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Magnetic field of earth
Global Electric Circuit and Transient Luminous Events

Earth’s Magnetic Field: Gamma, X-Ray, UV, Visible Light from the Sun (Electric Current) forms in contact with Earth’s spinning Magnet forming an infinite, recharging energy source. The Earth becomes a Negatively charged Ground with respect to the Ionosphere when Electrons are knocked out of orbit forming Positively charged “Ions”.

Dendera light...Were the Denisova giants the first kings of Egypt - did their advanced technology "capsize" the Earth?Electric lamp?..A power plant?.. Electric torches?

Ionospheric “Torches” in the Denisova Cave dating to the age of Noah’s Flood

Viziv’s tower near Midland uses  Zenneck surface waves, traveling along the curvature of the Earth.

The woodpecker.

Duga 3 Woodpecker Antenna near Chernobyl (Wormwood)


HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Project) Gulkana AK


Tesla Wardenclyffe Tower Long Island

Part of High Voltage Research Installation

Tesla Tower, Moscow

SHARE radar
Goose Bay, Labrador/Newfoundland, Canada - Portion of the Reputed SuperDarn Location

SuperDARN Super Dual Auroral Radar Network

SOUSY radar at Jicamarca