Howard Ratcliffe received a Baptism of the Holy Ghost Oct 15, 2004. Prior, he was an Air Force Academy Graduate with a degree in Civil Engineering and a Masters Degree from Golden State University in Business Administration. He was invited into Freemasonry in 2000 by a Presbyterian Pastor who told him the Bible was a story book not meant to be read literally. I asked the LORD JESUS to come into my life in October 2004 and life has never been the same.
Howard researches, writes and maintain this material alone. I don’t pretend to have everything figured out; I just hate to be lied to. In an effort to put Truth of the Word into context of modern times, I provide this material. There is no solicitation of money, judgment of another for any reason or coercion to join or follow anyone save Jesus Christ implied here. I can be reached at Comments on material may also be posted at