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Annular solar eclipse 2012 金環日食

A Ring of Fire Annular Solar Eclipse will encircle the Moon at Sunrise starting in Arabia progressing over Sumatra on the 15th anniversary of the Dec 26 Earthquake/Tsunami in Sumatra, an event foretold in Luciferian Freemason Clint Eastwood’s movie Hereafter.

Mithras means Contract; the birth of the Zoroaster born on Dec 25 and Mithra born on Dec 25 was celebrated by the Tauroctony “Slaying of the Bull”; slaying the Wall St Bull would collapse the world economy and is the plan to reveal the Black Horse of Revelation 6:6. The Tauroctony as Mithraic Ritual may date from the Inter-testament period, but the death of the sun god in the form of a Bull is far older, relating to the Sun rising in Taurus at the time of the Flood (2348bc); Zeus the son of Saturn was first depicted as a Bull. The Tauroctony dates to roughly 100BC, about the time the Essenes of Qumran wrote the Prince Melchisedek Scroll calling for the return of Melchisedek after the 10th Jubilee 2017-18 The Dec 25 Birth of Mithras originated in Egypt with the Going forth of the Wadjet on Dec 25; Wadjet means “Green One” aka Osiris/Saturn or the Arab al Khidr is the “Green Man” worshipped by the Arab Assassins and Knights Templar; todays International Bankers are the same Money Changers Jesus whipped at the Temple. Green One is the Pale Horse “Death” of Rev 6:8.

Christmas/Hanukkah 2019 Mithra the Zoroastrian “Covenant” god is born Dec 25. Dec 26 “Boxing Day” is a Bank Holiday. Bank means Bench, the same Bench Jesus turned over on the Temple “Money Changers” are todays International Bankers who have indebted the world in $77T Debt; Dan 7:7 describes the 4th Beast for a reason.
Rabbis expect the arrival of the Moshiach HaShem in the near term. The “Sign” set to occur at Sunrise Dec 26, 2019 over the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Riyadh Saudi Arabia and ending over the Hashemite Kingdom of Sabah and Sulu (Malaysia) is the same Annular Eclipse “Sign” promoted in the AT&T Documentary The Sign The documentary featuring a host of lying false prophets claimed the Rapture was imminent foretold in Rev 12:1 and placed in the sky on Sept 23, 2017. The problem is the “Sign” had nothing to do with the Rapture of the Christian Church, a Jesuit invented Lie; nor did an annular eclipse have anything to do with the actual event. The same Annular Solar Eclipse also appears in the 2012 video by Heliofant I, Pet Goat II. The “Solar Christ” at the end of the short video is the Antichrist, not Jesus Christ.

Dec 26 Day of the Wren, Boxing Day and St Stephen’s Day represent the Dying Sun King sacrificed for the good of mankind. Day of the Wren the Wren is sacrificed as the “King of Birds”; Bird Language “Augury” understood by Augurs who foretold the future by analyzing the flight and entrails of Birds such as the Eagle, a symbol of the Assyrian god “Nisroch” (Saturn). One example is Pope Benedict XVI (Benediction + Rev 16 “God’s Wrath”?) releasing a Peace Dove on International Day of Peace 2013 which was killed by a Crow; immediately followed by Lightning hitting St Peter’s Basilica twice the night his replacement Pope Francis assuming the office of Vicar of Jesus; a year later his Peace Doves were attacked by a Crow and Seagull which was immediately followed by the 2014-15 Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses on Passover and Feast of Tabernacles. Stephen means “Crown/Martyr”, the first Christian Martyr sacrificed by the Synagogue of Libertines (Hellenes); Boxing Day represents the Cube of Saturn. Christ=Messiah + Mass=Sacrifice.

Merry Samaritan Christmas! The Tree Covenant of Hanukkah and Christmas with Baal-berith began in Shechem Jesus sent 70 Ministers (Lk 10:3) into Samaria as Lambs among Wolves; this was the most dangerous Spiritual ground for His followers.
Dec 24 “Twas the Night before Christmas” (Mass=Dismissal + Jesus Christ; Covenant with Mithras), the 4th Day (Gen 1:14), God when God created “Lights”, the Sun, Moon and Stars (Shamash, Sin, Zoroaster); Arabs celebrate the Birth of LORD MOON Dec 24; calling the Moon al Uzza “Mighty One”; Muslims are taught the Moon is Allah “The God” but Chaldean Rabbis know the Moon is a 6000 yr old god called “Sin”. Sin comes from Man’s attempt to become God, a reflection of the Sun god called “Solis Invicti” (Unconquered Sun) born Dec 25 as Osiris, Horus, Zeus, Mithra/Solis Invicti, Sol etc. The false promise 1st made by the Serpent (Devil, Satan, Dragon Rev 12:9) has deceived the entire world, symbolized by the Ubiquitous Hittite god Santa spreading Psilocybin Hallucinogenic Mushrooms all over the world, a Delusion promoted by Priests/Pastors offering Communion, celebrating Advent, setting up Groves, singing Chaldean written Carols and claiming the bible is Silent concerning the birth of Jesus when Luke 1 spells this out plain as Rudolph’s Red Edomite Nose.
Shamash, the Babylonian Sun Lion and God of Justice is the center candle of the Chabad Lubavitch Hanukkah Menorah; the Six Pointed Star of Molech the “New born King”; the 8 Branches reflect the apparent victory of Shamash “Rising Sun” replacing Jesus amid 2 Thieves which formed the 7 Branch Candlestick of the Old Covenant. JESUS (Mat 1:25KJV) is JEHOVAH (Ex 6:3) rejected and Crucified on the Tree of Knowledge is also replaced by the equally ancient Cross of Tammuz (Son of Saturn, born Dec 25). Jesus warned in Mat 23:8-10 never call any man Rabbi, Father or Master, now you know why.
80% of Israel is made of Ashkenazi Germanic fake Jews descended of Gomer (Germans) and Japheth, the eldest son (Gen 10:21KJV) of Ham, and Shem those who boarded among the 8 saved in Noah’s Ark. the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin supports the 4 Horsemen of Rev 6; the 4th Horseman “Death” represents both the Red Blood shedding Beast of Iron in Dan 7:7 as well as the Pale Horse, the ash gray-green horseman “Death” who Purifies the Earth with Holocaust Fire with “Hell” following immediately behind.
“On the 24th of the tenth month,” that is December, according to our reckoning, the Arabians celebrated the BIRTHDAY OF THE LORD–that is the Moon.”- Stanley’s Sabian Philosophy. Haran (Gobelki Tepe Turkey) is the “City of the Moon”, called by Arabs “Sin”; Christmas/Hanukkah is literally a Covenant with Sin. The Chaldean city of Beehives called Haran reflects “Bee” as the Chaldean “Word”; the Hexagon is the Six Pointed Chaldean Star of Molech “King” used on Israel’s Flag and Chaldean Priests “Rba” serving the Queen of Heaven Cybele, Astarte, Ishtar etc. Chaldean and Sabian Gnostic Priests use the title Rba; the title Baba Rabba is used by the Chief Samaritan Priest; the Samaritan “Kohen Gadol” is the Chief Priest of the Temple Mount.
“They are vanity, and the work of errors: in the time of their visitation they shall perish” Jer 10:15 Note: New bible versions change “Visitation” to “Punishment” not the same meaning because the time of “Visitation” is spelled out in Rev 11:10 “And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry, and shall send gifts one to another; because these two prophets tormented them that dwelt on the earth” This sounds like a description of Hanukkah; the visitation of the New Born Kings “Sol Invictus” the god of the Covenant worshipped by the Samaritans at Shechem. Hanukkah is 7 days; mid-week the “Covenant with Many”
Worship of Baal-Berith the Tree Covenant began at Shechem, between Mt Ebal, the barren mount of Curses and Mt Gerizem, the fertile mount of Blessings the Samaritans made their Temple. The choice is realizing we are all in need of forgiveness of Sins, trapped in a Wilderness void of God until we ask for the Holy Ghost. The Lord of Shechem is Baal-berith “Lord of the Covenant” (Judges 8:33; 9:46) or El Bereth “God of the Covenant”; the Tree Covenant of Christmas and Hanukkah is the Covenant of the Rising Sun “Saturn” aka Chaos or Chronos (Time) established first at Shechem.
“And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate” Dan 9:27. Hanukkah is 7 days; mid-week the Covenant with Many (Christmas/Hanukkah is Ubiquitous) will be broken; God’s last 2 Witnesses Enoch and Elijah, the only people in world history to be taken to Heaven before death will be killed; their dead bodies will lie in the street 3 1/2 days until God’s Wrath (Rev 16) is poured out on the final day “And they of the people and kindreds and tongues and nations shall see their dead bodies three days and an half, and shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves” Rev 11:9. Christmas/Hanukkah is the only time the Tree Covenant with Baal-Berith happens, and the only time people in Jerusalem send gifts one to another. Time to Wake Up folks!

Comet 21/Borisov arrives in time for Saturnalia/Hanukkah/Christmas 2019, making its closest approach to the Sun Dec 8, 2019 and closest approach to Earth on Dec 28, 2019. The first comet Borisov (both named after Crimean astronomer Gennadiy Borisov) symbolically impregnated Virgo, giving birth to Jupiter; sites like Unsealed World News and Rev 12 Blogspot interpreted as the Rapture of the Christian Church, a Jesuit invented Lie; what will this Borisov portend? The speed/trajectory of the Comet is claimed to have originated outside the Solar System; the 2nd such Visitor since Oumuamua “Scout/Messenger” was discovered, coincident with the Sept 23, 2017 symbolic birth of Jupiter from Virgo exactly 9 months after Borisov streaked from the loins of Leo to the womb of Virgo. The odds of coincidence are beyond pale.
First, there is no “Solar System”; Earth is fixed (Ps 93:1; Job 26:7); Comets are made of ice having originated with “Fountains of the Deep” (Gen 7:11) during Noah’s Flood. Comet is derived from Latin Cometa; Greek Aster, called “Long Hair Stars” Zoroaster means “Undiluted Star” referring to Saturn; my guess is War with Iran, the home of Zoroastrianism is what Gnostics will read into this.

For soothsayers, Comets portend Disaster; Dis + Aster= “Evil Star” or Catastrophe “Destroyer Star”. Israel is ready for the arrival of Zoroaster; Apollo “Destroyer” is Apollyon in Rev 9:11; Project 911 on Site 911 at “Beit Shemesh” (House of the Sun); Shamesh (Rising Sun) is the center candle of the Chabad Hanukkah Menorah; the date 21/Borisov passes closest to Earth is Dec 27-28 mid-week during Hanukkah. The date 21/Borisov passes closest to the Sun is Dec 7-8. Dec 7, 1941 “Pearl Harbor” was a False Flag event to get the US into WWII; 9/11/2001 was the “New Pearl Harbor” Many people saw Ahriman the Zoroastrian god of darkness appear in the smoke of WTC #2 and UA Flt #175 (Liber 175: Book of Uniting is the ritual uniting of a nation or person to a Demon)
21/Borisov is streaking in at 93K mph; of course! Witch’s greet each other with “93” meaning “Do what thou wilt” Thelemites and Witches greet each other with “93”, short for “Do what thou wilt shall be the sum of the Law”; “93/93” is short for “As Above, So Below”, the opening lines in the Emerald tablet of Toth. 93 is the number of the demon Aiwass the Demon who delivered the religion of Thelema to Aleister Crowley in Egypt. 93 also means “The Force be with you”, another familiar greeting among witches seen in Star Wars. Aleister (Great Beast) Crowley’s Thelema (Will) + Agape (Love)=93. Crowley means “Wood of the Crows”; Black Star or Black Sun is the Crow’s Head, “Saturn”; Happy Saturnalia folks! NOT!!
Natalis Solis Invicti Jesuit (Militia of Zeus, son of Saturn) Pope Francis got into the spirit of the season returning a Relic of Jesus’ Manger to Bethlehem in time for Advent. That relic is not only fake, but represents Natalis Solis Invicti not Jesus Christ! You can have Jesus in your heart or Advent-Christmas-Hanukkah, but not both!
TimesUp Hawaii means “Water and Breath of Life”
21/Borisov will pass closest to Earth for the first time since the Flood 36 months after Oumuamua “Messenger” in Hawaiian arrived and the Jupiter the son of Saturn was symbolically born is Virgo (Rev Rev 12:1).

Creation is at or near 5996 years of age. 1656 years Creation to Flood + 2160 Years Aries to Pisces + 2160 years Pisces to Aquarius + 21 years for Sargon the Great to be declared “Legitimate King” during the short period when the Equinox Sunrise moved from Taurus to Aries; Mithras and the Tauroctony ring a Baal?. The Sun will form a Halo around the Moon, symbolic of the Gnostic Sacred Marriage or Divine Union precisely at Sunrise over Idumea (Trans-Jordan) the land of Moab (Moabite Chemosh=Saturn), Ammon (Ammonite Milcom=Saturn) and Edom (Edomite Chiun=Saturn) who all escape the hand of Antichrist during the Great Tribulation (Dan 11:38) Looking for “Signs of the Times”? There are plenty of them coming up! Just not Signs of Jesus returning!!! He comes as a Thief in the Night Remember?

Red and Green; colors of Antichrist
Mithras, the Zoroastrian sun god is born Dec 25; the name means “Covenant”; with who? Santa=Satan. Red the color of Hemoglobin carrying Iron, a 33 atom molecule called Hematin is the 4th Beast of Iron in Dan 7:7; Chlorophyll the “Blood of Plants” is also a 33 atom molecule which uses Light in Photosynthesis producing Green; this is the Pale Horse “Death” (Cholor=Pale Green) in Rev 6:8; they are one in the same. The DNA of Light is a mythical element having Atomic # 137, the 33rd Prime Number; 1/137 is the fine Structure Constant in physics. Why? Jesus was 33 at the Crucifixion. Rosicrucianism is the “Science” of Man becoming God aka “Entheogen”, the Red/White Enthogenic Mushroom Amenita Muscaria

The Kaballah Tree of Life forming in the Heavens; Jesus is the real Tree of Life. Hanukkah originated with the cleansing of Pig’s Blood from the Altar of the 2nd Temple; America will be the Pig’s Blood cleansed from the Altar of the Golden Age. Francis Bacon (Free + Pig) wrote New Atlantis: A Worke Unfinished in 1620, the same year the Declaration of Arbroath proclaimed the goal for Scottish Independence. America is to be the Phoenix of the New Age, Holocausted (Tammuz= Tam=Purify + Muz=Fire) for the New Age; Scotsman Donald “King of the World” Trump held an illuminated Globe between Egypt’s Pres Abdel Fattah el Sissi and Saudi Arabia’s King Salman illustrating he is the Phoenix, which self immolates, connecting Egypt and Arabia. Francis Bacon (Free Pig) is Jesuit (Society of Gesu=Earth Pig) Priest Sir Tobie Mathew When? Chinese Year of the Earth Pig would be my best guess and that’s 2019. Ever wonder why Donald Trump decorated the White House with dozens of Red Christmas Trees decorated like Handmaids? Handmaids have no Rights. Ever wonder why the leader of Us is “Red”? America is a CORPORATION in Debt “Red Ink” up to its eyeballs. A Jubilee reverses Debt Slaves and Masters; my what 7 years will do!

The Alchemical Wedding of the Sun (Male) and Moon (Female) a Halo from the Sun rising from the Earth deifying the Moon forming the Ankh “Cross of Life” in the Heavens is no small Sign in the Heavens for Gnostics. Arabs call the Moon “Sin”. The Alchemical Wedding of the Sun (Male) and Moon (Female) represents the Divine Androgyne in Gnosticism, symbolized by the Baphomet Goat. A return to the Divine “Adam” created Male and Female in Gen 5:2. You can see how widespread this concept is here and here

A Chaldean fake Jewish Wedding Ceremony mirrored in the Heavens during Hanukkah
The Umbra of the Eclipse path starting in Israel at Sunrise, passing over the Royal Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Royal Hashemite Kingdom of Sabah and Sulu (Indonesia-Philippines); Umbra is the root of Umbrella, seen in the Yarmulke, Zuchetto or Kippah worn by Chaldean Priests (Orthodox, Muslim, Catholic, fake Jewish) to separate them from God; Jesus tore the Temple Veil; Men can access Him by Praying and Prophesying with his head Uncovered (1 Cor 11:4) Prophesy is the ability to understand Scripture (1 Cor 14), not Prophecy.

Scribes and Pharisees asked Jesus for signs of His Divinity “An evil and adulterous generation seekers after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. None would be given except the sign of Jonas; For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth… Mat 12:39-40.
Scribes recently wrote the Mezuzah, a mis-interpretation of Deut 6:4 denying Jesus is LORD and placed it over every door in a radiation hardened bunker at Site 911 in Beit Shemesh “House of the Sun”, called Project 911 the bunker is preparation for the arrival of Moshiach to Earth at Rev 9:11, the 5th Trumpet and 1st Woe !

On Dec 26 an Annular Eclipse will form a Halo around the Sun and Moon; the eclipse path begins at Sunrise in the Royal Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; Trans-Jordan, established in 1917 is the land called Idumea, the land of Edom, Ammon and Moab whose people escape the hand of Antichrist during the Great Tribulation (Dan 11:41). Rabbis call Moshiach HaShem; Hashemites claim descent from the Quyraish Tribe of Mecca; the Korahite Priests God swallowed in the Earth (Lev 16:8-10; Num 16; 26:10) taught Azazel is the Scapegoat; A Lie, Jesus Christ is the real Scapegoat; Azazel is another name of Satan meaning “Goat that Departs”. The mid-point of the Eclipse Umbra is over the Royal Hashemite Kingdom of Sabah and Sulu. Dec 26 is the mid-point of Hanukkah 2019 “Feast of Dedication”; the Babylonian Sun god “Shamash” is the center candle of the Chabad Lubavitch Hanukkah Menorah; What a coincidence? NOT! The Moon eclipsing the Sun forming a Halo (Crown) on St Stephen’s Day (Stephen=Crown/Martyr) is quite a “Sign”.

Chi-Rho “Royal Christ” or Px is the Alchemical Symbol of the Theraputes; 7 years ago, the Sun rose through the Cross formed by the Ecliptic and Zodiac on 12/21/2012. The symbol and IHS (By this Sign Conquer) Constantine used to coerce Christians to take up the Sword, may be the Mark of the Beast that will destroy followers of Jesus Christ. Tau means “Mark or Sign”; God placed a Mark on Cain when he was cast from the Garden of Eden to the East, the land of the Rising Sunni Egypt the Tau was called the Cross of Life “Ankh”, a Tau Cross topped by a Solar Disc. The P (Rho) represents the Eye of the Needle, the Eastern Gate or Golden Gate through with the Rabbis Moshiach will pass; X=Christ; Planet X is Jupiter the Rabbis “Tzaddiq” (Righteous Priest and King Star). Don’t be fooled!

Rabbis call Moshiach HaShem or YHWH
Sabah means “Rising Sun”; Saba means leave one’s religion for that of another; Marranos are false converts to Christian denominations; Moriscos are false converts to Islam and Conversos are false converts to Judaism; all together called Cryptos.
Sabians of Harran were the Chaldeans of Ur who followed Abraham; Harran came to be called “City of the Moon”; the Arab moon god “Sin” then became known to Muslims as “Allah”. Sabian priests went by the title Rba; Arab, Rba and Rabbi all have the same meaning “Master or Great One” which is why Jesus forbid calling anyone on earth Rabbi or Master Mat 23:9-10.
Sulu refers to the Royal Hashemite Kingdom of Sabah and Sulu in the region of the Philippines; you may also recall Sulu was the navigator of the Enterprise NCC 1701 refers to Gen 17:1 when God reveals Himself to Abram changing his name to Abraham; the added “h” meaning “God is with me”. In Rev 14:18 Abram meets Melchisedek “King of Salem” giving him “Tithes”. Melchisedek (Melek=Sovereign King + Tzaddiq=Righteous); Melchisedek means “Righteous King of Jerusalem and Priest of the Most High”; in Hebrew 7 Jesus is made a Priest forever in the order of Melchisdek. Ill return to this in a bit.

Jesus: Conceived on Hanukkah, born Feast of Tabernacles 6 BC

God ordained 7 Holy Feasts aka Holidays: Passover, Feast of Unleavened Bread, Feast of First Fruits, Pentecost, Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles. Satan invented all the others in every religion. Christmas means “Sacrifice of Jesus Christ and Consumption (Mass) of the Host (Eucharist)”
The Cross and Jesus Christ seem inseparable, yet the Cross is the oldest symbol on Earth and Jesus was Crucified on a Tree.
Lk 1 spells out in no uncertain terms the date of Jesus’ birth is Feast of Tabernacles, the only Feast of the Lord with 8 days was necessary for Jesus to be Circumcised in accordance with OT Law to become the NT “Tabernacle”, a requirement specified for Abraham’s sons which Ishmael rejected and Isaac accepted.
The Priest course of Abia is in June (Tammuz) Elizabeth was in her 6th month of pregnancy at Feast of Dedication “Hanukkah” during Kislev (9th Akkadian month “Kislimu” is the Gestation period of the Sun), the celebration invented by the Maccabees (Hasmonean Arabs) during the “Silent Period” when Jesus was Conceived (Symbolically “Dedicated” as Masons place the Cornerstone). John the Baptist was Born on Passover, the greatest of the OT showed the way to the NT through Baptism just as Jesus would be Crucified on Passover to open the NT through Baptism of the Holy Ghost. Jesus was born opposite the calendar 6 months after John when the Roman Census (Counting) occurred, today known as the CORPORATE Fiscal (Physical) Year, a time chosen when Jews were required to attend the “Ingathering” of Tabernacles.
The only Feast required to attend during the Millennium (Zech 14:18) is Feast of Tabernacles because it is Jesus’ real Birthday. Pretty coincidental Melchisedek meets Abram in Gen 14:18 eh? NOT!
The most important day in the year for a Satanist is their Birthday. The Christ (Messiah) born on Christmas is Saturn, Marduk, Zeus, Osiris, Horus, Attis, Krishna, Dionysus, Mithra, Attis, Hercules, Dionysus, Tammuz, Adonis, Balder, Huitzilopochli, Apollo, Sol, all names of Lucifer/Satan the “Rising Sun” and Unconquered Sun “Solis Invicti” not Jesus. Isis means “Throne”; Isis is the “Black Virgin” presenting the Antichrist, the son of Saturn, born on Dec 25; in Egypt Dec 25 “Going forth of Wadjet” In Egypt, the “Going forth of the Wadjet” (Green One) on Dec 25 honored the Black Virgin/Creatrix of the World giving birth to Horus.

Marble votive relief depicting the goddess Cybele and her beloved Attis, Roman times, Philippi Museum

Attis (The Sinner) and Cybele (Mother Earth) Attis, driven insane by Cybele is changed into a Fir Tree; born of the Virgin Nana, a Shepherd, only begotten son and savior, slain for mankind on Black Friday (Good Friday); his body eaten by his followers; his priests “Galli” were Cretins, Eunuchs, castrated for the Kingdom of Heaven (Mat 19:12) The Yarmulke, Zuchetto, Kippah or Skull Cap replaces the Temple Veil Jesus tore top to bottom at the Crucifixion; it is worn by Catholic, Orthodox, Muslim, Hindu and Chasidic fake Jews today. Think any of this has anything to do with Jesus? Guess again.

Dec 26, 2019 Annular Solar Eclipse
Hanukkah 2019: False fulfillment of Daniel’s 70th Week? Dan 9:23-27 describes 70 Weeks to bring an end to sin and anoint the Most Holy; is this Hanukkah 2019?
Rabbis call the Most Holy “HaShem” or “Tzaddiq” (Righteous) seen in the title Melchisedek. The question is Who is Melchisedek to whom Abraham paid Tithes? Rabbis say this is Shem, who lived 502 years after the Flood; Melchisedek is also mentioned by King David as the “Priest forever after the order of Melchizedek”. King David could not have known Shem.
HaShem is derived from Hashemites, descendants of the Priests of Korah God swallowed in the Earth; Korahites are the alternative priesthood to Moses and Aaron, the progenitors of the Law and Levite Priesthood to whom Tithes were paid by the tribes of Israel. Quyraish or Koreish settled in Mecca which means Adultery in Arabic. Ka’aba means Cube of Allah, the Arab moon god “Sin”.
Laws The Laws God delivered to Moses on Mt Sinai in Arabia (Gal 4) begin with “Have no other Gods before me”; the same Law in the New Covenant through Jesus Christ is “Love God with all your heart and soul”; the Alternative Laws imposed by Rabbis and Imams is Noahide Law and Shariah Law which require rejecting Jesus Christ.
Covenant means Contract; to be valid it requires at least 2 Witnesses; the Covenant Name of God in the Old Covenant is JEHOVAH (Ex 6:3); in the New Covenant JESUS (Mat 1:25KJV); in Ps 68:4KJV King David tells us the name of God is JAH, the same name as JEHOVAH and JESUS is CAPITALIZED because it is a SPIRITUAL Contract with God.

First, “The Sign” was an AT&T pseudo-documentary about Sept 23, 2017; the Annular Eclipse logo, however had nothing to do with the Celestial event when Jupiter, called by Rabbis “Tzaddiq” or “King Star”, was born from Virgo crowned with the Sun and the Moon at her feet (Rev 12:1); it portrayed the Dec 26, 2019 Eclipse. QAnon also uses the Solar Eclipse logo; Q is Qop “Eye of the Needle” referring to the East Gate or Golden Gate through with Jesus rode, was rejected and Crucified is the Gate the Rabbis Moshiach will enter to the 3rd Temple. Q, the 17th letter, Gen 17, NCC 1701 “Enterprise”, Rev 17 “Whore” represent the Essenes Qumran scroll 11Q13 “Prince Melchisedek Scroll”; recall in Rev 12 Virgo gave birth to Jupiter? Virgo is the Whore giving birth to the modern day Essene Rabbis “Moshiach”.

Why Now?
Essenes wrote “Prince Melchisedek shall return after the 10th Jubilee” Rabbis claim the 10th Jubilee was Hebrew Year #5778 covering 2017-2018; the Sign they saw was 5778K matches the temperature of the Sun. Jesus is indeed giving these people some signs they can chew on eh?
In 1217, Chasidic Rabbi Judah ben Samuel and Sephardic-Talmudic Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon “Maimonides” clarified the Essene plan stating 1517 would start the 10 Jubilee countdown clock.
In 1517 the 5th Lateran Council in Rome adopted the Chaldean doctrine “Indestructibility of the Soul” as Catholic (Universal Dogma); JESUS is however the Judge of the Soul. The Cathedral of St John Lateran is called the “Mother of all Churches worldwide”; John is Oannes, the Chaldean Beast rising from the Sea or Rising Sun aka the Whore of Babylon; Lateran means “Hidden Frogs”, the unclean spirits of the Devil, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 16:13; 12:9); Jesuits “Militia of Zeus” worship Zeus as Jupiter “Tzeddek” and intend to fill Sede-vacante (Vacant Seat) of the Bishop of Rome with the False Prophet, seen rising from the Earth in Washington National Harbor as “The Awakening” QAnon: Welcome to the Great Awakening ring a Baal? Once again Why Now? Jesuits are the Society of Gesu (Ge=Earth + Sus=Pig); 2019 is the Chinese Year of the Earth Pig; Marrano means “Swine”. Hanukkah originated when Pig’s Blood was cleansed from the Temple, then called Zeus Capitolina “Womb of Zeus”.
Rabbi Baal Shem Tov (Master of the Name HaShem) then identified Hebrew year #5778 as the 10th Jubilee and most recently in Mar 2019 Rav Eliazer Berland of the Shas Council of Wise Torah Sages which is the governing body of Ultra-Orthodox, Sephardic and Mizrahi fake Jews narrowed the time frame further “Moshiach is arriving straight after Passover Seder 2019”
The Rav used Kabbalah and Gematria to identify this 9 month period in Hebrew Year #5779; quite simply 5+7+7+9=28 the number of Saturn’s Cycle and the Feast of the Beast. Now, if this still isn’t obvious I humbly suggest you ask JESUS for a little help in the translation.

“No sign will be given except the sign of Jonas” Well, folks, that Sign is coming on Christmas, the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ and Dedication of the Babylonian Sun god! Jonah warned the Assyrians in Nineveh to repent, modern Israel uses the Chabad Lubavitch Menorah with the Assyrian sun god Shamash at the center; in case its not obvious, the US is Israel’s Bitch. Gal 4 also states that Jerusalem is holding Mt Sinai in Arabia in bondage.
Halo=Crowned Messiah
An Annular Solar Eclipse will form a Halo (Annulus) around the Moon “Midweek” on Dec 26, 2019 “Boxing Day”; Gift Boxes are Cubes representing Saturn.
Halos symbolize Saturn; the Arab moon god is Sin; in Islam Allah (Sin) is “The God”. A Halo is the circular path Oxen make treading the Threshing Floor; Saturn is the “Grim Reaper”; his weapon? the Grain Scythe. Boxing Day is also called St Stephen’s Day; Stephen was the 1st Christian Martyr. Boxing Day is also Day of the Wren, a Wren is captured, tied to a pole and killed. Christmas is the Roman “Saturnalia”. Hanukkah “Feast of Dedication” is Dec 22-28, 2019. The Covenant with Many (Rev 11:1-14) is broken Mid-week in Jerusalem, when Antichrist kills God’s final 2 Witnesses Enoch and Elijah in the streets of Jerusalem, amid people sending gifts one to another; after 3 days they rise as the first taken to Heaven at the 7th and final Trumpet (Rev 10:7; 1 for 15:52; 1 Thess 4:17) Sending gifts is done at Hanukkah and Christmas. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is the Tree Jesus was Crucified on and the Tree set up at Hanukkah and Christmas. A more detailed description of Christmas 2019 is at the end of this article.
Hanukkah “Feast of Dedication”
Shamash (Sun) is the Babylonian Sun Lion and god of Justice, the center (Midweek) candle candle of the Hanukkah Menorah. Jupiter is regarded by Saturnian fake Jews as the Scepter, seen in Gen 49:10 carried by the Lion of Judah returning as Shiloh to gather the 12 tribes of Israel; today’s Israel are imposters. Jupiter is also called Tzedek “Righteous” and Melchisedek “Priest of the Most High” and “King of Jerusalem”; thus Jupiter becomes the Righteous Priest of Saturn and King of Jerusalem. The Order of Melchisedek is the Cult of Saturn; Jupiter aka Horus, Zeus and Marduk is the son of Saturn in this Sabian/Chaldean cosmology. Jupiter, the King Star and son of Saturn is behind the Sun at the end of Hanukkah Dec 28.
Alchemical Wedding
Gen 49:10 tells us Shiloh (He whose it is ie Master of the House) aka Jesus (Alpha), returns with the Scepter as the Lion of Judah; the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ is the Wedding of the Lamb (Rev 19:7) Rabbis call Jupiter “The Scepter” Jupiter is not Jesus folks! Saturn replaces Jupiter behind the Sun Jan 13-14, 2020; Saturnian fake Jews call Saturn “Ring Bearer” and Chiun (Kewan, Kaiwan) aka Queen of Heaven whom Jeremiah warned against (Jer 7:18) worshipping.
Then Sun represents Gold, the Male aspect; Alchemical Gold is the Holy Grail, turning Man into God. The Moon represents Silver, the “Sacred Feminine” or Shekinah to the Rabbis; the Silver Cord symbolizes the connection to the gods; thus the Alchemical Union of Gold and Silver is seen in the Head (Sun/Gold) and Breast (Moon/Silver) of the Abomination of Desolation, the Idol Daniel identified first to Nebuchadnezzar in Dan 2 and further explained in Dan 7.
Kaballah: Tree of Life Sabians worship the Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets; Planet means “Wanderer” the attribute given to Cain Wandering East of Eden toward the Rising Sun; well guess what? Cain may catch up with the Rising Sun Christmas 2019 as the Rising Sun forms the Cross of Life “Ankh” as it breaks the Horizon. The Sun on the Horizon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the Galactic Center Above the Horizon and Mercury, Venus, Moon and the Earth Below the Horizon. The 5-6 Level of Kaballah is where Jesus is placed on the X=Cross.
“Covenant with many” Daniel 9:27 “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week…” Jupiter and Saturn effectively become the 2 Witnesses of the fake Jewish Wedding; the Sun handing the Ring (Annulus/Halo) to the Veiled Bride (Jupiter). In a Saturnian Jewish wedding, the Groom Veils the Bride to avoid being fooled as Jacob was by his Syrian uncle Laban, tricked into marrying Leah. The Groom then circles the Bride 7 times and 7 Blessings are given (Saturn has 7 Rings), symbolic of the Jesuit made up 7 Yr Tribulation and New Dispensation for Israel, neither of which are in Scripture.
Amos 5:2;26; 7:2-3; 6-7KJV states in no uncertain terms that Jacob is no longer called Israel Israel was and still is still worshipping the Six Pointed Star of Saturn aka Chiun. Israel’s Queen of Heaven is the Whore of Babylon (Bab=Gate + On=Saturn).
After the wedding, the groom breaks a Glass symbolizing the Broken Sun Wheel (Swastika) which symbolizes the Earth, broken at the Flood; the Saturnian goal is Tikkun Olam (Repair the Earth) to pre-Flood conditions ruled by Saturn (Satan, Serpent, Devil Rev 12:9) in the Garden of Eden, minus the real Tree of Life Jesus Christ of course!
The Best Man traditionally blasts the Trumpet to signal the Wedding is complete; the 7th and final Trumpet in scripture heralds the arrival of Jesus Christ returning for His Bride; this Saturnian Trumpet blast is the Jesuit made up “Rapture” and return of Saturn to the Golden Age. Rev 10:7; 1 for 15:52; 1 Thess 4:17 and Dan 12:2 all describe the same 7th Trumpet, 3rd Woe ! Jesus tore the Temple Veil with His Crucifixion; access to God is Free via the Holy Ghost; This Trumpet blast will herald the Mark of the Beast in the 3rd Temple.
Kaballah A once in several thousand year alignment of planets will form the Kabbalah Tree the Saturnian Tree of Life, over Hanukkah/Christmas 2019 to Tu b’ Shebat “Festival of Trees” 2020. Saturn will be in Capricorn “Chaldean Horned Sea Beast”. Jesus came in His Father’s name and was rejected; He said another would come in his own name and be accepted (Jn 5:43) Rabbis eagerly await their Gnostic Messiah Jupiter and his father Saturn; the term Rabbi is derived from the Chaldean Sabian Priest Rba, Arab for “Great One”. For followers of Jesus Christ, the King already came and was Crucified and Nailed to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; Talmudic/Kabbalist Rabbis open Synagogues of Satan with the Sign of Shin celebrating the Nails used to fasten Jesus to the Tree. The Earth (Gaia), Sun (Shemesh) and the Galactic Center aligned vertically, Saturn (China/Kaiwan), Mars (Nergal/Aries the UNKNOWN GOD of the Areopagus), and Jupiter will be Above while Venus (Ishtar), Moon (Sin), Mercury (Nabu/Hermes/Toth) are Below. “As Above. So Below” forming? We’ll soon see. Chaldeans and Sabians worship Creation (Creature) not the Creator; don’t follow them to Hell!

Saturn (Time, Black Star) will remain in Capricorn (Sea Goat) until 2020. The Chinese New Year 2019 begins the Year of the Earth Pig. Jesuits are the Society of Gesu “Earth Pig”. Knighted Jesuit Sir Tobie Matthew SJ aka Sir Francis Bacon “Free Pig” fits the description of Marrano “Swine”, Chaldeans who leave their religion for another “Conversos”; history records them as Crypto, Marrano or Morisco. The Extreme Oath of Induction into the Jesuit Order requires initiates to pretend to be Protestant, Jewish and Catholic in order to destroy their religions from the inside.
Knighted Jesuit Tobie Matthew’s book New Atlantis: A worke unfinished details the plan for Saturn to reign supreme in the New Age, a symbolic return to the pre-Flood age; the Chaldean Supreme Deity is Saturn and has infected every religion on Earth.
China=Sina “Sin”, the Arab moon god “Sin” is called “Allah”; Cathay=Sons of Heth “Hittites”; Santa, the Hittite god of the west is Saturn; the Chinese Red Dragon described in Rev 12:9 as Satan, Devil, Serpent deceiving the entire world.
Chaldeans in Ur (Sumer/Babylon “Gate of Saturn”) changed their name to Sabians (Saba means “Convert or Change”) of Harran; Harranites worshipped and prayed to the King of Light (Lucifer means “Light Bearer”) facing North (God’s home is in the North as is Santa and Superman whose Red/Blue Suit encompasses visible light), none other than the agricultural deity Saturn aka “Grim Reaper”.
Harran was known as “Heathenopolis” (Heath= Earth) because of their worship of 7 Planets (Earth, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Stars of the 12 Zodiac signs and Idols; not Christian, Muslim or Jewish. Eg Sirius is the Arab al Qalb, the Star where Satan resides which became the Mormon Kolob, the home of “Embryo Souls”; Isis means “Throne”.
Saba also means “To Rise; Apostatize”; Apostate Sabians worship the “Rising Sun” in the East; on Dec 25, an Annular Solar Eclipse Christmas Day (Mass of Christ) will Ring the Moon (Sin) with the Halo of the Sun with Jupiter behind (Best Man) until Saturn moves into that position in January (Janus is 2 faced god of doors looking to the past and future) 2020 (Perfect Vision).
Saturnian Crypto Jews Chasidics (Chesed is Abram’s brother) call Jupiter “King Star” and “Tzedeq” (Righteous), regarding the planet as the son of Saturn and the “Scepter” conveying Kingship to Saturn. Shiloh returns as the Lion of Judah (Gen 49:10) carrying the Scepter, his name means “He whose it is”;
Jesuits penned the plan for 3 World Wars on the Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1871 to pit forces of political Zionism against Islam to the point of physical, emotional and economic exhaustion in order for the world to accept the true Doctrine of Lucifer, the Sabin “Angel of Light”. Offspring of Saturn are Sin, the Islamic Allah and Shamash, the Assyrian sun Lion which occupies the center position on the Hanukkah Menorah in Israel, the center of Zionism.
Jesuit is derived from Gesu; Ge=Earth + Sus=Pig; Society of Jesus? Not on your life! Their HQ St John Lateran Arch-basilica is considered the “Mother of all Churches Worldwide” and contains Sede vacant (Vacant Seat), of who? Lateran means “Hidden Frogs”, the unclean spirits of the Devil, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 12:9;16:13). China is Cathay; Cath=Heth Land of the Hittites; the Hittite god of the West? Santa, a difficult to see anagram for Satan; their national symbol? Red Dragon.
Lunar Eclipse over the Americas Jan 21, 2019 coincides with Tu’b Shebat “Festival of Trees”; Jesus, the Tree of Life was Crucified; the Saturnian fake Jew Tree of Life is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil symbolized by the Kaballah Tree of Life.
Mar 21 Lunar Eclipse coincides with the Persian Nowruz “New Light” Festival. The Rooster Idols “Sanjaks” are the UNKNOWN GOD of the Areopagus, Nergal, Mars or Ares, the Cock heralding the Rising Sun aka the Angel of Light “Lucifer”. Mar 21 is the Hindu Holi Festival; Krishna means “Black”; Saturn is the Black Sun; mix colors to form Black.
April 6 New Moon is God’s New Year and Tartan Day celebrating the Assyrian army commander under Sargon II “Tartan” and the Scottish Presbyterian Kirkin O Tartan “Church of Tartan”. Tartan means “Phoenician Cloth”. The Mormon Church (Mormo means God of the Living Dead) was founded and dedicated the 1st 3 Temples on Tartan Day; New Covenant Temples are not made with Stone, but bodies of believers in Jesus Christ!
Dec 25-26, 2019 “Christmas” Annular Solar Eclipse forms a Halo around the Moon (Arab moon god is Sin).
Hanukkah “Feast of Dedication” Dec 22-28 Shamash the Babylonian Sun Lion is the center candle. Jupiter is regarded by Saturnian fake Jews as the Scepter aka Tzedek, Melchisedek, King Star and son of Saturn is behind the Sun at the end of Hanukkah Dec 28. Gen 49:10 tells us Shiloh (He whose it is ie Master of the House) aka Jesus (Alpha), returns with the Scepter as the Lion of Judah; Jupiter is not Jesus folks! Saturn is behind the Sun Jan 13-14, 2020; Saturnian fake Jews call Saturn “Ring Bearer” and Chiun (Kewan, Kaiwan) aka Queen of Heaven whom Jeremiah warned against (Jer 7:18) worshipping; Jupiter and Saturn become the 2 Witnesses of the fake Jewish Wedding Ring given to the Bride. 7 Blessings symbolic of the Jesuit made up 7 Yr Tribulation and New Dispensation for Israel, neither of which are in Scripture (Amos 5:2;26; 7:2-3; 6-7KJV) because Jacob is not longer called Israel and Israel is still worshipping the Six Pointed Star of Saturn aka Chiun, their Queen of Heaven. After the wedding, the groom breaks a Glass symbolizing the Broken Sun Wheel (Swastika) symbolizing the Earth, broken at the Flood; the Saturnian goal is Tikkun Olam (Repair the Earth) to pre-Flood conditions ruled by Saturn (Satan, Serpent, Devil Rev 12:9) in the Garden of Eden, minus the real Tree of Life Jesus Christ of course! The Best Man traditionally blasts the Trumpet to signal the Wedding is complete; the final Trumpet in scripture heralds the Jesuit made up “Rapture” and return of the KING of KINGS.
A once in several thousand year alignment of planets will form the Kabbalah Tree of Life over Hanukkah/Christmas 2019; Rabbis eagerly await their Messiah; for followers of Jesus Christ, the King already came and was Crucified and Nailed to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; Talmudic/Kabbalist Rabbis open Synagogues of Satan with the Sign of Shin celebrating the Nails and their apparent victory over Jesus. Don’t follow them to Hell!, the Mayan Calendar date corresponds to the 2012 Solar Solstice, based on Venus cycles; Venus (Desire, Strive for, Charm) is the Arab “al Uzza” (Most Mighty); the interaction with the Sun is the basis of the Golden Mean “Phi” aka Ratio of Life. 7 Yr Tribulation is a Dispensational Lie; 12/21/2012 + 7 yrs=12/21/2019. Hanukkah 12/22/2019-12/30/2019; Daniel’s 70th Week? Not on your eternal life. Israel has a Chief Priest “Kohannim”, Red Heifer, Cornerstone of the 3rd Temple, and Altar built. A radiation hardened bunker with the Mezuzah rejecting Jesus Christ written over every door called Project 911 on Site 911 “Beit Shemesh” (Shamash, the Babylonian Sun Lion is the center candle of the Chabad Hanukkah Menorah) is built. Why? Satan is cast to Earth at Rev 9:11, 5th Trumpet Warning/1st Woe ! (5 months) is followed by the 6th Trumpet Warning/2nd Woe ! (13 months, 1 week, 1 day) and 7th Trumpet/3rd Woe! aka Body Resurrection of those in Christ. The last day is the “Day of Wrath”. The last Week? “And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and make mercy, and shall send gifts one to another; because these two prophets tormented them that dwelt on the earth. And after three days and an half, the Spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them…And they heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, Come up hither: And they ascended upon to heaven in a cloud; and their enemies behold them” Rev 11:10-12 Midweek 2019 is Christmas (Mass=Sacrifice + Christ). Think Jesus was born on Christmas? Guess again.
Quite the plan eh? TimesUp folks! The choice is Jesus or Saturn with consequences that last forever.
Krampus, the movie about the Shadow of Santa Claus was released coincident with CERN attempting to create “Shadow Matter” on Krampusnacht in 2015 pretty coincidental eh? NOT! Old Nick, Old Nikkar, Ruprecht, Certa, Perchten, Black Peter, Schmutzli, Pelznickel are all names for the Shadow of St Nicholas; no surprise as CERN (Cernunnos=Horned One) is attempting to create Dark Matter or Shadow Matter, the Anti-matter companion of the God Particle this week.
Jesus was born Feast of Tabernacles (Lk 1), Jesus was a “Young Child” (Mat 1) 1 1/2 years old in Egypt when the “Wise Men” arrived in Bethlehem and was 33 1/2 at His Passover Crucifixion (14 Abib/Nisan) and Resurrection 3 days later on Feast of First Fruits (17 Abib/Nisan).
British means B’Rith=Birthright Covenant. British imposter (Germanic ie of Japheth-Gomer-Saxon descent) Prince William, born on June 21, 1982, son of Diana (Goddess of Witchcraft), 1000th Knight in the Order of the Garter (Witch’s Belt) turns 33 1/2 on Dec 21, 2015. The Order founded by the Chaldean Bankers around Norman Bastard King William the Conqueror in 1066 created the Doomsday Book, an accounting of lands owned by the Crown; today the Crown claims most of Earth’s resource wealth. Antichrist? I doubt that, but stay alert. Messianic Islam is awaiting the arrival of al-Mahdi; 7th Day Adventists such as Ben Carson eagerly await the return of “Christ”; Israelis await a Messiah, Jesus said would come in his own name and be accepted.
The origins of Hanukkah are not of God. Syrians turned the 2nd Temple into Zeus Capitolina (Womb of Zeus); Judah Maccabee (Maccabee means Hammer of God) defeated the Syrian army, cleansed the altar of Pig’s Blood and re-dedicated the Temple on 25 Kislev; 1 day of Oil miraculously burned for 8 days and this Maccabean/Inter-testament (Between Testimonies of God) BS became Hanukkah (Feast of Dedication/Festival of Lights). The Hanukkah Menorah has 8 Branches surrounding the sun-god Shamash.
Santa is the Hittite “God of the West” and has 8 Reindeer because Jesus represents the 8th and final Covenant between Man and God aka “New Covenant”; Rudolph is a 20th century addition representing the 9th Reindeer. The Red Nose is Edom given “Dominion” (Sovereign Authority to Rule Earth) in Gen 27:40 KJV.
Santa is derived from the Nicolaitane (Conquer the Laity) St Nicholas of Myra, a Nordic Shaman bringing Entheogen (God Within) Amenita Mushrooms to those deemed “Good” while his shadow Krampus, the son of Hel brings terror.
Amenita Muscaria Mushrooms rise at Dawn (Lucifer=Phosphorus= Light Bringer=Dawn) from the roots of Evergreen Trees in the Earth in Snakelike fashion; sprout a Round Head (Zodiac=Circle of Heaven); curl upward at the edges to collect the Dew (Soma or Nectar of the sun god) and ultimately invert to form a Cup ie “Holy Grail”.
During the Inter-testament “Silent Period”, Feast of Dedication aka Festival of Lights was born; God did not ordain the Holy Day, Satan did. The Illuminated Tree topped by a Star (STUR is Chaldean for Star of Molech/Chiun) decorated with Ornaments (Sacrifices); Presents (Entheogens) at its base/roots and Tinsel (Dew of Heaven aka Semen of the sun god) were warned of by Jeremiah (Jer 10). Take note of Santa’s Red Suit, Rudolph’s Red Nose, Red and White Amenita Muscaria and Esau’s blessing in Gen 27:40 KJV to live off “fatness of the Earth” (Wealthy), “by the Sword” (Killing) the “Dew of Heaven” (Priests); Christmas and Hanukkah are Edomite Holy Days.
Gen 27:39-41 KJV is Reversed in every New Bible version. It is the most important scripture to understand in my opinion because the roles of Esau and Jacob are reversed. The blessing came from God, not the old age blinded Isaac. Esau is prophesied to live off the fatness of the earth (Wealthy), by the Sword (They will all die by the Sword Ref Obadiah) and from the Dew of Heaven from above (Shaman/Priests/Imam/Rabbis) Priests offering Communion is Blasphemous and brings upon the person the Guilt/Curse of the Crucifixion (Ref 1 Cor 11:27-29).
Jesus is the Word made Flesh; Eating the Flesh of the God in Hallucinogenic Mushrooms doesn’t cut it. The Talmud says “Jesus is the son of a whore, writhing in Hell in His own boiling excrement”. Jesus was Jewish, the Talmud and it’s Rabbis are not Jewish, but Chaldean-Edomite.
The Word of God states “All Liars shall have their part in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone” Esau achieves “Dominion” not Jacob. When Esau obtains this Dominion he will slay his brother Jacob. The House of Jacob is everyone on Earth in a Spiritual relationship with God.
God hates Esau (Mal 1:3; Rom 9:13) and God hates Nicolaitane Doctrine (Elevated Clergy; Rev 2:6;15) becvause they are one in the same. Your Priest and Rabbi are Nicolaitane Edomites.
Esau rejected God and became Edom (Red or Adam as Adam was made from the Earth; they are also called Earth Dwellers in Rev 13) Jacob Wrestled with God and became Israel; this has nothing to do with the Edomite forgery called the nation of Israel.
Amalek is a grandson of Esau; “The LORD will have war with Amalek from Generation to Generation” (Ex 17:16) because they teach others to Reject God and Sell their Birthright as they did. Where? In Church of course! Jesus collects no Tithing; Wolves in Sheep’s Clothes do. Nobody on Earth is authorized to collect Tithing in the New Covenant.
Real Israel (Israel means “One who wrestles with God”) are scattered all across the world; the Babylonian imposters “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothes” listed in 2 Ki 17:30 are in Israel and Jerusalem today under the Star of Molech between 2 Blue Stripes representing the Nile and Euphrates Rivers in a Sea of White. Jesus refers to Jerusalem as “Spiritually Sodom and Egypt” in Rev 11:8 for this reason. Obadiah states plainly, none of the House of Esau will remain alive at the second coming. Desperation doesn’t even begin to describe their plight, which is why they Drug us and feed us full of Bull Shit.
Rudolph (Wolf of Fame and Glory and or Ruddy) leads Donnar (Thor=Thunder) and 7 others pulling Santa (Satan), guided by a Shiny Red (Esau rejected God and became Edom=Red) Nose to the Red light District full of Whores of Babylon (Gate of Osiris/Odin). Sharia and Noahide Law enforces the Luciferian Initiation and mandates rejection of Jesus Christ. “Nobody shall enter the New Age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation” UN Planetary Initiative. Allah is the moon god of Mecca; Mecca (Mechus) means Adultery, the penalty for Adultery is rejection from the Wedding of the Lamb (Rev 19:7) and banishment to Hell for eternity. No this is not meant to be funny, it’s a warning to get out of Babylon!
Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles (15 Tishrei). Hanukkah replaces the 7 Branched Candlestick (Jesus between 2 Thieves=6 uplifted arms around Jesus, hanging on 1 Tree) Moses constructed in favor of a man-made 8 and 9 Branch Hanukkah Menorah; the center candle replaces Jesus with Shamash the Canaanite/Amorite Sun god.
The Nativity Scene is Dies Natalis Solis Invictus (Nativity of the Un-conquered Sun) The Wise Men arrived in Bethlehem when Jesus was 18 months old and in Egypt; Edomite King Herod died after ordering the “Slaughter of Innocents” Passover 4 BC; Jesus was born Feast of Tabernacles 6 BC and Circumcised of the Flesh on the 8th Day of Tabernacles.
Constantine the Great or rather his Druid (Men of Trees) princess (Daughter of Old Druid King Coelus the Merry Old Soul) mother Helena (Helene means Free; Helen of Troy may ring a Baal) adopted the Solar Solstice as Christmas 300 years after the Crucifixion. The 3rd Temple of God is the Flesh of Born Again Christians; “Howbeit the most high dwelleth not in Temples made with hands” God dwells in cleansed and re-dedicated “Born Again” Men and Women raising their innocent children to know the LORD is JESUS.
The Chi-Rho symbol is the Labarum. Chi=Serpent Messiah or Phyre (Phyre seen in the Mitre of Dagan worn by false Christian Solar Priests of Mithra) Energy; Rho=Royal or To Produce. XP, the first 2 letters in the Green rendering of Christ became X-Mass; nothing more than the symbol of a Deer shedding Antlers, a Snake (Serpent) shedding its Skin or the Sun (Sol) descending and rising each year as Solis Invictus (Unconquered Sun) rising from the Sea. Rosicrucian Martin Luther brought the Christmas Tree to the Heathen (Earth) Holiday. America even adopted the Evergreen Tree as its first Flag, followed closely by the coiled Serpent Flag still in use by the Masonically created T (Tammuz) Party. Tammuz is the reason the Glory of the LORD departed Solomon’s Temple; if you want God in your life burn the Tree!
Christmas is Heathen nonsense (Read Col 3:5) Krampusnacht (Krampen=Claw) is Dec 6 in 2015 Dec is also Hanukkah. St Lucia (Bride of Lucifer) is Dec 13. Saturnalia is Dec 17. Yule Goat aka Krampus is Dec 25; Wassail means “Going Yule Goat”. Jan 6 “Epiphany or 3 Kings Day” also has nothing to do with Jesus. Wise Men (Medean Magi) arrived 1 1/2 years after His birth on Feast of Tabernacles in the Spring of 4 BC; He was in Egypt with His parents then, not in a Manger in Bethlehem at Hanukkah. Todays 9 Branch Menorah replaces Jesus with Shamash (Sun); about as Blasphemous as it can get; put one on top of your Christmas Tree (Grove) is you really insist on trying God’s patience! Or NOT!!
Amenita Muscaria Mushrooms
Fly Agaric is the Egyptian Flesh of Osiris and Druid Holy Mushroom of Adonis, the son of the Sun god called “Adonai”. Red and White Mushrooms are collected under Pine Trees in Winter, asexually sprouting from the roots of the Tree whose lifecycle begins as a Pole (Asherah, Obelisk), Dome (Yarmulke, Zuchetto), Cup (Grail) and finally a Golden Shower.Conceived on March 25 “Hilaria” (Rabbits don’t lay eggs at Easter; Rabbit Idol is the Horite god Anammelech 2 Ki 17:30) and born 9 months later, the baby mushrooms asexually (Immaculately) emerge from the Pine Needles, connected to Evergreen Tree roots as a baby from the Womb connected to its mother. The Mushrooms leave a hole resembling a Bird’s Nest (China Beijing Olympic Stadium “Bird’s Nest” may ring a Baal here) or Rabbit Hole (Matrix movies may ring a Baal; Blue Pill go back to sleep; Red Pill, head down the Rabbit Hole). Bird’s Nest full of Easter (Ishtar) Eggs ringing a Baal here? The basket of course is the Reed Basket Moses floated down the Nile as an infant or Sargon the Great was said to have done in the Euphrates to become “Legitimate King”. Aryans await Sargon III will breathless anticipation.
Colored Eggs denoted Initiated Level among Druids; the Golden Egg symbolizes the Archdruid. The mythical King Arthur’s father Uther Pendragon was a Druid Archbishop or Pendragon, the head of the Knights/Initiates of the Round Table aka Astrological Zodiac.
No shock effect intended, but the symbol of the budding baby mushrooms symbolize “Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost” ie rejection of Jesus as Word in Flesh, Holy Ghost and God in Flesh. The mushroom represents “Luciferian Initiation” and Circumcision, the symbol of the Old Covenant, of which Jesus referred to John the Baptist as the Greatest of the Old yet less than any in the New Covenant. The term Johnnitter (Knights of St John, Hospitallers or Soveriign Military Order of Malta should ring a Baal as many of US Military Brass, Congress and Cabinet are Initiated Satanists.
Education means Bring Up or Rear; Sodomy is called “Satan’s Sex” and serves as the Initiation into Luciferian Cults the world over because it is said to activate the lower Chakra at the base of the spine in Kundalini. Jesuit Sodomite Priest Paul Shanley wrote “Sex before 8 or its too late”. In a subltle way, we do this with Easter and Christmas.
Egyptian Pillars are constructed as Mushrooms aka “Flesh of the Gods”. Hydrogen combines to form Helium “He”. Jesus told the Pharisees “I Am He” and was “Hung on the Tree” for it. He is Jesus’ title, meaning “God is with me”; Fusing Hydrogen molecules results in a Mushroom Cloud. Gnostics believe the Soul will not be Judged by Jesus, but rather Liberated from Earthly bodies; the Liberty Cap, Cap of Mithra or Smurf Cap came about. Thinking Cap ringing a Baal; it is also a Sleeping Cap. Care for a Night Cap? Time to Wake Up folks! Psilocybin Mushrooms grow in Cow Dung; Holy Shit is right; they grow Blue upon drying, hence Hathor is a Blue Cow and Smurfs are Blue. Dumbo is a Blue Flying Elephant because the mushrooms grow in SE Asia in Elephant Dung; hence the Elephant and Cow are revered in many parts of the world.
Pharaoh wore a headdress with a Snake and Bird exiting the Pine Cone shaped Pineal Gland because Chaldean Priests of On (Osiris) convinced him/her they were the incarnation of Osiris on Earth. Her? Yup, Hatshepsut was cross dressing Pharaoh of the Exodus not Ramses II; the Battle of Qadesh “Holy Cow” with the Hittites occurred in 1279 BC; the Exodus in 1492 BC. The 2014 rendition of Exodus: Gods and Kings is chocked full of Holy Bull Shit. Christian Bale/Baal as Moses? Come on it’s not that difficult folks! The Pineal Gland is the 3rd Eye seen on the $US as the Capstone of the Pyramid (Amid the Flames). When America dies, the Great Tribulation begins.
Outside the Vatican are Pine Cone Pillars. Orthodox and Roman Catholic Priests use Pine Cone Sprinklers for “Holy Water” (Salt and Spit or Urine if you are fully Babylonian). Saint Pope John Paul II went so far as carrying the “Twisted Crucifix” adorned with the Pine Cone used by Pagans to rejoice in the Crucifixion and Death of God. Pine Cones produce Initiates of the Tree Cult; Initiated by Illumination of the Pineal Gland with Serpent Energy. Hilarious isn’t it? Easter is also known as Hilaria; Druids ride Hobby Horse Asses on Easter as the Mock King or Holi Fool just for Shits and Gigs.
The US adopted the Evergreen Tree as it’s first Ensign (Flag); the same Ensign ius in Lebanon (Phoenicia) and Qatar. It is no coincidence Evergreen Airlines has a worldwide no-bid contract for Geo-Engineering using Chemtrail Spraying. The Evergreen is the Palm in Arab Nations. Lebanon is Laban meaning “To Make White”; Hezbullah are Aryan Nazis.
Laban and Jacob separated their flocks by color/imperfections which is the “Racist”. There is one Race of Man, and Woman made from Man; Black, Red, Yellow, Brown or White are all made in God’s image. Funny how the colors of Maize are adopted by Baal, the Corn God as imperfect. The entire world struggles against this monstrous “Racist” lie.
Nordic Shaman dressed in Red and White reflect the Mushrooms and Red Lodge in Masonry ie Initiates or Porch Brethren from the White Lodge (Cathar Priests were called Perfecti meaning Sinless; the Illuminati is the Order of Perfectibillists or Theraputae of Alexandria Egypt) aka Great White Brotherhood or Aryans (Iran=Aryan) “Noble Caste”.
Santa is White because Jesus is falsely depicted White in the West. Santa is Bearded as Jesus is falsely depicted because Zeus aka Green Man is Bearded. Santa’s sack contains hallucinogenic mushrooms (same concept as Marijuana aka Mary Jane, Hashish used by Assassins aka Hashishin, Peyoti, Psilocybin etc), hence presents are left under Illuminated Evergreen Trees. They grow during Winter; Shaman descend the Smoke Hole (Chimney) and dry them on the Hearth to eliminate toxins and enhance their Hallucinogenic properties. Children are taught to offer a Cookie and Milk (Body and Blood of the Host Sacrifice) with the threat Krampus will Curse them. Christmas in means Sacrifice and Consumption of the Body of the Host/Messiah) Nothing sparks up Holiday “Holy Day” cheer like Cannibalism of Jesus eh? Novices drink the Urine of Shaman, hence the term “Pissed” means “Drunk” as in Drunk with the Wine of Fornication with this “Whore of Babylon”. Eating these “Entheogens” (God Within) produces Euphoria, hence Flying Reindeer (or Dumb Elephants) and Ruddy (Flushed) Complexion of Santa (Satan) Claus (Krampus=Claws).
Reindeer drop antlers each year as the Snake sheds skin, hence they rejuvenate (synthetic Re-birth) annually and symbolize Cernunnos aka Green Man “Horned One”; Shaman wear Horned Headdresses for this reason. The origin is China (China=Sina=Sin or Wilderness=Cathay=Sons of Heth or Hittites) where Sha Man means “Illuminated One” or Buddha. Siddhartha Guatama aka Buddha is the Pillar, Pole or Axis (Ibn Sayyid Qutb coined the tern Al-Qaeda “Foundation” in 1966 “Year One Satan); Qutb the term used by Dervish Ascetics; similar to Kagan by Aryans; Supreme Court Justice, Sodomite, Obama Solicitor General and Obama mentor Elena Kagan may ring a Baal here. Lazar Kaganovich, another who manufactured Stalin’s Gulag system responsible for the deaths of a 100 million persons.
Aryans (Iran means Aryan) believe God is White and made Man White in His image and likeness; the term “Racial Purity” or “Ethnic Cleansing” may ring a Baal here. Their symbol “Swastika” adopted by Nazis is the Broken Sun Wheel; the goal is to repair Earth to conditions of the Garden of Eden.
This time of year is Holy to Earth Dwellers as the Sun Rises from the Sea each year Unconquered as “Solis Invictus”; Priests from Roman to Orthodox wear the Flame Shape Mitre of Sol/Mithra and unsuspecting Christians put the Labrys (Fish Symbol of the Phoenican fisher King) on their car bumpers. Druids (Men of Oaks/Trees) gathered Holly, and offered Solstice sacrifices in Thor’s Oaks, using the Holly Wood to make their Wands.
Hollywood is named for this Druid Propaganda apparatus; no Hollywood is not Jewish. Think Big Curved TV screen are neat? Just wait for Operation Blue (Blue Lodge=Blue Smurf) Beam sends pictures and sound on the World’s largest TV Screen “Ionosphere”. “Ion Television: Positively Entertaining” ringing a Baal here? Lighting takes an Ionized Path to Earth; Nazi Lightning Bolts ringing a Baal?
Good Friday is Holy Bull Shit just like Lent or Advent. Jesus was Crucified on 14 Abib/Nisan “Passover” on Wednesday (Wotan’s Day); laid in and remained in the Sepulchre 15 Abib “Feast of Unleavened Bread” on Thursday (Thor’s Day) and Friday (Freya’s Day), and was Resurrected on 17 Abib “Feast of First Fruits” on Saturday (Saturn’s Day).
Thor is the son of Odin/Woden/Wotan who is guided by the counsel of 2 birds; Divine Language is Language of Birds; Hugin and Munin with Odin, like Santa or Osiris are pulled across the sky in a Chariot with the same period as the Sun. Shaman dressed in Red and White to mimic the hallucinogenic mushrooms; the time of year around the Solar Solstice and birth of Mithra made them appear as “Entheogens” (God within). Santa’s Sleigh is the Big Dipper aka Ursa Major (Great Bear=Russia), guided by Arcturas the Bear Guard.
Arcturas is King Arthur, King of Britain=B’Rith=Birthright Covenant=Esau=King Arthur. The Sword in the Stone? Amenaita Mucaria Mushrooms exiting the Earth, plucked and eaten by Initiates of the Solar Cult. Lancelot is Arthur’s champion Knight; Why? He committed Adultery with his wife Guinevere. Why a Sword? Excalibur (Voracious) is the Magical Sword ie Magic Mushroom of the “One True King” who becomes this only after committing Adultery with his master. Jesus is the Stone the builders rejected. Arcturas encircles the Pole Star in 24 Hrs, hence Santa is “Ubiquitous” (Everywhere) and Omnipotent (All Knowing). This symbol and slogan is on CFR Magazine “Foreign Affairs” because Santa is not the Christian God, but a Foreign god called “Green Man”; al-Kidr in Arabic or al-Mahdi may ring a Baal.
In Nordic lore, Thor (Son of Odin or Wotan) rides on a chariot pulled by Goats (Jesus is the Scapegoat of Lev 16:8-10); Santa rides in a Sleigh pulled by Reindeer, one of whom is Donnar aka Thor led by the Red (Edomite) Nose.
God has this to say about Solstice celebrations
“Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen…the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not. They are upright as the palm tree but speak not…Be not afraid of them; for they cannot do evil neither also is it in them to do good” Jer 10:2-5

“Ye observe days, and months, and times, and years. I am afraid of you, lest I have bestowed upon you labour in vain” Gal 4:10-11
Biblical Proof Luke 1
“Zecharias, of the course of Abia (8th 8 day Temple Service in June)…as soon as the days of his ministration were accomplished, he departed to his own house. And after those days his wife Elisabeth conceived (Nativity of St John is June 24th), and hid herself five months…in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God (Hanukkah/Festival of Lights December 24th, 6 months after Elizabeth conceived John the Baptist)…Nazareth, To a virgin espoused to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David, and the virgin’s name was Mary…the Lord is with thee (Jesus is LORD)…thou shalt conceive in thy womb and …shalt call his name JESUS…thy cousin Elisabeth …also conceived a son in her old age: and this is the sixth month with her, who was called barren…when Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost.
A decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed (Fiscal Year is September-October)…when Cyrenius was governor of Syria…Joseph also went…out of the city of Nazareth…into the city of David…Bethlehem…to be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, being great with child…while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered (Feast of Tabernacles 15 Tishrei or 29 Sept). And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn (Tabernacles was a large Feast)…there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night (Shepherds bring their flocks out of the mountains by October)….and when eight days (8 Days of Tabernacles) were accomplished for the circumcising of the child (Jesus fulfilled the Ole Covenant Law) , his name was called JESUS” Luke 1 Mat 1:25 JESUS=JAH (Ps 68:4KJV)=JEHOVAH (Ex 6:3KJV)

Jesus, Santa, Mithra and the Magic Mushroom

Hanukkah means “Feast of Dedication” aka “Festival of Lights”, lasting 8 days. The Arab word for Sun is Shamash (Sham means Sun) which also means Fraud, Hoax or Trick God ordained 7 Holy Feasts Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, Pentecost, Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles, the latter representing the birth of Jesus Christ lasted 8 days because He is the 8th Covenant between God and Man. The 9 Branch Hanukkah Menorah surrounds Shamash “Sun”. Project 911 in Beit Shemesh (House of the Sun) near Jerusalem is an underground, radiation hardened bunker financed by US taxpayers to house people when Lucifer is cast to Earth at Rev 9:11. Jesus will destroy this and every other work of Man 18 months, 1 Week and 1 Day later.
Nazar means “Sanctify one’s self in service to God”; Nazarene means “From Nazareth”; Nazarites such as Samson or John the Baptist have nothing to do with being a Nazarene like Jesus Christ. Bethlehem Mayor Victor Batarseh began Christmas festivities today by lighting the Christmas Tree and commemorating the Wise Men witnessing the star over the birth of the Prince of Peace on Dec 25th; that too has nothing to do with Jesus Christ; rather it is “Sol Invictus”.
“Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen…For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with an axe. They deck it with silver and with gold…” Jer 10:2-4 Perhaps it is written in the 10th chapter because December means “Tenth” as does “Tithe”; what Tithe? Christ=Messiah; Mass=Sacrifice and consumption of a suitable host.
Jeremiah warned against Saturnalia aka Sol Invictus celebrations at the fall of Jerusalem; hence, after the Crucifixion, Jesus refers to Jerusalem as “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” in Rev 11:8. During the Inter-testament period, Hanukkah rose from the 2nd Temple period when God was silent (Silent Night? Oh yeah; Holy Night? Absolutely not); Macabbees cleansed the altar where a pig had been slain and re-dedicated it on 25 Kislev, but God was not there, having departed to heaven as described in Eze 8 by the same route He would take in flesh. The date was chosen because it was 2160 years after Sargon the Great had been declared “Legitimate King” in Babylon as Taurus gave way to Aries; now Aries was giving way to Pisces; soon Phoenician/Nabataean “Fish” (Labrys) symbols would be accepted by Gnostics such as Nazarenes, Ebionites, Essenes (Dead Sea Scrolls), Theraputae (Nag Hamadi texts by Philo and Origen) and slowly infused into Judaism and Christianity with the Hexagram, Cross (Tau), and Tree, all pagan symbols.
What separates a Gnostic from a Born Again Christian is the Divinity of Jesus Christ; Gnostics desire Freedom (Hellenes) and Liberty (Libertines) from God. Nazarene texts like the “Gospel of Q” (Q=Quelle “Source”) and “Gospel of the Hebrews” declare Jesus to be a Wise Sage, Ascended or Evolved Master or Avatar, not God in Flesh. Jesus is however “Alpha”; “Melchisedek”, author of the Abrahamic Covenant, authority of King David and the flesh who sprang from Judah to author the New Covenant (ref Gen 14:8; Ps 110; Heb 7). He instructed Moses to construct a 7 branched candlestick because He would be Crucified between 2 thieves and nailed to the Tree. The 8 branched Menorah like Hanukkah and Christmas (Purim as well) are Gnostic additions to God’s plan, Consecrated with His physical blood and that of His followers. The New Covenant is a Spiritual Covenant; Time to separate from these heathen ways and become Holy, the Ekklesia Church Jesus established.

Christmas/Hanukkah 2019
Antichrist (Alternative Messiah), will fake the 2nd Coming of Jesus (Project Blue Beam and Project 911 may ring a Baal); a Catharsis or Holocaust “Cleansing” of unimaginable proportions described in Dan 7:7 as the 4th Beast of Iron during a 1260 day period called the Great Tribulation when Antichrist sits on Satan’s Seat aka Throne of Pergamon enforcing the Mark of the Beast (666 a lucky number in China seen on 3/6/9 when the NYSE index hit 666, Chinese investors flocked to Wall St) Cathars are the Church of Amor; the Amorites of Amurru burned their children in fires to the Devil “Moloch”, naming the America’s “Amurucu” meaning “Serpent” or Land of the Amorites who originally came to the Americas from Asia (Asia=Land of the Rising Sun; Aja=Goat) Feel the love yet? We will. When?

Dec 26, 2019 Annular Solar Eclipse on Boxing Day, St Stephen’s Day, Day of the Wren, and Kwanzaa. Santa leaving (Boxes are Cubes representing Saturn eg Kaballah “Cube of Sin” or Ka’aba) under the Groves where human Sacrifices (Stephen means Martyr or Crown) are the First Fruits of Kwanzaa. Now, why Day of the Wren? Augurs used the flight of Birds and entrails of sacrifices to foretell the future; on Day of the Wren, birds are tied to a Pole and killed; sounds like the Crucifixion eh? Bird Language is called Green Language (Green New Deal, Green Cross International, Green Man al Khidr, Bacchus, Dionysus ring a Baal?) Yes Language (Obama’s 2 Yes We Can speeches under the Quadriga of Apollo/Apollyon in Berlin ring a Baal? Yes We Can means “Thank You Satan”) or Language of Sight (Oc seen in Langue d’ Oc where Cathars were executed); Oc=Octo=8; Heth (Hittites/China) the 8th letter in Phoenician, Arabic, Aramaic, Syriac, Hebrew, English means “God is with me”. This is seen in Abram and Sarai becoming Abraham and Sarah when in Covenant with Melchisedek. Jesus is Melchisedek, the 8th Covenant between God and Man is the New Covenant; Saturnian Goats are the Alternative Melchisedek!
Sabians are Chaldeans, today’s Chasidic fake Jews who have planned for the arrival of the Alternative Messiah after the 10th Jubilee 2017-2018 for 2200 years. Reference the list on the bottom of the cover page. Jesuit Pope Francis gave a Lenten Mass to his Nicolaitane Clergy identifying 2025 as the next Jubilee Year which makes 2017 the previous Jubilee Year. Jesus will return on the 120th Jubilee (6000th Year); the 2017-18 Jubilee Year proclaims Liberty to the Captives; this Jubilee proclaims Liberty to Edomites, the 3rd Beast of Dan 7:6 who are still “Yoked” to Jacob (Gen 27:39-41KJV). The Essenes (Gnostic Priest) proclaimed the arrival of Melchisedek after the 10th Jubilee.
2019 is the Chinese Year of the Earth Pig. Jesuits “Society of Gesu” means Ge=Earth + Sus=Pig. The Arch-basilica of St John Lateran is the Jesuit “Mother of all Churches Worldwide”; John=Oannes the Chaldean Sea Goat “Capricornus”; astrologically seen in Capricorn symbolized by “76” (7+6=13 the number of rebellion against God; 7X6=42 months Great Tribulation; Dan 7:6 the 3rd Beast are Edomites, who obtain worldwide “Dominion” and hand over control to the 4th Beast “Destroyer” aka Apollyon.
“Little Horn”, seen in Dan 2;7; Dan 9:27 is the “Beast”.
In Rev 12:9, the Red Dragon which symbolizes China is the Devil, Satan, Serpent who has deceived the entire world. China is Sina or Sin; the Arab moon god is Sin, called in Islam “Allah” (The God). The ancient name of China is Cathay; Cath the root of Cathars, burned in a Crusade by the King of France and Catholic Pope. Cathars are Gnostics called “Pure Ones; Catharsis “Cleansing, Bodily Purging, Pure, Spotless, Free of Shame of Guilt”; Cathar Priests were called “Perfecti”; the United States of America (Amurucu=Serpent) founded by the “Order of Perfectibilists”. Santa was originally a Hittite god; Hittites=Sons of Heth, the 2nd son of Canaan; Hittites worship the Dragon (astrological Draco, encircling the Pole Star, keeping track of Time, originally using the Great Pyramid by tracking the circumpolar passage of Alpha Draco “Thuban”, the Basilisk of mythology; hence Project 911 on Site 911 “Beit Shemesh” (House of the Rising Sun), a radiation hardened bunker where Samson killed the Philistines is ready for the arrival of Satan aka Apollyon/Abaddan “Destroyer” at Wait for it! Rev 9:11.
A Halo forms around the Moon on Christmas 2019
China=Sina=Sin; Sinai=Wilderness of Sin. The Arab Moon God=Sin; essentially “Deified Sin” Cath=Heth=Hittites; Catharsis means “Purge” (Purge movies should ring a Baal)

Hanukkah was invented by the Maccabees who cleansed; Wait for it! Pigs Blood from the altar of Zeus Capitolina (Womb of Zeus; Jesuits are the Militia of Zeus)
Hanukkah runs from Dec 22-28, 2019: False fulfillment of Daniel’s 70th Week? Dan 9:23-27 describes 70 Weeks to bring an end to sin and anoint the Most Holy; is this 7 day Week Hanukkah 2019? An Annular Solar Eclipse will form a Halo (Annulus) around the Moon “Midweek” of Hanukkah on Dec 26, 2019
Sabians and Arabs celebrate the Moon as their supreme God eg Allah is the Arab Moon God “Sin”. Haran was the City of the Moon God; Saba means “One who leaves their religion for that of another”; Marranos (Swine) are fake Christians; Moricos are fake Muslims; Cryptos are fake Jews.
Dec 26 is “Boxing Day”; Boxes are Cubes representing sacrifices to Saturn eg Ka’aba=Cube; the Arab moon god is Sin; in Islam Allah “The God”. Boxing Day is also called St Stephen’s Day; Stephen was the 1st Christian Martyr; his name means “Crown” seen in Kether the Crown of Kabbalah. Boxing Day is also called Day of the Wren; a Wren is captured, tied to a Pole and killed. Merry Christmas? Not Quite.
On the 24th of the tenth month, December, Arabs and Sabians (Chaldeans) celebrate the birth of their Lord, the Moon; on Dec 26, Dec 25 in China, the Moon will receive a Solar Halo; precisely the thing Gnostics look for.

Hanukkah 2019 is unique
Christmas, the Roman “Saturnalia” occurs Midweek during Hanukkah “Feast of Dedication” Dec 22-28, 2019. The Covenant with Many (Rev 11:1-14) is broken Mid-week in Jerusalem, when Antichrist kills God’s final 2 Witnesses Enoch and Elijah in the streets of Jerusalem (Rev 11:11) amid people sending gifts one to another; after 3 days they rise as the first fruits taken to Heaven at the 7th and final Trumpet (Rev 10:7; 1 for 15:52; 1 Thess 4:17) Sending gifts is done at Hanukkah and Christmas. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is the Tree Jesus was Crucified on and the Tree set up at Hanukkah and Christmas in worship of the sun god “Shamash”, the center candle on the Hanukkah Menorah. I wouldn’t bet eternity Daniel’s 70th Week is not Hanukkah 2019

Daniel’s 70th Week is Feast of Tabernacles