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St. John the Lateran Apse - Papal Chair

Jesuits “Militia of Zeus”

Beast from the Earth aka False Prophet in Washington DC Rev 13:11-18

Jesuits are the Society of Gesu “Earth Pig”; Marrano is derived from Maran=Pig/Swine; Marranos are false converts to mainly Catholic religion; in Protestant religions “Conversos” in “Jewish” religion “Crypto”, in Islam “Morisco”; Jesuits are false converts aka Hypocrites. Jesuits are the Society of Hades named after Pluto the Roman God of Wealth is the 9th Planet, hence Jesuits are also the Ninth Circle of Hell requiring Blasphemy against God in high level Jesuit initiations.  Covid 19 “God’s Door” is managed by Jesuit Anthony Fauci (Sickle=Satan/Saturn’s weapon aka Grim Reaper), his wife Christine Grady  is the head of human experimentation at NIH; Neil DeGrasse Tyson described Covid 19 “A Global Science Experiment” Anthony Fauci’s mother’s name Abys means “Hades” aka Pluto; America’s Natal Zodiac July 4, 1776 returns to the exact same position on Feb 19, 2022; I wouldn’t count on America lasting longer than the Biden’s Ritual Jesuits “Priests of Pluto” aka “Bidens” are planning for that date. Jesuits brought to the world Inquisitions, Vaccinations, Germ Theory, Holocaust, Preterism (All Prophecy ended in 70ad is Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost, the Unforgivable Heresy), Naziism, Communism, Civil War, WWI WWII, Mormon Church; Federal Reserve; Science Theories such as Gravity, Heliocentric Theory, Atomic Theory, Big Bang Theory, Evolution Theory.  Jesuits educated Anthony Fauci from High School through Medical School Jesuits have bee ejected from most all nations on Earth, notably not the US. Anthony Fauci (Scythe) managed the HIV-AIDS fraud and is managing the Covid 19 fraud in similar fashion   2019 is the Chinese “Year of the Earth Pig” (Gesu=Earth Pig), hence Coronavirus allegedly broke out in Wuhan “China’s Thoroughfare” in 2019. 2020 is the Chinese Year of the Metal Rat; Wuhan is the same site where Bubonic Plague was carried by Rats to Crimea and Europe 666 years earlier. 2021 is the Chinese “Year of the Ox”. ChadOx (Ad-5) is the vector in AstraZeneca, Sputnik V, J&J, Janssen, SinoPharm, CanSino Bio (Convidicea) Vaccines; AZ was developed at the Jenner Inst (Jesuit quack  Edward Jenner invented the “Vaccine”)

Jesuits are the “Militia of Zeus” where Zeus is Horus/Jupiter, the son of Saturn.  Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix a solo ritual blasphemy of the Holy Ghost originally published by Aleister Crowley in The Book of Lies Chapter 44. 44 the number associated with the New Aeon of Horus. Saturnian fake Jews Chaldeans-Sabian-Chasidic=Chabad Lubavitch in turn control the Jesuits and Oath Sworn Knights of St John. Jesuits control the Vatican, City of London Corp, Pentagon and Temple Mount.

Hashemite King Abdullah controls Idumea, the land of Edom, Ammon and Moab, the 3 nations which escape the hand of Antichrist (Dan 11:41), a Georgetown (St George slays the dragon in Cancer at the UN and St John Divine Cathedral in Manhattan) Jesuit educated Luciferian Freemason. Black Nobility are Cainites and control the Jesuits which control the Vatican which controls the Temple Mount and has since Shimon Peres 

LGBTQIA is a Jesuit creation “Give me a child until 7 and I will give you the man”-Jesuit co-founder and Sephardic Allumbrado Francis Xavier


On 2/22/22 WEF “World Economic Forum” YGL “Young Global Leader” Elon Musk Tweeted the Sigil Fraternitias Saturni “Brotherhood of Saturn”; purchasing Twitter for $44B 2 months later. Pluto the Roman god of wealth returned to its position in the US Natal Zodiac on 2/22/22. Bidentales “Priests of Pluto” conduct the Biden’s Ritual sacrifice, which now appears to be the Ukraine War. Kanye released Donda 2 “Beautiful Leader” 2/22/22.

IHS “In Hoc Signo Vinces” (By this sign conquer) is used by the Jesuits “Militia of Zeus” (Zeus is the son of Saturn) The IHS sign often has 3 Nails in the Logo with one piercing the H meaning “God is with me” in Hebrew; this can be seen in the change from Abram to Abraham and Sarai to Sarah after their Covenant with God was made. Talmudic Rabbis open Synagogues with the Sign of Shin (Nail); 3 Nails=Shin the 6th Hebrew letter form the 666 Mark of Cain and Mark of the Beast. Chaldean STUR=666 thus Astrotheology or Star God Philosophy aka Zoroastrianism “Undiluted or Black Star” is Saturn Religion.

King Abduallah II of Jordan (Idumea=Edom, Moab, Ammon Dan 11:41) – Georgetown King Felipe VI of Spain – Georgetown (King of Spain aka Sepharvaim 2 Ki 17:31) Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece – Georgetown

Jesuit Arch-basilica of St John Lateran is considered the “Mother of all Churches Worldwide” including Roman Catholic, Sunni and Shia Islam and the Mormon Church. John is Oannes, the Chaldean Fish-goat Capricornus aka Baphomet; Lateran means “Hidden Frogs” the 3 unclean spirits of Satan aka (Dragon, Devil, Serpent, Lucifer) Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 12:9; 16:13) Sede vacante “Vacant Seat” will be filled by Beast rising from the Earth aka False Prophet; (Rev 13:11-18) purely a guess at this point, but Orthodox Rev Timothy Kallistos Ware; Kallistos means Bear; Ursa Major is the Big Dipper guided around Draco (Celestial Dragon) by Arcturas “King Arthur” the “Once and Future King” into the Age of Aquarius aka Golden Age of Saturn/Satan.

Jesuits aka Militia of Zeus and Society of Gesu “Earth Pig” are Marranos, false converts to every religion. Jesuits control the Vatican and the Vatican “Divine Serpent” controls the Temple Mount, Washington DC, City of London Corp and United Nations The Temple Mount is controlled by an agreement made by Israeli PM Shimon Peres (Nee Simon Perski); the Vatican itself is controlled by Jesuit General Arturo Sosa SJ “Black Pope” and Jesuit Pope Francis I “White Pope”. The United Nations is controlled by Jesuit-Sephardic fake Jew Antonio Guterres. The Beast rising from the Earth aka False Prophet (Rev 13:11-18) is seen in The Awakening Statue in Washington National Harbor. Agents of Gesu

Jesuit Order 201: Oct 19, 2019 Jesuit sponsored COVID 19 Global Pandemic Exercise originating in Wuhan; Lightning hit St Peter’s Basilica Dome Twice the night Pope Benedict XVI resigned; Pope Francis was selected on 3/13/13 3/13/13 “Red Heifer Day”; there are 313! in Scripture; Shias are taught when there are 313 sincere Shia Muslims al Mahdi will return. Pope Francis drew lots to determine his residence in the Vatican Guest House “Domus Sanctae Marthae” which equals 201; his Apartment # also 201. 2 peace doves were released from Suite 201 were attacked by Crows.  In simple English gematria, Jesuit Order, Ignatius Loyola, Jorge Mario Bergoglio and Jesuit sponsor of Event 201 William Henry Gates all equal 201 matching the day Jesuits Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin faked the Moon Landing. The Jesuit Order was suppressed by Pope Clement XIV on day #201 in 1773; Catherine the Great saved and financed 201 Jesuits; the Jesuit Order today springs from this Russian Order. Jesuits are Military Order of Zeus; in Russian-Siberian Shamanism Tengri is Zeus.

Anthony Fauci is the front man for Coronavirus; Biden’s Covid 19 White House team leader and White House Chief Medical Adviser; his name is Sicilian for “Sickle” and Italian for “Jaws”; a self professed Humanist whose goal is to end God

Bill Clinton – Georgetown (Former US President)John Podesta – Georgetown (Former Chief of Staff)
Tony Podesta – Georgetown
Donald Trump – Fordham (Former US President)
Steve Bannon – Georgetown (Trump Counsel)
Paul Manafort – Georgetown (Trump’s Campaign Chairman)
Eric Trump – Georgetown
Ivanka Trump – Georgetown
John F. Kelly – Georgetown (Trump’s former Chief of Staff and former Secretary of Homeland Security)
King Abduallah II of Jordan – Georgetown (King of Idumea, the 3 Nations Edom, Ammon and Moab escape Antichrist during the Great Tribulation (Dan 11:41)
King Felipe VI of Spain – Georgetown (Current King of Spain)
Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece – Georgetown
Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg – Georgetown
Joe Biden – Honorary degrees from University of Scranton and Saint Joseph’s University
John Kerry – Boston College (Former Secretary of State; Coronavirus Czar, Global Warming Czar)
John Boehner – Xavier University (Former Speaker of the House)
Jay Powell – Georgetown (Chairman of the Federal Reserve)
Denis McDonough – Georgetown (Former Chief of Staff)
Francis Rooney – Georgetown (US Representative in Florida and former US Ambassador to the Holy See)
Christine Gregoire – Gonzaga (Former Governor of Washington)
Gavin Newsom – Santa Clara (Governor of California)
Jerry Brown – Santa Clara (Former Governor of California)
Giovanni Capriglione – Santa Clara (Texas House of Representatives)
Andrew Cuomo – Fordham (Governor of New York; Won and Emmy for Coronavirus Acting)
Andrew Lanza – Fordham (Current New York Senator)
Vallone Family – Fordham (Several Members of the New York City Council)
Dannel Malloy – Boston College (Former Governor of Connecticut; Sandy Hoax)
Alexander Haig – Georgetown (Former Secretary of State and former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO Forces)
William J. Casey – Fordham (Former Director of Central Intelligence) ((Deceased))
Robert Gates – Georgetown (Former Secretary of Defense and former Director of Central Intelligence; Obama handler)
George Tenet – Georgetown (Former Director of Central Intelligence)
Leon Panetta – Santa Clara (Former Secretary of Defense and former CIA Director)
James Clapper – Professor at Georgetown (Former CIA Director)
Robert B. Murrett – Georgetown (Former Director of National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency)
Robert Cardillo – Georgetown (Director of National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency)
Donald Rumsfeld – Georgetown (Former Secretary of Defense; $2.3T missing from Pentagon Accounts; Iraq War; Gilead CEO)
John Brennan – Fordham (Former Director of CIA; Wahhabist Convert)
Michael Morell -Georgetown (Former Deputy Director of CIA)
Avril Haines – Georgetown (Former Deputy Director of CIA)
Janet Napolitano – Santa Clara (Secretary of Homeland Security; Full body Image Scanners with Michael Chertoff)
Michael Sullivan – Boston College (Former Director of ATF)
Joseph Dunford – Georgetown (Marine Corp General and Current Chairman of the Joint Chief’s of Staff)
David Petraeus – Georgetown School of Foreign Service (Former Commander of US Central Command and former Director of CIA)
James L. Jones – Georgetown (Former Marine Corp General and former National Security Adviser)
John R. Allen – Georgetown (Former US Marine Corp General and former Commander of International Security Assistance Force)
Sean O’Keefe – Loyola of New Orleans (Former Secretary of Navy and former Administrator of NASA)
Michael D. Griffin – Loyola of Maryland (Former Administrator of NASA)
John Roberts – Professor at Georgetown (Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; ObamaCare)
Clarence Thomas – Holy Cross (Supreme Court Justice)
Antonin Scalia – Georgetown (Former Supreme Court Justice)
John Farmer Jr. – Georgetown (Former Attorney General of New Jersey and Senior Counsel for the 9/11 Commission)
John Lehman – Saint Joseph’s (Banker and member of the 9/11 Commission)
Michael Copps – Professor at Loyola New Orleans (Former Commissioner of the FCC)
Michael Powell – Georgetown (Former Chairman of the FCC)
Peter Oppenheimer – Santa Clara (Former Chief Financial Officer of Apple and Director for Goldman Sachs)
Philip Bilden – Georgetown (Investor and Naval and Cyber Security-Philanthropist)
John Sobrato – Santa Clara (Billionaire)
Roger Altman – Georgetown (Founder of the investment bank Evercore)
Tony Ressler – Georgetown (Jewish Billionaire and co-founder of Apollo Global Management, founder of Ares Capital, Board Director of Georgetown)
Ernest Moniz – Boston College (Former Secretary of Energy)
William Joseph McDonough – Holy Cross/Georgetown (Former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and banker)
Edward Gerald Corrigan – Fairfield/Fordham (Former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and banker)
Richard Riordan – Santa Clara (Former Mayor of Los Angeles and Investment Banker and co-founder of Freeman Spogli & Co. Bank)
James P. Gorman – Xavier (CEO of Morgan Stanley)
Jack Lew – Georgetown (Former US Secretary of the Treasury)
William M. Daley – Loyola Chicago (Former Chief of Staff and former Secretary of Commerce; Obama handler)
Edwin Feulner – Regis (President of the Heritage Foundation)
Andrew von Eschenbach – Georgetown/St Joseph’s (Former Commissioner of the FDA)
Denzel Washington – Fordham (Hollywood actor)
Bill Murray – Regis (Hollywood actor)
Tom Clancy – Loyola of Maryland (Author)
Patrick Ewing – Georgetown (NBA player and Head Coach of Georgetown)
=Mark Landler – Georgetown (CFR Member and New York Times WH Correspondent)
Brooke Baldwin – Universidad Iberoamericana (Works for CNN)
Greta Van Susteren – Georgetown (Worked for CNN, Fox News, and NBC)
Tim Russert – John Carroll (NBC Journalist)
Chris Matthews- College of the Holy Cross and at least 5 honorary Jesuit degrees from Holy Cross, Fordham, St. Joseph’s, Scranton, and Loyola (Works for MSNBC)
Chris Cuomo – Fordham (Works for CNN)
Norah O’Donnell – Georgetown (CBS News)
Elisabeth Hasselbeck – Boston College (View and Fox News)

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are Jesuit educated, Blood Oath Sworn Knights of Malta. Biden’s wife Jill Jacobs is of Sicilian Edomite ancestry. Trump is an Ashkenazi (German) fake Jew (Drumpf) controlled by Chabad Lubavitch Rabbis (Chaldean fake Jews), Blackmailed pedophile (Jeff Epstein’s Pedophile Island) and false convert (Marrano) to Presbyterian religion (April 6 is National Tartan Day). His Tartan dates from the Knights Templar (Military Bankers); Tartan is the Assyrian Army Commander who took Israel captive and replaced them with Babylonian, Medean, Canaanite frauds that remain to this day. Jesuit Co-adutor Joe Biden is a PizzaGate pedophile
Washington DC (District of Columbia) is not named for George Washington; Washington DC is the District of Wassa. Wassa are Normans of Cornwall whose Domesday Book is an accounting of taxable assets of the bastard Norman King William the Conqueror. Notice the Wassa Family Crest has a Knight and Six Pointed Star of Molech (Saturn); think the recent Netflix movie 2 Popes was played by Knighted Commanders of the British Empire by chance? or Sir Anthony Hopkins starred in Silence of the Lambs by chance?

“Above all else my brethren, Swear Not… James warning against Oaths is taken to the extreme by Jesuits who took their first blood Oaths in the crypt of St Denis Cathedral in Paris on the Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1534. Emperor Constantine’s Chi-Rho symbol used to entice Christians to pick up the sword is an invocation to Jupiter, the son of Saturn, originally associated with Horus, which became the Rx symbol symbolizing Tikkun Olam, the Repair of the Earth to pre-flood conditions and the reign of Saturn.
The High Altar of the St John Lateran Basilica is made from wood allegedly used by St Peter; Peter was never in Rome, nor was any Apostolic succession conveyed to Emperor Constantine or any other Roman Pope. The Altar is built to resemble a Dead Lamb; from the outside a Serpent’s Head.
Pope Francis I is the first Jesuit Pope; Pope Benedict XVI released Peace Doves on the International Day of Peace in 2013 which were killed by Crows; the next month he resigned and lightning struck St Peter’s Basilica Dome Twice; Francis was elected on Red Heifer Day on 3/13/13; there are 313! in Scripture; the following year Pope Francis released Peace Doves which were killed by a Crow and Seagull. If that’s not a sign from God, what is?
Shia Islam and Catholicism have striking similarities: Grand Ayathollah ali al Sistani in Iraq’s Green Zone was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005 by Chaldean “Christians”; Clerical Authority is paramount (Jesus warns of Clerical Hierarchy as Nicolaitane Doctrine in Rev 2:6:15); Mysticism (Sufis are the Shia sect associated with Mystics such as the Dervish philosopher Rumi), Holy Family (Pope Francis “Focus on the Family” same as Shia Family of Ali), Veneration of Saints (Shia 12 Imam’s and the return of al Mahdi), Pilgrimages, Healing Shrines.
In China, Saturn is called “Earth Star”; Zeus is the son of Saturn. 2019 is the Chinese Year of the Earth Pig. Jesuits are not the Society of Jesus they are the Militia of Zeus or Society of Gesu “Earth Pig”; derived from Ge=Earth goddess + Sus=Pig, a word similar to Marrano “Swine”. Marrano refers to Gnostics (Chaldeans and Sabians) who enter another religion in order to destroy it from the inside. Jesuits pretend to be Jews “Cryptos”, Protestants, Catholics “Marranos” and Muslims “Moriscos” taking Blood Oaths to kill on command of the Jesuit General “Black Pope”; Satan’s real minister on Earth. Jesuits are the Military Order of Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet.
Zeus/Jupiter/Serapis etc is the white, bearded Jesus fooling the world. Marranos are Sephardic (Babylonian, Medean, Canaanite 1 Ki 17:30) false converts to Jewish and Christian religions, often Rabbis, Priests, and Pastors; Jesuits are the Militia of Zeus. Moriscos are false Converts to Islam eg Messianic Shia, Ismailis, Hagarenes, Wahhabists. Marranos are disguised Sephardim called “Cryptos” descended from the Babylonian, Cuthite, and Canaanites who replaced Israel 2700 years ago. Jesuits are one of many branches called, the Militia of Zeus, founded by Marrano, Ignatius Loyola, a member of the Allumbrados “Illuminated Ones”. The 1st Jesuit Oaths were taken in the Crypt of St Denis (Dionysus=Green Man=Satan aka Arab “Al Khidr”) on the Feast Day of Lucifer “Light Bearer” Aug 15, 1534. Zeus/Jupiter/Marduk/Tammuz/Horus is the son of Saturn/Kronos (Papal Saturn Hat may ring a Baal); he appears as the Long Hair, White, Bearded Jesus, a depiction found on the Shroud of Turn aka Cloth of Edessa (Harran). Jude warns of False Teachers in the Last Days; his statue is in St John Lateran; Jesus didn’t have long hair nor a beard; that is a depiction of Zeus (1 Cor 11:14) Sabeans of Harran are the Chaldeans of Ur. Mother Church of Gesu is the Archbasilica of St John Lateran, considered the Mother Church of every religion on Earth.
John is Oannes the Chaldean Fish God aka Philistine Dagan (Dag=Fish; UN Meditation Room has Satan’s Altar designed by Dag Hammerskold), Saturnian Goat “Capricornus” aka “Pan”, Yezidi Peacock Angel “Melek Taus” to name a few. Papal Mitre of Dagan is of Chaldean origin; ditto Christian Fish Symbol, a symbol of the Golden Age of Saturn aka Age of Aquarius seen in the Aquarian Cross standing atop Glastonbury Tor awaiting the return of the “Once and future King” King Arthur “Branch”=Antichrist or Bear Guard; Guide of Ursa Major “Great Bear” aka the Big Dipper pouring out the Satanic Baptism Lateran means “Hidden Frogs”, the unclean spirits of Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 12:9; 16:13) Sede vacante (Vacant Seat) will be filled by False Prophet during the 3 1/2 Yr Great Tribulation.
“Call no man your father upon the earth…” Mat 23:9
Jesus warned never call any man on Earth Father, Master or Rabbi. James warned never Swear an Oath.
Jesuits like Pope Francis I swear Blood Oaths against Catholics, Protestants and Jews
Jesuits have been expelled from Portugal, Spain, France, Austria, Hungary, Russia, Mexico, Switzerland, Peru, Phillippines, Switzerland; Why not the United States?
Jesuits control the Vatican and Temple Mount; a plan hatched by Israel PM Shimon Perez aka Simon Perski
Jesuits planned 3 World Wars to usher in the reign of Antichrist, penned on the Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1871 to pit Zionism and Islam against each other; both are under Jesuit control.
Jesuits have a legacy of Bullshit passed off as Science

Jesuit “Militia of Zeus” Legacy In addition to promoting the Flat Earth Q:Anonymous and Germ Theory (Fr Athanasius Kircher SJ) nonsense, Jesuits brought the world WWI, WWII, Vietnam War, Gulf Wars, Big Bang and Evolution Theory, Germ Theory, Vaccinations and most false Christian teachings; by far the worst being Preterism introduced by Sephardic Crypto Jew, Marrano Jesuit Luis Alcazar (1554-1613) The belief that all prophecy was fulfilled in 70 ad rejects Revelation (written 96ad via the Holy Ghost) and most  prophecies in Daniel. Preterist Theology is Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost, the only Unforgivable Sin. Preterism is a deadly cancer in most all Protestant Churches

Fr Francisco Ribera and Roberto Belarmino: Inquisitions
Fr Joseph Stalin: HolocaustCommunism 160 million deaths and counting; 18 million burned alive in ovens.
Fr Heinrich Himmler: HolocaustNaziism, Nazi SS “Schwarze Sonne” (Saturn).
Fr Bernardt Staempfle: WWII, Mein Kampf
Fr Jean Pierre De Smet: Mormon Church
Fr Christopher Clavius: Gregorian Solar Calendar
Jesuit Nicolaus Copernicus Heliocentric Theory, Gregorian Calendar
Fr Georges LeMaitre: Big Bang Theory aka Spatial Distortion
Jesuit Roger Boscovich: Atomic Theory and the Theory of Everything; Anti and/or Negative-matter; Black Matter, Black Holes are Saturnian Religion. Gravity allegedly gives Order to the Universe and Mass to Matter aka TOES of the Idol in Dan 2.
Erasmus Darwin SJ “Zoonomia” Evolution Theory; Charles Darwin “Origin of the Species”
Fr Pierre Tiellhard du Chardin SJ Noosphere, a Neo-Platonic concept; fit Ape jaws to human skulls to prove “Missing Link”
Jesuit Quack Edward Jenner Vaccinations Smallpox misnamed from Cowpox; Vacciinations intentionally spread Smallpox.
Jesuit Paul Shanley Pederasty NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) “Sex by 8 or its too late”
Fr Wlodimir Ledokowski SJ Holocaust, Zionism Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Federal Reserve, WWI
Fr Manuel Lacunza aka Rabbi Juan Josafat ben-Ezra Pre-Tribulation Rapture, Dispensationalism

“But above all else brethren Swear Not…” James 5:12 Jesuits took their first Oaths in the Crypt of St Denis (Dionysus=Green Man aka Osiris, Saturn) Cathedral in Paris Aug 15, 1534, the day Jesuits refer to as Feast of Lucifer was added to the Roman Catholic Calendar as Feast of Mary.

Jesuits call the Arch-basilica of St John Lateran the “Mother of all churches and religions worldwide”; Lateran means Hidden Frogs, the 3 unclean spirits of the Dragon (Satan, Devil, Serpent, Lucifer), Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 12:9; 16:13)

The first Jesuit Oaths were taken in the crypt of St Denis (Dionysus) Cathedral in Paris (House of Isis) on the Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1543; Denis is Dionysus aka Green Man, Arab al-Khidr, Egyptian Osiris, Roman Saturn, Muslim Allah, Yezidi Peacock Angel.

The Triple Papal Tiara symbolizing Papal Authority over Body, Spirit, Soul originated during the reign of Sargon II in relation to Shamash the Sun God.
Gold and Silver Keys to Heaven given to Peter (Peter was never in Rome; the Keys to Heaven are available to anyone who asks Jesus for them) controlled by Cardinals (Cardo means Door) wearing Crimson Robes of the Priests who ordered the Crucifixion (Crimson Worm may ring a Baal)

IHS “In Hoc Signo vinces” the slogan used by Emperor Constantine the Great to convert followers of Jesus Christ to paganism from the pulpit is Nicolaitane Doctrine, the elevation of clergy which Jesus hates (Rev 2:6;15). Jesuit initiations encourage false conversions into Protestant, Roman Catholic, Synagogues and Universities in order to destroy those institutions from pulpits and lecterns. The origination is Gnostic of Chaldean and Sabian (Saba means “Leave ones religion for another) origin. Crypto, Marrano (Swine) and Moriscos are false converts to Judaism, Christianity and Islam

The Fasces symbolizes Worldwide Fascism, the Saturnian religion of Antichrist. The Red Cord binding Faggots (Rods) surmounting an Executioner’s Axe is Ubiquitous, but especially so in America, flaking the Speaker’s podium in Congress, Supreme Court Doors, Oval Office Doors and Rosicrucian Abe Lincoln’s Chair. Red Shoes worn by the Roman Pope and others symbolize the selling of one’s Soul to Satan; Red=Edom=Esau who sold his Soul.

Hanukkah-Christmas 2019
Jesuit Pope Francis I gave a Lenten (40 days Weeping for Tammuz, conceived 9 months prior to Dies Natalis Solis Invicti) Mass to his Nicolaitane Clergy “Make God the Center”; that would be the Sabian Bull’s Eye, Alpha Taurus “Aldebaron”; Jesuits are the “Militia of Zeus”; Zeus is the White Bull. 2019 is unique from a Sabian perspective; Sabians worship the Lord Moon “Mani or Mene” as their Supreme God. On Christmas 2019, the New Moon will eclipse the Sun, forming a Halo midweek during Hanukkah. The Halo is formed by Oxen treading the Threshing Floor (Temple Mount is the Jebusite “Threshing Floor”); Jesuits at the Vatican control the Temple Mount.

Antichrist (Alternative Messiah), will fake the 2nd Coming of Jesus (Project Blue Beam and Project 911 may ring a Baal); a Catharsis or Holocaust “Cleansing” of unimaginable proportions described in Dan 7:7 as the 4th Beast of Iron during a 1260 day period called the Great Tribulation when Antichrist sits on Satan’s Seat aka Throne of Pergamon enforcing the Mark of the Beast (666 a lucky number in China seen on 3/6/9 when the NYSE index hit 666, Chinese investors flocked to Wall St) Cathars are the Church of Amor; the Amorites of Amurru burned their children in fires to the Devil “Moloch”, naming the America’s “Amurucu” meaning “Serpent” or Land of the Amorites who originally came to the Americas from Asia (Asia=Land of the Rising Sun; Aja=Goat) Feel the love yet? We will. When?

Dec 26, 2019 Annular Solar Eclipse on Boxing Day, St Stephen’s Day, Day of the Wren, and Kwanzaa; the kick off event of Covid 19. Santa leaving (Boxes are Cubes representing Saturn eg Kaballah “Cube of Sin” or Ka’aba) under the Groves where human Sacrifices (Stephen means Martyr or Crown) are the First Fruits of Kwanzaa. Now, why Day of the Wren? Augurs used the flight of Birds and entrails of sacrifices to foretell the future; on Day of the Wren, birds are tied to a Pole and killed; sounds like the Crucifixion eh? Bird Language is called Green Language (Green New Deal, Green Cross International, Green Man al Khidr, Bacchus, Dionysus ring a Baal?) Yes Language (Obama’s 2 Yes We Can speeches under the Quadriga of Apollo/Apollyon in Berlin ring a Baal? Yes We Can means “Thank You Satan”) or Language of Sight (Oc seen in Langue d’ Oc where Cathars were executed); Oc=Octo=8; Heth (Hittites/China) the 8th letter in Phoenician, Arabic, Aramaic, Syriac, Hebrew, English means “God is with me”. This is seen in Abram and Sarai becoming Abraham and Sarah when in Covenant with Melchisedek. Jesus is Melchisedek, the 8th Covenant between God and Man is the New Covenant; Saturnian Goats are the Alternative Melchisedek!
Sabians are Chaldeans, today’s Chasidic fake Jews who have planned for the arrival of the Alternative Messiah after the 10th Jubilee 2017-2018 for 2200 years. Reference the list on the bottom of the cover page. Jesuit Pope Francis gave a Lenten Mass to his Nicolaitane Clergy identifying 2025 as the next Jubilee Year which makes 2017 the previous Jubilee Year. Jesus will return on the 120th Jubilee (6000th Year); the 2017-18 Jubilee Year proclaims Liberty to the Captives; this Jubilee proclaims Liberty to Edomites, the 3rd Beast of Dan 7:6 who are still “Yoked” to Jacob (Gen 27:39-41KJV). The Essenes (Gnostic Priest) proclaimed the arrival of Melchisedek after the 10th Jubilee.
2019 is the Chinese Year of the Earth Pig. Jesuits “Society of Gesu” means Ge=Earth + Sus=Pig. The Arch-basilica of St John Lateran is the Jesuit “Mother of all Churches Worldwide”; John=Oannes the Chaldean Sea Goat “Capricornus”; astrologically seen in Capricorn symbolized by “76” (7+6=13 the number of rebellion against God; 7X6=42 months Great Tribulation; Dan 7:6 the 3rd Beast are Edomites, who obtain worldwide “Dominion” and hand over control to the 4th Beast “Destroyer” aka Apollyon.
“Little Horn”, seen in Dan 2;7; Dan 9:27 is the “Beast”.
In Rev 12:9, the Red Dragon which symbolizes China is the Devil, Satan, Serpent who has deceived the entire world. China is Sina or Sin; the Arab moon god is Sin, called in Islam “Allah” (The God). The ancient name of China is Cathay; Cath the root of Cathars, burned in a Crusade by the King of France and Catholic Pope. Cathars are Gnostics called “Pure Ones; Catharsis “Cleansing, Bodily Purging, Pure, Spotless, Free of Shame of Guilt”; Cathar Priests were called “Perfecti”; the United States of America (Amurucu=Serpent) founded by the “Order of Perfectibilists”. Santa was originally a Hittite god; Hittites=Sons of Heth, the 2nd son of Canaan; Hittites worship the Dragon (astrological Draco, encircling the Pole Star, keeping track of Time, originally using the Great Pyramid by tracking the circumpolar passage of Alpha Draco “Thuban”, the Basilisk of mythology; hence Project 911 on Site 911 “Beit Shemesh” (House of the Rising Sun), a radiation hardened bunker where Samson killed the Philistines is ready for the arrival of Satan aka Apollyon/Abaddan “Destroyer” at Wait for it! Rev 9:11.
A Halo forms around the Moon on Christmas 2019
China=Sina=Sin; Sinai=Wilderness of Sin. The Arab Moon God=Sin; essentially “Deified Sin” Cath=Heth=Hittites; Catharsis means “Purge” (Purge movies should ring a Baal)

Hanukkah was invented by the Maccabees who cleansed; Wait for it! Pigs Blood from the altar of Zeus Capitolina (Womb of Zeus; Jesuits are the Militia of Zeus)
Hanukkah runs from Dec 22-28, 2019: False fulfillment of Daniel’s 70th Week? Dan 9:23-27 describes 70 Weeks to bring an end to sin and anoint the Most Holy; is this 7 day Week Hanukkah 2019? An Annular Solar Eclipse will form a Halo (Annulus) around the Moon “Midweek” of Hanukkah on Dec 26, 2019
Sabians and Arabs celebrate the Moon as their supreme God eg Allah is the Arab Moon God “Sin”. Haran was the City of the Moon God; Saba means “One who leaves their religion for that of another”; Marranos (Swine) are fake Christians; Moricos are fake Muslims; Cryptos are fake Jews.
Dec 26 is “Boxing Day”; Boxes are Cubes representing sacrifices to Saturn eg Ka’aba=Cube; the Arab moon god is Sin; in Islam Allah “The God”. Boxing Day is also called St Stephen’s Day; Stephen was the 1st Christian Martyr; his name means “Crown” seen in Kether the Crown of Kabbalah. Boxing Day is also called Day of the Wren; a Wren is captured, tied to a Pole and killed. Merry Christmas? Not Quite.
On the 24th of the tenth month, December, Arabs and Sabians (Chaldeans) celebrate the birth of their Lord, the Moon; on Dec 26, Dec 25 in China, the Moon will receive a Solar Halo; precisely the thing Gnostics look for.

Christmas, the Roman “Saturnalia” occurs Midweek during Hanukkah “Feast of Dedication” Dec 22-28, 2019. The Covenant with Many (Rev 11:1-14) is broken Mid-week in Jerusalem, when Antichrist kills God’s final 2 Witnesses Enoch and Elijah in the streets of Jerusalem (Rev 11:11) amid people sending gifts one to another; after 3 days they rise as the first fruits taken to Heaven at the 7th and final Trumpet (Rev 10:7; 1 for 15:52; 1 Thess 4:17) Sending gifts is done at Hanukkah and Christmas. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is the Tree Jesus was Crucified on and the Tree set up at Hanukkah and Christmas in worship of the sun god “Shamash”, the center candle on the Hanukkah Menorah. I wouldn’t bet eternity Daniel’s 70th Week is not Hanukkah 2019!