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Scottish Rite Temple
Temple of Artemis

7/20/19 NASA and ESA announce Artemis Project on 50th Jubilee anniversary of the Eagle aka Assyrian Nisroch “Saturn” landing on the Moon aka Sabian Moon god “Sin”. The Lunar Space Station Gateway aka Babylon “Gateway of the Gods” to orbit Moon in “Near Rectilinear Halo Orbit”; rather than Circular orbits like Apollo.


7/20/2019 At Cape Canaveral (Cape of Cain’s Bearers) Saturnian Zionist Mike Pence and Sovereign Worshipful Grand Master Luciferian Mason Buzz Aldrin announce Artemis 1. The Orion (Heaven’s Light=Saturn/Osiris) Spacecraft and SLS to establish Gateway Lunar Space Station to be a permanent presence on the Moon and launchpad future Mars (UNKNOWN GOD of War aka Greek Ares worshipped at the Areopagus “Mars’ Hill) Missions.

7/20/2019 666ft tall Washington Monument was illuminated as a tribute to Saturn V (Satan’s Victory), Apollo 11 “Columbia” and LEM “Eagle”.

Artemis 5G IOT (Internet of Things) is the ultimate control weapon, capable of destroying all Flesh on Earth including Plants, Animals, Humans, Trees etc. (Mat 24:22; Rev 11:18)
Artemis is equivalent with Diana, the goddess of Witchcraft whose Silver images were sold in Acts 19:23;35. The Stone of Jupiter/Zeus is in the Ka’aba (Black Cube) at Mecca.
Armetissia means “Wormwood” (Bitter); the Star falling in Rev 8:11 may ring a Baal.
Artamos means “Butcher”. The jewelry ornaments worn by Artemis, some believe are many Breasts are actually Human Skulls.