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  • 9th Av:  Operation Breaking Dawn; Israeli IDF Versus Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip as more than 780 rockets fired; CUTTING OFF THE HEAD OF THE SNAKE: IDF CLAIMS ALL HEADS OF ISLAMIC JIHAD KILLEDU.N. Security Council is scheduled to hold an emergency, closed-door meeting on Monday; A Palestinian fighter of the Al-Quds (Jerusalem) brigade, they deem to be the last of Amalek; “For he said, Because the Lord hath sworn that the Lord will have war with Amalek from generation to generation.” Ex 17:16 Oops; Both are Amalek! Both sides are controlled by acceptance of Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost; 1 John 5:7KJV. A second choice just don’t play; this is the choice to play “a pair of balances in his hand” Shariah Law (Israel) V Noahide Law (Iran). The first pair of balances leads to Death and Hell; the second set of balances Heaven. to make your choice!


  • 9th Av: “Our mouths shall be filled with laughter, our tongues, with songs of joy. Then shall they say among the nations, “Hashem has done great things for them!” Psalms 126:2; a religious or moral act that causes others to reverence God; Since pronouncing YHWH is considered sinful; Jews use Adonai instead in prayers, and colloquially would use Hashem (The Name); LORD or YHWH, one is the GOD, one is Satan. Lord + Holy Ghost= LORD. “What would building the Holy Temple mean to you?”; Jesus destroys everything (on Feast of Tabernacles) + 1000 years = The temple made by God; needless to say a new earth will be necessary

    9th of Av (6th-7th Aug 2022)

  • 82 yr Cmr Nancy Pelosi (Kamal Aroush previous plumbed the land) lands in Taiwan on Tuesday Night.  Pelosi Is Irrelevant: China Was Already Planning An Invasion Of Taiwan; Pelosi detained-released, just long enough to stockpile communist weaponry, issue a stern warning, initializing the CHIPS Plus bill, a comprehensive semiconductor bill for $52 billion (20,000 in Pelosi account) in Taiwan worth millions”; Shares of AMTD Digital have soared as much as 32,229% to $385B in Tuesday, since its July IPO Nucs being stockpiled. Pelosi has the right to visit Taiwan: Taiwan Cancels All Troops Leave; CHINA WARNS USA: Will not accept *any* excuse for Pelosi Landing in Taiwan, “Prepare for war”; “Play with Fire and Die by Fire, We WILL RESPOND MILITARILY, Prepare for war”; China is NOW moving armor into Fujian Province near Xiamen; Chinese TANKS flood beaches opposite Taiwan as Pelosi lands in Taipei

  • IRAN THREATENS TO TURN NYC INTO A “HEAP OF RUBBLE FROM HELL”; UN chief warns world is one step from ‘nuclear annihilation’ at the annual Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty “And the Lord shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one Lord, and his name on…And this shall be the plague wherewith the Lord will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth. And if the family of Egypt go not up, and come not, that have no rain; there shall be the plague, wherewith the Lord will smite the heathen that come not up to keep the feast of tabernacles.” Zech 14:9;12:18 This is a specific warning 1. Concerning the end of feast of tabernacles 2. At the end of the millennium, 1000 years from now. Note: Judah is not Juda Rev 7:5. These are the Jews; The “H” is in heaven, accessible through the Holy Ghost.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and Iranian leader Imam Ayatollah Khamenei was so fraught with end of days implications that “Ezekiel 38” and “Gog and Magog” began trending; albeit 1000 years early at the first resurrection Rev 20:7-8; Eze 38-2-6. “O mortal, turn your face toward Gog of the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal. Prophesy against him Ezekiel” 38:2
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the global monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency of international concern. As of July 28, monkeypox has been detected in at least 78 countries, and reported cases are currently on the rise in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); Illinois and New York declare public health emergencies; Pfizer Board Member Predicts Monkeypox Will Become A ‘Public Health Failure’ Scott Gottlieb who also ran the FDA
    Now some truth about vaccines
  • There is now open and ongoing gunfire at “all border crossings between Serbia and Kosovo.
  • ARAB NEWS WARNS THAT AARON THE PRIEST IS STORMING THE TEMPLE MOUNT “And no man taketh this honor unto himself, but he that is called of God, as was Aaron. Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchisedec” Heb 5:4-6 There is only 1 Melchisedec, Jesus (Heb 6:20) this one is Antichrist
  • Michele registered to vote as a man 1994-2008
  • Evan McMullin: “Evan has two mommies. His mother is a lesbian, married to another woman”, “Evan McMullin is secretly gay and running an ad for US Senate”; GHW Bush was also gay; 9/11 was an inside job
  • “Today it’s time to liberate again Russian cities founded by Russian people: Kiev, Chernihiv, Poltava, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Lutsk “Denis Pushilin
  • ISRAELI SCIENTISTS DEVELOP TWO-DAY WARNING TO PREDICT DEVASTATING EARTHQUAKES; good technique when a earthquake is prophesied to precede the Antichrist
  • HEZBOLLAH THREATENS WAR OVER MARITIME BORDER DISPUTE WITH ISRAEL; its because Israel is not Jewish, rather Phoenician, Medean just like Hamas. Spetsnaz Commander:
  • NATO is the army of the Anti-Christ; Russia is the army of Jesus” Putin and Stoltenberg are YGL Grads; Jesus needs no help winning this war
  •  100bc the Six Pointed Star was conflated with GOD in 11Q13. In 1008AD YHWH was conflated with GOD In 1883AD Jew was mixed in when Rothschild changed his name from Bauer, adopted the Six Pointed Star, and Bibles were changed How anyone can mix up Jew with people of GOD, Jacob is beyond me; they are the House of Edom
  • GOOGLE’S DEVELOPER REALIZED ITS AI WAS SENTIENT WHEN IT DENIED ISRAEL AS A JEWISH COUNTRY; that’s because Israel is Phoenician, Medean, Babylonian, Median (2 Ki 17:30); with the symbol of the Six Pointed Star. Sentient: Able to perceive or feel things. That being selling ones soul. AI: Artificial Inteligent Zionismversus Islam: WWIII. Zionism V Sharia Both sides have the same source, both sides controlled by Holy Ghost; acceptance of Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost 1 John 5:7. A second choice just don’t play; this is the choice to play
    “a pair of balances in his hand”
    Shariah Law (Israel) V Noahide Law (Iran): The first pair of balances leads to Death and Hell; Death represents the physical body; Hell your residence. Jesus essentially blot out your Name 1 Cor 15:52; 2 Thess 4:17; the bow and crown effectively replace Jesus with Satan (G-D, YHWH, Yahweh, El); Peace is worldwide; the strong delusion, worldwide; the Wicked (Satan) revealed; and the Six Pointed Star (666; Qos, YHWH, Sukkoth, Chemosh, Chuin, Sikkuth, Milcom, Molech, El, Saturn) universal. Rejecting both; the second set of balances leads Heaven.
  • Trainloads of additional Russian Armor Arriving against Ukraine; Giant Escalation Coming; . They believe have been preparing, EU $2.5B US $8B, for the Shariah V Noahide Law, with 1  
  • Evan McMullin running an ad for US Senate; 9/11 was an inside job; bin Laden already works for the CIA
  • U.S. Railroad Strike Begins July 18 – Trains will stop     “All Americans Should LEAVE Ukraine Immediately” — U.S. Nuclear Bombs Being Moved! – GAZPROM Declares “Force Majeure” Martial Law Plan Announced To Install Biden As Dictator, Use US Military Against Americans, Suspend Congressional Oversight. As British-Phoenician  Kamal Aroush, one step closer to world dictator
Jul 11 All intelligence work for the British, as they are Edomite. They obtain Dominion, and turn it over to Satan. Dan 7:7. The City of London heads the Dominion, Dan 6:7;Vatican heads the serpent, and all control; and military control via the Pentagon; all 3 are Jesuit, swearing oaths, all 3 are Sovereign, and all 3 asset managers. Read the warning Obadiah (JESUS) gives to them, no further blessings, total destruction
 Edom gave birth to the grandson Amalek, at war with God from generation. Ex 17:16
2 sets of balances Zionism V Sharia Both sides have the same source, both sides controlled by Holy Ghost; acceptance of Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost 1 John 5:7. A second choice just don’t play; this is the choice to play“a pair of balances in his hand”The first pair of balances leads to Death and Hell; Death represents the physical body; Jesus essentially uses blot out your Name.The second balance leads to Heaven; Death conquered at the same time. 1 Cor 15:52; 2 Thess 4:17
  • Grain supply end 1200 Sat, when required by railroad labor agreement.
    Shinzo Abe was born 3333 days after Hiroshima and died 33 days before the anniversary of Nagasaki, he died 333 minutes after supposedly being shot. Trinity was 76 years ago (Edomite; 42months=3 1/2 years; 7=sovereignty, 6=man; 13 Sodomy) and will be 77 (this coming Saturday). Edom gave birth to the grandson Amalek, at war with God from generation. Ex 17:16 
  • America publishes Nuc drill
    What, can this get any more obvious?
Jul 10, 2020 Gen Philip Breedlove NATO Commander suggests bombing of Crimean Bridge; this is the NATO-Russia link; Putin and Stoltenberg are YGL Grads
“When you hear that the Russians have captured the city of Crimea, you should know that the times of the Messiah have started, that his steps are being heard,” the Vilna Gaon told his followers just before his death in 1797.
“And when you hear that the Russians have reached the city of Constantinople (today’s Istanbul), you should put on your Shabbat clothes and don’t take them off, because it means that the Messiah is about to come any minute.
Jul 10, 2020 Crowds of thousands are storming Banks today, demanding money and using violence.
July 07, 2022 (77) Installed 3/22/80: 42; 3 1/2 years;6×7= Dan 6:7; 6+7=13; 6×7=42 (Esau, #months of Great Tribulation); the beast gets Dominion. 7/7 500,000M; Hwy 77 from 666m to Obelisk in Central Park; 1st 5 US Colonies; Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston 

July 7, 2022 (77) Shinzo Abe allegedly assassinated. Sent 1.6 doses back; replaced with ivermectin. “The time has come for the U.S. to make clear that it will defend Taiwan against any attempted Chinese invasion.” Shinzo Abe

July 5, 2022 CERN starts up at 13.6TeV; 10yrs after the alleged discovery of the God Particle        93/93 the worlds witch greeting “Do what thou wilt” meaning “As Above; So Below”  JESUS is his Name; the Holy Ghost is your only connection to God; BTW Its going away with the Strong Delusion! “In Jewish tradition, Rome is associated with Edom, the nation that descended from Esau, the son of Isaac and the brother of Jacob. Additionally, Edom has been associated with the Catholic Church which was centered in Rome. Rabbi Pinchas Winston, a prolific end of days writer, noted that England is associated with Edom and Rome, though not directly.” Reading Obadiah, one gets the opinion its already happened! Obadiah is Jesus!

Independence Day


June 15th, 2022

(Guest Blog Post)

The Truth about the Transgender Illusion

While not easy to read, these articles are first hand accounts from people that have had gender reassignment surgery.

Scott Newgent, is a woman that attempted to transition into a man, interviewed by Matt Walsh.

TulipR – four years into the story of a man that attempted to transition into a woman.


St John Divine Cathedral


Sen Chris Murphy from Sandy Hook, Filibuster trying to obtain votes

Economist and UNYFYD, I repeat my warning YHWH, Yahweh is not JESUS! “Simon Peter went up, and drew the net to land full of great fishes, an hundred and fifty and three: and for all there were so many, yet was not the net broken” Jn 21;11. 153 is the number of fish caught of the right side of the boat. 1…17=153; 17 is the Admirable Sacrament Over a Billion people to die of pre-planned starvation; skulls on wheat refer to the Black Horse (Rev 6:6) and Pale Horse (Rev 6:8) “A quart of wheat for a penny…And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the Earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death…” Russia, Ukraine and China halting Wheat exports; US halting fertilizer to farmers. Economist is owned by Rothschilds (Red/Edomite Shield) original name Bauer=Farmer, a Cainite name changed to Rothschild and the Red Six Pointed Star from the Counting House at 666 Am Mein Frankfurt Economy: Oikos “House” + Nemeim “Manage” Managing the Earth (House) through Starvation is the Edomite way, destined for global “Dominion” (Gen 27:39-41KJV) Dominion means “Sovereign right to rule”; on May 22, 2022 196 nations handed over Dominion to the World Health Organization Shiloh “Master/Owner of the House” is a title of JESUS (Gen 49:10) He returns to destroy everyone in the House of Esau (Obadiah 18) That’s Amalekites people.

Bilderberg Group... - Bilderberg Group International

Bilderberg Group Washington DC  (Sovereign Territory indebted to the City of London Corp) June 2-5, 2022. All WEF Albert Bourla (COVID, Monkey Pox, Media), Henry Kissinger & David Petraeus, Eric Schmidt, Peter Thiel, Krysten Sinema (Ex-Mormon; Bi-sexual Atheist), Chrystia Freeland, Mark Carney (Bank of London and WEF Board of Trustees), Jens Stoltenberg (NATO) Counting the Omer June 4; Pentecost June 5 Evergrande Chinas largest Ghost City $300 Billion declares bankruptcy 6/6/2022 “666″None of these people follow JESUS; but you don’t need to follow them!

The Princess A Welsh Bard (1946) - YouTube

“LGBTQ Stan” , the New Age Golden Calf. Welcome to Pride Month “Pride goeth before destruction” Prov 16:18 Modern Israel was created by British Rothschilds “Trooping the color s” June 2 for the 70th (70=Chockmah=Wisdom) in Kaballah as opposed to “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom” Prov 9:10; Tarot 16 “Fall, catastrophe; Totality of evolution (Man becoming a god), 70 members of Sanhedrin illegally condemn Jesus; Messiah and Annoints; 70 Weeks (Dan 9:24-27); 70th anniversary of QEII (Jack=John, the Chaldean Oannes “Beast rising from the Sea”; St John Divine may ring a Baal June 19 is Father’s Day; June 21 the 40th birthday of Prince William the 1000 Knight in the Order of the Garter “The King told them it should prove an excellent expedient for uniting not only his subjects one with another but all foreigners conjunctively with them in bonds of amity and peace.”; June 24 is Feast of St John Divine the Germanic-Druid Initiate and self declared “Queen of Jerusalem” aka “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” Rev 13:8KJV Iraq’s Shia ie Muqtada al-Sadr (Cooperation with Israel punishable by death or life in prison) and Iran’s Ayathollah ali Khamenei enforce Shariah Law; Israel, Noahide Law (Chabad Lubavitch created) Mede-Persian Ram versus Grecian Goat may ring a Baal; Little Horn will be Antichrist (Dan 7:7-8). Ukraine (Khazaria) also changed its Azov Battalion patch to the LGBTQ Unicorn aka al-Buraq “Lightning”, Abraham’s and Muhammad’s mythical winged horse; Little Horn is the 4th Beast aka WEF 4th Industrial Revolution. Both Laws require Blasphemy of JESUS (Holy Ghost 1 Jn 5:7KJV; Jn 1:1;14); al Mahdi or Moshiach, there is no difference; both are Antichrist aka Green Man. Isis (Throne) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was/is Israeli Simon Elliot. Ayathollahs were installed in Iran (Green Revolution) by the US. They are aligning on both sides of the pre-planned WWIII. The possible timing of this follows.

The Great American Eclipses on Aug 21, 2017 and April 8, 2024 form an X over Carbondale Ill aka “Little Egypt”  and center of the KKK (11;11;11 Knights of the Golden Circle aka Society of the Horsemen aka Shakespeare) The 2017 Eclipse path passed over 7 towns named Bethlehem The 2024 Eclipse on April 8, 2024 coincides with 1 Nisan “God’s New Year” entering the US over Uvalde TX, site of the May 26 alleged mass shooting at Robb Elementary School and passes over Buffalo the site of the May 14 alleged mass shooting. Coincidental? Sure thing! So was this Constantine the Great claimed to have seen an X in the sky and used the alleged vision to rally Christians to battle at Milvan Bridge. The X or Cross is the Unknown symbol in algebra; the UNKNOWN GOD of the Areopagus ? (Acts 17:23) X=Chi “Messiah”, the Labarum “Christogram” or Chi-Rho “Royal Christ” carried by followers of Constantine into battle. Constantine, the son of the Druid Princess Helena, daughter of Druid King Coelus “Old King Coel” Mormons call the land of Jackson County Ill Adam Ondi Ahman Quite the Carbon footprint eh? The Mormon Church, founded by the Restoration Movement (Jesus failed His earthly mission; like the Unification Church “Moonies” their mission is to correct and finish it) which spawned the Plymouth Brethren (Rapture theology/Aleister Crowley) and KKK. Mormons believe  Adam Ondi-ahman  is the land where Adam and Eve lived after being evicted from the Garden of Eden; the place where the Ancient of Days will sit in Judgment; Dan 7:13-14 occurs at the end of the Millennium not now! Ill gov Liburn Boggs proclaimed Executive Order 44 aka Extermination Order 44 there “Mormons must be treated as enemies and must be exterminated or driven from the state” The re-organized LDS Church plans to gather Prophets and church elders there while Deseret (Honey Bee; Bee is Word in Chaldee) in Utah is subjected to the Blood in the Streets prophecy
Timing: April 8, 2024 is God;s New Year 1 Abib. Lucifer/Satan is cast to earth in Rev 9:11,  the first of 3 Woes ! 541 days (5th Trumpet; 1st Woe ! =5months=150 days; 6th Trumpet=1 hour, 1 month, 1 year, 1 day=391 days; Total=541 Days)  before Jesus returns.  April 8, 2024 + 541 days=Oct 1, 2025 “Yom Kippur” (Feast of Atonement) Daniel’s 70th Week is the last 7 days;
Satan kills the 2 Witnesses (Enoch and Elijah) mid-week; Jesus returns on Feast of Tabernacles per Zech 14:16-18 (Oct 6-13, 2025), the real Gog and Magog War.