Word of God

The Covenant Name of God is JEHOVAH (Ex6:3) JAH (Ps 68:4KJV) or JESUS (Mat 1:25KJV) The New Covenant is the 8th and final Covenant between God and Man; JESUS is the 8th and final, SPIRITUAL Name of God. brandplucked.webs.com/jehovah.htm The Word of God represents 8 Contracts/Covenants between God and Man; 7 have been broken by Man. The Contract is not ambiguous. “Love God” and “Love your Neighbor” is not hard to understand or comply with. Jesus is the Word made Flesh, the Holy Ghost, Alpha and Omega (Begin and End). There is no other path to Salvation than through Jesus Christ; JESUS is JAH and JEHOVAH the Covenant name of God.
“The words of the LORD are pure words, as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified 7 times” Ps 12:6
Ps 12:6 prophesies the Word of God will be purified 7 Times. The 7th and final purified word is the 1611 Authorized Bible aka King James. The List: Tyndale’s Bible (Tyndale was kidnapped, strangled and burned alive), Matthew Bible, Coverdale Bible, Great Bible (1st by Committee of scholars, chained in every church), Geneva (1st with Study Notes; used by John Calvin), Bishop’s Bible and the 1611 Authorized Bible. Latin Vulgate used in the Douay Rheims Catholic Bible and Syriac Peshitta are omitted; their source as are all new Bible Versions are Gnostic Texts; Facsimiles of God’s Word as Lucifer is a Facsimile of God. The 6th purified bible Geneva Bible uses Jah in Ps 68:4 and Jesus in Mat 1:25. The 7th purified bible uses JAH and JESUS because the source of the Old and New Covenants/Testaments is SPIRITUAL through the Holy Ghost.
Bibles which do not qualify as “Purifications” are William Tyndale’s Bible, the translation of the New Testament from Latin Vulgate into English; Tyndale was strangled and burned for being in posession of an English Bible, hence he is called the “Morningstar of the Reformation”. Douay-Rheims is also based on the Latin Vulgate and is used in Catholic Churches to this day; notable omissions are Jesus’ words describing SPIRITUAL Miracles in Mark 9-20.
JESUS is the Word delivered to Man via the Holy Ghost. JESUS is the Holy Ghost
.The Holy Bible (Separated Book) is God in written form. John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” The Word of God does not change or evolve. 1 John 5:7 “For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost” The Word of God was delivered to man through the Holy Ghost; there are no errors or omissions. 1 Tim 3:16 “…God was manifest in the flesh” Jesus is God in Flesh. Period.
There is only 1 Authorized Bible (KJV); all others are Gnostic facimilies; Gnosticism is the Satanic Alternative to Truth. SOPA, PIPA and CISPA are designed to stop online copyright infringement and piracy. The only bible that is not copyrighted is the KJV. Jesuits attempted to kill King James I to prevent his financing of 54 men separated in 6 groups in 3 locations from rendering the Word of God (Accepted as Inspired Texts) into English. Be careful all new bible versions are derived from Alexandrian manuscripts, not Levite nor “Inspired” New Testament texts. The KJV is the only bible that correctly identifies Esau as obtaining “Dominion”; Esau (Edomites) impersonate Jews and Christians to destroy them from the inside; Edom is the 3rd Beast (Dan 7:6).
The Word of God is not subject to Private Interpretation; every Word, Jot and Tittle is there for a reason. Daniel 8:14 “2300 Days” is 2300 Days, not years.
Daniel 9:24-27 “70 Weeks” is the last 490 Days before the 2nd coming; not “483 Weeks of Years” “Rapture” and “7 yr Tribulation” are Gnostic Lies.
The original bible was divided in 49 books rather than 66. This does not affect accuracy of the texts in the KJV; Study and or Margin Notes are all the work of man. 7 is the number of Divine Perfection; 7X7 has a Divine Stamp whereas 66 (11X6) the Stamp of Man. Alexandrian Gnostic Jerome created that confusion in the 4th century. 22 books of the Old Testament were written in Hebrew to represent the 22 letters used in Hebrew. Adam was God’s 22nd Creation and Jacob, the 22nd Generation from Adam became Israel. 3 Divisions Law, Prophets and Psalms ended when Ezra Canonized the Old Testament and placed them in the 2nd Temple. The 27 books of the New Testament added to the 22 Books of the Old Testament are 49 or 7X7. The last 490 days (7days X7days) ends the Age of Grace at the 2nd Coming. In this order, God’s plan is a lot easier to understand.
There is no 7 yr Tribulaton or pre-Trib “Rapture”. There are no un-earthly “Aliens”, no 1/2 Breed Demon-Human Race “Nephilim” and no Holy Grail (Divine Bloodline). There is 1 “Race” of Man on Earth.

Nutshell History of Gnostic Texts posing as Inspired Scripture

The Gnostic Gospel of Q (Q is Quelle meaning “Source”) is written before Revelation (ca 70 AD) is delivered by Jesus Christ (96 AD) to the Apostle John via the Holy Ghost. It declares Jesus Christ is not God in Flesh; Oops!
Clement of Rome (ca 97 AD) first proposes Paul and Peter were martyred in Rome; no bibllical evidence exists to support Peter ever traveling to Rome.
Gnostic Tatian trains Clement of Alexandria (ca 200 AD) the son of Gnostic St Valentine. He declares No Heaven, No Hell, No literal Blood Atonement and No infallible Word of God.
Clement trains Origen (ca 250 AD) the grandson of fake Jewish historian Josephus. He codifies texts into the Hexapla (6 denotes the work of Man). He declares Original Sin, Infant Water Baptism, Pre-existence of Souls, Universal Salvation and Allegorical interpretation of texts resulting in Vaticinus and Sinaiticus translations.
Origen trains Eusebius (ca 325 AD) who edits Vaticinus and Sinaiticus into the Roman Catholic (Vaticinus); commissioned by the Pagan/Druid Constantine, 50 copies are distributed to Catholic Churches
Eusebius trains Jerome (ca 370 AD) who divides the books into 66 and abandons Sinaiticus at St Catharines Monastery in Egypt; later to become the Orthodox (Syrian, Aramean, Greek, Russian, Coptic etc) scripture and uses Vaticinus to produce Jerome’s Vulgate which is placed in the Vatican Library. Constantine’s Druid mother Helena proclaims Mt Sinai is in Egypt rather than Arabia as Gal 4 states and institutes relic worship by finding pieces of the True Cross and Nails.

1881 Bible Revision Committee hires BF Westcott and FJA Hort. Vaticinus (Catholic Bible aka Douay Rheims) is used to write new Greek Texts which are translated into the Revised Bible, Revised Standard Bible and New American Standard Bibles used in most Protestant Churches. All new bibles come from this Revision Commitee. Westcott and Hort lost the ability to speak after this.

“No part of Scripture is subject to Private Interpretation” Paul Study Bible Notes are Private Interpretation which began after the 1611 AV was produced. Kansas Con Man Cyrus Scofield took the ball and ran with it; 7 Yr Tribulation aka Dispensationalism and Rapture resulted.

Masoretic Text was written by the Masoretes (Masorites) roughly 1000AD. Largely based on the LXX “Septuagint” Rabbis altered the Old Testament as they saw fit.
1611 Authorized Bible translated Hebrew Old Testament and Greek New Testament Accepted Texts “Textus Receptus” dating from the death of Paul (67 AD) and Revelation (96 AD) into modern English using 54 men separated in groups of 6 in 3 locations.

The Gender Neutral New International Version was published in 2011; in 2012 the Queen James Bible was published. The Great Falling Away is here!

Jesus is the Word made Flesh and Holy Ghost. We are in a spiritual war and the 66 books of the Masoretic “KJV” Text is the Sword. Masoretic, Septuagint, Vulgate texts were not created equally. Compare Gen 27:40, Amos 7:2, Dan 9:24-27, Rev 11:8. These are a few of the key “Jots” (Greek Iota) that are changed. Folks, we are in the home stretch of a 6000 year battle, use the right weapon! Comparisons of the Septuagint can be found at www.ecmarsh.com/ and the 2011 NIV at www.biblegateway.com/ The “Word of God” is a 7000 year history of Creation written before Creation. The Word is God in written form, set in stone (unchangeable) since Creation. “Inspired Texts” were transmitted by God thorugh the Holy Ghost to Man (OT Scribes; NT Apostles). The Word is Father (Spirit), Son (Physical witness) and Holy Ghost as 1 John 5:7KJV states. God delivered His Word to Holy men moved by the Holy Ghost; there are no errors in the Word. The Authorized Bible (KJV) was translated into English from these Masoretic “Traditional” Texts; it is often in opposition to the words used in Newer Versions created by Gnostics BF Westcott and FJA Hort from un-inspired “Alexandrian” texts. 1st Un-inspired text was the Septuigint “LXX” and Apocrapha “Hidden Texts”; these were then used by Essenes in Qumram who wrote the “Dead Sea Scrolls”, the Theraputae (eg Philo, Origen) at the Alexandrian Library to write the “Nag Hamadi Scrolls”. The 5th century Aramaean “Syriac Peshitta” was then used to translate Daniel’s “70 weeks” as Weeks of Years, Daniel’s “2300 Days” as years or as fulfilled during the Inter-testament Period and “Gog and Magog” as a gathering of nations around Israel prior to the 2nd Coming and God’s restoration of Jacob. The Talmud and Zohar then sprang from Gnostics (Galatians in Turkey); they are not “Inspired” words of God. Syrian means Aramaean, Shem’s 5th son, the Syriac Peshitta changes Gog and Magog to China and Mongolia, to facilitate WWIII being confused with the end of Millennium gathering “Gog and Magog”. This is the essence of Chiliasm and Amillennialism, a culmination of the “Great Work”.
The Authorized Bible was completed in 1611; it was adopted over the 6th purified bible Geneva Bible for 2 primary reasons Margin Notes and Ps 68:4 JAH and Mat 1:25 JESUS. The change to Jah and Jesus returns to the Geneva Bible rendering because Man believes he can alter the Word of God and awaits a Human Messiah; an Alternative Messiah/s (Christ/s) Jesus refers to as Antichrists. Satan will indwell in the Alternative Messiah. 7 is the number of Perfection. God is perfection.
400 years later in 2011 the gender neutral International Version was released; let them explain that to God; get the Authorized Bible.
God’s Creation took 7 Days; Man was Created on Day 6 and at 6000 years, Jesus as a Man will return for the Millennium, 1000 years of Peace. Jesus was Crucified Wednesday, spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the Earth and rose first light Sunday=3 1/2 days. An Alternative Messiah will assume the Throne of Jerusalem in a rebuilt Temple 3 1/2 years before the 2nd Coming to begin the Great Tribulation. When reading Books of Prophecy such as Revelation or Daniel, or parts of books dealing with future events such as Ezekiel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Obadiah, Zechariah, Malachi etc it is necessary to do so: 1. In a 7000 year context. 2. Take a literal reading and meaning of Authorized Scripture. 3. Understand there are Spiritual and Physical meanings to most everything in the Word.
Let the Holy Ghost guide you through the book as it was written by ordinary men, moved by the same Holy Ghost we have access to today. There is absolutely no need for Congregations or Synagogues, Priests or Rabbis to interpret anything in scripture.
The KJV has and will in the future take the brunt of criticism as being a Masonic Bible, the private work of King James I, having been altered by Francis Bacon’s Rosicrucian “Knights of the Golden Helmet” or a document written in King’s English. This is a bold faced lie; it is the Authorized Word of God, the primary physical Witness of God and the Holy Ghost in written form.
Revelation is the Testimony of Jesus Christ; Alpha and Omega; Beginning and End. 7 Seals, 7 Trumpets, 7 Vials. 7 Seals release restraint on evil, Seal God’s followers and end when the Great Tribulation begins. This matches the “Dominion” in Gen 27:41 and Dan 7:6. 7 Trumpets last 42 months; the 5th Satan is cast to Earth is 5 months, the 6th is 13 months, millions of people gather to battle God. 7 Vials last 1 24 hour day; the 7th Trumpet is the Trump of God and body resurrection. 1000 years later “Gog and Magog” brings the final rebellion and Dominion in Dan 7:14. No pre-Trib Rapture, no 7 year Tribulation. Don’t make this complicated; it was never meant to be that way.

KJV versus New Bible Versions

Gen 3:5 “ye shall be as gods” is changed to “like God”.
Gen 49:10 “…until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be” is changed to “obedience of the people be” Why? Jesus is Shiloh; Jesus did not gather Jews to Israel; Satan did.
Ex 3:14 “I AM THAT I AM” is changed to “I AM WHO I AM”. These 2 scripture changes opened up the idea Man could be God.
Gen 6 “Giant” is changed to “Nephilim”. Feller, Bully, Tyrant is not the same as “To fall”. This change opens up a host of lies such as demon/human intercourse, aliens and Star Men (carbon and iron are not produced in stars).
Gen 10:11 “Out of that land went forth Asshur, and builded Nineveh” is changed to Nimrod built Nineveh. Nimrod was Cushite and built neither the Tower of Babel or Nineveh. He was merely the Scape Goat for both.
Gen 10:21 “Japheth the elder” is changed to “the older brother of Japheth” NASV Noah’s eldest is changed in some versions to Shem as eldest; birth order plays a huge part in free will acceptance of God’s covenant. Shem has the covenant due God’s foreknowledge of Japeth; his descendants are impersonating Jews and Christians today.
Gen 11:2 “from the east” is changed to “to the east”. The Tower of Babel’s builders came from the east ie physically from Medea and Persia (Iran), spiritually aligned with Cain, whose works based religion was banished east of Eden and guarded by God’s Cherubim. Its builders were not from the west; Nimrod the Cushite was not the builder.
Gen 27:39 “thy dwelling shall be the fatness of the earth” is changed to “you will live far away from the richness of the earth” or “hand to mouth”. “when thou shalt have the dominion” is changed to “when you can’t take it anymore and decide to break free” or “Rebel” or “Grow restless”. “heaven” is changed to “atmosphere”. These changes reverse Esau and Jacob. Water in the atmosphere is not Living Water or Jesus Christ.
Exodus 6:3 “Jehovah” is changed to “Lord”, “Adonai” or “Yahweh”. Jehovah means eternal; self existent. Adonis was the Egyptian/Greek Lord and Yahweh, an English corruption; neither are in the Authorized Bible because they refer to Satan.
Exodus 20:13, Deut 5:17 “Kill” is changed to “Murder” or “Kill without cause”. The right to kill is not granted to man. These changes were done to facilitate war and revenge.
Leviticus 16:8-10 “Aaron shall cast lots upon two goats; one lot for the LORD, and the other lot for the scapegoat…let him go for a scapegoat into the wilderness”. In the Zondervan KJV AMP, NLT, ESV and other versions “Azazel” becomes the scapegoat for dismissal (forgiveness) of sins. Jesus is the Scapegoat, not Azazel; that’s the purest form of Satanism.
Numbers 13:8;16 “Of the tribe of Ephraim, Oshea the son of Nun…And Moses called Oshea the son of Nun Jehoshua”. New bibles change Oshea to Hoshea which means Salvation or Deliverer; Joshua means JEHOVAH is salvation of deliverance. Oshea is not the same as Hoshea.
Judges 3:22 “Ehud put forth his left hand…thrust it into his belly…he could not draw the dagger out…and dirt came out” is changed to “he did not pull the dagger out…dirt came out is removed”.
Isaiah 14:12 Lucifer is changed to Morning Star or Shining One; those are Jesus’ titles. Lucifer is Satan.
Dan 2:39 “…another third kingdom of brass” is changed to “bronze” (several dozen other places brass is also changed to bronze in all new bible versions) to conceal the 3rd age of Man “Age of Grace” (Pentecost to 2nd Coming) is Brass not the “Bronze Age” which Gnostics fit between the mythical “Stone Age” and “Iron Age”. Study bible notes also associate this with Greece and Alexander the Great; another Gnostic lie. Tubal-cain was an artificer of Brass and Iron in Gen 4:22; Babylon is described in Rev 18:12; from first to last, all references to Brass are changed to Bronze. Pretty Brazen eh?
Dan 3:25 “like the Son of God” is changed to “like a son of the gods”. Even Nebuchadnezzar knew Jesus when he saw Him! Any bible using the latter phrase needs to be thrown in the fiery furnace.
Dan 8:13-14 “daily sacrifice” is changed to “burnt or continual offerings” and “sanctuary be cleansed” is changed to “reconsecrated” or “restored”. Daily Sacrifice is a human sacrifice and the Temple is not restored until the end of the Millennium.
Ex 34:13; Deut 7:5, 12:3; Judges 3:7; 1 Kings 14:15,23; 18:19; 2 Kings 17:10, 18:4, 23:14; 2 Chr 14:3,17:6, 19:3; 24:18, 31:1,3,19, 34:3,4,7; Is 17:8, 27:9; Jer 17:2; Mic 5:14 “Groves” and “Idols” are changed to Asherim, Asherah Poles and Images. Groves were sanctuaries for conducting the Sacred Marriage aka ritual Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost. They still go on today at places like Bohemian Grove and are hidden as the Christmas Tree. Asherah is not in the Authorized Bible.
Isaiah 50:6 “…plucked off the hair” is changed to “…plucked off my beard” Jesus didn’t wear a beard; that Icon is Zeus
Ezekiel 38:2; 39:1 “Rosh” is added to Meshech and Tubal. Rosh is not in the Authorized Bible because Rosh (Rus or Russia) is not what’s meant by Meshech and Tubal. Eze 38-39 “Gog and Magog” is a gathering for battle at the end of Millennium matching Rev 20:8. New bibles want you to think it is happening now with the current Iran-Russia-China tensions.
Obadiah 20 “captivity of Jerusalem, which is in Sepharad” is changed to Jewish exiles in Sepharad and Sepharad is often changed to Bosporus. Jerusalem is being held captive by Sepharad; Sepharvaim sacrificed their children to the Canaanite god Molech aka Adramellech in Sacred Marriage rituals. You won’t get the intended meaning from anything but the Authorized Bible and this (I feel) is absolutely critical to understand because the restoration of Israel happens after the Millennium, not now; this one is a Satanic counterfeit.
Amos 7:3,6 “The LORD repented for this…” is changed to “The Lord changed his mind” or “relented” or changed his purpose. Amos was asking the LORD to make him understand not pleading for Him to change His mind; Amos knew this is not possible as the Word is perfect and pre-written from the beginning. Study notes on Calvin’s Geneva Bible even add “stopped the plague at my prayer”; that’s not what repented means; He repented but still flooded the world. The Septuigint even changes “plumbline” to Adamant and adds “Gog” to the text of 7:1 to confuse the upcoming Iran war with Gog and Magog.
Luke 11:2 The Lord’s Prayer is changed and shortened a lot. Jesus taught us this prayer; men think they can change His teachings for the better. Nice try!
1 Thess 1:4 “your election of God” is changed to “God’s choice of you” or “chosen by God” This was made to support Calvinism. You must come to God on your own!
1 Tim 6:20 Science is changed to knowledge. Paul’s warning was that science is falsely so-called; knowledge begins with fear of the Lord and comes from the Lord; Science comes from Man and is often based on lies. Big Bang, Gravity and Evolution being examples of what Paul was warning about.
Acts 5:30, 10:39, 13:29, Gal 3:13, 1 Pet 2:24 Tree is changed to Cross. Jesus bore His cross (cross bar) to the tree and was hanged upon it in accordance with Jewish law in Deut 21:22 The Cross a pagan symbol of the Sun.
Acts 12:4 “Easter” is changed to “Passover” or removed from the text. Herod was celebrating Ishtar the Mother Goddess, not the Jewish Passover.
Rom 1:25 “worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator” is changed to “worshipped and served created things” in order for the softer sounding Earth worship or humanitarian to replace Satan worship. There is only Creator worship or Creature worship and Creature worship takes on many forms.
1 John 5:7 “Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one” is usually removed or changed to three witnesses or of one accord. This is absolutely critical: The Word, Father, Holy Ghost are all Jesus; the Word (Authorized Bible) is perfect by virtue of the Holy Ghost.
Galatians 4:25 “Agar is mount Sinai in Arabia, and answereth to Jerusalem, which now is, and in bondage with her children. But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all”. This key phrase is butchered; First, Mt Sinai is in Arabia, not Egypt. Jerusalem is above not on earth; the Jerusalem on earth is in bondage to Satanists claiming to be Jews and Samaritans usurping the Levitical Priesthood. New bibles also change “answereth to” to “corresponds to” in order to link Agar (Mt Sinai and the 10 commandments) to modern Jerusalem. Antichrist in fact will establish sacrificial law from Jerusalem and behead witnesses of Jesus Christ.
1 Thess 4:16 “trump of God” is changed to “trumpet of God” Trump means “Reverberation; tremble from weakness or emotion” Trumpet refers to Shofar; clear sound or curved horn”. You hear the Trump of God; you die eternally..
1 Pet 2:9 “chosen generation, a royal priesthood” is changed to “chosen people” or “elect race”. This is the basis for Royalty believing they are a different “race” of humanity from commoners. There is only one race of human beings; being Born Again refers to re-generation; a re-birth generated from Jesus Christ.
2 Pet 3:10 “thief in the night” is changed to “thief”. The change was made to call Jesus a usurper or thief of the rightful king. A thief in the night refers to people being asleep and not expecting Jesus to come. Nobody will survive His coming; anyone still here will have a Mark of the Beast.
Revelation 7:5 the “h” is missing from tribal names because God is not with them until they become Christian. The “h” is put in new bibles to justify Jews holding on to Judaism; that worship system ended when God was Crucified. Israel will be restored at the end of the Millennium (ref Eze 48)
Revelation 8:13 “angel flying through the midst of heaven.” is changed to “eagle flying overhead” or “eagle flying in heaven” in new versions and Syriac Peshitta. “Woe” is also changed to “catastrophe” or “how terrible”. The Eagle is a symbol of Edom; eagles do not fly in Heaven, as Jesus says in Mat 24:28, they gather around the carcase. “Woe” means “Grievous affliction”, these are the Lord’s affliction on un-regenerated man, not catastrophes for missing out on the “Rapture” myth.
Revelation 11:8 “great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt where also our Lord was crucified” is changed to “mystically” and “our Lord” is changed to “their Lord”. This was done so Jews could be blamed for the Crucifixion and to hide the fact Jerusalem is the modern day spirit of Sodom and Egypt. Sodom did not have 10 righteous people and God told His people to never go to Egypt again. Jesus is Lord of everyone on earth, but choosing to open the door for Him is up to you.
Revelation 14:1 “…having his Father’s name written in their foreheads” is changed to “…having his and his Father’s name written on their foreheads: The latter is the Mark of the Beast, the former is the spiritual covenant made in one’s heart.
Revelation 22:19 “Book” is changed to “Tree”. Jesus has the Book of Life; the change was made to deny Jesus as judge of all of humanity.