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Great Conjunction Article in progress

Saturnalia 2020

God created “Light” on Day 1 and the Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets to tell Time on Day 4. Jupiter and Saturn for a “Great Conjunction” every 19.6 years which is the height of Lady Freedom standing atop the US Capitol “Womb of Zeus” facing the “Rising Sun” (Saturn)
A return to Day 1 is symbolized by the Crowned Ouroborus Serpent eating its own tail as Saturn aka Chronos “Time” eats his own children.

St Sulpice “Rose Line”

On Dec 21, 2020 “Solar Solstice” the Sun will rise as it does annually at Stonehenge through the Trilothon Stones; this year will be unique in all of human history in that the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter occurs on this day at the boundary of Aquarius. Jupiter (King Star the Son) overtakes his father Saturn and the Sun rises 3 days later as the Black Star aligns with the Earth and Sun; the Focus of Saturn’s apparent elliptical Solar orbit is one of two mathematic points in space, one inside the radius of the Sun, the other outside Earth called the Black Sun or Black Star. The Gnomon Pillar at St Sulpice Cathedral sits on the Rose Line, the 0 or Paris Meridian; Paris means “House of Isis”, the Black Virgin.

The Ureaus Crown of Leo is the Sickle; Saturn’s reaping weapon is Anthony Fauci (Sickle)

Virgo crowned by 12 Stars of Leo, clothed with the Sun, the Crescent Moon at her feet birthing Jupiter Sept 23, 2017

Leo is the Crown of Virgo Assuming the original Zodiac was referenced to a prominent star on the ecliptic (the path of the sun and moon across the sky) the two most popular candidates would be Spica in Virgo and Regulus in Leo. Spica (Ear of Grain refers to Cain, the first Farmer; the Temple Mount is the Canaanite “Threshing Floor”. Leo symbolically impregnated Virgo who gave birth to Jupiter (Zeus) on Sept 23, 2017, a role Ivanka Trump played in Japan These two prominent stars have always been associated with their respective constellations and are now about 54 degrees apart and since the zodiac is divided into 12 units of 30 degrees and Leo and Virgo are adjacent constellations, Spica must have always been in the eastern part of Virgo and Regulus in the western part of Leo.
Regulus is closest to the ecliptic path of the sun; Regulus is Rex “King” the “Law Giver”; the Twin if you will to Jesus as the real Law Giver Regulus is interpreted by most astrologers as the starting place of the zodiac. Regulus would have been at the zero point of ecliptic longitude in 8884 BC at the end of the age of Leo (This assumes there was no Flood ie God would have Created the Earth wobbling and tilted on its axis; not even a remote chance) The beginning of the age of Leo would have been about 2160 years earlier or 1/2 of the Egyptian “Great Year” of 25,990 Years; the time it would take the Earth’s Axis to precess full circle; a “Mirror Image”  if you will. On the Gnostic Calendar, Dec 21 is the Day of the Holy Apostle Thomas aka “Doubting Thomas”. Thomas aka Didymus means Twin;
Gnostics intend to create Heaven on Earth, a “Mirror Image” or “Twin”. St Thomas is the Patron Saint of India; St Thomas Christians are Syrian Christians; Jesus’ only words in Aramaic (Syrian) during the Crucifixion were “My God,  my God, why hast thou forsaken me” Mat 27:46  The same words foretold  1000 years earlier in Ps 22.

Regulus is the western boundary and Heart of Leo, the eastern boundary of Aquarius is 150 degrees of ecliptic longitude west of Regulus. The beginning of the Age of Aquarius occurs when Regulus is at 150 degrees of ecliptic longitude, which is right now.
Time 1656 years are detailed in Scripture from Creation to Flood (Axis precession begins here; each Astrological division takes 2160 years; 216=6x6x6). 1656 + 2160 years Aries to Pisces + 2160 years Pisces to Aquarius. Sargon the Great was likely declared “Legitimate King” at the age of 21, the biblical age of adulthood and accountability. The total number of years since Creation then is 5996 Years.
Corona “Crown” sits atop Serpens caput “Serpent’s Head” Coronavirus means “Crowned Serpent Venom” (Crowned Ouroborus); Covid means “God’s Door” in Hebrew as Kobe (Kobe Bryant was called the Black Mamba aka Tree Asp) does in Japanese (Japan is the Land of the Rising Sun); worship of the the Rising Sun “Saturn” is the reason the Glory of the LORD departed Solomon’s Temple (Eze 8). In the New Covenant, bodies of believers quickened by the Holy Ghost are the new Temples of God; worship of Saturn will again be the reason the Glory of the LORD aka “Light” God created on Day 1 aka Holy Ghost will be removed.
Saturn’s symbol is the Six Chaldean Pointed Star used on Israel’s Flag; the Blue Color associated with “Day” is 666THz and is used by Israel’s Priests, WHO and United Nations. The Flood separated the Nations; Satan is uniting them again as Babylon “Gate of Saturn”.
Worship of the Pale Horse “Death” results in “Hell” (Rev 6:8) It’s no coincidence 68kg X 9.8m/s2 (acceleration of “Gravity”)=666 Newtons of Force; Antichrist is described as the “God of Forces” (Dan 11:38)
SARS CoV-2: Sarmation “Priest-Kings” used the title “Rba”, today’s Rabbis and Chasidics are descended from Chesed (Strongs #3777 “Increase”), Abraham’s nephew by his brother Nahor. Their symbol is the Blue Six Pointed Chaldean Star. Sar (Strongs# 8269 “Chief, Prince, Ruler) is the root of Sargon the Great, the first so-called “Legitimate King” in Ur of the Chaldees. Sargon II, the Assyrian King made a pact with Ephraim, later called Israel, which led to captivity and replacement of Israel with Babylonians, Medeans, Canaanites (2 Ki 17:30) “The head of Ephraim is Samaria” Is 7:9 Samaritan Priests “Rabbis” use Canaanite Tekhelet Blue. Chaldeans in Assyria “Kaldu” are Magicians and Astrologers well aware of the importance of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter at the start of Aquarius. Sargon III will be Antichrist.

Messianic Seal of Jerusalem

Messianic Seal of Jerusalem  Menorah, Star of David, and Ichthys, the ancient symbol of the Messiah? Or 2 Thieves on either side of Jesus, hung upon the Tree, Six Pointed Chaldean Star of Molech/Saturn and Golden Mean? One path leads to Hell; the other to Salvation. Choose wisely! Jesus refers to Jerusalem as “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” Rev 11:8KJV


On the Dec 21, 2020, Solstice during “Saturnalia”, Jupiter “Jah Pater” aka Zeus “Dyeus Pater”, the son of Saturn aka Primeval Sun or Black Sun, will overtake his father and be at their closest “Great Conjunction” since 1623 and perhaps a once in human history event coinciding with the Solar Solstice at 0 deg Aquarius. Dies Natalis Sol Invictus on Dec 24 is the day the Black Star aligns with the Sun and begins to rise.  Is the Great Conjunction the Star of the Magi? NO! Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles; don’t confuse the son of Saturn with the Son of God. The annual death/rebirth of Sol Invictus (Unconquered Sun) has confused Christians since Constantine the Great, the son of Druid King Coelus and his Druid Princess daughter Helena assigned the dates of Easter and Christmas. Jesus aka Jah or Jehovah was rejected; Jah Pater will overtake his father; to prevent this Saturn aka Chronos eats his children. Daniel’s 70th Week (Dan 9:23-27) is the final 7 days before the return of Jesus Christ; midweek, Antichrist breaks the “Covenant with many”. 3 1/2 days after the conjunction is Christmas (Christ=Messiah + Mass=Sacrifice and consumption of the Host); the Ubiquitous Hittite god Santa, an incredibly difficult cipher of Satan arrives simultaneously at homes across the globe deciding who is Good and who is Bad. Mormon false prophet (Lk 16:16) was buried with a Talisman of Jupiter, a planet alleged to have a Six Pointed Star shape Yarmulke shaped polar region. Make no mistake folks, the Great Conjunction is not the return of Jesus Christ!