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Merrick Garland is sorry for waiting 77 minutes at Uvalde; He’s a Jew ie Canaanite and was in charge of Elohim City where McVey allegedly killed 250 children. BabyEl=Elohim=Satan Freedom? Philadelpia: Another shooting Philadelphia (City of Brotherly Love=Esau Lev 25:10) as Sunday take shows outline gun control; and Counting Omer; the Phoenix the symbol of Cain pretty odd Sen Kyrsten Sinena attendee the Bilderberg Mtg; I wonder if it all just all just a joke? 21 dead at Uvalde; Police waited 77min; its a joke! Dan 7:7 21 is the age of Accountability!
National Education and Sharing Day – April 19, 2024 the birth of Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the head of Chabad Lubavitch; Jesus called them the Synagogue of Satan. Revolutionary War began, Warsaw Ghetto was firebombed, AP Murray Bldg bombed, Branch Davidians burned by Tanks outfitted with Flame Throwers. The 13 day leading up to May 1 “Beltane” matches Passover 22 Apr-30 Apr
“Spare me the bullshit on due process, you don’t get Constitutional Rights in a discussion on gun debate” “The right to bear arms shall not be infringed” Jesuit educated, Gay Rep David Cicilline.
The Great American Eclipses on Aug 21, 2017 and April 8, 2024 form an X over Corpus Christi and Carbondale Ill aka “Little Egypt”.  The center of the KKK (11-11-11=33) Knights of the Golden Circle aka Society of the Horsemen aka Shakespeare) The 2017 Eclipse path passed over 7 towns named Bethlehem. The 2024 Eclipse on April 8, 2024 coincides with 1 Nisan “God’s New Year” entering the US over Uvalde TX, Uvalde was originally named Encina, after the oak trees; Druids hung victims on Oak Trees! The site of the May 26 alleged mass shooting at Robb Elementary School Uvalde and passes over Buffalo the site of the May 14 alleged mass shooting; the site of another Mass Shooting; Coincidental? Sure thing! So was this Constantine the Great claimed to have seen an X in the sky and used the alleged vision to rally Christians to battle at Milvan Bridge. The X or Cross is the Unknown symbol in algebra; the UNKNOWN GOD of the Areopagus ? (Acts 17:23) X=Chi “Messiah”, the Labarum “Christogram” or Chi-Rho “Royal Christ” carried by followers of Constantine into battle. Constantine, the son of the Druid Princess Helena, daughter of Druid King Coelus “Old King Coel” Mormons call the land of Jackson County Ill Adam Ondi Ahman Quite the Carbon footprint eh? The Mormon Church, founded by the Restoration Movement (Jesus failed His earthly mission; like the Unification Church “Moonies” their mission is to correct and finish it) which spawned the Plymouth Brethren (Rapture theology/Aleister Crowley) and KKK. Mormons believe  Adam Ondi-ahman  is the land where Adam and Eve lived after being evicted from the Garden of Eden; the place where the Ancient of Days will sit in Judgment; Dan 7:13-14 occurs at the end of the Millennium not now! Ill gov Liburn Boggs proclaimed Executive Order 44 aka Extermination Order 44 there “Mormons must be treated as enemies and must be exterminated or driven from the state” The re-organized LDS Church plans to gather Prophets and church elders there while Deseret (Honey Bee; Bee is Word in Chaldee) in Utah is subjected to the Blood in the Streets prophecy
Timing: April 8, 2024 is God;s New Year 1 Abib. Lucifer/Satan is cast to earth in Rev 9:11,  the first of 3 Woes ! 541 days (5th Trumpet; 1st Woe ! =5months=150 days; 6th Trumpet=1 hour, 1 month, 1 year, 1 day=391 days; Total=541 Days)  before Jesus returns.  April 8, 2024 + 541 days=Oct 1, 2025 “Yom Kippur” (Feast of Atonement) Kol Nidre Rabbis forgive Sins IN ADVANCE of Yom Kippur. Daniel’s 70th Week is the last 7 days; Satan kills the 2 Witnesses (Enoch and Elijah) mid-week; Jesus returns on Feast of Tabernacles per Zech 14:16-18 (Oct 6-13, 2025), the real Gog and Magog War.

Club Q: IS NOT A LGBTQ Club! It’s a Movie Set! “The idea we still allow semi-automatic weapons to be purchased is sick.”Biden


Police have identified the 5 people killed in Colorado Springs LGBTQ Club Q shooting; on Transgender Day of Remembrance; Club Q on a downward pointing triangle“a second home full of chosen family” from Pulse Nightclub during  Year of the Pulses (Pulses, Tares and Gene Slips are impurities) Pulse LGBTQ Nightclub shooting occurred at the conclusion of the 49 Days “Counting the Omer” on the 50th Day June 12 “666”, Omar Mateen allegedly killed 49 people at the Pulse (Tare=Pulse) Nightclub during PRIDE Month. Biden calling for banning automatic rifles again, since—as we saw in Sandy Hook—the weapon Aldrich allegedly used was already banned. Omar=Omer; Mosque of Omar on the Temple Mount is to be destroyed in preparation of the 3rd Temple.the fake Pulse nightclub shooting of 2016. Map of Sandy Hook in Dark Knight Rises. Bane and Batman both “Initiates” of R’as Al Gul “Head of the Demon”, a play on Beta Perseus “Algol” (Demon Star) 2023 is the Year of Rabbit aka Anammelech How is it that gunman have 3 names Anderson Lee Aldrich? Praying? To whom (27:10)? The shooter here has now been named: Anderson Lee Aldrich. Abby Aldrich Rockefeller? Wife of John D. Rockefeller, Jr., and founder of the Museum of Modern Art. After clearing a whole city block, livestreaming himself in tactical gear, and threatening to kill not only his mother but police officers, no red flag was posted on him in Colorado. 31 Crisis Actors–in-Colorado H Wayne Carver: Sandy Hook Liar or CDC Director? Governor of Colorado is a famous gay billionaire, said to be the first openly gay governor of any state. That is Jared Polis, born Jared Schutz, but took his mother’s name. Why? Because Schutz is a Jewish name, short for Schutzjude, “protected Jew”. Greeting Card  $780M is 2 years $35M; One a Gang of Four Phoenicians who turned Colorado blue. Susan Polis has an honorary Doctor of Law degree from Rider University for selling greeting cards; she never went to Law School. Abby Aldrich Rockefeller was the daughter of Abigail Pearse Truman Chapman, and if you think that links us to Mark David Chapman of the fake Lennon assassination, you are right. Nothing to see here!

Uvalde (Sandy Hook 2) Eva Mireless/Victoria Soto $73M 9 family settlement with Remington Arms Salvadore or is it Sally Ramos? 18 yr old cross-dressing Burger King worker Ramos buys 2 Daniel Defense DDM4 AR-15′s ($2000ea) and 1000 rounds rounds; crashes in a ditch (chased by police?), walks in the back door with police 100ft away (his bag of rifles left with the truck) who conducted a School Drill in Feb, kills 21 people and the funeral home across the street handles the alleged remains, aa school with Buzz-In doors and remains unmolested in a classroom for 30min+ while SWAT searched for a key? In 2005 Opus Dei Jesuit Antonin Scalia decision renders “Incompetent, cowardly, negligent police actions immune from liability. Uvalde Police conduct a walk through drill of the school in Feb; 18 yr old crossdressing Ramos buys 2 AR-15’s, 375 rounds, shoots his 66 yr old grandma, crashes his truck in a ditch breaking the axle, leaves behind the bag of AR-15’s, walks 1/2 mile, enters an unlocked door a the rear of the school with police 100ft away and remains unmolested in a classroom 30 mins while SWAT hunts for a key. Uvalde Funeral Home across the street pays for free funeral services; pretty handy. NRA annual convention May 27-29 in Houston.

Eva Mireless; husband Ruben Ruiz  Uvalde police allegedly shot at by Ramos Mireles’ aunt, Lydia Martinez Delgado, said in a message to the Los Angeles Times that she was furious to lose her niece in such a “tragic” and “senseless” way. The U.S., she said, needed to act on gun laws and expand background checks. Trudeau has law ready banning handguns and rifle magazines carrying more than 5 rounds

“It’s so easy for young, mental kids to get guns and randomly shoot innocent victims,” she said. “My niece, Eva, lost her life protecting her students. It shouldn’t have to be like this: teachers, parents and students afraid to go to school or send their kids to school.”

Transgender? Salvador Ramos (Salvadore=Saviour + Ramos=”Branch”; Branch of the Terrible ones is Antichrist) DOB 12th May 2004 is 666 Months after Jesuit General “Black Pope” Arturo Sosa. His 18th Birthday 33 Years 3 months 3 weeks from the Death of Salvador Dali, whose painting “In Voluptas Mors”was featured as the skull on the movie poster for Silence of the Lambs, the same skulls used on the May 21 issue of Economist Magazine; the film was about a transgender killer nicknamed Buffalo Bill; the Buffalo shooting occurred on 14/5/2022 which is also the day MonkeyPox was first announced; here is the 2021 Patent for Recombinant Poxvirus to the Formation of WEF 24/1/71 is 33 years 3 months 3 weeks  and 66 Years 6 weeks after Klaus Schwab’s birthday. What are the odds the Uvalde School used the safe word “Monkey”? ABC New headline TEXAS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL MASSACRE in reduced Gematria=113; what a coincidence ALZ-113 Vaccine killed most of humanity in Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Notice the NASA T-Shirt; A-113 was animation classroom featured in Pixar and Disney movies. Suffice to say “victim” is used 113 times in scripture; Liu Du Crane (Place of the Skull)=113 Graphene in Vaccines is a Neural Interface in the brain. The WEF, UN, and WHO meeting is 100 years after the Lenin orchestrated Russian famine in Tartarstan (Tartarus is Hell) 1922-3. Now that’s doing things by the numbers! .Transgender Bill Gates from Hell told the WEF he’s worried about Terrorists releasing Smallpox at say 10 airports what a coincidence that is the precise theme of the movie 12 Monkeys.

21 dead at Robb (Robert means “To shine bright with glory”; pretty coincidental in a film with 100% Callsign names, the only one that did not have one was Bob) Elementary School; Shooting information posted ahead of time just like Sandy Hook families who $3M; (Wikipedia Jimmy Wales is a WEF Young Global Leader School grad) CT Sen Chris Murphy from Sandy Hook District “What are we doing? We have another Sandy Hook” Sure do Chris, another staged event for gun control Biden “The 2nd Amendment is not absolute; We have to act”; not absolute Joe? “The right to bear arms shall not be infringed” is not that hard to understand; nonetheless, Joe will be signing an executive order restricting guns and attempt a Congressional Law. Chris Murphy “…the children even had a safe word Monkey”What else would it be? Like Chairman Mao said “First you take the guns, then the slaughter begins”

What’s next Free Speech? Dis-info Czar Michael Chertoff (Devil/Demon) warned us ahead of time about 9/11/2001 being “The New Pearl Harbor”. Meanwhile DuckDuckGo makes a deal with Microsoft to censor independent media outlets and replace the info with “Trusted” sites; WEF openly pronounces an end to “Free Speech” and Pfizer CEO, Sephardic ie Satanic Royalty Veterinarian Albert Bourla who managed to create the formula for the Covid 19 Vaccine in 3 hours on Jan 11, 2019 with 2 Turkish Billionaires before Covid was even a thing, explains Pfizer’s new tech to Davos WEF crowd: “ingestible pills” – a pill with a tiny chip that send a wireless signal to relevant authorities when the pharmaceutical has been digested. “Imagine the compliance.” Pfizer, BARDA and SIGA even had the foresight to obtain FDA approval and stockpile Monkey, oops I mean Smallpox Pills ahead of time and Bavarian Nordic had the foresight to pay University of Penn to conduct a MonkeyPox clinical trial. Mark of the Beast? Whatever it is still needs to be verifiable In the right hand or In the forehead, stay tuned.

  • “The science” is now telling us that all those people “dying suddenly” post-“vaccination” have, in fact, been stressed to death by “anti-vaxxers”

Aurora (Obama Nomination)-Black Knight Rises (Nathan Crowley)-NYC Hospital-Hurricane Sandy (Church of Satan East Coast HQ/Hunger Games)-Sandy Hook (Play the Joker)-Las Vegas (21 -Borderline Bar (Gilroy Garlic Festival)-Parkland (Cubic Simulations)-El Paso-Buffalo-Uvalde (April 8/1 Nisan beginning and end of Great American Eclipse)-Tulsa-Philadelphia. AR-15 connection. “First you take the guns, then the slaughter begins” Chairman Mao, Yale Divinity School Grad and Great Experiment; Oops that was Obama-Biden.

Philadelphia (City of Brotherly Love=Esau Lev 25:10 “Independence from God”) as Sunday talk shows outline gun control; and Counting Omer  (June 4; Jacob eliminated from the Temple Mount by Esau)