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Conservative TV show host out at Sinclair station after David Hogg comment

Christchurch: The Path to Progress

Mormon Missionary Mason Wells showed up at 3 False Flag Events; Paris Shooting, Brussels Airport Security Checkpoint and Boston Marathon Finish Line Bombing. Parkland HS Shooting Hoax “Me Too” spokesman Dave Hogg showed up in Christchurch; the odds of coincidence drop to near zero; combine this with New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern was given a Freemason College Scholarship as Jason Ardern; the odds of coincidence drop to zero. Maddy Wilford was not shot at Parkland HS; the event was an FBI Cubic Simulation Exercise; her family lying rather unconvincingly like Mormon Robbie Parker setting up a GoFundMe account for daughter Emily in advance of Sandy Hook; CNN and current Coronavirus liar CDC Dir Robert Redfield aka Coroner H Wayne Carver know this all too well.

“All politics comes from guns, first you take the guns then the slaughter begins” Yale Divinity School Grad Chairman Mao Tse Tung. Mandatory Gun confiscations began Mar 30.
Parkland HS Student Crisis Actors like non-student David Hogg and his Father Kevin an ex-FBI Asset and Cubic Simulations Engineer (Cubic refers to Saturn the Black Cube) whose specialty is Engineering False Flag Events were in Christchurch last fall spreading their Gun Control Message Coincidence? Sure, just like Clinton Foundation Satanist-Pizza Gate Spirit Cooking/Pedophile John Podesta being in town for a “World Progressives Meeting” hosted by NZ PM Jacinda (Jason) Ardern called “The Path to Progress”. Another amazing coincidence, just like Christchurch Police conducting a “Tactical Training Drill”near the Al Noor Mosque; NZ Police who rarely carry firearms much less wearing Tactical Gear responded within 4 minutes; a 3rd amazing coincidence, just like NORAD, FAA and FEMA conducting a Terrorist Hijacking Drill in NYC on 9/11/2001 called “Vigilant Guardian” or Paris Police conducting “Terrorist Drills” at the 3 locations allegedly attacked, or the Hanover Exercise in London simulating a Terror Bombing in the Subway just ahead of the 7/7/2005 “777” Bombing; my favorite has to be Mormon Missionary Mason Wells who just happened to be at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, the Security Checkpoint in Brussels (On Purim; Watch out on Mar 20, 2019) the bomb went off and the Paris Cafe that a bomb went off. If you can’t understand “A man’s enemies are the men of his own house” Jesus Christ Mat 10:36 and Micah 7:6 It’s time to ask JESUS for help!
Progressivism at its core is Government is a God because people running Governments are Gods engineering the New Secular Order (Novus Ordo Seclorum) in no need of God. Edomites are Free of God and achieve “Dominion” (Gen 27:39:41KJV) as the 3rd Beast (Dan 7:6); they will then immediately hand this Dominion over to a 4th Beast (Dan 7:7). The engineered collapse of the World Economy (Black Horse rider) will be triggered by collapse of the $US; replaced by a Fascist Dictatorship led by Antichrist aka “Little Horn”. Progress means “State journey by Royalty”; Christchurch is a giant leap for British (B’Rith=Covenant by Birth ie Cain, Ishmael and Esau) Royalty.
WWIII will pit Islam against Zionism (Ref Jesuit handled Confederate-Freemason-Glutton Albert Pike’s written plan to Italian Revolutionary, Jesuit, Freemason Giuseppe Mazzini) Confederate means Against God’s Covenant.
New Zealand is part of the Five Eyes Spy Network with the US, Britain, Canada and Australia, + partnerships with Israel, Japan (Jih Pun=Rising Sun) and Singapore (Hashemite Kingdom of Sabah). Christchurch is the jump off point for Antarctica’s international Electro-Magnetic Scalar Weapon facilities. Geo-engineering and Project Blue Beam (fake Rapture, arrival of Antichrist as Jesus Christ) are likely about to go into high gear. Gabriel’s Ark may ring a Baal. Five Eyes is managed by the NSA; Trump nominee or rather Mike Pence, Gen Paul Nakasone, a 2nd Generation Intelligence of Japanese descent had his Senate confirmation hearing on St Patty’s Day; he now controls the NSA, US Cyber Command and US Central Security Command.
Japan PM Shintaro Abe allegedly created the Aum Shinrikyo Cult (1995 Tokyo Subway Sarin Gas attack), his Minster of Foreign Affairs was Yasuhiro Nakasone; Abe’s son Shinzo is a fan of Unit 731, the Chemical-Biological Weapons facility which made the Nazi program look like child’s play orchestrated the Fukushima Reactor meltdown, currently destroying the Pacific Ocean with MOX Uranium-Plutonium Oxide Radiation.
The NSA Data Collection Facility called “Vesuvius” named after the 79AD eruption of Mt Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii, has Quantum Computers in Mormon Zion requiring more electricity and water than Salt Lake City which analyze Meta Data for the NSA. NSA General Michael Aquino, Church of Satan Priest and Temple of Set founder served 6 years in prison for sending intelligence to the Philippines, also part of the Hashemite Kingdom of Sabah ie Sabians-Chaldeans. The NSA is shaped as a Black Cube just like the Ka’aba because they are both Saturnian; Saturn/Satan the Supreme Chaldean God, seen in BabylOn “Gate of Osiris”, BabEl (Gate of El, the Phoenician creator) and BabIlu “Gate of Allah” symbolized by the Six Pointed Star. The All Seeing Eye of Horus is the Son of Saturn. On Dec 26, 2019 a Solar Eclipse will form a Halo at Sunrise around the Moon, a very big deal for Chaldeans. Now maybe Christchurch will make more sense.
Al Noor (Arab for The Light) Mosque attacked with 12 bombs, Israeli weapons and a 17 min GoPro camera video, killing 50 and injuring 50. The shooter filmed a 17 min GoPro video (Q is the 17th Letter; QAnon article covers this) posted to Facebook Live showing Crisis Actors seemingly unaffected during withering fire. Witnesses claim multiple shooters, multiple arrests, suspects wearing camouflage fatigues, military grade explosives and automatic Israeli made weapons. The shooter’s Facebook Live video promptly went viral, shared on UTube, Twitter and Scribd Possession of the Facebook Live Video will get you 10 years in prison; sharing the video 14 years in prison; What happens if the viral video is planted on your computer? Fairly obvious what the goal of this False Flag Op is eh? The video is a proven fake
The Shooter’s Manifesto is similar to Unabomber Ted Kazinsky and the Oslo Norway attack by Anders Breivik and likely planned as the Dialectic “Antithesis” to the Pittsburg Synagogue False Flag. By who? Israel and the Mormon Church. PM Jacinda Ardern (uncle Ian is Mormon Quorum of the 70 Apostles) held a Crisis Meeting in the “Beehive” promising prompt Gun Legisation. Bee is Chaldean for Word; the Apis Bull in Egypt was the incarnation of Horus who became Osiris (Saturn) at the sacrifice festival on Dec 25. The Exec Wing of Parliament is called the Beehive and was built to reflect the Woven Hives constructed by Apis Bees; Egyptian Apis Bull is the Golden Bull of Israel and Wall St Bull; Mormon Zion in the Beehive State and the Six Pointed Chaldean Star “Beehive” should ring a Baal. This is a Giant Chaldean Sting!
PM Jacinda Ardern is a self described Socialist, Democrat, Republican, Progressive (Satanist/Pedophile John Podesta in NZ for a Global Progressives Event just prior to the Mosque attack) , Feminist, Agnostic ex Mormon (yeah sure, her uncle Ian is a Mormon Church General Authority; her father a NZ High Commissioner) LGBTQ+2 proponent and ex-president of International Union of Socialist Youth (same mosh pit lying Bi-sexual, Atheist Mormon AZ Senator Krysten Sinema and Alexandra Ocasio Cortez came from) promises Gun Control Legislation within 10 days; at 37, Ardern is the world’s youngest member of Parliament and youngest PM, initiated as Tony Blair’s aide, a New Age, Yarmulke wearing, Middle East Envoy, Rhodes Scholar (initiated with Bill Clinton) Freemason, Satanist, War Monger, False Flag creating Pedophile.
Brenton Tarrant played rugby for the Grafton Ghosts in the under 15 league in 2005; the shooter claiming to be Brenton Tarrant is a 42 year old Israeli trained, British Crypto fake Jew, Freemason who wants Civil War; a Gun Grabbing, Socialist, Fascist, Environmentalist, video game blaming, Communist China admiring gunman (Witnesses claim at least 2 shooters)
The gunman blared the 1968 song “Fire”, containing the line “I am the god of hellfire” referring to songwriter/musician Arthur Brown was heard as he drove off; Brown is considered the inspiration behind Alice Cooper (AC), The Who (We Won’t get fooled again refers to Esau fooled into selling his Birthright), Kiss (Knights in Satan’s Service) Marilyn Manson (Marilyn Monroe + Charles Manson; in Say Ten, the admitted Satanist tears out Red Lettered pages of the bible and kills Donald Trump; he was the longtime partner of Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood) and David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust originates from Zig meaning “Ishtar” or “Star”) 1968 was the year Rosemary’s Baby was born as well as the Apollo (Apollyon “Destroyer” in Rev 9:11) Missions. Crazy World eh?
1968 Strange Coincidences: Fire, Satanic Mass, Hair, Apollo, Rosemary’s Baby, 2001: A Space Odyssey The gunman blared the 1968 song “Fire”, the line “I am the God of hellfire” by Arthur Brown; Brown is considered the inspiration behind Alice Cooper (AC), The Who (We Won’t get fooled again refers to Esau fooled into selling his Birthright), Kiss (Knights in Satan’s Service) Marilyn Manson (Marilyn Monroe + Charles Manson; in Say Ten, the admitted Satanist tears out Red Lettered pages of the bible and kills Donald Trump; he was the longtime partner of West World star Evan Rachel Wood) and David Bowie whose astronaut persona Ziggy Stardust originates from Zig meaning “Ishtar” or “Star”) In 1968 Rosemary’s Baby was released, depicting the birth of Antichrist; Rosemary is impregnated by Satan played by Anton LaVey. In 1968 Apollo (Apollyon “Destroyer” in Rev 9:11) Program begins.
On 1/8/16 David Bowie released Black Star; the album cover depicts a Solar Eclipse Halo which will occur on Dec 26, 2019. Bowie’s astronaut persona Ziggy Stardust symbolic of Astronaut David Bowman in the 1968 movie 2001: A Space Odyssey; the movie features a Plasma Emission guiding Lunar Astronauts to Jupiter (Kubrick who faked the Moon Landings originally wanted to use Saturn the “Black Star” for Astronaut Bowman’s Death-Re-birth) Over the Christmas (Christ=Messiah + Mass) 2016 holidays, Buzz Aldrin was air evacuated with pneumonia on a visit to the South Pole with assistant Christina Korp (Christ Corp) to Christchurch tweeting “We are all in danger, this is Evil itself”, his ER physician in Christchurch is Dr David Bowie. In 1968, George Bush was tapped by John Kerry (narrowly missed a destructive earthquake in Christchurch on his visit to the South Pole) for his Skull & Bones initiation. 8 years before the release of Black Star on 1/8/8 GW Bush was given Megillat Bush in Zedekiah’s Cave under the Temple Mount and proclaimed “Gog, Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal” by the Sanhedrin who once order the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and Temple Mount Faithful; GW Bush was named “Gog” in his 1968 Skull & Bones Initiation.
On 9/11/2015 a bin Laden construction crane collapsed at the Grand Mosque in Mecca killing 107 people, 2 weeks later during the Hajj a Plasma Emission (like the one from the Black Monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey) caused a stampede killing 4000. The Plasma Emission allegedly came from an uncovered box called the “Ark of Gabriel” with End Time messages from Angel Gabriel to Muhammad. Angel Gabriel gave the warnings in Daniel 8 and announced the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ; Muslims and Mormons are taught Gabriel delivered the Quran and Book of Mormon. Whatever the Box was was or wasn’t, Russia sent a Naval escort to pick up the package and transport it to Antarctica where Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kiril blessed it during a Christmas service at the Church of the Life Giving Trinity which was visited by Tom Hanks. What’s in Antarctica? Dozens of Scalar EM Energy facilities capable of causing Earthquakes in diverse places, Weather Modification and Lying Signs and Wonders; the technology Donald Trump’s uncle John Trump weaponized for the US Army and handed to Russia. The Simpsons episode Trumptastic Voyage featured the same Black Monolith in his hair; the 1968 Broadway musical Hair about the Age of Aquarius may ring a Baal. Aquarius is the New Age ruled by Saturn “Black Star”. In 1968, Church of Satan Magus Anton LaVey recorded Satanic Mass; the limited edition of the recording is due to be released on Walpurgisnacht 2019. Now if you think all this is coincidence better take another look!

Shakespeare in the Park featured Donald Trump as Julius Caesar killed by Brutus (Mike Pence); Julius Caesar was stabbed to death by his own Senate on Mar 15, 44BC. Simpsons pictured Trump in a casket guarded by Secret Service who work for the Treasury not the President; Pence, an Interfaith Minister officiated Skull & Bones Goldman Sachs Banker and Treasury Sec Steven Mnuchin’s 3rd Wedding. The Vietnam War began March 8, 1965; Yugoslavia Mar 24, 1999; Iraq Mar 20, 2003; Syria Mar 15, 2011; Libya Mar 19, 2011; Yemen Mar 25, 2015. Gulf War I “Hwy of Death”, Gulf War II “Shock and Awe”, Libyan War “Shock and Awe” all occurred on Purim Mar 20, 2019. Why? March is Mars, the UNKNOWN GOD of War in Acts 17, ignorantly worshipped at the Areopagus “Mars’ Hill” in Rome. The UNKNOWN GOD is Nergal, the Babylonian Cock heralding the Rising Sun.