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At the top are the Black Nobility aka Chaldean Konn Torrs “Priests of the Loan Tower” “Priests of the Torriod” the Electro-Magnetic Field providing unlimited energy. The Crowned Phoenix is the symbol of Cain who controlled the pre-Flood world until God flooded the world. Canaan aka Sargon the Great carried on the legacy after the Flood marrying Ishmaelites and Edomites, the latter prophesied to obtain worldwide Dominion (Gen 27:39-41KJV) via their Amalekite descendants as war with God from generation to generation (Ex 17:16)

Heavenly Jerusalem Project

The goal is to create Heaven on Earth via New Jerusalem

UN Security Council Chamber

Re-instating the bloodline of Cain and Eve symbolized by Uniting the Nations under the symbol of the Phoenix Rising

Great Turan

Turan is Venus the symbol of the Mother Goddess “Eve”

The Great Narrative

A necessary requirement is to alter the Word of God aka Change the Narrative.

Ancient Silk Road

Japan “Land of the Rising Sun” is the eastern end of the Ancient Silk Road which runs to the Korean DMZ, Beijing, Kazakhstan, Karakoram, Islamabad, across Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Jordan to Armageddon. One Belt One Road Initiative is rebuilding the pre-Flood trade routes.

Intercontinental Eurasia-America Transport Link

The Boring Company

Babel is the Cainite rebuilding of a unified earth; God flooded the earth to end Sin, gaving 120 years warning before the Flood, however only Noah heeded the warning. Continents separated and 120 years after the Flood, with flood waters receded in Joktan and Peleg’s day, Babel began rebuilding. One Belt One Road is the plan to rebuild the ancient pre-Flood Silk Road. The last continents to separate were Asia and America, fitting it would be the last to re-connect with the Bering Strait Tunnel, a project perfectly suited for Elon Musk’s Boring Company and Vladimir Putin, both World Economic Forum Young Global Leader School Grads working toward the “Great Reset”. Reagan’s Star Wars project was a $2Trillion Black Hole; Biden-Harris created $8Tillion in a month; it is not inconceivable the global project to re-connect the world is already finished.

Elon Musk and Vladimir Putin are World Economic Forum Young Global Leader School Grads. Elon Musk (really the Fed Gov’t/NASA) has likely already used boring machines to complete the underwater rail line China-Alaska. Bush Jr collapsed the I-35 Bridge on NAFTA Superhighway in 2005. Korean DMZ has a rail terminal built but never used which connects to the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Henry Kissinger and Xi Jinping

Elon Musk is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader School Grad, a CIA front man controlled by Henry Kissinger and George Soros much like Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Ma, Sergei Brin and several dozen world leaders/bankers like Vladimir Putin, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg EU President Ursula von der Leyen, ECB President Christine LaGarde, Boris Johnson, Emanuel Macron etc. Musk essential has unlimited access to funds, largely printed by the FED; StarLink, Space X, The Boring Company are examples. The White and Black logo symbolized Light created from Black and uses a Black Circle to denote a return to the Primal/Primeval Sun aka Black Sun, the original material of Creation according to Gnostics like Musk symbolized by the phrase “Order out of Chaos”. Make no mistake here, this is a global war against God and our Souls are at stake.


WEF Great Reset

Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership  Tariff Free Trade Zone excluding the US signed on 15 Nov 2020 comprising 30% of the world’s population and 30% of the World GDP designed to “Amplify the decline of the US” Coronavirus was rehearsed Oct 18, 2019 in NYC sponsored by the World Economic Forum, Gates Foundation, Chinese and US CDC, a $multi-Trillion theft “Economic Wrecking Ball” orchestrated by the WEF, World Bank and Treasonous Skull & Bones Treasury Sec Stephen Mnuchin; the 77th (4th Industrial Revolution is the 4th Beast of Iron Dan 7:7) US Treas Sec presiding over an unfathomable mountain of US Debt nearing $1 Quadrillion. The founding fathers of the US regarded Democracy as the greatest threat to the Constitutional Republic; Dominion Voting, a British Crown Agent in Canada and SCYTL (Scuttle), a Barcelona based vote counting company put an end to the US Republic in 2020 as sure as the sinking of the Titanic. WEF Cyber Polygon on July 8, 2020 rehearsed the Power Grid Collapse a self inflicted destruction of the US, dwarfing Coronavirus in scope; Energy, Transportation, Banking, Food, Water will all come to an end. This is the WEF “Great Reset” and WEF “Reset the Table”. “A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious, but not treason from within…” Cicero

Bunting Map “The World that Matters”

The center of the One Belt One Road Initiative is Jerusalem; the 3rd Temple and Satan’s Seat will be the center of the 4th Beast system (Dan 7:7;23) aka WEF 4th Industrial Revolution.

  • A global rail line centered on Jerusalem has been constructed 
  • Rabbis expect their Messiah and Elijah on Passover 2022.
  • A suitable Red Heifer was allegedly born Aug 2019, a necessary requirement in their view for the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple and purification of Kohen Gadol. Jesus replaced the corrupted Levite Kohanim Priests with Himself, Melchisedek “Priest of the Most High” “King of Jerusalem”; Rabbis just don’t see that and much of the world follows their Satanic lead.
  • Current Kohen Gadol Rabbi Baruch Kahane conducted a full dress rehearsal of the Passover sacrifice on the Temple Mount April 12, 2022. Jesus was and is the only Passover Lamb, but Rabbis don’t see that.

Heinrich Bunting an early Lutheran-Calvinist-Protestant theologian foresaw the future map of “The World that Matters” centered on Jerusalem, the city Jesus refers to as “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” Rev 11:8KJV); England is separated as seen on the Bunting Map by BREXIT Pan Eurasia is called Turan (Venus/Easter/Ashtoreth) or Tartary, a global Confederation against God. A rail line connecting Jerusalem-Africa-Europe-Asia is being readied for the 3rd Temple. The America’s “Laurentia” will be destroyed as the Phoenix (symbol of Cain) of the New Age



NAFTA Superhighway

North American Free Trade; Trans-Pacific Partnership; Trans-Atlantic Partnership; rebuilding and re-uniting the pre-Flood world of Sin

Laurentia is a mythical She-wolf and wet nurse to Remus and Rommulus, the founders of Rome; the St Lawrence River named after Laurentia. Laurentia is also the semi-mythical pre-Flood North American Continent destroyed with Atlantis and Mu; the US is the pre-planned “Phoenix of the New Age” whose destruction will be the foundation of “New Atlantis” Laurentia means “Bright One/Shining One” aka Lucifer; Laurel “Crown of Bacchus”, the Crown of Victory In 1321 the last Cathar Perfecti was burned at the stake saying “We shall return in 700 years when the Laurel grows green again” 2021 is the year.Laurent also means Lorraine, the Cross of Lorraine is the “Double Cross”; Cicero noted Traitors acting within a nation’s borders were far more dangerous than visible enemies. Revenge for the Flood will cause “Earthquakes in diverse places” (Mat 24:7; Like 21:11; Mk 13:8) The Mid-Atlantic ridge will be the site of a massive man-made Tsunami hitting the East Coast of the Americas; the New Madrid Fault will be the site of inundation from New Orleans to Memphis; the San Andreas Fault and the Straits of Juan de Fuca will all return the map of North America to Laurentia.