis Bulls on Mt Hermon, Samaritans convinced Ephraim to usurp the Levitical Priests, God’s prophet Elijha was rejected, Judah let foreigners (Nabbatean/Hasmonean “Aryan” Pharisees) inside the gates and Temple and worst of all, Jesus was rejected, and hung on a tree. This was done in accordance with Deut 21:22 because Pharisees convinced Jews that Jesus had committed a sin worthy of death, and needed to be hung on a tree. The idea of a man- made cross was made up by Constantine’s mother, Helen 300 years later. (ref Acts 5:30, 10:39, 13:29 and Gal 3:13) The problem with their little plan, was Jesus never did anything worthy of being put to death; He was God! God’s Temple was defiled by Zedekiah in 586 BC and the Pharisees defiled it again in 30 AD. As punishment, God had the Babylonians destroy the 1st Temple, and the Romans destroy the 2nd Temple. The 3rd Temple will also be destroyed when it is defiled by a statue of Antichrist. It is this Temple that Zionists (Satanists led by Chabad-Lubavitch who say they are Jews) and Illuminati henchmen and entry level Freemasons desire to be rebuilt. The term Freemason stems from Hellene, or “People of Stones”. They won’t recognize Jesus at the 2nd coming because they rejected Him at the 1st Coming! Chabad Libavitch is the continuation of the Pharisees who ordered the Crucifixion, thereby rejecting the Davidic Covenant
8th New Covenant: Love God and Love your neighbor. If any human being was God, and the people he created hung him on a tree, I’m sure we can all agree, the Age of Grace would have never happened. Praise be to God for His patience!!! This covenant is better than the Mosaic Covenant and rests on the finished work and blood of Jesus Christ. Jesus is God in the flesh and the Authorized Bible (based on accepted apostolic Greek texts) is God in Word form; it is perfect and not subject to alteration of any kind. This covenant is not in a Temple, Cathedral or Church building; it is written on the inward parts of Christians who ask Jesus for the Holy Ghost. Outside that, salvation is only open to a remnant (144,000) of now blinded Israelites who will convert to being Christian in the Tribulation. Anyone from the least to the greatest, from Arab to Black to White or Oriental is welcome to know the Lord through the Holy Ghost. There are no Rabbis, Fathers, Priests or Masters, save one, the Lord Jesus Christ (ref Mat 23). Like all contracts, the New Covenant must be entered through free agency or it would be slavery. Indeed, the Mark of the Beast will be indentured servitude to Satan. Chabad Lubavitch enforces Noahide Laws requiring Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost, the Unforgivable Sun.

Chabad-Lubavitch receives so much power because God puts the basest of men in charge of this world (ref Dan 4:17). They are Pharisee descendants who will judge fitness for the New World Order through compliance with 7 Noahide Laws which declare worship of Jesus as idol worship, a false god if you will. The history goes back to Egypt and the infusion of Hyksos thought on Hebrews in captivity. The idea of worshipping a human being as God or His divine representative started with Egyptian Pharaoh’s and the Akkadian King of the world “Sargon” aka (possibly) the biblical Nimrod. Hyksos were probably Hellenes from Crete and the Minoan civilization founded around the worship of the ½ bull, ½ man “Minotaur”. Everywhere Hebrews went, Hellenes were there as well in order to corrupt the bloodline which would eventually produce the Saviour; God in the flesh. You can believe what you want about how pre, and post-flood “Giants” were created; choices range from time traveling human beings, to aliens planting their seed in human women to demons fornicating physically with human women to propagate a demon race, but the bible should be the final authority. The Authorized Bible KJV was translated from accepted apostolic (apostles were hand picked by God) Greek texts, and in Gen 6:1-7 it says nothing about sexual intercourse like many new bibles; it says “they took wives” and “came in unto the daughters of men and they bare children to them”. Read this over and over until you understand what the sentence means. A very similar sentence caused enough confusion for the Catholic Church to develop. Mathew 16:18 states “Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church…:” Peter is the foundation of the Catholic Church, not Jesus, and similarly, “bare children to them” is referring to their husbands after sinning, not getting pregnant by a demon! In Egypt, the seed came from Isis marrying her twin brother Osiris and in Mesopotamia, it came from Nimrod marrying his mother Semiramis.

Akkadians under Sargon the Great aka CANAAN! and Assyrians under Sargon II and Babylonians under Nebuchadnezzar took Israel and Judah captive for their grievous sins. For Israel, it was preferring the Samaritan Priesthood led by the “Tartan” in Samaria. Scottish Presbyterians who formed Scottish Rite Freemasonry still bless the Tartan annually. In Judah it was Zedekiah’s defilement of the Temple (one of his dead sons, Mulek was said to have escaped by Mormons, but if he did, the bible and God is in error, so be careful).

Aramaic became the official language under Darius I, a worshipper of the false sun god, Mithra. Lubavitchers like to point out texts written in Aramaic during the inter-testament period (Macabbees, Enoch, Jubilees, Septuagint etc) as being Divinely inspired, but they are not; that’s why it’s called “between testimonies”; God was not there! This language came from Phoenicians, Hittites, Mycenaeans; generally, Aryans who came into Neo-Babylonia and Persia as “Magi” (solar Priests). Their man worshipping philosophies came from western Turkey into Greece with humanistic philosophers (eg Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Hermes Trismegistus, Epicurus, Pythagoras etc), and worship of a human “God-Man” resumed with Caesar, and later under the same title in Germany “Kaiser”. Nabbateans were the forerunners to the Essenes (king bees), and Mandeans (solar priests in Iraq). Pharisees are looking for a human Messiah to lead them, so one proclaiming Himself to be God, especially riding a donkey without a place to lay His head will not due.

Jewry at this point has no Temple, but one is planned. Their Priests “Rabbis” are not sons of Aaron, and the only Melchisedek Priest (Tsadiq) was rejected and crucified. The human Messiah idea is carried forth by Sephardim (Jews of Spanish Rite), Ashkenazi (Jews of German Rite), and Mizrahi (Jews of Oriental Rite). Note that Sepharvaim and Mizraim descend from Ham and Ashkenaz, from Japeth, because these are the Jewish impersonators in Israel today. Hassidic Judaism begins with Isaac Luria, son of a Separdic father and Ashkenazi mother at the same time John Calvin and Martin Luther begin the Reformation. Calvin’s name was Cohen, an Ashkenazi whose name is one of 4 Samaritan Priesthood names today; Cohen means Priest. Kabbalah came out of Egypt as an oral tradition, and was written in the Talmud (6th cent AD), and Zohar (13th cent AD). Chabad comes from the 1st 3 levels of the Kabbalist Tree of Life “Sephirot”. Chochma (Wisdom), Binah (Understanding) and Da’at (Knowledge), and the culmination of wisdom occurs at the Tzadik level. Melchisedek appears as the servant of God 3 times in the bible, appearing first to Abram to prepare him for becoming Abraham; the he’ designating his willing obedience to God. As a Kabbalist copy of this, Isaac Luria is called the “Ashkenazic Rabbi”, “Ari”, and “He’-Ari”. Ari means Lion, so He’-Ari is essentially the Divine Lion. Remember, Sargon (Nimrod?) was depicted as a lion; Mithra, the Aryan sun god of Persia was also depicted as a lion. The Pharisees attempted to kill the real Lion from the tribe of Judah and one will note that the patron saint of Russia, England and Scotland, St George is always depicted spearing the lion. One day, we will know this man as Antichrist!

Kabbalistic Judaism, Zionism, Messianic Judaism and Chiliasm as it was called in Isaac Luria’s day, is the desire to put a Human Messiah on the throne of King David in a re-built Temple; this will be Antichrist on the Throne of Pergamon “Satan’s Seat” forcing worship of the Abomination of Desolation and Mark of the Beast. Black Cloistered ie Saturnian, Rosicrucian monk Martin Luther called this idea a Jewish conspiracy, but look at the facts rather than listening to him. Obadiah clearly spells out that Jesus returns to destroy foreigners in Jerusalem. Jews do not run Israel; Zionists do. Sorry, but Luther was a Rosicrucian Kabbalist just like Calvin. The main reason why Christians don’t stay alert, sober, vigilant, watching and praying constantly that they don’t get misled is because “Rapture” was invented and Protestants believe they were pre-chosen arbitrarily for salvation. None of it is in the bible, but virtually every study bible I have looked at talks about it. Forget what the notes say, dig into the text. I gave 2 examples of how simple alterations in wording can make a huge difference in meaning, so here are more pitfalls.

Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Jared Kushner, Jason Greenblatt (Palestine-Jerusalem Peace Negotiators) and Ivanka Trump are handled by Chabad Rabbis; the declaration “Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish people”1 Cor 15:52 says “last trump; for the trumpet shall sound” How do you get pre-Tribulation Rapture from that? Eph 4:4 says “one baptism”. Why do you think that was the water baptism your Magi (Priest) gave you? John the Baptist said Jesus would baptize with the Holy Ghost and fire in Mat 3:11. The entire book of Joel is called the Great and Terrible day of the Lord. Why do you think you will be gone in the Rapture or that day can last 7 years? Galatians 4:24 says Mt. Sinai is Agar in Arabia. Why do you think Sinai is in Egypt? Read the next sentence “But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all”. Why do you think God will set foot in a Temple made by hand, much less one made by Freemasons, Kabbalists and Chabad-Lubavitchers that Antichrist will erect a statue of himself in? Folks, Hemlock is 90% sugar and 10% arsenic and lead. Lubavitchers call it Aqua Tofana and have sworn oaths to prevent the truth from getting out. Now let’s look at the Menorah Jeb Bush and thousands of other government officials have lit for the Chabad-Lubavitch.

Moses was given specific instructions to build a 7 branched candlestick; Why? Because this was how Israelites would recognize Him. Jesus was hung on a tree between 2 thieves; 6 uplifted arms with the larger, body of the Saviour in the middle. Jesus was going to do this because the bible foretold it; Judaism died right there. The Chanukah Menorah was built much like the so-called Christian Cross; both are Satan’s murder weapons. The Cross came from Akkadians in Mesopotamia (4 quarters Babel, Akkad, Elam, Calneh) as the Swastika or sun wheel, and the Egyptian Ankh or handled cross. It progressed into the Maltese Cross, Hindu Swastika and today’s familiar mythical symbol. The 7 branched candlestick had one candle for each violated covenant, the last one being the attempted murder of God. During the inter-testament rebellion to the Assyrians, 1 day worth of lamp oil magically burns for 8 days; fine but don’t think the 7 branched candlestick can ever be replaced. The version most Lubavitchers are lighting with world leaders has 8 branches surrounding a 9th larger one because occultists are feeling tentative; after all, they are about to reject the 8th contract formally by killing most of humanity and accepting a Mark of the Beast (possibly the 6 pointed star). The 8 candles refer to the original Arkite philosophy of hiding in caves. First in Petra, Jordan, then on Mt Hermon (Golan Heights) and Mt Devamend (Iran), then all over the world in burial mounds (Druids were most famous) and since the Cold War, in deep underground bunkers. So, the big question is how do we recognize the day of our visitation this time around? Again, let Jesus tell you. He said many wolves would come into His flock, many false prophets would predict His arrival and many christs would come in His name. Jesus gave 7 warnings to 7 churches in Rev 2-3; read them because you will fit into one of them. Stop blaming Jews for the Crucifixion and Catholics for the Crusades and Inquisitions; all of it was orchestrated by the “Synagogue of Satan” just like John the Baptist, Jesus and John the Evangelist told you. Walk away from anyone in robes who wants to be called Reverend (Rev is covered by all of us being sinners) Rabbi, Father or Master just like Jesus said. Plan on dying, and do not panic when you get “Left Behind” because you will; it’s fake. 1 Thess 4:17 says “we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord”. What, did I miss the part where Jesus has a 3rd Coming? The 2nd coming is to cleanse the world of Chabad-Lubavitch and all their Kabbalist, Samaritan, Illuminati, Freemason, Shriner, Sufi, and Jesuit followers. This is at the 7th Trumpet, 1 day before 7 Vials of wrath are poured out. Here are the laws that will be in place when Antichrist takes the stage. To get the world to this point, I believe a fake Antichrist and fake Babylon will be taken out by a global war. The US will be declared Babylon and Roman Church, Mystery Babylon so that a fake Jesus “Man of Peace” can stride out of the Chaos. Only time will tell though.

Idolatry: There is only one God. Murder, Theft, Sexual Promiscuity: This pertains to adultery only. Blasphemy and Cruelty to animals: don’t eat an animal while it is alive. Police: Set up global police to enforce 6 laws. The reason why God is monotheistic here is because Jesus, the Word and the Holy Ghost have been rejected, so any of these are considered idols. Murder is changed from Kill as it appears in the bible so that anyone who breaks law #1 can be put to death. Sexual promiscuity is defined as adultery because in a return to the pre-flood days, men had many wives and fornication, pedophilia, and pederasty are not included because men should be entitled to do all the things of Cretan, Trojan, Spartan, Theban, Greek and Roman society. Blasphemy is here so that anyone who dares question Satan’s authority can be eliminated; this is a global dictatorship after all. Cruelty to animals is there, but not cruelty to humans. Torture will become blood sport which is why taxpayers are funding so many stadiums all over the world rather than helping the homeless or returning vets. By the way, Vet stems from Latin for “Beast of Burden”.

The new covenant in Jesus Christ is very simple; Love Him and Love your neighbor. “He who loves his life shall lose it” Go wake people up to reality and let God handle the rest. “Ye cannot serve God and mammon. Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than rainment?” “but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven.” (Mat 6:24-25, 20)