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Nu or Omicron Variant is Gnostic Spiritual Warfare Liber 231 is Aleister Crowley’s book on Nu Gnosis. Nu is Nun the oldest Egyptian God called Chaos, the Abyss (Fauci “Sickle”; mother’s name Abys is symbolized by the Crowned Serpent eating a child). Omicron is the Primeval Waters out of which Re-Atum began creation; Ra Material if you will is Black, the source of Light on Day #1 when God said “Let there be Light” Gen 1:3 Apparently for Gnostics it’s as easy as Gen 1-2-3; 123 + 231 + 312=666. 666THz the wavelength of Blue Daylight. Gnostics believe the Soul is eternal; they are wrong; God judges every Soul. Omicron is simply a return to the beginning seen in the phrase Ordo ab Chao the theme of Sovereign Freemasonry means Order out of Chaos. Re is seen Rising out of the Waters in the East; the 2 mathematical foci of Saturn’s apparent motion around the Sun are inside the boundary of the visible Sun and one outside the apparent motion of Earth called the Black Sun; Egyptians called this point in space TULA; eg David Bowie’s Black Star; Grateful Dead’s Black Star; Crosby-Stills Dark Star is the Star of the Magi who followed the Star in the East to Bethlehem on Dec 25, the day the Sun, Earth and Black Star align; unique in 2021 as Saturn is also aligned in Capricorn the Saturnian Goat.  The Black Sun/Star is relatively fixed from a Solar perspective; Saturn the planet however takes 28 years to pass through the 12 zodiac signs, spending just over 2 years in each astrological house. Saturn is called the Chronos and Grim Reaper, it is no coincidence that Limits to Growth, a Club of Rome book written in 1957 predicts massive population decreases beginning 2022-2024; also predicts massive population decreases 2022-2025; Theosophical Society book Externalization of the Hierarchy predicts the Saturnian ie Satan led Hierarchy will be physically manifested by 2025; Elon Musk echoing Ray Kurzweil’s predictions predict an event called the Singularity at the same time. By some calculations of Kali Yuga, the same timeframe is predicted. Nu and Omicron are no coincidence; it will be claimed Delta and Nu/Omicron have combined to form a highly contagious and deadly plague; the Delta Triangle and Omicron Circle combine to form the logo used by Ordo Saturni; its time to choose between Jesus or Satan

Area 51 Video Game 2005 “Luciferian Conspiracy…chips in vaccines…resurgence of Smallpox…new world order…new god” Disclaimer: Area 51 is not about Aliens; no astronaut has been further than 1000 miles from earth due to the Radiation Belts; there are no Aliens nor have any Aliens been to Earth; no Moon landings and Musk will never put anyone on Mars. God created man in his own image and likeness, not aliens.

5G + Graphene Oxide in Flu/Covid injections is a target acquiring weapon system; self assembling neural circuits, MAC address, connected to IOB (Internet of Bodies) recording thoughts, feelings, body functions represents the end of free will aka Human 2.0 or Trans-humanism with no rights on Earth or in Heaven.

Heparin binds to Omicron” Australia Health Dir Don Campbell Dec 28, 2021 beginning human trials early 2022. Covid 19 Experimental Gene Therapy (falsely called Vaccines) causes Thrombi (Blood Clots) in the Circulatory System, affecting the Lungs and Heart. Heparin induced Thrombocytopenia Syndrome is deadly At first sign of symptoms Australia Health Dept will have Heparin Nasal Spray delivered to your home in 24 hrs. Heparin sulfate spray, a common blood thinner seems to work on Omicron Variant; is that because Ferritin and Dia-magnetic Graphene in Covid 19 injections disrupt the Zeta (Magnetic repelling force) of Hematin in RBC’s leading to Rouleaux blood flow and clotting? Or the fact Omicron is allegedly extremely contagious and has the same symptoms as the common cold? Who in their right mind would put trust in Australian Health Ministers who have locked down more people than any other nation?

On Nov 11, 2021 “Armistice Day” Israel prepared for “The Next War” in a nuclear bunker dubbed “Fortress of Zion”; the war games were called Omega Exercise the new Variant called Omega Strain was revealed as Omicron Variant. Fun fact: Omicron Island is next to Omega Island Antarctica

DELTA OMICRON anagram for MEDIA CONTROL MAC (Media Access Control) addresses, IP addresses, Bluetooth, WiFi connections form in the body from Graphene and are necessary to control the IOB (Internet of bodies). Tikto (Strongs #5088) is the Foreign TOXON (Strongs #5115) or Archer/Bow used by the Crowned (CORONA) White Horse (Rev 6:2) to conquer in the METAVERSE (Meta=After God) the animated series Archer featured an Omicron Spymaster Watch modeled after James Bond’s Omega Seamaster given to him by his mother Malory (Ill Omen; Ill Fated; Unfortunate) Star Trek Delta Logo is obvious enough; Delta means Tent Door of Saturn in the episode This side of paradise, inhabitants of Omicron Ceti 3 are controlled by plant spores; Spock says “For the first time in my life I was happy”. Kirk=Church in Scottish; JTK=Knights of St John; Kirkin O Tartan is a Presbyterian celebration of Assyrian captivity of Israel under the military commander Tartan. Vulcan=Tubal-cain the Cainite Blacksmith aka Prometheus, who forged the Crucifixion Nails represented in the Sign of Shin “Live long and prosper”; a giant idol Prometheus breaking free of his chains is in Crimea Uhura=Ahura Mazda, the Zoroastrian “Undiluted Star”=Saturn form of Lucifer Checkov=Son of the Devil in Russian; Sulu=Saba and Sulu aka Mu;Scotti=Scythian/Egyptian Royalty. Cain’s Endeavor is the Discovery of Atlantis (Mu; pre-flood world of Saturn) using Columbia (US) to exterminate Enterprising Challengers

1957 cartoon video; aliens Nudnicron (Nid=scornful mockery) and Omicron hide in Sputnik (Fellow Traveler) atop a needle shaped rocket. Gamaleya Inst in Moscow is shipping 3-4billion doses of Omicron tweaked Sputnik V Covid 19 injections worldwide by Feb 20, 2021; a Scam of global proportion.  Sputnik means Vagabond/Fellow Traveler; to put it bluntly, a Cainite, Zeus (Tengri) worshipper. Another Bolshevik scam managed by Anatoly Chubais a Russian/Turanian/Tartar swindler that emerged as the Berlin Wall fell, itself an orchestrated act by Bohemian Grove Molech worshippers Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev..

1957 Cartoon Omicron: The strangest story you have ever heard. What’s strange about Omicron and Nudnicron hiding in a Sputnik capsule inside a needle shaped rocket? Moderna’s Chief Medical Officer announced Dec 13, Delta and Omicron Variants may join to form a Monster Variant; Delta and Omicron joined together is the logo of Ordo Saturni. Crimea is the home of exiled Sarmation Priest-Kings whose goal is presentation and acceptance of Antichrist aka Sargon III.  Volga-Dnepr Group, ATRAN Airlines, ABC PharmaAirBridge Cargo,  Worldwide Flight Services and other ground cargo handling companies began shipping billions of doses of Sputnik V made at the Gamaleya Inst in Moscow; 3 billion doses of Experimental Gene Therapy shipped in 2022 worldwide. The band Nine Inch Nails released Year Zero in 2007; the album set in 2022, the year America dies and is reborn. Merck and Ridgeback Pharmaceuticals Molnupiravir anti-viral for Flu and SARS CoV-2 including Omicron is a mutagenic DNA altering Red Pill inspired by Mjolnir “Thor’s Hammer”; the ultimate weapon against humanity? Pfizer Paxlovid (Nirmatrelvir + Ritonavir) is also claimed highly effective against Omicron. Pfizer and Merck pills have been stockpiled in 95 nations ahead of the “Highly Contagious” Omicron Variant; 90% effective and people think both are FDA Approved; they are not; only EUA. FDA approval for a Mutagenic Pill targeting the Human Genome “Virus” may come before Christmas 2021. Warned? “Humans are a Virus” Agent Smith The Matrix Pretty coincidental Matrix Resurrections is also due out by Christmas 2021 eh? Both are C30 protease inhibitors; C30 is found in Picornavirus (Picrona is an anagram for Poliovirus; Pico means “Small”). Ritonavir is an anti-viral targeting HIV; HIV is not a “Virus” and does not cause AIDS; SARS is not a “Virus” and does not cause COVID 19. Omicron is from Venus, Nudnicron from Jupiter and Sputnik from Earth; Omicron is Nu Variant’ Cron/Kron means Garland, Chaplet, Crown. Gamaleya Inst in Moscow plans to ship 3 Billion doses of Omicron adjusted Sputnik V “Vaccines” Feb 2022; Sputnik means “Fellow Traveler” aka Nomad; David Bowie narrates Omicron: Nomad Soul video game 1999. Strange eh? Externalization of the Hierarchy is a demon channeled book by the Theosophical Society published in 1957 predicting the Externalization of the Hierarchy will be revealed in 2025. In the cartoon Earth is 6 months old making Earth 66 years old matching the 66 books of the Bible. 2022-2025 is also predicted in the Club of Rome book Limits to Growth and by as a period of massive population declines. So what is the revealed Hierarchy in 2025? The Green Wood Snake

Shiva “Destroyer” is Apollyon/Abaddan Rev 9:11. CERN uses the 666 logo; Shiva dances the Nataraja “Dance of Destruction” in front of CERN, built over an ancient Apolloceum “Temple of Apollo” 2022 is the Chinese Year of the Tiger. Feb 1 Imbolg “In the Belly” is Brigid’s Day, the daughter of Dagda the Druid Future King. Dag/Dagon is the Philistine god venerated at the Dag Hammarskjold Meditation Room at the UN and worn as Mitres by Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Lutheran Clergy as it was by Philistine Priests.  Project 911 on Site 911 “Best Shemesh” is the site Samson killed Philistines with Lehi “Jawbone of an Ass” and later pulled the Twin Pillars down, killing himself and 3000 Philistines at the Temple of Dagan; every Master Mason has gone through a similar Death-Re-birth Ritual. Nine Inch Nails predicted 2022 was Year Zero Omicron is the Abyss/Zero between the Pillars, called Room 101

Coronavirus “Crowned Serpent Venom”; Bow=Poison=Venom; Omicron is the Abyss/Nu; the boundary between Heaven and Earth, meaning Crown/Halo/Wreath/Rainbow. With respect to the observer, a Rainbow forms a complete circle diffracting light 42deg matching the 42 months of Great Tribulation 6X7=42 the “Perfection of Man” is Trans-humanism; 6+7=13 the Rebellion of Man against God. The Edomite National God Qos=Bow=Arab god Quzah, Qaws “Nail, Pin, Hook, Lock” a device designed to Stop, Prevent or Lock Doors; Jesus stands at the door, but we must open it; Omicron the “O” is designed as a Soul Prison

“Ashtaroth created Omicron as a Soul Prison” David Bowie narrating Omicron: Nomad Soul video game. Coronavirus “Crowned Serpent Venom”; Bow=Poison=Venom; Omicron is the Abyss; the Crown/Halo/Wreath/Rainbow; when viewed from above, a Rainbow forms a complete circle diffracting light 42deg matching the 42 months of Great Tribulation 6X7=42 the “Perfection of Man” is Trans-humanism; 6+7=13 the Rebellion of Man against God. In Omicron the 1963 movie an alien presence assumes the body of a dead host to learn the weaknesses of humans. Omicron Bio at Notre Dame U produces carbohydrates to determine DNA and RNA structures. Omicron Testing in Britain produces test equipment. Pirbright Inst has the Patent for Coronavirus and its Variants like Omicron #101,130,701 Terra Australis was the land which came to be called Antarctica; the Total Solar Eclipse Dec 4, 2021 followed by Comet Leonard making its first return since the Flood Dec 12, 2021, visible between the Big Dipper and Arcturas is significant. Ancients believed the land south of the equator must balance land north of the equator. Arctic means Artos “Bear”; Arcturas “Bear Guard” refers to King Arthur “Once and future King” of the Celts/Druids; the Little Dipper is associated with the Age of Aquarius.
Ancients such as Konn-Torrs or Priests of the Torriod (Tor=Magnetic Field) knew the Earth is a Magnet and built monuments on Magnetic Grid Lines long before Cathedrals were build over them; Earth must have 2 poles, thus Arctic opposed by Ant-arctic; the Antarctic became the real reason for WWII and building the Nazis. 50,000 Patents worldwide were stolen by FDR and handed over to Pirbright Inst who holds the patents for Coronavirus and its Variants like Omicron; this then is the real Final Solution. When coupled with stolen Tesla Patents using EM (Electro=Sun + Magnetic=Earth) Scalar Energy in the Arctic and Antarctic, and 5G, Graphene in Coronavirus Gene Therapy become the ultimate Soul Prison; a method to insulate the Soul from God (JESUS) and kill the body. 1000 MASH (Mobile Tent Hospitals) staffed by 1000 oath sworn doctors to Hindu Surgeon General Vivek Murthy (Sworn in on a Bhagavad Gita) are ready to incinerate bodies of people quarantined for refusing the Covid 19 treatment; welcome to the Omicron Tophet. Jesus advised “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. Mat 10:28 Rm 101 represents the Abyss/Nu/Omicron, essentially the Sum of all Fears; 101 Pictures distributes the series Yellowstone about Whites V Natives amid total corruption on both sides; the Catholic Priest advises “a cremated body cannot rise” That is not in Scripture! “And they have built the high places of Topheth, which is in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to burn their sons and their daughters in the fire…” Jer 7:31; Tophet “Fireplace, Set on Fire, Roaster, Hearth”

Ashtaroth, Ishtar, Astarte, Easter are all names of the same Canaanite Deity; April means “Month of Venus” another name of Ashtaroth.  Easter April 17, 2022 aligns with Abib 17 Feast of First Fruits, the day of Jesus’ “Ascension” has nothing to do with Easter, and everything to do with Feast of First Fruits; which occurs 3 days/nights after Passover Abib 15. Jesus was Crucified on Passover Eve not “Good Friday”; His New Year is Abib 1 which aligns with April Fool’s Day 2022 and the Assyrian Akitu Festival celebrating the triumph of Marduk (Golden Calf) over God; Here is a Gnostic perspective of Omicron-Marduk the Easter Rabbit is Anammelech, the counterpart of Adrammelech (2 Ki 17:31) who triumphantly enter the Ishtar Gate; in Egyptian mythology Nu (Omicron) and Naunet.  April 15, 2022 also aligns with Federal Income Tax “Burden” Day; IRS Form 1040 +1260=2300 Days; if these are the 2300 days Daniel warned about in Dan 8 we’ll know soon enough. With the US and Wall St destroyed, the Great Tribulation and Great Reset can begin.

“Ashtaroth created Omicron as a Soul Prison”-David Bowie in Omicron: Nomad Soul  Milton’s Paradise Lost describes Ashtaroth as a gender fluid deity “Of Baalim and Ashtaroth those male, These Feminine. For Spirits when they please can either Sex assume, or both…” Ashtaroth is the deity of double horns and a Canaanite city east of the Jordan River; the polygamous wife of Shamash (center candle of the Hanukkah Menorah) and Bil-Marduk (Golden Calf of the Sun; Akitu Festival Ashtaroth began as Ishtar and Nanna; the wife of Noah (Rabbis assume this was Naamah)  who brought the Curse of Cain to her son Canaan and to the sons of Abraham Ishmael and Esau.

“And they forsook the LORD, and served Baal and Ashtaroth” Judges 2:13 Ashtaroth is the Phoenician deity Astarte described as a First Hierarchy demon depicted as a gender ambiguous man wearing a crown, with dragon wings, and serpent tail, holding a serpent, riding a beast. “All the kingdom of Og in Bashan, who reigned in Ashtaroth and Edrei, who remained of the remnant of the giants; for Moses had defeated and cast out these” Joshua 13:12 Omicron is revenge for Joshua killing the Rephaim (Giants) in Ashtaroth, Ai (Likely source of AI Artificial Intelligence controlling the 5G SkyNet and Graphene in Vaccines) Joshua is not Jesus; that’s the cover Gnostics use for Yeshua, Yehoshua Yaweh, YHWH etc,  a warrior Messiah getting revenge for the real Joshua destroying Og of Bashan in Ashtaroth, Adoni-zedek (Josh 10:1-3; Adon=Lord; again not Jesus but Adonis) in Jerusalem, Horam King of Gezer, the Amorite King Sihon in Heshbon  Ai (Josh 8:17-18; 29); and Jericho (Wall St was built to fail just like Jericho; Heil sacrificing his children to rebuilt Jericho; Sieg Heil Nazi salute may ring a Baal. “And afterward Joshua smote them, and slew them, and hanged them on five trees: and they were hanging upon the trees until the evening” Josh 10:26

The bottom line is Omicron is revenge for Joshua slaying the Canaanites who now manage the Coronavirus Scamdemic. America is named for the Amorites; the Code of Hammurabi replaces God’s Laws in the 10 Commandments with Revenge and was dictated by Shamash; at Beit Shemesh “House of the Sun” Site 911 is Project 911, a radiation hardened bunker with the Mezuzah written over every door post rejecting JESUS as LORD; Jesus amid 2 Thieves formed the 7 Branch Candlestick; the 9 Branch Chabad Lubavitch Menorah replaces Jesus with Shamash. Everyone hung on a tree is “Cursed” (Deut 21:23) Omicron as a Soul Prison?; Absolutely! Graphene is a Neural-interface suppressing Neuro-transmitters which can create an impossible condition to receive forgiveness of Sin; altering DNA using mRNA and mDNA alters God given DNA creating a Trans-human product with no rights on Earth or in Heaven.

Externalization of the Hierarchy is a demon channeled book (Djwhal Khul) written by Theosophical Society head Alice Bailey in 1957 which predicts the Hierarchy will manifest physically in 2025; if so the Great Tribulation will begin in 2022.“Ashtaroth created Omicron as a Soul Prison” David Bowie in Omicron Nomad Soul.  “Coronavirus “Crowned Serpent Venom” and the Omicron Variant are literally a Can of Worms. Jesus is the Crimson Worm Privy Council- Pirbright Pilgrims opened the proverbial Can of Worms in where else but Worms near Frankfurt am Main and Pirbright, England. In Frankfurt am Main, Mayer Amschel Bauer (Cain=Farmer) changed his name to Rothschild (Red/Edomite) Shield, adopted Ashkenazi (German/Crypto) Judaism, the Chaldean 6 Pointed Star (Hex=Curse) aka Mark of Cain came to symbolize Zionism, the symbol placed on Israel’s Flag and Rothschild’s sons placed in control of the treasuries of Europe  “Permit me to issue a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws”  Pirbright Inst patented Coronavirus/Omicron US 10130701B2. Baron Henry de Worms was raised to British peerage as Lord Pirbright, as Under Sec.of State for the Colonies, he approved the British South Africa Company to be handed over to Cecil Rhodes (Rhodes Scholarship ring a Baal?); it’s no coincidence Omicron was born in South Africa. Lord Pirbright managed the Patent Office concurrent with Nikola Tesla (Tesla called Einstein, a Patent Office clerk) a “Beggar dressed in purple make king using dazzling mathematics to obscure truth”) filing patents for wireless communication and free energy. Lord Pirbright managed and funding Crown Agents worldwide; it’s no coincidence Commonwealth Crown Water Marks are on Dominion Voting Ballots; the Commonwealth represents Edomite Dominion prophesied in Gen 27:39-41KJV (New Bible versions change this for obvious reasons) The Imperial Free State of Worms Coat of Arms and Flag is a Key; the same Key Peter holds in every Catholic Cathedral is not the Key to Heaven; the Divinity of JESUS is the Key. Worms was a Celtic worship center for Jupiter, Juno, Minerva and Mars which later became the Cathedral of Worms and Rashi Synagogue, the center of Ashkenazi (German Crypto Jewry/Zionism) aka Synagogue of Satan in Jesus’ words. Rosicrucians and Crypto Jews initiated the Reformation Luther’s German Bible and William Tyndale’s English New Testament were born in Worms. On Halloween 1517 Martin Luther a Rosicrucian, Black Cloistered Monk presents 95 objections to the Papacy on Infallibility and the sale of indulgences; the Diet of Worms in 1521 declared Luther a heretic and enemy of state; John Calvin (Cohen) followed by sending Huguenot followers to South Africa laying claim to vast underground wealth and John Knox formed the Scottish Presbyterian Church celebrating the Assyrian capture of Israel with Kirkin O Tartan. Essenes outlined the plan for Antichrist before Jesus was born in 11Q13 “Prince Melchisedek Scroll” “After 10 Jubilees, the Trumpet blast will herald the coming Melchisedek”. Jesus is the real Melchisedek! This will be the Alternative Messiah “Antichrist”; in 2021? Dark Winter is coming folks, I wouldn’t rule it out. Tyndale was imprisoned, hanged and his body burned for translating the New Testament into English; Jesuits pulled out the stops in 1605 with the Gunpowder Plot to prevent the Authorized Bible from publication in 1611  


The 2019 movie with Mel Gibson and Sean Penn “The Professor and the Madman” references Milton’s Paradise Lost extensively; Webster’s Dictionary 2020 Word of the Year Pandemic “All People” 2021 Word of the Year:  Vaccine “Preparation administered to stimulate the body’s immune system response to an infectious agent or disease; attenuated pathogenic agent, bacterium, virus, protein, toxin, synthetic RNA used by cells to produce antigenic material, spike protein”. So much easier than the previous definition “Substance providing immunity to a specific disease”. Oncomir is an anagram of Omicron meaning Oncogenic “Cancer” causing MiRNA “Micro RNA”. Coronavirus is patented US 10130701B2; Pirbright Inst is named after Henry de Worms 1st Baron of Pirbright; his gg grandfather was Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812) who changed the family name from Bauer (Farmer=Cain) to Red Shield at the Counting House 666 Am Mein Frankfurt; his sons Solomon Mayer, Nathan Mayer, Carl Mayer, James Mayer were placed in control of the treasuries of Europe. Noah Webster was an initiate in the Brothers in Unity secret society at Yale class 1778 “E parvis oriuntur magna” (Origin of the Great and Small) has Taplines to Yale’s more famous Secret Societies: Skull & Bones, Book & Snake, Scroll & Key. The Theosophical Society Logo features the same Snake eating its own tail; Externalization of the Hierarchy, a demon channeled book written by Alice Bailey in 1957 spells out the plan to Externalize or Manifest Earth’s Hierarchy in 2025; Ray Kurzweil in Singularity (Unity) predicted the same year 2025. if you are not ready for the Great Tribulation, you need to be; take a few minutes to ask JESUS to enter you life and Omicron will make more sense. Graviton aka God Particles are massless particles claimed to give Mass to Matter and Order to the Universe; may sound like God, but its Satan in disguise. Newton, the last of the Alchemists, proposed F=MA, the foundational physics equation equates Force and Mass described in Dan 11:38 as the “God of Forces”; Einstein’s E=Mc2 equates Energy and Mass both derived from Omicron the Primordial Abyss/Chaos. Omicron is the Abyss between the the Pillars seen in BabylON the Gate or Door of On; in Egyptian religion On is Heliopolis “City of the Sun” and Osiris “Green One”; thus Omicron is the Pale Green Horse “Death”. On has the meaning of physical contact or support; the goal of a directed action; in a place to Cover/Conceal eg Yarmulke; a “Variant” of An “In, On, Into”. Coronavirus is patented US10130701B2, therefore Omicron is also patented. The goal is to physically conceal man from the Holy Ghost; the Mark of the Beast physically placed “In” the Temple rendering the Living Person a Trans-human “Beast”.

Gamaleya Inst funded by the Russian Direct Investment Fund in Moscow to produce and ship 3 Billion doses of Omicron adapted Sputnik V Vaccine by Feb 20, 2022. Gamaleya is named after Odessa born Nikolay Fydorovich Gamaleya an early collaborator with Germ Theory liar Louis Pasteur, awarded the Order of Lenin, Order of Red Banner, Stalin Prize Addendum has information on Odessa Suffice to say the Curse of Cain crossed the Flood to Canaan aka Sargon the Great; SAR means “Prince” Having lost the right to be called Israel (Amos 5:2) during the reign of the Assyrian King Sargon II, the northern 10 Tribes were taken captive by a treasonous pact with Ephraim who assumed the name Israel; Sargon III will be Antichrist made possible by SARS CoV-2 Omicron the Universal Variant. Odessa is the home of exiled Sarmation Priest-Kings leading the world through the Abyss and the Writing is on the Wall

Omicron: The end goal of the Trans-humanism, Transgender Gnostic agenda aka Transformation symbolized by the Serpent eating its own tail; Fauci “Sickle”; mother’s maiden name Abys aka Omnicron uses the Crowned Serpent eating a person as the family crest; the Serpent of the Abyss; the Delta Triangle shaped fulcrum of the Scales carried by the Black Horseman (Rev 6:6) whose function of to collapse the world economy; Omicron-Delta-Epsilon is the Economic Society doing just that in America; Delta also means Tent Door, specifically the Tent of Sakkut (Saturn) worshipped at Feast of Tabernacles aka Succoth; Epsilon means “small or minute quantity”; Egyptians believed the Soul had the same weight as an ostrich feather and was judged on weigh scales. Omicron is the Abyss, the Sum of all Fears in Room 101.

BlackRock Group (CEO Larry Fink) began in 1988 under the umbrella of BlackStone Group (CEO Yale Skull & Bones Satanist Stephen Schwarzman and Jacob Rothschild; Black refers to the Black Sun Nazi SS if this is not painfully obvious yet; Omicron is the Black or Primeval Matter these men worship) and is growing by nearly $2T/Yr to be the world’s largest “Asset Manager”; BlackRock essentially controls the US Treasury, built to replicate Villa Torlonia “Loan Tower” the home of Vatican banker Giovanni Torlonia.  Larry Fink is a fake Jew, CFR Traitor, Kappa-Beta-Phi a Wall St Secret Society Initiate, Beijing University Trustee, WEF Trustee with Klaus Schwab “Own nothing and be happy” ring a Baal? BlackRock uses Aladdin (Asset Liability and Debt Derivative Investment Network), a 33 yr old AI robot to make transactions. Aladdin is derived from the Arab phrase Ala al Din “Height, Excellence, Nobility of the Faith”; in 1000 Arabian Nights Aladdin’s father Cassim is the King of Thieves The end game is to Steal your Soul using Omicron. BlackRock is called a “Shadow Bank” without Banking Regulations; a $Multi-Trillon “Loan Shark” funded by Federal Reserve money creation, Hedge Funds, Federal Reserve Assets, Money Market Funds, Credit Derivatives, Credit Insurance, Pension Funds, Asset backed Commercial paper, Mortgage backed securities, REPO Assets etc. BlackRock buys Real Estate at up 50% above asking price to inflate the market above the reach of most individuals seeking home ownership.  BlackRock and Vanguard not only lay claim to property, but most every corporation. BlackRock’s Brian Deese heads Biden’s Nat Economic Council; Larry Fink’s Chief of Staff Adewale Adeyemo is Dep US Treasury Sec; BlackRock’s Chief Investment Stategist Mike Pyle is Kamala Harris’ (Harris is a Boule Society Initiate; the ULTIMATE GAME is “Capturing Human Souls”) Economic Adviser; thus BlackRock controls and oversees the US Treasury. Billionaire CEO Larry Fink is using Federal Reserve money printing to lower the value of your personal savings and inflate the value of property to keep you from owning Real Estate. Fink has been named the “World’s Greatest CEO” 14 years and joins a cast of “Jewish” Money (Mammon) managers like BlackStone CEO Stephen Schwartzman, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, Apollo Global Mgt CEO Leon Black (Apollo is Apollyon “Destroyer of Rev 9:11), Steve Feinberg (Cerberus Capital named after the guard dog of Hell), George Soros (Schwartz Gyorgy), David Rubenstein (Carlyle Group; War Profiteers), Allen Weisselberg (TRUMP CFO) etc etc. Jesus turned the tables on these money changers for turning the house of His father into a den of thieves; now they are using your money to boot you out of your House for the WEF Great Reset “Own nothing and be happy” BlackStone Group (Jacob Rothschild) owns the patented KL-03 RF Microchip used in the IOT “Internet of things” to control Infrastructure ie Banking, Energy, Medical. Vanguard Group also uses Aladdin and owns most Corporate Stock such including Pfizer, Moderna and SIGA; Meridian Medical is wholly owned by Pfizer contracting internationally for SIGA distribution State Street Capital also uses Aladdin; the Canadian based Vote counting machine maker is in control of elections; the Commonwealth Crown Water Mark appeared on 2020 Election Ballots for this reason. The ULTIMATE GAME of Omicron is capturing your Soul, and we were warned.

 Omni “All/Universal” is Pantheism and its here in the Omnicron Variant; no misspelling Jesuits Fauci and Biden just hope we don’t pay attention to the message Omni/Omi=Universal Chaos The motto of 33 deg Sovereign Luciferian Masonry Ordo ab Chao “Order out of Chaos” has arrived right on schedule. The last Cathar Perfecti Guillaume Belibaste was executed Fall 1321 declaring “In 700 years the laurel will grow green again” Omni=Universal + Kron=Crown, Garland, Chaplet ie “Crown of Bacchus”  Hopi put the Ascension Plan in stone at Prophecy Rock Ophiuchus “Serpent Bearer” runs from Nov 30-Dec 18, 2021; great time to Crown the new born king  Bacchus/Dionysus this Christmas with the Omnicron eh? Who knows, Satanists may even fake Daniel’s 70th Week this Saturnalia (Dec 17-23); people sending gifts one to another (Rev 11:10). Congrats to the Economic National Honor Society  “Omicron-Delta-Epsilon” honoree ex-FED Chief “Mammon Manager” turned Brookings Inst Board member, fake Jew Janet Yellen. AI programming the Behemoth-Leviathan (Male-Female Baphomet; the 3rd Adam is a return to Gen 5:2 Adam-Eve); the Antichrist Beast Rising from the Sea (Rev 13); call him Jon-El for now; Everyone on Earth will pass through Door 101 “Omi/Omnicron” Omni=”Universal” + Kron (Yiddish Kroyn)=”Crown” I am not promoting New Age Ascension/Christ Consciousness in any way; just pointing out Omi means “Consciousness” in the Gnostic sense. Covid 19 was “Classified” a Pandemic on 3/11/2020 on Purim matching the 311 (3+1+1=5 aka “Room 101”; 3X11=33 the age Jesus “Ascended” steps to the Coronavirus, a made up “Germ” by Jesuit Athanasius Kircher placed atop The Monument in London after the Great Fire of 1666. Marduk Omicron is the Universal god of Purim (Mar 16-17, 2022) which not coincidentally aligns with St Patrick’s Day (Ptah-Rekh) is the Master Craftsman “Jack of all Trades” of those who reject Jesus Christ. In Irish, Omicron is O “Descendant”, of who? Cain. Day #77 “St Patrick’s Day” matches Dan 7:7  “4th Beast of Iron” aka 4th Horseman “Death” (Rev 6:8); for those who follow the Omi/Omnicron charade “Hell” awaits. 68kg X 9.8m/s2=666 Newtons thus Omi/Omnicron is also the “god of Forces” “Gravity/Graviton” (Dan 11:38; 11+38=49=7X7) As St Patrick aka Agent Smith in The Matrix said “Humans are a Virus”; the solution? Anti-Virals of course; this is why Remdesivir (Remde is Dutch for “Inhibit” ie Inhibit expression of the God Genes) Molupirivir (Moljnir is Thor’s Hammer; Macabbee means “Hammer of God”; Hanukkah means “House of Enoch”; the association with Ascension should be obvious) and Paxlovid (Pax means “Peace”; the Peace Sign is a Celtic Rune “Broken Jew” used in Ritual Initiations to Witchcraft) were readied in advance of Omi/Omnicron. I would strongly advise not taking mutagenic Anti-virals; the God Genes are the Virus; the program called FunVax has already been tested and Omicron is the Goal. Welcome to the Purim Mega-ritual 2022

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.” Jn 10:1 Masons begin their journey in Rm 101; Jachin and Boaz the Twin Pillars in Masonic Lodges are separated by the Brazen Sea “Omicron”. George Orwell in 1984 describes Rm 101 as a “Torture chamber in the Ministry of Love, where prisoners are subjected to their own worst nightmares, fears and phobias; Omicron is touted as “Extremely Airborne, highly contagious, and one that evades vaccines” In the Matrix NEO (ONE=Omicron) the 6th person to be heralded as “The One” begins his journey following the White Rabbit from Apartment Room 101; later he receives his blessing from the Oracle in Apt 101 and finally meets the Merovingian in Hell in Rm 101. 101 is Binary for 5, the 6th number. Rev 10:1 describes the “Little Book” held by the 7th Angel Salvation 101: Love God Who is God? Alpha, Omega, I AM, Melchisedek, Shiloh, JEHOVAH, JESUS. Make no mistake; Omicron is Theft of your Soul.

Bi-sexual, Climate Change Superhero Jon-El, the 1/2 breed alien-human son of Kal-El “Man of Steel” and Lois Lane is the Red-Blue false Messiah Quetzalcoatl, the 4th Beast of Iron (Dan 7:7) Jon El the son of the Canaanite El came out as Gay, just like Robin, Green Lantern and Harley Quinn. God flooded the Earth to end LGBTQ Sins once and assures us in Gen 13:13; 19:1-11; Lev 18:22; Rom 1:27; 1 Cor 6:9; Jude 7; 1Ti 1:9-10  Sodomites will not inherit the Kingdom of God. John is Oannes the Canaanite/Phoenician “Beast rising from the Sea”; Jon is missing the “h”; Superman’s Zionist creators are also missing the “h” meaning “God is with me” seen in the name change from Abram to Abraham, Sarai to Sarah and in Rev 7 Judah to Juda. No misspelling, “Krypton Jews” do not worship God The Red-Blue Phoenix Bird Quetzalcoatl was used to destroy the America’s 500 years ago as Superman is today. The Man of Steel is the 4th Beast of Iron (Dan 7:7), the Antichrist who enters peacefully (Dan 11:24) does not regard the affection of women (Dan 11:37) Kal (Kala/Kali) means “Black”, the source of visible light from Red to Purple. Omicron/Nu is the Gnostic Prima Materia aka Black Matter from which Creation emerged as Daylight . El is “Molech, Yahweh, YHWH”. “…no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light”. 2 Cor 11:14

ONCOMIR Oncogenic MiRNA: A form of micro RNA involved in Cancer; Ongkos “Burden, Mass, Volume, Barb” Abnormal cell growth into masses, tumors

Move over Godzilla, Omicron is the King of Monsters  Omicron, the “King of all Monsters” (Pan) is the father of all Nexomon (Traitors/5th Column) sworn to destroy humanity. Omicron has 7 children representing Earth, Air, Fire, Light, Electricity, Plants and the 7th child Metta representing extinction. Facebook is now Metta. Collectively the 7 children or Muses are the 7 Primordial Tyrants and Myths. Omicron is the subject of a Hollywood 1963 movie Omicron; an alien/demon entity re-animates a dead person to learn how to destroy humanity. In Futurama World’s of Tomorrow, Lrrr the dragon leader from Omicron Persei 8 sends instructions and laws to followers on Earth; not that far fetched as the Code of Lipit Ishtar, Code of Naram Sin and Code of Hammurabi were also dictated by demons; Ishtar is Ashtoreth; the code of Hammurabi dictated by Shamash, the center candle on the Hanukkah Menorah. David Bowie (Bowie’s Black Star album was his swan song to Satan) narrated the video game Omikron: Nomad Soul; Ashtaroth created Omicron as a Soul Prison. Visitor from Omicron 2013 Visitor brings a botanical virus to Earth from Omicron. Star Wars: Omicron Marauder “Bad Batch” Transport. a Triqueta/Triskele “3 legged” ancient symbol representing the Simplest Knot. Cain is the Rebel Nomad in case this is not obvious;  followers of God are the “Bad Batch”. Omicron is the latest installment of the Global Science Experiment called Covid 19; her is Bohemian Grove, Jesuit, DeMolay Freemason Bill Clinton making a faux-apology for Human Experimentation in America’s past and one that he said would “Shape the Future”; the exact motto of the Global Young Leaders School aka Summer Davos

Solve et Coagula is Big Bang Theory (Dissolve and Coagulate); for Gnostics Matter (Flesh) is a prison of the Soul; Clumpy Matter must be refined; Knights Templar (Bankers using LRR or Fractional Reserve Lending and Usury) worshipped Baphomet aka Goat of Mendes which has this phrase with the hand signs for As Above So Below. Its so juvenile its hard to comprehend how people believe the theory which is the Backbone of Science and Religion; further as sick, blasphemous and gross as this is Nu/Nun/Omicron the “O” in the Target Logo is the Abyss out of which Atum (Atom) ejaculates the Universe into existence from the Obelisk “Baal’s Shaft”, from the Primordial Black Hole, which then Coagulates into Matter via the “god of Forces” (Dan 11:38) aka Gravity or God Particles. Omicron is “Black Matter”, the source of “Light”; Jesus warned “As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world”  Jn 9:5; with JESUS (Holy Ghost) out of the Beast Kingdom; Lucifer is the only “Light” remaining; Satan disguised as an “Angel of Light” arriving as Lightning eg Molnupiriavir the Anti-Viral named after Thor’s Hammer “Mjolnir”; Thor being equivalent with Horus aka Atum-Re “Omicron”.

Ashte means “One” a root of Ashtarte, the goddess single out most in the bible with Baal; Baal and Astarte equivalent with Nu (Omicron) and Naunet, the Egyptian creators. Omicron/Nu being the O used Witchcraft Circles and Unitarian Churches; 93 means “Do what thou wilt” a universal greeting in Witchcraft synonymous with Freedom and Liberty from God. 93/93=One “Ashtarte”.
Ashtut has a connotation with smooth/uniform, the idea Freemasons use to finish rough stones seen in Build Back Better; in Israel Judges trample a Cross and climb 33 steps past smooth stones on their left and rough stones on their right to the upper judges chambers at the Knesset designed by Edomite British Rothschilds. Smooth Iron being the 4th Beast of Iron forcing worship of the 4th Beast “Death”; polished Iron, the work of Tubal-cain/Vulcan/Hephaestos the Chief Blacksmith and Idol maker “Baal’s”
In the video game Omicron: The Nomad Soul David Bowie says Ashtaroth built Omicron as a Soul Prison; the same concept in Hotel California “You can check out (Die) anytime you like, but you can never leave” Forfeiting one’s Birthright as Cain and Esau did is a one way street.  Boule Society “Noble Caste” has its ULTIMATE GAME in capturing human souls and here we are in 2021, exactly 700 years after the last Cathar Parfait (Perfecti=Kamal) predicted “In 700 years the laurel will grow green again when good people return”; crossdressing satanist Kamal (Perfection=Smooth) Aroush  (Phoenician/British) ready to lead America into the Abyss (Fauci’s Black Nobility mother’s maiden name) aka Omicron, creating the New Secular Order “Ordo ab Chao” out of Chaos “Omicron”.
Lrrr is the hermaphrodite lizard leader of the planet Omicron Persei 8 in Futurama Matt Groening “Family Guy” also predicted Trump’s election and Kamala Harris becoming President. Perseus the Mushroom God of Christmas and Hanukkah Trees are  grown asexually in the Groves is seen in Amenita Muscaria a psilocybin, hallucinogenic mushroom aka Holy Grail (Burial Mounds, Bird’s Nest, Obelisk, Yarmulke/Kippah, Communion Wafer, Grail Cup,  affecting the Pineal Gland a Pine Cone shaped “Master Gland” regulating Neuro-transmitters, found under Pine Trees gathered by Nordic Shaman like Santa (Satan). LRR and Omicron is equivalent with Nephilim or Anunaki the 1/2 breed Giants 1000 light years distant=Millennium. LRR “Legal Reserve Requirement” is a Banking term called a Money Multiplier where Deposits of Citizens are multiplied often more than 10X in loans used by Corporations aka Leverage. The result is Derivatives which now stand at $700B ie more than the money in circulation which inevitably results in Bankruptcy and the Great Reset, brought about through GESARA (Global Economic Stability and Recovery Act) and NESARA (US will fund all the other National Debt Relief backed by unfathomable assets such as Water, Oil, Coal, Natural Gas. In a CORPORATION “Assets=Liability + Equity” Citizens however have no Equity; alterations in the human genome result in in a Trans-human product with no rights under the Law.
LRR gives Instructions/Laws “Tora” (Rabbinical Oral Laws) from Omicron Perseus 8 to Earth; these are the Planetary Elders (Demons) issuing instructions/laws to the ELite (Nexomon) dating back to the Flood eg Council of 9 in Sumeria. The 1963 movie Omicron by Lux (Lucifer) Film features an alien intelligence (eg LRR) re-animating a dead factory (Corpus animate is Adam before the Breath of God created a Living Soul) worker to learn how to destroy Earthlings. The end goal of Gnosticism is Coagula, a cohesive set of laws “Shariah” and “Noahide” Laws rejecting the creator Alpha/I AM/JESUS aka Holy Ghost which God used to create Adam as a “Living Soul”. This is the Beast (Lower/Base Animal) described in Revelation, a Beast rising from the Sea (Atum-Re) whose precinct in Egypt was re-opened the day Omicron was announced on Thanksgiving.

Black Friday: Skipping Xi (a unit of Gravity) 9.81m/s2 and its obvious connotation with the Pale Horse “Death” in Rev 6:8 (68kg X 9.81m/s2=666 Newtons), Mark of the Beast (Rev 13:16) and the God of Forces (Dan 11:38), WHO named the new Variant Omicron. Moronic is an anagram of Omicron as is Oncomir; Oncomirs cause Cancer via mRNA destabilization and gene suppression.  The 10th and final Commandment on the Georgia Guide Stones “Be not a Cancer on the Earth” Nothing new, we’ve been warned for decades. Even the gene sequence B.1.1.529 had been identified by Novavax 3 weeks earlier. In the video game Omicron Alliance David Bowie says Ashtaroth created Omicron to capture the soul forever” Ashtaroth is in Gilead; they have been testing Gilead (Galeed=Heap of Witness) Sciences Remdesevir for 18 months killing hospitalized patients diagnosed with Covid 19; now 2 new Anti-virals are out in time for the Omicron Variant. Ashtaroth also means “Blessing”; Cain and Canaan are “Cursed” so this is their way out of the Curse. Moses gave the Mezuzah speech “The LORD our God is one LORD” (Deut 6:4) Scribes changed it to “The LORD our God is One” and put it over every door of Project 911 on Site 911, a radiation hardened bunker at Beit Shemesh. Ashte means One; thus Ashtaroth is the Lord of the “Jews” today. Ashat means Cohesive aka “Coagula” the phrase Solve et Coagula on Baphomet; Creation from Omicron/Nun the Primordial Chaos coagulates into One; thus Omicron is likely the Covid end game.

Make no mistake, Covid 19 Omicron is the final step in a global war for Souls and we were warned. Omi means “Earthling; Man”; Jesuit Adam Weishaupt “Oh mortal man, is there nothing you cannot be made to believe?” Voltaire “People who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities” Omicron is a bit like Santa; Satan hiding in plain sight. Novavax formulated a vaccine based on the B.11.529 sequence receiving Emergency Use Authority in the Indonesia and the Philippines in early November while COP 26 was formulating plans to rid the Earth of 93% of useless eaters. In case it’s not obvious yet Human beings with a connection to God are the “Virus”. “Viruses” do not exist nor are mRNA/mDNA therapies “Vaccines” in any sense. What will likely be promoted to fight Omicron are  Novavax and the new Merck and Pfizer mutagenic (DNA altering) Anti-virals Molnupirivir and Paxlovid. Gilead Sciences (CEO Daniel O’Day even has the Omicron “O” meaning “Descendant” in Irish; imagine that!) Remdesivir has already been a proven killer in misdiagnosed hospitalized “Covid 19” patients; paying $13K hospitals (bonus for Medicare patients) to diagnose a variety of ailments (Flu, Colds, Respiratory and Circulatory distress etc)  as “Covid 19” and $39K more to prescribe Ventilators and Remdesivir has done the trick. Omicron Variant will likely be declared vaccine resistant in order to market the broad spectrum mutagenic Anti-Virals designed to alter the human genome into an owned, patented, Trans-human product with no rights.

In Japanese Omi is a title of Nobility; Japan means “Land of the Rising Sun”; Omi-God means “Man-God”. Omicron is the 15th Greek Letter; the US-Britain-Israel the Grecian Goat (Dan 7&8); Rev 15 describes God’s final plagues.  Omicron is the Phoenician Ain “Eye”; the Eye of Horus. Omicron is Zero seen in Zoroaster “Undiluted Star” aka Black Star/Black Sun, the missing Vowel in G-D used by Rabbis to designate their false god YHWH (Satan), the Crown/Halo and Serpent eating its own tail. O-micron “small/micro” and O-mega “Large/Vast” is seen in Gravity, the Force giving Mass to Matter on the Micro level and Order to the Universe on the Macro level may want to read Dan 11:38  because this God of forces is here. Omicron represents the primordial sea of creation, Egyptians called Nu or Nun; in Egyptian cosmology Omicron/Nun is the Serpent (Satan, Devil, dragon; Rev 12:9) O is the Primeval Water/Abyss/Chaos seen in Ordo ab Chao (Order out of Chaos) the motto used by  Sovereign Freemasons. Omicron originated in fully vaccinated foreigners entering Botswana Nov 7 and was detected Nov 11 “Armistice Day/Veteran’s Day/Lord Mayor’s Day”; news of the new variant was released 2 weeks later on Thanksgiving (Foreign Puritans brought disease to the Americas on the first Thanksgiving 400 years ago) giving time for investors in the know to profit and stranding thousands of passengers to/from 8 South African Nations; the news prompting predictable travel restrictions and market sell offs except for Moderna up 20.6%,  BioNTech up 14%, Pfizer up 6% and Novavax up 9%; congrats to the Pandemic Pandamonium Profiteers who won’t fit though the Eye of the Needle with their ill gotten gains. Africa had under 6% vaccination and very few Covid 19 deaths until Omicron magically appears Marketing Propaganda? In 2009, the movie 2012 debuted; the elite purchasing $Billion seats on Arks launched from Mt Everest (aka Chumolongmo=Earth Mother referring to Eve “Serpent”); once the tallest mountain created during Noah’s Flood; South Africa’s Drakensberg (Dragon=Serpent Rev 12:9) Mountains become the new place for humanity’s wealthy to start fresh just like a Serpent shedding its skin. The Coronavirus “Crowned Serpent Venom” picture is a drawing of a Germ made up by Jesuit Athanasius Kircher in the mid 1600’s to sell Germ Theory as the cause of disease; it is not. The Coronavirus Germ was installed on The Monument in London after the Rosicrucian/Freemason Great Fire of 1666. Make no mistake, we are in a War for our Souls and the only Ark available is JESUS. On Dec 21, 2012 the Sun rose through the Serpent (Milky Way/Nun), a day long anticipated on the Mayan Calendar date

Nu or Nun is the Primordial Egyptian goddess; the Watery Abyss, Chaos, the Forces of Creation represented by a Serpent; out of this Primordial Material, Atum “Sky” created Re “Sun” aka Atum-Re or Horus. The Ouroboros Serpent eating its own tail forms the O or Omicron seen in the phrase Ordo ab Chao “Order out of Chaos” (Chaos=Nu=Omicron). Omicron Variant was announced on Thanksgiving, 666 days after the WHO declared Covid a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern” on Jan 30, 2020. Obviously pre-planned. The Pfizer-BioNTech formula was produced on Jan 11, 2020 so the formula doesn’t have anything to do with Covid 19. Also on Thanksgiving, the “Path of God” in the precinct of Atum-Re was re-opened. The chances of this being coincidence? Nun. Nun is the Chaos out of which Atum-Re was created; Tired of being fed Bullshit? Me too, get JESUS in your life and stay away from mutagenic gene therapy!

The worst ever Covid super-mutant B.1.1.529 “Nu Variant” designated Omicron announced on Thanksgiving. Covid “Certification of Vaccination ID”- Beta “Test of an unfinished product”-Delta “Door”-Lambda “Ox Goad/Cattle Prod”. Omicron is O; Phoenician Ayn “Eye”; Zero in Zoroaster; the O in the Agenda 2030 Logo  The highly transmissible, airborne “Variant” originated in South Africa (Phoenicia is “Land of Afri”); the continent with less than 6% Vaccinated and virtually no Covid 19 deaths; this according to WEF Global Shaper, Soros Fellowship Judge, PCR Test expert Dr Eric Feigl-Ding; Dr Doogie Howser completed his MD and Double PhD in 2 years at age 23! Eric was Johnny on the Spot warning Covid 19 would become a pandemic in Jan 2020; well actually John’s Hopkins planned it Oct 18, 2019 in Event 201 2 months after PCR Inventor Kary Mullis had a heart attack warning HIV is not the cause of AIDS and PCR Tests were invalid for disease diagnosis . “An airborne transmissible virus, even moderately fatal will become a plague is unimaginable proportion” Rotterdan virologist Ron Fouchier in 2012. Ron mixed diseased tissue from recovered Spanish Flu victims with Avian Flu, Swine Flu and MERS; these men are as concerned with your health as Columbus and Puritans. Ever wonder why a Plague Train arrived to take bodies from MH-17 from Ukraine to Rotterdam? AIDS experts were on board who knew HIV does not cause AIDS anymore than the SARS CoV-2 “Virus” causes Covid 19 Hathsepsut, the female, cross-dressing Pharaoh (much like Kamala “Lotus”) raised Moses; the Exodus in 1492bc prompted erasing her memory in Karnak “Precinct of Amun-Re”. The “Way of God” reopened on Thanksgiving in a lavish ceremony coincident with the Nu/Omicron Covid Variant. Thanksgiving the appropriate date for Plagues. Originally built when Israel was 400 years captive in Egypt, Egyptian PM Abdel Fatah El-Sissi calls Karnak “The pinnacle of Egyptian greatness”. Perhaps a little sore at Hathsepsut plucking Moses from the Nile as an infant, bringing the 10 Plagues and drowning Pharaoh in the Red Sea, El Sissi, Saudi King Salman and Donald Trump played the role of the Phoenix an Arab Bird whose perch was the Ben-ben “Pyramidion” ($US Capstone) in Heliopolis connecting Arabia with Egypt, seen rising at the St John Divine Cathedral in NYC Trump also accepted the Saudi Medal of Freedom and Danced the Ardah (Arab Sword Dance) as well as a visit with Jesuit Pope Francis wearing funeral attire and giving the Pontiff (Bridge Builder) a Lotus Flower titled “Rising Above”; that would be Man rising from the Primordial Sea “Nu” or “Nun”. Big Bang Theory is Creation from Nothing “Nun”; the circle and dot is Omicron “Small/Little”; Phoenician Ain=Eye, the Eye of Horus above the Pyramid on the $ONE; the Seed in the Primeval Ocean; Zero in Sea Ashta “Zoroaster”.  Klaus Schwab launched the “Great Narrative to shape the future of humanity” in Dubai, UAE on Veteran’s Day; vast amounts of private and public funds directed toward “Shaping the Future” through “Narrative”: Gnarus “To Know”, the Gnostic tale of humanity re-written by men who reject God and His Prophecy. “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past” George Orwell Omicron represents the Beginning and End for Gnostics; the Crowned Ouroboros Serpent eating its own tail.

Nu/Omicron Variant: On Thanksgiving, the “Avenue of Sphinxes” in Thebes between Karnak and Luxor aka “Way of God” was re-opened in grand ceremony; the Hyksos Era returns bringing a Nu Exodus; More the “Way of Cain” than the”Way of God”. PM Abdel Fatah El-Sissi “Karnak represents the pinnacle of greatness for Egypt”; Karnak means “Precinct of Amun-Re”. Time to decide if your God is JEHOVAH/JESUS or the sun god Re/Ra. You may recall El-Sissi, Donald Trump and Saudi King Salman held an illuminated Globe in Cairo; Trump playing the role of the Phoenix aka Ben-ben “Pyramidion” aka “Perch of the Phoenix”. The first Thanksgiving was celebrated by Foreigners (Hyksos means “Rulers of foreign lands”) The same day, the worst ever Covid super-mutant B.1.1.529 “Nu Variant” was announced in time for Hanukkah 2021 (Nov 28-Dev 6). Nu is the oldest Egyptian god “Nun”, the “Father of Gods”; the Primeval Water or Creation; Watery Abyss; Primordial Ocean giving birth to Re, the Egyptian Sun god. The Watery Abyss seen in Fauci’s mother’s name Abys is symbolized as a Crowned Serpent eating a person; the same Chaos is seen in the Latin and Freemasonic phrase “Ordo ab Chao” (Order out of Chaos); Chaos is the “Disorder let loose in the country”. Get Smart Agent 86 (86 refers to refusing service to someone; that will be the unvaxxed) battling Chaos for example; Adele’s (Adele means Noble Caste) Rolling in the Deep is the same Primordial Chaos; her song Chasing Pavements is about scourging Jesus Christ on the Pavement. Nu and Naunet are depicted in anthropomorphic form with the head of a Frog; Lateran means “Hidden Frogs”; Frog refers the unclean spirits of Satan, Antichrist, False Prophet (Rev 16:13). The Jesuit HQ in Rome is the St John Lateran Arch-basilica. Basilicas contain a Cathedra “Teaching Seat”; the Arch-basilica of St John Lateran just happened to lay claim as the “Mother of all Churches Worldwide” Jesuit Pope Francis wrote “The triumph of science is realizing Earth can only support 1 Billion people” Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla also said “In the end Science will win”; Don’t bet eternity on that; Science is “Tongue of the Chaldeans” Dan 1:4KJV and “Vain, profane babblings” 1 Ti 6:20KJV  Science is “Gnosis”. St John is Oannes the Chaldean Beast rising from the Sea; the Philistine Dagon whose Mitre (named after Mithra the Gnostic Zoroastrian god) is worn by Lutheran, Catholic and Orthodox Clergy is also seen in the United Nations Dag Hammarskjold Meditation Room. Folks, the Hyksos are the same Caphtorim aka Chaldeans, Phoenicians, Cretans in charge of Covid 19 and the Turkeys are being set up for slaughter with no Presidential pardon. Got JESUS in your life? He is JEHOVAH (Ex 6:3)

Addendum Odessa Gamaleya Inst Moscow plans to ship 3 Billion doses of Omicron adapted Vaccines by Feb 20, 2022. 

Odessa (also Odesa) – located on the north-west shore of the Black Sea is considered a major seaport, administrative centre (4th largest city in the Ukraine) and strategic military city since major reconstruction work began in 1794 and city renamed Odessa in 1795. It is also the undeclared ancient site of the capital of one of the most famous and mysterious Empires in history- the Khazars.
Prior to being named “Odessa”, the city was known for six hundred years as Hacibey (Tartar/Turkish origin) meaning city of the “Master Pilgrims” — Haci (pilgrim) + Bey (lord/master).
It was Empress Catherine the Great (1762-1796) that officially renamed the city Odessa – an anagram of two modified ancient Greek words “ode” meaning song/story and “sa” – shorthand for Mousa meaning “source of inspiration”. While never properly revealed, the name Odesa/Odessa literally means “source of inspired song/story” — a tribute to the city and the heritage of the Russian God/Kings.
The “Island Capital” of the Khazars
When Imperial Christian Emperor Justinian (527-565) became Emperor in 527, one of the first acts he undertook was to proclaim the satanic religion of the Sarmatians (worshipping Ba’al Moloch) a capital crime and punishable by death. It is this act, above all others that caused the Independent State of Sarmara covering most of Palestine under High Priest and “King of Israel” Julianus bar Sahir to revolt against Constantinople .
However, by 531 the Sarmatians were pushed back with Justinian landing troops to the North and South — both moving towards their capital Shechem. While Priest King Julianus bar Sahir chose to remain, the royal priestly household escaped east into Syria and then north to the southern edge of the Black Sea.
Before the final downfall of the state of Sarmara , two other major groups of Sarmatians are known to have escaped by sea. The main body travelled west across the Mediterranean to escape the Eastern power of the Holy Roman Empire, to the marshes at the mouth of the Po and Piave rivers at the top of the Adriatic. Their colony in the north Adriatic was named after the renamed Sarmatians as Enetoi (Latin: Veneti), becoming one of the most famous cities in history –Venice. The other colony of refugees landed on the coast of the southern Aremorica along the Morbihan Bay in Gaul (Spain).
The immediate Sarmatian royal priest family and their troops chose a large island at the mouth of the great river delta of the Volga River upon which to build their new colony calling it Samara –the site we now call Odessa today.
Before the centuries of silt closed up the wide channels around the island and smaller islands of the Volga delta — connecting them to the mainland — the site represented a perfect defensive and trading position on the (eastern) sea shore of a ten mile long, five mile wide “diamond shaped” island. Thus the ancient legends of the Khazars capital and Empire being an island are true.
The growth and importance of Samara
Two false names are commonly ascribed to the Samara as the capital of the Khazars, the first being “Atil” (also spelt Itil) — a Turkic word which literally means “big river”.
The second and more subtle misname is “Samander” — a Persian word for Lizard — and obvious name play on Samara.
As the bubonic plagues of the 6th and 7th Century swept across the whole of Europe, Africa and Asia, the natural immunity of the Sarmatians (double CCR5 receptor deformaties) put the Sarmatian exiles in Samara in a unique position. They were simply immune to the plague, smallpox, influenza (as they are immune to HIV today).
By the 7th century, it is possible the city-island was home for more than 150,000 people. While it had been a Byzantine Emperor (Justinian) that had destroyed the Sarmatian homeland, within sixty years of the founding of Samara (Odessa), the most important trading partner and ally was Constantinople – controlling all the trade out of the Black Sea.
The abandonment of Samara/Odessa
During the early part of the 8th Century, the Khazar Priest-God-Kings abandoned their capital, during a period of climactic and political turmoil which included the collapse of the Umayyad, the breakaway of Khazar family sub-branches to form the Magyars, Bulgars and Bulgar faction called the Abbasid dynasty as well as the rapid desertification of much of Western Asia.
The precise events leading up to the abandonment of Samara (Odessa) is not clear. However, future history in the 8th and 9th Centuries clearly point to the main Khazar Priest-Kings travelling up the Volga River and establishing a new capital they called Ninevah (Nizhnii Novgorod) no later than 760/770.
The city was re-established some time during the 9th and 10th century under its new name “Hacibey” or city of the Lord Pilgrims in honor of their common Sarmatian Jewish ancestors.
Hacibey (also known as Khadjibey) came under direct control of the Ottoman Empire after 1529 and was part of a region known as Yedisan and was administered in the Ottoman Silistra (Özi) Province. In the mid-18th century, the Ottomans rebuilt a fortress at Hacibey, which was named Yeni Dünya and the city was a sanjak centre of Silistre Province.
During the Russo-Turkish War of 1787–1792, on 25 September 1789, a detachment of Russian forces under Ivan Gudovich took Khadjibey and Yeni Dünya for the Russian Empire. One part of the troops was under command of a Spaniard in Russian service, Major General José de Ribas (known in Russia as Osip Mikhailovich Deribas) and the main street in Odessa today, Deribasovskaya Street, is named after him.
Russia formally gained possession of the area as a result of the Treaty of Jassy (Iaşi) in 1792 and it became a part of the so-called Novorossiya (“New Russia”).
As a major centre for Sephardic Jews
From the 19th Century, a number of wealthy Sephardic Jewish families migrated to Odessa boosting the cities historic number of Jewish families that had continued to live in the area since the time of the Sarmatian Khazars.
During 1941-1944 the city was under the control of the Catholic Fascist regime of Romanian King Carol II. While some citizens were shipped to the Vatican human sacrifice camps in Poland and Russia, the vast majority of Sephardic and native Jews in the city remained unharmed, including their property –one of the greatest historic anomalies of World War II.
The Odessa Catacombs
Odessa is famous for its estimated 2,000 km + of catacombs that stretch beneath the whole city and outlying areas. Contrary to historic misinformation, it appears these catacombs were first constructed during the reign of the Khazars and progressively enlarged by future generations.
While stone quarried from these man-made labyrinths were used to construct buildings above grounds, the precise nature and religious purpose of these catacombs is rarely discussed, nor printed.