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“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image…” No symbol is more Graven than the Cross. Jesus was Crucified “Fastened” to a Tree. 11/20/2010


Chabad-Lubavitch: You think our Supreme Court is corrupt, wait until theirs is in charge of the world. 11/15/2007


Shiloh: “He whose it is” Jesus gives “Dominion” to Esau when creation is 5996 1/2 years old; Esau gives control to Lucifer; Shiloh takes it back when creation is 6000 years old and begins the Millennium. God’s “Dominion” begins when creation is 7000 years old and lasts forever.


Bahai: Baha’u’llah (Fake King David) and Bab (Gate of Sharia/Noahide Law). Antichrist (Alternative Messiah) and False Prophet will govern the post WWIII (White, Red, Black, Pale Horse) monotheistic world. White 12/21/2009 Red (Present), Black 12/21/2011, Pale 12/21/2012 (My best guess). Pale brings Death and Hell; Jesus seals the Book of Life, rolls Heaven as a scroll, and begins Great Tribulation. Don’t wait until then to make your personal covenant with Him. Previous article updated 8/24/2011. I know, sorry!


King of Salem; priest of the most high God. Is Melchisedec God? Yes, you are a Born Again Christian. No, you are a member of the Pillar Cult. Definitions added to beginning of previous posting. 2/24/2009